What if Cannabis Cured Cancer?
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What if Cannabis Cured Cancer?

2010, Drugs  -   207 Comments
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What if Cannabis Cured Cancer?Could the chemicals found in marijuana prevent and even heal several deadly cancers? Discover the truth about this ancient medicine as world-renowned scientists in the field of cannabinoid research illustrate their truly mind-blowing discoveries.

What if Cannabis Cured Cancer explains how we are all born with a form of marijuana already in our bodies, and when pot is consumed, the endocannabinoids inside us, along with any cannabinoids we ingest, fit together like a key in a lock.

Thereby promoting the death of cancer cells without harming the body's healthy cells. A powerful and eye-opening film about the future of cannabis, and perhaps even the future of medicine.

What If Cannabis Cured Cancer summarizes the remarkable research findings of recent years about the cancer-protective effects of novel compounds in marijuana and brings to light a host of recent findings that have potentially game-changing implications for the future of marijuana as a medicine. Narrated by Emmy-winning actor Peter Coyote.

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207 Comments / User Reviews

  1. right gesture...

  2. Well theres a reason why cannabis is illegal.
    Big pharma cant profit off of nature.

    You're only allowed to take big pharma drugs.

    Anything else will land you in prison.

    1. The reason it’s banned is because of its mind blowing effects on the brain nothing else.It’s only recently that they’ve studied and found that the effects of marijuana on cancer are encouraging.Nothing to do with big Pharma.Its all a conspiracy theory that big Pharma are against it.They’re now trying to patent cannabis

  3. The more expert—or at least the more educated—a person is, the less likely that person is to see a solution when it is not within the framework in which he or she was taught to think. When a possibility comes up that is ruled out by the accepted framework, an expert—or well-educated individual—is often less likely to see it than an amateur without the confining framework. For example, one naturally prefers to consult a trained doctor than an untrained person about matters of health. But if a new cure happens to be developed that is at variance with accepted concepts, the medical profession is often the last to accept it. This problem has always existed in all professions, but it tends to be accentuated under modern conditions

  4. It is interesting how many establishment doctors start out, in many cases to disprove the efficacy of alternative therapies and become advocates of alternative therapies. I don't hear many stories of the other way round.
    Laura Lee radio show, 1994, interviewing Dr. Ralph Moss on Chemotherapy, Laetrile, Coley's Toxins, Burzynski, & Cancer Politics

  5. No evidence in least to support that statement .... cannabis, even smoked is not a carcinogenic.

    1. anything that is smoked is carcenogenic...next time you're smoking a joint, take a tug through a tissue and then look at the residue it catches.

  6. Hemp oil, not made from the seed (which is easily available) but that which is made from high grade Indica, is what is used in Rick Simpson's hemp oil that has shown results, as far as recovery from, nor destruction of cancer cells. Google it. Learn

    1. or, not nor.

  7. Didn't Bob Marly die of cancer? He smoked every day

    1. bob marley died of a foot infection which he refused to have treated due to religious beliefs.

    2. did he have a religion?

  8. Its the Hashish oil that cures Cancer,and eating raw seeds. Its been done in for many years here in China, but the westerners are using this pratice as a loophole to abuse it for a recreation as they do with any drugs...
    The USA is known as the modern world of medical science came close to finding the cure for cancer, but due to the "pot movement" there the US government shut down the "Madrid study". In 1976 President Gerald Ford put an end to all public cannabis research in medical science. Most Americans don’t know anything about the Madrid discovery. Virtually no U.S. newspapers carried the story, which ran only once on the AP and UPI news wires, on Feb.29th.
    Point being, if you have cancer and want cured,come to China countryside and find a Chinese Medicine Man, youll be cured in 3 months, I know because Im one of the survivors.

    1. hey desperate people, if you want to be cured of your cancer, come to china and give me all your money...there's no physical evidence of what i claim, and chances are if it didn't work you'd be dead before you could sue me but what the hell, you can trust me lol.

      If someone is ever telling you they have a cure for cancer they are either lying or deluded...the reason it's illiegal to claim you can cure cancer is to protect desperate sufferers from being defrauded by con artists and snake oil salesmen, not because of some ridiculously huge conspiracy.

  9. Is there any way to get the full documentary here? there are some others I have seen on here but can't remember the names that suggest that hemp seed oil can cure skin cancer as well as other forms if used properly.

    1. Hi,it's not hemp seed oil,while thats good for you it won't cure anything. Hash oil ,which is oil made from top quality buds not Seeds,is what some people believe to be a cure. Or at least a great help in fighting cancer.

  10. I'm right on that conservative Republican edge of perhaps tollerating Mary Jane if she wasn't still illeagal. I think I voted for it to be used medicinally in Oregon (or at least I supported that). If no one was looking, I might try a cookie (in the Netherlands of course).

    1. You know C, I think underneath that disciplined exterior beats the heart of a wild party animal, you have a secret naughty side - its good :)

    2. Would you use weed for medical purposes?

    3. Lakhotason: A good question!

      I'm not so sure if I would use marijuana medicinally or not, even if I needed it medically. The reason is that so many other Christians would look down on it even if it were leagal. I'm concidered as a "pastor" informally here, so what might be tollerated by a non-Christian or even a parishner, would surely be gossiped about if it was a "pastor" smoking pot (even if they had cancer) etc. I wouldn't want others to loose out following God in disqust even if I were doing nothing illeagal or "sinful" in the process. It's a complicated situation.

      But, from what I've read and seen, I'm starting to think that marijuana was intended by God for medical purposes--it's like a wonder drug in many ways, as well as for construction, paper, and clothing.

      But, alas, ultimately the point is currently mute as it's not leagal yet in very many places, and I still don't agree with recreational use alone. I also think that if I were that ill to need it, I still might not as I'd be seeking God's healing diligently and smoking pot would be borderline "acceptance" of your ailment as something God cannot or will not ever change, so you just have to "live with it" the best you can.

      But, at the same time, I personally wouldn't hold any use by a termanally ill or chronically-in-pain person against them. Preferably done leagally of course. Perhaps that is indeed one thing God intended the plant to be used for.

      Charles B.

    4. I understand it's a complicated situation in your beliefs. That's a different cross to bear if you'll forgive the allusion.

      But let me ask you, and I am sincere, do you think Christ really cares?

      I of course use it for the sheer enjoyment and any other excuse I can possibly find. That makes my opinion just a tad biased.

    5. Lakhotason:

      I'm willing to answer your question "Do you think that Christ really cares" but that's a bit incomplete. Do you mean "Does Christ care about our suffering and the need for medical marijuana?" or "Does He care if we use pot recreationally?"

      Well, either way, the answer is of course He cares! What concerns us concerns Him. If the marijuana helps a chronically ill patient with the pain, I think that's within the realm of acceptability.

      I've known Christian smokers and Christian drinkers, and both of those seem worse than pot in some ways. Can you be a sincere Christian and smoke weed? I really don't know that. I don't mind a glass of wine with a nice dinner myself, but currently alcohol isn't against the law nor spoken against in the Bible except in the excess of drunkenness. I can drink without violating my conscience (moderate drinking).

      My general rule of thumb is: Go with your conscience as that is where God's still small voice speaks to you about the every day rights and wrongs.

      Peace to you!

      Charels B.

    6. Funny there's such a fuss over a bit of weed when most people wouldn't think twice about a shot of morphine.

    7. There's someone on your avatar.

    8. Its a bodysnatcher !!

    9. Is this her or you? Nice to put 2 eyes on your name.

    10. It is me :/ I guess i should be thankful she chose that photo, it could have been a whole lot worse !

    11. My 17 year old had a day off college to catch up on work, this is what she did instead. I will be changing it back later. She's laughing at me as I write. Vengeance will be sweet ;)

    12. Never turn your back on a seventeen year old with time on her hands. Do you not remember when you were 17?

    13. Still pretending I can't !

    14. Hello, Fifty! Nice to see you! :)
      My 15 year old daughter was mad at me a few months back and posted a bunch of Justin Bieber videos (with "comments") on my Facebook wall (she doesn't like him, either, incidentally, lol), and threw in some other same type stuff for good measure. I so seldom go on fb, I didn't even know she'd done it for probably 2 weeks...

    15. Thankyou Mr P, the fb thing... I have her password. She may have won the battle but I will win the war ! You got Biebered, you poor thing. You know thats going to stay with you forever dont you :/

    16. I changed mine to the name of an obscure Indonesian village...She never comes on TDF, so she'll never figure it out, lol.
      In my mind, I'm attacking and mutilating his offensive head with a pair of sheep-shears.

    17. Do it Pysmythe, lop that bloody fringe off. Too many kids walking round with their heads on one side.

    18. I think that might be the only form of child-abuse that would make someone a hero among the prison population, lol.

    19. Ha, ha, that's mild, when my dtr. was 15 going on 35, even looking at her cross-eyed, her and her friends used to run to a "child abuse hot-line phone number," made especially for them I think, no pc's then, used to be the parents nightmare. lol

    20. Oh no, the Childline threat. Now I can't stop smiling at the idea of a fifteen year old girl facing down the Mighty Achem. Either she is one feisty kid or you are a p*ssy cat :)

    21. That one HAS occurred to her, I know for a fact. I guess these first assaults are what she thinks of as "sanctions,", lol.

    22. Oh by the way before I forget. Dads should wear life vests too.

    23. Mr Razor I am confused, how come I can write bloody and bugger but not p@ssy cat ?

    24. It is not us, it is the moderation system from Disqus, which has a one track mind, and cannot think for itself, it thinks pvssy has nothing to do with cats. lol

    25. I see, then you are a fluffy bunny :)

    26. Interesting.

    27. I think I know whose cookie you'd like to try in the Netherlands, Charles, but the man on high is always looking! :)

    28. Like your use of the word "high".

    29. It WAS deliberate, heh heh. (And he'll NEVER admit it, but he knows what I'm talking about, and he knows there's some truth to it!)

    30. Ever seen Robin Williams' routine about God being stoned (oh the blasphemy)?

    31. I'm sure I have, but don't remember it right off. I'll have to look it up later on.

    32. Pysmythe: That's true. God is always watching. I wouldn't want to violate my conscience, or offend other Christians with me. God also judges on the motive of the heart as well as the working of your hands. Things like coffee and chocolate also contain "drugs" in the form of caffine, and I have no twinge of conscious eating both at the same time! So, if I did try pot in any form, it would have to be in a situation where I didn't feel convicted (by God) as compromising my integrity. The mere fact that you suggested that God is always watching leads me to the conclusion that it might not be the best of ideas after all--remember eating that fruit is what got us all into this mess in the first place! Over-eating in general is also one of my biggest stuggles as well at this point in time in my life. I'd be more tempted by the cookie, than the pot inside I think!

      Aside note-----True story time: when in Belgium, I could smell Belgian waffle stands for blocks away! I would say "Stop! (sniff sniff) This way guys!" It was close to a sixth sense! ;-)

  11. Nature has provided for us from the beginning. We know now that human breast milk boosts the immune system of anyone, any age, so that body can heal cancer. Pretty amazing. Every family needs to have a least one lactating woman at all times and a shot of breast milk a day for everyone is best nature has. Humans need to be breastfed at least 3 years and up to five is what researchers are saying. Add some marijuana the most medicinal plant on the universe and people could live to be healthy and vibrant at 100+

  12. Cannabis causes cancer. The case of Bob Marley, for example, is agravatted for use of Marijuana. The hormones TSH, Thestosterone, etc, have damm in cannabis use.

    1. to Ezion De Moura: check your facts, there is no scientific evidence in any study to support your claim.

    2. Your just plain wrong Ezion. Cannabis itself does not cause cancer, but the paraphernalia which accompany the use of marijuana (usually blunts, j papers, or cigarettes) do. The frequented use of these is due to the fact that 90% of the states in the U.S., and also the world, look down upon the use of marijuana as a criminal act. If marijuana was legalized, methods of use such as vaporizers, and other non-toxic approaches, would be more common as they would not be able to be used as "incriminating evidence". Bob Marley may very well have died from many other factors (just consider the toxic environment in which most people live, especially the impoverished, which Bob Marley was for the majority of his life).

    3. cancer can be caused by marijuana but really only by the act of burning, it release's carcinogenic hydrocarbons from the plant material when burned

    4. So are you rather be doom by cancer rather than doing pot!

    5. It also has anti cancer effects in the smoke ,i'm not saying that it's completely safe to smoke cannabis,but it does appear to be far safer than smoking Tobacco. Infact ,one study went out to prove cannabis caused lung cancer ,when infact the results over a 30 year period came back suggesting quite the opposte. Heavy cannabis users (that didn't smoke tobacco) had a slightly less chance of getting lung cancer than those that smoked nothing atall.

    6. actually a study in 2006 from the University of San Diego found that there is no link between cannabis use, even heavy use, and cancer. It showed the opposite actually. Smoking cannabis cures asthma, is an expectorant, and a natural lung cleaner. So its hard to believe that it causes cancer, it has never been reported so for you to say that like its a fact is irresponsible on your part. that is how misinformation is spread.

  13. Not every medicine is everyone's medicine and mixing medicines with other drugs (alcohol/tobacco, pharmaceuticals, etc.) does not lend itself to a cure of anything.

  14. with this documentarie you are saving a lot of lives yours my friend is the kingdom of heaven.godbless you gino caruana

  15. Director of "What if Cannabis Cured Cancer" here. Just a few points: Firstly, how could Bob Marley, a well-known pothead die of cancer? Smoking cannabis with tobacco can still cause cancer. Smoking cannabis while also undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, may well cancel out its health benefits - since these medical treatments all but destroy one’s immune system. Where there is success with cannabis as a treatment for cancer, there are massive doses of cannabinoids ingested daily and even injected directly into tumors. When you have something as serious as cancer you need a serious amount of herbal medicine – not a spliff now and then
    Smoking cannabis or hash, without tobacco, in a pipe (so you don’t inhale the paper), may indeed have some small preventative benefits according to Dr. Taskin’s UCLA study (quoted in my film, “What if Cannabis Cured Cancer”). He found that people who smoked cannabis had less cancer than people who smoked nothing at all.
    The researchers are coming to believe that for cancer treatment, cannabis/hash oil is the way to go. It’s not just the high level of THC in the oil but the many other cannabinoids as well. I try to outline this in my film. I don’t have cancer, but as a preventative, I am ingesting cannabis oil at least a couple times a week.
    Solid proof is hard to come by when precious few are willing to fund the research and Governments actively discourage scientists from the getting the cannabis they need to work with. With the grave harm that pharmaceutical drugs do and the gentleness of this fragrant herb – I believe all nations should demand further cannabis/cancer research from their governments. Almost every older relative I have got cancer. It runs in my family. They all went for chemo and radiation and they’re all dead. I am 67, a pot lover all my life, and in perfect health. I’ll place my bets on nature - not a commercial medical system that puts profits first. Since making this film, I have received emails from all over the world from patients who believe cannabis saved their lives and say they are now cancer free. I believe them!
    I am proud that “What if Cannabis Cured Cancer” is filled with hard science (and some soft).
    I made another film, "Everything Bad is Good" in which I interviewed people who had been given death sentences for cancer and who all survived using diet and herbs (but not cannabis). Specially, they all became vegan, some stuck to raw food diets, alkalized water, anti-cancer herbs such as mistletoe, and Asian mushrooms like Mataki. Some also used Essiac tea. This is not my formula but theres, and they were the one's in the trenches.
    What I'm saying is that if you have cancer, and you decide to go the natural route, you probably should hit it with everything nature has to offer, not just marijuana. That's what I'd do. Although cannabis is clearly in a class by itself when it comes to attacking and killing cancer cells, you got the cancer for a reason - and so a complete lifestyle change, in which you detox, de-stress, and build up your immune system is the smart thing to do.

    - Len Richmond (writer/director of "What if Cannabis Cured Cancer" (More info at Len Richmond Films. Com)

    1. Very usefull information...thanks so much for taking the time...no doubt your doc will be watched by many more, you will be read here and appreciated!
      May i ask how do you make your oil?

    2. Thank you for the informative doc and taking the time to contribute to the comments.

    3. Len, Thank you for the Great Doc. I tell everyone about it.

    4. You are the man. That's a great doc.

      When I first saw something about this, it was a youtube about these 2 kids in Colorado who ran their own informal study on cancer and mj. They mentioned Rick Simpson's "Run from the Cure", so I watched it next. More studying led me here.

      I'm sure as a pot smoker you understand...

      THE IRONY.

      Crazy world we live in.

    5. ever heard of "CannaBiz" the movie? It is available on youtube. The maire of GF has done a lot for pot legalization, a tough small town to do it in.

    6. bob marley did not die of cancer. he died of gangarine poison in his big toe from an injury he did not have treated.

  16. That was an amazing documentary and explained very well thankyou!!

  17. The pharmaceutical companies and FDA has no interest in supporting people in their quest for prevention.

  18. The pharmaceutical companies and Food and Drug Administration has no interest in supporting the public in their quest for prevention.

  19. I think pot should never be smoked. Pot should only be cooked, much better effect, no potential lung damage. Pot if dried turns very much into what we see as white cooking flour ( green of course for pot) Pot becomes very very fine if dried, and say put into a coffee bean grinder. Simmer it with butter or olive oil (1-2 tablespoons of powdered pot), then put into any food, 30 minutes later your in TIbet. Smoking pot is the abuse/waste of pot...eat it, but of course much more expensive to buy a lot and dry it to powder form. If it were legal it should cost as much as a head of lettuce or something, the process of say making a jelly bean is much more complex than growing pot, how much do jelly beans cost.....

  20. Marijuana is Not a problem: it's the Solution!

  21. I love that many of the side effects from modern Pharma products are worse than the conditions that they were prescribed to cure, and people can still quibble over whether a medicinal plant with over 5000 years of recorded use, is too harmful to consider testing again.

    Current fear and loathing of Pot was resurrected in the 1940's, by the same proponent of prohibition. Doesn't that make anyone a little suspicious?

    1. I agree with you on the subject of side effects. and the description of side effects take longer than the actual info on the treatment of said condition. A while back I saw a commerical about one medication for the treatment of depression had the side effect of sudden death!! I guess this may be one way to treat depression you being dead no depression.

    2. Hey toddy, not to harp about it, but when I was growing up, they called it, "being shy."

      Now it's "SOCIAL ANXIETY DISORDER" and guess what?

      There's now a great new pill for it.

      And it was made from ground up prozac pills that had gone over "shelf life".

      Yummy! gimme some

    3. With all due respect I am also from the time when it was called being shy. I tend to prefer the title introvert better , it's much more appropriate. Like I was also from the time they called a kid that drove their parents nuts hyper active " keep sugar from the kid" to now being ADD or something like that. And you can keep all the outdated prozac and I'll enjoy the cannabis for it.

    4. LOL I also "fidgeted in class" But now apparently I am a freak.

  22. Everyone commenting here, especially the Canadians should Google a guy called Rick Simpson. And watch a video called 'Run from The Cure.' Part of the doc. describes a "landmark" Supreme Court case, that of us in Canada should have heard about. However, until I saw this particular vid, I had never heard of it.

  23. This ties in with the use of pesticides that appear to target a plants own ante cancer cells, and if they are left alone go on to increase our own resistance to cancer when we consume organic veg and fruit.

    Cancer was almost unheard of before they started spraying pesticides, and at the same time the pharmaceuticals industry outlawed cannabis, and found or created the cash cow cancer.

  24. legalise it!!! who do the government think they are trying to poison us with there drugs and not give us a choice on our health and medicine this is the most rediculous law there is. with all the studies and benefits into its properties such the best quality paper, clothing medicine they even made a car back in the 70 's that was 10 times stronger than the than the steal they were using you couldnt dint this thing with hammer. the fact the pharmasutical companys wont make much money on marijuana and lose billions is a major factor into why it is illegal we need to take a stand and stop allowing our government to push us around and take our rights before there is chaos.......

  25. Perhaps these are the purposes God made the marijuana plant for in the first place. This was a very good documentary. Much better than I tought it would be.

    1. Howdy Charles, and what purposes did you god make all the "bad" stuff for?

    2. Good question, Mr. Razor! The "bad stuff" like poisonous plants, thorns, venoumouas animals, harmful insects on the plants, etc. is supposed to be a result of the curse when Adam and Eve sinned. The curse went something like this:

      SNAKE = used to have legs but is now cursed to crawal in the dust (which science actually says was probably true-- that they did have legs at one time like a lizzard).

      LAND (AND ANIMALS) = since the earth and all in it was covered under Adam's care, it was also cursed so that Adam would have toil and sweat in gaining a living now. It was to bring forth good things now only with the man's effort.

      EVE = under Adam's governance and pain during childbirth.

      ADAM (and eve) = death. I think this meant both spiritual death, and an eventual physical death. Not sure if Adam and Eve are in Heaven. It's a debate in Christianity if repentance was offered to them and if they did so. I would like to think so, as God instituted a way for their children at least to "know" Him, but not as intimately as Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden.

      Summary: All "evil" or bad things in nature are the result of the fall and curse of Adam and Eve, but still many good things remain in nature, and many yet to be discovered I think, including God's original purpose for things like cannabis.

      Peace to You!

      Charles B.

  26. Damn..leave it to the Western world and modern man to ban something that will save his ass (marijuana)...and fund/make something that is killing him(pharmaceutical drugs, chemo, etc)

    You do know that chemo does kill cancer cells....and also kills the GOOD CELLS that actually kill cancer..lol. With a WHOPPING 3% average success rate among all cancers..both serious and mild. What a JOKE!

    All I can do at this point is laugh. Humans today are sooo retarded it's depressing. They think they know ALL, can control ALL, etc. We are giving 56% of kids in foster care MIND ALTERING DRUGS (physotropic drugs)
    Cases INCLUDE kids as young as 3yo!
    You know...that 3yo was throwing a temper tantrum...MEDICATE
    You know...that 12yo can't seem to concentrate in class...MEDICATE
    You know...that working 75hrs a week MAY stress you out?...MEDICATE

    3yo's will throw temper tantrums (that's how WE LEARN as children)
    12yo's have trouble in class (puberty, peer pressure, girls/boys etc etc)
    AND working like a modern day slave WILL stress you out!!
    No need for pills, drinks, shakes. There are NO quick fixes, get rich schemes, fountain of youth and so on. GET OVER IT. IT DOESN'T EXIST!

    Lets get real here...everything....here on this Earth...that IS NOT man-made... is here for a reason. It doesn't need to be altered, changed from a gas to a liquid, diced into separate components, yada yada. It is fine in it's natural state! Same goes with marijuana. I can see it now..drug companies will dice it into 400 dif items...specific to some sort of cancer, nausea, or whatever...and then they'll go..."shet, it didn't work as we thought"
    Just leave it the hell alone!

    Mother nature is FAAAAR smarter than man WILL EVER be.
    The SOONER man realise this, the better off he will be.
    Man needs to work WITH nature, NOT against it.
    All the tools were already here for long life and good health.
    Unfortunately, man invented money....it's been downhill ever since

    1. RESPECT!
      You really spoke out of my heart!
      straight out, clear summery of the obvious!

      Thank you for those words. Coudn't have said it any better.

    2. Thanks...I have my moments...lol

  27. i had a friend who was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and was given six months to live..he took up smoking pot and survived a further fifteen years..near the end he had been unable to purchase the drug and his speech was almost incomprehensible...he came to see me and i smoked a joint with him..within ten minutes he was speaking normally for the first time in months .Unfortunately he lost the battle but was convinced to the end that cannabis gave him those extra fifteen years in which he watched his children grow. Drug companies are about profit..the curing of people is a mere side effect...

  28. Wow I never knew about smoking joints and not getting lung cancer. So damaged/burned lungs can never turn to cancer if its caused by marijuana? Its safe to say at least 6 of my friends and I all have a bit of lung damage from smoking weed. We get tired quicker, diminished capacity to hold air (breathing only short breaths), get sore lungs every now and then, etc. News like this makes me want to keep smoking joints/bongs forever but my lungs have been killing me lately. I feel better its not cancer related but theres gotta be some kind of damage going on in there heh

    guess i'll have to keep vaping....(i don't mind it but i find vaping a weaker buzz than smoking)

    1. buy organic

    2. Organic what? weed? You mean stuff that hasn't been grown with fertilizers? Thats hard to do since most weed dealers don't even know the name of the stuff its either "premo" or "shwank" haha so knowing how it was grown would be very tough.

      Also I heard its ok for growers to use nutes such as the Fox Farm Trio and just the last two weeks of flowering you stop nutes and use pure water to flush out any remaining minerals. Doesn't it do the same thing?

    3. i agree my comment was stupid...how can you know it's organic if you don't know the grower...it is not regulated like lettuce at the health food store.
      One way is if you have a prescription you can chose your
      grower and request that he uses organic fertilizers...they work really well too.

    4. Azilda I agree with you on the organic approach, Instead of buying from someone as you suggested or asking your growing connection "care giver" to grow with organic nutes why not grow your own? Its far easier than most people think. Then you know whats in your medicine. You don't really need crazy big lights just some outdoor security flouresence types will work or if you want to use the great outdoors. Just being around plants have a calming effect about them. Here being a neighbor to your south its a very risky thing to do, but I think life is about taking risks.

  29. My mother is a pothead, and, from personal experience dealing with her when she's "high", it's not a "good thing". Some are better are controlling themselves than others, but I don't promote its casual use.

    If it can be used medically, I understand that... but like any "medicine", it should not be abused.

    And don't say, "What? Is liquor better?" That's a logical idiocy, like my complaining about children being beaten, and someone else saying it's not a big deal because rape is worse.

    1. Liquor might not be better or worse to you but it is legal to buy and consume, at least if you buy it from the government because in reality it is illegal to make it and sale it....so is tobacco...alcool and tobacco were illegal at one time until the gov. figured a way to tax and control them...with pot it is much harder because it is pretty easy to grow, it's a weed after all. The gov. is trying to legalize it by distributing licences but who needs a licence to grow a weed...even done half ass, it still will get you high and you can grow it easily in a small appartment.
      Sorry for being so present on this doc but this whole situation bugs the hell out of me so deeply for i know a lot of people who lost their freedom of travelling, freedom of going home to the US (from Canada where they ran to), spent time in jail, had their kids taken away, all those different penalties for growing an herb that obviously has many great properties.
      Now the gov. is starting to wake up...how will they compensate the ones who had to pay the price for evolution towards freedom.

    2. yes but the difference with your last comment is that pot is illegal in my country nz but alcohol isn't so the argument is what is the difference in them not much apart from the fact that the safest is illegal and alcohol which causes so many stupid accidents, assaults, rapes ect.. is still widely available. I think governments just have a case of double standards.

  30. Have a cup of green tea and a joint, repeat several times a day and you will be healthy and happy.

  31. Have a cup of green tea and a joint, repeat several times a day and you will be happy and healthy

  32. I'm afraid that some people who are over enthusiastic about cannabis will watch these documentaries and think they can actually cure their own cancer by ONLY ingesting cannabis, which of course no one suggested.
    This is the part of the pro-cannabis movement that disturbs me the most, the "hallelujah-factor" or what to call it, thinking it solves all sorts of problems.
    Some people will watch a documentary like this, and not listen to what is being said, but jump to the conclusion that "Cannabis cures cancer!" which not what they said. It's also impossible as cancer is not ONE illness, there are a lot of types of cancer and there is never going to be one solution for all types of cancer.
    This type of thinking that cannabis will solve all your problems is part of what scares reasonable people away from wanting legalization. Now most people who smoke cannabis are not people who think like this, but those few that do, are very loud.
    It's sad when there is real progress happening.
    Pot is great and can be used for a lot of purposes, but the world doesn't circle around pot. A life centered on pot is an empty one.

    1. There are over 600 per reviewed articles that show cannabinoids, in one form or another, killing many types of cancers including breast, prostate, colon leukemia, lymphoma, thyroid, brain etc. in tissue culture and animal studies. Additionally there are epidemial studies showing lower head and neck cancer rates in cannabis consumers. Other studies show cannabinoids inhibiting metastasis. Actually, all our lives do center around the pot we make, such as whenever you get hungry. Cannabis is an anti aging, anti cancer drug whose activity is in mother's milk.

    2. your afraid of what exactly? That people will think that it solves problems? What if it does solve problems? Don't let your personal fears stop the rest of the world from living in freedom.

    3. no, an empty life is one without hope, will you turn your back on possibilities if diagnosed?

    4. No no you misunderstood completely... I'm all for trying cannabis to see if it alleviates what ever you are suffering from. I'm just warning about the thinking that it can do things that it will never do.
      Also there is of course the other thing it does, cannabis _can_ (but does not always) have a psychological effect that is beneficial to someone in a fatal illness. Making dying an easier process for some.
      But the whole movement of "cannabis is the solution to everything" thinking that sadly permeates a lot of the culture relating to this plant, is what i mean is untrue and harmful.

    5. Best comment I've heard in a while. Love the new site Vlatko! Except having to sign in to comment....

  33. Well, weed also makes you seem a bit stupid and lazy also! Never known many highly industrius pot smokers! Mellow, true, but not very hard-working.

    1. I own and operate a very successful business in NYC... I am also a 24 year old "Pot-Head" as you would call me.

    2. Most industrius pot smokers are closet smokers, you would be surprise to find out how many people actually puff on the stuff accasionally, people are afraid...remember it is illegal and many people take that very seriously, specially if they have kids. There are some schools where they actually encourage the kids to come forward and give their parents in. Remember the D.A.R.E program in the US?

    3. Hard working? WTF and the hungover person who closed down the pub gets anything done the day after. I see you put alot of hard work with your research.

    4. Cocaine is the drug for CEO's and execs. Marijuana is for the working class.

    5. @C and N, Your answer is lazy... Pumping botox in your body is: a bit stupid... Priests, Nuns and God worshippers always seem Mellow and they don't work very hard either...

  34. 4 weeks ago i noticed a lump on my boxer dog, on his right shoulder. i took him to the vets and he suggested a biopsy as he thought it could be cancerous. 8 days later the vet phoned me confirming my dog (benson) had a cancer tumor explaining it was to advanced to operate. i asked how long he had left his reply was a few weeks. i was devastated benson is nearly 10 other than the tumor he has a strong heart and fit and healthy. after 5 days the tumor on his shoulder had grown in size and he now had another one on his throat. he wasnt eating and couldnt move off his bed he was at deaths door. over the next few days while searching on the internet i came across rick simpsons run from the cure. after watching this i aquired what i needed to make the oil. after 5 days of giving benson the oil the tumor on his throat had completly gone, the larger one on his shoulder was reducing in size, his appetite was better than ever. its now 13 days since starting the oil i have my best friend back. walking him and watching him run on the field. playing with his bone, his eyes are so bright, his hair shiney, and the tumor on his shoulder is a 3rd of the size. the oil really works..

  35. Well i guess I'll NEVER get cancer! lol

  36. I know i may sound very informed about pot, because i am, i have lived near it all my adult life. I started smoking pot when i was 16 and smoked regularly until i was 27, i quit overnight very easily because i wanted to. Then i smoked my next joint in my late 40. SInce then i can smoke for a while and quit for months and then smoke again...my last puff was in September...i must admit this video makes me feel like feeling that high again. I am a painter/photographer and i find that getting high brings a certain inspiration that is very spiritual for me.
    I am not addicted to pot anymore than to my two cups of coffee in the morning or my bar of black chocolat evey now and then...i just like those things for how they make me feel!

  37. There are very different grades of pot....throw a few seeds in the wind and let them grow in the open sun unsupervised and you'll get pot with many many seeds of a mediocre quality. Baby a few clones with organic fertilizer outdoor under a tarp while controlling the amount of exposure to light or under grow lights indoor and you will get sinsemillia that will knock your socks off! Is one recreational and the other medical?...no, they are both medicinal if you believe the medicinal properties proven and recreational if you just enjoy the fun of a high although one is much more potent.

  38. what media player is this on?...i cant seem to open it ;( (crying) help?

    1. the player is vimeo i believe

  39. Why is it wrong to use cannabis for helping me fall asleep and stay asleep, to help with the pain of bad knees, to help me eat a bit more, to erase the depression that i tend to suffer from, to the curing of severe headaches I had as a younger person? Also, it has made me more open minded to other ideas .I also helps me to be more extroverted instead of the usual introvert personality( I'll be more talkative than normal). Isn't medicine supposed to make you feel better so you can do your day to day activitites. Another thing there is 0 deaths contributed to cannabis i repeat zero, nada , none. What other compound , substance, can even say that. If you can think of any let us know.
    Also on the issue of hemp check out the book "The emperor wears no clothes" on Jack Herer"s website and on you tube "The emperor of Hemp" documentary.

    1. You're more extroverted because it lower inhibitions. Inhibitions are there for a reason.

      I'm not saying you shouldn't be more extroverted, but there are better ways of producing that effect. Social practice, mostly.

      As for the other things, I at least agree with some, though I would never be an idiot in exchange for getting rid of chronic pain... and I have debilitating sciatica, so I know chronic pain... and depression, as I'm an untreated bipolar.

    2. Smoking weed doesn't make you an idiot. If your an idiot while your smoking weed you were an idiot before you started smoking weed.

    3. Miss sarah adrian I believe you may have misunderstood me. As far as social practice I've been around for quite a few years already, so I have plenty. I tend to be easier to talk to when i've partaked compared to not partaking. I'll sometimes almost ramble on a subject it tends to make my head clearer and sharper. It just makes me more at ease with my ability to converse. Just one question if you were to court someone would you prefer someone who didn't say much or someone who conversation flowed quite freely with.
      Forget the stigma associated with it and try it for the discomfort you'll be amazed by how quickly it works and the duration that it does. I understand your problems with the use as stated in another post, but that isn't everyone.
      And for the record I' ve not partaked in a few months so imangine if i had this reply probaly would be much longer haha :).

  40. Cancer killed Bob Marley.

    1. If my memory serves me, I seem to remember that he died as a result of a nasty infection as a complication from a foot injury he sustained playing soccer/football.

    2. NO he had melonoma (a cancer that affects mostly white people)

    3. Bob Marley's death was caused by acral lentiginous melanoma present under one of his toenails, this was discovered after he sustained a foot injury playing football/soccer, and sorry Sharon but this type of cancer affects mainly black people. Just felt the need to clear that up.

    4. You cant make your case by giving one example. right ? lol...

    5. Well, Robert Nesta Marley smoked waaay to much tobacco my friend.

    6. Bob Marley did not die on cancer!
      he died on the TREATMENT of cancer!
      he went through chemotherapy and THAT is what killed him!

  41. That was soo Great I just learned way more than i thought possible! 6 stars or 7 stars

  42. marijuana cells actually Hunt down and single out cancer cells and then kill them! This is Amazing to me.

  43. letal dose> 1,500 lbs in 15 mins.

  44. Canadaguy25
    Overuse of anything is harmful. Pork, exercise, your penis . . . it doesn't matter.That is a gluttony, a whole different problem. Pot is NOT the problem.

  45. The idea that ingesting cannabis is morally bereft or criminal is simply ludicrous and is the biggest canard of our time.

  46. @ Michael Tmad Finney
    Marijuana isn't addictive but I agree with you that one doesn't need it to calm down because its not addictive. What I'm saying is psychiatry is a bunch of non-sense and the mental "illness" they like prescribe all their legal crack on children with is hogwash. They add a new disease every month or so and about every six months they come out with a commercial to sue those evil pharmaceutical companies for sterilizing their sex organs or causing mass suicide. Even if you disagree that it can calm down ADD in adults (which it does) or help slow the growth in tumors (which it can) cannabis has ZERO negative effects other than potential incarceration for a VICTIMLESS crime. The REAL REASON they keep it illegal is both racist and corrupted by the BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars we WASTE on this pointless drug war. The original reason they outlawed it is because a RACIST pig named Harry Anslinger (who was paid for by paper companies & inspired by his HATRED of blacks & Latinos) claimed it was causing 'Negroes' to rape and kill 'innocent' white women.

    1. not addicting? Have you tried stopping? I

    2. yes i quit it after smoking for 5 years.....but i can not quit smoking cigarettes, though i tried at least 10 times.....

    3. no more addictive than coffee, chocolat, pop with a burger, a beer after work, turkey for Thanks Giving, sex after a great conversation with your bo, popcorn at the cinema, reading by a fire place with a cognac...and many other things a lot of people do

    4. That's Exactly what happened !!! The problem with the governments Bullshit story about, Negroes killing & raping white women,Is. Cannabis has been around for thousands of years and 'Negroes' have been around for thousands of years...So, why is there a problem now?
      Maybe, just maybe the problem started when the 'White' man raped the land from the 'Innocent Negroe' and then kidnapped him, took him thousands of miles from his home and treated him no better than an animal... So. even if he did kill & rape innocent 'White' women (which he didn't BTW) while he was high on Cannabis, that's hardly a good reason for making it illegal now, is it?

      That poor poor plant has been blamed for almost everything that went wrong during the last century !

    5. Well, we gotta blame something, don't we?

      (please don't shoot the weed-smoking white messenger)

  47. I sure wish it was so as my 29 year old daughter has lymphoma

  48. @az...sorry I am an English major....

    1. and i am French with a very mediocre or should i say minor English.

    2. What a cock.

  49. @Waldo...if my optimism sounds gullible to you it may be the reason why you think your optimism was gullible in "your days". We will not change the world by convincing others of our view, we will change our own world and the world around us by changing our self and our reaction to others. I do not know for others but i know for me today and i also know that i can change with new coming information. When i say the mass will change the mass i truly feel it is the only way...bottom up!
    after 1 and 2...3 says talk the walk and 4 says walk towards the talk.

  50. "so enjoy and go in nature or Hell! watch a good video." hmmmmm


    I will

    Thank you for your input

    1. sorry oddsr...i did not mean go to hell but i guess i wrote as i was speaking...Hell watch a good video! I would never say that to someone with such cute smile! hahaha

  51. "wouldn't imagine topically applying it gives any kind of "buzz"? "

    Now thats funny ;)

  52. I might have to do that. One of my friends only makes brownies and other edibles and nothing else. She used to get sick smoking it for some reason. I tried making edibles once but just with leafs so it wasn't that great (and the brownies had a bit of a weird taste to them, almost made me sick eating them). I wouldn't imagine topically applying it gives any kind of "buzz"?

    1. Best way is to melt butter in a pan then add your buds and stir while heating it for 5 minutes. The active components disolve into the butter and you can then filter out the buds.

      Enjoy your cannabutter :)

  53. hey Canada... start by refining and either ingesting it orally or applying it topically.

    1. Not hey CANADA......say FREE CANADA .
      not free Canada at all ...lol if the Gov can kick arses of wall street protesters for its own agenda then nothing is free here , lol.... people are pussies , they compromise with everything , to them freedom is nothing ..lol.. Cannabis cures or not but one thing i know its trillion times better than cigarettes ...

  54. First off, "Smoking" anything will cause lung damage. Whether its weed, tobacco or whatever. Ingesting or Vaporizing may be ok (though I still think vaporizing is going to have some type of impact on your lungs), but comes with side effects. I've been smoking, vaping and sometimes ingesting weed for over 4 years and as great as it makes you feel i certainly see negatives in my life. I'm a firm believer that marijuana causes increased cases of depression, anxiety, and Anhedonia (anhedonia is the inability to feel pleasurable emotions in normal pleasurable everyday activities such as sex, eating, exercise, social interactions, etc.)

    Typically these issues come from overuse. My opinion of overuse would be everyday consumption. Hypocritical I know, but maybe my experience will help some to ease off on the drug. I mean if it helps cure cancer, then great! But just saying there are definitely negatives :)

  55. Az, look for a video called Run From the Cure. (The Rick Simpson story). Smoking it probably isn't the best way to ingest it, however, cigarettes are still legal, and as far as I know, don't have ANY medicinal benefits.


    1. @Canada guy and oddsr...the best way to ingest it is by making pot butter first...very easy...one pound of butter, a huge hand full of trimming (from trimming buds) or leafs if that is all you have...slow boil for an hour...strain and pour very slowly small amount of boiling water on the green to remove all the oils...put in the fridge until the oil floats and hardens on top of the water, scoops out...use the butter for any regular recipes for chocolat cookies or peanut butter cookies ( which mask the pot taste). First time eat only one and wait an hour to see...next time eat two...you will most likely hit a pretty serious buzz...if you get too high there is no way to get off the buzz quickly...so enjoy and go in nature or watch a good video.

    2. or make a great garlic butter on a even greater french bagette...here the recipe....pot butter, lots of garlic, graded cheese, big scoop of mayo, lot of pepper...mix it all, spread on the bread and broil!

    3. Or you could make What I call Toddy Potseed Truffles. Toddy Potseed being my alter ego( for i'm the one and only original Toddy Potseed I have bestowed the title upon myself in the late 1980's early 1990's). Take about 1 pint heavy cream add about 1/2 oz. ground up Cannabis buds bring just to boil on med low heat should take appx. 1/2 hour with 1 tsp vanilla extract. strain into bowl with 12 oz bittersweet chocholate chips stir till combined( the better the chocholate the better the truffle and the same goes for the cannabis). chill in fridge till firm scoop and form into balls( about 1/2 oz - 1oz in size for the balls) and chill again. then roll in powdered sugar, or finely ground coffee, chopped nuts, coconut, etc, etc. One or two balls you will feel good in about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes any more well have fun.

  56. It is a proven fact POT does not kill and has many beneficial properties when it is grown organically but unfortunatelly more and more growers are using very harmfull plant nutrients and fertilizers. For most growers the big massive buds are a result of that feeding. Not sure if smoking those chimecals is good for your lungs!

    1. Here is what WIKI has to say: Kleptocracies are generally associated with corrupt forms of authoritarian governments, particularly dictatorships, oligarchies, military juntas, or some other form of autocratic and nepotist government in which no outside oversight is possible, due to the ability of the kleptocrat(s) to personally control both the supply of public funds and the means of determining their disbursal. Kleptocratic rulers typically treat their country's treasury as though it were their own personal bank account, spending the funds on luxury goods as they see fit.
      Some form of truth in many homes!

    2. i got this reply at the wrong place...see above

    3. please read real books, not "wiki".
      I'm sorry, I don't see the direct connection between this form of state administration described above and the family or home, could you be more specific? do you somehow imply that the bunch of thieves are like that and have the power because we don't talk enough with our children? consequently, I understand that the way to deal with this situation would not be worldwide mutiny (with immediate visible results), but home education (effective in 20 years). I'm afraid that even if we could actually do this, we don't have 20 years to spare.
      otherwise, kleptocracy in a family.. I really don't see how that works. any intern problem between parents and children should fit in a much simpler theory and it has nothing to do with the government or the pot.

    4. @Bogdan...you are right my comparaison was in bad taste...and i did say some form of truth in many homes...authority without questions, dictatorship without listening to different values from a different generation, control ofs supply of funds and the means of determining their disbursal, spending the funds on luxury goods as they see fit.
      I will take your suggestion and read books ...thank you

  57. America is the most hipocritical, dishonest, place of usery I have ever seen. I get so angry watching these kinds of documentaries. What is wrong with us? Everything I was told as a child was a lie. This is not the country of freedom or democracy, its just a using bully that even picks on its own citizens. And just like the usual bully its IQ is smaller than its shoe size. I can't do it any more, I can't remain optimistic enough t think it will all be o.k. I have spent my whole life being involved in politics and believing in this or that candidate, this or that movement, this or that cause- only to be disappointed time and time again. I quit, it's over. I am moving out of this place if I have to crawl out on my bloody knees. I have to, or I am going to end up in prison for doing something horrible to some Fox news junky or neoconservative tea party wank.

    Not looking for a pep talk or any sympathy, I am just fed up!!! Face it!! this democracy has turned into a corpocracy that maintains control at all cost with only the maximum possible profit in mind. Its not going to change, there are far to many that fall victim to nationalism and propaganda to ever get a consensus that is large enough to stop them. The neocons have won by proxy, they never went away they just changed there name and learned to tell a better lie.

    1. Kleptocracy.

    2. Your right, that is a better word for this mess.

    3. Kleptocracy starts at home and then extends beyond. Let's be honest around our self first...that's what's going to change the world...eyes in eyes...the best practice is with your loved ones....at an early age!

    4. Here is what WIKI has to say: Kleptocracies are generally associated with corrupt forms of authoritarian governments, particularly dictatorships, oligarchies, military juntas, or some other form of autocratic and nepotist government in which no outside oversight is possible, due to the ability of the kleptocrat(s) to personally control both the supply of public funds and the means of determining their disbursal. Kleptocratic rulers typically treat their country's treasury as though it were their own personal bank account, spending the funds on luxury goods as they see fit.
      Some form of truth in many homes!

    5. What is to blame a country and it's politics or the majority of it's inhabitants who are willing to accept and believe anything they hear or read? Us citizens are not the only gullible, every nations has a majority of them...but i am seeing a change. I truly believe the
      internet is working against the system, it is giving a voice to the human plankton...the ones at the bottom, the ones with the truth within.
      Turning off the tv news is number 1, throwing the newspapers away is number 2, not being ashamed to talk to people around you is number 3, being open to a different version of reality is number 4....and the list goes on....the mass will change the mass. Hands in hands eyes in eyes.

    6. If you'll notice I said clearly that the citizens are to blame as well. I didn't just blame the government. The only place we seem to disagree is that I think your optimism is some what gullible. The internet has just as much hype and bs as the news most of the time. Anyone can make a doc or throw up a page and all the sudden people listen to them like they know what they are talking about. The suggestions you give are old news for people like me that stopped listening to the bought and paid for media years ago and have made a life of trying to wake others up. But hey, I used to think I could change the world, or at least my generation could and would, as well. Nothing wrong with that, just don't be so quick to assume you know

    7. I got cut off sorry. ...just dont be so quick to think you know how to fix everything. It's much more complicated than most think. Good luck, your going to need it.

    8. I am not the only one that needs luck...and i dont claim to know how to fix the entire world....at least not your world!
      You are the only one able to do that. If you failed in the good old days...perhaps you are equiped with the solution now!

    9. Whether your an individual, part of a corrupt agency like government.
      The solutions are never easy, in other words before real change can come it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.
      It's only when we hit rock bottom and are reduced to nothing that the majority change.
      I don't think we are there yet, but one thing is certain, the warning signs of whats to come are now becoming vividly clear..

      Your not alone in your thinking, and as others start becoming disillusioned, and people become further polarized.. Change is inevitable, and change is good.

  58. "Iarba Domnului" - "The Grass of God" must become the central pillar for a post-petroleum civilization and economy.

  59. Also, cannabis users die of cancer regularly. Just look at Bob Marley and Terrence McKenna, and the many people who are using cannabis to cope with their dying. Although I once believed like the makers of this docu, I got tired of waiting for something magical to happen as a pothead and quit. It is highly unlikely cannabis facilitated language production, when cannabis really inhibits the use of language.

    1. The makers of this doc never implied something magical would happen to those that smoke weed. They may have made some wild asssertions, but you have as well. What proof do you have that weed inhibits the use of language? Maybe it doesn't cure cancer, maybe it wasn't a staple in stone age man's diet, maybe it had nothing to do with langauge development- but that's all beside the point isn't it. Its harmless to all and beneficial to many and should be legal, period.

      If they can justify selling alcohol with all its proven negative effects on our society, why can't they make weed legal. Could it possibly be because they have built a whole economy around its being illegal? I think thats exactly why, that and misguided religious conservatism. You can sit back and mistakenly believe that we are all just pot heads that want to get high if it makes you feel better, but the truth is I haven't smoked it in years. But I still see why it should be legal, especially for those with legitimate medical needs. And if the best argumment against it is what you have presented, then there is no argument at all. Some people that smoked it also died of cancer? Give me a break. It didn't create some magical mystical moment for you, so what? IT SHOULD BE LEGAL!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. You have to understand that smoking cannabis is completely unnatural, and likely not an efficient method of getting THC to a specific cancer affected area of the body. Both Bob Marley and Terrence McKenna died from cancerous brain tumors, but they smoked cannabis which I'm proposing is inefficient. Multiple studies have shown that THC kills cancer cells, but it was most effective through direct application. ie. injection.

      AS for the language thing...its a theory so relax.

      "I got tired of waiting for something magical to happen as a pothead and quit."

      Umm...like what? The drug itself isn't going to make you good at something, the combination of actually doing something and getting high has great results though. Saying that because nothing magical happened really confuses me. First of all, anyone who smokes cannabis would say that it definitely feels magical.

  60. This docu is just telling pot heads what they want to hear. The opening is a big fatty on speculation, and very doobie-ous on fact. Saying that cannabis was probably a main part of stone age man's diet, because it was high in protein and Omega-3 fats is a ridiculous assertion. Cannabis users will undoubtedly scorn this comment, as they usually do when they don't hear what they want to hear about pot.

    1. no not all. Yes, it is a very big speculation and could be a ridiculous assertion saying that earliest of man consumed cannabis because of it's very beneficial ingredients... So that's the only thing you have to say against this documentary? That it's highly unlikely that we could know or assume that cave men ate cannabis? What about the results they found about marijuana causing very little harm if it does cause any. Or that the studies done have proven that cannabis is very beneficial in a large variety of health issues?
      This documentary was so good that the ONLY thing you could say against it was that it's ridiculous that the creators of this doc assumed that cave men ate it way back when. This is a documentary is telling what pot heads want to hear and what the rest of the world needs to hear especially the United States.

    2. 60 years ago, the country people from where I grew up (Romania) were still using hemp leaves in their diet, soup or sote. also, the seeds are comestible and highly nutritious. in fact, Romania was the fourth country in the production of hemp. nobody cared for the THC concentration in the plants, until the 90's.
      don't worry, I want to hear everything about pot and I do know a lot about it. the only thing I disapprove is the abuse. Iarba Domnului is a noble plant, it shouldn't be the center of a vice.
      and with the cancer, you got it all twisted. the ones already with the disease use pot, it's not the pot that provokes cancer. read a book, don't be a nigger!

    3. @Vlatko...stupid and other words were edited but nigger isn't? or have you dropped the editing of words all together?

    4. Dear Az,
      don't get me wrong. I have friends among black people (actually I have friends from almost every category you could think of) and I'm sorry if anyone around here was mislead by preconceptions and got offended.
      you don't have to be black to be a nigger, you don't have to be homosexual to behave like a faggot. simple as that.
      I was raised in a manner that permitted me to speak freely about any issue. in my country you're not constrained to be politically correct and the people are more relaxed in general. I support free speech and, by God, I have to use the PROPER WORDS when necessary.

    5. Here to make my point a comment i posted in Censoring of Bill Hicks. I once married a Californian, the first day i met his family was at a Thanksgiving diner. We are all sitting at the table and the conversation turned toward “bad talking and swearing”, being French i said: in Quebec people swear with religious words and it make no sense at all to anybody else, we add tabarnak to any comment and that is considered offensive, well i must say when you guys say F**k… which would translate as fourré and would make no sense at all in a phrase. They hated me from that day on for daring to pronounce the work F**k at the Thanksgiving table and were happy to see me divorced and replaced by a young japenese woman. I just didn’t know at the time to say The F word, again a habit that only works in the english language where people say the S word for pou pou or the C word the female part or the B word for a female dog or the N word for a beautiful human being, as if no one is saying the word in their mind as they hear that.

      I was just curious because in the old forum Vlatko used to censor words like stupid by replacing them with little ***

  61. Love the doc, I don't smoke weed myself but support its legitimate and responsible use. It surprises me how often old holistic medicines are making it back into the mainstream. Once labeled as quackery.
    The only problem I can see with decriminalization is the plant that will be most readily available is bred for the high, like the doctor said. These breeds will probably still have to be have to be controlled in some way, there will be no way to visually distinguish the difference between recreational and medical grades. Every idiot with a grow lamp will be selling it.

    1. If weed doesn't get you high then it doesn't give you the medical benefits you are looking for, in most cases. The THC is what gives you the eventual munchies (increase in appetite) and the much more optimistic and content feeling so valuable to those with seriouse illness, anxiety, or pain. The need to sleep then follows shortly after. When I used to smoke if the weed didn't get you high then it didn't give you the munchies or reduce anxiety or pain, it did nothing as a matter of fact. Besides what would be the harm in people catching a buzz? I know plenty of professional and successful people that smoke every day. It does not effect your life like hard drugs in any way.

      I have yet to watch this doc, so perhaps the cure for cancer doesn't rely on the active ingredient in weed (THC). But if you want to use it for the vast majority of medical applications it has to have plenty of THC in it, or its useless. And since THC gets you high, you could say it has to get you high or its useless.

      Why do people like yourself freak about a few people catching a harmless buzz when alcohol, pain pills, and cigs are ten times more dangerous and sold legally to almost anyone? I have had an addiction to pain pills, it is medically equal to an addiction to heroin. I have also been addicted to cigs for almost twenty years, by far the hardest addiction I have faced. Yet most people would not freak at all about those drugs if I stood on the corner and did them while drinking a beer, but let me light a joint and boom I'm a criminal with seriouse drug problems. Its hipocritical to the point that it makes it hard to take any of you seriousely.

    2. if it's legal, everybody will be able to grow it. which means that, in terms of money, it will worth nothing very soon, so no idiot with grow lamps would be able to sell it.
      there is no such thing as "recreational" or "medical". pot is pot.

    3. Tomatoes and cucumbers are legal and a lot of people are making money growing large fields of it because most other people have turned their back to gardening, specially in cities.

  62. Smoking dope is bad it makes u happy , relaxed , hungry and paranoide if its illegal. Stick to the goverment friendly drugs like booze,cigs, and pills made by goverment funded pharmacaceutical companys "on doctors orders of course $$$". Legal dope to smoke will never happen in the united states of america. America has had a war on drugs /"american citizens" for 40 years, if we ended it we would have to start another war on someone else! Im sure no one wants that either lest it be them we target. I wonder how we will know we have won the war on drugs? Got to love the endless wars america thinks up. Even if smoking it did cure some cancers like why would the goverment want u to live longer anyhow the S S S is broke and they are counting you never living long enough to collect funds they dont have. Yup that weed is just bad for america in so many ways....

    1. Isn't "California" a part of the United States? Last i checked it was part of it.Pretty sure they got weed vendor shops down there but it's not legal anywhere out side of California. All you need is a card called a "green card" which you get from your family doctor. That's if he think you need the weed for your problems like chronic body pains etc.... but pretty much anyone can get it you just got to fake it really good.

      Sometimes police from other states come over to the vendors to seize their products, because they don't consider it legal even tho "I'll be back" has made it legal in the state of California.

  63. All my friends are dubbed by the mainstream 'mentally ill' and use pot to calm themselves down, without cannabis they would be really crazy IMO. Cannabis isn't bad but people that hate it are, they are trying to block real progress and the salvation of millions of people worldwide. It is truly a miracle drug that can cure more things than any other substance known to man, not to mention it could be used to clothe the naked, cure world hunger, end the oil crisis and bring MILLIONS of jobs to America.

    1. the reason they are calmed down is because their body craves the chemicals from the substance they are using. just as those who smoke cigarettes use it to calm down. i do believe that marijuana is a medicine, and with all medicines, you should only take it when you need to, not to just simply calm down. i used to smoke, and i smoked for that very reason. i found after i quit, and stayed off of it, i didn't need it to calm myself. that is all a chemical reaction in the brain.

    2. Thats a silly assertion. I'm sick, I'm gonna smoke weed, oh no weed made me sick so I gotta keep smoking it!

      What came first, the smoking of the weed or the sickness? The Nicotine in cigarettes is what makes them calm down. There is no addictive chemical in Marijuana to physically make someone want or need it.

      If you had tried quitting Cigarettes, you'd have relapsed and be back on it by now. You quit Marijuana easy right?

      I smoked Marijuana for a whole month on Vacation, I left my homeland came back to my birth country (The US) haven't smoked it in a year now. I don't need it, it does help me sleep though.

      I suffer from Chronic insomnia, awake 37 hours now.

  64. Great doc. It expanded on a lot of information I already knew. They're considering decriminalization in the state here in the US that I live in and we're all crossing our fingers :)

    Only complaint with this doc is in at least one scene they were talking about mice but showing rats. Rats are so much better...

  65. Great doc.

  66. I live in the Kootenays BC...where people grow some of the best weed in the world. In 1980 when i first came here half the population was on welfare, the pot industry has changed that. Now half the population grows weed outdoor and indoor. More and more people are starting to grow legally. One day these hills may be comparable to the lavender hills in southern France.

    1. Ok half may be pushing it...and that is about the population of a small Heritage city not the whole Kootenays.