Quest for the Lost Civilization

Quest for the Lost Civilization

1998, Mystery  -   77 Comments
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Quest for the Lost CivilizationAwe inspiring and enigmatic, the sacred sites and holy places of ancient man have stood mute for millennia - their secrets seemingly vanished with the civilizations that built them. Yet what mysteries would they reveal if they could speak? Is there something that connects these sites - a hidden key that will once and for all disclose the riddles of our past? What is the startling archaic connection entwining the sacred places of our world?

Evading the interpretation of generations of historians and archaeologists the true cryptic nature and purpose of these sacred centres has lain in waiting - secreted in myth and legend and encoded in the very design of the sites themselves...Until now.

In Heaven's Mirror best-selling author Graham Hancock continues his quest begun in the No. 1 International best-sellers Fingerprints of the Gods and Keeper of Genesis to rediscover the hidden legacy of mankind - the revelation that the cultures we term ancient were, in fact, the heirs to a far, far older forgotten civilisation, and inheritors of its archaic wisdom... (More at

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2 years ago

This comment section is comical. Many of you have no idea who Hancock is, mocking him is childish. He's done more to move this area of research then any academic. Also this documentary albeit excellent, a bit dated. Hancock has changed his views as new data has come to light. This documentary is a Classic, one of the best when it comes to Ancient Civilizations.

3 years ago

The symbol are from our Ancient Ancestors our Ancestors are Black not White Egypt is Africa until this they don't know sht. So if u believe BS instead of finding out urself research. Europe people stole everything from our Ancients being in burial grounds steeling Ancestors pottery, gold, diamond, etc...,
Places where they have NO RIGHT TO BE
Leave us and our Ancestors alone an at peace

4 years ago

gobekli tepe has proven him right case closed!

7 years ago

Agree with some of the comments earlier. This guy has an irritating voice. He is a snake-oil salesman, yes J, I agree with you. Don't like documentaries where the speaker likes to put himself (and partner) in every shot. His inflated, obsessional assumptions and personal ownership of other's theories made him appear a novice. Did not wast time watching it to the end. The monuments were awesome. Shame he got in the way.

10 years ago

What Hancock says makes perfect sense. Read Ignatious Donnelly, too. I don't think we should discount any possibility. It's ridiculous to think modern humans have lived for 200,000 years (as per current fossil record) and yet only did all our discovery in the last few thousand!

11 years ago

There is a growing consensus out there that believes that some of the history that we were taught in school is not entirely accurate and of course it's not. Hell we can't even agree on the events of 9/11. So how can we form an accurate picture of what happened thousands of years ago based on the limited amount of data gathered from digs and the written language. The further away from and event in both time and space the less accurate the recounting of that event will inevitably be.

I don't think it's insane for Hancock and others to form their own theories about the roots of civilization and the possibility of a missing chapter or chapters in our remote past. Every side will fight hard to maintain their own views of the events of what happened long and most research is based on previous studies and built on them as well. Therefore if an error is made at the beginning and all that follows is based on that error than the pictures painted of the past will be highly inaccurate and historians do not want to discard decades upon decades on systemically building a historical picture even if other scientific evidence says "Something here just ain't right!" (The water weathering on the Sphinx for example but there is geological dating of other areas that strongly dispute the historians dates)

The best thing to do if you are sincerely interested in finding out about the past is research, watch, and most importantly THINK! Even a show like ancient aliens that is very biased towards pointing all evidence towards "The Aliens Did It!" can show some interesting locations and artifacts that raise questions. Not saying that I agree with the answers but I also don't agree with conventional history either. I'm quite convinced that the further back you go the less accurate it is. Just look at some of the cities in India under water that date back to a time when we shouldn't have even had the wheel yet!

The name calling on some of the previous posts are unnecessary. If you don't believe that history is inaccurate than don't believe it but don't bash the **** out of others for feeling the same and that applies to those with the alternative view as well. The best way to go about it is to gather evidence and use facts and well reasoned theories to argue your case. This way we have scientific progress and maybe we can get closer to and unarguably accurate account of our pre-history through baby steps

11 years ago

the more he talks, the less crazy he sounds.

11 years ago

very interesting- he might turn you off if you are not ready.
i watched a youtube vid of Graham Hancock and Joe Rogan, one of Joe's podcasts, and got to know the angle that Hancock was coming from a little more...
i highly recommend that , if you find this far fetched, or just in general. it made watching this a lot better.

11 years ago

"In those days there were giants in the land..."

Why are we so ignorant of our own history? Because people who know have sought to keep it hidden, and to keep those who may reveal the truth are ridiculed into submission. When we can know the truth of our past, we can know much more about who we are, why we're here, and where we came from....the most important questions humanity could ever ask.

Jacob On Tour
11 years ago

Dear Mr Graham Hancock.

Please use your intelligence and your time for something usefull.
Make the world a better place and stop confusing fragile, susceptible minds.
This is silly!

Yours truly

Fake Name
12 years ago

I'm very surprised to hear Prof.Wickramasinghe stating that a comet could've caused the ice sheets to melt at the end of the last ice-age. While I am not a scientist in any capacity, I've always read/heard that comet and asteroid impacts cause cooling on a global scale, due to the amount of material ejected into the atmosphere. Have I missed a new discovery? If so and anyone has any information about it, please post a link as a reply to this comment. Thank you.

Fake Name
12 years ago

@Jack1952, Graham states repeatedly that more research needs to be done, and that professional scientists should do it. His only critique of science is that it too often views its interpretations as definitive. I have watched many of his documentaries and he always makes it plainly clear he is a journalist by training, that he believes established science should investigate his findings, and that professionals should do the investigating. I've found him to be most trustworthy and one of the rarest kinds of journalists, interested only in the truth and sharing that truth with anyone that cares to learn it. Of course he makes money at it, he has to eat like the rest of us. I have not found one shred of evidence to support any idea that he misleads people for monetary gain, that alone gives me far more confidence in him than in ANY current news media.

12 years ago

ancient cultures all over the world worshipped all of nature and deified MANY animals... why are the fixated on the serpents? are they trying to imply that civilation was taught to humans by the lizard people? ALSO.... the pyramid structure is the natural shape that sand, dirt, etc creates when it is poured... which could have indicated to primitive people the most natural, stable, and harmonious structure that earthen materials could be shaped into.

12 years ago

they are taking precession into account, but are they taking into account the proper motion of the stars and the evolution of the shapes through time?

12 years ago

This docu is full of pentagrams.

12 years ago

I find it funny sometimes how people look at theories like the one presented in this documentary and then say 'improbable', 'unlikely', 'not enough evidence', and so on. Applying the same criteria on so-called 'established' theories would make those appear not much better either. Many of those would not survive another week if all the suppressed, ignored, or forgotten evidence would come out tomorrow, like the theory about modern humans existing only about 150,000+ years, the Big Bang theory, or the official story about 9/11, just to name a few.

Looking at the evidence in the many cases of monolithic architecture there are only a few possibilities left how the ancient builders could have accomplished their monumental work.

#1 They had help from 'somewhere else', in the form of extra-terrestrial beings. Countless so-called myths all over the world talk about 'gods' or 'teachers' 'from the heavens', offering their knowledge to mankind.
#2 There was a highly advanced human population here on Earth in a time long before our recorded history. For this theory evidence can also be found all over the world in inscriptions as well as mythologies - besides the buildings themselves, of course.
#3 Both of the above is true.
#4 Thousands of people - may they be slaves or religiously motivated - working with copper/stone/whatever chisels on granite/quartz/limestone, recently emerged from the hunter/gatherer stadium, supposedly not even knowing anything about the wheel or simple mathematics, built all these huge astronomically sophisticated structures that we today couldn't accomplish with all our machinery...

The one theory that doesn't fit to all the evidence is... the one we are all told to be true in school.

This doesn't apply only to archeology - it also applies to cosmology, physics, maths, psychology, and other disciplines. There is no single theory ever made up which wouldn't have been replaced by a better one at some point yet. Thus, they are called theories.

So I would recommend to be very critical about established theories, and keep an open mind to new ideas - they might be correct. Especially when they come up with good evidence like the one in this documentary.

It's fairly easy to ridicule people like Von Däniken, Hancock, Tsoukalos, Cremo, Hoagland, and all the others, but to ridicule the messenger doesn't solve the problem, even if they make/made mistakes here or there. All of them are pathfinders, in the best sense of the word. Instead we should deal with the message in a scientific way, trying to prove - or disprove if we have another opinion. But please, let's come up with real evidence!

Btw, quoting a Wikipedia entry or calling somebody 'a joke' is not an evidence...

12 years ago to the part where the pyramids were not the tombs of the Pharoahs... The ancients were big on astronomy - they were good at it (you know, the magi and those guys), this is a 'duh' observation. REAL antiquarians told us that over a hundred years ago.

However,if there is money in this type of claptrap, maybe I should think up some angle on my own...tempting... Of course, it would be fun to make up "news" for the 'National Inquirer' too.

12 years ago

72 degrees....hmmmmmm

12 years ago

Wow, that is pretty good

12 years ago

All I can say is wow!!!
I'm a big fan of Graham Hankcock. His work seems sometimes to be far fetched but when looked upon closer all start to makes sense. One of his best and famous books I read is " LORDS OF POVERTY: the power, prestige, and corruption of the international aid business " This book was before he started writing his mystery or facts books. Another famous author who does similar work is Robert Bauval. I recently read the "Orion Mystery" and that to is a master piece.
I am still waiting for "Black Genesis" which deals with the Napta Playa Complex (Astronomical Observatory) in Southern Egypt as well as the migrations of Africans from Chad, Ancient Libya and Nubia to ancient Egypt (KMT).
Graham Hancock & Robert Bauval have co-authored "Keeper of Genesis: a quest for the hidden legacy of mankind"

Keep up the good work Vlatko!!!!

12 years ago

Great doc!!

12 years ago

Oh my god I LOVE Graham Hancock!!!! There are some lectures from him and his partner on an old show called paranormal tv (the only thing good I have ever seen on that show). I have not watched this vid yet but this man is Brilliant! I can't wait. Watch this video I am sure it is great!

Without 'what if's' and 'I believe's' we are all just swallowing the pill and believing what we are told. I hope for archaeology's sake that J works with someone who dares to ask 'What if". Also beware of institutions that promote the cultivation of fear and ridicule of asking questions.

12 years ago

Interesting stuff but improbable. His links are tenuous at best and there could other explanations for the similarities in some of these ancient structures. Hancock would have better used his resources in studying those submerged structures (building?) than to have gone off globe trotting. If he could prove they were man made he would have given his overall theories the plausibility that this documentary needed.

12 years ago

Graham Hancock is a joke. I had a course that deals with people like him and Von Daniken, and Childress... They are great at making money by telling exaggerated 'what ifs' of history which is largely in the realm of pseudoscience. I feel bad for all the people who believe this at face value with all his 'what ifs' and 'I believe' statements... he got your money, what he set out to do in the first place /facepalm. You wonder why these shows exist, because there is no open forum such as a academic journal which critically analysis major flaws in such research, of which the psuedo's cannot accept, thus going against the scientific method, making them modern day 'snake oil' salesman. I used to believe him and the others like him until I started to critically think about some of the stuff they were saying and investigating on my own, its why I started to become an archaeologist in the first place. My suggestion is research your own, and avoid the salesman.

12 years ago

Would it not be great to have scientists who have more than one discipline then they could look to solve a problem for all angles. Even lawyers use as many witnesses as possible!

I truly tthink we have been technologically advanced for a long time.

Humans are not stupid, look at what we have accomplished in a few hundred years. Why wont this translate to the before times?

There is so much we don't know and to think that one theory is the only theory will stagnant us but of when egos are in play!

12 years ago

I'm hooked. This documentary is really much better than I'd have ever thought

13 years ago

In a word brilliant! How can we be so sure that what we are told in this doc is true? Well we cannot. However, this does provoke more questions than answers and I for one think some of Mr Hancock's theories seem very plausible. Do we know everything? No. After all it wasn't long ago we thought the world was flat. History tells us every time a new theory is put out there it seems to get ridicule. Only time and more research will tell.

13 years ago

this doc is great, i honestly didnt expect it to be this good. It is rather suprising that modern people underestimate the ancients. The size of the brain and intelectual ability has not changed in the last 50,000 years. if you bring a human from 40,000 years ago to the modern world if they are young enough would learn our advancements perfectly, they would even be chip designers, so in my opinion it is not so much a stretch that the sphinx could be more than 10,000 years old or even their buildings were designed acording to the stars, i really hate how some people(experts) are closed minded, the only difference between me and an ancient egyptian is that i have the benefit of having a lot of knowledge acumulated for 10,000(who knows they might have had a lot of accumulated info from 10k years before them) more years than them and i dont have to be a priest to have access to it. anyway i gotta get back and watch part 2.

13 years ago

Thank you for these wonderful documentaries. I watched all three and enjoyed them very much! Your website is awesome.

13 years ago

Definately one of the best documentaries I 've ever watched. Every point put forth is correlated with sound evidence

13 years ago

Amazing series great work thank you for posting

Achems Razor
13 years ago

Yeh! hope Yavanna is okay. Miss his blogs.

13 years ago

Firstly, Tom wonders where the archaeology for this is. Apart from the structures which Mr Hancock gives a plausible justification for being older than we had previously thought, I would suggest mostly about 300m below sea level... Were you not watching the documentary?
Secondly, the fossil record tells us that Homo Sapiens has been largely unchanged for the last 100,000 years or so, but the established theory is that civilisation has been around for only about 5000 years. I simply cannot believe that our species sat around for 95,000 years (yes, 95% of our time on this planet...) before thinking of things like agriculture... That seems far more unlikely to me than the idea that there have been cultures we are ignorant of in our arrogance.
Very interesting documentary!

13 years ago

very Very interesting. Humans just like us have existed for thousands of years I always thought that it was strange that it took them so long to develop, I think its very arrogant of us to think that we were the first to discover it all.
also in the last few years, as I get older I understand how much of what we are taught is subjective and is controlled by what our governments,religions and society want us to know and think and I guess I will never know the truth (even though I wish I could) but it is important for me to keep an open mind cause very few things that we know in this world are actually "carved in stone".

13 years ago

Ugh, this narrator's voice is so agonizingly irritating. He over-emphasizes pointless, random words continuously and it makes me want to punch his face in! Other than that, pretty interesting.

13 years ago

This is so amazing!

It really puts my day to day concerns into perspective.

It's so tempting to dedicate my life to studying this but unfortunately there's rent to pay.

13 years ago

Very good stuff

Influenced by ideas of G.I Gurdjieff

13 years ago

@Reality, what you are describing is what most scientists do (the real ones anyway). They observe something, they postulate what they think it might be and then attempt to find out if they are right or wrong. That IS science regardless of whether there is unanimous opinion from the scientific community or not. Speaking of the scientific community, I am from Australia and it's not all that long ago that the scientific community was outraged at the notion of the platypus. It is what it is. I have not seen anything different here and I found the theories to be logical and simple; it's the overly complex ones I scrutinize.

13 years ago

reality....why do you have more credibility than the film makers? trust YOU? lol you ask who made this, and answer that they are a nobody. well basicly, by that standard, you are too, and so am i. so were all even. worry about forming your OWN opinion and not other peoples.

13 years ago

I love docs about pre-history, if anyone knows any other good ones could they post links please.

13 years ago

Really enjoyed this doc which has had a lasting effect on me. One small comment, why is this doc in 'Mystery' when Magical Egypt is in 'History'? Categorisation here is becoming very difficult.

13 years ago

another great doc thanks vlatko, this one and magical Eqypt thumbs up from me.

13 years ago

i don't necessarily agree with all that he says.
but it reveals that many archeological sites need to be accounted for.
but as all break-throughs, you don't necessarily get the whole picture the very first time. they just tell you there is something interesting here and we need more investigations here.
i do think the author jumps to conclusion too fast but he has some good reasons to suggest that human history could be older than 5ooo years, i agree.

what this can teach us? i'm not sure yet. but it could be very interesting.

thanks vlatko. very good job.

13 years ago

46 minutes into the 2nd vid, there is a claim that the face is unmistakably African. To me (and without leading others, 75% of them) it looks more like that of a Somoan or island-asian face.

Other than that, it is an interesting work. I wonder where the archeological evidence such as pottery are? There is much to refute this pan-civilisation, yet so much to refute from current theories.

13 years ago

Why is it that the only people that ever seem interested in these ideas or take the time to post an opinion have the worst grammar I have ever seen.

It is because there are not any americans or brits, for the most part, that care about this stuff. That fact is truly astonishing and discouraging.

I really just want to say that I have been waiting my whole life for a lesson like this. The kicker is that it is obvious that there is a deep and unknown prehistory but whats the difference really. It changes nothing because we are still ruled and controlled by greed, vanity and indifference.

The most important idea to take away from this film is that every tradition and religion you know of is made up and not worth a damn.

13 years ago

Its entertianing. Like all other docs of this category. The truth is that the widers schientific community does not endorse most of the conclusion this and other guys make (its easy to make a documentary today). Listen carefully as he says "I think.." " I belive that this or that means..". He picks few researches done by credible acedims and makes his own doc. By the way - who is this guy who made the doc?



Thins a far more simple than they seem. Trust me!

13 years ago

Just watch it! Tnx Vlatko.

13 years ago

The Sumariens created most of these Ancient Citys, if only people would relise the inportance of these ancient records we would be abel to move on to a higher enlightenment......

13 years ago

Thanks Mr. Vlatko! I’ve watched many of the documentaries in your site and I can say that this is my #1 so far. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! THOUSANDS (even millions) OF PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD LOVES YOUR SITE!

13 years ago

Thanks Mr. Vlatko! I've watched many of the documataries in your site and I can say that is my #1 so far. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! THOUSANDS (even millions) OF PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD LOVES YOUR SITE!