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The Scientist

2015, Drugs  -   11 Comments
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Dr. Raphael Mechoulam has enjoyed an incredibly fulfilling and accomplished career. His scientific breakthrough came early when he managed to isolate and identify the chemical compounds of the cannabis plant. The Scientist offers a riveting account of this breakthrough discovery, which serves as just a single chapter of an extraordinary life.

As a young man working in a research lab at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, he proposed a thorough study of cannabis, the illegal substance which was used solely for recreational purposes at that time. He hatched a plan to procure samples of hashish which had been seized by area law enforcement. His experiments led to a surprising discovery: cannabis contains only one active compound - delta-nine tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC.

He soon became a major advocate for the medicinal use of the drug. This concept might have been unheard of in the early days of his career, but it had historical precedence. Ancient cultures utilized the plant for a variety of wellness purposes, including those aimed at reducing inflammation and anxiety. Mechoulam's early studies found tremendously effective applications in the treatment of epileptic seizures. Later, he and his research team would uncover the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. They also isolated the molecule which acts as the major neurotransmitter, which they called anandamide.

Mechoulam recounts not only his achievements in the field of science, but details his upbringing as young child growing up in Bulgaria during the Holocaust as well. His father was sent to a concentration camp to provide meager medical assistance to its inhabitants. From these recollections, the viewer is made aware of the doctor's true character, and it becomes apparent that he was raised with a keen understanding of medicine's sacred value, and instilled with a great and thriving spirit against the face of adversity.

Those qualities serve him well as he continues to fight the misconceptions and controversies that surround the use of medicinal marijuana. In Mechoulam's view, the drug harbors enormous potential in the treatment of many of our most common conditions. The Scientist provides an entirely convincing and inspirational master class for those interested in learning more on this fascinating subject.

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    This was a great documentary. I seriously wish everybody who is too close minded to be anti-Medical Marijuana would watch this. Israel is doing research and continues to lead the world in medical cannabis research. Companies like OWC Pharmaceutical Research (Stock: OWCP) and Cannabics Pharmaceuticals (Stock: CNBX) are just two publicly traded companies that come to mind in Israel.

  2. Clemeth Skiles

    I had seen a portion of this outstandingly accurate and informative documentary. What was omitted in this episode, was Institutions and researchers in America has requested information on Dr. Rafi's work only to have it quashed or buried. I am only a layman, but would like to see the benefit's of cannabis, " God's Creation", not Man's be reveled to the world as a gift to man and not the US government's schedule1, killer drug that it is currently labeled as. Thank You so very much for this well researched documentary in exposing the much needed truth of our Creator through the work of His people.

  3. Regina

    Kudos to Zach Klein for giving us the documentary we've all been waiting for. Straight from the horse's mouth. The father of cannabis research.

  4. corynski

    Bravo! Superior documentary regarding a most amazing and unusual subject. Yes, a Nobel Prize and the recognition that the discovery of cannabinol deserves, it is so remarkable, and all the more so in spite of its complete denial by the US Government and it's minions, i.e. the ignorant, insolent, comic figure of Harry Anslinger, a self-appointed judge and jury apparently regarding the plant cannabis. I am, as Mr. Wright above, at 78 years of age in relatively good health having survived a prostate cancer and misc. other stuff, I too would be a happy subject for cannabis research, having originally consumed such substance in Mexico City in 1959, only 57 years ago. I realized how it helped my Restless Leg Syndrome, before even knowing what it was. Seriously.... the omission of the study of cannabis from the medical profession is a disgrace.... one has only to read the Anglo-Indian Hemp Commission Report of 1895, or the LaGuardia Report of 1929, to understand that Harry Anslinger and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation has mislead the entire nation... they lied, and lied, and lied regarding cannabis, in so many ways until it was accepted by an entire nation, even to this day by many......
    Again, bravo and thanks for bringing forth this documentary film of Dr. Raphael Mechoulam.

  5. M

    Well. Top Documentary !

    It is something the Australian Governments should watch !

  6. Ricky Vz

    A beautifully organized and presented documentary finally! on the benefits of cannabis and the clear and definitive difference between the sativa and indica strains. The politics behind the prohibition of one of the most medicinal plants available is nothing less than criminal. ZERO documented deaths due to overdosing, and the continued use, abuse, and acceptance of cigarettes, first and foremost is the entry drug, along with alcohol, into the world of mind altering compounds. The revelation of cbd from cannabis, derived from the indica strain, has got to be one of the most exciting events in the r helm of discovery for medicinal purposes. Thank God for the deliverance of this safe and powerful cbd for the treatment of epileptic bouts and fits especially in children, who have been subjected to horrific drugs, side effects, death in some cases, and addictions thanks to big pharma, the one dimensional mind set of the f.d.a. and the continued enforcement and imprisonment of individuals & families simply trying to get some relief for whatever. This is a product that has so many positive uses. The potential for an improved environment through the cultivation and growth of not only the plant, but in our research and understanding of it's many applications is simply mind boggling. Please, due a little research and look into the history and cultivation of this weed that can provide so many with a better understanding of what God put here in the first place for our benefit, and that is not supposed to mean financial gain, although that is part of the equation in order for this versatile plant to become mainstream. Hallelujah!

  7. Conklin wright

    At the age of 75, I would gladly volunteer to be the (human rat) Very well done documentary.

  8. andrea larnyoh

    An amazing and valuable documentary , thank you .

  9. FirLam

    I am glad that we eliminated the noise (propaganda) surrounding Weed, things such as proposed addiction and being a gateway drug are things of the past; now we get to focus on the science and evolve. Thank you for sharing such an amazing documentary.

  10. Mahmoud BouRaad

    Values mater. So does freedom.
    It's an excellent and useful documentary.

  11. oQ

    Nobel Prize in the making?