Life and Death in the War Zone

Life and Death in the War Zone

2004, Military and War  -   17 Comments
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Life and Death in the War ZoneMedical personnel more accustomed to treating patients than handling weapons prepare to head to Iraq. The 21st CSH (cash), or Combat Support Hospital, sets up a full-service mobile hospital at an airbase in Balad, northwest of Baghdad.

The first patients, both American and Iraqi soldiers, are treated for battle wounds. With their own health-care system in disarray, Iraqis turn to the U.S. military for help.

Doctors dedicated to healing the sick must turn away some Iraqi patients. As her mother looks on, doctors of the 10th CSH struggle to save an injured and badly malnourished eight-year-old girl.

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7 years ago

we did not see any medical camps like this helping the 500 000 kids who was bitterly suffering , when Madlin Olbrite was asked ( does it worth 500 000 children to die this war ) she replied yessss it does !!!!! then the foolish raising his head saying , you muslims hate us you are terrorists !!!!! YES WE ARE AND WILL ALWAYS BE . the infidels need islam in their own way , an american islam surrender to the invaiders ! islam does not defend itself ! islam interpreted by the enemies of islam ! islam accepts for muslims to be killed in millions and denies killing of any crusader even it was an occupier ! islam without means of power ! islam allow for its fortunes to be stolen by crusaders ! islam on papers and in the bellies of the books not implemented in life !

7 years ago

only to make little of people minds , why occupying iraq in the first place ? it does not make sense at all ! on the other hand the program wants to show that the american forces in iraq are kind and merciful with even nun us soldiers ! what about the thousands of civilians eliminated by bombarding !! those who apposed the occupying were brutally killed in huge numbers , 500 000 childern died because of sanctions on iraq !! it is the crusader hatred against muslims under cover .

10 years ago

Muslims are very peaceful people and are not responsible for breeding extremists. How about the unabomber Ted Kacsynski or all the school shooters whom aren't muslim. It's all about stealing resources in the end.

11 years ago

...Was gonna leave some nasty comments about Americans but ya know what?...You aint worth it.

11 years ago

Well, least yanks get free healthcare over there XD

11 years ago

This documentary has only two or three american casualties shown. One scorpion bite, another 101st airborne soldier who broke both ankles, and another. If that is what you are looking for , watch it. If not, well..

david the bear
12 years ago

im glad the mus lim died. they only breed hate, should nuke them all.

12 years ago

this hospital a cinical joke. they treated one soldier which was lifted to germany. two iraqiues with serios injuries died. and they managed to "save" who had minor injuries and didn't help those who really needed help. what kind of policicy is that ?

13 years ago

I am just surprised at the 'guidelines' of the CSH.
Firstly any hospital be it military or not is a humanitarian organisation that provides aid to those in need.
Of course if there is an overflow of casualties the US casualties should be seen to first.
However if there are spare beds in the hospital then I do not see why the hospital should treat every Iraqi that shows up at their door.
The US has inexhaustible medical supplies, and Iraq, especially at the time did not. How are you going to win hearts and minds by turning people away.
In the end the fact of the matter is that the US has started the war and should be ready to treat any casualties that show up at their door, be they Iraqi, US or anyone else.

13 years ago

Did they deployed this for Katrina?

13 years ago

What a shame that this documentary is so outdated.This can not apply to the present day reality. There were no weapons of mass destruction and there has not been any chemical warfare since. Quite redundant and pathetic.

arab american
13 years ago

gee... thanks nova for deciding to use the word "sanctions" ONLY in the LAST 2 min of the show... what was glaringly missing from this is any mention that before the "war" of '91 and the sanctions thereafter, Iraq's national healthcare was the best in the arab world - that is until the country was crippled to the point where invading it was met with no effective resistance -- zero critical questions were posed as to why the Iraqi people were made to suffer and the crimes against humanity that were inflicted through these "wars" of choice