Original Wing Chun
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Original Wing Chun

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Original Wing ChunOriginal Wing Chun is one hour documentary that looks at the root of the Wing Chun art looking at old and rare footages of Yip Man and Bruce Lee at his early stages. Wing Chun also romanized as Ving Tsun or Wing Tsun is a Chinese martial art that specializes in close-range combat.

Wing Chun was originally passed down from teacher to student orally rather than through written documentation, making it difficult to confirm or clarify the differing accounts of its creation. Some have sought to apply the methods of higher criticism to the oral histories of Wing Chun and other Chinese martial arts.

Others have attempted to discern the origins of Wing Chun by determining the specific purpose of its techniques. Mentions of the art start to appear in independent third-party documentation during the era of the Wing Chun master Leung Jan, making its subsequent history and divergence into various branches more amenable to documentary verification.

The common legend involves the young woman Yim Wing Chun (Wing Chun literally means beautiful springtime or praising spring) at the time after the destruction of the Southern Shaolin and its associated temples by the Qing government. After Wing Chun rebuffs the local warlord's marriage offer, he says he'll rescind his proposal if she can beat him in a martial art match.

She asks a Buddhist nun- Ng Mui, who was one of the Shaolin Sect survivors, to teach her boxing; this still nameless style enables Yim Wing Chun to defeat the warlord. She thereafter marries Leung Bac-Chou and teaches him the style, which he names after her. (Excerpt from en.wikipedia.org)

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10 years ago

Earl, The man who invented Wing Chun was Bruce Lee's teacher. You've still much to learn.

10 years ago

Well I think it is beautiful, very practical but in no way will it make you a world beater like Bruce lee. it is a softer art designed for girls and though it will get you out of a jam against a lesser opponent. 80% of the strikes generate inadequate power to really disable an opponent. If you watch 2 proficient Win chun students go at it, it's virtually a cat fight. bottom line if you fancy yourself a tough guy and desire to survive barfight after barfight, you'll need to be proficient at , at least 2 of the finer arts. Years of experience taught me this. I thought I could beat anybody 2 years in at 20 years old then you find out there is always someone out there better than you are.

11 years ago

If you this this Martial Art is wimpy in any way. Watch IP MAN!!! Its about the dude that Masterd this art. And tho its Hollywooded out abit. It ranks as the #1 Martial Arts Movie for me. Close Close second is the legend of Ong Bak but yeah IP MAN!! You Owe it to yourself to check it out

12 years ago

anyone who says this wouldnt help you in a fight (John Doe) does not understand what they are seeing and has no idea about subtlety. I just think HIT HIT HIT. well sometimes, your getting hit and U need to snake your arm around theres... thats what the spinning hand thing does, as well as strengthens and improves the flexibility of the wrist. Tan sau, (or to ifdiots.. when he just brings his arm up and forward) is there to deflect a punch whilst also delivering your own. John, to you it looks likes hes not doing much at all... but encoded in what hes showing you, is the basis of how a small frail man could beat someone Younger, Faster and Quicker.

12 years ago

i have realy liked all the staff but my interest is in learning the wing chun style of chinese martial arts.
so how do i get to that?

12 years ago


Four Dragon
12 years ago

This is not just another style. Plus the video shows the correct way to perform all three forms. If you train and truely understand the forms and techniques. If you understand the full theory of the center line, then this style is very dangerous. I was a Marine and we used several techniques from Wing Chun for the close quater combat training. It get no realer than hanh to hand in the U.S.Marine Corps. So, for you dis-believers, maybe you're missing something but the style works.

john doe
12 years ago

Another make believe fighting style. If you want to learn to fight watch 2 women fight, There is nothing glamorous about it, Straight in pulling hair punching scratching (REAL).

john doe
12 years ago

wouldnt save you in a real fight.

13 years ago

Good, never i see vidéo bill jee from yip man, maybe this vidéo no exist... my regrets...

13 years ago

What happened to this video?

Charles B.
13 years ago

Who the heck keeps giving this a "10"? It's so boring, I obviously am missing the whole cultural point, and don't really care if I am. I thought Bruce Lee was in it, but I never saw him. Nonetheless, I'm quite sure "gramps" here could still kick my but if he's still living!

What the hey! I'll be a "sheeple" this time and give a 10 too! :-)

13 years ago

This documentary of Grandmaster/Sigung Ip Man filmed presenting wing chun's sim lim tao is by far the best example of the true form found ANYWHERE that is known... If you are a student of any Chinese boxing system, this is what you are looking for. Ip Man's Son,Yip Chung, has the best all around modern film of the same sim lim tao as an instructional added to this documentary. Remember that wing chun practiced today can be watered down and/or added to by all that teach or practice it today, not that it is wrong at all, because all martial arts practice in theory can be summed up by understanding that it has to evolve, and to keep traditional forms is part of learning the whole yin and yang.(past and present).