The U.S. vs. John Lennon

2006, Politics  -   20 Comments

The U.S. vs. John Lennon (2006)In retrospect, it seems absurd that the United States government felt so threatened by the presence of John Lennon that they tried to have him deported.

But that's what happened, as chronicled in directors David Leaf and John Scheinfeld's The U.S. vs. John Lennon.

The film starts slowly, with a familiar look at the former Beatle's troubled childhood, his outspokenness as one of the Fabs ("We're more popular now than Jesus Christ," etc.), and his eventual hook up with Yoko Ono, paralleled by the growth of political protest in '60s America, particularly against the Vietnam War.

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  1. amanda

    eh who is the id**t here in comments comparing lennon to bobby kennedy give me a f..... break - bobby had thousands of innocents killed calling them communists with no proof created a disgusting witchhunt in america dont be so ignorant and non educated to compare a musical genius and true peacemaker who never ever hurt people to these murderous governmental pimps

  2. Jake

    I recently listened to "Live Peace in Toronto 1969" for the first time and I was struck with a profound feeling of loss. The music was so personal, so engaging and so deep. I want to know who killed him. I want to know who killed MLK Jr. and who killed Malcolm X. I want to know who put the price on their heads.

  3. Jeremy

    I will always believe in the walrus

  4. Heidi Neville

    What a terrible tragedy: losing John Lennon. This documentary highlights a time and a place, and a man who had his heart and put his strength in the right place! I'm so glad he prevailed his ordeal, and so happy that the filmmakers at Lions Gate brought this story to the people, so that they remember, witness, and be inspired. You go, John! Your spirit surely lives on!!

  5. LMMW

    Sorry John. Love you. Miss you. We need you.

  6. Gabriel Bonilla

    "imagine all the people"

  7. Darryl P

    Ron Paul 2012

  8. Darryl P

    People do not want freedom!!! Because freedom requires individual responsibility. And we all blame everyone else for our weaknesses. This country will give its freedom away for the false security and dependence of someone else or the government.

  9. Gary V

    A wonderful Human being. We could do with a lot more people like him in the world today.

  10. smartnup

    Wow great Doco. A must watch. The guys a genuis

  11. debbye

    Thank you, John, for 47 years of my musical sound track!

    this vid certainly took me back thru the many years. and now … i still protest war!

    Imagine …

  12. Roger

    Revolution is never achieved quickly, the candle was lit by John. No Goverment agency can smother the flame. Goverment abuses continue today but thanks to John and many others we see that the power truly lies with the people. Thamks John

    1. petepassword

      '... the candle was lit by John.' Pardon? There was a strong peace movement for many years before Lennon became anything but a Liverpool working class lad with a mouth. As a multi-millionaire, and having met a politically active artist, he indulged in some stunts that grabbed headlines, but I don't see him starting anything. The US was and is paranoid of any criticism, that doesn't mean he represented a threat, just that they find it difficult to tell the difference between criticism and communism. Stop eulogising, he was a songwriter/singer/musician. Not Gandhi.

    2. landon peterson

      and you are just somebody trying to sound like you know what you are talking about don't disrespect John Lennon he was and will always be an idol for many and a cornerstone of history so please go listen to your justin bieber cds.

  13. Elena

    Thanks!! Happy birthday John!

  14. sickriver

    The only solution to the poulution
    is a peoples humane
    thats a great line from -Bobby seale

  15. steven

    ...and Martin Luther King...

  16. Mr. Majestik

    Just makes me sad sad sad...I want a world where John Kennedy, Bobbie Kennedy, John Lennon, & Phil Hartman, walked thought and still inspired to a much kinder world.

  17. roland gopel

    ..... inspiring .....

  18. katelyne

    wonderful documentary! would for sure tell anyone who is intrested in John and Yoko to watch this :)