Know your Mushrooms
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Know your Mushrooms

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Know your MushroomsIn Know your Mushrooms Ron Mann investigates the miraculous, near-secret world of fungi. Visionaries Gary Lincoff and Larry Evans lead us on a hunt for the wild mushroom and the deeper cultural experiences attached to the mysterious fungi.

The oldest and largest living organisms recorded on Earth are both fungi. And their use by a new, maverick breed of scientists and thinkers has proven vital in the cleansing of sites despoiled by toxins and as a “clean” pesticide, among many other environmentally friendly applications.

Combining material filmed at the Telluride Mushroom Fest with animation and archival footage, along with a neo-psychedelic soundtrack by The Flaming Lips, this film opens the doors to perception, taking the audience on an extraordinary trip. Available only in US.

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51 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Hcaz

    Was trying to figure out the name of doc this scene was from. What a coincidence 😉

  2. Norman Johnson

    There is only a trailer for the documentary. Incomplete, please upload the Full documentary. Thank you.

  3. dave

    need a reupload on thisone pls

  4. whyowhy

    thank you Capricious

  5. ken

    This is pretty impressive stuff guys. Well done.

  6. atlasmaster

    Never left a coment before but this was a good see.

  7. terence kerans

    Excellent documentary. I go mushroom picking in the UK - it,s a great hobby. To make it your life ..I,m jealous!!

  8. Dave Nichols

    this documentary was outstanding. i love the dry humor and the bond these people have with their field of study/interest. reminds me of my professors back in college, they really made you WANT to learn. great job guys!

  9. oddsrhuge

    I learned everything I need to know about mushrooms from the SAS Survival Handbook...oh and my teen years...

  10. Xercès Des Stèles

    i think i saw the sasquatch at around 39:45, if u look closely u can see briefly throught the branches behind the guy... or maby it was hallucinations Oo .......

  11. thedilema

    why did the mushroom get invited to the party?
    cause he's a fun-gi

  12. sean_herrell

    what is the first clip in the beginning? the silent one with the umbrella that turns to a mushie.

  13. Lori Walker

    At 53.40 min, what is the name of the fungi? How do you spell that?

  14. s kim

    this docu ended too soon. Please tell me more!! very entertaining

  15. Kumamori

    I red that alder tree can actually be a single organism of many trees separated in surface but mutual root system down below. Even if the world's largest fungi would be bigger in terms of size, that gotta be the heaviest.

  16. Pat Khufu

    i am a mushroom, eat me....

  17. Kevin

    at like 40 min this guy has a crazy story about eating shrooms. unless he was eating something like amanita witch dosn't sound like that kind of tirp. is full of it. This is why so many people think Psilocybin or magic shrooms are to scary to try. the guy did not see anyone change into a wolf fly through space lol. it's more like changes in ur thoughts ur nerons make connections that it would not normaly make. as in u can see a red car u should hit nerons for red color the word car how to drive ect... but with magic mushrooms it could hit a different neron making like the wrong color or brighter or anything can pop in ur mind thats why u laugh. same with senses like distance walls can seem to move in and out. on high doses iv seen things look crazy but to be so hight off of Psilocybin that the stuff he said is happening u would be mixing signals in ur brain so much u could verly remember it and time would be untrackable.

    So to get visual like seeing god can happen or seeing people changeing into things u need peyote, lots of dxm, pcp or even dramamine.
    but guy is full of it never he ate any magic mushrooms i would bet

    1. Guest

      I ate mushrooms last friday and went to saturn in my trip. Whats weird is I could see all these planets floating around in its rings, the next day i checked this out and it turns out satun has many moons, i didnt know this before so not only did the mushrooms take me to outer (inner:) space but they also showed me something that is real but i didnt know myself, he is not making this up, neither am I.

    2. Kateye70

      Well, not to downplay your experience, but it *is* possible that you heard or saw that information somewhere but didn't register the knowledge consciously. That's what's so tricky about our much information is in there but not necessarily available for review.

    3. Guest

      I took mushrooms last friday and i went to saturn. im not joking and niehter is he, this does happen

    4. Tom IronMan Drane

      Ive had people turn into insects and sense of spacetime travel on mushrooms, his trip sounded perfectly feasable to me. Just because you haven't experienced something don't rush to say someone else hasn't.

    5. Jewseph McFarn

      You have to stop assuming you understand every aspect of neurology and the quantity/quality of mushroom ingested.

      I've eaten 60 grams, and I was out of body for what felt like days.

      Mushrooms are more powerful than smoked DMT itself.

  18. Mark

    The worlds largest living organism isnt a mushroom folks. Its THE GREAT BARRIER REEF!!!!

    1. Max Fuzzey

      The Great Barrier Reef is not one organism. It is composed of tons of separate coral polyps. The vast majority of the makeup of the Great Barrier Reef is the coral's calcium carbonate skeletons (making it the largest structure made by animals, not the largest organism)

      The film is correct

  19. toddy

    Interesting, but as stated before a bit more on identification would be more interesting. More like a movie than documentary, but it looked like a blast out there in Telluride. Dose any one know of any festivals like this in the finger lake area of NY.

  20. Hijabob

    Would somebody give this guy a mushroom so he'll shut up! My god I have never seen anyone so obsessed with mushrooms. "Why is there only 20 pages in a biology textbook about mushtooms"? Ill tell you why, its because there is more in life than just mushrooms! These people are pretty much crazy. And I still dont know which mushrooms are good to eat and which ones will kill you, although apparently if you buy any mushrooms from the store, you will get cancer...

    1. themut70

      WHAT???????? wtf are you on about.. likely causes of cancer, smoking, drinking, over exposure to sunlight, hanging around nuclear rectors and.....wait for it... BUYING MUSHROOMS FROM THE STORE... lmfao

    2. Jack1952

      nuclear rectors? I'm staying away from that bar.

    3. beach_girl_ali

      I hate to break it to you, but you are watching a documentary about mushrooms. No s***, its about nothing but mushrooms.

  21. doctim11

    One of my favorite docs, I can watch it over and over.

  22. Charles B.

    Mr. Razor: Had I had a religious epiphany while eating at an Asian restaurant, then perhaps that theory would hold water --- mushrooms a plenty everywhere here!

    But, I had this much religious conviction when I was sixteen also, and still U.S.A. fettered!

    I'm hoping my kids will also. My son asks me to pray for him every time he gets a booboo. What's really funny is when he prays for his sister after CAUSING the trauma that made her cry! I try not to laugh. :-)

  23. Sadie The Celt

    God I miss Glastonbury....roll on next year

  24. Sadie The Celt

    Oh sorry....What did I think of the Documentary? it was magnificent in a fungi sort of way...but did I get a buzz?........hardly!

  25. Sadie The Celt

    (yes Razor Im stalking you like a ninja!)

    errr music ? well 'The Sadies' were deffo in there somewhere (know HOW would I know that I wonder??) and I think the title track was by 'The Flaming Lips' - I need to check, but I will

  26. Achems Razor

    @Charles B:

    Did you ever think? that you might have ingested some "Amanita Muscaria"
    mushrooms in your travels? with out your knowing? maybe that is why you have such absurd religious epiphany's?? Makes sense to me! (LOL)

  27. Charles B.

    That was so cool!

    Apart from the stupid monkey eating the first magic mushroom theory . . . . who in the H E Double hocky sticks would even want to turn over cow crap and eat the mushrooms growing therein?!? I could hardly comprehend the desire when my friend from Oregon showed me some and told me how he got them.

    Anyway, that was so "hippydellic!" Thanks Vlatko!

    P.S. Yes, yes, I am a "fungiphobe!" Mostly. At least wild ones. Love the shrooms here in Korea however. They have entire restrants dedicated to their consumption. Yum yum.

  28. ???

    what is the song at the beginning does anybody know?
    Good doc i enjoyed it.

  29. R-Tard

    It's quite charming, but is more of a hippie-guide to shrooms than anything resembling science : )

    That said a very enjoyable watch..

  30. Coyote03

    Worth watching, definitely a lot of good information on Fungi, pretty entertaining also!

  31. kaka

    This is the most disorganized documentary i have ever watched. Takes almost the whole documentary to get the gist of it. Says alot about nothing. And when you think you got the thesis/reason for the documentary, then a cartoon illustrations pop up and confuse anyone watching into thinking it was a documentary about big bird.

    If the documentary was about mushroom, then it did show lots of mushrooms but if it was trying to say what to avoid about about mushrooms then, sadly, the documentary leaves one trying to figure it out. A documentary needs to state what it is about and forcefully so. This one does not.

  32. Anthony

    @ capricious - Thanks for the reference to "know your mushrooms." Couldn't find this being streamed but did find it on torrent.

    Interesting doc and people featured in the doc.

  33. Skye-hook

    That was really scary about the one that eats insects from inside out & comes out the back of their heads, huh? Yikes! Can they tell the difference between us & bugs, ya think? Gaw, I hope so! :)lol Clue: buy your 'shrooms at the store! :)
    I wish it had actually taught us about the different kinds & what they look like & the ways to be sure. And yet they mention how "Westerners" can't tell the difference & so don't gather much of our own mushrooms. Then they didn't help us out with that much. Well, gee, that's what we were here for guys.

  34. Shroomer Zoomers

    Experimentation is the bomb plato. How do you think the first Plato got his crazy ideas? Psychedelic varieties of mushrooms were consumed in Ancient Greek society you know!

  35. Plato..

    It's entertaining, and the music from David Gilmour was a special highlight. But it does seem to glorify some possibly questionable expirimentaion.

  36. Horhe

    The doc is interesting. They talked about most important features and qualities of fingi, I liked the remark at the end that from 1200 pages in modern biology teaching, only 20 are about fungi which is a shame.

  37. conresheal

    hello everyone, does someone can spell the type of fungus that talk about when at the final they are eating at chinese restaurant, he mention two types of fungus, can someone can help me to spell those fungus (for further research), i suffer from nasal probrem, and my mom suffer from diabetes so i guess it will be useful to find those type of fungus....thanks for your help

  38. Salmon in chantrelle sauce

    Fun little documentary, the graphics are a bit childish yet deal with subjects inappropriate to a school setting (the Ron Jeremy/porn star reference, among many). As a dedicated wild mushroom picker here in Oregon, the film is "preaching to the choir", I love chantrelles, morels, boletes, shaggy manes, lobsters, hedgehogs, black trumpets, puffballs, oysters...and I'm sure I'm leaving some of the local ones out. My Blue Mountains morel lasagna in a dutch oven on a springtime picking trip is magical. One glaring omission was the lack of even mention of Paul Staments, the enthroned Elvis of the mycology world.

  39. Nada

    Very entertaining! I didn't think I'd particularly like this one but I did. However, I would have liked to see more specific information on how to identify good mushrooms from poisonous ones.

  40. Fernando

    This is a great documentary for a Mushroom 101.
    It is certainly NOT a David Attenborough-like film,
    so dont expect to be able to go out to the forest,
    identify and pick up a Psilocybin mushroom and travel the universe.

    While childish at some times with the animations,
    it has some golden moments that will encourage you
    to investigate further.
    I found mind blowing what Terence McKenna explained in his
    theory of "The Stoned Ape" origin of human consciousness
    or the postulation of fungi as being the precursor of life
    on earth.
    The biological importance of fungi within the ecosystem is also pointed out during the film,
    as is the "alienation" we westerners feel towards mushrooms
    and how we are educated since childhood to avoid them.

    The medical advantages (as shown in the film) are astonishing.

    And their value within the ecosystem is second to none,
    every gardener should include them in the lower layer of their "forest".

    All in all,
    nice movie that will take you to look for further info on the subject

  41. Capricious

    Somewhat entertaining, I guess?

    Basically is centered around a little mushroom festival in Colorado while it follows a few weird people who have very strong emotions about the importance of fungus. Seemed to be filled with lots of fluff footage and not a whole lot of information. Also contains surprisingly little information about psychedelic mushrooms. In the end, you will certainly not know how to "Know your Mushrooms" after watching this, or even begin to have an idea how to.

  42. Achems Razor

    Really good doc.

    Except sound kept cutting in and out. sound cut right off about 50:
    so could not watch all.