Right America: Feeling Wronged
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Right America: Feeling Wronged

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Right America: Feeling WrongedA documentary by six-time Emmy nominee Alexandra Pelosi which immediately drew criticism and acclaim from predictable ends of the political spectrum. It's no easy task following up films like The Trials of Ted Haggard and Friends of God, but this interesting, sometimes terrifying insight, does a pretty remarkable job of pointing out what's right, wrong and downright kooky in middle America without taking any cheap shots.

This movie conspicuously lacks the nasty "gotcha documentary" feel of a Michael Moore or Bill Maher film, regardless of what you might hear from conservative commentators. Bill Maher isn't on the hook to be fair and Michael Moore honestly has to pander a bit to his base. Pelosi doesn't have it so easy.

In this film, Alexandra Pelosi (of the well known Pelosi's… yes, those Pelosi's) has to bend over backwards to just to paint a fair picture, if only because she shares the last name with her mother, the first female Democratic Speaker of the House. From the Republican standpoint, you could argue that the Pelosi surname is a double handicap, since it's also synonymous with Democrat impotence in the house, on top of the hurdles it surely caused in the course of shooting the piece.

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  1. It's mind boggling how easily it is to motivate these people with fear. Yesterday's Commies are today's Muslims. You're going to lose your guns. The terrorists will invade! They will outlaw religion (not so bad eh?)
    My jaw falls open with absolute disbelief at the crap that falls out of these terrified people's mouth. It's like they are constantly being chased by leather face and his chainsaw.

  2. Such kind Christian folk.
    Such sweet victory!

  3. Thank you Alexandra Pelosi for making this film.

    I can't help but watch this and have overwhelming sympathy for these people portrayed. What was done to them by the Republican propaganda machine (and Fox News) was a crime against humanity. They are feeling completely betrayed and lost, and it will take a generation for them to come back into the folds of reality.

    The saddest part is all of this was for no reason. Not one person voted Republican because of their political terrorism that wouldn't have voted Republican anyway. If anything it shoved the middle towards Obama. But at what costs?

  4. The Pelosi family is basically dishonest. Nazis were socialists, not right wingers. American leftists are Nazis. Don't you get it? Look up what NAZI means. If anyone thinks this crap isn't a socialist hack job, they are not too intelligent. If you want real nut cases, look to the Democrat Party -- all bottom feeders who need to throw away their drugs, zip up their pants, stop having abortions, marry their sex partners, and read a little scripture. We need more decent people in the US and fewer trailer-park dwellers. Get off welfare and get a job. Join the human race. I'm just sayin'.

    1. Dude, you've fallen for one of the biggest right-wing propaganda lies that started just a few years ago and is espoused by conservative media. Yes the NAZI party's name did refer to socialism, but that was an intentional ruse. Hitler was a right-wing fanatic that was working for the German government to spy on various perceived "commie" groups and expose them. But when he discovered the nascent NAZI group he realized they were actually a bunch of extreme right-wingers like himself and he joined up and eventually led them.

      The NAZI's worked much like the Republican party does in tactics, sewing distrust in perceived "enemies" that were the supposed cause of all Germany's problems, in order to garner power. (Hitler's favorite book was Machiavelli's "The Prince"). His preferred "enemies" were not just Jews but also all socialist and communist. For example he utilized 1933 Reichstag fire (which he probably caused) to blame the communist as a threat to the government and justify his rise to dictatorship to keep the people "safe" from terrorism. Much like the Bush administration used the fear of terrorism to justify his expansion of executive power, when a recent poll of police in the U.S. show they are far more concerned about right-wing terrorist threats like the sovereignty movement than islamic extremist. So please stop repeating Fox, Limbaugh and others' propaganda.

    2. If Hitler was right-wing, then he certainly would not have participated in book and Bible burning, would he? Wake up and stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

    3. More like modern day witch hunters and heresy hunters from the Inquisition. Only thing missing was Cotton Mather and Pedro De Torquemada. These creepy weird people who hunt and fish as if it's still the early 19th century makes me wanna quit shopping at Dick's Sporting Goods or Cabella's Pro Bass Shop. These people are crazy twisted cretins who beat their wives and kids and luv bad win at all costs sociopaths and follow them to the gates of hell if need be.

  5. all this hate because Obama was half black

  6. People need to realize that there is NO difference between the Republicans and Democrats they both serve the corporate elite not the hard working people of this country.

  7. No idea why one would want to do a documentary on the heartland where
    the words , I am uneducated, I do not wait for the facts, based my
    judgement on hearsay , my only approach is shoot before asking
    questions, I believe in god even if I probably violate 8 of the 10
    commandments, I believe in guns even if my child is at risk by their
    proliferation and finally don't assume I am ignorant let me prove it ....are dictating my way of life.

  8. andre2970, This is a rather interesting film. It addresses many topics that are normally addressed in a Political Science college course. Lots of controversial issues. However, it also contains many "hear/say" as opposed toreal people facing real issues without allowing their emotions cloud their thinking. Seems that Rachel Meddow is more interested in taking the approach of Oprah TV program, which focuses on asking questions, arousing emotions, but not addressing valuable answers. Rachel is not interested in interviewing educated professors, or Political Science educators' opinions, but rather in layman's opinions (such as red-necks, and truck drivers from Missisipi) on current issues surrounding the electoral times and the future of the country. Every interviewee tends to be "fortune tellers" pretending to know the future of the country if a particular candidate wins or looses. Lets hope that whoever happens to be in a position of government and powerful influence, makes the right decisions that will benefit most of the people , most of the times. And if we are not happy with the results, lets consider non-violent engagement or political pathways that contribute to change existing policies and the way our country is shaped for the next four years.

  9. In the X-Files episode "Home" Mulder and Scully go to a small, otherwise peaceful town in the Deep South, and investigate the death of an infant with disturbing birth defects, and the trail leads to a clan of inbred, genetic mutants who keep their mother captive and procreate with her….I think they were Republicans...

  10. I love the fact that this documentary was made. It does an excellent job in demonstrating the level of ignorance in this Country. I feel bad in saying this next part, but I wish i could know how one of those woman in the beginning talking about pro life felt if say their 12 year old daughter was raped by one of those black people they so despise and got them pregnant? I wonder how pro life they would be then, I also love the hypocrisy of these people as later showed in the film. "GO AMERICA!! GO FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!... HEY!! are you holding up a sign exercising your freedom of speech with a message that i do not agree with!?!?! **** YOU!!! take it down!! the freedom of speech is only mine!" wow... I honestly believe these people are detrimental to the advancement of society, if they want to see change in the world and specially America, castrating the men so that they cannot reproduce and spread the seed of ignorance or locating the nearest cliff and jumping off would be a great start!.

  11. ******* country is full of lunatic religious pr*cks and racists. A country that has advanced science and technology so much fought against Nazi oppression, totalitarian communism, and abolished slavery. When the **** will you wake up and see only human beings not colours, when the **** will you realise that the wonders of the universe that America has been at the forefront in exploring, renders religious scripture outdated bull**** written thousands of years ago by people who had not the ability to see the world in any other way.

  12. This makes me ill. As if voting for either side will change anything. "Der I like Mcain cuz he likes god and urm he gonna save us from them turrists." The only terrorists that I see are the corporate elite, for profit corporate government, and the people who control the money supply and instigate wars to further capitalist expansion.

    This whole notion of a free society is bogus. The only freedom you're allowed to have is the freedom of what you're allowed to buy. Coke or Pepsi, paper or plastic, white bread brown bread. Voting is just another illusion of freedom. We don't live in a democracy we live in an aristocraticaly run detention center called a plutocracy where nothing happens unless corporate interest is involved. What do you think a presidential elect has to do in order to get the campaign contributions he or she so desires? If you were making a six hundred million dollar investment wouldn't you want that investment put to good use, mainly to serve as future profit? I know I would.

    Then comes this notion of change "real change". People talk about it like they think they know what it means. Like every piece of rhetorical nonsense spewed out at campaign rally's about cutting the deficit or creating jobs or increasing public spending is actually going to create a better life for us plebians. When in reality the deficit doubles, college graduates are waiting tables, and public spending turns out to be the gold outline on butt paper for the rich and famous. The only people that really matter.

    When I hear people say that the US is the greatest country on earth, I have to suppress the bile from coming out of my nose. The audacity of such a statement is not only ignorant, arrogant, and misinformed, it's also irritating. If it were the greatest country on earth then why does education suck? Why is poverty on the rise? Why is the media so misleading? Why is it the leader in cases of human rights violations and why does it suppress that information in the media? Why does it allow the operation of fur farms that skin animals alive? Why does it value profit over life? And why do its people lie to themselves thinking their beliefs are justified through manifest destiny?

    It's this kind of thinking, this linear thought process that devalues life. People need to classify other people as left or right to better understand what side of the debate their on. Is there no other side? Can people even fathom what it looks like outside the box?

    I guess because i think this means that I'm just another liberal hippy rug muncher who fancies himself a cut above the rest and also clearly indicates that I wasn't raised properly and have never been shown the love of Jesus.

  13. This makes me terribly ill. As if voting either side changes anything. " Der I like Mcain cuz he believes in God mkay, and he's gonna save this country from them turrusts." What terrorists? The only terrorists I see is the slave driving corporate elite. The ones who control our money supply and back foreign occupation to further capitalist expansion.

    This whole idea of a free society is bogus, especially when your only freedom is what you're allowed to buy and whether you swing right or left in the primaries and presidential election. We don't even live in a democracy. We live in an aristocraticaly run detention center called a plutocracy. Our lives are just numbers in the stock market traded among those who consider themselves devine and above all law.

    Then comes this notion of "change", "real change", like if you vote for him or her something significant is going to happen to add to the greatness of the greatest country on earth. @$#&..!. What ******* greatness? Education sucks, balanced economic growth is bullshit not to mention unsustainable; expanding into infinity doesn't seem likely when there is no such thing as infinity, poverty is rising, the debt is literally unstoppable, people are afraid of their own shadow, and cultural, sexual, religious, and pro-choice preferences are actually up for debate in a country that calls itself free. It's backwards really.

    Ever time I get into this debate with people they classify me as just another liberal hippy rug muncher that fancies himself a cut above the rest. People need to make classifications so that they can label you according to what side of the political debate you're on. This is simply because people are too brainwashed and trained in linear thought that they can't fathom what outside the box looks like. I guess because I think this way clearly signifies that I wasn't raised properly and never shown the love of Jesus.

  14. God help USA you need every thing going for you before you become more 3rd World.

  15. Palin, wow, that lady almost became one heart attack away from be the most powerful person on the planet....God did answer your prayers, He just said "NO"..

  16. "God Bless America..and No Place else..."......hahahahahahahahahahah....Delusion at its best.

  17. A good Republican is one with a lobotomy, disabling all ability to speak and think.

  18. With Obama in power they are afraid of terrorist attacks ... well, the terrorists must hurry then, because no attacks up til now ... *sarcasm mode off*
    Being no American I am always surprised about the amount of fear the people of the 'most free country of the world' feel. People in the US are made afraid merely for (weapon) industry purposes ... and to be honest, Obama hasn't changed that either. Unfortunately, I see the same political strategies emerging in our Europe, and even in my country (The Netherlands). We are made afraid of other people, by stretching the (objectively spoken: small) differences instead off the resemblances.

    BTW, I feel sorry for those who compare Obama with Hitler ... perhaps they should study the history of Europe before saying such a thing.

    1. Do you really THINK that the real reason there "have been no terrorist attacks" has a damn thing to do with our "PUPPET (MUSLIM) LEADER?" Don't be so dumb

  19. "I hope there enough christian in the world to save us"? what the **** is that?!

  20. This was funny to me. People actually think like that?! wow.

  21. baha, I love the ignorant ass kid who says "If McCain loses then I'll probably get up and move to Spain with my family..."

    I currently live in Spain, and it is far more left than the US has been or will be anytime soon.

    1. I hope he moved to spain. lol

    2. Yea, I saw what YOU "Spaniards" did in CartaGena Colombia. (1600 "Sir Francis Drake." (And NO, he wasn't English; he was 'NIGHTED'.) YOU "Spanish:" have no right, or business talking Sh*t abput ANYONE ELSE! Even the EVIL-EMPIRE of the Bush family.

  22. Is it me, or does America look freezing cold and constantly cloudy?

    1. It's the chem trails

  23. Lol its like a white trash convention !!

    1. Lmao!! exactly.

  24. I really liked this, and I don't think it was that unbalanced. Chances are if you interviewed this many liberals half of them would sound stupid too.

    And even one of the racists seemed pretty nice.

    Most of the people interviewed just came off looking human and fearful, and that has to be the media's fault. Their hyperbole and sensationalism creates a reality where people are desperate and scared, then they use the desperation and fear of people to prove how right they were...

    I think America is the only stable, democratic state where people are convinced an election could be the end of the world as they know it.

    The rest of the world has already realised elections change next to nothing.

  25. The term "documentary" has transformed itself over the last 40 years from a fact seeking medium to my perspective medium.
    Anyone that thinks this film is anything but a hatchet job is fooling themselves. Do you think a film maker with a view from the right couldn't put together a bunch of apparently uninformed lefties?
    If you really don't know, the film was created by Nancy Pelosi's daughter. Yes that Nancy Pelosi, the ultra liberal, life long politician, former Speaker of the US House of Represntatives. If those of you outside the US don't understand this imagine what kind of film the daughter of Marget Thatcher might make about her mums opposition.
    If you believe this director can come at any subject with a political tilt that isn't biased you're quite the fool.

    1. And what may I ask would Alexandra Pelosi have to gain from character assassination? Not money, she could have as easily made a documentary about another hot button issue and still have made money, if not more.
      So perhaps she wanted to smear the right, to make the Republican's voting base look like a bunch of dumb hicks, and undermine the right wing cause. Well this would make sense if politics didn't involve fiercely entrenched beliefs. Any Republican watching this will cry fowl, claim a hatchet job, then go back to screwing their first cousin. Any Democrat watching this will laugh, take a sip of their venti Chai tea latte, then go back to their flag burning. Of course I don't believe that Republicans are incestuous twits, and that Democrats are snooty flag burning traitors, but the fact is that people on both sides that believe such flagrantly r*tarded things about each other. This film won't sway any votes in coming elections, nor will it change many allegiances. In terms of being a hatchet job, well this film fails miserably.
      But that's probably because the film is just a documentary meant to get the opinion of a very small portion of the population of America.

    2. It appears to me she's seeking her mommy's approval

    3. It appears that you don't have a rational basis for believing that this film is a hatchet job, just a severely negative emotional response to it. She didn't goad these people into making foolish statements, they did that of their own accord. So why feel so offended by the film?

    4. You mistake my distain as being offended.
      Your argument can be applied to the folks down at "Occupy ____". Watch any of the 1000's of clips of them spouting nonsense. Why does the left cry "hatchet job" when XYZ channel shows the footage of their loons?
      Nothing the Pelosi family does could offend me anymore. They're radical leftists. Just seems odd to me when they aired this origninally on HBO no one mentioned who the director was. If you were watching a similar film on hippie communists spouting their doctrine, would it be relevant to know if Glenn Beck's daughter was the director?

    5. Sorry for the disjointed response. I was multitasking here and didn't quite get my thoughts in order before posting.

    6. You are assuming that I wouldn't apply this same line of reasoning if people occupying a different area of the political spectrum were interviewed instead and were found to be a pack of jabbering idiots. Perhaps to make my point clear and avoid any further confusion I should state, in clear point form, why I think this film isn't a hatchet job.

      - In politics when do most payed hatchet jobs occur? Close to elections. This film premiered on HBO, 2009 on Presidents Day, the only major elections that took place that year where in November. Based on the timing of the release, it is unlikely that it was meant to sway any votes either that year, or any following for that matter.

      - Pelosi gave these people a chance to speak their minds, and she didn't judge them for it. She just gave them a chance to speak. When she did ask questions they were simply about how they felt, or why they believed what they did. She simply asked for clarification, no leading questions. Hell she even joked around with a few of them, which actually helped to humanize them.

      - There was two interview (very short ones) that did reveal a bias, when she spoke to those two young adults (both democrats) and they seemed to be at the very least passably intelligent. Did she need to include those? No, but if her intent was to smear, it would have made more sense to grab two (or more) far more eloquent Democrats to create a greater comparison.

      Granted Pelosi could be guilty of manipulation through omission, she may very well have interviews with intelligent people present in the uncut footage. But ask yourself this; if you wanted to smear your opponent, and only had so much time and money to do it, would you want to make a film like this? Or would you have made a film like Religulous? Or Bowling For Columbine? Which style is going to give the most bang for your buck?

    7. I believe she actually thinks somehow she centered the film by adding those interviews. I also believe that overall she feels she was somehow "fair" in her film unlike Moore and Mahr. If her intent is not to be political or disparaging why would she make a film about a fringe group of what she considers her political opposition?

    8. - She wasn't making a film about a fringe group. She made a film about people who went to the rallies, and people who lived in the towns that were hit along the campaign trail.

      - Of course the film is political, it's hard not to be when you are making a film about politics, and when the topic your interviewees are talking about is politics. As for it being disparaging, keep in mind that Pelosi can't control what those people said, whether it was stupid or not. True she could be guilty of manipulation through omission, but it's also possible that the only people she could even get to talk to her, given her name, were these crazies. Or maybe she has hours of footage of these inane rantings.

      - There are better ways to manipulate opinion in film, lighting manipulation, a soundtrack that inspires a desired emotional response, leading questions, and cutting key footage. If you want to see a good example of a film that uses these techniques to full effect watch Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, or mostly anything Moore makes. However the tone in this film was fairly constant.

      - As for why Pelosi would make this film, I can't say. I'm not her, I've never met her, and before I saw this film I didn't even know she existed. Due to the limited information I have, any reason I can think of that she has for making this film have a nearly equal chance of being correct. I even considered the hatchet job angle, but for the reasons I stated thoroughly, I dismissed it as unlikely.

    9. So, what your intimating is that all from the right are like those depicted in this documentary. No wonder you hate the 'Right' so much....

  26. This is a hit piece if ever I have seen one! If you believe that republicans and conservatives are really represented in this film, then you are probably no better than some of the m*rons that were depicted. Come on folks...look at who is doing this documentary, the daughter of one of the most liberal legislators in our country today! I was going to turn this off in disgust, but decided to keep watching so that I could get a better understanding of just how liberals perceive people that don't believe that government is the answer to all of our problems. I could easily make a documentary from the other point of view that shows liberals that are "over the top", just like some of the id**ts shown here. This film does NOT represent the majority of conservatives in this country. But, if you are a liberal, this film will help to substantiate your superiority complex, and give you comfort in knowing that you know best what is right for everybody! Actual thinking individuals will actually see the agenda behind this piece of ****!

  27. Well, three years of Obama has proved the right to be...well...right. The country was better before him...

  28. Bullsh*t!

  29. I have never seen the "documentary" film which would show just one side of the part.
    I hope not all Americans are like the ones who are shown in this film.
    The film was just about whining, crying, complaining and imagining that they have the right to judge somebody by insulting. I am disgusted...

  30. love this ROFL

  31. i've never seen so many mongrels in my life

  32. god HELP America! I couldn't watch; It distresses me to know that so many people are so willingly voting against their own interests, and that the interests they think they are voting for are so terribly un-American. :(

  33. is their only source of education fox news???????......GOD BLESS AMERICA??.... i say GOD HELP AMERICA

  34. The absolute archaic thought frame and intellectual vacuum of these people makes me think that they might be a different human sub-species...breaking away from the rest.

  35. The right is so predictable, they are often white, angry, rarely academic, mostly racists, mostly old, mostly religious...that basically draws their center of gravity. They are jumpy to conclusion, easily misled as Faux News has shown. They are basically the part of America that has a 3rd world country mindset.

  36. Most of these idiots consider themselves hard working Americans who work out in the sun. But they don't want the government to tax the rich and spread the wealth and they are against low cost health care?? Instead they are more worried about the government taking their guns away. Where the f--k is the logic? Americans are dumb, if their ideology is allow to spread America will be a very dangerous country one day.

    1. This is the future of America period. These people are breeding at far higher rate than the educated. They don't believe in world overpopulation, they don't believe in global climate change, they don't believe in contraception. We're evolving back into a lesser ape. Eloquence is distasteful to these people. They are equating Obama with Hitler because he can give a good speech? Obviously, they don't remember Bobby Kennedy.

  37. Ignorance is the root of all evil....
    '' Who can create jobs, a wealthy person or a poor person''
    if you use that kind of logic and believe it like that, then there is really no hope.

    Also 21:59 - 24:00 is priceless, these arguments, its like when you are really really drunk, and you want to express an opinion or an argument, but can't, because you forget what you have just said, and then forgets where you where going with it. that is how they are. and they are sober.

    republican's are conservatives, if a conservative state is left to flourish unchecked, it will eventually when the people have been fed enough propaganda, it will become a fascist state, like Nazi Germany. or the Spanish civil wars. or Mussolini's Italy.
    Socialism does not lead to communist authoritarian rule,
    just like a conservative government does not always leads to a fascist authoritarian rule.
    Only ignorance can lead to these two extremes.

    ''Obama, Osama, it's the same thing.'' It's incredible !?!

    by the way the USA is not a nation and its not a country.
    So therefore it can never be the greatest Nation/country in the world.
    America is a continent, it is two continents actually.
    The UNITED STATES of America is A union of states located on the continent of North America. This is why you can call yourselves patriots and are not being labelled as Nationalist's (nazi's).

    I'm not particular pro Obama. over McCain i would have chosen Obama also.
    but the problem is not the president.
    its the citizens of the USA, an elected president will make no difference when the people are this dumb.

    Also the guy on 40:19 commenting on the anti christ ( in which if he where the anti christ, what are they complaining about, it would mean they would soon be saved anyway, as the one true religion states it).

    He does look kinda creepy, not the kinda guy to have lurking around on christ camp.

    1. Speaking of ignorance; I was ignorant of the notion that the USA was not a nation, untill reading your post Dresler !
      Actualy,Dresler ,the USA is a nation upon the continent of North America ! South America is the continent which lies just to the south of North America.Yes, the USA is a union of states which collectivly comprise the nation we all know as the United States Of America.If I am not sorly mistaken most nations are comprised of smaller states,or some other type of smaller political region.Even China and Russia which are inarguably nations,are comprised of several smaller states.
      Concerning conservatave states morphing into fascist hell holes;I ceartainly do agree with you;and I would also argue that the USA has essentialy been fascist since even before the word was commonly used.

  38. americans are way too hatefull.. sorry to say this.. look at your history, life is not about profit..

  39. americans are way too hatefull... educate yourself people

  40. woops didn't mean to post my name. Gnobama 2008

  41. And people in the less developed world want to give up everything to come to this country? Where hate, bigotry, ignorance and racism against non-Caucasians is the norm? Lets face it, the views of those people seen in the documentary are a good indicator of how the majority of small town white Americans feel. Almost none of them said they don't want Obama in office because of the issues, the overwhelming factor behind their opposition is that he is BLACK! Some of them were PC whilst some weren't. And those who wanted to talk about issues couldn't articulate themselves at all because of a lack of knowledge or simple ignorance.

    How can you be the greatest nation when you don't accept racial and religious differences? How can you be the greatest nation when no one is educated enough (or bothered) to know what socialism is? I mean you guys did fight a cold war over that right!?

    I'm not an America Basher, my sisters married to an American and I and many others the world over have a deep and profound respect for the United States. But what I saw here was pure arrogance and vanity, and while watching I was screaming saying hypocrites! So to those who advocate and condone the people in this Documentary let me say Please, get over yourself. America's Christianity is as much Europe and as far as becoming the most powerful nation in the World, we all know the global balance of power is tipping towards the Chinese both economically and militarily. If I was you guys I'd start to learn some humility.

    1. Pretty harsh words, but as an American, I can say we're all not like that. I would venture to say that every country in the world grapples with the same issues. I would also say that making those comments doesn’t really set you that far apart from the people in the documentary. I mean “my sister’s married to an American…” Sounds like some of your best friends are black too… I say this not in ridicule but simply that everyone struggles and is affected with judgment and social issues.

      “We need to be the change we wish to see in the world.” ¬–Mahatma Ghandi

    2. The cold war was surrounding communism, not socialism you pretentious dumbass. Before you pretend to come from an expert point of view, please educate yourself about the facts (which ironically is the very thing you fault the people in this video for doing).

  42. I am appalled that the churches that preach politics are able to keep their tax exempt status. We could probably balance the budget on ending that ridiculous policy.

    I am also embarrassed to be a white american :/ at least I'm an atheist.

    1. In the beginning of the docu I thought it was funny, but now I just feel queasy.

  43. Sadly, we are too full of hate---based on ignorance. Now, going into year 3 of his administration, It's not a dab better. Until we learn to allow for diversity, we will never have a Free Nation.

    Term limits are needed to solve this problem. Obama gets 2---no other Representative should get more than 3 so they have to be bought anew every few years.

  44. 5:47 haha, freedom of religion...yes, as long as its christian right lady?? Look how diverse these people are...lol.

  45. This so called " Documentary " is biased garbage.

    They edited the video in a way that makes Republicans and McCain supporters look bad.

    This is the kind of liberal media bias that the people in the video are talking about. Leftism in this country is getting out of control and we need to elect a president that will solve the leftist problem we are facing today.

  46. at min 28:00 a crying redneck you don't see that everyday

  47. They can't accept it

  48. Dey tuk urr jahhbs.

    1. tk.er.JAAABZ.

  49. its freaks like these that make me ashamed to be a white american.

  50. How many Native Americans have you seen lately? Oh wait, they weren't Chsristain...f@ck 'em...I mean praise Jesus

  51. Very well done. Surprising the emotionality of McCain supporters...goes to show how much nationalism and emotions play into that kind of thinking. Whew. I don't relate to it. Worth watching, for sure.

  52. These people are crazier than a box of frogs........Wow are you surprised though REALLY.

  53. Be scared the Boogie Man is in charge .........

  54. Pointless film. Obama or MaCain; it makes no difference, because they would both follow the same orders. The globalist fascists put a black face on the new world order's new puppet.

  55. stupid doc, so what credentials does pelosi have? i do agree most dumb americans are conservative, but thats because the resist change, as they view that as being comfortable. but where is her doc on dumb liberals? who support a candidate cause he is black, hip, or cool. nowing absolutley nothing about him. He still won't even show a birth certificate. Oh, and not to mention, where was all this change? was it the troop increase in afganistan, was it the lies of "pulling" out of iraq, while pulling a fast one and just renaming combat soldiers to non-combatants, or was it the 12 trillion dollars he tacked on to the 2 trillion dollar debt. leberal supporters are in reality the dumbest of the bunch, their the bitch in high school who does whatever the bully says. people need to get a voice for themselves, instead of having the t.v. tell them whats best. LOOK AT THE CONSTITUTION DAMNIT. people much smarter and greater than we'll ever be wrote it and meant for us to actually use it to govern this great country. instead we throw it away in favor of a two-party scocialist, beuracracy. america needs to step up and recaim this country. you wanted change? why didnt you vote for ron paul in 2012? because you believe voting for a third party is equal to throwing your vote away since thats what the t.v. said. people need to realize we need to stop supporting putting people in jail for a non-criminal offense like poss. of marijuana. or preventing our border patrol from covering areas labled as "wildlife habitat", or turning nations radical by invading their soveigrn nation for oil. oil, you know if are cars where powered on deisel today we would average 45mpg and have the option of using bio-diesel where available? but the american car companies keep gasoline as king with all their lobbies. if they make oil happy by creating cars that consume more well evryone lives happy while we suffer. this is the bureaucracy that needs to end. I'm not trying to sway your vote in 2012 elections comming up this year, but read about libertarianism. We defend America first, the tea party tries to do this, but doesnt cover the whole picture. just today we passed a bill reducing the debt by 9trillion in ten years. the problem is we are 14 trillion in debt today and obama and his minions dont seem to want to stop spending anytime soon, think about your kids and their social security for a second or lack of. in the near future if this dont stop our dollar will be worth nothing, our children will have nothing, jobs will not exist, no one will want to invest in america, another Rome will fall, and history WILL REPEAT ITSELF.

  56. my personal favourite of all the ignorant bigotry portrayed in this doc was the moron claiming to be "pure blood" american. considering colonialists wiped out 98% of the indigenous population of north america, I find it hard to believe anyone in this film was not a decendant of immigrants.

    1. lol, wouldn't pure-blood American be Navaho or something? Exactly, idiots. Plus, there's no such thing as pure blood anything. Everyone has mixed blood to one degree or another. Ignorance or ideology like that just knocks me out. They really are missing the point.

    2. that's how some ppl think.....what a shame

  57. rich white talibans

    1. the phrase is 'american taliban' referring to wealthy white christian americans who want america to be 'brought back' to being the chrisitan nation it never was.

  58. These guys have no idea what socialism is, what capitalism is and I dont think they have any idea on the economy. All they know is there is a black guy running for presidency and they have to oppose it.
    I cant believe these guys are linking Obama with Al-Qaeda. Wow..
    Ignorant is not bliss

    1. Capitalism, socialism; makes no difference. They're both about taking from the middle and working classes and giving it to the super rich.

      As for Obama - he's a trojan horse. Both candidates were selected by the CFR, so would carry out the same policies. That's why Obama has gone back on every pledge from his campaign, resigned patriot act and strengthened it and launched more military campaigns.

      He aint Al-Qaeda, he's Wall St, bought and paid for. Which was another lie...

    2. So glad that you were brave enough to say that he is a trojan horse! People have vilified me for saying the same thing. Enjoyed reading your intelligent comments!

  59. Great documentary and funny too. I can't believe how ignorant some people in this country are like seriously........and by the way, where's the diversity and ethnicity?? all i saw was just one race.....

  60. Great documentary and very funny too. I can't believe how ignorant people in this country are like seriously......and by the way where's the diversity? All i see is one race, where's the ethnicity and diversity here???

  61. @Everyone

    I rarely comment on TDF but i do enjoy reading all the comments. I have just realised something quite saddening. I noticed that one of the main reasons why i enjoy reading the comments so much (obviously after watching the documentaries) is that i often get to hear well rounded and logical opinions from people that are intelligent and generally in the same direction of thought as myself. Even when the opinions are slightly different they are atleast generally well thought out. This is all good but the problem that i have found is that our well thought out, well informed opinions are not being heard by anyone who is uninformed or has a less thought out opinion. I love documentaries and i think they are an excellent way of learning about the world that you could never normally see but i find when I try to inform my friends and family about all the astounding information there is out there on the internet it really seems like they don't want to know or they can't be bothered to find out even if it is of massive significance to them.

    I don't mean to offend your country but all the information i get about the USA (including from Americans) points to that a really significant number of people are simply happy in their ignorance. Infact adamant in it. Of course this can also be the case for people in any country in the world but the US just seems to be on a different scale. Of course i understand that unfortunately the the least intelligent of the population are the ones most likely to be coaxed into a loud frenzy by the political and corporate elite. But its the pride in it that offends the rest of the world. That endless pride in your country as if you own the world. As if by default America is number one.

    The people of the world should not be basing their pride on the status of their country but rather on the status of their world.

  62. Where exactly does it say in the Bible that abortion is a sin? Excuse me but God orders the entire slaughter of cities (including children and infants) Oh, but I suppose when He does it then it is okay but when a woman consciously decides to do it then it’s “evil.” Total hypocrites – I hate Christians. I saw the sign in that church – folks, being gay does not equal being a paedophile. And where does it say in the Bible, “Vote McCain?”
    What a bunch of a--holes; using God to serve their own political means.

  63. They're all white.

    1. Haha I was just thinking the same thing...

  64. Me??? You don't think I'm allowed to vote. Because I have a VAGINA! That literally made my jaw drop. "That's just how backwards I am..." No shit, Sherlock! I have more education in my vagina than you have in your whole body. I can't believe a fellow American said that. I've never been more thankful to be born and raised on the west coast. Also, Obama is an Arab Muslim? Wow. Okay. And to the guy who said Obama is in with Osama bin Laden...wow. You think the Bushes weren't in with all those motherf--kers in the middle east? God I pity you people.

  65. @francois~
    "I cannot believe that a rich and evolved country as the USA can breed such a bunch of crazy peoples like that."

    It's usually the southern states...the ones that are still fighting the War of Secession...that are neo-medievalists and give the country a bad rep. Look at where Bush W. was from. Believe me, I've lived here all my life and I've been all over. It's Dixie...down below the Mason-Dixon line is where the stupidity is viral.

  66. This doc scares the sh** out of me.

    I'm so happy these peoples don't travel too much.

    Please USA!!!, Like in the old days, please keep your retard in the backroom.

    Maybe!!!, If were lucky, their genes will get weaker and weaker and they will just die off.

    I cannot believe that a rich and evolved country as the USA can breed such a bunch of crazy peoples like that.

    These are the element that will bring your empire to the ground. And it is sad, because we needed an modern intelligent USA to help us make a better world.

    1. @francois

      "This doc scares the sh** out of me.

      I'm so happy these peoples don't travel too much."

      You're right to be scared, more so because they travel a hell of a lot. they've been to Iraq, Afghanistan, Grenada, Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Yemen, Kuwait, Bahrain, Somalia, Gaum, Okinawa, South Korea, Spent a short time in North Korea, China, Diego Garcia, The Phillipines, Vietnam, Thailand , Cambodia, Laos, Cuba, Italy and cant decide whether their next travels should be in Iran, Libya or both.

  67. I think you are right about the need for activism, but this activism should be directed towards creating a true free society, without central government.

    Since you were suggesting invading western europe, with your Yankee radicals, I think I pretty much disagree with you on the direction of this uprising.

  68. @Dutchie & Freethinker~~
    The complacent armies of progressive political thinkers need to reclaim their voice---only in that is there power. We absolutely need this "vox populi" power to resist the neo-con, fascist roll-backs of American liberties since the Reagan monarchy began it in 1980. Wihout this power of the progressive voice, we will lose ground against the far right. They have the big money interests but we have the numbers and the moral high ground. It needs to amplified through activism, organization and assemblies of protest.

  69. Well I can agree with you there. The Americans who freak you out are in the minority but they get more attention because they're the ones the media focuses on in order to create that division our government wants. The vast majority of us are level headed and want no part in a cradle to grave type government. I echo your statement with regards to Dems and Repubs being cheered for as if politics is a spectator sport. Personally, I don't subscribe to that nonsense. I call it like I see it, and both parties are corrupt. It's no secret that our media, whether it's news outlets, tv, movies, print publications, not to mention the drug running our own government has a hand in, all work in concert to keep the American people dumb. Their motto is "divide and conquer", and they're doing a damn good job of it.

  70. I never made the claim that our media is any better.
    I am actually making the claim that ALL people should regain power over their lives, regardelss of where they live. Not hiding behind government or status quo. The fact just happens to be that America would not let that happen in large parts of the world. This "freedom" fighting your government constantly does. I was hoping the American people could be ahead of the curve on revolting against the principle of hierarchy, since that would be one major step towards world peace.

    The reason I said "you americans freak me out" is that in America it is so obvious, that's what was freaking me out. Democrats and Republicans being cheered on like football teams.....

    No claiming that it is any better here, it is more sophisticated. At least that's my observation.

  71. @Dutchie

    As if any other country is any better. You think propaganda is exclusive to the U.S.? If you think your neck of the woods is free from media propaganda, then you're just as brainwashed, if not more, than the ones you point the finger at (these aren't the droids you're looking for). Lol! But you wouldn't know that because your media does a better job of dumbing you down.

  72. @Dutchie~
    I don't know what country you're from but from the looks of your 'user name' I could hazard a good guess. You're right about the media in America subverting the public's political intelligence. But then we've always been ahead of the curve on everything in the USA including hi-tech cable propaganda ministries like Fox News. So I wouldn't make any big money bets that old Uncle Sam is going down Fascism Lane anytime soon--- there's a huge, sophisticated and informed activist subgroup of Yankee radicals left over from the 60s which are lurking in online cells like TDF and others waiting to regain the initiative.
    When we do, I'm recommending that we invade western Europe on general principles. Hope you don't mind, Dutchie. I'll send you an email before the first wave.

  73. Seriously, you Americans freak me out.
    You're system is so totalitarian. You are caught in a system of NO choice, while the people are being fueled all the time to get opposed over fake (media)issues. The chance of the people uniting is so small. Dumbed down through the media.

    Consume Consume!

  74. I've been receiving an email for the last few months every time someone leaves a message here. What a mistake and very disheartening. It's the same commenting on any blog these days, it becomes painfully apparent how uneducated so many in America are and willfully ignorant to our political system, as well as also downright rabidly vicious commenter’s can be. The ugliness almost always comes from the right. Don't believe me fine, but just yesterday I saw a study that proved that point. The right-leaning political television and radio has turned a portion of Americans into a vicious, petty pack of dogs. It's hardly even possible to have a conversation about anything any longer without it turning into a shouting match. There is also a lack of empathy missing for their fellow man. Aren't there some things that should be available in a society for disadvantaged people? Especially since this is supposed to be the richest nation on earth? I guess not. Soon if things go on like they are, it’ll become legal to shoot old people when they have lost their usefulness. Look at how the poor are being treated and tell me I am wrong.
    Like it or not America is on the decline, big-time. Low-information people armed only with sound bites and talking points as their political education are mobilized and now taken seriously by mainstream media. I just heard the other day that very little press was given to the crowd in Wisconsin when it swelled to 10,000, yet when about 50-100 Tea baggers showed up on the mall last year they got non-stop coverage because they were wearing side arms. America is turning into a parody, a tabloid, no -- a sick cartoon.
    The people who are most vicious, seem to conveniently forget that what got us into trouble as a nation is painfully obvious, and that is two wars that were preventable. The untold huge sums of money spent could have rebuilt America into a modern, great nation again with new infrastructure, new hospitals, new rail, you name it, but instead we are still flinging money at a war that has no objective, no reason to be there. It’s obvious that the war lingers on to keep the people who manufacture military weaponry in business, and to perhaps obtain access to the vast mineral wealth of Afghanistan. Will it all be worth the money we invested, and the lives we lost? Of course not. But little makes sense when it comes to political matters in this country. It seems that the short-sighted and ignorant run the show.

    The poor, middle class and unemployed are under attack in this country. Vilified simply for trying to survive. At the same time many of modest means defend those at the top their huge tax breaks when they ultra rich do not even pay their fair share now as it is. It's especially alarming that Unions are under attack now in a way I have not seen in my lifetime. Hey, average Joe America! Don't you realize that the only thing that gives you a decent wage, decent working conditions, safe atmosphere, weekends, vacation, etc is due to the work of Unions? My God, with the help of those that are demanding they be dismantled, you will only wake up when you yourself are told your job is gone and the only thing left is work in a sweatshop for $1 a day.

    Those out there that pay attention to what is going on-- the time is near to make your voice of reason heard. The loons have run the show too long. Yes, to borrow a phrase, it is time to "Take our country back" back from the idiots and morons that are destroying it.

  75. It's unfortunate, they are still this way 2 years later - happy to discredit the President that is "trying" to fix the mess of the Bush tyranny. They're not thoughtful on an election actually being stolen; lied to about WMDs in Iraq, Patriot Act wire-tapping, torture, propaganda, hate and fear mongering by AM Hate Talk Radio and Fox as their Ministry of Lies, etc., etc. They just want to ignore their CAUSE to our economy and how badly they've managed it - and the Republicorp, one party, one voice theme of the GOP (which is closer to the fascists of Adolf/Goebbels (I know, they hate the comparison but check the tenants above). Trillions for the top 1.5% of the country - nothing for the Americas bailing out the Republican deregulated Big Banks, Big Oil, Koch Bros., Health Insurance Industry, et. al. These are our fellow Americans. It's time to tax churches that operate as a Republican Party PAC, TV Evangelicals that pay no taxes and use their broadcasting to work for the Republicans and Koch Bros. and Pro-Choice needs to be left alone. They're blaming the poor, while the Republicans give away our tax dollars and give to the top 1.5%. These people are illiterate, intellectually challenged and psychotic. One moment, greatest country in the world, next moment it's the worst! They treat education as Liberal and Elitist. Duh?! Then they proudly celebrate stupid as a Republican tenant and worthy trait and badge of honor.

  76. On a lighter note, it sucks trying type this from a smart phone...

    I was saying, do yourself a favor and try rid yourself of that fake left/right way of thinking. It makes no difference. Proof: Obama is now proposing huge spending cuts (trying to get re-elected) in an attempt to look fiscally conservative. Also Bush spent like a democrat...

  77. @Dez

    And you obviously haven't read my posts carefully. Your feeble attempt at lumping me in with lovers of Fox News is laughable since I've stated over and over again that Fox is a joke. You and your labels.

    Do a favor and seriously try to rid yourself of that left/right

  78. @Dez

    Oh geez. Not another one of you. Yeah yeah yeah, there's socialist libertarianism, liberal conservatives, conservative communists. Who the f--k cares? I've stopped playing that game. But any label on it u want, I'm against big govt, welfare states, pro civil liberty, pro gun, anti-abortion, anti-war, pro Constitution...labels mean nothing anymore because the puppet masters are constantly changing the game...

  79. @Freethinker

    Anarchism it's not right wing, read the history of it and you'll see. Just to finish the argument and to prove you wrong, check Spanish Civil War. Plus, real communism it's not the totalitarian USSR regime. Google Libertarian-Communism and learn.

    How can you call yourself a freethinker and say that Socialism is a totalitarian ideology? Half of Americans are absolutely out of step with the rest of the civilized world. not to mention hysterical, after watching countless hours of BS on FOX News.

    You people are the laughing stock of the world. I feel really bad for the other half of America.

  80. @freethinker~
    Exactly. Like I said--- when the American family-at-large gathers around the National Dining Room Table, we can take the measure of our own 'f*ck-ups' just fine without outside help.

  81. @Larry Nine~

    I'm not saying the good old USA isn't imperialistic and doesn't have a quasi-criminal foreign policy. You're absolutely dead on with that. But to root for our downfall is cr*p if you ask me. And then in the next breath he basically says Obama is our saviour. Yeeeaaah whatever. Like most countries, we have good people but a corrupt govt.

  82. @freethinker~
    I guess that 'America-basher' will think twice about voicing another negative opinion about American imperialistic hegemony in here! If anyone's gonna criticize the good old USA about its horrendous, quasi-criminal foreign policy in here... it's gonna be us!

    (...drum roll...OMG...LMAO..ba-da-boom.)

  83. After watching the first couple minutes of this film, I never want to hear another conservative talk about "whiny" liberals again.

    I mean, MY GOD... How high did the stock value of Kleenex rise when McCain lost the election???

  84. @Pinchy

    Gee, thank you so much for the well wishes. Nice to see my fellow man rooting for nothing but our demise over here. This documentary is so biased and one sided, but people who lack a brain (ummm, you) fail to realize that the entire population of our country isn't represented by these types of people. It's not even representative of the conservative party.

    And for you to unwittingly claim that we'll be begging for Obama just proves how mornonic your brain function really is. As if he's made anything better at this point. Quite the contrary. I know I know, blame Bush. Yes, blame him, and Clinton, and Bush 41, and Reagan, all of them since the Civil War. But you know nothing of that because you're uneducated, and it shows. Parties mean nothing when both parties act the same. So get out of here with your tired old Obama loving sentiments.

  85. @Pinchy~
    I fear that you are quite right in your observations about America, but it's bad form to offer them as an outsider. There are plenty of Americans that can see with enough clarity and intelligence to criticize current events. Do you think we are a monlithic culture? How do you think Obama got elected in the first place?
    Thing is... your rude comments, though true enough in content, lack any context--- you can't do anything about it and we can... in fact, we are. So work on your own national mental health before you come in here with that sh*t.
    PS: BTW...Where are you from, Pinchy, old sport?

  86. Honestly America. You are a circus. A social experiment gone horribly wrong. "Obama is the anti-christ". Really? Are you serious? Is it any wonder the entire planet considers America to be laughable? I hope the GOP does win in 2012, once healthcare reform is undone and the war on terror gets cranked up so high the deficit will be 150% of GDP (instead of the 98% it is now) then you will be begging for Obama.

  87. @Pistol~
    "...it is what your CIA calls BLOWBACK! think about that word for a second."

    Chalmers Johnson, ex-CIA intelligensia, ex-Naval ONI, former professor at U-Cal at San Diego and author of the "Blowback" trilogy (and originator of that word) died about a month ago. I recommend his three revealing books---"Blowback", "The Sorrows of Empire" and "Nemesis".

  88. i cannot believe some amercians still think the war is about terror! what is this world coming too?

    it is about empire. if the middle east starts selling oil in anything but american dollars you guys are done for. i mean come on already! you don't have the moral high ground anymore! you are the terrorist! and 9/11 was simple. not an inside job or a man in a cave. it is what your CIA calls BLOWBACK! think about that word for a second.

  89. I honestly cannot say much about the other US networks as I tend to read and watch Canadian content online when it comes to the news but clips that I have seen from Fox News disgusts me especially that morning show with the bimbo blonde! I remember when they started airing the station in Canada people weren't too happy about it and cable and satellite providers were forced to offer a substitute channel in their packages!
    Regarding Dems being just as high-strung as Reps. I don't doubt it it's all the same in regards to wearing your political allegiance on your sleeve. Up North we tend to keep our votes a secret. I don't even know who my parents vote for because they tend to look at the person first more than the party... not speaking for all Canadians of course just a lot of the ones I know!

  90. "Also the second someone says FOX News...I immediately put them in the “should not reproduce” category!"

    And I'll support that second. Although, I disagree with Freethinker on MSNBC...leastwise, re Rachel Maddow, who is a competent, muckraker journalist and former political science professor....glad they dumped Olberman and moved O'Donnell up to 8 o'clock.

  91. @ M.A.P

    I second that motion. But remember that it's the same for those on the oppposite side of the fence. The libs are just as attached to the Democrat party as conservatives are to the Republican party. And if you want to talk tabout Fox sucking the big one (which they do), MSNBC is the polar opposite (but equal) of them. When Bush was our (mis)leader, Fox praised everything he did. Now that that man-child Obama is the head cheese (and he's a stinky one), MSNBC has a tingle going up their collective leg (ala Chris "cracker" Matthews)...

  92. WOOOOW! I'm Canadian and I really cannot wrap my head around this mentality. Being so attached to one political party with such vigour is a completely foreign concept to me. I have an American friend that is so anti-Obama but she can't give me one good reason for it. The stupidity and ignorance is absolutely shocking. I'm not saying all Republicans are lacking in the braincell department but when you can't look past the party and see the person running their is a big problem.
    Also the second someone says FOX News is a fantastic source for information and they don't trust anyone else I immediately put them in the "should not reproduce" category!

  93. people should learn to differentiate between church and state, its made this documentary a real comedy. what saddens me more is how many are so naive and prone to believe and agree with anything and anyone who looks like them, is a firm god believer and/or has a loud voice(ex. the priest, the lady at the beginning of the doc, stupid assumptions people made up)
    its pretty disappointing that so many people felt that way, yet they had noooo rational thoughts over it when asked why...

  94. Great documentary. The sad part was when most of the people based their opinions on religious beliefs. Its outrageously sad that up to this day , people still rely on GOD. WTF? If the U.S is ever doomed , then it would be because of religion , not a president.

  95. Sadly, I have absolutely nothing in common with these people. I do not want to unite with them.

  96. Reply to So And So~
    Eventually a crisis will develop where we all focus on some common enemy and in that moment we will come together. Always have, always will.

  97. I've read every single comment on this thread and there is a prevailing theme that maybe more menacing to America as a whole than those in the documentary. there are: Americans against Americans, the educated against the uneducated, xenophobia versus exogenous forces, God versus the CEO (in the quoted upper 1%, those two are interchangeable), the faithful vs. the secular...blah blah blah the list goes on. All that wrapped up in nasty condescending tones. The menace I speak of is Social Division. America is more divided than ever and there are no peoples easier to rule than those divided. Whatever candidate you elect will exploit this for power. As a matter of fact, these days they can only become candidates based on how well they can exploit the division. As long as I can remember, the only thing coming out of America has been "united this, united that, freedom here, freedom there, democracy shamocracy.... Seriously, whens the last time America really had any of these?

    In terms of unity, freedom, democracy and the protection of them, your constitution is one of the greatest documents ever assembled. It is meant to unite you as a peoples even and especially in the face of tyrant governments(which you've consecutively had since WWII). For the sake of discussion, I challenge you, right or left, to figure out how you ended up in this situation and come up with a "UNITED" way out...instead of correcting each other's spelling.

    I am Canadian, I hold a couple of other nationalities and I've lived in the US of A. That being said, it makes me no smarter and no more human than yourselves but it does make me your neighbour. As your neighbour and fellow human, your craziness affects me too. Beyond that, it is no secret that it is increasingly difficult to be an American outside of America and it is going to get a whole lot worse if you don't figure your sh** out. Why? Because from top-level diplomat to "Joe the plumber", you carry the aforementioned menace and the attitudes it creates everywhere else you go in the world.

  98. Obviously, these weeping people are living in some horrifying alternative reality where it's unnecessary to acknowledge the theft of the 2000 election by their candidate Bush and the gleeful corrosion of America's global credibility by his invasion of Iraq and destuction of 200,000 human beings along with irreplaceable artifacts of antiquity. The 'Bush Political Dynasty' may turn out to be the worst national curse ever visited upon America. I've been political for 50 years and studied history devotedly. I've never read or seen anything remotely like it. History will surely convict this corrupt cabal of upper class barbarians accordingly.

  99. Watching the answers these people had on this video, made me physically ill

  100. Well it certainly wasn't socialism that lifted Canada out of their near third world status (economically speaking). Canada's economy is a mixed economy; capitalism mixed in with social welfare programs (hey, just like the U.S.!). It obviously wasn't social welfare that got them out of their economic woes, it was capitalism. And it just goes to show that capitalism is the answer to much of our economic problems. Granted, here in the States, we haven't had true capitalism for a very long time. Others like to point to capitalism and blame it for our problems. It's precisely because of govt intervention why our economy is the way it is. The marriage of the corporation and the govt (fascism) is the problem, not free market capitalism. Personally, I don't believe in dependence on the govt. I realize there are people out there who need help and the vast majority of those on welfare or collecting unemployment probably want to work. But there has to be limits on how much the govt distributes these handouts. Maybe if our corrupt govt would get out of the way, jobs might begin to be manifested. Sorry for rambling...

  101. @Freethinker

    So you decry Socialism and then in the same breath praise Canada? lol

  102. When will the sheep realize that the game is fixed! People need to wake up and realize Ron Paul is the only hope this country has in 2012! Sad that the electronic voting will screw the country over and the "Fall Of The Republic" will be complete. I pray things get better for America... please everyone wake up before it is much 2 late!

  103. USA! USA! USA!

    Is Hulk Hogan in da house?

  104. Yes, we Americans are getting exactly what we deserve because the average citizen doesn't pay attention to the issues. As a result, we elect incompetent numb skulls (Bush, Obama, etc) into office who have no clue how to serve the public. They lie, cheat, and steal and we let them get away with it. The only good thing is that we're not Europe yet, although we're headed that way. Perhaps we should take a chapter out of Canada's book. They were on the verge of becoming a third world country, economically speaking, but managed to turn it around with multiple surpluses. Can't say that for Spain, Portugal, Iceland, Greece, England, and Ireland. I only hope the newbies we just elected into office keep their word and stamp out the socialism which has been rearing its ugly head for at least a decade. That's right I said it!! The idiots in this movie are just that, idiots. But those types of people are on both sides of the equation. They're as dumb as those who voted for Obama. They still play into the left/right paradigm not even realizing that both parties are exactly the same. Big govt is big govt, whether it comes from the left or the right. Dumb asses!!! All we can do now is get rid of Obama, be careful not to elect some progressive Republican, and bring this country back to its founding principles. Free markets and free minds.

  105. what is worse! eternal star trek fans of losers that follow criminal politicians.


  106. u can only laught at these people

  107. To all those people saying if Obama is their president they were gonna move good get outta here. Go to fascist Europe, America doesn't need racism or haters.. Let alone brainwashed QUITTERS

  108. 10 minutes is all I could take... WOW
    These people should try living outside the U.S and avoid talking to anyone.

  109. Little kid "If McCain loses, me and my family will move to Canada"

    We don't want you. Seriously.

    I guess it's a bit late considering this is 2 years old.

  110. the right wing dosn't need the media to make them look bad it dose that its self with what in dose/says/acts. Its sad that a country that was founded on religous freedom and equality could produce such a large amout of small minded,hateful and ignorant people. They are not interested in religous freedom they want everyone to be christians they want to force there beliefs on eveyone and create a country of christians who hate gays,jews,muslims,blacks ect

  111. These people are
    1) uneducated
    2) either overtly or covertly racist

    And I honestly don't think this is only the US. I think it reflects the extent to which most people on the planet have very little upstairs or vote for reasons entirely different than the ones they profess to uphold.

  112. I agree that we, as a country, have lost our way, thanks to an uninformed and apathetic public. But the ignorance shown in this documentary runs rampant on both sides, not just the conservative/republican side. I can do a quick search on youtube and find just as much ignorance on the left. I also think it's amusing how Europeans leaving comments here bash us when in reality, the European economy is in worse shape than ours. We all know what's happening in Greece and France, Iceland already fell off a cliff, now Ireland and Italy are headed that same direction. I understand most of the world dislikes the U.S. because of the actions of our crooked (mis)leaders, but perhaps those who bash us should look in the proverbial mirror. I believe the agenda of our politicians has historically been to divide us so they can conquer us, and it's worked beautifully for a very long time. The left is just as deceitful as the right. The propaganda in this film can be applied to the other end of the spectrum, what with all the Obama sheep blindly following (but that's changing as we speak). Playing party politics is disingenuous. Those who practice this are only fooling themselves.

  113. America really is lost up its own arse.

  114. This film is very scary viewing. I am embarrassed that so many of my fellow americans are so uneducated and openly racist. So many statements made throughout this fim were untrue, half-truths, information that has been warped by right-wing extremeism, etc. Truly, I am sickened and sad that so many people in this country are tools being used by the powerful elite and corporate powers. They even defend them! That most of these people consider themselves Christian is even more shocking and disturbing. I am sad for our SICK society, and sad to be an American. The French, Canadians and New Zelanders have got it right. American went wrong about 30 years ago. Never to recover.

  115. This offered a pretty balanced view. No judgment was really passed--it simply captured reality. I am a minority in the U.S., and although I come from a totally different background than most of the people who were interviewed, I tried to understand and see the issues from their point of view, and I think if I really try I can fathom where they're coming from. To comment on fair media portrayal, I must say that almost NOTHING is ever really "fair" media portrayal.

    I find that most political commentary is either really liberal or really conservative, and therefore almost nothing exists that isn't aimed at accusing or attacking "the other side." Even some of the people leaving comments here are really, yet again, attacking and mocking. Honestly, we can mock the people who were interviewed in the documentary all we want, but this is reality. And most people who are interviewed on the spot, even a fairly well educated person, I think, would probably come off as a semi-ignorant dumba**.

    The only part that really made me cringe was the part when the young man misspelled "socialism" on his shirt and attempted to described it "like something in between Communism and some other word I can't remember right now." Ugh. I cringed not only because of how ignorant he came across as, but also because I thought to myself, "Would I be able to define a certain term confidently if I were asked to on the spot?" Eck. I definitely need to read more!!! :P

  116. This scared the sh*t out of me....couldn't see more than 10 minutes.

  117. Up here in Canada some of us have a name for the country to our South: The Excited States.
    Was that name ever re-inforced in this documentary. A place like W. Pennsylvania is less than 5 hours drive from where I live and yet it seems a world away.

  118. @ D Ryan, you made my day! And i truly hope that your assessment in regard to the tea party, and the coming elections, is correct.
    For anyone out there who doesn't know already, the current congress and president have provided the tax cuts that have increased wages for all working people. Granted, it isn't some 400$ check in the summer, but even that 30 bucks a week adds up to almost 400% of the tiny Bush "tax break," during his presidency. That is just one example of how the current administration has attempted to strengthen the economic power of the less fortunate many.

    @Sammy..there is no true right or left in america; there is only left and right of center in a politically centrist setting: a bullseye is a bullseye.

    @Adan, sadly you are right on. And it transcends regions too. It is shocking how many individuals who are well educated, (lawyers even!) follow this line.

  119. Very Funny, but a bit scary! Then again I'm sure if you hang around these rallies long enough you'll see some crazy people. It does show where this whole tea party movement got started...but also why it will likely fail! i.e. they are electoral poison.

    My favourite bit was about 40 minutes in when one guy say's he'll move to Spain if Obama wins...hmmm....say aren't they run by a Socialist Party, and I don't mean ever-so-slightly-left-of-centre Democrats, I mean the real deal EU style Socialists, they're party is even called "The Socialist Party"!

  120. Mc Cain chose the wrong running mate. He was in the lead till Palin came along. And Mc Cain is so old if he dies, that makes Palin president, which is quite terrible. Although i support the right on most issues, the thought of Palin as president is scary.

  121. In retrospect, the almost milennial paranoia and fear make me feel sorry for these people.

  122. Call it editing if you will but these people are speeking from the heart and no amount of editing can change what they said... I wonder what they are feeling now that we have equal pay for woman, and tax breaks for the middle class ,& more grants for small business loans... I wish they would see that their real oppressors are the corporations buying the airwaves & penny politicians to vote in laws that benifit thier bottom lines instead of the General Welfare of the America people... NO... They like seeing American jobs shipped off to forgin countries for tax breaks and slave wages... VOTE MADE IN AMERICA...

  123. Democracy can't ever work because comatose stupidity has a way of settling within the majority ..

    That's not to say that the representatives of the minority are any less vile ...

    One party rules over you and the other one keeps it in check by pretending to be your voice ... and they swap places from time to time ... that's all there is to this system .. I won't ever get suckered into voting for either !

  124. @Kimberly 03/23/2010 at 02:36 "The only thing that is a joke here is this video, anyone can make a documentary and edit it enough to make everyone look like a joke."

    So how are you going to explain the statistics that show this to be the case, what percentage of Fox News viewers believed that WMD was found in Iraq? That Obama is Muslim? etc etc. This is not just due to editing video, the fact is that this people are indeed that stupid.

    I have traveled to the Southern States, and in the lobbies of the hotels I stayed, I see them seduced and hypnotized by Fox News reporting, stoking their fears and ignorance. These were well dressed business type Southerners. Not just truck driving, brain dead white trash.

  125. First two minutes and I was rolling to the ground laughing. Are these people delusional or what!

  126. @Lars Hansen: Well, Hitler's party WAS called the National Socialist German Workers' Party, but who's actually doing a little research anyway? And it's "guess", not "guees", as you distastefully call him an i****. People are of the mistaken belief that communism and socialism are left wing and fascism is right. The fact is they're all left wing (i.e. totalitarian). Anarchy is pure right wing (i.e. no govt). Make sense? The only reason people make the mistake is because Hitler and Stalin were enemies. Big govt is big govt, right or wrong, no matter how you slice it.

    @Vader: You're absolutely correct. When the dems are in power they suck, and when the repubs are in power they suck too. Progressivism and political correctness are killing this country. And the sad thing is, most of who commented on this string are duped into thinking there's a difference between the two parties.

  127. my friends, i wanna make clear first i am a leftie because i am intellectually convinced of the advantages of social democratic policies in advanced nations like the US etc.

    right, there are lots and lots of deluded right wingers chanting fox nows repeatedly, obama is a muslim socialist yadda yadda yadda and we get to see em here.

    however my view of the documentary is there is INDEED a disconnect between the so-called heartland and the more educated and liberal elites and urban population.
    -> put yourself in the shoes of them rednecks for a second. look particularly close at the 28 minute mark:
    a big chunk of blue collar workers have REAL (economic) grievances and care very much about their way of life which often includes hunting or the feeling of community they get from church visits as weird it not only looks but is.
    when people feel so downtrodden and get hosed big-time by mutlinational corporations anger turns up and is directed by the one who screams the loudest.

    and democrats are virtually unable to adress those folks in a way that they feel they're being respected. well then those folks turn to rush limbaugh and cohorts to get their answers (immigrants, blacks taking everything, too much gvnmt. spending, muslim world takeover) to why they're on the losing end of the class war that's being perpetuated against them for decades.
    they are so vulgar and - like the redneck @ 28min in tears - cos democrats/liberals were unable to communicate that voting for them is actually in their own economic (and long-term social) interest.

    yes they might be dumb tea baggers, rednecks but they deserve our neverending attempt to make clear what the benefits of a woman's right to choose, a progressive tax-code, universal affordable health care and engaging the arab world are.

    this documentary is not only showing us the bigotry and economic myopia of affluent WASPy suburbia but is moreso a testament to a feeling of disenfranchisement coming from part of the working class. our disgust will not persuade them.

  128. I am a black american male who put his ass on the line althrough the 80"s for Carter, Reagan and both the Bushes, and then Cliton I grew up hunting and fishing and served with honer so tell me who the hell do these white folks think they are. Oh yeah it's nothing else except a white and black thing. I am now a disabled vet who got hurt defending the U.S. in the gulf defending the U.S. oil rights so who the hell do these stupid ass people think they are. OH YEAH IT'S A BLACK AND WHITE THING!!!!!!!

  129. "We've had these values and beliefs instilled in us from when we were little and that's just how we're always going to believe" (3:45)

    I think that explains half the people you see. Every time a kid spoke in this thing you can tell they were just reciting whatever crap an adult told them to say. It's sad, really, how so many people don't think for themselves and have lost their ability to think critically.. probably due to how they were raised and the communities they grew up in.

    The really sad thing is that people like this in the US almost make a majority during polling season! That is the real horror here.

  130. "Socialism is basically the views of Hitler..." Lol - what an idiot, I guees history was not his number one choice in school. Ignorance is very dangerous.

  131. Jeez, this makes our whole country look sooooo stupid.

  132. lol @ the black guy who wanted a "pro-black" president. Aren't we supposed to want a pro-everybody president?

  133. Truly Amazing how many people are oblivious to what is really going on in Politics. Wake up both parties are the same. They play good cop,bad cop. The Elites own both Parties plus the Media. They are all puppets whose strings are pulled by the G-20.

  134. Some guy said.. if Obama wins my family and I are moving to Spain... (The Spanish Socialist Party has been in power for the last 8 years) LOLS

  135. THIS is why the rest of the world hates on you americans. the ignorance is phenominal. but I'm no better - if i had a gun or two id probably throw a few rounds at these monkeys

  136. "no government is like no government"

  137. guy was speaking about having brother in Iraq in the beginning... he didn't know that McCain plan was to send more troops there? sooner or later black president had to be elected. live with it! i hope Obama will make all races equal... No free money for blacks only because they are black! I want free school too God Damn It!

  138. some of those people scare me. No repulse me. You're "offended" lady? The President is out of touch? Well people with multiple degrees, years of credible work, etc etc are offended when your factions tell them cause they are unemployed that we are lazy, drug addicts, etc. I am so fed up. Sitting on their ivory towers in glass houses throwing stones. Pot, meet kettle.

  139. @Micky
    No, Obama won because most people who voted for him were actually white; Although more whites voted for McCain than Obama, substantial number of them were enough, along with other minorities, to overwhelm those who voted for McCain.

  140. It's so unbelievable how many ignorant uneducated americans but hey if they keep watching FOX I guess thats the reason.
    Also these people thrive on fear. As long as they're kept uneducated and pacified with some sort of an enemy that keeps them fearing this will go on many years ahead.

    I am so grateful I live in Europe and have free healthcare, free education, free speech and a far more balanced media and political system that are independent from corporations and propagandist lobbies with religious agendas!!
    Thanx for a great film! It just shows once again that many american are truly scary and ignorant and it makes it easy to love to hate america :-)

  141. Its truly scary that a huge segment of the american people feels belittled. And feel that their set of values are being eroded by modern society. I fear that if they are not taken seriously(although it is hard. Their ignorance is strenuous but at the same time hilarious) one will experience formations of factions of far right psychopaths who will perform domestic terrorism. On the other hand; It is impossible as a secularist(Wall of separation) or humanist(decent ethics:) to reach any agreements with these 1800 century types. It seems to me that they are simply to irrational, ignorant and stubborn.

  142. Rupert Murdoch is a genius. What a target audience to feed what they want to hear. Hannity working the crowd shows that FOX is no different than other media. Should anyone that is presenting unbiased objective NEWS be a celebrity like that?

    But more importantly instead of the right to bear arms it should be the right to a proper education.

    Also the republican MO for any election since 9/11 is FEAR. He is a terrorist he doesnt wear a pin he isn't one of us. Forget the fact that the previous president stood by while the banksters fleeced everyone and paved way for the first black president to be elected. All the republicans had to stand on was fear and ignorance. But don't worry things were so messed up while bush was a dubya'ng that Obama stand no chance of re election. As the saying goes...its hard to make a turd look like a rose. Obama inherited a turd and it wouldn't matter if McCain was in or not. The Banksters fleeced the people and future generations will pay the price.

  143. What can I say ... first of all .. I'm not an American, but I'm a big fan of political docs. But this one ..wow.. very interesting and rare .. It never cross my mind that in our planet earth, there is still people with so primitive and stupid thinking. America a civilised and exemplary state ??? NOWAY!!!! God bless other civilizations. that's all I can say.

  144. One of my favorite parts of this documentary is the m****** lady 35:17

    “the pin, what a m****, the pin you want to be the leader of one of the greatest nations on earth. And he took his pin off. If Americans have become that laxed that they let that slide I'm sorry I wont do it and that is the time to standup. And that broke my heart to let him do that.”

    Hilarious!!! It's all about the pin!

  145. This is why people hate America, not for your "freedom!" LMAO! Holy s***.

  146. well said !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. i used to live in America, and now having traveled to over a dozen countries i live in a partially socialized economy.
    It is pretty good, not perfect but i enjoy it. despite what people think, i consider it to in many ways be more free than the USA if you can quantify freedom.
    What i think is so odd is that i know a large portion of smart people and most of them understand that Taxing the riches 1% does not affect jobs. (trickle down reaganomics has been debunked) In fact If they want to get more rich they have to build more companies hire more people to steal an even greater part of the pie, because uncle sam keeps taking their money in taxes. QUE BONO? the benefit goes to small buisness who can now compete and dont take on such a large tax burden, and THE REST OF SOCIETY in the form of government initiatives from tax dollars.
    Why republicans have such a problem with this is odd, its like getting raped repeatedly and then defending the rapist saying that they dont want the police to have the authority to do anything to stop it. (by the way exxon 15 BILLION dollars were made last year Taaxes paid ZERO)
    great plan guys lets do some more deregulation so that the banks can screw us over and destroy the economy, oh wait.....
    great idea republicans yeah rules are bad and making people contribute their fair share of their dump trucks full of cash that they got from exploiting people, well that would just be so............well you can hold onto your capitalistic ideals and see how they hold up in the long run with the consolidation of money and power in the hands of the few continues to grow. You cant be afraid of big Government when you are part of it.... BUt big Corporations that is where you should put your mistrust.

    i have heard it said that Americans hold so tightly to capitalism and defend the rich because on some strange level thay all expect to one day be rich. And it is this misguided nature that they cant see they never will be multi billionaires , and these are the very people misleading them and keeping them in their middle American life style in debt trying to stay above water.
    by the way the top 1 percent you want to defend control over 40 percent of the countries wealth.......
    think about it

  148. Searing account of American ignorance. Passion cannot make up for stupidity. It seems these are the same individuals who voted for Bush because he would repeal "the death tax." A tax that never existed: what he was speaking of was estate taxes. You see, everyday individuals have had their power subverted to advocate for those who need no advocacy: the very rich.

    To protect the wealth of those who make close to 4 and 5 hundred times what the average American takes home in wages, is not absurd, it is insane! And to those of you who believe you know what socialism is, and how it currently operates in the world: none of you are correct. What many of you are referring to, is instead, communism. Socialism is an economic system that encompasses a great number of derivations. The most prevalent is a model that mixes liberal and national policy, that favors small business ownership, workers rights and unionization, universal health care, and subsidized housing.

    The system of bureaucracy is not much different than what currently exists in countries with capitalist economies, and often serves the public better in both job creation/maintenance and a robust social safety net, as well as free vocation/college education, and normalized wages. Considering that i have read and heard many comments about American "democracy," i am not at all suprised by the lack of knowledge about economic systems.

    America is a republic, not a democracy. The mob does not rule..yet. Though it sure sounds like many people would cheer the day that happens. One question to those who would argue with me, (a person who lives in a partially socialized economy): how many of you have ever lived in, or even been to a country with some form of socialized economy? Just so you have some idea: Austria, all Scandinavian countries, France, Germany and many many other European countries have socialized facets to their economies.

  149. @ bravethruth

    just curious if you are an american? and if so did u vote?

  150. Seeing HBO at the beginning and Pelosi told me all I needed to know. More 2% ethnic minority liberal spin. Nancy's not Jewish but she, Harry and Barack are there only because of them. A 2% minority totally dominating our media and now our government. McCain was their choice to run against their creation Obama after they got our choice, Romney, out of the way. Pilgrim types like Ford and Edison built this country. Any docs about them? Yes there's a good one about how antisemetic they were. Ford did his best to warn us. Having a tiny ethnic group diametrically opposed to the majority isn't the best 'Democracy'.

  151. I think there is a clear reason that we are divided and the election served the purpose to divide us farther apart. We have lived in a culture of fear and we act accordingly. It really doesn't matter who won, we on the path we were set on and the banks, consumerism, money marketing, etc. all go on. Voting with the dollar is way more powerful then ever stepping into a voting booth. Our money is our vote.

    No one is more enslaved then those who think that they are free. Chains bend and twist, but rarely can they break no matter what is pulling them. Truthfully, is that bad?

    These people are actually paying attention to what is going on be it filtered and difficult for them to articulate. That was not happening before Dubya and is his only good legacy (besides some work in Africa). I'm not saying they're right but they have passion if nothing else.

    Happiness in Slavery.

  152. Welcome to the USSA the United Socialist States of America. Oh but hey if I spell that socilist does that mean the government magically no longer owns more than half of the U.S. economy?

  153. Carlo, I can't tell just from your writings if it was your mom or your dad. but the important thing to remember is it was not your fault. IT IS NOT "YOUR" FAULT.

  154. I watched long enough to see the one behind this film being a "Pelosi" and new it would be total BS.

    American warm bodies better wake up!

  155. "At least I know I'm free"...yes, that's what you've been told.

  156. America has one political party...profit and war. The scary thing is that this will happen again in about 2 1/2 years. Obama's camp put out better propaganda and a lot of people feel duped so we will shift to the apparent polar opposite. There is no polar opposite, neither party represent the people.

  157. So I guess God just preferred Obama...?

  158. When I voted for Obama I fell for his we can chnage crap and not to mention this party will be like no other.. I was not a fan of the 4 hour hospital waits which in my research claims will double to quadrupile. In light of the arrogant fiancially takeover(51%) and the broken promises I find my vote has shifted

  159. I think maybe, just maybe, she picked to most uneducated rednecks to show in this documentary. Surely there were more educated people at those rallies. I simply cannot believe that the majority of Mcain supporters were that stupid and redneck. The fact that she interviewed people at a Nascar event is evidence to me of the kind picture she was trying to paint. I don't think that this doc is proof of anything except that she wanted everyone to think of Republicans as racist, retarded hicks! Give me a break! I am not a republican, but being from TX, and from a huge Republican family I took great offense to this. My family is educated and certainly not racist. And you would never hear the "N" word come out of any of our mouths, much less any derogatory statements about Muslims. Do you idiots have any idea how many Muslim friends my children have in school? The majority of Republicans do Not hold the beliefs of the people on this doc.

  160. Mickey,
    When you write "What a joke. Mcain ended up with just over 45% of the popular vote.. the only reason Obama won was because of the black vote," do you imply that blacks are "just that, black in America, sort of second kind citizens?. Do you know how many black people voted for Mcain? Or how many Latinos and Asians? Here are some numbers for you:
    "CNN cites in this article that 96% of African Americans voted for Obama. They also noted that 67% of Latinos and 63% of Asians voted for Obama. If you're interested.
    The Economist, on the other hand, claims in this article that 95% of African Americans voted for Obama. (They also shave a point off the Latino vote as well, giving it as 66%).
    So, Obama is our President not just because of the black vote" as you explain, but because the vast majority of Americans decided that way.

  161. Read some of Jefferson Davis's speeches from the Senate floor it will rpovide some insight into the thought process of the confederate States. Being raised in a border state I was always taught the "Union" message, when I became older I read a lot on the subject of the civil war and agree with the Souths' right to secede it was just not thought out very well, nor did they expect the Union to engage in a bloody , loot, and burn campaign in the south.

  162. wow, i am really shocked at how divided america really is!!
    i am from a very long way away and i had an idea that the whole , "republicans vs democrats" thing was important to the country but, until reading these forums, i had no idea the depth of anger from both sides.
    truely truely sad...............,

  163. hahahahohohohohhahahahah Got me anoder one Jed :-) that booouuuyyyy is squeallin like a pig. Looks like we got us a closet redneck. Apparently I was a little too kind to give credit for being smarter than a fifth grader. We've gone over some world history for starters so I guess a lesson in American history is up. Carlo wrote "Southern Hospitality representatives” (which originated from submissive and friendly mannered slaves, who welcomed everyone who crossed on their path)". I dare to say slaves where not the equivalent of wal-mart greeters. In fact you can probably thank one of your own northerners for the compliment. Jacob Abbott, an early early 19th century author from Maine. Enlighten yourself and do some research, I believe you will be pleased. Jacob Abbott was a pastor and author and much more who simply wrote about how well he was treated on his visits to the South. Lets see Jkaz Im done with you, you can sit back down. Carlo Im done with you. If I have to continue teaching this class someone is going to have to ante up. The only obama voter I have any repect for in this forum is Kosh and thats because I put God before country.

  164. I don't think so, my dear friend JKaz. Should they had known then how to write or to read, they wouldn't had lost the civil war. They could not understand the written instructions given by their leaders, less memorize verbal ones. As you can see, this lack of intelligence and natural wisdom have been transferred from generation to generation, and it even gets worse when these individuals engage in inter-familial inbreeding , so that their individual recessive genes become dominant, and of course, as a result you will have those severe cases of heartless town hall-terrorizing chickenhawks. Nothing else for now, Palin-sexually-repressed Armageddon-yearning douche bags.

  165. Does anyone in the South know how to spell?

  166. Dear un-American gun-fondling racists friends, Kimberly, you can go back to your house in Alabama, and get into bed with you cousin, Mr. Republican; while your daddy Fourthreich (Fool-rich) films both of you having intercourse, with the only purpose of selling it out to get money for his beer and cable TV, so to watch Glen Beck and the other warmongering, FOX News-humping talking about "Progressive Americans" that are doomed to destroy America. BTW, please allow this ordinary citizen with 6 years of education to correct you, the word is "TELEPROMPTER". I'll talk to you in 2016. Ciao! How sad I am for thinking that you guys were people with common sense. I guess that Bush and CO brainwashed you one-neuron-brain efficiently. After all, what else can you expect from greedy, useless, pseudo-religious-lying conspiracy-theorizing-wackjobs. Do us a favor, go South and make sure to walk out at night, when hordes of the so-called "Southern Hospitality representatives" (which originated from submissive and friendly mannered slaves, who welcomed everyone who crossed on their path), don't eat your guts alive while indulging in ethanol and drugs. Good night sanctimonious, Ponzi-scheming-Rethuglicans.

  167. Kimberly
    March 26th, 2010 at 01:26
    "The only person on this whole comment board that looks to have a brain is Mr. Republican."
    This comment is nothing more then Good Old Southern Hositality Republician Ball Washing... He didn't even have anything intelligent to say.

    Mr. Republican
    March 25th, 2010 at 02:50
    1)"Let me let you ramrods in on a secret, abc, nbc, msnbc — tanking : Fox — flourishing..."

    (Intelligent...No! But, sCaRY!)

    2) "After watching this video I can say my faith in the South has been restored… thank you Alexandra Pelosi…"

    He's faith in the south has been restored??? As in what, the South will rise again...How edgamakated we are compared to the bluebellies scum...Or how southern people don't know the difference between church and state...
    There are extremist people in countries around the world that preach from there churches that want the Qur'an as law of the land... We call them Terrorists. But, to you its ok as long it is your Bible.

    FYI: I did vote Democrat and not (Emperial)Republic. I do believe in Jesus and his teachings. I am an American that believes in the seperation of church and state an have more brains to vote for someone solely on if he prays to the same god as me.
    Abortion should never be taken lightly because All Life is sacred. But, should we prolong suffering of others to say we protected their life... If so, doesn't quality of life matter to you.
    Could you yourself live in a room your whole life as one of the children in the Belgim Documentary? Is it more humian to live like that... or to be with your god in heaven.

  168. The problem with Democrats is the "Share the Wealth" idea. Republicans do not have a problem with sharing the wealth when it's our choice. The definition of share is to give something away, when you make it law it's not sharing it's taking. Why do democrats need a law to tell them to "share" to help our neighbors? Republicans or more than happy share when we are given a choice to do so, but it should not be up to Obama to decide it for me!

  169. As of this evening the United States government now "owns" 51 percent of the United States economy. Carlo and Jkaz your so fond of reading I have a couple of recomendations, the bill of rights for one. The Constitution of the United States just for starters. If you really prefer to label yourselves as "educated" persons do yourself a favor and study up on the creation and evolution of the "Third Reich". There was this little known "politician" who proclaimed himself the peoples "savior" from economic depression. I fear your limited knowledge aside from your acclaimed rally videos of nazis you prefer to associate the republican party with simply shows your obvious lack of historical knowledge.(Jkaz and eva)
    Although your six feet under comment surely reflects your six years of education (Carlo) Its never too late to go back and finish atleast high school.
    I have read multiple anti-Christian statements in this forum, maybe more reflective to this setting would be anti-religious statements. I would remind everyone of just one of our disappearing constitutional rights "Freedom of Religion". I would simply pose a question, What is so very very bad about doing unto others as you would have them do unto you? treating others better than you would treat yourself? believing in an everlasting life with your loved ones. believing that there is a final justice for the wicked. In my wisdom I have come to realize most atheist who fight the hardest to hide from any type of religion are the ones who live their lives furthest from morality.

  170. hmmmm....no snappy comebacks..maybe I misunderstand, maybe it's not racsism when it comes from a democrat! JKaz I don't need to read “American Fascists” I don't need Chris Hedges to explain the Bible to me or point out who's being greedy or hateful..God is the only one I will allow to judge me. Instead of reading “American Fascists” why don't you try reading the Bible. Chris Hedges is just a guy who sold a book based on his opinion not on facts and the opinion that Cristians are not Christian is his own and really has nothing to do with this video or the people in it.

  171. I just dont understand what the problem is. Obama has the most transparent and open administration in history. Our troops are back home. We fully support our only middle eastern ally (Israel). Earmarks are a thing of the past. Lobbyist are out of a job. The deficit is all paid up, which by the way foreign countrys are begging to loan us money. We have the sunlight before signing in effect (I have no idea what Pelosi meant when she said lets pass this thing to find out whats in it). Unemployment is at an all time low thanks to the trillion plus dollars stimulus package. Just because other countrys governments have taken over private sector establishments like banks, or car companies, or for instance the healthcare system some people call that a solialist nation or dictatorship or marxism but hey would you rather have freedom, private enterprise, entrepreneurship, less government intrusion, limited taxation or would you rather have a job?

  172. The only person on this whole comment board that looks to have a brain is Mr. Republican. Carlo if you want to talk about racsism let's talk about Jesse Jackson who clearly used the "N" word or how about Bill Clinton's comments about Obama serving him coffee or just for laughs let's bring up the good Reverend Jeremiah Wright, this is just 3 well known Democrats who are just as racsist as anyone on this video. The Democrats are always the first to throw stones and the loudest crybabies when someone replies. Your comment "The only good conservatives nowadays are the ones six feet under" is a typical violent response from an uneducated Democrat that has nothing inteligent to say. There is a clear line drawn between the hatefull athiest democrats and the moral intelligent republicans and it's easy to spot who is who from a mile away. Why are Dems sooo angry?? is it because they made a mistake voting Obama and just don't want to admit it or is it becuase no matter how hard you try and no matter what you say you are always the one's that come off as uneducated and violent? I have lived all over the world and I would take living in the South any day of the week, where do you think the phrase " Southern Hospitality"came from? Ever hear of "Northern Hospitality"? NO...there is no such thing...If it were up to me all the athiest baby killing democrats would live up north and all the Southerners could live and go to church in peace. No matter what you Dems do, Republicans "REAL" Americans will never give up our country to become the next Cuba or Russia without fighting it all the way to the end!

  173. I love this site, if your a liberal democrat you can speak your mind freely and we dont have to listen to the crazies because they are censored out.

  174. I'm an proud American (from the north,lol). I thought this film was hilarious and distrubing at the same time. I agree with so many of these comments I don't know where to begin...

    I couldn't believe how racist people still are in the south. I think someone needs to up in them hills and back in the swamps and tell them the "North" won the war... To be fair I did see a little of that up here like in this during the campaign... Yup, ALL white christian republicans with their fear-mongering tactics.

    Obama is The Anti-Christ!!! Well, I think its to early to condemn him yet. But, If Jesus preached in greek to a person (the most prominent language back then). He would of discribed the "Devil" as Barrack Om'bama(Greeklish). A person that fell from the heavens. It does suck having to choose either one for President.

    Obama going to bankrupt the nation. Uh, Bush has already broke America's financial back during his 8 years of the rich get richer and poor get poor presidency. Tax insentives for corporate interest to out-sourcing middle class jobs to countries, were labor laws are like America during the 1930's or even the slavery day's. He spent so much money on Tax Cuts to the wealthist people (to stimulate the economy the republican way),Save The Bankers not the people TARP Program, The Haliberton Wars, The New Phamicutical Plan, Homeland Security and on the biggest government expantions in history. Bush did all this and didn't pay for a dime on his watch. The National Debt was already imposible to repay in FULL with the interest running out of control and with the national economy in the shape it was in when Obama took office.

    Corporatism(or facism)and The Money Changers has done what no country in the world has ever done... Concoured America's People and to sqweeze all the wealth they can out of them. Huge Debt is Modern Day Slavery; to make you a slave to your job and your government taxes...

  175. Mr Republican, you cannot even come up with a witty comment. Bush and Palin both use "telepromoters" but still manage to screw up. Take away the "telepromoters" and both of them spew incomprehensible verbal diarrhoea - your typical republican. Why don't you stop taxing your one brain cell and crawl back in your bible. By the way great spelling - the US education system at work.

  176. I just watched this video and before hand was enraged about my piece of crap attorney general going against the grain and opting out of the healthcare lawsuit. After watching this video I can say my faith in the South has been restored... thank you Alexandra Pelosi... Let me let you ramrods in on a secret, abc, nbc, msnbc --- tanking : Fox --- flourishing.. What does that mean to me, you business owners who gladly display and relay your love for the democratic party (that means you bluebellied scumbags who are not drawing from the government) be prepared to reap the reprecussions financially.

  177. Oh and by the way "Carlo" we dont think obama is the antichirst.. the antichrist doesnt need a telepromoter to tell him what to say and do..hahahahahaha

  178. Americans are uneducated and scary!

  179. Politicians realize how vulnerable and uncritically trained american's minds are, that is the main reason, decepction and money from those 1% elite class with enslave you ( yes all of you without higher education) the rest whose education will not stand up. You will all have to prostitute your ass to make a living. The political, economic, judicial systems are set to benefit the educated. Therefore, educate yourself or will pay with you ass.

    Capitalism has managed to make of USA a great developed country, but did not guaranteed in its beleif system, the development of the humane and the critical thinking brain. There is a failure in seeking and seeing the long run benefit of the country, our country is poison with drugs and fast food, seekness of mind and body is spreading like a plague. We have very few honest politicians who truly represent us. Corporations create the lagacy of our bush have left our country beyond bankrupcy, they got the money and we provided it. Relgion is still a problem is our country, Socialism has several weak points but has some very solid pillar without which capitalism is no more than a teenager.

    Let us allow ourselves to learn from different presidents and China and those enemies we have out there(several), may spare us.

  180. I just have one thing to say: "Nobama 2012!"

  181. Carlo, well said!!

    Kimberly, read "American Fascists" by Chris Hedges.

  182. The only good conservatives nowadays are the ones six feet under. Having a degree or dressing well have nothing to do with being or not being racist, idiotic or half-dead brain. I have personally met throughout the years many people that let their emotions flow uncontrollably, taking over and overshadowing their thought processes, allowing their tongues to move without intelligent synchronicity with their brain. Edited or not, (which film is not), this film samples a significant portion of the American population, and in my opinion there is not need to make a full interview of the 60+ million people living in the southerner states. The film shows at least a couple of well educated and very well dressed characters, one accuses candidate Obama of being the Anti-Christ, later he tries to withdraw his statement. So, my dear friend, more than a degree or a expensive Gucci dress, make sure that it is the content of your character the one speaking for itself.

  183. The only thing that is a joke here is this video, anyone can make a documentary and edit it enough to make everyone look like a joke. I have a bachelor's degree in management, I dress well and speak well and I am a conservative who lives in the south..All conservatives do not look like this nor talk like this and we are not all racists, but I'm sure anyone they interviewed who sounded half way intelligent was edited out..I'm just surprised nobody else here realizes this. I can get a camcorder and film the Black Panther's talking trash about white presidents but that doesn't mean ever democrat thinks like them. You can not label an entire group of people by a hand full they pick out of a crowd to question and make a silly 45 minute video.

  184. I'll be honest: I voted for McCain, but just because I disliked Obama more. I can't believe the stupidity and the blind support of many of the McCain supporters in this film. He was absolutely NOT a candidate to get all fired up about. I mean, lets be honest here... the 2008 election was like the South Park episode: the choice between the douche and the turd sandwich. Clinton was terrible, Bush was terrible, Obama is terrible, and McCain would have been terrible.

    To the earlier posters whining about all the McCain people being racist (and I'm sure at least a couple of them were, don't get me wrong) check out 11:15 and make sure that you take careful note of those stupid, uneducated gentlemen's words and racist opinions too, just to be fair.

    It terrifies me that religious leaders are preaching about elections and that people are seriously making political decisions based on their spiritual beliefs. That is scary to me. People who seriously think that abortion (or universal healthcare for that matter) is a significant issue in our nation while we have a $12 trillion national debt and 10%+ unemployment are scary to me.

    The only thing that scares me more are people on the far left who self-righteously think that they are so much better educated and that their favorite news source is any less biased or sold-out than Fox, and that they alone have the sole path to salvation and a better tomorrow. Like Joe_nyc said... time to learn Mandarin >.<

  185. Heavy on emotion and light on facts. But that's what campaigning is all about. This documentary is good for America as a mirror to be held up so we can see our own faces. Hopefully to learn a lesson. I saw the same kind of faces and similar comments on the evening news in the 60's during the civil rights conflicts. Forget it. Apparently people do not change.

  186. I was reminded of a person from the black plague times, pulling a wagon and instead of shouting "Bring out your dead," he is shouting "Mouth your old tired cliches." "Hes' a Muslim", "The country will fail if Obama is elected", "God is on our side and hates the other side". Damn, can't they hear themselves talking?

    I laughed when I saw pretty boy Hannity working the crowd. I'm almost sure hes' a robot. The dull black, soulless eyes give him away. Did you see how he outed the camera woman as Pelosi's daughter, that was a dangerous thing to do in Jesus land.

    I've heard Texans and other southerners grousing about
    seceding from the USA. Lets not argue them out of it, in fact we should be encouraging it. Just think of how many points the average IQ would increase in the US if the south was removed.

    The best way to keep the south quiet is to fill them full of beer, weed, fried chicken and god and tell them to sit quietly in the corner.

    To quote Jeff Foxworthy; "If you're stupid, loud, drunk and full of sh^t - you might be a redneck."

  187. if for just one minute these people could stand in the shoes of the rest of the world and see how ridiculous they come across.!!!!! i think they would be shocked at how much the rest of the world thinks america is a joke!!!!!!

  188. Good one! We should have a person of Obama's caliber in all countries...

  189. It's time to learn Mandarin.

  190. This seems like "Stupid in America" sequel ,showing what the US education system puts in the society!.

  191. To think that Obama is any better than the former presidents is ignorant - the election/government-system in the USA is a joke and all high-officials are puppets of the large companies.

    In my opinion, its time for a change, and a fundamental one. Money and greed can't continue if we want democratic politics. As soon as the decision of a government is made by the company that pays it the most, democracy isn't working.

  192. I totally agree with jkaz. That is exactly what came to my mind.

  193. Hua, I too thought of the similarity between footage of Nazi rallies during the 1930's and these loonies. It's insanity - brainwashing is the only way to describe what is happening here. The total lack of curiosity about how the rest of the world functions is deeply disturbing. The education system in the US has a lot to answer for. Scary stuff.

  194. More education is required.

  195. Having just finished watching this documentary, I could not help but being reminded of old war footage of Nazi Germany during the rise of Hitler. The uneducated, ignorant masses clamoring for their leader. Listening to the people crying and spouting off, oblivious to the rhetoric they are spewing was racist, ill informed and just plain wrong is really frightening. Given the fact that these people really, truly believe what they are saying IE: Obama is a terrorist; is the Antichrist; will destroy the world, is just insanity. Most of them admitted that they only get their news form one source (Fox, shocking!) and will not even try to see other points of view beyond their own. I feel bad for them as well seeing how badly their education system has failed them. They ALL seemed be unable to question, reason, argue or listen beyond their singular points of view without having to resort to their USA chanting or Fox delivered sound bites.
    Part of me is amused by watching rednecks get painted into a corner by reason and logic, but most of me is frightened, given the fact that these are not jokes they are telling but their actual views on the world.
    While I am not in favor of any of the two major parties, (Obama is just a figurehead puppet, as was Bush Jr. and Clinton)I don't think it would really of mattered who 'won' the 'election'.
    These people portrayed in this documentary need some basic education about the world they live in. Get out of the churches, turn off Fox and get into the classrooms and start to think for themselves.

  196. america is just the best joke in human history.... land of the free ROFL

  197. America - the land of freedom (fries) :D

  198. hahaha!!!! "god's country" haha!
    too much religious nonsense
    palin is a nutcase

  199. I come from a so called "socialist" country and it is astounding to me just how misunderstood the American people are about what that actually means.
    everyone in our country enjoys the right to free health care, to unemployment benefits. single mothers get supported so they can look after their children and actually raise them instead of having to work 3 jobs.

    The true judgment of a country is not how much money their health insurance companies can make but how well they look after the most vulnerable in their society.

    I laugh when people say they are going to move to Canada if Obama wins!!!!! do they realise that Canada is a lot more of a socialist country than America.
    i have to say that i'm sooooo glad that i am not an American, i could not stand having to listen to these people who cannot differentiate between church or state ramble on about how the country should be run like scripture.

    Good one fools lets run a country according to a book that was supposable written 2000 years ago. In fact why not just go back to the times when women couldn't vote and we stoned people to death for stealing a lot of bread. Get real.

  200. barf!! if its not one thing its another... fukn human

  201. Interesting documentary. I really get the feeling that its us against them, good vs. evil, democrats vs. republicans. A lot of people get on their high horse about how stupid and ignorant middle america is. 'How could you possibly want to vote for Mcain?. Look at all the idiots he represents.' What a joke. Mcain ended up with just over 45% of the popular vote.. the only reason Obama won was because of the black vote.

    If Obama was white, would he have been elected president with such minimal experience? And you can bet that a fair few of Obama voters were as, if not greater fanatics than the mob you see here. Don't look down on these people. They're just a product of your so called pursuit of the 'american dream'. Something that's been shoved down their throats since the end of WW2.

    And to be honest, I think there is a lot of truth in that old saying 'ignorance is bliss'. The scenes with the rednecks at the nascar.. that was gold. They're just living life the best way they know how.. and they're having a damn good time. Im sick of this patronizing attitude towards people who havent got the means or more so, the environment to gain access to this kind of eye opening information.

  202. That was sad. I'm afraid of some parts of America now. It seems like the extremist were never in the middle east but right there lol. So sad

  203. How can be... what a fu**** up world.. .thanks to our history and culture, we don't have that much junk in France anymore in spite of it being a socially oriented (market) country :-) not that France is a perfect place.. and I also fear similar declines there are possible too. But yes Sarai, makes me sad too... we all want a world with minimum intellectual decency.

  204. Makes me want to cry really, really hard

    McCain was/is actually decent, but it pains me that this represents a good portion of my country

  205. My thoughts while watching this:

    1. Okay, after 4 minutes, all I've heard was "YOO ES AY! YOO ES AY! YOO ES AY!

    This could get interesting.

    2. Oooh, the bad socialists. Socilism? Well, socilism is, uhhh..

    Are they really all that dumb? It seems that they stop thinking about everything the candidate has to say after they know he's a. christian and b. a patriot.

    3. "We don't want terrorists to get into our government system." - Ahaha. Ever watched 'Loose Change'? Didn't think so.

    Seriously, anybody else scared of all this patriotism?

  206. Pretty fun little 45 min doc. It captures quite nicely the kind of hysterical reactions against Obama that make me scratch my head to this day. There are people who really think (thought?) Obama is a Muslim? Socialist? Anti-Christ? Pelosi also exposes the racist element that I think exists and existed during the campaign. Alot of white America just couldn't stomach the thought of "black" man for President. Everything else was just cover for that.

  207. It just shows, how many Mc cain supporters were crazy religious fanatics! How about showing the crazies from obama's side ??

  208. A fascinating doc. It's interesting that 2 years later these views have been festering, the anger increasing and repressed on some level, these are the very people likely to become the new (cornpone) nazis they spout on about. It could be triggered by anything; wermarcht style inflation, a new terrorist attack (false flag operation most likely), a war with Iran involving Isreal, etc. At least some of the guys from the south had the honesty to show their prejudice, I got the feeling that everyone else was running their words through a PC filter. Someone needs to find a teabagger with touretts...then the truth will come out. LOL

  209. Ddub, I assume that's what you were referencing too?

  210. Haha, indeed. A cadbury egg sounds delectable right now, too.

    After (or before) watching this I would reccomend the zeitgeist movement (under popular docs). You get a real sense that we could actually all live together in a eutopian nirvana with no greed, material wants, crime, war, hunger.... but then this documentary PROVES people are too damn dumb, ego-driven, and aggressive to ever get anywhere close to achieving a eutopian society. The fact that some of the southerners interviewed were happy with their ignorance, to the point of a truck driver blatantly asserting his racist attitudes by shouting the "n" word multiple times at the camera. Well, maybe... in a few years... after obama has been president for a while... he might...WRONG! That ignorance is permenant and 'til death, people. Try changing THAT guy's mind about anything. I dare you.

    The part about how fox news was the center of their media coverage kind of scared me, too. A single broadcast channel has so much control over such a large group of people's opinions: news, sports & entertainment, commercials & advertising... very powerful and very scary.

    I'll take bbc world & top docs for my news thank you very much... maybe with a little comedy central sprinkled on top to keep me laughing through the dull parts.

  211. Sad but hilarious. neither side supports the constitution and technology is evolving to the point where society has to adapt as automated labor will eventually replace us all.

    P.S. is this meant to be a comedy?

  212. It is funny and sad to see how a vast majority of the people interviewed on this film had not idea whatsoever of the topic or questions asked. People claiming that the US was on its path to full socialism, however they don't even have a clue what socialism really is. That the US will be hit by terrorist as soon as Obama becomes president, the the country will go bankrupted, etc, etc.

    Thanks God that Obama has started to fix the precarious situation inherited from Bush, and he will continue doing this for the next 7 years. It made me laugh seeing how people suffering from short-memory lost were claiming that the only solution was to elect another republican as president, but at the same time they were complaining how bad the situation in the country is. It was not election day yet, and the country had already went through 8 years of republican management, nonetheless these blinded fanatics fools were blaming Obama for all of the USA maladies.

    I saw a whole bunch of ignorant, racist, close-minded people being part of the problem rather than the solution. For all of them, I just have three words: "Yes, we can." And you better come out with real solutions, real proposals, real plans to empower our nation, instead of the so-outdated fear-mongering tactics used by the right-winged extremist.

  213. Dr. Dunkleosteus, you are a braver or sicker person than me. I tried to watch, but could only get 3/4 finished and could not take anymore. An entire nation duped into believing they live in a Democracy. How quickly they forget how the 2000 election was awarded. Like Carter, Clinton, and Obama who were chosen as replacements out of obscurity. We (the U.S.) looks like the spectacles at the Coliseum. Pagans killing Christians, Christians killing Jews, Whites killing Blacks, and vice-versa. What is the point, other than a minor reduction in over population. Malthus, what would you do? Oh Easter Bunny is there a second coming? I'll have a milk chocolate egg.

  214. I particularly liked; the kid who spelled 'socialism' wrong and then couldn't explain what it meant, the avowed racists,
    the rednecks who started crying.

  215. 4 minutes in and I can't stop laughing... This should be good. Should make for good discussion too.

    Okay, back to it.