Close Encounters

Close Encounters

2005, Conspiracy  -   18 Comments
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Throughout history, countless people have reported mysterious light displays and other unexplained phenomena in the sky. Others claim to have been abducted by these unidentified flying objects, and they share eerily similar stories of intimate encounters with the alien beings that inhabit them. Government officials and skeptics have long denied the veracity of these tales, but their efforts have done little to quell the popular belief that we've been visited by intelligent life forms from worlds far beyond our own. The engrossing documentary Close Encounters challenges the likelihood of these claims through the prism of scientific reasoning.

The film establishes its premise by speaking with direct participants or peripheral students of three of the most notorious UFO sightings in recorded history.

In the winter of 1980 outside Suffolk, England, unexplained clusters of light streaked across the sky in the vicinity of a United States Air Force base. Several servicemen in the area bore witness to these mysterious displays. Known as the Rendlesham Forest incident, the event has inspired equal doses of skepticism and cries of government cover-up.

A similar sighting occurred nearly two decades later in Arizona as thousands of spectators described a triangular formation of lights moving across the length of their state line with Mexico. Some even testified to witnessing a V-shaped spacecraft in flight, including the state's own governor.

Finally, the documentary tackles the granddaddy of all purported UFO sightings: Roswell. The government's admitted misinformation campaign in the wake of this event – conducted for national security purposes during the height of the Cold War - has only intensified the convictions of those who feel we're not alone.

In addition to these intriguing case studies, the film offers an impressive roster of knowledgeable interview subjects, including theoretical physics professor Dr. Michio Kaku, as they postulate on the possibilities of alien visitation. Is it scientifically feasible for an alien life form to make the long journey to our planet? What kind of spacecraft could accommodate such a trip through space and time? How likely is it that alien beings could survive within our unique environment? The truth is out there, and many of the answers provided in Close Encounters may surprise you.

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peruda hudson
2 years ago

logical explanation from the us gov, dont make me laugh

peruda hudson
2 years ago

frank below is a bellend

Mark Ford
3 years ago

Now you can tell the difference in the drs sightings the 1 in 95 is undoubtedly a flare the 2nd however i cannot say but its no flare

4 years ago

A UFO! Where's my potato? I must film it.

5 years ago

This film sought to discredit us believers. Completely bias.

5 years ago

Many "sceptics",like Shermer here,have undisclosed relationships w/DoD,JPL,White Sands,and other biases.For a clearer take on a major factor, and possible motivation for the phenomenon,required viewing would be UFOs & Nukes by Robert Hastings.No soapbox,no conjecture,just imbedded witnesses and backing government documents.

6 years ago

Never a gram of proof for any of it NEVER

6 years ago

To all those non-believers....may it never happen to you. It changes your life forever. At night, you lie awake, wondering if they will come for you again. During the day, if you find yourself on lonely stretches of roads, you speed up and search the sky and distance ahead; afraid. Since I was a girl, I have been taken many times. Some I can recall, some I only had that feeling of dread, knowing something had happened but no memory of exactly what. The first time, they came into my room when I was sleeping. There were 3 of them. They floated me out of the room and I was so terrified that I passed out. I regained consciousness lying on a cold gurney, completely naked. I could see 4 small, thin beings whose skin was wrinkled and gray. They had large almond shaped eyes and thin mouths. There was a bright light above me and when my eyes adjusted to it, over to the left side at
my feet, stood a tall being with white, blonde hair. His eyes were unique in their aqua color and when he gazed down into mine, I could hear him speak to me in my mind. He stepped closer and the outfit he wore, shimmered in the light. "I want to go home." I whimpered, recoiling away from his touch. I was so terrified because I knew where ever I was, it was not a good place to be. Somehow, I had enough courage to jump down from the gurney I lay on and tried to run but there was no place to run. The ship I was on was completely surrounded by glass that looked out onto an expanse of darkness. I curled up with my arms around my legs and pressed my face against the cold glass? and looking out, I could see the Earth? in the distance far away. "Please, I want to go home." I whispered, squinting my eyes tightly. The blonde being walked toward me and reached out his hand toward me. "We won't hurt you." he spoke in my mind. "There are things we must do." When he touched me, that is all I can recall. The next morning, I woke up in my room. That was 50 years ago but it seems like only an hour ago. There are many things I could tell but I won't but even after all these years I still do not know why. Or maybe I've been told but have blocked it from my mind. Whatever they are doing to the abductees, it is important to them. We are only specimens to them but there is a goal they are working toward and I'm not sure it will benefit us.

Michael Ridley
6 years ago

Same old hashed up stories, same old hashed up witnesses, same old hashed up blurred photos,,same old idiotic morons pretending to be experts.Every sighting (ha ha) has an explanation, The thing in England was a fucking lighthouse,also morons it wasn't even reported until years after,Some sighting eh.idiots.

Ra Vella
6 years ago

First of all people must stop saying UFO when they mean to say flying saucer. Not all UFO's are alien crafts but all alien crafts are UFO's until they are identified. The very notion that UFO's may not exist is incredible since it's a claim that there is nothing in the skies that we cannot identify. As I have witnessed over a dozen UFO's compared to hundreds that I eventually discovered what they were along with all the other millions of eye witnesses, photos and videos it is an affront and an insult to pass these sightings off as imaginary . Abductions may have many reasons for being experienced by individuals including perhaps the fact that they may have occurred but plain sightings happen on a regular basis daily around the world. The general public may not know what these UFO's are but they have a fairly good idea what they're not, and that is conventional craft or a natural occurrence . Once you eliminate the known possibilities than you need to contemplate whether they are man made unidentified flying objects after which there is only one other conclusion. By dismissing incredible sightings by credible witnesses such as astronauts, pilots, doctors, police and many other professionals including military personnel of high rank we are saying that we have put people in charge of our lives that are not reliable and possibly delusional. It is wrong to jump to conclusions when one sees a UFO , you need to go over all possibilities of what it/they may be but when you have had two bright white Orbs above your head no more than 100 feet for ten minutes as I have had and then move on silently and join up and disappear it is extremely difficult to pass it of as imagination or man made objects. There were times when I experienced a sighting with total strangers nearby that witnessed the same objects both night and day which would be an incredible feat of the imagination. This man from the skeptic magazine I don't believe he has ever encountered a UFO which may have defied explanation or he would not have such a smug outlook on the subject. This documentary lacks insight as it portrays the witnesses as mostly mistaken instead of exploring all the possibilities of what they saw. Several soldiers seeing lights moving around in the forest are said to have seen a lighthouse, and we give these people guns? Or the Arizona sightings by thousands including the governor who later admitted what he really saw, a very large dark object that was equivalent to holding up a spread out newspaper above your head to block out the stars. Lets give these people including all other witnesses the benefit of doubt and not dismiss them so easily, things may be going on that we may have no concept of.

7 years ago

She has photos. at 5.23 or so into this video. Take another look. This phoenix lights are more than eye witness, they are camera witness. The city skyline are in these photos. So yes there is something to compare too. Furthermore one could fly a plane across the same part of the sky and take a photo again from exact position to further clarify the size. I think the Skeptic magazine guy is as bad as some fanatical believer just on the other side of the fence. He's so keen to be right that he really hasn't considered what's presented and simply makes some statement about eye witness accounts being faulty. He has no interest in anyone explanations but his own. Except she has photos.
Second one. The air force base. If the culprit is a lighthouse near the air force base then national geographic should be able to duplicate the effect for us. It should reoccur. It could not be a one off. Conspiracy theory have no bases in fact? The US kept the Manhattan project secret from the entire country with ease. If a million year old civilization exists they will be in one form or other near immortal. Time may simply not mean the same thing to them. Kind of like time for a amoeba compare to us. They could travel for eons and not care. Maybe they have nothing better to do. i would not discount anyone experience with a logical explanation. I'd say I don't know what they experienced but I'd never be so arrogant to presume their experience. If UFO's do exist, until they land on the white house lawn officially at least they will never exist.

7 years ago

This Video opens up many possibilities. I watched this video from an educational perspective.

7 years ago

I've gotta salute you, Martin Hedington. (Hooah!) I for one have thoroughly enjoyed your 'Michio Kaku' comment. (Grin) And moving right along here, I also wanted to take the time to offer my sincere appreciation to each and every person who had participated in the creation of this documentary as well. Y'all have truly knocked it right on outta the park with this one! ♥

Martin Hedington
7 years ago

Rather think of Kaku as more of an explanatory conduit or filter through which an exceedingly complex subject is simplified for the average layman's understanding. The kind of 'facts' that he and his colleagues deal with are no doubt beyond most ordinary peoples comprehension. Any criticism should rather first be tempered with a revision of his accomplishments. I found this video to be informative in that it revealed certain aspects of 'alien contact' that I'd not previously considered.

7 years ago

Same old story, nothing new

7 years ago

michio kaku = fictional scientist
no facts