The Men Who Killed Kennedy

The Men Who Killed Kennedy

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The Men Who Killed KennedyThis artfully constructed series offers chilling evidence that American democracy has become a convenient lie; that a conspiratorial coup d'état removed a sitting president and then hid that fact from the American people.

This sounds like the stuff of wild-eyed paranoia, but these filmmakers did their homework well--interviews include levelheaded witnesses, suspicious government agents, and Dallas cops present in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963.

Some of the "proof" (especially in Episode 2, "The Forces of Darkness") seems a bit far-fetched, but the sheer number of unexplained facts is riveting.

An autopsy attendant describes a procedure botched by meddling Secret Service agents. A deaf-mute eyewitness shares his recollection of uniformed men hiding a rifle and leaving the site of the assassination unchallenged.

The playlist contains all 9 episodes filmed from 1998 to 2003: The Coup D'Etat" (1988), The Forces Of Darkness (1988), The Cover-Up (1991), The Patsy (1991), The Witnesses (1991), The Truth Shall Make You Free (1995), The Smoking Guns (2003), The Love Affair (2003), The Guilty Men (2003).

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  1. DanDan

    Here's my 2cents. I'm only 40 years of age. Don't ask me how I came to the conclusion that, or how I know that trigger man is George Bush. ...before you go dismissing or calling me 🤪 crazy, do some researching on his whereabouts along with Poppa Bush's Government Standing in that time in history...

  2. Bubba

    In response to Greg's list of so-called coincidences: (1) Lincoln did not have a Secretary named Kennedy. Lincoln had two men as his assistants, or secretaries, John Hay & John Nicolay; (2) Oswald was born in 1939, but Booth was not born in 1839 but 1838; (3) Booth was caught and killed in a tobacco barn, not a warehouse; and, (4) while Kennedy was killed in his first (and only) term, Lincoln was in his second term having been re-elected in 1864.

  3. Edgar Allen Poe

    There is no proof that it was JFK was killed in the Lincoln ! No fingerprints were taken of the dead body! Kennedy survived. He was beamed up into a UFO after the first paralyzing shot (CURARE) to his neck, probably by Connely thru his hat! Then a body double of JFK , probably one of the Secret Service men (Rybka,) was beamed down by the same UFO. When Jaquelin saw that it was not her husband next to her, she asked Connely what to do, He said :"Shoot him" Jacqueline shot the body double through his left ear with a darrenger she had hidden in her "lambchop" hand puppet(See the Zapruder film 313. CASE CLOSED! The UFO was called in to help by the Majestic 12 who knew of the plot to kill JFK who then became the yet to be formed Warren Commission. The gunman behind the picket fence was both a decoy and a last ditch effort to kill JFK if all else failed, he did the final front shot to the JFK double. MYSTERY SOLVED

  4. Tony

    LBJ killed Kennedy as numerous books have shown.

    The best of these is 'LBJ :Mastermind of the JFK Assassination' by Philip F. Nelson.
    LBJ knew that Kennedy was going to ditch him as running mate and that this would end his presidential ambitions. The Billie Sol Estes scandal and the controversy surrounding Bobby Baker could well have led to LBJ even going to prison.

    The Altgens photograph shows that LBJ ducked before the first shot was fired.

    1. daniel stenhouse

      I dunno man I don't think vice presidents can do what happened that day. The cia and the mob allowed for a break in communication between the central government and the killers. I doubt lindon b j didn't have a clue. From the what I've heard. There is very evidence given from assassins. Highly highly qualified and not giving a fuck. Took the job paid by the madlfia. Relying on mostly cia and Fri to cover up. All parties gained for decades from it

  5. Rusty

    All preidents shot were done by rothschilds banksters. They shot Andrew Jackson twice and he still threw central banksters out of the country. Lincoln was shot because he wanted to limit the amount of usury tax(interest) charged. Read and remember.

  6. Kurt

    You people who site Wikipedia know anybody can put information on there right? Its the most sited website that is not reliable at all

  7. Mike

    It seams clear to me , having watched the who killed JFK series , the last part Guilty men , and reading various books especially by Mr stone it was an conspiracy lead by LBJ. Oswald was a strange man but he was set up a patsy just as he said , he could not have fired three shots hid the gun and got to the second floor tea room drinking a Coke in 90 seconds ? Also if he left for home after the shooting at 12.30 and changed to go to the theatre and was seen by his land lady at 13.10 on the bus stop heading north , he could not have been 9/10 s of a mile in the opposite direction to kill officer JD Tippet ? . Oswald was fixed by Hoover and LBJs warren commission to take the rap . Oswald is now a part of American history , but the American people should now remove the part where he was responsible for the death or J F K. .

    1. Greg

      The irony that makes even sadder if that is possible is everything that JFK was trying to do such as a nuclear treaty,shared space missions with the Soviets, civil rights etc. Came to fruition years later, he was so far ahead of his time haters like the fat ass Harvey Dulles and their ilk couldn't wrap their head around it, I want to slap that laughing hyena ambulance driver with his ostentatious choking back tears comment. We lost a great thing that day. Read the book Brothers excellent

    2. Greg

      The coincidences or similarities between Kennedy and Lincoln's assassinations are uncanny the list is as long as my arm but I will mention a few
      Both presidents were elected to Congress in '46.
      Both presidents were elected to the presidency in '60.
      "Lincoln" and "Kennedy" each have 7 letters.
      Both were particularly concerned with civil rights.
      Both married in their 30s to women in their 20s.
      Both lost a son while living in the White House.
      Both were shot on a Friday.
      Both were shot in the head.
      Both were shot in the presence of their wives.
      Lincoln's secretary, Kennedy, warned him not to go to the theater. Kennedy's secretary, Lincoln, warned him not to go to Dallas.
      Both were assassinated by Southerners.
      Both were succeeded by Southerners.
      Both successors were surnamed Johnson.
      Both successors were born in '08.
      Both assassins, John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald, were born in '39.
      Both assassins were known by their three names.
      Each assassin's name is composed of fifteen letters.
      Booth ran from the theater and was caught in a warehouse; Oswald ran from a warehouse and was caught in a theater.
      Booth and Oswald were assassinated before their trials.
      Both were killed in their first term,

    3. daniel stenhouse

      Rfk's death is more obviously a conspiracy. He was gunned at from the front. Killed from 1.5 inches behind his ear. Lady in the polkadot dress. She's so bizzare. She has chatting up this guy that then shoots very purely at the president. Can't remember a second of the moment. Ill lose you 10s of people now. The man prisoned till this day was most likely hypnotised. And not one of his accounted rounds...his Kennedy in the head. Rfk was shot from behind. That gave off the fuckin killing shot. I wish there were bigger chat sights like this. Agree/disagree. I want somebody to tell me where I am wrong. I'm open to truth5

    4. daniel stenhouse

      I think London realised if the powers beyond him could kill the president and never have any consequences consequences come upon them. He didn't know until he realised he had stop world war 3. If it was the Russians. The public would have wanted war!

  8. John Gartland

    To be honest this was the best and most riveting piece of tv I have ever seen it was brilliant and revealing in 1988 when it was first aired and you do not get tv documentaries like that anymore and it win awards as well. However there were serious problems with accuracy and reliability in parts especially the now disproven picture of the Grassy Knoll Gary Mack's and Jack White's masterpiece .Most people missed the point this was a clever commercial ploy for Gary Mack's Sixth Floor Museum to come and visit it and give it worldwide attention .The star of the show is undoubtedly Dr Cyril Wecht he is one of a kind wish there were more like him around still worth watchnig .I am graduate in American History and would still advise people to watch it even now .Oswald did the shooting perhaps there was another shooter involved almost certainly and others were involved in this plot probably between 4 and 6 persons .Who were certainly known by Attorney General Kennedy and his circle and Johnson's White House as well especially in Mexico City with CIA or Mafia help.But this was covered up due to political problems for Democrats who would have to had explained warning before assassination where definite plots were detected just before assassination in Dallas and yet provided Kennedy with little or no security in Dallas despite this .Also both Kennedys and Johnson were involved in assassination plots of their own against other leaders overseas.Yet their reputations would have been tarnished by this and competence brought into question as well where both Kennedys ended up themselves being assassinated.

    1. Charlotte Claire

      RFK directed Op. Mongoose. He did have something to hide. JFK increaslingly opposed that stuff--he was extremely upset when the Diem brothers were killed, although RFK had nothing to do with that. That was a Lodge deed. RFK did have things to hide, yet was not one iota as ghastly as most of his enemies would proove to be. And that's saying something about the enemies because RFK was not nice.

  9. francis patton

    i think johnson knew more about this than he was letting on.

  10. sam

    Lindan Johnson killed him he opened the door for him self to become president after john kennedy was killed

  11. Teresa

    Is it me (or did I miss something in this vid??). That man said that he was standing waiting to take pics when he heard ''shots'' coming from behind his left ear...........yet the pics he was produced with show that he was behind this ''so called'' assassin?? how did he manage to nudge this assassin out of the way to take the pics (which were allegedly taken from him by this aggresssive man?).

  12. Teresa

    Wonder what year this lady's interview took place? She looks like she's in her 40's? Even if she's in her 50's, she would only have been bout 5 years old??

    1. kafka11

      the doc was made in the late 80s, so lets hope your not a Maths teacher, and with your investigative powers i would stick to solving Scooby Doo plots.

    2. Robin Lilly

      i hope YOUR not an English teacher!"Maths teacher"...lmao why do ppl get off on ripping on others I think it's sad...

  13. Glen Hale

    If the back if JFK head was blown off he had to be shot from the front,,some where here is a doco on a gunman hiding in a manhole shooting up at JFK..
    The Fed reserve rules the world and they will decide what sort of life style we will lead.

  14. RodolfoLeonMartinez

    Like any crime you look for the motive, the means and the most benefited from said crime.
    In 1962 JFK sent Israel an ultimatum. Give up nuke bombs or lose all US aid. By 1963 JFK was history.

  15. Rebecca Casstevens

    closed captioning needs major improvement.

  16. Valerie Jeanne Pippi

    This excellent series, taken together with Evidence Of Revision, which can also be viewed on this site, really has connected very important dots, more than enough to reopen a new, independent panel with full subpoena power, just as we must do with 9/11, for which we still do not have Truth.

  17. Asher Craig

    we see over and over the zupruder film but not much in the way of talking to Mr Zupruder or his Secretary

  18. Donald Edward Goodman

    SHE said, "He put the gun BACK IN HIS PANTS." The next so-called -witness said, he was "CARRYING the gun" not "he took it out of his pants." hummm? More HOLDING HIS PISTOL, HAD HIS PISTOL IN HIS HAND?" I thought the woman said, HE PUT IT BACK-IN-HIS-PANTS!" Maybe he took it back out so he could RUN BETTER. hummm?

  19. Donald Edward Goodman

    I was 12. It's like it was yesterday. The Federal Government, AND "the Mob" whether they used MILITARY ASSASSIN'S, MI-6, or "hoods" (which I doubt); it doesn't matter, because a GREAT MAN is dead. A "coup de' ta" (or however you spell it) was accomplished that day, MOST PEOPLE know it, yet nothing has been done. "THEY GOT AWAY WITH IT; as sure as they "got away" with Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and anything else THEY want to "get away with." Nor were the PERPETRATORS ever tried or punished. And are still alive today! This country, (the ine I LEARNED was referred to as "America," has not existed, even as far back as FDR. The Dollar-Bill, (IF you understand Occult symbology)
    Last but not least, the "the truth" will never come to the masses. Just as it never did in Rome with the Roman SENATORS that murdered their Emporer, Aand GOT AWAY WITH IT! IT IS HIGH TIME, THIS "GOD JEHOVAH" I've heard so much about, gets His, or Her ass down here, and put a stop to it. (Quite frankley, I aint holding my breath.

  20. noconman

    Regardless of the excact details, to anyone with a half functioning brain who examins historical records, there is plenty of motive for both the Mob, who brother Bobby was trying to shut down, and the CIA, who JFK had fired the top three heads and wanted to dismantle them over the corrupt covert handling of the Cuba crisis, to lead one to believe that there is no way LHO acted alone. I believe he may have been just what he claimed, A patsy.
    If you google the speach that got Kennedy killed, you will hear the president speak of secret societies who want to infiltrate the government.
    It is also known that he wanted to get us out of Viet Nam, and wanted to get rid of the Federal Reserves control of our currency.
    I think that he took his job to seriously and thought that the power of a president was far greater than it really is, and the real forces behind the secret government leaders felt threatened by the exposure of their existence.
    So, they shut him up. And his brother too.
    Anyone who denies that conspiracies exist in all aspects of life, must be brain dead. Even the government spins conspiracy theories, yet flag wavers will only believe official government reports? Only because they own the media and can sway the unconcearned,unaware, and ones to busy trying to believe and live the American dream. Don't you have to be asleep to dream?
    Anyone who believes that our government is so concerned for "National Security" reasons to help insure our safety, is purly misled. The reason they keep secrets is to stop us from revolting and firing them all, over their illegal, unconstitutional, warmongering, currupt policies, both here and abroad.
    And it aint over yet. I was alive when JFK was shot, and the things he tried to do was get our government back to governing people and out of the hands of the corrupt mobsters and corporate manipulators who have since led us to illegal war after war, allowed the Bankers to fleece us, and corporations to take jobs out of our country in order to profit even more than they already did. Cheap labor, less restrictions, and corrupt officials.
    Our government opperates with the appearence of being incompetent, unconstitutional and out of control.
    Sadly, they are only guilty of being unconstitutional. They are indeed, in total control, and it is out of our power to stop them. They have us right where they want us, to divided to effectively stand up to them.
    Ron Paul is in mortal danger if he keeps winning support from so many honest hard working class Americans who have over time opened their eyes to the hidden agendas of the Corporatism that has taken control of government, with the support and backing of the Federal Reserve, and the hired henchmen of the CIA.
    Truth is not stranger than fiction,, quite the opposite, Fiction is based on truth.

    1. DanDan

      Bullseye 🎯

  21. R.T. Castleberry

    I've seen this "documentary" twice and it shares the same dubious spot as the film JFK for historical accuracy. It IS a hoot to watch, though. It's sort of a documentary version of Dr. Strangelove--black humor at its best. JFK, for the same reason, is one of my favorite black comedies. Anyone who can watch Jim Garrison's summation in JFK (They ALL did it!)and not pee himself with laughter just doesn't have a sense of the absurd--or a sense of perspective.

  22. R.T. Castleberry

    I've seen this "documentary" twice. It's pretty funny and occupies the same shaky, blackly humorous place as Oliver Stone's film "JFK" does to real history. It IS a hoot and half to watch though. For a serious look at the JFK assassination I recommend Gerald Posner's book "Case Closed," a classic examination of the killing and the conspiracy freak subculture that sprang up around it. BTW: if you read the entry for this "documentary" on Wikipedia, you'll see why it's no longer shown on television--lots of serious legal issues concerning the charges made in it.

    1. Charlotte Claire

      As soon as I saw you recommending Posner, you revealed yourself. Posner--the one who wrote JFK assassination book (good for career) and asked the publishers whether they wanted a LHO did it all by his lonesome, or an intelligent account of all the evidence anad witnesses? No, the publishers (all controlled apparently) wanted a LHO did it book. Posner complied. He's a mercenary, and the cabal that carried out the coup d'etat still exists, their ideological and biological descendants now trolling the net with nasty postings trying to stop the flood of the obvious and revelatory.

    2. DrSnake

      LOLOLOLOL. Sorry to bust your bubble but I'm not a mercenary or an ideological or biological descendant of anyone related to the JFK/Oswald deaths--or of Posner. Just a man who read a book and thought it made sense.

  23. Sine

    wow.... "We the Sheeple" indeed.

  24. awful_truth

    excellent documentary, keep up the good work!

  25. tonyk

    James Files was responsible for the famous headshot .. google his name .

    1. Paul McKernan

      The problem with James Files came when NBC wanted to make a documentary about him to tell the world his story. Then they investigated him and found a number of significant errors in his story. Such as.. He was in Chicago at the time, corroborated by phone records.... and the birth of his daughter which he was at, at the same time. He's been pretty much disproven on many levels, including the claims he made about the weapon he used not being correct.

  26. ben

    its f--ked how mrs kennedy was in shock and tried to grab a chunk of her husbands head off the trunk just brutal stuff

  27. pistol987

    8 people were charged with the murder of Lincoln. Just saying!

  28. Curtis

    it was June 4, 1963 and pertained to silver certificates. While the Fed seems to have as much a stake in the claim of JFK's death as the Mafia, I must say that this conspiracy theory was COMPLETELY debunked, and to my dissatisfaction I might ad. There's NO doubt in MY mind that the JFK assassination was not as cut and dry as the Warren Comission would have us believe, but sorry "me" your money trail leads no where. A better place to look would be @ JFK II: the Bush Connection. We should also be asking for DNA comparisions between the LHO that was burried after being shot by Jack Ruby in Dallas to his mother to see if a aternal relationship can be established. The Oswald photo's.... Lets just say that dog don't hunt.

    1. Xbow

      One of the most contentious issues in the history of the country is who will issue the currency and establish its value. Jackson, Lincoln, Kennedy and others had problems with private banks holding that much power. For the simple reason that the lenders hand is above the borrowers. A good source of that history is G. Edward Griffin's short film entitled "The Capitalist Conspiracy." The film is available on 'top doc films' under that name.

      The only thing I am sure of is that Oswald was a terrible marksman in the USMC and held the lowest level of qualification hence it is unlikely that he had the ability to fire that quickly and accurately. Especially since the 6.5 Carcano rifle that he supposedly used was famous as 'the rifle that never hurt anyone'. I believe that Oswald may have been involved with the Conspiracy but thought he was acting alone and that he knew nothing about the other shooters. He was IMHO the fall guy.
      Also watch the 1973 film 'Executive Action' on youtube.

    2. R.T. Castleberry

      LOL. Actually he was a pretty good shot (according to an NCO in charge of marksmanship training, as a Marine he was a good shot, slightly above average and next to the average civilian, an excellent shot. In fact, he qualified twice as a Marine; once as "sharpshooter" and the other as "marskman.") He also spent a lot of time both practicing and dry firing the weapon he used to kill JFK. He also used it in an attempt on Gen. Edwin Walker and just missed killing him. Instead of a silly piece of Hollywood junk, try reading Gerald Posner's excellent Case Closed. It covers, in depth, Oswald's background as well as all the evidence in the killing.

    3. basil b


  29. Christopher

    This was the most amazing documentary I've seen. I watched almost it in it's entirety last week...almost 8~9 hours worth. And, one of them towards the last was disabled. Now, I wonder...what happened to the series?! Just disappeared. Worth owning on DVD...If I can find it.

    1. R.T. Castleberry

      Check out the Wikepedia link on this "documentary" and you'll find out the reason it's no longer shown. Basically, LOTS of legal/libel issues. I would recommend instead of this tripe, the Gerald Posner book, Case Closed. It's the classic examination of the JFK assassination, the participants and the weird conspiracy subculture that it spawned.

  30. me

    Executive order 11110, signed by President Kennedy on June 6,1963...follow the money.

  31. Iasounis

    Just to clear things up; the camera used in the above stated photo in question, works on ten second (not minute) intervals.

  32. ryan

    Is this a joke?? The first part ends saying they have a polaroid photo that the woman took right after the fatal blow took JFK's head off - this camera can only take one photo every ten minutes and she got it within seconds after it had happened! And, in the background of the photo is the grassy gnoll and there's a man there with a gun and you see a blurry photo of him, but they've been able to work with image to make it clearer and they can identify who the phot is ends there. And parts 2 and 3 say they aren't currently available. Either I've been punked or this is being covered up, but either way this is bullshit.

    1. R.T. Castleberry

      Anyone who buys into the thesis of this "documentary" has been punked. The reason parts aren't available is because of legal/libel issues. Check out the link on Wikipedia for more in depth info. I'm re-reading Case Closed by Gerald Posner and it's a fount of factual info on the assassination.

    2. bob

      I have to disagree with you for the Case Closed by Gerald Posner. I used it for a reference for my History Paper and it was not really a reliable source