Re-investigating Dreamland: Secrets of Area 51

Re-investigating Dreamland: Secrets of Area 51

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Re-investigating Dreamland: Secrets of Area 51This program covers the explosive cover up of the now infamous Area 51. It is also known as Dreamland, that term stands for the air forces flight limits in the skies above Area 51. If they enter Dreamland they can be shot down immediately without any warning whatsoever.

This is the type of measures that are taken on a daily basis at the so-called non-existent base. It has been said to be non-existent since the year of 1997.

This is simply not true in any way, shape, or form. This is a very startling new evidential study into the events and also the projects that are occurring at the secret base of Area 51 in the Groom Lake dry lake bed.

The base is growing each and every day in proportion and also there are rumors and there are former employees coming out, staking their reputations and also lives to tell the World more about top secret clandestine programs that are being carried out at the base.

There are supposedly a few underground facilities located underneath the base that interconnect with larger base all across the planet. The majority of the bases are controlled and run by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).

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3 years ago

This is Dreamland - Area 51 (1996). Where is the correct movie?

4 years ago

Is this a spoof..??

7 years ago

J-rod! I wish I had an alien friend..

7 years ago

How come I'm still getting on daggy old planes to travel. Where is my flying disk?

8 years ago

interesting story

12 years ago

So another time waster ,note to self ! Read the comments before watching ! Why do they even bother making this pointless malarky ?

12 years ago

nothing new

12 years ago

I can hear the crowd racing in the hallway toward the movie screen...can't wait to see this one. Let me get the popcorn first!