Who Killed Rasputin?

Who Killed Rasputin?

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Who Killed Rasputin?The programme-makers re-opened the investigation into his death and found conclusive evidence to suggest that Rasputin was murdered in St Petersburg in 1916 in a plot hatched by rogue members of the British Secret Service – with a fatal shot fired at close range by Secret Agent Oswald Rayner.

The documentary is based on extraordinary new evidence uncovered by intelligence historian, and programme consultant, Andrew Cook.

In addition, BBC Timewatch brought in Richard Cullen, former Metropolitan Police Commander, and a trainer of police cadets in forensic detective work in Russia, to re open the case.

Re-examining the original autopsy reports, Richard Cullen found that the original explanation for Rasputin's death did not tally with the forensic evidence.

In particular, he questions one of the key autopsy photographs which shows a gunshot wound situated in the centre of Rasputin's forehead, which bears the hallmarks of a professional assassination.

The accepted version of Rasputin's death states that he was poisoned, then shot, and finally drowned in the River Nevka by five disaffected aristocrats, led by Prince Felix Yusupov.

The conspirators were said to be concerned about Rasputin's influence on Tsar Nicholas II, and his wife Tsarina Alexandra.

Over the years historians have questioned Yusupov's version of events but failed to come up with credible alternative theories.

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  1. DustUp

    If anyone can believe that a congress person can be bought ... they don't have to believe, it has been proven, with some in the past getting caught.

    Then they too must believe that a judge can be bought ... same deal, some have been caught. I've watched some in court break the law and collude/conspire with prosecutors.

    Then they must also believe that it is possible for the media to be bought ... same deal, GE bought NBC; all major media are corporations and therefore owned and controlled, etc. The next larger town to where I live, their newspaper is pro any corporation that spends a fair bit of advertising dollars with them, regardless of how deep a river of pollution they will create or what harm the locals are beset with. Most ALL media, newspapers, radio, TV are held by a smaller number of families, 6 for radio it was, about 13 or so for TV, a few more for newspapers but a lot of overlap twixt those.

    Then too a person must believe that universities can be bought ... same deal, Rockefeller and friends make "large donations with strings" to MANY universities, installing socialist-communist professors in those "chairs" they care about. The teachers that teach the lower education teachers.

    @ez2b12 seems to have fallen for the CIA propaganda that only kooks believe in conspiracies, reinforced regularly by the media, much like a friend of mine who still thinks the news "is THE news" instead of the Bergerbuilder propaganda outlet. The news hasn't been actual news for a long time, if ever. Long has been the time it has been agenda driven and propaganda, and increasingly so since I have been alive. The only reason ez2b12 is confused about what news is news and what isn't is because he has made the choice to disbelieve what is, in favor of what isn't, because he doesn't like the implications of what is. All I can say, like several others have indicated, just because you don't want to believe something, doesn't make it less true.

    Do a youtube search for "church commission testimony regarding cia in media" you should find "operation mockingbird" The CIA is on camera stating they have people in the media. Former head of CBS states they had alliances with the CIA. The main purpose of the CIA is as it was founded, an information gathering service for the elite bankers of the world (Rockefeller, Rothschilds, etc) and propagandists to get people to do the wrong thing so the bankers can profit, among other nefarious activity profitable to the banksters.

    It would seem that to the CorproGovtMedia complex, the only two conspiracies that ever occurred and that you are allowed to believe without being called a kook is the murder of Julius Caesar and the murder of Abraham Lincoln. It is ridiculous to believe that Enron and Arthur Andersen and Bankers can conspire but govt cannot be successful at it as well. Govt had to conspire with those in order for their conspiracy to last as long as it did. Many last much longer with the militarized "need to know" (more precisely "you don't get to know all the details") principle throughout govt.

    However, it is likely as pointless to mention such things since like my friend, some people have made the decision to protect their world view, so are closed off to reality. "If it aint in the news, it ain't happening..." cough cough. In other words, they would have to admit error which would mean they were wrong. Such cannot be! So all evidence is disregarded.

    One most also know that after evil people have more money than they know what to do with, even more money no longer does it for them, they seek POWER. Their sense of importance comes from having control over and the ability to manipulate the peons -or do away with them. Some like Billy Brat Gates thinks he is doing mankind a great service by supplying vaccines which maim and kill infants, supply GMO seeds to poor countries so to starve them when they replant the designed to be infertile seeds and nothing grows.

    I suggest reading what the Free Masons have put on the Georgia Guide stones. The upper echelons of that organization is satanic. You can find ex members video on the subject. Yet the elites subscribe to that depopulation agenda. Is there some connection between these various secret societies? Certainly.

    Let me ask a better question, what isn't a conspiracy? Really. Every time a congressperson or some govt group slaps a thick document and says, "you have to vote for it to see what's in it" any time two gas stations across the street from each other agree not to go below a certain price, that is a conspiracy. Every time you hear a bunch of news organizations repeating much the same talking point, they have conspired. They agreed to subscribe to the agenda talking points and parrot them, most every day. What major war didn't have conspiratorial aspects? Some nation's leaders conspiring against other nation/s. Years ago, highly decorated General Smedley Butler exposed a plot by some elites to overthrow the usa govt. You can watch video of him explaining how they wanted him to lead it. Did anyone go to jail? No. Elites.

    All I can reco to folks like ez2b12 is to open up the "conspiracies" section of THIS website, watch several and see which are theories and which have plenty of evidence to support their case. You may have to change your world view. Unless you'd rather spend (waste) your time telling me how silly I am. I get a kick out of the indoctrinated telling me how one sided I am. They were indoctrinated to believe things have to be balanced, that there are two sides. Yes, things often have two sides the wrong side and the more accurate side. Much like an arrow or a gun. The socialist-communist media like to verbally bludgeon with the butt of a gun, day after day until as many as possible believe what is wrong. The rest of us like to take aim and fire, preferring one good shot to do the job. Unfortunately extra holes in the head don't seem to impart much wisdom. People, like horses will have to decide to find a water trough they want to drink out of because holding their snout under water hasn't worked well yet. Should we stop trying and let the propagandists keep bashing away unchecked?

    That is how things have gotten to the rotted point that they have.

    Conspiracy. Conspiracy. Conspiracy. Why do you fear this word? Because you have been indoctrinated by the media to be fearful of "being a kook". You can follow the origins of this "kook" propaganda as well if you so choose.

    Got better things to do? All well and good. However, you decided to go half way with the corporations and stopped at greed. Why? What do you fear?

    Just because YOU can't relate to what some wackos do, doesn't mean they aren't doing it. Watch some interviews of ex free masons, watch the video on Bohemian Grove where heads of state go to conspire and train themselves not to care about the peons (train to turn off their guilt). Watch WTC bldg7 fall. Conspiracies are non stop. Again, what isn't a conspiracy? These days its the progressive Demos conspiring with the progressive Repubs against the semi-conservative Demo Trump on most everything. Govt is filled with minions who are not working for you but against you, in favor of their or their boss' benefactor, while you pay their salary, or theoretically pay it.

    I do agree that people do seem to be too lazy to want to have to lift a finger to improve their lives. Too important to race home to sit in a chair with a beer than to spend an hour a month with others, seeing to it wise, decent, incorruptible people run for all offices from all parties in numbers, so it won't matter who the low information voters vote for. Very simple and easy to do, if people weren't so unbelievably lazy.

  2. Morgan Rudner Mercier

    well they had canada too but that's not too big of a deal

  3. Morgan Rudner Mercier

    From the Brits point of view, if they didn't murder him he might of ended Russia's fight and Britain would be all alone .. (I believe)

  4. naughtyjonah

    jcjm5 you are a douche. Don't go around insulting people because they don't spend their time on the internet dancing around topics so as to appear intelligent, probably they are busy at work and with their lives. I only perused this to see if anyone was commenting about the relationship between Tsar Nick and Rasputin, the haemophelia of Alexander and the fall of the Romanovs. Instead I get some egotistical twat with an inferiority complex. Shame.

  5. jcjm5

    @ Nessa, any idiot can claim that something doesnt exist, only a real person can acknowledge something and is willing to explore further no matter that the circumstance. I bet you're afraid to read about material such as this because in the back of your mind, you dont wanna wake up one day and realize that everything that you've been forcefully fed since school up to this point is all an illusion that very few people can see through, therefore I dont really blame you, the American way of life has its population by the balls, the government is working on black projects while they project Dancing with the Stars to you at home and keep the populous in the darkness when in comes to real events. When an event takes place, they instill a certain flawed sense of trust in its people hoping they come running back to them for answers when something goes haywire, your point of view on this subject shows a lack of interest in your own nations mechanism and how it operates, if you are uninterested in that, then please tell me what in this world is important to you if your nations identity is not? How can you classify yourself as an American or anything of that matter, you are lame, with this said, have a nice day.

  6. jcjm5

    The Jewish imperialists infiltrated Russias economy 1st then later moved down the line and eliminated by execution around 10 million civilians including doctors, psychologists, philosophers etc... during the Bolshevik revolution which was funded by none other then the Rothschilds. Only now is the Russian government free of Jewish rule. Once Putin got into power he removed and then exiled 90% of the government officials, all 90% were of Jewish descent and were not native to Russia at all lol, how ironic. Now this new Russia is not good for business as the US and English imperialists push for more civil unrest. Its not good because the Russians are free to journey and venture out on their own projects without the US knowing and that frightens them. After the Russians got pounced on in the late 80s by the Afghan troops, US and England had almost 25 years to roam freely around the world and implement their false "democratic" dictatorship type governments that are controlled and manipulated from the shadows of the Round Table from the Rothschild Tribunal in the City of London, for the imbecile above me that cries "Illuminati", hes unaware of the size and involvement of this 3000 year old operation unfolding infront of his eyes, just because he has his eyes open doesnt not mean he sees the big picture. Any idiot that is uninterested in his own environment, nation's history and so forth, is a waste of space, intellect, and hopefulness for humanity. The easiest thing to do when something doesnt make sense, its to just debunk it, the hard thing to do is research this material and find out its real. Any lameass can claim all this is bullshit, only a real open-minded person would remotely take this into consideration and research it at their own time and pace.

    1. Brandon Schultz

      Paragraphs, paragraphs! No one's going to read this the way it is. And relax! (Yes, I know this post is five months old).

    2. fongy74

      Tut,tut for all your rant about the involvement of the "Illuminati"you fail to be open to the possibility that you yourself are also eating the delightful cookie of disinformation.Adam Weinsepht and his cronies disappeared along time ago and whilst it is blatant that there is insidious influence at all levels of state British, US or anywhere else for that matter simply putting it down to Rothschild's and the Illuminati is frankly no better than watching erm Dancing on ice?

  7. Nessa

    "Illumuntis" - if anyone believes in that nonsense, your lives must be so f--kin boring!

  8. Reasons Voice

    Oh yes Randy we would get along quite well. I still live close to there and enjoy the area and the parks emensely.
    While I was not around for that generation I also lived out my highschool days to the sounds of black sabbath. And I too
    was one hell of a 14 year old crabby old man.

  9. Randy


    HAHAHA! Very funny! Yes, I imagine that would be quite hellish for you, my friend!

    But, it is kind of an historic time/place, and a very pretty one, I have been there. That must have been nice for you, (except for the hippies, of course...).

    I grew up in the flower-child era listening to Black Sabbath and Jimi Hendrix, (well, except for that unfortunate born-again phase, but that is a traumatic memory, so let us not delve...), simply because even then, I hated that "peace, love, and understanding..." cr@p...

    Hmmm... even as a teenager, I guess, I was a cranky old man...

  10. Reasons Voice

    @Randy: Flowery I will accept, I always did like a good Haiku. Hippie!! oh good god no I grew up not far from Woodstock and to this day those VW van driving wack jobs continue to drawl on about the man snd their primo weed dude.
    And yes the rumors are true they smell attrocious.

  11. Randy

    @Reason's Voice

    That was lovely. Very nicely put, kind of what I was saying above, but more flowery, (and ALOT more hippie! lol).

    Listen, youse guyses, if the Illuminati, for example, exists like many conspiracy buffs claim, then RV and I are right, there is nothing we can do, so just keep on keepin' on as best you can.

    But, I'm tellin' ya, if they DID exist I WOULD be a member. I have been looking to join up with them all my life! I searched all the evil religions, all the kooky ones, in the colleges, in government, law enforcement, everywhere!

    Nuttin. Just a bunch of mooks and people who spill coffee all over themselves.

    Seriously, though, in America, our Founders knew full well that the system they were creating was suseptable to corruption. They knew it. They wrote about it in as many words.

    SO, they tried to build in tools that we could use to correct the system when it drifted to far from its "truth" (for lack of a better term off hand...)

    If the people don't avail themselves of these tools, well, they deserve what they get.

    The People get the government they deserve... (that can be a BAD thing...)

    I say, If you go to bed with your doors wide open and thieves come and steal all your stuff... whose fault is that? The thief? That's what thieves do-- thieves gotta eat, too. No. That would be your fault.

  12. Reasons Voice

    My opinion on conspiracy is this; We as the lowly plebian masses cannot and will not change any of it. True or not true in the long run it makes little to no difference in our daily lives. Just live your life, Love someone, have a family, spend time with friends, and be happy. Let those who toil under the desire for more and more pursue their empty ajenda as it will neither satisfy them nor give them enrichment of any kind. The bottom line is, A home buzzes with the sounds of life and love, while a castle echos in lonely emptiness.

  13. ez2b12

    Are you guys seriouse, I live on a farm and am about as relaxed a guy as you could ever meet. I am very passionate about politics though, as it rules our lives. I am up at about 30 minutes before the sun three times a week, and I hate coffee. And the US presidents that have talked about a new world order where not talking about a one world government, at least not openly. If they had of they would have been crucified by the US press. I don't know about other western leaders, none I have ever heard speak said anything about a one world government.

    Never mind, if you guys want to make this your priority, go for it.

    @ Achem

    Thanks man, I know you where not trying to be disrespectful. I wasn't either, I hope I did not come off that way. I respect alot of you guys on here, especially you. We can disagree and still be friends, no problem.

  14. Lori George Alexander

    I am going to go with Jono on this one. While you are at it, get yourself, ez2b12, a nice cup of coffee and watch the sun come up or down depending on the time of the day. Maybe even read some Shelley or Keats while you are at.

  15. jono

    @ ez2b12

    I think as a non conspiracy "buff" that you probably need to get out a little more. The leaders of virtually every western nation have at least once mooted the need for and I quote, " A new world order" and pertaining directly to a world government.

    What each individual reads into this is obviously up to themselves.

  16. Achems Razor


    You know I always respect your viewpoints. And you do have some good viewpoints!

  17. ez2b12

    Yes i know that all my taxes do not go toward things that are necessary or just. But that is no reason not to pay them, besides despite all this talk of how there is no law that says we have to pay them- they arrest people and ruin thier lives all the time for tax evasion. Once again the truth is always in the middle, the tax system is corrupt but it is also necessary.

    One of my earlier posts addressed my stance on the federal reserve, I'm dead set against it. I want congress to be able to issue money without interest. But stopping paying taxes will not accomplish that and some taxes are needed, how else would we keep our nation afloat and defended? Yes it goes to pay off the money they borrowed from the fed, but that money is often used for schools, defense, infrastructure, etc., etc.

    As far as birth certificates and social security numbers, unless we have a better plan I think it is pointless to object. We must know how many citizens we have to provide for, thier age, what they earn, etc., etc. to provide for the common wealth. Government can work, it just doesn't right now. In my opinion this is because it serves the corporations interests and not the citizens, not because it has some evil plan to take over the world. And all this talk of revolt without any real solutions, is pointless and dangerouse. We need peoples mind and efforts on real issues that are not quite so fantastical and exciting. The governement that did work for people earlier in this nations history also had birth certificates. It isn't about the system to a large extent, its about the guys that are using it to thier own ends.

    We let Bush and the neocons scare us all to death with thier silly axis of evil stuff, and as a result we lost many of our civil rights and the government starting using things like birth certificates and social security numbers for other than their intended purposes. This doesn't mean we need to throw away a system that not only worked well, but as of yet has no better replacement. It does mean we need to wake up to the fact that these guys are in it for one reason and one reason only- to make money. That our system of a free market economy and democratically elected represenatives has been hi-jacked. The last thing we need though is more fear of "the man". Fear and anger have never been good starting places for revolution, peaceful or otherwise.

    If we do the things I suggested earlier we can stop worrying about this stuff, it will take care of itself. I think it is more productive to offer solutions that are not only viable but efficient, than to run around shouting conspiracy all the time. Thats just my opinion, but I have never seen all this conspiracy theory stuff do one bit of good and its been around since I can remember.

  18. Achems Razor


    Just came on line was busy all day, you figure your income tax pays for all the services, roads etc: did you ever stop and check all the taxes that are involved? there are taxes for everything, all your income tax pays is the national debt incurred to the federal reserve for printing money out of nothing and then lending it out at interest.

  19. ez2b12

    Yeah, this was a great doc. I should get back on topic I suppose. I enjoyed it alot, even though I wasn't that familiar with Rasputin before this doc. I had heard of him of course, can't get through western civs without hearing about him. All we learned was he was a con man that had some how fooled the royal family into believing he was truly magical or devine. We heard nothing of this whole conspiracy to kill him from the Brits. It makes perfect sense I must admit, if he had of succeeded in getting Russia to gain peace with Germany many more troops would have suddenly shown up on the western front. I doubt he realized this fact, probably thought sueing for peace was a righteouse thing to do with his newly found influence. I should learn more about WW1 I know lots about WW2 but not much at all about the first world war.

    @ Ronald Lee Wattonville-Ames

    I would never presume to tell you what to think or do. Sorry if I seemd to have assumed some semblance of authority, I claim none. I am simply fed up with all this confusing and utterly ridiculus fear mongering. Like I said if we would do a few simple but boring things we could take care of all this, without even having to know it existed- which in my opinion it doesn't.

    What exactly are you referring to when you say I have made my peace with these people and play the same games they do? If you are referring to the fact that I pay my taxes and have a social security number, well thats a little ridiculus man. Under that logic the whole of the country is guilty of conspiracy along with most of the world. Surely you don't have the conspiracy bug that bad, do you?

    I have to eat and to do so I have to work, that means having a social security number. I pay my taxes because I use the roads, schools, and other infrastructure that they support and should pay them, besides jail is no fun. I also live under the protection of the common defense, same as you if you live in a developed country with a military. I can't believe I am having to justify my participation in the US social security and tax system or be accused of participating in conspiracy for global domination.

    Yeah lets all stop paying taxes and registering our children, see how long the country stands before our roads, schools, social systems, etc., etc. crumble around our feet. This is what gives the left a bad name, this ridiculus over board anti-establishment pro anarchy trash. If you want to believe this stuff be my guest, but do not try to incriminate regular people that are simply living life the best way they can.

  20. Randy


    "...made peace with these criminals?" We are all of us, criminals, Ronald. Every single one of us.

    Ever buy anything from Wal*Mart? Or, any international chain of stores? Well, you supported organizations that kill little kids in sweatshops all over the world. Doesn't that make you complicit in their murders? According to the law it would.

    A third of the world is crapping their intestines into the dirt from starvation, so you can be comfy and well-fed. That's how it works... *shrug*

    But, if Wal*Mart et al. didn't offer crappy jobs to these people for crappy wages, they would have NO jobs and NO wages. More would starve, and more little girls and boys would be sold into sexual slavery for a bag of rice.

    It has always been this way with human civilization and ALWAYS will. It is sad and tragic, but we just have to do the best we can!

    Lighten up! It's all a gorey, nasty, sometimes fun, carnival and only dark death awaits us all in the end.

    We may as well, as The Bhuddah supposedly said, "Joyfully participate in the suffering of the world..."

  21. Randy


    Agreed, all around. You are right. I was being glib, but you explained the system well. It only works as well as we do.

    In America, we do have a self correcting system of government. But, it only self corrects if WE correct it. Let them do it, and they will "self correct" it right into their own pockets. That's just human nature.

    But it takes work and time to do that, and most people don't want to do the work, and don't know how to manage their time, so... it falls to ruin.

    But that too, is natural. Nothing lasts forever. Even "forever...".

    But hey! How about that Rasputin, huh?

  22. Ronald Lee Wattonville-Ames

    I am not very obedient to self-appointed authorities telling me to stop talking about conspiracy. Especially those who have made their peace with these criminals, & play the same game they do. Not that I haven't participated in the past, until I saw clearly my behavior was criminal too, despite all the rationalizations of my mind. being chattel might imply we have worth, but now they just call us "mouths". Code words in the UN Agenda 21 program to exterminate 6.5 billion "mouths", & enslave the remaining 500 million are "sustainability indicator", & "sustainable development".David Rockefeller's Population Council appears to be HQ for that, followed by the Club of Rome. Right now Elizabeth II, Queen of the Commonwealth Realms seems to be top dog. Outside of Switzerland, Monaco, & Leichtenstein, most of the money-laundering & tax evasion goes on under her jurisdictions. 3/4 of the corporations in Hong Kong are BeeVees, coming from Harney, Westwood, & Riegels in Tortola, BVI. Harneys has offices in Anguilla, & the Cayman Islands, where more than 500 banks, & 10,000 mutual funds are listed.If you.ve been to George Town, as I have, it seems quite a lot for such a small place without some kind of conspiracy.

  23. Randy

    *above should be "Illuminatus" trilogy...

  24. ez2b12

    "Trusting others to inform you, including the Real News nNetwork,will keep you in the dark."

    I just said that very thing. And yes I know who owns the corporations that i speak of, I just do not buy that thier motives are anything other than getting richer and controlling more- for the same end. I just can not buy that these guys have some evil plot based on esoteric knowledge. Thier objective is what it always has been, to make more money. Besides I don't believe in all that spooky kooky occult bs.

    One world government is so far from being a reality I think we have much more important things to be worried about. I think the North American Union was at one time on the agenda, but now the republicans can't even get thier own candidates nominated to run. The Tea Party has moved in and stolen quite a bit of thier fire. Plus they never expected the US to elect a black president, "surprise surprise surprise" as Goemer Pile would say.

    I don't doubt that the big corporations and bankers may want to have control over a larger population, its the motives we seem to disagree on. I live in the US so I know that the upper 2-3 percent own and control all. I also know that they stand for nothing more than making money, not some evil occult philosophy. Evil for evils sake just doesn't exist, greed on the other hand is a means to an end all in one package. The "elite" as they are often called are nothing more than the richest people in the country.

    If we want government to be able to run, and trust me we do. They have to have resources given them by the citizens by way of taxes, how else could they function? In order to have everyone pay taxes we have to have some system for keeping up with everyone and what thier income is. So if we do not use birth certificates or social security numbers, what then? Anarchy will not work, trusting the good in people well- thats just laughable. No matter what the system for doing this some people will see it as part of some master plan aimed at lessening personal freedoms. In reality if we wish to provide for the common good and defense of our country, it is a necessity.

    Of course thier will be a new world order, there has been several through out the years. The US doesn't look like it will be a super power any longer if something doesn't give. We are going broke in a hurry. The temporary stimulus has done about as much good as it is going to, not much at all. Now we will see the true recession or possibly depression I'm afraid, as the stimulus bubble bursts. Besides big business and banking wants Obama gone, cause he tried to regulate them. Now they will not hire or invest in the future until we get rid of Obama. They do not care how long or badly we suffer, who dies, or what happens to this country- as long as they keep raking in record profits.

    We seem to agree on most of this stuff, maybe you guys where not talking about the whole covert occult plan to take over the world. I have been hearing about it since I was a kid. It's a bunch of hog wash. If there is any plans at all for one world government we all know what the true motivation is, money. I feel that if we would get more involved in our democratic system and take back the government from corporations and bankers, the rest would take care of itself.

    We have to return to a TRULY free market and reduce these too big to fail corporations down to a managable size. No one corporation or entity should ever represent such a stake in our economy that we can not let it fail. We need to do away with the central bank, yes the fed thats right. Give the power to issue currency back to the democratically elected represenatives. Most important we have to start educating our children about government and how it works, start enstilling in our children a more healthy sense of morality (morality not religion) and return to the basics of mathematics and sciences in our schools. At the same time we should get rid of destructive institutions like religion having any influence in our politics. Get rid of lobbying all together, since when did one group deserve the right to personally meet with our represenative and try to persuade them this way or that? We all should have an equal voice, one vote that's it. Each politician running should get equal time and resources, and be required to submit to a public debate on the true issues facing our country. These are the things we should center on, the rest will take care of itself.

  25. Randy

    I have a collection of conspiracy thoeries, I love reading about them! That's how I stumbled across Dr. Robert Anton Wilson and his "Illuminus!" trilogy, (great, baffling read!).

    He wrote a book, called "Everything is Under Control" it was a kind of encyclopedia of conspiracy theories from the most probable to the completely outlandish, (did you know, that the reason the Pentagon is shaped like a Satanic symbol, is because there is a great Demon trapped in the center, and it must have human lives sacrificed to it, so that is why our road systems are designed to be extra-dangerous!).

    He never really believed in them, but he was a foremost expert. I think the book is out of print, now, but you may be able to find a copy on that e-bay, or craigy-list you kids seem to like these days...

    They are hypnotizing when you study them. And I can understand the seductiveness of them; paranoia can be fun! But, they only lead down a very dark rabbit hole that never ends. There is no good there.

    And if it's true, there nothing we can do about it. Hey, if they existed, I would be a member! If you can't beat 'em...

    I always routed for the James Bond villians... I would be a good henchman for the evil masterminds... I could BE an evil mastermind, but... you know... the hours are TERRIBLE! And, it never ends well for them... sometimes the henchmen can get away... you know, "under the radar" so to speak, as the volcano based secret headquarters are collapsing dramatically... etc.

  26. Achems Razor


    (LOL) Yeah, I know, thought would get some kind of discussions going, well I say there is someone in charge, it is not self perpetuating. Nothing starts on its own, there are masterminds behind it.

    Have looked at Rasputin stuff forever also,

  27. Randy

    (Something wierd happened with this post. Sorry Vlatko if it is a double post, but it seemed to disappear when I first posted it, so I will try one more time...)

    Achems, you know I love ya, but you sound like a nutty person, with a tin-foil hat collection! *friendly laughter*

    A birth certificate identifies you as a native of the land you were born into. It's more of a "club mermbership" proving your rights to all the priviledges and... well... RIGHTS of your native country.

    Stop all this conspiracy nonsense. Rich people steal from poor people. That's the way of the world. It's nothing personal, it's just business.

    And those rich-greedy f*cks are not very bright, and they all hate each other, and steal FROM EACH OTHER!

    They are less wolves, that cooperate in packs to hunt, and more like sharks, that mindlessly feed when they smell blood, sometimes devouring each other in a frenzy.

    There is no one in charge. I know conspiracy thoeries give some people hope that at least SOMEONE is in charge, even if they are evil... but the reality is scarier. You are on your own. You gotta protect yourself and your money.

    Every business meeting I go into, I gotta have two things in mind, at all times:

    Everybody lies.

    I gotta screw them, before they can screw me.

    Sad, but true...

    Anyways, I love Rasputin stories! I have studied him since I was 9 years old. Great con-man! He's like the Elvis of mentalists and con-artists that run the "head-game". He "gamed" (or conned), a royal family! Wow! Score!

    1. fongy74

      I can see this posts quite old but what the hell!
      You know your quite wrong about the birth certificate?
      A birth certificate does not identify you as a native to the land you were born into,The Birth Certificate is for want of a better phrase a warehouse docket.From your birth certificate (depending on which country your in) your social security or national insurance numbers are generated.Legalese is the language that applies here and to grasp what you are in the big picture it is better to get an understanding of what things mean such as 'certificate and register.'
      Whether you have a birth certificate or not does not make you have less rights than the next man/woman.
      Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for yourself! And that doesn't mean you can't be patriotic,being patriotic is the love of your land and country not necessarily the administration or corporation that runs it.
      You should know better Randy iv'e read your posts and your a smart individual.

  28. IrishKev.

    @ Achems razor

    What land?

  29. IrishKev.

    Yeah, eZ, who?

  30. Achems Razor


    Of course there will be a "New World Order" you can count on that.

    Right now nobody even owns themselves, unless you want to be a freeman on the land.

    You are strictly chattel, as evidenced by your birth certificate, which is a warehouse receipt for your body, a delivery receipt, your straw-man is a separate entity. owned by the corp. of USA. as a corporate entity, that is why you pay taxes, to keep the corp. of your USA afloat.

    And who owns all that you ask? why, the elite!

  31. Ronald Lee Wattonville-Ames

    eZ2b12. Who do you imagine owns & controls all the corporations in banking & industry ? The ownership info is available, usually other corporations & mutual, private equity, or pension funds. Checking the Board of Director surrogates will lead you to the real owners. Some like the Rothschilds & Wallenbergs often take Board positions themselves, since they represent the Windsors (Saxe-Coberg & Gotha), or the Royal family of Sweden respectively, as well as their own. Facts are not judgments, & for those willing to invest the effort, the facts are still out there.Trusting others to inform you, including the Real News nNetwork,will keep you in the dark.

  32. ez2b12

    If I hear one more word about this absoluteldy ridiculus New world order, one world government, illuminati, esoteric agenda stuff I am going to scream. That's all I see anymore, "They are taking over right before our very eyes." Come on now, they can't keep a secret among themselves much less between nations. The only conspiracies I believe in are ones committed by big bussiness and banking, to make themselves richer.

    We no longer live in a capitolist society but in a corporatist economy. Corporations constantly use our government in order to reduce competition, create new markets, and reduce transparency and corporate responsibility. I used to say i was turning against capitolism, but we no longer have a free market. In a free market the consumer plays a major role in shaping the economy. We no longer have this power as thier is no competition to turn to or alternative product to replace the one we are dissatified with. If you don't believe me watch a even a mid-sized town that gets a super wal-mart- it dries up every locally owned store and rapes the citizens of there choices. Not to mention the fact that although they are the biggest private employer in the US they do not offer insurance, retirement, or a path to higher education for their employees.

    Because I live where I do I must buy all my utilities from certain government subsidized (why do they need subsidies!!) providers. Where is the competition to run down prices and insure a quality product, where is the free market. When all the grocers, gas stations, colleges, etc., etc. get together and form one co-op they can set prices at what ever they think the market will bare. We have lost our free market and our democracy at the same time. They have now formed a Corporatacity that no longer serves "we the people" but expects us to serve it.

    They give us the illusion of choice and we eat it up, knowing the whole time it will be business as usuall. We have no real choices when it comes to who is in control or what laws or regulations are passed or inforced. We only know what they let us know, don't forget that someone owns every media corporation just like every other corporation. Besides if someone on CNN truly asked the tough questions, how many interviews with relevant, popular, or meaningful politicians do you think they would then be able to get? None, that's how many.

    You turn to the internet and you can't tell what is made up or not, who has what agenda, or what true qualifications someone has to be making the judgements they are making. In many ways we are less informed than we where forty years ago, without the internet or cable news channels at all. All the internet seems to have done, (other than provide this fine site for viewing docs, GO Vlatko)is create a bunch of conspiracy theorists that seem to have nothing better to worry about than some evil global plot to take over the world.

    If you guys want something to obsess about, something to warn others of- this is it. We are losing what we SAY we are so busy trying to defend- Our free market and democratically elected represenatives, our civil liberties, and most of all- our ability to trust in one another.

  33. Lori George Alexander

    Ronald Lee Wattonville-Ames, I remember the conspiracy theories involving the death of John F. Kennedy. It was supposed to involve the government of the USA. I was a reporter at the time and I knew from experience that in the federal government the left hand did not know what the right hand was doing. Having investigated other stories of other conspiracies, I have never found human beings able to form any kind of lasting conspiracy.

    Small groups can formulate conspiracies as the Russians and the British did to kill Rasputin but for a world wide and long lasting one? It seems doubtful to me. Sorry because for some reason people like yourself feel a need to believe it is possible.

  34. Ronald Lee Wattonville-Ames

    One need not take anybody's word about a conspiracy. Facts & truth are available to anybody willing to invest the time & effort to investigate.I do not comment to make converts. Just a finger pointing to where facts can be found for those willing to invest the effort. Nothing anybody says, pro or con, will erase the doubt of those unwilling to find out the facts for themselves. I see what I see & I hear what I hear. Take it or leave it, the global conspiracy is real. Having exhausted all the -isms, they now masquerade as the public-private partnership (PPP). In private, they call themselves The One World/Company/Government/Religion. Their supreme HQ is The Private Wealth Council in the Principality of Leichtenstein, the last Habsburg overtly absolute monarchy in the world, headed by Prince Hans-Adams II.

  35. Lori George Alexander

    Well, Reasons Voice, I did not even know there was an attempt to tie them into conspiracies; but then I am not a conspiracy buff. Is this a fanciful dream of some people or is a real? That is the problem with conspiracies. It often is the brainchild of some people with too much time on their hands.

  36. Reasons Voice

    Interesting doc. Rasputin is always a mysterious topic. Just wish that even just one bad event in the last 150 years wasn't somehow tied in to the Rothchilds lol.

  37. Lori George Alexander

    Linda McGuigan, I would like to see a film that is about the whole thing concerning the story about the Romanov's being still alive and then stories about Anastasia and her brother surviving and the large number of fakes and then finding out they all died long ago. I wonder why the Soviets kept the real story so secret and so forth. I bet that would prove to be an interesting story as well.

  38. Linda McGuigan

    I enjoyed this documentry and would like to see more like this on the Romanovs, I also think the Rothchilds were in this up to thier necks as they profited from all wars since Napolian thanks for this wonderful site.

  39. Caroline Harris

    Ra ra ra Rasputin! Nothing mentioned about whether the huge man was really the lover of the Russian Queen!

  40. Ronald Lee Wattonville-Ames

    I wonder how long it will take for those related to the US intelligence perpetrators of JFK; RFK; & MLK assassinations & 9/11 to speak out. These were not rogue agents who killed Rasputin. The Rothschilds were getting even with the Romanovs for thwarting their ambition in Vienna decades before, & convinced the Court of St. James Rasputin would end Russia's participation in WW I. They also arranged the arranged the killing of Tsar Nicholas & family later on. Years later Lord Edward A.J. George, Baron of St. Tudy, recently deceased, would become their surrogate with the British Crown & Intelligence (MI5; MI6;etc.), the Bank of England & the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). Trained by British Intelligence, Russian-speaking Lord "Steady Eddie" George attended Moscow State University establishing contacts which would pay off for the Rothschilds later as his banking career blossomed. He was on the Board of Rothschilds bank (Baron David Rene Rothschild, Chmn.) in Paris, & Nestle SA in Vevey, Switz., as well as the BofE & BIS when he died.

  41. Achems Razor

    Interesting and factual doc.

  42. Lori George Alexander

    A very interesting documentary on the life and death of Rasputin and of the politics of the time. It has echoes on the current 21st century as different countries reach into other other countries to create scenarios more in keeping with their own interests.

    I like how it was developed as a "who done it" and the evidence that was uncovered. They were very lucky to have found relatives of those involved at least on the British side who still remember what their relatives told them. The point would have been moot if they had waited any longer to make this documentary as one daughter was in her 90's and her memory clear regarding her father's part in the murder.

    It isn't often that a documentary becomes part of history but this one does.

  43. Jay


    So Anastasia lived?
    Must of been a very difficult child birth.

  44. Sadie the Celt

    @ Jay

    so it was you? well your great great great great grandmother had a baby from the molestation, a boy - who was adopted, and is my great great great grandfather so THANK YOU Jay! your a hero, but I am still haing trouble contolling my rage cos I inherited it

  45. Cliff T

    Oh, it would also be a good way to keep track of what you have watched.

  46. Cliff T

    Hey Vlatko, might it be an idea to have a simple rating system? I'd like to see what people recommend and make searching for something to watch easier.

  47. Jay

    It was me........he got my great great great great grandmother drunk and molested her.....i couldnt control my rage!