Let's Make Money
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Let's Make Money

2008, Economics  -   66 Comments
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Let's Make MoneyMost of us don't know where their money is. However, one thing is for certain, it's is not in the bank to which we entrusted it.

The bank and our money is already a part of the cycle of the global money market.

Let’s Make Money is an anti-capitalist Austrian documentary by Erwin Wagenhofer released in 2008.

It is about aspects of the development of the world wide financial system, focusing on how elitists economically exploit the rest of society, especially in the developing world, but also in western nations.

The film starts by tracking the hypothetical savings of a typical depositor as they move around the global system, often causing exploitation as various financial agents try to produce high returns.

There are several interviews with investment managers, politicians, economists as well as homeless people and workers.

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66 Comments / User Reviews

  1. adzkia21

    Most of us don't know where their money is. However, one thing is for certain, it's is not in the bank to which we entrusted it.

    The bank and our money is already a part of the cycle of the global money market.

    Let’s Make Money is an anti-capitalist Austrian documentary by Erwin Wagenhofer released in 2008.

    It is about aspects of the development of the world wide financial system, focusing on how elitists economically exploit the rest of society, especially in the developing world, but also in western nations.

  2. Tiara

    That's a quwit-ickted answer to a difficult question

  3. JimV

    Excellent 2008 documentary I'm viewing in 2015 and I only wish it was being supplemented and updated.

  4. Dhamma

    Great documentary. First, because it makes it point by allowing those who are gaming the sytem to consolidate power and money to speak for themselves. (The one oligarch who gives the four point explanation of neoliberalism is enlightening.) Second, it explains the Austrian model which is behind the turn in the world in the last 30 to 40 years to install the capitalist elite as the power over nations states in the words of those responsible for it. Third, it shows the grinding poverty induced by those who rape continents (like the Africa footage) of its natural resources to enrich the few in the West, the 1% if you will. And, last, it does all of this in an understated way, and exposes the system so one can see the fruits (or, ill-gotten gains) of those who are raping the earth, exploiting the workers, and stealing the wealth and the power of whole nations in a new form of colonialization that is now gutting the working class of the West itself to take what gains they have gotten. Predators all, acting under a ssytem the always puts profit over people, short term gains over the destroying of people and our world.

  5. reinhard scheining

    I'd say its accurate that this material isn't easy to come by and the full version is much more extensive. As it is truly hitting the 'nerve', it's required of being 'kept' as the saying goes among intellectuals.

    True, also the other two movies of the trilogy are hitting our present core nerves of having accrued moral / cultural / emotional debts to become a headlong self-destructing civilization – though money , more than food, health, human relationships and the purity of childhood, seems to be most 'sensitive' nerve at that. Which is obviously sadder than sad.

  6. le

    that's not the full documentary... the full one is over 100 min

  7. GiGi Beme

    Maybe you shouldn't make a documentary based globally without subtext.

  8. Fernan

    subtitle with english!!!! wtf!

  9. Colin Perkins


  10. Kamran Aslam

    waste of time

  11. Make Money

    No sure what I have learnt here !!

  12. Rhys Williams

    I wanted to learn about the economy and just ended up learning german :(. Ist es zier gute!

  13. DocLover247

    Quit whining...I watched this entire Doc without subtitles.
    There ARE other languages than just English.
    Singapore dollar and NZ dollar will be the next currency to reach parity with the US dollar.
    Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, Swiss Franc, British pound, Euro, and the Yen have ALL surpassed the dollar in value. (100 yen is the benchmark for 1 USD)

    IF you want something to whine about (if you're an American)...
    THAT'S what you should be yelling about..not subtitles


    US news media says...and I quote from many channels...
    "Stay the Course" AKA "Stick/keep your money in a 401K and STFU"
    Stay the course...and you will have A LOT of dollars...
    and they will be worthless!!

    Ron Paul 2012 to stop the robbery.....
    Or be another Argentina in the very near future

    1. djrm.80

      low dollar is better for your country to export goods

  14. Matthew Standley

    There many (potentially) very interesting docu's on this site - if only they were each clearly marked with a main language, it would save many people a lot of time.

  15. Tucker Beal

    You have to speak Austrian or German? to understand this one?

  16. Lark Malark

    I click the arrow on the right side of the video but there are no CC options for me. Anyone know why?

  17. Who me? yeah you!

    Yo Vlat. I'm getting captions not available. Is that temp or has the man decided that this type of doc is not suitable in this financial climate?

  18. RUSerious?

    To: Carpenter...the point clearly made was the greed and utter immorality of Capitalism in "Making Money" regardless of the consequences to people or environment.

    Vijai: 'where'? First a bloody anarchy, then a tyranny whose viciousness shall surpass the 'French Terror' [1791-93],then quasi democracy, until the cycle repeats itself again, as all history does.
    Only this time the lack of bare necessities may not put an end to barbarism and treachery for a very long time.

    The mildest scenario is that millions will be living in makeshift shelters [like Calcutta], throughout the USA, and absolutely forsaken!

  19. Vijai

    Nicely made ..one of the best documentary of this kind i guess,It did a Good work by combining all the pieces and giving a clear picture abt global Financial System, i was really Frustrated after seeing this .. Being born in a third world Country (India)..i'm just wondering wre the hell we are gonna end UP in?...

  20. carpenter

    The bottom line is the doc is telling you ....better get rich fast or you're gonna fall behind because the gap between the rich and the poor will expand faster then you can imagine.

  21. Moris

    I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, and for my poor English, but I am saying just a facts, nothing else.

  22. RUSerious?

    Vlatko seems to have mercifully intervened.

    I'll be kind and say your limited English prevents me from pursuing this topic with you any further.

  23. Moris

    Than why all the central banks are under yew power? are you blind? This power is inherited. You are not reading what i am writing?! I said what Napoleon did about banks, not in ordinary life of people, yews and other nations.
    I know basic history, but i don't believe everything what is writen there. It is like to blieve Bush words and reasons why he atack Iraq.
    Dont be blind, who runs us central bank? Who decide, who gets loans and who don't. They are good at this. You should read some books of them, and learn who was mayer amschel, nathan rotschild and others...
    Hitler and Jews in same contest? Hmm Hitler is dead, and the wars are still going on, so as poverty. I wonder who is behind this? You newer asked yourself this kind of question? And you are saying immoral. What is beter to exterminate black peoples in Africa or enslave them?? Hitler system was no worse no better than this one.

  24. RUSerious?

    Capitalism: the cruelest most unjust, and destructive economic-political system ever devised by men. This documentary reinforces my position.

    It is immoral and it doesn't work for people or the environment. If you cannot see that I suppose you don't want to.

    Moris: How dare you speak of Hitler & the Jews in the same context of this documentary? Antisemitic nonsense.
    Napolean did quite the opposite of what you say.
    Your grasp of History is either incomplete or poorly understood. Napolean eradicated the serf system, destroyed tariffs, equalized mercantile laws, opened borders, and liberated the Jews from oppression wherever he could. Over 100,000 books have been written about Napolean. You might start with a credible and reknowned Napolean scholar such as Emile LUDWIG, and work your way toward Will Durants' 'THE STORY OF CIVILASATION', vol.11, 'THE AGE OF NAPOLEAN"

  25. Moris

    The rothschild dynasty - The greatest trick the devil ever pulled
    was convincing the world he didn't exist

  26. Moris

    we are too deep! there is no way to get out of it. Jewish lobby has conquer entire world. What did Napoleon and Hitler did when they came to the power? They nationalized banks, and baned all foreigner bankers. I don't have anything against yews, but they are extremely smart, they don't compete with each other, opposite they help each other. That is family tradition.

  27. Dalamar

    Boo-hoo the poor people of the world. There will always be rich people and poor people. Some people are born out of the crotch of the privileged others are not. Some work there way up. I'm working towards being rich and privileged instead of hating them. The only reason the poor, middle class masses hate the rich is because they're not one of them.

    1. Scott Tramposch

      When you become extremely rich and powerful you will be faced with opportunities to increase your wealth by causing widespread famine, death and hardship. There will be consequences If you refuse to do so, and it will be hard for you to choose.

    2. Xercès Des Stèles

      then you should become an american, when you grow up

  28. RUSerious?

    The Earth needs a long rest...two centuries at least, and perhaps the survivors will have learned how precious Nature is?
    I wonder whether it will be "ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK" then, or Columbuses' pristine paradise?

  29. RUSerious?

    Imagine how often this and similar scenarios have taken place...and are still occuring?

    Not to underplay the greedy and acquisitive nature of humans, all of these revolting outrages are direct and indirect consequences of OVERPOPULATION.

    I think the planetary damage is already irreparable, unless very soon some lethal catastrophe, [virus?] puts a halt to human destructiveness.

    And, this may seem farfetched, but eventually some govt., scientists or environmentalists will take it upon themselves to exterminate millions by some insidious method.

  30. nISHANTH

    I wish it was translated completely ... being and Indian I cant understand 36 different languages and million slangs..

    1. Vlatko

      It is translated completely @nISHANTH. Turn on the captions (English). Little CC button will appear on the right when you press play.

  31. Hambone Littletail

    I give this video Humptydumptytribe's highest rating -- five broken eggs. Although it is a wee bit disjointed in terms of narrative flow, it certainly nails the point home how all of these evil banks, corporations and governments are in bed with each other, all hiding inside so many convoluted loopholes that the folks giving these evil bastards their power -- that would be YOU and ME, if you haven't figured that out yet -- will never be able to untangle the mess, to see their own (unwitting) complicity in their various evil schemes. Of course, that is just the way this evil conspiracy of power-hungry bastards wants it... and is the reason we ALL need to take stock of our own personal responsibility in this global mess, and then to pass on what we have learned to other awakening souls. Keep up the good fight, TDF!

  32. Vincent

    Excellent documentary - not sure why it's touted as anti-capitalist. It addresses some very poignant questions and does so in a surprisingly elegant way. Highly recommended for those who love capitalism (and presumably wish to preserve it).

  33. Jamen

    This is absolutely worth watching .. thanks for making this available..

  34. A

    You know the real danger of globalisation is the simple fact that the supposed emerging markets (read exploitable uneducated peasant populations) will one day cease to be emerging and will become established markets in their own right. when that happens foreign investors will have to think twice about the value of the currency bonds they hold, and the consequence of a run on the dollar or the pound are fairly horrific for the general population. Capital will flow to those willing to work or fight the hardest for it. My money is on the populations of the world who have been hardened and shaped by years,actually, generations, of slave labour, rather that the apathetic politically ignorant populations of the west.

    what's that old saying, you reap what you sow?

  35. Farren

    "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

    Thomas Jefferson
    3rd president of US (1743 - 1826)

  36. Farren


    many of the politicians that founded America were completely aware of the bankers that had indebted the people of England

    they made it very clear that they did not want banks to rise up in America like they had in the past

    the banks kept pushing for control and finally met in secret in 1910. in 1913 their plan came to reality: the "Federal" Reserve

    now they could start influencing politicians--who are just pawns for them--to begin indebting the American people.

    john f kennedy was the last American president to stand up to these bankers and set in motion a plan to dismantle the Federal Reserve's system. he was shortly thereafter assassinated. lyndon johnson, right after him, reversed kennedy's plan and since that time, no president has tried to change anything. now, politicians are so "media friendly" and dumbed down that even they don't understand much of what goes on behind the scenes. they do what their handlers tell them to do.

    trying to blame politicians in this is like trying to blame the young military enlisted while ignoring their generals.

  37. mar3k

    well made documentary with 'soft' approach to describe what's going on in the globalised world. it's easier to watch as it's less 'conspiracy'-shocking but truly showing the real spirit of our society ... where did it all go wrong ???

  38. Pammy

    While watching this carefully and being mindful of what was being said. I found myself questioning who these elite are and thinking to myself what spanner the ordinary man/woman could throw into the works. No doubt these greedy people have edged their bets and covered all basis to avoid sabotage of their income generated from our`s. I would urge the people of Spain to SQUAT these developements.
    If only Tony Bliar hadn`t sent the British troops to Iraq, I might have voted labour. All he did was mirror and become an extention of Margaret Thatcher and her devotion to Hayek.

  39. princeton

    it is so sad to watch people try to explain the financial woes of society while simultaneously avoiding the gun in the room..
    yea, blame the capitalists and the business owners, but ignore the politicians/governments who kidnap people, send hit-men, or use stolen (taxed) money to subsidize their buddies and completely skew markets.
    good documentary... but completely missed the target!

    lol.. you are so right about that... yeah, enjoy extremely cheap labor & prices from third world countries, then accuse them of not participating in your "tennis club".. he is a complete A$$.

  40. E

    This is a great doc thanks Vlatko. The rich not only in America but in the world it seems have really got things working in their favor, after watching this doc I'm afraid that it might be too late for the "little man" and "little woman" to see the change they desire.

  41. M

    8:10 .. I wonder what he means ?

  42. Farren

    while so many on sites like this bicker endlessly about religion vs. science

    it would be far wiser and productive to end the relatively unimportant argument and unite in a common direction. we are all created equally and yet the way the world has worked has took the wealth and power from the majority and hoarded it in 3% or less, and they keep getting more aggressive and bold in how much more they take

    we have to take back our lives if we ever want a better world. that also means ditching the mindless entertainment that preoccupies most. it's the reason so many are kept in the dark. perfect distraction.

  43. Farren

    time really is running out...for so many things.

    maybe there will be a future global catastrophe--or many--such as increasingly severe weather events, riots, food shortages, water shortages, fighting everywhere

    it seems the current state of everything has been so hidden and so obfuscated by propaganda and distraction/entertainment that it's the only way.

    trying to inform people of what's going on may help, but often it's like spitting into a hurricane

  44. Farren

    it's basically the global version of the "Federal" Reserve that fleeces the American population

    the statement at the end about World War 2 happening over again in a different form is very prescient. no one's waking up or wanting to wake, save for a few, like some who watched here.

    we can forward the link to people, but most are so apathetic about anything of real power like this to even care.

    let them wake up in a harsher way if that's how they want it

  45. MIchael22541

    In case it has been 19 minutes and I have only been able to watch 54 seconds. I shall return some other day.

  46. Rodrigo

    The best documentary i've seen here, for sure and i've seen a lot

  47. mike

    that line about the tennis club was your typical neo-liberal western propaganda. to assume that the only people that have contributed to the wealth of europe (and all western countries, for that matter), are the citizens past and present that live within its borders is to ignore the present, and historical, context of globalization, trade, imperialism, and colonialism. i hope people can see the false equivalency in his analogy of tennis club. a$$hole

  48. Henry

    @ Carrie, Anthony and Rodrigo

    To change the caption language click on the triangle inside of the square next to the fullscreen button, on the drop down menu that appears click on the left facing triangle next to the CC, then just click on the language you would like to use.

  49. Anthony

    @ Carrie

    click the up arrow symbol in the bottom right of the video window, then click CC (this turns on captions). if you want a different language for your captions I think you have to configure your preferences on your you tube profile. (if you have one set up)

  50. Anthony

    I thought this was going to be a whimpering thing about fiat currency, but I was totally wrong. This is a complex narrative which really seeks to stab at the heart of the issues it confronts. The imagery is portrayed in a stark manner, you get the sense that the auteur behind the lenses is interested in letting the pictures explain the circumstances rather than relying entirely on dialogue or talking heads. The interviewees are also well selected. There a conscious effort to place experienced people at the heart of the story rather that critics or other people indirectly associated with the issues.

    Whatever your politics this is worth watching.

  51. Carrie

    Hi, i really don't understand how to change the captions, when I click in it allit does is pause the vid. Help please.

  52. Mo

    This is so sad and disturbing. Documentary is very well done.

  53. Anthony

    Oh man the golf course Ghost towns really ruffled my jimmys.

  54. Anthony

    what can I say this, is clearly a conspiracy theory...

  55. Rodrigo

    where do i click to change the subtitles language?

  56. Rodrigo

    Up again but without sound. Patience is a virtue...

  57. Rodrigo

    The Video is down, is there any conspiracy theory, as why this happened? Joking. I love this site, a admire who made it real. Thank you

  58. Henry

    Oh I just noticed the language of the subs changed when I clicked on it. Thanks Vlatko.

  59. Henry

    Very interesting documentary but had to stop watching since I don't understand some of the languages they are speaking and the subs are not in English either.

  60. esmuziq

    he earns how much ?
    200 euros
    so how much does he cost for us
    250 ?
    now how much profit do you make of of each worker compared to european work regulations ?

  61. Curtis Burns

    I wish there was an English subtitled version available

    1. Vlatko

      Turn on the captions @Curtis. This is subtitled version.