Right America: Feeling Wronged
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Right America: Feeling Wronged

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Right America: Feeling WrongedA documentary by six-time Emmy nominee Alexandra Pelosi which immediately drew criticism and acclaim from predictable ends of the political spectrum. It's no easy task following up films like The Trials of Ted Haggard and Friends of God, but this interesting, sometimes terrifying insight, does a pretty remarkable job of pointing out what's right, wrong and downright kooky in middle America without taking any cheap shots.

This movie conspicuously lacks the nasty "gotcha documentary" feel of a Michael Moore or Bill Maher film, regardless of what you might hear from conservative commentators. Bill Maher isn't on the hook to be fair and Michael Moore honestly has to pander a bit to his base. Pelosi doesn't have it so easy.

In this film, Alexandra Pelosi (of the well known Pelosi's… yes, those Pelosi's) has to bend over backwards to just to paint a fair picture, if only because she shares the last name with her mother, the first female Democratic Speaker of the House. From the Republican standpoint, you could argue that the Pelosi surname is a double handicap, since it's also synonymous with Democrat impotence in the house, on top of the hurdles it surely caused in the course of shooting the piece.

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6 years ago

It's mind boggling how easily it is to motivate these people with fear. Yesterday's Commies are today's Muslims. You're going to lose your guns. The terrorists will invade! They will outlaw religion (not so bad eh?)
My jaw falls open with absolute disbelief at the crap that falls out of these terrified people's mouth. It's like they are constantly being chased by leather face and his chainsaw.

7 years ago

Such kind Christian folk.
Such sweet victory!

Joseph Avalon
8 years ago

Thank you Alexandra Pelosi for making this film.

I can't help but watch this and have overwhelming sympathy for these people portrayed. What was done to them by the Republican propaganda machine (and Fox News) was a crime against humanity. They are feeling completely betrayed and lost, and it will take a generation for them to come back into the folds of reality.

The saddest part is all of this was for no reason. Not one person voted Republican because of their political terrorism that wouldn't have voted Republican anyway. If anything it shoved the middle towards Obama. But at what costs?

Kieth Vickers
9 years ago

The Pelosi family is basically dishonest. Nazis were socialists, not right wingers. American leftists are Nazis. Don't you get it? Look up what NAZI means. If anyone thinks this crap isn't a socialist hack job, they are not too intelligent. If you want real nut cases, look to the Democrat Party -- all bottom feeders who need to throw away their drugs, zip up their pants, stop having abortions, marry their sex partners, and read a little scripture. We need more decent people in the US and fewer trailer-park dwellers. Get off welfare and get a job. Join the human race. I'm just sayin'.

9 years ago

all this hate because Obama was half black

10 years ago

People need to realize that there is NO difference between the Republicans and Democrats they both serve the corporate elite not the hard working people of this country.

10 years ago

No idea why one would want to do a documentary on the heartland where
the words , I am uneducated, I do not wait for the facts, based my
judgement on hearsay , my only approach is shoot before asking
questions, I believe in god even if I probably violate 8 of the 10
commandments, I believe in guns even if my child is at risk by their
proliferation and finally don't assume I am ignorant let me prove it ....are dictating my way of life.

10 years ago

andre2970, This is a rather interesting film. It addresses many topics that are normally addressed in a Political Science college course. Lots of controversial issues. However, it also contains many "hear/say" as opposed toreal people facing real issues without allowing their emotions cloud their thinking. Seems that Rachel Meddow is more interested in taking the approach of Oprah TV program, which focuses on asking questions, arousing emotions, but not addressing valuable answers. Rachel is not interested in interviewing educated professors, or Political Science educators' opinions, but rather in layman's opinions (such as red-necks, and truck drivers from Missisipi) on current issues surrounding the electoral times and the future of the country. Every interviewee tends to be "fortune tellers" pretending to know the future of the country if a particular candidate wins or looses. Lets hope that whoever happens to be in a position of government and powerful influence, makes the right decisions that will benefit most of the people , most of the times. And if we are not happy with the results, lets consider non-violent engagement or political pathways that contribute to change existing policies and the way our country is shaped for the next four years.

10 years ago

In the X-Files episode "Home" Mulder and Scully go to a small, otherwise peaceful town in the Deep South, and investigate the death of an infant with disturbing birth defects, and the trail leads to a clan of inbred, genetic mutants who keep their mother captive and procreate with her….I think they were Republicans...

10 years ago

I love the fact that this documentary was made. It does an excellent job in demonstrating the level of ignorance in this Country. I feel bad in saying this next part, but I wish i could know how one of those woman in the beginning talking about pro life felt if say their 12 year old daughter was raped by one of those black people they so despise and got them pregnant? I wonder how pro life they would be then, I also love the hypocrisy of these people as later showed in the film. "GO AMERICA!! GO FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!... HEY!! are you holding up a sign exercising your freedom of speech with a message that i do not agree with!?!?! **** YOU!!! take it down!! the freedom of speech is only mine!" wow... I honestly believe these people are detrimental to the advancement of society, if they want to see change in the world and specially America, castrating the men so that they cannot reproduce and spread the seed of ignorance or locating the nearest cliff and jumping off would be a great start!.

10 years ago

******* country is full of lunatic religious pr*cks and racists. A country that has advanced science and technology so much fought against Nazi oppression, totalitarian communism, and abolished slavery. When the **** will you wake up and see only human beings not colours, when the **** will you realise that the wonders of the universe that America has been at the forefront in exploring, renders religious scripture outdated bull**** written thousands of years ago by people who had not the ability to see the world in any other way.

10 years ago

This makes me ill. As if voting for either side will change anything. "Der I like Mcain cuz he likes god and urm he gonna save us from them turrists." The only terrorists that I see are the corporate elite, for profit corporate government, and the people who control the money supply and instigate wars to further capitalist expansion.

This whole notion of a free society is bogus. The only freedom you're allowed to have is the freedom of what you're allowed to buy. Coke or Pepsi, paper or plastic, white bread brown bread. Voting is just another illusion of freedom. We don't live in a democracy we live in an aristocraticaly run detention center called a plutocracy where nothing happens unless corporate interest is involved. What do you think a presidential elect has to do in order to get the campaign contributions he or she so desires? If you were making a six hundred million dollar investment wouldn't you want that investment put to good use, mainly to serve as future profit? I know I would.

Then comes this notion of change "real change". People talk about it like they think they know what it means. Like every piece of rhetorical nonsense spewed out at campaign rally's about cutting the deficit or creating jobs or increasing public spending is actually going to create a better life for us plebians. When in reality the deficit doubles, college graduates are waiting tables, and public spending turns out to be the gold outline on butt paper for the rich and famous. The only people that really matter.

When I hear people say that the US is the greatest country on earth, I have to suppress the bile from coming out of my nose. The audacity of such a statement is not only ignorant, arrogant, and misinformed, it's also irritating. If it were the greatest country on earth then why does education suck? Why is poverty on the rise? Why is the media so misleading? Why is it the leader in cases of human rights violations and why does it suppress that information in the media? Why does it allow the operation of fur farms that skin animals alive? Why does it value profit over life? And why do its people lie to themselves thinking their beliefs are justified through manifest destiny?

It's this kind of thinking, this linear thought process that devalues life. People need to classify other people as left or right to better understand what side of the debate their on. Is there no other side? Can people even fathom what it looks like outside the box?

I guess because i think this means that I'm just another liberal hippy rug muncher who fancies himself a cut above the rest and also clearly indicates that I wasn't raised properly and have never been shown the love of Jesus.

10 years ago

This makes me terribly ill. As if voting either side changes anything. " Der I like Mcain cuz he believes in God mkay, and he's gonna save this country from them turrusts." What terrorists? The only terrorists I see is the slave driving corporate elite. The ones who control our money supply and back foreign occupation to further capitalist expansion.

This whole idea of a free society is bogus, especially when your only freedom is what you're allowed to buy and whether you swing right or left in the primaries and presidential election. We don't even live in a democracy. We live in an aristocraticaly run detention center called a plutocracy. Our lives are just numbers in the stock market traded among those who consider themselves devine and above all law.

Then comes this notion of "change", "real change", like if you vote for him or her something significant is going to happen to add to the greatness of the greatest country on earth. @$#&..!. What ******* greatness? Education sucks, balanced economic growth is bullshit not to mention unsustainable; expanding into infinity doesn't seem likely when there is no such thing as infinity, poverty is rising, the debt is literally unstoppable, people are afraid of their own shadow, and cultural, sexual, religious, and pro-choice preferences are actually up for debate in a country that calls itself free. It's backwards really.

Ever time I get into this debate with people they classify me as just another liberal hippy rug muncher that fancies himself a cut above the rest. People need to make classifications so that they can label you according to what side of the political debate you're on. This is simply because people are too brainwashed and trained in linear thought that they can't fathom what outside the box looks like. I guess because I think this way clearly signifies that I wasn't raised properly and never shown the love of Jesus.

10 years ago

God help USA you need every thing going for you before you become more 3rd World.

10 years ago

Palin, wow, that lady almost became one heart attack away from be the most powerful person on the planet....God did answer your prayers, He just said "NO"..

10 years ago

"God Bless America..and No Place else..."......hahahahahahahahahahah....Delusion at its best.

10 years ago

A good Republican is one with a lobotomy, disabling all ability to speak and think.

11 years ago

With Obama in power they are afraid of terrorist attacks ... well, the terrorists must hurry then, because no attacks up til now ... *sarcasm mode off*
Being no American I am always surprised about the amount of fear the people of the 'most free country of the world' feel. People in the US are made afraid merely for (weapon) industry purposes ... and to be honest, Obama hasn't changed that either. Unfortunately, I see the same political strategies emerging in our Europe, and even in my country (The Netherlands). We are made afraid of other people, by stretching the (objectively spoken: small) differences instead off the resemblances.

BTW, I feel sorry for those who compare Obama with Hitler ... perhaps they should study the history of Europe before saying such a thing.

11 years ago

"I hope there enough christian in the world to save us"? what the **** is that?!

11 years ago

This was funny to me. People actually think like that?! wow.

11 years ago

baha, I love the ignorant ass kid who says "If McCain loses then I'll probably get up and move to Spain with my family..."

I currently live in Spain, and it is far more left than the US has been or will be anytime soon.

gareth jones
11 years ago

Is it me, or does America look freezing cold and constantly cloudy?

11 years ago

Lol its like a white trash convention !!

11 years ago

I really liked this, and I don't think it was that unbalanced. Chances are if you interviewed this many liberals half of them would sound stupid too.

And even one of the racists seemed pretty nice.

Most of the people interviewed just came off looking human and fearful, and that has to be the media's fault. Their hyperbole and sensationalism creates a reality where people are desperate and scared, then they use the desperation and fear of people to prove how right they were...

I think America is the only stable, democratic state where people are convinced an election could be the end of the world as they know it.

The rest of the world has already realised elections change next to nothing.

11 years ago

The term "documentary" has transformed itself over the last 40 years from a fact seeking medium to my perspective medium.
Anyone that thinks this film is anything but a hatchet job is fooling themselves. Do you think a film maker with a view from the right couldn't put together a bunch of apparently uninformed lefties?
If you really don't know, the film was created by Nancy Pelosi's daughter. Yes that Nancy Pelosi, the ultra liberal, life long politician, former Speaker of the US House of Represntatives. If those of you outside the US don't understand this imagine what kind of film the daughter of Marget Thatcher might make about her mums opposition.
If you believe this director can come at any subject with a political tilt that isn't biased you're quite the fool.

Craig Knight
11 years ago

This is a hit piece if ever I have seen one! If you believe that republicans and conservatives are really represented in this film, then you are probably no better than some of the m*rons that were depicted. Come on folks...look at who is doing this documentary, the daughter of one of the most liberal legislators in our country today! I was going to turn this off in disgust, but decided to keep watching so that I could get a better understanding of just how liberals perceive people that don't believe that government is the answer to all of our problems. I could easily make a documentary from the other point of view that shows liberals that are "over the top", just like some of the id**ts shown here. This film does NOT represent the majority of conservatives in this country. But, if you are a liberal, this film will help to substantiate your superiority complex, and give you comfort in knowing that you know best what is right for everybody! Actual thinking individuals will actually see the agenda behind this piece of ****!

11 years ago

Well, three years of Obama has proved the right to be...well...right. The country was better before him...

Zvonko K
11 years ago


11 years ago

I have never seen the "documentary" film which would show just one side of the part.
I hope not all Americans are like the ones who are shown in this film.
The film was just about whining, crying, complaining and imagining that they have the right to judge somebody by insulting. I am disgusted...

11 years ago

love this ROFL

11 years ago

i've never seen so many mongrels in my life

11 years ago

god HELP America! I couldn't watch; It distresses me to know that so many people are so willingly voting against their own interests, and that the interests they think they are voting for are so terribly un-American. :(

11 years ago

is their only source of education fox news???????......GOD BLESS AMERICA??.... i say GOD HELP AMERICA

11 years ago

The absolute archaic thought frame and intellectual vacuum of these people makes me think that they might be a different human sub-species...breaking away from the rest.

11 years ago

The right is so predictable, they are often white, angry, rarely academic, mostly racists, mostly old, mostly religious...that basically draws their center of gravity. They are jumpy to conclusion, easily misled as Faux News has shown. They are basically the part of America that has a 3rd world country mindset.

Daniel Ng
11 years ago

Most of these idiots consider themselves hard working Americans who work out in the sun. But they don't want the government to tax the rich and spread the wealth and they are against low cost health care?? Instead they are more worried about the government taking their guns away. Where the f--k is the logic? Americans are dumb, if their ideology is allow to spread America will be a very dangerous country one day.

Tobias Dresler
11 years ago

Ignorance is the root of all evil....
'' Who can create jobs, a wealthy person or a poor person''
if you use that kind of logic and believe it like that, then there is really no hope.

Also 21:59 - 24:00 is priceless, these arguments, its like when you are really really drunk, and you want to express an opinion or an argument, but can't, because you forget what you have just said, and then forgets where you where going with it. that is how they are. and they are sober.

republican's are conservatives, if a conservative state is left to flourish unchecked, it will eventually when the people have been fed enough propaganda, it will become a fascist state, like Nazi Germany. or the Spanish civil wars. or Mussolini's Italy.
Socialism does not lead to communist authoritarian rule,
just like a conservative government does not always leads to a fascist authoritarian rule.
Only ignorance can lead to these two extremes.

''Obama, Osama, it's the same thing.'' It's incredible !?!

by the way the USA is not a nation and its not a country.
So therefore it can never be the greatest Nation/country in the world.
America is a continent, it is two continents actually.
The UNITED STATES of America is A union of states located on the continent of North America. This is why you can call yourselves patriots and are not being labelled as Nationalist's (nazi's).

I'm not particular pro Obama. over McCain i would have chosen Obama also.
but the problem is not the president.
its the citizens of the USA, an elected president will make no difference when the people are this dumb.

Also the guy on 40:19 commenting on the anti christ ( in which if he where the anti christ, what are they complaining about, it would mean they would soon be saved anyway, as the one true religion states it).

He does look kinda creepy, not the kinda guy to have lurking around on christ camp.

11 years ago

americans are way too hatefull.. sorry to say this.. look at your history, life is not about profit..

11 years ago

americans are way too hatefull... educate yourself people

11 years ago

woops didn't mean to post my name. Gnobama 2008

Abhishek Aghamkar
11 years ago

And people in the less developed world want to give up everything to come to this country? Where hate, bigotry, ignorance and racism against non-Caucasians is the norm? Lets face it, the views of those people seen in the documentary are a good indicator of how the majority of small town white Americans feel. Almost none of them said they don't want Obama in office because of the issues, the overwhelming factor behind their opposition is that he is BLACK! Some of them were PC whilst some weren't. And those who wanted to talk about issues couldn't articulate themselves at all because of a lack of knowledge or simple ignorance.

How can you be the greatest nation when you don't accept racial and religious differences? How can you be the greatest nation when no one is educated enough (or bothered) to know what socialism is? I mean you guys did fight a cold war over that right!?

I'm not an America Basher, my sisters married to an American and I and many others the world over have a deep and profound respect for the United States. But what I saw here was pure arrogance and vanity, and while watching I was screaming saying hypocrites! So to those who advocate and condone the people in this Documentary let me say Please, get over yourself. America's Christianity is as much Europe and as far as becoming the most powerful nation in the World, we all know the global balance of power is tipping towards the Chinese both economically and militarily. If I was you guys I'd start to learn some humility.

Sieben Stern
11 years ago

I am appalled that the churches that preach politics are able to keep their tax exempt status. We could probably balance the budget on ending that ridiculous policy.

I am also embarrassed to be a white american :/ at least I'm an atheist.

11 years ago

Sadly, we are too full of hate---based on ignorance. Now, going into year 3 of his administration, It's not a dab better. Until we learn to allow for diversity, we will never have a Free Nation.

Term limits are needed to solve this problem. Obama gets 2---no other Representative should get more than 3 so they have to be bought anew every few years.

11 years ago

5:47 haha, freedom of religion...yes, as long as its christian right lady?? Look how diverse these people are...lol.

11 years ago

This so called " Documentary " is biased garbage.

They edited the video in a way that makes Republicans and McCain supporters look bad.

This is the kind of liberal media bias that the people in the video are talking about. Leftism in this country is getting out of control and we need to elect a president that will solve the leftist problem we are facing today.

12 years ago

at min 28:00 a crying redneck you don't see that everyday

12 years ago

They can't accept it

12 years ago

Dey tuk urr jahhbs.

12 years ago

its freaks like these that make me ashamed to be a white american.

Rob Harris
12 years ago

How many Native Americans have you seen lately? Oh wait, they weren't Chsristain...f@ck 'em...I mean praise Jesus