The Secret: Evidence We Are Not Alone

The Secret: Evidence We Are Not Alone

2003, Conspiracy  -   246 Comments
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The Secret: Evidence We Are Not AloneThe Secret presents the story of how leaked government documents prove that the United States has been recovering crashed unidentified flying objects, often known as flying saucers, since 1941, and has been successful in keeping this information from the public.

These documents have been examined using forensic techniques and are declared genuine by those who examine the subtleties of paper, ink age, watermark, type fonts, classification stamps and markings.

The central basis of the documentary is the content of the documents and the amazing story they tell - a different approach.

This program is not a rehash of the old Roswell crash scenarios, providing evidence that the first U.S. crash was in Missouri in 1941.

Not only does this documentary have some distinguished advocates taking compelling supportive positions, such as Astronaut Ed Mitchell, and researchers Stanton Friedman, Timothy Good, and Michael Lindemann, but some dissenting views are also included from skeptical corners.

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  1. I wish Mr Friedman would have made up his one sentence he was saying Robert Lazarr was talking nonsense, then saying there were alien craft at area 51...who's talking nonsense??

  2. The greatests aptitudes of US government are lies, manipulations, fakes and crimes without forgetting corruption. Be proud of it.

  3. Enjoyed reading ALL the comments, except those belittling others. For a person to claim or believe they know anything for certain is just ego puffery. There are learned people who describe what we call the sun as a porthole through which light is transmitted. Far from being a burning ball. Have read this from two very different sources who don't seem to know each other. Wish I could recall and cite them for you. Do the Rowbotham experiment -or- just view objects close to shore across a wide bay, lake, or peninsula, via telescope, do the trigonometry involving the earth's diameter, supposed curvature, and whether you should be able to see those near shoreline objects. 10 miles is enough, 40 miles across means you don't have to put your telescope at waters edge. Then get back to me on how foolish people are who disbelieve govt indoctrination centers called schools on much of anything. Yes it is absurd to believe anything but what you were taught, until you actually have the balls to challenge what you mistakenly accepted as true, having no reason to disbelieve it at the time. Those who consider themselves "scientific" are only fooling themselves unless they are willing to do such a simple experiment. Most are just arrogant propellants or continuers of the faith called boguscience.

    I have no idea if ET exists or not. Probabilities and statistics prove nothing. People frequently use statistics and probability to scientifically lie. However, if one wants to go the probability route, all you have to do is go to the extreme of the bell shaped curve where some actual data points do occur... well, out there where only one data point occurs. That could be us. Or it might not be. I don't know.

    The problem with people's accounts of contact with ET is that I don't know the person. Did the person believe their dream was real? Are they drug users? Are they even aware that the dope they smoked had an extra layer of yeast or pesticide? This is not to say that some or all didn't actually have real ET contact, the point is, how can I know for sure from here, not knowing those witnesses?

    The disclosure project where many seemingly credible witnesses come forward is very compelling, yet I have not seen an ET, that I know of. None has exposed themselves to me. You'd think I would be first on their list(haha ha).

    The sad part in the discussion is how so many have fallen prey to the govt propaganda institutions called schools and reinforcers called the media: 1. Science is all there is. 2. If you acknowledge there is a spiritual realm you are an idiot. 3. People of religion are evil because religious wars have killed many. 4. People of science are the only sane ones and its okay if they killed 120 mln; Lenin, Stalin, Mao, etc. because they got rid of a bunch of those evil religious wackos. // It certainly is easy to see the emotion used in the indoctrination process, which then comes out as near hatred.

    If the cosmologists studying the universe and where we are within it, in the documentary "The Principle" regarding the Copernican Principle, are correct and that we are actually at the center of things, what does that mean, if anything?

    What did Admiral Byrd find? Maybe that is where ET is from? some have already alluded to or suggested, that ET is from a part of earth we are unfamiliar with.

    And if govt "finally" admitted to ET visitation, how could anything the govt claims be believed? The technology exists for them to make a hologram in the sky depicting ETs.

    1. A profesor whose studied the sun over a decade states the sun is a transformer..converter from another dimension ...his name is proffessor Eric Dollard i suggest you watch him on a vid called 3 things you didnt know about the sun wen youve watched it sir comment bak on here so i can gauge your thoughts on it its very interesting hes saying the sun is going dead youd have to watch it to understand but i too believe people who dismiss others as crazy over their beliefs perhaps are a little crazy themselves as in they believe all they r told without proof or anything like some who call Dollard crazy even though hes 1 clever MF and has studied this for decades please check it out bro let me know your thoughts

  4. I am cool look out into the vast unknown o life out there?????????

  5. Finding life in the Universe only a matter of Time, If we don!t destroy ourself first?

  6. Finding or contact with intelligent life is only a matter of time or,if we end up destroying ourself?

  7. doing the math about the known universe's age and size stacks the odds in favor that we are NOT alone and never been alone.
    but WHY we the public have little physical proof -other than verbal testimony , fuzzy pictures and historical references- poses a more difficult question, which is why so many alien species AND the few elites running our own governments cooperate on the same policy of secrecy ?
    it makes total sense that if "they" had a malevolent agenda ,then they would be stupid to let us in on their presence or how they plan to screw us over.
    or what about other factions which have ethical guidelines restricting them from disrupting what passes for civilization here? though you might think that would put them into conflict with the malevolent faction/s -and perhaps we would then see evidence their battles with each other.
    i caution that given the very real advances of our own military such as invisibility cloaking,stealth, microwave area denial and particle beam "death rays", it would be presumptuous to think that a species advanced enough to traverse galaxies wouldn't have technologies that would make them appear godlike in their power over us.
    again-if they didn't want us to know they are here-then there's no damned way we or the government could change that.

  8. was this part of a series, or a stand alone documentary?

  9. Is Richard Doty behind any of the established "evidence" presented as fact in this documentary? It begs the question.

  10. I think what people been seeing for years and years now,is our own stuff... I believe without a doubt we have technology that we been testing and have that they do keep secret and will continue to do so,but it's not alien,its ours... If it were Alien we'd all know by now, if Aliens from some distant planet had the technology to get here, they would be way farther advanced than us and would have nothing to fear from us,so why would they even hide it... Aliens would just land right on the White House lawn and say hey were here, they would know they were way more powerful than us and what would be the benefit to them to hide it? There would be nothing we have or know that they didn't and if they wanted anything,they could just take it and nothing we could do about it... it makes no sense whatsoever to hide anything... I say yes there is UFO's but they are ours...

  11. These UFO's have the technology to travel millions of light years, yet when they get here to earth some how they crash? it just doesn't make sense. I'm not saying extra terrestrials don't exist, the probability of their existence is more than their non-existence, but with all that technology one would think that they wouldn't crash.

    1. Its considered to be really rare , and apparently unaccounted events like lightning are the main causes for crashes. No way to prove though O_O Internet is full of theories,

  12. They cant land in US because they dont want to pay tax the government assesses.

  13. Canada is FAR superior to the US. Just waiting.

  14. Intelligent life wouldn't have anything to do with this place.

  15. I only believe in UFO's and Extraterrestrial Biological Entities because I have met a little GREY. I was standing on my 4th floor balcony at 10:30PM one night, watching the stars and thought I was going to be killed because a star (I thought was a meteorite) fell from the sky and came straight at me, and I thought it was all over, but it stopped about 30 meters above the ground and went sideways in front of me. Then another dropped down and another, then the 3 flew in formation past my place. I lost 2 hours 15 minutes and found myself on my lounge inside looking at a GREY. It was standing about a meter in front of me and we communicated telepathically. I blinked and looked towards my security door and wondered how it got in because the door was locked. When I looked back it had disappeared. I do not know how I got on the lounge inside but did go back to the balcony and watched these flying stars take off and they went straight up one after the other and disappeared in a few seconds. I told no one but the Military became my best friends and hung around for years. The drawings I done of the GREY disappeared from my 4th floor apartment but I can tell you they really do have BIG BLACK EYES.

  16. Hello Earthlings

    We have studied your universe with its trillions of galaxies from its beginning. Your universe is one of an infinite number of universes. Most earthlings are superstitious and still believe in a Gods or worship people, icons and animals in your 1200 religions on your planet. Humans are one of countless sub-intelligent life form experiments we planted throughout the infinite universe to study your evolution. Unfortunately many of you have actually devolved as a result of your religions, inbreeding and lack of knowledge sharing and are contained by your greedy governments and religions who wish to control the masses of feeble minds.

  17. I honestly can not get my head around inter stellar let alone inter galactic travel, it crazy, I mean the space between stars is overwhemly powerful, i mean it would tear anything we could build apart, and lets face it, elements are elements, I cant see them varying in such dramamtic ways that they could withstand such pulling/pushing forces which exist in the places between stars.

    At the very best, any alien craft that comes here is on a one way trip, and has no intention on goign back, they would understand planetary entry though and I seriously doubt they would crash land, as they always do, it would be paossible I guess, so maybe it has happened a few times, but not commonly.

    If we are getting reguarly visited by an alien life form they are sharing space in our own solar system, and, they would simply not be able to survive without life support fo some kind on our planet...

    1. you ever think you may have been reincarnated from the earth is flat genre . take your blinders off. drop out of school. think beyond 4 dimensions.

    2. Most people who go to school now know the earth is not flat and there are 12 dimensions. As far as reincarnation goes you are only good for fertilizer because once your done, 'your done' and all the kings horses and all the kings men can't put you back together again.

    3. Your true knowledge base is showing. you have been here many times, and apparently have learned little. So you are comming back. Both existence and death are illusions, but of the two, death is the greatest illusion of all.

    4. How do you know this?

    5. Just because your understanding of the Laws of Physics and Chemistry is limited does not limit the Aliens. They can and do survive on Earth because they BREATH OUR AIR. I know because one stood right in front of of me a meter away and had no visible life support.

  18. The Galactic federation of light are Our brother and sister and they here to help us make the transition in full consciousnesses.

    1. I like your sentence although a little wayward, however some species are here for mankinds benevolence.

  19. Ovbiously there is other life on other planets, theres life on this one. I dont get why they try to cover it up. Who cares. Everyone knows there is, the government just makes themselves look stupid. Why dont you just tell the world, i just dont get why theres a cover up. Are they covering it up because they want to move there someday when the earth falls apart? Like really

    1. the reason for the cover up is they are holding the technology in reserve for world domination. btw its no longer a cover up they are still trying to make think there is. disclosure is far and wide. check out the doc :the day after disclosure

    2. Exactly, in case of all out world war, the military has you covered and its bad luck for any mug country considering attacking the US of A.

    3. The reason they cover it up is because if the truth was to come out that there was other life out there then all hell will break lose within our society cuz that would prove to so many people that there is no God, a lot of people are still like that way where they believe space is nothing and aliens are fallen angels and all that BS. Now imagine if that information was to get out all those people who have based their entire lives on it, all what they thought has just been thrwon out the window. That would could mas panic and therefore the government will lose control over us. They need "God" to keep us together. They use it all the time. Political figures all use it to get to us. Like look at the dollar bill. "In God we trust" and the pledge of alligence. "one nation, under God" People have used God to manipulate others and use it to control them thousands of years ago and they continue to do it today.

    4. i think the first thing most people will do is go a loot the church for there money back.

    5. Instead of the church burning people at the stake, people will burn pedophile priests at the stake and turn churches into playgrounds for children.

    6. You are on the right track. Also the Military want the Alien Technology and are scared s#itless about the violations of their air space by UFO's

    7. The military is responsible for the cover-up to protect you by reverse engineering the crashed saucers and acquiring technology from the surviving aliens.

  20. I sure as hell hope aliens are far more advanced than us, intellectually, emotionally and technologically. There's probably a reason they only visit sporadically - they know we are far too f--ked up a race to warrant any kind of help from them. We are a virus with shoes.

    1. Speak for yourself, but the Aliens are much smarter than humans. I use the word "humans" loosely, because most only appear human, but as you say are '****** up" because of religion and lack of education.

  21. First of all, I am sure that there is life outside of this planet... Especially since there has been discovered a second three of life here on our own planet (bacterial lifeform that has arsenicum in it's DNA, making it clear it has nothing to do with our own evolution). So if life formed on this planet in "two" occasions, what are the odds it did not happen on the atleast other planets in our milky way or that times the ammount of 400.000.000+ other star systems? It's perhaps a wonder you winning the grand price in a lottery, but someone will.

    But intelligent life being in contact with our governments. Or we having their technology somewhere... We would have been so much further than atomic energy. We would have been using nuclear fusion since the 60's and had colonies on the moon and mars, since energy would be unlimited. The country being in contact with them, would be far advanced by now in technology in offense and defence. There wouldn't be a financial crisis.

    Can you imagine the state of the earth, not using all the current recourses, all of the pollution gone? Which inteligent species outside of our planet, that would be so advanced, would allow a planet as this to just wither?

    Perhaps they are out there, but their technology would be too advanced to track with cheap cameras. They would observe us from afar or with nanotechnology spying on us and not fly over with their ships. They would surely not communicate to us through cropcirles or whatever. Why not just hack one or multiple computers and drop their information on the internet? Why all so complicated and vague?

    And ok, perhaps they are out there and they want to contact us... Then they would most surely know with who to get in contact that would raise the least suspisions... Like contacting Ghandi, the Dalai Lama or any other figure of which people know wouldn't use this contact for their personal gain.

    And for the people who love the hybrid stuff... You need DNA which is atleast a tiny bit simmilar. How many sheepmem or dogmen would be out there? And the DNA is for atleast 80% simmilar to ours... So how could something from outside our planet create a hybrid with us? Any bacteria, or tree would have more simmilarities to us than them.

    I can't rule out alien beings watching us, but only for observation from a far untill we have achieved some sort of technology...

    1. Aliens are here and watching you more closely than you may imagine.

    2. After reading all your posts, as a sceptic I find I need some type of evidence that what you have apparently witnessed.....

    3. Still looking for more of that 5% I see mate. What's the odds on it taking a week again, if you get any at all? ;)
      I wonder if any of this counts in that 5%, after all it is 'secret evidence'. ;)

  22. Think for a second about the world we live in. The corruption, the lies, the hate, the war. What if the aliens are making themselves so visible to the public by being flashing lights in the sky, because they are trying to help us in this desperate time of need. To help everyone come to an understanding of awareness.

  23. i just think its mathematically and statistically impossible for their not to be other life out their, but as for them visiting our planet then thats something I am unsure about, i think if they have the capabilities to get here then they have the capability not to be seen unless they wanted to so i don't think they are the bright lights we see in the sky thats for sure i could be wrong but I like to think their more discreet than turning up looking like christmas trees haha. This electro magnetic propulsion engineering they are trying has come from our own engineering not reverse engineering a space cfraft its pretty standard system to anyone with a mathematical mind but to everyone else it's quite a deep engineering process that takes a lot of understanding. Anyway I do hope in my life time we come across another form of life out of our galaxy because I can then wear my t.shirt that says I met a little green man and all he give me was this crappy t.shirt.

    1. What do you mean 'our planet'?' This is my planet

  24. HOw about we all take a lesson from some of the brightest minds on earth. Stop and think about the probability. lets not forget that science math and the unknown can leave questions unanswered. When science and mathematics unite and can prove within the bounds of analytical average in the odds. For those who dont know what i mean study Quants... Ill stick with the scientifically and mathematically proven aspect that runs our society and say i believe there could be up to 50,000 species of life within our galaxy. Now granted thats science and mathematical quantified equations that most will argue ie science vs math is like the church vs darwin I'll still respect your opinion but stick with the idea that if we ourselves are alien then theres definitely the probability of life elsewhere. People tend to forget the universe planets and stars have been here long long long before we showed up but magically out of billions of stars and planets were the ONLY one supporting life I THINK NOT!!!! NARROW MINDED PEOPLE!!!! evidence to support the claims in terms of logical scientific and mathematical realms stands proven. If you dont believe in quants math and science then i suggest you question the bounds of most your investments or for that matter the country which you live in. If im wrong then Hawking Einstein Sagan and the likes are all wrong about there theory of life outside earth. same goes with multidimensional idea of parallel universes and vibrating string theory..but who an im but one guy that crashed wallstreet.

    1. Very few people contest the theory of possible life throughout the cosmos, doesn't prove that et life is visiting earth in space ships (which is what a large portion of all these docs insinuate).

  25. I think that alien contact would be impossible for the government to cover up based on the reasoning that they would be far more advanced than us and the government wouldnt have a say whether they were to make themselves known to us unless either the aliens were trying to be stealth or this alien species was less intelligent than we, in which case they wouldnt have the means to come to earth

  26. Erm someone please tell me who eze60 thinks he is ? I mean come on you believe your own hype that much that your practically ramming it down ppl's throats on the chat boards lmao i think your trying so hard to convince others that you may in the end convince yourself. If you are right then so what why ram it down ppl's throats, you say your not a cog in the wheel but you actually are because your on a uniformed sight of discussion using a generic form of information transfer rather than actually going out their and expressing it yourself so don't tell everyone their regimented and your not if your using the exact same tools as everyone else to express your opinions. We all know your kind your way is the only way and if you had any kind of intellect you would be less forceful with your comments and put it across in a more pleasing manner. as leonardo da vinci said, where their is shouting their is no true knowledge and you my friend are an enforcer writing what you have read in a book and forcing it down every ones neck. Go debate somewhere else because as I see it not many ppl on here think your interesting more funny if anything.

    1. To be fair to eze60, this person isn't exactly ramming anything down peoples throats. That's half the problem, they refuse to address counterarguments with anything other than insults and baseless opinion. I dunno, Ive given up. I initially thought maybe they were someone behind this website, beefing up board content. Now, I genuinely don't care enough eitherway.

  27. Eze, considering you've spent a lot of time replying to nearly every individual who contests this topic (a lot who have spent less time on responses than me) I would have thought you'd at least try to find something in our exchanges. It disappoints me that I'm so far beneath you, I just don't qualify ....

  28. 1. When speaking of documents, the documents apparently "refer" to extra terrestrial contact AND the organistation set up to invetigate this phenomena - imlies that a plan was made to invetigate possible ET contact, NOT that any happened.
    2.When talking about the kinds of documents expected, he only mentions that the MJ12 ones he saw, would be expected, again implying that there was a mandate in the documents, but no actual case in points of any concealment or evidence collection.
    3.Even if our Governments are in contact with aliens, so what. We reap the benefits of the parntership, they definately are not abducting people and the I find it hard to believe space faring beings want to mutilate cows, or burn pictures into the ground.

  29. Right, you do know he embraced Nordic myth etc to bolster his version of 'Aryan' and that he was actually a Christian and he did no Occult Practices, some SS Leaders dabbled thats it.
    Thousands of people throughout History have tried to find 'Mythical' objects its nothing new or special.

  30. Nothing to see here folks move along!

  31. Too good to be true. I'm sick of gettibng my hopes up. What needs to be done is a mass march on somewhere like Area 51, thw White House, the Pentagon or any other place of significance in the world. Imagine thousands of people at the virtual doorstep of the world's keepers of secrets, all demanding the truth be told. What are they going to do... nuke us?!

  32. funny how ufo mostly turn up at secret military bases

  33. My question is: Why would anybody that has retired from a prominent career, having enough money to live very comfortably and seen with high regard by their friends & family, jeopardize their credibility unless there is something to this.

  34. Well! I did want to go for a ride in one but if they are crashing THAT often, forget it.

  35. Yes, the VRIL Society, Aldebaaran, Sumeria, Antarctica... they all link. Most do not even realise the Second World War was never "signed off" with a treaty like all other wars.. in effect, that "War" has NEVER been officially ended. 250,000 Nazis go missing, An armada of Nazi submarines head to Antarctica (with VRIL tech) never to be seen again (apart from Admiral Byrd's secret Operation Highjump) and the world slowly forgets that the VRIL society made "clairvoyant" contact with TOTAL STRANGERS with their OWN AGENDA from supposed "Aldebaraan" who are then given directions STRAIGHT TO US. It's weirder than anyone can imagine.

    1. are you being sarcastic?, an 'Armada of Nazi submarines' thats sensationalism and shows ignorance...why?
      1) Nazism is an Ideology not a people or object so a Nazi Submarine is impossible.
      2) 'Armada of ', they were called 'Wolf Packs' and apart from the odd one that went to South America and the Pole thats it.
      2a) Going to Antartica, yes, several Nations did exactly the same.
      3) Vril tech, my god we have plans for the most advanced German Subs and captured some.
      4) 250,000 'Nazi's' dissapear?? , in all my years studying WW2 i have never heard of a Quarter of a Million Soldiers leaving their posts and vanishing.
      5) you do know that throughout ALL recorded History Defeated Armies that are not caught put on 'Civvie' clothes and try to blend in.
      5) The only thing wierd is Uneducated drivel by Adults who should know better and give a bad name to those who study Unidentified Flying Objects.

  36. at 6:43"interpalnetary" should that not be "interplanetary"

    1. It suggests later on in the documentary of their explanation of that being typos because they possibly were written as drafts.

  37. everyone is one will ever know the truth probably. and this video is saying. even if it is true. we will NEVER find out. whether there are aliens or not. wether they are advanced or not. there isnt enough "witnesses" and people who will own up and tell the truth. to find out. but if there was could our minds possibly even grasp these concepts. honestly i would be surprised if aliens didnt exist...some planets probably only have a bacteria kind of life form. some places might have dragons. some places might just be a dump site where all the missing people from the Bermuda Triangle end up. who knows. but whatever out there is more amazing than anything our shallow race could even imagine. just enjoy the ride.

    1. Mike,
      There are two ways of concluding or knowing; one way is through scientific scrutiny, which as far as I am concerned is limited and reduces our ability to discover based only on a structured parameter;
      the second way, which i believe that this documentary has presented, is through common sense reasoning.
      It isn't true that there isn't enough witnesses and people who will own up and tell the truth about evidence of this phenomena by the way. There are thousands of extremely credible witnesses from around the world whose testimonies confirm the reality of this phenomena.
      See "the disclosure project"; it is one of a number of very serious documentaries that support this issue.
      I do believe that some of our specie cannot wrap their heads around this issue. In effect, they reject the notion because it destabilize their reality. Many others are simply brainwashed by the system that has been successfully ridiculing and rejecting this issue to hide the truth
      behind it.

    2. 'reduces our ability to discover based only on a structured parameter'

      If you knew about Science you would find the only Structured things are like as follows -

      Water is Water? H2O - 1xHydrogen 2xOxygen, FACT.

      Yet again someone is branding tens of thousands of different fields into one big 'Science' if it was so structured etc we would not have even made it to the Stone Age let alone having Morphing materials and Nano Tech.
      Are people really that ignorant that they do not know that 'Science' is just a name of a group of THOUSANDS of DIFFERENT Disciplines??? ALL studied differently, to group them all together shows massive ignorance.

      'Reduces our ability to discover'

      Are you mad? how do you think we went from throwing a stick or rock to Hyper Sonic scram Jets?
      How did we go from rock paintings to 3D Printing?
      How did we go from wearing an animal skin to morphing materials and invisibilty materials?
      How did we get from a simple pulley system to Nano Machines?
      list is endless and more importantly CONSTANTLY EVOLVES.

      'Many others are simply brainwashed by the system that has been successfully ridiculing and rejecting this issue to hide the truth'

      Please give details lists of names of these, in your words 'MANY' people that have been brainwashed about THIS subject and other proof, you must have them or you would not make such a sweeping statement if you will not provide all this evidence WHY are you COVERING it up too?
      So you would believe a CIA Document about UFO's but not a CIA Document which says it will use it as a cover story (yes they exist)?

      If so Why?

      So many people give a bad name to the study of Unidentified Objects.

      I Study Unidentified Objects by the way as best i can.

    3. Your knowledge and beliefs about mankind and his progress is based on the reasoning of the linear thinker; you believe so easily on the same education that was fed to us both.
      The difference is that I ask more questions and will look deeper.

      You, are the preaching and naive fool with the comments below:

      "Are you mad? how do you think we went from throwing a stick or rock to Hyper Sonic scram Jets?
      How did we go from rock paintings to 3D Printing?
      How did we go from wearing an animal skin to morphing materials and invisibilty materials?
      How did we get from a simple pulley system to Nano Machines?
      list is endless and more importantly CONSTANTLY EVOLVES."

      This is the example of the linear thinker who takes the surface information and runs with it while thinking that he is smart. You are the systematically programmed fool who believes that the official system has his best interest every time.

      You are the company man.

      I am not.

      With this mindset, I have the lateral thinking ability that you do not.
      In order to digest the idea that the ET hypothesis is for real, a person must have a lateral thinking ability to imagine the possibilities beyond what was spoon-fed to us by mainstream scientists as the likes of Neil Degrasse Tyson who is the prototypical company-man celebrity astrophysicist.
      I use Tyson because he represents the scientist mouth piece generated by the ego-status and politics in this field that truly prevents us from seeing the possibilities that our universe presents us because they believe that only the physics that will lead us to progress is the one that they understand.
      Nikola Tesla is the breed that we need to shake the foundation of the status quo.
      Sadly, this type of visionary is historically casted off as the oddball
      heretic who threatens the norm (Galileo).

      History repeats itself. And you are helping.

    4. Your knowledge and belief about mankind is based on sensationalist conspiracy docs and the usual cliche theorist reasoning / circular arguments. There is nothing open minded about this, there's nothing to suggest that you have presented any of your own ideas under your history. In fact most of your content reads like rubbish you read on 'above top secret'. The amount of contradictions in your content would lead most to conclude you're parroting for the sake of it. You are a troll and the bulk of your remarks set out to insult while under some pseudo intellectual superiority guise.

      83 percent of Americans also identify with a religious denomination. No matter how high you stack anecdotes and hearsay, still doesn't become real. Seems like you'd prefer to regress to the stone-age with your reasoning eze60. You did have me though, I actually thought you were serious lol

    5. "Raptor", stop occupying precious memory on my computer with your junk emails and get your *** back to the prehistoric period .Your ignoramus closed minded views on this topic disqualifies you to have a discussion with me here. You have no idea who you're up against.

      70 percent of the American population have now accepted the Extraterrestrial hypothesis as the likely reason behind this phenomena. It is surveyed that believers represent the most educated of the population. So crawl back under your id**t rock and disappear. I will delete your next response to my comments.
      I am only interested in balanced and intelligent debates here. Not arguments with characters with no references to back up or strengthen their arguments who represent part of the main reason why mankind will not progress in current times.
      So please go away!

    6. If my emails are hogging your resources, you ought to update from windows 95 and chuck in some extra ram there, little guy. Apologies for being an ignoramus, I thought this was a public messageboard? How about sharing some of those credentials you boast of? A name, number? You're not Justin Bieber are you !? Would seem like void claim on your part otherwise. I'm just saying.

    7. YOU also elected Bush Nixon and Reagan more than once so who cares what American's think.

    8. That may be why the Aliens are coming to Earth, to find out what went wrong. US Military Officers are willing to testify before Congress that over six dozen Species/Aliens are on record.

  38. if they reached us they must at least have technology centuries in advance. ask yourself, what would happen if we invaded Rome with current day technology? i figure thats a decent analogy to any alien species reaching our planet. I also doubt aliens would have crashed their inter stellar spaceships, you know, being clever enough to reach us what do you want to bet they know how to land.

    1. Contact with alien intellegence that is within several centuries of our own stage of development (technology development) would be an incredible coincidence. Several centuries is a thin slice of time in the known 13.7 billion years of physical existence. For us to cross paths with them they would have to have arisen and began their evolutionary development at more or less the same time as us, despite being separated by vast physical distances.

      If they are here, they are most likely thousands of years ahead of us and possibly millions of years ahead of us. Their giant bulging heads, as well as other characteristics, suggests an evolutionary path of far greater length then our own.

      And yes, I agree with you that any technology that can transverse the distances between stars, can sure as hell park when they get here (even if they have to parallel park)

    2. I disagree with the notion that because they're so advance, their crafts would not crash because their knowledge is flawless.
      No matter how advanced, I would safely deduct that in any expedition where the territory is foreign, there will be accidents. Perhaps it is a clue that the alien beings may be extremely advance; but they are not necessarily perfect. If they are navigating through and feeding off of our electromagnetic fields, perhaps they are dealing with risks of the unpredictability therein that not even they can be all knowing of.

    3. You have highlighted one of the problems with this subject perfectly every single explanation and theory you give is all based on one thing -
      They ARE Alien Craft.

      Thats not true is it, the whole point is we do not know and we should be looking at ways of finding out not playing the ever so popular 'WHAT IF ' game.

    4. the ones that are crashing would be the species that are new to this travel. you'd never see the most advanced ones. not to hard to grasp that one. how many aircraft crashed here before we "perfected" flight? even now planes crash.

    5. Maybe they have Stoners as mechanics too. LOL

  39. w/leaks disclosure docs folks, plane to see, its unfortunate money and greed get in the way.

  40. Making an indignant argument about something that is unverifiable, then espousing it as truth, is what religions do. Until it is scientifically verified, it is just opinion; and there are as many opinions on this subject as there are opinion holders. It’s a waste of time and energy to argue about it. If you believe in a god or aliens or fairies or whatever, then you have your faith. It is yours to dwell on and be comforted by. To expect others to believe what you do is arrogance; and not very smart.

    1. Yes. Your's is an interesting observation. I've noticed for some time that the UFO phenomena facilitates a psychological agenda just as religion does but it is surprising how few people mention this.

      It may be that it is comforting to believe that our rapid pursuit of technology will one day solve all our problems, or perhaps if there is someone else out there, who may solve them for us. Perhaps we need this comfort because we do not seem to be able to do it ourselves without changing our system of social structure and we are too fearful to do it ourselves.

    2. That notion is out there and has often been used by skeptics to squash the legitimacy of this phenomena.
      But if you scan the testimonies and human evidence from very credible people throughout the world representing the serious 5 percent of the unresolved mysteries in this phenomena, your hypothesis falls flat and doesn't make enough sense for it to close this issue.
      Bear in mind that most of the serious people who made their testimonies were skeptics before their UFO and ET encounters. See the "Randelsham forrest incident".

    3. Your argument suggests that science as we know it, is the only construct That will prove or reject everything that we can or should know and believe. That simply is inhuman and quite narrow actually.
      There is plenty of evidence on this topic to get mainstream scientists
      to further study it. Why aren't they?
      This institution is contrived and controlled. It isn't trustworthy.
      I am all for open-minded scientific studies. But this is usually conducted by a scattered few fringe scientists who are self-supported and do not give a crap about whether big companies would reject their seriousness if they study the Extraterrestrial hypotheses as the mainstream ones do.
      Good luck if you believe that mainstream science and the government will give you all of the right answers.

    4. 'There is plenty of evidence on this topic to get mainstream scientists
      to further study it. Why aren't they?'

      No there is not, from that very statement i can tell you are not any form of Scientist or know what it means to be one or how FUNDING works, how?

      1) There is no such thing really as a Scientist as a STUDY SUBJECT, you can be a Scientist but you are a 'Archeologist' or ' Chemical Engineer' or ' Sociologist' for example as your discipline. So how can someone who studies the life cycle of a Venus Fly trap and other Carnivorous plants study UFO's? they are one of these 'Scientists' you mention.

      2)'This institution is contrived and controlled. It isn't trustworthy.' one Industry that is not, it is also the reason we do not still put frogs in our mouths to cure Mumps or blame Disease on 'Miasma'.

      'Its not trustworthy', wow what a sweeping statement Branding MILLIONS of People under One massive conspiracy. Its people like you who keep the fact God made the world in 7 days still alive.

      All Science breaks boundries and CONSTANTLY changes and evolves, frequently being proved wrong, its called part of the Scientific Process, so many people who studied different Science disciplines i went to Uni with as well as the Proffesors would LOVE a chance at studying Aliens if there was enough to Study.

      So what Evidence and what branch of Science do you mean to study this evidence?.

      I can personally Scientifically study say what made the Supermarine Spitfire a good plane, how ? we have footage of combat/recce etc just too see it in action but the real Evidence is that we still have engineers drawings and more importantly they still exist and fly today so i can study them and also Wind tunnels to test etc etc, i need this level of info for it to be more than fantasy.

      Now if all i had was 50 accounts of the Spitfire in Battle and a dozen grainy films of it, it would be impossible for me to study it to any form of Scientific level beyond Conjecture.

      Now you have an idea, i have tried to be as layman as possible and so very very basic, at whats needed.

      PLEASE Give me ALL this Evidence you say can be Studied properly and i guarantee you i will get funding.

      Also the only reason you can go on the Internet etc is because of 'Mainstream' Scientists of various disciplines but you say it as if its a wrong thing to be and put a lot of people in one CONVINIENT Conspiracy Box.

      Morphing materials, Advanced Reactive materials, Nano tech, Bio Computers, Invisibility and a host of other things are being developed and studied by what you call 'Mainstream' it is not closed minded.

    5. You have wasted a lot of time pontificating against my comments with the notion that you qualify to educate me with the elementary points that you've made.
      Assuming that one is ignorant of a subject matter without a real questions and answers debate as well without knowing this person, is usually the way of the insecure ass. This is my answer to much of what you've stated in response to my "informed" hypotheses on the subject matter of the Extraterrestrial Phenomena.
      I don't need to further debate the nuances and different branches of science; but yes, i know that many disciplines fall under the general subject of science.
      My aim is to debate the ET hypothesis. So i won't take your bait and respond to your pointless and obvious comments on science.

      Have you explored the massive amounts of multi-faceted evidence on the subject of UFOs throughout history, through the 20th century and today as I have?
      I doubt it.
      If not, this disqualifies you to make a strong argument against it.

      Based on the mammoth amount of evidences that I have reviewed over a span of 30 years, yes, i undoubtedly believe that we have been visited by Extraterrestrial beings either from other solar systems or inter-dimensionally.

      And, yes the model for scientific studies have already been successfully conducted. From France, Belgium, Mexico, to Russia, and a number of other countries, scientists have done what the United States seems incapable or unwilling to do. Perhaps it is a general mindset not much different from yours that contributes to some of this American malaise.
      The conclusion of these scientists(Physicists, Astro-physicists, political and social scientists, aerospace engineers, astronomers amongst others) after weeding out all of the explained UFO incidents, the only remaining likely hypothesis for the unexplained portion of these research is that we have been visited by Extraterrestrial beings.

      Do you think that you, your knowledge and your research versus the specifics of these studies qualify you to reject these conclusions?
      Will your explanation against, be as silly as many mainstream US scientists read like this? " Because we think the ET hypothesis to be impossible, therefore it does not exist; and we will not waste our time to see and study the evidence."
      It isn't my job to prove to you why I believe this to be true. I do not owe you any evidence on this subject matter.
      If you are intelligent, rational, openminded and interested, you will
      find the evidence yourself as I have.
      I have no personal agenda to just want to believe; as I will quickly reject those who do not present serious and critical information on the subject matter.
      The evidence that I have reviewed speaks for itself.

      Oh by the way, surveys conducted today has over 70 percent of Americans believe that the ET phenomena is for real. So you are in the minority.

  41. i think we are all stupid we search for something that we know already exists they assume aliens are organic well so are we just maybe deep in our brains to search for aliens isnt to find them but the desire to find family we could very well be the aliens in which we look for as we are made and predicted to be same form of life in shape and chemical compounds for which we are the alliens wheather put here to colinize to save race or we are just rodents of our time for our speicies we are fools too think that we are alone we got here some how some way we are here well so should any other life form in any shape we are here for reason whealther that be to save race from exstinction from another world or we envolved from complex of natural chemicals of dna envolved from life it self like the monkey our closet primates close resemblance dog the wolf horse and donky we are all closwly related in some way we search for the trueth for mankind existance if we could look into our minds deep in our minds to where man cant go our answered would be answered and it would tell us we are looking for aliens in our selves we are the alliens

  42. I always find it funny how aliens are smart enough to build spaceships but stupid enough to crash several times on Earth; conservatively speaking.....

    1. well think about it, maybe their ships aren't designed to fly within the Earth's confines

  43. forget about the alien bit for a second,think what this shows about the world financial systems and how they must really be 'controlled'

  44. We are watched by the galactic council and our planet has been infiltrated by non-members. Non-members have not taken the oath of sentient non-interference and are abusing our home like neo-coloniolists. Push will eventually come to shove....

  45. Bah! Okay...
    1) Has it occurred to people that the aliens are using remote technology? Or if captured aliens are merely bio-technology and not of the actual race? It makes sense if they use expendable sources to check out a planet they're not sure of.

    2) As for why they're checking us out... well why do we research and study barnacles? Eh? Why do we capture things from the bottom of the ocean and poke at it? Maybe it's the same for them. Science. :P


  46. F*ck man, we're not alone...

    1. Most insightful answer I've read in along time. (LOL)

    2. inorite?

    3. I had to Google 'inorite' - you learn something everyday.

  47. i believe in america's continual stupidity in secrecy. Even if we were contacted by a different species from with in our own galaxy, it would be nice to let the world know we are not alone in the universe let alone our own galaxy. Why keep all the documents on UFO secret? what terrorist is ganna jump into a speceship and commit acts of terror? Reading last 100 years of american history shows how the rich people of the country are playing games with rest of the world, which they will regret in 100 years when everyone starts killing one and other. I see the future the way albert einstien visioned it, in utter chaos. Hopefully i wont be alive to see it happen, because it is really sad. Government structure like that of the american government should be restructured by the people and not corporations.

    1. Maybe religion is a reason to keep it a secret.

    2. or possibly it's all bulls*it?

  48. Misspellings are common in "draft" documents which are "draft" until final (corrected) version

  49. I definitely believe in aliens. This universe is so huge, there are more stars than grains of sand on every beach in the world, each one of those stars could be some other living organisms 'solar system'...there is no way that there can't be other life out there

    1. I agree that your thinking is logical. But the universe is not only vast in size, it is also very old. For two examples of consciousness to make contact, they would not only have to be in close proximity in terms of distance, but also in terms of time.

      Another thing to consider is the nature of "scale".

      It is common for us to assume that since the universe is so vast that surely there are other races out there. Why would the universe be so large if it were to contain only one race of conscious beings? But if the purpose of the universe was to produce consciousness then it would only be necessary for one example to exist. The rest may be there for us to be conscious of. While this may seem unlikely, remember that the stifling effects of "scale" on our engineering efforts would have no effect on a creating consciousness that is outside time because "scale" is a product of time/space.

      This view, of course, makes assumptions also. But they are, in my opinion, no more then those that are made by people who share your view.

  50. Makes you wonder if "Stargate" is real....

    1. it is, I've got it on dvd ;)

  51. UFO's have been spotted ALL over the world, and crashes have been reported in china and russia. In america they just make documentaries about it..

    If you combine this infomation with the ancient astronaut theory, it makes sens that the "Aliens" are comming back to check up on the ant farm, we are that ant farm, and we are starting to play with fire. it would make sens for them to hang around the areas were we test the A-bombs. And not undeveloped countries that dosent pose a threat to mankind..

    we are not even close to understanding how it would be possible for them to get here, Descussing it would be like vikings trying to figure out how to get to the moon.

    If we are to belive the "clues" here on earth they come from somewhere in orion's belt apox. 1000 light years away

  52. I for a fact know that the universe is un-imaginably large with a diversity of billions of stars, planets and interstellar debri in each galaxy not to mention the billions of galaxies contained within.

    I am not aware of any aliens though I have heard conspiracy theories of how governments have been keeping UFO sightings and recovered alien aircraft as top secret. There are also many stories about people who have been abducted by aliens. This raises a few questions... Why would aliens travel several light years just to come and abduct a single human being and leave whereas there are millions of other forms of life on earth, more than enough excuse for them to prolong their stay and conduct their research?
    If aliens are capable of interstellar travel, then what are the possibilities of them outmanouvering the best of the best U.S aircraft in combat? I highly doubt that the U.S has the technology to contain a threat from beings of superior intelligence to the human kind.

    It is not my conclusion that aliens do not exist infact, I believe that they do exist but limited in technology to cross the vast distances of space to pay a visit to our world.

    1. Ur a stupid naive fool

    2. why is that?

      Is it okay to call you a stupid naive fool to believe that humans are the most superior being and nothing else exist, even though we continue to find new species on our own planet.

    3. finally an intelligent comment! naive is a understatement!

    4. why? Because he believes the most rational thing?

      Occams razor says that the simplest answer is usually the correct one.

      I think it's much more Logical to assume that there are Alien zebra things on Vhoorl...But a little bit like grasping at straws to assume little green men with massive heads and acid for blood somehow manage to run and control our species, and travel millions of light years in half an hour.

      It's not quite x-files cannon...but then again neither is REAL LIFE.

  53. Did it ever occur to anyone that the reason there were so many UFO crashes in the US is because the US managed to shoot some down? All these stories happened right after humans developed advanced enough flight and air weapons. They crashed because the US shot them down.. The US finally had war planes that could do this and perhaps the aliens were not expecting it, at first. I don't truly know if there are aliens but if all this stuff is true then the scenario I just presented is extremely likely. One thing is certain, humans have a tendency to try and destroy or scoff at anything they do not understand and fear.

    1. Yeah... the yanks will shoot ANYTHING that moves... bless them.

    2. How childish and uneducated you sound,i pity fellows like you.

    3. oh yeah.. they can travel millions of light years and still be alive after traveling at such harsh speeds and distances let alone still have the type of gas or liquid they breath on a never ending supply to survive on our planet and in space, but they couldn't figure out that "America" has war planes and air weapons... Get a grip!

    4. Although you make a valid point, it is also an assumption.

    5. You are assuming that they use conventional methods of travel in space. They use Anti-gravity and time travel. You can't travel between galaxies in a shuttle.

    6. @ Timothy Parenteau,

      Yep, I agree with Jimmy41316, you are making a lot of assumptions without really knowing much about possibilities of space or inter-dimensional travel beyond what we think we know today :). Perhaps we should all get a grip - anything is possible until it can be absolutely (?) proven as impossible, huh? But, let me get that thing from my memory - absolute... Hmmm... Absolute time? Absolute space? Absolute anything...?

      @ Jimmy41316,

      Sorry, but I have to agree with @avd420, you are also only assuming they use anti-gravity and time travel... They are getting here somehow, but we don't know how they do it...

    7. You MUST be American... only an American would be so arrogant to think that a human aircraft/weapon could take down a so advanced "alien" aircraft.

    8. this isn't american arrogancy...this attitude is can do attitude and dear fellow why you assume that aleins can only be advanced..huh.

    9. or maybe they are not Hostile and did not come strapped or if you really want to nerd it out The aliens don't have force field shields

  54. IF there where alien visitors to earth and they landed in the US i think the US Ruined any relations then with them for the rest of human kind if you'd believe all the documentary's about captivity and disecting, torture etc and second why only America that seems the last country a highly inteligent race would land to make first contact unless they like cheeseburgers

    1. wow, you mean to tell me that you somehow managed to fit an anti-american comment into a UFO documentary comment column? you ever consider that when AMERICANS make a documentary, they only concern themselves with their target audience, aKA AMERICANS. you know the internet originated in the united states, so if you dont like the US, then get the f*** off our internet, you sore loser.

    2. internet is not 'yours', poor chad... and really funny thing is that ufo's (presumably from light years away) only ever visit USA... now that is what i would call politically incorrect, hahaha, damn ufo's

    3. Well if you have read Edward Ruppelts' book, and believe what he had to say than you would know that stating,"UFOs only visit america" is about the most ignorant thing you could say. You don't even have to go as far as to read the director of the sham called project Blue Books' book to see that Mexico is awash with sightings, and not to mention the disclosure among quite a few countries, tends to point to you are an i**** who does no research. Also to you claiming to be the superior country, ethnicity, or whatever, please think about the fact that these generalizations (stereotypes) are bringing everyone down, thus making you no better if not worse. Okay Americans have been brainwashed for fifty plus years, maybe stop b******* and starting helping come up with solutions to these zombie sheeple.

    4. @Chad : The world wide web and the internet are 2 seperate things... The world wide web in which you are interacting (not the internet) was invented by an englishman you goon... Do some research before spouting off such nonsense...

    5. "our" internet lol average American can hardly count to ten! XD

    6. @ Alexander: Well... have you ever watched a Hollywood Sci-Fi movie? Those ones with catastrophes or Alien invasions involved? I name a few: Armageddon, Men in black, 2012. Americans play major parts in those movies if they are not the only ones mentioned at all. So my theory is now, what if aliens watch our movies? Would that not explain why they only go to US? I think it makes sense. It is the same for us italians getting invaded by Albanians thinking it is the dream country only because they watch our TV channels! LOL

    7. So much for the free market eh?

    8. The world wide web was invented in England by a Brit..... Please step down from your high horse!

  55. you all must feel so infearior..........

    1. And you must use a spell check...because your spelling is inferior.

  56. weak

  57. and why would the UFO crash in america not Ghana or Malaysia or some other country this is crap i don believe it ..

  58. So where are they?


    1. Hidding somewhere, disguised as Mac KayMowse in big grey buildings full of white rooms having mattress on walls and floor.
      They have nice white coats with long, long sleeves that ties in the back.

  59. Maybe the aliens did not expect to be shot down.I read somewhere,that the et-propulsion system did not agree with our radar.CERN works now with anti matter,supposedly the cleanest energy-source we know.But what do we know about really?Nothing compare to an advanced species,which travels million of miles.They for sure have knowledge which makes us look puny in comparison.

  60. Are Aliens such a bad driver? Its seen like they crashed and die every single time when they enter earth,ironically most of them only crashed in the U.S

    1. Maybe in their world they drive on the other side?

  61. boring - its the 'ol she said so so it must be real .. ok - uhm nothing new here, same type of reveal - documents altered or not there or blacked out ... or, they said so... vouching for a persons credentials ... its an old script i am just looking for something more along the lines of fuc*ing real.

    1. good luck...Judging by the rest of these comments it would seen the truth is the most imaginative thing you can make up

  62. I had hoped for some new things, but was a little dissapointed in this documentary. I was looking for people, talking about what they had seen, and ages when sightings had actually taken place, along with locations.
    I have been looking for a particular sighting, in the Washington D.C. area back in either late 1965, up to June 1966. It was reported as being a weather balloon, in the now defunct Washington Star newspaper. The article was very short. If anyone has knowledge about this particular sighting, I have never been able to discover, since the following day. I would greatly appreciate seeing a posting, by person(s) in this forum.

  63. Don't you think it very strange that beings from another galaxy can trvel millions of light years and perhaps even through worm holes, but they can't steer or land properly on earth!!!??? Come on...

    1. Perhaps they were tuned in to that annoying Rebecca Black song and got disoriented.

    2. Hahahahah her voice could scram even a advanced technology from outer space indeed! LOL

    3. Come on even extra terrestrials are susceptible to accidents.

    4. Yeah, they seem to be prone to making mistakes, just like us, don't they. We mastered the flight to the Moon and then, 34 years later, millions of dollars spent and unimaginable technological progress, Columbia disintegrates on re-entry into the atmosphere...

    5. I STILL.

    6. Very good point! If we did manage to get to the Moon, land on it, then TAKE OFF from the Moon and make it back to Earth, then how come 42 years (1969) later this technology SUDDENLY becomes inferior and many related programs are shut down?! They are definitely not telling us the truth.

      In 42 years of a continuous further development of an ALREADY SUCCESSFUL TECHNOLOGY, we'd have a well-developed Moon tourism by now. But in reality, there is nearly no progress. Moreover, the allerged manned Moon langings stopped in 1972... I don't buy it.

    7. @Rainmaker: Exactly my point! Look for example at how other technologies develope so fast. Look at mobile phones just to mention one thing.

  64. The typos in the documents made this documentary lose all authority.

    1. i stopped watching after "interpalnatary", come on these are military, classfied documents you really think they are gonna have typos ffs!

    2. They were "draft" documents

  65. Intriguing documentary. Better info than typical UFO documentaries. Fresh stuff. Pleasantly surprised.

  66. I believe in other Life forms that are similar to ours in other parts of the Universe. It would seem almost impossible not to have other living beings in the Universe. Loook at all the species of animals and different type of looking human beings we have here on Planet earth as it is. We have Species
    Live in water sand on the air desolated areas at the bottom of the sea we havent even seen yet. I think we should worry more about us and our sorroundings here on earth. Its pethetic, we go out to space,we land on the moon we bring back sum soil and sand and that's it. People wanna travel thru worm holes, black holes, hyper speed, intergalactic travel, come onn Now, we don't even know our own planet completely as it is.

    Ohh yeah one more thing...... If i where an "Alien" Meaning sum sort of different looking type of being from a very far distant place in the Universe i dont think i wouldn want interact with the human race.
    Look at us We are ignorants, arrogant, prideful,selfish,spiteful, ager sum, we love violence!
    I think we should stay grounded here on earth and solve our behavior problems and issues before we go out into space and conquer the rest of the universe. Besides we have soooooooooo much to learn about us and earth. Let them make the First move besides what do we have to worry about...LOL

    1. ditto

    2. yuh, I think there's work to be done. Trekkie uniform on someone with only vague ideas about history of own planet , and no ability to direct own mind might not cut it out there lol

  67. I believe in other Life forms that are similar to ours in other parts of the Universe. It would seem almost impossible not to have other living beings in the Universe. Loook at all the species of animals and different type of looking human beings we have here on Planet earth as it is. We have Species
    Live in water sand on the air desolated areas at the bottom of the sea we havent even seen yet. I think we should worry more about us and our sorroundings here on earth. Its pethetic, we go out to space,we land on the moon we bring back sum soil and sand and that's it. People wanna travel thru worm holes, black holes, hyper speed, intergalactic travel, come onn Now, we don't even know our own planet completely as it is.

    Ohh yeah one more thing...... If i where an "Alien" Meaning sum sort of different looking type of being from a very far distant place in the Universe i dont think i wouldn want interact with the human race.
    Look at us We are ignorants, arrogant, prideful,selfish,spiteful, ager sum, we love violence!
    I think we should stay grounded here on earth and solve our behavior problems and issues before we go out into space and conquer the rest of the universe. Besides we have soooooooooo much to learn about us and earth. Let them make the First move besides what do we have to worry about...LOL

  68. This work is brought to you by Paranormal TV. Paranormal is defined as:

    of or pertaining to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation, as psychokinesis, extrasensory perception, or other purportedly supernatural phenomena.

    If the makers truly believe in advanced E.T. life as fact they may wish to chose a different name. Or perhaps they don't believe but find the subject as well as the fervor surrounding it interesting.

    I personally couldn't care less until ET gives me a reason to do so.

  69. Just FYI: when you say " such thing as UFO's" pls remember, UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. It could be a bird but I can't tell, so therefore it is "UNIDENTIFIED" - that said, automatically calling it a flying saucer doesn't make sense either.
    As far as "perception is reality" - One should define that more by saying MY perception creates MY reality. We both see the dog, but because I was attacked as a child by one that looked just like it, I see a evil, vicious beast - you, on the other hand were saved as a child by one that looked just like it so YOU see a friend and protector - same dog.

  70. For WT7: This "perception is reality" sophistry magic is an absurdity. Here's the situation: Let's say I cover a brick wall with foam rubber. Now, I pay you $100 to "drive your car at 60 m.p.h. Into this sponge wall." I predict there is an objective reality that would over rule your "perceived" reality very quickly.

    Oh, that was cruel. Let's say I give you a bottle of Coke, but I spike it with alum powder. I predict your "perceived reality" would very quickly comply with objective reality.

    This is how it is with UFOs, and the amazing lack of objective reality regarding them. Lots of unconvincing photos, anecdotal evidence "I saw this or that," outright fraud and fakery, but objective evidence? So far, nothing. I can show you a dog. That's objective reality. Your perception will conform to the objectivity of the animal. You can't do that with a little green man, because there is none. That's the problem we have with your "perception is reality" position. Little children perceive that the man in red and white at Macy's is Santa Clause. Perception is reality? Ah, the child grows up, and his perception adjusts to objective reality. On the other hand, a dog is a dog, to the child and to the adult. Objective reality over rules.

    Trapped in a burning house? Objective reality over rules. You won't "perceive" your way to survival if the jet you're traveling in crashes into the ocean or a building.

    In the case of UFOs, it comes down to this: If there isn't any real, objective evidence, if all UFOs are only "perceived reality," then they aren't worth discussing, except in a psychiatry, fantasy, or UFO sympathetic forum. I'm not saying "not worth discussing," I'm saying it's not worth my discussing them with you, because your perception ends with your skin. Your "perceived reality" isn't a compelling reason for me to change my mind. There is such a thing as objective reality, whether you choose to believe it or not isn't my problem, but it's not asking your permission to exist, and will continue to exist without regard to your perception. you can count on it...literally and figuratively.

    1. Blessed are the ignorant ones for they can easily claim the knowledge of the ultimate truth to be theirs :). You are a lucky man my friend. Cheers

    2. "Blessed are the ignorant ones for they can easily claim the knowledge of the ultimate truth to be theirs "

      So, you're saying that skepticism of unfounded claims is both ignorant and a 'claim to knowledge of the ultimate truth''? Huh, talk about semantic gymnastics.

      I'm pressing for a more "measurable" explanation to the UFO Zeitgeist, but perhaps it's not going to happen here, and quite probably because they only exist in the imagination.

    3. LOVE YOU.

    4. "I was exhilarated by the new realization that I could change the character of my life by changing my beliefs. I was instantly energized because I realized that there was a science-based path that would take me from my job as a perennial “victim” to my new position as “co-creator” of my destiny."

      "We can control our lives by controlling our perceptions".
      — Bruce H. Lipton


      There is a physical reality to stuff (things material), but there is a difference between perception and reality in the character of things.

      We cannot know what the perception of a newborn is even though that COULD be the ultimate reality that is pure only for a short time. As for us we have been influenced to follow the percetion of a group, the inhabitants of earth.

      It is quite possible that we do not exist physically other than in our mind. And if you deny this, then it is your perception that gives you this opinion on reality.

    5. I agree with this, however, but it is a distinctly different thing to say that my perception of reality has an influence on my objective reality than it is to equate perception with reality.

      Nor am I saying there are no aliens; there is no such thing as UFOs. What I am saying is that we have no real conclusive evidence for them. Belief is not knowledge, as this "May 21, Judgment Day" hysteria seems to drive home, in spite of their most dedicated "perceptions". As far as I know, not a single person has been taken up into the sky today in a prophetic rapture. Numbers of believers in a lie is not a requirement for truth. In the end, except perhaps for schizophrenics and the self-deluded, objective reality has the final say in what is what.

      Without letting this discussion get too far off topic, we are talking about the credibility of UFOs, based on the extant evidence. I contend the evidence is lacking. Simply bringing the argument around to whether people's perceptions are that UFOs exist is not (or at least, should not be) grounds for believing in them. I have known people who were convinced that they "perceived" a UFO in a photograph of a distant bird or videos of the planet Venus. If this were the method of science in obtaining natural truth , we would hardly be past the wheel or fire. Believing that a photograph of a bird or Venus qualifies as "good enough for me" should not be good enough for the skeptical mind. That I should be called "ignorant" because of my skepticism is the real absurdity.

    6. @gallowaygrumblefield...UFO may very well be, new "airmachines' invented and tested by our very own self here on earth.
      Not sure but did UFO exist before the invention of simple airplanes?

    7. Totally. az. who can deny or oppose these facts, anyone here care to try putting a dent in this?? And similar undeniables [a great basis for useful thought, find an undeniable] by WTC7 here

    8. Semantic gymnastics. I like it.

  71. Perception is reality. People will believe what they want or what they don't fear. Anyone who thinks we are alone and the most advances civilization in this vast universe is either naive or a religious zealot.

  72. this was a good doc tho

  73. If u want to watch a proper ufo documentary, one that really takes the matter seriously look up the day before disclosure.

  74. sorry people but, NO, you are not the top dogs in the evolutionary heap. These comments are ludicrous and NO most ufo sightings cannot be explained! Take some time and research the matter better. Look at all the gathered video & evidence from all over. If you still don't believe, then you are in what psychiatrists call a defensive denial mode to protect your safezone.

    1. "sorry people but, NO, you are not the top dogs in the evolutionary heap."

      Why do you say this? Please elaborate. What is the "top dog" in the "evolutionary heap"?

      "Take some time and research the matter better."

      Yes, and the research continues. Still nothing to support aliens. Are you saying because skeptics have seen nothing convincing that we haven't looked at the research? Or that you will only be satisfied that skeptics have looked at the research when they come around to your beliefs? I suspect you will be waiting a long time.

      "Look at all the gathered video & evidence from all over."

      Yeah, it's a very disappointing collection of ambiguous, indeterminate visual imagery and subjective reporting with no conclusive, hard evidence. It's just not there. I look at what UFOlogists and believers point to as evidence constantly. even in spite of my continued skepticism, I find it an interesting subject, and am willing to spend time looking at the exact same material you call valid evidence. However, I draw differing conclusions. I have a friend who sends me several emails a day with movies, photos, supposedly declassified documents, and even monographs from UN sessions. It seems to all add up to zero. You can have mountains of discussions on a subject, but if there is nothing solid to back it up, it's not really compelling evidence.

    2. If you take photo`s, testimonials ,radar, and take all of it back from the beginning you will find there is plenty of evidence , If this was put in front of a jury , The UFO`s would be guilty .....

  75. Where is the evidence in this film ??? I feel more alone than ever now. I wish someone would do a poll on who's christian, who believes in little green men, and who lives in the real world. We could eliminate two thirds of the world and pass it off as alien abductions and the rapture etc. After this i could get to work earlier, no traffic jams anymore, now that's problem solving on a level even jesus or e.t couldl't do.... :-]

    1. This reminds me of the Penn & Teller skit where they conducted a poll, where people got to vote on the sex of the rabbit. Yes, we could conduct a poll to find out how many people are Christian, how many believe in little green men, but would that bring us any closer to the truth, any more than "4 out of 5 people voted this rabbit is a male"? "4 out of 5 people believe Jesus is the Son of God..." "4 out of 5 people believe aliens have visited earth..." Science is lonely, consensus is political.

    2. Perception is reality. People believe what they want or what they don't fear. Anyone who thinks we are alone and are the most advanced civilization is just either naive or lying to themselves.

    3. "Perception is reality" - sometimes yes, sometimes no. Are you implying that if 5 out of 6 people vote that a male rabbit is a female, then the reality is that the rabbit is really a female? What about "Judgement Day, May 21, 2011", are you implying that even if thousands of people believe they will be taken up in the sky in a Christian rapture this coming May 21, that will really happen based solely on their "perception"? I used to perceive Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, and even Jesus. The above types of broad sweeping judgements would be more convincing if accompanied by good supporting evidence. There is none, that's the bottom line. Anyone can say anything about aliens, but so what? For all we KNOW, we are all that is out there.

      "Anyone who thinks we are alone and are the most advanced civilization is just either naive or lying to themselves."

      That statement is a blatant appeal to emotion and appeal to the crowd. It's just another way of saying, "Anyone who doesn't subscribe to the belief system of my group is unable to think for themselves." It's simply a logical fallacy, and does nothing to further or support your position. Facts and evidence would help, but I don't see any used here.

    4. Your perception is your reality. The problem is that you understand your perception as the only valid reality (as many of us do actually, nothing unusual there). That doesn't make you wrong, but it doesn't make you necessarily right either.

      Don't forget that most of what we believe to be our personal perceptions are actually social constructs. That includes Easter Bunny, Santa Clause as well as Jesus. These are things we grow up with, but, certainly, at some point of our intellectual development we can disengage from them based on new knowledge we acquire (or we may choose to stick to them if that makes us happy in which case these are remain very real for us; and suddenly, this social construct becomes our belief).

      Or we can trust that science shows us the only right way to see things (which you appear to adhere to). And science is good, because it is not bias and it rests of empirical evidence. But then the science fails us when it cannot make a rational connection between the body and the mind, for example. Or it (still) cannot explain the dual nature of a particle and the related observer effect. I mean, our contemporary science is fine, but it is still far away from being infallible and it still has a lot to learn. So, I guess a logical conclusion would be that science is not an answer to just about everything at this stage, there are still things it doesn't understand.

      But on the other hand, the science tells us that a possibility of multiple dimensions is a scientific reality. Do you see those dimensions? I thought you don't. I don't either, but that doesn't mean they are not there, or would you disagree? I mean, we simply don't KNOW (although science says they may very well be there). Should we trust them?

      In the end, what do we know about the nature of things that surround us and us ourselves? Hmmmm, not that much really. And, since you have not made an effort to dig a bit deeper in the serious research of the UFOs, your perception about them is just a personal (and very uninformed, may I ad) hunch. You appear to acquire your 'perception' from the mainstream opinion makers (social construct, be aware of it; I'd advise to always be on the opposite side of the mainstream whatever).

      Punch-line from a TV show I watched in my country: "I don't believe in UFOs, nevertheless they are here."


  76. Why are none of the experts reviewing the "leaked documents" experts in studying documents, such as a historian? The opinions of mathematicians, futurists and physicists analyzing what are purported to be historical documents does not convince me that these pieces of evidence are legit.

  77. I saw one too and later I realised I wasn't the only one as it was in the local paper, it was just a special feeling watching it shoot up into space without making any noise.

  78. I've seen something I would class as a UFO (I'm not a spotter or a nutcase) which was also reported in the local paper as dozens of people witnessed it. This was never explained or identified and was miles from any government outpost, airport or indeed anything useful. It hovered about half a mile away for a minute and then sped off towards the sky. Whether or not the government is keeping it secret, the chance of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe must be 99.9% surely? The universe is infinite after all...

    1. I've seen many where UFO = Something In The Sky That You Don't WTF It Is. Last year at dusk I saw lights in the distance moving back and forth zig-zag really fast. As I approached the park I saw it. Sure enough it was a toy remote controlled helicopter with lights. Plenty of things like that out there - but Aliens? Not likely. The simple explanations are usually the correct ones and Aliens is a pretty complex explanation.

  79. All conspiracy stories are made of possible plots clouded by ludicrous one. Many think it is used as a strategy by the "top" in many fields of information to hide the truth.
    The idea seem to be: Here is what is almost possible and here is what makes it crazy, now choose to argue instead!

    1. Az,
      IF, that’s a major if, there is superior life out there maybe they do not see us as intelligent. They would obviously have a much greater understanding of the universe, if they can achieve space travel, they could also formulate low impact ways to study us (a non-intelligent species) much like we study animals in their natural habitat. Or maybe there is circumstances we could not even comprehend based on our current knowledge. To defer a motive without evidence is tricky business and may be a step or two farther then we should be currently looking. Prove there is a "them" before we start asking why's.

    2. We're not intelligent!? I have never been more insulted! We have split the atom, we have built a machine that spans two countries the hadron collider which is trying to create the big bang! We are intelligent. We just need more time to develope advanced technology. Think of it the first flight of the wright brothers was in 1900 and something, not sure the date but by 1969 we were on the f***ing moon! The human species is very intelligent you can see it everywhere in art, music, socially, technology, emotionally. Yes sir we would be an emence interest to extraterestrials. Please look this up "the day before disclosure"

    3. "All conspiracy stories are made of possible plots clouded by ludicrous one. Many think it is used as a strategy by..."
      Exactly, knowledge of this inevitable dynamic could save a lot of time and words, and naievite.

  80. I still don't believe. Nothing was authenticated. Most of the UFO's people see, usually are identified and explained.

    1. Yes, MOST of them are USUALLY identified and explained...

    2. Don't be a goof. Sure, it's possible that some aren't identified and explained but that DOES NOT mean that that small gap in knowledge is evidence of "spaceships from other worlds". It just means it's a small gap in knowledge. This is just basic logic.

    3. Out of all the photo`s radar and testimonials from around the world for the last 60 yrs , Not all of them can be dismissed, Remember it only takes one.....

    4. What makes me consider the validity of some UFO stories is that if WE landed on some planet that showed the possibility of "humanization", we would instantly try to befriend and then conquer.
      We did it in the Americas and we would do it on "zxy"!
      So why not "them to us" at one time or an other in the past or the present.

    5. Most but not all, It only takes one!!!!!

  81. It seems that whoever is responsible for propaganda being fed to us is using conspiracy as a tool to feed us more propaganda. Too many documents in these docs are fake, and this documentary is very cheesy. If I am too believe anything its something like how did people built symmetrical monolithic structures out of stones weighing over dozens of tons as far back as 10000 years ago without screwing up lol. Forget Roswell, if people want to get to the bottom of this mystery they need to concentrate their efforts into explaining real life existing puzzles instead of digging for secrets.

    1. This is a typical modernistic egotism. Man has been capable of many wondrous things throughout the ages. In10000 more years the humankind we will eventually become will probably say that we had to have help from aliens because we built airplanes and nuclear submarines. Many engineers have come up with a wide variety of explanations for those old structures and how they could have been built with simple methods usable by man at that time. It is just not quite as sexy a theory to think we just strapped 4 semicircles onto a square stone and rolled it. I do believe that there is every possible likelihood of extraterrestrial life and even that maybe they have peeked in at us from time to time, However i do not for one moment buy that they came here to play blocks with the monkey men.

    2. yes, the "historical-alien-scenario" does fit into a "typical modernistic egotism", the one that hardly misses a chance to remind us that the past was dirty, dumb, as everything must be when held up against Us,(white people that is) the most advanced wise and clever state of humanity that has ever existed - indeed in this contempt, any medical etc ideas before the 20th century on this planet were but primitive gropings toward our current state, standing at last at least on the threshold of Perfection!
      Haha, yes, but I hadnt noticed how the AncientAliens fit that conceit.

    3. check out the slab(s) lying on ground at Baalbek,

  82. I don't think the government knows jack shit. Intelligent life would certainly be able to buy these people off somehow if anything was really known. Hell we had to import all the intelligence from other nations to the US after WWII, just to get a transistor radio.

    1. In the Search For Terrestrial Intelligence - bearing in mind the stunning buddhist/hindu one-liner, (calm down atheists,this wont hurt) "the basis of sin is ignorance" -then the habitual gruesome systematic administration of traumatic death, and worse, to the young shows that the intelligence that leads to e.g. bomber squadrons is a superficial intelligence that doesn't interact with a more fundamental ignorance.

  83. Any aliens that can master interstellar travel most likely ALSO fall into the category of "multi-dimensional". It is likely that you cant have one, without the other.

  84. Nice film. But I think we all want something besides words. If there is to be tangible evidence, it will have to come from someone who actually experienced an event.
    I believe in Mt. Rushmore, but I've never actually seen it.

  85. wtf why would something that can travel threw space get all discombobulated and crash here by mistake......its nearly moral turpitude if thats the case!

    1. It might've been shot down by the early fighter planes, or there might've been unpredicted complications in entering into earth's atmosphere. Maybe something to do with something we can barely verify in scientific manner, like Einstein's time-space theory. I'd bet my money on technical difficulties, because you'd expect a vehicle that's suspectible to smaller meteor fragments, be able to avoid the bullets or take the hits one way or another. How else would they had gotten here? I'm all ears if anyone has a theory on that.

    2. Well the only thing I can figure kumamori is that they are drunk and that must be why we impound their $hit, I bet its a long walk home if they cant aquire a good lawyer from one of the son's of jacob's line, because everyone knows justice in a court of law here aint free.

  86. Imagine that..a neighboring city 200 miles away announces a major expansion to their Zoo and you plan a trip to go visit.. You make through all the intersections, by all the drunk, stoned and reckless drivers, you make it through the desert, and through some mountain snow, through construction zones, wrong turns, unstable bridges, and treacherous passes.... Finally arriving at the zoo, having rounded the last curve into the parking lot, you suddenly can't drive any more and have a fatal crash just as you parked.
    Sure inteliigent life could exist elswhere in the cosmos. Sorry but there not crash landing here! Infiltrating, maybe...

    1. Entering planetary orbit and then passing into the atmosphere is the hardest part of the trip. You can compare it to a commercial flight, most crashes happen at take off and landing. So yes, it is quite possible to crash land at the end of your trip.
      If your engines or life support were damaged for whatever reason, Earth might be your only option for a landing, that is if your species needs to breath/eat/drink

    2. Entering atmosphere is the HARDEST part of intergallactic trawell? :D If You have to land a space probe on Marss, than yeah, it is... But for interstellar/intergallactical spaceflight You may find that hardest part is trawelling faster than speed of light, or manipulating with spacetime it self... I don't think either of that is possible without putting your spaceship in harsher conditions than entering atmosphere.

  87. Geopolitical interests and economic reasons took American government to explore by all means resources that were at his disposal through the discoveries that were made after 1940.The question is " Are we really humans or humanoids produced under the cover of our Nature?"

  88. well why wouldn't they exist . why would the universe be so big just for us ? ... we can't even leave our own galaxy so why wouldn't there be something else ... just because we don't see worms under the ground , doesn't mean they do not exist :-)

    1. we really don't know how 'big' the universe is. we never bin there. we just HERE with dials and readouts and deductions. 20000000000km or 20000000000000000000000000000000000000000000km?? we just HERE with our dials and deductions and redshifts. and dots in the sky that look more complex as we magnify them, and mighty pretty like bacteria and particle tracks. We may be lookijng at our own senses.

    2. that also doesn't mean the wildest thing you can imagine exists either...What's to say the other life out there isn't just like Alien Zebras and stuff...why does any alien spieces automatically HAVE to be able to master the unmasterable?
      What's to say WE aren't the most developed life form in the universe?
      Or that everyu other planet with things on it, is just like this one...That would be a more realistic expectation than Space gods.

    3. "just because we don't see worms under the ground , doesn't mean they do not exist."

      It also doesn't mean they built the pyramids or are in league with the government.

  89. Here is a plot for a new movie.
    6000yrs ago (a wink at the bible believers) Aliens came to earth. When they landed they saw that earth was populated by many animals some of which were apes creatures who had no intelligence. The aliens decided that Apes would be a perfect seeding ground for grafting themself as a new species. One male alien was selected and named Adam. One female ape was selected and impregnated. The creature born was a female human and was named Eve.
    The aliens did not want Adam and Eve to procreate, they wanted full control...but sex is what sex is...and that was inevitable, Cain and Abel were born and later Seth. Common ancestor?
    I'll have to go back to the drafting table to make sense of this.

    1. That sounds like "Ancient Aliens" conspiracy

    2. An addendum to your story. The Aliens saw that they could not control Eve, Eve was not happy. And women being the controllers that they are, told Adam you better eat the fruit or you will not get any!
      Demanded from the Aliens shaving equipment so could shave her legs, Adam was not into hairy women? why do you thing Eve always looks so pristine in the pictures? And the hell with fig leaves says she, need shoes, and more shoes.

      Need toilet paper, men don't really care, can use leaves if necessary.
      Eve kept demanding more, more toiletries, perfumes, clothes, hair dye's, makeup, so the Aliens finally left in disgust, and now the world is as it is.

    3. Hey Achems...Give woman a break, it's her birthday! (Mother's day) lol...

    4. @Achems Razor...What's wrong, changed your mind?

    5. @Azilda:

      No, did not change my mind, changed my computer systems, will claim the above post as mine.

    6. This is where i first noticed that one of your comment was unidentified, it was before i found out you were having computer problems.(Vlatko informed us at one point)
      I am happy you have everything back on track. Your opinion counts.

    7. LOL.. I like your story... now make it into a movie or ill abduct you.

    8. OH...a new comer talking about abduction...are you a real alien?
      I am untamable, i know many have tried!

    9. Tried watching; too boring for me as a non-believer. Wasn't gonna even comment, but couldn't resist asking what "alien" you're talking to!!!

      Puzzledly yours,

      Charles B.

    10. Investigate it your self before coming to the conclusion as a non-believer....

    11. CnN, just making a joke at OH...i noticed this was his first ever comment here.

  90. Why is it that when official documents are released there are always large parts of the text that are blacked out?
    Just curious...anyone?

    1. Many of them are redacted to remove information that would prevent lowering thei classification level. Other times in the interest of privacy. and to hide things.

    2. yeh i noticed that

  91. Anyone who studies this subject enough will come to the realization that aliens are REAL. To look at the vastness of our galaxy, nevermind the entire universe which is filled with galaxies, and to even consider the possibility that we are alone in the universe is frankly rediculous and ignorant. Anyone who can deny even the POSSIBILITY of alien life, intelligent or not, is a fool. I compare those closed minded people with the same people who insisted the earth was flat and the center of the universe. It's time to wake up and smell the 21st century.

    1. I agree with what you say, and I'll go a step further. Imagine the possibility these crafts and creatures could be emanating from 'within' the earth. Explain why Google Earth blots out the poles before the openings are visible. It's an international "No Fly Zone." And South America is teeming with stories, legends, myths- and many credible eye witnesses, video, etc., of crafts coming out of and back into water, mountains.

      The only thing that's missing is for the government to "tell" us it's official and OK to believe now.

    2. yes, what is that?? And what a perfect diversion from intraterrestrial space - looking further and further OUTWARDS

    3. we never were anywhere we study on earth in building some lines and graphs and readouts and we deduce great numbers 10000000000000000 or 100000000000000000000000000000 who cares there is no difference too a human mind. meaningingless, not a basis for deducing life forms.

    4. You might want to try making sense. Usually when you speak coherently, it helps your argument.

  92. I just don't see how government could keep something like this secret for so long. I think weird stuff is going on, possibly alien, but the true nature of things are different to what many of these people believe.

    1. What if their "secret" is: we don't know whats going on, or who they are, but we have found wreckage from other worlds?

      Keeping this secret during WWII and afterward is a no brainer - the people were crazy and jittery back then. Then the cold war. There is a perfectly good reason to have kept something like this secret.

      And "National Security" is the reason most people have found "bigger" than themselves or the secret - the motivation to have effectively kept this secret so long.

    2. It is actually not that difficult to keep a secret in a well organized system. Especially during the Cold War, when the enemy could have been lurking behind every corner. And especially if such secret would involve a weapon which could potentially give your country an unprecedented advantage.

      For military personnel the obvious consequences of leaking information involving national security would be the end of their military career and all that goes with it. Beside being court martialed and their name smeared forever. I think very few would risk it, even if they personally thought that the subject should be revealed to public. Soldiers are trained to obey orders. That's one aspect of it.

      For civilians there may be several "incentives" to make them keep a secret. Intimidation and open threat may not be the worst ones... But if we are talking about something really important for the state or certain interest groups within it, not even the most morbid ideas are out of proportion as punishment for undisciplined individuals. On occasion, individuals who decide to go public after all may be purposefully brought to spotlight as objects of ridicule - "he used to be a respectable person, but he flipped and is now talking about aliens"...

      Hence, it is not that we were never given an indication about what is going on, it is just that we never believed it can be true... Especially if the information was coming from someone who is deemed to be a loony...

      But those who would have full insight in matters of national security would really be just a few people. Most would have only pieces, which, if isolated from the rest of the information, probably cannot prove a thing.

      Another way of keeping a secret is deliberate "leakage" of contradictory information (of which some parts may even be true), false documentation, creation of confusion so that in the end nobody knows any more what may be true and what not, while at the same time the gov't maintains its position that the UFOs are misinterpreted conventional phenomena.

      But even now, 20 years after the Cold War ended, we still don't listen when people talk about this topic, credible, respectable former military officers for example. The Disclosure Project press conference of 2001 and the accompanying statements of former military officers and government and military external contractors who witnessed alien UFO incidents (both here on TDF) is that example. At this stage, obviously, government doesn't even have to make effort to keep this a secret - we are doing it for them.

    3. Az, you are well informed, you are incisive in thought, you are precise and logical, you are cool, you are hot and thorough!

    4. @Alf have been busy the last few hours, most comments on the Recent Comments are yours at this hour.
      I haven't participated much because my parents are visiting from Quebec for the last three weeks, will be back soon.
      Thank you for your appreciation.

    5. @WTC7, excuse me I replied to this post and addressed it to Az, it's easy to see why' - you're both well informed, incisive, logical, cool, thorough - which is my version of hot! Forum navigation isn't a strong point with me tho!

    6. For example, I haven't yet had the pleasure of spotting the Recent Comments button Az mentioned, instead i fly about all over tracking conversations.

    7. But even people who experienced the so called second world war and its ending have, I think, no idea of what happened. sure, there was mass murder. whoo-hoo, but who did what and when? and why? and , and,and right to now, here they are. What I'm stumbling to say is don't be faithful to your history teachers, they were programmed recording devices, just as we are intended to be.

  93. Pretty good. Pretty good.

  94. yea this is accually a old documentary. But its definately one of the best about UFOs. Disclosure Project is pretty good too.

  95. All I can say is that this was very entertaining.

    1. Ya know, just one time I would like to read comments on something important that are not just bashing one side or the other...Does it not make more sense to take information from all sides, and always question each side with a willingness to find truth and not to take what you think you know and hold on to it so tightly you actually block the possibility of your openness letting truth find you??