The Case for Christ
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The Case for Christ

2007, Religion  -   479 Comments
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The Case for ChristThe documentary The Case for Christ follows reporter Lee Strobel as he interviews a number of religious and historical scholars in order to find out if there is any proof of the resurrection, and to discover the historical veracity of the New Testament. In trying the case for Christ, Strobel cross-examined a number of experts and recognized authorities in their own fields of study. He conducted his examination with no religious bias, other than his predisposition to atheism.

Remarkably, after compiling and critically examining the evidence for himself, Strobel became a Christian. Stunned by his findings, he organized the evidence into a book he entitled, The Case for Christ, which has won the Gold Medallion Book Award for excellence. Strobel asks one thing of each reader - remain unbiased in your examination of the evidence.

In the end, judge the evidence for yourself, acting as the lone juror in the case for Christ. Has anybody ever compiled the evidence to determine the case for Christ? As a matter of fact, Lee Strobel, an atheist at the time he undertook this endeavor, decided that he would prove Jesus Christ to be a fraud by the weight of the evidence.

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Rosalind Rivera
1 year ago

What was the name of the man that said , We don’t need 100 Avatars When one could do the Job?

1 year ago

Yes, you had a medical issue like most people. Does not mean your silly god intervened. What about the people who died you stupid idiot

3 years ago

How do I get my hour and ten minutes back that I wasted watching this nonsense. Opinions is all there is here, no scientific facts or evidence of any kind. If you're already a theist maybe this is fodder for your belief. Anyone on the fence or has critical thinking skills wouldn't be convinced at all. Strobel probably made big bucks from writing the book, I'd say that was his motive. He couldn't make it as a journalist, so he wrote a book. The book would be just as boring and full of sh*t as this video.

Ken Kelly
3 years ago

I read 110 comments and then asked me to try and understand why so many people will put their trust in a belief before trusting documented facts. I can't understand that. The author is not looking for Factual evidence, the author is looking for anything to support what he wants to believe. Events in the Bible are not history. Events that have some truth about them are used in stories to try and give them believable tales. The Bible as we know it, (there are several versions) was assembled from many writings by many people. Mathew, Mark, Luke and John were just names given to to the chapters. These four men never wrote anything in the Bible. Paul who was the great traveling preacher of the Christian belief never met Jesus and nearly all that the Bible claims was what Jesus said actually was what Paul said Jesus said and Paul never was with Jesus. If you want to know who the real Jesus was then it is Paul who created the myth. Religions can and do a lot of good. Religions actually do more harm than good.

Alex Perry
5 years ago

Jesus Christ there is no video. Not much of a case for Christ I guess.

6 years ago

MY - SCIENCE is way to also explains things around us--isn't it? Except science is wrong alot and does evil to get answers. Syphilis experiments on black men, research on Jews and on and on. When their is man made morals all things are justifiable for the "good" of mankind at the expense of who ever is the downcast at the time. That is science. Live and let live I say.

6 years ago

Jesus shows himself all over the world, eve whn we cannot find Him. I hope this 'movie'
link isn't ass/cd./ with other.. wahlz. Belizimio

Vic Libranda
6 years ago

If God does not exist, then all this talk about Jesus is pointless. If God does not exist, there will be no sin. Without sin, Jesus does not have to die for mankind.

The main premise for Jesus is to save mankind from sin. In other words, Jesus main purpose is to save mankind from the wrath of God.

The Old testament God is full of punishment by God to the Jewish people for their unbelief. Unbelief to God is the sin of man.

Here comes the New Testament. Believe in Jesus and you will be saved! There is this great need by the deities involved for mankind to believe in them.

The main point of this two books is believe or else your soul (if it exists) will be doomed, killed, will go to eternal separation from God (which is Hell).

Today, there is a new God. The Universe is God. It is more than alive. It controls all particles, wave frequencies and energies and it controls our actions and our future and past. For this God, everything is possible. There is no such thing as sin. The Universe learns as we do things and will let us do all of what is possible. This is how the Universe grows, it learns organically from us and our experiences, thoughts and desires.

7 years ago

It is still a matter of faith. If there were incontrovertible evidence that there is a personal God, that Jesus is God made man, then there would be no need for faith. And faith is a requirement according to Jesus' words when He often said, "Thy faith has saved you." Faith goes together with love. If you love someone, you have faith in them, you trust them. I am a believing Christian, not just because of the evidence presented in this documentary but because of the POSSIBILITY that it is true. That is simply pure logic to conclude that it is possible. That should cause pause to anyone who thinks. I cannot be so arrogant that I absolutely know the truth. And finally, I simply cannot accept that this is all there is. This life on this planet may have it moments of goodness and beauty and happiness but it is also so full of suffering, disappointment, evil, sickness, death and grief that, for the most part it is crap. The thought that this is all there is depresses me to such a degree that if it can be proven beyond all possible doubt that this is all there is, then I want no part of it and I would kill myself. Without the hope and POSSIBILITY that there is more to life, to existence, to the universe, to creation than we know, than nothing would have any meaning to me. Everything would be totally pointless and meaningless. It would be nothing more than nature's dirty trick; it would have no more value than a random turd floating in meaningless space.

7 years ago

This is just pathetic... If this dude is actually a journalist, he must be quite unsuccessful.

I especially like the part where they say that since the big book refers to (for the time) untrustworthy witnesses, AND this is somehow embarrassing for the church, it HAS to be true because otherwise they would have lied in another manner. LOL!

If I ever get arrested and I'm guilty I will use this as a defense just because it's so funny.

"Where where you at 5.45 yesterday?"
"I was at home wa**ing off and happened to get the c*m in my own face at that precise time."

It has to be true since if it isn't I would have lied in a less embarrassing way.

I don't think that would work.

Free Indeed
7 years ago

The atheist waits to see proof, but miracles require faith. The enemy workthrough fear, God works through faith. You must have faith and try to connect with Jesus to understand. People forget this is an all out war. You are not just fighting yourself on this. There are forces deceiving you and trying to keep you blind. It's similar to the concept of infected zombies. Just like a zombie turns on his fellow humans in the same way sin infection causes us to hurt each other. Humans are so infected with sin and deception that we can't see God. This saddens him because he created us and he loves us. He really is the perfect loving father! But you have to want to heal. You have to decide who you will trust. Faith is a choice. The story of the prodigal son is the perfect example. His lost child who betrayed him returns and God RUNs to his to child to embrace him and celebrate his return. That is our creator! But realize there are many lies in this world about his character too. The truth will set you free! And the truth is he loves us very very much! Every human heart has a hole that only God can satisfy. He deeply cares for us, like a loving father cares for his tiny child. And I for one will love him and respect him with all that is in my strength to. Wake up people! We are organically his people, his children! You have to turn to him and he will slowly peel back the layers of infection and lies so as not to hurt you. This is how gentle he is. God is your good father and he wants to save you, but he won't force you to seek or choose him! God = life. God = love.

7 years ago

Furthermore the big bang theory doesn't even make sense... How can something come from nothing?... Every natural law ofscience says cause and effect has to be triggered by a catalyst... Lol. I said i wasnt going to get involved in the back and fourth i just need someone to clarify the big bang theory. Where did this orb of energy come from?...

7 years ago

I honestly don't even argue with people about whether God or Jesus or the holy ghost is real... I simply tell them i have literally seen demons manifest, provoked and running from the name of Jesus Christ. I've witnessed and experienced supernatural unexplainable phenomenon that defy the natural laws of what we call science.... Sooooo... Thats enough for me. Guess im just another crazy cook. I pray that you all humble and soften your hearts and open your eyes and ears to see the supernatural realm. How can you possibly witness all the known and un-known wonders of this universe and fix your lips to say there is no God?.... Wow.

9 years ago

If anyone has a better plan than spending eternity in heaven then let us know. It should be really simple... Know Him; Love Him; Spread the word by loving others rather than condemnation . Yet so many believer's aren't understanding this. If you want a good series to watch that shows everyone what it is to love as Jesus loves then watch Darren Wilson's documentaries... Especially Father of Lights.

Nikita Kade
9 years ago

One problem I had with this doc goes back to a comment made here by Guest about nine months ago, suggesting that Strobel was never an atheist at all. The doc's intro states that Strobel went into the project with no religious bias other than a "predisposition toward atheism"--a good thing, if one is claiming to make an unbiased film divorced from one's own personal beliefs. But in fact this movie pivots not around evidence remote from Strobel's beliefs, but on the radical conversion he claims to have undergone as he did his research. Given this, I wondered why there was so little about his beliefs as an atheist: how they formed and influenced his life, and where the cracks first began to appear as Christianity became more acceptable to him. I was eagerly looking for the unbiased inquiry that would lead someone from A to Z as it supposedly did Strobel, but the doc seemed to give "A" a fraction of a second, skip to "P", and then proceed onward to a "Z" that appeared imported straight from the Bible Belt.

So, alas for pro-Christians, this doesn't seem to be the doc they've been waiting for, the one that will sway atheists' beliefs on the basis of empirical evidence and "proof." But I did think it made some interesting points about the cultural context of Jesus's life, and the origins of the gospels (although it didn't say much about how the gospels were transcribed and ultimately chosen for inclusion in the Bible).

Not quite what I'd hoped for, but with some worthwhile points...

9 years ago

Nothing in this "evidence" is remotely convincing me to become a Christian....

9 years ago

How refreshing to see scientific analysis applied to the scriptures. Having studied the origins of the books contained in the Bible, the effect of those teachings on cultures, their role in defining worldviews, and the unyielding needs of those in power, I can say I am most impressed by Mr. Strobel's work. Mr. Strobel presents a studied approach to Jesus as preserved in the records and places his life in historical perspective.

Well Done.

10 years ago

The Bible has withstood the test of time and has changed the lives of millions and shaped the western nations into the dominant force they are now ,the whole Westminster system of justice and Government is Biblical y based , archaeological evidence has always supported the historical Bible record , the new testament account of CHRIST STANDS UP TO THE INTERNAL EVIDENCE TEST AND THE EXTERNAL EVIDENCE TEST THAT IS USED BY MODERN DAY ACCOUNTS IN COURTS OF LAW , ALSO THE Bible HAS a seal built into it which a mathematician called Pannin challenged the world with a one million dollar reward if any one could disprove his findings , this so far has not been achieved . I believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and its teachings can be relied upon , the alternative is the sad deprived world of atheism / evolution which requires greater faith than believing in a creator .Minerals and chemicals can not self organised them selves into complex life forms even over trillions of years , but many cannot accept the concept of God because of its implications on there sin full lives ..

10 years ago

This was a great documentary. We can all spend time arguing weather or not this is right or wrong. The Christian faith does have a simply analogy, and that is to be Christ like and to live not just for ourselves, but to live with love, peace and compassion and to help and guide those who need us everyday. Christianity is a relationship with God and his son...JESUS CHRIST. This was Lee Stroebel`s journey and his walk. We all have a journey to fulfill, and not always the one we see fit.
The truth will set us all free... :)

10 years ago

We highly recommend, "The Case for Christ."

10 years ago

I watched this as a recommendation from a Christian friend when I told him that I was an Atheist. I think there is evidence that Jesus actually existed, a lot of leaders in the Atheist community believe this but notice when we get to the resurrection we have to go on what his apostles say not any historical facts. Lets just be honest and look at the facts. Look at the bible and see all the fallacies that we have proven wrong and proven could not happen (noahs arc etc) and we see that Christianity is merely a fairy tale. It copied Mithra and Horus.

10 years ago

Didn't realize I was proselytizing. I take a very different view as to what you stated and don't even see the difference. You are stating a case about Jesus fulfilling prophecies and I assume you would expect some minds be changed by your remarks or at least having some to agree with your point of view. How is that different?

Hue G. Rection
10 years ago

The problem with Jesus fulfilling prophecies, and these people stating that he couldn't have engineered that...indeed, they CAN be engineered. He grew up in the very same time periods that these prophecies existed, were being written down, and were being spoken. All one needs to do is to plan out where they should go, what they should do, so that they fulfill them. There is still absolutely NO EVIDENCE that any of this is true - no one outside of the Bible (and later, the Qur'an) wrote about Jesus, at all. There are no literary works or records from that time period describing this person (Jesus). In addition, and the argument that everything was told in communities verbally, and that the community would hold others accountable, that's rubbish. For instance, as was mentioned in the video, the "telephone game" effect can and WILL happen. But further than that, if someone is held in such a light as to be an immensely popular teacher within their community, that community will either adopt or comply with the exaggerations, or make up more in order to help raise that person up. It's not hard to understand, and we see it every day. The man who made this documentary is a sheep, plain and simple. "What evidence is there to support your claim?" None. Absolutely none.

10 years ago

I pray one day that everyone
will fall in love with GOD's True Son
He is the Christ Emmanuel
who died for us and went to hell
to defeat the father of lies
Jesus won which is no surprise
since His Power is Heavenly
and His Love Perfect and Holy
theres no way He would ever lose
thats why you must make sure to choose
to take your heart out from this world
and commit your soul to the Lord
reveal your true spiritual side
so you no longer have to hide
the love you have for our Shepherd
who is also known as the Word

Jeremy Hughes
10 years ago

If I remember correctly, Lee Strobel, it was found out, NEVER was an atheist, he was a Christian scientist all along and the book was a publicity stunt.

10 years ago

just read that number. just try to meet every human being on the planet and get back to me on this, that's only roughly 6.4 billion.

10 years ago

Good grief! I have to hold myself back!

10 years ago

Thanks. I've seen some of the 'Zeitgeist' ones. An interesting theory about the origin of the biblical New Testament can be found in Joseph Atwill's book 'Cesar's Messiah'. This is not to say Jesus never existed.

10 years ago

When i see the ads to the right hand of my screen offering help on 'your journey to the cloud'; or those promoting murder, violence and demented hatred (like that latest one for play station called 'Devil May Crie'; maybe DMC is also for Mad Cow Disease) till you shout for the 'authorities' - that clearly promote this stuff in the first place - to send their storm troopers to kill your own family, this makes me think something might be wrong.

10 years ago

The new religion is called science.
When i recently read in a paper how human genes have been introduced into rice grown in Kansas, this shows that indeed it is time to take more drastic measures, because this means that someone now wants to make you cannibalize yourself without your knowledge or consent. If this sort of ultimate perversion is the idea of 'progress' and 'sustainability' of 'modern science', it still cannot be tolerated, and i feel that it would take utmost hatred against humankind to even think of promoting this, much like having convinced hundreds of millions of mothers to kill their own offspring like flies (which many of them would not hurt).

10 years ago

I don't know with what stubborn religious men you've dealt with, but I sympathize with you. Any man forcing beliefs on another or using the supernatural as a way control is acting completely opposite of what the Bible asks men to do. It tells us that greatest is the servant and that christians should try to never offend another. You guys are obviously well educated in your fields and I'm learning a lot as this discussion continues. Why do you think Intelligent Design isn't a reasonable way of looking at things?

10 years ago

To me it seems our general morals have come from this idea that we have to account for our actions. You strip that away then why should moral beliefs account for anything. If we're just acting on instincts why can't man just simply do what he does with no reprecussions. Rationally speaking we have been wired with some moral code. Men or Women who kill without blinking an eye we as society deem them mentally ill. But wait why should we we're all part of the animal kindom, what difference does it make. Why do we need to punish such behavior, animals in the wild kill their own kind for a wide variety of reasons. Let's then embrace a completely Darwinian mentality. Let the smarter and more dominant men take over and control everyb....... oh wait that's happening, survival of the fittest.

Why do you even care what happened during the holocaust, it's survival of the fittest. Animals die and are born again, the cycle continues, as with us right? so why the remorse and sadness for history of mankind?

11 years ago

Have you ever heard of the book..The Homeric Epics and The Gospel of Mark written by Dennis R. MacDonald?? It explains that Mark used Homer's The Odyssey to create Jesus biography...

11 years ago

If there is a God who wants to be involved in our lives, then why doesn't he just show himself? Or, show up during a major disaster when much human suffering is going on, and help out. Why play a game of hide and seek? And why does he care if we believe in him, or not?

11 years ago

Tammy, God is love and someone with your kind heart showing on earth will not be overlooked in the Great Book. You are kind and pious and the Lord could not overlook this. Love.

11 years ago

Specificaly to Achems-Razor: By the way, your spelling is not right, it's Occam's Razor. It is the English translation of the Latin lex parsimoniae. It is this I intend to use in my argument.
Two thousand years ago the entire Medditerranian was occupied by a civilization known currently as the Roman Empire. In every colony and garrison of this Empire was a gaming salon, the larger of which were built of stone and called arenas. In these, every afternoon, were put to death poor beasts of every kind, including house cats, badgers, puppy dogs and goats when they ran out of more ferocious, yet still indefensible creatures facing trident and sword. If you have seen the movie 'Gladiator', that is only the tip of the iceburg. These Romans had paid their sesterces and wanted to see blood. They didn't care if the 'thing' on the sand was animal or human, how old it was or how 'cute' it was, where it came from or who may have cared about it. They had paid to see it's gruesome death. This was considered sacrifice to the war-god Mars.
A story grew up about a Nazarene, a man from Galilee, a carpenter by trade, a Jew. This man said "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". That was a revolutionary thought in the Roman world.
Now Occams Razor: It doesn't matter if the story is true, it doesn't matter if He ever existed, the fact of our western agreement on His principles and philosophyr protects you and your children every day, otherwise you are condemning your children and grandchildren to Thunderdome. The idea of Him is worth your respect, if not your worship.
Something you can take to the bank? How about the cessation of slaughtering millions of creatures, human and otherwise every year for a thousand years? They caused the extinction of the European Lion, you know.

Ben Stelle
11 years ago

Why does Achems_Razor rage at the religious comments, and calls them "religee's" showing great grammar.

11 years ago

Achems_Razor is an Admin. He's an Anti-Theist. And this website is part of his propaganda machine.

11 years ago

What I would like to know is, why waste your time coming to this page and commenting on this if you do not believe in God? As a Christian, I would never waste my time ridiculing someone for not believing as I do...maybe that's because I understand that the Lost don't get it...if they "got it" they wouldn't be Lost.

11 years ago

That's right RandyJa! Christianity is definitely about having a relationship with Jesus. There will always be unbelievers and persecuting doubters, but wasn't that mentioned in the bible? And those who are persecuted and put through perils for God's sake will be that more well off in the Kingdom of God! I know the living God, and I'm not ashamed to say it! Personally there is nothing and no one I fear more... If you can just imagine the power it takes to control everything in the universe; science calls this black matter (I call it easy for God), and create everything in it; science says a big bang happened, but even that would've had to be created somehow (if some people studied the bible they'd find a lot of answers they've always asked for) that's just silly... No one can disprove what we believe in, we can only hope that people will see the truth one day (yes I said the truth oh my). Perhaps if people would start searching to believe in something greater than their self, truer than what man says; they would come to realize that yes though some "Christians" tend to shove the truth down your throats, it's only because they care for your soul. No Christian wants to see any one soul burn for eternity, at least a true Christian (yes God can use anything even a man). The term Christian means Christ like. So anyone you see claiming to be a Christian that's out getting tanked at the bars or strip clubs really needs to read their bible or speak to their Pastor, or get a Pastor.

We all have the ability to make our own decisions, God created us that way or else we'd all be programmed robots all doing the same thing. We need to stop blaming all the problems in the world on the devil (those who do). God wants us to love Him, but will not force any of us to and neither should anyone else. Goes the same with any other belief! Lucifer was given the ability even to make choices, and chose to love himself more than God hence why he was thrown out of the Kingdom of God: God made a place for him to go and anyone else who wants to love themselves more than The Lord. I'm witness everyday to the evidence that God is real, my heart beats... somehow... miraculously I'm alive. I see, light goes in through my eyes and everything in this world is processed through my brain which somehow has electrical signals that make even my fingers type this very second. It's all quite amazing to me that science says I come from microscopic organisms that exist still to this today that never evolved with me for some reason, weird. God is good people, you'll realize one day if you're not realizing how terrible he can also be! God bless you all...

11 years ago

Again... it is impossible for you to understand about having a relationship with God. So while you shrug off our relationship with God as a relationship with ourselves, you have no idea what we actually have, it is completely an unknown to you.

My question is why do you scoff at Christians and their beliefs. You can think what you want to think, and I'm not going to scoff or make fun of you, nor will I call you names.

Being a mechanical engineer, I don't discard science... I'm deeply involved with science, and I probably have a better understanding of science than most, and work to further our understanding, but the more we learn about science, the more we realize we don't understand. We can only view the universe in the knowledge we have, but that is not complete knowledge, so therefore our view is not complete, and may be far from accurate. While you look at Christianity and science as opposed to each other, science is merely a study of the universe that God has put in place.

Too bad that you see the need to scoff and scorn at something you don't understand. With that, I'm not going to debate with someone about something that they don't know about.

11 years ago

My goodness folks... why would you expect someone without a relationship with God to understand Him? Or even understand what Christianity is about? It is impossible for them to understand.

Also... those that do not believe, but complain about Christians that "force it down your throat", may I admonish you to not become the very thing you despise. While you talk about Christians doing this, you do the very same thing with your beliefs. Oh sure you call them facts, so that you can claim a basis of your ideas, but the fact is a lot of science is theory, and is routinely learned over time to be different then what was originally thought. We do not even come close to understanding everything that happens or how it all works.

So while you claim that science soundly disproves Christianity, how can you make that claim when there is so much that science does not know or understand. Complete knowledge, which will never be achieved here, may result in a completely different view of things.

One parting thought... you claim that the existence of God is preposterous, all I have to say is, you better be right. On the other hand, the Christian will be no worse off if they are wrong. But Christians know who they have a relationship with, and that is all they need to know.

11 years ago

Excuse me?? "People still believe in this bronze age sun worship and that terrifies me."

How disrespectful and ignorant of you who criticize the LIVING God who, without Him, you would not be alive. Without HIM there would be no air, no trees, no sun or light, no love, no reason for being. What are we doing on this Earth if there is nothing to strive for after we pass? Life would be nothing but a joke.

Furthermore, if you truly reject Christ and the religion of Christianity, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. Who are you to judge others for what they believe. Christians are being persecuted all around the world to keep Christianity alive because of people who not only reject Christianity, but feel the need to criticize those who live as Christians.

Lastly, let me tell you that you will NEVER understand Christianity if you only base your reasoning on facts. You think if science and fact can't prove your point, it's pointless. It's called faith for a reason. Facts can only take you so far but you have to be willing to ask God to give you faith and an open heart to understand.

I pray for all of you, may God illumine our hearts and deliver us from pride.

11 years ago

And btw, I really wish that the people who are writing the blurbs for these films would just write straight forward unbiased descriptions, and let us adults decide whether the films are honest and of any value.

11 years ago

This is so sad and pathetic. If it makes you feel better to believe in myths and fairy tales, gods, demons and spooks, then go right ahead. You have a right to believe what you want. But, you do NOT have the right to pretend that you have "evidence" to "prove" that your delusions are true. Go ahead, believe what you want. But stop trying to ram your silly religious bs down other peoples throats! Why do you feel so desperately compelled to beat people over the head with YOUR religious opinions??? Proof of Jesus? Evidence of the resurrection?? It would be quite funny if it weren't so pathetically sad. YOU CAN HAVE YOUR OWN "TRUTH", BUT YOU CAN'T HAVE YOUR OWN FACTS.

11 years ago

Christ? lol... I remember when this book came out, and My mother dragged me to the author's book signing. I asked him, at the age of 16, why God would create a being like Satan, I mean since God is omniscient and all, and since he knew Satan would fall and eventually lead to the deaths of billions, why would God DO this? Of course he just said some "god works in mysterious ways" nonsense. Really?

People still believe in this bronze age sun worship and that terrifies me.

11 years ago

Stopped the vid halfway. The 2 main actors (Actors they are indeed...) revealed the movie to be a preaching taking their "Friendly" partners to confirm they blah-blah.
They do not identify themselves but? look as originating from deep remote central USA such as the "Saints of latter days" zombies taking their faith for facts.
Very dangerous individuals!
Sort USA christian extremists that promote the use of arms, torture, murder & greed to seize what's left of the palestinian weath (Land) through the teaching of the isreali government that control the US's senate through the APEC lobby, so that the solomon temple will be rebuilded before "Their God" comes back on earth.
Just as if God needs them for that?
Or for judging all human beings accordingly to the US war crimes biased laws maybe?

The basic "American Pie" we seen all over the world for 45 years now & the worst childish garbage desinformation I seen up to now. It's an american crusade for Zombies.

What a "Pride"!


11 years ago

I can't wait until the time when people finally realize how completely irrational Christianity and nearly all other organized, dogmatic religions are.

11 years ago

What a joke.

12 years ago

I belive in GOD and Jesus but don't belong to any one religion.I also belive Mohamad may have been real but never looked as deep into the Koran as I did the Bible.Like the documetry there is more than the evidence needed to have faith that Jesus was the son of GOD.But holy books have been toached by man and man is corrupt so I belive GOD would agree with many things in the holy book but also have things he disagrees with.Can't prove it 100 persent but realy in my heart feel There is a GOD and he has saved my life more than once.There is no burning hell were GOD would leave you to suffer for ever.There masy be the lake of fire.Shole and hades means grave in english is pronoced hell.It was used by humans to scare people into listening just like government do.I really think as long as you were a good person even though you made many mistakes GOD will let you live in the after life.I belive he sees in your heart and mind and can tell if you will exept the way he want you to be witch is how we should be already.One day if we acept we will be perfect but as people its not possible.Only Jesus was perfect.Most in the Bilble were sinners but changed the same way I belive we will have that chance.GOD loves us all.WE are not expected to be perfect just treat others as you want to be treated and if you sin ask to be forgiven.You mayu have that chance after we are reserected.GOD wants to save everyone and he gets what he wants.