The Money Deluge

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Interest rates in Europe have consistently fallen for much of the past decade. Today, the rate is virtually nonexistent. As a result, many citizens have decided to keep their cash, gold and other valuables in safety deposit boxes. Yet, there appears to be a seemingly endless stream of cheap money flooding into the financial system, which only succeeds in propping up the wealthy while responsible investors are left out in the cold. "The Money Deluge" examines this complex financial reality that could lead to another volcanic global crisis.

This deluge of cheap money acts as a massive engine that redistributes wealth from the bottom up. Banks and states are propped up on the backs of the middle class who see little return on their investments and must contend with rapidly increasing costs. Checks and balances are tossed aside, and debts are permitted to mount among the elite while their liability is minimized. The meek regulations that remain in place are easy to circumvent. Brexit could further exacerbate this dynamic.

The real estate market is booming as the super rich continue to buy up properties as a form of investment. In London, over 40,000 homes have been purchased by large shell corporations, and many of them remain uninhabited. Meanwhile, ordinary citizens have been priced out of the housing market, and struggle to keep pace with escalating rents. Much of the working class have been forced to live far outside the city.

This economic model is almost entirely speculative, and it's driving a deeper wedge between the rich and the poor.

The filmmakers travel across Europe and speak with a series of financial experts who predict an oncoming meltdown in the global economy, young entrepreneurs who struggle to attain loans for their innovative start ups, and seasoned investors who have been forced to reconsider what they do with their retirement funds.

The lessons from the 2008 global financial crisis have gone unheeded. When this current bubble bursts, it will likely prove catastrophic. "The Money Deluge" is an effective warning shot that speaks to the doom that could be lying in wait for us all.

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    It is against this state of economy (I mean the video argument) we have to rebel against. Not against Adam Smith, or Max Weber, or Keynes, but against Reagan and Margaret.

  2. SueL
  3. SueL

    When did money become under a certain group's control? Is it even possible to control this situation for future generations? No wonder 99% of donations to world disasters are made by large corporations, who in turn set out cannisters for those donations to be returned in small increments by relatively poor folk. I do hope another more recent documentary is made to follow this one up with recent world financial changes.

  4. J.L. Viens
  5. J.L. Viens

    What an eye opener! This is possibly the first time I really understand the financial system as explained by your documentary. Now I believe the present system is so wrong and so detrimental to the mass of citizens. Thank you! J.L. Viens

  6. AlanF
  7. AlanF

    A certain amount of truth, but once it is brought up that there needs to be a global tax, my spidey sense starts coming alive. They also dump on Trump and Brexit. Everything is Trumps fault. The day is cloudy because of Trump.
    This wonderfully done rant is a NWO production.

    Money comes from the need to tax. ie. Caesar goes around beating up his neighbours and demanding "protection money". Sort of like the Mafia. Previously PPL just bartered.

  8. Said Othowa
  9. Said Othowa

    The sick financial system will eventually burst!!! And money is far too important to be left at the bank alone..

  10. Pete
  11. Pete

    I totally believe banks should only invest money they have! That is a no brainer. Banks are run just by people, and i have met many of these young guns, friday night on MDMA boasting etc, these guys do not even know what they are doing themselves, purely just thinking get the deal, get the deal. This is what is running the world, a bunch of go getters wasted off their face every weekend with no concern of the future or failing.

  12. Jens
  13. Jens

    It gets a lot right, but when you don't understand how the monetary system really works, you end up blaming deregulation. Deregulation is NOT the problem. The central banking cartel is the problem.

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