The Power Principle

The Power Principle

2012, Politics  -   268 Comments
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A gripping, deeply informative account of the plunder, hypocrisy, and mass violence of plutocracy and empire; insightful, historically grounded and highly relevant to the events of today.

This documentary is about the foreign policy of the United States. It demonstrates the importance of the political economy, the Mafia principle, propaganda, ideology, violence and force.

It documents and explains how the policy is based on the interest of major corporations and a tiny elite to increase profits and the United States governments own interests in maintaining and expanding it's imperialistic influence.

Inside the United States this has been made possible with a propaganda of fear for the horrible enemies like the Soviet Union, Communists and so on and a love for "free markets", "democracy", "freedom" and so on.

Externally (and increasingly internally) this has caused massive poverty and suffering, genocide, war, coups, crushed unions and popular movements and environmental destruction.

Part 2: Propaganda
Part 3: Apocalypse

Directed by: Scott Noble

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David Dieni
2 years ago

“The idiots take over the final days of crumbling civilizations. Idiot generals wage endless, unwinnable wars that bankrupt the nation. Idiot economists call for reducing taxes for corporation and the rich and cutting social service programs for the poor. They project economic growth on the basis of myth. Idiot industrialists poison the water, the soil, and the air, slash jobs and depress wages. Idiot bankers gamble on self-created financial bubbles. Idiot journalists and public intellectuals pretend despotism is democracy. Idiot intelligence operatives orchestrate the overthrow of foreign governments to create lawless enclaves that give rise to enraged fanatics. Idiot professors, "experts", and "specialists" busy themselves with unintelligible jargon and arcane theory that buttresses the policies of rulers. Idiot entertainers and producers create lurid spectacles of sex, gore and fantasy. There is a familiar checklist for extinction. We are ticking off every item on it.”

― Chris Hedges, America: The Farewell Tour

David Dieni
2 years ago

“Nationalism is our form of incest, is our idolatry, is our insanity. 'Patriotism' is its cult...Just as love for one individual which excludes the love for others is not love, love for one's country which is not part of one's love for humanity is not love, but idolatrous worship.”

― Erich Fromm

5 years ago

The problem is Metanoia Films advocates communism. There is no alternative presented between the extremes of capitalism or communism. Solidarity Forever was a love letter to communism. So if it didn't work in Russia, Cuba or China where they had to modernize with capitalist reforms... what is the point of advocating communism NOW! I admire the conviction, I laugh at the stubbornness... Just when I try to take you seriously, you go off the rails and become, useless. And reduced to virtue signaling. And revolutions are not made from virtue signaling...

5 years ago

'Israel aggression towards Iran'?? and it seemed a serious documentary ...

5 years ago

History and mathematics, only one deals in facts

7 years ago

We need to come together and organize ourselves. Enough is enough. The 1% can't hold back the 99%. They have hijacked our planet and are committing genocide on humanity's future - destroying our biosphere faster than any models predicted. What do we say to our children and their children? That we complained but complied? Not good enough. It starts with conversations and then an established common goal - one milestone at a time. Anybody interested?

Zac Tolan
7 years ago

It's exciting to me that this starts with a quote from Jesus (Yahshua). He was the true revolutionary of all, engaging in pure SPIRITUAL revolt and only He had the real POWER to wage true revolution of spirit.
It's exciting to me because the people who are sincere are recognizing the wisdom of His words. And we need no religious system, denomination, church, or organization to be part of His real revolution. Jesus (Yahshua) is a person, I am a person, you are a person. We are people living on planet Earth. Earth is a planet which is a really great ecosystem flying through space. How we incline ourselves to behave on this planet in this mortal life is a snapshot of how we intend to behave were we given the ability to live eternally. This is the qualifying round. Some people can't be trusted with even just 80 or so years of life. How much evil would they unleash throughout the universe if their evil little hearts were free to go on forever and ever? Now my heart is evil too, which is why I know I need a Healer.
It's just encouraging that people are recognizing (and hopefully practicing) the wisdom of the son of God APART from all the fallen religious influences. Guess what Jesus did to the religious people? He made a whip and chased them out and yelled at them. He totally wrecked the place of organized religion. Literally. He was mad at the religious phonies. He still is, even though nowadays they claim to follow Him. They are in for a surprise when He does show up here back on planet earth again.
If you are a sincere truth seeker, don't be offended at Jesus just because people he is also fed up with are liars and hypocrites. Also, if you are ashamed of Him, what He is and represents (not what He isn't and does not represent), then He will be ashamed of you when He shows up here. I'm not religious, but I do believe the man is coming back with all the power of the universe on His side, so I sit tight till He gets here.
He will sort out all the terrible injustice going on here.

Serene Voice
8 years ago

In part one in the first few minutes, it shows president Obama saying that he thinks there should be an increase in military spending. I believe this must have been taken grossly out of context as that has never been his stance. I have read his books and more importantly, watched his actions. He has ended wars and refused to get into further wars being pushed by the RW.

9 years ago

Chomsky observes that as long as nuclear weapons exist, the chances of survival for the human race are slim. Do you agree with that observation?

A Good Samaritan
9 years ago

Excellent documentary ! informative and therefore worth-watching .

Kim Sullivan
9 years ago

So many ignorant comments here --- it is truly sad. People have been fed so much anti-American propaganda that they can't tell fact from fiction. The United States isn't perfect. Governments seldom are because men/women are flawed and greed motivates people to do terrible things. HOWEVER, I'm sure glad I was born in the United States where I am free to rise or fall on my own merit. As a woman, I'd rather be here than anywhere in the world, Regardless of what corporations do (and I'm not condoning evil) the American people have been incredibly generous to the rest of the world. We are the first to offer aid and help out after national disasters, we rebuild countries who've allowed those who've done us harm to thrive and we are still the only place in the world where people can start with nothing and gain great prosperity with hard work. All you haters can hate but I'm still proud of my country!

Bella Button
9 years ago

Great documentary. It shines a light on the US government without airbrushing history . I knew they were wolves , but I learned more watching this. The stone cold hypocrites .

I would be devastated to find out my country fed me with self serving propaganda to that scale . So much for American pride, with respect to its many good citizens.
The human rights abuses, war crimes, trillions spent on questionable conflicts and arms with so many people living in poverty.
It's important to verify everything you read and hear .

9 years ago

The Only action that could open the door to a solution is if people DO NOT VOTE on the next election. I know, they tell us that voting at least gives you a voice...bullcrap! Voting allows them to control the sitting president. DO NOT VOTE and make it known loudly that YOU WILL NOT VOTE that NO ONE WILL....and see what happens. It's called a revolution!

9 years ago

I am going to comment after watching the movie....oh well never mind, its about "US, Corporate global control, alien agreements, and other nation's bend on controlling the World population and Worlds' resources." Perhaps some of you might have come to understand "the Hindu term that describes " four ages", one age that human's are supposedly just entered has been just 2000 years gone , another 430,000 years of it-still come before next 'age comes into being'.The current age is known in this context as "kalyug".So, I suppose human's on planet are going to go through hell before "the ultimate golden age arrives." We'll all be dead,and born probably thousands of time, depending on our present "karma." Best "you,I," can do is to, I suppose enjoy human life and do our best,as we can to improve the situation.

9 years ago

This documentary seems to have been made by apologists for the Soviet Union. Given the number of people that regime murdered - and it was far more than Hitler's - surely the United States' policy towards it was justified.

10 years ago

To REDIJ and others alike:
Whoever knows and understands the history of Mankind cannot be against the North American people or any other people at all!!!
But is undoubtedly that the great capitalist machine is beeing ruled mainly VIA government of your country and its enormous branches, including abroad, which you can cal EU, NATO, IMF, and so on...
I can assure you that these feelings towards such a puppet government stands either towards other puppet governments, institutions, politicians or personalities alike, whose mission is only the defense of the great machine. The empire, the capital, the financial parasite...whatever you want to cal it.
Therefore, if the people of the World may aspire to a better World, a better Economy and a better Life, it will ultimately depend on YOU. On YOU the North American People, once the machine can only be stopped if grabbed by the steering wheel.
Know what I mean?

10 years ago

Aparently you are not convinced with the arguments on Salvador Allende's history and with all the economic subversion that led to a not so wealthy and stable situation at the end of his 3 years of effort...
Well, let me give you another exemple for you to acuse of being leened towards socialism:
CUBA - when a cuban ask why does he/she doesn't have a proper tooth paste to use on a daily basis, is the answer because of the imprisionment within Castro's Communism/Collectivism, or because of the USA/UN embargo?
In behalf of the 11 million Cubans willingly living in Cuba and the other 2 million waiting for the néon lights and mcdonalds to arrise in Havana, the answer seems pretty obvious.
Think about that.

10 years ago

One thing is clear ... despite all claims of promoting democracy and helping the common man ... the foreign policy of the USA has not achieved this end.
What it has achieved is the promotion of the ultra rich.
That cannot be a complete accident.

10 years ago

I like this film, but it has a clear bias towards socialism, making out Chile was a socialist success story prior to the vicious US sponsored coup is misleading. Also, Che Guevara was hardly a saint, in fact he was a bone fide murderer.

Alv V
10 years ago

It's a bit too easy to blame the US for all the evil in the world. The Soviet and China under communism was bad enough too, same as Nazi Germany. Just as the Roman Empire also did a lot of horrible things, just like the other empires before that. And just like single countries have been against other continues, and even chieftains of tribes thousands of years ago - even single families might have one or more of the members making life into hell for the others. Even children can behave utterly horrible against each other. And by watching the nature reveals that the strongest have lives that depend on the death of the weaker ones. I've watched another documentary (I think it was "All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace") where people in a large scale operation lived together in communities with the motivation of not having any leader and to cooperate systematically in all things, but even if they didn't plan it, still they automatically made a leader - the strongest, most intelligent or attractive one clearly had an advantage and used that advantage without realizing, and those with the least power had a disadvantage and let themselves be dominated by those with more power, even if they didn't know they did. So it's survival of the fittest and dreams about a utopia created by humanity will never be likely to succeed by anyone, no matter what they do.

Shane Tice
10 years ago

I hate the Goldberg variations

Vinnie Chavez
10 years ago

I think that these people there called the !% or 2% will kill us all if they can not keep the power or proxy over us I think it has happen before we have the deluge? now I think were in the 5th age?? this age will be by fire that sound like nuclear you see these people all they want is power. this is a conundrum for me?? I just don't know???

10 years ago

Although this documentary summarizes history well, it does this almost entirely one sided. . Propaganda like the documentary above to counter the propaganda of the opposite in the political spectrum has the danger of swinging the power pendulum too far causing similar power abuses. Clearly we can not hail anarchism or the USSR communism as a real alternative based on the atrocities of USA history. That said we do live in an era where corporatism or fascism has a grip on many economies and societies. I see the collapse of the current economic paradigm as inevitable as it only functions with unlimited resources and a strong common goal such as a common enemy. WIth current information availability i doubt the leading class can maintain a stable system. In my opinion there is no such thing as a conspiracy at the highest levels of governance 7 billion of earthlings behave too erratic even if mass manipulated through bad education and media. All societies that collapsed in human history with various technological advancements are historical proof of this. Our society requires reform in education, media and democracy. Starting with education

10 years ago

While the US media is feeding the public pablum made from cancer causing GMOs, the US is clandestinely a global, metastasizing cancer.

10 years ago

This is an amazing documentary. Can't say I'm surprised about much of it though. I've been aware of some of these things for a while and have been questionning things a lot. You don't need to be a genius to see something's not right... And you don't need to be an American to feel compelled to do something. It affects all of us.

I just wish I knew what to do, except than sharing this (hopefully everyone who finds this good and and eye opener does so).

10 years ago

We must, eventually, move beyond greed and money, Beyond the grossly distorted notions of self-entitlement the elite have, for which others pay the cost. if we are to survive. What value will money have when resources are distributed properly? When automation supplants the need for human labor? And production soars yet there are no jobs. We need to start thinking about a completely new economic model to deal with the these changes.

10 years ago

I dont know whether it is another propaganda movie or really showed truth. But it is awesome. As history showed us that there is no single power stayed on forever. Will US go down in my life time?

10 years ago

how do i get the pwr prin to play on my android device?

10 years ago

I did not like the ending on part an iranian i'm not for war against my country, but the iranian government will be much more dangerous with a nuclear weapon; only solution is revolution against the islamist facists in iran, but i do not support america's action neither, as it is known they have been a force for evil than a force of good...there is no doubt about any case we must ponder about the future, before we try to fix the present, even though the future is never predicted

10 years ago

After watching part 1 I had to wait a day or so to view the rest, I was so disturbed. I know our government keeps secrets from us and I didn't used to think we needed to know everything they were up to! I can't look at it like that anymore. I am disgusted, I am ashamed of how the ultra wealthy have stomped on democracy wherever they have found it all for the all mighty buck. How much money does a person or a family even, need, how many cars can you buy, how many houses? Will it ever be enough? They behave like junkies wanting a hit, no amount of dope will fill that void. I am old enough to remember the Grenada conflict, I was all for going in there and getting our students out, of course after seeing this and knowing what all that was really about, I feel like an *ss. The media's complicity also frankly pisses me off. I always knew the news Americans get is lacking but to bald face lie or cover things up, not Cronkite or Dan Rather surely. Puppets all, what a joke no wonder the rest of the world hates us and wants to blow up our s***! I hate us too right now, what a bunch of straight up bullies we are. Every American should see this what an eye opener, especially now that their trying to sell us another bill of goods on the debt ceiling again. Cut the defense budget.

10 years ago

that smirk bush snr displayed after telling a lady to shut up, who questioned why the US was killing priest in El Salvador, is reminiscnet of many of the worlds self serving leaders....Ive spotted it in the act our NZ PMs speeches when he's trying to deceive his constituents and ellude exposing to the truth behind his parties policies and ulterior motives...thats what happens when these international egos coverge on their playgrounds, and call it a UN conference conspiring to influence their own agendas.

10 years ago

Well next big bullies will be China....lets see how the US CIA military regime handle their next piece of propaganda exercises. This power play of lies and manipulation by exerting fear into societies with lies and deceit, has become so predictable by the patriachal rule of corrupt govts and their financial bankers.

R Quincy
10 years ago

What we NEED, then, is to get all our best minds together and brainstorm up a NEW form of government, not based on global intervention and (Neo-)Imperialism. Perhaps Communism in America WILL work. Perhaps it won't. We haven't tried because we don't dare. Someone told me the other day that Communism alone has killed more people than any other form of government. I would argue that Capitalism (Imperialism-based, because there seems to be no other possibility) has killed far more in the suppression tactics we employ against those who are simply trying to follow the example we've set.

Unfortunately, the way to a 'Free Market' as we have it today and our 'Liberty, Freedom, Justice' ideals are splotched red with the blood of innocents (and non-innocents alike).

America is the New World Order. One Imperialist Multi-Nation. Under 'God', whose very existence seems disproved by his allowance of our many mistakes. Indivisible, because we have all the nuclear power to keep others from leaving (or protesting, or rising on their own winds to became better than we could ever be). With Liberty and Justice only for the consumers who pay their taxes and have been branded with SSIDs--and even then, THOSE few 'benefits' are being blurred.

Regardless of what you believe 'proper' Capitalism, 'proper' Socialism, or 'proper' Communism can manage, I hope dearly that most of us are beginning to see the problem with corporations running the UN. I hope people are beginning to realise that 'money' in our economy (thanks to Wilson--may he be denied rest until he learns just what he's done to us) is all automatically debt. I hope that people realise that our 'Democracy' is so corrupted that there is no hope of us effecting change through the current process. I hope people understand that the electoral college is grossly ineffectual in its 'goal' to provide a democratic voting platform for the 'free' people (now enslaved by Consumerism [and thus the few corporations that own We the People]).

The American Capitalist Experiment has failed. We tried. We made too many mistakes. We allowed the separation of 'Church and State' that Britain still struggles against, but we made no such separation of 'Privatised Corporation and State' (that is, refusing these corporations the sway in our legal process that they currently enjoy--probably because our Founding Fathers would not have expected Consumerism to be at the heels--and, in fact, a constant motivator--of Imperialism and Capitalism [to such an extent as it is, by which I mean that our rights as citizens in a 'Democracy' are now being infringed upon by these Corporations]).

And people are too caught up in their Red vs Blue (Rep vs Dem) battles [Nod to RoosterTeeth] to notice. We have allowed the media and our presidents and government to distract us from the real problems by encouraging us to pay more attention and become more involved in the 'righteous' moral fights that are so prevalent in our current society. Reps and Dems ARE the same, really. They mainly differ on moral issues.

Wake up, people. Stop paying attention to these 'issues' that DO need our attention EVENTUALLY, but cannot be affected until our government has been 'corrected'.

Perhaps the best solution is to dissolve the US and make every state its own State inside a commonwealth. Who knows? But there is now way that such a big empire with its own ideals in mind, run by corrupt bastards and privately-motivated companies can have its People foremost in mind. We all know that America no longer (if it ever truly did) has been fulfilling the purpose for which it was (supposedly) created.

Cut military funding. Quit our Imperialistic tactics around the world. Dissemble all Nuclear weaponry.

Renounce America as the SuperPower of the world, and lets us be one nation of many again.

Pull out our nose before someone cuts it off for us. Let our foreign policy be backed by a desire for true peace, rather than enforced Nuclear stalemates.

Dissemble our Capitalist system and build our economy anew. (What is the value of our paper money? What is the real value of our gold? What is a decent standard that we could now adopt? Favours? Food for work?)

Encourage more research into sciences determined to find sufficient alternative energy sources which will allow us to live ONLY WITHIN OUR MEANS. (The same idea should be adopted for each individual—throw out the credit cards by which we trade imaginary funds that are entirely non-existent in the first place.)

Allow other nations the chance to build themselves up without our intervention.

Concern ourselves with those at home first.

Cut off the head of all corruption in our Chairs and replace/rebuild our Government from the ground up. The Constitution would not be a bad place to BEGIN. Let this nation be BY the People and FOR the People as it was meant to be--and let 'People' include ALL people, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, (other various labels of little-to-no value, except as a means by which we may refuse those 'different' from 'us' their proper rights as human beings), etc.

If our system is broken, We the People have a duty to fix it.

America's future is in our hands.

What will our next experiment be? We've MANY options before us.

I will be proud to be an American only when we have managed to progress with no harm to others. We began as a slave nation, as Egypt and Africa. Let us upset that paradigm by bringing into collective human consciousness. Only in large numbers will we prevail against our oppressors. The People will cry out when they understand the chains they are tangled in, and especially when they begin to understand just WHO has manufactured them.

The answer? Themselves. We have create the bed we are lying in because we as a People were so misled.

This is the Age on Information. It is time to Educate ourselves.

We CAN be more than we are. We can be happy. We can be prosperous. We can regain the sense of community we lost long ago.

But only if we want it.

Please, begin to want it, America. The lives of billions hang in the balance.

This is our true responsibility.

10 years ago

Excellent, fair, well balanced report and hugely informative.

10 years ago

very educational, WARNING this gives some very interesting information with lots of facts. Danger. The author then makes there own conclusions.
One reason JFK was such a great president is that he died in office and it can be said that he had great plans and since he was not alive to follow through one can only guess how wonderful it would have been.
To say the world would just love us if we only wanted peace for all is silly.
Look at Mali or Egypt that is going to put soccer fans to death for rioting but not the police for killing the people that over through a dictator.
To say that Iran never attacked anyone and that Israel is doing bad things to them while at the same time doing a 4 and a half hour show on the USA's secret wars is just not truthful.
See the show and learn and see others and put the pieces together and you will be educated. See just what fits into your comfort zone and you are just a follower.

10 years ago

Factually wrong and omits many facts where convenient. This is russian sponsored propaganda. 0/10 - wouldn't watch again.

10 years ago

Why isn't this mandatory information taught in schools? Goddammit this is your duty to spread to as many as possible. ASAP before people fill their brain with mindnumming corporate propaganda. Ditch work, meetings, school, sosial life and so on as long as you get to see this.. DO IT!

10 years ago

very interesting an informative film

10 years ago


I agree with everything you said in your post. I have checked out the Venus Project. As I have stated (I think, although it may have been something I deleted), all of that is technically achievable today. Further, all who are involved in similar projects on any scale will do well in the coming years outside of government interference. (Amish farmers should fare very well. I had a small hobby farm with four of those families as neighbors. They were wonderful neighbors.)

“I think there are a lot of people who would want to live in a more sustainable system, and I think a more sustainable system is possible“, AGREED, ABSOLUTLY. For sure, the current system is economically and environmentally unsustainable.

In my use of generations I was highlighting our current times. Civilizations have repeated similar cycles throughout the ages. Each of those had crisis points that effected change. What I find myself wondering about (and I will state, with skepticism) is what will the crisis be that will effect societies enough to implement the necessary change in a way that will produce meaningful and effective action.

I have to admit my skepticism.

I’m no new-comer to sustainability. I did the Mother Earth-er thing for quite a while on that hobby farm, had a seed bank, grew fruits and vegetables, built a methane digester, maintained a few livestock and an osmosis water filtration system for a well pneumatically or if need be hydraulically driven. There also was the ability to power the place through the methane system if needed. That was a personal 1970’s experiment.

I’m an old Seeker.

10 years ago

This documentary starts with “atrocities” committed by the two big bullies of the times, the USSR and the USA. They achieved these atrocities by supporting various entities found within the various countries of origin. Then explanations are given as to how this was achieved by the two bullies. After bankrupting the USSR the USA finds itself as the only remaining bully.

Then it begins an educational session about the marketing master mind Eddie Bernays and his use of psychological marketing to brainwash the American public into becoming uncaring mindless ravenous consumers. Each citizen shrinking in fear of all outside threats created through the very same methodology. (Can anyone guess the name of the moderator of this Doc?)

This battle has two opponents with diametrically opposed positions. The one being criticized in this doc is the Capitalist Utopia. There is however another Utopian ideology out there. It first arrived in the good old USA in 1876. It was found in the temples of higher learning as early as the 1900’s. It can be researched in the 1960’s form as the “1969 Weathermen manifesto”. In its less radical form it now has a Redux version that can be easily researched. If you’re really interested, I understand they are still recruiting.

The Eddie Bernays method comes in two forms, a hard sell and a soft sell. Commercials are the hard in your face sell appeal to ones narcissism. The soft sell you have just heard. It appeals to ones altruism and sense of fair play with the calm low voise of a woman moderator. Both play fast and loose with truth.

Both forms of propaganda have proven successful. By the way if anyone knows of a successful Utopian society that exists without heavy handed control and a ruling oligarchy that shares the same life style as those ruled, let me know. I’d be interested....

10 years ago

This is an excellent series well worth your time. But you must also read George Orwells Animal Farm where all the animals are equal but the pigs are a little more equal. Then you need to read Edward O. Wilson's new book on the Evolution of Society in which he theorizes that documentaries such as this and books like Orwells describe our true and unchangeable natures and that we will more or less always be like this. Mankind has dreamed of a better world for centuries and yet we are as far from it as we ever were.

Devon Griffiths
10 years ago

Some of the comments here disappoint me. Yes, actually, it does mention the crimes of the Soviet Union - it actually opens with them! In the first 5 minutes! But it's not about the USSR so it doesn't go into depth about it. Some people, lately, seem to think that to criticize something you must also criticize its counterpart in equal measure in any particular statement, to be "fair". What they really want is to get 2 wrongs to make a right. I wonder if these people had mothers to tell them this is simply wrong, or if they're just more intellectually lazy than the average 5 year old.

10 years ago

I grew up in USSR, and for me to suddenly hear that our murderous regime was in fact peace-loving, mellow and harmless is just insulting. It's like saying that Stalin or Hitler were actually nice guys. Soviets were aggressively anti-West, that I can tell you by what brainwash I was fed daily at school, and in media. If they did not invade or interfere in enough countries for these filmmakers to start counting, it was only because they were doing so at the expense of their own people and eventually went bankrupt doing so. And thank you CIA and Mr Reagan for helping them to go under!
I started to watch with great interest, but was just appalled at the heap of lies these guys have managed to pull together. They've blown their chance of making a decent documentary and have concocted a chunk of pathetic leftist propaganda instead. Frankly, I'm disgusted.

Mojtaba Hussaini
10 years ago

Didn't USSR invade Afghanistan? Where's is that mentioned in these documentaries?

NZ Kiwi
10 years ago

So this website is blocking me from commenting, as Roy Wright, so what this is the best doco i have seen to date! and I like you Lord_Grammer, a realist, guess we better make the best of a bad situation and enjoy what we have and count our self's lucky we were born in the first world. if reincarnation is true then lets hope we have good..... karma !

10 years ago

If I hadn't seen/read a lot of what is in this documentary before I watched it, I would probably be in a straight jacket in a mental institution. But, alas, I was not surprised by what I viewed. Sometimes, I wish I could go back to being the mindless i*iot I was in believing how great American is. I feel like that dude in the Matrix who wants to be plugged back in because he can't eat steak any more. This documentary is a must see for all, it is well done and the information is invaluable. 5 stars.

11 years ago

An excellent documentary that calls a spade, a spade. I would love to see this documentary played on the FOX channel, just to see the response of mindless simpletons who believe the minutia they are being spoon fed on a regular basis. Who knows, they might even choke on it like George bush did with his pretzel.

11 years ago

Thank You producer Scott Noble.
An excellent must watch film. Terrible - Horror far more psychologically terrible then anything hollywood
can do - perhaps, because truth is so damn painful.
I know I don't want to believe that I have supported governments and industries who have wrought so much terror and inhumanity in the name of it's opposites on so many nations. Worse, that 'we' have been doing this so long and continue to today.
I, like others, seek my own solutions; I have none worthy enough to advertise or coerce.
Recently I was reminded that "to resist" is also action. So I research where I buy, review what I really need. I still VOTE, but
seek a vote for those I think might still be flexible, and those who talk to rather then at people - I forward films like these to
those (leaders/representatives) as well as to friends and family... I know I can not force others to 'think' or to want to 'learn';
that would make me the same as those I oppose, only different by degree.
Will there ever be enough in numbers whose education and will provide us all with a way forward? I don't know
any more, except that I do not think Europe and Russia- former soviet union, (or Green land, Netherlands) and others will 'go quietly' into the plutocracy Corporations and Elites are in progress toward... some of these countries seem more knowledgeable then the average North American...a small grain of hope to be sure. And who knows, maybe my own country, Canada and the UK will one
day grow tired of our servitude to US led policy, and get off our backs, close our spread-eagled legs and stand up for our selves
for a change... In the mean time, good luck to all ...

Greg Lamb
11 years ago

It looks like I was right to protest nuclear weapons when Reagan was president.

11 years ago

How can anyone not like this doc? Calling it absurd, really?! What, you don't like history supported by actual facts?
Sometimes I think that some of the commenters are just planted there to misinform and scrutinize real thinkers.