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Tortuga: The Incredible Trip of the Sea Turtle

2009 ,    »  -   27 Comments
Ratings: 5.00/10 from 12 users.

Tortuga: The Incredible Trip of the Sea TurtleSalt spray, the cries of gulls, the sound of waves: they all love the sea and dream to dive into this wonderful, amazing and unfathomable world of the ocean...

The protagonist - sea turtle - is calling for the road and will be your guide in a stunning journey between continents in the stormy waves of the oceans. You are waiting for the colorful coral reefs, encounter with sharks, rare inhabitants of the deep water, colorful world of the hot tropics and chilling cold of the Antarctic ice.

How many mysteries and secrets keeps the watery depths! The treasures of sunken ships and Bermuda Triangle anomaly - it is nothing compared with what you have to learn. In this amazing journey you'll find all the power of the ocean and the fragility of the complex underwater world that so needs our protection!

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27 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Teamtigerpaw

    Absolutely stunning photography. Narration and music a little dramatic, but still keeps your interest. Nature is Cool.

  2. kchief58

    A very excellent story about Life of the Sea Turtles,,Great Doc

  3. ProudinUS

    This was an amazing Doc. It was awesome to watch a turtle from birth all the way to adulthood.

  4. Eric

    Very good but too much drama.
    And im not sure turtles can guide themselves by analysing the stars :)

  5. Lars

    Eric, the movie didn't claim that they analyze the stars. They use magnetoception (like birds) to navigate. A good movie that let us see how human civilization as well as the other species impact everyday life in sea. I had a feeling there was a tad bit too much CG involved but it was still a pleasurable experience to enjoy and contemplate.

  6. Lars

    Rather disturbing feeling such great lengths other species have to go through. I mean, they swim and endure for so long. I get exhausted just thinking about going to the grocery store. Somehow I feel I have failed as a member of life. :P

  7. Waldo

    Couldn't watch all of it as it started taking to much time to buffer, a common problem during prime time and on graphic intense documentaries for me. It seems pretty good though, very interseting to watch one creature from hatchling to adulthood.

    Think about the logistics of that though, how could they continually stay on one turtle never losing her? No human could stay underwater for that amount of time, maybe they swapped out, but that seems a fairly hard procedure without ever losing the turtle. I don't know it seems impossible to me in some ways. I have a feeling we may have watched several turtles from the same beach, at the risk of sounding turtle predjudice they all look the same you know.

    And whats with making the poor crabs out to be the bad guys? They have to live as well, and when turtle is on the menu they eat turtle. As others have already commented the music is really over the top, but I still recommend it.

  8. tk

    Nice photography, but the educational value is very low. It reminds more of a Disney children's film with lots of emotional babbling and fairy tale stuff.

    I highly doubt they filmed this with one turtle since the chance of survival an individual turtle has makes the cost astronomical. I believe they filmed tons of turtles on the whole trip and just said it was the same one. Something like poetic license.

    The music is too loud at many points and takes away from the pure beauty of nature.

    Turtles (and the other creatures featured) are worth saving and preserving without the need of emotionaly pressuring the viewer and false human values being placed on the animals.


    This documentary made me eat a turtle mmmm

  10. Gary V

    A superb piece of remarkable film making, That shows some of the true wonders of Nature.

  11. NathalieJ

    what a beautiful documentary, what a beautiful story... I loved every bit of it!

  12. Morsie

    This one is not working for me either ://

  13. Snowsurfing

    link broken

  14. Guest

    I like seat turtles better :)

  15. lakhotason

    Think I'll pull up a turtle and have a seat and watch the doc.

  16. Guest

    Seat turtles? Very Lewis Carroll! lol.

  17. Guest

    What was the story about the boy that floats away on the back of a turtle ? Think it was a kids book.

  18. lakhotason

    The Boy on the Back of the Turtle.

    Sorry I took so long, this seat turtle won't be still. Makes it hard to type.

  19. Guest

    There is a species of turtle named leatherback.

  20. Guest

    ? Your pulling my leg. That is a terrible title for a book !

  21. lakhotason

    Sad but true.

  22. Guest

    I'm a bit tired, read that as leatherneck :/

  23. lakhotason

    Don't get me started on turtles. Down South we have poisonous turtles.
    They have leatherbacks.

  24. Guest

    I thought i might as well watch the is no longer available. Been snowing for 36hrs...very beautiful out there...was shoveling snow earlier...will have to go back soon.

  25. Guest

    Can't be the book I'm thinking of, I think mine was much more romantically named. Yours must be American.

  26. Guest

    Sea what you started ! ;)

  27. Guest

    Found it in a collection of short stories by Roald Dahl called The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar. The story itself is called The Boy Who Talked With Animals. That was driving me mad !

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