What's Sexy?

What's Sexy?

2006, Sexuality  -   48 Comments
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What's Sexy?Whats Sexy? measures the intricate inner workings of lovers in love, as well as lovers that stray, and dares to suggest that we are a lot less in control of love than we may think. You'll see what can transform the ecstasy of love into a cocaine-like addiction and you'll learn what draws men to women and whether a "family guy" or a "hunky action hero" is more of a natural match.

If you ever wondered what it is that makes men go ga-ga over female curves, or why women swoon over a masculine face, National Geographic has come up with the series to examine the science of love. That doyen of documentary-makers has upped the ante to give the low-down on love, tracking what it is that make men and women attracted to each other.

Sniff out a potential mate? Look out for signs of the perfect one? You will be surprised to find out your physical senses are very much involved in tracking down your significant other. This may help to explain why some people "click" from the first moment of attraction, and what helps them to decide to bond with that special man or woman to settle down and raise a family.

Suddenly, the phrase "love at first sight" takes on a whole new meaning. In the series, the game of attraction is examined with a scientific eye. Researchers with impressive-sounding resumes who have made it their life's purpose to study the game of love produce results from brain scans and sniff tests to tell you the difference between lust and love.

And you can be certain that all the information you have just heard is no hocus-pocus. After all, the good people at National Geographic guarantee that the facts which are presented are verified by their fact-checkers, before it goes on air. The series is worth watching for its invaluable nuggets on what makes us tick when love, or lust, calls.

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48 Comments / User Reviews

  1. winter

    you say women are attracted to men who will make good fathers and pass on healthy genes. i say the vast majority of women are colossally stupid. time and again i watch them hook up with the worst kinds of parasitic bums that can not even support themselves. These "men" don't marry their partner because they fear missing out on a potential fantasy woman that will fulfill their every desire. Hence they introduce themselves to potential sexual partners as single. How do I know this? I spent a lifetime working with only men. Real men and posers. Not every man is a bad guy. But, buyer beware.

  2. Niek Edeling

    I fully agree with Riggles_Juan. This docu is very narrow minded and says nothing about homosexual people or the sexual attraction between aged people (unless they are together already for many years and.. of course have raised a couple of children!). What about people who have decided to stay childless... they dont know what love is? They cannot be sexual attracted to other people?
    This kind of "science" is like showing just one picture and asking: what picture do you like most?

  3. Chris Peterson

    So biology has it in for us; I suspected as much.

  4. menas

    Actually I found it very interesting and it answers some questions such as why people cheat, true love can make people committed to each other etc. Of course, science can't prove everything all at once. It is simply not possible to do those tests on all the people on earth.

  5. BrandiMacKay

    I wonder if some of you even watched this? they arent talking about love.. they're talking about sexual appeal... which is directly connected to perceived reproductive success... ITS ALL ABOUT PASSING ON THE BEST QUALITY GENES TO YOUR CHILDREN! oi... as for the issue with homosexuality, they don't really understand it yet because it hasn't been studied as extensively, although there are some theories...

  6. Mindi Johnson

    soooo true, all of it!!!!

  7. Miri

    @Yusiley, this documentry is mainly focused on the "evolutionary" aspect of love. i.e trades that has helped humans to co-habitate inorder to pass on genes.. As evoloved human begins we do not soley base our decissions/ choices on looks. There is more to it I mean and I think personality & mental connection is one of them.

    1. Yusiley S

      Yea but these experts aren't pointing out personality and mental connection... they go on through out the whole doc how it is on looks. They totally ignore other aspects... culture, up bringing, religion etc. They also ignore sexual and gender preference too. What is the "evolutionary" aspect of falling in love with someone of the same sex for example? That is truly more interesting and mysterious than this heterosexual bias cr@p. Again like stated before, it is more complex than these pseudoscientists are saying.

    2. mostawesomedudeever

      another angry gay person pissed off at straight people. like you were born gay, the majority of us were born straight. get over the fact that men and women like each other, it's only natural. additionally, they did cover personality traits such as intelligence and kindness. went through it for a fair few minutes actually.

    3. Frams

      The world is not exclusively ehetrosexual and will never be so there is room for homsoexual and bisexual people too.

  8. Yusiley S

    *sighs* This is extremely culturally bias and offensive. How does biology explain me feeling attractive towards my husband, who isn't lean and masculine looking? And why my husband find my short, stubby legs, and small breasts, and dominating persona as sexy? Shouldn't we be going after the people these so-called "experts" say? I think attraction is still very complex and not as simple as these pseudoscientists are trying to make it. These so-called "experts" are missing out on how history, religion, family values and culture plays a huge part on HUMAN attraction and choosing a mate.

    1. adilrye

      It's looking at the basic "instincts" (although this term is contestable) but what they forget to think about is the social world is A LOT more complex than that.

  9. JackT

    This video is block on"copyright grounds" in (at least) Toronto, Canada.

  10. Lala

    This video is way too biological. Love and sex are very much socially created as well.

  11. beakrush

    there are so many variables unaccounted for in these shallow tests. people are getting funding and paid to do this nonsense? Incredible.

  12. Zama

    Blaaah, give me a break! The guy wasn't asymmetric he was just Mexican.

  13. ProudinUS


    I would like to thank you for all the great docs.

  14. ProudinUS

    Just by reading title I feel I am more than qualified for a logical,blunt,and oh so very true comment about what's sexy and of course not.
    1) sexy would be a well shaped a$$ that kind of goes up slowly up the back and ever so slowly turns into a shallow crest that devides the back(IF you find this way to idle like, start back at bottom of a$$ like a druleing virgin and admire the beauty of this soft a$$ your about to boink.

    2)(sex in the real world of marriege) sit back and watch your man hood go in and out in and out in and out(Ya, ok, I've been married for a long time and those comments were long gone fairytales.Before I could last for hours,Ya ok whatever Romeo now i'm weaning my wife on the lenghth of sex to a sturdy 2:35(that's min.and sec) no more!FROM last look at her she was on the hunt for the fountain of youth. Must still be an unexplored mystery .Nah ,she get's her2:35 of man pleasure, by that point I'm so annoyed with her blocking the TV that I just loose all intrest in her.Oh Dear jumping dildo! She's about to attempt to nibble on my neck like a f%cking salt lick.What I really feel like telling her is "Listen hun,fist of all I love you dearly,but your f^cking old and when you try to arouse me with soft little kisses it just feels plain nasty.AS for your fat a$$when you stradel me, enough with the moaning sh%t all you do is sound like an autistic basset hound that just might be on the verge of having a seizure or some sh&t.And please for all that is up and running, by no means look directly into my eyes smiling and start talking dirty to me,I mean your my wife for god's sake show some class I mean I wouldn't even think about looking into your eyes because for one I would get fixated on them long drawed out crows feet youve been sporty around and would be reminded of beeing in bed with Aunt BEE on th Andy Grifith show (OH dear.Oh frothy foam on the beer can,i beleive I just brought myself into a realm of no return.I'm old and am having sex with Alice from the Brady bunch! Sex in true form after many yrs of marriage.Of course I would never say such things to the women I truly love and adore.But it is what I think fom time to time.WE were actually 5+ aday nemphos for first couple yrs.?Then poped up irratating changes,kids!

    1. nozahy

      I am in utter disbelief that you have the audacity to speak about your wife in these terms. The fact that you can speak about the woman who's been committed to you for I'm sure a very long time and, not to mention, is the mother to you children, makes it apparent that you have absolutely no respect for women in general. You obviously don't deserve her and I hope that one day she'll realize that. It's chauvinistic men like you who contribute to how screwed up and insecure women are becoming in our society.

  15. Wali

    Interesting but the science is bogus, Darwinism is a fruad...

    1. Charles Lozada

      i've been looking for the word "fruad" in the dictionary. what are you talking about?

  16. franco leopold

    of all the police precincts in the world to use, tenderloin....hahaha

  17. Sidharth Vijayan

    I PICKED C!! OMG! Hehehe!

  18. VanillaFrosting

    I knew everything here already... I don't know that it does me any good, I'm a female who has no problem attracting males, though I often wish that it wasn't so easy. (What is wrong with you guys, anyway?) But that's what I get for looking like I would be good at having babies.

  19. j

    even when they washed it stank.

  20. j

    you woman sik at life and everything you do.

  21. j

    oh ok so it not just be a good man like you woman claim , you woman should be shoot in the head , you lost sick whores. i will kill every woman for the sake of god.

    1. VareVatxingU

      Great, you understand that's the end of humanity? Every person in this world is here because a woman gave birth to him/her... show some respect!

  22. JC

    Great documetary. I knew a lot of things already, but it was really good to finally to make sense out of fews things. And to the emotional commetator, dee: get a life! you sound like an old old woman who hasn't been shaged in a long time.

  23. dee

    Even the cover picture is so suggestion and american trash thinking towards women.

  24. dee

    i find this doc shallow ...caters to exploitation , it is narrow-minded. The world is so broad and diverse... This is white trash centered culture...

  25. siuan

    I wonder if the prevalence of oestrogen and progesterone from the pill in western society's water has changed anything. Maybe to do with divorce rates and such? Would make an interesting study I think.

    Tips for the uninitiated: date in a dark pool full of sharks.

    I knew most of this already, but it was good to recap. Watch if you have not done basic psychology, or you haven't read many women's' magazines.

  26. Randy

    I know guys that get laid every night of the week and don't know what a clitoris is.

    I approach everything in life with extensive study. When I knew I wanted a woman, a studied them. I studied their anatomy and biology, I studied the Masters and Johnson report on human sexuality and the Kinsey reports on female sexuality.

    Maybe why I have been married for 25 years to a very happy woman, (I hope!).

    Someone said earlier that study and science takes the mystery out of "love"... that's like saying stumbling around in a dark room is more "fun" than turning on the light.

    Great documentary.

    1. Jasmine00

      I'm pleasantly surprised to find even one man who has done his "research' into the sciences, facts and myths surrounding women and what pleasures them. No doubt you'll have 25 more fabulous years!

  27. Stitch

    Wayyyy too American centered!!! Not all cultures are attracted to the same features on people... but otherwise kind of interesting

  28. Armando

    EVOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!jaja hate that word

  29. Andrew

    Anyone know a/the documentary about attraction and science, i remember watching it once overseas on holiday. It had stuff about our scents, what food does, and stuff like that

  30. Julia

    A piece of advise: dont waste your time.

  31. Aura

    There's not much here I didn't already knew or suspected...

  32. hmm

    think I'm going to hit the theme park for the next potential date! lol

  33. mj

    takes the fun out of sex and love if everything is JUST a matter of chemistry...

  34. Anthony

    this is fairly uninteresting

  35. Charles B.

    Makes wanna snuggle the Mrs.! They forgot the "never have sex again when you have toddlers that won't go to bed until midnight and takes a 3 hour nap in the afternoon while you're working so he won't go to bed until midnight" stage of marriage! Now what's the chemistry for that stage? ;-)

  36. ChieftestofSinners

    I used to be rejected all the time, but after watching this, I know how to attract a man, a lab rat and a frisky lion.

    1. pdma87


      So funny =)

      I actually LOL'd in real life.

  37. Will

    Its funny how people think they make individual choise of partner when they actually act like programmed robots. There is very little free will when it comes to sex.

  38. Costakidd

    Interesting. Anyone who gets laid more than once a week will have known this stuff already lol

  39. m0m0

    Salute to you, Vlatko!

    Absolutely best docu web on scene! My favorite one,
    I want to thank you, and wish all da best to the future...I watch docu instead of TV shit, and really enjoy it! I look forward for the interesting new films...