Strange Culture

Strange CultureAlternately teasing and terrifying, Strange Culture molds one man's tragedy into an engrossing narrative.

In 2004, Steve Kurtz (Thomas Jay Ryan), an associate professor of art at the State University of New York, Buffalo, was preparing an exhibition on genetically modified food for the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art when his wife, Hope (Tilda Swinton), died in her sleep of heart failure.

But when paramedics noticed petri dishes and other scientific paraphernalia in the home, they alerted the F.B.I. Within hours Mr. Kurtz found himself suspected of bioterrorism, his home quarantined and his wife's body removed for autopsy.

Filmmaker Lynn Hershman-Leeson bends the nonfiction form to her own unconventional will. The result is a fascinating collage of re-enactments, news clips and interviews, illuminating not only the implications of corporate meddling in the food chain but the ease with which innocent civilian behavior can become a suspicious act.

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  1. Tyler

    What a farce. This really highlights the "War of Terror" against ordinary citizens.

  2. V

    A constant enemy is needed to maintain the power of the 'in' group. Our society is constantly under attack - from within and outside. Serious division only restrained barely. The beast is right under the surface. Only the value of freedom - that is to not be under attack for doing something different from another - or America's niceness retrains civil war or dictatorship. That is why we seem to always be at war - a distraction holding the 'country' together.

    Terrorists and Pedophiles - the witches and scapegoats of our era.
    What really chills me is that I could be the one under attack. If I was I would have no support - even my own family are supposed to according their religion - disown or stone me.

    But then again I wanted to kill myself multiple times since I was 14. So I have already faced the beast - the power and terror - the machine turned against you and the fear greater than you that V for Vendetta mentioned. So in a sense I am free but this doesn't translate to reality. Instead I bide my time.

  3. Hunter

    I guess it could happen to any of us. This is one lottery I would not like to win.

  4. gemini

    I really enjoyed watching this one. Maybe if they cut Tilda Swinton out it might have been better. The reinactments of the wife seemed a little cheezy.

  5. Karen

    Shoved onto the wheel of beurocracy:justice:propaganda of fear

    Why would paramedics alert the FBI and not the police? Seems out of protocal.

  6. Kurrrt

    Intelligence, is a part of their title, and witnessing the act of response is somewhat less. (Poor kitty) A simple lesson from the animal activists, and it would appear nessary in this case, but I'm no expert.

  7. aaangie

    This is terrible. I had to look up how he'd done. How wonderful he has so many friends to support him.It just goes to show, any government will bend the laws to suit themselves

  8. onevoice

    The government's perversion of truth and wasteful spending of taxpayer's $$ to repress social comment against corporate abuse is outrageous but tragically a sign of the times. The doj and fbi have hit rock bottom and people have got to wake up to this fact and it's consequence to freedom of speech.

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