Louis Theroux on Black Nationalism
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Louis Theroux on Black Nationalism

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Louis Theroux on Black NationalismAmerican black nationalist groups have been branded anti-Semitic, homophobic, misogynist and racist by the mainstream press. Louis Theroux goes to Harlem in New York to meet its proponents.

Theroux meets the Reverend Al Sharpton, the main point of contact in the black nationalist movement. Theroux also meets Khalid Abdul Muhammad, dubbed by the media 'the most dangerous man in America' and visits the Israeli School of Universal Practical Knowledge, who believe that blacks are the true Israelites and that all English monarchs until early modern times were black.

Theroux also joins Al Sharpton on a march on Wall Street to protest at the shooting by New York police of Amadou Diallo, who was shot 41 times. (Excerpt from Wikipedia.org)

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5 years ago

Dirty racists, smh

6 years ago

Totally agree,let blacks have their own cities, and whites their own.
"Diversity" is just to weaken the white race(cultural marxism)
Birds of a feather flock together

8 years ago

"Black nationalism"? Really? Oh, but if whites are ever proud of their heritage it's called racism and not "white nationalism." Let's stop beating around the bush and just call it what it is. "Black nationalism" is no more than blatant racism. Don't try to downplay it.

Neener Neener
9 years ago

A Brit in Harlem, this does not look good...

Alex Holland
9 years ago

Strange that those black americans are so islam orientated. Maybe they should go and read some about the islamic slave trade or the current arab vs black genocide in places like sudan.

NexisD DesuS
9 years ago

lol people are so *tupid. They need to actual study genetics their is no such thing as "black race" or "white race" there are many many different ethnic groups with varying genes it's true Europeans many carry different genes to Africans but it doesn't mean a black skin African can't carry that gene.

One example is HIV %10 of Europeans are very immune because of a mutation that happened because of "black death e.g plague" but black Africans still can have it but it's very rare why? Because Africa wasn't hit by black death and it wasn't naturally selected for.

The "white race" and "black race" in the USA are the most mix'd group there is... I bet most them carry both European and African and Arab and Asian genes.

Human's love diverse genetics in a partner it builds healthy off spring... That's probable why I had an uncontrollable attraction to Asian girls and married then knocked one up.

Even though her feature where so alien to me something inside me at a subconscious level wanted her genes.

People have always mixed but now we are not all isolated and live in a global world people are going to become more and more mix'd rather then seeing a "mud race that looks the same" as some racists think we going to see huge diversity in people appearance, health and IQ.

9 years ago

I guess barack obama sr dosen't feel the same way about white woman that the leader of the new black panthers dose.

jigg saw
9 years ago

If you are not well read on "MARCUS MOSIAH GARVEY" then you don't know what "BLACK (BN) NATIONALISM" is! Plain and Simple! Rev. Al Sharpton is not a proponent or BN! He profits from Pimp Preaching! BN has nothing to do with Europeans! BN is about BLACKS elevating their Intellectual, Social, Moral. Spiritual, & Economical Application's and Standards in the African Diaspora! It has noting to do with subjugating another ethnic group! BN is not about Superiority but Indefinite Independence of foreign aid! To basically re-educate the African so that he is aware of his Connection to the vast and mighty Kingdoms that he come from be it Zulu, Dogon, Ashanti, Mali, Songhai, Kenem Buronu, Axum, Meroe, Kush, Sheba, Zimbabwe, Benin ect... BN is about Strengthening the Black man in his own glory the same way Indian's have their's or the Thai, Korean, Japanese, Samoans, Greeks, Germans, Celts ect... But who has ever be cited with TOO CELTIC? TOO INDIAN, TOO JAPANESE? Yet it is something that upsets Europeans when it comes to a Black man incorporating Africa into his very being, from spiritual, to Education ect... The European feels he should have some involvement with it! This is where BN has placed its rejection of Europeans! This is what they call "HATE MONGERING"! There are some that genuinely hate ALL WHITE'S, I think that is displaced anger but it is a inevitable process that the Diaspora goes though upon learning what displaced him in the first place, then seeing the Social and Economical machines that have been used & still used to disenfranchise Blacks from excelling into their own true potential! The data is there and the testimony of those whom 1st implemented them are to there so it is not about teaching lie but teaching truth & Reality. I will close with this, BECAUSE we recognize the machines that rally against us it is IMPERATIVE that we steer clear and/or intelligently navigate around them! If you know there are hurdles in front of you to prevent you from achieving the pinnacle of your potential it is not of any viable excuse to to blame the one who set's the hurdle because you know it's there! So prepare yourself in advance to either go through it head on, jump over it or MOVE AROUND IT!

9 years ago

"It's going to happen by the year 2000! You'll see."

9 years ago

Two dudes say "The white man is absolutely disagreeable to get along with in peace." ... are they regurgitating some piece of literature or something?

9 years ago

The Nation of Islam and black rights should never be in the same sentence, given that Sura LXXIV claims black skin is the curse of hellfire, black folk are 'foes' of Islam, abominations and are to be shunned gives you an idea of the level of hypocrisy involved in ANY person of color accepting Islam.

9 years ago

"The white men is the evil", you should feel grateful for the white men have given you rights, I doubt the opposite would happen, tell me what are your reason to believe that africa would be much better now if the europeans never showed up?

Slave trade was already happening there before the europeans, the slave market was already big enough, slaves were merely another product the european merchants found in their travels, when the europeans sailed to africa and asia they weren't looking for people to enslave, but business, trade, slave trade was huge in the middle east and north africa since before the middle ages.

Also the africans had ethnic conflicts by themselves as they have today. What you're failing to realize is that if those africans had the chance they would have enslaved the europeans too, and they'd have done much worse than the europeans did, I doubt if they would have freed their slaves someday, since they practice slavery even today, and the european faced slavery too, slavery wasn't an european issue it's a human issue.

It's just stupid to blame the whites for everything bad in the world, mainly slavery that is something that always existed in every corner of this world, but still who were the ones who set laws against slavery? who proclaimed the human rights? who do the most of humanitarian work worldwide? the europeans, people in these poor countries wouldn't have Human rights and an international legal system protecting them if not for the whites.

If the european never reached africa the muslims would, and I tell that they would be much more f--ked up than they're today if the european never showed up. What happened is that the europeans brought civilization and development to everywhere they went, they shared all their scientific discoveries with the world, but I bet your marxist professor doesn't tell you these things.

Whites have been too good to others, they've helped people in third world countries more than anyone, campaigns of vaccination, food, they have welcomed these people in their countries, their education system, but no matter how much the whites help others, no matter how much they're good to others, people will never see the whites in a good manner, only as the "evil who f--ked the world up".

The truth is that life is an eternal war for survival, it's natural selection, the strongest will survive, at the moment whites are losing this war, if you look to the natural world animals don't waste their time helping who don't appreciate their help, they kill when they have to kill, and defend their lives to death when they have to, a wolf is cruel, it doesn't care about the opinions others have about them, their eyes are pure hatred, it kills without mercy because it knows that it has to survive at any cost, whites shouldn't help who don't help them, if you go to anywhere in this world that is not mostly european, whites are treated with extreme hostility, they're hated everywhere, whites should hate them back.

In the world that we live in, hate is much more important than love or any other silly sentiment, "love" makes you relaxed, lets your guard down against your enemy, hate makes you alert, it moves you forward towards your objective, hate is power. Someday the utopian idea of love may be achievable but in the world that we live today, hate is the only option to survive, life is a war.

10 years ago

Just like eye color, race is nothing to be proud or ashamed of. It just IS. None of us has a choice in what we are, so the whole "Gay Pride" "Racial Pride" thing is stupid. Be proud of accomplishments and actions, not superficial things like race, gender or sexual orientation.

There's nothing wrong with learning about your heritage, but it becomes a problem when you use it as a veil for putting down other groups. The Klan has used that trick for years. "We don't hate Black people, we're just proud of our white heritage." Yeah, okay.

10 years ago

For any race questions/issues, got to Realhistoryww or beforebc(dot)de. That will lay to rest white fantasy. Germanics are just getting their turn to rule, but they created nothing. Before you talk about computers, cars, etc, keep in mind that they all came in the 20 century and none would be possible without engines, oil, electricity or fake white Jews.

10 years ago

Shakespeare, un.. undoubtedly black... without a question

d man
10 years ago

Louis sure interviews some successful businessmen.

10 years ago

Pretty good. What I'd really like to see is Louis spend a year in a black area; maybe try is feigned innocence on everyday black people and see how funny he thinks black racism is. Better yet, do a documentary on a white kid who is sent to black majority school; that would be really funny and ironic.

10 years ago

You should realize that nationalism has nothing to do with violence, black and white nationalists have very good reasons for being nationalists, diversity brings conflicts, whites, blacks and others have died because of this stupidity

10 years ago

Those black israelites completely contradicted themselves when they commented about Cleopatra looking black but actually white hahahaha.

10 years ago

An interesting mix of the sincere and the kooky.

Sarah S
10 years ago

It is true that there's something disappointing and fundamentally wrong with the concept of black people (or any minority group) having to constantly prove themselves worthy and equal, but turning that disappointment into hatred towards white people as a whole is not in any way ethical. Just like how you can't look at one crime a minority did and blame that entire minority for it, you can't look at the crimes, or even atrocities, some white people did (not that whites are the only ones to have ever committed atrocities) and blame all white people. I'm white and had nothing to do with it. My family wasn't even in America until 1910-ish (not that that should matter so long as you aren't involved in prejudice). I was raised in a diverse community with parents who are accepting people and never gave race or other differences any thought.

10 years ago

It's difficult to work out if some of these people are personality disordered or just deluded. The drift towards Islam... Is that because of Mohammed's relationship with Aisha?

10 years ago

Black nationalism? Surely 'Black racism' is a more correct (if not politically correct) title. If anyone wants evidence that racism, bullying and victimhood are exclusively white persons' problems here is documentary evidence of the contrary.

11 years ago

This Theroux guy is more annoying than anyone he interviews!


11 years ago

Maybe not you still worship Thor like your ancestor did and I bet you were crying in the cinema. Shouting like maniac "All hail Thor". People were like thinking what an ass.

11 years ago

Or honor kill her in name of Thor. I said Thor cos that is what your ancestor use to worship right and they use to sacrifice people in his name like Aztec. You should thank the christian for saving you primitive viking savages form eternal hell fire.

11 years ago

Colin what if your sister or cousin theoretically speaking goes out with black guy. Are you gonna stone her like the Taliban.

11 years ago

Yo Colin are you the moderator cos my message is not on board and I suspect a racist like you can't take logical argument in the post.

11 years ago

Oi Colin Perkins u american. If so then get the **** out of native Americans land. You white immigrant prefer to call yourself to be native but guess what Columbus officially found Americas around 1492. To top it out the name america was officially titled by amerigo Vespucci when he finally found out that its not Asia or Indian subcontinent but whole new continents. Unofficially small settlement was found in nova scotia but the viking ****** about with the natives and their settlement collapsed around 1000 AD. Your government after the independence from Britain decided to expand into Native american lands forcefully. Then they acquired from the napoleon the Louisiana purchase. To my knowledge many other stuff were done legally or illegally or forcefully or negotiable way to create the present border of USA. Now the white man did not like the idea of non white man or women to marry one of their own race. Ironically they all preached that Christianity would save the heathen and would make them good people. They forgot the most important news to the non white which is christian religion has no distinction for race thus marriage between white and non white are allowed. On top of that most important part was that all these white people throughout the time believed the Christian religion, where Jesus is central to it all. They never grasped that wait isn't Jesus from Asia, that means he is an Asian and god we worship are the same god the Asian christian worship. God must hate us white people for being racist that means that all white other than the non racist ones are bound for hell fire FOR EVER. Colin last chance be non racist and gain a place in heaven or suffer eternity in hell with all the racist and nazis and also suffer that your immidiate relative could be out with a black person with his child in her womb.

Colin Perkins
11 years ago

When Sharpton comments that two blocks out of Harlem, the streets get cleaner and the community is nicer, well who's fault is that?? Isn't Harlem almost entirely black? Isn't it the BLACKS' job to clean up their streets and make their community nice?? You can't blame EVERYTHING on us whites!

I can't think of a SINGLE black city thats known for being clean or wealthy or safe or prosperous. Whats wrong with you black people?? Slavery was abolished 150 years ago, when are you going to get your act together??

11 years ago

The amount of access this guy gets never ceases to amaze me. Great doc.

11 years ago

I find it rather ironic that a good deal of the black nationalist groups tend to be Islamic. Since the period of slave trading concerning Europeans was roughly from 1403s to 1870s AD, perhaps into the early 1900s taking into consideration that many of the colonies belonging to European nations did still used force labor by the natives. However, the slave trade in regards to Muslims, specifically that of the Islamic Empire, before and after lasted from 800 to 1900s AD. You could say that Europe was just looking to get in on the huge profits, though that still does not form the basis for the justification of said action. All one can take from this is that white, black, or brown. Most civilizations if not all are responsible for acts such as slavery. One should not forget the suffering of others but at the same time one should not use that suffering for reasons other than aiding in the progression of society in manners that can teach the younger generation in how to prevent such travesties. As for the documentary I have to give Louis Theroux props on his chutzpah. I laughed at the idiocy of the racist and how he asked questions while looking at horse pants. I have made many black friends in my life and the ones I tend to be closer with happen to be the ones who tell me Jewish jokes and don't get mad when I retort black jokes. At the end of the day if we can laugh at each other within certain bounds you know society will be just fine. Shalom Aleichem.

11 years ago

All the black racists and white raciest should kill each other off so the rest of us can live in peace.

James Tbone
11 years ago

The black people are also devilish because they slave their own countrymen and sell them to the whites, and the black people always been in Wars in African and still do.

11 years ago

White people may not be the devil, but they are very devilish... Through centuries they committed evil against any man, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, whatever and they still do it to this day through "DEMOCRACY." But still I'm sure there are a few white people that understand and are good, too bad it's only a few...

11 years ago

a baby horse really come on

11 years ago

Ends on a funny enough note and reminds us that nothing personal/political is so dire we can't laugh it through. Maybe those unapolagetic wackos tell us something about the real differences between blacks and whites brought about over thousands of years of separate evolution (forget the last 400 years --- that's a single hour..). Luis the equally unapologetic (and occasionally ignorant, fatuous, inane and bad mannered ----- check him out upstaging the guy. Asks him a serious question then he's looking at fkkn trousers on a rail ---- that's t r i c k y s*** ) white nerd stereotype getting into conversation with these guys --- kind of stokes up a person's hope for pl.Earth. Funniest line --- Luis on the stairs , a tad disingenuous : ' Where are we, this is queens isn't it.. ? '

11 years ago

if they dont like being black people in a white mans country leave. i dont go to Nigeria and give out and look for land to be called my own for white people. i know they where taken against free will but nothin keepin ya now but they wont leave cause there life is still better then what it would be in Africa. they come over to modern Europe of free will and still complain about been treated diff like **** of if ya feel that way like come on. ah i dont know there just a pain in the *** but still they should not be judged so quickly at the same time no other race complains near as much. 1 more thing is they all ways refer to them selfs as black man, black people dis and that but not from which country they come from e.g a white man from england calls him self English not THE WHITE MAN. a white French man is French, white American is just an American. so the French man will say my fellow French men where attacked and the English man tried to control us and keep us down, Now only French men will say that and not every white man as a race will say the English man attacked us to keep us down. the slaves were only taken from certain parts of Africa..... im really rambling on now sorry and hope and dont mean to a fend any nations or race of people. nature and climate and NWO will decide what we all look like in the far far far future..................BYE

12 years ago

To those of you who are critical of Khaled Muhammed, the Nation of Islam or any black man or woman who is angry with or against white people, consider this: Their ancestors were stolen, kidnapped from their families, from their homes, their land and were beaten, put into chains, forced on to a ship, starved, fed to sharks, tortured, raped, sold like cattle at auctions, forced to labor in fields for no pay, forced to reproduce and mate with others hand chosen for them, they were murdered, robbed of their CULTURE, their LANGUAGE, their GOD/RELIGION their IDENTITY--their very HUMANITY. Think about the psychological repercussions of this over 400+ years. Generations suffered from the psychological, emotional, physical, social and financial warfare waged against them in a foreign land isolated from everything familiar. You debate the existence of the so called "salve mentality"? Take a good look around, it's embedded in the collective psyche of black America. It's painfully evident. Slavery affects blacks today just as it affected their ancestors. If you can't see that you are blind or ignorant.

12 years ago

Nobody likes to mention that the word slavery comes from the word "slav". You know why?

Because the slavic people were the first and most enslaved people on planet earth. Guess what? We're white. Most slavic people only saw freedom for the first time in the late 20th century. Most have been slaves for centuries until the 20th century, and then under dictatorship through the 20th century.

It's interesting that whenever people talk about "white privilege", they never mention that all the evidence they give only applies to "western european whites".

Slavs have never enjoyed not a single one of those privileges. Not even slavs in america. Whenever these people describe "the white man", they describe an anglo-saxon or a nordic person.

12 years ago

when they are looking at the horse skin trousers, the black guy mentions the NWO of the whites and at the end you see the world trade center is still in the manhattan island background. i wonder what this doc would have been like, in harlem, if during the few days of its span a 911 terrorist attack were to strike. sorry bad english ;)

12 years ago

Hey, the white man bought black slaves off of BLACK slave masters in Africa.

Take that into consideration. It's not about race - it is about power and oppression to keep that power

12 years ago

The white man is not of the devil.

It is he who claims to be a "Jew" who is of his father Satan. The modern day "Jew" is not a Semitic people but a Khazar Turkish FRAUD!

The "Jew" is the genocidal racist parasite of the earth.

It is the Jew who commits usury, blasphemy, advocates homosexuality, advocates feminism, Jewish supremacy, and the one who advocates most other destructive vices within our society and every society where he is present.

It is the Jew is trying to wipe out the white race as we know it.

It is the "Jew" who acts "Jewish" whenever somewhat convenient and "white" whenever more convenient.

He is the true fraudster persecuting ALL GENTILES (Black, White, Asian, and so on).

12 years ago

Khalid Muhammad is wrong that it is the "White man" who caused his problems.

He must not know it was the "JEW" who stole most of his people from Africa and then sold them to the white man. The Africans themselves were also involved in the slave trade by selling their own "black" peoples. It is the Jew who claimed they were the brains behind the civil rights movement in the 1960s and that blacks were only "useful idiots".

Dr. David Duke exposed this as well as well as some sects of the Nation of Islam. The Jew is definitely guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Also, New York (Manhattan) is a "JEWISH" city. Led by a Jewish Mayor, and a thoroughly Jewish Wall street, and so on.

The white man is too often blamed for the work of the Jew. The Jew acts "white" whenever it is convenient to do so.

In all actuality, the black man was given a chance to have his own nation. President James Monroe established Liberia in Africa with the same hopes that Mr. Muhammad had (a black nation). Unfortunately, the blacks spoiled it and it is yet another failed nation on the African continent.

I do agree that Blacks should have a nation though. Let their people be free.

Let blacks have their part of the US. Let Latinos have theirs.

And let the whites have theirs (The Northwest territorial imperative).

This only makes sense as most people prefer to be around our own kind (this is only natural).

It is the evil Jew (to clarify it is the Khazars who claim to be Jews who are of their father Satan) who has forced this "multiculturalism" upon us all.

Such multiculturalism was destined to fail from the beginning.

12 years ago

Khalid Abdul Muhammad?? Meaning Servant of Muhammad??? servant of a human being. how sad

12 years ago

jesus was black..? so f***ing what? he was middle eastern, yeah. Just like Kim Kardashian is, she's armanian anddd....this means what?? What are indians considered? What about a brown spanish person? Are they white or black? I mean there are so many skin colours in between. SKIN COLOUR is SO f***ing irrelevant. Culture and upbringing has so much more to do with it.
Black people in africa are different to blacks in the middle east or america, different economy and lifestyles. Whites in Ireland are very different to those is Florida, Miami. Skin colour is determined by the climate you evolved in- that's it. Why not be racist towards redheads, or people with curly hair instead? that's the same thing. Just genetics for physical purposes and has no meaning AT ALL BEHIND IT.

These people are obviously idiots. Picking and choosing who was "black", what does that even mean?!
I'm white (scottish/german heritage) and got a spray tan and dyed my hair black ages ago for fashion.... and a 'black' person thought I was a "half cast". Just shows that it means F*** ALL. I'm totally white, but that doesn't mean s***. we got along fine. It's sad how superficial and dumb people are.

You Do Not See Me
12 years ago

The Black Nationlist Movement does not Define all Blacks... Just like the Skin Head Movement does not define All Caucasian and so on. We all got cray in blood line, we cant denie it.

You Do Not See Me
12 years ago

Everyone Race Culture has been done wrong by another culture or race or By their own people. It's just in this modern day racism against Blacks, Hispanics people of Color in General is the most prevalent. and We must all agree on that. The People of Color in this world have been miss treated as soon as the people who lack pigmentation decided to take over and "discover" aka Destroy them for their own profitable gain. It's true it's true it's true From Australia to Africa, to the Americas all of them have been conquered and their histories destroyed or distorted for the Fair skinned peoples gain. They have never owned anything their selves with out Taking it through force and murder. We all must agree on that. And Racism in a NEW form has taken the past brutality of our ancestors racism it's quite, cold , and calculated. Many of US All are just to naive or chose to be blind to it.

And I make this statement as a Descendant of the Colored Peoples of the World.

But again more talk LESS action is the way of the world today. We have less guts and determination than our ancestors everyone is out for their selves and not the greater good for the future. We are doomed to repeat these atrocities.

12 years ago

if we're going to carry on bringing up the past wrongs in this world, e.g blacks hating all whites for past slavery, then why dont jews hate all germans, or vietnamese hate all americans, or scottish hate all english? Its silly and immature. If the people in this documentary think their part of New York is run down, then put your energy into sorting that, rather than fighting a war which has long past. ok there is still racism around, but as you can clearly see, its not all white on black. I really had more respect for this community until i saw this documentary.......shame.

12 years ago

I can understand their anger as a minority myself, but at the same time my mother is white and my father is aboriginal. So I feel personally attacked on both sides because I am apparently a "mutt."