UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed
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UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed

2017, Conspiracy  -   27 Comments
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One by one, a succession of long-retired United States Air Force veterans stepped to the podium. Their accounts were eerily similar and equally far-fetched. In a presentation before the National Press Club in 2010, these honorable servicemen admitted to having first-hand knowledge of UFO sightings, each of which occurred in close proximity to their military bases during the height of the Cold War. UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed investigates their claims by presenting never-before-revealed documents and riveting eyewitness testimonies.

These veterans, and hundreds of others just like them, have confirmed sightings near military bases, test areas, research laboratories and missile silos. The areas in question spanned the countryside from Tennessee to Montana to California. In many of these instances, the presence of the UFOs temporarily disabled the nuclear weaponry housed at each site. This phenomenon was not limited to the U.S.; it was experienced by members of Soviet military forces as well.

Who or what piloted these unidentified flying objects, and why were they so intensely focused on monitoring and manipulating the emerging nuclear technologies of both countries? Utilizing documents which were recently declassified under the Freedom of Information Act, the filmmakers discover that reports of these sightings began in the lead up to the first atomic bomb tests. After recording more than 150 eyewitness accounts, the correlations became clear between the emergence of these objects and their preoccupation with the most destructive examples of modern war weaponry.

The film delves into the highest profile sightings in convincing detail, including the reports of 148 unidentified objects surrounding a Wyoming facility in 1965. Each interview subject speaks to the shapes and activities of these objects, the ominous involvement of the CIA agents who worked to dismiss these sightings, and the campaigns of misinformation and denial the organization employed to soothe growing public skepticism.

Bolstered by four decades of research compiled by UFO enthusiast Robert Hastings, UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed will no doubt prove irresistible to conspiracy-minded audiences. Others may find it difficult to dismiss the totality of the evidence as it's presented, or the legitimacy of its eyewitness accounts.

Directed by: Robert Hastings

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5 years ago

Wait wait wait. Let me make a new tin foil hat before I read these comments.... Ready

5 years ago

Why no pictures of these things?

5 years ago

For those big headed, ego minded people...NO you are not the only intelligent life in the Universe. Get over yourselves. You are nothing but highly advanced forms of bacteria.

5 years ago

I was at the Washington DC Press Club for the "Citizens Hearing on Disclosure". For those of you who think that these military men who came to testify are either hallucinating or out for a book deal -- you are so wrong and your ignorance is showing. These long term military men, were visibly shaking while testifying. Some had kept silent for 40 years and now, they were finally speaking about UFO's and strange phenomena that was witnessed not just by them but by many at the time. We have a right to know the truth that the MIC is keeping from us. These brave men and women are speaking up now. The least we can do is respect them and listen!

5 years ago

Robert Fairhurst your comment reveals a lack of knowledge. UFO sightings are at an all time record, thanks to cell phone cameras etc. see the immensely popular YouTube channel ‘secureteam10’ for one of many independent channels that vet and show the best sightings.

It’s the controlled mainstream media that hides and mocks over this. Remain happily brainwashed if you wish, and be a good little consumer to never imagine the billionaires and their trillionaire corporations might be anything but truthful, nurturing and benevolent.

5 years ago

If you still think there are no beings with vastly superior intelligence and knowledge of the multiverse among us then you are also like the people who thought Pompeii was a spectacular site to build a city or more accurately, you are the people who still think 9/11 was a “terrorist” act when the entire world knows our own government was responsible. Open your minds AND your eyes.

5 years ago

Flat earthers, why the round earth fabrication.

5 years ago

Nukes are fake. Japan was carpet fire bombed not "nuked." UFOs are super real. We watch them just about every evening here in South America. Moving unlike conventional aircraft. I think that most of that is probably our own not-so-secret-government's military patrolling the nite sky over our flat plane world. Yeap, I said it :-) Hope you might check it out before mocking the fact that the globe is a fiction. I used to think just like most of you. I thought flat earth was nuts, full of nutters. It is the Truth turns out. Anyway, if you know that UFOs are real, then you know that your governments know too and they are lying to you. That is a fact. So...what else are they lying about? Anyway, I wish each and every one of you beings whom might read this, all the best energies to your journey on this plane of existence.

5 years ago

Those who say there are no UFOs or aliens, by denying their existence merely express their existential frissons that such phenomena might have existence. The hypothetical existence of gods or aliens would destroy their sense of security. Those who say UFOs do exist need to deliver more substantial evidence than oral statements and declarations they have provided so far.

Wayne Pilkington
5 years ago

A very entertaining book promotion. Kind of the Roswell story meets the 1970's novel "The Jesus Factor".

5 years ago

There ya go.. "National Press Club." That says it all right there. What a bunch of malarkey!

Michael Carter
5 years ago

Well said, EZE60.

In answer to the comment by 'G' - alien civilisations would have the same interest in studying our planet as our scientists would have in studying an ant hill in the Amazon. Curiosity and intelligence go hand in hand; to me, it's obvious that ETs would be interested in studying us, just as we would be eager to study lifeforms on other planets.

One day in the distant future, it may be our ancestors who visit a nascent technological species developing on a distant world. Doubtless their fantastic spacecraft will be called UFOs and disbelieved by the establishment.

robbie walsh
5 years ago

Something is going on. It's a far more believable that religion !

5 years ago

The negative and incendiary responses against the documented information and evidence by many of the commenters is mind boggling.
How does one accuse so many former military officers of a "con-job" or of lying without any evidence for such character assassination?
One here stated that this documentary is just "guest work". The information is cut and dry straightforwardness.
Unless the cynics and pathological skeptics here can present a fully vetted research that demonstrated that every one of the former military officers are liars, and charlatans with imbalanced psychological profiles during the time of these incidents, there is simply no other rational theories to explain these occurrences other than extraterrestrial incidents.

And if these cynics and non-believers simply attack the messengers of this information without any basis for their accusations of dark alternate intentions besides informing the public, then they aught to be burdened to show us their evidence to back their accusations.
Otherwise, the ones who are the problem here are indeed these pseudo-pathological skeptics.

5 years ago

Can't say that I have ever seen a UFO, doubt any would have interest in anything going on where I live. However, living next to ex military man who had pilot friends who had supposedly taken photos of UFOs while chasing them or seeing them, and later having such photos confiscated...of course more heresay but no one was trying to make a penny off of me by relaying the story. And with many CONFIRMED sightings by numerous people, including news and authority figures in an area, in the past, such as the Phoenix Lights and several others... And with so many malfunctioning brains claiming things don't exist, that I can plainly see, such as GeoEngineering-Chemtrails, I have to wonder how much these minions of the powers that be, how much these deniers get paid to promote their con?

Isn't it always those who are doing the very thing they accuse others of? The democrat leadership for example, guilty of everything they have been accusing Trump of. If they can keep it up for 4 years there will be no time for the news to investigate them. At least that is their hope. Won't work though. However, anyone with any sense ignores most of the so called major media and gets their news from legitimate independent sources.

My only question is whether the so called UFOs come from "outer" space or "inner" space or "other" space?

Why would anyone come here? Unlike what the bankster-corpro-govt-media indoctrinators would have you believe, the newish documentary "The Principle" points out the evidence that we actually are at the center of the known universe; rather than some back water solar system. If true, which it appears to be. It begs the question, are UFOs coming here or what ever they are, may already have been nearby/here. Such as in hollow Earth or beyond what is called the Antarctic coastal zone or both?

It also seems evident that some of the UFO sightings are that of advanced military craft. One can look at the USPTO (do Patent searches) and find multitudinous flying saucer space craft. It would seem at least one or two would be viable. Schaumberger was commandeered to develop a vertical take off craft for the Germans before the end of ww2. Yet we are still required to burn Bankster owned oil to get anywhere. Nice.

The longer you disbelieve there is far superior technology available, the longer you will be burning fossil fuel.

Michael Ridley
5 years ago

All of this video is 100, percent guess work, Not one piece of hard evidence, just hearsay, and rumors, Only so these charlatans, and con men, write another fairy tale. rake in the cash of the brainless moronic U, F O, Nuts

Ron Rabon
5 years ago

Fun fantasy
movie. Aliens have still never visited us though. -_-

Edward Feltch
5 years ago

There is no suspension of disbelief required to gain an understanding of the paradigm shift that is presented by Mr Hastings with this film.The only requirement is an awareness and avoidance of a syndrome Einstein described as a penchant that people have to feel they have acquired all the knowledge they need by age 35(that was in 1935,its worse today),in other words,they know all there is to know.That some are stupid enough to reveal that in public is not surprising,but is sad.The film is so vetted,so accurate and so devoid of conjecture,that a critic would have to be a complete negativist,or,like some,an opponent of these facts being disclosed.

Jim Van Ry
5 years ago

This story is one of the best documentaries on the existence of UFO's and their appearance around nuclear facilities that I have ever seen. Mr. Hastings has obviously done his research extremely well. I can remember hearing about this when I was a boy in the sixties and early seventies. These UFO's I believe, were most likely the "Greys" who are supposedly the "Watchers" mentioned in the Bible. It makes sense that they would be concerned, because nuclear blasts effect the entire Earth! Do the research people! The evidence is out there, you just have to know the complete story. "They" have been here for a very long time, and they keep a constant eye on us so we don't destroy ourselves!

5 years ago

The math, let alone common sense tells me that in the know universe, intelligent life should be out there. That great Hubble photo, looking back billions of light years, all those blurry points of light are galaxy's. I've seen pictures of what we can observe of our galaxy and our solar system is a barely perceptible point on the outer rim. So, tell me this, IF there is intelligent life, why, out of all the billions to the enth power, would any of them come here, let alone even know we were here? I believe these men saw something, I just find it hard to believe it was from another.. ? what, universe (string theory) galaxy? Come on, really?

robert fairhurst
5 years ago

Ah yes, definitely true, just since cameras and CCTV has become ubiquitous, the UFOs have decided to stop coming. Also the only possible explanation for a Nuke mis-firing could be a UFO hovering over it.

Teresa Smtih
5 years ago

"Unacknowledged" is a far better doc on the subject and yes, I do believe there is someting else with far more capabilitties than what we egotistical humans possess. I also believe there are many military produced craft which have been used to deflect attention. Hey, it is easier than believing Trump is President.

5 years ago

At long last, we are getting an insight into the effect of radiation on the brains of military personnel. It obviously leads to hallucinations, deep seated fear of alien beings, a keen desire for notoriety, and the hope of a hefty pay out.

5 years ago

What a bunch of nonsense. Who'd believe anyone in the Military. The all need attention or a way to write a book and make a buck off of gullible sheeple. This is beyond stupid like most of the Top Documentary Films.

5 years ago

As long as these documentaries are presented as Conspiracy, it doesn't matter how many generals or officers testify about unidentified flying objects, how many documents resurface...it will be doubted until one shows up right above the heads of a crowd and CNN is right there to record it with cameras. ha ha ha