Obama: A Legacy of Ashes

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From the alternative news source The Corbett Report comes the new documentary Obama: A Legacy of Lies, a summation of the former president's legacy which casts a critical eye on what the film's producers characterize as "eight years of unrelenting lies and scandals".

Littered with a cleverly edited barrage of clips sourced by the likes of FOX News, CNN, C-SPAN and the Associated Press, the film attempts to dismantle the narrative of President Obama as a transformative figure of peace and prosperity for citizens in the United States and around the world.

The filmmakers believe that the Obama mythos was birthed early. Desperate for hope and change, the American public joined much of the international community in bolstering the former president's image before he had implemented a single piece of substantive legislation. The ultimate example of this hypocrisy came in the form of a Nobel Peace Prize, which was given to the president in the earliest months of his administration. In contrast to this impressive accomplishment and all that it's designed to represent, the filmmakers contend that Obama oversaw an unparalleled period of sustained international conflict by the end of his two terms in office. Evidence of this lies in his accelerated reliance on drone warfare, the rise of ISIS, and the continuation of the longest running war in U.S. history in Afghanistan.

The accusations of dishonesty progress from the battlefield to domestic concerns. The film cites a lack of transparency within the inner workings of the administration, and a series of broken promises related to the unwieldy Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. Negative views are expressed on the failings of the Obama White House in protecting the privacy rights of all law-abiding Americans in the age of cyber terrorism. The filmmakers also provide an overview of the special interest groups and individual lobbyists who they feel had an unsavory influence over legislative priorities and the formation of policies.

The film mounts an aggressive argument, the merits of which are open to interpretation based upon each viewer's particular political persuasion. Obama: A Legacy of Ashes is sure to repel the former president's most ardent supporters while delighting his harshest critics.

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  1. alKidya

    Yes, it's too bad the man was a compulsive liar. Obama is a sociopath. He might have been the first black President in history and even the greatest President ever had he been honest and transparent. But he was a dictator. I think he thought he was going to be the emperor of America...or caliph.

  2. ron
  3. ron

    Total bullsh*t. Another right wing alt hit job

  4. Dave Cadwell
  5. Dave Cadwell

    Re: The Wall Street Crash. The rich get richer. The rest of the world gets screwed. Same sh*t ,different shovel.

  6. Merikan Power
  7. Merikan Power

    who cares? no, seriously, who cares about the president? when was the last time you were excited about the president? the consensus i get is 'well, not ever.'
    the president has about to much to do with your happiness as donald trump has to do with Merika... nothing. absolutely nothing.
    USA has been consumed with bi-partisan politics to the point that there is no real power in anything but the mob mentality. those people on washington dont care about you, they got a job and are finding a way to maximize its benefits. you steal pens from work, or maybe you eat a free sandwich, point being is humans are a dirty and greedy people and the government is just a group of people more focused on their retirement than you are.
    obama, trump, bush, clinton... they're all just other names for "thief " and "shyster" and "crook". i dont care who was before you and i dont care who comes after, you are all thieves.

  8. oQ
  9. oQ

    Would have been nice if the report was an other 20 minutes long, describing Corbett's solution. He alluded to it by saying the people of the US and of the world need to unite. OK...?

  10. Norman Scott
  11. Norman Scott

    I do not need to watch this documentary. I have seen his evil devices early on. I posted many comments about him in borrowing a scriptural description of Satan " Satan appears as an angel of light" and he lived up to that description to the full. He blinded many in following him blindly. They were veiled from what he represents . Obama has the same motto of Satan "Rule or ruin"

  12. Brooke
  13. Brooke

    This is...uneducated. What a shock. Use a different platform to spread racism because most people who gravitate towards documentaries are looking for intelligent debate and critical thinking.

  14. Your father
  15. Your father

    This is redneck documentary and stupid.

  16. lucky
  17. lucky

    The US govt is built around checks and balances , by virtue of his race Obama had the legislature and the judicial bent on cockblocking him at every juncture . He did what he could with what he had . As a veteran I commend him on not engaging us in a new war . Of course the racists in America wants to tarnish his image otherwise there could be more black presidents . Go to other countries and see how popular he is

  18. rick
  19. rick

    So Brooke, I am willing to be "educated". You apparently don't like the documentary. Where is your "intelligent debate and critical thinking"?

  20. Roger Andout
  21. Roger Andout

    How lucky were Pres Reagan and his predecessors who didn't have to contend with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, where every half wit who didn't mind inflicting their reality and unsubstantiated opinions on the world could do so, and anonymously to boot.

  22. Rodney
  23. Rodney

    Interesting some of these thing are alternative facts?

  24. Frank
  25. Frank

    Wow. Uneducated? Do we need to be educated how to interpret facts?

  26. tazmo
  27. tazmo

    zeroing in on one administration is a disservice...every administration (if you check all the facts) has at one time or another had scandal, broken promises and showed favoritism to special interests.

  28. Jewish
  29. Jewish

    He was jewish puppet like any other presidents!! not jfk but he was killed! all you comment are bullsh*t james corbett is one of the smartest guys with the real truth!!

  30. GOCJ
  31. GOCJ

    I think most presidents are talking heads with no "real" power. The power is with the billionaires, they are the ones who can buy anything they want which includes politicians. Pretty much how Trump did it. Most everyone has a price.
    I very much appreciated the fact that Obama was willing to take a risk by having open conversations about very controversial subjects. I remember the first time I heard Obama speak of the LGBT community. I mean really, can you imagine the word lesbian coming from the mouths of Reagan or little Bush (or big Bush for that matter) publicly?

  32. Minh Duong
  33. Minh Duong

    Frank: What everyone needs to do is be educated on how to interpret data and from that, discern what's fact and what's opinion or fiction.

  34. Bradford Bristow
  35. Bradford Bristow

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! Finally the TRUTH is starting to rise to the surface. If I talk to one more idiot who wants to argue with me saying how great Obama was I am going explode. I have learned that MOST people are basically stupid and dont care what the facts are. RIDICULOUS!

  36. edwardo tapia
  37. edwardo tapia

    When the south American countries announced their decision to legalize narcotics, obama made a quick trip to Cartagena, Colombia to veto their decision. He made no attempt to justify his veto. JUST "NO". Is he running the world? There was no argument concerning his Veto.

  38. Russ Frank
  39. Russ Frank

    The only two-term president in the last half century to have avoided any significant scandal and yet the author describes Obama's term in office as "eight years of unrelenting lies and scandals." I think I'll pass. I prefer to get my news from sources that are not so completely biased that they can't even hide it while describing their work.

  40. karmytrumpateer
  41. karmytrumpateer

    Russ Frank. Seriously? Benghazi, Operation Fast and Furious, Eric Holder being held in contempt of Congress, lies about Obamacare "if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor", illegally rewriting mandate and deadlines, Hillary Clinton's private email service, NSA spying plus spying on journalists, Bowe Berghdal, Iran ransom payment, GSA wild spending, VA death list scandal, Solyndra, Colorado River pollution, etc. There is more. But you continue to get your news from Fake News CNN.

  42. Miguel Carneiro
  43. Miguel Carneiro

    Viewers, be careful! Very biased manipulation of news and facts. Total desinformation.

  44. bill
  45. bill

    completely true. All Hilary fans are upset over this documentary.

  46. Moll
  47. Moll

    So many deluded voters. yes we can double the National Debt, yes we can double unemployment among blacks, yes you can choose your own doctor, but the computer says Noooooo....

  48. Tony
  49. Tony

    Libs always feel morally superior and more educated then the rest. These snowflakes don't even realized just how ideologically blind they are.

  50. Dan
  51. Dan

    Boy, am I ever glad I am Canadian. We've got our problems but you guy's take the cake. You have everything the rest of the world wants and all you do is fight about who is the biggest jerk, thief etc. Rome was a lot like that a long time ago when it ruled the world, if I were "y'all" I would find a way to get along before it's too late. (Oh and this should be interesting, as the previous comments, its left against right until I show up, I am expecting "y'all" to bully me now...)

  52. Jay Steff
  53. Jay Steff

    "who cares? no, seriously, who cares about the president? when was the last time you were excited about the president? the consensus i get is 'well, not ever."

    He cheated and lied about ever thing and those who say what is the President to us? Sir do you care about the country. The, OUR President is part of what make this country unique and great.

    How much do you now about the founders of this country? They were unique in history. Few who have read the federalist papers. Our country IS unique and precious to the history of our country and the world.

    This is an excellent documentary and it has nothing to do with "Racism". It has to do with a large segment of our country who wishes to stay ignorant of reality.

    The same group of willingly ignorant citizens continue to hold us as Racist will continue to keep themselves blind and ignorant... it is the same group that believes Hillary won. She did not.

    Trump is closer to HOPE and CHANGE than Obama ever was. That is why he was elected... the real citizens wanted real HOPE and CHANGE.

    This is and excellent documentary and those who can not see it are ignoring the facts... willingly.

    The founders are rolling in their grave. Thank God for the electoral college they established to prevent any one large state not of the same mind but just the single largest mindset that is wholly and nearly completely in the pocket of the left wing... that is the same wing that is largest purveyors of what is not American, but rather of the big money and left wing.

    Amazing that communism and communist would be so tight and cozy with the big money in our society.

    This is an excellent presentation of fact and reality.

  54. Carlos
  55. Carlos

    Great documentary. A lot of Obama fans crying over here. Stop being so emotional and seek the truth.

  56. Karen
  57. Karen


  58. Citycop
  59. Citycop

    Obama is the devil incarnate. Pure evil. The antithesis of Ronald Reagan. Obama hates America and everything he did during his 8 years in office was designed to undermine this once great country at every turn. May he rot in hell for all eternity.

  60. Discusted
  61. Discusted

    This has been a typical progression of all presidential leaders since nixon. Dodge, weave and bob the issues at hand. set up a smoke screen of misdirection with tidbits of truth, and you have a great propaganda machine. Our elected political leades [Republic Guardians] are not doing their job. Way to many meetings with no follow thru at all. A say but do nothing congregation that supports its ideology of self interest. POMP & CERAMONY. Since when is it correct to kiss the feet of corporate America and let the everyday citizens pay the price. Immorality in gov.t or in a society of self interest always fail, and that hasn't been learned yet. ALEXANDER, EGYPT, ROME, GERMANY, WW1, WW2, KOREA, VIETNAM, ETC, ETC, ETC. .....SAY ITS NOT SO SAM...SINS OF OMISSION from the turn of the century and still piling on from generation to generation. Our Gov't, now THE WOLVES LAIR WITH A SMILE, having a tasty meal as USUAL. RACE ISN'T AN ISSUE HERE.

  62. Bodhisattva
  63. Bodhisattva

    Keep in mind that EVERYTHING about Obama seems to have ranged from at worst, outright lies to at best, only barely resembling the truth. He was not the first "black" president, he was as white as he is black - he was the first "mulatto" president. The Democrats didn't dare run an actual black man since, as we saw from the remarks that Bill Clinton made that were later made public, racism and prejudice is alive and well in the Democratic party despite FALSE claims they kicked all the racists out and they became Republicans. To be honest, I know there were a couple things, at least, that Obama did that I thought "good", but seriously, 8 years and maybe two things, if that. And even those were just lies, since one of them was claims he was aggressively deporting criminals who were in this country illegally when in fact for the most part he wasn't, not really. Obama put not only the U.S. but much of the world in serious danger, danger that may eventually cause things that no doubt will be blamed on Trump, if they don't still get blamed on George W. like most of Obama's mistakes while in office were.

  64. Bodhisattva
  65. Bodhisattva

    To the Canadian who calls himself "Dan", who states: "...if I were "y'all" I would find a way to get along before it's too late."

    Yes, agreed, and in fact our Democrats keep SAYING that but they won't DO it. And our Republicans keep DOING that and it gets them defeated in the polls. That is why this election turned out like it did - though I personally felt Trump was at the bottom of my list of people I wanted to see win, he was well above Hillary Clinton, the person who our left wing/Democrats rigged the primary election for, blatantly and that, as well as the mistakes of Obama over the past 8 years, are the direct and ONLY reasons Trump won, basically.

    So you're right, we need to start working together and the invitation is out there to the Democrats, but if you've been watching the news, they have no intention of accepting it. They're welcome any time they want to wise up & change their tune. But right now, as usual, the only tune they know is hatred and obstruction with a healthy dose of violence thrown in.

  66. Bodhisattva
  67. Bodhisattva

    Quote from the thread story: "...the continuation of the longest running war in U.S. history in Afghanistan."

    Quote from guess where: "You fell victim to one of the classic blunders - the most famous of which is "never get involved in a land war in Asia" - but only slightly less well-known is this: "Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line"!"

  68. Bodhisattva
  69. Bodhisattva

    And, by the way, I edited an earlier comment to change "racism" to "racism and prejudice" but forgot to change the accompanying verb from IS to ARE, in case anyone noticed.

  70. WOKE
  71. WOKE

    Interesting doc. All of his admins lies are just now starting to come out. Why is Obama hiding out in French Polynesia sans family right now? Where are his family? I started claiming the Obama's marriage was sham years back. NO one happy in their marriage plays as much golf and takes as many separate vacations as they did/do!

    Obama and his staff will soon be exposed as felons. What is coming out will overshadow Watergate by a 1000%. His BullSh*t story about teaching constitutional law for 10 years was just one of many ,many veils he used to create an image.
    Sorry Obamanites, your saviour is just another failed/criminal politician!

  72. Sharon
  73. Sharon

    So you really "think" the Republicans want to work with the Democrats ? What about our national health care (and don't get all caught up in calling it Obama care. It wasn't perfect but it was better than what we had. Also, note Colbert thinks Trump is an idiot!).
    So, get off your high-horse and stop finger-pointing. Because it's not about one person or one party!
    The "one-percenters" are enjoying us turning each other while they drink $1000 bottles of champagne!
    If the question is about getting along and working together then text to each other like you have some sense!

  74. bobby
  75. bobby

    If we take what is being critical about Obama and multiply by 20 we will see the presidency of Trump who not only lies some time, but can't EVER stop lying. And he has only been president for 7 montths and is repidly approaching impeachment or bailing out of office. We will waIT TO SEE THIS SAME CITIQUE FROM THE SAM PRODUCERS. Once Trump is gone...........NNAH, just kidding. That will never happen. By the way Obama did lie and like Trump thought it was his right and priveledge. They all do. The excuse for it is "POLITICS'

  76. winter
  77. winter

    Why do you people put the most recent comments a the end of the line. No one else does this. It is quite confusing to those who are not familiar with this web site.

  78. tamsyn
  79. tamsyn

    I was right with Corbett up until his including Trump in this venal list. If Trump is so bad/as bad, why is the msm, and now the gathering of aforesaid venal presidents (excepting, tellingly, the only president who left office unblemished - Jimmy Carter), so vehemently against him? Wake UP.

  80. Soeren
  81. Soeren

    Brooke, no you didnt just pull the racism card..... Do you people have nothing better to do than yelling "RACISM" as your argument in EVERY argument. How about your educate yourself, or maybe firstly, how about you grow up. You tiny little child

  82. Justin
  83. Justin

    I can understand everyone who feels like lashing out right now, because you’re realizing that you misplaced your faith in Obama. It was the goal all along, to stargaze your eyes with the first “African American President!!” while inserting an anarchist puppet.

    I get it!

    We all want to have good faith in our leaders & our future!

    Disclaimer - I’m not GOP nor am I Prog-Globalist. Both camps are bought and paid for by differing elite dynasties ruling behind curtains. But! I do have hope! Great HopE actually!!!

    You might be wondering . . . Why the sudden change in elite agendas??? The measured affects of technology on the masses perhaps! They fear the masses uniting, they fear the truth, they fear social media when it provides ladders to climb upwards - ladders they spent centuries kicking down!

    My politics are simple - JFK’s Last Speech!!

    PS - Trump’s Chess Skills are about to crush this whole thing!!!

    Down with Globalists, Down with GOP, Down with Banks, Down with Corrupt Saudi Princes, Down with Evil EU ARISTOCRATS - Bring Em All Down


    And then lets have some peace together!!! And a nice beer

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