Vegas Tunnels

Vegas Tunnels

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Beneath the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas lies a hidden network of tunnels. These aren't secret passageways for high rollers, but a harsh reality for some residents.

The Vegas tunnels are a labyrinth stretching for over 200 miles, inhabited by an estimated 1,000 people. Some have found themselves there after losing everything at the casinos, while others struggle with homelessness due to rising living costs.

These tunnels are not built for habitation. They are dark, damp, and often flooded. Finding a safe, dry space is a constant challenge. Despite the harsh conditions, some residents manage to create a semblance of home, painting the walls and furnishing their space with scavenged materials.

The documentary "Vegas Tunnels" by Channel 5 explores this unseen side of Las Vegas. It sheds light on the struggles of the tunnel dwellers, some facing drug addiction and mental health issues. They navigate the dangers of the tunnels while trying to survive and make a living, often collecting cans or working odd jobs.

The existence of the Vegas tunnels raises questions about the high cost of living and the widening gap between rich and poor. It's a stark contrast to the world above, where tourists flock to Las Vegas to gamble and indulge in luxury. The documentary serves as a reminder of the unseen struggles that exist even in the most vibrant cities.

Directed by: Andrew Callaghan

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Uma Maheswar
Uma Maheswar
1 month ago

I pray the Almighty to help these people

Last edited 1 month ago by Uma Maheswar
1 month ago

this is so sad. i hope these people get the help they need.. Thank you for helping them!