Norway Massacre: The Killer's Mind

Norway Massacre: The Killer's Mind

2011, Crime  -   235 Comments
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Norway Massacre: The Killer's MindIt's the world's worst spree killing. Discovery Channel Norway Massacre: The Killer's Mind examines the terrible events of that day. In 90 minutes of madness, 32-year-old Anders Behring Breivik killed 69 young people. The film pieces together Breivik’s day of terror hour by hour, from the time of the bomb he set off in Oslo, to the cold blooded shooting of defenseless youngsters on the remote island beauty spot of Utøya.

Who is this man, and what made him act? This film examines the criminal mind and motives of one of the world’s worst killers, offering psychological analysis, as the day of the massacre unfolds. It examines his motives, analyzes his likely psychological journey through the planning stages and over the course of the day itself and asks what drove him to plan and carry out this massacre. Was he a terrorist as he claimed, a madman, or was he indeed both?

The film will have first-hand accounts from eyewitnesses and survivors who have not spoken on camera before. Including: taxi driver Arild Tangen who was the last man to speak to Breivik before his attack; survivor Adrian Pracon who was shot in the shoulder and tried to swim away from the island. He pleaded with Breivik to spare him; Bjørn Kasper Ilaug who rescued some of the kids whilst the shooting was happening by pulling bodies on to his boat; and Brede Joherraaten – Camp owner, was there and recovered bodies and saved swimmers.

The killer’s action are analyzed by a host of experts, including: renowned criminologist Professor David Wilson; Katherine Newman from Princeton university who is one of world’s the top experts on spree shootings; Matthew Goodman, the leading authority on British and European right wing terror groups; and terror and weapons expert Charles Shoebridge. And foremost, above all, is the memory of those who died. What were the warning signs? What could have been done? By investigating this appalling crime, there is the hope that an atrocity like this can never happen again.

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2 years ago

The biggest crime is that Norway has a maximum of 21 years; think about it, 21 years for killing 77 people is the most ludicrous sentence imaginable. People in America getting more time for nonviolent drug charges. The world needs to reflect on its overall criminal justice system.
Norway responded horribly. and as a place who has overlooked European mental instability, regardless of what your particular crime rate is at the time. You have a police force for a reason, but I'm just going to send a journalist in a helicopter first to an island where children are being slaughtered. Anyone who thinks this man deserves compassion probably needs to be evaluated.

2 years ago

Firstly the legal definition of insanity and the text book definition of psychosis are very different. I don't think too many people would argue that killing others is a bit insane. But the law allows only two criteria that proves in-accountability due to insanity. Firstly did the individual know the actions wrong. and was the individual aware of their actions during the crime. No doubt Anders Brevik is a psychopath but whats more terrifying is that he was legally sane and fully aware of his actions. His manifesto ( written in advance) plays out the script he followed that day. He couldn't bear the screaming of his victims and felt it would affect his resolve so in advance he simply planned to listen to music as perpetrated this crime. Secondly he knew it was illegal hence the initial bombing to act as a diversion for the police so that he could travel to Utoyia and perpetrate his massacre. He spent years acquiring the bomb material from other countries so as to not alert authorities and planned every step down to the uniform he would wear. Anders Brevik Is dark and evil and if it makes you sleep better at night you can call him insane. Insanity is not evil its sickness. Anders Brevik is not ill he is Evil Personified. Whats sick is a system that allows you to kill more than 70 people and only serve 30 years for the crime

Jeannee Waseck
9 years ago

ahhh! NOW it makes sense!

9 years ago

A decent watch. Takes you through what happened on that day, with some witnesses speaking and a little bit of analysis of who this guy is/were.

No in depth documentary. More a ´to the point´, fact/witness based doc.

I give it a 7/10

10 years ago

they didn't kill that guy fast enough... thats bs

11 years ago

I was so shocked when i turned on my television that day :/ it feel so unreal and too close, im from Denmark, its my nabour country, so in someway it shocked me much more :/

11 years ago

I personally do not think that Anders Behring Breivik is evil. He said that he did this to "save his country and Europe" from the muslims. I do not agree with that, BUT, he also said that he knew by doing this he would lose his family, his friends and he would either be killed or hated. How could anyone call this evil?? His actions are, ofcourse, EVIL and GRUESOME, and this should never have happened, but I have difficulty seeing that he is evil. His opinions and beliefs may be crazy, maybe he IS crazy, but I cannot see evil in a man that is willing to sacrifice everything he has for his beliefs, crazy as they may be.
The biggest issue now, is the verdict: accountable or not.. I cannot believe that he is anything other than accountable, he planned this for eight years or more. If however, he is judged inaccountable, it will change the whole legal system. Not only in Norway, but everywhere. `Cause if this man can get away with being sentenced to the psychic ward, who can`t?? Scary!

11 years ago

Is it the influence or the Motivation?
Dont make him a martur you conclude in the program but every ones so fastly televised, What programs on media/tv 'n'...etc influenced by ? Breivik gets comforts no remorse life in prison bunch of letters, christians who wants to convert him, woman who wants to marry him..his face on every , tv , dvd I ask again what drives such action ?

11 years ago

Wherever there is suffering, there are psychopaths having fun. He has the traits. Grandiose schemes. Self-delusion. No fellow-feeling. There is no cure. Lock him up. It doesn't matter what he himself thinks. Just keep him from doing it again.

11 years ago

gun control...i live in GA, USA, and if that happened here at a camp, he would have been shot with a deer rifle..

11 years ago

Fanaticism, brutality and stupidity are endless, until we prevent the latter we are always prone to the former's.

11 years ago

I live with someone who lost a friend on that hellish island and quite frankly the fact that he took it upon himself to play god with the lives of 69 individuals should deny him the right of any mercy whatsover. This is the only point that should be discussed in these comments because conspiracy, insanity and blame on the norwegian security forces should all be irrelevant factors in this debate. He did not just disrupt society he ruined the lives of hundreds of families, to add to this the event will forever phsycologically impact the survivors and probably never allow them to lead normal lives. These are the points to be discussed here. We should lock him up and throw away the key in a prison run by the families who lost loved ones in this atrocity.

11 years ago

christian or crazy,muslim or moron,there are those who see killing as an acceptable option to gaining power,there is hardly a race on the planet without blood on its hands, remember most nations were formed by the use of force, look at your own lineage!

11 years ago

what a horriffic nigthmare! I'm aghast that that police response was so slow!
and, no security on the island? what the hell were they thinking? all the ruling
party's kids on an island so isolated? if i were a norwegian kid i'd be thinking
twice about camping there "we're taking it back" attitude notwithstanding.

11 years ago

I believe pests like these men are like 'cockroaches' you need to see only 'one' of them to know that around the 'one' found; there will be millions of those of repugnant bugs larking and waiting to make themselves known" So, this is no just one person job, this is the work of networks, he was only the one who acted out. We better be ready for them!

11 years ago

omg that's so sad :( i'm gonna cry :(

11 years ago

Another religious fundamentalist what's new, the only thing this documentary is missing is the rest of the fundamentalists they have not mentioned, New York Times did though, and people still think he is Muslim.

11 years ago

Honestly, what is wrong with you people? You seem to be bordering on extremism yourselves.
This documentary is rubbish. Mostly assumptions concerning Breivik which give no real answers nor introduce any interesting new views or thoughts. It's a tad better than that horrible, american low-budget movie that was made, but not much. Not to mention that the film effects used were quite annoying, especially the narrator.
I am Norwegian and, although I sometimes worry about the fuzz the media is making, I do trust the Norwegian law to deal with Breivik in a responsible and just way.
For the idiots who call for death penalty in Norway or believes "boiling" to be a suitable end for Breivik (including you @Malchik and your "easy way out"), you have all completely misunderstood the point of modern criminal code. We lock people up to protect society, not because they deserve it. If possible we wish them to return "healthy" and law-abiding. I am not saying Breivik should be let out any time soon, and by the looks of it I guess he will be spending quite some time in prison contemplating his recent deeds, but his punishment and the reasons behind it should not extend beyond that protection, and the norwegian law and justice system should most certainly not spend time satisfying your anger and need for revenge.
And @drinker69, you seem reasonably sane. We don't know yet weather Breivik is insane, don't draw your conclusion from this documentary, as I said, it's rubbish.

11 years ago

There are so many mentally ill people out there its incalculable. When someone 'snaps' psychologically that doesn't mean they start drooling and screaming in the street. Some might, but the dangerous ones begin to calculate and plan how to render suffering through violence on as many as they can. Psychology has nothing to do with race, religion, country, age, gender etc. The mind goes deeper than all that s***. The question is can you handle it? You'd be surprised and shocked at how many cannot. Keep your head on a swivel people.

11 years ago

"The Killer's Mind"

It didn't say anything about the killer's mind, it was just interviews with survivors. Why isn't there an interview with Breivik himself?

11 years ago

Christian terrorism in a nutshell. And everyone's worried about Muslims.

11 years ago

He hated Muslims and yet none of his targets were Muslim?

11 years ago

26.38min OMG what an ass;))

11 years ago

I thought it was great documentry when I watched it but I don't get why people are commenting on him and what he did the movie was about his mindset. But after watching the movie I agree he was narsasistic but they kept saying he never lost control just doing this was slowly killing him if he got another 45mins he would have lost control just saying.

12 years ago

b*st*rd. only a sick son of aa b*st*rd can do such a thing.

12 years ago

What a propaganda.

You'd expect that a film titled "The Killer’s Mind" would tell about who the killer was and why he killed. What you get instead? 40 minutes of people telling you over and over again that he did terrible things and was a very very bad men. Another 5 minutes of loose opinions that not only he was a very bad man but a madman. They don't stop there. They go on to suggest yet another time that all the worlds diversity is made up by two kinds of people. Good people who make up the monolithic socialist society, pay their taxes and have no opinions beyond the narrow-mindedness presented in media and all the people who dare to anyhow oppose to that mind set: nationalists, terrorists and even libertarians are all bad and live to make your life a nightmare.

Since they are all bad and devoted to make us - good people miserable, the only way you can remain a good man is to fight back. As a result it's bad when bad people kill us but it's OK if we kill them. It's all to spread and maintain that goodness of ours after all.

Am I exaggerating? I don't think so. Just look at the comment below. Mr Richtofen the ignorant dick is telling us that what he learned from that movie is that Breivik is so bad that making bad things (like torturing and killing) towards him is not bad at all. Or perhaps he doesn't think that? Perhaps he is just so plain ignorant that he don't care to consider the fact that words and deeds have consequences?

12 years ago

they should boil that guy alive and a little at a time.

12 years ago

@ ForeverDove maybe 99 % of the serial killers you know are white, but there are allot of murders in this world that you know nothing about.

12 years ago

99 % of mass murderers and serial killers are white, what does that tell us?
White people are more susceptible to socio and psychopathic tendencies resulting in the harming of fellow human beings.

Deny all you like!
The evidence is irrefutable.

12 years ago

ahh man American psychology docus are so shit and done for pure drama. Someone from UK do one intelligently

12 years ago

i wonder why Anders Behring Breivik wasn't called a 'Christian terrorist/fundamentalist' or even a 'terrorist'? The media kept on referring to him as the 'lone-gunman' or 'attacker'. They are not shy to call anyone 'Islamic terrorist' (which is fine cause they are terrorists) so why not measure Breivik by the same stick? Why double standards when he did terrorize a nation?

12 years ago

Well I knew the story was not complete. This documentary was concocted on a quickie made for prime-time basis to push the narrative that was being sold in the mainstream media. The fact that more than half a dozen surviving witnesses have clearly identified other shooters is not mentioned, and contradicted the "narrative" of a "Lone Wolf" scenario, makes the story incomplete. Now the Norwegian police have confirmed they where running drills "practically identical" to the event that occurred, and "The bomb attributed to Breivik went off only 26 minutes after the anti-terror drill finished, according to officials."

Wow... I don't think we have the goods yet, better not be an Operation Gladio type controlled event. Quite the production here; the vanity photos, the 1500 page manifesto, the slick movie you can watch online he supposedly made by himself. Now, identical drills. Makes you think.


EXCERPT from "Norwegian Police Confirm Drill Identical to Breivik’s Attack"

"The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten reports today police sources have confirmed that hours before Anders Behring Breivik launched his deadly attack at a political summer camp on Utøya island on July 22, police had conducted a drill for a “practically identical scenario.”

“Sources within the top level management of the police in Oslo have confirmed to Aftenposten that the drill finished at 15:00 that same Friday,” the newspaper reports. “All of the officers from the anti-terror unit that later took part at the bombsite at the government buildings and went out to Utøya to apprehend Anders Behring Breivik had been training on the exact same scenario earlier the same day and in the days preceding,” writes Andreas Bakke Foss.

The bomb attributed to Breivik went off only 26 minutes after the anti-terror drill finished, according to officials.

Norwegian police characterize the “very similar” drill and its chronological proximity to the “practically identical scenario” as a coincidence.
Such “coincidences” are now routine during terror events.

On July 24, Webster Tarpley noted that the Norwegian terror attack provides a “telltale critical sign of a false flag operation is the holding of drills or exercises – allegedly for counterterrorism purposes – by the police or the military at the same time as the terror attack, or shortly before the real terror attack begins.”

The Norwegian police have underscored the probability that the bombing of government buildings in Oslo and the meticulous slaughter at a summer camp were false flag events."

12 years ago

I have a couple of problems with this documentary as a Security Specialist and Private Investigator.

The documentary claims he had a duffle back of weapons and ammo. But earlier in the documentary it claims he purchased a handgun and riffle legally. Which was it? Did he us a rifle and a handgun to kill 69 historical kids or did he have more guns and ammo in the bag? How many magazines did he have? To hunt down 69 people and successfully kill people running, hiding, swimming, etc. for over 1 and a half hours, you have to be a damn good shoot, with accuracy and catching plenty of people by surprise and that alone still doesn't giving you a head count of 69 dead. And if there were more guns and ammo in a duffle bag somewhere, where did the other guns come from? Where was the duffle bag as he calmly walked around the island killing people? Next, the documentary claims that he got off the fairy killing his way up to the first building where there were a large gathering of people. Really? No one ran after the first shoots from the beach to the building (while killings that occurred as he WALKED his way up to the first building?) and dead bodies started to drop all over the place? How many people could he have actually killed who didn't already seek cover? I have a major question for the witnesses. What was the maximum number of people they actrually saw and witnessed getting shoot and killed? Nearly every interview I seen said one or two. Some even said they see people running who were shoot during the attack. I bet no one seen more then 5 or 10 people at the time of the shooting. If so, how could he possibly have killed 69 hysterical screaming and fleeing teenagers with only a hand gun and a rifle while again...WALKING around the island calmly? Is it possible there were other shooters on the island that assisted in the killing as the people fleed? The scenario I present is that they run from the Jason (Friday the 13th character) into the cross hairs of undisclosed shooters. Therefore, he now has the luxury to walk and be calm around the island. When the police come, the others flee and the calm killer turns himself in without incident. Something to think about.

12 years ago

He is obviously a Muslim or maybe a commie...wait, we need not fear commies anymore that was the 50s and 60's now they have seen the error of their ways...gotta be a Muslim....

The media were great trying to sell this angle, even in light of his Manifesto....

Tragic and horrible, I will pause for a minute for the families effected by this day.

12 years ago

I'm sorry, but the voice of the introduction repelled my interest

12 years ago

The police did not use two hours to get there. Local police was at the mainland side relatively fast actually. But at that time they had information that there were up to five attackers with military-grade weaponry and explosives, so they did as any police force would; they waited for the swat-team (or Delta as norwegians call them) and started organizing a perimeter and helping those who had reached the shore. Delta of course had just recently been deployed in Oslo and was rerouted in the cars they were already in. There has been some speculation as to why the militarychoppers etc was not used, but they were already loaded into cars, so they naturally turned their lights and sirens on and drove there as fast as possible. Breivik was arrested1 h 27 min after first 911-call.
In retrospect it is quite easy to comment on these things, but You have got to understand that this was not an everyday happening in an active warzone where a fleet of personnellcarrying choppers are active at all times.If you look it up in an atlas you will see that Norway is a country with significant distances between settlements (and airforcebases) - population density is very low. In retrospect one can argue that our readiness was not good enough, but that does not automagically point to an international conspiracy to discriminate the rightist-movement in the USA. Our police force was simply not prepared to manage a (big) bomb in the capitol center followed rapidly by a very unexpected massacre somewhere in the bushes some 200 kilometers away.

When it comes to this being a false flag attack: Well, the norwegian government did obviously not use it to reduce the civil liberties - quite opposite; they focused on the importance of solidarity, respect and democracy, and the milieu in Norwegian politics and its transparancy has undoubtedly improved.

If Washington does something else, I would say that the voters have a job to do.

John Estensen
12 years ago

This guy should NOT consinously be put on frontpages of newspapaers and news broadcast around the world 24/7. I understand the newspeoples point of view, but the matter of the families that have lost their loved ones, the people that are injuired and others suffering from this mad mans attack should come first. He is not worthy the front pages in any news or magazine, he shouold be studied but not on the mainstream media. Forget this lunitic, focus on what is the really wrong doings in ths workd, hunger, war, politicians and their greed and so forth..

12 years ago

We have no real definitive idea what transpired in the Norway terrorist act, but the wheels are spinning aggressively. Geraldo Rivera is waxing his mustache, getting ready to tell us the gory details.

"See something say something. I see Joe Six Pack, the new face of terror. Where is Sarah Palin when you need her? Oh, there is nothing more helpless and irresponsible than a FOX Newscaster in the depths of an ether binge. Maybe she can give us some fair and balanced news on all this terrorism in Norway, before she starts running for President...."

Maybe Sarah Palin can fill us all in with the reality of this situation? Who knows. Lots of conflicting information even between the mainstream troughs. This Documentary is by no means the final word on this event. They better not think they can now curtail the rights of citizens in the European Union and the Untied States of America because of this act of terrorism, false flag or home grown.

12 years ago

One Christian White Male does an act such as this one and the whole world goes crazy and calls it a massacre. BUT, every day in the middle east you have muslims go and blow them selves up in the name of allah and you get a 2 minute update how how many people they killed and then the story is over. This man should be known as a hero for his ideas, now his act I do not condone, but his ideaoligy makes perfect sense. Especially when sharia law is trying to be instituted in a Christian country. The world we live in makes me sicker every day. You sit their and attack gun laws and all these liberties, what world do you want to live in? Really? Do you want to live in a world where you are scared of your government? Because the stronger they get, the more you lose your freedom as a human being on this planet. So keep up the liberal bullshit, and drive this world into a deeper hell than we are all already in. Just look around you with things like the Patriot Act... That's enough to persuade away any educated person away from the leftist politics going on today. Why can't Ron Paul just be America's president already??? lol. But seriously, the beginning rant wasn't about being anti-muslim, but if you look at how the liberal media machine has treated this guy, it can be said it is very pro-radical islamic. How, you may say? Just like I said earlier, this many innocent non-violent muslims die every day by suicide bombs, and not to mention America's war machine, where are their documentaries??? Instead we have the media trying to attack people for labeling them terrorists, or even going as far as calling our own citizens terrorists, like Joe Biden did about the Tea Party. To me that's the terrorists, the media, and our politicians. Not a man trying to reverse the neo-socialist, democracy destroying ways our world is headed towards, if not already there. Nobody says anything when Obama hangs out with his Weather Underground friend, but yeah, they weren't "terrorists", they just blew up a bunch of buildings... AMERICA, AND THE WORLD, STOP KIDDING YOURSELF.

His Forever
12 years ago

Ok: last thought-----To all of you who oppose law abiding citizens carrying guns I pose this question: Obviously there was a failure to protect the kids on this island for over an hour as a madman slowly and deliberately killed children one by own.

So, HOW do you protect yourself and your children form someone like this? Don't you? Or do you just run and scream and die if it's your incredible bad luck to be trapped on that island at the time?

I have no agenda other than I'd like to sincerely know what you think should and could have been done to prevent this terrible crime.

Peace to all,

Charles B.

12 years ago

I don't believe this event is comparable to a 'Gladio Network' involved in a 'strategy of tension', seen in Italy during the 70's. That involved the state. This event is more in the context of an idea of a "leaderless resistance", which has been developing for some time now amongst fascist/white supremacist groupings in Europe and the US, with lone individuals, with political beliefs attacking on certain fronts. In the 30's the "enemy" were Bolsheviks and the Jews. Now it's those deemed "Cultural Marxists" and Muslims. The former labelled as 'politically correct', the latter as 'Islamofascist". Neither of these are as they are termed. The term 'politically correct' is used to stifle dissent. The term "Islamofascist" is 'far from fascist. Islam is a religion, not a political movement that ends with shovelling bodies into ovens, in camps built specifically for the purpose of forced, slave labour and killing people. Be aware of the dangers of fascists who try to portray themselves as anti-fascists.

12 years ago

Hello people... I sort of scimmed through some of the comments here and felt like posting something. I am a frequent user of this site (never posted anything though) and thus stumbeled onto this thread.

I live about 45 nminutes from where the shooting happend and the bomb went off. Somewhere in the middle I suppose :-)

The news up here in Norway bombards us about this thing every day. And why not? It´s simply the worst thing happenining on norwegian soil since WWII. What hits me though is how you can make a documentary so soon after the fact.

To the guys talking a about conspiracy: Well, I must admit it accoured to me.

To the guys who are blaming this on islam: Start to think for yourselfe.

To the guys who believe this has to do with quantities of firearms: Please, com on....

12 years ago

"Let's not mak him a celebrity" Said by the same guy who jumps on the chance to give his two-cents in front of cameras and make phoney pyschological assements based on very little to work with. How does he not see the ironey in this? You just did more than any of us could fella! I think he may have the same narcissistic qualities and illusions of granduer.

12 years ago

I hope breivik realises just how brutal the 'christianisation' of pagan villages was and at one point king john of england used the fear of christianisation to recruit scandanavians. Yes at one point christianity was norways enemy... what a backwards idiot if only hitler had the same idea ''I don't like jews... I know I'll kill all ze germans''.

lex lexich
12 years ago

that english commentator is so full of bs i mean the comments like 'he is narcissistic, paranoid bla bla bla'... always the same story, targeted to make us feel better because we are not like that.... well, the truth is that he(the shooter) is just another dude, not satisfied with the situation and perfectly NORMAL like most of us, the only difference is him having the guts to do what he believes in, and that makes him perfectly human ... i do not approve of his metods or political views!

His Forever
12 years ago

I know it was a youth camp, but why wasn't there at least another adult with a gun on this island? 600 UNARMED victims?

Nearly every person is my family in the U.S.A. (except me) packs heat. Even my pretty little blonde niece has a pistol and a permit to carry it concealed! I think I would have at least tried to knife the moster. Mob him, trip him, stone him in the face when he's down! Hard to understand why no one mounted a counter attack that we know of.

12 years ago

Do all of you people alluding here -or stating it outright- to some elaborate clandestine conspiracy realize how much your own apparent worldview chimes with this killer's? Seeing sinister, hidden motives and threats in nearly every. single. newsworthy event, or world circumstance? Is it really so difficult to believe that one motivated psychopath with enough resources at his disposal is capable of putting this madness together all by himself, without having to drag in "government curtailing of civil-liberties" and international bankers? Get real! Individuals are just as capable of evil acts as groups of individuals are, and psychopathy is an occasional fact of the world we live in. I don't see one piece of information in this story anywhere to suggest anything other than that... (But that's probably a part of the conspiracy, too, right?)

12 years ago

Thank you for making completely obvious observations and explaining things like I am a small child Professor David Wilson!

12 years ago

Something is just not sitting right with me on the Norway shooting. The more you look at it, the vanity photos, the 1500 page manifesto, the slick movie you can watch online he supposedly made by himself, the whole thing seems produced. A little wag the dog smell going on here.

Since the Norway Shootings, the new buzz word is "Lone Wolf" threat and is being used all the time in interviews by US President Obama and US Homeland Security. Too creep me out even more, all the new terrorist warning videos that have come out of Homeland Security have new bad guys & gals. They are domestic terrorists who are white, blonde, libertarians, and disgruntled with government policy. Pretty scary, the terrorists are no longer brown people in foreign lands of the oil rich Middle East.... they are Joe Six Pack.

I just kind of know we are not getting the straight goods here. Maybe Breivik is a patsy/or co-opted for a Gladio type operation. Operation Gladio was a “strategy of tension” devised by the Intelligence community that employed terrorism – assassination and bombings – to discredit political opponents in Italy after WW2. I don't know, but I do know we are being handled on this in the media.

I don't like this meet Joe Six Pack, domestic terrorist, that is being rolled out by Homeland Security before and after the tragic Norway murders. My point is, governments have a history of executing this type of event. In the days ahead, we should expect more false flag terror events in the USA like a Norway situation. I say that because it seems like they are preparing the public for it. These type of events will be used by the corporate media to portray opponents to: the bankster scams like the Federal Reserve; defense budget increases for "new" domestic terrorism; government draconian bills eviscerating what is left of the constitution.... as domestic terrorists.

I guess my concern is that false flag attacks, followed by intense propaganda campaigns, are one of several methods used by governments to neutralize political opposition. This technique is also used as a form of coercion to scare the general public to make them give up freedoms in exchange for security. As you know, this technique is as old as Rome. Hey, it worked on 911.

Watch the movie, see if you get that sensation of half truth's or that whiff of propaganda...

12 years ago

what a monster. sick. My most heartfelt condolences to the victims and their families.

It took police an hour to get to the Island after receiving a call for help? That's terrible. The news copter was there before the cops! I pray they house this guy in a jail full of angry muslim criminals who have their way with all of his orifices on a regular basis.

And btw, those photos of Breivik wearing different uniforms (as a freemason, in a hazmat suit, as a scuba special forces soldier, and in the 'knights templar' uniform) are not real; they were made with Photoshop.