The Obama Deception

The Obama Deception

2009, Conspiracy  -   280 Comments
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The Obama DeceptionThe Obama Deception is a hard-hitting film that completely destroys the myth that Barack Obama is working for the best interests of the American people. The Obama phenomenon is a hoax carefully crafted by the captains of the New World Order. He is being pushed as savior in an attempt to con the American people into accepting global slavery.

We have reached a critical juncture in the New World Order’s plans. It’s not about Left or Right: it’s about a One World Government. The international banks plan to loot the people of the United States and turn them into slaves on a Global Plantation. Covered in this film: who Obama works for, what lies he has told, and his real agenda. If you want to know the facts and cut through all the hype, this is the film for you.

Watch The Obama Deception and learn how: Obama is continuing the process of transforming America into something that resembles Nazi Germany, with forced National Service, domestic civilian spies, warrantless wiretaps, the destruction of the Second Amendment, FEMA camps and Martial Law. Obama’s handlers are openly announcing the creation of a new Bank of the World that will dominate every nation on earth through carbon taxes and military force.

International bankers purposefully engineered the worldwide financial meltdown to bankrupt the nations of the planet and bring in World Government. Obama plans to loot the middle class, destroy pensions and federalize the states so that the population is completely dependent on the Central Government. The Elite are using Obama to pacify the public so they can usher in the North American Union by stealth, launch a new Cold War and continue the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The information contained in this film is vital to the future of the Republic and to freedom worldwide. President Barack Obama is only the tool of a larger agenda. Until all are made aware, humanity will remain captive to the masters of the New World Order. Excerpt from

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  1. They have won and divided you all in the plan. But really oh. It’s a conspiracy. Wow stupidity will rain and watch who comes for you. Beg for us to save you. We will be Patriots. Get to the end of the line cowards.

  2. Stupidity for all that doubt. Boy wait until you pay more than you already paid. Dumb dumb. Joke is on you

  3. you should retitle this The Deception so more people will watch it. When you add Obama's name, the people who are fooled will not watch this. the general public needs to be educated on this

  4. Obama was/is the ultimate George Soros/Left puppet. Media created and media protected. A glib, articulate "snake oil" salesman, who reminded me of a Hollywood facade. Looked good on the outside, but had no depth on the inside.

    1. One of the worst conspiracy theories I've ever seen. I like a good conspiracy documentary, but this is just sad. I struggle to find a single factual claim in this movie, and almost everything is easily debunked with a single google search or snopes search.

  5. There have been so many times I have too mentioned I felt Kennedy was our last true president!! He was a Democrat with a Conservative heart! I am a Conservative yet would have voted for him today!

  6. You are some seriously disturbed individuals. Keep hiding under your bed, and someday you realize the life you wasted.

    1. Lol! When I grow up I want to write like you.?

  7. Do you realize that it has been another 10 years since this film came out. Instead of paying for this, give your money to a worthy cause. You are wasting your life buying into paranoia and fear. For thirty years I have watched you guys prep for the takeover, and guess what, it never comes.

    1. how about now???

  8. This is slightly encoded. In 2009 Obama began a genetics coverup including murder. BHO was created from Edward Paul Donegan IVF DNA. My father was in the military, above ground testing affects of radiation study for the DOD DARPA CIA, and his children taken from my DNA rather than my father and mothers. DNA family RFLP has created one of the most desperate murder wetworks conspiracies of all times in story of the first black president, an outrageous prosecution of a writer WARNING about Obama during the election, and the abuses of power such as the NDAA that followed allowing a coverup, a coverup plan still in place through a Trump babygate conspiracy called Foundation X, a conspiracy over which Jen Moore and Kashogi were killed over. The plan continues to distsribute my DNA to create close Obama relatives all throug/h Africa, which is where Irish genes some to eminate from. Edward Paul Donegan IVF date Feb 20 1961 Birthday 11/18/1961

  9. Alex Jones with his internal sources. From one sides he has infiltrated the event and from the other they know who he is and are tailing him. Paranoia mixed with diluted story telling to piece something that would be complex beyond belief. Even if it is discovered and exposed most cant do anything about it. They have all the resources and the military backing them. every one really knows implicitly that some ppl are secretly in charge. this is not a secret. Not really.

  10. There will never be an insider from the bilderberg group. This idea and that one of them is a source ... is ridicules. They are too small and too powerful for any one of them to become a rat for any reason. No one member will ever betray any other. This is highly impossible. The very existence of this group the way it is described is unlikely. if there was such a group no one would know about it. How is it that a secretive group could create such a club out in the open and every one knows who they are and who their members are... Hmmm. I am highly skeptical

  11. How do I get involved in protests here's in Australia?

  12. Obama is a puppet picked by the elitist wealthy billionaires to dicive the world and the American public !!! For a new world order it 's not going to happen !!! People will not stand for another Hitler !!!

  13. Ellen Hodgson Brown,The Web of Debt, excellent book.I wish Ellen Brown was Canadian prime minister.

  14. I am not an Obama fan, and I agree it has been a huge dissapointment on his policy. Event considering that, I find this film extraordinarily biased. They wanted to make it so extreme that from half of it you wonder if it is better simply to stop watching it. I finally watched all, and I find dangerous that anyone can make documentaries saying anything and even pretending to be rigurous.

  15. Thinkonit is a white man pretending to be black his comment is retarded at best out of touch to say the least its actually kinda humorous in a wierd bigoted way nice try d sucka

  16. The average white rural conservative who believes in Alex Jones and Donald Trump is not terribly fond of black youths in the ghettos with limited education. It is easy to see why: they simply can't understand those Big Words that those black youths keep using!?

  17. Oh, I know you people who decry democracy, who want to "replace" it with utopia. I certainly do know you, you are wolves in sheep's clothing. But if you try to replace government by the people in this country with an ill-disguised "utopian" caudillo system, if you strive to hand this country over to unscrupulous vicious right-wing Billionaires, if you want to replace this "corrupt democracy" with a Pure Dictatorship (uh-huh, that's the part you're not saying, but it is nakedly obvious), then you will find that you End nothing but yourselves!

  18. I used to dismiss conservatives as malicious children. But these are no children at all, they are malicious childish adults who have been taught the wrong thing constantly from birth, they are completely lost to reason or compassion. These are Medieval people who have persisted to now. Ignorant people motivated by hatred and intolerance have caused havoc throughout history. They are not a joke, they are a Menace.

  19. Thank you or confirming my long-held belief that Conservatism in general is Vile and Pernicious, and pretty much Satanic.

  20. America ultimately will not tolerate a fascist nativist movement on its soil with an agenda inimical to American values. You are not invulnerable because you are numerous. You are not too many to be all pushed into the South one fine day. Then the South wouldn't secede, it would be Expelled for bad behavior. You are resolutely marching toward a very large Pest Colony.

  21. Alex Jones is unabashedly espousing fascist nativism here, the same thing that Trump is peddling. He survives and even prospers because a large segment of rural America has historically had fascist nativist inclinations. But I tell all of you to whom this applies, you will have no future in this country if you truly scorn and hate Democracy. Many of you are giving that impression, and that is very unfortunate for you.

  22. Fathoming the thought behind this Obama Deception documentary is like lifting a rock and watching giant slugs thrashing around in the sunlight.

  23. Ha ha ha! You Alex people are so entertaining, you have a city boy like me in stitches with your droll right wing Capers. Who needs to go to the zoo to see monkeys do silly hilarious things? I have the world's biggest zoo right here, the Internet! Probing the labyrinthine recesses of your, hmm, thoughts makes me unsure that there is a God, but I think I'm believing in the devil much more now. How can we explain Trump? I watched this program, it's pretty clear now.

  24. Ha ha ha! You Alex people are so entertaining, you have a city boy like me in stitches with your droll right wing Capers. Who needs to go to the zoo to see monkeys do silly hilarious things? I have the world's biggest zoo right here, the Internet!

  25. I didn't know Obama was behind everything until I listened with disbelief and mounting horror to your creative writings here. Now I still don't know, but I sure know something about you guys.

  26. Ha ha ha! You Alex people are so entertaining, you have a city boy like me in stitches with your droll right wing Capers. Who needs to go to the zoo to see monkeys do stupid things? I have the world's biggest zoo right here, the Internet!

  27. Hi Slaves! Maybe you'll pay attention to who you elect next time instead of who wins the Super Bowl, right?

  28. For everything that was said that made sense, there was one hyperexageration that kind of discredits what was said before. Obama seems such a small part of the corrupt system that I feel he should have chose another title. And for people who disagree that pollution contributes significantly to global warming, can we agree that pollution causes pollution, which kills people now, not in 50 years, so maybe we should do something about it.

  29. When you read some of the comments above you begin to realize how easy it is to deceive the masses. I am afraid some of these people will be in for a big shock when the reality of the NWO sinks in. The hidden satanism, ritual child sacrifice, pefophilia, sex slavery, consorting with annunaki will all be done in the open. Your children may be their next victim, or worse dinner. Obama is a fraud and s list, a UN and NWO puppet. A beast; as he is trans human.

  30. This is why we must have a truth teller such as Ted Cruz that wants to get rid of all the insiders and turn our government back to the people. The IRS is corrupt and controls all things with money power we have to abolish the IRS. We the people have the power with our votes to change our direction but we will all need to be educated with the truth. Obama is the biggest liar and deceiver ever he is controlled with his his leader the IRS. What a corrupt world we live in.

    1. All you need my dear Americans is God.repent and give your lives to Christ Jesus

  31. The general thrust of the analysis is good. But is pathetically lacking in logic when it draws Raila Odinga into the analysis and to argue that he represents the CIA interest in the region. Why did they not help him to win the last two elections in Kenya if he is their man. If he is related to Obama as the analysis alleges why did Obama not help hime get to power so he could serve the interest of the Western oligarchy better. You got it wrong on this .

  32. There is no good reason why Wall street would want to cause a financial disaster as one never knows which way a financial disaster would turn out. Obama became stinking rich during the past few years and everyone could make a guess how. Hence it is not in the interest of Wall St. to have Obama's on board. Obama is destroying the US economy by many means, one is the mindless increase of the US debt burden. Furthermore creating insecurity cost the country a lot of money, so do military interventions, which produce no results. His increasing of taxes and wasting it, is another sign.. It is more likely that he had supporters from other countries. China wants to sell, hence they are unlikely partners, This leaves Russia and the backers of ISIS. Russia's interest would be the occupation of Eastern Europe, which would be easier without US military and financial strength and Isis would try to increase Muslim influence in another part of the Western world.As Russia's interest is not the US, but Eastern Europe, cooperation between the two is a possibility. That the American people just sit back and do nothing reminds one of the poem of the Lotus Eaters

  33. The delusion here is so thick you need a shovel to clear a path to the crazy. You folks are in serious need of medical attention. Please I beg of you. Seek professional help.

  34. I cannot stand our Government. All we get is the same old story year after year. I am so happy I have seen through the lies. I do not believe our Government will ever serve our best interests. Every one of them can take the express train to hell!!! I would rather die than submit to these pseudo-human beings!

  35. Barack Obama is in the twilight of his power and does not have the influence to be creating anything remotely resembling "A New World Order". Maybe Hillary Clinton is 'The One'. What say we move on to the future and all the possible evil webs that she might spin. And when she's gone, if the Republicans return to the white house, then all will be as it was. Ahh, safe again, safe again.

  36. The US is either the greatest country in the world or the greatest evil in the world -- and both myths originate with Americans.

  37. Even now the $70-90 billion per month of quantitative easing is being horded by banks, hardly any is being loaned to businesses.

    The interest rates will go up and they have all that free money to screw you over.

  38. In Australia and NZ we have 3 magazines you all should read, and I don't think you have nothing of this caliber in the USA

    Nexus Magazine ( i have been reading it for 23 years of its 25 years
    history. They now have 25 years on searchable PDF for a decent cost.

    UncensoredNZ - the first 19 issues you can download for free. Last one issue 33 with Putin on the cover was great.

    Hard Evidence

    They will truly blow you mind and you need to read more than one issue.

    Also have look at Lydon La Rouche, don't agree with all, but has some really interesting deep things to say.

    Also look at all books and video's on youtube on Prof Andrew C Sutton. He wrote Wall Street and the Bolsheviks. Look it up on Amazon

    At you mid terms this year you can gut the major parties by your vote. Use it properly.

    Voting for anyone who wants hemp farming is a start, give you farmers a $2500+ per acre crop, stops 265 billion of oil imports, blow the costs in health system away ( could make it with the other natural remedies far less than half the cost it is, really look up Rick Simpson).

    Everyone who is against hemp is because it will blow their monopolies away, it will equalize the 2nd and 3rd world with the first and do you think these people want that, they want forms of salves to exploit.

    Snowden is a hero, give whistle blowers have better protection.

    Blow all the corporate corruption away.

    Bill Binney ex-NSA say's you are a "Police state". Do you think he is right.

  39. Great documentary. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize the blatant corruption - look at the track records of these politicians, and who's supporting them. IE George Soros, he's an evil man (just look at his Wikipedia page) yet he funded the Obamacare bill and the writers….Soros doesn't give a fvck about the little people. Hum, I wonder why he funded it…

  40. I love how the IRS, NSA, and the NDAA bring a whole new light to this Obama Deception. It's almost too ironic

  41. The truth is likely somewhere in the middle. I don't believe the altruism of many "leaders", and I don't doubt there is a megalomaniac out there who still wants to rule the world. After all, people have been trying without success to rule the world, from ancient days of nations, to modern, Egypt/Babylon to Napoleon and Hitler. I do however not fully trust or believe this doc either. You think they don't have an objective showing this? I don't believe the president has power. If he wants to change too much they'll off him, kind of like JFK. Somewhere in the middle folks.

    1. Seriously you are so wrong, these financial forces have been at war with the usa almost since day one..

      You lost when the FED was created, go and read E.Griffins book the " Creature of Jekyll Island".

      In Australia , we don't have a cabinet of people not voted in. The prime minister is elected by the winning party , but he still has an electorate to keep happy. So you can be prime minister and if you don't keep you local electorate happy you are gone.

      Every minister ( education, defense, etc) is a person elected by the people.

      Not some flunkly some corporate backed flunky the president gets to put there. The people appointed by Obama is like a massive "insider" trading fraud.

      You guys just dont see how far you, here's an example

      Your FDA is so corrupt, lets the Vioxx makers get away with 55,000 deaths ( Washington post figures) and pay 4.85 billion in blood money for 55,0000 deaths and 138,000 heart attacks . In China they would have executed the board and responsible scientists for mass murder.

      They did this for the infant formula "melamine scandal", 2-3 top people executed and others long prison terms, so I am not telling a mis-truth.

      Imagine what that threat would do for raising corporate standards

      Your FDA actively suppresses health cures, and then allows SWAT team raids on alternative health and organic food growers and buying groups.

      The state of NSW where I live, when it was a colony before we became a country invented the secret ballot in the 1860's which was a great democratic tool exported to the world. Its a toll where we can still practise freedom as long as our minds have not been seduced. They literally have all the money in the world to do so.

      Remove your major puppet parties in the mid terms, they are puppets, give the lobbyists less to work with.

    2. Well, you seem to assume that I live in the States, and many of your aggressive "you" comments are misplaced.

      Nor am I "Seriously ... so wrong."

      The truth IS likely somewhere in the middle, not the once sided view this Documentary provides.

      Yes, there are corruptions in our corporations and governments (globalyl). Yes, there are problems with all these systems. However, I do not believe it's all bad, or that people don't have good intents and try to work with a rough system.

      Do we blame movies like Wall St. for helping to feed a white collar culture we currently have? I think the problem is too complex to have simple positions. Even your lovely Australia has its own problems, and severe drinking and fighting being one of them according to another documentary (which I also take with a grain of salt).

      And no, I'm not wrong with that stance, even if you don't agree. You're not wrong for thinking as you do, even if I don't agree. Hence a complex situation with a good truth somewhere in the middle.

      I would love to see a triple bottom line mandated to corporations. To remove corporate person-hood, and hold decision makers responsible for the actions their corporations takes. I would love to see different methods of democracy to be run, because right now, people do not rule. The US, and many other "democratic" countries, are not democratic at all. Just like our economy is anything but economic.

      I do not believe that Obama is a vile man, who wishes harm on the world. I believe he is trying to do the best in the way he knows how, just as most of us do. True psychopaths are rare, and wheeling and dealing large sums of money can have an effect on the brain, very similar to cocaine.

      I'm glad NSW has a good voting system, but who decides? The voters, or them who count the ballots? Personally, I think they should do away with lobbying completely (totally illegal and criminal to do so), as well as remove the need for "campaign contributions".

      There are tons of ways to change to world. Just be careful of vilifying everyone while we try to do so. I'm sure there are good folks in the FDA as well as corrupt. Nothing is so black and white.

    3. I think our voting system is a lot better than the USA.Go and look at the arguments about electronic voting in OH during the the bush Gore election.

      We also don't have a simple first past the poll system.

      All is not well here but I think we need extra parties. We had the Labor money wasters for 6 years and not the party i voted for with a privatization agenda , they have no mandate for.

      We have a very open counting system. The problem is people don't realise who and what they are voting for most of the time because they believe the MSM

      Get rid of lobbying I agree, but then most cabinets in the USA federal govt's are effectively lobbyists-bankers people right at the presidents table, its got so bad there that happens.

      Its not perfect here ,but the USA is land that talks about freedom, but its a deception

      We have much less crime than the USA.

      We don't incarcerate people for 2 years for smoking pot and have not wasted around 16-20 million man years of prison time for stupid offenses like that, but its great for the mates of the govt who own private prisons.

      But hemp ( no THC ) is the world equaliser. Runs all your cars ( llok up henry ford and hemp), great for making super strong houses. Geta for paper and cloth, plastics. Plus marijuana ( THC cures cancer ( see rick simpson and Run from the cure on youtube).

      No wonder it has been demonised, if the UN had not denied aid to people growing hemp, god helps us they could have been self sufficient and not need any inteevention from those deceivers at the world bank and IMF. We might have to tlak to them as equals.

      Hemp as an issue is that big.

      I have been reading info for 25-28+ years and only in the last few has the totality of it really hit me.

      The USA was the major victory they needed with the FED act to fund the rest.

      Every bit of philanthropy give by Rockerfeller , Carnegie , Morgan had an agenda in medicene, education, etc.

      Do you think donating prime NY real estate for the UN was out of Rockefeller good heart? Read about the rockfeller history , it was corrupt and ruthless in the founding of Standard oil.

      The start of central control.

      WHO who allows GMO's to be tested for 90 days, instead of 180-360 where all the diseases come out.

      The Codex alimentarius the lessen our health and control the inputs to our body.

      The is good in the world, not much of it is in the USA govt.

      It is in many people in the USA, ordinary people I have met there are very decent but blind, but get some talking and they don't trust their government.

      I wonder if we talked in 10 years from now where our viewpoints will stand.

      I was much more hopeful 10, 15 & 20 years ago, but I see the world progressing as the many enlightened people I read told me it was going and I was more like you then.

      The FDA allowed 55,000 people to die, in Vietnam the USA lost 53,000 people in war, yes a war when people are trying to with a lot of effort actually kill you, in that example. There are so many more.

      The good ones in the place probably hate what they see, but given Obama has the worst record on whistleblower support in decades are they going to pull the plug and sacrifice all.

      I admire Snowden , I don't know if in his position I would have his courage, he is to be applauded.

      Nelson Mandela in his legacy to the world
      shows us we all must not be complacent, so in his honor lets start trying to change the world for the better.

      We all don't have his personal courage and fortitude most of use and I include myself would mostly break under 27 years of incarceration.

      But at least in South Africa he did not die in a prison accident or had a health problem. Or if not in prison got mugged and died or had a car accident

      Lots of people have died that way in "many" so called free countries in the above ways. Despite apartheid the country was not so bad he was not disposed of, though it was probably thought of.

      Look at Martin Luther King they killed him.

    4. On what you say, I agree with much.

      Interesting that you mention Mandela, who is also noted for saying that if he doesn't leave the hatred behind, he'll always be in prison.

      Yes, we need to act, and change things, we need action, not complacency or cowardice. I will not take on hatred or think that people are evil because of an organization. What's the say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

      People can think they're doing right, and still be doing harm. Maybe it's right for them. Yes Standard Oil is/was a tyrannical business, and I do feel that the US has become much of what it was not meant to be. One of the most "non-free" nations in the world.

      So much needs to change, and one of the biggest problems we face is that the "free-market" doesn't have free information. Free markets can't work, when people are uninformed of choices and products and anything.

      There are many things that should not be on the Free Market, health care and politicians being some of them.

      The real question is how do we bring around real and lasting change? I just do what I can, where I am, and cling to visions of a better world, and egalitarian world. One planet, one people. And I have and hold to hope, that good will over come. The arc of Moral justice is long, according to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I'm in it for the long haul, and they can lock me up for civil disobedience if needed. :) I'm happy to become a martyr for a good cause. :)

  42. Obama is a very ethical fine man trying to lead you clowns along a sound ethical path.

    Don't you clowns have anything better to do than come up with these lies.
    Don't tell lies.

    If you keep busy creating this harmless crap you won't be out doing more malicious things.

    1. I couldn't agree more. I've been focused on facts and real accomplishments since his first inaugural which are extensive. His post-presidential legacy will grow and grow'll keep on rising with time.

  43. Racism and sexism are NOT issues these days.... said the privileged white men.

    1. As a white man I can say that we do, in fact say this... At our weekly white men meetings...

  44. Why do people believe that it matters who is president? While this changes from time to time, the system of money ruling is ever in place. The voting system is an illusion to pacify the masses. If 50 million poor people vote you in based on what you say and the 10 billionaires who funded your media time to get elected are whispering in your ear, who are you going to cater to? The people are constantly lied to every 4 years and nothing changes for the better and most people propagate the system with there participation every 4 years. How can a democratic system where the will of one poor person is exactly equal to the will of one rich person possibly work when the backing and support of rich people is required to get the media time to be heard? No rich person is going to fund the ideas of anyone that makes them less rich. And the only way to make poor people less poor is to make rich people less rich. This is why nothing changes regardless of who is in the white house. All those we see in the media who are running for the office are all cut from the same piece of cloth. If they were not they would not be there. The most powerful vote that can be cast in this system is non-participation by not voting at all.
    As long as the dealer of marked cards has people around the table to deal the cards to, he is going to continue to deal them. How will he feel when he looks up and realizes he is sitting alone? The best thing about this kind of rebellion is that it is non-violent and completely legal.
    The masses are not being silent by any means when they don't vote. If fact it may be the only way they will ever be heard.

    1. your comment of "the only way to make poor people less poor is to make rich people less rich" is a pile of hot steamy dog poo. poor people are mostly poor because they don't work. work is good for the inner person, gives them problems to solve, hence creates self improvement, and provides income to the poor person so that they can take care of themselves. Your comment implies there is a fixed amount of "stuff", which there is not. where do you think all the stuff we have no came from? It gets created from creative hard working people. If poor people want to gain wealth, they have to do what the rest of people do - work harder, improve themselves and go after the dollar through work, not social engineering by governments where leaders legally steal from those who have earned it and give it away to those who have not.

    2. I understand your reasoning. But I was not referring to a hand out for lazy people. I was referring to the broad phenomena involving a significant percentage of the human race who live at the poverty level while working in factories making products that the rest of us enjoy. In this "large-scale picture" surely you understand that organised oppression is at work. Or do you also believe this to be a "pile of hot steamy dog poo"?

    3. That's totally absurd. I know people who've been selling fruit on the side of the road, hauling garbage, having to sleep next to their wares because otherwise someone would take them since they were little kids. Half of them can't read and never will, nor have they ever had the means to do so. I've seen old men in the long robe Arabian things that should be relaxing rather than having to walk up and down the street because their donkey is so old and skinny, it just won't go anymore, so they have to think of something, and the works never stops. They don't have a bunch of clothes, adequate shelter, food, prospects, soap, or respite. I'm talking about little kids selling tissues from car to car all day long with their brothers, sisters, and mothers. It's abject poverty and misery with no chance of upward mobility for them or their future children. The exchange rates are so horrible, you'd have to work an extra 200 hours a week to make the same amount you do now. But I doubt you'd ever find the same pay, anyway, even though I don't even know what you do. I say that because working at McDonald's as a cashier is a fancy job around here, and you have to be able to speak English, read, and be well-groomed, and if you have all that, you might be alright either way. But you'll never go anywhere else but the place where you grew up. Some people get no help at all, not even begging on the street. If a homeless orphan boy asks for spare change, he'll be told to get a job. The top 1% has stripped the third world of all their resources, taken everything to the point where you'd have to work for the very corporations that stole everything including land the same families have lived on for generations, get paid a buck or two a day, send it to be manufactured a a sweat shop after which it's packaged and sold in rich countries that get all the tax revenue for it, and if it does get sold in the country that provided the resources, they people who slaved over it can't even afford to buy it because it's be like $14 for a can of ravioli or whatever. Get off your high horse. You've never even seen real work, real and hopeless and never ending work, and the pay that makes a person want to just lay down and die instead, to be making comments like that. Then you'll turn around and tell every one of those desperate, tired, starving people to stay out of your country because they haven't earned the right to be there, which is impossible. Go somewhere else you weren't unfortunate enough to be born and trapped in like the West Bank for just one day and come back and say something like that again. I am very sorry to talk like that, but please. You don't even know the extent of how much you don't know what you're talking about. And don't respond you were only talking about the US or Europe or wherever you're from. The whole planet is being ransacked while there's still time, ransacked and hoarded for a very few.

    4. My teenage son sometimes says well that's a "nice first world problem to have" , we dont understand the depth of the problems you are living in.

      Corporate corruption of the UN through tools like Harry Anslinger blocked aid to countries growing hemp.

      What a mega deceitful CON

      If the 2nd and 3rd world grew hemp they would have

      -Fuel for all cars, no imported oil.Don't believe me look up Henry Ford and hemp
      - Non THC hemp seed would stop world starvation.
      - Make better cloth than cotton, without pesticides.
      -Better paper.
      - Amazing building materials
      - Top rate health as Rick Simpson showed his distilled marijuana grease cures cancer
      - Makes plastics
      - Can replace 90+ of all steel in cars.
      - All local don't need a World bank, IMF, hand out to economically enslave your nation and allows the 1% to buy your public owned utilities.
      - Make think like wood varnish as just one of 10,000+ uses.
      - Hemp would eliminate much of their economic lien over you. Hemp has to be suppressed for an imperialistic new world structure. Free hemp farming and seed collection will blow their control paradigm up. Hemp is that big an issue.

      So if you are one of those dumb people who think hemp is about "potheads" they really have you fooled. To look at hemp suppression is to lift the veil, but be warned it will show you the depth of decide and your enslavement.

    5. And there is too a fixed amount of stuff! How much money do you think is in the world? Money is supposed to stand for gold or something similar. It doesn't anymore! It's printed and digitized. The Federal Reserve is not ours, it's a private business that loans the US non-existent money by transferring balances by basically changing what's on the computer screen. And creative people? What are they creating with? They're not forming molecules out of thin air! Look, think about it like this: People grow and produce food. Once you eat it, you defecate. There's a reason why feces and dead bodies are good fertilizer: it's supposed to be a cycle. But we flush everything where it's sterilized and don't make sure to reproduce/regrow whatever we just ate. When we die, most of us will be in a concrete box. That stuff is gone forever. There is no such thing as unlimited energy and resources without the life cycle. Life is the only renewable energy in existence. To be creative like you're describing, you should start saving seeds and compost and grow your own food and wood rather than relying on someone else to do it for you. Get to it, now. Hope you have land.

    6. I agree

    7. There is a hole in that logic too. If hard work is what made people rich, then why the hell are there not millions of millionaires in Africa? Few in this world, work as hard as an African woman, yet they are amoung the poorest around.

      How many CEO's of a corporation can we have? What about the guy who join our company in a nice management position because daddy owns the business.... 60 k a year and barely showed up.

      Please tell me again why that hard worker on the front line isn't making so much more than they are? Doesn't a company need everyone to be effective? Therefore, are not all positions within a company of relatively equal importance? Why is pay not? I've yet to meet a CEO who works 300 times harder than the employees.

      Personally, if I'm making enough that I enjoy the luxuries of life I need, why do I need more? How much is enough? According to some scientists currently 75K per year. They have researched the subject and found you get a diminishing return on your investment of happiness. Just like research I have read shows evidence of high stakes financial deals having a similar impact on the brain to cocaine.

      "Sixteen tons and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt. St. Peter don't you call me, cause I can't go. I owe my soul to the company store."

      I suggest you look at Haitian sugar cane plantations and tell me of the equal pay given to those workers by the company owners. There are many examples around the world. Hard work only helps if there are people who are willing to compensate you, and a good company takes care of it's employees, because the employees take care of the business. Walmart is doing it wrong (unless you're on the joyful end of those profits).

      I'm happy to give away much of what I make, when my needs are met. I don't care that bad about stuff, can't take it with me.

    8. I see that at this point, you have 11 cohorts. Are they all as, I mean 'pro'gressive as you?

  45. There's three options one let fate take us, two change to the world to god and three a nuke kills everyone on the face the world.

    1. The first two are the same thing and the first makes the third impossible

  46. I've learned from 'The Amateur' that the cult Obama is operating as an Islamic Trojan Horse in the White House. His advisers are Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama. He isolates Israel and favors the Muslim middle East because he was orignally a Muslim born of a Kenyan Muslim father and a white atheist. You can read "The Amateur' or read 'The Roots of Obama's Rage.'

  47. The NWO conspiricists have a lot right: global finance and corporations are the problem, money is the route of all evil, its their solution which is wrong. in fact i don't think they propose a solution. They misguidedly fear international cooperation and state infrastructure. in our globalized world their are too many problems which occur beyond borders to act only at state level. issues such as climate change, food security international conflict etc. state level apparatus is needed in order to protect the vulnerable within a country or state- this is where i disagree most. The British system gives free medical care, it does not attempt to limit it. the US system leaves sick uninsured people to perish! I believe that is a far greater evil than state infrastructure. like all conspiracy theories, the truth lies somewhere in the middle- not in the official line and not with the conspiricists.

    1. Its not the NWO conspirators, but NWO realists.

      The USA is owned since the FED act of 1913, in a way enslaved .

      Henry Ford tried to get us to run all out cars on hemp ethanol, he ran 40000 cars from 10,000 acres of hemp. Prohibition was about stoppping th stills to run cars

      Watch on youtube Rick Simpsion and RUN FROM CURE from the cure (one of many for cancer). Prepared to let 10's of millions to die from Cancer , you family, and friends when there are cures, does that not make you angry. Change the whole congress at the next mid term elections

      Unless there is technology that can read our thoughts, then go into that ballot and vote for someone not in the major parties, waste them take away their tools.

      You have a few months to stop talking in blogs and start new parties and upset the mid terms in Or is it too late for new parties and you have duped yourself again.

      I bring up hemp because its so in your face the corruption , it will allow you to change asleep people into mildly awake.

      10,000+ uses.

      Who ever needed oil from the ground. Your nation is so asleep and are a tool to help take us down.

      Manufactured wars a speciality of your nation.

      Please wake up create new parties and take back your democracy.

  48. I think it's just sad. We are an incredibly intelligent species, yet we let barbaric elitist's rule us still. Its 2012, this little film was made over 2 years ago and its still completely true, nothing has changed, in fact its still getting worse. Every single day we read every where that something in this planet is getting worse or is crumbling or who died in some war we don't NEED TO BE IN ANYMORE! Its all a plan by rich people, think about it, our entire human history, a few rich have controlled a lot of other people that did not have anything even comparable to the wealth they had. It's just sad some of us are smarter than this, yet we have to sit back and watch as every value this country was founded on, ****, even every human right that every single person on this planet should have is hog tied by a bunch of rich ***holes! I just fail to see through human history and pattern that we were meant to really survive...

  49. Democracy has become corrupt beyond redemption. We are all guilty of allowing this to happen. We the people of every nation must stand up and say , NO!! topple our governments and start the change to end globalization and destroy the world bank.

  50. I wish it were garbage.Obama would not know the big picture he another leaders are so well groomed on what to say to the general pubiic but there's nothing to be gained by ignoring hat looks like facts.

  51. What utter garbage.

  52. Nothing people going to do but what they plan for us, nothing is going to change!

  53. I hate people!

    1. i so agree, but i still hate you too

  54. Racism? thats old hat, not a subject these days.Manufactured fear of terrorists catalysed by 9-11 is a subject. Just how much weaponry has been bought since then and who loaned the the money to pay for that not to mention all the 'security' manpower,electronic equipment etc the cost of the war in Afghanistan in equipment and lives, And for what purpose? well, there' a good lineup of 'why' in the documentaries.

  55. If this were a dictator, I might agree with you, but where is the responsibility of the 'do nothing' congress and house? no blame there only that is all PRESIDENT Obama's fault. GET REAL! and learn the constitution. Racist will use any garbage to prove how raciest they are!!!!!!!

    1. Dear SickandTiredofRacismInAmerica.

      You know what i'm sick and tired of ?.

      Anti-racist bull******** like you who classify letting a f*rt next to a black guy is racism. Don't take me the wrong way, i despise it nonetheless, but it's ***holes like you who only propagate the problem by blowing things out of context. I think if we would just shut the **** up, and discredit racists (which they are) it will eventually die out.

      An analogy

      10 people divided in 5 races 2 individuals each

      1 of each race is a (genuine) racist.

      The other 5 not, The racists just get to deal with the racists and we shouldn't give a ****, in this construction the racism problem counts 5 people half of the population.

      If the other 5 then make a coalition against the 5 racists what happens is all their attention shifts to you in a 50/50 clash.

      At the end of the day, in this construction the racism problem counts 10 people the whole population.

      So please,..... please..... just shut the **** up about racism, and leave things up to courtrooms and judges in case of actual racism.


    2. So does that mean you disagree with all the anti-Bush rhetoric, too? Doubt it.

  56. Obama has sold out not only his own country but the millions of supporters worldwide.Short on intelligence big on force its so glaringly obvious now that he is only continuing where Bush left off and the opportunity to recover government by the people for the people is almost lost,only a tough new no nonsense no boasting man of action with a good team behind him would show immediately what a bunch of sheep are presently roaming the Whitehouse.

  57. Obama is a criminal

  58. so true corporate's government and all politician 's in every country is controlled by corporate's and change is just a myth .. specially when it comes from a politician....

  59. obama is the guy who's uncle liberated auschwitz so he says just like he said he will close down Guantanamo

  60. Ok, Obama will save the planet because he

  61. Heres a real statement backed by facts. 2010-2012 combined arms investments and sales equaled something like 1.67 trillion. to but some pers[perspective spend a million dollars a day since the time of christ and you wouldnt even have spent 1/3 of those funds.. we spent it in two years.

  62. Or just type in the search bar - Rothschild

    Here are some that are very interesting

    1. The House of Rothschild
    2. The Ascent of Money
    3. Protocols of Zion
    4. Wake up Call: The New Wolrd Order
    5. The Money Fix

  63. If you are interested in understanding more about the Rothchild's (Red Shield) nee Loebs, their extended family, the different banks they own - including the Federal Reserve with Bank of England etc - and how they manipulate wars and aggression you can watch these documentaries:

    1.Matrix of Evil
    2. Dealers in Death
    3. Hollywood and the War Machine
    4. Uncovered the War of Iraq
    5. Showdown on Iran
    6. War and Globalization
    7. Why We Fight
    8. The Ultimate Con
    9. War on Our World

    I have been a disbeliever for a long time, trying to sideline the 'conspiracy theorists' but as I learn more about how the world works - the more I understand how the financial and military and politics are all intermingled.

  64. All rubbish. Stop lying. This all is just a lie. the reason for making this is clear

  65. i don't vote...never will.

    1. I don't either and i wish for once, everyone stayed away from the poll on the next election. What a message that would be?
      Every time people elect a president or prime minister, within weeks or at best months they end up unsatisfied, they end up matter how much potential the guy was hoped to have.
      They are ALL crooks and no one seem to learn a lesson from the last one in place.??????

  66. Make no mistake there is an unseen agenda (hidden hand) driven by forces behind the stage at work. Fueled by an addiction for Greed (monetary) and Power (control) by a hidden hierarchy that is embolden as it races to usurp the worlds inhabitants. If you do not think so you need to restudy the real truth of history and not what was spoon fed to you. "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain"! Remember : "these are not the droids were looking for" ! This was only a test you can now go back to sleep and live your American dream.

  67. A lot of people seem to get hung up over this 'president' thing.
    Yet a lot of people seem to miss the fact that the president, for all the power and influence he is assumed to have, is merely a puppet. The true power in Washington does not lie in the hands of a single man, but rather in a handful of men. They do not give speeches, campaign for your support or sling mud at their opponents on FOX News. Instead, they work in the shadows and deep into the dead of night. They are not like the rest of us, they do not have the same concerns, worries or considerations that we do. The true power of government comes from a world which the common citizenry does not, and will not, have access to.

    To change government, We the People must confront the true power structure that lies behind the puppet position of 'president'. The money power and those men who wield it, are the true masters in this darkened era of neo-slavery.

    If you know where the power really resides in Government, watch the State of the Union address and pay close attention to the reactions and facial expressions of a few key men. Do this and you shall see that the State of this so-called Union is not good, and may never be good again.

  68. These men are just candidates its no news. The bankers, cooperations, big pharma, oil kings and billionaire's are all behind them, all they do is just sell the propaganda to the people.

  69. Obama, the President of The US is the FIRST President in history to Bow to the leader of another country NOT TO MENTION the Leader of a Country that the US has been at war with for over a decade A country who has taken thousands of innocent American lives. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FAITH!!!! however dont you think its a little too ironic that Bush declares war on the muslims then a Muslim US president steps into Office and MAkes PEACE with a subserviant BOW.

  70. Obama is just another politician caught up in money. But to say that he is part of the NWO, something there is not even any proof of, is ridiculous. Not that he is Muslim, but so what if he was!!! And I do believe he proved he was American, and Justin, please show me a lie in Moore's films. One lie gets you 1000 bucks. The only lies told were those by conservatives about Michael Moore which you obviously believe. No doubt a FOX News watcher.

  71. Obviously this isn't true. We just pulled out of Iraq. Hmmm, Obama killed Bin Laden, proves he was born here, and you guys are silent??? Boy, didn't quite turn out the way you thought it would, did it? Go back to your NWOs and leave the thinking to us rationalists. Just please, shut up.

  72. Justin Mars, you have no brain. Name one thing in his movies that is false and I'll send you 1000 dollars, then 100 bucks for any other ones as well. There isn't anything in the way of lies there at all, and for all you m*rons who think he is not an American citizen and that some "high up" guys decided to make Hawaii a state so it could give birth to the 44th president 50 years later, you have no brains. Not that it would matter if he was a Muslim, but he clearly isn't. Both religions are just as crazy anyway, but the fact is he is simply another politician that was sucked into politics and money. He just isn't as cruel and corrupt as republicans. M*rons everywhere!

  73. He's not even an American citizen and his religion is the hell did he become the president lol?

    1. WTF! You American people are all the same. How about some "facts" to back up that comment. OH YA. It is entirely false. And I suppose you honestly believe Mitt Romney will be a better president. BAH!

    2. lol @ Sweeney_Todd his comment was 6 months ago and look at where we are now...It's so scary how this film is the reality.

    3. The same way they all get elected. He was considered the better of two evils.

  74. I would like nothing more than to have a revamp of the tax system. The structure used today is so biased against middle class. The wealthy get breaks, the poor get breaks and the working stiff gets the shaft. Bogus churches don't pay a penny. Start a not-for-profit and don't pay a penny. Any of you can complain about how much you don't want a socialistic govt., but every program that does any good, Medicare, Social Security, Veterans benefits are socialistic by nature. Any old folks out there willing to give up those benefits to make your point about socialism? Don't think so. There is a long standing issue with almost all administrations going as far back as there is records of deceit and alterior motives and sadly this is how the game is played. We need term limits for all levels of public office, why the hell do we have senators who have served up to their 80s? Anyone should be able to run for office and it should be funded by tax dollars a flat amount for each candidate, not private contributions of any kind. Air time both radio and television is provided free of charge by public radio and television. Each candidate gets a certain amount of time. Debates would be limited to a few and they too would happen on public television and radio, funded by tax dollars. Liable and slander would be outlawed for any candidate. No mud slinging of any kind would be allowed. So, now the teacher, the homemaker, the local business person could run for office and the playing field would be level for all. We have made it impossible for an average person of minimal means to do this under our current campaign methods. The next thing to go would be to outlaw Lobbiest at all levels of govt. No private money would be allowed to be donated to anyone running or in public office, it would be a crime to accept. If anyone of you think any one of our past Presidents wasn't a liar or a manipulator you have your head in the sand. What needs to be measured is how do we hang on to the beneficial aspects of our freedom, while protecting our citizens from terror, how do we respect the amendments without using them as a jumping off point for making a stand on something like no guns should be outlawed. Instead of watching this biased film alone, check out films by Michael Moore that covers everything from Capitalism to National Healthcare. Sure they are biased, but the research is there to back up the data. Not convinced that's the case with this doc.

    1. Rebecca, I'd like to point out that those churches who don't "pay a thing" as you say, feed, cloth and support people in communities where 'government support is spread thin.' I'm older, and I watch what is going on in our nation...and when families are hungry, or their house burns down, or a family member dies of a terminal disease, or a family needs a car, or financial support during the long illness of a child... it is often the church and the people of the church who step up and care for those. It is support, not socialism. Some churches even have lending programs to hlep people who are loosing their homes. We can never seperate church and state, because the church picks up where the state?fed government stops.

    2. Seriously? Michael Moore? You do know his films are all set up and fake. He pays people to act and he makes up false data constantly.

    3. M*ron. Show me one lie and I'll send you 1000 bucks. And this is a censored commenting section--only after a moderator approves your comment can it be posted. I wonder why???????? Maybe that way he won't have anyone simply crushing his ridiculous "New World Order" into pieces! But Justin, you show me one lie by Moore. Everything has already been sorted out and it turns out everything he actually said was true, it's just the stuff conservatives said he said, which he didn't say, were lies. Go back to your New World Order and leave the thinking to us rationalists. Psycho.

    4. And you know that all of your so called "data" is skepticism and that you have no idea what you are talking about, right? Like I said, Moore's stats are correct, so is his data. Not one thing is a lie. Of course what the conservatives said he talked about was a lie, but so was what they said in the first place! What he actually says is truth--what conservatives say he says are lies. Obviously a right winged nut.

  75. It is pretty simple really. Forget about the rhetoric that he constantly reads from his teleprompter and instead, look at the people behind the scenes, in the Obama administration. People that HE appointed. Look at their history and their affiliations. Anyone can find this information. I think that even most idiots learn from a very early age to judge a person by their ACTIONS, rather than their WORDS. He is a sock puppet. Nothing more.

  76. Anyone who buys everything they see and hear is a fool. Do your own homework and form your own thoughts on these issues. Example: One Mt. Helena size volvano spits out as much cr*p into the air as man has in the last 50 years. Carbon dioxide is what you exhale!! What every living thing exhales. Trees love it and make oxygen. R***rds!! Didn't you study or listen at all in basic science? There are hundreds of volcanoes going off under the sea and on land at any given time.
    As far as politics, Ol'Bumba is a liar, look at his record. he had both houses for two years and did nothing. Id***s!!

  77. im not sure if anyone saw this show called ALTERNATE HISTORY on spike tv, and its a show about what if the germans wouldve won WW2 and how our country wouldve been enslaved in concentration camps and forced into slave labor. i think The U.S. is trying to do the same thing but instead of slave labor, its Slavery Thru Debt. maybe its true, maybe not. but no matter how small or insignificant, its always something to think about. the media has its ways of letting the public know whats happening, or whats going to happen. in any event, God bless us all.

  78. I was with ya---until I heard about taxing car travel.
    It may be heresy in the US-but the church -to keep the metaphor going
    -the church who holds this as an article of faith-will be gone-
    ....unless something is done very soon

  79. ------------the narrator here -and in some other docs-speaks like a Hollywood promo voice-over artist-which is a pity,
    as it distracts-or worse .....
    detracts from the message.

  80. I'm skeptical.

    The problem with these documentaries and sources in general is that everyone has a bias and it is extremely hard to be objective. Anyone can find evidence to support a theory. This in my opinion is no different. No one knows what is really going on except the people that are involved.

    1. I happen to be not so skeptical about what's expressed in this documentary. Why? Besides the fact that I'm clearly borderline-schizophrenic, Epistemology. Well, not necessarily, but at least deep reflection and self-examination of what I think know. And the reason that I think this documentary makes a lot of valid points is because it coincides with my paradigm.

      Yes I agree that all evidence is biased, any one who's ever attempted to work with the scientific method knows that, but that's because all opinions are biased, including the decision making skills of anything with a brain.

  81. Whether Obama is deceiving us or not, the problem behind the scene is greater then him. Obama might just be giving us clues to New world order by choosing to cooperate with people from wall street. Throughout history presidents that went against New world order got killed. Obama is not a super human but i think he's doing a good job at putting the truth out there. It is only from the inside that he can help us.
    The argument that struck me the most after reading most of the posts is that everyone here is good at giving opinions, like i am doing right now, but in the end actions speak louder then words.
    Alex Jones can see something strange and i believe that he is afraid for his safety. Throughout this documentary he shares his concern and for that i thank him because with it we can be aware and awareness is the first step to taking action.

  82. Much of this information is extremely interesting and enlightening.

    But CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL YOU IDIOTS. This documentary rambles on and on about how Obama left the environment forsaken and how the Oligarchyblahblahblah is going to make so much money by funding the climate change "lie." If there IS an oligarchy, it MOST CERTAINLY INCLUDES FOSSIL FUEL GIANTS AND OTHER POLLUTING CORPORATIONS. These corporations give millions of dollars to fund anti-climate change science and debunk it as "psuedoscience." FOLLOW THE MONEY. Yeah, Al Gore made lots of money on global warming. He's just cashing in on the "green" trend. Who knows, maybe he actually even cares a bit? Or perhaps revenge on the Oligarchy for not choosing him over Bush? The fact that Al Gore has made money on Climate Change does not in any way debase the REAL and catastrophic effects that irresponsible, greedy people have had on the planet.

    Think of it this way. We know that CO2 breaks down the Earth's protective atmosphere. Since the Industrial Revolution, humans have pumped MILLIONS OF TONS of CO2 into the atmosphere. So what happened to all the CO2? I'll give you a hint: it did not just float off into space. Think Newton's law.

    I was with this documentary until it turned into a piece of Tea Party propaganda BULL$%@*. Oh no! Obama's actually a fascist! He's trying to take our guns and tax us for driving around our SUV's and eating hamburgers! Where have I heard that crap before? Oh yeah, FOX NEWS.

    My advice: watch the first three quarters, turn it off, and walk away.

  83. he didn't get assassinated so you should have known he was apart of the plan...

  84. Hey, kooks! Does this, or any other propaganda piece on this site, prove anything? The person truly calling the shots can go by any name- president or otherwise. So what? All I see and hear on this site is problems vice solutions. anyone can stand on the street with a megaphone and scream their sphincter out but it doesn't do much more than turn the microscope in the direction of the spew. Blah, Blah, Blah, stop complaining and produce some results. I can mix up clips from all of the films on this site, like everybody else, and make my own little government/satanic ritual/douchebag philosopher montage. Does that make me an authority on anything? Some say "knowlege is power"-wrong! When you got picked last for dodgeball, and acquired the knowlege that you could not contribute to the team, did that empower you? They may worship an owl and the scumbag around the corner may shoot heroin for kicks. Let their addictions be their undoing. Are you any better? What are your beliefs? You are all that matters!

    1. Soo much Anger in this 1 ther iz, clouded with fear his mind has become... instead of judging the man or his cause, judge the facts or observations around u. Look at what makes sense, keep an opened mind 2 what he says, even if its 2 try & prove him wrong. =) this kinda stuff has happened all through history. The reason I would even comment on this kinda response is -->> KNOWLEDGE TRULY IS THE GREATEST POWER IN THE UNIVERSE!<<-- NEVER STOP SEARCHING 4 THE TRUTH 4 the truth shall set u free!.....of Ignorants.
      plz learn more before u speak. thnks 4 listening ;oD

    2. As I began to read your reply, I was tempted to use a yoda voice. Really? Talking like that must get you a lot of attention from the opposite sex. Ok, go- what do you know? You "kinda" know how to patronize, but give me some facts. I'm pretty sure I picked up on the facts in the doc, but the rest seemed like pure conjecture. Since I'm not supposed to speak until I learn more, educate me. BTW, practice what you preach. Don't judge me or my cause. What have you observed in reality, as opposed to something a college kid or DJ has told you on a film? When will you do something more than talk down to people you obviously know nothing about? When they put a carbon tax on your Star Wars toys?

    3. Ok sir, never been picked last 4 dodge ball, think I may have played with StarWars toys though, never did pay that carbon tax u speak of. Sounding like Yoda was the point of the first sentence, you asked 4 more knowledge & solutions vs problems. And I'd love 2 c all learn more check this for solutions>> Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

      And 4 more knowledge on what the "kooks" R talking about watch>> Ring of Power. (5 hrs long though)

      Ps can't wait 2 hear ur loving response! =D Find them facts!

    4. Mr. GilalFlatulence, that's quite a name there! I read YOUR comment and I read 1Jeti's comment as well and I have to say, after re-reading his words a couple of times, he does make sense. You see you're trying to say that action talks louder than words and that standing outside there with a megaphone makes no difference, well first of all, a lot of different causes have been brought to MANY people's attention around the Globe in the past THROUGH such peaceful protests. Due to that reason alone I think making such protests is progress enough. And also knowledge IS important because it is the first step to a rebellion and to making positive changes. Until people aren't aware of a problem, HOW will they MAKE the changes in the first place? Maybe you are right and according to you what Alex Jones is doing outside the Federal Reserve isn't ENOUGH, but hey! It's a start! i know one thing for sure, you would never find such information on the MAINSTREAM media. So every bit of information we can find is helpful. It is then up to our logic to sift through the info and judge what is right or wrong and how to deal with the information. In regards to the authenticity of the points made in the documentary, u need to understand that such documentaries need the viewer to go do external research on each component, only then will you be able to know that most of their references and points are infact quite SPOT ON! after that you are free to be the judge as to whether any of it is true or pure fiction.

  85. Well..."I" didn't vote for him. That guy has done sold his soul to the Devil.

    1. Who did you vote for "McCain"? What a joke! Obama fooled a lot of us; promising a lot and doing nothing and having no backbone; thats why I for one cannot see myself voting for him ever again; but "McCain and Palin"?. If you voted for these two dumb clowns, you have no right to complain about ANYTHING.

  86. Just FYI, the guy responsible for this and other similar documentaries is firstly a clown and secondly receives a stipend from agents of the FSB, the renamed Russian KGB. Go figure, they're always looking to make more useful idiots.

    Too bad they can't extradite the guy like the rest of the spying Russian posse of infiltrators.

    1. Where did you get this information? Using google, the only connection I can find between Alex Jones and the FSB is negative comments made by Jones about the FSB on his website, infowars, which seems to contradict you. Can you give a link or citation? I would really like to verify if this is true. I don't agree with Jones as a gut reaction, but his research seems sound and his arguments are tight and logical. I would love any legitimate reason to doubt his conclusions, and a hidden foreign agenda would be a good place to start. Thanks.

  87. you people in USA,O man thats a great county ,your FK

  88. From what I've read in the describtion this should clearly be a "Conspiracy" documentary. I have seen a few documentaries now here in the "politics" section that don't belong there.

  89. What a fake ass president, He is the black puppet in the "White House".
    We might as well have" President Bush" in office.

  90. I wish Obama was on our side but he is not, that's another story which I have had enough of telling, I'm not a crackpot I'm not suggesting anything but I guess it matters not what I think, the question is who is Barak Obama really? I mean has he got some cousin we don't know about because he is trying to bankrupt America giving money away which the US doesn't have and the rumour is he is trying to end free speech and take away the right to own guns for Americans. Why is he the president of the United States, a Muslim president during a time when Radical Islamists such as the Taliban openly admit that when the US are defeated in Afghanistan the Jihad will continue in the middle east and into Europe. Conspiracy nuts and other crazy people are destroying us, it's hard to see the truth but inside Islamic schools etc there is preparation taking place and this will come to fruition at some point in the near future.

    1. f you actually think Obama is a muslim you are mistaken. if you really think his cousin has some influence on his decisions you are mistaken, if you think he is going to end free speech or take away your guns you are greatly mistaken.

      not of your claims are substantiated.

    2. Look man,
      EVERYTHING you mention here; ending free speech, spending money we don't have etc., etc., were George Bush's programs. Please pay attention and don't act on the "dog whistles" of those who actually created all your problems and are now screaming on Fox "news" and talk radio pointing the blame at someone else. It is so sad that they are succeeding. Don't be a sucker

    3. Yes, because Obama has not spent any money the past three years...

  91. I'm glad the American people finally know what the rest of the world knew for decades.

  92. Why is this countries inhabitants sooo f--king paranoid xenophobic not undereducated but miseducated and loving it. Enjoy your prison of fear Americans!

    Next time you feel real patriotic and build the nerve to mutter Fiscal opinions of the current administration ... take a drive to Dallas and let Ol' Bush know how you really feel about Spending, Barrowing, Military, Job Growth, Regulation, Stimulus.

    Sometimes it hurts to be aligned with emotional Conservatives.

  93. Can you imagine if democrats and republicans are setting up a plan to use Obama who is not black, as the major player in a major scam to destroy certain colors of people in america.Like useing the blacks who were the first to vote for him, and then the browns and then the idiot white suckers fell right in line.A real nice plan to put people back where they belong. Like blacks into slavory,like browns into pions, and like whites,into the middle class workers that kept this country going by working their asses off to make the rich get richer.Maybe we should think about what will happen if this country is overthrown

    1. Rofl...ignorance at it's fullest. Good thing God has a place for you...Hell. Where you and your racist hellmates can have a huge debate on why ya'll shouldn't or should be in hell. That goes for all racist and ignorant people; white,black,red, yellow and brown!

  94. Swiss cheese. The beginning about the FED was cool, but there is so much opinion towards the end. Some of this garbo was just wrong.

  95. This documentary is really lacking in factual evidence and credible interviewees. The facts presented in this movie take up about 10 minutes and the rest is a loosely connected theory with little to no evidence to back it up.

    He interviews two rappers. The guy talking about global warming is a historian. The two investigative journalists give no evidence or explanation to what they are saying.

  96. How the hell are you gonna remove these people from power when they have more money than most governments can count hahahah. They'll just hire the next hungriest assassin and take out whoever they want.

  97. Sarah...great point...if there were a grain of truth to this 'documentary' it would not be for sale at one can dispute that!

  98. I've always felt and known deep inside that the president, any president is just a puppet, they follow instructions. If they step out of line, I think they are taken down! With the thought of this possibly being true, we must consider and question the origins of agenda. Additionally, we must ask ourselves and discuss how far down the road of this secret agenda are we? It's troubling to think that there is a possible agenda that we have no Idea what it's direct purpose is, due to the fact that it's hidden. I think it's imperative that we have sensible discussion and not bash each other in these forums because of personal doubts and narrow mindedness. Consider one reality that we all watched play out with the economy in recent years. Do you really think that the government didn't know that the mortgage crisis was headed where it ended up. Be real, they'll catch you if you screw up on your taxes for 2K bucks, but this flew right over their heads, yea right. This leads one to believe that these events were allowed to occur. They had to know because we all saw and knew what was going on.
    A hot dog stand guy buys a house for 600K with the $ help from his broker which helped push him over the fence financially. Was he able to keep the house? probably not...who knows but this is a conflict of interest. If a crack dealer parked what looked like an ice cream truck outside of your kids school would all of you parents question it? Well we should be thinking about why the federal reserve bank is not a government agency, but is a private entity. This is worse than a crack/ice cream truck in your kids play ground because it effects your ability to leave behind a future with liberty, freedom, and justice in your absence. They will possibly not have the freedoms that we have today. Yes, we must absolutely question authority and their agenda, or pay the consequences later. Please wake up and at least start discussing this because the clock is running, even for those who sleep!

  99. we have only on thing to fear and that is fear itself,united we stand devided we fall, if they can keep us fighting amoungst ourselves they are doing there job.wake up people this goverments track record speeks for itself they manipulate the public all trough history for whatever agenda they to the natives,blacks,gays or any group that they want rule,read your historythey have the money ,power to do what they want and any one who points to truths are made out to be crack pots.So we can be devided so easiely its discusting.THE ONLY HOPE I HAVE IS AN INTERNAL AWAKENING OF THE SPIRIT WITHEN AND THATS A LONG SHOT WAKE UP PEOPLE TRY TO RECOGNIZE MANIPULATION WHEN YOU SEE IT, THEY WANT US BLIND AND DIVIDED FIGHTING AGAINST EACH OTHER

  100. Oh wait, you do have police state 4. good show

  101. Thanks for putting this on the site Vlatko. You should put Police State 4 as well. Comments on that might be interesting.

  102. Alexes movies are funny to watch, tho he just has a love for consipiracy and wants to make them up and prolly fully believes them himself, sadly he ( Alex )also makes most of the " facts" up and has no proof what so ever. If course he is right in some things, but he over does it and takes it way too far, most of the people he interviews are as paranoid as he.

  103. Hodin, very interesting points. That is one of the longer posts that while I disagreed with parts, was able to read through and enjoy!

    Alex, Alex, Alex ... I love the guy, but he is obviously as biased a source of information as you could possibly hope to find. I don't think Alex has a disingenuous bone is his body, though ... and he has often stood up and shouted for truth in all the right ways. I truly love Alex, but he is a bit of a nutter :)

  104. Hate mongers.

  105. I don't know about any of you, but I prefer to stay biased on a situation before I believe it. Ive never been to antartica, so I dont know if its actually melting, although my personal opinion is that it is. Ive never seen any top secret documents stating any proof of Obama relating himself to any NWO groups. Same for aliens, God, blah blah.... The point is that I cannot believe ANYTHING I see on the internet, or anything published by people Ive never met, no matter their credentials. I must have solid proof in my hands or in front of me, in real life, not a doc.

    p.s.. I still havent seen any of these "conspiracy" docs yet, but im sure they will argue their side excellently.

  106. Very interesting Documentary.

  107. Nothing you say will ***** or ***** because oba*** ***mbies is w***ing a just fu***th Jesus whore. This documentary is exactly what ****th foreclosed from foreign banks. Even if oba*** ***mbies ***** sex with Jesus. But so what?

  108. We of the Illuminati do not reveal ourselves. Not to you. Not to the Jesuits. Not to Wiki. Not to the CIA. And certainly not to the makers of this documentary. Any resemblance to schemes of ours to dominate the world by stealth is coincidental. But we shall rule. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

  109. ZOMG, conspiracy!!!!

    Obama was put in the White House by the people behind the New World Order!!!!!

    Bush did 9/11!!!

    The Moon landings were fake!!!!

    The world will end in 2012 because the Mayan calendar's main cycle ends then!!! And the ecliptic of the Milky way aligns with the Earth!!! And the magnetic poles will switch places!!!!

    I think for myself and came to these conclusions!!!!

    It just so happens that these conclusions are the same some nutjobs came to and then spread everywhere!!!!

    Watch out for the reptilians!!!!

  110. everything on here I have already known but one thing I don't get is why there isn't another organization that doesn't try and stop them. Congress is like just big bag of old wind.

    What happened at G20 seems to be just test of the future police state. G20 one billion for police security! WTF
    then let's not even go into the oil spill BP funding Obama's Campaign , All the crazyness with BP, the Ruby Pipeline, Mustang killings, Mad Cow Disease, Company that makes the chemical they spray on the oil, Pegasus and Cerberus. The Child Porn scandals...and the list goes on and on. which can all be traced by the money trail to the Bilderberg group the Vatican and many of there secret societies.

    But what will happen is Wiki Leaks will in time start to release Cables that will bring everything to light and there will be no more hiding.

    They must have something right if they are illegally hacking accounts to delete this video on youtube, and just shut down 70,000 blogs criticizing BARRY SOETERO AKA BARAK OBAMA

  112. Alex Jones is a fear mongreler. He is in it only for the money.

  113. The circular logic in Alex Jones' docs are mind boggling. His conjecture is taken right out of republican talking points. I take it with a grain of salt. He raises some interesting points, but they're nothing more than opinion. As far as global warming is concerned, why didn't the US agree to Kyoto? If these corporate overlords rule our country and want cap and trade to solidify their world domination then why not agree with the terms? The US was one of the only nations not to comply.

    @ David Risely, your health care argument is misleading because people disagreed for different reasons which were not reflected in the polling data. Libs hated it because it had no public option or was not single-payer. Cons hated it because it changed the status quo and was a democratic plan,which ironically enough was the republican plan in the 90's submitted has a compromise to the Clinton overhaul. Your blanket statement about Obama calling police stupid is a joke. In case you've forgotten federal law trumps state law, that's what that whole civil war thing was about.

  114. At this point does it really matter what he said because at this point every president is pre-selected anyway.. I like Obama but I don't follow his every word so aimlessly. He is a man not a God and I think that during these next elections that I will not vote because it is all built on lies and why should I waist my time and energies? In time the truth will come out but I think that being a family man should make you stand for something instead of falling for everything. Michelle to me does not seem to be phony, even thought I did see her do the devil sign once. On top of that I see nothing wrong with socialism and capitalism to me seen very evil a lot of times.

  115. The movie hits the mark. We have a President who want to be a dictator. Watch him every time he is at a Press Conference, it is always about him. A good example is the Arizona law, President Obama makes the Statement that he doesn't like the Law. Who the hell is he... I mean Arizona is a State with a Governor. The President himself has no business trying to tell a Governor how to run her state. If he doesn't like the Law, let him take it to the Supreme Court. Instead President Obama acts as if he says a Law is no good, then somehow we the people must bow to him. Look at Healthcare, the majority of the People spoke and did not like the bill, President Obama made it clear that no matter what, he would get the legislation passed. Look how President Obama has such distane for Police, how he calls Police stupid because his "friend" got upset. Look how President Obama out right lied about how Illegal Aliens would not receive health benefits. Look at Arizone, apparently President Obama Feels Illegals are his constituents and deserve American citizenship... do I really need to go on... of course not. Obama The Dictator is self evident.

  116. Watch Aaron Russo's "Freedom to Fascism" he does a great job of explaining the Federal Reserve System, International Banking System and the coming National ID card and the Microchip.

  117. This has conspiracty theory written all over after I watched them film a black guy reading some paper and looking around then leaving the place like some idiots who got caught looking into a window of a girls locker room. I can't believe they filmed some guy fallowing them...It didn't show the guy leaving the hotel...he ended up fallowing them up the street to what locked like a fastfood place. And when he was one the phone with "George" he sounded like my 18 year old brother when he is was a mess of words and half ass explaination possibly made up becaue he had nothing to talk about for the interview...I understand if people have issues with Obama as president and I was willing to hear what they had to say but after that idiotic adventure I had to turn the documentry off.

    Also what was with the text on the bottom of the screen telling me to buy the film at some website?

  118. After watching this, I started to consider; What would be the worst possible scenerio for and elite group of people bent on World domination? What came to my mind, and should be on each of our minds, is how to "end this". I propose that the only way to end this is for "We the People" to Unite as Americans and put the petty differences aside. The simple mentality of our previous generations is fading, Thank God, and people are starting to realize that Skin color means nothing, What matters is the values you hold near and dear. Equality is a right, our Declaration of Independence says it clearly. Its time to wake up to the real issues, and decide what we are going to DO about it. Not others, but each and every one reading this. WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO? be a slave or be free? as for me, I live free, and I will die free!!!

    1. Why is it that whenever someone doesn't agree with the popular, or 'official' explanation, they are labeled a nut, a kook, or a conspiracy theorist? Those of you who will not look seriously at another point of view is the reason things are allowed to progress as they are.

  119. This video was largely funded by a reactioniste, so the ideology is driven to conserve our values of staying the same.
    You must remember that Obama has not created the World Order, the I.M.F and regulate the economic status of the World, like as the situation with Greece, even Canada. They make it so our social needs become so expensive that governments are forced to privatize them which creates corruption. If you ever heard Obama talk in context, he states that things like road, infrastructure, and security must be government run solely because no one wants to spend their money on it because it does not benefit them. Like as with health care without government regulation private markets are set free to take peoples money, government must add some control so those richer corporation don't melt down the social stabilization. In America the 2% or the richest people are richer than the rest of the 98% of the American population. It is not about who is a puppet and trying to criticize the goodness of our will. If you ever listened to Obama in context you realize that he understands he can't oppose those forces which were set forth before him, however, he is trying to regulate it. By signing soon into law Wall Street reform, health care and he is the first and only President of nations leader to openly and transparently unify World leaders for more talking on nation states ideologies. "In a world of cynicism, we must keep the conviction and justify that we can sustain a positive will for betterment" Obama.
    And Global Warming is caused by globalization, it is not a secret, The more you make, burn and waste things the more you make the climate unbalanced, straight logic.

  120. To anyone who is not a fan of Obama's policies and fear a socialized government where were you 4 years go when More money was spent on unnecessary wars which never brought lower gas prices with no regulation of Banks created our nations financial crunch... Bush was the first person to make strides at buying out Banks ..... So the only Deception is not admitting your current president takes a more Pragmatic approach.

    Look in the Mirror your really only deceiving yourself

  121. Hey,

    i think we are all missing a point here, the documentary much as it was to show case Obama as a Great deception should be over looked. I ask you citizens of america (Thank God i am not one) in the WHOLE of America the only person who could be chosen as a president candidate was a BLACK MAN and an OLD WHITE MAN?? REALLY????? and more so now????

    Having the knowledge that the Economic crisis (09) was well staged what makes you think that the same guyz did not drive America to depths of desparation that ALL of you would be easily deceived to voting for a Black Guy??? Look at his present ministers... all from Bushs' GVT...

    Do you know the ultimate goal of the new world oder?

    it is to have ALL OF US Fitted with a MICROCHIP in the hand...or some wired body part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we will automatically be slaves....

    Open your mind and close your eyes...

    See clearer!!!


  122. So if this has any truth, what is anyone going to do about it, absolutely nothing. Everyone will continue with their lives because its out of anyone's control. For 100% of viewers it may have been interesting but thats where it ends.

    Let us slaves get on with our daily grind, that anyone working for a corporation is indirectly slaving for the Bilderberg Group in some way or another.

    We are all slaves to the system, get used to it and enjoy what positives come from it!! Nothing else to do.

  123. I am fairly new to the conspiricy world, as i haven't paid much attention to anything political since finding faith in Jesus Christ. But the things in this movie are very real and go back to the fall of lucifer and a third of the original Sons of God. Satan is trying to take over the world and the book of revelation is being fufilled before our very eyes. Satan is using Men as vessels due to their love of money as it is the root of all evil. Be at peace, for Jesus said when you hear of wars and rumors of wars don't be troubled. God Almighty will not let Satan destroy the world but God Almighty is wishing for his children to look to his Only Begotton Son for Peace and Strength. God Bless you all.

  124. I guest all the president that came before Obama were Good for America.......
    and i guess all this will be done in four because as everyone knows he is a one term president or so we hope...... oh! stupid me! that is the idea of the documentary it to make sure is a one time president......Ha Ha Ha Ha......

  125. all modern political concepts are similar word plays that twenty years ago wouldnt fool a 7 year old, let alone half the people of an entire nation, try WAR ON TERROR, think about it! going to war against an emotion!

    War is terrifying isn't it? so by fighting an emotion with an act that inspires that same emotion is actually encouraging both terrifying war and a war against the terrifying to the Nth degree- forever! amen.

    In the big depression FDR said a chicken in every pot, a car in every garage- noone screamed socialism then apart from a very small elite who had some stuff left that they didn't earn they got it from the sweat off the poors backs . Same is happening now but they've got wise to the fact that they have to get those same poor sweaty backs to actually call for their own enslavement!

    That is what is meant by sheeple- mark my words- YOUR OPINION ONLY MATTERS BECAUSE THEY TOLD YOU WHAT YOU THINK. freedom - America? Don't make me laugh, they're less free than the North Koreans- at least they realize they are oppressed- unlike the folks in Ohio.

    Slaves that squash their their own rebellion- not in the old way out of fear- but out of sheer stupidity and mass delusion. america is truly, truly f--ked up. like sheep who train themselves, feed themselves(by eating each other), herd themselves, slaughter themselves, butcher themselves and package themselves up in little plastic wrappers so the rich can feed off them like something out of a vampire movie.
    f--k American freedom - i want real liberty.

  126. free market cults- thats our problem! milton friedman and the "greed is good " philosophy -worst thing that ever happened to the world was this nasty little man- deregulating the banks making everyone a slave to the shareholder, including obama. 90% of the wealth in the hands of 10% of the population- tie this to the protestant work ethic and if you look at the stats its a total and complete form of slavery, except with no chains and only coincidental hidden racism. the "teaparty" are collectively the stupidest human beings on the face of the earth, blocking any progressive move toward what they call "liberalism"(- read equality) by claiming that liberals stop freedom(-read equality), just think about it, the two are one and the same concept- Jones is a bit mad but hes right - America has been hypnotised into fighting a concept with the very same concept!

    Its sheer lunacy- what would you think of me if i claimed i was heating my house by filling it full of ice cubes- that is essentially what bootcamp-momma-nazi palin and obamas detractors spend their time doing is arguing that we should solve our problems with the very tools that caused them!and nolt even try to change the greed is good model because its "freedom" which is a pretty way of saying "keep the status quo" tricking an enitre chunk of the uneducated tv watching masses into thinking that they will maintain their liberty by banning freedom???!!!

    I know a large portion of america is dumb as a load of bricks but there must be something else going on -even the stupidest man on earth would realise something was up if i took his food from him and told him i was doing it to prevent him from starving! mass hypnosis via televison is the only reasonable explanation for how this is occuring in country that bases its entire philosophy on freedom- when they cry freedom they are actually calling for your enslavement if that freedom has anything to do with these little occult symbols $£$£$£$£$£$£$£.

    The obamacon is on and noone wins apart from the men in the big houses.

  127. this is defanately food for though and is en lightening!
    some have the Mind-set's of lethargic stupor thanks ALEX

  128. I often find that the opinions of anyone who use the term "sheeple" to be highly suspect and usually the result of irrational paranoia, an almost religious mistrust of anything the government says or does, and an elitist feeling of superiority because they know the truth. And even though they know what the government and corporations are REALLY up to they do nothing but talk amongst all their other non sheeple sheep about it.

  129. How someone like Obama, a winner of nobel prize for peace, after receiving the prize, demanded 30,000 soldiers for afegasnistan????? Shame on you Obama

    This world is just f***ed up...i will never put a son of mine in this world full of s****!!!!!!! thats why i dont wanna have any children....

  130. mllea
    June 7th, 2009 at 16:08
    "The lack of intellectual conceptions behind this “documentary” is simply an example of the semi-literati attempting to disguise their racism in a format that will exacerbate the ignorance of the ignorant. Obama is coping with the mess of our society and doing his best to lead us in a direction out of the hole dug by all of us. America has become a society of “crotchisis” that need to pull our heads from between our legs and start addressing the horrors of our own creation.
    Stop announcing the end of the world and start doing something about hatred, apathy, ignorance, pollution, war, and starvation."

    It is ignorant to think obama is doing his best. Many of these people are right. The ability to question the government has created numerous countercultures, but a singular one totally against the very idea that one needs authority to maintain his life has never existed...Government was suppose to be servant to the people now the people serve the government. This is because more and more policy is needed for Statism, the Statist agenda is one that needs to maintain its existence...many others call this Socialism or Communism. The point is that when we really question things should we not question how these things...operate or began their operation.

    American Politics has shown me that it is nothing more than how free we ought to be...There is a brightline somewhere between the public state and the private citizenry. And are we actually trusting such a minute few to draw this line for us? Who is even really on our side?

    The frontier between the Government and its people is blurred further and further by competing factions. Bipartisanship has killed incentive and progress in a human sense. We are no more "wealthy" then the Ancients who started society. How free can you really be when you have to trust someone else with your freedom? How free am I if I have to say that because I lack something I deserve it...Incapacity does not mean we lack freedom. It would be eccentric to say that I am not free because I cannot understand calculus or that I broke my foot and that I cannot run. In this sense you have to ask yourself how free do I need to be? Political freedom is not everyone's primary concern. The abillity to attain your goals without interruption can largely be accomplished but there are so many who lack even what is basic to understanding what freedom really is...Aren't there?

    And yet there are so many who say they need they must stick their hand out and wait for the government to come. We have created a machine which we now depend on. "Our" creation is now "our" creator it does not need to rely on "us" anymore to take its next step it can act on its own and rather efficiently. Before you even say or think about for that matter that there is a conspiracy theory ask yourself is it possible that our government now has the power to go beyond "our" grasp.
    In my opinion yes. We are no longer free we are no longer wealthy. If we really wanted to solve poverty would our advocacy not take us down to the most impoverished of people and lead us to giving them our property?
    Capacity DOES NOT EQUAL Obligation

    Saying that everyone should be equal to the point of classlessness would undermine freedom this is the ultimate goal of a remove any chance of dissent.
    Everyone the same.
    Politically correct?
    The state should have been set up so that it could destroy itself but instead it was set up to continually exist and destroy the element of us, the people. The element or essence of the people. The State-People dichotomy is one that cannot be maintained. They are opposites and must destroy the other. They are not a composite. Democrats and Republicans have argued for years how to make this work. Social Moderates, Social Conservatives, Social Liberals.
    All I see is how free do we need to be?
    Do we need free speech, some of the time, all of the time?
    Do we need a free market, some of the time all of the time?
    Do we need the ability to practice our religion uninterrupted, some of the time, all of the time?
    Who even knows what I really need?
    For that matter what do I need?
    But questions such as these take us beyond an existence that "our comfort zone" cannot extend too.
    We slip back into our routines, we trust what is happening and relieve ourselves of the obligation. For the most part we are happy. But is the State?
    If the government happy? Is it wrong to think of it in human terms? For that matter does it even matter what we think about it, can exist on its own. It is a seperate culture. One of elitists, Political-Cum-Bureaucratic-Economic elites who have to tighten their restraints on humanity to continue living.
    Socialism/Statism to continue living, even as a well trained welfare state, requires a huge allocation of resources, and institutionalized discriminatory politics. It has to create a need to continue its existence. Otherwise people will see pointlessness in it and abandon it. Unless they can be trained to need the government.
    Affirmative Action?
    Gun Control?
    The justice system...the war on drugs/prohibitions?
    Protection and Security?
    Military and Police?
    Monopolized Industries?
    An oligarchic court?

    A strong centralized government would be the perfect opportunity to control society. Yet such a society will inevitably fail as it has time after time. Statism has never worked and never will. The society will collapse and explode with war, disease, anger and frustration, anarchy, famine, death, etc.

    Yes I am aware that in such a world one can do anything but if everyone were truly free do you not think that people would not quickly establish themselves and protect themselves and the ones they love.

    Saying that we need the government, that we need Obama or even that he is doing a good job is dangerous.

    I wish someone would just give us the answer. So that we no longer have to worry about authority.

    So that everything is voluntary. So that people only need to worry about some minimal area of freedom that everyone is entitled too and which is required in order to understand the basic necessity which freedom is. The ability to do as you please. This would be the only legitimate need for a government simply to draw that line forever and so that we understand which each human is entitled to truthfully. Which is the security or safety to grow into anything you want, into something, the point is that you can grow. You can achieve your goals without someone else bothering you. Yet to say that you will live your life without obstructing someone else is hard to imagine. Protection from aggression leads some to naturally want a government, a state to protect them.
    Even in the bible one of the most oldest texts, in the book of Samuel (the second one I believe). The God talks about the problem of having a king of having a leader for it will draw worship from him, it will enslave their sons and daughters under his guidance and not theirs. It will detract from their ability to be peaceful, intelligent and loving. It will create fear.

    And then violence. (Violence which seems to exist with or without the state) In many contexts but in similar forms. War and Violence be the end of us.

    And so the ability to be truly free still remains a myth. Nothing more then a question of legend. True wealth is dedicated to property and so in that sense their is no free market, there is a social market. A free market being one where no one can ever control complete production. Where you can always choose how you will prosper. Where it means putting power in the hands of the people utilizing the industry not in the hands of the industry. A "social" market does quite the opposite to what the American Liberal mindset believes it does. To what really anyone believe for what some call "Laissez-Faire" has never truly existed. A market or society for that matter that can choose its own course. Such an idea seems improbable, it's as if the idea itself is almost beyond my conception beyond recognition.

    But i quickly gather my thoughts and know that if I am to choose my own history, to have a duty to it, to have choice in that matter and not act on it that I will fail myself.

    And so I stand resolved:
    Anti-War, Anti-State, Free Market
    Peace, Freedom, Happiness

    That's really all I want.

  131. Two letters in response to this "documentary" on behalf of yours truly...B,S. Thanks.

  132. I do not believe that anyone is doing this to enslave anyone. even in this group of power elite there is still power struggles. each one of these people believe that their point of view is correct. We have all be in politics for centuries and all still have our own points of view. yes a couple are proablly racist. a couple are money hungry. a couple are drug addicted like other people are. some are scitzo. some are bipolar and some are add. this was from all the inbreeding over centuries too keep the line pure. every power hungry person in the us and europe and parts or russia are this way. one of them will screw up and just like the mob they will be taken out. it happens in all levels of society. power struggle is power struggle. I have 5 children myself. They are all very intelligent. My baby girl will end up following in these guys steps. If you dont want your children washed to follow the sheeple teach them at home yourself. That is the only way to truely change things. yes this group of people are very well educated. Have the right connections. Prove who you are and it can happen for you also.

  133. I have known this stuff for years. I have a family history book from the WW2 era and all of these people trace their family history to william the conqueror through my family. We brought our family history with us here from england in 1625. there is mention of my family back to like 690 ad BEDE Tilghman Island was were ronald r. vacationed @ when ever he could. I have seen direct relationship with the bush family and obama mothers family. It Is not billy but hillary that has the power there. Dont know bout carter ot nixon havent looked in to them. If you look through the carroll family it also goes back to scotland and ireland with the fitzgeralds and the kennedys. Before you finish your essay yoou all do need to do a little more research. keep on goin your on the right track.

  134. Hey, I read these posts and a lot of opinions have been thrown out, but in most cases its simple banter, but probably no body learning. I have watched a lot of Alex Jones video's as well as many many others as most of you have. I think, in any of his movies, critical thinking is the key. You wanna prove global warming is or isn't happening, you need more info. The last piece I read about were the leaked emails from a head sponsor of global warming. I think also people miss the point of the idea of global warming, when it gets right down to it, we don't need to make change due to warming, we need change so we don't die. Any way you cut it, we are screwing up the planet for everyone, the planet will life a long and pleasant life as we are at a best a small problem in the grand history of the earth. Simply, you have your opinions, so do I, but maybe its time to start thinking on the "REAL" way to reshape the world we live in for the good of all, not some.

  135. It was a good "documentary". The main idea was a miss most of the time though. We are too fat and happy in the US to stand up for what we believe in. I talk about what I believe in once a week at our city hall. Does it make a difference? No. We do need to stand together to face this foe. It is not an imaginary one. --Land of the fat and the happy--

  136. heres how to fight against it, itll never work but....
    non-cooperation with the media, ie turn off fox news, sky news and the damned bbc.

    non cooperation in the bipartisan political system ie none of the above or independant candidacy,

    global awareness of the impending environmental catastrophe,

    refusal to pay "debts" to a corrupt system, global amnesty on "credit" nonsense, they made it all up anyway!

    limits on personal wealth/ possesions, even if you save 100 lives a day and are jesus- you neither need nor deserve ten cars.

    immediate total ban on deforestation.

    public ridicule and trial of the following people:

    anyone with a bank account over 2 million

    and finally the most important one: the principle of greed being effectively made a criminal act.

  137. The fire alarm scene is hilarious. He's right, it's odd because I've NEVER heard a fire alarm go off! Oh, and yeah, coincidences obviously don't exist.

    Alex Jones is a schizo.

  138. in a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

  139. Exactly, Leebo, exactly.
    Even small things can make a huge impact.
    Sitting in front of a computer bitching WON'T DO ANYTHING.
    Learn and read as much as possible. The biggest obstacle to slavery is a powerful mind.

  140. what are these evil world bankers gonna do when king jesus flips their money tables?

  141. Jen is %100 right!!!
    ya'll talk a good game but you dont have any theories on how to fight the capitalist monetary system. You just moan about it and leave it upto the people who grew a pair. How about this? brainstorm ideas on how to fight it, educate yourself on issues such as economics not conspiracy theories about economics but actual global economics and then you will have a better idea of how it works and how to bring it down from the core.
    Terrorists are idiots! they target innocent civillians to influence the people to fight their government but most of these people are fully indoctrinated into said governments propaganda and end up doing nothing. The Terrorists should have targeted the Fed, the Bank of England, the C.E.B, the I.M.F, the W.B etc that would have had more impact, god help us if they ever get educated. Im not condoning them by the way just pointing out that they are dumb asses

  142. I just wanted to say that in all of these comments, not one person actually offers any type of action that can be taken other than to "wake up." We're awake. Now what?

    Stop being jerks to each other. Disregard the comments made by people trying to discredit Alex Jones. He's a stud if you ask me. He's actually trying to DO SOMETHING. Maybe if we all actually got together, there would be no stopping us. We don't know because we just sit here and argue with the dumbasses making ignorant comments. Any ideas?

    Also, the link from "me" IS freaking hilarious. If you haven't watched it yet, you should.

  143. People act like Obama is God. He's not God.

  144. This was a good movie but this attempt to try and stop them is stupid I'm just going to try and help and join them. To those of you who are actually motivated by this good luck, your not making a difference. Its actually funny they are even trying though. If you can't beat 'em join em.

  145. A very interesting documentary. So very scary! What Obama has planned for America is just plain evil with all the "carbon taxes" and the concentration camps they are constucting for protesters----or if you believe this documentary, then the elite group that controls him. He's a liar through and through.

    Nonetheless, this is just leading up to the ultimate world leader who will make Adolph Hitler, Mao, Joseph Stallin, and yes, Obama, pale in comparison to his autrocities; a man the Bible referrs to as the Antichrist.

    Sadly, I suspect most of this documentary is accurate, but ultimately have to just believe that God is in control; we have to choose our sides now in whom we firmly believe. Hopefully Obama will not actually kill people like Mao or Hitler or Stallin did.

    And yes, global warming IS happening, but it's NOT by man's doing; it has been a natural fluctuation thoughout the last few thousand years, but the evironmental factors will grow worse and worse under God's gradual judgements worldwide.

    A prayer for our nation: "Father, please help us and help us not to be deceived, but rather see clearly at this dangerous time in history. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen."

  146. haha, response to that link 'me' posted:
    hahaha i watched it and cant believe people actually do that, it had me in histerics!

  147. I study environmental and archaeological sciences at university, global warming is real, to say it isn't is rather foolish. Its annoying how some otherwise good documentaries throw in 'filler' garbage to try and back their viewpoint. By doing this it makes them no better then the politicians and leaders who they claim are fooling us, and makes it less likely that people will take them seriously.

  148. you are all a bunck of st**** mo***s

  149. Good point karlsberg, thats is where mr jones et al fall down in their argument i must agree, but it brings up another point that in our ever increasingly plutocratic society or oligarchy, most legislation that is passed furthers the agenda of the oligarchy and encourages laws and policies that maintain the status quo of the rule of wealthy over the impoverished and dis-empowered,
    a kind of "rule of no-one" where bureaucracy is king and precedent policy that is only favourable to monetary interests is already in place therefore producing lots of little "dr evils" who are able to continually shore up the resistance to real change that is needed to keep them in yachts and hotels.
    You dont need some grand vizier behind a curtain to achieve this - just lots of little thieves robbing the till regularly enough and claiming its their right and economic pseudoscience backs them up.
    The laws and policies that have caused this situation and have turned politics into a stagnated pool of compromised individuals were brought about primarily by thatcher and reagans "free trade" policies, money and appropriation of wealth has been encouraged at the expense of all else and the default western emotive force has been one of greed, just what you'd expect if worth is defined by material things alone and the acceptable way to go about your business is to try to accumulate more than the next man,
    if everyone was rich there would be no rich people would there?
    the only way for us to get out of this situation we created for ourselves is to rip up the rules and start again, to let go of the concept of money entirely -as it is as outdated and defunct as the steam engine and pollutes every human action.
    in a world where it is becoming very obvious to all that there are rather a lot of people (to put it mildly!) and our concern for the future of our species is becoming more and more a defining ideal of human behavior, money and the free market concepts we hold so dear are going to get left behind anyway if we are to have any chance of continuing to live on this ball or holding on to the way of life that our ingenuity (of which capitalism is a big part) has brought us but like an old steam train capitalism that has got us only so far but has now broken down and needs replacing.
    mr karl marx he say "i warned you this would happen!"
    Continuing our journey on a steam train when a mag-lev is available makes no real world sense nor as a metaphor for how our economy still runs on principles that were developed when the world looked very different, but you just ask an economist and he will tell you coal is cheap, mag levs are expensive so keep firing her up! and leave the consequences cos its makes a pretty graph that goes up!
    Economists are self deluding psychotics if you put them in context of these arguments -effectively theyre like a mad train driver who wont give up the tiller or stop the train when a wheel has fallen off in blind faith that everything will be ok.
    blimey thats one stretched metaphor too far but im still right.

  150. I've seen a few alex jones documentaries and although thought provoking and possibly true to some extent, I think he lets impartiality give way to sensationalism. I would be more inclined to believe him if he supplied counter-arguments to his claims and let me make up my mind as to what is really going on. True, it is conceivable that many democracies in the west are partially plutocratic (ruled by the wealthy) by way of lobbying, political donations and the promise of well paid jobs after your political career is finished. However, this is far cry from the "Dr Evil" style of absolute control that documentaries such as this try to suggest. The problem with being all too powerful is that your rivals will want to see you removed, and will consipire against you if necessary.

  151. JJ, dear friend, I sincerely hope that the president - any president - whom you support, never comes to power, or at least is never allowed to get too much power... U really sound like someone in Europe of the 1930s/40s... And, to think, I'm not even an American, don't really care about either reps or dems, but you are creepy....

  152. this has to be the biggest pile of rubbish I have seen in a long time, thank you Alex Jones for giving me much to laugh at, night night batsh*t!

  153. Just stumbled across this site after viewing the Bush Crime Family's "Debacle In The Desert"... just amazed at the frothing at the mouth lunatic republi-nut postings.. where were you fools from Jan 2001 to Jan 2009 while the BCF(ok I'll spell it out since you're repubs and dumber than my Pet Rock, BCF = Bush Crime Family) did everything in their power to destroy this country??.. where were you??.. and now all of a sudden you have complaints about President Obama?(I love using that term, President Obama, on you republi-nuts, it makes your head swell and your little peanut brains shrink) but where were you scum sucking dogs during the BCF reign of terror???.. to all of you posting here who are not repub slime, we must rid ourselves of the true "Menace to America", republicans and we must do so by any means necessary

  154. To Sarah:

    Seeing this dvd in Walmart does not disprove the movie. I grew up Mormon and there are two publications -- Sunstone and Dialogue -- that are pretty critical of the Mormon church. Notoriously the church has tracked people that have submitted articles and in fact doled out church disciplinary action for what people have "revealed." So why do both of these publications appear at the Brigham Young University bookstore (if you don't know, BYU is the Mormon church's main church-run university)? I posit two theories: 1. to keep track of who buys them (far-fetched but not unheard of) and 2. to not seem so touchy about the least publicly (a stronger lean for me). So, this dvd is in Walmart. Big deal. To me it is a moot point. Ta da.

  155. I liked Terrorstorm, thats probably Alex's best film.
    Obama deception seems to have jumped the gun, theres just not enough evidence, it's mainly glib "this is how it is" type pronouncements.There's also no need to raise yer dumb antennae just because he seems "messianic" that is called charismatic & as for the all the white-eyed, foaming at the mouth fans.... well that was just the masses hopefulness at the prospect of having an honest bloke in power ( in the case of the blacks, cos he was also black etc.)

    If Obama is part of the NWO ( which he may be , concsiously or as a pawn) why the relentless media campign against him??,
    why even Cheney taking the limelight aganist him, Why all that talk about restoring America's CORE VALUES?( Give him a chance)....BS??

    Ultimatly we are all blind foraging goats when it comes to whats going on in the corridors of power.

  156. All I can say is GROW UP!!!!!!!!
    I cannot believe that these comments are made by adults. It seems that most people had their mind made up about Obama before watching this documentary, and they were going to believe ANYTHING that would support their negative assumptions about him. At the end of the day anyone can do better then George W. Bush.

  157. Hi Ashley,

    Couldn't resist reacting to the following you said:

    "... How sad it is to see someone believe everything they hear and read out of the mouths of others and to not be creative enough to think for themselves. Let me guess, your taxes have went up?"

    And who do YOU listen to, honey? What do YOU base your opinion on, huh? Or has all the wisdom you enlightened us with, above, come from your little head alone? One should be creative... Now, that's so clever! You mean creative like you? Hmmmm....

    On a serious note, what kind of brain can produce such a brilliant thought?

    For, personal opinions are usually formed on the basis of some already existing notions (or, rarely, through extraordinary inspiration when people come up with something original), with which we agree or disagree.

    In this particular case - hearing the mainstream sources (the ruling elite) on the one hand and the alternative sources on the other, and measure it against what we see is going on in the world usually results in a personal opinion which reflects our personalities, life experiences, education, intelligence, etc..... That opinion, my dear, can range from total denial to absolute agreement, and the spectrum between the two opposites is huge. Hence, agreeing with someone on something doesn't exclude creativity nor critical evaluation (unless you are talking from personal experience).

    Now, I hope you do understand that what I just said goes for you too (well, in your case perhaps it is the intelligence factor that played a prominent role in formation of your opinion, but really can't help there - just kidding :-)).

    So, from what I see, your own qualification speaks against you as it clearly reveals how poor your methodology of reaching conclusions is. So, I think you better refrain from defending Obama, he may not survive your support :-).

    My advice: learn from Octopussy :-)

  158. I actually did watch the film octopussy, also watched the daily news and managed to find time to read as well on the huffington post, msnbc etc. Let's agree to disagree on politics

  159. This isn't Black vs White or Democrat vs Republican its bigger then that, but that's what people see when you talk about these things. The NWO were smart in choosing Obama because you cant criticize him very easily.

  160. Ashley,you need to do some research octopussy well done keep doing what your doing

  161. Ashley, your Obama is a lier and a puppet. I don't think you even watched the film. Did you cry of joy when your beloved leader was elected? Don't talk about thinking for yourself, you really don't have a clue.

  162. Added note for Octopussy, who do you think you are Shakespeare? Whilst I ever live in fear as you do? The answer is no because I am more open minded then you could ever dream of being. How sad it is to see someone believe everything they hear and read out of the mouths of others and to not be creative enough to think for themselves. Let me guess, your taxes have went up?

  163. Octopussy (classy name), I think you have truly been brain washed by the system.

  164. America is run by fear, some call this a conspiracy but I see it as a fact. Obama is not a puppet for financial and political interest, he is our president. The Bush administration is being called out. The only leg the opposing Obama party has to stand on is a government filled with fear. If the truths that are being told by Obama scare you, remember this: he is not the person who submerged America into this mess in the first place. The damage that has been done by our previous president is irreversable, so to criticize someone who has been in office for under a year is complete ignorance

  165. andrew, you miss the point of the film entirely, i agree that this documentary makes some dubious assumptions about obama but any leader that has this messianic aura about him and an adulating fanbase of a politically illiterate populous certainly gives me the willies!
    the allusion alex jones makes to hitler is very evident and shouldnt be dismissed so lightly, and mao and stalin etc. its called a personality cult and is the undeniable sign of a dictator.
    george bush introduced dictatorial, executive power to the office of the us president that is directly against the constitution of his country- its called the "patriot act" of all things, has obama repealed this? i dont think he has and that effectively affords him absolute power!
    just like any dictatorship, he also hasnt returned the right of habeus corpus to the people of america (right to trial for those imprisoned for any reason) and guantanomo is a concentration camp pure and simple, im not quite so sure about the "sinister cult of the elite" but it is so undeniably true that money and the elite run america, now in any political understanding of this blending of corporations and state is described with a simple term- its called FASCISM. obama made certain promises to the american people, removal of lobbyists, change, change etc. and nothing has changed whatever!
    the inherent corruption of political office in america is the biggest problem the world faces and this shock doc maybe gets some people asking some questions about why a man elected to effect change isnt doing a thing differently from his predecessor who was a better leader in ay as you could see what you were getting, what blows your mind methinks is your own shock at the mire of shit the world is in and the fact that you expect it to change using the same system that f***** it up, the idiocy and apathy shown by a populous that votes for change then doesn't care if there is none is truly terrifying, thank god for china at least youll have a scrap on your hands.
    if obama meant a word of what he said to get into office then i dont think he would have filled his staff with the same bunch of shysters that were working for georgie boy!
    think about it -it doesnt really constitute a change now does it?
    hes paid off the banks further reinforcing the debt model of economy that the federal reserve has been creating since before i was born- not much change there eh?
    patriot act still in force is it?
    guantanomo still open is it?
    the only thing hes pushing for is an american equivalent of the NHS system which i can tell you is doomed for massive failure basically becuase altruistic social projects are dead in the water where cash is king, just look at the nhs in the uk its being destoyed and pulled apart by privatisation by the modern slave trader, sorry, shareholder.
    capitalism is fascism in a nice hat and obama is just a poster boy for continuation of the capitalist ideal.
    the dept of homeland security mmmmmm sounds familiar that doesnt it, i wonder who coined that phrase?
    i think it was an austrian chap witha little pencil moustache, still there is it? real change there then.

    1. Sounds like you are referring o Donald Trump.

  166. ""there is sssooooo much more going on than what is easily seen, especially within the government, and for people to squeal conspiracy based on how little they really know is just bogus. in our democracy, we the people elect who we feel fit for the position of power and dealing with those issues, issues that are above and beyond what the average joe is capable of dealing with appropriately.""

    ...erm thats ccmmunism not democracy i think you'll find mr andrew..........

    ......and heres another pearl of your wondrful wisdom......

    "all of your “facts” are isolated incidences that may or may not have been as you say, but no matter the case, you do not know what’s really going on. you dont, i dont, nor does the huge majority of the world population and it should be that way."
    ...denial is ugly and protective of its ignorance.

  167. quote from andrew ....
    ""in our democracy, we the people elect who we feel fit for the position of power and dealing with those issues, issues that are above and beyond what the average joe is capable of dealing with appropriately.""

    thats not a democracy you are describing andrew- i believe its called "communism" -separation of the proletariat "workers" from the bourguoise "leaders"
    democracy is the right of the common man to have say in how his country is run not just to vote who the leaders will be.
    in the words of my favourite rapper of the moment
    "martial law is coming to the hood to kill you,
    whilst you're hanging your flag out your project window"

  168. i've clipped it. why would i want to watch that shit in its entirety? what a waste of time... just blows my mind you people actually believe this.

  169. Next time; watch the film, don't just read the description. "Protect the prosperity of the country"...good one...for a minute there I thought you were serious.

  170. from the description for the video... "Obama is continuing the process of transforming America into something that resembles Nazi Germany"

    the dude is elected by the people and can be removed by the people, one way or another. it would ultimately take the forceful takeover by a dictator to ever overthrow the constitution and all it stands for, and in that case, it probably would resemble something similar to the holocaust. i can see it now... obama, the new hitler. turn the military on the civilians, rounding up the white folk of this nation and gassing them all off... cold day in hell, buddy.

    yes, he is a puppet for financial/plitical interest. it IS his job to make those calls, to protect the prosperity of our country and the individual, the freedom we fight for, and the relations we have with other countries around the world. at least obama he seems to be working for the interest of the people, rather than his family's savings account. Even with the Bush family seems to be with how they're tied to the middle east and oil, i'm still not bitching about it, i just say GW is a piece of shit and MOVE ON.

  171. Do you really think that a president is more than a puppet for financial/political interests? I don't think the film claims that it will end with a military dictatorship, but restrictions on free speech, FEMA camps and youth brigades are not exactly the signs of liberty.

  172. in no way was that a rip at democracy, free speech, or anything of the sort. it was more a shot at stupidity and what people do when they think they know more than they really do. there is sssooooo much more going on than what is easily seen, especially within the government, and for people to squeal conspiracy based on how little they really know is just bogus. in our democracy, we the people elect who we feel fit for the position of power and dealing with those issues, issues that are above and beyond what the average joe is capable of dealing with appropriately.

    the underlying meaning of what i wrote, ..... if a president cant even get a blowjob without being hit with impeachment, how do you think a following pres could pull off transforming america into something similar to nazi germany without anyone noticing? ... really? just shut up and enjoy the ride. it'll be over in 4-8 anyway.

  173. Andrew, I think you are the one that is full of shit. What do you mean with "and it should be that way"? Ever heard of something called democracy? I guess you don't like free speech either.

  174. you and every one of you, anyone whom has written a response to this "documentary," anyone that took part in its creation, are a bunch of drama-inducing, conspiracy theorist pieces of sh*t.

    you really think that your ten minutes of research and brilliant insights are enough to place judgment on all that makes this world go round? your vast knowledge of all things of existence really makes your opinion mean something? pull your heads from your asses, you really don't know a damn thing nor is it your place to put your sh*t on others because YOU DONT KNOW A DAMN THING ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT. all of your "facts" are isolated incidences that may or may not have been as you say, but no matter the case, you do not know what's really going on. you dont, i dont, nor does the huge majority of the world population and it should be that way. all of you that feel so righteous with your opinion and want to scream conspiracy at anything you dont like, sh*t and fall back in it.

    "Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job." Douglas Adams.

    No matter who the president is, no matter what country is being invaded or what the anterior motives may be... As much as some of you believe it possible, no one individual will never be able to make this rock explode. checks and balances. individually, nationally, globally. have a little faith that most people are good. if the motives are foul, it WILL NOT last. that is the only fact worthy of being said.

  175. Is that like Bill hicks cousin, LOL!!!!

  176. what a load of cruel words. i can't believe how hateful you people are, there's no such thing as feral banks, think about it they all want to make their clients happy. also these politicians have time and time again proved that they have our best interests at heart, it's well know that the way to alleviate poverty is to give money to the institutions at the top so it can all trickle down. it would be pointless giving money to people at the bottom because of gravity. there's no point giving the general masses a good education either because we already have enough clever people at the top who can sort all our problems out... you know too many chefs and all that.
    i think it's great that sir obama has made round tables over the world for better communication, and that his vision of piece is one where all the pieces are joined together into one big family, i think the end will justify the means.

  177. Crystal... One day 'WE' the people who do 'KNOW' what is really going on, will feel sorry for you when you finally do realise how naive 'YOU' are being!
    By the time you know this is for real... you'll be being shipped off to a slaughter house!!! LOL Poor woman!


    Just one question... You're quick to dismiss the truth, but have you ACTUALLY done ANY research on the subject? ...I think not!!!

  178. Crystal, you don't have any arguments at all. "I would add more"..add to what?

  179. I find it amusing and frustrating that grown adults actually believe this rubbish. This documentary is a full-fledged comedy, filled with every crackpot theory in the book. I would add more but, I’m done wasting my time.

    P.S. Feel free to call me an idiot but, I hope one day you will realize how naive you sound supporting these "theories".

  180. Sarah, can you even point to one quote that is taken out of context? Is it not correct that important people in his administration belongs to the globalist think-tanks CFR and the Trilateral Commission? Is it not also a fact that the Federal Reserve is owned by private banks? About the DVD; why would bankers try to stop a DVD from being sold at Walmart? Would be really stupid to try to stop a film that is everywhere on the internet. Thanks for the "wake up people, learn to think critically" that was really funny.

  181. sarah, you're an idiot, whilst this documentary has some issues with its reactionary stance and some dubious assumptions are presented as fact, the essential assumptions about the obama rise to power are evident to all, it shouldnt really pick on obama so directly - hes a puppet pure and simple and is the face on a much more dangerous beast, the sad fact is that the only way to communicate ideas these days is taking an outraged and reactionary stance on everything -war on terror, war on drugs, now its war on swine flu. the only way to reach a psychologically controlled group of people is to shock them with this very fact. which mr jones does very effectively.
    your type of apatheic optimism is the most desperately sad thing about your little middle class post, you make the major point of this documentary yourself in your self answered question to which you answer in the affirmative, what did obama promise people? the one thing that would have effected real change was his PROMISE to remove the lobbyists from the power process, which he has conveniently forgottten to do, not to mention the order to close guantanomo concentration camp which he has also not done, now if someone promises you something then doesnt follow through what have they done? they have DECEIVED you, you dumb bitch.
    dismissing this docu as fantasy is your comfy little intellectual self deception,
    let me spell it out here is how politics works:
    A man promises change,
    People accept that promise and afford him power,
    He then doesnt change a thing,
    as i type this, im just watching a bbc report on afghanistan,
    there is an american commentator and she says "the last administration was imprisoning people in a jail without trial, without evidence.
    Im surprised that the current administration is doing the same thing"
    im not surprised at this neither is anyone else with any sense because i know that the carlyle group and the oil companies run the world.
    incidentally the same report states how these prisoners who are given no rights and kept for years in guantanamo, who were not tried and then released and by admission -not guilty - many of them have been killed fighting the allied forces in afghanistan having been radicalised by the american abuse of human rights and war crimes upon them, they are fostering an enemy so they can protect you from them.
    problem reaction solution as "conspiracy junky" david icke puts it!
    perhaps you have so many conspiracy junkies out there because there are so many conspiracies out there, there are no smackheads if there is no heroin.
    you also contradict yourself in your post entirely and renege on your own promise that youre an individual who isnt " to label conspiracy theorists 'nuts'... " which is exactly what you do three lines later with your comment about "crazy conspiracy junkies". obama would be proud of your twisty little double talk.
    the you say wake up?????? you need a wake up you daft besom from your own self deception.
    sad and pathetic.

  182. Ridiculous.

    It makes me sad that so many people fell for this. I'm not one to call conspiracy theorists 'nuts', because it's good to question the truth... but this film was a series of out-of-context quotes, and outrageous, baseless claims. All the people they interviewed were crazy conspiracy junkies, and all the quotes were totally chopped and taken completely out of context.

    Do the rich have way too much say in what goes on politically? Yup. This is no conspiracy, it's public knowledge. It's the crappy American election system - change it.

    The Obama Deception came out on DVD. I saw it the other day at Walmart. That pretty much disproves this ridiculous piece of junk in itself. You think that these curtain powers wouldn't be able to very quickly squash something like this from being sold at Walmart if it was true? Of course they would.

    Wake up people, learn to think critically.

  183. Not trying to sound mean but I honestly feel sorry for some of you, because I was like you I only believed what I saw on the news wanted to by a hybrid and followed the newspaper. I not here to make anyone look or feel stupid.Do a little research for yourself and you will learn that we have not had a real president since jfk who gave his life trying to teach the public the very thing you dont believe. Knowledge is power my friends learn the truth and then stand with me for your freedom

  184. That was an excellent film!!!! I love science fiction!!

    Suspense, drama, catchy editing, brilliant actors!! Great entertainment! I would recommend this material to the Academy Awards... if it wasn't for the fear that many gullible idiots might actually believe it!

  185. What is so discustingly bad in World Order?
    People don't know, they're just afraid of real change.
    And that is why the Elites are keeping it private.
    People prefer a deliberate lie then a blunt truth.
    The Elites aren't like any of us, they're not on top for nothing. They know what you will like, and what you won't.
    World Order will come. And our generation propably won't see the difference, but our children will.

    The World Order is the change, didn't you want it in the first place? "We want change!" Hahahah.

  186. My apologies, tired, made a few spelling and grammatical errors but one major error.
    Light is not ONLY reflected as heat energy when it hits the earth. Read up on waves, light being a wave, what happens when a wave is reflected off any surface, especially one that is not highly reflective. Basically I wont go into the physics of why but you get light and heat dissipated in different ways but that heat is what I'm talking about.

  187. Sorry not commenting on this Doc just the Global warming thing but for this doc I pretty much agree with Thinkonit …

    Either way Global warming and America’s reaction to it, is a very good example of why those in power in America (obviously not the government)have systematically Dumb downed the general populous, I wont go into proof of that but read up on it if you want, the USA, citizens wise (not imported brains) is one of the most under educated, lowest grade average, 1st world nation. Why was this done, so that people could feed you information for you to believe.
    You want proof of global warming? Stop looking at documentaries and do some actual research and learning. It is not some esoteric science that only environmental scientists can understand.
    Read up on the % make up of the components of air, their relative densities and the general density of air. As in the % of nitrogen oxygen co2 (and others) in air, their densities, the density of air as a whole and how the change in % of one of the components of air can change the density of air itself.
    Read up on the different ways the Earth is warmed, by the sun by its molten core, and by the Different ways the suns heath warms up the earth.
    (while doing this you can even read up on the ozone layer and find out why so many people have skin cancer these days)
    IT is not that hard, its Actually VERY SIMPLE Science, why do you need people to tell you something when you can use the provable information at your fingertips to understand it yourself.
    The heat from the sun comes in as light energy as it passes through our upper atmosphere, some energy is dissipated as heat, the rest hits the earth, where it is reflected or absorbed as heat. This radiant heat would now normally radiate back out into space, just as .. if you go jogging as your body warms up your skin also warms up to help cool you body by radiating as much heat as it can out of your body and into the atmosphere. BUT with CO2 in large amounts changing the density of the upper atmosphere, instead of the heat escaping it is reflected back down onto the earth thus trapping the heat and making the earth warmer than it should be … Again Imaging how hot you get jogging with shorts on, then imagine jogging with a plastic sweat suit on, same concept. If you do not understand how it gets in and not out, read more …lol. Energy enters as Light, but is reflected as heat, If you do not believe the connection between light and heat … just ask yourself why is a light bulb hot. (we also get radiant heat from the sun but that’s not relevant here)
    Also someone said they do not understand how could co2 be a problem since we breath out co2. This is the problem with partial education. Everything on this earth works as a cycle, the water cycle the cycle of the seasons, the sun, the ecosystems the inner workings of our bodies, everything … Including the CO2 cycle. Originally the number of trees and other photosynthesizing life forms allowed for the worlds output of CO2 to be whipped back into O2 and thus kept the density of Air at what it should be. (and of course many other things that depend on this cycle) BUT due to humans not only mass deforesting the very trees that allow us to live but MASS producing CO2 through not only breathing but burning of fossil fuels, (and many other ways), we have thrown off the balance that kept the world the way it should be.

    As you can see no rocket science, simple science and observation that can be used by anyone willing to openly take a look can prove the existence of global warming.

    Do you really think people smart enough to turn an entire nation into sheep and still make them look like the pinnacle of the civilized world, would not realize that they have to play both sides of the fence to get what they want, Every single person with the money to do it, is right now investing in alternative energies research to find one that they can monopolies(not developing the stuff already there of course), while milking the need for fossil fuels as much as they can. There are SO SO many feasible alternative forms of renewable energy right now … do you think they would just be a minority in implementation if someone figured out how to monopolize it?
    Do not fool yourself into thinking your a free thinker while accepting any garbage thrown your way that is against the general consensus, educate yourself.

  188. As for the global warming issue its very odd that the argument is played out like this, the warming / melting of the ice caps is an issue that humanity could deal with relatively easily whether man made or naturalistic- the huge problem we do face however is the co2 levels in the atmosphere not the warming its a whole different kettle of fish -literally- as the co2 is acidifying the oceans and killing the marine life, ecosystems being what they are- if the marine life all dies then we go with it that is the major issue not how cold or warm the planet is. there is no one disputing this point as it is very simple chemistry and the effects can be seen clearly in the dying coral reefs and the testable acidity of the oceans. thats why reduced carbon is important, if it is the warming that is such an issue then methane emission reduction would be the priority as this contributes far more to the green house effect than co2 ever will.
    its the end of humanity folks just sit back and watch the fireworks because humanity has proven its self destructive nature too many times to realistically consider that we address our globalistic, suicidal nature and change it at this late stage in proceedings.
    we live, as the chinese put it, "in interesting times"

  189. All politicians are- and always will be puppets for those with vested interests in the economic status quo, 90% of the wealth in the hands of 1-5% of the population. obama could no more change this status quo than walk on water even if he tried, there was one president who tried to work for the people of america- they shot him. The fact that he is mixed race is as relevant to the debate as the "political party" he is affiliated with. ie. it isnt, politics in america is a long running tv show, a complete illusion based not on policy or principle but on popularity and showmanship skills, so long as people believe that change is possible and is happening etc.- then nothing changes at all, what people need to realise is that messianic figures like obama are the stock in trade of politics and so long as people actually believe that one man can change anything then you will be duped into a never ending cycle of bullshit, what america actually needs is systemic and drastic reorganisation of its political system that rewards policy not charisma.
    obama has reneged on precisely all of his election promises yet he's still revered like jesus by the majority of the populous, they've just pulled off the coup of duping a entire section of the american electorate (african americans) who had little or no faith in the political system before his election into accepting a system that has short changed and oppressed them since its inception by painting the inherently corrupt american debt/money con trick a different colour.
    its like tony blair in the uk, the labour party used to mean something over here and when tony and his cronies were voted in we thought we were getting something different from thatcherism- sad fact is we weren't; we just got the same shit under a different label, the illusion of change is very easily substituted for and plays on peoples hope.
    go and work out what these phrases mean you stupid yanks-

  190. There is a political agenda towards globalism. Several "think tanks" as they prefer to call themselves, has written about how they need things like environmental threats to achieve their goals. There is lots of funding for the "Global warming is man made" side, so the attempts to smear researchers on the other side is just nasty and hypocritical, and since when is Al Gore a researcher?

  191. The global warming craze has been a scheme to make people give there money to the Feds. This does not mean that global warming isn't happening though. It is the beginning of sun-spot season once again and this causes something called the EARTH to warm. There are also other things that can cause temperature rise. What I don't get is how does CO2 cause a green house effect when we, as humans, breathe out CO2. I know that alot of scientist that have been shut down or "gagged" because they say that more CO2 will actually benefit the environment. I believe that the earth is warming but that it is a natural cycle just like it has been for millions of years. I know that during the global cooling craze a few decades ago the "scientists" came up with this great idea to put some type of coal on the glaciers up north and melt them so that the earth would warm. Us as humans for sure have not been here long enough to try and control weather paterns that have been around as well as been through a few astroid collisions, massive volcanoes, etc. All this stuff that the makers of this movie are talking about is real. Biblical prophecy real. If one would just read the prophecies in the Old and New Testaments that have been and still are being fulfilled, one’s eyes would truly be opened to what is truly going on. Mass society manipulation by a electronic box in our living room called a T.V. This invention is informative on some things that are good but its the media that spins it bad and hypnotizes America into what I like to call "county fairgrounds entertainment." Only 4 corporations own all channels on your T.V. You don't think that the 2 people that own those aren't rich and want to manipulate and control you so they feel powerful? One World Government, human chip implants (Mark Of the Beast), One World Currency, World Wars, 10 horns of the beast in Revelation (G8 is holding a conference in Italy as I am typing this message. Who knows when we will get to G10?). This stuff is real and it won't stop until Christs return. Bottom line.

  192. Hey Falcon,

    A few points strike me as rather awkward:

    What is your standpoint in this matter? That bankers invented global warming to tax the average human for their co2 emissions?

    That would mean we'd have to tax the polluting companies as well. As it is, they have been getting tax cuts for years and years.

    That leaves us with two options:
    If bankers exposed co2 as the enemy and there would be taxation only for the little man, it would merely accentuate the privileged position of these polluting companies and probably bring about huge protests from the lower and middle class.

    It would only be fair to tax both the little man and the corporations for co2 emissions.
    In this case, bankers would be throwing in their own windows. Bankers make money by financing these big corporations. If they want to blame co2 for global warming, they'd be reaping a lot of anger from their own clients. From any point of view, that would be a silly decision.
    Cynically, there are a lot of alternatives to squeeze out the little man and spare the big corporations.

    So, who really has to gain from proving that climate change is not human-induced?

    My first thought would be that big oil, big chema and big sobs in general are looking for a "scientific" excuse to continue polluting our planet unpunished.

    So I researched some more. It turns out that some of the scientists in the documentary work for the George C. Marshall Institute, which has received numerous fundings from the Exxon Education Foundation.

    If you don't believe SourceWatch or ExxonSecrets, there's still Matthew Crawford, an ex-employee of the Marshall Institute, stating how he hated the prejudiced methods they use to "prove" a pre-formed conclusion.

    So, their scientific report has a pretty tendencious aftertaste...

    "Yes, but that doesn't mean the whole docu is a sham", I hear you saying. That's true, in the sense that I can't prove to you it really is.
    You have to form your own opinion, but please, triple-check your sources and trust your own common sense.

    In a nutshell, no-one really benefits from proving that co2 emissions cause climate change. No-one.
    But many benefit from proving the opposite, because it gives them a clearance to continue raping Mother Earth.

  193. 2 Words CARBON TAX

  194. Arne, I was not talking about any "Swindle doc." As you can see for yourself on my link. Don't you think that it's interesting that the globalist/bankers all talk about global warming being man made? Of course if it's a fact then it doesn't matter who says it, but it's far from a fact.

  195. I fully agree with GPW.

    Falcon, I suppose you have seen the Global Warming Swindle and Doomsday Called Off, but for the record, check out this 176page complaint of scientists who have participated in the Swindle-docu and are shocked by how their interviews have been taken out of context. It also features "forged graphs" information, the most blatant being the one where the filmmaker says the warmest period was in the middle ages and "now" we are below that point. Only, "now" in the graph is the year 1975 and the real continued graph goes up drastically after that, due to human-produced greenhouse gases. The solar activity graph has also been forged as to combine with their theory of global warming and increased solar activity. The worst part is, the filmmaker actually admitted having "completed" some graphs himself to prove his own point!

  196. This is not an attack on previous commentators or those who still support our current President.Perhaps he has been biding his time and will surprise us all by doing what our last, great President did. It, of course, came at a cost, but men of honor and decency realize they can go with their handlers orders or stand up for the innate rights of humanity. That said, it takes one half-hour, to do enough homework about our current Pres. to see he has been groomed from at least the early 70's for this job. Individuals with any sense realize a President is, now, nothing more than an actor, doing exactly as he is told by the inbred banking families who own nearly the entire world. It is far past time to wake up. Our country has been robbed and is nearly socialized and no one sees it. We have all been sold out and the 5%(maybe) who know what is going on, will have to fight for the ignorant masses who continue to watch mass media news, television, sporting events, etc. The economy is not 'better', the unemployment is near 20% (you must consider those who are not trying or have been unemployed more than 6 months), and we have almost no industry. The Government are nationalizing everything, and no one seems to notice or care. A rude awakening this way comes.

  197. Before agreeing with everything discussed in this documentary, one should read (or listen to) both of Barack Obama's books. Particularly "Dreams of My Father", which was written in 1995, 2 years before Barack Obama was elected into the Illinois Senate (State Senate). I agree with many aspects of this film. In the broadest sense, U.S. foreign policy has been and is a powerful evil. To believe that every presidents' policies have been roughly the same would be a farce. One committed by the lazy historian whom rather deem everything evil than read. People do not act in accordance with absolutes.

  198. to freebie:

    you need to study the geologic record. the planet has been cooling for over 3 billion years. thats not a fraud thats why you aren't standing on molten iron.

    global warming is a direct result of greenhouse emissions. so before you tell people to watch stuff take a gander at the arctic. its melting.

  199. kingbob and tifkap, before you go to bed don't forget to pray to Obama..yes we can..yes we can..

  200. -/5

    every light-second wasted

  201. Excellent rebuttal tifkap.

  202. Paranoid rambling's of a bunch of morons.

  203. I opened my mind on the internet, books are great but they all have a closed minded view. On the internet a topic never ends. Theres also Secret Software, like MK:ULTRA. Yes, yes, have fear, mind control has been made in software form for ANY idiot to torrent up, if you know what to look for.

    Jesus and Economics collapse are the final endgame to distract you from what you are all heading for in the center of the Milkyway Galaxy. (FACT NO SUCH THING AS A SMART HUMAN BEING, more like a HUMAN GOING)

  204. For the sake of speed, i will step away from proper grammar and spelling. WAKE UP !!!! now that I have your attention let me make you aware of something. All of you nay sayers and non believers, that say we are paranoid, and there is nothing "brewing" YOURE the reason why they can do what they do!! because your so blind and indoctrinated after years and years of you watching, and believing everything THEY tell you, via radio, tv, movies, mass media etc. You all will be the snitches, and informants, and will be the first to take theyre mark, and rest assured there will be a mark. They need to be able to identify all of those who are "down" with them. We that are informed and can still see, need to start pulling together RIGHT NOW, because pretty soon it will be to late. Time is moving really fast, evything has been accelerated because they are ready to "close" the deal, and put the smack down on that ass!!! Obama is not the man you think he is!!! He cant be!!! Every US president is "made" mafia style!!! He has a pre written script, and he dare not venture from it. How can people be so blind, is beyond me. Our financial system has benn around for a long time, and working extremely well, for those it was designed for. It was not meant for "commoners" to get in the markets, and stocks etc. thoug quite a few did well, but only a very small percent of the population really made money in our system. The majority are successful because of hard work, education etc. But the ELITE it was designed by, and for, made great WEALTH from it. There is a huge difference between being so called rich, and wealthy. Now that they have ammased all the wealth they need, its time for phase 2 of theeyre plan. Make as many people poor as possible period. ECONOMICS, is THE best way to control people!!! WE tell you where you work, when you work, when you eat, where you live!!! That day will come, they already own the banks!!! Our forefathers are turning in theyre collective graves right now!! The government OWNS shares in private banks? wtf!!! how did that happen? oh we know how!! it was the perfect set up,the vilian(Bush) ties the damsell in distress to the train track, and then rides in the hero in the white hat (Obama) to save her, get the picture, only problem is it was all staged, and just like 911 they have to rule by FEAR, So they need us to be afraid!! especially of each other. If we are gonna make it thru this, we need to come together NOW!! If ever there was a time for blacks, and whites to get together IT IS NOW. Sorry for the ranting but this sheet is for real this aint no f-n movie!!!

  205. For those of you who use the idea of GLOBAL WARMING being true as an argument for the validity of this documentary, what have you researched on that topic?

    Try these:

    The Great Global Warming Swindle
    Global Warming - Doomsday called off

    I hope you keep an open mind. Global warming is a scam, just as global cooling was!

  206. Lavender, that was beautiful. Well done.
    For those of you expecting a race war, it doesnt have to be. Thats why we need grassroots and pull together, as humanity against tyranny. Allowing it to become a race thing would play right into their hands. Peace, FocusMix.
    And finally, remember its less to do with Obama, more to do with the central bankers and secret elite, and it goes way back into history. See the BIG picture. Alex Jones is not unique. He's not and should not be a leader. Many others have exposed the same hidden agendas as he has time after time. However, Alex is, and should be, an inspiration to us all. We all have our leading to do, and think for ourselves.
    It's not up to Alex to throw you all the supporting facts. He tells you, challenges you to do the research yourself. Theres no way he could cover it all.
    Beware of pointing fingers at each other. Point to the top. that's where our attention should be. United we stand...
    Umm.. thats all. Tommy out.

  207. @cmcf and lavender - you guys are spot on and have hit the nail on the head ! Infact the word conspiracy theory was coined by the feds & CIA to disregard and ridicule people who wanted the truth of JFK assassination.

    Theres is nothing so distressing as to see people terrified of being wrong , so to speak thinking of a single individual promising a change that cant be delivered without making its foundation on a basement of absolute truth(which no one ever know)

  208. I've said it before, I'll say it again: You nay-sayers had better wake up, and do it fast. It's NOT conspiracy "theory", and those of us who no longer trust our government and think -- nah, scratch that -- KNOW something evil is going on are NOT conspiracy "nuts". Or are you naysayers just modern-day Holocaust deniers? You must be, to be able to act as if nothing dangerous to our liberties is going on. Otherwise, what is your excuse? Seriously?

    Let's pretend it's 1933. Mein Kampf was a real hit; just about every German's read it. They KNOW what it says. Hitler gets into power, anyway. Or because of what it says. They still argue about that.

    Now there's "conspiracy nut" rumors running rampant about, oh, brown shirts knocking down doors and dragging people (mostly Jews) from their homes and businesses; boxcars that take people away never to be seen again; ghettos were Jews are herded like cattle, where they're imprisoned, beaten, terrorized, and starved. Concentration camps where people are slaughtered, there bodies burned. But, hey, it's only *rumor*. Anyone who believes that sh1t is a "conspiracy nut". Right? Right? The only people who survive are people who WOKE UP, saw what was happening, and FLED! People like EINSTEIN (we "nuts" are in good company).

    Now it's 1945, and the GI's and Tommy's walk into those "rumored" "non-existent" concentration camps, and battle-hardened veterans, who survived some of the bloodiest fighting the planet's ever seen, break down at the horror. But hey, who knew? huh?

    Well, it was true, AND THEY DID KNOW. But such a thing as the systematic, "legal" slaughter of MILLIONS had never happened before, so they can be forgiven if they'd had their doubts.

    But NOW It's 2009. SUCH THINGS HAVE HAPPENED MANY TIMES SINCE: Russia's Gulags, Pol Pot's Killing Fields, Idi Amin's atrocities, Sadam Hussein's gassing of Kurds, just to mention a few. So what could POSSIBLY be the excuse for your blindness? How DARE you call people "nuts" who've read the Patriot Act, who see the DELIBERATE, CALCULATED destruction of our economy, who see one horrifying, liberty-destroying bill after another being passed -- bills that are attempting to, or actually DO: outlaw organic farming; make it nearly impossible to harvest heirloom seeds; privatize water, giving control of ALL WATER to the Federal government (that means you won't own your own well if you have one. They'll put a meter on it and RATION water from YOUR well!); outlaw herbal supplements, aka codex alimentarius; make mandatory chipping of ALL livestock with RFID chips, complete with $1,000/day fines for non-compliance (see Texas); constant attacks on the 2nd amendment right to defend ourselves from tyranny; granting patents to M0ns4nt0 so they now "own" any pig born anywhere the patent is recognized (which means just about everywhere); and on and on and on. I'm sure the pig DNA stuff is just the beginning of the end for non-corporate ranching.

    Oh, and look up the documentary on the little town in Bolivia where B3cht3l corp. bought the water rights from the Bolivian govt. The corp. then forced the govt to make it ILLEGAL for the people TO SO MUCH AS COLLECT RAIN WATER IN A POT! The resulting, ultimately successful, revolt cost lives. But what the hey, they're "mere" South Americans, right? They'd NEVER do that here, now would they? Uh, huh. And I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya . . .

    All this is FACT. And those of you who deny this, call it conspiracy "theory" and us "nuts" -- you're the people who are going to serve as civilian "spies", and turn in your neighbors, friends, and even family for the tiniest infractions, aren't you? After all, it'll pay well . . . you'll be awarded their property, I'm sure. Cowards. If there's a revolt, take a bit of advice: avoid going near angry mobs and lamp posts.

    1. Well statedx Love & Light x

  209. After further research I must say I don't agree with all of Mr.Jones' positions but I've seen to much of the same information from so many different sources to dismiss it as pure contrivence. I'm a true agnostic. I don't know what's going but I know there's something.

  210. all that I will say is that it is not a ploy against obama based on racism or prejudice this has been going on for a long time with each one of the white presidents that we have had so stop bringing your racist feelings into the are racist because you claim racism....Conspiracy or not alot of stuff said here is true

  211. Hey cmcf! You sure do know your stuff. I totally agree with you.

  212. Do not look at the man behind the curtain there is nothing to see.

    Really some of you think nothing is going on? I mean the ruling classes wouldn't TRY to keep information away from the public. I think for those of us "in the know" it's not just this one guy or one documentary this is stuff that keeps coming up over and over again.

    When you see it once it's an interesting story, when you see the same info twice from multiple sources it's an interesting coincidence, three times somethings going on here.

    JFK and the whole Kennedy family essentially being exterminated. Fact.

    Prescott Bush financier to the Nazis. Fact. The ruling elite used Nazis and gestapo tactics to set up the CIA.Fact. This kind of stuff over and over again. The US involvement in south and central America? Allende a democratically elected President is removed in a military coup backed by the US Gov't. Fact. The ruling elite have been doing this since Catel Hyuck I'm sure. We the people are nothing but cattle and fodder to them. So if you want to put all your trust in a group of people that throughout history have proven to be nothing but greedy and self interested that is your business.

    You can call it crazy conspiracy nonsense all you want. I deal in facts and prefer to call it seeing what is really going on. Whether you believe it or not it these questions need to be asked.

  213. I dont believe this is anything religous. Its about the elites of the world who want control and global domination. This stuff dates back thousands of years. All Obama is, is just a puppet for the people who really control the government and the economy.

  214. IIII...which should be IV.

    it makes no difference how many people are spreading crazy conspiracy theory nonsense, it is still exactly that.

  215. Please guys help me i'm confused what is going on? isit true or just a plan to distroy Obama but i think there is something fishi ....and this things is in the bible....

  216. III, you are an i****.
    "Immortal Technique are great lyricists but their content is debatable"
    I****. Immortal Technique is one man. One person. Singular, it's not a fu***** group.

  217. I went to Howard University in D.C. for 4 years, and lived in the D.C. ghetto for 7, only about 5-10% of the masses of African Americans I know had even the slightest clue what Obama stood for and that includes my friends in University. Masses of people that can barely read, and I do mean barely read. (I volunteer at many of the elementary school as a "big brother" and almost all of the children that I help have an almost illiterate mother and of course no father, and of course they have at least three siblings) Either way, they cannot read but they come in to talk to me about there children be-dazzled in Obama gear almost crying at the thought of a black president.
    Is this a sample profile of the many ghettos in America.
    I see my own race flocking to Vote like never before, MANY of whom have never even known when elections were held before this time.
    The White people of America (and the world) have a serious problem when it comes to almost any people of colour especially African Americans. If at any time they even by mistake slip and say something derogatory about us NO MATTER HOW TRUE IT MAY BE, they are considered racist and due to the vast majority of A type personalities in our race they will most likely be beaten. I have seen my neighbor buy $1400x4 rims for his fixed up impala and would not spend a dime on the education of his 5 kids, ALL 5 of them hive some form of bling though and he proudly says to me "I take care of my own" (on a side note his babys mamma strips in "White House" to pay the bills and buy food since he doesn't give her money but he buys her all the prada she wants). I distinctly recall a good white friend of mine being unable to even venture a comment on this situation when I tried to hear his opinions on it, and I'm sure any observant black person reading this would know the above situation is not a single random case but one that is as common as daylight.
    Sigh sry sorta useless information for this but what im trying to say is that the White people of America did not really have a chance to see anything wrong with Obama they just had to accept him, because any, even TRUTHFUL aspersions of negative thought would automatically be racist. The only people that openly voted republican were the evangelists.
    I am not saying that this "documentary" is what happened I am not even saying that this so called documentary is correct but ANYONE that wanted to have a puppet in power would know that the puppet had to be a young educated democratic black guy. 99% of the black populous would automatically vote for him, and at least 80% of the 18-28 white demographic would by virtue of pop culture, vote for him (its currently cool to be black), and the rest would be democratic voters, and those so disgusted by Bush they turned away from the republicans. The only people that would stay republican would be those that would not change no matter what was put up as the republican candidate, and I do mean what.
    There is a lot more to add to show the situation I am talking about but i am trying to be short trying.

    Any way I voted Obama, weighed the pros and the cons, with what was offered he was the best,... is it possible he is another puppet, very much so, do I still hope he can do better than Bush ..yes.
    I got to say though he has a hard up hill climb to affect any change, so I will be lenient in judgment as of yet but I truly hope, for us and for the world that he can be more than the fan fare and actually be a good president, for the people.

  218. I keep watching (because he poses interesting questions) and reviewing Alex Jones materials, in hopes that I see something that rises to the level of a well documented argument for his claims. You know, extraordinary claims require extraordinary [evidence]. His arguments, while impassioned, rarely present anything other than thinly pieced together conjecture and supposition, presented as fact. I'll keep watching. Show me Alex, show me.

  219. "Doing his best" about ignorant. "Racism"...yeah that must be it...poor black man. Debt and more debt, private central bank, more troops, yes real change...

  220. The lack of intellectual conceptions behind this "documentary" is simply an example of the semi-literati attempting to disguise their racism in a format that will exacerbate the ignorance of the ignorant. Obama is coping with the mess of our society and doing his best to lead us in a direction out of the hole dug by all of us. America has become a society of "crotchisis" that need to pull our heads from between our legs and start addressing the horrors of our own creation.
    Stop announcing the end of the world and start doing something about hatred, apathy, ignorance, pollution, war, and starvation.

  221. those who can cause you to believe absurdity can cause you commit atrococity.

    obama is just a man with an exceptional job. bush/cheney didn't commit 9/11 and obama isnt the antichrist.

    lets try to stick to reality here. obama is an american. he is the legitimately elected president.

    immortal technique are great lyricists but their content is debatable.

    its like you all want the world to end so you will be proven right.

  222. Hey FocusMix, You bring up very good points. I myself am a 28 year old black man born here in the North American Union back when it was called the USA and I think it's a shame how easy it is control and oppress the sheeple. They believe there is a difference in political partys' agendas when it's obvious that politicians don't have our best interests in mind. Something as irrelevant as race or gender has once again succeeded to divide and conquer this nation, with the recent sharp rise of hate groups. Fear based hate is as rational as the boogie man. We need Immortal Technique for president.

  223. I'm a 35 year old young black man, born/raised here in America. I proudly state that I did not vote, and if I did - i wouldn't have voted for Obama. I watched in horror as my fellow black sheeple stampeded to the polls on buses, trains, trolleys, and skateboards to vote for their new slavery. Not ONE can give you a reasonable explanation for the vote. We saw a black face and immediately exposed ourselves for the desperate, sheeple we have come to be.

    The ruling class already knew our reaction to this black guy in black face. No black person wants to admit that the sole reason for voting for Obama was because he's black. He never campaigned on my block, he never spoke to my problems, and he never mentioned my name.

    Black America - He's Just Not That Into You

    Here's what's going to happen:

    White supporters will be among the first disenfranchised by Obama's record number of broken/forgotten/ignored promises. They will begin to speak out against Obama. However, due to the unfair advantage in the courts on behalf of black people vs. white people and the horrifying fanaticism surrounding Obama, this will widen the cultural rift between blacks and whites (and other cultures that assimilate to a white standard), and destroy any remnants of meaningful dialogue between the races/cultures.

    This will incite a new type of Civil War here in America. Almost delirious fanaticism will run roughshod over reason (as it usually does). To further exacerbate the situation, we have now put a black face on terrorism here in the United States and abroad(seen the news lately?). Now black america is ready for Obama's personal army, complete with villains right in our own neighborhood...we treat each other like crap anyway, so we'll gladly sell out our neighbors for our new "saviour".

    The immediate short term result will be marshall law and a slew of new legislation that will make it impossible for you to even take a piss without someone knowing of it.

    P.S. - why do you think we're switching to "digital" tv? Because the government learned a valuable lesson from 9/ll - you can't manipulate live analogue tv the way you can manipulate digital tv. You see footage of the discrepancies of 9/11 all over the place, but had that been digital - you'd see none. Hey, you may even see "previously sealed evidence" in the 9/11 case, lolol - don't be surprised..

  224. No, there is not consensus. The truth behind global warming is increased solar activity, that is what researchers in the field has found out. Al Gore is not a scientist. The world is ruled by a financial elite, and now they have a black puppet doing what he is told to do. The Morgans asked the Rothschilds "Can we really get away with this?" "Yes we can.."

  225. I find much of this documentary intriguing, and consistant wtih alot of other films on the subject. Much of it is also consistant with viewpoints by Noam Chomsky and other intellectuals. However, the part about Global Warming being a fraud - is a very dangerous and ignorant statement by a historian (who has no scientific credentials). This is pure conspiracty theory - as there is a definative consensus amoung the scientific community that this is one of the number one issues for humanity to tackle moving forward. Global warming is real, and yes the US government and certain corporations will seek to profit on it, but to say it's a fraud has added a very big asterisk to the credibility of this film.

  226. My opinion is that this is not an anti-Obama documentary. It's just another conspiracy film in the collection of Alex Jones documentaries.

  227. If one has ever read a book than one would know that the elitlist agenda is up and running like a well "oiled" machine and has been for centuries. The question is, if you had access to trillions of dollars (central banks) how easy would it be to buy a presidency/president? One could argue that everyone is related to everyone, but why are all US presidents direct descendants of Charlamayne and other ultra wealthy secret society founders? The reason sheeple love Obama is because a false sense of hope has been drilled into our minds that some leaders have good intentions when they all really work for the Bilderberg Group. Evil societies believe that oppression is the key to ultimate freedom for a few (them) so they need a way to trick the population into believing they are free when actually they will believe up is down because of all the psychological propaganda that saturates the media. Why not pick a charming man that is half black to slowly get the peoples confidence to run the bankers agenda? It all makes sense when you examine the facts. Look it up. We want to believe in something or someone but we can barely trust ourselves which exactly what the elitlists know and exploit.

  228. You du*** obama zom**** have nothing of substance to say in trying to argue the documentary. Maybe you d*** neg***** should open a book and read about Rahm's father, or Hillary's stance on Israel, or simply read the damn constitution so you can know the entire first 100 days of this clown, who has not even met the requirements to BE president, is unconstitutional with his socialist policies.

    There's nothing wrong with Obama to you, because.. you don't know a goddamn thing about anything other than you love b**** jesus.

    1. What a waist of time to read this to read trash ,I thought something would get something out of it to change my positive opinion of the best President we've ever had but as alway there have people like you behave always focused in on little negitive views to destroy who many people love and wish could vote for him again , you should give up writing and do something more positive with you life,God bless you

  229. What a 1.51 min waste of my life...

    you people are idiots for making this film..

  230. you consider this a documentary...there are a lot of things in this movie that seem very shady. Anyone else have any thoughts?