Mystery Quest: Hitler's Escape
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Mystery Quest: Hitler's Escape

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Mystery Quest - Hitler's EscapeAdolf Hitler was one of the most vicious people in modern history. It is assumed he killed himself, but there is no evidence of his death. Near the final days of World War II when the Russians were surrounding Berlin, Hitler and his wife went down to their underground bunker and killed themselves. At least that is what his guards have said. They said they heard the shot and opened the door to find Hitler lying bloody and dead on the couch, and his wife next to him, poisoned to death.

The guards said they then took the body of Hitler outside and burned it then buried it. Apparently, Hitler did not want his lifeless body on display like Mussolini’s corpse had been.

Mystery Quest takes up the challenge of finding clues of Hitler’s death. There has been speculation that he escaped and might have gone to South America. Other people have said they had seen him around other parts of Germany. Whatever the stories, there is no evidence of a dead body belonging to Adolf Hitler.

Hitler used a double, especially after the close attempt on his life in the Valkyrie incident. What the Russians found when they arrived in Berlin, was the dead body of a man looking like Hitler, but in all accounts was his double. This man was apparently two inches shorter than Adolf Hitler.

In the Russian archived they have a couch with blood stains and a piece of a skull with a bullet hole in it. Mystery Quest sent an American archaeologist to Russia to get evidence from these items and bring it back to the United States to see if there was any DNA that could be found in the blood or the burned skull.

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  1. J Montoya

    Who was the person that was hire up than hitler,im meaning his boss that was in charge,nobody never talked about him.

    1. Brian

      Their wasn't anybody above hitler all the decisions all of the actions of nazi germany were made by hitler with maybe some input by his generals and staff but only those that he trusted if you could call it trust. But hitler had no human boss.

  2. DustUp

    There are some things we will never know for sure. And that is okay. It has to be okay or you will fool yourself into needing to know, and if can't know, will make up theories and act like they are true. Much like the so called "news" of today.

    Why is it necessary for anyone to pretend they are fairly sure what happened? What is it that requires such nonsense?

    I suggest checking the videos "The Greatest Story Never Told" for a more fact based account of Hitler. Some bias yes. Not nearly as much as the outright fallacies presented as historic fact indoctrinated into most of the world.

    There are some types I have a very difficult time believing much of anything they say:
    attorneys, those in govt, communists, socialists, progressives, those in sales and marketing, the news, bankers, Jewish leadership, Catholic leadership, Islamic leadership. All these "religions" have no problem telling untruths to further their agenda.

    I don't know what happened. There is no way for me to know what happened since I wasn't there. If it came out one way or another supposedly conclusively, how could I trust that when so many "conclusive" things or facts have not been so conclusive or factual after all? More productive things to do than to pretend I know what I can't know.

  3. Terry c

    Don't believe he killed himself c'mon no bodies how easy do u think it is to burn up a body to ashes never happened us british had him he surrender to us was under a top security house arrest on a mansion style house on a private resident home in the country until his death in 1969,thank u and goodnight my grand ads best mate was the game warden ,now what

  4. John Smith

    just google "Father Krespi".

  5. James Clifton

    I have watched the TV series & have questions. one is he was the biggest Bigot in the world. remember ...he hated Jews & blacks! so he had a black companion!!! I'm not 1000 per cent sure this guy was Hitler.

  6. Justin

    I cried at the part when the guy in the red shirt exploded. Best part of the whole film.

  7. truewords

    We should concentrate on stopping this things in our future and at present. Sorry but if you can't let go of the past you will not leave happy in the future.

    It is insane to keep on rambling about a cruel and horrific times remembering yourself of what happen.

    It even at some point actually attracts resentment and hate from other cultures which have leaved similar faits which do not have the need to keep on pushing the subject.

  8. awful_truth

    An interesting documentary that only reinforces the idea of how much history is actually fable. (truth is the first casuality of war) The only thing that can be said with certainty regarding Hitler's death, is that today(2013) Hitler is dead. The only thing that matters is that people remember his insanity, in hopes that something similiar isn't supported in the near future. Oh well, I can dream can't I?

  9. Afnan Pathan

    hitler escaped or committed suicide,no one knows accurately,but i am curious to know the real mystery about hirter's death.

  10. Afnan Pathan

    hitler escaped or committed suicide,no one knows accurately,but i am curious to know the real mystery about hirter's death.

  11. Luke Haywood

    I heard he's living in some cave in a mountain in Afghanistan..

  12. indieisin

    If the witnesses were lying about seeing him dead, think about how much money they would make on writing a tell-all or even if would have if they went into the protection of a government and told them! The only people who are saying he is still alive are making money from talking/writing about it..and convincing average, gullible people.

    1. nariman J

      What's sad is that the money trail that lent support to the Fascist ideology is still sliming everything in its path. You are right about "convincing average, gullible people" to make money.

  13. Johnathan McAuliffe

    He got away alright no doubt , he was jewish after all and created the state of Israel..or should i say without him there would be no state of Israel today...

    1. Rose

      Why write this. Hitler killed my family in Germany in 1945. He wasn't Jewish.

    2. truewords

      I am sorry for your loss but it is actually true that he
      was jewish himself.

    3. hernandayoleary

      Hitlers grandfather was a jew who impregnated his mother, dna test made public now prove e had jewish ancestry.

  14. Make Money

    Hitler is always an amazing personality. His death is also a mystery

    1. Rose

      Hitler was evil and a killer

  15. Andy Russo

    the scull could have been that from Eva Braum(even thought she didn't shot herself), or it could have been the scull of the wife of Mr. goebels. they also commited sucide and let their body burned.

  16. Guest

    A few things don't fit in there. 1) The jawbone with teeth is still available. Where's the analysis?
    2) Hitler parents were buried in Germany as for any human beings, so? They are relatives as much as the ones who are still living to this day? So...?

    Bottom line: If these guys have the technology to carry the genetical analysis they did, how come the VISA of one of the Muslim 9/11 author was not screened for traces of DNA since he surely held it in his hand a few times?
    I sure know that these computorized lab-pack can go down to sub-micro grams and picto-grams using calibrated additions technic.

    That was a good idea for a docu as it triggers other more important questions.
    Looks as if the this docu author decided right from the start that no conclusion should come out of his movie.
    Exactly the same as the mandate Georgie gave to the 9/11 conmission except that 9/11 only caused some 3,000 deaths and not millions.


    1. truewords

      The reason for that is that there was no jewish victims in 9/11 as far as I know they all got news to not work on that day.

      Strange isn't it...

  17. clevermiow

    that was disappointing... an XX doesnt mean its female either. more and more science proves variation on expression and genetic variance.

    1. THE DUDE

      XX does make it a female. Where were you during Biology at School!

  18. Telacu Org

    If Hitler had escaped, he would have wanted the whole world to know it before he died (assuming he would be pretty old by now). He was a narcissist and had a huge ego I imagine (as is the case with most high profile people) and so he would have made a written record of how he escaped so that all would know how great he was. He wouldn't have wanted to go down as someone who just shot himself in a bunker. So just by that I know that he did not escape.

    1. hernandayoleary

      Actually he probably would have hide it given that all the other top nazis caught were sentenced to death and hanged and or shot/assassinated by the russian, americans and british armies in phony trials setup to find them guilty and not reliant upon any evidence. I've seen no evidence hitler was a naracissit or had excessive self praise. One thing is for certain is Hitler was very smart. Publicly in germany it was claimed if the russians ever got near berlin hitler would fly off in his personal plane full of explosives and detonate himself in the skies so that no body could ever be recovered... I don't know how Hitler died but it is suffice to say he didn't want his body to be dragged through the streets so he may had had someone creamate him.

      On the other hand, plenty of senior nazis went to argentina and brazil, hid out and were never found until old age o death bed status. Israel has kidnapped 90 year old senior nazis out of argentina and brazil. No one would even recognize hitler in a place like rural argentina or brazil, where he could disappear onto a large private farm where no neigbours even see him under a false identity.

      If Hitler could get to a place like rural germany or hide out somewhere, he could definetly avoid detection


    I hope he did escape know good for him. I mean I'd rather seen Himmler get away, but good for him if he did. Hopefully he got to live on some lavish island somewhere with a lot of cash and got to see all the stuff he said would happen in america and england did happen. And the fact that stalin always thought he did get away<I mean stalin would know better than anyone of us. But that puts a little cheer in my heart to think that a real citizen of the world was sitting around somewhere with some hot chick and a boat load of cash laughing as what he predicted actually came true... I mean look at our media and all the garbage bills and rights that get passed because of you know who. YOU GO ADOLPH....YOU HONESTLY DESERVED IT!!!

    1. Xbow

      I'm sure the little homosexual corporal aka Adolph Hitler and the pencil necked chicken farmer aka Heinrich Himmler died like the cowards that they were. Hitler cowering in a bunker and Himmler chewing a cyanide cap and pissing on himself in a jail cell.

    2. johnny sacco

      Its obvious Gabriel you have little knowledge regarding this horrible man they called , Hitler. Yes i speak in the past tense , i would hate to imagine such a person walking freely any where on Gods green earth. The truth is freedom comes at a price and i assure this tyrant is not deserving. You believe he should in fact be living on some "Lavish Island with his riches" perhaps you should pronounce your ideology directly to the millions of families that he destroyed and sent to their death , in gas chambers , thru starvation , and bombing raids. They were innocent people , men , woman , and children sent to their death simply for being who they are. And those that managed to survive the death camps would surely confess at one point , death was a much better option. No human being that has undoubtedly brought such atrocities onto his fellow man deserves to walk free , not then , not now , not ever.

    3. Edward Church

      and I agree was pretty horrible for so much of the hatred that was in him. I also was reading where he had killed handicap and mentaly r8tarded people .

  20. ATBG1948

    Examination of Hitler's alleged jawbone would have given teeth to this watchable documentary.

  21. ATBG1948

    It's a pity Hitler's alleged jawbone was not examined; besides Moscow Archives say they have no record of Bellantoni's visit.

  22. testicularfortitude

    I'd like to clone several adolphs, put a microchip in them, put them in different societies and see what happen.

  23. testicularfortitude

    I know one thing, muerfuer dead.

  24. Roberta

    Interesting subject to explore but I believe Hitler would not have wanted to be caught and therefore would have killed himself. Germany and the Glory thereof was what he was all about. Loosing that, he had no reason to live. All would have been lost.

    1. who_me_yeah_you

      "Hitler would not have wanted to be caught and therefore would have killed himself. Germany and the Glory thereof........ "

      WTF? There are thousands of Nazis who did not wish to be caught and escaped in various guises. They too were all about the glory of Germany until there was not even the faintest hope of an honourable surrender. The do or die myth is overdone. Even SS surrendered by the division when it all went tits up.

      As for no reason to live, the nazi security state was used effectively against the communists and in colonisation of South and Central America.

      Lastly you have a deluded idea of Hitler as a man of 'honour above all else' character. He may have spoken it but didn't live it.

    2. Kumamori

      I've watched some of the old films of Hitler's more private life. They used to bring a lot of young and smiling german women to his personal villa along with his key personnel, looked like they were trying to get him a wife, which he later did. He was like a different person in private than when speaking to the public, inciting them.

      From the little I've seen, I think he had his human side, and wanted to escape. Not finding any identiable body, well I can't know what happened if they don't, but since many have been hiding, I doubt he had much trouble growing a beard, getting some tan, changing his accent since I think he had pretty good acting skills, taking some of his adjutant and some non-german money that's usable in the destination country. I bet he's dead today even if he escaped... he was between 30 and 40 at that time if I remember right. My granpa fought in the same war in his 20's, and is over 90 today. I doubt he's alive even if he escaped, since he's had such a rough life.

  25. ConspirHeresay

    I'm fascinated by conspiracy, although I don't put much stock in's why. People have big mouths and at some point they let it slip. Of course the guards testimony must be discarded simply because he was part of the inner circle and was hand picked for the task of guarding Hitler and later his legacy based on his loyalty and aptitude for the task. If Hitler did escape, I strongly believe his ego would have overpowered his senses and he would have wanted to boast about his great escape at some point after the heat had died down(pun intended). Some guard, maid, cook or servant in the employment of the fugitive Hitler would have said something to their family or friends. People are curiosity machines, we just have to know. Someone would have said to themselves, "hey, ya know if Mr. Germaine had a mustache he'd look just like the fuhrer guy I've been reading about in all the papers". Someone would certainly have been stinking drunk at a party and wanted to brag he knew the truth decades after the fact. Someone in the inner circle if they had proof positive would have written a book on their deathbed.A diary would have been produced by now. Very few examples in history of anyone faking their deaths and getting away with it for long, especially someone as infamous as Hitler. Not a single photo, diary entry, humm, very conspicuous by its absence.And I assume the Russians didn't want to bother doing their own comprehensive investigation and aren't capable of DNA extraction. Why can't we just all except that he took the cowards way out?

    1. who_me_yeah_you

      "Very few examples in history of anyone faking their deaths and getting away with it for long, especially someone as infamous as Hitler. Not a single photo, diary entry, humm, very conspicuous by its absence........."

      I was going to point out the holes in your logic but there are too many. So just the one. Few examples of successful faked deaths? perhaps because the others were successful?

  26. English Simon

    No disrespect but what ever happened to Hitler, He's dead now anyway so its irrelevant really and as we all know he did loose the battle which he tried with every bone in his body not to, so double or not to me that would make him pretty much a failure anyway!

    1. B. Wilson

      He LOST the war; he could not "loose the battle" because the word is lose. Loose means something else. Read more books and you will subconsciously learn to spell.

  27. Torrque

    @ Aaron, I guess he's had some time on his hands since his last attempt at world domination to learn some new skills. =)

  28. What

    How anyone really been as far decided to use even want to do more like?

    1. mike1969NYC

      What? I have no clue what you are trying to say.

  29. Ted

    The doctor that examined the skull with a bullet hole in it estimated that it was from a 26 year old female--it was not Hitler's skull as claimed. A doctor told Hitler that poison simultaneously combined with a bullet to the head would be the quickest way to go (die/suicide). >>> BOTH CONSIDERED/COMBINED: Eva Braum was 33 years old when she died; close to the estimated age of the female skull with the bullet hole in it. Thus, perhaps she took poison, then shot herself--or was shot by Hitler--in the head, to make death as painless as possible. If so, the skull is hers.

    1. B. Wilson

      And if not, then not.

  30. Ted

    The doctor that examined the skull with a bullet hole in head estimated that it was from a 26 year old female--it was not Hitler's skull as claimed. It was told Hitler that poison combined with a bullet to the head would be the quickest way to go (die/suicide). BOTH combined: Eva Braum took poison, and shot herself--or was shot by Hitler--in the head. She was 33 years old when she died; close to the estimated age of the female skull with the bullet hole in it.

  31. Daniel

    If hes still alive hes extremly old and will be dead anyway within years. I find it disturbing to think that a man like him could go on living for what he did. What can he do now, the hitler we will always remember is gone. If he's alive he is a pitiful old man.

  32. galdur

    Hitler got away and died in Spain in 1965.

  33. duuude!!

    Hitler only had one bollock!! of course he killed himself!! who would live with one bollock!! haha

  34. charles anonsen

    hitler did get away and lies in 1600 fathoms 0f water in a submarine debris field near the bahamas. read my book 'looking for hitler'

  35. Aaron

    @The person calling themselves Adolf Hitler.
    Since when did Hitler speak English much less write in it?

  36. Adolf Hitler

    Children of the world, the last joke is on you! I lived in a place called Argentina, vacationed in the Bahamas, and have all the whole world believing my cult members regarding my checking out of this world I tried to destroy. Ah, you even bought the lies about a double that we shot in the head and presented as me. Ah, not only that, if Eva Braun's skull was the remains kept by the Russians, don't my cult members said Eva took cyanide and died... why was there a bullet hole in the skull? Aha?
    Look who's laughing now!!

  37. Adolf Hitler

    Children of the world, the last joke is on you! I lived in a place called Argentina, vacationed in the Bahamas, and have all the whole world believing my cult members regarding my checking out of this world I tried to destroy. Ah, you even bought the lies about a double that we shot in the head and presented as me. Ah, not only that, if Eva Braun's skull was the remains kept by the Russians, don't my cult members said Eva took cyanide and died... why was there a bullet hole in the skull? Aha?
    Look who's laughing now!

  38. Robert

    The name is AD - OLF, not A - DOLF
    Just like IT - ALY, and not I - TALY

  39. Hitler

    Ich bin lebendig

  40. StallionHorse

    Yes, Chloe- ironically, in Palestine, re-formed by Nazi collaborators and cleverly renamed 'Israel' of Christmas carol and Bible fame, Zionism being a movement founded by terrorism (Irgun, etc.). So...'never again' turns into happening right in front of our eyes--not only in Palestine, but obviously in Rwanda and other places...mass genocide and 'ethnic cleansing' is rampant; has just been renamed and sanitized. Very sad, ironic, and tragic. As far as this doc, I agree with most of the comments - the doc was unsuccessful in really proving anything. Too much emphasis is placed on 'the' Holocaust, canonized with a capital H, when so many holocausts have happened throughout history and continue to occur. In essence, yes, it's important to understand what happened to historical figures, but taken in context, this obsession with Hitler and the one holocaust causes us to focus in on 1945, assume all holocausts are history, and distracts us from what's happening today, before our very eyes.

    1. Rose

      Israel has nothing to do with Hitler. Why would they. HE killed 6 million Jews

    2. hernandayoleary

      he was part jew

  41. RICO

    If you use the concept of Ocams Razor then its all very simple. I beleive that Hitler fled on the plane that landed in the middle of Berlin with the pilot woman, the bodies found were those of Eva Browns sister and her new husband that were arrested because they had tried to flee. I believe that Franco in Spain (a fascist) gave refuge to Hitler in Barcelona were he lived for many years. Then being an Anunaki from planet Graco, he drank gold and managed to stay young, changing his personality and image.

    He later came back to reestablish the Nazi system now called the New World Order and became president of the United States of America under the name Geroge W. Bush, but since history repeat itself he destroyed the United States and left it in shambles. And that's were the story is at today....

  42. Fred

    This proves a lot... it proves that the official story is wrong. The eye witnesses said Hitler was shot in the head, and Eva was poisoned and showed no traces of physical damage. If the skull was from Eva (or a woman), the eyewitnesses lied. And if they lied, why did they do it...? And why would Hitler not try to escape his death?

    1. Telacu Org

      because he knew he could not escape his death. Had he escaped, why before dying would he not let the whole world know so that his legacy would be elevated to a higher level? No, Hitler would not have stayed quiet until death had he actually escaped.

    2. anuragawasthi

      May be he escaped and then the bankers killed him

  43. Allen

    Whatever. This documentary is a complete waste of time.
    I'm really amazed that so many people are taking it so seriously.

    1. B. Wilson

      Totally agree. If the investigation found anything positive, it would have made the news as a massive story. That's always a big giveaway with such documentaries. For example, when the bones of King Richard were found, it made big news. Then the documentary film was shown.

  44. Chloe

    The only thing we should care about is not to let history repeat itself. Genocide should not be allowed to exist. Yes it would disturb a lot of people if Hitler did survive and lived freely to the end of his days but it would be more disturbing to see people repeating the same mistake by allowing genocide in ANY country to happen. Sadly, in some places of the world, it is still occurring.

  45. Milton Babb

    aLL OF THIS IS DESIGNED TO CONFUSE US while something BIG is going down.... I thought he supposedly shot himself in the head??

  46. Joe

    It really does seem like the Russians just made a mistake, as Elm suggests, and kept Eva Braun's skull instead of Hitler's. I find it odd that the documentary chooses to ignore that possibility. They're just so happy that it's not Hitler's skull, they don't bother explaining why it's a woman's. The blood is probably Hitler's, but they need to do some more thorough searching for other sources of his DNA to compare it against, such as souvenir hair clippings. They probably wouldn't bother, though, since it would add weight to the accepted theory of events.

    I find the subject interesting enough to watch these things, but it's always in the back of my mind that even if Hitler somehow fled Berlin, he would be long dead by now regardless. So does it really matter? Whether he shot himself in the reichbunker or choked on an olive pit in Argentina, he escaped from justice one way or the other.

  47. Elm

    Very imaginative name you've got there.
    I'd just like to clear up a couple of things:

    I don't believe "they got absolutely no evidence against it being Hitler's" translates to "it must be Hitler's". What it does translate to is "it is very likely to be Hitler's concerning the circumstances".

    I have not stated that it was impossible for Hitler to have survived, merely very unlikely.

    People have accepted Hitler's death as fact so despite it not being necessarily true (as you have stated) people will continue to accept it as long as no evidence is found to the contrary.
    It is a very logical assumption so only solid evidence is enough to change people's minds, which the documentary has failed to provide.
    This was the point I was trying to make in my previous comment.

    You might want to check this sentence "You can’t prove something false because someone has failed to prove it false" because it makes no sense. Maybe you meant "true" instead of "false"?


  48. Milton Babb

    Who is "me"? Who is Elm trying to mind interface with?

  49. Me

    First, Elm, you are using a terrible fallacy. "...they got absolutely no evidence against it being Hitler’s." Trying to prove something true because their is nothing saying that it is false.
    Something is only true if proven to be.
    Something is only false if proven to be.
    You can't prove something false because someone has failed to prove it false, or true because there's nothing saying it's false.

  50. Elm

    This doesn't prove anything. The skull could've been Eva Brown's (a female between 20 and 40, thus perfectly matching the description given). Eva and Hitler would most likely have been buried together so the Russians might've taken the wrong skull as evidence. Furthermore, the blood on the sofa was male and they got absolutely no evidence against it being Hitler's.
    I also don't think Hitler would've wanted to escape - now that his dream was essentially destroyed, what else did he have to live for?

    This documentary, like many others, fails to answer the question it set itself.

  51. Milton Babb

    Search the records in Germany, of Bodies returned for burial in Germany. Search in those times you think apropriate for Hitler's death.

  52. Milton Babb

    Hitler retreated to the country of his greatest support?. Hitler was working for "someone".

    At an earlier time, circa 1100 ad, in Germany, Jews were slaughtered by Germans.In the USA 2001 Jewish enterprise was destroyed, oil trading. Hitlers Germany was being overtaken by Jews against the wishes of the levites. Levites have slaughtered Jews many times over the eons. Levites prefer to use other people to do their dirty work.Much of the problems (wars) of the western civilization are tracible to those same people.Indeed western civilization is "Levite Judaism."

    Freemasons, previously known as Pharisees, work for these people.

    Hitler ordered the Masons to standown. Why would masons honor such a command from Hitler.

    Hebrews minds were modified from something normal to the horrors seen today by their early diet of healthy goats milk (yogurt) and poisoned wheat (ergot). The human body desires to survive, at some cost, especially when assaulted repeatedly by unseen natural forces such as ergot, genetic modification followed....this mental illness is contagious...when will they realize this and make corrections.

  53. Len Hill

    Very interesting stuff and I've quoted several of your articles for reference material.I like the "mustache" shaving method of incognito. Your probably right.

  54. friend

    Well, all he had to do to disguise himself would have been to shave his moustache.

  55. Redavv

    there are actually some fbi files that saw the light of day tha clearly shows a big chance that hitler has been seen on argentina dont forget Uboats didnt surrender they just flee

  56. Syly1212

    Stalin was just as evil as Hitler when it came to killing innocent people.

  57. Caroline Harris

    Surely there would have been hair sampes from combs and the like that were kept as keepsakes?

    Typically this doco, being a History Channel doco takes an hour to say something that is only meaningful said in 15 minutes. That's why I prefer to watch docos here rather than have Pay TV! ;-)

  58. silkop

    @rtm Take it easy, the guy is actually a full-time professor and loved by his students, as it seems. Though he certainly made that unemployed wacko impression on me by participating in this documentary.

  59. Ed

    they should get dna sample from his fathers grave in austria

  60. rtm

    I haven't watched this yet.

  61. rtm

    @ silkop,

    You know, the fact that somone is unemployed only means that he did not get a contract, other than it says nothing about how wise, intelligent, or insightfull that person can be. There are a lot of people that are smart but sit around commenting and holding absolutly redundant discussions on this site, and they are employed. So, I think until you make a documentary thats worth watching you should keep it closed.

  62. silkop

    Take one unemployed archaeologist, lots of conspiracy theory, creative video editing, and voila! you have a History Channel doc for 7 year olds.

  63. Capricious

    Hmm, there is a video I just watched a few days ago on YouTube by a fellow who was very close to Hitler and Gurbil(sp?) and claims to have been among the first soldiers to discover Hitler and Ava Brown. He's like 95 years old or something and I thought he sounded quite genuine. Just tossing that out there before watching..