The Capitalist Conspiracy

The Capitalist ConspiracyIt's a sobering fact that the hidden power structure of international finance has exerted tremendous influence over public opinion in this country through its' virtual control of higher education and major segments of mass communication. Conspiracy. One of the darkest words in the language of man. Yet there is hardly a single page of history that does not partially reveal the deadly eye of conspiracy at work. It was a conspiracy that directed Brutus against Caesar in the Roman Senate on the Ides of March. It was a conspiracy that plotted the betrayal of West Point by Benedict Arnold during the American Revolution. It was a conspiracy that led John Wilkes Booth to the assassination of President Lincoln on Good Friday, 1865.

The past record of man is burdened with accounts of assassinations, secret combines, palace plots, and betrayals in war. The tenet of conspiracy has been a dominant force in all history. But in spite of this clear record, an amazing number of people have begun to scoff at the possibility of conspiracy at work today. They dismiss such an idea merely as "a conspiratorial view of history." The purpose of this presentation is to show that the conspiratorial view of history -particularly of recent history- is the correct view; that there is a secret and powerful combine at work today: that it constitutes the unseen government of the United States; and that it properly can be identified as The Capitalist Conspiracy.

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    Great film, well done on all points. If this film were shared with more people it would lead them to other documentaries that will educate them on more matters that need to be addressed which will create change. The american government has too much power and our representatives, including our past president Bush have taken away much of our rights as a nation of citizens in fear mode. People should watch more films like this and stand up against the Tyrants.

  2. Tds

    Steve Burton...we were on both sides of ww2, Hitler praised California and their aggressive eugenics movement. The founders of eugenics wanted to go to the final solution, but they said the American public wasn't ready. I think with citizens being gunned down by police and no one saying anything for years now, they will feel now's the time. Just need a few more sources of fear(cdc and refugees) probably one more huge disaster.. that's all it will take. People are blind and suck up all the garbage the media feeds them.

  3. Stephen Moss

    Oxford is not in London ..... Otherwise I am still watching .....

  4. steve button

    We -the 'western' nations - fought on the wrong side during ww2...if that's not appallingly evident by now, it will never be...

  5. Christina Orosco Maxwell

    Excellent film! even for this era...We need to be bold about talking to our friends & family about this truth. I will point em to this film. Thank you for all of your dedication & hard work Mr. Griffin & others who made this documentary.


    How do we know this info isn't just what they wanted us to see. Why do we keep look to the government and to the wealthy to blame our problems with this country on. When it's we the people who as so simple minded and don't step out of our own box to better ourselves. We simply except that we have to do what others say. Why do we limit ourselves to what knowledge they give to us. We ourselves are the only ones who can make real change not others around us. If we except what they give us no matter what the materials then we are to blame for our own down fall. They may have control over our finances our religious out look or our family life styles. But if we choose to allow them then it is our own fault for where we are. They have thought out side of their own little space while we keep seeking answers in ours. If you don't like the way things are then change yourself seek more.

  7. Brett Sloan

    I'm always excited and revitalized by the ideas present in many of these documentaries yet so greatly disappointed by the disputes below. Most significantly the terrible grammar, poor spelling, and inability to conduct one's self with patience.

  8. Another21stCenturySlave

    very interestin to see how the majority of opinion seems to be ponderin the idea that the rich are indeed controllin things. very pleasin to see that people are beginnin to awake from their blindness. another idea on how the elections are run in the states would be for both parties to be set an equal amount of taxes backed funding, that way there are no outside influences that have to be pampered by the elected government as a return on their donations. keep the voice high people. eventually there will be no other option but for change & until then, we as 1 will never prosper.
    wow! at the end where he said about the banks bein taken over by government, they wud still be run by the same people!!!!!!...when the banks were nationalized, that i exactly wot happened & i don't believe hes some kinda fortune teller..
    btw michael, the more money u print, the bigger it decreases in value hence inflation

  9. -_-

    and now the national defence act is here and it cant be done anymore

  10. Ansar11

    If you want to reduce the role of the federal government and end the Federal Reserve System, you should vote for Ron Paul next year.

    1. Chrispy777

      If you want Ron Paul to be dead within a year, vote for him as President of the United States. I like Ron because he would radically change government, for the better, which is precisely why he shouldn't become president. The forces behind our puppet government will never allow him to remain alive.

  11. SaadAliKhan

    Interesting perspective (as is any other perspective regarding anything and everything on our planet earth, really), indeed! However, in my 'subjective-perspective', if (some)one is to 'rigidly' follow the 'The Capitalist Conspiracy' perspective depicted in this documentary then perhaps the very documentary may be interpreted as a by-product of the respective-perspective! We (as humans) can never really ever be certain of anything, really.
    However, the human (psychopathological) obsession with gaining 'control/power' (covertly and/or overtly) over others (especially, fellow humans by using 'money/capital' as means to an end) has been a primary cause of the global-discontent concerning the very human-condition.
    What do you think?

  12. Rachel Montoya

    It was released in 1969.

  13. Wade

    People are at last beginning to wake up.I have waited a long time to see this happen.Until recently it has been so frustrating to watch as socialists decieved and manipulated the people like dumb sheep.

    1. steve button

      They weren't socialists...socialism is an entirely different're talking about Communism...however the criminal media that brainwashes Americans does everything it can to conflate the two -and for very obvious reasons..

  14. bill

    Can someone tell me exactly what year this film was published?

  15. Don

    If the American people only knew what has happened to our
    nation and it's historical conditioning through propaganda they would and could find simple but revolutionary answers to our plight (ie., The end of the privately owned Fed). And returned to "real" Constitutional State Rights and sound currency. The Federal Government has had too much power outside the Laws of the Commons.

    The secret, about our government, is becoming known, not just on a national level but on a international level. The people should know, that the fifty "Independent" States are only bound to constitutional "agreements". Each state has the right to re-establish or reconsider its relationship to a non legal "occupied" Central Federal Government of "Bankers".

    The legal category of what they and our government representatives have committed is called treason. All those continuing this deception should be imprisoned.

    The elite have, through their arrogance, exposed their criminal activities to the world. A major confrontation between the total notion of Sovereignty vs. a oppressive controlled and occupied illegitimate agency called the Federal Reserve System must be shut down.

    Time for a change? Ya think?

  16. sean

    400 billion dollar deficit those were the good old days

  17. Pleiades

    An important subject masterfully handled by GE Griffin, a must see for all interested in the Federal Reserve Bank.

  18. AnarchoRationalist

    Aw lame, just another right wing take on the conspiracy.

  19. JaredDeinlein

    Brilliant, If only this kind of stuff was broadcasted to the masses...

  20. mad

    Good documentary, you could almost say this is the grandfather of most modern conspiracy films

  21. saze

    I watched this documentary in 2006 last time, before it disappeared. I have not been able to find this since, so I am extremely grateful to whoever posted this.

    If you haven't seen this, I cannot recommend this enough. It lays the world money structures bare and shines the bright light of day on it. Must watch if you want to understand what *really* goes on in the world.

  22. Golden_Standard


    Yes! espcially since the New Yorker broke the news that 2 billionaire "libertarian" conservatives have been financing the tea party movement and lying about it. And the corp that these brothers own is the second largest privately owned corp in the USA,second only to the Carlyles.

  23. kF

    i now see the plot now.
    if you have seen any of the modern flicks on the illuminati, CFR, and the likes about the free masons then this must have been a source for those films.
    the thing that jumped out at me in this film, since i grew up in the 60's and 70's, was the communist threat, it was everwhere then. if i crapped on the floor or left the lid down on the toilet or got a speeding ticket, it was a communist plot! duck and cover!
    looking back at this film and knowing what's happening now, i would say this is the modern day Tea Party and Glen Beck, their conclusions of the capital conspiracy are ass BACKWARDS. it's the conservative movement that produced this film with the criminal Nixon, BUSH, REAGAN, CHENEY, BUSH, croud that still persists today in the GOP, and they are using the Tea Party as there diversion to promote a false impression of the GOP being in the center of policies in order to continue destroying the working class of america and make the top 2% the world goverment, not the left.
    good film to learn the con of todays GOP.

    1. CAMERON

      Unfortunately your statements reveal that you only understood half of what the creato was trying to portray. I would appear that you veiw it as a statement of how the American right wing is manipulated, when the reality is, right and left are equally controlled. Until more people open their eyes to the fact that big money funds both sides of the political spectrum, as is stated in the film, we will continue to be subjected to the whims of the banking elite. Please watch this again, with an open mind.

    2. Xbow

      Well said Cameron. Anyone who thinks the Republicans or the Democrats are serving the best interests of the people are living in a rather dimly percieved world. Both groups are employees of the global financial elite.

    3. steve button

      Most interesting about that is that the Soviet Union had purged a great number of Jewish elites from top well as letting a number of Jews to immigrate to Israel --AFTER a major thrust from Jewish organizations world-wide to 'free' these 'victimized'Jews. In other words the original Communist revolution had failed to bring about the desired Talmudic goal of Jewish rule over goyim(cattle), in keeping with Jewish dogma and general Judaic was then that the Soviet Union became the dreaded enemy in America - quite different from the approach of Hollywood and the media in general in the SU's early (Jewish) history, 1900-1960's. It was the mid 70's and throughout the 80's that Communism became enemy no.1(think "Red Dawn"), carefully avoiding any references to the Jewish-led atrocities that characterized the SU's early history. This was the zeitgeist all they way up to the raping of the Soviet system by Jewish oligarchs after the fall of 'Communism'.

  24. Slippery Jim


  25. matt

    great old school doco

  26. Yavanna

    It's like watching a Universal Newsreel. If all this has been known so long then we have no hope of doing anything about it now.

  27. Pierce

    Now we know what inspired Alex Jones! Though he's not as good a documentary maker as Adam Curtis.

  28. Amy

    Simple and brilliant.

  29. Tyler

    Holy crap, I had no idea this kind of information has been around for so long. This is another good one.

  30. Atul Bhansali

    great awareness...a must watch for potential radicals!!!

  31. Jonathan R

    I can't imagine how much research these guys had to do to in the pre-internet era. The internet really has opened up the public awareness about all this stuff

  32. Shane

    an oldy but a goody!