Sleep Paralysis and Ghost Visions

Sleep Paralysis and Ghost Visions

2006, Mystery  -   314 Comments
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Sleep Paralysis and Ghost VisionsDocumentary exploring sleep paralysis and ghostly visions. Have you ever woken up but been unable to move? Sleep paralysis is paralysis associated with sleep that may occur in healthy persons or may be associated with narcolepsy, cataplexy, and hypnagogic hallucinations.

Physiologically, sleep paralysis is closely related to REM atonia, the paralysis that occurs as a natural part of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.

Sleep paralysis occurs either when falling asleep, or when awakening. When it occurs upon falling asleep, the person remains aware while the body shuts down for REM sleep, and it is called hypnagogic or predormital sleep paralysis.

Sleep Paralysis – Ghost Visions explores people’s experience with the sleep phenomenon and attempts to explain why it happens.

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Lydia A
2 years ago

Try praying every night psalms 91 .. and rebuke it in the name of Jesus. My son at the age of 14 experience these nightmares until I his mother started praying every night and believing in Jesus Christ , he is free from it . God set him free! 🙏🏼 I wasn’t in church I was in and out and I didn’t believe in evil spirits but once my son started experiencing it and becoming mentally ill, I had to try to help but didn’t know how. I took him to counseling, and doctors. That one night he didn’t want to sleep he said he felt so down and unhappy and just cried. He didn’t want to sleep. So I started seeking god, because doctors couldn’t do anything for him but give me suggestions and maybe this or that! So I started to pray and asking for gods help? And he answered my me, leading me on what to do. Had a pastor come and pray and anoint my home and my family we started praying like a family on which we didn’t do before. It was the most beautiful Peaceful feeling that we have had in months. So I say Seek God he is more Powerful than these evil spirits. He saved my son He will save you .🙏🏼

John morton
3 years ago

It’s a Bible under your pillow.

John morton
3 years ago

I have had nightmares and things mess with me in my sleep for as long as I can remember . As far back as being a child. Not every night but at least two or three times a week. It’s always different and different things messing with me. I dream of demons a lot of times and it scared the hell out of me. I scream in my sleep trying to wake myself up and my girlfriend wakes me up then. This has been bothering me like I said for as long as I can remember. But there is one thing that I can do to stop it. And I am sharing this with you so you can stop it. Sleep with a bottle under your pillow and you will not have bad dreams. It works for me to even stay away for a minute and a couple of days or week after you take the Bible out. I had a friend that told me he had nightmares like me and what something would hold him down on the bed while he was awake because he heard me talking about it one day. I told him to do the barber thing under his pillow and as long as he had it he could sleep good and he thanked me and he almost cried. Now if it can help me and him please try it because I wanna help you too.

Clinton Mouton
3 years ago

I'm a sleep paralysis sufferer. It happens nearly every night so i don't fear it or fight it anymore, i have some sort of control over it now. I love it. The best part is if you don't fight it and just goes with it, it takes you to a whole other dimension...

3 years ago

Its quite simple how many times has any1 when waking up find out they cant move or talk 4 a minuute or 2 i bet a good % the ones like these put it in their own heads its paranormal or maybe alien and just the thought or suggestion starts these awake dreams or nightmares i suggest tge next time this happens to some1 just suggest your with your ideal partner NUDE

Trish W.
4 years ago

I’ve experienced “sleep paralysis” numerous times, the last being a couple years ago. This was the most intense thus far. I remember it vividly. I’ve been asleep for multiple hours, no where near wake up time. Im laying on my right side with my back to my room’s entrance, towards the edge of my mattress. I am awake, unable to move nor talk. I feel an intense pressure on my chest and something whispering in my left ear, I’m unable to make out what “it’s” saying. I suddenly feel a depression on the mattress towards my lower back, followed by a numbing, electric and tingling sensation where the presence was. I knew it was evil, I was terrified! Unable to talk, breath or move. I’m not sure if I said it in my mind or was able to speak at this point, maybe both but I said: “In the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke you demon!” Keep in mind I was not religious at this point but something came over me to recite those words. The presence disappeared! Hasn’t returned since.
Not quite sure if I believe these are merely hallucinations as the medical world specifies. I truly believe this is a spiritual, good vs evil type of battle. These entities try and take advantage of fear to overcome you and taunt you. I am an empath and believe certain people who have these abilities tend to experience sleep paralysis more than those who do not have any type of psychic gifts.
I’ve read a lot of experiences on this subject and definitely have seen similarities. Anybody else experienced what I have? I’m curious to know and would like to share experiences.
Thank you for your time reading my experience.

Kevin Snowden
4 years ago

I suffer from sleep paralysis, narcolepsy, and cataplexy. There is not a night that doesn't go by without me having some type of episode. From reading some of these comments, it makes me feel some type of comfort, it lets me know that I'm not alone in this world. Not being able to get some sleep when you are extremely tired is one of the worst things I feel like a person can go through in life.

4 years ago

i have had the same thing happen to me i would cut r burn myself to try and stay awake i sleep with the light on have done for over 35 years. i would love to kick the shit out of the bitch

Aamir nawaz
6 years ago

There is a very simple remedy to stop this and avoid it....
1) Read/ recite ayatul kursi ( the verse of throne) in your mind ( you can read any verse from any holy book or scripture as per your belief) 3 times. After reading it just exhale via you mount on the entity ( like you do to cool any hot drink before you drink it. ). The entity will vanish in a blink of an eye and you become normal and can go to sleep.
2) To avoid this happening again and again, one should sleep in a state of cleanliness. That is do ghusal before going to bed.
Let me know if anyone needs more clarification.

Rachele Watson
6 years ago

Well..I am not convinced that the shadow beings are causing the paralysis...I believe they just take advantage of the situation already in play....I saw the "shadow man"in the middle of the day so sleep anything had nothing to do with it....I do believe that they manipulate our dreams though..

6 years ago

Well this is my story. Sleep paralysis affected me for some time, before I was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma. I do not recall to had suffer sleep paralysis after the surgery = about 20 years past. The most remarkable fact is that when that used to happened I called the name of Jesus or God God!! just a few times and the sleep paralysis or the night mare leave. One thing I know, and it is that all diseases are cause by bad energies. Jesus expelled evil spirits from sick people, and that people regain their health. Note: I Believe in God Jesus, but I do not sponsor any religion at all.

6 years ago

Hi im jazon and im 18 years old. Now i've been doing research/ finding answers of what i was experiencing last night. I dont want to say it happened last night but it happend really early in the morning around 5 or 6, because im sure i looked at the time on my phone and realized it was exactly 4:27 , at the moment i realized i was soo tired because i was on my phone, while my tv was on and my fan also, but i couldnt hold on to my phone so i put it down and layed on the right side of my bed against the wall (on air mattress bed). Now im not sure if it was sleep paralysis or any spiritual dreams, because i've never experienced any of those or any weird tactic dreams. it was really weird and a bit scary because not only it happened once , but it happened i wanna say more than 3-4 times AT THE SAME NIGHT. When it first started, i like i said i was sleeping on the right side of my bed against the wall and i was dreaming, but while i was dreaming...all of a sudden i felt cautious and the second i felt cautious it was like i was pulled right out of that dream. At the moment when the dream just vanished, i wanna say i was awake but not fully awake because my eyes were open, but not fully open. I could see but it was all a blurr, now i knew i had to be awake cuz as i was still laying on my right side and somewhat on my back at the same time, i was aware that i was faced to the right and i could see my poster on the wall (thats how i knew i had to be awake) but my eyes seemed like it was barely open because looking at the wall, everything seemed so blurry i thought of opening them but i really couldn't. At the moment a weird sound appeared and it could'nt of been my tv because i knew i had my tv on but couldnt hear it at all...all i heard was a weird waving sound. It sounded like if you put your hands over your ears to prevent any sound but still can sorta hear a waving sound. At the same time i thought of getting up but i couldn't even do that. I was fighting myself trying to turn over but i just couldn't. As everything were still blurry and the waving sound seemed to get louder, i could have sworn i saw a pure black, long creepy face right above mine but i saw it only for a couple of seconds then i looked back to my poster on the right, thats when i start to get really cautious, because since i think i saw that dark, long creepy face, i knew i couldn't be alone in my room. So i had the urge to yell, but i couldn't get no words out of my mouth. I only thought of saying it but couldn't get it out of my mouth. I've been trying to yell "STOP, STOP, STOP", but i just couldn't say it at all. So i kept on trying to yell "WAKE UP JAZON, WAKE UP JAZON, WAKE UP JAZON" because at the same time, i thought i could be having a weard creepy dream or somewhat. So i kept on trying to yell "WAKE UP JAZON!" then all of a sudden it finally stopped. I dont wanna say i woke up just stopped and i woke up for like 3 seconds then went right back to sleep (so i guess i was too tired?). After it stopped and i went back to sleep, i've been having several different dreams at the same night but only everytime after that weird/creepy feeling kept on happening, i felt like i might as well stay up since it wont stop but i couldn't even stay up. I guess i was that tired from trying to stay up. So finally, this time went to sleep with no problems. But the dreams i were having, it was like the dreams was on repeat but happening in a different way, you know?? So i just now woke up not long ago, like an hour ago at 11 am.

I'm not particularlly sure what was i experiencing , so like i said i had to do some research/ find answers right after i woke up. Now im thinking "how come i wasn't so terrified for those several times it happened?" it wasn't painful at all, it was just like whoever was in my room was reaching for my soul. It felt as if something or SOMEONE was really yanking my soul out while im trying yanking back and try to snap out of it at the same time. I wanna say it was more weird than it was creepy? Im having multiple thoughts of if is it sleep paralysis, spiritual/ tactic dreams, etc. I dont't know, but i also thought could it be me thinking too much? Having mixed emotions? Or causes of so much stress? Because before i even went to sleep, i was walking around outside from 12-3:34 am because i was really stressing thinkin about dropping out of school and my family cuz my mom gave up caring about me ever since i turned 18 (i noticed it). She stopped feeding me but feed my 17 yr old brother and my older brother whos almost 30, which is technically "visiting" but i dont think so, but thats a whole other family issue. But for right now, im trying to figure out, what can i do to prevent from that weird creepy incident which happened several times? Cuz i have a gut feeling its going to happen again tonight, and im really cautious about it at this point.

Can someone please explain????

Me too
6 years ago

I've suffered from this many times and heard of a great trick that actually worked for me. When this happens to you the next time, remember to try wiggling your toes. This will break the paralysis. Hope this helps!

6 years ago

Hello my name is Clarissa and I have had a weird dream last night. Do you know anything about being half ghost and half human in a dream?That is what happened and I am worried that it might have something to do with the future.If you know anything about what is happening please send a letter to me.

6 years ago

I had this too. A lot . Not for a while. But now that I know about the power there is in the name of Jesus, and of course. I believe it . I just tell it to go away in the Name of Jesus Christ and it did. That worked ever since I started doing it until now. Ant it has not happened to me no more.
Of course I never even thought calling on Jesus Christ name before because I did not know or believe in the Power of his name.
Just something to consider, but that is real.

7 years ago

im 17 when i started to experience sleep paralysis like the others after seeing an old woman i can' t move myself but i can think how to resist trying hard to move but still i can't but after a second like i can move myself but im very weak this happen to me many times i have a vision to an face of woman who just staring and laughing at me

7 years ago

Why aren't people and doctors installing infrared cameras in more bedrooms in order to prove that it's not just in the victim's brain or just their imagination? Why isn't there more people trying to study this phenomenon? I can't believe it's imagination if all these people are seeing the same thing or things...i.e. an old woman and shadow man. There is something to this and someone needs to make noise on getting people to start investigating this further.

7 years ago

Hello, Ive had ongoing dreams but only violent ones where i would lash out at my wife in my sleep. i seen about 10 ghost when i wake up, I havnt had it now for a few weeks thank god but i was over the moon because i seen them live yours faithfully baz.

7 years ago

I wish to share my own experiences with all of you here. This happened to me twice, but I was able to forcefully stop it. I am not sure if others can stop this, or if they must endure it to the end, which to me sounds truly horrifying. Before I start let me say, that I as a teenager was practicing astral projection (leaving your physical body) and was familiar with such states of body and mind.. Inducing sleep paralysis is actually a way to experience lucid dreams or have an astral projection, and like someone pointed out, yes lying on your back can contribute to this. A fun fact though is that as a kid I always fell asleep on my back, and in n other position, and I always had the most amazing dreams ever. Now lets get to the sleep paralysis part.

1. I woke lying in my bad, on my back. I see myself covered with my blanket and a deep strange hum is heard all around me. I also feel vibrations in my body as if I am vibrating with this sound. (this actually is a good spot from which to project and leave your body. The humming sound and vibrations I feel are indicating that my etheric or astral double is slowly separating from my physical body. However at that time I have yet to successfully experience an astral projection, so I do not fully understand what is happening) I look around and I notice that i am unable to move my body, though I do not seem to be alarmed because of that because I know that a deep relaxation of body is a requirement for AP, and I have read about our bodies being paralyzed while we sleep. I do not really ponder on that too long, and I fix my eyes on the blanket covering me. Somehow I get the feeling that I might be able to simply wish this blanket to be pulled of of me, and after a short focus on that, the blanket is pulled off of me. When this happens however the sound becomes louder, and a though comes to me, that this is not normal. Suddenly I start to feel really bad and unpleasant and I get this really strong feeling that there is a presence hoovering above me, although I cant see a thing except the ceiling. This feeling intensifies quickly and at some point I clearly know, that the presence is pure evil, and the fear inside me builds to such a state that I forcefully end this experience. Now when I say that I end it, I am unable to clarify on how I do it. I simply reach a certain threshold where I can say that I demand for this to end, and so it does. I wake up on my bed in the same position, the only difference being that the blanket is still on me.

2. I wake up again lying on my back, unable to move. I look around and this time a sense of fear comes to me quickly. It is bright and I see my room clearly. Suddenly the doors of my room opens on itself, and I am unable to do anything, not even shout. I do not see anything, but I then hear a footsteps walking over to me, from the door, around my bed, to my right side. These are slow and very heavy steps and what is more I can clearly hear a rattling of a chain behind the every step. I get really really scared but still I can't do anything. Steps come all the way on the right side of my bed and they stop. After a second or so, the blanket covering me is suddenly pulled away uncovering my upper body. At that point the fear is too much and a force inside me breaks through where I again force it to end and so I wake up again, covered, lying on my back.

I also have my own theory on this, which also includes my own experiences. I believe that this actually occurs in a different state or reality. I mentioned that I was practicing leaving my body, and I later successfully accomplished this. I learned that when we sleep and dream, our astral doubles often separate from our physical bodies and hover perhaps just a bit above the position where our body is on the bed. You see dreams really happen. They are the experiences we have while we are in our astral bodies. I believe that when you wake in a state of sleep paralysis like they call it, you are actually still in your astral or etheric body, and so in a practically different reality. The reason it looks the same as the physical world is because the etheric plane is really close to the physical and it resembles it in great detail, however there are different rules there, and also a great multitude of entities occupy this plane. I believe that what you experience then is actually happening, but on that plane, and is an actual attack on you. You cant really move because you are trying to move your body in the same manner like you move while in physical, which is not how it works when you are in astral or etherical plane. Everything there is done by simply intending it. That is why I believe I was able to move blanket off of my in my first experience, because I was manipulating the etheric plane with my mind, and that is why I believe I was able to end these encounters. I have noticed however that I posses a certain ability to also alter my dreams, whenever I am dreaming about something really unpleasant. At that moment I somehow remember that I can do all I want and I give myself an ability to change the unpleasant situation in my dream completely. It is like that fear I encounter while dreaming triggers a fail safe mechanism in my, which allows mre to change what is bothering me. Well this is is, I apologize for a wall of text, and I wish everyone that are being bothered by this ocurences, that they find a way to beat this or at least fight back and end it! Oh and ,if calling Jesus helps, just do it! It does not matter what you believe in as long as you call something that holds a great power and light for you to aid you. it will work. But when you do that remember that you are actually using your on inner power to defeating the negative entities. By calling a light to your aid you actually shine that light from your heart. remember that, because it is wrong to put the power you have in anyone or anything else's hand. Good luck!

7 years ago

One other thing... I learned to mentally control my dreams at that point and I think that helped. I became aware that I was dreaming and I can change them... Oh I loved deciding ..I could fly etc.. Later in psychology class in college I learned that controlling your dreams is rare.

7 years ago

I've had sleep paralysis many times as a young child. I tried everything-screaming moving but nothing would work until I would go back to sleep and awaken. I could feel weight on my body and had a terrifying sense that it was an evil spirit. My only so lice was to call out for my childhood spirit friend Dexter to help me. I even believe I left my body once forcefully trying to move forward and I saw my hand go through the door knob at the end of my bed. I will always remember my hand going through that door knob. Eventually that passed but wow was that terrifying!!!!!!

7 years ago

I've had sleep paralysis when waking up heaps of times and after the first few times of not being able to move and feeling as though someone was watching me from my door i started realising what it was so it no longer scared me I never seen or heard anything it just felt like someone was there, mind you I could never turn around and look, untill last night, now this scared the absolute shit outa me instead of it happening when I wake up like ussual this was when I was falling asleep, I kept telling my self "your not scared, your stronger than this, I started clenching my fist and I some how managed to turn around and get out of bed all in one movement, I immediately threw a punch, before I even seen what it was, a dark hooded figure, fear swept back over my body and my punch became so sluggish it was like I was frozen, the hooded figure caught my wrist and put his other hand under my other arm and we started to drift up and away into nothing, I looked back and I was still in my bed, the sound of my dog barking out side woke me up and I was back in my bed

7 years ago

I've read a lot of comments hoping for someone with similar experience. Whatever it is, I named it "Wind Terror". For this reason it start as a sound for me. The sound of the wind hovering fast above me. I'm awake and scared, I take a peak, but nothing. I don't see no shadow, no man or woman, nothing but the feeling of a strong wind blowing on me. The wind is so strong can not move.

I experienced I guess you call it sleep paralysis. When I go to bed, I lay down on my back, arms straight, legs straight and have the fan on. I don't know what time it is, but every night when I do this sequences the wind terror is here. Using the sounds of strong wind to wake me and the power of the wind to hold me down.
I'm only sharing these experiences on this post just to see if anyone has experience it.

Thank you for reading.

7 years ago

"Whatever you do, don't open your eyes". Repeated twice.

This is what I heard at about 4 am whilst sleeping. I'm not sure if I was fully awake but I could not resist the temptation to do exactly the opposite of what I had just been advised. Wow! 2 alien looking creatures and a figure resembling the Devil are stood at the end of my bed. Scary. I closed my eyes briefly and they were gone. I have not experienced anything like this since I was a very young child when I remember something trying to suffocate me. I seemed so real and I know I was awake. I did not experience paralysis which makes it a bit more confusing. Scary and it makes you wonder .

7 years ago

I do not know what doctors say, but for everyone who lived that, it seams completely real, because you see the room as it is and feel your body in the position it really is and after you're pulling out of this paralysis you are awake as a continuum . The fear is so intense you choke trying to breath. Never before I believed in such thing as badness, other but that that exists in people. I would have laughed if someone told me about something like that. Fortunately for me only happened for less than ten times within six months. At first I tried to tell myself it had only been a stupid dream and went to sleep next evening face down, but it happened again.

I became scared to fall asleep, staying up all night and falling asleep at the dawn for weeks. My instinct when it was happening was to burst into the most common prayer of my faith, shouting with the mind when the tongue was blocked - and the bad thing disappeared like a soap bubble. My meditation teacher told me to sleep with the light on - that helped but I didn't rest- and everything stopped when I began to say my prayers before going to sleep. The general fear though lasted for years after, the wandering weather I was going schizophrenic, and the care of not transmitting uneasy feelings in other people by not telling all this to others... not in detail or not at all. I do not now what all that was, if it was chemical happening of the brain - I hope it is true, but all seamed so real and I hope it will never happen again. I wrote this for other people with dark circles around their eyes, not knowing what hit them.

8 years ago

Sleep paralysis happened to me and i will never forget that. A week before that happened to me I was sleeping when suddenly i heard an evil laugh in front of me. I woke up to see who it was and i saw a demon in front of me. But that demon left when i was about to call Jesus inside my head. After a week i am sleeping inside my room alone. And my door was locked from the inside and its not just 1 lock so there is no way anyone could get inside my room. And there was no where to hide inside my room. I am sleeping then suddenly someone suffocated me through the use of the pillow. Its very very strong and my nose hurts a lot and i cant breathe i tried so hard to fight but i cant move my body but i am awake. The pillow is moving and i struggle but i am too weak to fight it its very strong like a steel ...........i struggle but i couldn't move my body and my mouth . I know after 5 seconds im dead coz its been too long i struggle for air its been minutes i cant hold on any longer. So i called Jesus inside my head i said "Jesus help me i dont want to die" i said that 3 times inside my head and then my tears fell.After 3 seconds i saw a light a very very bright and beautiful light that light almost blind my eyes and then i heard a growl that was hurt i know its that demon who growl and hurt and after that i can move already and i move my head left and right so the pillow would fell and the pillow fell and i saw the demon in front of me and he was hurt by the light. I know its Jesus that light is Jesus. That demon is dragged by an angel away from me. When it was all over. And that demon is already gone there was a voice i heard it said" you are safe now, " and i felt peace.

8 years ago

Never ever sleep on your back!! You can get sleep paralysis in whatever position but this one is just asking for it. At least on your front you don't have to face the thing behind you head on, though my side is the only way I sleep now - this is the safest. I don't think it's a ghost related thing though - I get it everywhere and anywhere. In company and alone. The horrific things that happen change and I can find their foundations in fears and images I have already encountered and that I am scared of while I'm awake. The dreadful feelings of being paralysed and helpless I think translates into a sort of lucid dream that personifies those fears into beings and uses the fears we already have to project an image.

8 years ago

I have had this on and off for 40 years.i know the warning signs. as I'm nodding off I feel electric type pulses through my head.i then start creating dreams and horrific visions as if watching a tv.i am totally paralysed and as I fly around the room I move to other parts of the house and start trying to scream to wake myself up. I then start falling down a dark hole closer to these demons screaming at me.i awake in bed but struggle not to fall back into this hell.

8 years ago

when i was 18 i stayed over at my girl friends house and i went to bed in her gran mothers room ( who had passed away some time earlier ), before i get into my experience i would just like to add that every time i went up the stairs in that house i got a really bad vibe the kind of feeling that always made the hair on my arms and neck stand up. ok i was going surfing the next morning with friends and i had set my alarm clock to wake me up early. the door was slightly open with the hallway light on. as i was lying there just thinking about the surf etc etc the room went really long like tunnel vision and it was if gravity had just covered my entire body and i could not move anything could not call out the only thing i could move was my eyes. i could feel the tears streaming down my face i honestly felt like something was there and as a fit 18 year old it really scared the life out of me. the room felt coldish on my face and after about 30 seconds it was over and i was mid scream when my voice came back. I jumped up out of the bed got my gear and left the house and never set foot in it again. even to this day 18 years later it still sends shivers down my spine when i drive by it. it was also the only time it happened to me and was years before i told any1 what had happened.

8 years ago

im 12 years old this happend to me many time like 5 or more

U San
8 years ago

I used to experience sleep paralysis most of the time, to the point when i just got used to it and learned how to wake myself up. I even astral projected once, i was too scared to explore tho, only went outside my body for a few seconds. Well so far i stopped having sleep paralysis and i think that's a good thing, no more scary voices and images. To all of the people who are currently suffering from sleep paralysis, dont be afraid it's a normal thing. Never let your fear win

9 years ago

Since I was just a little girl I had suffer of this. I remember one night I woke up and a man was standing there looking at me. I didn't scream and didn't panic I was in shock mode. When I turn 7 I began seeing different lights purple, green, and yellow. I couldn't be open with no one because of fear of rejection. At the age of 15, I began reading books, I being reading the bible, instructions, guidance on HOW CONTROLLING YOUR EMOTIONS when you Sleep or when you're awake and you sense something . Know I'm 19 years old, when I get these dreams now I controlling them. When I'm paralyzed, I start laughing and I ell the spirt or the hallucination image to go away that she or he is wasting there time, to the degree that I un paralyzed myself by shaking my head and slowly opening my eyes. One word they (spirits or hallucinate image ) is the word God. The second type of paralyze dream is gosh rape, many people are embarrassed or shy of being judge. The first time I experience this was when I was 16, I woke up crying. I still get them, but I manage to escape from that Demotion. What I'm about to say is my opinion what I believe, in order to control it you need to control your emotions act like there just regular people or act like there not there because the MORE YOU PANIC the more is going to LAST and TORTURE YOU. Drink a glass of milk that will relax you don't be afraid don't show them fear remember they are spirits/ hallucinations and they don't have a body, you do you are a human, take control don't let them take control, you have to control them, and kick them out of your dreams

Silvia Berbeceanu
9 years ago

So there are normal stages of sleep during the night. People experience more or less intense this Phase,according to theire past experiences. There is no reason to overreact when talking or remembering about it.

Courtney Elizabeth Harper
9 years ago

I am 21 an going threw this, im not shore what to do but i like to talk to others about this. If you have a facebook plz msg me, (no email addys allowed)

9 years ago

this has never ever happened to me but it has happened to almost everybody i know

9 years ago

Hello reader,
I have with great curiosity read through all the scientific explanation of Sleep paralysis and the comments written by most sufferers. I must sincerely first state that there is a phenomenon regarded to as sleep paralysis but this in no way should be confused with what most of you feel such as; an immense pressure on you when sleeping, a presence unexplainable; the feeling right before the pressure, the noise in the ear, your inability to move, talk or do anything while under this pressure. These feelings do not occur nor are symptomatic of sleep paralysis (hope you truly understand what I mean). Sleep paralysis make you totally numb in your normal room environment. I have experienced both and can well tell the difference. Worst thing is that I suffered more from the other.
For a long time, I suffered from this and was made to believe it was sleep paralysis. I relaxed and enjoyed this torture until I was made to know the truth.

"And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free"
John 8:32
So, what is the truth?
Before you stop reading, thinking this is another gospel like before. Take a deep breath and ask yourself a true question and be sincere with your answer.
Do you really think what you go through is sleep paralysis?
If yes, how about an explanation for the evil presence, and the sometimes darkness?

The existence of evil and evil spirits is beyond scientific explanation, just as the existence of this world and all in it. However, the Bible shed enormous light to these phenomena. What you think and regard to as sleep paralysis is "an oppression from evil spirits". The good thing is that it can be stopped and most interestingly; it can be stopped for ever.

It is simple. Recognise that all that is in this world both evil and good was made by God and are both subject to his will. He protects those who are His from all evil.

"Just as the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so is the Lord round about His people"
Psalm 125:2

All you have to do is to kneel down today and ask him to forgive you all your sins and watch you clean, ask him to receive you as His child and promise to turn from all your evil deeds. You know the good thing? He will not refuse you, because He longs for you to do this.

"A broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise"
Psalm 51:17

Finally, every night while in bed, right before sleeping say your prayers. Ask the Lord to protect you with His angels as you are dead asleep, thank Him for saving you through the day and ask him to protect all your loved ones in their sleep.

"The name of the LORD [is] a strong tower: the righteous runs into it, and is safe"
Proverbs 18:10

Have a wonderful sleep for the rest of your life!!!

Do not forget to tell your loved ones this everlasting solution.

Czarina Darwall
9 years ago

Don't watch the first 9 minutes if you don't want to get spooked.

9 years ago

I am not of religious beliefs, so i don't pray, but i knew that there is a supreme creator which is unknown but in everything. So never loose hope if you are in need of any help, as there are, guiders and healers, just like your-self, so be sure not to become slave or ruler of any but be faithful and be wise to understand about our creator and its natural purpose which is immortal and we are too, same time i understand policies of jesus, buddha or krishna or whoever they are just mastered in these things and good teachers, by which every student too can become more wiser just exploring our realms of astral travel and physical gift to live and let others live harmlessly.

9 years ago

I forgot to say, be healthy 1st !!!!! and understand the reality of 5 bodies, where 1st and foremost is Physical, 2.sole, 3.mind, 4.astral and 5.etheric. All are self and presence. Just enjoy it fearless.. and be honest to your-self !!!

9 years ago

F-E-A-R (fear) is the only useless & main culprit here, believe me. Want a proof just visit The ("books of Lobsang Rampa")... next ("DOCTOR OF LHASA part-II") it is written about Astral Travel very keenly, just go through it, all doubts will be clarified. Believe me there is no even fear of aliens, as they will not here to kill you but may be examine us, just like doctor or more better than human doctor, if really someone has encounter it, & also its normal if not encountered or just once, in any means.
Just saying !! Be strong and calm, and rest all are in your control only, being alive !!!

9 years ago

This only happened to me once thankfully, when I was 20, many years ago. There was no foul odors, no sense of being pushed down...but a terrifying helplessness of immobility..frozen.remember trying to scream out "Help" ..nothing...I could only roll my eyes at the door to my motel room and to the wall adjacent to the bed I was sharing with my Girlfriend, We had just made love shortly before, she was in a deep sleep already and I obviously was wakened prematurely to experience this. My question from researching this briefly but not finding these answers to my two questions. Why does this occur overwhelmingly between the ages of 17-23? and Why in the majority of cases only 1 time?.......what do those two have in common...I have been sleep deprived before and after .without that occurrence repeating.....something to this I believe..the give and take theory maybe????

Katie Lynch
9 years ago

I have had this sleep paralysis for about 15 years now. I can feel someone sit on my bed, I have never seen any shadows though.. It's just a feeling that someone is getting into bed with me but for me, it's the almost electrical vibration that I feel first. The vibrating starts and then I can't move, it's as though what ever it is, is pinning my arms down. It usually feels almost like a sexual attack and I can't move and the vibrating feeling is intense. I start saying "Hail Mary's" and eventually that works and it stops, I sit up and I'm fully awake and aware of everything that just happened to me. Last night, it was a very bad episode and that is why I got on the internet this morning to see if I could find some answers. I've never had this happen when I've been in bed with my husband before or in this particular bedroom. IT's happened to me if I fell asleep, alone in other parts of the house. This is the first time it's attacked me while I've been in bed with my husband. I tried calling out for him to help me, but I can't yell or move, I can only mentally pray. I'm glad that I'm not alone but sad that anyone else has to go through this horrible experience.

Caroline Fifi
9 years ago

This happened to me a lot when I was a teenager and in my twenties and then less and less over the years. There were demons that would hover in the upper corner of the room and of course I couldn't move. I can't remember the other details but i did notice that it would most likely happen if I ate sugar before bed or didn't eat enough calories that day. So for me, I think it was related to low blood sugar.

9 years ago

In the past few months i have self developed anxiety playing an online game, I know, It sounds bad already. Anyway, Only in the past weeks I have learn't to overcome these anxiety attacks and think to my self that nothings gonna happen, How ever, That's in the day, At night while I'm sleeping, they happen nearly every f--king minute, Just as I'm about to fall asleep i wake up with me heart racing, cold sweet everywhere, Thinking to my self, oh here comes a heart attack. Then i just rapidly move around into the cold blankets and it goes away. And then eventually i fall asleep, But during the mornings I can hear my mum and sister waking up and usually my sister getting yelled at for not listening or something like that, Usually i can hear them while dreaming and knowing I'm in a dream, I wake up and I could not move my head what so ever, I've had it about 3 or 4 times before that and i just laid there studying why i could not move my head, Then i start feeling like I'm falling and getting weaker, dream like stars flashing lights start going off in my eyes, then i can control this head noise, its kinda hard to explain but when i control this noise its like when you drop a hand full of rice in a point blank bench range, in my head, when that happens i get extremely weak and sweaty and its so cool. But kinda scary for the first time anyway. But I'm just wondering, Does anyone get this rice dropping controllable noise like feeling in there head while experience a sleep paralysis or something of that sort? or just me. Idk, But I'm gonna study this more when i go to bed lol.

9 years ago

I experience sleep paralysis almost every night, sometimes multiple times a night. Sometimes I even have out of body experiences (astroprojecting) It's to the point where I'm scared to go to bed

10 years ago

"When it occurs upon falling asleep, the person remains aware while the
body shuts down for REM sleep, and it is called hypnagogic or
predormital sleep paralysis."

Also at the awakening i remained aware of it the whole time. ," even after adequate night time sleep. A person with narcolepsy is
likely to become drowsy or fall asleep or just be very tired throughout
the day," i am not a narcoleptic so not a reasonable explanation for me, and cataplexy affects 70% who have narcolepsy. so this is can be ruled out as well. this is gonna remain a mystery because no medical term fits what happened to me.

10 years ago

I had it happen to me, only once, about 7 years ago. Its never ever happened again. For years i didn't know what it was.
I had just laid down on my bed on my stomach, with my head to the side. Suddenly i was completely paralised. Then i could hear and feel wind blowing in my ear, and it felt to me like there was someone leaning over me blowing into my ear. I didnt feel like they were evil at all, but i did think that there was someone there. I was trying to turn my head to look at them but i couldnt turn my head, this is when i really panicked. My flatmate was in the room next door and i was trying to call out for help but i couldnt scream or make a sound. After awhile i suddenly could move, i turned my lamp on quick smart and my god, i was preatty shaken up.

10 years ago

I suffered from sleep paralysis almost 20 years ago. I was afraid even to fall asleep. Than I read in a magazine about this condition and there was the story of a soldier that really helped. He said that it is best to let the dream continue until the end, not interfere, not to be afraid and act like nothing can harm you. In 20 years I never had such dreams again.

10 years ago

My dear friends.
Let me first say, rather than see this as something scary, think of it as something amazing.

My first experience of sleep paralysis and this "darkness" was definitely a frightening experience. It had never happened to me before. I was 23 or 24, 6 years ago or so, I had just come back from a music festival where i consumed some drugs.

Know this, drug use can make this occur. I believe it was the catalyst for me. If you're experiencing sleep paralysis, and are actively using drugs, you should stop. You need your brain to be working 100 percent and allowing your mind to fall into a deep state of sleep.

My first experience came with a strong Humming or buzzing sound. I remember falling asleep with a movie on, and I was on the brink of passing out. I suddenly awoke, but couldn't move. A buzzing, humming began in my ears, and got louder and louder until it got so loud it just Popped. Like a POW! Then I could move my body again. It was very scary.

I tried to fall asleep again, and it happened again, only this time, because I was scared and confused, I must have thought that this was something evil. Immediately upon being fearful, since I was still dreaming, but seeing my room, I thought the shadows were beings, and I felt like there was a presence in the room.

This was activated by my fear of the situation. My unknowning. By not understanding.

I remember buying a cross and becoming religious after that moment. At one point, I saw myself in my bed. I was in the astro realm. Astro projecting.

I studied it. Read about it. Learned as much as I could. Then I remembered, I've been a lucid dreamer before. I could control my dreams sometimes. Realize I was dreaming. I could manifest things into existence. Whatever I thought about, I could create. This is what was happening. I was manifesting the fear, darkness and evil.

You must EMBRACE the paralysis. The moment.
What is happening... Is you are actually a very powerful spiritual being. A dreamwalker so to speak. You have the ability to lucid dream, as well as astro project. It's just the beginning phases of this.

When I felt the demon, or darkness in the room, after i learned this stuff, I actually Welcomed him. I know this sounds crazy, but think about it, you must conquer your fear. Know that you are a Loving being, and Love is far more powerful than any evil. So if you awake, and you are paralyzed, it will pass, but know this, YOU are in control of the scenario. If you feel a darkness there, talk to it. Welcome it.

I started to challenge it. When it would happen, I would smile, laugh even, and say "Hello again. Trying to scare me are you? You know better than that. I'm above you in every way. You can't hurt me. I can hurt you. I can do whatever I want in this moment... It is YOU that should fear me. This is my realm."

Since you are technically dreaming still, imagine that you can harness Light and Love. Shoot it from your eyes, your mouth. Your entire being. In any and all directions. Let the Love fill you and the entire room. Smile. Laugh. LIGHT. Love.

It went away.
I've had two episodes of this since then, one when I was in Asia. I awoke, got a brief second of reality as to what was going on, then again, that attitude... "Oh this again? Haha, ok lets see how long it lasts. What kind of magic can I conjure up here? I'm not afraid, and if any evil is here, BRING IT ON, you can't hurt me!"

I would even taunt it.

The most recent time, was actually a very fun experience. It also goes to prove my point that drugs can be a factor. I just got back from the same festival I go to every year. (The original festival where I experienced it the first time.) I did a mix of different drugs. Mdma. LSD. Then days after, I was so tired, fell asleep on the floor, and I awoke and was paralyzed again. I remember embracing it, and being like "Oh awesome, this hasn't happened for a while." I could hear my friends chatting in the same room as me. My wallet was lying beside me, I could see it, and since I was still in the dream world. I was able to telepathically lift my wallet above me, and spin it really fast and move it around the room as I saw fit. I ended up sending it to a light fixture in the ceiling and spinning it around and thinking "haha, I'm awesome."

Zero fear. Total conquer of this situation.

Remember, you're a dream walker. No demons can hurt you. No evil can defeat you. Your mind is the ultimate power.

Your mind... is more complicated than all of physics. YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE.

No demon, evil entity, or anything can even come CLOSE to your power. Cause the truth is, You are god. I am God. We are Love. Love is god. We are the Universe experiencing itself.

Demons, evil entities, they no longer have our ability of imagination. Freedom of thought. Freedom of choice. Freedom of absolute manifestation. They are bitter and whiny, weak beings. Pitty them. Laugh at them if you must.

Trust me, you need to see yourself as more powerful than they are.
Love and Light.

10 years ago

I’m in Orleans, Cape Cod in a big Victorian-farm style house on a family vacation for a few days...

In the middle of the night, I was awoken by a strange feeling…

I felt a big energy looming over my entire body, and the bed that I was sleeping in...

I struggled to turn over to see this being...but nothing could turn me over… I was like stuck in mud… a force holding me down… I could not move…

Then all of a sudden this energy felt like it was touching me…

It felt like this gigantic blob of heavy yet light aggressive violent energy that took over the entire bed, making like a silhouette of my body and freezing me in time…

I struggled to turn over, open my eyes, as the energy, which felt masculine, got closer and it felt like it was trying to rape me…

Not so much in a sexual way, but like violating my entire being, and trying to get into my entire body.

I was so bothered that I couldn’t move because the force literally had me pinned down…

The force began to just hold me in place, hovering over me, and getting into every area of my body…

I couldn't move anything, couldn’t open my mouth to say anything, not even my eyelids would open…I just kept being pressed into the bed.. thinking I was going to die…

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to wake up into the reality to see it…even though I was picturing the whole scene…

I could ‘see’ the energy (even though my face was down in pillows) hovering above me, a light white-gray blobby like force, above the exact checkered red/blue bedspread and white walls…

I finally decided to give up…

I fell back into a sleep to go away from this beast like creature, and when I woke up a few hours later it was gone..

there was like a total release - as if something had let go of me and I was free.

Note: I’ve had sleep paralysis before…the feeling of being awake but not being able to move…but it didn’t accompany what seemed to be another energy force. I was not thinking of ghosts or weird sleep or anything when this happened out of the blue.

My body and mind has been feeling weak and a bit negative the past few dayss. (Maybe spirits feed of low energy states?).

This rang exactly true for me: “It is a horrible low vibration. It feels to me like they suck your energy field”