The History of Asbestos

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The History of AsbestosThe History of Asbestos is the must-see documentary for anyone affected by asbestos. America's workers are suffering from asbestoses, mesothelioma and a number of asbestos related diseases because of corporate greed. See the full documentary about tragedy of America's workers. Find out what you can do to protect the rights of all Americans.

The Greeks used asbestos for the wicks of the eternal flames of the vestal virgins, as the funeral dress for the cremation of kings, and as napkins. It is rumored that Romans would clean asbestos napkins by throwing them in the fire. The asbestos cloth would come out of the fire whiter than it went in, so the Romans named asbestos "amiantus", meaning "unpolluted".

Use of asbestos declined during the Middle Ages, yet some say that Charlemagne had asbestos tablecloths. Marco Polo was also shown items made from asbestos cloth on his travels.

Asbestos use was brought back in the 1700s, but did not become popular until the Industrial Revolution during the late 1800s. It then began to be used as insulation for steam pipes, turbines, boilers, kilns, ovens, and other high-temperature products. Ancient observations of the health risks of asbestos were either forgotten or ignored.

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    Where humans and money is to made are put together, there is always trouble. Funny how the companies are run by humans and they somehow feel they are beyond the problems of the human worker they employ.

    Humanity can be an ugly bunch at times....

  2. yourboycal

    You people piss off the big companies with your health this health that non sense. Dont you know its about profits . If they could make you work in chains 24/7 they would without any hesitation. They just wanna make there massive profits with the least amount paid to workers and there safety . They dont care about you , your family , your friends , your safety nor the enviroment . Its not there problem , its the problem of our kids who have to clean up the mess down the road . I am disgusted to call my self human being after seeing some of the shit people do for money . Dont worry people just drink your water ....the government is in control.

    1. nat kp

      Hahaha. That's my favorite thing to say to people "Ok. Just keep drinking your water. It's obviously doing its job."

  3. to whom it may concern"Kevin K"

    asbestos was used in many manufacturing processes related to ceiling and wall insulation in the 60's and 70's. were you born yesterday?

  4. Kevin K

    wut the hell is asbestos anyay...
    need to tell u that kind of stuff in a documentary