One Killer Punch

One Killer Punch

2016, Crime  -   12 Comments
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Split second decisions can forever alter the course of your life. Sometimes, they can even mean the difference between life and death. The haunting "One Killer Punch" recounts three such stories that ended in bewilderment, loss and overwhelming grief. In each of these real-life scenarios, fate was determined by a single punch.

A group of college students attend a party, and find themselves involved in an altercation. A punch is thrown, and the victim falls unconscious. Later that morning, he dies in the hospital and his aggressor is arrested for manslaughter.

In the parking lot of a department store, a feud rages between two older gentlemen over the use of a disabled parking space. Minutes later, one of them is being whisked off in an ambulance while the other flees the scene.

A young man, bullied for much of his life, incurs the wrath of an Iraqi War veteran over his objectionable haircut. A blow to the jaw renders the veteran limp. As his brain continues to bleed and swell within his skull, his loved ones make the painful decision to remove him from his life support.

Each of these cases involved shallow misunderstandings, wounded pride, and irrational bursts of misplaced machismo. They all ended in death. Some participants tell conflicting accounts of the same event, which presents a challenge to law enforcement officials who work to hold the offenders accountable. We are shown the closed circuit camera footage that captures each event or its immediate aftermath. The determination of guilt or innocence often comes down to a series of still frames.

In every instance, the aggressors are dismayed that one blow could harbor such devastation and regret. The film offers more than just portraits of the producers and recipients of each punch. We also meet the family members on both sides of these tragedies - the ones who taught their children to defend themselves through physical aggression at an early age, those who are left to grieve, and others who struggle to forgive.

Beautifully photographed and unflinching in its emotional content, "One Killer Punch" is a harrowing expose on the senselessness of violence.

Directed by: Tim Wardle

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1 year ago

A slice of human ignorance and stupidity, as applied to punching. What's next, driving? Parenting? Corruption? There is not enough space in the universe to contain it all.

4 years ago

father of the guy around 37:00 minutes is guilty, that asshole is the instigator

5 years ago

Its really about pride and wankerism. Is making your point really worth it . how long will it take your pride to heal? One day? Two? Stay in your cab and go home. Dont assume the guy in the disabled spot is a lazy prick . He is most likely there for his mum,spouse ,daughter . Just calm down . Yeh you might win the fight and lose years of your life. You have the right to defend yourself yes but all of these men could have simply left the scene and let it be and imho all got off pretty lightly, You owe your family more than you owe your pride. Get home safe .Stay out of the sh*t. Let it be, Let it be.

5 years ago

''This clearly shows how one immature decision can change a persons life 'Dramatically!!.....'Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you!!

5 years ago

@Gunther - Whiny little freeloaders like you don't deserve a damn thing, except maybe a good solid punch to the head (oh the irony).

5 years ago

Wow Gunther. Those guys who laid down lives for you don't deserve a good education. That's pathetic much like you

5 years ago

Good documentary! I can relate to the younger cases. When being 20 and drunk out on town. One dosent think of the remote consequenses. This man in the parking lot punching another man over a parking spot. At age 50 you should have more sense than that!

Jaime Nicolas
5 years ago

It is sad to see a young life being erased in matter of seconds. Violence is ingrained into some if not all male souls. It is not surprising that the Iraq war veteran wanted and instigated the fight all along. If it wasn't for the video recorder that captured the entire argument and eventually the fight, another young life would have been sent to prison for taking care of himself.

I am sure that had the veteran been sober, he would still be alive. My condolences goes to the veteran's father and entire family, and my sympathy goes to the young man who has to live with a hard and dark memory for the rest of his life.

5 years ago

Too many veterans because of their combat record act like that they are entitled to disparage people and the people can't say anything back to them. Look at how many World War 2 displays racist, sexist, and ideology bigotry after that war. They also feel they are entitled to an education, medicine, and jobs while the rest of the population are not allowed to have those things.

5 years ago

This first guy obviously went looking to hurt someone. This kind of stuff could have happened to many of us kids however. The culture will always create this macho atmosphere. Men are actually cowards at heart and always trying to prove otherwise. Sometimes it backfires.