True Life Stories: Conor McGregor

True Life Stories: Conor McGregor

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Mixed martial arts champion Conor McGregor is one of the most popular figures in modern sports. Born in Dublin, Ireland, McGregor is a 29-year old phenomenon. He's amassed an amazing number of victories from both the Ultimate Fighting Championship and Cage Warriors organizations, and he's become one of the biggest draws in pay-per-view history. True Life Stories: Conor McGregor looks behind the facade of success to uncover the trials and triumphs that lead the fighter to this peak of his young career.

As a youngster, Conor was taught the value of an ardent work ethic from his father Tony. But when it came to following in his father's footsteps in securing a regular blue collar job, Conor chose another life's path. He soon found his bliss in the gym, and stunned audiences with his towering punching power when he entered the world of amateur fighting. There have been moments throughout his life when he has strayed from his ideals, but there have been people along the way who have stood by to remind him of his greater purpose.

One of these figures is Dee Devlin, a stunning brunette who has become McGregor's long-term girlfriend. With unwavering support and commitment, Devlin has sparked a renaissance of determination in the fighter, and gifted him with a family of his own.

The film contains flashes of McGregor's most consequential bouts, and goes step by step through every victory, road block, injury and comeback. It offers a palpable sense of the demons that drive and suppress him, and the fighting techniques that distinguish him from other fighters on the scene today. More recent events, such as a controversial bus attack that led to McGregor's arrest and his ill-fated entry into professional boxing versus Floyd Mayweather, Jr., are also highlighted in the film's narrative. In the process, we come to learn that defeat can often define the strength of a warrior more than victory.

True Life Stories: Conor McGregor is anchored by an exceptionally articulated monologue from a true fan of the fighter. What results is a deeply human and inspiring portrait, even for those viewers who have little interest in mixed martial arts.

Directed by: Laurence Mckenna

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2 years ago

Not my favorite one

maria pezzano
maria pezzano
4 years ago

Beaten by a plant based athelete.....omg!!!!! gamechangers netflix

5 years ago

As fake as wrestling.