Sleep Paralysis and Ghost Visions

Sleep Paralysis and Ghost Visions

2006, Mystery  -   314 Comments
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Sleep Paralysis and Ghost VisionsDocumentary exploring sleep paralysis and ghostly visions. Have you ever woken up but been unable to move? Sleep paralysis is paralysis associated with sleep that may occur in healthy persons or may be associated with narcolepsy, cataplexy, and hypnagogic hallucinations.

Physiologically, sleep paralysis is closely related to REM atonia, the paralysis that occurs as a natural part of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.

Sleep paralysis occurs either when falling asleep, or when awakening. When it occurs upon falling asleep, the person remains aware while the body shuts down for REM sleep, and it is called hypnagogic or predormital sleep paralysis.

Sleep Paralysis – Ghost Visions explores people’s experience with the sleep phenomenon and attempts to explain why it happens.

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  1. Try praying every night psalms 91 .. and rebuke it in the name of Jesus. My son at the age of 14 experience these nightmares until I his mother started praying every night and believing in Jesus Christ , he is free from it . God set him free! 🙏🏼 I wasn’t in church I was in and out and I didn’t believe in evil spirits but once my son started experiencing it and becoming mentally ill, I had to try to help but didn’t know how. I took him to counseling, and doctors. That one night he didn’t want to sleep he said he felt so down and unhappy and just cried. He didn’t want to sleep. So I started seeking god, because doctors couldn’t do anything for him but give me suggestions and maybe this or that! So I started to pray and asking for gods help? And he answered my me, leading me on what to do. Had a pastor come and pray and anoint my home and my family we started praying like a family on which we didn’t do before. It was the most beautiful Peaceful feeling that we have had in months. So I say Seek God he is more Powerful than these evil spirits. He saved my son He will save you .🙏🏼

  2. It’s a Bible under your pillow.

  3. I have had nightmares and things mess with me in my sleep for as long as I can remember . As far back as being a child. Not every night but at least two or three times a week. It’s always different and different things messing with me. I dream of demons a lot of times and it scared the hell out of me. I scream in my sleep trying to wake myself up and my girlfriend wakes me up then. This has been bothering me like I said for as long as I can remember. But there is one thing that I can do to stop it. And I am sharing this with you so you can stop it. Sleep with a bottle under your pillow and you will not have bad dreams. It works for me to even stay away for a minute and a couple of days or week after you take the Bible out. I had a friend that told me he had nightmares like me and what something would hold him down on the bed while he was awake because he heard me talking about it one day. I told him to do the barber thing under his pillow and as long as he had it he could sleep good and he thanked me and he almost cried. Now if it can help me and him please try it because I wanna help you too.

  4. I'm a sleep paralysis sufferer. It happens nearly every night so i don't fear it or fight it anymore, i have some sort of control over it now. I love it. The best part is if you don't fight it and just goes with it, it takes you to a whole other dimension...

  5. Its quite simple how many times has any1 when waking up find out they cant move or talk 4 a minuute or 2 i bet a good % the ones like these put it in their own heads its paranormal or maybe alien and just the thought or suggestion starts these awake dreams or nightmares i suggest tge next time this happens to some1 just suggest your with your ideal partner NUDE

  6. I’ve experienced “sleep paralysis” numerous times, the last being a couple years ago. This was the most intense thus far. I remember it vividly. I’ve been asleep for multiple hours, no where near wake up time. Im laying on my right side with my back to my room’s entrance, towards the edge of my mattress. I am awake, unable to move nor talk. I feel an intense pressure on my chest and something whispering in my left ear, I’m unable to make out what “it’s” saying. I suddenly feel a depression on the mattress towards my lower back, followed by a numbing, electric and tingling sensation where the presence was. I knew it was evil, I was terrified! Unable to talk, breath or move. I’m not sure if I said it in my mind or was able to speak at this point, maybe both but I said: “In the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke you demon!” Keep in mind I was not religious at this point but something came over me to recite those words. The presence disappeared! Hasn’t returned since.
    Not quite sure if I believe these are merely hallucinations as the medical world specifies. I truly believe this is a spiritual, good vs evil type of battle. These entities try and take advantage of fear to overcome you and taunt you. I am an empath and believe certain people who have these abilities tend to experience sleep paralysis more than those who do not have any type of psychic gifts.
    I’ve read a lot of experiences on this subject and definitely have seen similarities. Anybody else experienced what I have? I’m curious to know and would like to share experiences.
    Thank you for your time reading my experience.

    1. Yes I have exact same thing especially when you said in the name of Jesus christ I would like to hear more stories I feel like it's a few of us out here experiencing the same thing

    2. Same thing has happened to me throughout different periods in my life and I uttered the same words and you can even feel the power of god coming through you while you can’t even physically move but mentally are aware, I have even experienced hearing like whispers or something flying back and forth (sort of like wind moving by my ears during this state) so creepy, and it only happens when I sleep on my back with my face fully exposed and it’s completely dark but if I fall asleep on my back with the lamp on and tv going I never experience sleep paralysis which is so weird as well, But my most recent episode is haunting me because this is the first time I actually saw something hovering over me and staring down looking directly in my face it had a white face no eyes and everything else was black when my body finally became free I opened my eyes and looked around and nothing was there but I won’t ever forget that face (I have chills as I’m writing this), I try to make sure I never fall asleep on my back and when I do fall asleep on my side I have to make sure my face is covered to the top of my ears in order not to hear the whispering

    3. I had an episode a couple of weeks ago. Before it happened I saw someone walk through my living room. I ran to my mom's room to see if it was her, but I already knew it wasn't. I saw it again a minute later so I said "I'm not playing your games. Go on with that shit. You have no right to be here.". So when I laid down I almost immediately fell into sleep paralysis. When I did I heard a girls voice say "Be careful. Be careful." and then she giggled. Next I heard the voice of a man I had known and cared for for 20 years. . When I came out of it I called to my mom and told her all of it. A few days ago I visited that man to help him set up his new house and visit. We decided we would fool around, but i told beforehand that we weren't going to go all the way because he didn't have protection. He ended up doing what he wanted to and he finished inside of me which I also told him not to do. When I got upset it's like a switch flipped. His whole attitude and demeanor change. Even his speech patterns and sound of his voice. His face looked deranged. He scared me so badly. So it was weird how the voice was warning me.

  7. I suffer from sleep paralysis, narcolepsy, and cataplexy. There is not a night that doesn't go by without me having some type of episode. From reading some of these comments, it makes me feel some type of comfort, it lets me know that I'm not alone in this world. Not being able to get some sleep when you are extremely tired is one of the worst things I feel like a person can go through in life.

  8. i have had the same thing happen to me i would cut r burn myself to try and stay awake i sleep with the light on have done for over 35 years. i would love to kick the shit out of the bitch

    1. I Have This condition as well. I have spoke in the name of jesus to rebuke the Evil spirit that attempts to possess me and I have feared going to sleep at night. Never alone. I think this is weird that all of us have the same scenario. Once the old woman spoke to me and said " do not fear child, for I am with you." Maybe the old woman is protecting us from the other entities that invade us in our sleep. So it's not a mental disease. It's a divine thing and we need to learn more about it

  9. There is a very simple remedy to stop this and avoid it....
    1) Read/ recite ayatul kursi ( the verse of throne) in your mind ( you can read any verse from any holy book or scripture as per your belief) 3 times. After reading it just exhale via you mount on the entity ( like you do to cool any hot drink before you drink it. ). The entity will vanish in a blink of an eye and you become normal and can go to sleep.
    2) To avoid this happening again and again, one should sleep in a state of cleanliness. That is do ghusal before going to bed.
    Let me know if anyone needs more clarification.

  10. Well..I am not convinced that the shadow beings are causing the paralysis...I believe they just take advantage of the situation already in play....I saw the "shadow man"in the middle of the day so sleep anything had nothing to do with it....I do believe that they manipulate our dreams though..

  11. Well this is my story. Sleep paralysis affected me for some time, before I was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma. I do not recall to had suffer sleep paralysis after the surgery = about 20 years past. The most remarkable fact is that when that used to happened I called the name of Jesus or God God!! just a few times and the sleep paralysis or the night mare leave. One thing I know, and it is that all diseases are cause by bad energies. Jesus expelled evil spirits from sick people, and that people regain their health. Note: I Believe in God Jesus, but I do not sponsor any religion at all.

  12. Hi im jazon and im 18 years old. Now i've been doing research/ finding answers of what i was experiencing last night. I dont want to say it happened last night but it happend really early in the morning around 5 or 6, because im sure i looked at the time on my phone and realized it was exactly 4:27 , at the moment i realized i was soo tired because i was on my phone, while my tv was on and my fan also, but i couldnt hold on to my phone so i put it down and layed on the right side of my bed against the wall (on air mattress bed). Now im not sure if it was sleep paralysis or any spiritual dreams, because i've never experienced any of those or any weird tactic dreams. it was really weird and a bit scary because not only it happened once , but it happened i wanna say more than 3-4 times AT THE SAME NIGHT. When it first started, i like i said i was sleeping on the right side of my bed against the wall and i was dreaming, but while i was dreaming...all of a sudden i felt cautious and the second i felt cautious it was like i was pulled right out of that dream. At the moment when the dream just vanished, i wanna say i was awake but not fully awake because my eyes were open, but not fully open. I could see but it was all a blurr, now i knew i had to be awake cuz as i was still laying on my right side and somewhat on my back at the same time, i was aware that i was faced to the right and i could see my poster on the wall (thats how i knew i had to be awake) but my eyes seemed like it was barely open because looking at the wall, everything seemed so blurry i thought of opening them but i really couldn't. At the moment a weird sound appeared and it could'nt of been my tv because i knew i had my tv on but couldnt hear it at all...all i heard was a weird waving sound. It sounded like if you put your hands over your ears to prevent any sound but still can sorta hear a waving sound. At the same time i thought of getting up but i couldn't even do that. I was fighting myself trying to turn over but i just couldn't. As everything were still blurry and the waving sound seemed to get louder, i could have sworn i saw a pure black, long creepy face right above mine but i saw it only for a couple of seconds then i looked back to my poster on the right, thats when i start to get really cautious, because since i think i saw that dark, long creepy face, i knew i couldn't be alone in my room. So i had the urge to yell, but i couldn't get no words out of my mouth. I only thought of saying it but couldn't get it out of my mouth. I've been trying to yell "STOP, STOP, STOP", but i just couldn't say it at all. So i kept on trying to yell "WAKE UP JAZON, WAKE UP JAZON, WAKE UP JAZON" because at the same time, i thought i could be having a weard creepy dream or somewhat. So i kept on trying to yell "WAKE UP JAZON!" then all of a sudden it finally stopped. I dont wanna say i woke up just stopped and i woke up for like 3 seconds then went right back to sleep (so i guess i was too tired?). After it stopped and i went back to sleep, i've been having several different dreams at the same night but only everytime after that weird/creepy feeling kept on happening, i felt like i might as well stay up since it wont stop but i couldn't even stay up. I guess i was that tired from trying to stay up. So finally, this time went to sleep with no problems. But the dreams i were having, it was like the dreams was on repeat but happening in a different way, you know?? So i just now woke up not long ago, like an hour ago at 11 am.

    I'm not particularlly sure what was i experiencing , so like i said i had to do some research/ find answers right after i woke up. Now im thinking "how come i wasn't so terrified for those several times it happened?" it wasn't painful at all, it was just like whoever was in my room was reaching for my soul. It felt as if something or SOMEONE was really yanking my soul out while im trying yanking back and try to snap out of it at the same time. I wanna say it was more weird than it was creepy? Im having multiple thoughts of if is it sleep paralysis, spiritual/ tactic dreams, etc. I dont't know, but i also thought could it be me thinking too much? Having mixed emotions? Or causes of so much stress? Because before i even went to sleep, i was walking around outside from 12-3:34 am because i was really stressing thinkin about dropping out of school and my family cuz my mom gave up caring about me ever since i turned 18 (i noticed it). She stopped feeding me but feed my 17 yr old brother and my older brother whos almost 30, which is technically "visiting" but i dont think so, but thats a whole other family issue. But for right now, im trying to figure out, what can i do to prevent from that weird creepy incident which happened several times? Cuz i have a gut feeling its going to happen again tonight, and im really cautious about it at this point.

    Can someone please explain????

    1. When I was in grade school I had the SAME EXPERIENCE. However, when I woke my eyes felt as though they were being forced shut. I had to really struggle to get them open just for a couple seconds at a time. When I looked beside the bed I saw the same figure, tall and blacker than the darkened room i was in. It seemed as though he had a crown or something on his head-he seemed HUGE! I was sleeping with my mother because I had been having other troubling experiences since we had moved into this particular hs. I tried turning my head to call her and something rolled over my body parilysing me. Then I tried to scream and I watched a small light come from my throat and fade in front of me. This sound super cheeseball but when all else failed I closed my eyes and thought, "God if you really exist now is the time to prove it....RIGHT NOW" Something rolled back over me and it was all gone. Ive been having similar experiences again so I looked here for answers and found your post. If you have learned anything new PLEASE contact me.

  13. I've suffered from this many times and heard of a great trick that actually worked for me. When this happens to you the next time, remember to try wiggling your toes. This will break the paralysis. Hope this helps!

  14. Hello my name is Clarissa and I have had a weird dream last night. Do you know anything about being half ghost and half human in a dream?That is what happened and I am worried that it might have something to do with the future.If you know anything about what is happening please send a letter to me.

  15. I had this too. A lot . Not for a while. But now that I know about the power there is in the name of Jesus, and of course. I believe it . I just tell it to go away in the Name of Jesus Christ and it did. That worked ever since I started doing it until now. Ant it has not happened to me no more.
    Of course I never even thought calling on Jesus Christ name before because I did not know or believe in the Power of his name.
    Just something to consider, but that is real.

  16. im 17 when i started to experience sleep paralysis like the others after seeing an old woman i can' t move myself but i can think how to resist trying hard to move but still i can't but after a second like i can move myself but im very weak this happen to me many times i have a vision to an face of woman who just staring and laughing at me

  17. Why aren't people and doctors installing infrared cameras in more bedrooms in order to prove that it's not just in the victim's brain or just their imagination? Why isn't there more people trying to study this phenomenon? I can't believe it's imagination if all these people are seeing the same thing or things...i.e. an old woman and shadow man. There is something to this and someone needs to make noise on getting people to start investigating this further.

    1. It can't be science at all I'll directly refer to as "evil spirit"

  18. Hello, Ive had ongoing dreams but only violent ones where i would lash out at my wife in my sleep. i seen about 10 ghost when i wake up, I havnt had it now for a few weeks thank god but i was over the moon because i seen them live yours faithfully baz.

    1. I’ve been having sleep paralysis since childhood and last night I was laying on my stomach and I felt someone crawl in my bed but then the person got up quickly and closed my door. My tv was on in my living room. He then proceeded to crawl back on my bed and lay on top of me, I could feel that he loved me so I touched his face. I’ve never had the courage to touch the figure before but he was bald headed and had no hair on his face. Before I touched his face I was thinking about how he could of got into my house because it felt soooo real. I left my patio door open so I was thinking he was an intruder and I was gonna reach for my knife on the side of the my bed but I decided to touch his face because I could honestly feel his love and happiness to be laying on top of me but I forced myself to wake up because he was getting ready to touch me. I’m nervous to go to sleep tonight because it’s getting more and more real at this point

  19. I wish to share my own experiences with all of you here. This happened to me twice, but I was able to forcefully stop it. I am not sure if others can stop this, or if they must endure it to the end, which to me sounds truly horrifying. Before I start let me say, that I as a teenager was practicing astral projection (leaving your physical body) and was familiar with such states of body and mind.. Inducing sleep paralysis is actually a way to experience lucid dreams or have an astral projection, and like someone pointed out, yes lying on your back can contribute to this. A fun fact though is that as a kid I always fell asleep on my back, and in n other position, and I always had the most amazing dreams ever. Now lets get to the sleep paralysis part.

    1. I woke lying in my bad, on my back. I see myself covered with my blanket and a deep strange hum is heard all around me. I also feel vibrations in my body as if I am vibrating with this sound. (this actually is a good spot from which to project and leave your body. The humming sound and vibrations I feel are indicating that my etheric or astral double is slowly separating from my physical body. However at that time I have yet to successfully experience an astral projection, so I do not fully understand what is happening) I look around and I notice that i am unable to move my body, though I do not seem to be alarmed because of that because I know that a deep relaxation of body is a requirement for AP, and I have read about our bodies being paralyzed while we sleep. I do not really ponder on that too long, and I fix my eyes on the blanket covering me. Somehow I get the feeling that I might be able to simply wish this blanket to be pulled of of me, and after a short focus on that, the blanket is pulled off of me. When this happens however the sound becomes louder, and a though comes to me, that this is not normal. Suddenly I start to feel really bad and unpleasant and I get this really strong feeling that there is a presence hoovering above me, although I cant see a thing except the ceiling. This feeling intensifies quickly and at some point I clearly know, that the presence is pure evil, and the fear inside me builds to such a state that I forcefully end this experience. Now when I say that I end it, I am unable to clarify on how I do it. I simply reach a certain threshold where I can say that I demand for this to end, and so it does. I wake up on my bed in the same position, the only difference being that the blanket is still on me.

    2. I wake up again lying on my back, unable to move. I look around and this time a sense of fear comes to me quickly. It is bright and I see my room clearly. Suddenly the doors of my room opens on itself, and I am unable to do anything, not even shout. I do not see anything, but I then hear a footsteps walking over to me, from the door, around my bed, to my right side. These are slow and very heavy steps and what is more I can clearly hear a rattling of a chain behind the every step. I get really really scared but still I can't do anything. Steps come all the way on the right side of my bed and they stop. After a second or so, the blanket covering me is suddenly pulled away uncovering my upper body. At that point the fear is too much and a force inside me breaks through where I again force it to end and so I wake up again, covered, lying on my back.

    I also have my own theory on this, which also includes my own experiences. I believe that this actually occurs in a different state or reality. I mentioned that I was practicing leaving my body, and I later successfully accomplished this. I learned that when we sleep and dream, our astral doubles often separate from our physical bodies and hover perhaps just a bit above the position where our body is on the bed. You see dreams really happen. They are the experiences we have while we are in our astral bodies. I believe that when you wake in a state of sleep paralysis like they call it, you are actually still in your astral or etheric body, and so in a practically different reality. The reason it looks the same as the physical world is because the etheric plane is really close to the physical and it resembles it in great detail, however there are different rules there, and also a great multitude of entities occupy this plane. I believe that what you experience then is actually happening, but on that plane, and is an actual attack on you. You cant really move because you are trying to move your body in the same manner like you move while in physical, which is not how it works when you are in astral or etherical plane. Everything there is done by simply intending it. That is why I believe I was able to move blanket off of my in my first experience, because I was manipulating the etheric plane with my mind, and that is why I believe I was able to end these encounters. I have noticed however that I posses a certain ability to also alter my dreams, whenever I am dreaming about something really unpleasant. At that moment I somehow remember that I can do all I want and I give myself an ability to change the unpleasant situation in my dream completely. It is like that fear I encounter while dreaming triggers a fail safe mechanism in my, which allows mre to change what is bothering me. Well this is is, I apologize for a wall of text, and I wish everyone that are being bothered by this ocurences, that they find a way to beat this or at least fight back and end it! Oh and ,if calling Jesus helps, just do it! It does not matter what you believe in as long as you call something that holds a great power and light for you to aid you. it will work. But when you do that remember that you are actually using your on inner power to defeating the negative entities. By calling a light to your aid you actually shine that light from your heart. remember that, because it is wrong to put the power you have in anyone or anything else's hand. Good luck!

  20. One other thing... I learned to mentally control my dreams at that point and I think that helped. I became aware that I was dreaming and I can change them... Oh I loved deciding ..I could fly etc.. Later in psychology class in college I learned that controlling your dreams is rare.

  21. I've had sleep paralysis many times as a young child. I tried everything-screaming moving but nothing would work until I would go back to sleep and awaken. I could feel weight on my body and had a terrifying sense that it was an evil spirit. My only so lice was to call out for my childhood spirit friend Dexter to help me. I even believe I left my body once forcefully trying to move forward and I saw my hand go through the door knob at the end of my bed. I will always remember my hand going through that door knob. Eventually that passed but wow was that terrifying!!!!!!

  22. I've had sleep paralysis when waking up heaps of times and after the first few times of not being able to move and feeling as though someone was watching me from my door i started realising what it was so it no longer scared me I never seen or heard anything it just felt like someone was there, mind you I could never turn around and look, untill last night, now this scared the absolute shit outa me instead of it happening when I wake up like ussual this was when I was falling asleep, I kept telling my self "your not scared, your stronger than this, I started clenching my fist and I some how managed to turn around and get out of bed all in one movement, I immediately threw a punch, before I even seen what it was, a dark hooded figure, fear swept back over my body and my punch became so sluggish it was like I was frozen, the hooded figure caught my wrist and put his other hand under my other arm and we started to drift up and away into nothing, I looked back and I was still in my bed, the sound of my dog barking out side woke me up and I was back in my bed

  23. I've read a lot of comments hoping for someone with similar experience. Whatever it is, I named it "Wind Terror". For this reason it start as a sound for me. The sound of the wind hovering fast above me. I'm awake and scared, I take a peak, but nothing. I don't see no shadow, no man or woman, nothing but the feeling of a strong wind blowing on me. The wind is so strong can not move.

    I experienced I guess you call it sleep paralysis. When I go to bed, I lay down on my back, arms straight, legs straight and have the fan on. I don't know what time it is, but every night when I do this sequences the wind terror is here. Using the sounds of strong wind to wake me and the power of the wind to hold me down.
    I'm only sharing these experiences on this post just to see if anyone has experience it.

    Thank you for reading.

  24. "Whatever you do, don't open your eyes". Repeated twice.

    This is what I heard at about 4 am whilst sleeping. I'm not sure if I was fully awake but I could not resist the temptation to do exactly the opposite of what I had just been advised. Wow! 2 alien looking creatures and a figure resembling the Devil are stood at the end of my bed. Scary. I closed my eyes briefly and they were gone. I have not experienced anything like this since I was a very young child when I remember something trying to suffocate me. I seemed so real and I know I was awake. I did not experience paralysis which makes it a bit more confusing. Scary and it makes you wonder .

  25. I do not know what doctors say, but for everyone who lived that, it seams completely real, because you see the room as it is and feel your body in the position it really is and after you're pulling out of this paralysis you are awake as a continuum . The fear is so intense you choke trying to breath. Never before I believed in such thing as badness, other but that that exists in people. I would have laughed if someone told me about something like that. Fortunately for me only happened for less than ten times within six months. At first I tried to tell myself it had only been a stupid dream and went to sleep next evening face down, but it happened again.

    I became scared to fall asleep, staying up all night and falling asleep at the dawn for weeks. My instinct when it was happening was to burst into the most common prayer of my faith, shouting with the mind when the tongue was blocked - and the bad thing disappeared like a soap bubble. My meditation teacher told me to sleep with the light on - that helped but I didn't rest- and everything stopped when I began to say my prayers before going to sleep. The general fear though lasted for years after, the wandering weather I was going schizophrenic, and the care of not transmitting uneasy feelings in other people by not telling all this to others... not in detail or not at all. I do not now what all that was, if it was chemical happening of the brain - I hope it is true, but all seamed so real and I hope it will never happen again. I wrote this for other people with dark circles around their eyes, not knowing what hit them.

  26. Sleep paralysis happened to me and i will never forget that. A week before that happened to me I was sleeping when suddenly i heard an evil laugh in front of me. I woke up to see who it was and i saw a demon in front of me. But that demon left when i was about to call Jesus inside my head. After a week i am sleeping inside my room alone. And my door was locked from the inside and its not just 1 lock so there is no way anyone could get inside my room. And there was no where to hide inside my room. I am sleeping then suddenly someone suffocated me through the use of the pillow. Its very very strong and my nose hurts a lot and i cant breathe i tried so hard to fight but i cant move my body but i am awake. The pillow is moving and i struggle but i am too weak to fight it its very strong like a steel ...........i struggle but i couldn't move my body and my mouth . I know after 5 seconds im dead coz its been too long i struggle for air its been minutes i cant hold on any longer. So i called Jesus inside my head i said "Jesus help me i dont want to die" i said that 3 times inside my head and then my tears fell.After 3 seconds i saw a light a very very bright and beautiful light that light almost blind my eyes and then i heard a growl that was hurt i know its that demon who growl and hurt and after that i can move already and i move my head left and right so the pillow would fell and the pillow fell and i saw the demon in front of me and he was hurt by the light. I know its Jesus that light is Jesus. That demon is dragged by an angel away from me. When it was all over. And that demon is already gone there was a voice i heard it said" you are safe now, " and i felt peace.

  27. Never ever sleep on your back!! You can get sleep paralysis in whatever position but this one is just asking for it. At least on your front you don't have to face the thing behind you head on, though my side is the only way I sleep now - this is the safest. I don't think it's a ghost related thing though - I get it everywhere and anywhere. In company and alone. The horrific things that happen change and I can find their foundations in fears and images I have already encountered and that I am scared of while I'm awake. The dreadful feelings of being paralysed and helpless I think translates into a sort of lucid dream that personifies those fears into beings and uses the fears we already have to project an image.

  28. I have had this on and off for 40 years.i know the warning signs. as I'm nodding off I feel electric type pulses through my head.i then start creating dreams and horrific visions as if watching a tv.i am totally paralysed and as I fly around the room I move to other parts of the house and start trying to scream to wake myself up. I then start falling down a dark hole closer to these demons screaming at me.i awake in bed but struggle not to fall back into this hell.

  29. when i was 18 i stayed over at my girl friends house and i went to bed in her gran mothers room ( who had passed away some time earlier ), before i get into my experience i would just like to add that every time i went up the stairs in that house i got a really bad vibe the kind of feeling that always made the hair on my arms and neck stand up. ok i was going surfing the next morning with friends and i had set my alarm clock to wake me up early. the door was slightly open with the hallway light on. as i was lying there just thinking about the surf etc etc the room went really long like tunnel vision and it was if gravity had just covered my entire body and i could not move anything could not call out the only thing i could move was my eyes. i could feel the tears streaming down my face i honestly felt like something was there and as a fit 18 year old it really scared the life out of me. the room felt coldish on my face and after about 30 seconds it was over and i was mid scream when my voice came back. I jumped up out of the bed got my gear and left the house and never set foot in it again. even to this day 18 years later it still sends shivers down my spine when i drive by it. it was also the only time it happened to me and was years before i told any1 what had happened.

  30. im 12 years old this happend to me many time like 5 or more

    1. I had it happen. I called out in my mind; Help me Jesus, and it stopped immediately.

    2. I did this too, while travelling. i had the same intensity of something evil was gonna happen as i opened my eyes for the first time ever while sleeping and not being able to move .. as a 25 year old man, it scared the $h!* out of me .. but 5 secs after i realised i couldnt move my body , i felt a evil prescense trying to find its way in the room that split second i dnt know if i closed my eyes or it goes abit darker I dropped all my fear and stated 'our father' , after line 2 of prayer, everything went light again and i could see the person sleeping next to me after prayer.. best advice. LOOK FOR JESUS!!!

    3. Praise the Lord!

      My experience happened over twenty years ago, and the memory of it is still crystal clear in my mind.
      I had awoken from sleep, and heard like a thousand whispering voices in the room Pss psss psss seemingly in such vast numbers of voices that it alone scared the crud out of me. I was laying on my back and my wife Paige was laying next to me. I started to turn towards her to wake her up when a dark vaguely human cloud like thing pinned me to the bed with a hand clamped around my throat. I was totally parallelized. It had red eyes and pointy ears, and sorta undulated as not solid yet the hand around my throat was real, as I felt it as it strangled me, but when I thought,(I might have croaked it out maybe) Help me Jesus, it was gone, and all the whispering voices with it.
      I have to admit now looking back at it and that time in my life that neither I or my wife at the time was living a good life, but were in fact living lives which opened doors to the demonic. By living an ungodly life I lowered my spirit so much that they try and seize control, and I think thats what was happening. But thank God through his Son Christ Jesus that God delivered me as he said he would. Since then God has demanded I submit unto him, so I hope to never again open such doors again.

      sorry for the late reply.

    4. This happened to me last night. I had control of my mind but not my body or voice. So I also rebuked this in the name of Jesus Christ and it stopped immediately. Faster than light.

    5. Praise the Lord. He says call out to me and I shall deliver you.

  31. I used to experience sleep paralysis most of the time, to the point when i just got used to it and learned how to wake myself up. I even astral projected once, i was too scared to explore tho, only went outside my body for a few seconds. Well so far i stopped having sleep paralysis and i think that's a good thing, no more scary voices and images. To all of the people who are currently suffering from sleep paralysis, dont be afraid it's a normal thing. Never let your fear win

  32. Since I was just a little girl I had suffer of this. I remember one night I woke up and a man was standing there looking at me. I didn't scream and didn't panic I was in shock mode. When I turn 7 I began seeing different lights purple, green, and yellow. I couldn't be open with no one because of fear of rejection. At the age of 15, I began reading books, I being reading the bible, instructions, guidance on HOW CONTROLLING YOUR EMOTIONS when you Sleep or when you're awake and you sense something . Know I'm 19 years old, when I get these dreams now I controlling them. When I'm paralyzed, I start laughing and I ell the spirt or the hallucination image to go away that she or he is wasting there time, to the degree that I un paralyzed myself by shaking my head and slowly opening my eyes. One word they (spirits or hallucinate image ) is the word God. The second type of paralyze dream is gosh rape, many people are embarrassed or shy of being judge. The first time I experience this was when I was 16, I woke up crying. I still get them, but I manage to escape from that Demotion. What I'm about to say is my opinion what I believe, in order to control it you need to control your emotions act like there just regular people or act like there not there because the MORE YOU PANIC the more is going to LAST and TORTURE YOU. Drink a glass of milk that will relax you don't be afraid don't show them fear remember they are spirits/ hallucinations and they don't have a body, you do you are a human, take control don't let them take control, you have to control them, and kick them out of your dreams

    1. I wouldn't use the word 'suffer'.

      I had experienced sleeping paralysis all my life since I was like 6 years old and I am 36 now. It doesn't happened every night but probably once or twice a month, give and take. It was really spooky and scary with all the vision that no one gonna ever to believe you.

      At first, I tried to fight with it, trying hard to move my body, if I succeed, then I will be awake and stay awake for a while with the body shaken. But then when I am old enough to learn that it was 'sleeping paralysis', and not some evil spirit sitting on top of me, everything get easier. I never tried to fight it or trying hard to move my body. I just let it go and enjoy the 'show'.

      Everyone that still having to experienced it, well, my advice is, no need to be scared and no need to pray hard. No need to fight it too. Just remember that your body is still asleep while your brain has woken up. The vision that you are seeing is just part of your dream. So what you can do is go back to sleep and be calm. Its just that easy.

  33. So there are normal stages of sleep during the night. People experience more or less intense this Phase,according to theire past experiences. There is no reason to overreact when talking or remembering about it.

  34. I am 21 an going threw this, im not shore what to do but i like to talk to others about this. If you have a facebook plz msg me, (no email addys allowed)

  35. this has never ever happened to me but it has happened to almost everybody i know

  36. Hello reader,
    I have with great curiosity read through all the scientific explanation of Sleep paralysis and the comments written by most sufferers. I must sincerely first state that there is a phenomenon regarded to as sleep paralysis but this in no way should be confused with what most of you feel such as; an immense pressure on you when sleeping, a presence unexplainable; the feeling right before the pressure, the noise in the ear, your inability to move, talk or do anything while under this pressure. These feelings do not occur nor are symptomatic of sleep paralysis (hope you truly understand what I mean). Sleep paralysis make you totally numb in your normal room environment. I have experienced both and can well tell the difference. Worst thing is that I suffered more from the other.
    For a long time, I suffered from this and was made to believe it was sleep paralysis. I relaxed and enjoyed this torture until I was made to know the truth.

    "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free"
    John 8:32
    So, what is the truth?
    Before you stop reading, thinking this is another gospel like before. Take a deep breath and ask yourself a true question and be sincere with your answer.
    Do you really think what you go through is sleep paralysis?
    If yes, how about an explanation for the evil presence, and the sometimes darkness?

    The existence of evil and evil spirits is beyond scientific explanation, just as the existence of this world and all in it. However, the Bible shed enormous light to these phenomena. What you think and regard to as sleep paralysis is "an oppression from evil spirits". The good thing is that it can be stopped and most interestingly; it can be stopped for ever.

    It is simple. Recognise that all that is in this world both evil and good was made by God and are both subject to his will. He protects those who are His from all evil.

    "Just as the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so is the Lord round about His people"
    Psalm 125:2

    All you have to do is to kneel down today and ask him to forgive you all your sins and watch you clean, ask him to receive you as His child and promise to turn from all your evil deeds. You know the good thing? He will not refuse you, because He longs for you to do this.

    "A broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise"
    Psalm 51:17

    Finally, every night while in bed, right before sleeping say your prayers. Ask the Lord to protect you with His angels as you are dead asleep, thank Him for saving you through the day and ask him to protect all your loved ones in their sleep.

    "The name of the LORD [is] a strong tower: the righteous runs into it, and is safe"
    Proverbs 18:10

    Have a wonderful sleep for the rest of your life!!!

    Do not forget to tell your loved ones this everlasting solution.

    1. Hi Clever, I had a sleep paralysis once, didn't pray to God, but it never happened again. So...

  37. Don't watch the first 9 minutes if you don't want to get spooked.

  38. I am not of religious beliefs, so i don't pray, but i knew that there is a supreme creator which is unknown but in everything. So never loose hope if you are in need of any help, as there are, guiders and healers, just like your-self, so be sure not to become slave or ruler of any but be faithful and be wise to understand about our creator and its natural purpose which is immortal and we are too, same time i understand policies of jesus, buddha or krishna or whoever they are just mastered in these things and good teachers, by which every student too can become more wiser just exploring our realms of astral travel and physical gift to live and let others live harmlessly.

  39. I forgot to say, be healthy 1st !!!!! and understand the reality of 5 bodies, where 1st and foremost is Physical, 2.sole, 3.mind, 4.astral and 5.etheric. All are self and presence. Just enjoy it fearless.. and be honest to your-self !!!

    1. At least you spelt your No. 2 correctly. Which one, the left or the right?
      Newsflash for ya aa, not everyone that is ill have a choice in the matter.

  40. F-E-A-R (fear) is the only useless & main culprit here, believe me. Want a proof just visit The ("books of Lobsang Rampa")... next ("DOCTOR OF LHASA part-II") it is written about Astral Travel very keenly, just go through it, all doubts will be clarified. Believe me there is no even fear of aliens, as they will not here to kill you but may be examine us, just like doctor or more better than human doctor, if really someone has encounter it, & also its normal if not encountered or just once, in any means.
    Just saying !! Be strong and calm, and rest all are in your control only, being alive !!!

  41. This only happened to me once thankfully, when I was 20, many years ago. There was no foul odors, no sense of being pushed down...but a terrifying helplessness of immobility..frozen.remember trying to scream out "Help" ..nothing...I could only roll my eyes at the door to my motel room and to the wall adjacent to the bed I was sharing with my Girlfriend, We had just made love shortly before, she was in a deep sleep already and I obviously was wakened prematurely to experience this. My question from researching this briefly but not finding these answers to my two questions. Why does this occur overwhelmingly between the ages of 17-23? and Why in the majority of cases only 1 time?.......what do those two have in common...I have been sleep deprived before and after .without that occurrence repeating.....something to this I believe..the give and take theory maybe????

  42. I have had this sleep paralysis for about 15 years now. I can feel someone sit on my bed, I have never seen any shadows though.. It's just a feeling that someone is getting into bed with me but for me, it's the almost electrical vibration that I feel first. The vibrating starts and then I can't move, it's as though what ever it is, is pinning my arms down. It usually feels almost like a sexual attack and I can't move and the vibrating feeling is intense. I start saying "Hail Mary's" and eventually that works and it stops, I sit up and I'm fully awake and aware of everything that just happened to me. Last night, it was a very bad episode and that is why I got on the internet this morning to see if I could find some answers. I've never had this happen when I've been in bed with my husband before or in this particular bedroom. IT's happened to me if I fell asleep, alone in other parts of the house. This is the first time it's attacked me while I've been in bed with my husband. I tried calling out for him to help me, but I can't yell or move, I can only mentally pray. I'm glad that I'm not alone but sad that anyone else has to go through this horrible experience.

  43. This happened to me a lot when I was a teenager and in my twenties and then less and less over the years. There were demons that would hover in the upper corner of the room and of course I couldn't move. I can't remember the other details but i did notice that it would most likely happen if I ate sugar before bed or didn't eat enough calories that day. So for me, I think it was related to low blood sugar.

  44. In the past few months i have self developed anxiety playing an online game, I know, It sounds bad already. Anyway, Only in the past weeks I have learn't to overcome these anxiety attacks and think to my self that nothings gonna happen, How ever, That's in the day, At night while I'm sleeping, they happen nearly every f--king minute, Just as I'm about to fall asleep i wake up with me heart racing, cold sweet everywhere, Thinking to my self, oh here comes a heart attack. Then i just rapidly move around into the cold blankets and it goes away. And then eventually i fall asleep, But during the mornings I can hear my mum and sister waking up and usually my sister getting yelled at for not listening or something like that, Usually i can hear them while dreaming and knowing I'm in a dream, I wake up and I could not move my head what so ever, I've had it about 3 or 4 times before that and i just laid there studying why i could not move my head, Then i start feeling like I'm falling and getting weaker, dream like stars flashing lights start going off in my eyes, then i can control this head noise, its kinda hard to explain but when i control this noise its like when you drop a hand full of rice in a point blank bench range, in my head, when that happens i get extremely weak and sweaty and its so cool. But kinda scary for the first time anyway. But I'm just wondering, Does anyone get this rice dropping controllable noise like feeling in there head while experience a sleep paralysis or something of that sort? or just me. Idk, But I'm gonna study this more when i go to bed lol.

  45. I experience sleep paralysis almost every night, sometimes multiple times a night. Sometimes I even have out of body experiences (astroprojecting) It's to the point where I'm scared to go to bed

    1. I know this post is over 2 months old, but I've suffered from this before. It helps if you sleep on your stomach or even on the sides. If you put a blind fold on at night, that also helps. Finally, taking some Nyquil before bed will help you stay asleep.

  46. "When it occurs upon falling asleep, the person remains aware while the
    body shuts down for REM sleep, and it is called hypnagogic or
    predormital sleep paralysis."

    Also at the awakening i remained aware of it the whole time. ," even after adequate night time sleep. A person with narcolepsy is
    likely to become drowsy or fall asleep or just be very tired throughout
    the day," i am not a narcoleptic so not a reasonable explanation for me, and cataplexy affects 70% who have narcolepsy. so this is can be ruled out as well. this is gonna remain a mystery because no medical term fits what happened to me.

  47. I had it happen to me, only once, about 7 years ago. Its never ever happened again. For years i didn't know what it was.
    I had just laid down on my bed on my stomach, with my head to the side. Suddenly i was completely paralised. Then i could hear and feel wind blowing in my ear, and it felt to me like there was someone leaning over me blowing into my ear. I didnt feel like they were evil at all, but i did think that there was someone there. I was trying to turn my head to look at them but i couldnt turn my head, this is when i really panicked. My flatmate was in the room next door and i was trying to call out for help but i couldnt scream or make a sound. After awhile i suddenly could move, i turned my lamp on quick smart and my god, i was preatty shaken up.

    1. i will also say that when this happened it was during a period of my life where i took a lot of extacy, i wasnt high at the time of the event, i was just doing it in that time of my life....i no longer touch it.

  48. I suffered from sleep paralysis almost 20 years ago. I was afraid even to fall asleep. Than I read in a magazine about this condition and there was the story of a soldier that really helped. He said that it is best to let the dream continue until the end, not interfere, not to be afraid and act like nothing can harm you. In 20 years I never had such dreams again.

    1. same, i didn't let the fear control me, then it never came back.

  49. My dear friends.
    Let me first say, rather than see this as something scary, think of it as something amazing.

    My first experience of sleep paralysis and this "darkness" was definitely a frightening experience. It had never happened to me before. I was 23 or 24, 6 years ago or so, I had just come back from a music festival where i consumed some drugs.

    Know this, drug use can make this occur. I believe it was the catalyst for me. If you're experiencing sleep paralysis, and are actively using drugs, you should stop. You need your brain to be working 100 percent and allowing your mind to fall into a deep state of sleep.

    My first experience came with a strong Humming or buzzing sound. I remember falling asleep with a movie on, and I was on the brink of passing out. I suddenly awoke, but couldn't move. A buzzing, humming began in my ears, and got louder and louder until it got so loud it just Popped. Like a POW! Then I could move my body again. It was very scary.

    I tried to fall asleep again, and it happened again, only this time, because I was scared and confused, I must have thought that this was something evil. Immediately upon being fearful, since I was still dreaming, but seeing my room, I thought the shadows were beings, and I felt like there was a presence in the room.

    This was activated by my fear of the situation. My unknowning. By not understanding.

    I remember buying a cross and becoming religious after that moment. At one point, I saw myself in my bed. I was in the astro realm. Astro projecting.

    I studied it. Read about it. Learned as much as I could. Then I remembered, I've been a lucid dreamer before. I could control my dreams sometimes. Realize I was dreaming. I could manifest things into existence. Whatever I thought about, I could create. This is what was happening. I was manifesting the fear, darkness and evil.

    You must EMBRACE the paralysis. The moment.
    What is happening... Is you are actually a very powerful spiritual being. A dreamwalker so to speak. You have the ability to lucid dream, as well as astro project. It's just the beginning phases of this.

    When I felt the demon, or darkness in the room, after i learned this stuff, I actually Welcomed him. I know this sounds crazy, but think about it, you must conquer your fear. Know that you are a Loving being, and Love is far more powerful than any evil. So if you awake, and you are paralyzed, it will pass, but know this, YOU are in control of the scenario. If you feel a darkness there, talk to it. Welcome it.

    I started to challenge it. When it would happen, I would smile, laugh even, and say "Hello again. Trying to scare me are you? You know better than that. I'm above you in every way. You can't hurt me. I can hurt you. I can do whatever I want in this moment... It is YOU that should fear me. This is my realm."

    Since you are technically dreaming still, imagine that you can harness Light and Love. Shoot it from your eyes, your mouth. Your entire being. In any and all directions. Let the Love fill you and the entire room. Smile. Laugh. LIGHT. Love.

    It went away.
    I've had two episodes of this since then, one when I was in Asia. I awoke, got a brief second of reality as to what was going on, then again, that attitude... "Oh this again? Haha, ok lets see how long it lasts. What kind of magic can I conjure up here? I'm not afraid, and if any evil is here, BRING IT ON, you can't hurt me!"

    I would even taunt it.

    The most recent time, was actually a very fun experience. It also goes to prove my point that drugs can be a factor. I just got back from the same festival I go to every year. (The original festival where I experienced it the first time.) I did a mix of different drugs. Mdma. LSD. Then days after, I was so tired, fell asleep on the floor, and I awoke and was paralyzed again. I remember embracing it, and being like "Oh awesome, this hasn't happened for a while." I could hear my friends chatting in the same room as me. My wallet was lying beside me, I could see it, and since I was still in the dream world. I was able to telepathically lift my wallet above me, and spin it really fast and move it around the room as I saw fit. I ended up sending it to a light fixture in the ceiling and spinning it around and thinking "haha, I'm awesome."

    Zero fear. Total conquer of this situation.

    Remember, you're a dream walker. No demons can hurt you. No evil can defeat you. Your mind is the ultimate power.

    Your mind... is more complicated than all of physics. YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE.

    No demon, evil entity, or anything can even come CLOSE to your power. Cause the truth is, You are god. I am God. We are Love. Love is god. We are the Universe experiencing itself.

    Demons, evil entities, they no longer have our ability of imagination. Freedom of thought. Freedom of choice. Freedom of absolute manifestation. They are bitter and whiny, weak beings. Pitty them. Laugh at them if you must.

    Trust me, you need to see yourself as more powerful than they are.
    Love and Light.

    1. Dear Michael,
      Very much inspiring...
      Me too experience very frequent such phenomena. Generally when I keep awake till 3:30 am and sleep - this suddenly happens to me. I feel as if I am awake but I know I am sleeping. Suddenly I feel my whole body has become like a tree bark. Initially the experience was very scary. Later I started giving auto suggestion " I do not fear this" Then I started enjoying these things. Gradually I started developing some strange power - psychic intuition!!! CPU like sound in my ears gave way to very beautiful celestial music. Weird body feeling culminated to soothing & relaxing. During week end I create this situation for myself & enjoy it.
      Thanx for sharing your experience

  50. I’m in Orleans, Cape Cod in a big Victorian-farm style house on a family vacation for a few days...

    In the middle of the night, I was awoken by a strange feeling…

    I felt a big energy looming over my entire body, and the bed that I was sleeping in...

    I struggled to turn over to see this being...but nothing could turn me over… I was like stuck in mud… a force holding me down… I could not move…

    Then all of a sudden this energy felt like it was touching me…

    It felt like this gigantic blob of heavy yet light aggressive violent energy that took over the entire bed, making like a silhouette of my body and freezing me in time…

    I struggled to turn over, open my eyes, as the energy, which felt masculine, got closer and it felt like it was trying to rape me…

    Not so much in a sexual way, but like violating my entire being, and trying to get into my entire body.

    I was so bothered that I couldn’t move because the force literally had me pinned down…

    The force began to just hold me in place, hovering over me, and getting into every area of my body…

    I couldn't move anything, couldn’t open my mouth to say anything, not even my eyelids would open…I just kept being pressed into the bed.. thinking I was going to die…

    I knew I wasn’t going to be able to wake up into the reality to see it…even though I was picturing the whole scene…

    I could ‘see’ the energy (even though my face was down in pillows) hovering above me, a light white-gray blobby like force, above the exact checkered red/blue bedspread and white walls…

    I finally decided to give up…

    I fell back into a sleep to go away from this beast like creature, and when I woke up a few hours later it was gone..

    there was like a total release - as if something had let go of me and I was free.

    Note: I’ve had sleep paralysis before…the feeling of being awake but not being able to move…but it didn’t accompany what seemed to be another energy force. I was not thinking of ghosts or weird sleep or anything when this happened out of the blue.

    My body and mind has been feeling weak and a bit negative the past few dayss. (Maybe spirits feed of low energy states?).

    This rang exactly true for me: “It is a horrible low vibration. It feels to me like they suck your energy field”

    1. As someone who has experienced sleep paralysis yours sounds different than anything I have felt!

      Do you know what a an incubus is? Is sounds a lot like what you encountered. I hope he has left you alone now!

  51. I can never sleep in my room, when i do, everytime at around 2 to 3am i wake up and i cant move and i see a black shadow walk around me and i try to yell or run but i cant move. My uncle blessed my house once and while he did as soon as he got in my room i swear to god the lights on the whole block went out.

  52. Sleep paralysis has happened to me about 10 times in my life. The first
    time I honestly thought that it was death, my body shutting down and
    only my brain left active. The last few times I have accepted what it is
    and drifted back off to sleep since its never had any negative health
    repercussions. But apart from my eyes, I cant move anything, I don't
    even control my own breathing. It just keeps a shallow, like sleep
    breathing. The best I could ever do was muster a hum sound with my
    throat as I breath, but its never been loud enough to wake any present
    company at the time as I can't exert any extra breath. But a few times I
    focused all my power on moving my index finger, and after about 10-15
    secs, if my finger moves my entire body snaps out of it and I can stand
    up. I've never had hallucinations though, But will give this a watch and see what it says.

  53. This is the most scariest thing. I've experienced it three times this week now. The first night i woke in the middle of the night at 1:59am, i couldn't sleep for ages so i was just playing on my phone, then i put it down to try and fall asleep then suddenly i got this heavy feeling on my thighes then on my chest then my body felt paralyzed i could not move and i was awake at the time and all i could think of was a man going to lift me to the roof like on paranormal activity- i just tried to stay calm and my chest went up as i squirmed to get out of the paralysis when i think i must of hallucinated a light on my chest and a spirit coming out or going back in my it was so weird! Then the next night i was to scared to sleep on my back so i slept on my side and again i was awoken through the night in a dream that i was in my room and wanted to escape but couldn't move and i was trying so hard to move my legs and call for help but could not and i woke up with a fuzzy paralyzed feeling in my legs. Then the next night i slept in my mums bed because i was so frightened. Then last night it happened again i woke up crying i was so frightened- i woke up at 1:30pmish and heard my mum go upstairs to bed because she fell asleep on the lounge-so i just tried to get back asleep-i rememebr two of my dreams before i woke up again- my second dream went so quick-i went to church by myself because i hadnt been in ages on a Sunday apart from at school in my dream i had the biggest smile on my face for going to church as i hadnt been in ages and felt good-as i walked in re door and went straight to the holy water-instead of touching it with the tips of my fingers to my the sign of the cross i had both my whole hands in and i was playing with the water and behind me was the sister from my old primary school smiling at herself in the mirror and then my body woke up- i was squirming and felt the fuzzy feeling after i couldn't move-it was so frightening-i do believe im spirits as when i was little alot of things happened to my family-but we moved away from that house and now we have just moved back to the same area -i am catholic- i just want it to stop ive been so afraid to fall asleep :(

  54. Last year, I experienced two episodes of sleep paralysis whilst staying at our holiday house in France (17th century). Got a really bad cold soon after arrival, so spent the night in another bedroom so my husband would get a good night's sleep. I woke up to the sensation of something jumping onto the end of my bed. For a moment, I thought I was back home and it was my cat and then in the next second I realized where I was, and that there was no cat in this house. I felt the mattress move as something came towards me, and then I felt another thing jump on the bed on my other side. I was lying on my right side. I could feel them both moving towards my head, but the first stopped half way. The second one continued moving towards my head and stopped on the pillow next to my face. I TRIED with all my might to open my eyes. I could feel them fluttering as I willed them to open - I wanted to see what was there, even though I was scared. Could NOT open my eyes. I tried to move but was completely paralysed. Tried to call my husband but a strange sort of guttural sound was all that I could manage. Then I felt as if something was pressing me into the bed. I think I must have fallen asleep, because I woke up and the time was just past 7am. Told my husband and wondered about it but pushed it out of my mind. The following night (or morning as it turned out) I felt the "cat" jump on my bed again. Tried again to open my eyes, but couldn't. This time I concentrated hard. Was I really feeling something move on the bed towards me? And yes - unmistakably I could feel the mattress move and the duvet sort of push against me as the creature came closer. Again tried to call my husband but out came the same guttural soft sound. Couldn't move anything, not even my eyelids would obey me and open! Again felt as if I was being pressed into the bed. I was so frightened and thought I was going to die. And then all of a sudden, there was like a total release - as if something had let go of me and I was free. It was such a relief I couldn't stop smiling.

    This has never happened to me in our house back home. But this place in France... well! Every time we go there (five years now), something strange happens. Acorns and hazelnuts appear in closed rooms (there are never mouse dropping, or any sign of small animals in the house. No fruit or bread left out on the counters are ever disturbed. Once there were three oak-leaves laid out on the kitchen table (no doors or windows left open as this was in winter). In 2009, my daughter and I were staying there together and every night, we would hear loud clattering noises and whispers from downstairs coming from an empty room. At that point, we had only just bought the house and had no furniture apart from our beds and a few chairs and a table.Often sounded like someone had knocked over a glass bottle, with the sound of liquid pouring out of it). A few days before my husband arrived, the noises stopped and haven't heard them since.

    I just wonder what is going on. Nothing like these experiences ever happen at home. Am in my fifties, never taken drugs, am not on medication and am a practical no nonsense person. We all love the house and don't feel as if there is evil there, even though very strange things do happen each time we're there. We're going back there in June so wonder what will happen this time...

  55. im freaked out. Im completely not religious and tend to shy away from paranormal belief but this was creepy. I laid down last night and could not seem to fall into a deep sleep at all and kept on waking up in a half sleep. The one time I woke to the left of my bed was a human figure which looked like it was made of stringed white l.e.d lights or something all over but not very bright. I felt compelled to hold out my hand towards it and thats when I felt it slowly grab and hold my hand. I don't mean like it felt as if I couldn't move at all or was paralyzed like some here. I was moving slightly and was aware and had most sensations and feelings...i think. The holding of my hand felt so true, real and genuine, it is and very much was freaking me out. It was no demon or forced grab, it was like as if it was a "good" being or someone, idk. I found myself not able to speak so I stared in its "eyes" or lack of, made a grunting noise and lunged as much as I could in my restricted state and The figure then changed its facial expression into an almost feared look as it quickly let go and backed up. I then fully came to or woke up after and could not fall back asleep without watching 2 movies lol I have had many many dreams but none where the holding of my hand felt as real as in real life.I remember when it happened saying to myself in my state basically, "holy shit this is f--king real, it actually just grabbed my hand" idk how the brain could trick my hand into feeling sensations like that. Anyone else have a similar experience?

    1. The exact thing happened to me twice in the last 2 days at the exact same time in the morning 6.26am. I slightly woke to see a ghostly figure lying in the bed next to me and i was trying to shout at it to go away but it just dissolved into me. This experience was identical on both times except the second time i remember it talking saying "get out" or along those lines. I am staying in a hotel and could request to have a different room seeing as this has happened on 2 occasions however I do not believe in the paranormal and believe it to just an episode of sleep paralysis. I do not know why we imagine this ghostly figure and i do not know why it only happened at this particular hotel and twice in a row. It must be something to do with different sleep situations, i don't know i'm not a scientist. I will be sleeping there tonight and see what happens this morning. It creeps me out but do not believe in ghosts so take comfort in that.

  56. Dear People - It seems you have varied experiences as well as interpretations. The fact of the matter is, we live in a multi dimensional multiverse, and in our 3D experience, we can not possible perceive nor understand all that does not meet the eye. I do believe in sleep paralysis. However, I have also experienced something that is definitely not sleep paralysis. The first time I experienced it, I was in an old Victorian home with my old boy friend and my daughter. We all just woke up. My daughter and my boyfriend went into the kitchen to make breakfast. I lagged behind. I was just about to get out of bed. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. I swept the covers aside and was about to get up. That is when a terrible buzzy vibration SHOVED me back into bed, my arms over my head pinned down, and it was on top of me undulating in a thrusting movement. I could not move nor scream. I could not fight it. I could not move. It was not only alarming, it was scary, uncomfortable, and ... terrible. Eventually, it stopped and I was released from its hold just as fast as I was pinned. At the time, I thought is was a ghost from that house. It did happen again, only at that house. A year later, we moved... and... it happened again.... and again. I could feel it in the room right r, every time. It wakes me because I can feel it. Then, sure enough, it happens again. The last time, it even moved my legs apart.. It moves my hands, pins me, gets on top, and with this low vibration, traps me in some sort of state of immobility. I become very tired when this happens, and sometimes want to fall back to sleep, but I do not let myself. It does not scare me anymore. It can frustrate me, as any unwarranted violation will. They are definitely inter-dimensional beings of some kind. I have not seen old ladies, nor shadow people - sorry. But I can feel them, and they are not of this earth. It is a horrible low vibration. It feels to me like they suck your energy field. I will say this, I am not religious, but, thoughts of God and Love are high vibrations, are absolutely necessary to shift your vibration from one of fear (lower) to one higher. They can not stay in your energy field if your resonance value is faster. Thoughts of love and god they are very effective in creating a shift if conveyed from the heart. I will add this, because some associate it with alien abduction. My mother and I were visited by a UFO when I was a teenager. Together, we watched the HUGE orange ball of light above our backyard all night. I was, first, awakened by the shelves that were built into my wall in my bedroom... crashing to the ground when I was asleep. My mother came to my room, and told me to look outside my window... and low and behold, there it was....RIGHT ABOVE US! I was not abducted. And, we never saw it again. And, I did not get a terrible feeling from it, like I do this. I believe there are many universes, many planets, many other life forms, and infinite amounts of information and things we do not understand, mostly because A) We have not been taught to believe it and B) Because MOST can not see these things. People who have not experienced it want to tell us what we are experiencing. Science has all sorts of explanations. Terrific. But, in this case, sorry, they are just plain ol'wrong. As to my sanity, I am a working professional who has supported my daughter and raised her alone. I am in a higher income bracket and am on no medication. I do not do drugs. I work in the field of science. And yes, traffic, can drive me crazy. Other than that, relatively sane here. I convey this to you, my first time coming forth, and I am 49, because you may want to try shifting your vibration to a higher one. You can do this by the above mentioned. i hope that helps. It certainly has helped me.

  57. I've had the same problems when I was around 13. It was terrifying, sometimes I would get this multiple times a night, almost daily. I was afraid of sleeping. I would hear voices - giggling, laughing at me - and someone holding me down grabbing my wrists. I thought i was awake, and looking at things. And I couldn't see anything holding me down, it was just "a force". I've read and talked to people about this. Possibly, i was so stressed out going through my rough years and that could have been the reason why. After one particular year, this happenings diminished, but I would still get it once a while.

    I don't want to sound crazy but I became christian and I felt like I had a protection now..- Once I was lying down on my bed almost asleep, I knew this "sleep paralysis" would happen.(if you get so many of them, you know when it's about to happen) It was even more weird this time, because I was making sound not with my will. I was saying "evil, evil, evil"(the voice wasn't really mine, either. It sounded like in between male and female) I was freaking out. I wanted to say "In the name of Jesus, I command you to leave", what happened kinda puzzled me because ( although I do believe in Jesus- I was a strong atheist till I graduated college) even before I finish saying J for Jesus, it was gone. Completely gone. It's been now... almost 2 years, and I guess I had one more of this.
    So just out of my heart, if someone is suffering from this, I would recommend them to get some spiritual help. I don't know if it's my belief itself or Jesus or my "peace" of mind that I have someone covering me up. But one of these definitely helped.

  58. I have been experiencing sleep paralysis for over 16 years now. I intensively used psychoactive drugs in my early teens. I do not see any demons or anything, I just get paralyzed. I have found a way around it and those of you who experience these attacks may benefit from my strategy. As many of you at one point I would get these attacks almost every night and I would be scared to go to sleep. Well in one of those sleepless nights, I hit internet to look up what is really sleep. I could not find the actual definition of sleep but I found a lot of information about it. I found out about conscious and subconscious brain and the association of sleep with subconscious mind. Dreams and human imagination play a close role in seeing demons and witches. Well getting back to point, in my research, I found out about neurotransmitters. neurotransmitters like GABA Gamma aminobutyris acid and glycine are responsible for paralyzing our body so we do not react to our dreams and hurt ourselves. In some of us there is a chemical imbalance in these transmitters. This imbalance gives us the experiance of sleep paralysis.

    let me explain how it works. when we go to REM sleep these chemicals are shot down our bodies via spinal cord to paralyze our muscles and when we wake up, another neurotransmitter is shot down our spinal cord to unparalyze our muscles. when there is an imbalance either too much or too little GABA is shot down, we wake up our muscles do not...DO NOT PANIC at this point. here is the solution...Spinal cord is connected to your brain via neck...your neck is not paralyzed at this point. shake your head..try to move your neck...shake your head...DO NOT try to fight the demon with your hands because it will put you in a panic can not move your hands at this point....Shake you head/neck and it will shake the spinal cord and it will shake those neurotransmitters and this will get you out of Sleep Paralysis immediately....Trust me. follow these steps..

    1) do not panic
    2) tell your self that this is just a chemical imbalance in my brain.
    3) shake your neck and head
    4) smile and try to go back to sleep.

    if it helps ...let me know

    1. i will definitely try this if it happens to me again tonight, thanks for the information

    2. I have just read this post. I posted on this forum above, and I can tell you right now... no way could I move my neck and head. I tried and tried. I couldn't even open my eyes let alone move my head. I was trying to with all my might and NOTHING was working. It was as if I was dead.

  59. I can relate to your story, you're not alone

  60. It's interesting I should find this documentary, it's the only one of it's kind. However I'm not suprised how little science has to offer on the matter, and how much is passivly dismisses anything outside of the 'ordinary' or dosnt fall into line with the status quo.

    Once when I was 16 I very niavly took part in an uegi board "saeonse" if thats what you would like to call it. I was told it was perfectly safe, you resite the closing words at the end and all would be fine. When it came to my turn nothing actually happened, The cup nudged ever so slightly but didn't spell out any answers from the letters we had placed down. However the people I did it with, had done it the previous month in the same house, and got all sorts of hateful, nasty messages come through. I'm still skeptic on this "contact the dead" buisness, but do not rule it out.

    The following weekend I fall asleep in bed next to my "ex" as it stands now, And I get my first sleep paralysis come through, what do I say... all I can describe is complete terror, It started out as a vague figue outline I can just make out in the dark having sleepy eyes and just suddenly waking up, it would come down from the ceiling. My ex tells me I was infact asleep and moaning. I remember it like it was yesterday.

    The next few years they became more frequent and alot more vivid, always the shadowy man, or the terrifying presence in the room, I'm always frozen stiff and my voice is completely useless to shout for help. Once I woke to see there was many of them merging out of my bedroom floor. One istance I can vaguely remember actually feeling him squeeze my wrists, the first time I had felt some physical contact.

    I can only think of a few things more terrifying to a person. As an individual it is a lone experience, no one can go through it with you and offer their support. Everybody I spoke to just didn't have a veasable explanation, they couldn't grasp the understanding because none of them had experienced the sheer fright.

    I'm not exactly a relgious person, I believe in the belief, I like to think that none of us are a result of simple accidents. I got to the point where I just prayed to god to look over me and make the dreams go away, to vanquish the demon that plagued my nightmares each night.. And then they just stopped. I've had none to this day, I don't know if this has worked for others or will... I don't know if that's what stopped the nightmares or if it was some acceptance my brain went through I just do not know. All I know is after that night the dreams stopped completely after I begged some higher power to free me of this terror I had endured for so long... In that moment I must have truely believed 'god' would set me free.

    So what can you take from this? For crying out loud do no experiment with uegie boards or anything to do with contacting spirits, yes science has not come up with any solid evidence to deny or accept peoples claims this does not give you the right to tamper with things way beyond our understanding. You might just invite in something truely nasty. Second, you may have to put aside your athiest predjuces and adopt a less 'black and white' belief system. Now I'm not telling you to go down to your nearest church and repent your skeletons to the nearest clergy and become children of the light. I'm not saying that all. I'm saying accept that there are forces going on beyond man kinds current and most feeble level of understanding, as I said I truely don't know if praying really put a stop to the nightmares, I use to believe in the christian faith but fell far from it over time. I'm an agnostic, I'm open to all Ideas. I believe in the belief.

    I hope this helps some people going through this awful experience, you are not alone, however, if theres anything this film teaches; It's that scientists and docters with their conventional methods have no real explantion for this kind of ordeal, let alone a cure. So if your doctor is telling you "don't worry guy, it's only a dream, it will pass". He's talking out of his ass. Or "take these sleeping tablets here, they'll knock you right out". You need to take it on yourself to do research, look at people with the same problem and how you can deal with the problem. Don't just role over and live with it, and don't accept any doctor who's just trying to palm you off with sleeping pills or "I don't really know" type of explanations.

    1. Spooky.....

    2. This is a govt thing, theyre testing mind control weapons and electronicc harassment games to push conformity. If you purchase Sudafed, or file a federal claim whistleblower claim etc...YOU WILL BE HARASSED

  61. You have to realize that if you were really being attacked during the phase of this sleep paralysis, you would already be dead. What is really happening is that a lobe in the right hemisphere of your brain is perceiving that someone is there. Your physical body is falling asleep, while your mind is remaining awake. This is why the memories of these experiences are so vivid.
    Once you let go of the fear, and accept whatever it is that is happening, you will become lucid, aware of everything that is happening, even conscious enough to ask yourself "who" is the you that is aware of the event. After Lucid dreaming, the next step is astral projection. You will be able to move your consciousness throughout this realm as a pin point of awareness. That's when the fun starts.
    I wish people would stop making video's like this. This is what keeps people wrapped in fear, and fear is the reason we never reach our potential.

  62. When I was studying in NY I lived in a basement apartment in Brooklyn and I had several experiences of sleep paralysis. It was absolutely terrifying. The worst one, apart from seeing people in my apartment was when one of the hallucinations put its fingers down my throat and I was choking. I couldn't breathe for about 30 seconds and when it stopped I was coughing and struggling for air. I couldn't sleep for the rest of the night. When I moved to the East Village I still had them but they were less violent and lasted for shorter periods of time.

  63. If this ever happens to you, accept that this is a dream. You will then begin lucid dreaming, I know I've done it. I used to believe as all of you that this was demonic, however I did RESEARCH and found out that it was not. Seriously, try it! Lucid dreaming is absolutely amazing.

  64. i had a similar experience an year ago.that was it. but that experience was enough to scare the jeepers out of me. what ever it was, it was hugging me from the back. i could almost turn my head and look back. it had curly hair. as usual, it was a dark figure, cant make out a face or anything.but in my conscience i knew this is going to end. and it went away. also, i prayed our father.

  65. It all started when I was about the age of 13/14; I am almost 23. Just like in the video, I believed I was the only one. It was a constant attack every single night around the same times. It was usually around midnight to 3 a.m. and sometimes it went on for the whole night until I had to wake up for school. I couldn't sleep much and over time, it just started to get exhausting. The only people who knew at the time were my parents (not even my brother who is the closest person to me who later revealed to me it happened to him as well when I finally confessed what's been going on). It went on for years and my parents told me that all I had to do was pray and that I would be fine. Years passed by and I noticed that my personality started to change. I was always angry, and I felt like I was alone. Finally, when I got to the end of my sophomore year, I revealed to my boyfriend at the time the reason as to why I don't sleep much. Much to my surprise, he was going through the same thing. It got to the point where he would send me text messages that were complete sentences, but written backwards (siht ekil). These attacks varied from night to night. Sometimes it was a male; sometimes female. Sometimes I was raped and sometimes they would just attack me. Sometimes they would hold my arms and legs; other times it would just be my chest. This phenomenon is not a consistent thing. It's not something you can control with medication and it's not something that anyone can explain. I don't get these attacks every night like I used to. Instead, maybe I'll get them once or twice a year now and sometimes not at all. Overall, I believe it was all the help from God. It was the faith in God that I had that helped me and the prayers and pleads that I asked from him.

    One thing that may help a little (that my dad told me I should do) is when you feel the entity, just think about God; and even if you cannot physically do it, mentally do the sign of the cross as if you were awake and praying in front of this entity as if you were not scared. Let God be your light and ask Him to take away this fear. And for those who are not Catholic or do the sign of the cross, my best friend of 18 years (who also used to suffer from it) told me that she just says "In the name of Jesus." You may think that this is useless because you've tried it so many times. I felt that way too, but that is exactly what the entity feeds on. It feeds on the negative energy you have. Be positive and happy. Don't let aggravation get to you because that is exactly what it wants.

    I have never gone into this much detail or spoke to many about it until I saw this video. For those who are not religious, I am truly sorry for I cannot give you advice on how to get rid of this terrible and awful experience. I wish everyone good luck and God bless.

    Here is a poem that I wrote about my experience. Since I couldn't really talk to anyone about what I was going through, writing was the only thing I could do to express my feelings. I hope you enjoy it.


    Awake to every extent in my mind,
    But the hag gives me anything to find
    That it pleases. It bounds me with its oppression
    I cant fight--its even hard for a regression.
    In full throttle of control to what you see or hear,
    Numb disposition, no control over any fear.
    Immoral, sinister, a devilish kind of presence,
    One that many may not even believe in its existence.
    Leave me be, give me freedom or exemption
    As I live my life free from redemption.
    My desire--to lie down and relax in peace
    And for you, from our presence, to forever cease.

    - Christina Jane Segismundo

  66. I dont agree with the scientific reason because I have experienced some one having sex with me... This not only happened to me but also to my friends who use to sleep in my sharing room in a house with use to be completly against Vastuv...The interesting part was that the s*upid lady ghost use to ring calling bell sometime between 12:10- 12:30 and scare us more....
    Science only holds good in inventing some materials but not in understanding what God has created.....
    I Dont give a s*** to this video...

  67. this used to happen to me when i was 14---16---and 20 years old im 31 now but on me two things used to happen first one i was awake but couldt move the second on i was in my dream awake and wanted to awake but i could get up i tell people what happened to me and dont believe in all occasions i hear people screaming,sorrow in pain, mournful crying everything was dark i know that i was awake in some occasions i try to get up and i could do it something was pushing back i could see my brother and my mom sleeping in the bed i just couldn't move so i moan but they could not hear me and when i got up i just to tell them screaming why you did not help me you didnt hear me my muscles were on pain because of the strengt of trying to get up
    i will tell you i found 2 ways in how to come out of it the first one was when i was standing in the "dream" i fought all those voices with prayers mentioning Jesus or i used to go back to sleep in my dream and as soon as i went to sleep in my dream i just to wake up as soon as i went to sleep in my own dream

  68. For the most part if you believe in God (which is universal across religions/same God) and you show that God loves everything bad spirits usually go away. As a human you have spiritual powers. Everyone's interpretation is different. But I believe its also related to Out of Body experiences / Astral Projection. There's all kinds of beings you can encounter. BTW Negative beings are fed by negative thoughts. Even though for me I think everything is projected via thoughts and 360 visuals . i think not being able to breathe more is because people are used to always breathing and when their exiting their bodies they no longer feel that and paralysis of course is normal. Everyone does it everyday when they sleep but if you want abort projection just think of what your body feels like.

  69. I had sleep paralysis twice and both experiences were horrible.....but the thing is...i never felf a heavy pressure on my chest or anything..i was simply just paralysed and i could only barely open my eyes ... the scary figures i saw could never be erased from my mind though ... first it was a harmless cat that had crawled onto my bed ..all of a sudden it turned into my mother and my mom was choking me...then all of a sudden i managed to tilt my neck and the figure disappeared...the other time i saw a dark figure with long twig like fingers...he was moving around the room until finally he ended up right at the foot of my bed and he flicked out his red tongue like a snake was if he wanted to sexually assault me ...and my legs were slightly open and paralysed so i could not move it ... i remember feeling scared as sh*t ... luckily i managed to wiggle one of my toes and the figure disappeared ... soon after i sat up in my bed with my heart racing and the first thing i said was "fu*k this!" then i ran out of my mom told me that instead of swearing i should start praying anytime i feel any evil presence in my room...but now i sleep on the couch so..its all good ...for now ....

  70. Last october I went to a catholic convent in Scotland and stayed in a room in an old castle and experieneced this feeling. I was sleeping and then woke up with a crushing weight on my whole body and was unable to move, I was looking at my arm and was trying with all my strenght to try and move it but could not. I did not seen any spirt or demon. I have never experience this before and never heard of people saying they have untill now. I was scared and wonder why I exeperienced this at a catholic convent and not before.

  71. It happens to me one time when I was 6 or 7 yrs old sleeping on my room with my parents on Annuppur city our old house which we have been left because it was haunted. I was sleeping with my parents and I opened my eyes to see if someone is standing besides me and then I saw a spirit/Demon like something blue colored body and scary eyes I cannot move Even, cannot close my eyes I was trying to wake my father but I couldn't I cannot move I was seeing the spirit/Demon and after 10 seconds when I was almost dead from fears I fall asleep. the next day I woke up I told it to my parents they told me that evil spirits exists.

  72. Omg I'm so happy that I'm not alone , I'm 15 and this happen to me atleast three times. Before it happens I feel this black thing just zooms so fast right next to me and then the vibrating starts and I can't move at all as hard as I try. Then I try to scream "mom" but it barely comes out. Then I literally feel it come out of my body and then the vibration stops and I can move again. This is the third time it happen to me. The weird thing is that I'm fully awake and I can say whatever I want in my mind but The second time I remember that I heard this laughter in my ear and it was pretty loud . After it would happen I would be scared to go back to sleep because I don't want it to happen again but now I know if it does I scream out the name Jesus in my head to save me.

  73. this has been happening to me since i was 19. im now 35 and it still happens but not as frequently. sometimes i might get it every night for a week and then nothing for months. when i do get it, it will keep happening every time i try to fall back to sleep until i get up and walk around, get a drink, have a ciggarette or something like that. i have definetly seen the shaddow of a man standing in the room and can remember the first time it happened to me, once i used all my strenghth to break the paralysis, i ran like the wind out of my room and outside bcause i litterally thought there was a ghost in the room. it was in the doorway and was slowly coming towards me. its never been as vivid since but every now and then i see the shaddow of a man when it happens. it does always feel like there is something there in the room when it happens though. everytime. im not a big believer in the paranormal but it really is a scary and freaky experience thats hard to explain to someone who has never had it. one thing that is weird is that so many people from all over the world who get it see the shaddow of a man in the room. we all come from different walks of life and have had different upbringings and different life experiences so why do a lot of us see the same thing? i never realised until i saw this documentary that so many people see what i have seen.

  74. i have known this was happening to me from the age of 12, yes its incredibly scary! seen figures but no old woman or shadow man, more like flying skulls and mario brothers jumping out of a game boy that wasn't there. you are awake at the time, and the fear is very real. but if you calm down and remember its just you creating them images drawn from fear then you come out of the episode and can move again

  75. This happened to me a couple times when I was painting my house with bullseye primer... fully awake but couldn't move and I had audio hallucinations. Damn paint fumes

  76. It happened to me one time only right after I got saved. It seemed like this thing (or things) was on top of me holding down my hands and feet, covering my mouth with its creepy hands so I could not scream while it was humping me, not in a sexual way but as if it was trying to enter my body. I have never experienced such a feeling of dread and powerlessness in my lifetime. Whatever it was it was pure evil. It took everything I had in me to call on the name of Jesus and it stopped immediately and I was overwhelmed with a warm feeling of peace and safety. It has never happened again in the 7 years since. Demons trying to terrorize me? I believe very much so.

  77. Ive had the paralyzing effect happen to me - my living room at 5 pm with my whole family up & about. No old woman. This has happened at least 20 times to me. Mostly at the home we live in now. The difference with me is, my husband knows its evil because at times we are in bed talking, then all of the sudden i cant speak or move, so I try to grunt for help. Usually his (my husband)physical contact breaks the hold on me. Sometimes he has to violently shake me. Other times it will be in the middle of the night. One of us will go to the bathroom, so it wakes the other & that one will go. Come back to bed. Five-ten minutes later i'll think the cat jumped on the bed or walked over me, but then I notice the cat is sleeping at my side. At that moment it seizes me. I get filled with terror. My husband has turned to me during my "event" (which feels like its gone on for 5 minutes, but probably only seconds) to tell me he feels something strange in the room - or to say he had an evil dream. Thats when he'll realize im under attack & gets me out of it. I can tell you, the 1st time this ever happened, we had just laid down.Lived on the 3rd floor.It had rained. I heard the sound of someone walking in the grass in our yard (you know that wet,muddy-grass sound?) I went to tell my husband about it & in that moment of realizing theres no way for me to hear that so clear & close being on the 3rd floor - it seized me.I cant see anything, but I did feel like I was a doorway (for lack of a better word) & other ppl passing thru me.As they passed I felt THEIR emotions- not mine. Fear, a hurried rush,a thought like "hurry before she wakes" or something to that effect.It was terror. I couldnt breath. My husband who had a weird feeling put his hand on me, thats when it was broken! I sat up & gasped as one would from the water drowning. I was an Atheist. Im not anymore. We are not crazy, Ive been to a sleep clinic, but this only happens 1 every 2-4 months, so nothing came of it. We take no meds or drugs or drink. While theses stories are similar to mine, I thought Id share my story for the 1st time online. My friends & family believe me. Most ppl I know admit to having or knowing someone who has had SOMETHING strange off some sort happen.(maybe not like this) If anyone has had something like this happen, plz post.

  78. ive had this happen to me before..never saw any old ladies or shadow man but i was awake and paralyzed and could not scream out.

  79. I keep having these nightmares where I only see a shadow and they are trying to hold me down and smother me. I'm to scared to scream and when I try to I can't. I had this happen last night and it's been happening alot here lately.. I wish someone could tell me what's going on!!!

  80. Been there, people might don't believe it until it happened to them personally. The hungry ghosts is alive and well.

  81. i have also seen the shadow man several times and its really scary how i cant move and i feel a type of pressure or like a pinching feeling all over my body and i couldn't speak or move only my eyes could move this stuff its real and its no joke

  82. I get shivers just reading your stories guys, if this is a fabrication, why is it so similar all over the world, if it is primitive instinct, that makes no sense as we all dealt with different beasts in primitive times. It is never a dinosaur, or a lion etc, always a dark shadow, full of harmful feelings and aggression. I have these way too regularly, once a month at least, once a week at most, I am a 30 year old male, had a normal childhood I think, I use to awake to something trying to get in to my bedroom when I was as young as 4 or 5, then I would see the figure watching over me, then, for the first time last year I envisioned a friend sitting next to me in bed, we were sitting, laughing very heavily, then this dark shadowy aggressive figure came flying through the door from no where and attacked my friend with more ferocity than I have ever seen, not to protect me, but to scare me.Then, two nights ago I was sleeping peacefully with my wife, my arm and leg over her, when the "thing" climbed on top of me, held my arms and legs down and pushed them downward with amazing force. This is where it got freaky, my wife woke up, from the pressure I guess, I certainly wasn't moving enough to stir her, you can't move even an inch during these episodes. I have a warning sound that I have discovered though through years of trying everything to wake wake up. The solution is to make a noise by making an errrrrrrrrrr sound, it is one of the only sounds that I can make when going through this. It freaked her out the first few times, she thought I was having a wild fantasy dream, then I explained to her what was going on and now I can make it so loud that she hears me even in the next room. I hope this helps sufferers. So now here is my theory, I can explain that it is the most frightening experience that I ever encounter when it happens, I hate it, and it is violent, aggressive, and down right spooky. I believe that we all have access to frequencies when we sleep, like a radio station, and our minds tap into those frequencies. this means that we share dreams with others, total strangers from around the corner or other side of the world, even inmate in prisons. I believe that we are accessing some psychotic persons dream. that is one theory,the other is that when our bodies feel weak, our brains test our vital functions to make sure we are still healthy. We are put through a test of the heart and lungs and senses, this is why we hear, see, smell and breathe heavy when this occurs. I cannot explain why there is a figure that is almost identical in every individuals incident though, this baffles me. And thirdly, a friend and I thought that it could be abduction attempts gone wrong, come on people don't be so naive as to think we are alone in this universe.

    1. woooow....abduction attempt? never thought of that before, holy s*it imagine if that was it....

  83. My husband has often woke me up by shaking the whole bed. I open my eyes and see his eyes wide open & terrified & his body tense & shaking so hard that I've thought he was convulsing. Then his body will suddenly "let go" and he can move. He literally wakes up paralyzed & is trying to move his body so hard that the bed shakes. Sometimes it lasts 3 to 4 minutes while I just put my hand on his back & tell him it's ok, it will be over soon. I could not imagine the terror of waking up like that. He has done this hundreds of times in our 12 years of sleeping together & the fear is exactly the same since the first time. I think his greatest fear is that one day, it will not go away.

  84. I believe that the verse in Ephesians 6:12 may come into play in some of these cases, we do not just live in a material physical world. My goodness things such as this has gone on for thousands of years. Not all but I believe some cases are from the in between worlds.

  85. Should the intro not read "have you ever woken up and NOT been able to move"????

  86. I keep getting this happen to me as soon as I fall asleep. This shadow of a little person always come to have sex with me. I told it that It scared me and it answered me by saying " Yes you will be". this seems to be a normal thing now that it comes and make love to me and go.

  87. ok this just degenerated into some kind of bull**** lol. its interesting but what about actually helping these people who are NOT BEING ATTACKED BY ENTITIES instead of making them believe a bunch of ****.

    i used to have this **** happen often as a child, first one was walking to my window at 3 and seeing a wasteland of dead trees, i cried and my mom ran in and made me look again, and it was just the woods again... but i felt pulled out of bed to the window and i saw a post apocolyptic landscape.

    then the normal not being able to scream, frozen, dude all up in my face **** off and on in my adult life.

    1. So enlightened one...tell us oh wise one..What is it? A nightmare? Sleep paralysis? Maybe thats YOUR problem, & it is for a LOT of ppl, but it is NOT the case for all of us!

  88. When I was in my mid-20's I started experiencing sleep paralysis frequently. Always the same- wake up able to move my eyes but nothing else. Always felt like something was walking on the bed around me and also hovering over me heavily. I would desperately try and scream but never able to.

    I am a rational and logical person and during each episode, although I was terrified I would try and and consciously assess whether or not the indentations that I felt occurring on the bed alongside my body were really happening. Each time I assessed, I concluded that yes, my body was physically feeling the bed depress next to me. I am now 38 years old and still haunted by that time in my life. I can tell you that I was under enormous stress at that time and as a mental health professional, I would like to attribute the experience to that, in fact if it were just the paralysis and hovering sensation maybe I would. But, due to my actual physical feelings of the bed depressions around me, I can not. Something was walking slowly on my bed. No doubt.

    I've never experienced anything like it since, thank goodness (I did end up moving residences shortly after incident). I will never forget the experience and just wanted to share it.

  89. My husband's mother saw an entity leaning over the crib in the next room where my husband was sleeping as an infant.She described it very similarly to the "Old Hag".She was under the impression that the entity would take her baby and she spoke aloud and told the entity to "leave my baby alone,you are not taking my baby,he is mine.She said the entity slowly moved away and faded.This happened in 1951 and we still have the drawing she made of "the old hag".

  90. I used to have this all the time as a child accompanied with terrifying nightmares. I knew I was dreaming but I could not "wake up". I finally taught myself to ... and this is very hard to describe... shock or "scream" myself awake. What I would usually do is invite the nightmares to do their worst... it felt like diving into the nightmare... and when I confronted the horror at its most horrifying.. sometimes at the point of what felt like dream death.. then I could shock myself awake. Finally after doing this repeatedly my night terrors went away around the age of 8.

    Then around the age of 15/16 I had another experience where I truly thought I was awake and witnessing an incarnation of death....It was one of the more potent dreams/ visions experiences I have ever had and I remember it in vivid detail.

  91. I was sexually assaulted by one of these demons while I was paralyzed. On the bright side, it left $20 on the nightstand.

    1. Boy you have one cheap family member! LOL

  92. i had this experience once in my life, when i was paralysed in my sleep and a figure appeared before me in a dream and tried to enter my chest, i wouldnt let him in because i sensed he was angry. this happened after my friend died, and i felt it was him. i got headaches since then for about 6 years afterwards. and got depression and bouts of anger, and an intense sensitivity to suffering, i couldnt even watch the news without freaking out about how much suffering is in the world, and i got a preoccupation that i can die and felt despair. i even spent two weeks in a psychiatric hospital. i have never been admitted to one before or since. i feel that some experiences have no proper cultural relationship for them to be understood.

  93. Hey Junior Lesage. I've had the same experience and came up with a solution every time. Call on the name of Jesus and the entities get freaked out. They leave and you can move again. If you can't speak it as I wasn't able to at times, think it. Think "Jesus, Help me!" Then you become able to speak and just speak it and you realize you are fully awake and able to move.

  94. The first lady in this video is explaining the same exact experience I have been having!! This is so crazy... The shadowy guy can come up behind me like he is in the wall as he torques his arm around by dropping his weight back into the wall... best way I can explain it... very scary experience!

    1. Hey Junior Lesage. I've had the same experience and came up with a solution every time. Call on the name of Jesus and the entities get fr**ked out. They leave and you can move again. If you can't speak it as I wasn't able to at times, think it. Think "Jesus, Help me!" Then you become able to speak and just speak it and you realize you are fully awake and able to move.

    2. I've had experiences with sleep paralysis since I was 21 years old. I'm now 32. These experiences are extremely terrifying, especially when u wake up and can't move or scream, or anything, but you can see and hear everything around you. The real terror is that feeling of an evil presence in the room with you and you can feel the feelings of anger, hatred, and the feeling that your life is in danger. When these episodes take place, I always wake up to my heart beating out of control and feeling like I'm being watched. I know it's not a dream because when you're having a bad dream and it gets too scary, you can wake up. You even toss and turn. During sleep paralysis, you can't move. On 1 occasion the thing(demon) sat on my chest and I literally felt the weight of it's body preesing down on top of me and it caused me to be pressed into the mattress. I couldn't breathe. I was more than terrified. I began to pray in my head because I couldn't speak and called out for Jesus to help me and I began quoting scriptures mentally as well, and I told it you have no authority over me. I am covered by the blood of the lamb, and every time this happened, the presence would leave.

    3. Thank you for your story! I too have cried out (well grunted as I couldnt speak) to Jesus & it left....Thats primarily why Im not an Atheist anymore~among other things!

    4. Hey Junior Lesage. I've had the same experience and came up with a solution every time. Call on the name of Jesus and the entities get freaked out. They leave and you can move again. If you can't speak it as I wasn't able to at times, think it. Think "Jesus, Help me!" Then you become able to speak and just speak it and you realize you are fully awake and able to move.

  95. I have had this happen to me a few times. I wake up but I am paralyzed. I cant even open my eyes. No matter how hard I try. I never hear or see any hallucination though. it lasts maybe 20-30 seconds then boom, I can move my body.

  96. Documentary is OK, but having Narcolepsy, Cataplexy and Hypnogogic and Hypnopompic Hallucinations, which can make up the Tetrad of Symtoms. This film helps publicise the problems, reality and life changing health symptoms of the Night Terrors, but it tries to place a supernatural spin on this real debilitating illness.
    This is bogus, real research and help from the Sleep based medical community would help most of these people come to recognise the medical facts leading to these experiences. Not blame it on a lack of faith or demonic possesion. These explainations were discussed 5 centuries ago leading to Catholic papal dispensations.
    I feel for these people as I still experience, Night Terrors, which are not bad dreams but feel like real attacks and leave you with a lingering level of fear and physical responses to the activation of the fight or flight syndrome .
    Truth is we all have the perpensity to experience similar occurances, it lies deep in our primeval instincts and is very real to the person experiencing it and how it can destroy their lives. A visit to a sleep clinic and tests are a better alternative to quacks and religious theories. The brain is a very powerful organ, when we sleep normally activity is supposed to reduce by 20%, but those with Night Terrors have been recorded with activity 30% above normal waking readings. So really it is like an enhanced actual physical violation, leaving you with a thousand yard stare for a day and completely exhausted mentally.
    If you cannot understand this thing, it will feed from your imagination and negativity, try different approaches to it as it is your body creating it and fight it. It is pretty normal to feel these entities, where do you think fear and the paranormal such as ghosts come from in world popular culture and always are described similarly. Take action, its your brain and don`t let it control you through hallucinations.

    1. I agree with you that most cases can be dealt with medically. However, I have personally participated in three sleep studies, taken a plethora of medications, been in therapy most of my life and these incidents still occur and have in fact, gotten worse. No doctor, psychologist, therapist or any other in the medical field that I have turned to for help, has been able to do so, or to even explain the why of it. Once all scientific and medical avenues have been exhausted where does one turn to for resolution? I am not suggesting that my problem is definitely supernatural in origin, but I have been stymied by the lack of assistance that science and medicine have so far failed to offer. I cannot work, I can barely sleep, and no one can explain to me why, or what to do to alleviate the problem. In such a situation, what would you suggest I do? Science does not hold all of the answers, or any answers in my case, so to suggest that any alternative is ridiculous is short sighted.

  97. i always have a dream, quite frequently, everything feels like its on fast-forward in my dream seeing people in my dreams talking fast, flashing colours, i never let my dream end though.. i wake myself up breathing fast as if someone is stopping me breathing then i always see a figure from my dream in my hallway, or at the end of my bed.. any answers?x

  98. I wake up, hearing a noise. I see him coming into the bedroom "walking" round the bed. At that time I'm still able to move....I turn around. And then he is on top of me. I do not see the old demon looks like a very tall man 'n a black cloak, you can't make out a body...his face are that of a dog. If I look into his eye the are bright yellow.

    It is so scary, I cant move and I am fully aware of every thing in the room, even my husband in bed next to me.

    The demon is very scared of Jesus, that is the only way I can get him off me, calling out to Jesus, but if I do not ban him from my house in the name of Jesus, he'll be back seconds later.....after I was able to move again.

  99. What an unenlightening documentary. You can pick up from Amazon the book "Paranormality: Why we see what isn't there" for less than £1... It has a whole, fun, chapter that explains this totally normal phenomenon.

    1. Ure joking right...has this happened to you? Its like anxiety or depression or even PMS dude...U cant form an opinion until uve actually experienced it.... Science tries to explain away everything that seems supernatural and that will be our downfall....Science Is Good and well but its not the alpha and omega if u catch my drift

  100. I had to stop watching this once they started interviewing a Roman Catholic 'Demonologist' as a serious contribution to the argument. And that scholar who was baffled by communities having the same sleep paralysis hallucinations as each other obviously doesn't understand mass hysteria. And the priest who prayed for that guy and clearly got no response from God (you would think God would take some time to answer, out of all people, the priest's prayers and fix that little demonic problem). They clearly didn't want to find anyone who would concretely say it's all in your head. If you can't understand that then try thinking a little, or learning something rather than jumping to the conclusion it's spiritual, despite having made little or no attempt to find the scientific conclusion.

    I have had sleep paralysis before and I admit it's terrifying... then I realised it was just part of my dream that continued when I was awake as an hallucination. The first time was a man stood at the bottom of my bed with hollow black eyes. The second time was a gigantic face of a screaming baby. And the third time was a man wielding an axe. The mind is incredibly powerful and complex. If you've ever done any kind of hallucenogenic drug you'll understand this. Take DMT for example - it occurs naturally in the body but a common hallucination when taken recreationally is human/alien like forms. Think about how the human species has advanced because of having consciousness. We've created music, philosophy, science, art, societal structures, space travel, mathematics, religion, etc. Then think of what happens when the mind becomes unbalanced - say in paranoid schizophrenics who hallucinate and hear voices. And what about hypochondriacs and phantom pregnancies and false memory syndrome. The mind can trick you.

    PS The Scottish guy and his brother who dreamt they got raped clearly got abused at some point in childhood and suppressed it. And the African guy who woke up with clearly his own semen on his back (which he probably rolled over into) seems to have enjoyed his episode of sleep paralysis a little too much.

    1. What do u mean with "I have had sleep paralysis before and I admit it's terrifying.," how many incidents?

  101. 1000 times, or more. minutes at a time. Aware I am am awake, unable to move. I sound crazy to others. How is my visual Cortex, Auditory meatis, and sensory semantic function acting in perfect sync overlayed atop actual reality with a perfect hallucination that appears in every way connected to the waking world while paralyzed. Awake while sleeping. Happened sometimes 10 times a night. A man, a large Boa (snake) a wolf, a weird woman, a creature that resembled golum from lord of the rings, came out of the mirror in the room on the military base. I get up I snap out of it, I get water, it happens again an hour later the same thing. Very distinguishable in DETAIL. I find it fascinating, and believe that their is something beyond this realty. What, I do not know.

  102. It's called the old hag, it has been going on forever, it's especially believed in, in rual newfoundland and labrador. making the sign of the cross when falling asleep, or having nails in a board hung around your neck will ttorment the hag and she will leave you alone.

  103. sleep paralysis as they call it, happened alot of time where the body is the state of no movement as much as one tries, this is actaully caused when people tend to sleep in bad position the tongue tend to move backwards to block the wind pipes and as the brain lacks oxygen therefore causing such difficulties. as known in Africa as popobawa or jinamizi where they believe that this evil spirit has two fingers with no thumb or else it would kill the person sleeping.

    1217. Abu Hurayra reported that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, "When one of you goes to bed, he should dust his bed with the inside of his lower garment. he should say, 'In the Name of Allah.' He does not know what might have come on it after he left it. If he wants to lie down, he should lie down on his right side and say, 'Glory be to You, my Lord, I have laid down on my side by You and I raise it up by You. If you take my soul, then forgive it. If you release it, then guard over it as You guard over Your righteous slaves.'"

  104. OMG, the woman at the beginning has visions of the Olsen twins!

  105. I started having this experience when I was in US and Canada. I was born in India but went there for few years.At first I felt someone walked into the room and I want to see this person but was too scared to remove the comforter which I used to cover my face when I sleep. Then after few days I started feeling that someone walked in the room and was sitting near my feet trying to pull the comforter off my face I didnt respond to it cos I was too scared to see who or what it was. then after I started to feel that some small animal was walking on me while in sleep . I never had the courage to take the comforter off my face and see what it was. As mentioned here in some comments all this started to happened after I started looking up information about UFO's and Aliens. I started thinking that these are Aliens. I never saw a figure but always felt it was them. Further I started experiencing false awakening where I felt that I woke and started my routine morning things like brushing, making coffee, and stuff but when I try to turn on the tv to watch the news I cant find remote I try to find it in the house and went to bedroom where I see myself sleeping on the bed and I get scared after which I wake up to find that I was dreaming and that I didnt really woke up the first time it was in my dreams that I woke up but I cud see everything as it was in my apartment even the clothes I wore are the same. Google "false awakening" and you will know what I am talking about. Then I found out about sleep paralysis from google and I tried a method to come out of the paralysis try this and tell me in comments if it works. Whenever you feel that you cant move your body in sleep paralysis just try to move your toes. You can move them I guarantee it and once you move the toes you will come out of sleep and will be able to move your body. However this will make you a lucid dreamer you might never be able to dream again without knowing that it is a dream. In simple words you will always know as soon as you start dreaming that you are in a dream and you will be able to control what you do in your dream. You might enjoy it initially but its not fun after sometime.... trust me!!!

  106. sleep paralysis has nothing to do with god or the devil, there is scientific answers to it. for me it mostly happens if im sleeping in a uncomfortable positions. it also has alot to do with the blood flow in your body, if u slow down the blood flow while sleeping some how maybe having ur hand above ur chest right above the heart u might have a sleep paralysis but dosent tend to happen with everybody. its also happens if u havent slep well for like days.

    1. Please read what i have to say.

      "God's kingdom is not in such a way that one can see it with your eyes. No one will be able to say: Look, here it is, or: Where is it. For the kingdom of God is within you "
      Jesus says god is within us not up there or out there. When Jesus speaks of God's Kingdom "inside" us, it involves a level of consciousness that we are not usually awake on - but we can. For within ourselves, we are in contact with the divine, even if we do not usually know it. Wake up from the executive and reduced state of consciousness and become aware of the divine within youreselves, that "the kingdom of God" is in you, we have access to the creative force in the universe. In the innermost of us, we are all connected with the divine. It is our inner greatness. "To be saved" - that is to "spot his own greatness". Many have seen glimpses of greatness. And the glimpses come suddenly. Unexpected. it was for me in 2011 when i began having sleep paralysis.

      Science has never given me any answers just alot of illness related to it. I've been told there is a failure in the brain that causes sleep paralysis, but there is an outside source, a divine source which cause the failure. We reach a higher level of consciousness while asleep. We dont know what we are capable of. We may be opening portals we dont know about where beeings from other dimensions might get through, and make contact. Just have an open mind.

      I was 24 years old when i first got it, and had sleep paralysis throughout 2011. I had many sleepless nights before and the timing when this occured is strange to me. What science and wiki say about this dosnt fit my experience.
      Some people are more susceptible to this than others and some people never had sleep paralysis. My insticts tells me " this is something evil and i want it gone." so i began struggle to gain controll.
      There are different levels of sleep paralysis i guess some people even get physical injuries from this. I never saw a doctor, why would i? i never had the need. doctors only Print recipe on this and that i dont have, they couldn't give me better answers then i already had. i' know when i wasnt frightened anymore it took months between each time it happened so i wasnt having it two times a week or two times on same night anymore. it was slowly disapearing, and now it is finnaly gone, thats incredible. so there is my prove, it has changed my views of a Creator and the divine forces we are connected with. Thats when i realized ive had my glimpse of greatness. If this has alot to do with the blood flow i wouldnt feel the way i did. I know the feeling when my leg sleeps because of blood flow and when i wake up from sleep paralysis is two different things. Then i should have experienced this before and not be frightened.

      Thank you for reading.

    2. Yes, but let's not have such open minds that our brains fall out. I have experienced this phenomenon numerous times; paralyzed, disturbing, feeling like someone else is there, etc. But when trying to find an explanation, we will probably be best served by employing Occams Razor (when you have two competing theories that make the same predictions, the simpler one is the better; otherwise, we are invoking unnecessary assumptions). To this end, it is more wise to infer that it is the workings of the brain than to assume that it is alien beings, ghosts, demons, etc.

    3. You're a brainwashed fool. The bible is a load of silly stories with no relevance to anyone but deluded people

    4. Hey dude, no need to be like that.....Maybe Christians are brainwashed or maybe uve been brainwashed to the contrary. U cant prove them wrong just like they cant prove u wrong so lay off bro.

    5. The burden of proof making silly claims is on them. You can't use a book of stories as proof of anything, sorry bro!

    6. Hey, no need to belittle somebody. Religious, or not. You need to learn to respect the boundary of beliefs. You can't prove them wrong, all you have is a bunch of theory's, like they do. So calling somebody a fool is ignorant, of yourself.

  107. First time it was scary. Then I got into lucid dreaming and realized it was quite easy to lucid dream when in sleep paralysis. Fun times..being able to control your dreams is the ****

  108. this phenomonon happins to me all the time,it may be coz of all the good weed i smoke the peace.toke on! $£$£$

  109. I was thoroughly disappointed at the scare mongering in this doc considering many people who suffer are plenty scared enough already.

    If you or someone you know suffers from this or similar phenomena I strongly advise against watching this awful documentary, it offers no answers, tries to deride scientific theories which are by far the best ideas available to us currently and are built upon evidence, promotes religious superstitions like demons or ghosts and it uses sound like horror films. In short it will only exacerbate your fears.

    There are a great many processes and functions of the sleeping brain that we do not and may never understand, but to be fair the brain is the singularly most complex organic organ we have the opportunity to study, and while this process may have no end, there is much we already know. Knowledge is the only true antidote to fear. Learning about what we do know scientifically in regard to this common experience is one of the integral parts of the treatment of it.

    Regards, Sam.

  110. i have had sleep paralysis where i can not move or talk and am wide awake and can feel the present of something but i have never seen any kind of being. its a scary thing i cant wrap my mind around it. my family thinks its a dream but it seams so real. it happens 2 times a week now after i lived in this building i believe to be haunted which i havent lived in for 5 years now. am i crazy?

    1. No you are not crazy. It happend to me also once when i was much into ufo and pharanormal things... but i said in my mind "Jesus Jesus Jesus" and they dissapeared. They are demons who torture you.... tell them to go away in Jesus Christ name...

    2. redview wtf.ure weed must be stronger than mine.not fair.i can feel myself changing,think i'l call myself redmist from now on.jesus x3 no it didnot work.liar

    3. Sweetie IF this really happened to you - which im doubting by your jovial comment about the weed- but IF it did..calling out Jesus' name is no more powerful than calling for your dog. You have to have faith. Think about it..would YOU help someone who constantly mocked, belittled & goofed on you?

  111. I have woken up with my arm unable to be lifted off the bed. If I was to try to make a reason in my mind, I might say a ghost was sitting on my arm. I already heard of this subject so I blamed it on sleep paralysis right away. Don't want you imagination to get away from you.

  112. It happens to me for the past 7 years i dream something i am deep asleep then isee nightmare i dream i am in place like hel full of devils and then they speak to me telling me we are coming to your world to enter your body then i wake up sleep paralyzed and then i hear them shouting and saying stuff i never see anyone just feel them shivers in my body like they are crawling inside of me , i am a Muslim so i start praying saying name of god, then i wake up, 5 years ago i was renting somewhere and i woke up sleep paralyzed seeing a ghost saying i was living here and why your being friendly to the man, meaning the landlord get out, it was so scary, when i was in the landlords sitting room i sow a photo in his sitting room it was same person i sow in my sleep it was his dead wife. i did struggle in dealing with all the stuff i was seeing and not being able to understand whats going on, i just sow this documentary today and it shocked me cause i finally realized i am not the only one , i been praying more and it doesnt happen to me as much and when it does i dont see or hear anything but when i am paralyzed for while then i wake up, used to see snake on me, and feel someone entering my body, and hearing someone saying i am going to destroy you, but thank god its not happening anymore

  113. Im 24 Iv had many experiences from the age of around 3 however not very often. Anyway they always start from waking up in the middle of the night and either seeing a bright light out ground of a figure which seems to be a woman with no bad energy which i got used to after a while and would wake up see her and go bk sleep and then I moved out from home for uni and went from having nightmares which were playing on my worst fears and then....
    One night I woke up and saw THE SHADOW MAN!! When I say I was TERRORFIED i mean i couldnt move! All i could see was the outline and pure darkness but i knew it was a man.. I was in my apartment all alone however for some reason I hear something wisper in my ear 'In the name of Allah the beneficient and the merciful' so this phrase is goin round and round in my head..(bare in mind i have never read the quran) So im trying to say this for some reason and I just couldnt get the words out! It was as if this shadow man had an influence over me. After a few minutes of the terror i managed to say the Phrase and within the blink of an eye with no word of a lie, PEACE came over the whole room and surprizingly i wasnt even scared or phased by any of it.. I just rolled over and went bk sleep..never to experience it again! Muslims ask why i havent reverted yet but I dnt follow any 1 religion I just know thereis 1 GOD and he is the most high and powerful and with his help anyone can get away from such bad spirits which are around us always waiting for you to crack! sooooo......


  114. I experienced sleep paralysis few times a week sometimes. Yeah, it is scary but when you have it often you will start to be more comfortable with it. You just have to wait until it will be gone. But anyway it is very scary experience and I tried anything to get rid of it. I made extensive research on this topic and finally tried astral travel and learned how to use it in the process of out-of-body experiences. I have been experiencing it since I was kid, sometimes few times a week and I still am. But you can make from this horrible experience very interesting tool and explore reality beyond physical matter. If you have the same problem try it and maybe it will also help to you. Paralysis is nothing more than disconnection of your astral body consciousness from your physical body. This is the reason why you can see the room around you even thou your eyes are closed and your physical body is sleeping.

  115. Something similar happend to me onces when i was 14-15 teen.
    i remember i was sleeping and something woke me up in the night and i turn my head over and saw that it was 3:00 am... in the clock and i didnt really see anything but i do remember i felt the presure of something sitting in my chest and out of nowhere saw when someone like an invisible force took the pillow besides me and put in againts up my face and i felt i was gonna die
    the other day i told my mother and she said something like that happend to her onces ago and those were bad spirit experiencess she told me to pray!

  116. I live in St. John's, Newfoundland. Many people here also experience the same vision, and these experiences have been happening for hundreds of years. We call it "The Hag", as said in the documentary. In my own experience, I was woken at night, in my bed, however, I could not move. Paralized. A dark shadow hovered over my bed, and had sat on my chest. I found it hard to breath, and I was trying to yell and scream, but I could not. I knew I was in my room and I knew that my boyfriend was out in the living room, after falling asleep on the couch watching t.v. a few hours prior. I was terrified. So helpless. I also heard what sounded like the eerie sound of when you're trying to find a station on walky-talkies.. and kept getting louder. Finally, I was able to get up, and my face was flooded in tears and my chest was still uncomfortable. I was never so terrified in my life. My boyfriend said JUST before I ran out of the room, he was woken up by a nightmare.. in his dream he said he seen me in the bed with a shadow over me. He said he was standing there, watching me, and there was nothing he could do. He could just watch. Telling this story still gives me goosebumps, and chills. Now, before I go to bed, I have to watch or read something funny and/or happy. I also say a prayer, in which I was never one to pray. I always believed in God, but was never a good practicing Catholic. I am only 25, with a lifetime before me, but I pray to God everynight to keep this entity away from my little boys and family.

  117. [...]

  118. when i was 22 and for around 3 years in bed at mostly the last hour of dark (early morning ), i periodically experienced this thing scream at me only inches in front of my face. it was like rage and anger personified and it was the most terrified time of my life. use to play with the notion it could be physiological problem cause the alternative was very hard to bare. then years after my brother in conversation relating to those times mentioned he had something scream in his ear while he was home alone doing typing.

  119. This is scary stuff, I know because I've been through it on a number of occasions, things in the bedroom at night, demons on my chest, fighting demons who keep coming back, all with false awakenings, I.e. I think it's all over and then it starts again because I never really woke up, I hate it and sometimes just sleep downstairs, wouldn't wish this stuff on my worst enemy.

  120. Oh god.. I've gone through this ..and its terrifying. Shadow man is real ..couldnt move but he did not harm me in any way . 3 times .. when I was around 13 ..and recently . Felt paralysed and only my eyes open.
    Thought I was possessed .. felt a fr*ak.

  121. this is absolutely terrifying... my heart goes out to all of you who have to deal with such a horrible condition.

  122. Most don't comment on it, but for me, other than the paralysis, what was more impressive/frightening was the sound... As the "vibration" took hold of me I used to hear the most incredible cacophony of metallic, beating, pulsating noises that still echoed inside even when I did manage to move and fully wake. I would interpret them as voices sometimes... But they were not.

    Also... The ******* light switches! It still creeps me out a bit when a light-bulb doesn't work.
    It was so often that I would reach for the light-switch just to find out it didn't respond! Not much of a hand to really turn it on... although I perceived the surfaces, and if realized I would "conjure" a dream-hand to at least see something there!

    I don't know about women... But if you don't like the Cannabis solution, try the sex/masturbation. Somehow there is a sort of energy that "charges like a video-game combo" and can be channeled like that. I thinks that's the basis for many literature on celibate as a way of "spiritual empowerment".

    1. had a sleep paralysis 3days ago,couldnt move or figure if i was asleep or not,saw someone in my room walkin,couldnt wake up or move,it was creepy,then again,just felt like a pressure on my chest and like a spirit or ghost was over me harassing,was ****** up man,but the part where you got my attention is that in between i heard noises,metalic,in my head i was thinkin it was a train but the noise was too intense it sounded like it was crashing or somethings,well all this in the same night,could convince myself im simply crazy but im not the only one

    2. It's crazy ****, but doesn't mean your anymore crazy than the next dude. For my experience, the f****d up stuff is "conjured" by your fear at the awkward perception... And not having body and whatnot. You have nothing to fear but fear itself. And the noise it's scary too, allright... never sounds like a good start to nothing, true. But when relaxed even that is perceived more as a vibration. So try to relax, and if what you want to do is waking: just keep your focus on what you want to do, and wake! I gave two other "solutions", buuuut that sometimes doesn't work. If anything, think there are many incredible things that can be done while in that state... But "feelings" need to be kept in check. It's also called Hypnagogia.

  123. Weed stops it completly... Also a good orgasm. If you don't like the experience try it. I used to be terrified at it. Then I learn about OBE and astral projection, and just when I wanted to happen, then it stopped.

    Difference with the "haunted" commentators is that I was very conscious that the creepy images I was seeing were my way of snapping out of it. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes I turned into a conscious-mist of sorts, but unable of conceptual thought... Just pure emotion.

    It went, from my eight (first I clearly remember) to late teens.

    I know now that the mind is able to project itself beyond it's body... perceive, feel, and even have access to information otherwise literally out of reach.

    While the experience made me an open-minded person... respectful of the spiritual realities of this world, I don't have any evidence to suggest it's anything but, and only through a living brain that it can be achieved... But I can see how people through the ages probably seen this as proof of the soul, ghosts... and whatnot.

    There is this institution called the Monroe Institute that use this kind of abilities to train what they call "Remote Viewers". Apparently they have worked for the US Government for spying purposes.

  124. the power of the mind and the mystery that is the unconcious mind, pl dont assume all that god and jesus stuff works for everyone, everyone's different. i think its proably more what comforts/strengthens each individual. to assume whats best for everyone is a bit naive and foolish. cool doco and interesting comments anyway

  125. this used to happen to me abt 4 years ago, for like almost a whole entire year. i was scared of going to sleep. i would try to stay awake as much as possible. cuz as soon as i would fall asleep, it would happen. and many times it was as if i was awake, and i wanted to call for help or move, but i couldnt do anything at all. it was the worst feeling ever. cuz it seemed like they wanted to torture me and then kill me.
    my dad would always tell me that i have to give my life to God. and that would bother me alot, cuz i thought i was ok. till one day when i got severaly sick. and i noticed then and realized, that it all came from the dark world. they had power over me as long as my relationship with God wasnt ok. you delibereatly invite those bad spirits into ur life thru the movies you watch, the books you read, the music you listen to, everything that has to do with the world. but you are not even aware of it. It manifests in so many diff ways to everyone. to some it causes depression, others anger, others nigthmares, others problems getting along with people and so on..
    when i got sick, thats when God got my attention. thats when i really gave my life to him, and i made new promises to live a diff lifestyle..and im telling you people, those dreadful nightmares and sleep paralysis completely stopped!! i started reading the bible daily, singing, praying..and the anger i had inside, the depression,also i could never get along with my parents and i tried all ways possible but it never worked..i would write on paper cards and stick them on my wall abt how to be better and be nice to my siblings and parents but as soon as i was with them i would just snap it was a daily thing!!!..all those issues were completely gone when i gave my life to Christ.
    all the movies and the music and the books and the friends you have, the places you go to..they are all influenced either by the spirit of God or by Satan.. thru those things you deliberately give satan access into ur life and he can pretty much do whatver he wants to you and torture you however he wants without you really being aware of it.. The only solution is to give ur life To Jesus, and live a diff life style. the moment you do this, you will notice how everything in ur life changes.. how you change inside. the way you feel.the way you talk, the way you view the world.. you will have this inner peace and joy that the world can never offer you. they try, but its only temporary.. Im only 24 but ive been thru soooo much suffering, and so many ppl are just amazed how im still alive. but only i know and my fam, that God has sustained me thru all of this..ppl can come and try to give you explanations, but really only you know what you have been thru and the real truth and thats all that really matters in the end.

    1. Adriana, don't give up! And you will win!

  126. Everything that was said by the previous writer is absolutely correct and true, except for one thing that that REM sleep was always enigma for both scientists and doctors as at this stage of sleeping the most unexplicable things are happening to the body, that can not be explained by traditional views. This is the stage when talanted people find most creativity in themselves and all of a sudden can hear beautiful music or verses or see beaitiful picture they have never written or painted before, when super sensitive people can see the future and travel in time or travel long distance to see what is happening on the other side of the world, when people with great imagination can see ghosts or expeience something beyond the possible. What is it? I have never taken any drugs or smoked in my entire life, but I had a lot of unusual things happening to me in my sleep. Based on what I know and what I experinced I can suggest that at this stage our own self, our anima, our soul is getting freedom of our physical body ( I would call it "free will" stage) and is getting connected directly to Cosmos charging the energy of Creator from there. What kind of ghosts we see depends on what spirit we are trying to materialize with our own thoughts. If we have in us big fears it will turn into devilish boogy men/women trying to kill us, if we have joy and happiness inside our soul it will turn into angels, beautiful gardens etc. Think beautiful thoughts , develope a beautiful mind and you will never have to wake up during your sleep because of nightmares:)

  127. I am 30 and I have had sleep paralysis ever since I was 17. I used to smoke marijuana along with others drugs in my teens. In the beginning, it was once a month thing, then it came to once a week, then it came down to everyday. At this point, i had to find a solution for it and i did. If you follow my once step process, you all can easily eliminate or reduce sleep paralysis from your life. Just try it tonight or on your next sleep paralysis attack. No, I am not the Lets Go To the Doctor kind of guy. So just like you all, I started from google. Several medical site pointed me towards understanding sleep and its stages. So I slowly and gradually I started to understand sleep. We sleep in 4 stages and our body gets completely paralyzed in 4th stage called REM sleep.We also dream at this stage. All other stages physically prepare our body to get to this stage, and these physical actions are certain heart beat, breathing,temperature and reduction in muscle activities. ( please do your own research on sleep stages.)
    When we enter in REM sleep our brain shoots certain chemicals called neurotransmitters down in our body to paralyze it, so we do not physically react to our dreams. These chemicals are store in the brain region call Pons, which is directly attached to our spinal cord. Our spinal cord carries all the brain messages down to our body, therefore it is built to not to get paralyzed and these chemicals are ineffective on our neck. Most people try to move their legs or hand when attacked by paralysis but it almost impossible to move those muscles. Now Here is the ONE step process>>>>>MOVE YOUR NECK...SHAKE YOUR HEAD, nod your head whatever works for you. it triggers those neurotransmitters to shoot down the body again and un-paralyze our muscles. Trick is not to get scared. Thats when the second part of this problem comes in. When we dream in REM stage we are hullucinating in our sub-conscious. And when are on certain drugs, we hullucinate in our conscious mind. (I have had experienced both). Now if you see a demon on your chest its because your are dreaming in a semi conscious mind. Next time you see a demon do not try to punch it, cause you wont be able to, just shake it off using your NECK...As easy as that...Good Luck.

  128. I am 21 and have been having these, "dreams", if that's what people say they are, since I can remember. I hate even talking about them. This year, I have noticed they are getting worst. I'm experiencing them more, I still can not see it. But, It's getting so bad to the point that when it's on top of me it now doesn't just choke me but tries to pull my head back as if it were trying to kill me. I can't see it. I never have seen be able to see it but, I know it's there. When I was younger what scared me was it was on top of me and I couldn't move or scream but, now it's gotten very violent. I can sense it's like evil or like a negative energy. I have told people about it. Two of my sisters have experienced it as well so has a co worker. I refuse to believe that what we are experiencing is merely a bad dream. How could total strangers experience very similar situations? When I was about 9 or 10 I remember I couldn't sleep and I heard a voice it was speaking a language I have never heard before but it was the most terrifying voice ever. I wouldn't even be able to describe it. That time I was wide awake It's voice was so scary I don't even like remembering it. I don't know where the voice was coming from it sounded in the direction of the door outside or my mom's room. I lived in fear for years thinking what if it were my mom or something. Whatever it was saying it sounded mad as hell it was screaming. I wish I knew what kind of wicked language it was speaking but if I heard it again I would probably go insane, I must admit. I have never told anyone about that voice because some people are so ignorant they assume you're either making it all up or crazy.

    1. Im 22 and have had the same experiences since i was 9 or 10. Mine began as seeing "people" walking in my room. As i got older they have become less frequent. In saying this the attacks as i call them changed from just seeing them to feeling them. I once had a demon climb up my body and grope my breast, while sleeping next to my husband. I also have been paralyzed in my sleep and have heard the voice that you speak of.......It does sound like something straight out of hell and is not like any language i have heard. I find they happen just as i fall asleep. I am a Christian and my family are very open to talking about spiritual attacks . Pretty much everyone in my family has had them (there are 7 of us). My older sister and younger brother have the more violent ones you speak of. I know i may sound crazy but its something you could try. It works for me and everyone in my family. We say "in the name of Jesus Christ i command you to leave" and in those moment you can't speak... think those words! Its never failed me!!!! If you have faith as you speak these words i promise you it will go away. Its such a touchy subject that most people look a you in a funny way. Im open about my attacks and have found many people have similar and more extreme experiences. I think you should google (spiritual attacks) for a christians point of view, you may find different answers that you haven't heard of. Anyway i just wanted to let you know that your not the only person who has these experiences.
      Cheers Kaitlin

    2. So, I'm NOT alone! When I call on the name of Jesus he shows up! I had to learn the hard way though that there is power in that name. A baby demon told me I'd lost a pregnancy with a evil laugh. I laid hands on his little butt in His name and shut him down!. I awoke with spotting though, ( miscarriage). God blessed us. I told that wild thang I wasn't leaving God no matter what and a month later, I was feeling weird in the belly. my son is now 3 years old...Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!

    3. @Keshia Bean:

      God D@mn you happy-clappy religee's are weird, wait! maybe you are trolling? Nobody can be that weird!

  129. dose the spirit leave the body or dose it travel into itself do we see the world or is it a reflection of the world created by and viewed within our own heads is it the space that separates us or is it the space that connects us, are you a spiritual animal thats has not evolved from a monkey but has every part of creation within is make up, for in the womb are we not amphbian then reptile then bird then primate do we not get our cells from the trees, our bones from the rocks, our personality from the sun, is not the earth the mother from which every thing we have comes from are we not equal with all life on earth not higher ,are we not part of the air that fills our lungs and gives our heart the power to move it as part of our blood through our body. are not all religions corrupt ,they ask you to believe a book rather than find the truth contained with in you own heart, have not humans become like cancer upon the earth because we have stop communicating with conciousness of world we live instead lookin for this fella name god or allah his words written in books and home his in a place called heaven the heart say somethings outaplace ? its us
    Sleep Paralysis is your higher self is trying to communicated to you its saying WAKE UP

  130. Ray, ive had this most of my life as well, but it hasnt been really bad in many years because of the "wiggling" technice. Works really well since the feet are the only part of the body you can still move... Amasing also that i had an experience with the old hag, i was chocked that they even got the detail thats she hoovers over the floor and moves like a old movie.. i was 14 when i had the experience, i am 26 now. I didnt know anything about the phenomena. i just thougth i was going crazy..

  131. I've had this all my life too that although i'm always frightened by it, i have became accustomed to it. unintelligible angry voices and whispering in my ear, spirits phasing through my body, sometimes wanted to posses me, cold fingers running through my hair, seizures, shadows, this is my frightening experience. but when i woke up i just dismiss it as hallucination, chemical imbalance in the brain or subconscious manifestation because of childhood fears, i don't believe in the religious/super natural crap. however i found that wiggling your toes until you could move your feet, then legs, until that shaking wakes me up is very effective(i.e. if i remember to do it). Also sleeping while a pleasant music is playing during the duration of sleep not only prevents this but also produce pleasant/epic dreams.

  132. I've had this all my life. The only way I can get out of it is to try to make a noise, which wakes me up or gets my girlfriend to hopefully wake up and shake me til I move.

    The worst part is seeing the person laying next to you and you can't tell them you're stuck. I have lucid dreams as well, so you'd think I could control the sleep paralysis as I do my lucid dreams.

    Trying to move my head works sometimes, but whatever yelp I can get out is what usually does it for me. I need to try to learn not to be so terrified when it happens to me, and see what happens.

    1. I am 67 years old, I recognise many of these stories, this one in particular, i too would make the noise in the throat. It began when i was just 14 and was experiencing a great fear, awaiting a bone operation in hospital knowing that I would be having such pain afterwards (had same op 1 year before) as in 1953 no painkillers where given to children! this coupled with where I was ( a ward with around 40 adults in pain) in great fear and beginning my puberty, attracted what I believe was a darkness that had never been human. I was so terrified I left my body, It stayed, but only to come at night. (& there is a whole life story after this) when I was 42 I was taken to a christian rescue group. by a psychologist friend who believed they could help me, when It was my turn to be 'rescued ' I realised or had a knowing these people meant well but where playacting, needless to say, whatever the reason, it left. However,in hindsight all for a reason, leaving the body does show you that the body is not all we are! I have been different all my life, I am a spiritual person living in a human body. p.s I was diagnosed with,narcolepsy, cataplexy, and hypnagogic hallucinations. at the age of 23. And I have been blessed.
      I have travelled to other worlds, experienced things not given to many. Have no fear ask before you go to bed to be protected, and it will come, they (the light) are just waiting to be asked to help you. You may think you are powerless, but the light will outshine the darkness.

  133. this particular one is a female, her name is BAKHTAK, in some other culture using other names.she is from Jinn generation. just name a holy word, anybody got their own words, so you should use it, she will go right away.
    if you cant say the word you say it in your heart, keep say it they will go.

    they are way lower then human, if human want to meet them there is many way but got to tell you, you have to bring your self down to see them. they saw the human body, didnt see human quality, that's why they got jealous of human, they made from pure fire, that's why they got no weight.

    3 kind of them. they come to each other's society but got noting to do with each other. there food is human wast food. some of them ask for food from one of us, and he gave them, actually it was for blessing, they wanted to take food from his hand, he gave them, it was chicken bone at the time.

    I know some one who tide up one of the high rank of them finger for many ages.two finger from both hand to not messing around, she use to do wrong with her finger, actually bother human. and then he tide up her finger till with some one's party he untied her finger. I don't know they toke her promises to not do it again or not, but I'm sure they did. He wasn't some one to messing around with.
    they got short legs, look like gout but not exactly. , eyes like snake., big and round. and inside like ( I ), is not round like human. hair all over and color is dusty. they breed but time is shorter then human. they go to other planet around but with permission , and most of them cant because of the atmosphere, the atmosphere not good for them.
    they never had war between them but they have jail, they don't have prophet for their own, they follow human messenger. you will find believer and none believer among them.
    this im saying im not made it my self. we know great deal about them. im saying this from people who know them well, also from many old books from IRAN.
    Hamid R A Iran

  134. i've had this happen to me many times and just recently I had an episode which was quite different than what I normally have. It was very scary. Sometimes I dont like to tell others for fear that they may think I'm going crazy. I would really like to know what exactly is happenening to me and to countless others that have experienced what I have experienced.

    1. this particular one is a female, her name is BAKHTAK, in some other culture using other names.she is from Jinn generation. just name a holy word, anybody got their own words, so you should use it, she will go right away.
      if you cant say the word you say it in your heart, keep say it they will go.

      they are way lower then human, if human want to meet them there is many way but got to tell you, you have to bring your self down to see them. they saw the human body, didnt see human quality, that's why they got jealous of human, they made from pure fire, that's why they got no weight.

      3 kind of them. they come to each other's society but got noting to do with each other. there food is human wast food. some of them ask for food from one of us, and he gave them, actually it was for blessing, they wanted to take food from his hand, he gave them, it was chicken bone at the time.

      I know some one who tide up one of the high rank of them finger for many ages.two finger from both hand to not messing around, she use to do wrong with her finger, actually bother human. and then he tide up her finger till with some one's party he untied her finger. I don't know they toke her promises to not do it again or not, but I'm sure they did. He wasn't some one to messing around with.
      they got short legs, look like gout but not exactly. , eyes like snake., big and round. and inside like ( I ), is not round like human. hair all over and color is dusty. they breed but time is shorter then human. they go to other planet around but with permission , and most of them cant because of the atmosphere, the atmosphere not good for them.
      they never had war between them but they have jail, they don't have prophet for their own, they follow human messenger. you will find believer and none believer among them.
      this im saying im not made it my self. we know great deal about them. im saying this from people who know them well, also from many old books from IRAN.
      Hamid R A Iran

    2. it is physical, emotional and spiritual torture,(that leaves me exhausted in the morning or any time of the day after it happens), ive heard this episodes for the past three years and the only way to fight back is having faith in God call out His name for these beings (evil jinn) fear Jesus and your guardian angels

  135. i have had this all my life, and its kinda funny but i have a way to kinda deal with it. but the worst thing about it is how tired i feel after it happens, like all my energy has been taken and most times it takes a day or 2 to feel ok again. i have read the comment here and see that most people have this only a few times in a life time, i have this happen to me now for over 10 years almost 2 0r 3 times a week.

    1. this particular one is a female, her name is BAKHTAK, in some other culture using other names.she is from Jinn generation. just name a holy word, anybody got their own words, so you should use it, she will go right away.
      if you cant say the word you say it in your heart, keep say it they will go.

      they are way lower then human, if human want to meet them there is many way but got to tell you, you have to bring your self down to see them. they saw the human body, didnt see human quality, that's why they got jealous of human, they made from pure fire, that's why they got no weight.

      3 kind of them. they come to each other's society but got noting to do with each other. there food is human wast food. some of them ask for food from one of us, and he gave them, actually it was for blessing, they wanted to take food from his hand, he gave them, it was chicken bone at the time.

      I know some one who tide up one of the high rank of them finger for many ages.two finger from both hand to not messing around, she use to do wrong with her finger, actually bother human. and then he tide up her finger till with some one's party he untied her finger. I don't know they toke her promises to not do it again or not, but I'm sure they did. He wasn't some one to messing around with.
      they got short legs, look like gout but not exactly. , eyes like snake., big and round. and inside like ( I ), is not round like human. hair all over and color is dusty. they breed but time is shorter then human. they go to other planet around but with permission , and most of them cant because of the atmosphere, the atmosphere not good for them.
      they never had war between them but they have jail, they don't have prophet for their own, they follow human messenger. you will find believer and none believer among them.
      this im saying im not made it my self. we know great deal about them. im saying this from people who know them well, also from many old books from IRAN.
      Hamid R A Iran

    2. y post your post 3 times . . .

    3. why post 3 times and whats this big and round. and inside like ( I )

  136. Being in sleep paralysis mode means your on the verge of Astral Projection/Astral Traveling. Google It! It sound insane to me at first too, but I did my research..and it's REAL, no lie

  137. i suffered from these night terrors back in the mid 90 thru early 2000's always the same about every 3 months a black figure would appear at the foot of my bed (could not make out features), it would then be on my chest and i would be paralyzed but i could see everything around me (my roomate sleeping in the bed across the room etc) horrible. i always fell asleep wondering if that night would be one of those nights. one night i was able to move my hands and i managed to (seems funny now but wasnt then) to flip the figure off (gave hime the bird) and managed to mouth F**K OFF!! Have not had an episode in over 7 years but am keeping my fingers crossed.

  138. I get these from time to time. The first was around 19...paralyzed and hearing an old woman's voice. I've had them where people were walking around me and I couldn't move, like my home was being invaded. The most interesting, however, was "shared." I had moved into an old house, and heard what seemed like a megaphone blast: "don't panic," or something to that effect. The next morning my roommate looked at me shaking his head with terror in his eyes, whatever it was set off the smoke alarm, and the alarm accelerated as he approached and slowed as he walked away. A coincidence, I suppose, as these are a guarantee for me if I sleep on my back.

    1. It happened to me when I was 19 too. I couldn`t move I could only watch and was so scared. My muscles were blocked and at one moment I thought I am paralyzed. I did here some strange voices too. That was the only one I experienced and since then I haven`t had any.

  139. I had a strange experience once. I was dozing on my couch in the afternoon. I drifted off to sleep and suddenly had the feeling that I'd left my body. The feeling was at first a struggle then a release. I floated still in the same position up to the ceiling and for a moment stayed there suspended. Then slowly descended back down into my body.

    1. I've had EXACTLY the same experience, man. Chills just ran down my back, bro.

  140. I started experienced "sleep paralysis" since I was 16 I think, I have researched about it just like probably many of you had done too, and I have find many explanations about this phenomenon, however I'm not here to tell u about my research, but to tell u about my own experiences and how I learned to control and even use this for my spiritual development...

    First, I want to make something clear, I am not Christian or Catholic or anything, I do not follow any religion at all, but I do respect all religions and their teaching and I do believe in god, I do thank god every night for everything he has give me!

    So here is my story, just like many of u, you probably get your sleep paralysis when u are really tired, or when u just falling sleep or before waking up. when I first started to get mine I used to be very afraid, because knowing that you are awake but you just can't move it was pretty frightening, I remember I used to pray, scream, cry, I used to do anything just to be able to move again, but then I learned to control it to the point that I was able to "see" myself laying down on my bed, YES, you can do this... this is what happens, when u have a sleep paralysis, just like the scientific said, u get stock in between your dream and being awake, what the scientific guy didn't tell u or don't know, is that there is a name for this, it is called "astral", according to ancient people, and many other that studies this "astral world" the astral world is where your soul goes when u fall sleep, there are many levels in the astral world and depending on how developed your spirit or soul is you can reach different levels, this is why the idea of nirvana, of meditation and all these things, if u think about it, when Jesus came he said that the kingdom was within us,, what did he mean by that,, why many religions are based on praying, on believing there is a spiritual world?// I dont know! but it make some sense to me,, and i can't tell you that i believe 100% on this "theory" of the astral world, after all, there many things in this life that are pure lies, all I can tell you is that after I hear about this "astral world" i started researching about it, and I began be able to control my "sleep paralysis"... I started asking myself rational questions obviously, (to make sure i wasn't getting crazy or anything lol) so, if this thing call astral world is true, then it means that when we are experiencing a sleep paralysis, our soul is not completely outside our body, we are not dreaming we are not awake (this is why most ppl can open their eyes and move them sometimes, but they can't actually move their whole body) then, if the one "awake" is your soul and not your body, why do i need to worry about breathing,,, duhh, does my soul needs to breath? as soon as I realized this I stop thinking about breathing when I was having my "sleep Paralysis" then my sleep paralysis started to last more, ( i know u might not wanna hear this, but if u want to overcome something such as ur fears, u need to understand them and face them, at least that's my way of thinking). during my sleep paralysis I began to -not to see, but to feel "entities" or whatever u wanna call them- but I always knew that they can't really do anything to you, but to scare you, so i wasn't so afraid of them, (also my dad had sleep paralysis when he was young, and he even have talk to other spirits before, he jsut doesn't talk to me about it too much cuz he said that that "is world that you shouldn't try to play with") however; I used to focus my attention more into be able to understand what was happening to me, soon I began to feel how a moved my hand out of my body,,, see, when i said "feel" those who have experienced the sleep paralysis they know that u never actually see anything you just feel things, u feel that someone is close to u, u feel someone is infront of u, u feel someone is on your chest, whatever it is u just feel! (if u think about it, our soul may just be able to feel, not to see) this is why I said that I felt how my "hands" would get away from my physical body. When you have a sleep paralysis, it is real, or at least you feel that it is real until you wake up, and it feels like it was a dream, but deep inside u, there is something that tells u that it was real!. Anyways, I tried many things many times when I was "sleeping but awake" you know what i mean, (oh one thing i have to tell u guys is that every time i would try something new, i would be really scared of course, and my soul will quickly go back to my physical body, so you can't be scared, i know it is hard, but you have to try not to be scare so you can progress, there is nothing to be afraid of anyways, you will always going to wake up) one of the things I tried was to be able to have my sleep paralysis during the day and while someone was around me, so I would lay down on my sofa while my mom will watch tv, one day I found myself out of my physical body and I saw my mom go from the livingroom to the kitchen, (i never saw her come back), I tried hard not to be scared, but i was, especially cuz it was happening during daytime and i couldn't really see myself, i don't know why, I just know I was laying down on the sofa, but I couldn't see myself, (i have never been actually able to clearly see my face, I just know i am there, i can feel it) so i got scare and I woke up, and my mom was still sitting beside me, so i asked her "do u went to the kitchen?" and she said "yes I went to check the food on the stove" (she was cooking). so this meant for me that it was real, that it happened, that my brain wasn't just playing tricks on me.
    obviously there were more things that happened to me during my sleep paralysis, from talking to "ppl", who?/ i dont know, ppl, even to fly over the skies, one night one "person" said that he was an angel and he told me many things...... crazyyy!! i know... maybe it was just a dream, maybe it wasn't, i cant really tell u that,,, see I am not here to try to sell u my story or anything, i am here telling u how I learned to control the situation,, just ask yourself rational questions everytime, if you ask me now, do i really think that all that i just told really happened to me?,, i dont know, at the moment it felt real, but with time everything changes and when i talk about all theses things they even sound odd to me! the only thing I can tell u is that u have to face your fears... also I learned that I am not spiritual yet developed and that I can't actually control my soul perfectly yet, i dont know if i have to pray, meditate, be a better person or i dont know,, but i dont get more sleep paralysis anymore, according to many articles and website that talk about astral, the more pure you are the more capable you become to control your soul,,,adn the more your learn about the astral benefits and "rules" the less you will experienced, because is like taking classes to be a doctor but never practice on the patient, you need to put on pratice what you have learned,,, and come on i am only a 22 year old guy, who likes to party, drink and do all the things a 22 year old guy would do... so i can't be so pure as it is "required" to be in the "astral world"... all i can say,, do not even believe my story,,, just try to do the same and see if it works for you... do no think about breathing, don't be scared, count to 10, and especially imagine your soul coming back to your body, or just say it out loud, (come back to my physical body), prying helps too, but it worked at first, but then it just used to make me more nervous, and being nervous might make you see more things, do not forget that you still "dreaming" and your brain still controlled by ur imagination which in is controlled by the fears, thoughts and feelings that you are having in that specific moment.
    just try to control and face your sleep paralysis, it helps no to think so much about waking up, because it makes u anxious and nervous, it helps more to think about relaxing, this way your body is not so tense and your soul can come back in place onto ur physical body without so much difficulty. :)

    1. Ure right that's what I had been thinking all along! I had it since I was 14 and I was so afraid of it and later it was better when I learn to keep cool and so on...I usually thought that I had woken up and try to perform some task like switching on the light but when I do I can't physically touch it then I feel myself back to my body...strange, scary, frustrated was how I feel especially when on the way back to my body I heard a screamin voice and a woman or maybe a man (but I feel the female presence) tried to squeeze my neck...that kinda fr**k me out! I was fighting to break free from her then suddenly got back to my body and haven't happen to me for a long time now...but I wish the best for the unknown whether they hav bad intention to me or not because I don't feel the need to hate them...

  141. sleep paralysis... hmm.. I've been havign this since I was in 9-10yrs old, it's been going on forever till today. Now I'm 25 and I still have sleep paralysis. I have tried everything that people wrote on the internet, went to doctors and therapists. Nothing worked. But prayers do work for me. I wish I could get back all those thousands of dollars I wasted on therapy, total waste :/

    p.s: moving the head works better than the toes/feet

  142. omg, this s*** happens to me. I get night terrors and total paralysis at least once or twice a month, sometimes I am just about able to get out some type of noise or make a movement to wake my husband up and he drags me out of it somehow!!! its not a dream, i know the difference between dreams and this - i have tried to embrace it instead of letting it destroy me but its tough to deal with. I feel the fight or flight but cannot act on it, thats the worse thing. i am not gonna let this s*** get me down though.

  143. and also it occurs almost when you sleep with lights off.

  144. i had some technique to avoid sleep paralayze and it works. never use a pillow that was too soft it makes your head and neck so comportable you wont able to awake easily even if you want.

  145. I Think "If you have pet animal strong dog, they can help you a lot by bark because they can easily identify invisible evil force"
    Does it can helps??

  146. I have been reading the comments here about sleep paralysis, a lot of people have tv's in their bedrooms, clock radio's, computers, cell phones and other electrical appliances, seems like nobody knows what "ELECTROSMOG" can do to the human body, there is an ambient current because of that even from plugs and wiring in the walls whether appliance are off or on. Pull your muti-breaker off for your bedroom before going to bed, then see what happens.

    Or get an electrosmog detector, even having a steel boxspring mattress can give off waves of magnetism. Google all of this for more info.

    1. Add few more comments:
      - Never sleep in South Facing i.e. while sleep your head should not be in south direction.
      - Do keep mobile phone near to your head while sleep.

  147. people experiencing sleep paralysis should just relax during the occurrence. what i usually do is to try straightening my legs and feet and move the toes, just like what you do when you have cramps on your legs. Another way to break it is when you're lying flat on your back, try to turn and continue your sleep leaning to your side as soon as you wake up. i do this when i have multiple SP; those that occur successively as soon you break the first one another one comes up. i'd experienced this when I'm really tired and sleepy. after years of experiencing it i usually just shrug it off as soon as i wake up i go back to sleep only to be haunted again. i think the most that happened to me was like three times in a row in one night. at times even with the lights on. so what i did is i turn to my side and sleep back. i know some of you are also experiencing dark entities. i've been there too. I've experienced it in different places, with different entities, some with buzzing sounds, wings flapping, blowing wind on my face, hands held down - its crazy and its scary sometimes. but don't give in to fear just take it as it is. i know some believe in spiritual entities some don't. but always remember to remain strong don't give in to fear, try to relax your body and take a deep breath then it'll pass.

  148. I get paralysis whenever I dream about my dead cousin or any dead ppl that I know, and specially whenever I sleep facing up. I get so scared that I just go sleep with my older cousin in her room.

  149. You have alot more real problems to worry about, stabilizing the earth and making it asteroid proof or solar flare resistant. along with cancer,war,famine,genocide,environment,economy and
    alot of other real... i said "real" threats to f*****g worry about... (p.s your slowing down man kind you underdeveloped excuses for humans.)

  150. R*tards there's no such thing as ghosts/evil spirits/souls, just a bunch of id**ts that get scared when the lights are off...

    1. Can you with your human eyes see bluetooth? infared? how about your wireless internet connection? X-Ray? no... didnt think so. Just because you can not see it... does not mean its not there. As humans most of us are very unevolved with sight as we can only see 5% of the visual spectrum. This means that there is up to 95% of things that are there that we are not seeing. We are just on different energy levels of vibration to these 'entitys'. Sometimes humans can see them... and sometimes they can get to us.

      You need to get real. There are really things that go bump in the night. the ones that can laugh about it are usually the ones that are more brainwashed than most and do pass it off as mumbo jumbo.

      On the upside for you. These things feed off our energy. If they scare us they feed off the energy vibrations we emit. It is probably best that you dont believe because you would probably be one of the ones that breaks if anything like that happens to you.

      Each to their own though
      Sweet Dreams

    2. that's really cute darling, we only see 95%, ( go get your eyes tested).

    3. Humans seeing aprox 5% visual light is cute? I dont think so.

      But if thats the best answer you can give to my retaliation of your uneducated and frankly narrow minded comment; without any want to try and prove me wrong just 'thats really fuking cute darling'. 95% is a hell of a lot of dark matter to be surrounded by. I doubt you could even comprehend the multitude of what im saying due to that minuscule perspective of 5% keeping you boxed in your own narrow-mindedness. at least research what im telling you and if even to prove me wrong.
      Subject: [topdocumentaryfilms] Re: Sleep Paralysis and Ghost Visions

    4. what are you talking about dude. you make no sense. say it some how to people know what are you talking about.

    5. Have you read the first message i wrote in response to somebodys comment? The last message was not the first message I put up.

      The visual spectrum im talking about is what we see with our human eyes.

    6. you mate are a Prat!

  151. I had the same things happen to me. Like someone previously said, it helps if you do not sleep on your back. These episodes are more likely to come during day time naps or after falling back asleep in a morning. It really is terrifying the first few times. I used to have a bedside fridge and one night I was trying to sleep when i felt the room spin around me, an increasingly high pitch sound overwhelmes me then fades abruptly and I knew I was physically asleep but mentaly awake as I could not move at all. Then the bloody fridge clicked on and the normally very low audible hum from the fridge was like a jumbo 747 taking off in my bedroom which shook me awake! I always feel out of sync with my physical body for up to 5 minutes after waking. For example I get up and go to the bathroom, i reach out my arm for the light switch and it feels like my arm moves 1 second after i actually move it. A very strange feeling!

  152. there not ghost but evil spirits,there not allow to posses a human but,just like man who break the rules ,so do need someone strong spiritual to get rid of them,and those scientice who dont believe,if the dont believe in the devil then they dont believe in god or the afterlife,understand if you create a toy truck or any real truck,you understand its whole workings,but it does not understand you,thats even how even the best of us compare to the creater who created the whole universe and beyond,seek help,pray for refuge with god from the evil he created,as jesus said these kind only come out with fasting a prayer.

  153. It happens day time too but its rare. Dont sleep on your back or your stomach rather sleep on the side that way you are more able to control the feeling and the situation .Usually it happens when you are very tired

  154. This is nuts. I have sleep paralysis, hypnogogia, hypnopompia, all of those. That people make these "shadow people" into evil entities is really sad, because they are what you make them. Literally! Why does the shadow figure have to be evil? It doesn't, you just make it "evil," rather than just your confused brain trying to make something sensible out of conflicting data. They're not trying to kill you, they're not aliens trying to spirit you away... it's just your brain forming the thing that we are most responsive to: humanoid figures/faces. It's what we respond to from birth.

    It's sad that something so simple can be worked up into something so fantastical as this "documentary." I'm glad I have such a firm foundation in my own psyche, because this crap would mess someone up if she didn't.

    To those with sleep paralysis etc: IT'S NOT EVIL. It's a brain hiccup. "They" can't hurt you. "They" are not out to get you. "They" aren't even there.

    1. You are 100% correct, good job.

    2. "They" can hurt you. My 3 year old started having these things happen at a young age.. at 9 weeks a random burn showed up at the back of his ankle. Couldnt see what had done it but i passed it off that it was just a sock that was too tight. at that age he was not crawling or rolling over so he could not have done it himself. Since he has been able to talk he has been speaking of "the man in the fire" I just passed it off as coincidence that he was talking about the things i was seeing while experiencing paralysis myself .. untill he got up with another burn mark along the top of his thigh about 4 months ago. It had boiled up too. And it was not there after i had bathed him the night before. And he could not have done it on anything in his cot... but during the night he has woken up screaming and crying again. he was shaking and couldnt get his words out he was that worked up. so Mr Man with all of the "brain hiccup" answers....explain that one. any comments that would help me think that the world is not as f****d up as it seems would be greatly and sincerely welcomed.

  155. This is too funny.

  156. All of you who share these experience it is hart to gage who is dealing with something that is not from these world and who is dealing with something manufactured in the mind which then is
    to used by something bad against us

    As far as mentally manufactured or dealing of the human mind
    I know some but not the expert

    As for dark entities and the things that they do I know quite a bit
    I had demons too against me but it only lasted for a week straight.
    One day it began and in about a week it stop. only for a time Over the years since then the attacks have been more creative and with more cation. In that one week i mentioned I used to be attacked multiple times the same night always starting around 2 am Now they come much much much less often, but in the blue moon that they do try is more creative and the caliber of demon or demons is more dangerous
    Now is just a bother I do not fear then THEREIN IS THEIR POWER.
    jut as much as they have tried harder and yet with caution. I have become more powerful I do not not seek them but if one early morning they find me sleep I do find them back and this usually ends with me falling back to sleep and a failed miserable demon who got a taste of what the have coming when all of our mortal lives are over.
    Not many can do this.

    This power I use is not mine I only get to borrow it upon the merits of faith, humility truth and obedience . WHO NEEDS HELP WHO WANTS TO TALK?

    1. Demons aren't real, you are lying.

    2. I admire people like you that come to conclusions that are based on pure faith. Am I to believe that you know the true nature of the universe and all that is in it? You are no different than a born again Christian, your faith is just as strong.

    3. I've had sleep paralysis it isn't evil, I even thought I saw ''shadow people'' and yeah ''they'' were shadows because it was a f*****g dark room.

  157. I have suffered sleep paralysis i have seen i man in white holding my feet at bottom of bed wearing white jeans and top with face turned away from me some how i managed to scratch hes face as i tryed to get him to look at me so i know who it is he started to growl load like a dog and looked like my brother i could not move rest of my body when i woke my room light was on and i had stable in my finger tips from scrathing his face i knew it was not my brother as he was 300 miles away and i could not move rest of body and have even had out of body experiance and been beaten up by this thing but after a while i was not scared i would laugh at him.
    it finally stopped then but i contaced contacted mosque and church as i am a muslim both agreed it help me if happens again by the way other nights it was a black mist swearing and attacking me. pressure on head starts first.

  158. i Changed everything. Nightmares with the same demonic sabatoge EVERY NIGHT for a year straight. I changed everything. MOved. Left loved ones. Everything. Now Im alone. Its bittersweet and mainly .. painful. But trying to move on.

  159. i think joey's f***en losing it. but i too have sleep paralasis and feel like i am fighting off some evil spirit. no fun

  160. I have been doing some noticing, that these attacks come from evil spirits from people, especially them who smoke cigarettes and smoke crack and do other deleterious harmful beggarly drugs that damage the mind and spirit of man. People send these evil spirits on others that they hate and are mad because they can't have them. These attacks are sexually based at lots of times by frustrated beastly jackals that should never be tolerated. I lived in apartment in Hayward, CA. The office manager was a nice married woman heavy set but eventually started lusting after me and I didn't see her that way. She smoked heavily and had an evil streak in her. Then I noticed demons would show up at my bed at night. From who u wonder?

    1. Joey, we are coming for you. we watch and wait to torment you. your soul will be ours. Your savior has no power on earth as this is my domain. I admire your fight and will keep you from burning if you come with me

  161. I lived temporarily with this guy who had furniture in his house from this satanic guy from work. At night during the day evil spirits would crawl around on the floor from this couch. I had two cats living there also and these poor animals don't have much protection from evil spirits invasion. My cats had these unclean spirits in them almost immediately after there. When I finally moved around the corner to my own place, these cats were infected with devils. I can't let these cats in my house for very long. They live outside now. The devil would send these cats to my door at night when I would get ready to go to bed. I made a mistake several times and let these cats in and went to sleep. Almost immediately spirits from these cats left them and crawled in my room and hit me in my head & my teeth. Once a man walked in my room. I had just barely dozed off I saw that thing and said, "satan get that damn hell out my room in Jesus Name!" I have to anoint my house almost every day with blessed oil In Jesus Namethat has been prayed over by Elders of church. This is serious, I have to anoint my entry of my house, my car my forehead. These devils are persistent but defeated. In the Book of Jeremiah, first chapter, God said," the devil will fight but he shall not prevail against thee child of God". U must have Power to cast these devils out or a person will be subject to these attacks. I must admit at first I was too weak to cast that devil off my chest when it breached my dream. It try to make me sore afraid but years later when it happened again and I had gotten stronger in my faith I with God's power while I was In half sleep consciousness said to that devil get that damn hell of me and God rebuke thee satan. Real loud I said it. Sorry neighbors this is end time horror u would see in the movies.

  162. Try having these experiences during the day all day long every milisecond. Constantly trying to break me down. See I used to work with this faggot jackal dirty 666 hooker from the pit mad as hell called Bill Teske. He said he hate God and this fool looked just like a devil in his eyes. Some days I would see horns on his head. Evil people host these evil spirits thats why they're here. I could sense where this person had been while I would driving through town because this fool was so intensely involved in satan worship. Unclean sprirts were visible in the air very plain to see.The key to seeing these spirits is to be saved in Jesus Name. Can't be done any other way.

  163. First of all there is only one answer not many just one. These attacks are from satan. Demons have breached our plane because this is the end of the world. My advice is too stay stedfast and courageous and have faith in God and Lord Jesus Christ for deliverance.

  164. Jesus told me in my sleep to call on His name when this happens and I get delivered instantly and I saw His image once in my dream as He rescued me.t's very real and scary because we are approaching the end of the world. These demons have been unleashed on this plane. I was attacked in Hayward, Calif back in 1998. I was half to deep sleep and this creepy sensation entered my room and jumped on my chest and started laughing creepily right in my face. I tried to open my eyes but this thing from the pit was trying to paralyze my activities so I couldn't see it. But I sensed something very ugly from the vibrations and frequencies it was giving off. These things would hit the side of my bed. They also crawled in my mattress so it could penetrate my head while I slept. I have been attacked during waking hours quite often at the end of this 2011. This unclean would have the nerve to crawl on middle finger and I heard this thing tell me be contrary to God. That's how I know it's Satan. Where I worked there are dirty six (666) jackals and devil worshippers there and they wear 666 on their arms and they despise me because I represent the light.

  165. Oh it's very real. We are on the brink of demonic invasion on this planet. The alien invasion like you will see in these current sci-fi movies at the cinema. It's here!
    My attack came when I lived in Hayward, CA. I was sleep (sometimes it would half sleep and other times it would deep sleep, but I'd be very alert) when this creepy feeling I sensed in my sleep entered the room with incredible spirit of fear to paralyze. It tried to smother me, it crawled on my chest and it's dumb idiot mind set tried to shut my mind down. I heard Jesus say, "save me Jesus" and immediately I was delivered from that demonic attack. Then years later more uninvited idiot unclean spirits paid me a visit. I sensed that thing entering my room. I was like oh my God. Then troll spirits hit the side of my bed and heard them as if they were having a party on my floor trying to terrorize me. As we approach the 2012, I live in Chicago area and its worse. These spirits thrive on weak idiots that let invade and take up residence in their spirit. It happens now to me when I am awake. Demons attack me and crawl on my middle finger and try to vex my thoughts and articulation and so I would be contrary to God and lose my soul. All these incidents occured where mean nasty bitter souls that were pissed off at me because of their own uncircumcised unregenerated spirits didn't get what they wanted from me sexually. I know how these desperados operate.

  166. Sleep Paralysis is one of some experiences a person goes through before they Astral Project.
    Astral Projection, is when the body is asleep, and our mind is awake.

    The Astral Realm is something to discover.
    What your vibration is at, is what you will attract.
    However once you transition through from the "side effects" of sleep paralysis, you may have an out of body experience.

    Some people dont go through sleep paralysis, they just exit their body with ease.

    Every one is different.

    Read up on Astral Projection.

    1. I completly agree with you.

  167. I've experienced sleep paralysis a few times, and it really is a terrifying experience so I hoped that this documentary would shed some light on the topic. There were some interesting bits, but I was disappointed overall. I'm reasonably sure it's a psychological phenomena, but this film provides no answers and very limited insight. That's not a criticism - maybe nobody has come-up with any real answers yet.

    In my case, there are some common elements associated with the episodes. Each time it occurred was during an afternoon nap, and each time I was at my parents house. Only once did I feel anything that could be described as 'a presence' though. In that instance it felt like somebody walked up to me and slammed a big wooded board flat-side against my back as I was sleeping on my stomach.

  168. OMG! I haven't even watched the documentary yet but based on the description and the comments posted I have found the answer to the mystery that has haunted me for the past 4 years!

    My house had been sold and It was the final night in the house. I woke up in the middle of the night and I was unable to sit up!

    I could look around the room(the only things left in the room was a side table and the mattress on the floor that I was sleeping on) But i couldn't move! It felt like I was being held down by my wrists and my throat! It felt like I was being suffocated!
    It looked like everything was going bright white... I thought I was going to die!

    My mind was racing! It lasted approximately 5-10 seconds!
    When I was finally able to get up I hesitated for a second... I was scared shitless! I felt like there was a presence in the room and gave me shivers!

    I ran down the stairs and spent the rest of the night trying to make sense of what just happened. There's no such thing as ghosts? right? and IF there were why would they want to harm me?

    I have never told anyone about this experience because it simply sounds NUTS.

    1. You don't sound Nuts you sound Normal Jojo lol :)

  169. I was tuched by the stories of those people ,who are suffering without knowing what to do ,But I want to tell u ther is a solution .Please watch emanuel tv website or tv all the answer is their, may God bless u

  170. Call on the name of Jesus Christ and tell the demon to go away in Jesus' name. He is strong enough to rescue you.

  171. Call on the name of Jesus Christ and tell the demon to go away in Jesus' name. He is strong enough to rescue you.

    1. You are absolutely correct Christina. I know they say these are dreams but they are not, they are demonic. If one suffers from these episodes, why not try Jesus? Call on his name and He will help if you are sincere.He,Jesus, and his servants are the ONLY ones who have power over unclean spirits. If anyone reading this has these episodes and want to be free of them, I challenge and encourage you to call an apostolic pentecostal church and tell them what you are going through. There are men and women of God who are filled with the Holy Ghost (the Spirit of God) who will pray for you and you can be free from anything demonic.

    2. Anyone can pray for you, even you can do it without external help. The apostolic pentecostal church may have good people, but it's not only them who can help, anyone can do it if one is sincere in his request/intention :)

  172. HEllo guys I have been dealing with this issue since long. And I knew it was sleep paralysis. I didnt had this in a while now, but after seeing this video i was about to get into the same situation today. But I defied it. Yes you all can, you have a fraction of time before you can exert control on the invisible force to overcome you. To intensify your strength try chanting some mantra(I jst used OM). Strength your Aura by doing Meditation, Yoga and following a positive life.

    God Bless you ALL

  173. Well worth watching. I had no idea so many people had experiences like this. It's hard to imagine for someone like me who sleeps like a rock, i don't even dream much. Good doc with a little scary to it.

  174. I've only had one episode of this experience it was over 20 years ago and it was scary as sh*T , but i can say ever since i have not had one nightmare ever since that one.

  175. I feel terrible for the people that have such bad episodes. That must be horrible.

    I've had sleep paralysis since I was really young and I think I was frightened when it first started happening because I'd see some scary stuff going on -posters moving, monsters coming out of my mirror- but it quickly became just a part of dreaming.
    I learned to just let it happen for the most part and experimented with what I could make happen like trying to move my arms or stand up while I never really moved.
    Some people would call it "outer body". I call it "fun things you can do with sleep paralysis"
    Although it is difficult and I definitely don't feel rested after.

    After puberty it became more and more of a sexual experience and that's mainly all it is now and I'm not complaining.
    I do get the "voices" and this sort of invisible presence but it's never looming or spooky and I'm always aware.
    I can also snap out of it if I want to, but it's not easy.
    Guess the more spiritual types would say I gave into the demon.

  176. I have had sleep paralysis since my early teens. It's the typical symptom of being held down and can't move. When I was young it felt like a woman's presence was in the room but no shape. Now it seems to be a male presence with no shape. When I finally break free all that comes out of my mouth is "uck". The presence seems to linger around me for about a hour or so when I'm walking around the house trying to calm down. I'm not a spiritual person and I know it's all in my head but it's the most terrifying experience in my life.

  177. Oh god finally! Something about the sleep paralysis. Have had it for years now. Have been seeing this thing, not asleep.. it's hard to describe. When I lay in bed, have been having these images since I was fourteen, of a thing standing in my backyard looking up at my window. Then, it changed.. when my mom had an accident, the thing was no longer standing in my backyard, it was now standing in front of my window, staring at me. And since a few months, it changed again.. the thing was no longer in front of my window, it was now standing next to my bed, just bending a little, and glaring at me. I have never known what this was. I know i've been terrified for all these years, but I didn't want anyone to think I was bloody f--kin' nuts. :)

  178. It is refreshing to know from this documentary that other people have experienced what I thought as a "lone individual experience". I am from Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean. I remember having my first experience in my early teens, it was a bit regular has been a couple of years since I last experienced it. I have never seen a lady though. For me, I would feel the presence.....dark and heavy in the room, sense the evil,. and then i would see this tall dark shadow of a a flash they would come quickly on top of me, hold my hands down, I would try to struggle to get myself free, i would feel his hand cupping my mouth so that I would not scream, but all i can do is move my head left to right arms, my legs, my mouth...all paralysed, but I can feel the weight..... I would then awake with a sudden jolt upwards on my bed, breathing heaving, out of breath, feeling the pressure that was on my chest, mouth and wrist.... Over the years though, it has decreased somewhat. I have also learnt to tell myself, this is some sort of dream, it is not real, and it will all soon be over.....relax myself, and soon it disappears..... I have though found it quite easy though to meditate and sometimes I have experience Out of Body experiences.....

    1. I am also from T&T, I've actually experienced this when I was younger and occasionally as an adult. However, the only difference btwn my childhood and adulthood is, as a child it felt like someone was having sex with me (but never forceful), oddly I remember experiencing orgasm, but didn't know of it until I was older and started having sex. In these dreams, I didn't see anyone, only a shadow figure or the presence of something. Moreover, I often find myself twitching/jerked out while sleeping (completely aware), although I am not in a dream state (REM). I remember I was about 19 when I had the most scariest one, I remember feeling a sense of removal from my body, like someone was pulling my soul out of my physical being into the air, I was struggling, yelling, crying hysterically, but my mother, who was asleep in her room didn't hear me. It was odd because, unlike other testimonials, I didn't see my own body, I saw a group of men dress in black standing next to a stone. I just remember calming down, and then I suddenly woke up. So funny what I did, I ran into my mom's room and didn't sleep in my bedroom for an entire month + . It's something we joke about now, but from time to time I experience it, this year it happened about three times.

  179. I've had this sleep paralysis too and at first it is shocking, but the few other incidents I've had have been just mildly odd... I guess I am lucky, I have no problems. It is really weird to have the feeling that someone is sitting on your chest... I suppose because your breathing is so shallow. The special effects for this doc are horrible. The body does not move at all during sleep paralysis, breathing is very shallow and your body does feel like it is sinking into the bed and you can't MOVE AT ALL. It is strange, but in my opinion it is the paralysis causes such wild images as your consciousness tries to "explain" the experience.

  180. Isn't it some kind of odd that we can see similar things such as aliens, old hags, witches, demons, goblins, shadows, and feel like there is evil around us. We are not stupid we knew we were awake.

  181. i don't know if there's is anything about this. but this doc is definitely done so you should get afraid. horror stories, background sounds and noises. can't really take this serious and neither should you.

    1. YEAH, this doc has horrible quick cut editing! Totally sensationalistic, and all meant to cause fear. Really lame, like they are trying to make this more frightening than it is. Though the first time this happened to me I was scared, now I am old so I just go to sleep fully as the feeling passes.

  182. I've experienced sleep paralysis and there is nothing paranormal about it. I've heard all these tales before and I have never had a witch riding me as they call it in the south. It usually happens if I awake after more than four hours of sleep and attempt to back to sleep. Nothing demonic about that.

  183. You all guys talk about your experiences wit sleep paralysis and the visions you saw.. No one Gave a solution or a cure !!!

    1. wow, cure? I am not sure there is a cure outside your own consciousness. Hence facing your deeply held fears is probably going to have some success. Some people read the bible or Quaran or the holy book that is personally important to them and that looks all legit. I believe that CONSCIOUSNESS is the key...

    2. Someone gave it though i don't know it's effectiveness

  184. Sorry for the long post, this is my first time posting but I've been addicted to this site for as long as I can remember. I have had sleep paralysis many times (100's) and have studied to phenomenon and talked to a lot of people who have it and I can say maybe 65% or more report seeing entities and experiencing the voices, breathing, talking, poking, pushing or all from a "demon" if you will. Some peoples accounts are really actually quite terrifying and a lot of them refer to their religion when it happens and it seems to work 90% of the time (I am NOT religious). I can link the forum for anybody interested. I have never once had anything scary happen while in a paralyzed state. My experience is the same as Micheal Talbots (holographic universe) story where he talks about floating outside of his body but being fully conscious. While I'm paralyzed I have learned how to push myself outside of my body, I can turn the paralysis into an OBE (out of body experience) I can see myself on the bed in my clothes, I can see the TV on the show I left it on, and my room messy as all hell all in real I've talked to a young guy who told me that once during this OBE state he was able to roam free (like I can) to the school his mother worked and saw her and the children waving their arms around almost like doing the wave. Later on when he awoke and asked his mother about it she said "Yes we were doing that...but it was a game we played last week." Somehow his consciousness was able to travel through time and that is in line with what people see during near death experiences(NDE) OBE and when really high on certain hallucinogenics or meditating. Right before sleep your inner body clock(physical clock) and mental clocks sync together and shut you down, sleep paralysis is when your mental clock doesn't shut down with your body so your awake but frozen, so your conscious is active and I think the people who see these beings are bringing them about with there own inner fears and the thought of religion eases that away, Talbot said sometimes people can think of something and the mind puts it into play in the OBE state. Icke talks about holographic nature and I think this is in line with that as well. anyone have similar experiences? I know there is some great science in here somewhere =) This interests me to death!

    1. I used to get paralysis when awake in the middle of watching a film or just reading a book. I had an x boyfriend who when things started getting serious I tried to tell him the house was haunted - mainly my bedroom. I got the usual uneducated response of "ha ha ha ha theres no such thing as ghosts." He then went on to poking fun at me constantly. I used to laugh too to humor him but one day I flipped out and really laid into him " I really wish you would stop taking the p*ss out of what I have told you. If you don't believe me than thats fine but shut up about it. You do not have to stay here at night" Then he went home because I seriously could not be around him and then I slipped back into the phase of getting really bad headaches. One time shortly after, me and my x were having a snuggle watching TV. we were spooning and somehow I went from facing the TV to being face to face without knowing how i got from A to B (the not knowing how i had got from A to B has happened to me countless amounts of times during paralysis) We both had paralysis at that point and i could see the fear in his eyes and see him searching for what had control of us. I was trying to lock eye contact with him to try and let him know it would be ok soon and the sound on the TV went - there was a pressure sound in my head high vibrational as if i was under water - this was a common trait to the paralysis episodes I have had. I could see my bf trying to open his mouth and hear muffled strained and pathetic attempts at him trying to call out.

      As soon as it "lifted" he got up shouting "what the Fu*k? What the F**K?" and ran out of my room. Obviously that got my mums attention. I however was laughing the strangest laugh. I did not find the situation funny. Its just that i had gone through years of thinking that these things were in my head... from the doctor telling me it was sleep paralysis. I was laughing with relief that it was not in my head and that these things realy were happening.

      Science is only as far as the technology. and our technology has been surpressed. Never mind science. Pay closer attention to the storyline of Monsters Inc - somebody knows whats going on and is waving it in our faces. Monsters inc is about monsters from another dimension that have to scare children for "battery" power. when they can no longer scare a child - they shread the door from their dimension to the childs bedroom because they can no longer obtain power through the childs fear. ;)

      the truth is out there

  185. I've had this twice in my life that I can remember although no visions or anything.. I would just wake up as if I normally would to find out my whole body is paralyzed, can't move my arms, legs or even open my eyelids. I don't remember being scared by it at all I just dealt with it by falling back asleep thinking 'I must not be ready to wake yet'

    It's actually pretty scary to think if something like this happened if you dozed off in the bathtub.. :o you feel so helpless mentally you're giving it 110% to wake up... physically you're just numb.

  186. paralysis happened to my brother before this was when i was a kid and i remember my mom saying that its a spirit that comes and sits on u and u cant move at all but then after many years i remembered my bother saying that it only happened to him when he would sleep on his back
    soo i one day i wanted to see if it would happen to me witch it didn't so i was thinking to my self that i might just be lucky then one day i tried sleeping on my back with legs straight arms straight pretty much like a dead person well it happened i was paralyzed couldn't move at all i was awake i was very scared but as it happens u can feel the power thats coming i could feel someone coming close to me and when that something was going away second time it happened i also felt it coming and it got me paralyzed again third time i did it on purpose to see if i could stop it and i did as i was sleeping i felt something coming near me and i stood up and it never happened again soo if u wanna experience paralysis when u go to sleep sleep with ur face up legs straight arms straight till u fall asleep but its its not a good feeling

  187. This happens to me all the time, but trust me, it is nothing demonic, the easiest way to fight it off is to relax, invite it and you'll see that you'll fall asleep straight away. Sometimes, ive even been able to create my own sleep paralyses and sometimes i experiment with it to see if i can fight it, but no chance. It's a normal phenomenon that works with the brain, so dont be scared and embrace it.

  188. Ummm....on the 4th video at 2:05 on the top right picture is there a figure disappearing and then reappearing?? Has anyone else noticed?

    1. Yes I noticed! :| Wth is that?

  189. I've experience sleep paralysis before but never had any entities or demons appear to me.

  190. omg i finally thought here's a good documentary, and yet aagain another hell devil child scaring bs... i had sleep paralysis dreams exactly like the girl described at the beginning but instead of the boogie-man -the rats come and start nibbling my throat... and i had the dream like that maybe twice in my entire life (when i was physically exhausted) plus variety of dreams but real dreams when i was simply paralysed in various threatening situations (but again without devils and demons, just everyday life) so i reckon its a pretty common thing (sleep paralysis) but we need a lot better documentary to deal with the subject... thumbs down

  191. Well for those who suffer from sleep paralysis, I have to tell that this is a kind of demon comes to the person in hisher sleep. the moment you feel that the demon is coming towards you all you have to do is Read Quraan and it will disappear immediately . from a personal experience. You have to strengthen your faith in Allah, pray and read Quraan. in Arabic we call it jathoom.

    1. Thanks for that, it's all making sense now. Pray to Allah and the shadow people will go away. Does it help if I divert a tenth of my income for the glorification of Allah? Those pesky shadow people keep demanding my milk money, but I could borrow a few dollars from Grandma. If it'd help. Let me know, thanks!

    2. @Hanan Al-Ghamdi,

      Jesus Christ, that's a handy info.

      What I would do (just to play on the safe side), I'll get the Bible, Quraan, Torah, Dead See Scrolls, Gnostic Gospels, some Hindu and Buddhist scriptures, Tao De Jing, Analects of Confucius... and I would read random passages from all of those to get rid of the demon.

      It looks more efficient and convenient to me. What do you think?

    3. Jesus told me in my sleep to call on His name when this happens and I get delivered instantly and I saw His image once in my dream as He rescued me.

    4. Hi there, Vlatko. Please let us know which works best! I'll try anything once.

    5. Ha, Ha, that is hilarious, don't even know what to say to you, I want to maintain my pristine good guy image, so will say nothing!

    6. Pristine good guy image..?..and a funny one too!

    7. If it really works for you, there is no reason to be sure it will work for someone else. Right?
      Same with everything so personal, at least for me!

    8. You know Azilda, after mulling this over for some time, I do believe that we have met some 20 odd years ago in Vancouver B.C. on a warm summer night for about 1 hour, then you gave me a small folded card with a small poem you had written on it, took your knapsack and said you were off to sleep under the stars and left. The reason this has stuck with me is because it was so weird.

    9. Well if you had a real photo of you, i could or may be not confirm this(may not recognize you after 20 yrs)...but the story does sound like something i would do, have done.
      Small world...although Van and BC is a magnet for any Canadians.

    10. That would have made you what? 5-6 yrs old, don't know why but i keep thinking of you in terms of 20 some years old.

    11. Ha, Ha, love it when I keep women guessing. But we are of course getting off topic. We have to watch eeet!

    12. I always wondered why @CnN called you Mr. Razor, i thought it was a Christian thing. I have been tempted )a few times( to call you Son...and may be i did.
      Now i am on topic, i am talking about funny Christians.

    13. I had this happen to me before, but instead of reading the Quraan: Episode 6 - Return of the Jedi, I lowered my dose of LSD from 4 hits to 2.

  192. Anyone else every have their room full of tall dark robed entities?

    1. Only when I combine xanax and ketamine, but then I just don't care

  193. Cheyne obviously has no idea what he's talking about. That's why psychiratry is still questionable as a medical profession. What if it happens to you and you don't remember a thing but your partner is the one awake and witnesses it?

  194. I've been dealing with sleep paralysis for years. I get them very frequently as well--infact I had an "episode" two nights ago. It's basically like having a nightmare while being awake. I've hallucinated everything from a man at the end of my bed completely cloaked in black, 3ft tall big headed aliens, to even my own daughter who's face was grotesquely mutated. I've tried to control the episodes similar to that of a lucid dream (which I also frequently experience) but have been very unsuccessful. It almost seems like the more I screw around with it, the more intense and aggressive the episode gets.

  195. I actually suffer from sleep paralysis, I am 34 years old and i've been suffering with it since I was 10 years old. Not once did i ever think of it as demonic possesion or alien abduction. From being asleep I wake up and I cant move my entire body and it feels like as I am struggling for air. It is still a very scary experience, and I still have not got use to it.
    After watching many dox like this, I just laugh at this type of speculation and these "theories" that are brought about it. I also suffer from having wet dreams, so are you now going to tell me that some aliens are abducting my sperm or I am having sex with a demon whilst I sleep? lol

    1. Now you know; now you know...

      You should sleep with holy cross and a condom!

    2. Until you face your own fears you will not get rid of the horrifying experience, and you are not 'suffering', but you have to learn a lesson and/or overcome some fears

  196. Won't watch this before I go to bed!. If you want to get further freaked out, try "white noise" turn on a tape recorder to record on high all night, trust you will never sleep again! hehehe

  197. religious part was really stupid!

  198. i had several bouts of "sleep paralysis" over the course of 2 years- At the time i had a very analytical mind and considered it a medical phenomenon that could explain many metaphysical experiences-

    since then however i have not suffered more sleep paralysis but have experienced a multitude of other spiritual experiences-

    i am certain this phenomenon is of Divine origin and encourage anyone who is experiencing it to try and not be scared- Invite whatever it is that is trying to get your attention- Embrace any experience-

    you are on the path to something amazing, beautiful and AWE-SOME - the path however is eternal, and it is always NOW- open yourself to the magic behind the "illusion" of reality and the world will become enchanted and at yOUR service-

    1. the experiences come from within- you are manifesting your own bliss or fear- and IT is showing you how to access paradise by realizing yOURself as the Creator-

  199. cool subject, but the sound quality of the video is sh*t.

  200. I am absolutely certain that this is a psychological phenomena, i suffered those since childhood and they became terryfying until i read a book of Alfred Adler one of the best psycholgist who says that in any kind of dream what you need to have in mind is your attitude in the dream, so if you get scared means in a certain way your attitude in life against your fear. So these entities are psychological symbols of your real life fears. Change your attitude in real life and your dreams will change. And it worked. period. I still have these dreams sometimes when im stressed in real lifre but as im not scared anymore and as i confront them the "monsters" usually turn in something hilarious or ridicule in the same dream is like being attacked by a monster that suddenly becomes a clown with a stupid voice.

    1. That makes a lot of sense. Very interesting.

    2. The best way to change your attitude is to change it's attitude.
      When you are asleep as such, ask the "entity": Who are you? What do you want? Why are you there? Why do you keep coming back?
      Talk to it, it beats talking about it to a psychologist who is going to prescribe some pills.
      Let the "dreaming YOU" answer. It knows.
      I know this may be scary but it is worth a try...

    3. I try it long time ago, THEY just said "we are here to warn you ". Five months after that my parents divorced.
      Yes it's strange, so life is not black and white.
      (I feel very strange while typing this)

    4. I very seldom experience nightmares, but when I do I sometimes manage to confront the "bad thing/guy(s)" as you suggest. In this case the dream either breaks down completely, or I turn into the aggressor (hurting the opponents pretty badly, which is exhausting but not very scary).

      But sleep paralysis episodes or "false awakenings" are quite different for me. Unlike the people in this film (which of course is bollocks), I am not harrassed by any concrete entity in these dreams. There may be just an ominous mood, auditory hallucinations, an impression of "presence", various body parts not working (such es one eye glued shut and inability to move/turn), some aspects of surroundings being slightly off. There is either a conviction that I'm already awake or a realization that I'm not with a struggle to wake up (which often ends in a false conviction that I succeeded, while in fact I continue dreaming). These dreams cannot be solved by confrontation, for there is nothing to confront.

    5. Well done ... I did confront my dream images too and they did quickly shrink, in my case immediately. In one instance I was eventually awake enough to get up and turn on the light etc but all was normal. Though the Sleep Terrors seem far worse than simple sleep paralysis.

  201. Everything mentioned in this film is TRUE, all of it. I have experienced these exact same dreams of something holding me down smothering me in my sleep. I found that if i'm having these types of nightmares their is something in my life that i need to straighten out its like my guilty conscience that is bothering me. When I pray and fasting is good also, and cleanse myself of the negative things that I'm allowing or that I'm doing that underneath i know that is wrong but i keep doing anyway once I figure it out and fix it those dreams nightmares go away.

    edit: @vlatko, umm just wanted to shout out to you i have not commented to you before just lately their have been alot of Docs that you posted that really have had a tremendous connection with things i have experienced personally in my life and i just wanted to say thanks i have enjoyed coming to this site for some time now :)

    1. You need to pray more to heal your soul. I totally believe your story. Always ask for Jesus' help when this happens. Being an atheist so many years may have done some damage and the demonic spirits know about you - in time you will conquer them all with the help of God.

    2. I see you are back with a new email addy and a different IP number, if you do what you did before, you will again be black listed, so act accordingly.

  202. When I was a child.. I still remember having 'shared' nightmares with my sisters.
    One of us would wake up screaming, and then we all would. Even when we got older and my sisters had a separate bedroom.. We would just have these occasions where we would all claim to have felt/seen similar things, and all wake up screaming around the same time.

    I'm sure a lot of it was just us scaring eachother once one of us had a nightmare. But some of it still gives me the creeps today thinking about it lol.

    I also had an experience while living in Holland, while I was completely awake, that scared the crap out of me. I had no time to fall asleep that time lol. I shut off the light and BAM.
    I've convinced myself it can all be scientifically explained. Or that I had smoked one too many joints lol. Because the alternative is just freaky.