Louis Theroux on Black Nationalism
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Louis Theroux on Black Nationalism

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Louis Theroux on Black NationalismAmerican black nationalist groups have been branded anti-Semitic, homophobic, misogynist and racist by the mainstream press. Louis Theroux goes to Harlem in New York to meet its proponents.

Theroux meets the Reverend Al Sharpton, the main point of contact in the black nationalist movement. Theroux also meets Khalid Abdul Muhammad, dubbed by the media 'the most dangerous man in America' and visits the Israeli School of Universal Practical Knowledge, who believe that blacks are the true Israelites and that all English monarchs until early modern times were black.

Theroux also joins Al Sharpton on a march on Wall Street to protest at the shooting by New York police of Amadou Diallo, who was shot 41 times. (Excerpt from Wikipedia.org)

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  1. Dirty racists, smh

  2. Totally agree,let blacks have their own cities, and whites their own.
    "Diversity" is just to weaken the white race(cultural marxism)
    Birds of a feather flock together

  3. "Black nationalism"? Really? Oh, but if whites are ever proud of their heritage it's called racism and not "white nationalism." Let's stop beating around the bush and just call it what it is. "Black nationalism" is no more than blatant racism. Don't try to downplay it.

  4. A Brit in Harlem, this does not look good...

  5. Strange that those black americans are so islam orientated. Maybe they should go and read some about the islamic slave trade or the current arab vs black genocide in places like sudan.

  6. lol people are so *tupid. They need to actual study genetics their is no such thing as "black race" or "white race" there are many many different ethnic groups with varying genes it's true Europeans many carry different genes to Africans but it doesn't mean a black skin African can't carry that gene.

    One example is HIV %10 of Europeans are very immune because of a mutation that happened because of "black death e.g plague" but black Africans still can have it but it's very rare why? Because Africa wasn't hit by black death and it wasn't naturally selected for.

    The "white race" and "black race" in the USA are the most mix'd group there is... I bet most them carry both European and African and Arab and Asian genes.

    Human's love diverse genetics in a partner it builds healthy off spring... That's probable why I had an uncontrollable attraction to Asian girls and married then knocked one up.

    Even though her feature where so alien to me something inside me at a subconscious level wanted her genes.

    People have always mixed but now we are not all isolated and live in a global world people are going to become more and more mix'd rather then seeing a "mud race that looks the same" as some racists think we going to see huge diversity in people appearance, health and IQ.

  7. I guess barack obama sr dosen't feel the same way about white woman that the leader of the new black panthers dose.

  8. If you are not well read on "MARCUS MOSIAH GARVEY" then you don't know what "BLACK (BN) NATIONALISM" is! Plain and Simple! Rev. Al Sharpton is not a proponent or BN! He profits from Pimp Preaching! BN has nothing to do with Europeans! BN is about BLACKS elevating their Intellectual, Social, Moral. Spiritual, & Economical Application's and Standards in the African Diaspora! It has noting to do with subjugating another ethnic group! BN is not about Superiority but Indefinite Independence of foreign aid! To basically re-educate the African so that he is aware of his Connection to the vast and mighty Kingdoms that he come from be it Zulu, Dogon, Ashanti, Mali, Songhai, Kenem Buronu, Axum, Meroe, Kush, Sheba, Zimbabwe, Benin ect... BN is about Strengthening the Black man in his own glory the same way Indian's have their's or the Thai, Korean, Japanese, Samoans, Greeks, Germans, Celts ect... But who has ever be cited with TOO CELTIC? TOO INDIAN, TOO JAPANESE? Yet it is something that upsets Europeans when it comes to a Black man incorporating Africa into his very being, from spiritual, to Education ect... The European feels he should have some involvement with it! This is where BN has placed its rejection of Europeans! This is what they call "HATE MONGERING"! There are some that genuinely hate ALL WHITE'S, I think that is displaced anger but it is a inevitable process that the Diaspora goes though upon learning what displaced him in the first place, then seeing the Social and Economical machines that have been used & still used to disenfranchise Blacks from excelling into their own true potential! The data is there and the testimony of those whom 1st implemented them are to there so it is not about teaching lie but teaching truth & Reality. I will close with this, BECAUSE we recognize the machines that rally against us it is IMPERATIVE that we steer clear and/or intelligently navigate around them! If you know there are hurdles in front of you to prevent you from achieving the pinnacle of your potential it is not of any viable excuse to to blame the one who set's the hurdle because you know it's there! So prepare yourself in advance to either go through it head on, jump over it or MOVE AROUND IT!

  9. "It's going to happen by the year 2000! You'll see."

  10. Two dudes say "The white man is absolutely disagreeable to get along with in peace." ... are they regurgitating some piece of literature or something?

  11. The Nation of Islam and black rights should never be in the same sentence, given that Sura LXXIV claims black skin is the curse of hellfire, black folk are 'foes' of Islam, abominations and are to be shunned gives you an idea of the level of hypocrisy involved in ANY person of color accepting Islam.

  12. "The white men is the evil", you should feel grateful for the white men have given you rights, I doubt the opposite would happen, tell me what are your reason to believe that africa would be much better now if the europeans never showed up?

    Slave trade was already happening there before the europeans, the slave market was already big enough, slaves were merely another product the european merchants found in their travels, when the europeans sailed to africa and asia they weren't looking for people to enslave, but business, trade, slave trade was huge in the middle east and north africa since before the middle ages.

    Also the africans had ethnic conflicts by themselves as they have today. What you're failing to realize is that if those africans had the chance they would have enslaved the europeans too, and they'd have done much worse than the europeans did, I doubt if they would have freed their slaves someday, since they practice slavery even today, and the european faced slavery too, slavery wasn't an european issue it's a human issue.

    It's just stupid to blame the whites for everything bad in the world, mainly slavery that is something that always existed in every corner of this world, but still who were the ones who set laws against slavery? who proclaimed the human rights? who do the most of humanitarian work worldwide? the europeans, people in these poor countries wouldn't have Human rights and an international legal system protecting them if not for the whites.

    If the european never reached africa the muslims would, and I tell that they would be much more f--ked up than they're today if the european never showed up. What happened is that the europeans brought civilization and development to everywhere they went, they shared all their scientific discoveries with the world, but I bet your marxist professor doesn't tell you these things.

    Whites have been too good to others, they've helped people in third world countries more than anyone, campaigns of vaccination, food, they have welcomed these people in their countries, their education system, but no matter how much the whites help others, no matter how much they're good to others, people will never see the whites in a good manner, only as the "evil who f--ked the world up".

    The truth is that life is an eternal war for survival, it's natural selection, the strongest will survive, at the moment whites are losing this war, if you look to the natural world animals don't waste their time helping who don't appreciate their help, they kill when they have to kill, and defend their lives to death when they have to, a wolf is cruel, it doesn't care about the opinions others have about them, their eyes are pure hatred, it kills without mercy because it knows that it has to survive at any cost, whites shouldn't help who don't help them, if you go to anywhere in this world that is not mostly european, whites are treated with extreme hostility, they're hated everywhere, whites should hate them back.

    In the world that we live in, hate is much more important than love or any other silly sentiment, "love" makes you relaxed, lets your guard down against your enemy, hate makes you alert, it moves you forward towards your objective, hate is power. Someday the utopian idea of love may be achievable but in the world that we live today, hate is the only option to survive, life is a war.

    1. My rights were given to me by GOD and are unalienable!

    2. Beg to differ. White people did not own the rights, so they don't have the power to "give" them to black people. You're an i*iot.

  13. Just like eye color, race is nothing to be proud or ashamed of. It just IS. None of us has a choice in what we are, so the whole "Gay Pride" "Racial Pride" thing is stupid. Be proud of accomplishments and actions, not superficial things like race, gender or sexual orientation.

    There's nothing wrong with learning about your heritage, but it becomes a problem when you use it as a veil for putting down other groups. The Klan has used that trick for years. "We don't hate Black people, we're just proud of our white heritage." Yeah, okay.

    1. Pride is the opposite of shame. People try to make me ashamed to be as I am. I refuse to be ashamed. I am PROUD.

  14. For any race questions/issues, got to Realhistoryww or beforebc(dot)de. That will lay to rest white fantasy. Germanics are just getting their turn to rule, but they created nothing. Before you talk about computers, cars, etc, keep in mind that they all came in the 20 century and none would be possible without engines, oil, electricity or fake white Jews.

  15. Shakespeare, un.. undoubtedly black... without a question

  16. Louis sure interviews some successful businessmen.

  17. Pretty good. What I'd really like to see is Louis spend a year in a black area; maybe try is feigned innocence on everyday black people and see how funny he thinks black racism is. Better yet, do a documentary on a white kid who is sent to black majority school; that would be really funny and ironic.

    1. What's funny, but not necessarily ironic, is your complete ignorance of context, history, and historical consequences.

  18. You should realize that nationalism has nothing to do with violence, black and white nationalists have very good reasons for being nationalists, diversity brings conflicts, whites, blacks and others have died because of this stupidity

  19. Those black israelites completely contradicted themselves when they commented about Cleopatra looking black but actually white hahahaha.

    1. On the surface it appears so but when you look at it deeper he is correct. Phenotype doesn't indicate race. Although I do disagree with him that Cleopatra was not black because of the discoveries reported in the bbc that she was black. It is possible in theory for a person to have dark skin but have wholly Europeans ancestry. Hence they would look black but be white. Although I don't think Tom Jones looks white (he has always looked black to me not like flavour flav black but like colin powell or eric holder black). There are examples of black albinos with blonde hair blue eyes white skin who look white but are black so in theory I imagine the reverse could be possible. The reality is that its hard to find amodern example, maybe Hollywood Hogan or that mom who tanned herself black. Most Southern Europeans (Italy, Spain, Portugal, South France and Greece) were at some point occupied or controlled by African empires, so I can't think of a good example of a caucasian who actually looks black besides hogan and that mom.

    2. Arab empires not african

    3. Arab is not a race its an ethnicity. And Arabs were not in Egypt untill almost a milenium after Cleopatra.

    4. Cleopatra was Greek. I don't think there were any black Greeks.

    5. Then you are sorely mistaken. Martin Bernal, Harvard educated cornell profressor did a good job of refuting that myth of white greece. Whites did not even arrive in Greece until the Mycenians came around 1000 BC.

    6. So it is your position that the Ptolemaic dynasty was non-white?

    7. Well we already know according to the BBC reports that they were not all white.

      Greek /=/ white

      Was a very multi racial society. In the case of cleopatra there exist quiet a bit of evidence she was black. It would be my position that the Ptolemaic dynasty contained people of white and black race.

    8. I can't find anyone that agrees with Bernal. It seems strange that he would propose such a thing when there is genetic evidence that points to Minoan civilization being Europeans.

      "The ancient Minoan DNA was most similar to populations from western and northern Europe. The population showed particular genetic affinities with Bronze Age populations from Sardinia and Iberia and Neolithic samples from Scandinavia and France." -
      src: DNA reveals origin of Greece's ancient Minoan culture

      Occam's razor puts the money on the Ptolemaic dynasty being white.

    9. Or you were just pointing out my generic and erroneous statement. Point taken.

  20. An interesting mix of the sincere and the kooky.

  21. It is true that there's something disappointing and fundamentally wrong with the concept of black people (or any minority group) having to constantly prove themselves worthy and equal, but turning that disappointment into hatred towards white people as a whole is not in any way ethical. Just like how you can't look at one crime a minority did and blame that entire minority for it, you can't look at the crimes, or even atrocities, some white people did (not that whites are the only ones to have ever committed atrocities) and blame all white people. I'm white and had nothing to do with it. My family wasn't even in America until 1910-ish (not that that should matter so long as you aren't involved in prejudice). I was raised in a diverse community with parents who are accepting people and never gave race or other differences any thought.

    1. Shut up Sarah. It's not hatred of white people to strengthen your own community.

  22. It's difficult to work out if some of these people are personality disordered or just deluded. The drift towards Islam... Is that because of Mohammed's relationship with Aisha?

  23. Black nationalism? Surely 'Black racism' is a more correct (if not politically correct) title. If anyone wants evidence that racism, bullying and victimhood are exclusively white persons' problems here is documentary evidence of the contrary.

    1. White ppl are the ones who created "racism", white ppl are the ones who began dividing ppl into skin tones and colors, phenotypes, mongloids, negroids, etc, so consequently they are responsible. There truly is no such thing as "reverse racism" (I know white ppl feel better to think there is), but there isn't because other ppl's so called reverse racism is really just a "reaction" to the racism that white ppl created, but they don't want to take responsibility for all the wrong that has been done and want to flip the script so to speak and then use terms like black card or phrases like reverse racism. When in reality they are responsible for racism to begin with lol. Hence the term reverse-- (in reverse racism) it's because blacks are not the ones who created the racism.

  24. This Theroux guy is more annoying than anyone he interviews!

    A N N O Y I N G

    1. he interviews very interesting people and you can learn alot from him.

  25. Maybe not you still worship Thor like your ancestor did and I bet you were crying in the cinema. Shouting like maniac "All hail Thor". People were like thinking what an ass.

  26. Or honor kill her in name of Thor. I said Thor cos that is what your ancestor use to worship right and they use to sacrifice people in his name like Aztec. You should thank the christian for saving you primitive viking savages form eternal hell fire.

  27. Colin what if your sister or cousin theoretically speaking goes out with black guy. Are you gonna stone her like the Taliban.

  28. Yo Colin are you the moderator cos my message is not on board and I suspect a racist like you can't take logical argument in the post.

  29. Oi Colin Perkins u american. If so then get the **** out of native Americans land. You white immigrant prefer to call yourself to be native but guess what Columbus officially found Americas around 1492. To top it out the name america was officially titled by amerigo Vespucci when he finally found out that its not Asia or Indian subcontinent but whole new continents. Unofficially small settlement was found in nova scotia but the viking ****** about with the natives and their settlement collapsed around 1000 AD. Your government after the independence from Britain decided to expand into Native american lands forcefully. Then they acquired from the napoleon the Louisiana purchase. To my knowledge many other stuff were done legally or illegally or forcefully or negotiable way to create the present border of USA. Now the white man did not like the idea of non white man or women to marry one of their own race. Ironically they all preached that Christianity would save the heathen and would make them good people. They forgot the most important news to the non white which is christian religion has no distinction for race thus marriage between white and non white are allowed. On top of that most important part was that all these white people throughout the time believed the Christian religion, where Jesus is central to it all. They never grasped that wait isn't Jesus from Asia, that means he is an Asian and god we worship are the same god the Asian christian worship. God must hate us white people for being racist that means that all white other than the non racist ones are bound for hell fire FOR EVER. Colin last chance be non racist and gain a place in heaven or suffer eternity in hell with all the racist and nazis and also suffer that your immidiate relative could be out with a black person with his child in her womb.

  30. When Sharpton comments that two blocks out of Harlem, the streets get cleaner and the community is nicer, well who's fault is that?? Isn't Harlem almost entirely black? Isn't it the BLACKS' job to clean up their streets and make their community nice?? You can't blame EVERYTHING on us whites!

    I can't think of a SINGLE black city thats known for being clean or wealthy or safe or prosperous. Whats wrong with you black people?? Slavery was abolished 150 years ago, when are you going to get your act together??

    1. Why don't you ask what's wrong with you white ppl? Take a look at yourself before you judge other ppl who have had a set of circumstances that you wouldn't even begin to understand and never will, I can tell clearly that you're unaware due to your comment. It'd be nice if you weren't behind a keyboard, I bet you wouldn't even have the courage to be so racist in a black persons face, but you can sit on your high horse behind a keyboard .

    2. Then why are there more poor whites than poor blacks? Its the city job to clean the street in the public area not the general public.

  31. The amount of access this guy gets never ceases to amaze me. Great doc.

  32. I find it rather ironic that a good deal of the black nationalist groups tend to be Islamic. Since the period of slave trading concerning Europeans was roughly from 1403s to 1870s AD, perhaps into the early 1900s taking into consideration that many of the colonies belonging to European nations did still used force labor by the natives. However, the slave trade in regards to Muslims, specifically that of the Islamic Empire, before and after lasted from 800 to 1900s AD. You could say that Europe was just looking to get in on the huge profits, though that still does not form the basis for the justification of said action. All one can take from this is that white, black, or brown. Most civilizations if not all are responsible for acts such as slavery. One should not forget the suffering of others but at the same time one should not use that suffering for reasons other than aiding in the progression of society in manners that can teach the younger generation in how to prevent such travesties. As for the documentary I have to give Louis Theroux props on his chutzpah. I laughed at the idiocy of the racist and how he asked questions while looking at horse pants. I have made many black friends in my life and the ones I tend to be closer with happen to be the ones who tell me Jewish jokes and don't get mad when I retort black jokes. At the end of the day if we can laugh at each other within certain bounds you know society will be just fine. Shalom Aleichem.

  33. All the black racists and white raciest should kill each other off so the rest of us can live in peace.

    1. thats a interesting comment.

  34. The black people are also devilish because they slave their own countrymen and sell them to the whites, and the black people always been in Wars in African and still do.

    1. The selling of people by chiefs did happen, but to a much lesser degree than most sympathisers care to believe. When slaves were captures, WHOLE village and towns were seized, the whites would hardly ever try to barter with chiefs and clansmen they would just draw their weapons and capture the whole town!

      To this degree, most of the chiefs that sold their fellow africans sold to whites were usually tricked and/or forced to sell 'able bodied men'. It is totally unfair to say that these trustworthy chiefs were being 'devilish' or sly, they often fought with spears against guns, obviously to quick defeats, and forced to surrender (or some would be willing POWs) a few hundred men to save women and children. People conveniently forget that women and children were taken a few decades after men were. The first slaves in todays western world were captured men. Alternatively, chiefs were coaxed in to selling their people by whites offering 'luxury' items in exchange usually condiments such as guns, gunpowder, materials from other continents etc.

      Get your facts right.

      Black people live in the poorest of conditions today simply because of the doings of white people hundreds of years ago. The fact that we were ostrisized so deeply, darkly and pervasively firstly through slavery, during the 1950s+ through EXPLICIT propaganda (coloured and non coloured facilities, apartheid, the open opposition to colonies seeking independence etc), through IMPLICIT propaganda (living in the 'right' neighbourhood, showing Africa to be decrepit and self detrimental, AA, profiling etc).

      The fact that black people struggle to find unity within their own race, stems from the fact that at our first interactions with white people, which was hostile, involved whites immediately measuring blacks by white standards. Emphasising our differences, sowing the seed amongst blacks that all things white were right! White Jesus (blacks were happy with their own beliefs), discriminating; 'lighter skinned slaves should work away from the darker skinned slaves', once the slave trade ended and blacks started to migrate to Europe etc they were placed in the lowest sort of housing, refused jobs, left uneducated thus failing to establish themselves within society as hardworking peoples.

      The global position of black peoples around the world is and will remain inferior to white people due to the sigma that has stalked them from their very first encounter with whites.

  35. White people may not be the devil, but they are very devilish... Through centuries they committed evil against any man, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, whatever and they still do it to this day through "DEMOCRACY." But still I'm sure there are a few white people that understand and are good, too bad it's only a few...

  36. a baby horse really come on

  37. Ends on a funny enough note and reminds us that nothing personal/political is so dire we can't laugh it through. Maybe those unapolagetic wackos tell us something about the real differences between blacks and whites brought about over thousands of years of separate evolution (forget the last 400 years --- that's a single hour..). Luis the equally unapologetic (and occasionally ignorant, fatuous, inane and bad mannered ----- check him out upstaging the guy. Asks him a serious question then he's looking at fkkn trousers on a rail ---- that's t r i c k y s*** ) white nerd stereotype getting into conversation with these guys --- kind of stokes up a person's hope for pl.Earth. Funniest line --- Luis on the stairs , a tad disingenuous : ' Where are we, this is queens isn't it.. ? '

  38. if they dont like being black people in a white mans country leave. i dont go to Nigeria and give out and look for land to be called my own for white people. i know they where taken against free will but nothin keepin ya now but they wont leave cause there life is still better then what it would be in Africa. they come over to modern Europe of free will and still complain about been treated diff like **** of if ya feel that way like come on. ah i dont know there just a pain in the *** but still they should not be judged so quickly at the same time no other race complains near as much. 1 more thing is they all ways refer to them selfs as black man, black people dis and that but not from which country they come from e.g a white man from england calls him self English not THE WHITE MAN. a white French man is French, white American is just an American. so the French man will say my fellow French men where attacked and the English man tried to control us and keep us down, Now only French men will say that and not every white man as a race will say the English man attacked us to keep us down. the slaves were only taken from certain parts of Africa..... im really rambling on now sorry and hope and dont mean to a fend any nations or race of people. nature and climate and NWO will decide what we all look like in the far far far future..................BYE

    1. Perhaps you should leave if you read your history books you'd learn that there were actually blacks in America way prior to slavery, Native black tribes, Africans had been to America long before the Europeans. The whites just brought more of us over, but you did not bring all of us. Secondly why do assume that our life would not be better in Africa, you sound very arrogant and ignorant to other races, cultures, and places. Read a book.

  39. To those of you who are critical of Khaled Muhammed, the Nation of Islam or any black man or woman who is angry with or against white people, consider this: Their ancestors were stolen, kidnapped from their families, from their homes, their land and were beaten, put into chains, forced on to a ship, starved, fed to sharks, tortured, raped, sold like cattle at auctions, forced to labor in fields for no pay, forced to reproduce and mate with others hand chosen for them, they were murdered, robbed of their CULTURE, their LANGUAGE, their GOD/RELIGION their IDENTITY--their very HUMANITY. Think about the psychological repercussions of this over 400+ years. Generations suffered from the psychological, emotional, physical, social and financial warfare waged against them in a foreign land isolated from everything familiar. You debate the existence of the so called "salve mentality"? Take a good look around, it's embedded in the collective psyche of black America. It's painfully evident. Slavery affects blacks today just as it affected their ancestors. If you can't see that you are blind or ignorant.

  40. Nobody likes to mention that the word slavery comes from the word "slav". You know why?

    Because the slavic people were the first and most enslaved people on planet earth. Guess what? We're white. Most slavic people only saw freedom for the first time in the late 20th century. Most have been slaves for centuries until the 20th century, and then under dictatorship through the 20th century.

    It's interesting that whenever people talk about "white privilege", they never mention that all the evidence they give only applies to "western european whites".

    Slavs have never enjoyed not a single one of those privileges. Not even slavs in america. Whenever these people describe "the white man", they describe an anglo-saxon or a nordic person.

  41. when they are looking at the horse skin trousers, the black guy mentions the NWO of the whites and at the end you see the world trade center is still in the manhattan island background. i wonder what this doc would have been like, in harlem, if during the few days of its span a 911 terrorist attack were to strike. sorry bad english ;)

  42. Hey, the white man bought black slaves off of BLACK slave masters in Africa.

    Take that into consideration. It's not about race - it is about power and oppression to keep that power

  43. The white man is not of the devil.

    It is he who claims to be a "Jew" who is of his father Satan. The modern day "Jew" is not a Semitic people but a Khazar Turkish FRAUD!

    The "Jew" is the genocidal racist parasite of the earth.

    It is the Jew who commits usury, blasphemy, advocates homosexuality, advocates feminism, Jewish supremacy, and the one who advocates most other destructive vices within our society and every society where he is present.

    It is the Jew is trying to wipe out the white race as we know it.

    It is the "Jew" who acts "Jewish" whenever somewhat convenient and "white" whenever more convenient.

    He is the true fraudster persecuting ALL GENTILES (Black, White, Asian, and so on).

  44. Khalid Muhammad is wrong that it is the "White man" who caused his problems.

    He must not know it was the "JEW" who stole most of his people from Africa and then sold them to the white man. The Africans themselves were also involved in the slave trade by selling their own "black" peoples. It is the Jew who claimed they were the brains behind the civil rights movement in the 1960s and that blacks were only "useful idiots".

    Dr. David Duke exposed this as well as well as some sects of the Nation of Islam. The Jew is definitely guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    Also, New York (Manhattan) is a "JEWISH" city. Led by a Jewish Mayor, and a thoroughly Jewish Wall street, and so on.

    The white man is too often blamed for the work of the Jew. The Jew acts "white" whenever it is convenient to do so.

    In all actuality, the black man was given a chance to have his own nation. President James Monroe established Liberia in Africa with the same hopes that Mr. Muhammad had (a black nation). Unfortunately, the blacks spoiled it and it is yet another failed nation on the African continent.

    I do agree that Blacks should have a nation though. Let their people be free.

    Let blacks have their part of the US. Let Latinos have theirs.

    And let the whites have theirs (The Northwest territorial imperative).

    This only makes sense as most people prefer to be around our own kind (this is only natural).

    It is the evil Jew (to clarify it is the Khazars who claim to be Jews who are of their father Satan) who has forced this "multiculturalism" upon us all.

    Such multiculturalism was destined to fail from the beginning.

  45. Khalid Abdul Muhammad?? Meaning Servant of Muhammad??? servant of a human being. how sad

  46. jesus was black..? so f***ing what? he was middle eastern, yeah. Just like Kim Kardashian is, she's armanian anddd....this means what?? What are indians considered? What about a brown spanish person? Are they white or black? I mean there are so many skin colours in between. SKIN COLOUR is SO f***ing irrelevant. Culture and upbringing has so much more to do with it.
    Black people in africa are different to blacks in the middle east or america, different economy and lifestyles. Whites in Ireland are very different to those is Florida, Miami. Skin colour is determined by the climate you evolved in- that's it. Why not be racist towards redheads, or people with curly hair instead? that's the same thing. Just genetics for physical purposes and has no meaning AT ALL BEHIND IT.

    These people are obviously idiots. Picking and choosing who was "black", what does that even mean?!
    I'm white (scottish/german heritage) and got a spray tan and dyed my hair black ages ago for fashion.... and a 'black' person thought I was a "half cast". Just shows that it means F*** ALL. I'm totally white, but that doesn't mean s***. we got along fine. It's sad how superficial and dumb people are.

  47. The Black Nationlist Movement does not Define all Blacks... Just like the Skin Head Movement does not define All Caucasian and so on. We all got cray in blood line, we cant denie it.

  48. Everyone Race Culture has been done wrong by another culture or race or By their own people. It's just in this modern day racism against Blacks, Hispanics people of Color in General is the most prevalent. and We must all agree on that. The People of Color in this world have been miss treated as soon as the people who lack pigmentation decided to take over and "discover" aka Destroy them for their own profitable gain. It's true it's true it's true From Australia to Africa, to the Americas all of them have been conquered and their histories destroyed or distorted for the Fair skinned peoples gain. They have never owned anything their selves with out Taking it through force and murder. We all must agree on that. And Racism in a NEW form has taken the past brutality of our ancestors racism it's quite, cold , and calculated. Many of US All are just to naive or chose to be blind to it.

    And I make this statement as a Descendant of the Colored Peoples of the World.

    But again more talk LESS action is the way of the world today. We have less guts and determination than our ancestors everyone is out for their selves and not the greater good for the future. We are doomed to repeat these atrocities.

    1. What a load of racist bollocks. What about the Barbary Slave Trade where dark-skinned people kidnapped and enslaved light-skinned people? What about the Fall of Constantinople where dark-skinned Muslims conquered and raped the white Christian city? What did Arab and African Muslims invade and conquer Spain and Sicily and Crete and Cyprus?

  49. if we're going to carry on bringing up the past wrongs in this world, e.g blacks hating all whites for past slavery, then why dont jews hate all germans, or vietnamese hate all americans, or scottish hate all english? Its silly and immature. If the people in this documentary think their part of New York is run down, then put your energy into sorting that, rather than fighting a war which has long past. ok there is still racism around, but as you can clearly see, its not all white on black. I really had more respect for this community until i saw this documentary.......shame.

  50. I can understand their anger as a minority myself, but at the same time my mother is white and my father is aboriginal. So I feel personally attacked on both sides because I am apparently a "mutt."

  51. I'll not deny or try to sweep under the rug that A great many wrongs in the past have been commited, But we must show that we as human beings are better than that and move on to true equality for all. Maybe some day we can see a person for that alone, being a person no other reasons.

  52. That was a very refreshing quote. Especially to hear something like that come from a black person.

    I think people need to learn to take responsibility for themselves. Stop blaming white people, stop crying oppression, stop referring to themselves as slaves. In this day and age clearly none of this is the case.

    If black people or any people want to better themselves or their situation, they need to quite complaining and get off their butts and actually and do something proactive. And I am sorry but calling for a race war is not proactive. The mentality of these black nationalists is rather comical, I honestly have a hard time believing that people actually have these ideals.

    I wonder how dumb the Israelite groups must feel after spouting all of the nonsense of black Jesus coming back from the dead to kill all white people in the year 2000.

    It is also funny seeing all these black muslim groups. Last time I checked the the real muslims of the middle east aren't black or from africa. I guess they need some sort of religion and identity to add more power to their beliefs and christianty must have been invented by the white man..... but wait, I thought they said Jesus was black. I think they need to make up their minds. Or maybe they are just going through an identity crisis? I have a solution, why don't they just call themselves what they are; Americans.

    I also find it comical that they want to create their own separate nations, completely black owned and operated. I think they are forgetting about one huge land mass that already fits the description. It is called Africa. Why don't they just go there. They can live under the rule of their black brothers. Or should I say ruthless, tyrannical, communist dictators. If that is what they want so bad why don't they just go there. Than maybe they would have some REAL oppression and slavery to cry about.

    And the funny thing about it all is that in Africa all of the black 'brothers' are still selling each other into slavery. So who are the real oppressors? Yup. I'm the white devil. I am keeping black people. I am the master of oppression and ruler of slaves. These people need to stop feeling sorry for themselves, get over it and move on. The only one who has any power over another is their own self, you are all in control of you own destinies. And you can only govern what the outcome of your life will be.

  53. We Cannot Blame the White People any Longer

    By Dr. William Henry 'Bill' Cosby, Jr., Ed.D.

    They're standing on the corner and they can't speak English.

    I can't even talk the way these people talk:

    "Why you ain't,
    Where you is,
    What he drive,
    Where he stay,
    Where he work,
    Who you be...".

    And I blamed the kid until I heard the mother talk.

    And then I heard the father talk.

    Everybody knows it's important to speak English except these knuckleheads. You can't be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth.

    In fact you will never get any kind of job making a decent living.

    People marched and were hit in the face with rocks to get an Education, and now we've got these knuckleheads walking around.

    The lower economic people are not holding up their end in this deal.

    These people are not parenting. They are buying things for kids.

    $500 sneakers for what?

    And they won't spend $200 for "Hooked on Phonics."

    I am talking about these people who cry when their son is standing there in an orange suit.

    Where were you when he was 2?

    Where were you when he was 12?

    Where were you when he was 18, and how come you didn't know that he had a pistol?

    And where is the father? Or who is his father?

    People putting their clothes on backward. Isn't that a sign of something gone wrong?

    People with their hats on backward, pants down around the crack, isn't that a sign of something?

    Isn't it a sign of something when she has her dress all the way up and got all type of needles (piercings) going through her body?

    What part of Africa did this come from?

    We are not Africans. Those people are not Africans; they don't know a thing about Africa.

    I say this all of the time — it would be like white people saying they are European-American — that is totally stupid.

    I was born here, and so were my parents and grand parents and, very likely my great grandparents. I don't have any connection to Africa, no more than white Americans have to Germany, Scotland, England, Ireland, or the Netherlands.

    The same applies to 99 percent of all the black Americans as regards to Africa — so stop, already!

    With names like Shaniqua, Taliqua and Mohammed and all of that crap...and all of them are in jail.

    Brown or black versus the Board of Education is no longer the white person's problem.

    We have got to take the neighborhood back.

    People used to be ashamed.

    Today a woman has eight children with eight different 'husbands' — or men or whatever you call them now.

    We have millionaire football players who cannot read.

    We have million-dollar basketball players who can't write two paragraphs. We, as black folks, have to do a better job.

    Someone working at Wal-Mart with seven kids, you are hurting us.

    We have to start holding each other to a higher standard....

    1. Some of the stuff you mention is spot on... but then some of it is just total bull. I mean complaining about the way some name their children. Sounds like something a white person would do.

    2. Actually that is a quote from Bill Cosby, if you read the 1st couple sentences.

    3. ahhh... man sorry. I feel like a total ass now.

    4. ITS LIKE SAYING ALL WHITE MEN HAVE SMALL Packages and that is why all of the white women want bigger packages> i do not get your comment..you write like an African desceded racist to me. Also, while u may believe you are prolific..your facts are wrong Pick up a book and stop kissing butt

    5. Noam Chomsky says Ebonics is a valid language and implies nothing of the speakers intelligence level. So, if you'll pardon me, I'll take the genius' word for it who revolutionized the way we understand linguistics and the minds ability for language.

      If you really are black, I have two words for you: UNCLE. TOM.

  54. CJ you mention character, it seems as if you think black people have a lesser character than white. That is more insulting than anything. Those same crimes/criminals that you mentioned...stealing, lying, mayhem...they live in the Hamptons and in Greenwich, they were on Wall Street and own businesses. Color has nothing to do with character. So when white flight occurs (white people leaving when blacks arrive). You all are running from a preconceived idea. what a waste of time and money....for the people who run.

  55. Well, come to southern africa and tell me if only a few white people do things. the whole system is still geared toward advantaging the whites.

  56. As a black woman, I am disgusted by these black nationalists. Can't we all just forgive and get along? Racism is disgusting, no matter if it's from a white person, a black person, or a purple polka dotted person

    1. I’m sorry but I can’t stand purple polka dotted persons. If I look too long at them my eyes start to hurt.

  57. terrible hate it wont get us anyway. this is very sad in your history. these police officers that was a tragic day. we have to come together.im from they have the isreal nations all wrong. believe or not they are the commonwealthnations along with the great nation of america, anglo saxons- mannasseh.

  58. I have a dream. Of little black girls. And little white girls. Playing with each other.

  59. Sorry Guys...my comments were not posting so I kept trying...LoL

    @ Vlatko
    would you please delete last the five comments?
    including this comment

  60. @ matt85
    do you work for the media?

  61. @ matt85
    How pathetic!!!

    So do you work for the media?!

  62. @ matt85

    Now if that's all you could take from the comment...
    I will say how pathetic?
    You sure do sound like the media always omitting stuff and creating chaos between groups of people.

  63. @ matt85
    How pathetic!!!
    Is that all you could take from the comment.
    You sure do sound like the Media...always omitting the truth.
    This girl once confessed to me about being American and clueless about Africa being a continent rather than a country and that it was normal to be that way.
    I was like wow the media does a great job in the U.S.

    So do you work for the media?!

  64. @ matt85

    Is that all you could get from my comments above
    How pathetic!!!
    You sure do behave like the media...always omitting the truth.
    I will repeat again. It seems as if being an American nowadays to the rest of the world means not knowing, zilch nada, zero and proud of being ignorant...LoL
    I was talking to this cutie one day and she seemed clueless about Africa being a continent rather than a country... she later said " sorry I'm American and we can be pretty ignorant " ...ehehehe
    I was like WOW the One Eyed Demon (media) must be very powerful in the U.S.

    So matt85 do you work for the media by chance...eh...hehehe

    Taharqa (Conqueror of Egypt)

  65. @Taharqa (Conqueror of Egypt)

    "It seems as if being an American nowadays to the rest of the world means not knowing zilch and proud of being ignorant…LoL"

    not knowing zilch?...nice use of double negatives. How articulate of you!

  66. I'm sorry but most comments on this documentary are so American...LoL
    It seems as if being an American nowadays to the rest of the world means not knowing zilch and proud of being ignorant...LoL
    I think living so long in the United States one becomes prejudice and develops some level of racism to a certain extent, whether you are of Asian, African, European, Middle Eastern or Native American descent

    I personally know some Europeans who hate European Americans as much as Black Nationalist do.
    I know some Africans who hate African Americans and vice-versa mostly due to the fantastic role and effort the media portrays about the same groups of people living on different continents.Of course this leads to misconceptions and low incentive of doing great or potential business between both groups living 8000 miles apart...LoL

    In the U.S. and the rest of the world the media portrays African Americans as drug dealers, gang bangers and with no real careers and always mischievous. In America and the rest of the world the media portrays Africans as uncivilized, with no industrialized cities, still living in remote and isolated regions with no brain and no quintessential or classical history to show for...LoL
    All around the world the media portrays all people of European descent as geniuses, "civilized" and founding fathers of all civilizations and discoveries known to man...hehehehe
    Now if you are gullible as most Americans(white, brown, dark brown, yellow or dark) who never read or prefer to read books most likely based on fiction or based on a political agenda, then you become very delusional or very ignorant about reality...LoL
    If you are gullible like most Americans who base their foreign or domestic knowledge on reality shows, Discovery Channel, Fox news or other politically distorted media, then you might more than likely develop "racism" towards other groups of people, thus satisfying your respective government's AGENDA...ehehhehe
    Note that I put the word racism in quotes because for some reason I really think we belong to the same specie...LoL

    Enough Said
    Taharqa (Conqueror of Egypt)

  67. oops i should of said concrete evidence he was black, good luck with that lol

  68. Oh, some food for thought!
    There is a greater genetic variance between individuals in your own race, than in individuals across different races. Meaning that my genetic makeup is closer to some black people, brown ppl, yellow ppl, green ppl and purple ppl, than white people. When u consider that, skin colour just seems so irrelevant.

  69. I can't believe what I just saw. I'm a white female and will NEVER know what it is to be a black person. I know that racism is entrenched in our society's infrastructure, from our institutions right down to a single person's ideology, But what these groups are proposing is attacking individual white people. Hating all white people for the system is not a solution by any means. Education, acknowledgment and a change in our infrastructure is what will truly combat racism. It is unfortunate, but what white people are truly privileged, and I completely acknowledge this.

    When Louis spoke with the new leader of the National Black Panther movement, there was no reason behind the guys eyes. In fact, for the most part he talked at Louis, rather than conversing with him, When he spoke, it felt preachy, and almost reversed. I just think this is a reflection of the frustration and anger of not being heard, brewing in the black community, especially in Harlem. But men like that, although an advocate for black rights, will actually hurt the movement. i think violence is simply a response to a lack of power or voice in the aggressor.

    What freaked me out was the guy who said Beethoven was black. It's one thing to voice your frustration, but come on? Beethoven is black? And did you see the rings on that guys hand---a fat gold/diamond ring covered each of his fingers. This group seems to preying on innocent, uneducated people and feeding them bullshit for money. If you're going to fight for a cause, at least have some knowledge of it. It's sad, that group really took away from the fight for black ppl's rights. Again, most of these guys have lived the experience, but they've never been provided a framework from which to evaluate these experiences. Had they been given a framework, they would understand that racism is embedded in the values, ideologies and structures of our society, and the only way to fight it, is to fight the system... not some white guy on the street.

  70. there is eviedence of shakespeare being black I have yet to see any evidence of him being white

    lastly black people will get over the past when the jews get over the holocaust and their slavery in egypt

  71. @ Phil Atio im sorry but you are not making much sense to me, do some real research, were you educated from reading articles on the net ? To think all welsh people have red hair is ridiculous and if one welsh man has dark hair and features he must be black lol. Secondly if shakespeare was black there would be evidence of this, you are believing something you read on the net because you desperatly want to believe it, you have called a number of people here racist but in fact you are the most racist here in my opinion

  72. @ Dodgy,

    I did not call you racist and I don't plan to. That's an incendiary and unhelpful label. That is not to say there aren't blatant racists that post on here, but you aren't one. You accuse me of failing to exercise logic. What is really happening between us is we have the same essential facts and observations available to us, but we can each choose how to interpret them and what they mean for the big picture. Where you see me having a lapse of logic, I see you unwilling or unable to look at a more nuanced and complex view of our nations history and its present. I don't have a ton of time, but because I'm a sucker I'll try to respond point by point to a few things..

    1. re: reverse racism - sure this exists. I have experienced it too. However, but it is, percentage-wise, a very small part of the picture. Rather than go into detail I'm going to move on.

    2. re: Obama - you're right. I understated the importance of his election. You are right indeed that it means something quite significant about how far much of white america has come in its willingness to get over themselves. However, there is still a subtext of racism that leaks out and rises to the surface in anger toward Obama. In the reactionary movement against the current administration (ie tea party, etc) there has been a noticeable flavor of racism. I think Obama is afforded less basic respect by his detractors than he would be if he were white. (Now, I should also point out I think the same would likely be true if we had Hillary for president right now - I don't think our society is fully recovered from being patriarchal and subjugating women.) I don't think white people (I'm white by the way) all harbor some secret racism or anything like that. Nor do I think they're all yokels. I just think that there is still a substantial amount of deep and subtle condescension in our society that favors whites over blacks. A minority organization (exclusive) which is just what it says it is, and whose purpose for gathering is to pursue common interests and encourage one another, etc. is not at all like an exclusive white club whose purpose is to foster and maintain power they have already had for centuries. Sorry, but there is a BIG difference between a minority group assembling as such and a majority group maintaining exclusivity to keep the others out.

    3. re: "self induced" inequality - wow. Now see if I were going to call you racist...this paragraph would tempt me...the big key that you are missing, and I would hazard the guess you will not concede to - is that slavery decimated and raped a culture. the ramifications of that are still with us today and are indeed part of the problem. Our laws are more or less at a place of equality now, but our systems are worn into grooves that disenfranchise the black community and perpetuate damage to family and cultural systems. When you talk about Harlem being dirty and insinuate that "they" ought to just clean up after themselves - you are missing so much of the big picture. Who owns the buildings the people live in? Are their schools good enough to give them a competitive advantage after high school? How are they treated day in and day out by the police? When someone from Harlem is funneled through the justice system for a crime, do they get the same treatment, the same offers, the same sentences as a white counterpart? All of these subtle things work toward a picture that makes things still not equal, and to look at the condition of Harlem and insinuate that black people just can't or won't clean it up is missing the point to say the least.

    How can you quantify a statement like, "The majority of those that do act victimized are lazy."? Who are you characterizing as those who act victimized? What do you mean by lazy? What statistics are you working with here? A statement like that reveals your own prejudice (I don't mean prejudice against black people, I'm not calling you racist), and preconceptions but it has absolutely nothing to do with facts.

    As far as getting called Ghost, etc. Yeah, I have been there too. Yes, it's wrong and its unpleasant but its coming from a place of anger which comes from a sense of being trapped by systems that it make it far more challenging for some to get ahead then others. The fact that white folks might get racist treatment in a black neighborhood is a symptom that all is not well. But it is far from anything like evidence that things are now equal.

    4. re: getting real - I don't know the answer to these questions - it is a deep cultural problem. I certainly aknowledge that those things are troubling. I tend to agree that the most powerful solutions will come from (and ARE coming from) within the black community. The way you pose the question, I don't know what you are suggesting the answer is.

    finally, a true story - I have two friends in jail. I'll give them pseudonyms. "Jennifer" was a white girl in her mid twenties and drank way too much all the time, but beneath her alcoholism she is a sweet, kind, and loving person. She got trashed one night and drove the wrong way on a highway and killed three men on their way to work. Two of them were hispanic and one was black. Jennifer was a grown up, she made choices and took a deadly weapon (her SUV) into her hands and took three lives. I love Jennifer, and I was relieved that the judge gave her the absolute minimum sentence - 9 years (3 for each count), because I know when she gets out she will be able to give back and that she is a changed person. That seems like an appropriate balance of wisdom and justice by our system. I would add to this story that the families of those whose lives she took, did not cry out for her blood - they came to the sentencing and tearfully offered forgiveness and embraced Jennifer's parents.

    I have another friend, we'll call him Steve. He is black. A few years ago when he was 16, before his brain had finished developing and before his adolescent impulse control had stabilized as scientists now know it does, he succumbed to peer pressure and went with two older guys (both adults, one white one hispanic - we'll call them Jim and Jorge)on a robbery. Steve was a very smart but confused young man trying to find his place in the world. Steve didn't know that one of the other men had a gun with him. When the owner of the house they approached (a middle aged well respected white man) emerged, Jorge pulled the gun and shot him dead on his porch. They all ran away and got caught a day or so later.

    Jorge gets the death penalty. I don't believe in the death penalty but I certainly think he should have gotten the maximum responsibility for the crime. He was dangerous and had a history of violence. And he was an adult.

    Jim gets a deal, and will be out in something like 20 years.

    Steve? Well, my teenage friend with no history of violence, no knowledge that a gun was present and no hand in pulling the trigger...Steve gets life without possibility of parole.

    At sentencing, Jim was portrayed as a "good kid" who made some bad choices. Jim wasn't a kid.

    At sentencing, Steve was portrayed as a vicious and calculating animal. Steve was not vicious then and he isn't now. And Steve WAS a kid.

    So, what's my point? Should Jennifer have been shown mercy because she really wasn't a bad person, etc. etc.? In my opinion? Yes. Great.

    Should Steve have been shown mercy because he didn't pull the trigger, plan a murder, or have evidence that he was a "bad person?" In my opinion, yes.

    However, as it played out in the local papers and in the courtroom - Steve was dangerous and disposable. Jennifer is rehabilitatable. My taxes will be paying their room and board for a long time.

    There is no way to sum up in just a word or two how prevalent subtle racism is still is, but to me stories like that are pretty clear illustrations. If you can't find the structural or systematized racism in that kind of story (and I am sure this story is one of many), then we are not both speaking English.

  73. I posted and I guess I was a bit upset after coming home like 1 am. No one wins in the race war, this s@#$ is way over our head. Their are people who believes they have the God given rights to rule and enslave others, it does not matter what race you are. Freemason are to blame for all of the sh%t that we're experiencing both in the past and present.

    From slavery to the killing of the people n Bosnia, peace will never come to this planet till we unite and get rid of those occultist. When properly researched one will know the truth about all the wars and enslavement of nations constructed by these people in power. CFR, Bilderberg, Club Of Rome, Boule, Trilateral Commission, WHO, UN, Bohemian Groove, the list goes on, they all belong to one or the other organization.

    How can we decent people escape their grasp. A child is taught hate from early age, the media or the one eye demon that sits in all of us living room are our children true parents in these times. The system is truly f@#k up, educating each other is our only hope. Peace!!!

  74. I don't have time to respond in detail but in short...

    @ Phil Atio - you make some good points. I don't agree with your conclusion, about the solution. But I really don't disagree about much of anything else you said. To clarify, my story about the bike was just to say that I experienced both - black role models, friends, and family as well as "yo, white boy give me that bike!" My point was that both experiences inform an outlook on the world but need to be balanced by a bigger picture.

    @ Da Truth Hurts - I'd recommend the Incredible Human Journey documentary on here. We are the same my brother. Melanin levels are truly only skin deep and color wise it is a mixed up colorful world. I don't have any issue with the sincerity of your view, but the science doesn't work out. You are essentially making the reverse of an argument that white racists made a hundred years ago to "prove" white superiority. It's similar bad science.

    @ Dodgy - you can't minimize the impact of centuries of systematic racial oppression just because Obama is president or because of any other incidental peice of evidence of progress. the truth is that inequality is still widespread and so entrenched in our systems...we have a LONG way to go until there is truly equality. We have a lot of work to do, and some official apologies and some kind of reparations would not a bad idea in my opinion. Also, the notion that "everyone has been enslaved, etc...." that argument is true on the surface but pretty thin. We have the unique distinction of being a country where we started this grand new "noble" thing and then propelled it to economic heights with slave labor. Then we kept oppressive laws and practices (these are the tricky things that still exist) in place as long as we possibly could. Slavery here is a different story than it is other places. In any case, even if it wasn't unique, would it make it less wrong? And why would I be more concerned with Slavs than the descendents of people my own ancestors disenfranchised? You are trying to make it easier than it is.

  75. @phil atio
    There is a difference. Everyone on this planet has been enslaved, downtrodden, stepped on - name one country where those things have not occured, just one... Does a larger number make it more of a tragedy? Are 10 human lives worth more than one? How about when it's YOUR life or your mother's. Take a look at ye olde slavs, named that for their perpetual slavery. Where is your outcry for them? Are we to cry daily and never live our lives because let me tell you - there are still slaves now on our planet and many of them are white. Please shed some tears for them too if you want to live in reality.

    I told the world it is distasteful to be with a person that holds the sins of their fathers against their sons and I'll stand by that. If my parents were theives it doesn't make me one. It doesn't make me a racist to type such things anymore than I don't care to hear about roman oppression in my modern life.

    Were white people involved in civil rights marches enough to show solidarity, how about a black president in the white house. What more is needed to step past the "past" and look toward our future together - getting along... that was a low blow reaching for the "you must be racist" schtick, seriously. Be careful because you are becoming afraid of your own shadow sir.

    This is the internet - if I wanted to be flamingly racist there is no risk. Do you think people really fake an internet existence to fool you - what reward is there, if so you are proving that victim mentality I mentioned. I'm not out to get you but I don't like being called names either especially when it's grasping for straws and the weakest card - racist.

  76. After reading many of the above comments I can clearly see why things are still messed. First and foremost whites need to understand that blacks were never the aggressors. don't give me that BS of black were enslaving their own people before whites came along. Blacks had servants and white misunderstood that. Okay if we did enslave each other what right did whites have to join in? We never conquered, stole, raped and murdered millions of loving people. Regardless if you were not there, it's in your genes to commit such hideous crimes to other races. Truth is truth, you cannot take that away, for those who are uneducated, let me educate you as to what your race has done to others.

    Africa as a continent are in poverty because of your ancestors greed, Cecil Rhodes & John Henry are good men in your history books. what they've done for Queen Victoria was and still is a grievous crime to humanity to this day. Don't laugh when blacks claim great men in history as black men, do your research, take your head out of the his- story that's taught in school. Guess you would have a hard time accepting that the Greeks were black also. What blacks have over whites is something divine... it's called MELANIN.

    They're the only people that's born with that, it's what makes you dark skin, not a tan. What is Melanin, Melanin is the light that makes you dance in rhythm, have compassion for other, etc. Canaanites, Jubusites, Girgashites etc are the people of the mountain (Turkey,) read your bible and you'll see they were the ones who came down from the mountain and raped, killed and plundered the Israelites almost out of existence. Blacks never hated whites, it was your ancestors greed that brought on this demise to this day.

    LAZY you said? wow! 400 years of working and making whites rich (slavery) while blacks were not allowed to read nor earn sure did give them an EQUAL opportunity. Shut to hell up with your racist twat, whites are afraid to give blacks any equal opportunity because they know blacks will out do them. We're genetically stronger, we're here still and in 50 - 100 years whites will be bred out of this planet. It's by design I'm proud to be black and I feel sorry for the uneducated ones, we were the Gods of this planet and soon will be again. The revolution for truth will not be televised

    1. i agree with you 2 sum extent but sum of the stuff you say is just plain wrong. The greeks where black? bullsh*t. its in my genes to commit evil, again thats bullsh*t! melanain you sumhow claim this makes blacks better? well yes in hot countrys maybe, but you stick a black guy in norway and i dout he will cope with the weather as well as the scandinavians as well as be likley to get vitamin d deficiency because of the MELANAIN in his skin. And you talk like all white ppl where working together "the whites" where doin this or that! those whites where busy killien each other at the same time as they where captureing "those blacks". i dont give a shit if blacks did already enslave each other b4 white guys came along, and i dont feel like i owe some apology for what some white guys did to some black guys 300 years ago! and why do you have to go on about blacks being the better race? im no racist in any way, what does geneticaly stronger mean? smarter?faster? Yes cos every time i look at afrika i see the great nations of chad or congo, there economic powerhouses with a highly educated and skilled workforce capable of making advanced technologies and new scientific discoveries and of course capable of space flight.
      All races are equal, but if there not im pretty sure you wouldnt come ahead of the japanese

    2. guess wt u guys are white and seem 2 think that ur women are being taken over by evry1 including muslim but guess wt it seems because ur women are the 1 who sees good nature in daily muslim mens and mens who does not show ego, pride nd most of all hate. Secondly u guys are cheat and westerner who does not treat their precious white women with respect. You see them as sex object and never stress about love for them but those muslim and other non white ppl does earn it by respecting ur women. U call ur white women, bitch(sex slave) but when muslim and non white western men approach white women they respect them as their sister. That is why they leave u and settle down and get married with us. Shame on u. plus fyi those drawing are done by white western men whose perverted mind thought that white women taken wre checked from boobs to bum.

    3. Wow, you can hardly speak... English better not be your first language.
      Muslim men dont respect women, give me a break. They wrap them up in a sheet so no one else can see them and escort them every where they go like a piece of property. Isn't women's rights a HUGE issue in the Muslim world? There are all kinds of coalition groups fighting for it.

  77. "I have had some black friends that won’t stop thinking about slavery and you can’t reason with them. They really do look to be a victim all their life and you can compare it to a conspiracy theorist always overanalying and looking over their shoulder. One in particular always tried to convince me that things were racism. If they were late getting our food at a restaurant for example – “that wouldn’t happen if I wasn’t here”. Tell me that doesn’t lead to paranoia."

    Go tell the jews to get over the holocaust and see how they react. Tell them to get over their slavery which they still complain about today, the salvery that happened to them more than 2000 years before christ was born, I am talking about when Moses stood up and said letmy people go. jews still celebrate and do not forget that. You are most likely a racist and highly insensitive to the suffering of black people

  78. Dear Keith,
    "@ CJ and Phil Atio and anyone else who insists harmony is a fairy tale and that other race is doomed to hate the other."
    Well I see it is that hate of the black race is so deeply ingrained in the white race heart or their culture that it probably cannot be removed. I see no such hate for white people from black people. Any black who dislikes whites does so for reactionary reasons. That is a white man won't hire them because they are black, a white cops beats them and arrest them because they are black for crimes they never did, a white president lets them drown and die because they ar black and New Orleans. A group of so called tea party who wants to take their country back the moment a black man is elected to office and they portray him as a moneky with a watermelon farm in the white house, calling congressmen the n word for trying to give them healthcare, calling the president a nazi. The continiual treatment of any mistake a black person does as the most serious crime against humanity but any crime a white man does as horse play. Ie. Jena 6. No these are not fairy tales these are real life today.

    "The sad truth for you, but the good news for many of us is that if we humble ourselves enough to have genuine relationships with other people, these ideas become irrelevant."
    Well yes it is irrelevent for you when black people drown and are killed because you are not black, which is why we need a seperate black nation.
    "I’m white but have had the privelege of living a pretty integrated life from early on. My role models when I was 8 were the kids on my block who were popping, locking, and breaking to LL Cool J and Run DMC on a sheet of cardboard. At the same time I went to public school and had bullies shout at me, “Yo white boy, give me that bike. Get off that bike and give it to me before I kick your A$$” etc."
    Well it is good you are at least somewhat civilzed for a white. Realize that while yes, you may have been robbed by a black student, the reason was because they had no bike. And the reason they had no bike was because their parents were not given the same opportunties as your parents to become economically successful because of the color of their skin.

    "I think we all at some level need to identify with some kind of peer group, and it helps us feel safe to identify other groups as somehow inferior or as aggressors that we have to defend against. Whether it is the tribe next door, the terrorist boogey man, or another race. Race just happens to be one of these dividers, and in our country we have the unique baggage of having perpetrated systematic slavery."

    If only it was just slavery. The chattel slavery which killed more blacks than the hitler killed jews, was far worst than any other crime against man kind. there is also the whole little period when white folks decided they hated black people and would make sure they would not have any of their constitutional rights, you know from lincoln time up to the 1970s and 80s.

    "That skewed the whole thing for generations and poisoned the waters, and to act like “its over, get over it” is way too simplistic.

    My point is, the obstacles to harmonious living are massive and complex, but in each of our lives we can defy them by choosing to have deep relationships with people unlike ourselves. My son is 4 and lives in a mixed world much like I did."
    Good for him

    " (we have had house mates of varying shades his whole life – one of whom now is a huge influence in his life, she’s Ethiopian) As a result, racism has not remotely occurred to him. He mentioned the other day, as if just ocurred to him that some of his friends have different colored skin. He wondered why, so we just talked about the biology of it, that people whose ancestors lived in intense sunlight adapted by increasing quantities of melatonin and vice versa. He was like, oh that’s interesting, and then moved on. To him, in his world, race is merely a matter of incidental melatonin levels. Obviously we’ll have to also teach him the ugly history, but for now his approach to the world is inspiring to me."
    Good for him and good for you. Sadly that is not common, the more common view is for white folks to go around killing black people minding their own business, like those little girls who burned to death after grown white men fire bombed the churches.

    "Phil Atio – I am sorry your experience has been such, but your experiences in no way indicate larger truths about the world and any proclivities of one race or another. They may have embittered you and hurt you and angered you, but you shouldn’t let them be your teacher about the true nature of the human being down the street or around the world."
    The problem is just about every black person has this experience, most will not admit it openly to white people but it is the truth. Most white folks is racist, and Isee no co-existance of the races as a pernanent solution and think this country ought to be divide up into racil zones.

  79. You know how I watched this. I imagined they were white people and reversed the words they were saying. Then I imagined their judgement from society as skinheads are viewed. Just because it comes from black lips doesn't make it less racist to say I want to kill all of the white men. Just deal with people individually, is that so hard.

    Both groups want separation which I don't understand. Part of america especially is about variety and a melting pot. Separation would just result in whhat the civil rights movement worked against.

    That's why I don't like using african-american. If I'm white (mixed but called white on viewing) than you are black. Using that african part just causes more separation. We are both americans and that's that.

    I have had some black friends that won't stop thinking about slavery and you can't reason with them. They really do look to be a victim all their life and you can compare it to a conspiracy theorist always overanalying and looking over their shoulder. One in particular always tried to convince me that things were racism. If they were late getting our food at a restaurant for example - "that wouldn't happen if I wasn't here". Tell me that doesn't lead to paranoia.

    It's sad but it's a world they choose to live in, one where everyone is out to get them and you can't talk them out of it. If you ever saw the movie with eddie murphy where he talked about pool being the white mans game... see the white ball knocks all the other colored balls off the table... then the game ends when the white ball finishes with the black ball lol That's what it's like hanging out together, they come up with fantasies and you say - are you serious this time - tell em they are nuts and go do something better that is away from people like surf the net.

  80. This documentary shows how ignorant some people really are. Many of the issues do not stop at race, it goes deeper then that. Many leaders (black & white) hide behind religion and history to spur hate against others. How can we change and move forward if you always look back.
    The change has to start with yourselves. It's very easy to blame someone else for the something going wrong and point the finger. "We are all sinners and fall short'.

  81. @ CJ and Phil Atio and anyone else who insists harmony is a fairy tale and that other race is doomed to hate the other. The sad truth for you, but the good news for many of us is that if we humble ourselves enough to have genuine relationships with other people, these ideas become irrelevant. I'm white but have had the privelege of living a pretty integrated life from early on. My role models when I was 8 were the kids on my block who were popping, locking, and breaking to LL Cool J and Run DMC on a sheet of cardboard. At the same time I went to public school and had bullies shout at me, "Yo white boy, give me that bike. Get off that bike and give it to me before I kick your A$$" etc.

    I think we all at some level need to identify with some kind of peer group, and it helps us feel safe to identify other groups as somehow inferior or as aggressors that we have to defend against. Whether it is the tribe next door, the terrorist boogey man, or another race. Race just happens to be one of these dividers, and in our country we have the unique baggage of having perpetrated systematic slavery. That skewed the whole thing for generations and poisoned the waters, and to act like "its over, get over it" is way too simplistic.

    My point is, the obstacles to harmonious living are massive and complex, but in each of our lives we can defy them by choosing to have deep relationships with people unlike ourselves. My son is 4 and lives in a mixed world much like I did. (we have had house mates of varying shades his whole life - one of whom now is a huge influence in his life, she's Ethiopian) As a result, racism has not remotely occurred to him. He mentioned the other day, as if just ocurred to him that some of his friends have different colored skin. He wondered why, so we just talked about the biology of it, that people whose ancestors lived in intense sunlight adapted by increasing quantities of melatonin and vice versa. He was like, oh that's interesting, and then moved on. To him, in his world, race is merely a matter of incidental melatonin levels. Obviously we'll have to also teach him the ugly history, but for now his approach to the world is inspiring to me.

    To CJ - you are wrong and you're full of fear, but so are a lot of other people so I won't hold that against you. You will be contributing to a solution, if you can get over your fear and pluck up the courage to step out of the cage of toxic ideas you're living in. Otherwise you'll just be helping to spread poison.

    Phil Atio - I am sorry your experience has been such, but your experiences in no way indicate larger truths about the world and any proclivities of one race or another. They may have embittered you and hurt you and angered you, but you shouldn't let them be your teacher about the true nature of the human being down the street or around the world.

  82. I hope all these guys have sons that marry white women and have half white grand kids. Maybe then they will see the light. Trust me. I come from a racially mixed family and there just simply is no way to consider racism. The elders are black, white, brown, and the kids are all the same color. Racism will be much more difficult when everyone is tan.

  83. Khalid Muhammad is A True GOD!!! Uhuru Sasa

  84. Okay, so he more or less won me over in the end, but I can't help but feeling that if he had gotten off on more sincere foot with the Nation of Islam folks he could have had a more productive conversation. He sort of discredited himself with them early on. As much as Sharpton is a showman and an eccentric, I do like the way he thinks. His logic is generally pretty sound. Somewhere on the internet there is a debate with him and Christopher Hitchens which is entertaining if nothing else.

  85. The awkwardness is intense, but I find it frustrating. I like Louis and usually his way of doing what he does is faux-naive and entertaining. But living in this country and experiencing the still fresh tension, the still raw injustice...I find it unhelpful to have him do this documentary using his usual intentional awkwardness and his whole pretending to be entirely naive while really angling for a "cute" moment or something. The conversations he had and the people he spent time with - it all could have been more productive if he was just humble and genuine with them. When he obsesses over the "white devil" thing it is an obvious attempt to create an awkward moment for its TV value not for its importance. He turned what could have been a poignant and useful experience into another "look at the crazies I'm hanging out with this weekend!" silliness. Oh well.

  86. khalid muhammed is ridiculous, first of all he says black americans need a nation of their own. we did that, its called Liberia. secondly to have so much hate for another person without getting to know them simply for an attribute they had no control over is disgusting and i feel the same way toward white supremacists.

  87. You can literally feel the awkwardness through the computer at 10:40. So thick you can cut it with a knife.....

  88. I found I got alot out of this documentary
    especially the commentary about Harlem.
    A lot of people who have only known wealth and success look to these poorer ghettoized areas, maybe not as much Harlem, but lets say southside Chicago or East New York and they say these people have done something to deserve this, as if it can be justified as if the people living in these areas have CHOOSEN this way of life, as if they have made this mess for themselves..so much of black poverty, unequal education and racism is a direct cause of government policy..ex. Housing projects built like prisons, lack of social services or even banks as the documentary mentioned in Harlem, these all make a difference. Limit the resources of a people, make them feel like second class citizens in their own country then dont be suprised if you create some jaded and resentful political groups.

  89. It was alot easier for performers back them to just roll with it.. "sure, im white" PAY ME

  90. I dont have much to comment, but one did catch my eye.. Actually, Tom Jones is black, lol, ask him. He's my skin tone and i am black. we come in alot of shades.

    This documentary was funny because luis was sooo uncomfortable at first, he looked nausious a little, but as he always does, he finds his own comfort level and is able to laugh and joke around.

  91. Black State my ass. I am black and from the south. I'll be damned if we walk away from everything we have help build in America. My granddaddy fought in WWII, just like other Americans, fought for freedom when he had none. It does amaze me how the south can hate black people so much, when they benefited the most from black people. I won't go into a long list, but I think we can agree that it was black people who actually grew the cotton, i.e. knew the land, how and where to plant, when to cultivate, etc. Black brought rice from Africa to the Carolinas. Provided raw materials (cotton) for the factories in the north, were labor for industries when whites went on strike (this is 1 way they divided the poor blacks from the poor white--white people we didn't want to break y'all strike, they forced us, at least y'all got paid & weren't beaten), completed road work and helped usher in the industrial age in coal and iron mines (convict lease system)

    We (besides the lunitics in the video) love America just as much as white, people, this country is just as much ours as it is yours, we share it together...we're not going anywhere, we're here to stay.

  92. Many studies have demonstrated that the overwhelming majority of the population (regardless of race) is racist to one degree or another ( meaning subconsciously associates good and bad or has prejudices based solely on skin color).

    I think I agree with t-dog keep ur prejudices to self and work em out with self.. stop blaming others on problems. If they don't like harlem so much, they should f-in move.. I lived in NY for a year.. hated it, so I moved. Not that hard to do folks. I see just as many poor and distraught whites as black... and im doin much better than many whites in my community... no silver spoon just a lil work and creativity.

    I'm not rich either... far from it... im barely middle class. Sadly I experience more overt racism from the blacks than the whites in my community. Let go of shame white ppl.. If u did not directly hurt black ppl.. tell em to f@#$ off cos we all have problems. I have been robbed by my own race many more times than by some white man. And I was abused by my own race as a child... thats where the focus lies & not some strange historical figures from decades ago that have absolutely nothing to do with our present lives and personal experience.

    Just STFU about racism and move on.. race is not only subject of prejudice.. height, weight, demeanor, clothes, language and more affect how we get treated... stop crying about race as if its the only thing that makes ppl treat us diff. I was raised in a all black nation (born in west Africa) and i do not recommend it.. I appreciate the diversity and openness of US and Europe. Peace Earthians/humans/life/people.. we're all one & same.

  93. Before this episode, I watched Louis' episode on Survivalists. At one point in that doc, he went to the "Aryan Nation Church" out in the middle of nowhere and listened do a pathetic old white "pastor" spew hate and bigotry with a grin on his face.

    Khalid Abdul Muhammad was a little younger, sharper looking, and smoother-talking, but their messages were identical. What a shame.

  94. I am black and think that "Black Nationalism" is outdated. What are they protecting me from? I have all the rights as everyone else and if I feel discriminated I will do something about it. I do still think that there are problems in the government that can be phased out, but down here in the trenches, I'm good.

    Hard to watch do to the ignorance portrayed by way of the presenter and the subjects.

  95. I am white; when my black girlfriend first went to school in Atlanta, she came home saying she encountered so much more racism towards white people then she had ever encountered from white people. She also said she met many black people that fit the definition of n word due to the extreme level of ignorance.

    I agree with K and I also agree Louis was acting like a boy during some parts..My guess is this was due to the culture shock and Louis simply being uncomfortable and/or intimidated.

  96. I thought that one guys finger nails were awesome.....not

  97. Louise could have asked much more to the black panther people. weak questions, honestly.

  98. phil atio you are deluded , i was actually semi agreeing with you untill you mentioned the ludicrous claim that beethoven and shakespear were black , what are you basing this on ? did some black guy tell you ? and 3% of the welsh population have red hair , most have dark hair as do the irish , go and do some basic research before you pollute the net with your nonsense

  99. @C.J.
    I admire you!!! Everything you said is the truth!!! Thank you.

  100. The illusion of self-governance and sovereignty in a conquered land is quite delusional. Yet, the promise, immersed in religious lore, makes the impossible seem plausible.

  101. Racism is an ideology that certain races are superior to others. According to this definition anyone can be a racist, but because the definition has subsumed under a cultural-historical stigma it is often associated with "Whites" but not all other races.

    Thus the racism in its pure definition can apply to anyone including minorities. However racism in its historical-cultural context is something that applies specifically to the dominant group, specifically white people. In this case the dominant group is often perceived as the suppressors or aggressors while the minority groups are perceived as victims and people who resist against suppression.

    When we use the term racism we generally think of the latter understanding (cultural-historical context) but we tend to forget the former definition which applies to anyone ethnic group that sees themselves as having superior values over others. Both definitions, however, are possible. Racism can apply to any groups, at least the pure definition of it, but the latter understanding usually applies to the dominant group. The suppressors can cause any ethnic group being suppressed to become racist.

    The suppressed group will try to redefine their identity in a positive light and begin to perceive the dominant group in the negative light. Through this they are reversing the binary opposition of superiority vs. inferiority (good vs. bad). This is similar to how the Black Panthers and Nations of Islam reacted towards racism perpetrated by the dominant group.

    I don't think any ethnic groups can co-exist as long as they hold unto the "us vs. them" mentality. The world we live in is impersonal, indifferent, undifferentiated, and non-dualistic. Yet we decide to give meaning to the world according to our assumptions and confine ourselves into our own framework and exclude the "others", perceiving them as foreign or as enemies.As long as we do this we won't get along, and I think people need to start looking at the world as it really is; the world really does not give a shit about our prejudices or opinions, it simply is.

  102. While I deeply sympathise with the generations grief, frustration and anger that have lead to the idea of black separatism, the actual mentality of groups such as the one where they claim everyone important in history was black are
    A) just ridiculous
    B) crudely and simplistically try to distort history in a way that does nothing for the future of black americans and fails to take into account their very real contributions and triumphs in the face of a system designed to break them and deprive them of their humanity

  103. wELL the honroable Klahid muhammad allah bless his soul has many good points. After years of interacting with white people and trying to make a genuine effort to know and understand white culture and white people and even "befriending" the whites just to get an idea of where there head really is, I have to come to the conclusion that most of the things Khalid says are sadly true. All white people are racist and so to varying degrees. There can be no harmony among blacks and white living under 1 roof as far as I can see. Whites seem to just naturally hate blacks and will do anything they can and abuse any position of power to suppress blacks so I think Kalid is right

    This country would be better off if we just divide it up by race. The south for black, the south west for mexicans, the north west and central for whites, and the north east and mid west +california for those who still want to be intergrated.

    Its was funny because Louis almost seemed skeptical when the black israelities told him that shakespear and beethoven were black, everyone knows this. There is actually a book written about bethoven documenting his black skin, curly hair, and even his name is not german in origin. Beethoven is not even of german ancestry.

    As for Tom Jones I always suspected he was black, I mean I know many welsh people and most have freckled white skin and organge or orange brown hair. Tom Jones is a welsh person with skin darker than 95% of the normal white population and hair that looks black.

  104. and that guys WHITE firend mohammed just made everything he believes in an apsolute joke. so he got to know one white guy and shock he likes him, so maybe hes not the devil.

    and i loveeeeee louis hes HILARIOUS , he should take this as a joke they are apsolute idiots ha ha ha

  105. They want Race-War? We give them Race-War! :D

    Best Scene was when they arrested Louis at the end btw.

  106. hahahaha the shot in the church with him looking really distraught sitting beside the image of the white man as a beaten bloody priest... priceless

  107. @shane

    I actually "plagiarize" George Carlin a lot lol. Not to steal his idea's, but because we have the same idea's and I adore the fashion in which he articulates them.

  108. Maybe it's just me but Khalid Abdul Muhammad seemed slightly off. I like blk people(I am black) but he didn't seem all the way there....I'm done b/c this is a joke and those people should have done something better with their time instead of sitting around blaming all their problems on white people. Morons>>>>>All of them

  109. Maybe it's just me but Khalid Abdul Muhammad seemed slightly off. I like blk people he didn't seem all the way there.

  110. Morgan Freeman was asked on 60 min. "How can we stop racism?" His reply?, "Quit talking about it." Don't agree or disagree, just tossing it in. Interesting comment.

  111. Those guys at the Israeli School of Universal Practical Knowledge are mind-bogglingly stupid.

    Khalid Abdul Muhammad is articulate, intelligent, and either completely deluded, or else a total phoney. I suspect the latter. He is visibly pleased to have the camera following him around as he walks down the street because it makes him look important, which makes him feel important. I don’t believe he believes his own hype. He is just an attention seeker. Anyway, supposing I’ve misjudged him, and he firmly believes everything he says, if he were to get black people to rise up against the whites, who do you think would win? The dissidents would shoot off a round, sure, but the US Military would see to it that they would be dead before they had a chance to reload. How could he, in good conscience, lead the people he professes to love towards certain doom?

    I’ve got a lot of respect for Al Sharpton. I felt quite inspired by his final words to Louis: “You not only should get involved…you must get involved. That’s the only way we’re gonna turn this thing around…if everybody gets involved…and just because some people may not want you to get involved…that should make you wanna do it even more…cos it’s right…and it’s the only way we’re gonna turn the world around…think about it” I felt a lump in my throat when he said, ‘cos it’s right’.

    And on previous comments, C.J., if you have ever wondered why nobody really seems to like you as much as you think they should, I can tell you. It’s because you’re an a887ole. Allan, you’re spot on. It’s about class, not race. Couldn’t agree more…love ya bro (even though you plagiarized george carlin a little, i forgive you!)

    “The upper class love to see middle and lower class races fighting with eachother. Distractions like this make it much easier for them to run off with all of our money.”

  112. Those guys at the Israeli School of Universal Practical Knowledge are mind-bogglingly stupid.

    Khalid Abdul Muhammad is articulate, intelligent, and either completely deluded, or else a total phoney. I suspect the latter. He is visibly pleased to have the camera following him around as he walks down the street because it makes him look important, which makes him feel important. I don't believe he believes his own hype. He is just an attention seeker. Anyway, supposing I've misjudged him, and he firmly believes everything he says, if he were to get black people to rise up against the whites, who do you think would win? The dissidents would shoot off a round, sure, but the US Military would see to it that they would be dead before they had a chance to reload. How could he, in good conscience, lead the people he professes to love towards certain doom?

    I've got a lot of respect for Al Sharpton. I felt quite inspired by his final words to Louis: "You not only should get involved...you must get involved. That's the only way we're gonna turn this thing around...if everybody gets involved...and just because some people may not want you to get involved...that should make you wanna do it even more...cos it's right...and it's the only way we're gonna turn the world around...think about it" I felt a lump in my throat when he said, 'cos it's right'.

    And on previous comments, C.J., if you have ever wondered why nobody really seems to like you as much as you think they should, I can tell you. It's because you're an a--hole. Allan, you're spot on. It's about class, not race. Couldn't agree more...love ya bro (even though you plagiarized george carlin a little, i forgive you!)

    "The upper class love to see middle and lower class races fighting with eachother. Distractions like this make it much easier for them to run off with all of our money."

  113. I think this guy Louis was a joke, he's a comical commentator, gonzo style journalism. The situation of the majority of Black people in the US is no laughing matter. I personally found this of poor taste.
    Rev Al Sharpton is old school, he's trying the best he can to walk the same path as Dr. King.
    Khalid Abdul Muhammad had enough, he believes that a radical change should have already been done. You can't blame the man.
    I think a lot of Blacks and Whites have really no idea what's happening in some southern States still today. I think middle class and upper class Black people are often very hard on their own race. I think White people talk a lot on how it's not right for the Black people still nowadays, but they don't do anything concrete.
    If the US government (the big guys in Washington DC & the President) would have put there foot down or would put it down finally today, against the politics and way of life in the Southern States by the White scum running these States and Towns, then maybe the Black people would feel different about a few things. I could talk a lot on how Black people are look at and treated.
    Please, don't give me that bull $hit about Black people having all the same opportunities then the White people.

  114. how can anyone with a brain bigger then a chimps agree with that book that those black muffasa towellheads were nagging about. i think we have sound the missing link in our evolution

  115. I'd like to purpose an expierment. Let's go to the senate, congress, parlaiment etc and replace every white politician, with a black politician and give them 8 years. The let's wait and see if the quality of life significantly improves for the other 99% of minorities that dont hold these positions of power. IT WONT. Its class that should divide us not race. The upper class love to see middle and lower class races fighting with eachother. Distractions like this make it much easier for them to run off with all of our money. Minorities look at those in power and see that they are all white, and they are, but then they jump to the conclusion White = Power & Privalege. The white working class man is your brother way before the black wall street criminal. Remember that.

  116. "The list goes on…there is privilege to being white that they will never understand, the BPs are simply tired of the injustice."

    Yea I remember dropping out of university to work a minimum wage full time job to help my mom with the bills because we didn't have money to get food or to turn the power back on or even enough to pay for my diabetic supplies and thinking; "Damn it feels good to be a middle class Canadian white man born into privalege."

    Thanks for generalizing my exsistence based on the color of my skin.

  117. This documentary points out that racism is not just perpetrated from whites to blacks. Sadly, racism bridges cultures, creeds, races, religions, etc.

  118. Good doc, some excellent comments too. Again Religions rear their ugly heads. And again Racism is seen as purely the province of the non whites.

  119. Theroux is more like a little kid than a reporter. Maybe he was trying to be funny, but awkward silence gets old after a while.

    If you haven't watched it yet don't waste your time.

  120. William shakespeare...still laughing. Great documentary. Lets just go to
    Palestine...i heard if you find the reference in the bible about being the chosen people America and England will give you your own plot of land...then we can kick the isralies out and live ahppily ever after

  121. @M.C. -- Well said--thank you!

  122. Oh dear, someone has been watching too much Fox 'News'.

  123. Name one black person that has been put in jail for speaking in racist terms against white people. Funny you should mention Obama...it's even called racism to call him a socialist. Anyway, we should go to the forum if you want to continue this debate, the comment section are for film reviews.

  124. That's not true; Rev. Jeremiah Wright was called a racist. Hell, even Obama has been called a racist, but I don't think that's justified. The black nationalists are definitely racist, and most people would agree. The reason you mostly hear white people being called racists in countries like the U.S. is that there are just way more white people.

  125. True...but the big problem today is that only white people are called racists, and that free speech isn't very free anymore. Anyway, the term "racist" has lost any meaning...

  126. Of course it's not racist to say that people are being killed by racists. But it's racist to say that all white people are racist, or that blacks are lazy ingrates. When you make generalizations about a race of people, that's racist.

  127. It's not overt racism to tell the truth. For example; White farmers in zimbabwe are being killed because they are white.

  128. Wow. There's more racism in the comments than there are in the entire documentary. It's a good thing we live in a society that frowns upon this kind of overt racism.

  129. As far as documentary is concerned, more of such info is needed. The media is doing anything but covering what is being done to whites. White people need to learn about this, instead of thinking how po' and oppressed and innocent blacks are. The picture of reality is completely opposite. Truth is being hidden from whites, for a good reason, and every white person should spread such info to as many other whites as possible.
    With internet, this will be easier as the days go by.

    Why are these blacks saying that Beethoven was black? It's because of the inferior complex born out of notion that blacks didn't create nor invent anything. They are only using what whites created and invented. Now, which other race would be as pathetic and delusional to claim a German White musical genius as their own when he was not one of them? Imagine, whites claiming 50 Cent? Embarrassing. And not needed in any shape or form. But with blacks, if you don't have it, if you didn't earn it - steal it and claim it as your own, and don't even flinch how stupid and pathetic you sound.

    I didn't even do nothin'.

  130. @Mina:

    ''I am black and this Documentary DID NOT sadden me. How do so many say its racism on the Black Panters part''

    Yeah. How, when only whites can be racist, right, along with mantra that race is a social construct that doesn't exist? When whites wanted to stay segregated (compare the crimes of blacks against whites in those time to nowadays)they were labeled as racist. If whites today wanted to be segregated, and more and more, as they are learning about what blacks are doing (but not via mainstream media, as that caters only to eternal victims that are blacks)do in fact want to be segregated (white flight), they would be, again, labeled as racist. The question begs itself to be asked: if whites who want to live segregated from blacks are racist, why the hell are blacks pushing themselves onto whites all the time?!

    ''when the message is “We have tried only to get slapped in the face”.''

    What exactly did blacks try to do?! Ever since so called civil rights, they understood this as an open season on whites: rampant crime in forms of robbery, attacks, beatings, rapes and murder, along with complete destruction of any place they moved to.
    Whites are the ones who tried, and got a LOT more than just a slap in the face. They misplaced their compassion, poured untold money into black communities, lowered any possible standards, from tests on, to appease blacks, were forced, via affirmative action, to hire incompetent blacks or be sued for racism then, or later, if someone were to look a black in a way a black would interpret it as racism, and a black will scream racism for ANY thing. The crime statistics of black on white crime is mind boggling, yet swept under the rug, and all we hear in the media is slavery and Jim Crow, but NOTHING of Anne Pressly, Knoxville brutality etc.
    Whites, try as they may, are getting destroyed on every corner, yet all we hear is about po' oppressed blacks.
    How much longer, I ask? DO blacks really and truly believe whites are not about to explode?

    ''I don’t agree with being separate at the same time take a look at who is really doing the separating.''

    Yet, you never ask yourself WHY are whites separating. Let me give you a hint: contrary to what you believe it's not about the color of the skin, but the character. It's far better to be judged (and bitch) based on color, then on character.
    And saying look who's doing the separating implies that whites, who want to separate are racist for it and don't even have the right. As if wanting to live among other whites, as it is natural, and away from blacks, is something negative, something bad. And again, blacks will never ask themselves, why is it that everyone is avoiding us, why is everyone leaving behind the homes they built when we move in and they move away. Look at Detroit.

    ''My city is one of the most segregated cites in terms of housing in the USA. Who’s fault is that…the black panthers?? I think not. We STILL have discriminatory lending here.''

    As I said above: blacks will never ever take a good look at themselves and ask why are whites really and truly segregating themselves from blacks. They will never ask themselves if it could possibly be something that blacks are doing?! No, because personal responsibility is a foreign notion for blacks. Always the victims, ever when they rape and butcher whites, and never to be responsible.
    Let's take a look at crime statistics of blacks on white crime before so called civil rights, and TODAY. Whites back then knew what and mostly - why they were doing what they were doing. At least they were alive, lived in peace and didn't have to read police reports of how their daughters, mothers, sisters were butchered, raped and murdered by po' blacks.
    When white people realize it's far better to be called racist (and this word is losing its power anyway) than dead, whites will wake up.
    And then, then blacks will once more wonder what have they done.

  131. @lisaO:

    ''I am a white woman, but I would like to say I am willing to work toward a world where black people and white people live in harmony.''

    Black and white people have never lived in harmony and never will. It's natural that people of one race wants to love among people of their own race. Why do you think whites leave when blacks move in? Because of the color of the skin? No. It's because of what blacks do: crime, blackmail, complete destruction of towns...

    ''I also think if they want to be separate, let them. I do not want to force my views on anyone. No one should do that, regardless of the color of their skin.''

    Funny you should say that. When whites wanted to live segregated, they were labeled as racist and eventually forced to live among blacks. If whites today wanted to, and more of whites do, live segregated from blacks, you'd label them as racist. And again, it's not about a color of skin, but character.

    ''I know there have been some terrible crimes perpetrated by white people against black people, and some of those crimes continue today.''

    Some of THOSE crimes continue today?! Really? Have you seen what blacks are doing to whites TODAY? 100 black on white rapes EVERY single day, untold robberies, attacks, murders. Nearly forbidden for whites to speak lest they be labeled as racist, which does not apply to blacks. Etc.
    For how long do you think this will go on, along with whining about what FEW whites did in the past, before whites have finally had enough?

    ''Not all white people do things. ''

    Makes me think you're actually black, and not white. How insulting to ALL whites. Not ALL white people do things. Let's flip it. Just because FEW blacks aren't lazy, depending on white people's money, robbing, raping and killing, it doesn't mean that MOST are in fact doing just that.

    ''Some of us realize the injustices in the system, and we want it to stop. I think that requires we all work together.''

    Yeah. 250,000 white women raped by black men in the past 10 years, 50,000 whites murdered since so called civil rights movement, old white women getting beaten on streets, white people getting butchered (Anne Pressley, Knoxville couple, etc), constant blackmail ''I'll call you racist if you don't...'', complete cover up of white race's destruction. Yeah, WE want it to stop, and WE will have to rise up once more to save us.
    If you are, by any chance white, you and your with white guilt inflicted mind are not only embarrassment for white race but an accomplice in white race's destruction.

  132. I spent my early childhood in an inner city. Probably a ratio of 1:1 of black:white people. I spent most of my later childhood in an all white community. Every Sunday the KKK would march on a corner in front of the town's pet store. My daycare 'teachers' would sit a gossip about how it wasn't 'okay' if their friends dated black men. So much hate oozed out of this little white town. It was the 1990's.

  133. I'm a black man and I absolutely HATE black nationalist. Why blame the majority for the actions of a few? Why must today's generation pay for something done in the past? All I see is ignorance.

  134. I should mention that i don't live in the messed up U.S. so my personal experiences may vary from someone that lives in detroit or philidelphia. And whats up with the "we tried only to get slapped in the face" ? last time I checked slavery was abolished, people could sit where ever they wanted on buses, drink out of whatever water fountains they pleased. Seems to me that alot has changed in the past 40 years which is a very short time frame compared to 400 years. racism is a two way street and its not going anywhere unfortunately. I just hate it when people are blind to their own prejudices and try to validate them with things that happened before they were born.
    I know louis just had to identify himself and he was set free but way to go for making an effort!

    p.s. technically speaking i'm metis, a half breed, but after so many generations more like a 1/32 breed or whatever so boo-hoo, the whites didn't want my ancestors and neither did the natives, All I know is you don't see me walking around begging for a handout because of things that happened long before I was in the picture.

  135. louis' got some stones on him, that must have been some scary stuff going into some of those places in harlem. Sharpton is cool, that Khalid guy is a scary lunatic that is so credible he got kicked out of the nation of islam for being racist, and well those black israelites they were something else entirely. They did dress pretty sharp though i must say and they taught me that cleopatra looked black but she was actually white. Did anyone else think they were gonna say Michael Jackson instead of Tom Jones, that caught me off gaurd. These were different times, and not just cause the twins were still standing, so I can understand the hostility. I'd like to thank the new black panthers for showing that white people don't hold a monopoly on racism and i'd like to note that wounds don't heal if you keep picking at them. 400 years this, back of the bus that, sure it was awful but if you keep living in someone else's past how can you expect anything to ever change?

  136. I love Louis Theroux's character although i think this this time in this film he was ignorant to the the wrong group.THe leaders he interviewed missed his point of peace entirely because that same ignorance is part of the machine there trying to destroy. So i think a more interesting approach may have been from a black journalist with less ignorance.

  137. 10/10 great documentary Khalid Abdul Muhammad spoke the truth, the Israelites dropped some knowledge & I learned a little about Al Sharpton too..I just wish it could've been a little longer.

  138. why was the presenter behaving like a little boy?

  139. I am black and this Documentary DID NOT sadden me. How do so many say its racism on the Black Panters part when the message is "We have tried only to get slapped in the face". I don't agree with being separate at the same time take a look at who is really doing the separating.

    My city is one of the most segregated cites in terms of housing in the USA. Who's fault is that...the black panthers?? I think not. We STILL have discriminatory lending here.

    When I go to apply for work I have to look around to see if they have any other blacks working there, if they dont, I know not to get my hopes up.
    The list goes on...there is privilege to being white that they will never understand, the BPs are simply tired of the injustice.

    And I don't think this video made black people look stupid at all, if anything Louis T. looked stupid because he was trying to make light of the reason why the militants felt that way... He tried to make light of a lot of things... Hes a very likeable guy but still he bordered on disrespect/disregard at times...he reminded me of Borat...trying to fake ignorance to attempt to get an irrational reaction from the black people.

  140. I am a black dude and this has saddened me, some of these people make black people look stupid. One thing i have learnt in life is that violence only causes more violence. I really hope that all nationalists black or white disappear and fade away.

  141. Louis was great. What a culture shock- and strangely I agree a little bit with Al Sharpton. How strange that there is a group that believes that beethoven etc. were black- or that it matters. Tom Jones- really?? Good stuff.

  142. "That's another devilish question."

    That dude was pretty funny (in a sick, racist kind of way).

  143. This is why we have problems in america we should take all the racist balcks whites and outhers and put them in a single state and wall it off

  144. I understand some of this thinking about the white man, but it is not all white men. It is the elite who want war and vilolence. I think most people want peace, but there are always those few who convince others violence is the only way.

    I am a white woman, but I would like to say I am willing to work toward a world where black people and white people live in harmony. I also think if they want to be separate, let them. I do not want to force my views on anyone. No one should do that, regardless of the color of their skin.

    I know there have been some terrible crimes perpetrated by white people against black people, and some of those crimes continue today. Not all white people do things. Some of us realize the injustices in the system, and we want it to stop. I think that requires we all work together.

  145. What can I say but WOW! The New Black Panther Party wants a separate nation for black people down south? That's like peace in the middle east...it will never happen. White people are too forward and they have a strong sense of entitlement, but a separate state no way.

    1. I am saddened by the ignorance. education and awareness is crucial. it has already been proven that we started out with black skin in Africa and migrated and evolved to look different. the only reason some people are still darker than others is because their ancestors left first and delusion takes awhile. we are all one, the human race. there will never be world peace until we evolve mentally an eliminate religion, which is what caused people to put people in categories. I would love to hear some educated black people's comments on this. it wasn't the "white man" that caused slavery, it was prehistoric way of thinking.

    2. Yeah, we STARTED with black skin, then we EVOLVED. They didn't, they're still savages. It wasn't a prehistoric way of thinking that caused slavery, it was the black leaders selling their people to us, the same way they're selling out their people to us in Africa today. Its the most wealthy country in terms of resources, but the population is all poor. Why? Their corrupt leaders are still selling out to the white man. Africa could be a world superpower if their heads weren't so far up their asses.

    3. Evolved? In a physical as well as genetic sense, is this what you mean to say? I think that racially CHANGED is a better way of describing. You talk about savagery, then what was European colonialism? It'd be interested to see how the countries who were subjected to Europe's colonial exploits would answer this question..