My Penis and I

My Penis and I

2005, Sexuality  -   104 Comments
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My Penis and IThis is the first part of the documentary My Penis And Everyone Else's. All television invites ridicule. Barging your way into someone's living room and occupying their time is quite an audacious act. You're totally at their mercy - they can turn you over, turn you off or tape you and replay your crap parts over and over.

For these reasons My Penis And I is either the most courageous film ever made or a self-indulgent piece of nonsense. Film-maker Lawrence Barraclough made the film about his tiny penis and the effect it has had on his life. Which takes balls. I guess.

Whether this betrays a remarkable faith in his fellow man or a need to be the centre of attention is unclear. Either way, he's dealt with being self-conscious about his wiener by telling 4 million people about it. No wonder he's confused.

He's been in a relationship for nine years but his girlfriend takes some persuading to appear in the film. Lawrence wonders what it is about penis size that so obsesses men. "So, I'm going to Birmingham to talk with my dad about his penis". There's a sentence I hope I never have to say again.

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  1. Did you know women consider average penis small? If the average penis in girth is 4’9 to 5’4 range, why do women prefer 6’5 to 7’5 range?

  2. A woman once told me that guys with big dicks are just big dicks. In America, men and not too few women are obsessed with bigger being better. Bigger houses, bigger cars, bigger bank accounts and of course bigger penis'. Consideration for a partner's feelings is much more important then mere technique with one's penis. Men use their image of a big penis as a bragging point to show how important they are, to belittle other men and perhaps to cover any insecurity they may have. Their bluster may impress some people but other more secure people will see right through this.

    1. There is so much misinformation and so many bogus products surrounding penis enlargement that when they discover the solution, no one will believe. So here goes; any male can permanently increase length and girth in the same way a bodybuilder adds mass and becomes larger. As you stress tissue, the body goes into a natural process of creating new cells making you larger. The question is not whether permanent enlargement is possible but instead, how do you safely stress penile tissue to promote cell growth? The answers can be found at

    2. Francis, You've got a huge point , and pardon the pun.

  3. thank goodness mine isn't that small

  4. my penis varies in size when flacid.but i get a good erection in bedroom its about relazation..

  5. He does have a VERY small penis, I know it's not everything and it's what they do with it but this poor guys 'nub' is deformed in its smallness. Very brave though to show it on tv. Good luck to him

  6. Mike's comment was the most-arresting for me, the idea that females define males (which they do from K-12 at least), and that men defined by women wind up defining Lawrence. I was interested, however, because I've always wondered how oversized men so often fail in life (like myself) at 18cm x 16cm, whilst undersized men oft-make themselves famous (Napoleon, they say was microphallic) and Hitler. Every kid knows the answer: women are more interested in the bulge in the back pocket than the one in front. Men actually define themselves by athletic prowess, not by phallometrics. Women define men by the size of their cars, not men; they aren't offered a ride! but women are quick to use it as the cutting edge of disapproval ...! I give the filmmaker all the credit he can carry for putting his cock on the block, so to speak. That does take bollocks! He has my admiration as hero in the movement to free the penis from the circumcision and castration of religiosity. A big dick does not bring happiness to the subject, the object, or, for that matter, the verb.

  7. I feel sorry for the guy .............

  8. Such a courageous man. I think he should revisit losing weight because it is true that you gain 1 to 2 inches in length when you don't have that puffy fat hiding the base of the shaft. Statistically, you gain 1 inch for every 25 pounds you lose, and consequently, you lose 1 inch for every 25 pounds you gain. Although I don't have what he would say is a small penis, when I lost 40 pounds, my penis measured longer. It was about 6.5 inches before and is 7.6 after losing that weight. In comment about what he said about losing weight for the "wrong reason", there really isn't a wrong reason for losing weight. Getting a bigger penis is only a side effect of weight loss. On a side note, many men are more concerned about losing their hair. Lawrence seems to be able to have a full head of hair, but he chooses to cut it down to his scalp. Men who would love to have hair might tell him that that they would trade their penis size for the hair he could grow, but chooses to cut. Men who worry about their hair are probably no different than those who think they have a small penis. But since having hair is a first appearance situation and having a small penis isn't something one needs to worry about when simply leaving their house to go to the grocery store. Hair loss can prohibit one from getting a job, but having a small penis wouldn't be a problem. I would easily give 2 inches of my penis length for a full head of hair.

  9. The guy has nerves of steel and I admire him for it. NOW with all the comments I have read, the one I wish to make is this. He and his girl friend do not seem to be that close, not all lovey dovey and stuff. Then when this pretty blonde was playing with his member and making a mold, he could not get an erection. I think he is gay or maybe bi. I think he should try a sex therapist and seriously try to lose about 20 lbs. If not for his member, then his overall health.

  10. What a lovely guy, beautiful personality, articulate, great smile, brave, honest, sincere, open, cuddly, one sexy man... who wouldn't want to have fun with someone like him...

  11. I imagine doing this was liberating for him since he's probably always been anxious about people knowing and their reactions. It might also help other people with the same issue.

  12. He has a girlfriend so evidently he found a good woman, so what he worried about

  13. I agree totally with all of the comment's regarding how much balls it took for him to make this film, however, then come the comments afterwards that read, I paraphrase, the poor thing can't help what he was born with and he can learn to use it, etc...etc... We can look to ancient Rome and Greece which has existed a hell of a lot longer than Western civilization. Those with larger penises were the "poor things" that were mocked and laughed at. But I guess that would be expected in cultures so heavily engaged in intelligent and philosophical thought as compared to today when thoughts are given to whom Kim Kardashian is screwing. Just saying, a bottom of the barrel porn culture plays its part in creating bottom of the barrel porn thinking people.

  14. Well have to say, I sit on the other end of the spectrum, my penis erect is 9 inchs and flaccid 6' (depending on tempature). I am gay and have fun with all guys sexually (straight, gay, bi) and found in all cases guys are very conscious in that area including myself. Having a larger penis definately is a plus but I am conscious of my curvature in my penis and suffered growing up because everyone else straight penis looked normal and used to get concious of people finding out. I have only in the last ten years stopped caring about it and soon learnt the advantages of having a large penis and it's curvature - helped hit the g-spot in men. I understand his position and modern society places too much emphasis on 'perfect penis', instead of focusing of diversity. Would I change anything about my penis today - NO way!!

  15. I think the problem men like Lawrence have initially is that they are trying to get one general opinion about women's preference as if there was just one. So when they get different kinds of feedback they feel confused and dissatisfied with the responses. But the truth is that different women will have different feelings and preferences about it just like anything else. The idea is to find someone who's fine with what you have and clearly Lawrence has found that.

  16. I was struck by the fact that his girlfriend did not want to be seen in the film and did not want to be known as "the bird of the one with the small d*ck". I commend him on attempting to deal with the issue. I have spent over fifty years dealing with it as well. And at 6 inches, erect, I'm not even that small. It's just flaccid that has always been the embarrassment. The inconvenient truth is that it does matter, and not just to men but a majority of women as well. 23:20 says it all! From an early age it was clear to me that women would check me out and pass me over for guys with larger penises. The only one time in my life that a women commented on it in a slightly nice way was when skinny dipping in a lake, a young woman who was 30 years younger than me and hanging out with a co-worker of mine, commented to me that I had a cute d*ck. Not the thing a man wants to hear. When I told her that was not what I could hope to hear she said that she was honestly complimenting me and liked it. Kind of awkward but thanks. So one in a million.

  17. Actually 3" is perfect.

  18. he will grow into it

  19. He has bought into the idea that his DICK defines him. He has bought into the bulls*it that Hollywood, social media and slutty woman pull and he's not listening to what's in his heart. Hes so worried about something that doesn't matter anyways. he has been raised to believe that a WOMAN will define him.

  20. Lawrence, you are a brave guy for tackling this subject head-on (no pun intended), with humor, sensitivity, and a great baring of your own soul. Any woman who wouldn't consider herself lucky to be with such a forthright and honest guy is an i*iot, Sure, people may have preferences with regard to penis size as they have preferences with regard to everything else: hair color, breast size, height, weight, etc. But the secret to feeling attractive, and attracting other people, seems to be imagining that YOU are someone's ideal, that someone out there is looking just for you, and that each day you put on your best, true self with the idea that today you and your intended will find each other. You and your partner appeared much happier at the end of the film, when, coincidentally, you were happier with yourself. Then again, that's no coincidence, is it?

  21. You can rationalize and over-analyse it as much as you want but at the end of the day you still have a small dick.

    1. Who cares? I sure don't. I don't why having a tiny dick is such a problem. I am 5"L by 5"G and have similar experiences to Lawrence. The idea that a dick defines you is bullshit, pure and simple. There is someone for everyone and I have been happily married for 25 years with two great kids, a six-figure income, two college degrees and, above all, a beautiful and caring wife! My accomplishments and how I treat people define me, not my dick and I do not care if size matters.

    2. I agree with your post. It's the males who have zero of any substance who embellish themselves over an appendage that they were born with, without any effort from them. It reflect's wothlessness in any REAL and meaningful way.

  22. lucky you you at least worry about size and not performance, your friend has been with you for years. Size does matter, however if you love someone you can always experiment on positions that will satisfy. the worst thing is to have a big worthless penis that just lies dead waiting for some woman to beat life into it. In Nigeria you lengthen by stretching the penis with a beer bottle strapped to it for a few hours a day, that should help. Good exercising.

  23. What's your feeling on hollow strap on girls& guys??
    I always gave my girl a big O when we had sex but she would play with her clit at the same time so after years I put on a 7" hollow strap on and she just held on to the back of my neck and screamed it was so good. If you have a small penis do something about it...

    1. I agree. And that "something" is to find one of the majority of women who neither want or need a larger than average penis. Good idea Anto.

  24. I hate to say this because I feel so bad for the guy, but penis size does matter to me in a way. I like the way a big or medium one feels. It looks like I'd barely be able to feel his and it may not even reach my g-spot. But having said that, if I was in love with a guy I wouldn't mind because there are always new ways to figure out how to make things feel good.

    1. Hey Flossie25, I would not feel bad for liking what you like! I am a man on the low side of average (5" long, 5" girth, when erect) and I really do not get bothered by your opinion. However, what does bother me are the value judgements that some women make. The fact that they judge us as men based on something we cannot control. It is a form of racism that I refer to as, "Sexual Racism". I hope you are not in that camp.

    2. Is this kind of like men who won't date a girl because her breasts are too large or too small, or because her hips are too wide or too narrow, or because she's not thin enough or heavy enough?

      I had a boyfriend break up with me once because I was 'too tall' for him (I'm at the tall end of average, but he preferred really short women). We still managed to remain friends, though. At least he tried dating me!

      Sounds like we all just go for what we like!

    3. Hey Kateye70, thanks for replying and I understand your point. However, to clarify my point, all I was saying was it is okay for a women not to date a man if she does not like his penis size but what I do not find okay is that some women, not all, degrade men for not having a penis that measures up. In other words, they judge him as less of a man and in some cases, less of a human being. That is just plain wrong. Sex is only a part of life and what really matters is the quality of your relationships and the fact that you attempt to contribute something positive to the world. Some women and some men are just plain cruel to men with smaller penises. I have experienced such cruelty but I know I am a positive, contributing member of society and that is all that should matter. No hard feelings and no ill intentions toward you on my part. I am just clarifying my point. Thank you.

    4. Well, you're welcome, and quite frankly you sound like you measure up just fine, to me.

      Some women may prefer larger, some may actually prefer smaller. But unlike women's breasts, it's kind of hard to find out up front. (no pun intended, haha!)

      Immature people are the ones who don't take the time to learn someone's real worth before brushing them aside, so just be confident--sounds like you already are! =)

      A friend, who is 67 with a 27-year-old lover, is fond of saying, "There's a lid for every pot!" He didn't expect to have a relationship with someone so much younger, but there is true affection and friendship on both sides.

  25. I came to see this because as a girl, I'm really intimidated by large and medium penisses, they scare the hell out of me. So it's sad to see that he's suffering from something that really wouldn't be an issue to me, as a woman.

    One of the things in this docu that really hit me was that he wasn't used to masturbating... that really can't have much to do with size, or else women wouldn't do it! It really takes only something as small and tiny as a clit to pleasure yourself! I think he really neglected this essential part of his body, but by neglecting it, got really out of balance within himself as a man and towards the world around him, and that really needed to be dealt with. He really is incredibly brave to deal with it head on, and him being a very nice lad who goes about problems in a creative way, it was also a very enjoyable docu to watch! Glad I saw this.

  26. It's Not the size it is how you use it in four play to get a female hot . He got a girl friend why worry . When she leave you . she still with you . I have a friend that have a small one . he gets lots of girl friends any way because he has a good education that got him a good job .

  27. Don't worry Lawrence go out and buy yourself a shiny new Austin Martin

  28. One of the most moving documentaries I have ever seen. This guys is a real man for being so brave to share his immense insecurities to the world in a visual way. His mother was spot on when she told him that it what counts is the relationship and not what you have between your legs. We all have insecurities and if our partner loves us "the way we are" then we should try hard to not define ourselves by the part of ourselves that we detest. I have all the respect in the world for this courageous man and wish I could have him as a friend because he is the type of person that I admire as for him sharing his most vulnerablity in such a unbelievable courageous way!

  29. As the film went on, I began to realize that the true source of his trauma was circumcision. Does this go unnoticed by most viewers? Halfway through, he suddenly begins claiming that a surgery was what caused his issues in the first place, and that he would never want another surgery to correct it. A small penis doesn't destroy a little boy's psyche -- genital surgery does.

  30. In Islam Muslims should not show their private parts in front of each other, even men in front of men, women in front of women. So law make people avoid any embarassement.

    1. No response -

    2. Why should anyone feel embarassed about their bodies? The human body is beautiful, so are the genitals.

    3. If they weren't embarrassed about it, this film would be meaningless would it not.

  31. 25:04 - Why isn't the doctor wearing any surgical gloves? Is he a PRISON doctor? That's weird, also why am I watching penis documentaries?

    1. Also why are you talking to yourself

  32. How utterly sad that a man would think he were inferior if he didnt have a bigger penis. I often remind people that the brain is the major sex organ and people should use it more!! Hope this documentary inspires more men to perhaps choose smarter women who love the man for who he is and what he can do with what he has.

    1. Let's be honest though, people may like to talk like that but at the end of day your size really is what's important. I don't think I've (or anyone else) has ever said "Yeah, the sex was amazing last nighty because she was so smart!". It's a cold cruel world and the hard truth is just not easy to accept so we sugar coat it. Look at those two chicks at the club (who were hot by the way so their opinion matters most) they said it DID matter.

    2. Phil I respectfully disagree. Those women were in their twenties. Young women. And what professions were they in? Ask someone older and trust me they understand that the major sex organ is the brain. And the better educated, the wiser they are per sex. Not to mention they also know the penis isn't the only great way to have sex with someone you love.

    3. Yes Beth I agree

  33. it takes more than having a big penis to be a are more of a man by having the balls to do this for public viewing...its good to know that by doing this doc u were able to overcome this going to recommend this to a friend.i hope it will help him as it helped you...well done!!!

  34. I could never do that. he is a strong person, (with the exception of ever having a girlfriend) I felt I was watching myself in this. I admire him, as he has faced this head on where as i have considered ending my life over and over due to this since my late teens (am now 30). Well done sir, my we all find strength by your example.... and perhaps a little happiness as well.

  35. I could never do that. he is a strong person, (with the exception of ever having a girlfriend) I felt I was watching myself in this. I admire him, as he has faced this head on where as I have considered ending my life over and over due to this since my late teens (no 30). Well done sir, my we all find strength by your example.... and perhaps a little happiness as well.

  36. nice movie...

  37. he may think hes got a small penis, but man did he have the balls to record this documentary and release it to the public.

  38. the idea of this movie is nice..hope it helped the protagonits to get over his fear, problem, might sound cheezy or s.f. but I think making this movie is a greater proof of manhood than the size of his genital organs, so it`s not like everything reduces to this

  39. the idea of this movie is nice..hopefully, it helped the protagonist to get over his problem, fear, complex, whatever..this penis size issue might be quite delicate and unpleasant nowadays, but it`s not like everything in life reduces to this.
    it may sound cheezy or s.f., but this documentary is a serious proof or manhood, so it`s not like only the aspect of ur genital organs shows how much of a man you are

  40. i want to get a sex change how can i get it done wit in the next couple of mounths

  41. Awesome movie, worth watching.

  42. not being mean but the scene where he shows the doctor his penis is inda funny.... the doctor looks so akward while the other guy is taking his pants off...hes doing anything possible to not look down

  43. i feel so sorry for this guy, he had to eat his lunch on the toilet coz he was bullied about his penis size...teenagers can be such a**holes sometimes.

    1. Lets not forget that those "teenagers" grow up. It never ends.

  44. Sorry so long, btw.
    Beautiful couple, and a beautiful ending to a doc that gives me immense respect for its maker. I too am truly in awe of his massive bravery ;-)
    Alot of posted opinions close to mine: the horror of someone being teased and cruelly abased for a body part; the anguish it'll cause; yet in my humble opinion, it's true that men seem to not get it even at its "worst" - as someone like me who "liked" Az's comment re: size, it's to acknowledge that the role the organ's size is playing - but only for those who care about its size - I believe, is about the sensation it can give, as some in the doc commented on width .vs. length.
    That being said, I _do_ kind of despise myself for even mentioning that, as I hate to think of even one man feeling evaluated like meat in a market, undoing the way this doc should ease alot of minds.
    (Note: Never met a man I thought "lacking", but who would say anything about it if there truly seemed to be something different going on!? Never even had the courage to even opine on this topic! *l*.)
    But I find that men insecure about this are never in tune with this facet - sensation - and that it has zippo to do with their "manliness"! No!!!
    I find that idea unthinkable; like the woman outside the club said before going in "No! We'd never think to wonder (first thing we look at a new date) "How big is his member!!".
    Exactly. It's not "Oh, where from? Neat!! Me too! Penis size?"
    I'm busy meeting him, looking into his eyes, registering his expressions, how he acts, feels, and treats me, too ! ;-)
    I also agree with the poster who mentioned how cute she finds him despite his taken status ;-) He's cute, isn't he?
    Beautiful, hypnotic eyes.
    I also really respect how Ms. Plaster Caster has connected so intimately with so many people in such a sensitive area of life - especially any stars who used to hide behind their egos or images. I doubt that any (sober at least? :) star who left her house left unmoved somehow after meeting her.
    There was so much humanity in this doc, but the most rewarding was the dignity that Lawrence finally found in some self-love at the end, when we could see him start to realize that a woman - Nichola, his long time gf - could love him!
    PS: The most important thing is who it belongs to.

  45. This guy is actually my type of guy physically. the british, fuzzy chested darling that sees thing through in this project of his. I don't think the guy realizes that he has massive kiwis compared to other men or dazzling eyes that just I had to pause to really have a look at them every time there's a close up. I wish he could do a documentary about how adorable a teddy bear he is. All those girls didn't mind at all coming up to talk to him, penis talk or not.

  46. I once had a 'thing' with a guy with a little penis.

    It didn't last long.

    It was nothing to do with the size of his penis, the sex was great, he was just a massive penis as a person.

  47. He's a handsome lad...and he seems very intelligent...I think he needs a psychiatrist instead of a bigger tool. He's fine.

  48. This guy might have a small penis, but I think that he has BIG cojones to make this movie about himself. He has a nice understanding and beautiful girl friend who's been with him for 8 years. That should say something about the guy. When heaven gives you lemons, you make lemonade. No one can help what they were born with, it's what you do with it that counts.
    I take my hat off to this brave nice guy.

  49. He's intelligent, has a charming personality and he's not ugly, could someone just grant him an inch or 2 lol. Losing some weight would probably help the situation. The fact that he doesn't enjoy masturbating is the bigger problem lmao.

  50. I think everyone has a different sense of what a beautiful penis is, and we just dont like to talk about it out loud, Lets talk about it. To me, i PREFER circumcised penises, with larger rounded balls and between 4-6 inches (when erect) in length. Whats your ideal penis?

  51. Hmmm...are comments always delayed in being published?

    1. Apparently not. Strange though. A comment I made a couple of days ago has just appeared and one I made last night has yet to appear.

      Supa' strange.

    2. Well... try not to use profanity and your comments will not be delayed.

    3. Ok I understand now. But surely a site like this shouldn't be censoring! :)

    4. Yes, but short ones post faster.

  52. and your mum & dad are sweet as! your camera crew did a bang-up job. you are, in every sense, a normal man. An average guy- but you have done above average things with your life. a standing O from Canada!

  53. as a woman, a lesbian woman at that, i watched this with fascination, thinking it might be about the romping overly sexed antics of a man trying to prove his penis is the centre of his universe. However, i cried at the end, when he hugged the plaster-cast chick, when his gf spoke and when it became evident that really, men struggle with body image just as women do. And that being comfortable with ourselves is the only way we can be truly comfortable with others.
    good job!

  54. Terrible documentary. Terrible editing. Terrible questioning. Terrible acting. Just all round terrible.

    1. And the constant use of the word ´dick´! Fucking hell! Was he trying to make some kind of point or something?

    2. I'm quite prudish as a general rule of thumb, and I thought it every interesting.

    3. Howdy Charles, glad to see you back, tried to answer you on other posts.

      How are things?

    4. I thought it to be a grand peice of work. Oh BTW there was no "acting" .

    5. i thought it was quite interesting and well done. your comment wasnt terribly enlightening. i'm wondering what YOUR problem is.

  55. lol... god people are so self-absorbed! amazing. so personal. that is what makes it so compelling (and your parents & gf are adorable).

    Size does matter because friction matters,(,use other aspects of sex more effectively. That's all,,
    It sucks to be a girl and for her not to be able to feel you but we have all (even guys that are 8x5" (the average is 6x5") in some girls.. I can hardly feel anything after a little while. Other girls much tighter. so it is the combination of the two of you.

    its is sad that people are so needlessly cruel, but I know you are a better human for going through these hardships. F%^&k anyone who laughs at you 'never is a person more telling of the them self than in their judgment of another'

  56. Masters and Johnson proved decades ago that "erection is the great equalizer." The larger the flaccid penis, the shorter the erect penis. Generally, most men are about 6 inches erect. There are, of course, exceptions. But, most women (again, Masters and Johnson) cannot discern the size of an erect penis during coitus (intercourse). Penis size is a totally male obsession (most women do not care) that has nothing to do with female satisfaction or masculine ability. Of course, there are women who have an obsession with large penises, but that is a psychological element that is not related to the physical issue at hand. Some men are only sexually aroused by exceptionally large breasts. It's the same.

  57. this doc is at two with many many comments and this one with few being newly reposted.
    Am i right?

    1. under my penis and every one else's

    2. Actually, they are two different docs, but by the same guy. I actually think this is the first and the other is the second (based on the fact that he already had his little plaster cast of himself in the other doc. which I saw first last year).

  58. Interesting. The first one was good, but this one was even better. I felt a bit small until I moved to Asia, then I felt rather "endowed"!

    1. Hi Charles, glad to see you back, seen anything else interesting in your travels besides why you feel rather endowed. But religion aside!

    2. It's good to be back. The new system is ok, but it took me a while to figure it out. My connection is too slow, so I won't watch many docs until I upgrade. Has anyone heard from Dr. Randy? I miss him, even though he threatened to beat me while my family watched that one time. I dare think he was rather serious at the moment he typed it!

    3. Good to know everything is going well for you.
      No, I guess Randy meant it when he said he was leaving this illustrious site.
      I do not think Randy actually meant that he was going to break any of your bones Charles, but again you never know do you?? (LOL)

    4. It really scared me to be honest. If I get "broken" in any way, I would hope it would be for something other than a misuderstood, meant-to-be-cute-and-funny comment on Topdocs! But I do miss his rudeness but sincereness. Sorta.

  59. Take it from a guys should not obsess or worry about your size, especially when it's flaccid. The biggest turn-on is (drumroll) a h a r d -on! Period. Then it would be how he gives pleasure and general body fitness. The size of a man's penis is only one facet of sex. Some guys have very large ones, but are lousy at what they do with it. Keep in mind that if it's too long, it hits the woman's cervix and that can be uncomfortable. And if it's too wide (girth), then it feels like it will rip the vagina. The women in porn are stretched out and that allows some of the huge (more rare) penises to look like the norm, but it isn't the norm in real life.

    Don't forget the emotional/romantic side of things that can make a woman swoon. Massages, kisses, and candlelight go a long way. :)

    1. I also think when a guy loses a bit of belly he then gains in penis size...same for a woman...she will have less of a fat hood and more lips. But let's face got to love a guy's move a whole lot to be happy with 1 1/2 inch. Sorry to say this openly here but i have talked
      with many woman about this and it seem to be the most spread opinion. Of course one can compensate with toys and fingers and a LOT of love.

    2. till she f--ks the mail man , umm hone i colored a picture of a kitt~e for u ! ahhh how romantic , how long do u think that shits gonna last!

    3. That was really well said, Tina. Size is immensely pschologically important to a man.

      On my honeymoon, I made the mistake of the first look when I wasn't "ready" and she was so disappointed and thought she'd never get pregnant with something so "small". She told me later what she had thought and laughed about it, and it took me a long time to get over that insecurity. I'm truly perfectly "average" for my race (white), so that's more than enough. I had to ask her not to joke about it, even with me alone. She didn't understand why I didn't think the memory was very funny. Men have fragile egos. After the honeymoon she realized what you've just said is true (average is more than enough, and even better in fact), but it still bruised my ego for a long time. We conceived in just one month, by the way, much to her delight.

      I had compassion on this documentary guy, because he really is near the very bottom of the "normal" sizes, and people, including women, have teased him about it without mercy. That's horrible, as you can change your ways and your personality, but to be teased about something you cannot (or really should not) try to change is just plain cruel.

  60. Lol not sure how I feel about watching a small penis doc, guess I need to watch it and find out

  61. First and foremost... if your GF is not troubled, you're golden!
    Remember what the darn thing is used for in the first place. If you can drain your bladder, you're good to go. (so to speak) If after a few brief moments of pleasant friction, your guys are able to swim to where they need to be, then your gear is okay and up to spec. As for making sure your GF has her propers, it is absolutely possible to do so and have her in a blissed frenzy without even *having* or using a basic Male Unit of any kind. My own personal johnson appears to the outside world like a hummingbird on a nest, especially on a cold day. When called to action he stands as bravely as he can, and does what he is able - but not until after my dear Mrs. has been to where she wants to go. We're happy. Be happy with what you have.

    1. hilarious and well written :P

  62. that doco had me in stitches you might not have a huge cock but youve got massive balls for goin out and makin it public.

  63. It is a very serious topic,the perceived size of ones manhood really does seriously impact confidence. that said, there's several laughs to be had through this doc. Almost had me in tears at some points :P

  64. I saw this doc before...i like the exhibit at the end and that he got guys to go in a changing room to take a photo of their penis and post it straight on the wall....wonder what certain cities would think of that....thinking the very strick moral US of A. He sure has a small pecker though!