War on Our World

War on Our World

2011, Conspiracy  -   340 Comments
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War on Our WorldWar on Our World from Dominoes Falling Productions, is a feature length documentary using a collaboration of various material.

The film examines war, imperialism and some of the causes and consequences of this, with a particular look at the Military-Industrial complex. An aim of the film is to help inspire peace.

The film starts with a sequence from the movie American History X and continues with a lines from a landmark speech given by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called Beyond Vietnam.

I come to this magnificent house of worship tonight because my conscience leaves me no other choice. A true revolution of values will lay hand on the world order and say of war, 'this way of settling differences is not just.'

This business of burning human beings with napalm, of filling our nation's homes with orphans and widows, of injecting poisonous drugs of hate into the veins of peoples normally humane, of sending men home from dark and bloody battlefields physically handicapped and psychologically deranged, cannot be reconciled with wisdom, justice, and love.

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340 Comments / User Reviews

  1. I'm as liberal as the next guy, but this documentary is non-stop pretentious crap. It drags on and on with imagery and quotes without any substance. I watch documentaries to get information, and there was little information in this. Chock a block with hippies and people who are not qualified to know what they are talking about. I know this because I am qualified.

    1. I've noticed that people who use the word 'hippie' to describe other people have quite a lot in common with each other. One of those things is a closed mind. Another thing is a biased outlook on the world, and the people who live in it. 'Hippies'! Haha, I get ya, Archie Bunker.

    2. And you're not exhibiting a closed mind and a biased outlook with your message? Sorry, you've got it backwards, mate......

    3. But Ben, you may be as liberal as the next guy, but are you as human, or as inhuman, as the next guy? "Without any substance..."? The substance is the message that we in America are wrong in fostering hatred and war in the world because we feel compelled to consume more and more of the earth's resources, while so many suffer because of a lack of resources. What do the words 'Richard Cheney and Halliburton' mean to you? The information you might have received is obvious: The American people are being led by their leaders into believing we are under serious foreign threats and must respond by killing men, women and children indiscriminately throughout the world, and this is wrong. "Not qualified to know what they talk about...."? Are we not all qualified to talk about where our 'leaders' are leading us? And what are you qualified at, or for, or to do..... ?

    4. And what makes you qualified ,or are you just appointing your self .i think it has allot to say esp. about how third world countries are controlled by corp etc.

    5. The point IS "us" being bombarded by imagery of this and ...

  2. Awesome Documentary!!!

  3. An absolutely terrific documentary that is right in everyone's face, leaving evil no where to run. The importance of philosophical contemplation when considering compassion, and empathy for all people, can never be dismissed for those who are grounded in truth, justice, and peace. For this reason, my favorite part is Norman Finklestein slamming the young lady who feels offended by his position regarding Israeli conduct in Palestine, reminding her that his parents were in the German concentration camps, and learned the lesson well enough to not inflict the same thing on someone else as justifiable, or an acceptable solution for what happened to them.
    In my opinion, this documentary needs to be on the main page of TDF, and left there for the next year. That would make for a truly good discussion, and expose the stupidity of the hipocrites whose postiion could never stand the test of debate to begin with! (and you know who you are)

  4. This is the best documentary I've seen regarding the truth about what is going on in this world. They can hide it no more; and we need to share this with every person we know, make everyone aware of it. Only if we know, and acknowledge the problem first, can we fix it. We need to fix it.

  5. Truly, an amazing and inspiring doc.
    Blaming nations is a dead end and counter to what this film shows so clearly.
    The gov'ts., representing corporate interests, are running the show - time to start seeing the divide betw. the people and "gov't."

  6. Why are people so stuck on the party rather then the actual people and ideas they vote for at the election. Not much difference in the parties anymore, it's time to focus on the people and issues. I don't get how we are down to 3 candidates and RP is still behind. Ok I get the Obama deal and the racist blacks who favor him only because he is black (well 1/2 anyway), then some want him out so bad they will vote Romney just to get him out. That will be even worse because many Americans will sigh in relief as they relax while Romney pushed ahead in the same direction, allowing it to be unnoticed at first. What about this constitution defending guy Ron Paul? OK so he is not smooth like a car salesman but nobody likes them. People are uneasy with his ability to deal in foreign policy, with foreign leaders. Take a look around, almost all the other countries fully support him. Most likely the dollar is going to collapse now no matter what and if we become the richest country on the planet, it will not matter w/o freedom, besides, USA appears to have become a bit to big for our britches, it might do us good to be humbled down a bit & our consumer society is destroying the planet. We have got to quit this practice of buying overseas cheap items and go back to making our own, quality, built to last MADE IN THE US products. That it all we have to do to heal, how hard a concept can this possibly be? This may be the last election we have, I would love to ask parents, which would you wish for your child future. a strong economy, or freedom?

  7. It is not like you or I presented it. Not to long ago, when I became aware of just how bad things are, I mean Monsanto, vaccine dangers, the fact the schools no longer need permission to vaccinate, people have found healthy cures for cancer that will never be shared in medicine so long as our Gov. is concerned. Agenda 21, Georgia guide stones, depopulation, NWO, etc., etc.!

    I made all kinds of changes to what we eat and where it comes from, I am no health nut but I do everything I can to avoid serving GM foods, I don't buy his fav candy anymore, . It sounds small but it is big change and I am not hiding the truth, I have not turned health nut but GM foods infest the shelves at the store and they are going to cause organ damage and cancer.

    Vaccines have had and some still do SV40 which is cancer causing and this is deliberate! I have forbid him from considering ever signing up for the military, this war is pathetic and our Gov is known to experiment on the soldiers! Our troops are torturing and killing innocent people and the underlying cause is Opium and Oil. Fukishima was no accident, the Oil spills =$$$$, if Ron Paul is elected he will most likely be assassinated.
    I have made it very clear if they ever start giving vaccines at the school, no not allow himself to be touched, call me, get away, whatever, do not ever let anyone give a shot w/o parental permission. We don't take our summer vacations anymore as of last year because of all the groping going on with TSA.

    Believe me, I have explained in detail, 911 and our own Gov being the terrorists and well just how pathetic the laws, rules, changes are that are being made in the "War on Terror" Our president is a racist imposter, he openly lies to the people, yet, look....nobody is doing a god dam thing!!

    I could go on forever......

    I told him I am so, sorry, I had no idea things were going to get this way, if I had known, I would have never, ever brought a child into this, I can't undo yet I can't fix all this **** on my own. The fact that the people have not taken action already is very disturbing, so disturbing I am not sure they ever will but I know the difference between quality of life and quantity of life and the future may very well result in a life not worth living.

    He is 15, his generation is the ones who stand to lose the most.
    I'm ready if people ever take action.

    I'd do ANYTHING for this child, if I were to lose this child, I don't know what I do and he knows I would protect him with my life, he has witnessed it when we were rushed by 2 pit bulls in our front yard.

    I'm not sugar coating the truth nor would I allow him to participate in a movement should it ever happen before he is 18,

    I look around, I look to the future, all I think about is how this will all play out...what does the future hold for him?
    It does not look good at all.


  8. I am completely again war and imperialism, but this documentary is full of typical anti American deamonisation. The use of guilt, psychological violence, emotional manipulation and the usual "Americans are dumb" cliche. This doc. gives a very simplistic view of America as an Evil empire populated with stupid ultraconservative and blindly patriotic zombies. And by the way, I am not American. I am not conservative. I am Atheist. I am objective, and I agree with most of the ideas of the left except for maybe 25-30%. So I am not the so-called typical dumb redneck brainwash by the conservative, patriotic, corporate propaganda machine like you possibly think.

    People seem to have a very selective memory and remember only what they can use to justify their hate and jealousy.

    It is the west that taught humanity about equality and democracy, and it is the est that taught the west about imperialism and domination. Imperialism existed since thousand of year, and they accuse the US like they are the inventor of this and accuse them of being against equality and justice after they taught them what it is.
    It is an irrefutable fact that the world owes so mush to the western world and not much to the rest of the world. They should have some gratitude instead of promoting anti west hate with politically correct sentimental irrational argument.

    Did they notice that America doesn't attack countries that are friendly to the US? Don't they think that the best way to fight imperialism is not to hate America?

    1. of course the world does owe a lot to the west as a lot of good as come out of it, however you forget to mention the military industry comlplex which sells weapons to volatile contries in the world and then those very governments preach about peace, so on the one hand they profit from war to benefit themselves yet preach peace, dont you think that is a bit hyprocritical? people accuse america because at this moment in time they are the aggressor!!!, you seem to turn a blind eye to the fact more bombs have been dropped by america than any other nation on earth, they were even the 1st to use a nuclear bomb!!! Im sorry but you seem to gloss over the finer details of why people have this image of america, you really need to do your research as you sound like the very people you are critisizing at the expense of making yourself sound DUMB!!! sorry if your comments seem like they come from someone who just sees things at face value rather than going into why people think this, I think my fellow human that you are the biased and misguided one. The west has taught the world a lot but they still have a long way to go to convince many people they mean the best for the world!!! because there actions are not off an enlightened nature.

    2. I agree 100%, I'm not American I'm British, but sick and tired of all these ungratefull parasites sucking us dry. When they are not sucking us dry, they're sending Islamist migrants by the boat load to come and live here and "enrich" our way of life, by protesting against it.

      It's about time the west shut off the rest of the world and let them go back to being barbarians, they don't really want democracy they want their backwards religions paid for by and funded by us.

      You should kick out anybody that isn't proud to be American, It is by far the greatest and most successful country on Earth.

    3. hahaha wow. someone believes the propaganda.. errrr sorry, patriotism. lol
      funny thing: america is cut off about news from the rest of the world. we get to see it. so while america thinks theyre the cool guy at the club of the world, they DONT know the rest of us are laughing at the drunken id**tic douches theyve become. n they dont even see it.
      i love americans, but hate what america represents lol. and because of it, yall look stuoid as **** even talking like that.

    4. It is not whether they should be kicked out for not being proud to be an American, but it is EVERYONE, who is a ungrateful parasite, thus is human nature, its not just the Americas that have been plagued with the thirst for violence and power, but the whole world who seeks control over others, if we cannot live in equal co-existence without an oppressing dominance, the world will never know of peace

    5. You are mistaken if you think that the agenda of the West is to bring "democracy" to the Third World. That is only a word they use to camouflage their true intentions, which is to take the wealth and resources out of those nations. Therefore, if the West were to shut off from the rest of world as you so ignorantly suggested, then the Western economy would simply collapse. The West has very few of the resources needed to fuel its mass consumerist economy. Aside from the natural resources, the West is also very dependent on the exploitation of cheap labor in the Third World, which is the material foundation of most commodities today. America for example produces very little; 85% of its economy is based on consumption. So it would be truer to say that the economies of the West are the real "parasites," sucking dry Third World resources and labor power.

    6. Right, 'most successful' in going into debt that can never be repaid and will likely lead to the collapse of the dollar and likely much more. All empires eventually fail....

    7. Opposing imperialism does not make one anti-American. It is a fact that the West has contributed much to the cultural heritage of humanity, especially to science, but it is also a fact that the West developed largely through pillage, plunder, colonialism and the African slave trade. It did all of this of course in the name of "spreading civilization," much like what you are suggesting. However, it is asinine to claim that the rest of the world owes anything to the West because it has been calculated that the West collectively owes at least 13 trillion dollars to Africa alone as reparations for colonialism and the wealth that was sucked out of that great continent. The U.S. owes at least 500 billion dollars to Vietnam as reparations for its illegal war of aggression that brought such devastation to that poor country. The West actually owes a debt to the rest of the world. Only when that is paid will its claims of universal human rights, freedom, and democracy be taken seriously by anybody outside the West.

    8. Can you provide me with were you got your information to make your claims you have made within your post, as I find your claims and figures extremely hard to accept without some type of evidence

  9. Brilliant! This documentary is a great work and I thank all who participated in it as well as those who produced it. The only problem is I am not sure how we can put the brain back into those American washed skulls who have been pumped with the arrogancy and pariotic mentalities. Unfortunately, not all but most Americans are taught to think of themselves ONLY from the childhood. So, they hardly can connect with other souls on this planet. Hopefully, producing documentaries like this will gradually change their views of the world and realize that there are other people living in this world who have the same aspirations as theirs. Change the notion that "America is #1". Number one in operessing other people may be but not number one in promoting peace, justice, and happiness in this world.

    1. When most Americans think of patriotic pride, I believe they associate it with the ideals this country was founded on, the constitution, bill of rights, being a country that ends wars, does not start them, defender of human rights around the globe, nostalgia....ahh.
      Most Americans are too busy paying the bills to even realize that their very freedom hangs in the balance these days, let alone the truth about what kind of Monster policies we have taken to and just how many innocent lives are being lost because of our Gov in BS wars, in lands where we don't even belong.

      I myself, could not dream this chit up, really, all the lies stretch so far back in time and honestly the reasons behind them are (I hope) so far from the scope of normal way of thought, it's all so deceptive and not only selfish but it all seems to have set itself up by the actual fact that most people are (or once were) honest, giving and good nature spirits. This seems to have been mistaken for stupidity and used against them, to me that is the up-most violation of human spirit and it is teaching us to behave in a way that makes this world, a place that is the worst to the best of it's people. It is all such a mess and globally I am really horrified by the endless suffering brought upon all species on this planet and the number of people who participate in daily rituals that can only be performed by (it seems to me) people who completely lack all compassion

      I ask myself daily, what gives mankind the right to go on existing when every species on this planet would be so much better off if we didn't?

      I won't even get started, I will go on forever, but I believe, any time man turns his back to the suffering of another, fear or not, he is putting himself at greater risk by doing nothing to stop it.

      The future, looks kind of bleak to me.

    2. I am afraid you are right on. But, the fact that more and more people are seeing the truth, that we are being indoctrinated with hate and intolerance, is a good sign. Realization is the first step towards any improvement. It always takes something to initiate change. Most people only get motivated when the are affected in a big way. Let's just hope things don't get much worse before they get better.
      If we could see the big picture, we would realize that just helping those we love and ignoring the rest will only pass the problem from generation to generation; as it has been until now.
      Observation and experience are the two greatest teachers I know of. Personally, the hard hit of experience leaves more of an impression. But as long as we have hope, believe in a better future and work towards that future together, things will get better.
      Just remember... without peaks and valleys, it would all be plane.

    3. Apparently you are quick to judge and point the finger at us Americans. Yes its true that we have messed up horridly over the years but that doesn't give you the right to be high and mighty over all others, the fault is not with the specifics, but with the generalization. We may not be the one that promotes peace, justice and happiness to the world, we may not have the right actions but the right idea, there should be peace love and happiness, but as long as we have that dark thirst for power and control the world will never know true peace.

    4. when the generalization is correct; there is no reason for you to find fault. Americans and the American government are two different things, and one doesn't reflect the views of the other, in my opinion. But unless we the american people can at the very least admit the problem, recognize our responsibility and own up to what our government has done and is currently doing, then nothing will change. Denial and deflection and making excuses only helps our government continue to terrorize. Feels bad to say that; but feels worse to realize what the truth is and deciding to overlook it. Because then you share the blame. I love my country, but I abhor what my government does. Our american government is a super power not because its good; but because it keeps that position by terrorizing everyone to keep them in line. They are running this scam called The War on Terror; when in fact its a War OF Terror. Against its own people, and against the entire world. The US Government are the terrorists.

  10. Hollywood images juxtaposed with music and editing effects does not make a documentary. This is an ad campaign. And yes, I watched just over thirteen minutes before having to find something more edifying.

    Not certain what the message is here. I recommend "The Corporation" or "Century of the Self" as alternatives; not to play favsies but that they are more engaging.

  11. If not anyone know the track at 18m 30s ???? It goes on for about a minute, some hip hop track


  13. Long live the vision of William (Bill) Cooper, a true revolutionary. Even after a decade since his murder. His words still have the power to inspire and cite truth..

  14. Anyone know where I can download this?

  15. There is NO single answer...
    We all think we know the answer, America is great Because were Flexible..
    The Best animals in nature are the ones that adapt the quickest.

    1. America's not great at all and certainly not flexible...only like to flex military muscle across the world using weak excuses like 'war on terror' and 'weapons of mass destruction' through mass media hypnosis with the sole aim of robbing those nations of their own resources and wealth...the Iranian's are next on the hit list. Over 50 countries have been bombed by the US since world war II. We're humans man, not animals...let's act like it! "The biggest tragedy in life is, those who have 20/20 eye-sight, and no vision"

    2. You're right, i was dumb to post that comment. But i would be even dumber not to admit to that.

  16. @oddsr
    i am not sure if this helps but if you look at some of the replies to guest there are a couple of posters that call him/her by name. i like the idea of if i decide to stop posting on this site (not likely) and i delete my account that disqus does not appear to hold my onfo. if the posts are deleted along with the account the replies to the posts would no longer make sense. even tho i do see a possibility for misuse of this policy the good outweighs the bad in my opinion

  17. once again...there is a poster here defined as "guest". Why is this accepted here?

    If you don't have the cojones to own your posts... don't waste my freaking time!

    1. guest with no photo is accepted as much as bubblelishous with a photo of a clown...so what's the difference?
      Also i have seen someone cancel an account, while it replaces the name with Guest, it does not cancel the comments of that person.

    2. "guest with no photo is accepted as much as bubblelishous with a photo of a clown"

      That makes about as much sense as...

      "wearing shoes in the rain, prevents toad infestation in the boathouse."

      But thanks for clearing it up for me.

    3. I dont see the rapport.
      Thanks for confusing it for me.

      I was trying to say that a person with a fictitious name and a fictitious photograph does not own a post more that a Guest with no photo....but you got that i guess. It is your "why is this accepted here" that tickled me.
      As an exemple are you really odd sir? You do have a nice smile, i admited that a long time ago if i remember well.

    4. I could post anonymously on this site at one point.

      Now I HAVE to have an account, with some semblance of ownership, for, in some cases, my insane blathering.

      So forgive me for seeing a problem in the equality pit.

      And, quite simply...there is no "rapport" between the two statements.

      other than the fact that neither made any sense.

    5. It says guest because I accidentally deleted my account.

      If it wastes your precious freaking time, then I would suggest you do the obvious thing and not read them. Problem solved.

    6. @lakhotason
      welcome back lak lol

    7. Well it wasn't an attack on you personally, but feel free to be rightously indignant. Now I can go back to ignoring you.

    8. Please do.

    9. You didn't need to reply...but, done and done.

  18. The transcendent human. An earthling. Very interesting if you are a person who considers humanity the "stewards" of our planet.

    What is noble and great about patriotism if it means the destruction of another's way of life, based upon the lie of superiority?

    I'm still rooting for the realization that morality is not contained with a doctrine, policy or even between the pages of a Holy book...but in our own conscience.

  19. did that guy really try and rhyme Niger and China?

    1. its there..

  20. dude at like 2:17 is a runaway freight train of lunacy.

  21. Another rap against individualism in favor of collectivism. I am anti-war and adhere to the non-aggression principle, but it sounds like the anti-war proponents in this film would gladly use force of government to steal from me to support causes they champion, whether I champion them or not.Of course that's not heinous in their opinion... that's me doing my duty to my fellow man. Never mind that by extorting from me is still initiation of force, and that it's immoral, and never mind that by forcing this charity, they take the virtue out of it.

    Ron Paul in 2012.

    1. Listen, my descendants have been on North American soil since the French & Spanish first arrived before Colon. (Columbus).

      That said, the only allegiance I hold is to those entities that represent honor, dignity & humanity which means, myself, my family and my God. Countries come and go as proven throughout history, most of which for reasons you can see happening right before your eyes. When you have people holding positions of power whereby the whole of the nation does not trust, has no faith in their ability to carry out work that is in the best interests of the nation, and ultimately commit acts that demonstrate such hypocrisy that the rule of law has been turned on its head, simply read the Declaration of Independence and you find in truth we have far surpassed that point in which Jefferson had articulated the reasons that necessitated that document.
      In closing I will only say that when I was reaching my 18th Birthday as a Senior in high school, stating I was going to be assigned 1A status(meaning available for Viet Nam).

      I remember saying to myself "their was no way in Haites that anyone is going to stick a rifle in my chest and tell me to start killing those people over there with-whom I have no quarrel, have done nothing wrong to me or my family & friends, nor are they in a boat making their way onto American soil posing a threat to our national security.

      I took that reasoning to court and was reclassified as a Conscientious Objector.

      Most wars are fought by pawns for Kings. I am not that stupid to walk blindly into that trap of false patriotic dogma. It takes a lot more courage & bravery to stand up for what is right then following blind obedience to comit murder & war crimes.
      Fighting aggressive wars outlawed by Treaty as the Supreme Law of the land & under International Law ever since WWII under the Nuremberg Doctrine. The subsequent UN Charter we helped draft with the UK laying forth that foundation is what gave reason to holding the Nuremberg Trails where leaders who lead their countries into waging aggressive wars is itself a War Crime, no matter who does it including us the greatest perpetrators.
      We ourselves sent to the gallows many German & Japanese leaders in WWII for having waged aggressive war; forever outlawed & banned by Treaty, only to become an empty chalice of dishonor forever disgraced as a Nation, evidenced only 7 years later in 1952 in Korea & later in Viet Nam, even lying to the American people about the incident of a US Destroyer being fired upon by North Vietnamese gunboats as false justification for invading Viet Nam thereafter.
      If you have the guts, start researching as I have what we did to the Panamanian people back in 1990, the people of East Timor, the wholesale annihilation of Latin America elected leaders by training guerrilla hit squads here at the School of the Americas at Ft. Benning GA so that the natural resources of Latin America would be subjugated to American big business & the 1%. It's no secret, you can find these facts most anywhere from the internet databases to public libraries to using the FIA (Freedom of Information Act) as I did over 30 years ago.

      And that's what I mean. Who wants to fight for such dishonorable corrupted lying sacks of what you find on the bottom of your waste tank living in a rural area. That's not honor in my book & I won't fight for anyone who lies at the bottom of the scum bucket with a suit on who acts with belligerence & treason to their Constitutional Oath of office & the values & principles of humanity set forth by our Founders in creating a Republic.

  22. The first hour is one I'll never get back. Perhaps to communicate with today's gen z -and indeed the previous one; there is a need for a 'Sesame Street meets MTV' reportage of quotes and flickering images. If it achieves communicating to this audience-then it is a necessary device.

    The second hour -or more precisely-circa post-1 hour 12 mins- had intelligent adults speaking sense, mainly. Mr O' K -and Mr Z-(excuse not knowing your names-but first hour had me almost 'beaten up')---and the very commendable Mr Finklestein-were refreshing.

    Now-where can I recover those 72 lost minutes?. Oh!--and the 'music' near the end-was another irritant-but I skipped it mercifully.

    Maybe-I'll take the preamble blurbs more seriously.

    addendum: Please do not criticise my opinion. Age has made me even more 'thin skinned'. If you have a counter one -make it-but no insults-ok!


    1. You are not kidding. I thought this was going to be good and you were just being harsh. I'm still within the first hour and it's just painful so far.

  23. Ron Paul needs to win the Presidential race in 2012. It's our only chance to save the USA and end the wars.

    1. The single act of repealing the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and creating a public National Bank belonging to the American people and taking the wealth created by the American people out of the hands of the off-shore private banking cartel and their sister organizations who control the Neoliberal Capital game board of the remaining globe(IMF, WTO, & World Bank) who answer to no one under the Act, would restore the health & vitality of this nation’s economy in one bold stroke.

    2. If only this could be an issue raised by all the recumbent politicians, across the global spectrum.

      Debt simply equals slavery, in the "real" world. And instead of having to house and feed those slaves...they are required to do this for themselves, with less and less wealth, for more and more work.

      And money is NEVER lost in this system, it is simply transfered to the wealthiest power brokers. Who now are able to exercise more control over the people in a self-perpetuating farce.

      Good post.

  24. An amazing documentary that brings together many wonderful and insightful perspectives on the main problem with the world, and that is greed. We are the change we want to see in the world and it's time we got off our arses and be important.

    1. I commend your acknowledgement as a young person. This issue goes back as long as human history.

      The young people of today now have the enormous responsibility to bring humanity back into the social norm of how we conduct business with each other for the good of humanity & not just 1%.

  25. @ Pysmythe I bet you have alot of orginal ideas...

  26. Great documentary but you should have left out the clips with the guys who use the F word in every sentence - That made this x rated and not appropriate for everything. . . .and that's a pity because it should be for everyone

    1. Sort of see what you mean but on the other hand you've got to learn to swear at some time in your life and not sound like a sweary virgin ;)

    2. Real life man. A ten year old wouldnt understand much of this anyway, and after 10 everyone knows these words.

  27. Thanks for the correction: at 1% estimation across the population of 7 billion, that makes it 70 million psychopaths in the world... slightly above the population of the united Kingdom.

    1. Still...quite enough, isn't it?
      God, what a huge number.

  28. "Psychopaths are social predators who charm, manipulate, and ruthlessly plow their way through life, leaving a broad trail of broken hearts, shattered expectations, and empty wallets. Completely lacking in conscience and in feelings for others, the selfishly take what they want and do as they please, violating social norms and expectations without the slightest sense of guilt or regret. Their bewildered victims desperately ask, ‘Who are these people?’ ‘What makes them they way they are?’ ‘How can we protect ourselves?’ ” (Hare, xi)

    “Psychopaths have what it takes to defraud and bilk others: They are fast-talking, charming, self-assured, at ease in social situations, cool under pressure, unfazed by the possibility of being found out, and totally ruthless.” (Hare 121)"

    "“Psychopaths are generally well satisfied with themselves and with their inner landscape, bleak as it may seem to outside observers. They see nothing wrong with themselves, experience little personal distress, and find their behavior rational, rewarding, and satisfying; they never look back with regret or forward with concern. They perceive themselves as superior beings in a hostile, dog-eat-dog world in which others are competitors for power and resources. Psychopaths feel it is legitimate to manipulate and deceive others in order to obtain their “rights,” and their social interactions are planned to outmaneuver the malevolence they see in others.” (Hare, 195)"

    "“Natural human reactions … strike the psychopath as strange, interesting, and even comical. They therefore observe us… They become experts in our weaknesses and sometimes effect heartless experiments.” (Lobaczewski, 90)"

    "“He will choose you, disarm you with his words, and control you with his presence. He will delight you with his wit and his plans. He will show you a good time, but you will always get the bill. He will smile and deceive you, and he will scare you with his eyes. And when he is through with you, and he will be through with you, he will desert you and take with him your innocence and your pride. You will be left much sadder but not a lot wiser, and for a long time you will wonder what happened and what you did wrong. And if another of his kind comes knocking at your door, will you open it?” (quoted by Hare, Without Conscience, 21)"

    "“Psychopaths have a narcissistic and grossly inflated view of their self-worth and importance, a truly astounding egocentricity and sense of entitlement, and see themselves as the center of the universe, as superior beings who are justified in living according to their own rules… Psychopaths come across as arrogant, shameless braggarts - self-assured, opinionated, domineering, and cocky. They love to have power and control over others and seem unable to believe that other people have valid opinions different from theirs. They appear charismatic or ‘electrifying’ to some people” (Hare, 38). One psychopath, when asked to rate himself on a 10-point scale rated himself, “an all-around 10. I would have said 12, but that would be bragging. If I had a better education I’d be brilliant.” He also said his only weakness was that he cared too much! (Hare, 38)"

    "Lack of Remorse or Guilt: Psychopaths have a complete lack of guilt for the immense harm they do to others. When it suits there needs, they may proclaim to feel remorse, but unknowingly contradict themselves in words and actions. They may say, for example, “Sure, I feel remorse… but I don’t feel bad about it.” They are also extremely skilled at rationalizing their behavior, often seeing themselves as the victims (and blaming their real victims). One psychopath said that a man he murdered had benefited from this, learning a hard lesson about life. Another said, “The guy only had himself to blame. Anybody could have seen I was in a rotten mood that night.” One woman psychopath who had murdered her children complained that no one cared about she felt having lost both her children. (Hare, 40-3)"

    "“There are emotions - a whole spectrum of them - that I know only through words, through reading and in my immature imagination. I can imagine I feel these emotions (know, therefore, what they are), but I do not.” (Hare, 52-3)"

    It is estimated about 50 million(error - 3 million) psychopaths live in the USA alone.... And you wonder what is wrong with the world?? Look at our value system and look at what values get rewarded, dog-eat-dog world! Backstabbing, manipulative, "me me me" society. And you still ask what the problem is?? We are all infected by a pathology and THEY are its primary bearer.. We are there sheep and little play things.. And now we worship them! Look at the difference between the words and the actions...

    1. Three million, not 50 million. But I'm pretty convinced that 1.5 million must work on Wall Street, and a million are the heads of corporations elsewhere.

  29. I detect Hegelian philosophy in some of the comments made in this film, most of it banal. Thinking about something achieves little on it's own. It's only by people collectively acting on the world to change it and in the process people themselves changing that will move humanity forward. The goal needs to be an end to this exploitative system based as it is on class power and to move to one where there are no classes, so no exploitation. A society and economic system based on need, not greed.

  30. There is no Equality. Your left eye (as 180 reflection) does not match your right. The universal basic elements are not Equal ... they are separated by Time and Space. All things in Nature are unequal. All things are UnEqual.

    1. so knowing this, does it make it easier for you to accept the fascist dictatorship we are living under?

  31. ******* bravo 10/10
    the truth at last majority off folks are st*pid
    these guys talk a lot of sense were being scr*wed
    money is king

  32. Theres only one way to change this path of greed and gluttony and that is for everyone on earth to scale down its consumption. How much f***** stuff do you need for corn sake. Either that or lets stop with the talk and kill each other dead once and for all. Enough p*ssy footin.

  33. My only comment is to remember, demonstrating the problems within the world and humanity does nothing to validate any possible solutions to those problems. Liberal thought is never good or bad in itself. The proposed solution is where the danger lies. Having empathy for victims does nothing to help validate solutions. Consideration of policies should always at least acknowledge that the "cure" may be worse than the cause. I dont see any promising solutions on a macro level that dont involve the subjugation of the individual rights. As for the micro level "doing the right thing" is always the best choice for the individual but is not a very promising way to change the world in reality. I dont know where that leaves us but to let the natural evolution of "intelligent" life play itself out. I guess you can compare it to how to protecting vanishing species. We can round up all the endangered animals and put them a zoo with a breeding program but where does that leave us and them?

  34. @ oompaul
    Oxford English Dictionary
    the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race , especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races:

    prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior:

  35. I really enjoyed this. In the times we live in, like so many others, I get caught up in whose 'side' I'm on concerning a given issue. So much these days seems bigger than us. But that's really the point. You only really have control over your own mind and body. Everyone owes it to themselves (and the world) to learn, grow, and give the most of themselves that they can. That is how the world changes.

  36. Since so much of my discussion here so far has been about liberalism as a war on our world, here's a list, for those of you still struggling to conform, of what it means to be a good liberal. Hope it gives you direction.

    This, btw is my last posting. I repeat what I've already said twice before; "you can lead a mule to understanding, but you can't make him think"

    1. You have to believe the AIDS virus is spread by a lack of federal funding.

    2. You have to believe that the same teacher who can't teach 4th graders how to read is somehow qualified to teach those same kids about sex.

    3. You have to believe that guns in the hands of law-abiding Americans are more of a threat, than U.S. nuclear weapons technology in the hands of Chinese communists.

    4. You have to believe that there was no art before Federal funding.

    5. You have to believe that global temperatures are less affected by cyclical, documented changes in the earth's climate, and more affected by yuppies driving SUVs.

    6. You have to believe that gender roles are artificial but being homosexual is natural.

    7. You have to be against capital punishment but support abortion on demand.

    8. You have to believe that businesses create oppression and governments create prosperity.

    9. You have to believe that hunters don't care about nature, but loony activists who've never been outside of Seattle do.

    10. You have to believe that self-esteem is more important than actually doing something to earn it.

    11. You have to believe the military, not corrupt politicians, start wars.

    12. You have to believe the NRA is bad, because it supports certain parts of the Constitution, while the ACLU is good because it supports certain parts of the Constitution.

    13. You have to believe that taxes are too low, but ATM fees are too high.

    14. You have to believe that Margaret Sanger and Gloria Steinem are more important to American history than Thomas Jefferson, General Robert E. Lee, or Thomas Edison.

    15. You have to believe that standardized tests are racist, but racial quotas and set-asides aren't.

    16. You have to believe Hillary Clinton is really a lady.

    17. You have to believe that the only reason socialism hasn't worked anywhere it's been tried, is because the right people haven't been in charge.

    18. You have to believe conservatives telling the truth belong in jail, but a liar and sex offender belongs in the White House.

    19. You have to believe that homosexual parades displaying drag, transvestites, and bestiality should be constitutionally protected and manger scenes at Christmas should be illegal.

    20. You have to believe that illegal Democratic Party funding by the Chinese is somehow in the best interest of the United States.

    21. You have to believe that this list is part of a vast right wing conspiracy.

    If I upset some of you, I apologise, but you cannot hold me responsible for your cognitive dissonance.

    1. I guess I'm not a "good" liberal. In fact, I guess everyone I know who is liberal isn't "good" at it according to you.

    2. I must say some good points!

    3. what you upset me about is how each one of those ignorant points begins with YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE. f*** me, that is asinine. have fun with that straw man.

    4. Paul,

      Epicurus is a BSc and so am I (with Hons) which is an indication of our level of knowledge of a number of subjects. What have you studied? And I mean actually studied? Just curious.

  37. Geographical differences aside, this is an excellent film that brings up some very real and disturbing points. The only thing that's going to make a monumental change in the way imperialism is effecting the world, is if it comes from the belly of the beast. The American people need to stand up and stop the cycle.
    I think the internet and films like this are the best possible way to get a message out to form the basis for change.

  38. Thumbs up good documentary seen mosta the material but still a good rehash and good point Dan everyone wants to get in a debate it seems

  39. I can only quote The New York Times, "the South is the last bastion of manners".

  40. Indecipherable? That hurts.

  41. Real funny about the "u's".

    1. I thought so, not bad considering I'm asleep!

  42. Oh I see, you want to bring that up.

  43. I am patiently waiting for oompaul to tell me what racism is.

  44. I think next election I might add my own little box, NO SUITABLE CANDIDATE
    and let them count it how they like. I believe they do count spoiled ballot slips thought they are recorded as that. Shame.

    1. Don't forget to laugh at them!

    2. Long, loud and hearty. I may even snort a little ;) Lak it has been a pleasure but as I have to work at 6.30 and be back in time to take the kids to school I think I should take my leave. Thanks for the chat and sweet dreams x

    3. night

  45. And then laugh at them.

  46. I think in the Uk there is no minimum voter turnout for an election to be valid, that worries me, our fate could rest in the hands so few people.

    1. It's not validity it's legitimacy. Shame these people.

    2. No there is no minimum.

  47. So lets add 'NO! TRY AGAIN' to the bottom of the ballot slip :)

    1. Now you have a point there. In America we are only governed by the consent of the governed. What happens if we don't give that consent?
      What is the consequence if most people in our next election purposely do not vote?

    2. Surely a non vote is a form of consent, we need the option to vote no confidence, or no viable option. I'm guessing that a country wide non vote would just allow the current government to stay in power and another date would be set. Is there a minimum turnout requirement ?

    3. Gotta go back to consent. Just purposely do not vote. And make it clear. Go to the polling place and hand in your voters registration card and make it perfectly clear why you're doing this. I have no other ideas. I'm at the end of my rope with these people.

    4. Didn't Americans already 'not give consent' to their government by voting Al Gore as president? That whole mess was just sickening. It seems that it doesn't matter if you vote or not.

    5. Gore isn't the first time this has happened in America. We've had a couple of other elections gone bad.

      Far too many people have a rosy view of America. Consider the Constitution. When it was adopted only a very small minority had any say-so concerning the government. Essentially only white property owners could vote. Excluded were Africans, American Indians, women, Asians, etc.

      Even the white property owners could only vote for one representative and only indirectly vote for the President. Senators were chosen by state legislators and Federal judges were (and still are) appointed.

      What I'm trying to say it's a long slow process and we still have a bumpy road ahead but America being America it will be done.

      Now for all you naysayers and others who love to trash America by saying we are falling apart and that we are stupid and mindless, you are dead wrong. If you really knew our history you would see the opposite is true. We are becoming more democratic than even our founding fathers could imagine.

    6. @lakhotason, You are right about one thing. We are "becoming more democratic than ever". The problem is that we're not a democracy, but a constitutional republic. Democracy is 2 wolves and a sheep voting what to have for dinner. Rule of the majority. A republic is rule by LAW. The constitution. When Ben Franklin was walking out of the Constitutional Convention a woman asked him, "What kind of government have you given us, sir?" He replied, "A republic ma'am. If you can keep it."

      We've lost our republic. The U.S. Constitution is just some old piece of paper anymore. The oath the politicians take is a farce. The leaders are criminals. You have a lot to learn.

    7. Technically almost all of them are felons, because under Color Of Law, it is against the law to create an unconstitutional law. However its been estimated that up to 40% of the laws on the books are unconstitutional and simply haven't been challenged.

    8. Have you ever read the Constitution? Pull a copy out from somewhere and take a long look at it. It was written by rich white men for the benefit of rich white men. You've been misled by the same high school pie-in the-sky history still being taught.

      I am well aware of Mr. Franklin's quotes. No need to go quote mining with me. A true republic doesn't exclude the overwhelming majority of the population from being represented in the government.

      Now you can do the old high school thing and claim we are a republic but we are not and never have been. Nor were we a democracy at the founding. Any founding document that specifies that a human being is only three fifths a person is what the farce is. Any document that didn't guarantee the rights of the people is a farce. Any document that places the rights of a rich white man above the rights of the original inhabitants is a farce. Any document which allowed women to be treated as chattel is a farce. I can go on and on if you wish.

      What I'm trying to say is your statement that we've lost our republic is way off base. We never had one.

      Hope you've learned something.

  48. anyway... the perfect vagina awaits... lol...

    1. I've never met a less than perfect one.

    2. That is the right answer.

    3. It is the only answer.

    4. It's the only safe answer.

  49. I'm wondering how you make Government accountable for anything, some sort of regulatory body? Any system involving humans is prone to corruption, they just cant help themselves. Everyone will play at bending the rules at some time, nothing wrong with being a bit crooked is there? But then who will police the police?

    1. Its the old question isnt it. who guards the guards. Custodes et custodium or something like that. Its a latin saying, even the Romans knew it... thats what we are debating here.

    2. Everyone must be a part of the government. That's how democracy began.

    3. But what we have is the vote which most times is nothing more than a choice between rock and hard place.

    4. Depending on the vote as our "yes or no" is what got us into this mess. If we wish to change the world it is all about becoming our own government and in the words of Tip O'neal "All politics is local".

  50. Oil isn't the only problem, Its consumerism in general and I agree it is possible to use less of everything. Supermarkets and the like battle each other for our loyalty with price wars and as a result we buy more than we need, it all adds up. We should probably try to buy locally produced goods where we can, lower food miles, supporting smaller businesses and the local economy. It is more expensive but your paying for quality, you also spend less often and own less tut. That really appeals to me, I make a lot of stuff that I sell at craft fairs and often barter with other traders which is also lovely. The quality is exceptional and I can speak to the maker in person if something goes wrong. The best bit is that the cash doesn't line the pocket of any fat cat banker or multinational.

    1. Really. How much crap do we need?

    2. Ohhh I don't know, about eleventy ;)

    3. Clearly im not getting all of this conversation. Anyway im off to watch the perfect vagina.. that is something im not sure ive seen before...

    4. Maybe you've been looking at them with the wrong eye ;)

    5. lol.. Well just checked it out and it appears I've seen just about every variation there is.. and i was using all three eyes.. strange that females would worry about such things.. anyway.. i'm finding the doc on anti-matter far more interesting..

    6. We don't, that Doc is a test, you passed ;) Night night x

    7. I've never really worried about it.. they are all similar enough not to consider it a problem. goodnight x.

  51. I live in Scotland... we have plenty of oil here and i need oil to get to work. I have little choice but to use petrol. Again my friend, its not a solution. we also have a new small government and it will make no difference to the big oil companies.

    1. See, you've already given in. These corp's are only powerful because of that way of thinking.

    2. No.. im explaining why we need a government in Edinburgh AND on a planetary scale ... both should be accountable and be for the good of the whole population both locally and globally.

    3. Right. Start with your government in Edinburgh. Make them accountable first. Then work your way out.

    4. We have!! they arent the problem. Who is your government if you dont mind me asking?

    5. Oh sh*t, here it comes. I am an American.

    6. lol.. exactly... as i thought. hmm..... I have a lot of family there. Loved Detroit when it was still a city in the eighties... things arent very good there now.. And you just told me to get a grip of my government??? really?? Have a think about that one... and bear in mind im also living in the UK and still, in part governed by London so i still have that problem... My friend your government AND my government in London are a huge part of the problem... And although you dont actually know it you are still a colony.. Take a look at the east India company flag and tell me you are free... lol..

    7. Oh hell yes we're still a colony. Wish more Americans knew that. America is forever connected to England. Wish more Americans understood that. Ironically it is the immigrants who see that most clearly.

    8. You are the product of a disagreement between the Empire and the City of London (European bankers) over money. And now the whole planet is suffering for it. At least you are aware of it.

  52. Which a large part of the population of the planet dont.

  53. And what if you dont have any money?

  54. I'm not against small government. but we also need accountable planetary government.

  55. Peru protests at huge gold mine is another. The Congo... loads of examples.

  56. i am taking great offence to what oompaul is ranting about... vlad i think there is a banning needed here
    Im sorry but i got draw the line at racism, especially oompaul's brand of biological and anthropological bullshit. I find this greatly offensive, ive no idea why people are letting this nazi use TDF for his forum.
    vlad I please humbly request you do something about this as soon as possible

    to oompaul:
    can you take that elsewhere please, im sure there is a wealth of nazi/white supremacist outlets online for you to discuss your filth..

    1. Let him talk. Being offended is no reason for censorship.

    2. I tend to be against censorship as well. I would also let him talk and i would continue to try and explain to him where he is wrong. I understand the need for moderation though.

    3. hes not talking, hes hating.... hes just using words and bullshit as a vehicle for hate, cant you see that? .. he has nothing to say.. just hate.

      hate should not only be censored but eradicated from the face of the planet, in any shape or form it comes in, no matter how subtle or sophisticated.

    4. But that would make you as bad as him so its not the answer. With respect... because i understand your ire at his comments.

    5. Yet who is to say that your words need to be eradicated?

    6. I assume your wise enough to know exactly what i meant and in what context lakhostason, so dont try turn it around. If you find it acceptable for TDF to be used as a forum to generate hate, for hate sake and at individuals, or whole peoples that simply have a differing appearance, culture or whatever.
      The line was stepped over once contextual matters regarding the subject matter turn into calculated hate, not for any discussion reasons or rational debate, but simply as an outlet to drive hate.
      There are places for that on the internet, and plenty of them.

      If TDF has now become a place where its not only acceptable to cast whole peoples and cultures as sub human but to also then defend and sympathise with such talk.. well then perhaps its time for me to stop reading the comments..
      there is nothing wrong with moderating in context on a forum with subject matter that has no context, let alone pure refined hate.

      I shall not be commenting again on this post, ill leave you all to it.

    7. Thats a pity. Better to try and explain it to him than to let him drive you away with his nonsense. Stay and debate.

    8. "Better to try and explain it to him"

      Amen! Oh, if only!

      Yet, I take my share of the blame. I didn't realise that this is a site for exchanging opinions, not for discussing

    9. I would be happy to explain it as you are mostly wrong... but I'm off to work so maybe later. But lets start with the use of phrases like those used by people like Hitler. And yes, you used one even if you didn't know it.
      I didnt want you censored as my reply was also censored.
      Anyway i'm off to work...

    10. "... you used one even if you didn't know it." I find it quite amazing how much mind-reading goes on in these so-called discussions! Anyway, I'm waiting with bated breath for your explanation. You don't mention 'explanation' of what, but, whatever, I'm sure it'll be enlightening. Don't let me down now, ok? You've made a half promise!

    11. For oompaul

      You said... Africa for the Africans... etc..

      Germany for the Germans. 30s slogan. look it up.

      I would also recommend that you read Darwin's Origin of Species, Richard Dawkin's (He is an evolutionary biologist and was the University of Oxford's Professor for Public Understanding of Science) The Selfish Gene and a decent history of the Third Reich and their use of the eugenic theories of the time.

      I would also like you to, once you have read the books, and i do recommend you actually read the books, consider the effect eugenics could have on, not only our species, but did have on the life of the (millions) poor individuals affected by the application of the theory.

      Its fairly simple and i have already said it...

      The larger the gene pool the greater the chance a species has to adapt and survive. If you limit your choice of partner to your own 'kind' you limit the chance of continuing YOUR particular genetic line and Darwin would have said that YOU are quite literally a Dodo, again look them up. I suggest you do a lot of looking stuff up.

      Not only that but that you are choosing to be a Dodo. I'm not going to comment on the logic of that because it is self evident and Darwin would have argued that it is natural selection at work. Read the book.

      The thing is i don't want you to be a Dodo as the random combination of your genes and that of another genetically diverse human (i.e. not of your 'kind') may throw up a genetic line that may give rise to the next Einstein.

      Additionally, that if you think that you are white because of your genes you are correct only in the sense that your genes have adapted to be white so that you can survive in a Nothern climate and that you are in fact descended, as are we all, from a single (black) female from east Africa, which was the result of a genetic mutation from an earlier hominid species.

      Watch The Real Eve and The great human journey. Both are on here.

      You should also have a DNA test done. It will show you that you are descended not only from the aforementioned (black) female, because you cant be anything other than that or you would not be part of the human species, but that you have a very mixed genetic background. Particularly if you live in the U.S. which i suspect you do.

      I would ask that you read a lot of diverse books as it will save me doing a lot of typing as i would rather continue reading and learning than typing out this easily found (and blindingly obvious) information for your benefit.

      Selective breading does work as sheep, cows and in particularly cats and dogs show, however its not the way for a species to thrive and indeed survive unless you are selectively bread by a more powerful or intelligent species for food or to be a pet.

      .....erm.... duh!

      Don't be a Dodo Paul. Read some books.

      Adam Smiths Wealth of nations and a history of the British Empire is also recommended in relation to the documentary that started this conversation.

    12. Now why do you say that. I'm not turning anything around. This person isn't generating hate. He's being laughed at. As Mark Twain said "nothing can withstand laughter".

    13. Pangaea:

      Hate generated on TDF forums? never! One primary reason, to many good people on these forums, and if any bad people, Vlatko and us moderators will take care of them pronto, so not to fear! All is well in TDF forum land.

    14. Really Achem, let them talk.

    15. "hate should not only be censored but eradicated from the face of the planet, in any shape or form it comes in" Strong words. What's the difference between 'sensored' and 'eradicated'? Would that include eradicating the hater himself as well?

      As I always say, scratch a smiling tolerant liberal and what do you find? A commissar with the final word on his lips and a gun in the hand.


    16. Defended your right to speak. Don't agree with you at all. You've got a lot to learn.

    17. This is the kind of reply I appreciate. Thank you.

      Of course, from my point of view, you too have a lot to learn, but that's what makes for potential debate, not ad hominem thought police shut up words like 'hate', 'racist', 'nazi' etc. etc. from people like Pangaea et al. who, it seems, actually has run away!

      In all this hot air about my postings, has anyone actualy said 'why' my views are racist? Has anyone explained to me why wanting to be with one's own is racist?The best I heard was someone who said that there is an 'undercurrent' of racism in what I wrote, which is tantamount to saying, "I've got the conclusion, but not the premise, but trust me, it's there". No, in debate that's not acceptable, that's a cop-out.

    18. What did it for me was when you commented that you want your kids to grow up in a white world . The implication being that you would like to be rid of anyone non white. Where you would like them to go or how you would achieve that is irrelevant, your desire for it to be that way was enough to convince me. What else can you call it but racism? If it walks like a duck ...

    19. I think [if we are being honest with ourselves] that all the races want to live around people of there own culture and race admitting it or not.Unfortunately in this day and age it is to easy and acceptable to label people as racist.I myself have been called a racist just for not agreeing with Obama's polices.Wanting your children to grow up with the people of your own race is not 'racist' to me.

    20. Really? I don't care who my kids grow up around as long as they are good people and colour does not determine goodness.

    21. When are you English going to learn to spell?! It's color. There is no u in color.

    22. You say that now bt where wold yo be withot it?

    23. @lakhotason:

      American English...Color

      British English and Canada...Colour... even my spell checker says it is so.

      Look at this, because I will delete it after, off topic!

    24. Well you guys are just wrong. I know that color is spelled with a u. But I'm a Southen American and we think the only English worth a damn is spoken by us. Off topic.

    25. It's ok Lak, I can live with or without U ;)

    26. If you were to remove every posts that are not on topic....
      Your comment is on topic of previous comment that were not on topic of the doc.

      I have myself been at fault of this nuuuuuumerous times. Sometimes off topic posts are interesting and deserve to remain here.

    27. Edit: I wanted to sit back and think before I comment after just finishing up this Beautiful film. I will just say that I am happy that alot of my peers from my generation are waking up to Truth and are more open minded for change. Some that have commented with negativeness obviously are missing out from the message. That was So Real of the moderators and others here in the TDF community to come together like that! It gives this film and its message Justice...One Love & Peace

    28. Colour is spelt with a 'u' . Since your ignorance is quite apparent I'd like to inform you that Americans don't speak English, they speak American. The language was bastardised because they felt English was "too hard" to spell. Poor dear, you can rest your brain now.

    29. Tamyrn, I'm an American. Ease up.

    30. Tamryn Louise:

      That's it! dead on, down to a science, you are now my friend for life!

      I forgot that the Yanks and Southerners, use their only (sometimes) indecipherable and hard to understand inflection of speech. It is so easy to get off topic, but what the hey, it is Sunday, was there a precedent Hmm?

    31. You know, I was joking with someone else and you had to go and say we don't speak English and that I am ignorant and English was too hard for us. How huge of you.

    32. Hey Lak, you been naughty?
      Oh I see :)

    33. Well hate to break it to you but it's fact. So sorry if that offends you.

    34. It doesn't offend me. It's more of a reflection on you.

    35. Oh my~

    36. How can you be sorry that you offended someone, if your going to be sorry about it, don't say it. Or else say it and don't be sorry.

    37. It's called sarcasm genius.

    38. Ok doll, cool y' Boots :)

    39. It's ok fifty4forty. We've gotten this kind of flak throughout our history and maybe deservedly so in many cases. Still it's just water off a duck's back. America isn't about to allow another European world war and some people understand that and others do not.

    40. Sorry, it rankled me. Some stuff just gets my back up and that was one of them. There is a difference between sarcasm and rudeness, possibly a little humour which that comment lacked. I guess its true what they say, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. Anyway, nobody should take any flak for a whole nations past, we'd all be walking round blamed and blaming. A sorry state of affairs for a world trying to move towards a better way of life and ultimately petty and unhelpful :)

    41. Well in Tamryn's defense she may very well thought that I was serious when I was joking with you. That I will concede. Plus it got me thinking about something while stuck in the bed with the flu (always get the reader's sympathy).

      Tamryn believed I insulted her country. Fair enough, yet I've sat here and watched my country just get slandered like a cheap whore and I have to admit some of it cut pretty deep. But that's the odd thing about Americans - we don't insult our friends. Sure, you might get the odd rag flung back now and then, but as a whole we just sit and take it. And it's because nobody is a harsher critic of America than an American.

      That's our strength. What people fail to realize that most documentaries such as this one (there's the topic!) are made by Americans. We put our sh@t on the street so to speak.

      So let them speak. That freedom is our gift to the world. No need for thanks.

      Anyway the sun is up, the fog's lifting, the flu is gone, and I'm outta here.

    42. I can't help but find it vastly amusing, too, and more than a little ironic, that anyone from South Africa should feel compelled to take it upon themselves to criticize the intellectual and moral shortcomings of any other country. And at this point, that includes whatever COLOR they may be. Frankly, all this America-bashing on this website got to be pretty hideously boring to me a long time ago... We GET it, already: We all s*ck here, yea, verily, even unto the 7th generation. I don't think, sometimes, there's anything like an original thought in the heads of any of these sort of people, but, then, why should there be, right? They've got every last one of us figured out down to the last red, white and blue atom, and the inherent stup*dity of that passes right through their heads like a summer breeze, cool and refreshing and completely unquestioned, accompanied by a pleasant whistling sound. Like Fifty implies below, pretty much any godd*mned country on the face of the earth could be legitimately subjected to such ridicule for past crimes and failures (or even present crimes and failures) and yet I don't see anyone here taking issue with any of them. NOBODY is more disappointed with this country than I am, and I try as much as I can to change it within my rights, but it gets a little tiresome continually hearing from folks who really don't have much of a clue, and simply want to hate us not matter what we do, and then, as often as not, can't even get their facts right about that.

    43. im Canadian and spell most words the same way the British do, however the real reason Americans changed much of the spelling and language they used was because they realized that language was a very important part of individuality and culture and they wanted to seperate themselves from the English and create a new nationality and culture, and that requires an individual language to call their own. you would be surprised to learn how much language shapes a person.

    44. Mostly because America spends more Money on war than education?

      half jokes aside we are both right, I'm just on the cynical side of the spectrum as I am not America's biggest fan~

    45. No Tamryn, you are wrong and Epicurus is right. We changed the spelling purposely, largely the work of one person -Noah Webster.
      He compiled the first American dictionary and changed the spelling in his words, "to cleanse our native tongue from the clamour of pedantry" of English spelling and grammar.

    46. I am glad. Neither am I and I was born here along with every one of my descendants who preceded me going back 1527 with the Spanish on my Mother's side & my Father who was Welsh coming over with William Penn in the 1680's long before America was a twinkle in anyone's eye.

      Most would never admit the truth, but look at our record since the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo & President Polk against Mexico.

      The taking of the Phillipines & Cuba in 1899. The Banana Wars on behalf of the United Fruit Co. in the 1920's.

      The collusion of corporate America to Germany in WWII.

      Throw in Korea early 1950's, Southeast Asia in 1960-1975 and the fabricated Ton-kin Gulf incident justifying LBJ to invade Viet Nam.

      What we did to the Panamanian people in the late 1980's & early 1990's going after Noriega. See the documentary, "The Panama Deception"

      All the satellite states we created in Latin America through the CIA & the School of the Americas creating hit squads to setup sattelite states in all of Latin America to capture national resources for the 1% and East Timor.

      Fortunately indigenous leaders in South America have risen up in defiance to us such as in Venezuela(Chavez), Bolivia ( Evo Morales), Brazil (Dilma Rousseffll) succeeding Lulu igniting a shift in Latin America of finally allowing for the people of these countries to share in the wealth their natural resources bring to raising their standard of living from what it once was under US puppets where so many Latins were peasants living in extreme poverty.

      This truth is common knowledge who keeps up to date particularly in Latin America what you see us doing that MSM refuses to inform you about as nothing more than corporate conduits of CFR policy for our government.

      dge among most well studied international journalists chief among them is Amy Goodman at Democracy Now!which represents only one thing. We have a long standing history as the worlds greatest threat to peace & stability & will use whatever acts of ter_o_ism in order to maintain the pipeline of wealth accumulation for the investment houses and ultimately the 1%. That is the truth!

    47. Don't thank me.

      Wanting to be with one's own race is not racist. Could you explain to me what racism is?

    48. "Could you explain to me what racism is?"

      No, I can't explain what racism is. A shut up word? A code word for 'anti-white?

      I hope this answer of mine doesn't lead to accusations of me using words I don't know the meaning of - I don't use the word. I find the word 'racism' simply meaningless (perhaps, I haven't arrived at it's esoteric significance yet, but why then has no one enlightened me?). The only thing I've gleaned so far, by reading between the lines, mind you, is that somehow racism means 'not liking someone', but surely, even the kids who comment on this site don't mean that - thay cannot be THAT superficial! But then, given the state of education in the USA ....

      "Don't thank me"

      Why not? You are the only one here who has shown respect for another's position.

    49. If you don't know what racism is then you won't know when you are being racist. Makes your denials of racism seem a little disingenuous.

    50. so one person feels that way and you paint all liberals with the same brush. your ignorance doesnt just stop at racial issues i guess eh?

    51. The amount straw men arguments in these so-called 'discussions' is truly mind-boggling!

      Mine was not an argument of universal generalisation (as you conveniently redefine it), but simply an example. i.e. I didn't say "one liberal feels that way, therefore all liberals feel that way". I said, "All liberals feel that way (that's what makes a liberal a liberal!), and this one person is an example".

      Surely you can understand this, can't you? Anyway, if not, I've done my bit.

    52. Then your hatred towards him should be treated the same. Let go....
      As in Calling him a pig leaves the word pig on this thread (i know you didn't). Not one person is a pig, perhaps everyone is either rightly or wrongly influenced from birth til now.
      How do we stop wars between nations when we can't stop small wars between people?

    53. @az
      It's a bit late to explain myself, but I'm going to attempt it. You have referred to me calling oompaul a pig numerous times. I referred to him as such in relation to mud wrestling. It's an old joke that I should perhaps have gone further into.
      It goes something like this "I was warned about mud wrestling with a pig. You both get dirty, but the pig likes it."
      Yes, it is name calling, but it's also an admission that stooping to the same level as the person you oppose is a bad idea. I say this to you now because it seems to be something you find particularly objectionable. I doubt that makes any difference, but I want to offer this to show it wasn't as simple minded as just calling him a bad name. I know you still strongly object but, c'est la vie. Perhaps even, c'est la guerre.

    54. Tom, not numerous times, twice...here and on the bug doc.
      La guerre...no way....i prefer life all ways always.
      It may be that i don't get your humour but it doesn't change that i appreciate some of your posts.
      I have posted a few comments that i question myself, so let loose and write whatever you want...i may hit you with my sling shot, it's loaded with soft words.
      I always feel very puzzled by people who are racist and i can't keep myself from wondering where does that come from, what influenced them.
      Hatred is a mystery to me, a mystery that can't be solved with hatred.
      A good friend used to say: Happy like a pig in shite...always made me laugh.

  57. The Han dynasty was around at the same time as Rome was it not.

  58. So if you have a planetary government and it goes bad (as it is surely to), what happens then? Remember that Rome was a "planetary" government.

    1. Rome wasn't really... More of a European dictatorship perhaps but your point is well served. The problem is that we have a planetary government at the moment It just isn't democratic and only works for the few.

    2. You said it correctly. Rome was a dictatorship and so will be any global government.

      I want to go the other way. Break up the larger nations into smaller ones. That way your eggs are not all in one basket.

    3. I think planetary government is inevitable and indeed unavoidable. We have one right now. The question i think we have to address is how to make it accountable.

    4. You can't make a global government accountable. Way to powerful and too many disparate interests.

      I agree we have a global economic system but I disagree we have a global government.

    5. The problem is that small national governments will not be able to control internationalization of large business. The Niger delta is just one good example of this. There are plenty of examples.

    6. Back to basics, local trade and admin ? Wouldn't we run the risk of falling back into feudalism ? Petit Tyrants joining forces for their own benefit, However you approach it there are pitfalls and the potential for disaster and the most likely outcome always seems to be a return to the current state of affairs. We need an ethical revolution if such a thing is possible :)
      Or perhaps a revolution of ethics, can't find the right words but I know you know what I mean ;)

    7. Petty tyrants are the easiest to deal with in the end. Major tyrants are the cause of our troubles.

      I do agree an ethical revolution is needed but this doc is a long way off base.

    8. We have it now! Right now. It wont be solved by small national government.

    9. The only way it is to be solved, if it can be, is by small national governments. We have large national governments and all they wish to do is go to war.

      Small nations can only have small armies. Not enough concentrated wealth.

    10. And big companies will walk all over them as they do now.

    11. Now you're talking two different things.

      Big companies are only big because we buy from them. Can't blame the companies for that.

    12. I dont blame them.. i want to make them accountable which they arent at the moment.

    13. You can make them accountable by not giving them your money.

    14. And your typing that on a pc made in the corner shop posted on a global network you made in your garage? Thats not an answer.

    15. No sir, that is the only power we wield. Didn't say companies are not necessary. If you don't like what is going on in Niger why do you buy oil?

      I perfectly understand that it is impossible not to consume oil but we can consume less....a lot less.

    16. Ok, I'll give you that one ;) Just following a train of thought, maybe a little off track !

    17. Ok, I'll give you that one ;) Just following a train of thought, maybe a little off track ! ?? clearly i missed something there... lol.. and if your giving him one can i have one? lol

      Maybe i missed a post.

    18. Well I only have a little one left but your welcome to it, use it wisely though ;)

    19. A little one is better than none at all. But thanks.

  59. It's the snake that eats it's own tail.

  60. How do you go about creating (for want of a better phrase) a new world order? It's easy enough to undo what we have, the 'Arab Spring' has shown us that, It has also shown what lays in wait for the unprepared, fear, violence, disorder etc. How do you legislate for fairness, wouldn't that mean imposing an ideology and not just a set of instructions/laws. If it all came tumbling down today, what would happen tomorrow?

    1. That is the question f4f. What do we do about it?

    2. Therein lies the rub. Do you really want a new world order?

    3. We need a planetary government that works for all the people on this planet and not just the few. But how do we achieve that? as you say 'the rub'

    4. We do what the Bolsheviks did in 1917. And since we are an advanced capitalist economy and not an agrarian back water like Russia was.....th enewly formed democractic government will NOT deteriorate the way the USSR did at least politically socialized labour put the first man in space and brought a former back water to first nation status in a few generations. Jus tthink what we could accomplish today. Just nationalizing the commanding heights would astound people. We don't see how much we can actually produce...it's all tied up in military bases around the world some 700 plus-the militqary uses 600,000 barrels of oil a year-they get it from BP isn't that special?

  61. I think oompaul is best ignored

  62. Re: The book "The Thunder of Angels: The Montgomery Bus Boycott and the People Who Broke the Back of Jim Crow"

    Hi, Friends,
    This is my first comment in this forum & I have read only some of what has been posted, but I feel compelled to throw in something someone else may have already mentioned. If so, sorry!

    I really enjoyed the a.m. book & if I remember correctly, a black civil rights leader/union oeganizer named E.D. Nixon was more or less calling the shots during the boycott, after taking over the reins. Under his leadership, Rosa Parks was CHOSEN to be the one to refuse to give up her seat, because of the type of strong, intelligent, etc.., person she was! And she agreed! Brilliant, I say! The whole shebang was too important to leave to happenstance. It all had to be planned! Does that make Rosa a puppet?

    Furthermore, E.D. Nixon would have been the logical choice to lead the whole movement: he was the smartest, most experienced, most popular, except that he was old, wasn't a great speaker, & wasn't great looking, etc... When he & the leaders dropped in to hear MLK preach for the 1st time, if I remember right, they were soon blown away, or at least E.D.Nixon was.

    Anyway it soon became clear that MLK was the "perfect" leader for the
    movement. They chose him & he agreed (doublessly knowing what it could all mean, if you get my drift!). Was King a puppet in the same sense that
    the GOP is a great puppetry? I think not! It (the GOP) has often sold out to
    the highest bidder. King sold out to the lowest bidder, the bidder which
    ultimately had only his death to offer. He was a Jewish leader in Nazi Germany & since he wasn't dumb, he knew it! I think he offered himself as sacrificial lamb & that not-stupid Tavis Smiley who considers King the greatest American ever, may merit consideration! Like Christ, King must have known he was a dead man & maybe wondered why it took so long. I wonder
    who Hoover hated more: King or John Lennon. My guess is King!

  63. But back to the subject in hand!!

  64. But back to the subject in hand!!

  65. anyone else having trouble playing this?
    all i see is This video cant be played with your current setup, Please switch to a browser with h.264...etc etc"

    It gave me a link to download flash but.. im on vista x64.. and the flash site says "Note:Flash Player does not support 64-bit versions of Windows XP and Vista. Flash Player 11 now includes support for Windows 7 64-bit."

    i guess vimeo video is a no go on vista then?

    perhaps there is a work around?
    i mean without having to install a new os.. ;)

  66. Back to the subject in hand. We require a planetary government and it must be democratic and work for all of the people on this small planet and not the planetary government we have just now which is only for a few.

  67. ...a rap music followed by an old intellectual, followed by slogans...

    Wow, that's what I call being serious in your approach.

  68. And if Josey and her particular genetic line were isolated in an extremely sunny part of the world her grandchildren or great grandchildren would be black without any injection of 'black' genes as her genes would mutate within a few generations to produce the more appropriate pigment for the climate.

  69. The larger the gene pool the greater the chance of mutation and therefor the survival of a species through natural selection.
    However, this isn't about our species gene pool, and which of our genetic lines have the best chance of survival, which is an entirely different discussion, and Epicurus is correct in much of what he said, this is about how we change our current systems of governance.

  70. Does anybody ever post about the documentary anymore?

  71. hmm the 2 hours and 34 minutes it took to watch this I could have been saving an indigenous tribe somewhere

    1. yeah...go to your local recruiting office now and save your own 'indigenous tribe' by begging them to close shop.

  72. @oompaul:
    Well, I was warned about mud wrestling with a pig like you but I just can't help myself. Yes, it was a personal attack on you and the reasons should be patently obvious to even an ignorant Nazi spewing racist fool. Does the god that you worship in the religion you have newly converted to approve of your hatred of Jews, blacks, liberals and anyone who is not your clone? How does one argue with someone who believes in a god who would agree with your misguided view of the world? Your faith will surely see you through. I'm not sure if I was lumped in but, calling me a liberal would really crack up anyone who knows me. Life is a little more complicated than that simplistic black and white (no pun intended) view and whatever my biases are, the only real contempt I have is for bead rattling, god fearing, a$$holes like you who attempt to spread your ignorant vitriol.

    If you were truly "left with your own" it would be a bad time for all. Before long, more ways would be discovered to keep separate from each other: wrong brand of christianity, too short, skin not light enough, ad nauseum.

    In a post here Matt Kukowski says, "If we can not look at EVIL in the eye and address that it does exist... we will never become free from it." I'm not saying he agrees with me but what he says has the ring of truth. This is as close as I can come to looking you in the eye.

    1. Don't recall expressing hatred of Jews or blacks. Liberals? Well, hatred, no, just total intolerance. While most people who apply double standards do so to benefit themselves, liberals are unique in the entire history of humanity - they apply double standards to benefit their enemy - probably in the hope that the enemy will love them in exchange. Sorry to burst your bubble - he won’t. He'll have you for breakfast. Actually, he's already having you for breakfast.

      As far as my alleged 'hatred' of Blacks are concerned, read my previous comments.

      As far as my preference for Whites is concerned - guilty as accused. Actually (keep this secret though), some of my best friends are White.

      Jews? Never even mentioned them, but your knee-jerk party-line rant just had to throw them in as well! I'm surprised you didn't mention the holocaust, but I guess that'll be in your next 'contribution'.

      Anyway, your vocabulary shows that you have been well schooled by our modern cultural-Marxist thought police: "hatred", "racism", "Nazi spewing racist fool", "bead rattling, god fearing, a$$holes like you", "spread your ignorant vitriol", and on, and on ... . Impeccable reasoning!

      Tell you what, I'm outa here with you - you bore my stiff. I've decided to give you permission to have the last word. Say thank you.

    2. you dont recall expressing hatred of Jews or "blacks"?
      let me recall that for you
      "You ask, "what sort of world do you want your kids to inherit ?" Answer: a world for whites only. "
      shame on your very existence., the very fact you represent people of all colours (except white) as "Black" tells a sorry story indeed.
      thoses sorts of comments are the last thing i would have expected to see on TDF

      not that you care either way, but shame on you again

    3. Pangaea. I expect natural selection will deal with oompaul at some point.

    4. My dear Pangaea, you really are confused, aren't you?

      Why on earth does "a world for whites only" imply racism? Did I mention superiority? Inferiority? Genocide? I simply said I want to be with my own and respect (and will even fight for) others to be with their own as well - lot's of blacks hold this same view. Ever heard the cry "Africa for Africans?" I have, many times. Furthermore, Israel's citizenship laws and dreadful expulsions of the Palestinians is living proof that the Chosenites agree as well.

      Everybody wants to be with their own, expect, of course you confused liberals, and that's only because you are so terrified of what's lying ahead that you believe the solution is to be with anyone, except yourself! I call that pathology.

      For liberals LIKING other people now become a moral imperative! For example, I really don't like football and avoid being with footballers - I have nothing to say to them and they have nothing that interest me. Does that mean I'm a 'hater'? Evidentely yes, according to you primary school logic.

      Hope I managed to clear up your confusion a bit. If not, well, I've done my bit. As I said before, "You can lead a donkey to understanding, but you can't make him think."

    5. Africa for Africans? 'Deutschland für den Deutschen' .. Germany for the Germans. A Nazi party motto of the 30s. Disgraceful. oompaul.. you are ... and i very rarely say this, a m*r*n.

    6. everybody is doing it, so i should also!

      brilliant logic. you are a world class thinker.

      you would rather be with your own? well im your own and i would rather have nothing to do with people like you. in fact i would do anything i could to make sure people like you were ostracized at any opportunity. people like you do nothing for the progression of the human species. you are a cancer on what otherwise could be an amazing organism.

      you avoid footballers because they have nothing to say that interests you? you see people very one dimensional. perhaps that is a projection of your own shortcomings. im not sure.

      your world view is a dying one. it will be gone in a little more than 100 years. live it up while you can, but we will all sit back and shake our heads at your stupidity.

    7. I am sure there is a Timothy McVeigh style right wing militia in the bush who feel the same way you do....indeed they advocate such segregation. What are you doing wasting your time here? Go join them.

    8. I'm sooooooooooooooooo happy for you.

      BTW, I thought you were leaving...

  73. If we can not look at EVIL in the eye and address that it does exist... we will never become free from it.

  74. America's epitaph: "And it was all perfectly legal."

    1. Just like in the Third Reich.

  75. the exon ship does not stop in the caricature, ha ! (39:00)

  76. Excellent. Thoroughly researched and WOW those graphics!

  77. One day you're going your way and suddenly the artistic expression of someone grabs you from under, it owns your attention.
    Art as songs, art on walls, art as science, art in speeches, pouring from the mind directing the hands. Art can change the world, the flow of art is not physical, it is not something tangible, it is not something we can own and control. It is something that owns us when the time is right.
    I am hopefull that one day A movie, a pile of pixels of truth representing a communal inspiration, a communal aspiration will have such impact, it won't stop one person, one group, one nation, it will stop the world, it will stop the world for one fraction of a second, one beat...like a marching group of friends realizing they are not in syncronicity, the world will skip a beat.

    1. Possibly... yes.

    2. Terribly Optimistic.

    3. simply hopefull....most people talk of the need of a disaster to change the world...my words are just like a Nepalese flag flowing in the wind among the flow of words in this thread...many of which remind me of the war we wish to stop.
      We live surrounded by differences, wars are like anything else they start small and they grow big.

  78. A great documentary unfortunately the the so called capitalist do not practice capitalism but use the the word as a cover to hide their crimes if they knew it true meaning they would know they could make money over the long run with peace. Warfare in the end cost more than it is worth they could make more money over the long run with peaceful pursuits. War is for quick buck artist and thieves that brings more trouble for all sides constantly perpetuating the conflicts endlessly for the profit of the few.

    1. Oh its not Capitalism. Its Imperial exploitation. This is an Empire in all but name. Its like Rome in the way it runs. It has to continually expand to fund itself. So it will also be similar in the way it will fall which is why we need to evolve our systems before it collapses or we will have chaos.

    2. Exactly right. Superpowers are superpowers due to their incessant exploitation of those they subjugate. One difference, the expansion of Rome was one of land and manpower, whereas modern expansion is reliant upon debt. When Roman expansion stopped, the economy failed. Without individual debt, the modern economy will fail.
      Chaos will not be fun. But at least it will be a change of scenery.

    3. Yes it was based on land and manpower, but the chaos after the fall will be equally disastrous for all of us. Rich Romans died as well as the poor ones when the empire finally failed. I would like to avoid the chaos and the important question is what we do to change the scenery without causing chaos. What do we, as individuals and a species, do about it? How do we change it without resorting to revolutions, which inevitably lead to a Stalin? A Stalin on a planetary scale, which is what he would be, is a frightening prospect.

    4. You have to measure today's Imperialism within the context of this world historical moment of global capitalism. First the military goes in and the corporation follow.....there is no benevolent capitalism. it is all theft.

  79. All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace is worth watching as well.
    Its explains what they have just done to our economy (the bubble scam as i call it) only this time the Chinese, who were hugely affected by the corporate exploitation and bubble bursting of south east Asia in the nineties, were waiting and preparing for them to do it again somewhere else, have just spoiled their future plans by buying everything at the knock down prices, IBM was an example, lending huge amounts of money to the (deliberately) bankrupted western economies and have been quietly building infrastructure in Africa and India which would have been the next bubble exploitation target.

    I think the planet will be mostly speaking Chinese/English hybrid language in one hundred years or so. Assuming that we, as a species, survive this.

  80. I like to think of this collapsing capitalism as a battle between a Quantitative paradigm of thought and an emerging Qualitative paradigm of thought that I believe will replace it. As John Perkins talks about at 2:14 to 2:16 the idea of executives who measure their success based on how much as opposed to how well or how good, this is the heart of why our system is so effed up. This is a real problem because I doubt that the wealthy really want the rest of the world to suffer. It is just a game and to play you have to keep track of how much you make. Like Perkins says, these executives are conditioned by their schooling and this egomanical culture of success. This is inherent to our economic system, and it is unavoidable. The usual first question you have for a someone you just met is, "What do you do for a living?" Rarely do we ask how good are you? what quality do you possess? What do you bring to the party? Are you a benefit to the effort? This isn't complex, it is easy to determine who is helpful and who is a problem. If you are a problem you need to change. John Perkins, Ken O'Keefe, Gerald Celente, Joe Rogan, and Peter Joseph all had some good contributions to this documentary.

    1. There were many good contributions. I think as a species we are currently evolving and we are all living in interesting times.

  81. Would love to stay and talk this one out, surprised myself by loving it. This style usually wears me down but the content /subject kept me rapt to the end. Been sewing all night and my eyes ache so I'm off to bed. Play nice boys and sweet dreams x

    1. I was thinking exactly the same about the style but the content kept me there to the end. All stuff i've been saying for years now. Since the eighties actually.. Its nice to see these facts finally becoming widespread knowledge. What makes me really angry is the Congo and there are the poor people of Niger delta. Shameful.

  82. sites like this can show us the truth we should see the docs. and comment while we have it Thank You.

  83. Yes, thank you. Thank you for this excellent site and for this very accurate summation of how our planet is currently governed. Evolution of our system is required. The governance of this planet must become democratic.

  84. Typical inclusion of emotional nonsense to empassion the viewer. Still some good advise on taking action. Even inaction can be action. What if they held a war and no one came?

  85. @ DaftAida. We will have to agree to differ, I've looked back over a few of your comments and you seem to be suspicious by nature, almost to the point of paranoia, of anything to do with any organisation whether that is the Fabian Society, 'big pharma' or government in general. Like it or not they are here to stay, imperfect as they are. Luckily we are able to speak against the things we don't like. Unfortunately even when 90% speak out probably less than 10% act. Dynamics of deception? Well, people are also imperfect and prone to fibbing in their own self interest but to see it all as one big dirty oily machine (as in evil device), that's going a bit far. The world is not some mass conspiracy mill bent on subjugating the working class. It's not that personal, what they want if anything is your money and for that you can say what you like - just keep spending. As for Benn being a socialist, maybe a small step between that and Old Labour but the dividing line between any Opposing parties now is less than a gnats whisker. I'm sorry you had an idealogical respect for him, he's no more or less wonderful than anyone else and when you set someone up on a pedestal it always hurts when they land on you. He's just a man in a position to shout louder than others. I like him for that, for not wasting his voice.

  86. I do not mind that we blame the British Imperialism, the Zionist imperialism, but we must not forget as it seems this documentary does, to also blame the Ottoman imperialism...
    We must remember as once stated by Jean Jacques Rousseau, that the Land belongs to no one...The idea of nations, no matter what side it is, is an idiocy, a theft, the one who is now the oppressor, was once the victim, and the one that is a victim today was once the oppressor...the dance continues.
    For example to justify rebellions, terrorism, because one seeks freedom, is to justify the same act of oppression that is causing that rebellion. A total new way of thinking is necessary, the one that understand that war no matter the reason is always a crime. As stated by Ernest Hemingway "Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime." Peace cannot be achieved through war, but only through Love, and act of Kindness.
    Peace and Love

  87. Pretty good round up of all that's wrong in the world but with a sprinkle of hope. The chap at the end had it right, what sort of world do you want your kids to inherit ?
    "Be excellent to each other" :)

    1. You ask, "what sort of world do you want your kids to inherit ?" Answer: DELETED BY THE ADMIN.

    2. I think you need to be quiet and leave.

    3. Your debating skills amaze me! "Be quite and leave" Now ... where have I heard that before ...? (thinks ... thinks ... thinks ...). Oh, yea, the Stalinist thought police, otherwise known as lefty PC tolerance!

    4. liberal PC lefty Stalinist thought police, is that even possible ?
      You can sit and think that over in your lonely little corner of the world and when your done tell yourself about it, no one will be there to listen. goodbye.

    5. Any attempt at debate with this anti semitic, racist, Nazi quoting, Christian is pointless. He is a man who believes in the holy trinity, original sin, and other outmoded, outlandishly childish stories to shape his view of the world. Please, LOOK AT HIS PROFILE and READ some of his outrageously inane and insipid comments.

      Not needed here or anywhere is another Christian spewing his putrid bile; born in ignorance, living in stupidity, and preaching hatred. He's an ignorant little turd and I regret that the white god in the sky he believes in is a fiction, and therefore he won't end up in his equally fictitious hell.

      oompaul writes well enough to show that he has some education, but his hate filled, broad brush, diatribes deserve the utmost contempt. I say this to you, fifty4fourty, because I would rather not speak directly to the self righteous little ball of dung. I hope you are not offended.

    6. Yeah, realised to late :( Should have guessed after the first comment instead of biting like that. Lesson learned. Can't stand racism at all, I just can't get my head round it. Thanks for the warning though, was sort of hoping someone would take him away, I'm not to good at nasty - makes me feel bad! He made me so angry I had to say something. :))

    7. He (oompaul) also seems a little obsessed with prostitutes. Just an observation and quite irrelevant to the documentary.

    8. I know a few, salt of the earth. I could put him in touch if he wants :)
      Oh, but he ends with a whimper not a bang so maybe not.

    9. Everyone needs to make a living and I wasn't commenting at all on the profession only his (oompaul) apparent obsession. The content of the documentary is the issue and we shouldn't get distracted from the importance of the subject of how our planet is governed.

    10. Sorry, didn't mean to imply you had anything against the oldest profession, just my humour. And your right about the other too :)

    11. That was my wee bit of humour as well so no apology required.. its the doc thats important. I really don't care about peoples sexual habits. That's their business its what they say that counts. Particularly in this case.

    12. Is that 'goodbye' the last word you're uttering before you kill yourself cause you couldn't handle so much ugly truth?

    13. @ Avarita
      @ oompaul
      Actually I'd rather have the ugly truth than any pretty lie, when you have the truth you are armed and I would rather know my enemy than invent imaginary ones. This small and beautiful planet is still just about big enough for all 7billion of us but hatred and greed are tightening the boarders for some of its people and making a mockery of those that guard them. Live and let live, you have been afforded that luxury, find a way to do the same for others. Start small, smile at your neighbour, say Hi to the postman, thank the girl at the checkout, you get back what you put out. Your world must be a dreadful place if you think it's ok to say things like that. You become part of the problem and no amount of vitriolic ranting will make it any better. If you have something to say, say it but don't wrap your words in bile before you do, you can scream 'til your blue in the face, no one will hear you. Most people here on topdoc come with something to say, ideas to share and a want to communicate them to others, they may disagree and they may debate but they are also prepared to be wrong and to learn from others. Whatever their views, they ultimately have open minds and kind hearts. When the flow is good, go with the flow, stop trying to beat everyone with the paddle on the way past.

      Of life's two chief prizes, beauty and truth, I found the first in a loving heart and the second in a laborer's hand.
      Khalil Gibran

    14. Beauty is truth, and truth, beauty.

    15. My feeling exactly :)

    16. What is Beauty? It is Truth.
      What is Truth? It is Beauty.

      How profound! I'm surprised this pearl only got one 'like'

      Why do I have the nagging suspicion that the average age of the commenters here is 14 and not a day more?

    17. Its Keats. He wasn't 14.
      T. S. Eliot called the lines "meaningless" and "a serious blemish on a beautiful poem but i think there is some use in the line. However it was just a poem and was only for the benefit of the one person who liked it and i didn't expect you to understand it..

    18. Actually, I didn't say YOU wrote the lines. I said they were ridiculous and I stick to my guns. Just because it's a from a famous poet (who DID write some amazing stuff), does that mean we need to bow and scrape to his every word?

      14 refered to the age of someone who might consider this banality as 'significant'.

      Anyway, thanks for not ruining my day by not telling me you're older than that!

    19. I was referring to the debate on SYMMETRY... Didn't expect you to understand that either.

    20. Somebody's power cell is stuck in the word Stalinist. You must have just learned it and are making sure you don't forget it, eh?

    21. @oompaul:

      "A world for whites only"??

      Please read the "comment policy" above, TDF will not stand for these types of racist remarks.

    22. Why should wanting to be with one's own be racist? I didn't imply superiority, simply, separation. And, if a black person had said, "A world of blacks only", do you really think you'd have gotten your liberal knickers in a twist. You'll probably say "Yes", but then, aren't bad faith and liberalism synonomous?

    23. I absolutely would have gotten my knickers in a twist.

      you might not be racist but you are extremely ignorant.

      you are making arbitrary distinctions about people based on the amount of melanin they produce and the pigmentation of their skin...that is incredibly stupid.

      how about start grouping people into categories based on their shoe size next or hair colour?

      a world of whites only would be a terrible world from a biological and evolutionary point of view. the amount of adaptability in the genome would be greatly reduced.

      mixing races is the best way to go from a genetic point of view.

    24. White crime rate compared to black crime rate has now become an "arbitrary distinction based on the amount of melanin they produce and the pigmentation of their skin". GO FIGURE!

      IQ differences has now become an "arbitrary distinction based on the amount of melanin they produce and the pigmentation of their skin". GO FIGURE!

      Leeching off social security has now become an "arbitrary distinction based on the amount of melanin they produce and the pigmentation of their skin". GO FIGURE!

      Flash mob violence break-down by colour has now become an "arbitrary distinction based on the amount of melanin they produce and the pigmentation of their skin". GO FIGURE!

      Single parent family percentages by race has now become an "arbitrary distinction based on the amount of melanin they produce and the pigmentation of their skin". GO FIGURE!

      Maybe you're right. Maybe beauty is only skin deep, but some of us sure have thick skins!

      Oh, sorry, silly me! I forgot. All the above is the fault of the mean 'racis' Whites. Like the violent hellholes Zimbabwe and South Africa have become today, both of which we handed to them as thriving first world countries.

      As I said before - GO FIGURE!

    25. @oompaul:

      To burst your bubble you must then either hate or have no use for yourself by your ranting against blacks, because will inform you we "all" originated from Africa, predominantly black, we only look white because of evolution.

      Then what do you think of your Pres? taking it for granted you are from US.

    26. the crime rate is a sociocultural problem not a biological one...i cant believe im having to say that to an adult.

      IQ differences are an environmental issue aswell as a sociocultural one, also not biological.

      All people leech off social security.

      all people partake in flash mob violence.

      single parent families is sociocultural not biological

      if you think Zimbabwe or South Africa were ever thriving then you and i have different definitions of thriving. its also easier to build up a society when you have help from outside resources and slave labour.

      how old are you? how do you not understand these things? or have you just been indoctrinated your entire life to think this way?

      this is a prime example of what happens when you dont continue with your education.

    27. indeed.

    28. 1. People during the depression were poorer than now yet the crime rate was significantly lower. Also, poor people don't go about stealing cell phones and Heineken beer (famous hurricane Katrina photo) - they steal food.

      2. Read the research (eg. Watson)

      3. Flash mob violence. Really? In equal proportions? Enlighten me, and remember, one swallow doesn't make a summer.

      4. Yes, single parents families are socio-cultural. Indeed, the single parent families in black communities have shot up dramatically from the time of the MLK's communist inspired Civil Rights campaign - any correlation apart from coincidence?

      5. South Africa/Zimbabwe. Red herring answer, sorry. I didn't refer to HOW they got to be first world countries, but to what the liberated blacks did to those economies once they were handed over to them. Also, if pre-'liberated' Apartheid South Africa really was such an awful place for Blacks (as you imply) how come thousands upon thousands of Blacks crossed to borders annually to be there? Get yourself informed.

      6. I have been indoctrinated my entire life. Ad hominem attack, but, for the record, I saw the light only a number of years ago when, as a starry-eyed liberal, I was in South Africa on holiday to experience, first-hand, the joys of the Rainbow Nation. I had what amounted to the ultimate epiphany when several Blacks (I mean not one, but dozens) told me that they were much better off under Apartheid than now. The only people who sung the praises of the ‘New South Africa’ were the politically well-connected and the rich liberals sealed off in their all-white compounds behind electrified barbed wire fences.

    29. the cultural attitude was also different. the crime comes with poverty and being marginalized. it is not a biological issue. you wont find a gene for it.

      I have read plenty of the research whilst obtaining a Bsc in psychology. im very well aware of these controversies and the methods used by people like Watson and Rushton. im also aware of all the flaws in their studies.

      you want instances of white mobs? and once again regardless you will have to remember even if there are more instances of black mobs that would also tie in with sociocultural issues.

      so civil rights is communist inspired? even if it were would that inherently make it bad? if not why mention it? i could easily say that the lack of civil rights goes back to Nazi Germany but that would be equally ridiculous.

      as for zimbabwe and south africa. you take a place that gets occupied and taken over, people are made to be slaves and lesser class individuals, very little education given to them, then just up and leave (sort of, we can ignore all the problems they were left with) and point and scoff at what happened? give me a break....

      and im glad you have a little anecdotal experience. but im sure i could find many who would disagree and im also not willing to believe your take on the scenario based on your obvious bias.

    30. So true just look at pure bread dogs or the in bred aristocracy for crazy. Mongrels are the strongest breeds. This is science not philosophy

    31. Do you know anything about DNA/RNA ? Genetics? I sure as hell hope not. If you did, you would know that whites breeding with whites only makes it far more likely that negative traits will be dominant. Evolution of humanity is not over, we are but one step on the path. Lets keep walking and see where it leads.

    32. He clearly knows little or nothing about genetics.

    33. you obviously have no clue about DNA or genetics either, it seems to me you are stating that whites are an inferior race. a genetically dysfunctional race, that if it breeds with its own will only get more dysfunctional and genetically flawed?. I am not racist, but i think it is good if whites breed only with whites, white people, like blacks, asians, american indians, and especially australian aboriginals are unique to themselves and should be preserved, the " melting pot " theory is absurd, its like mixing a pitbull with a german shepherd, pomeranian poodle and a kelpie, sure you get a different breed, but it is still a mongrel breed. white people are not genetically inferior to any other race, and whites breeding solely with whites will not make it far likely that negative traits will be dominant, in fact, if whites bred with africans, that could bring more negative traits to the white race, and to the black race, you would then see white people with sickle cell, i dont even know what negative traits white people have that are distinct only to them.. fatness?? the blacks will be more gentically disposed to being fat i guess??

      i will edit this to add something, i think i understand the point your trying to make, that if all humans combine and make one race it will be superior," melting pot" but that idea is flawed, the only way you would make a superior race i guess you could say, is by selectively breeding to rid humans of genetic flaws such as inherited diseases etc such as huntingtons disease or heart disease etc. that is eugenics, however it does not require all races mixing together, you can do it on a race to race basis. mixing together every race to make one will not make a far superior race, it will merely breed out races unique unto their own. imagine if there was only one breed of cat, one breed of dog, or snake, or monkey. would be pretty boring if you ask me.

    34. no one said that josey. you are making a strawman.

      the reason he said that (and that it is true) is because white people are more genetically similar to one another than they are with people from other ethnicities. when people with similar genetic mate the offspring has a higher chance of having a deformity.

      most disease are recessive meaning they need homozygous alleles, (AA not AB), now if the diseased allele is the B and a bunch of people in the population are heterozygous meaning they have AB then there are high chances that they will have an off spring with the allele combination BB. meaning they will have the disease. but if they were to mate with someone with greater genetic diversity they will be less likely to find someone to pass on the infected B allele.

      listen....if you have NO education in genetic or biology i think you should probably refrain from making a comment like that one....

      and there is this neat piece of information:

      A statistical analysis done in 1958 using historical census data and historical data on immigration and birth rates, concluded that 21 percent of the white population had black ancestors. The growth in the white population could not be attributed to births in the white population and immigration from Europe alone, but had received significant contribution from the African American population as well.
      The author states in 1958:
      The data presented in this study indicate that the popular belief in the non-African background of white persons is invalid. Over twenty-eight million white persons are descendants of persons of African origin. Furthermore, the majority of the persons with African ancestry are classified as white.

    35. There are a brilliant set of programmes by the BBC called Mixed Britain, they should clear up a lot of this foolishness. Presented by George Alagiah.

    36. Indeed it does.

    37. Finally a voice of sanity!

      Of course, you are quite right! If you mix (for argument's sake, equal numbers of) a race with a 100 average IQ with a race with a 80 IQ you get .... well, kinda obvious, ain't it?

      What's really at work here is not at all a race-mixing issue, but a bunch of terrified liberals who think they'll save themselves by disappearing into a LA AL Land melting pot. The only pot they'll ever get to see will be the Cannibal's pot.

      Bubble, bubble, toil & trouble ....

    38. IQ is a measure of education and not genetics.

    39. @oompaul,

      No doubt your comments contain clear racist undertone, but obviously you're not aware of it. Please read the comment policy.

    40. No, it is not obvious. What do you get?

    41. This post should be removed. I will alert the moderator.

    42. "Be excellent to each other"!

      2,000 years of civilization and this is the end result! "Be exellent to each other". Well, I guess if ever the dictum "you can lead a mule to understading but you can't make him think" was applicable, you are it!

      As T. S. Elliot said, it doesn't end with a bang, but with a whimper.

  88. The lovely Tony Benn, something of a cult hero in the UK - gotta love him :)

    1. I was a lifelong fan of the man; beautiful orator, elequence unrivalled. I got closer, trying to figure something out. When Sir Anthony Wedgewood Benn gave his most rousing objections to the invasion on Iraq on TV, it was against the quite vicious apparant 'opposition' of the muck raking, opinion-forming top editors in mainstream press. His performance clocked up an audience vote of some 90% plus opposition to the war. His resignation speech in Parliament was equisitely humane and urbane; this was caused by the invasion; I had a signed CD copy of the thing. Yet, I observed it made no difference. I also wondered how in hell he could float around unscathed despite his seemingly antagonistic stance towards Guv policies which were carried through regardless.

      To understand the dynamics of deception, the best place to start is by looking at a persona's connections and The Fabian Society says it all with their insignia being a wolf in sheeps clothing. Benn is obviously an unabashed socialist (communist/fascist) and the role of the Fabian Society was partly to create a labour party but mainly to slowly eat the fabric of our common society (as in nation of people) from within. Thus we are left with a hollow shell, a facade, within which a humungous global cancer has been running amok. The facade is often shattered through historical events which show the real face of Liberal Socialism, yet we are programmed to believe that the Labour Party, Liberal parties, socialist and communist parties are there for the downtrodden man and women against the might of an imperialistic machine. So what's new? Nothing except that the left vs the right are co-ordinating to steer that bird on course. Against a political landscape of hollywood improvisation, props, lighting and special effects, the left wing vies with the right, as good battles evil are merely the fluttering of vultures wings, confusing our vision.

      In short, Benn has performed an admirable Oscar for his role as 'court jester' or controlled opposition to win the hearts and minds of the masses and engage them emotionally and psycologically in the gradual yet brutal acceptance of 'their master's voice'.

      Whilst Jester's like Benn in UK or his more obvious counterpart in US, Chomksy, go to great lengths to promote the man of the people facade, they deceive the public into thinking that their views, opinions and cherished beliefs or aspirations have any impact on local, national or world events. Give us loads of discussion panels, forums, media debate on an 'either or' 'this or that' basis (as if there were not many other options). The desired result is attained either way regardless of what people think or feel.

      Blair and Brown too, were acknowledged members of The Fabian Society which has long held the George Bernard Shaw expressed beliefs that the poor are genetically degenerate and should be eliminated. Hence, we can't talk Benn, Blair, Brown without Fabianism and that links right into the Climate Change Hoax and the entire depopulation agenda of the UN. Further, as an indictment of Benn's role in deception, is the intergenerational breeding exclusively between the Wedgewoods and the Darwin family. Social Darwinism; the scourge of our times.

      His son (the one with the girly name) as inherited none of us father's urbane charm and looks like an acidic weasel; appropriately doing his worst within a leading environmental capacity.

      When this bubble burst in my ideological respect for the man via the principles he claimed to uphold, I was saddened for a few minutes but the delight in uncovering a grande deception to which I was blind, more than compensated.

      With respect to Benn, hat's off for an A1 performance in leading the deception of countless millions who believed in his word above the principles he mocked by mimickry.

    2. FASCISM IS the attack on organized labour socialism is organized labour running things.

    3. fascism is when business runs the government!! America IS a fascist nation.

    4. a cult hero to some perhaps? Please don't speak for us all. I'm not totally anti TB but I wouldn't say he was a hero.

    5. I wasn't speaking for anyone, only about some. He does have a following - the Bennites. It was a throw away comment, he's a bit of a Granddad/Bagpuss type. No need to to take it to heart :)

  89. Great use of film, images and graphics that delivers a strong message. Kudos to the filmmaker.

  90. Excellent. Our country has been hijacked by corporations who make billions from war and buy our Congressmen out from under us. I just don't know how to fix it.

    1. Join the occupation! Spread the word to all your friends and continue to educate yourself and everyone you know. Be brave, vocal and persistent and change will happen :).


    2. A good start would be to enforce anti trust laws that have been on the books since Teddy Roosevelt's administration. It would involve removing the legal mumbo-jumbo protecting corporations as people first. I also believe term limits for all legislators, and a massive reduction of salaries for all offices as well, would be a start. True leaders and statesmen serve office out of a sense of duty not financial gain.

    3. Not by sitting in parks and playing drums. Sadly, the only thing that will change the system is an armed uprising. The people in power are not going to be moved by a peaceful demonstration, no matter how large. Put those responsible for our current system up against a wall, shoot them, and start over.

    4. I would rather avoid shooting but i understand the sentiment. We must try if at all possible to change it without killing anyone. Starting over would set us back hundreds, if not thousands of years.

    5. WEll we can act in self defence only that is the only time violence on our side can be justified.

    6. @ Richard T

      The one way to ensure more of what we see today is an armed uprising. An armed uprising requires leaders who feel comfortable in using violence to force others to do as they want. This sounds too familiar to me. A new world requires an new type of leadership.

  91. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr the plagarist and frequenter of prostitutes, or another one? Just checking.

    1. what's wrong with prostitues? they pay taxes.

    2. So, it WAS the plagarist and philanderer. Thanks for confirming my suspicion

    3. Unlike you Dr. King didn't have to pay prostitutes, women threw themselves at him willingly as many do to powerful men.

    4. The issue is not if one has to pay for prostitutes or not - paying them is included in the concept 'prostitute' itself, otherwise it would not be a prostitute (you can understand this, can’t you?). The issue is, as I pointed out, that one actually DOES pay for them, i.e. that one is a ‘frequenter’.

      Anyway, apart from you obviously having somewhat limited thinking abilities, I do wish to thank you for confirming my hunch that it really WAS the degenerate who frequented prostitutes and plagiarised other people’s research.

    5. what would his frequenting of prostitutes have to do with anything?

      it doesnt take away the accomplishments he is known for.

      your ignorant ideologies are going to be wasted here. you will just get into arguments with people who will make you look silly, so dont bother.

    6. What accomplishments? Being totally handled by the usual suspects? Why do you think this 'man of God's' files have been sealed by the FBI until 2027? Got someting to hide?

      As far as 'arguments' are concerned, I Have yet to see one, just one, from the silly suicidal liberals buzzing about like a swarm of crazy bees. Lots of personal attacks on me (Tomregit below is a great example), but arguments .....?

    7. what accomplishments???

      The Montgomery Bus Boycott, Albany movement, Birmingham campaign, March on Washington, "Bloody Sunday", Chicago, Opposition to the Vietnam War, Poor People's Campaign.

      now lets look at what you have done for the world..........

      man of god means nothing. im an atheist however, this mans delusional belief in a god has nothing to do with what he actually did for black people in America.

      what do you mean by suicidal liberals?

      btw, a right leaning person who only likes white people....anyone else shocked? [/sarcasm]

    8. "The Montgomery Bus Boycott, Albany movement, Birmingham campaign, March on Washington, "Bloody Sunday", Chicago, Opposition to the Vietnam War, Poor People's Campaign." Did I deny these things happened? Why don't you read what people write. I said, MLK was handled. Get it? A puppet. Get it? Manipulated. Get it? Do some research sonny (please don't wreck my day by telling me you're older than 14!).

      Btw, you didn't answer my question about the sealed FBI files but decided instead to tell me something that leaves me stone cold - your belief in a god that doesn't exist. Go figure!

    9. You would think that all the manipulators and handlers of Dr. King and who planned all the events that Dr. King has been idolized for would be a little resentful of his fame. Imagine being the originator and organizer of the March on Washington and Dr. King has a day named after him...a mere puppet that he created. He must be a great follower of the cause...or maybe just another puppet of an even greater puppeteer. I wonder what the skin color of these manipulators is?

      Maybe you should read what people write. I'm positive that Epicurus wrote he is an atheist. I've double checked and his statement is still there. "I'm an atheist, however" is exactly what is says. Difficult to interpret this in any way other than the obvious.

    10. the sealed FBI files have nothing to do with anything. there could be many reasons they are sealed, one good reason is because its not public right to know what the FBI found out while spying on him.

      and you need to prove he was handled or a puppet...and if he was by who and what the motive would have been.

      what i get is that you are a conspiracy believing ignorant bigot. you should be ashamed because as a white person im embarrassed to have people like you in my group. if i were racist i would have to realize that white people like you are as bad as any of the worst black people.

    11. not saying you are talking BS but this new to me. Please document

    12. on second thought who cares if he did visit prostitutes. I acquiesced to my human need for gossip. But in all honesty I don't care

    13. That is misinformation put out by the assasination squad formed by Hoover and his cronies to take out the Panther's and other social justice advocates.

  92. Thank you.