The Turning Point

2012, Conspiracy  -   85 Comments
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In the spring of 1954 Jozef Retinger, a Polish political adviser and founder of the European movement that would lead to the founding of the European Union, started the Bilderberg Group on an informal and off the record conference for political and business elites from European and Western Nations. With the help of Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, powerful politicians and businessmen, they organized the first annual Bilderberg meeting at the hotel De Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Netherlands.

The Prince, a former executive for IG Farben and former Nazi SS Party member before the war, was also an influential executive in the oil industry working for Royal Dutch Petroleum. As the member of the Dutch Royal family Bernhard was a very powerful and influential member of the European community. The original stated goals of the Bilderberg Group were to bring together the leaders of business, finance and politicians from Europe and Western Nations in a forum that would allow for candid and frank discussions of international issues without the fear of being quoted or recorded, thus the meetings are held in secret and by invitation only.

For almost sixty years the Bilderberg Group has been meeting behind closed doors in luxury hotels around the world to discuss in secret their plan for global control of world events and markets. Over the years their members have included heads of state, politicians, business executives, media moguls, global financiers, military leaders, intelligence agencies, and many other powerful organizations and individuals whose reach extends to every corner of the world. Some notable members have included the Rothschild banking family, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Prince Philip and Prince Charles of the British Royal Family, international financier David Rockefeller, and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

The members of the Bilderberg Group have such an influence over the media that until recent years their name and existence has been quietly kept from the general public through media blackout. With the advent of the new social media tools and advances in technology the independent media has been exposing these annual meetings on an increasing scale. We have reached the turning point.

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  1. Mike

    Overpopulation is a lie. Every human being on Earth could fit in Jacksonville Florida.

  2. Dubbledub

    Holy sh*t, I am literally dumber and less informed for having watched this.

  3. Dubbledub

    Activists are wienies, straight up. Always looking for SOMETHING to be indignant about and just so, so offended. Gee, thanks activists. Who would look out for the little guy if it wasn't for you selfless heroes? Puke.

  4. Zac Tolan

    God said be fruitful and multiply. Those who want to depopulate the world can go first (sorry, just kidding, no offense, I just couldn't resist the joke.) Depopulation is not the answer. The answer is for this planet to be managed with righteousness. The most fit head for that operation is the son of God who indeed qualified for the job. He went into space somewhere and He is coming back. Although, maybe some people are leery of having children nowadays cause everything's so twisted and corrupt and I think that's perfectly reasonable. In Jasher, it says Noah refrained from taking a wife to have children because He thought, "The world is so evil, surely God is going to kill everybody." He is the common ancestor of you and I-just so happens He was chosen to start humanity again after the Apocalypse of his days.

  5. NewCovenant

    It states in the beginning a TRUE quote from the Founders of this nation who were Godly men & women, that we have been given inalienable rights from our CRAETOR-GOD to LIFE, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness! WOE to wicked men & women who flaunt their puny, tiny little God given intellects at the Creator to try to take over God's Creation! Take a lesson from Nimrod folks-he lost!

  6. Larry Dean Moore

    What if I told you that most conspiracy theorists are just about as crazy as those accused.

  7. mycial

    That's awesome more people were there but. If you can get thousands of sheep to go to a sports game then maybe they need to promote a concert or sports activity to get the sheep to know about these secret societies. And make sure there's GMO to feed the sheep. But I don't see it happening, 99% of people will not wake up if it's not America got talent their not interested in how hot here being controlled & manipulatived. We give them t.v to alter their perspective of life to keep them dumbed down from cradle to grave someone must be in control at all times. So what if a loaf of bread cost $5.00 in 2017 and people are living in tent cities just give them t.v & soda because they don't care.

    1. Chris Rothchild

      Bread costs 6 in San Diego. Wasn't TV first created but nazis?

  8. Fabien L

    It's more a documentary about a bunch of guys with cameras outside an hotel that consider themselves as information warriors then a documentary on the Bilderberg group. Several minutes are wasted on how fantastic streaming from cameras and cell phones is and the street interviews asking if people know about the group are also a waste of time. You also have endless pictures of people that drive in with a match to a picture of that person off the internet. It's a big waste of time since the list of attendees is available on the Bilderberg meetings website. Very little interesting content in that documentary.

    1. Chris Rothchild

      Agreed, this just gives people a bad method of action and a bit of hopelessness toward doing anything about this. Isn't it illegal for politicians to meet behind closed doors with other powers to make decisions regarding our country? Maybe this is why most go to the meeting prior to coming to power here in tbe US but start there instead of wrestling with cops outside a hotel where my presence hurts more than helps the cause.

  9. DiggDoug

    I'm sure the American neo-con elite can appreciate our calls for transparency, its the type of democracy they themselves peddle on their media empires to be the remedy for Iraq and Afghanistan.

  10. Hongster Hong

    10 min into this "documentary" and all I hear is conspiracy theorist shouting, protesting, demonstrating, complaining, where are the facts? how is this a documentary?

    1. BlueBoxBum

      Thanks for saving my time.

  11. Lauri Neva

    I have read all I want on this group of cretins who are destroying everything I thought was beautiful on earth and replaced it with increased inflation, rampant pornography in entertainment, unending wars and unlimited doles to Israel to kill Muslims. I could not bare to watch it all laid out before my eyes and it might even be a bland support based film of the good they are doing which of course would be all bullshit!

    1. Hw00d

      I was in Chantilly Va in 2012 protesting these self-entitled pricks for 3 days ;)

  12. Terry "OldFox" Seale

    Bilderberg, this finally shows, is just a club of big shots. They don't agree politically or economically. I belong to a club like that in Washington DC. We have five Supremes, many congressmen, senators, state, military, ambassadors, intelligence, publishers, lobbyists, lawyers, clergy, bureaucrats. It's fun to watch debates and election coverage there because the reactions are all over the lot. They don't generate any policy positions or manipulate anything. The only thing secret is the membership and rules deliberations, which have to be secret just like any jury or judicial deliberations have to be secret. Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Antonin Scalia are both members and warm friends. You think that means they "fix" the Supreme Court rulings between them?

    This documentary seems mostly about Canada. What's that about? GB and the US dominate Canada. Nothing happens there. I spent a week in Toronto one night. Alex Jones needs to calm down a bit. This is much ado about nothing. Bill Clinton, George Soros, Mitt Romney, and Rupert Murdock are going to conspire with a meeting of the minds? Yeah, right. Anyone who believes that is too dumb to be a spell checker at an M & M factory!

    1. Chauffe

      "Anyone who believes that is too dumb to be a spell checker at an M & M factory!"
      Oh my god, that one is really funny. Do you mind if I use that Mr Seale? (Pure Gold!) Hahaha!

    2. Terry "OldFox" Seale

      Of course. You have great taste! I love that line. I got it from Jonah Goldberg of National Review. He's pretty bright and funny.

  13. chris999

    people are very gullible,they somehow think that the most powerful people in the world don't understand the simple concept of controlled dissent. They think with all the billions upon billions they can't make a documentary to funnel and trick the inquisitive. This documentary is made by Jews to give cover for Jews..Bilderberg is %70-80 Jewish,while they represent less than %1 of world's population.

    1. Guest

      i 'like' your simple concept of blaming someone & at that every single one of them: the Jews! that's a new one & thanks for sharing your insight!you know that....why don't you start a movement where you
      surround yourself with equal minded (i hear xenophobic are quite dedicated people, just a hunch) & with a little charm & a twinkle in your eye i bet you could even advance to their leader?! now that's something that could change the worlds problems....but unfortunately not yours!

    2. dmxi

      i 'like' your simple concept of blaming someone & at that every
      single one of them: the Jews! that's a new one & thanks for sharing
      your insight!you know what???....why don't you start a movement where
      surround yourself with equal minded (i hear xenophobes are quite
      dedicated people, just a hunch) & with a little charm & a
      twinkle in your eye i bet you could even advance to their leader?! now
      that's something that could change the worlds problems....but
      unfortunately not yours!

  14. Sumner Berg

    Bilderberg can do whatever they want but they will be swamped by the ever increasing human population. 80 million more people every year and ever increasing breakdown in civilized living caused by over crowding brings out the realization that humans are just another animal. Humanity in my view is doomed as we haven't addressed our main problems, mainly over population.

    1. Terry "OldFox" Seale

      "Overpopulation!" Let's get past that old chestnut, shall we. For as long as I have lived NYC has had 8 million people. It never changes.

      Truth is the primary reason people who can have lots of children is because that is the best retirement plan. The nations that have the highest population growth have the least healthy economies and the total inability to provide social insurance, health insurance, hurricane or tsunami insurance. They are smart to have large families.

      Overcrowding in Sri Lanka? Bam! Tsunami. 100,000 gone. Too many people in Haiti? Ka-boom! Earthquake. 75,000 less. Insufficient food in Indonesia? Boxing Day tidal wave. Blam: 250,000 less mouths to feed. So many Africans without a pot to piss in. Crunch! Four million gone with AIDS.

      You Scandinavians and hipster Yuppy TINK couples may well wish you had plenty of grandchildren once the Welfare State has no more new recruits to pay into the govt run Ponzi scheme. In that day, you'll be wishing you still had all the cash you foolishly squandered on tattoos and Prince Albert piercings, I'm here to tell ya.

    2. terrasodium

      ROTFL, grandad is that you? G K Chesterton's Utopia of userers has been called to mind with your manner of posting, a real slap with philosophers glove, awesome post. Maybe you could tell us where presidents, prime ministers and kings come from ( not an anotomical question)?
      edit,no sarcasm , sincerely intended.

  15. Epicurus

    Dan Dicks....the biggest embarrassment to Toronto....yes bigger than our crack smoking Mayor.

    1. terrasodium

      Very empirically evaluated. could you show us the math?

    2. Epicurus

      well unfortunately the mayor was elected....Dan Dicks is just laughed at by anyone with half a brain.

    3. terrasodium

      are you laughing?and if so which half have you lost the use of?

    4. Epicurus

      Im laughing at you if you believe this paranoid fear monger.

    5. terrasodium

      Never heard of the guy before, never even watched the presentation , it wouldn't matter either way, I have read plenty of history books and also many of the books written by and around the attendees of these meetings, I would have to look at your laughter as an admittion of lack of study on this or related issues,but if the term fear mongering paranoia works for you , laughter seems appropriately characteristic. Maybe I should wikipedia paranoia before I jump to the wrong conclusions also.

    6. terrasodium

      all jokes aside, with the Ford media circus in full sail, do you think the Toronto counsel meetings are going to get much focus on their voting to hike your taxes. but yeah Ford is a very important issue at this political time in Toronto history, I wouldn't want to be Torontonian when the circus packs up the tents and find out what the counsels have written into law.

    7. Epicurus

      I think taxes ought to be raised and money put back into the social systems that Ford has been a part of destroying.

    8. terrasodium

      well lets hope your social systems taxes don't cut into your moderator time, or will open some extra time for you?

    9. Epicurus


    10. terrasodium

      apologies , this keyboard has some getting used to (android), The reason for my comment has escaped me, no matter really, I think the exchange wasn't anything worth entertaining, best to you.

  16. Horst Manure

    Hopefully the net and shows like this will expose all who are involved in control, war and courption

  17. Jack1952

    I'm still a little dismayed that I haven't got my invitation in the mail. I may not have any money, power or influence, but I can be quite talkative and every one in town says I'm a great bartender. What more could they want? I could represent the "common" man. If I ever do get invited, I wouldn't want a camera recording my candid remarks, either. Who would?

    1. terrasodium

      Would the candid remarks of a great bartnder about what he/she puts in the drinks to keep the mostly faceless consumers placid and paying be as concerning to everyone in town as say the remarks of a CEO of a pharmaceutical company keeping his/her consumers placid and paying. I've heard Vlctor Teows say that if you've nothing to hide then you've nothing to fear he must have been refering to those of us below the status of bartender.

    2. Jack1952

      The one thing a bartender has to learn besides mixing a decent drink, is to keep his mouth shut about what he hears. Customers, under the influence, are quite candid about their personal situations and do not appreciate a gossip.

      Alcohol is the last thing I would give to my customers to keep them placid and any decent bartender remembers the faces and names of all his customers whether he likes them or not.

    3. terrasodium

      short pouring is a way of keeping people placid and happy , and as far as keeping things to yourself when things are blurted out of an intoxicated gob, it can hardly be taken as having much wieght , I would consider it amusing for a very short time, alcohol is hardly truth serum, it's more like an imagination amplifier. hardly a comparative to holding the individuals who hold high agency corporate,military or political accountable for their candid opinions in an influencial meeting, if your credo is to remain unaware of the ideas of influencial agents ,or how they might move those ideas forward and effect our daily lives, that is your choice, but what if others would have an interest in those meetings? Is it a privelege for a caste above your own?

    4. bringmeredwine

      For some reason, women bare their souls to their hairdressers! I don't know why they do that!

    5. awful_truth

      @terrasodium: Didn't Vic Toews cheat on his wife with some young lady who he impregnated? Yes, you are right terrasodium. Vic has nothing to fear, because he has nothing to hide with everyone bombarded by the Rob Ford story, a commoner compared to the politically untouchable Vic Toews!

    6. terrasodium

      I couldn't say much about Vic using his boy bits as playthings, I've seen many like him spring up in many countries, the super-sheriff archetype, sadly he seems to evoke a cartoonish marionette image, he sticks to his given script and never strays outside the stenographed message box.

    7. pwndecaf

      I'll bet they have free "Snackens" at the bar. Maybe even better than that!

    8. Jack1952

      With the money they have, I'll bet they have some really fancy snacks. Although, you never know. Vancouver billionaire, David Ho, took his hooker date to Macdonald's. Any bartender will tell you, the richer the customer, the less likely the gratuity.

    9. Harry Nutzack

      my money would be on a cash bar, and "price per shell" peanuts... the affluent are notoriously tight fisted. as a former cab driver, i agree with Jack, the wealthier the fare, the smaller the tip

  18. Harry Nutzack

    so lets see... we have the illuminatti, the jesuits, the bilderbergers, the reptilians, the rothschilds, the socialists, the "evul jooz", the NWO, FEMA camps, ACORN, PETA, greenpeace, the "yellow peril", al sharpton, the mormons, monsanto, "big oil", al gore, and the islamo-fascists... am i wrong, or does it really seem like the entire population of the planet (with the exception of ME, of course) is "in on" some vast evil conspiracy? it would seem kind of pointless, as i don't really have anything worth conspiring to take

    edit: sorry hipsters, i forgot "the occupy movement"... didn't mean to slight you, forgive me

    1. Grytpype

      Never fear, Nutzack old stick, you are not alone! They forgot to include ME in their diabolical plan, the socially exclusive fiends!! I suggest we both get together and conspire against THEM, then watch as their multi-threaded international web of Mormo-Ziono-Monarcho-Bilbo-Bagginso collusion disappears before their (compound) eyes!!

    2. Harry Nutzack

      bong hits for freedom!!!!

    3. dmxi

      you forgot 'AIPAC' ,another suave outfit of good minded citizens with
      love to spare.mmh,all this nonsense consisting of myths & urban

      "off!off with their heads ,i say !"

      - the weary one slumps into his throne,mumbling "decapitate their lifted
      spirits of 'democracy'...a vicious viper challenging the old set of
      rules which is immune to their toxic breath!display those heads on the
      marketplace for the others to see where the removal from my boot off
      their necks will be 'FREE',from the strain of life!"
      -the wise men of guilty & the fools of renown-

    4. Cass

      Most of the groups you mentioned fit into 2-3 main groups... just different names.... those who colonize, and those who stand against those who colonize

    5. Harry Nutzack

      actually, they fit into a single group, all nice and snuggly: "those pushing an agenda". it's a group pretty much all of humanity fits into. all of those agendas are entirely self serving, in that they seek to impose an ideal, and suppress another variant ideal. the "malignant nature" of ANY of those ideals is entirely subjective, as the clear cut logger sees the tree hugger as an "evil" with equivalent malignant intent as the hugger views the logger. "good" and "evil" are both completely dependent on POV

      edit: to the eyes of the hooked fish, the man who strives to feed his children is "evil incarnate"

    6. Jack1952

      Incredibly, the Nazis in Germany thought they were combating evil.

    7. Harry Nutzack

      exactly my point Jack. to somebody out there, even the cutest of puppies is somehow "evil". to somebody else, a presidential ticket of charles manson and jeff dahmer would be "a twin pillar of virtue". even the most genuinely malignant power wielders view their position as "the right thing". i have NO doubt pol pot genuinely believed he was "saving" cambodia, as but a single example. hell, there are people that genuinely BELIEVE sarah palin is "brilliant". the wolf views the shepherd and his shotgun as evil, and the flock as dinner. the flock views the wolf as evil, and the shepherd as a beneficent protector that only demands hair as tribute. the shepherd views the wolf as evil, and the flock as his livelihood. which POV is "right" is completely subjective

    8. Terry "OldFox" Seale

      There are two groups in this world: The people who divide everybody into two groups and those that don't.

    9. anna miller

      The conspiracy theorists of today, were the heretics of yesterday.

    10. Harry Nutzack

      actually, they were the "lunatic asylum inpatients" of yesterday

    11. anna miller

      To suggest that people of intelligence are "lunatics" simply because you are too frightened to do investigative research and critical thinking for yourself, and rely on corporatate owned and controlled media venues for your information, reflects on your own lack of confidence in the
      shifting sands of your ego structured mind paradigms. How ironic that you call yourself
      Mr. Nut....while at the same time, accuse others of lunacy..

    12. Terry "OldFox" Seale

      Multi-syllabic ad hominem is still unethical ad hominem. Do you have an argument to make or just rely on insults to waste our time?

    13. Kevin Ouellette

      so sorry to remind you of all the ways all of this is wrong......and so easy to fix........

    14. Harry Nutzack

      but Kevin, history demonstrates that "fix" will, 90 odd percent of the time, just empower an equally malignant force, at least to the POV of some large portion of the population. marcos was a "fix", pinochet (and allende) was a "fix", peron was a "fix", bin laden was a "fix", khomeini was a "fix", kim sr of NK was a "fix", robert mugabe was a "fix", israel was a "fix", "the contras" were a "fix", the ussr was a "fix", idi amin was a "fix", pol pot was a "fix", hitler was a "fix", the "short bus revolutions" of recent vintage were ALL a "fix"... should i continue? did ANY of those "fixes" actually produce a "solution"? nope, they just produced machines that were dysfunctional in a different way. "beware the mechanic with duct tape and baling wire"- H. Nutzack

    15. terrasodium

      what you have just described reminded me of the genius of Sigmund Freud, his true genius wasn't in curing anyone, it was in the invention of the desease, and that is where the fix is really, that is why it is important to invent a binladen or mugabe or a hitler, all very useful to the systematic cure.
      edit, unless you believe history happens accidentally

    16. bringmeredwine

      The world has gone mad Harry, and I'm caught in the thick of it.
      I can't stop watching these docs, listening to CBC, then getting all riled up.
      I should go live in a cave somewhere and to h@ll with it!

  19. Hussain Fahmy

    Could Bilderberg Group be related the Zionists

    1. Jack1952

      Yes...yes, they could. They could also be related to the reptilians, who are related to the Zionists, or the Muslim Brotherhood, who are related to the Zionists. I'll bet you could trace every evil in the world back to the Zionists. Not many of them, but as any good Nazi will tell you, they are everywhere.

    2. Fabien L

      lol, with the six degrees of separation theory, we are all related to Bilderberg Group members, Zionists or Muslim Brothers.

  20. Cass

    These are the guys responsible for the Trans Pacific Partnership..... and they NEED to be wiped off the face of the earth

  21. Alv V

    Just a few seconds in and they are using the annoying method of placing the picture of a cheap TV from the 70-80's inside the movie, to show media clips. Virtually all conspiracy movies use this, in addition to old black-white movies to give a touch of something out-of-date and ridiculous, and selected clips of American presidents saying something that sounds _very_ strange when it's pulled out of context.

    Conrad Black seemed like the only reasonable person in all of this. He seemed honest when saying that the Bilderberg Group only meet to talk and don't allow media because they want to do something useful there. I can't think of any other groups of business people that want media to be part of their meetings, but do so behind closed doors. If I wanted to talk frankly with someone, I recon it would be easier without lots of cameras and hysterical journalists nearby.

    I support depopulation, and I don't think anyone else that support that really is planning to do this by some form of holocaust, but rather something like China, allowing only 1 child per family. In a matter of a generation we would take away half the people on earth - something that would be healthy both for the planet and for people, less wars, starvation etc. Through thousands of years there's been about 1 billion on earth, without artificial means to support the possibility of people to survive, but with most people being self-sufficient.

    Also retina-eye scans in India sounds practical, since there's a lot of illiteracy there and it's possibly difficult to keep track of millions of people that only identify themselves as X on a paper - if they have papers at all.

    This documentary had nothing useful, just listing people (with stupid effects added to it), but with no point at all. Just speculation without foundation.

    1. dmxi

      i thought that the 'you-tube!' (direct) link was quite helpful as it delivers interresting substitutes for reference regarding similar issues/topics (...i found the recommendable 'press-for-truth documentary there) & so on.....

    2. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

      Great critique!

      If one were interested in this subject, I can see it's relevancy. However for the average person, there is no education of substance...

      Conrad Blacks answer was the most sane and reasonable statement of the movie.

      But: Now I know that "Bilderburg" merely just another elitist club that likes to sandbox with fellow millionaires.

    3. terrasodium

      Is your sandbox outside of this clubs reach?

    4. terrasodium

      You watched the presentation, and drew a comment in support of depopulation,biometric ID of every human being on the planet for enforcement purposes, legislating 1 child policy globally, and agreeing that secret meetings are needed so that men and women of higher intelligenceimportance can talk freely without fear of having their words used to expose their thoughts about the unimportant portion of the population and skirting accountablity. Then you call out this presentation as stupid, and without any merit for discussion, does your comment in anyway appear to you as paradoxical. should we all kill the messenger or the way in which the message is presented.
      P.S. under your rubric of depopulation do you contend that you will be one of the culled , or do you posit that you will be allowed to procreate, remembering that China's policy charges moneytax for more then one child, not a big deal if you are a billionaire.

    5. hughjones

      One billion was not a point where the ever growing human population hesitated. Secondly, during the application of the one child policy, the population of China rose by about the population of Canada each year. With clinics in every village and many underapplied drugs we are about to double the population of Africa. Apres nous le deluge.

  22. Arthur Brooks

    It will be scary without the internet shining light however dim.

  23. dmxi

    there is so much information flooding open & bias minds via the
    'net' which before was only accessible through small,independent outlets
    which made source verification an art in itself.i emphasize everyone
    interested to not take information given at face value (& share
    unscrutinized) as the 'conspiracy-nut-label' is being passed around as
    an argument against critical questioning of official (& obvious
    selection of) 'truths'.........history has proven many incidents of
    conspired actions which events should be extrapolated to current
    affairs.....but always check,check & double-check before coming to a conclusion!
    (i wrote this before viewing....beware a.jones!!!)

    1. mark farley

      fortunately for us we have you to keep us straight on these issues . amazing how you have such insight even without viewing the material. but you we trust you because you are a loyal poster on tdf. i imagine you are a educated professional of some sort and therefore your viewpoint is deemed accurate.

    2. dmxi

      i apologize ,if i seem to have led in 'any' certain direction:"i just want to
      advocate the opposite:the searcher chooses the entrance to
      critique/alternatives/knowledge!"...whom am i (or any other than oneself)
      to dictate or even propose?by criticizing me you have practiced what i
      was trying to convey..........thumbs-up!
      sorry,if I#ve mis-understood your post!

    3. mark farley

      no criticism just stroking your ego to see what comes of it, and just adding another useless post.

    4. dmxi

      you have a style of writing where there's room for interpretation: + or - ...who knows?>smirk<