The Order of Death

2006, Conspiracy  -   53 Comments

The Order of DeathThis new film delves deeply into the history of the Grove where powerful men make decisions that affect the world but are completely hidden from public scrutiny. The Order of Death details how the Grove has been the backdrop for some of the most earth shattering events in human history including the development of the Star wars program and the Manhattan Project.

The film starts out with showing pictures of Hitler and books like "Hitler and the Occult." In the previous film, Alex Jones went into his "investigation" with the predetermined conclusion that something very sinister and evil was going on at the Bohemian Grove, and naturally he saw this everywhere.

Ratings: 6.68/10from 31 users.

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  1. Dave

    This is a good show it prove that thare sick people running
    The country

  2. leighatkins22

    Ew ew ew - why are these people called the "Elite"?
    These are the kinds of people you'd find in the ugliest parts of town.
    What is the point of them? What are they for? An example of just how foul humanity can get?

  3. TheLittleSpermThatDid

    Maybe the fake gravelly voice and the over stated theory's are affecting Mr. Jones credibility ? Just a thought ...

  4. Dixstock Team

    Conspiracy fruitcakes make me laugh. This hilarious rotund man and his crackpot world view is a prize example of the most ridiculous imagined fantasy.

    Yes, the self appointed elite of our world do indeed make shady deals away from the eyes of the public, but it happens in boardrooms, political offices and hospitality venues - not at bizarre evil occult ceremonies where they burn human sacrifices and have sex with rent boys.

    Also, if you were part of a secret cult, would you be sure to include the pictorial symbol of your cult in everything you did, y'know, so the people you were trying to keep the cult secret from would be able to recognise your actions everywhere?

    1. Gaia O

      you are have no idea what so many people DO have DONE and shall continue to DO in the FUTURE !:) Maybe you will understand when you grow up lolo

    2. Leslie

      First the symbols would need to be understood by the people looking at them, how many non occultist types study occult symbols? The te-le (lie)-vision is full of them, as well as our language filled with code words like lii-brary (lie). These elite do their deals wherever but sadly yes they are satanists which believe me, is just as odd a concept to me as any other kid who grew up w/o religion, it is actually what has convinced me that there is a God and though I will never deny him (I think I am in good standing) I am not going all bonkers religious either. Alex Jones is a poor choice to get your info from anyway, most of us believe he, like David Icke (whom for the most part is actually not bad info most of the time) are actually either part of it or paid shills to discredit the truth because of some of the crazy spins they put on the truth.

      Try Alan Watt (not Watts) or G Edward Griffin, they both are down to earth speakers who don't get the media attention because they are actually telling the truth in a way people can actually accept.

    3. amyl29

      they do, but it's hidden. oh yea and don't forget all those hidden tattoos they have on their face as well to let everyone know who's in and who's not. and they do stuff that's visible too.
      You're full of crap. You guys or let me guess you're just a person who's not involved and just saying your opinion- you guys or these guys, what they do is all about Lucifer and is about mysticism and the supernatural despite the fronts/lies/ and all the other crap they try to make look like their motive.
      For one these guys know who's in the occult or their cult to begin with and for two they do mark everything they do, whether visibly or hidden.
      whether in the boardroom, bohemian grove, the next plot, they are for Lucifer, end of story. This isn't a conspiracy, it's real. and the fact they have to try to hide it is pathetic, I guess that's how Lucifer operates, in the shadows/
      everything they do is full of symbolism and pushing the agenda, they flash 666 symbols every chance they get, forget whats imbedded on their faces hidden- pyramids hidden in the middle of their foreheads, weird symbols around the eyes ,etc
      why would people who don't believe in so called satan.the dark one, go that far ? they believe and know the truth. all the scientific/sci fi stuff is part of the agenda of their messiah Lucifer. to fool people. putting out all that 'alien' stuff kinda contradicts the huge 100 plus year mission of their dedication to satan which is pretty much proveable. isn't it? so which is it, they believe in life on other planets and aliens or they believe in satan? the answer is they believe in satan, know he's real or the entity and the alien sci fi crap is to fool people. cause that what this 'serpent' is all about, FOOLIN people.
      they've fooled the very elect and some people who wish to be intelligent into believing the whole sci fi/ atheist viewpoint. like the ball of confusion they release. easy to get wrapped up in the lie or other viewpoint-
      everything they call a myth or most is more real than fiction- and everything they try to make look rational and fact like is fiction or most.
      either they want to fool everyone, invested an immense amount of energy into it, have an iq of 100,000 secretely, also somehow able to do supernatural feats, or it's Lucifer they work for. can't be anything else.

  5. Carson Rogers

    It appears to me that there's very little real evidence here for most of Jones' claims, aside from those involving the rituals and the membership of the Grove. I am highly suspicious of what might go on there and have a feeling that Jones may be right about some things, but I wish that he would substantiate his claims more seriously. In particular, the rant at the end of the film goes way beyond anything that he (or anyone else I have heard of) has ever demonstrated with real evidence.

  6. Glen Hale

    Just a another form of religion,no different from any other form of mental illness

    1. amyl29

      wrong. they work for one guy and his name is Lucifer and they believe and probably have evidence, which is kept from the public

  7. jeffosirius

    on American money it says "in God we trust"
    but which god? Satan could be considered a God to some people, anyway i like Alex Jones he has an aggressive reporter style, better than Jordan (boring so little information) Maxwell or Michael (over intelligent) Tsarion.
    anyway good video and them white witches didnt want exposure about demonology because in a way they are practicing magic with a K.


    alex jones aside, this footage remains shocking.

  9. Jdog

    i think that before passing judgment on Alex Jones and his work you should all watch the videos and take notes. then do your own research. I'm willing to bet that if you do you will find that hes almost exactly right about everything he says. besides hes not the only one that puts out the info he does. and if you don't believe him. then why don't you search for the thousands of credible sources that would agree with what he says. that includes people from scientists to doctors to lawyers to military figures. what makes people think that because what Alex says doesn't jive with the mainstream media it means its wrong. if the mainstream media were to say "everybody who smokes pot dies of over-dosage" nobody would believe them. but wouldn't that also bring into question everything else they say or have said??. i think so. so just as a little hint. before you criticize another human for saying something. actually listen to what they say, and look into it. the only reason why people criticize is because its easier to keep the blinders on and make fun of people who think differently, than it is to open your eyes and realize the world is not as its portrayed by others.

  10. Truthseeker420

    Alex Jones should do an investigation of "narcissistic personality disorder".

    1. HiroPro


  11. sammyxkx

    with a bit of luck these people will go to war oneday and have thier world taken from them by default.

  12. GoughLewis

    Interesting film. Alex Jones is the only person to come out of the Grove with footage of the Ceremonies, and how #@%*! weird they where.

    Worth a watch for sure just to see the "Cremation of Care Ceremony" at the Bohemian Grove. It's funny to see all those global leaders dressed up in red and white robes all dress up like hooded Clan members, and worshipping a 40 ft Owl, and sacrificing a mock up of a human body, burn it. Regardless if you are a lover of Fox News Shaun Hannity or David Icke, worth a watch to see how they spend time at summer camp. You or I would be going to jail...hahahahahahaha

    Is this me, or is it abnormal for the worlds most powerful, wealthy, past present and future Presidents of the USA engaging in "weirdness" Occult stuff like this?

    The ceremony that was recorded was entitled 'The Cremation of Care' in which a mock human sacrifice is performed in front of a forty-foot stone owl, for the entertainment of the cheering crowd of elitists. These include media company owners, politicians, Hollywood personalities, world leaders, oil company owners, and so on.

    Can't even make this stuff up. Oh, the United States of America's Nuclear Weapons program was birthed at the Bohemian Grove, seriously! The Grove is particularly famous for a Manhattan Project planning meeting that took place there in September 1942, which subsequently led to the atomic bomb. Those attending this meeting, apart from Ernest Lawrence and military officials, included the president of Harvard and representatives of Standard Oil and General Electric. As I said, can't even make it up....

    The Club motto is "Weaving Spiders Come Not Here." The Bohemian Grove Club was established in 1872.

    With the gay prostitutes, men only members, satanic stuff wonder they do not want anyone near the place, let alone filming. Give it to Alex to spill the beans on this private mens club in the forest. President Nixon commented on The Bohemian Grove in a recording once, "God damn faggiest thing I have ever seen." Serious creepy stuff yes, but funny and interesting none the less when you think about it on reflection.

    Hey, it's good to see how our Nations leaders spend there down time in the Summer.

    UPDATE: I was outside having a smoke, and I thought of a good description for the Bohemian Grove Club. It's like the Burning Man festival for the global ruling elite: 33 Degree Freemasons types, Royalty, Presidents, International Bankers, Top Scientists, Industrialists, Movie Stars (Men Only), Military Generals, CIA types, etc. Globalist's running around naked holding hands in the giant red wood trees and planing your future, and of course, NO women allowed.... Hilarious.

    Alex Jones filming the Cremation of Care Ceremony... Priceless.

    1. Hans

      well, okei alex walked in there and they all walk around in stupid capes etc. But where is the proof of their evil? some twigs and shitt that maby looks like a body in the fire aint evidence, neighter is that crazy show in the forrest. this is all spinnout from alex jones mind.

  13. Nathan Cory

    lol i was going to watch this but thankfully i read the comments first and found out it involves alex jones.

    1. UreFar2Kind

      Which is why he's particularly useful to these types (and most likely planted there) -- so that marginally 'smart people' won't look any deeper. "Nothing to see here folks!" LOL

  14. awotnot

    ive never heard of an "action network" actually supporting the edifice they claim to be demonstrating about - to me it sounds like elitist infiltration. Sacrificing human beings - real or symbolic - is sick and black magic - oval office devil worshippers should not be allowed to call themselves christians

  15. Jesus Christ

    Personally, I dont seriously listen to anyone who doesn't drink ayahuasca, smoke 5-MeO-DMT/DMT, eat ibogaine or peyote. Since Jones is friends with Joe Rogan, I give him the benefit of the doubt, but until he squeegee's that 3rd eye, his info will continue to be speculative entertainment at best. I do appreciate what he does, for it brings many powerful memes to light, however it would be more effective if he humbly took his orders from on high rather than his own ego's self righteous delusions and illusions of grandeur. He's still taking sides, caught up by the illusion of duality and separation, which shows to me how ignorant he can be. Still, you cant really blame him or anyone considering the playing field; nonetheless course correction is only a still instant away for anyone.

  16. forthetimebeing

    Whatever else me may be, Alex Jones is an alarmist and scam artist, stoking and feeding on apocalyptic fears left and right, mostly right.

    Political discourse needs him and his films like the proverbial hole in the head.

    It is hard to believe anyone can take his self-aggrandizing mish mash seriously. It is grim commentary there are fools enough to make such hoax men rich.

    There are serious films critical of American led globalism and corporatocracy that deserve to be heard, and this beaut just gives them all a bad name. I could readily believe he were a government disinformation agent, certainly he is a megalomaniac, a buffoon, and no one’s Paul Revere.

    1. UreFar2Kind

      Absolutely my point.

    2. amyl29

      regardless of what role he plays, what he says probably has more truth to it than the crap you hear from the other guys.

  17. alpha

    I m more afraid of the locals and thier freaky rituals. The people of the grove know its make believe but the locals actually believe it.

  18. Dennis

    Am i the only one that doesnt find it menacing if guys have gay sex? I know alex jones is a patriot and stuff. but i didnt know he was homophobic. I dont like him. Makes it really hard to believe in all the stuff hes saying. There are other investigators that really base their opinions on facts and show a balanced argumentation.

  19. Catherine

    Weird a bunch of world wealthy and leaders meeting in the Bohemian grove for gay sex, sacrifices, Bildiberger Masons, Illuminati, NWO. Educate yourselves.I still find this weird but intriging.

  20. Catherine

    I am glad i found this channel.Thank you to the moderaor and administaion of the documantary channel for sharing informative information. I love documantaries. Thanks again.

  21. button

    i looooooooooove conspiracy docs. love.

  22. donald can only argue at what physical attributes is lacking in jones miss the point of his efforts to uncover elements in this world who want you to live under the yolk of slavery also known as corperatism,a.k.a some research,learn something.check,mate.

  23. Chess Master

    Jones is a business man and his goal is to scare the chit out of you because he'll profit from your fear. He suffers from the little man complex. He profits from the pain and suffering of others. Jones has become a rich man. He's a freaking backwood hick with a smokers voice that loves the attention he gets because he's short, fat and going bald.

  24. Dick from Brisbane

    @ Gromath - man You said it. Hey hey ho ho... this sh*thouse chant has got to go.

  25. Vilia haggard

    My opinion is that Alex is so right about alot of stuff in his documentaries- however, his biased character comes out in this one. I agree with the lady in the very beginning that was upset with him for focusing on the "occult" rather than what they DO there. Alot of people would argue that Cristianity is as equal a religion as Hinduism, Bhuddah, etc. He seems to think there's only one- HIS. I personally was not offended ONE BIT with those nature lovers that were protesting-(too strong a word!). More people should respect nature. And c'mon- how many wars have been started in the name of RELIGION?! One thing= I saw a close-up of that hanging dude, with the white hat covering his face back when, and unless Madame Toussad was around back then making wax effigies, that was definitely a human- look at the hand sticking out from the jacket sleeve! Go to 'above top secret ' web-site to view all 349 old black and white pics from the inception of the club to about 1927. A few 'dead looking' REAL bodies there! Enjoy!

  26. AlphaRayJones

    ...and check out your Owl on the dollar bill

  27. AlphaRayJones

    Molech can be the name of anything. Even in ancient times, different gods from within completely different cultures could carry the same name. so what its not a bull. apparently they wanted to name it molech for what it stood for

  28. AlphaRayJones

    For those who says "this can't be proven true"...what planet do you come from? Just look at the world in detail, the leaders, the events just within the last ten years and you will find some truth. Everything in this world can't be happy happy, don't want to hear no bad news just good times! blah blah blah. There are wicked people in high places out here. This is the real world. Do your OWN research and see if what he says is true or not, that would be the most logical thing to do wouldn't it?

  29. Aero Zeppelin

    Nothing in this film can be proven true. There are no facts presented. Alex Jones basically just gives his own opinion on what is going on and does not offer any proof to back up his claims.

  30. Raimond

    Alex Jones is doing business

  31. Mr E

    Moloch is a bull indded WTF...I agree with most here. its good to have facts but if u have an view before research u get bias results ei making the facts fit. a good example of perseption is the film THE FOUNTAIN (Darren Aronofski film - Fight club, rant etc)it is made so that you will come to 1 of the 3 conclusions but its what You Peronally get from the film...
    Alex jones is good but with all good things comes a few flaws, look at the old many owners had to send it back cuz of the ring of death? millions I presume, but still a fault due to things being either overlooked or not reserched with finer detail...

  32. Jaak Wassmuth

    It is a pity that mr jones does not get some soft spoken lady narrate his films. He might have a look at the new discoveries in Archeology. That might expand his historical perspective. He should refrain from bringing up eastern theology; Buddhism and Hinduism especially. At least until he reads the Vedas.
    There is one other thing that bothers me about mr jones. He seems to believe that there is only a dark side. My light is on as are the lights of many others. I like Alex, but he needs to start believing what he preaches, we are the power. The dark side is an episode that is about to end...

  33. mayhemike

    Not very well put together, I've seen better. It is all really far fetched. I can connect dots, but where they go is strictly propaganda. I give it 2 stars out of 5

  34. caseyhue

    Trust this fact ... Everyone is going to debunk the truth because we aren't supposed to know about it. It's a cover up an I actually enjoyed his tactics.. It's one way to get to the truth whether you believe it or not. The owl could also be a symbolism for the possible abductions That see a owl face at 3:22 am in the morning.. I'm only making that connection because it came to mind. The owl reference it just what he saw inside the grove an I really think theirs more going on than meets the eye. It's not just fun in the sun!! The world government leader of any kind can not be trusted. Their is more going on than just a goo-die too shoes world..

  35. Myself

    Everything he says can be proven? I just saw it and Disproved just about everything. He doesn't even have his basic mythology right. Moloch is NOT an owl, he was a bull, the owl is knowledge related to ATHENA and GREEK mythology. He doesn't show ANY facts, instead he was just a jackass in his ambush interview and he gets surprised when the guy got mad (you try being in a fraternity in your school, then having some fat christian fundamentalist slob tell you he found out how satanic and evil your fraternity is and that he did this by crashing it)He also contradicts himself too much. Just because something is secret doesn't mean it's sinister, and just about everything he's predicted in here and earlier films has never come true, I think that's the proof you need to know this guys a phony who just loves to hear himself talk. Now go do research from a site that isn't owned by HIM or other nuts like him and all of a sudden none of this makes sense.

  36. Niels

    The greatest Mayan god was the creator god Hunab ku and his son Itzamná, the god who gave the Mayan people the foundations of civilization, According to legend, he taught them to grow corn, to write, to use calendars, and to practice medicine. He also introduced a system for dividing up the land, and he established rituals for religious worship. So saying that the greatest Maya god is the god of death is wrong!

  37. Olu

    Very informative. Nothing here is new however, since the world is run on snake oil.

  38. Gromath

    19:04 worst protest cheer EVER

  39. Tracy

    I had NO idea who Alex Jones was until I ran into this site. Looks like he's been around awhile too. Definitely not main stream material. I think he'd be more credible if he didn't sound like a Limbaugh blah, blah, blah.

  40. buddha

    I agree, Alex Jones can be a bit eccentric, loud, and obnoxious. But the facts he brings to light in his films are facts. Not theories, not interpretations, not ideas. They are cold hard facts that we have to acknowledge and deal with. It's only conspiracy if you can't prove it. He does. That's that.

  41. frankpatriot

    Who cares about the tone of the messengers voice, if the message is true? Everything you find in Alex Jones' documentaries can be proven true. Jones is fully aware that people will try to dismiss his message as 'crazy conspiracy crap' and accuse him of lying, so everything he says must be completely accurate. If you watch an Alex Jones documentary, do what I did. Say to yourself ' This can't possibly be true, so I'll research it for myself. ' That's what I did, and unfortunately, I found that everything Jones says is true.

  42. unbiased

    Alex Jones is an idiot. Like all his documentaries, this one is based completely on what he thinks should happen in the world. He doesn't really care about opinion. His arguements have definate merit and his research appears to be sound. However, his journalism is flawed in failing to cover any other perspective other than his own.

    He invalidates his own arguments simply with his arrogant tone emphasizing emtion rather than logic and fact. He could easily make his documentaries accessible, but simply falls into the "crazy conspiracy theorist" category as soon as he opens his mouth. If he tried to present a balanced view I think he would be much more credible, thus people would listen.

    His apparent evidence and research is always interesting, but his "know it all" tone in his voiceovers alienates the people he is trying to reach. I want to like him, but he comes off as a man who wants superiority over those HE thinks have power. Although he may be right, he's hypocritical, which is bad if you are trying to spread information and argue to people who are apparently "uninformed".

    1. Tyler J. Brown

      if his arguments have merit and his research is sound, how is he an "*****"? while his delivery may be less than desirable it seems you are receptive to the information he imparts. i agree that he comes off as a sensationalist but the evidence he provides gives no indication that he is an "*****". the only way for someone to "invalidate" the information they give is for it to be untrue and there is no evidence that anything he has reported on has been untrue. sure he speculates a lot but his speculations come form well reviewed research into government documents.

      furthermore, he is not trying to promote a "balanced view", as you put it, and that is obvious. he wants to expose the hypocrisy of those in power and there is no balance in that goal. it is one sided just like his films. how does that make him a "hypocrite" when he has never been involved in the type of activities of those he is trying to expose?

      buy a dictionary, ***.

    2. Rocky Racoon

      He offers no poliitcal solution other than government he helps with the elitist agenda he says he is against. screwed up eh? Less gov't less regulation more skullduggery. Less democracy.
      To bad so sad.