When the Moors Ruled in Europe

When the Moors Ruled in Europe

2005, History  -   119 Comments
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When the Moors Ruled in EuropeJoin British historian Bettany Hughes as she examines a long-buried chapter of European history--the rise and fall of Islamic culture in what is now Spain and Portugal.

Although generations of Spanish rulers have tried to expunge this era from the historical record, recent archeology and scholarship now shed fresh light on the Moors who flourished in Al-Andalus for more than 700 years.

This fascinating documentary explodes old stereotypes and offers shocking new insights. You’ll discover the ingenious mathematics behind Granada’s dazzling Alhambra Palace, trace El Cid’s lineage to his Moorish roots, and learn how the Iberian population willingly converted to Islam in droves.

Through interviews with noted scholars, you’ll see how Moorish advances in mathematics, astronomy, art, and agriculture helped propel the West out of the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance. What emerges is a richly detailed portrait of a sensuous, inquisitive, and remarkably progressive Islamic culture in Christian Europe.

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  1. Eurocentric's try to put their greedy hands in every race culture but their own..
    By European accounts along they were calling moors black but I guess once it was discovered that they did something of substance whites can't stop themselves and their racism from trying to steal that culture lol eurocentric's are the same retarded ass idiots that want you to believe that they left Europe and came to africa to become the Egyptians when they wasn't even smart enough to build anything in Europe at that time nether were Arabs but right below egypt in a place called Nubia they built pyramids
    had kings and pharaohs hundreds of years before egypt would have their first Pharaohs
    and Nubia was richer than egypt because they mined for gold .

    1. Dixie,

      The media is publishing alot of wrong information about the invasion and illegally occupation of the Iberian Peninsula...there were wars and they killed many people to take over that part of Europe

  2. Very distorted view of history. Apparently there were no Jews in Spain.

    1. Of course there were Jews in Spain. When the Muslims invaded Spain they engaged Jews as administrators of towns which they had conquered and ravished whilst they proceeded to conquer other vullages.

  3. cyndiwee.........try calling an arab black and you will get slapped,africans didn't have ships.reed canoes maybe not ships moors were Arabic.you tried swiping ancient Egypt too but educated people know better.

    1. cyndiwee...........Then why do European paint themselves black and don natural wigs at the festival of the Moors and Christians? Why were the original images of Mary and Christ worshipped in Europe black Africans? Have you taken a good look at the Great Sphinx? Whites who have overcome this archaic theology of white supremacy admit that this statue is a sub Saharan type West African black. And I really don't care what white Arabs think.

    2. @al..............["tried swiping ancient Egypt too but educated people know better."]............Sorry but there are simply too many obviously black old, middle and new kingdom pharaohs for Europeans or white Arabs (who arrived in Egypt in 700 AD) to claim.

    3. Africans created the first ships—“Ancient Egyptians” (not the country formed in 1922) first, then their colonial descencsnts the Phoenecians.
      Arab in ancient times was actually Arabian. And it referred the original dark skinned indigenous Negroid people of the Arabian peninsula. White “Mamluk” Slaves were imported into Western Asia and North Africa by the original Black Arab Muslims from the 600s AD to 1250AD. Modern “Arabs” are mulattoes mixed with Black Master and White Slave ancestry. The white Mamluk slaves rebelled and took over North African and the “Middle East” in 1250AD. The rest is history...

  4. moors only invaded spain never conquered spain or Europe diophantus a greek invented algebra not the Indians like one of these commenters mentioned.moors invaded Portugal never conquered,so stop your deception.

  5. OMG!!! If ever I have seen a pure, unadulterated, Christian hating, propaganda docu (?)
    this is it.
    It is actually nauseously pro-Islam....but what do you expect from a non-European?
    Yet, one finds all these mindless idiots believing this one sided rubbish...what a waste to watch.

    1. American Blacks' desire to "have a history" makes them claim that all ancient civilizations were "black"!!!! Ancient Egyptians, Moors of Spain, Cambodians, Olmecs of Mexico, Sumerians, Hebrews even Vikings, Celts, Japanese and Chinese. They were all, sort of American Black rappers/////1

  6. This is ridden with innaccuracies.
    The Cid fought his first battle alongside a Moor, later against them-not uncommon for Goths. His ancestry was Goth, not Moor. Goth were originally Scandinavian-they created what we know as Spain and Portugal, were the first to be known as "Españoles" (Spaniards). Famous Spaniards of Goth ancestry besides Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar (El Mio Cid) include Isabella de Castilla (also descended of British royalty-King Edward III-from both parents), Fernando de Aragon-her husband, who also had some Sephardic ancestry, Miguel Cervantes (writer of Don Quixote), most of the Conquistadors, and most people in Spain and Portugal have some ancestry extending that way. At core Spain was and remains a Christian European nation.

    Arabic numerals with the 0 base and the discipline renamed algebra was taken from the people of pre-Islamic India. Architecture-originally Bizantine-came here through Moor influence to reside along Gothic styled (prevalent throughout Europe from Early Middle Ages). Spain literature-as anyone who studied it knows is-all of it-is from Christian Spain (the Moors did not speak-predominantly-Spanish; Spanish painting belongs to the European tradition back to the MA; music was from the same Catholic modalities (modes) prevalent throughout the rest of Medieval Europe-this is true even about Sephardic music traditions (Sephardic is the Hebrew name for Spanish). Culturally and historically every period in Spain belongs and is part of the European tradition-Medieval, Renaissance, Enlightment, Romantic, Impressionist/Modern. In short Spaniards have always been-and accurately seen themselves as-Europeans, literally Iberia is part of the European continent.

  7. How can a system where 100 virgin girls be demanded as homage every year be a great nation of generosity and leaders of a new world? The moors were barbaric tribesman that invaded and slaughtered innocent Spanish and Portugal indigenous inhabitants (Europeans). A lot of you guys forget to mention that any english system or new world systems are those given to us by the vikings by way of the normans. Scandinavians did not receive any governing laws or were by in any way conquered. We Scandinavians and Frankish have given the most to Europe. It is funny how the moors tried to rule frankish towns but failed. It is also funny that almost after Scandinavian occupation Europe was freed. Perhaps Europe owes the debt to Scandinavians and not muslims. I have little idea why the prince would even state this bs, perhaps he is a little scorned by Viking influence.

  8. This clip is still misleading people. The MOORS were of color brown skin people., known as the Israelites. They ruled spain over thousand years, before the renaissance. I'm so tired of these people lying. The world was given to the Israelites. Christopher Columbus didn't discover nothing but robbing, killing and stealing. The land was given to the Indians and him and the conqistados came and took the land, slain and killed them. the truth is coming out.

  9. I'm glad that some of the posters understand the difference between Roman Catholic and Christian, terms which are all too often and wrongly used interchangeably. Christians do not regard RC as very near to the pale of orthodox Christianity as laid out by the Apostles. RC is a man-made religion which invariably results in mistakes, poor decision making and evil governing due to using human understanding versus wisdom and discernment from God... witness the Crusades (though in truth that was a response to 400 years of Muslim Jihad.. still it was not authorized by God) and more recently, the residential school issues among the indigenous of N. America.

    1. Lmao. Catholics (and to some extent Orthodox) were the original Christians.

  10. This is a bit biased. A lot of what the moors brought was originated from other places. And altough the elite were the moors/arab, the population still was overwhelmingly European. Although the moors/arab brought things that was very usefull, but to not give credit to the population is very disingenious. I think it says more than enough that spain was the center of the islamic state of that time, the people had just as much to do with it.

  11. They make it sound like like Moors came and built right from the start, but they came in killing the goth that lived there and pushed them north. Death came from both sides.

  12. Cool thanks to yourself

  13. Good documentary.

  14. I am interested in finding out genetically about whom the Spanish called " los moriscos" or moorish. Could they be the so called lost ancestors of the gypsy people or gitanos? Their genetics are very interesting and their was an excellent article I found on a website jw.org under magacines with the word search "the moorish". Oh how they were attacted and dispersed by the Catholic church. So much for following the counsel"love thy enemies and pray for those persecuting you". So someday maybe we will find out if that is where they are from.

    1. The word Moor was invented by the Romans to describe people of dark skin or people from Mauritania. In reality there is no such thing as a Moor! Spain was conquered by Berber fighters who had Syrian leaders who did not have dark skin: the Umayyads.

    2. @Tarek
      You Dont actually know that.
      And how do you define “black”?
      Black is a term of Caste or class. Very few “Black” people actually have black colored skin.
      And No “white” person has white colored skin...

  15. another whitewashed documentary....I just love the way how academics redine terms. Moors mean black, very dark, yet they want to say those from the middle east as Moors, forgetting that Africa is just a short distance away. MOOR = BLACK, NOT ARAB....Geez

  16. You people keep calling them Muslims or Arabs. THEY were Moors, Black Moors- Moor means Black.

    1. They were not Black, they were Berbers who among having dark skin had fair skin. Some had blonde thair and blue eyes! The word Moor meant people coming from Africa even if they were white. There were many Syrians, the Umayyads, who first ruled Spain.

    2. The people who know more than anyone else about the Moors of Spain are the people of the countries where the action took place ie Spain and North Africa. Spanish people call North Africans "Moros" and West Africans "Negros" . North Africans call Black Africans " Abid" which means slaves. Basically because that is what Blacks were in North Africa and Spain in that period

  17. During the time of the Moors, there was a distinct difference between a Moor and a Arab. Moors were neither sunni or Shi ites. They practiced Islam the way Bilal and the Prophet pbuh) taught those who converted to Islam. The Prophet spoke about the Africa and his relationship with Melanted people. If you study the life of the Prophet ( pbuh) the Moors were the first group of people to submit in great numbers. The Prophets own people rejected the call to Islam. Another great point is ? If Bilal had become the first Imam like the Prophet ( pbuh) had requested of him this division would have never happened. I believe Islam is in the hand of the modern day Moors.

  18. RE the Moors...there are reports that Beethoven & even Mozart ( no connection to them being mentioned in the video, mind) might've had Moor blood. Of course most people will pooh-pooh the very idea...that's why i find it interesting that people can even raise such a suspicion considering they know their argument'll be met with derision & skepticism. And here are pictures apparently, of a rather tanned looking B.........


    Do your research before posting your comments.

  20. Algorithm is derived from the name of a Persian mathematician called Kharazmi. There is a tendency to call all Islamic scientists and mathematicians as Arabs. A disproportionate number were all Persians.

  21. Algorithm comes from the name of a Persian mathematician Kharazmi.
    He was not an Arab mathematician. There is a tendency to confuse all Mulsim scientists as Arabs.

  22. Islam was an african science adopted by the Afrabs or Arabs as you know them to be. Nas and Damian Marley told you all the worlds religions came out of Africa and African spirituality. Watch Hidden colors 1 and 2

  23. This title is misleading. Europe was alot bigger than just spain. They tried to push into parts of france but got destroyed. Props for taking out spain, but that is not even close to taking out europe.

    1. Well the title is "When the Moors ruled IN Europe" not "Ruled Europe" They ruled Spain, Spain was in Europe, therefore, the Moors ruled IN Europe. But you are right I believe the title was meant to be misleading, although technically it is not thanks to semantics

  24. This video is good. However, Arabs learnt Maths, Astronomy, Medicine and Science from Hindus/Indians. Moreover, The "zero" was invented by a Hindu sage.

  25. It's Moops!

  26. Ms. Williams please do some research on Christopher Columbus aka Christopher Colon before you state your view as well.You disregard that history or HIS story can be one of two things, true or false. The Olmecs aka Moors or Mali Moors were in the Americas thousands of years before Columbus.

    This documentary is only a great eye opener to people who have blindly believed what was put in Western text books to distort history. The Moors were so-called black people and were the original givers of civilization to all cultures.

    1. Really??? You mean the Olmecs spoke an African language? Which one??????

  27. Where did the Muslims-Arabs get their knowledge from? Perhaps from other parts of Black Africa? Read John Henri Clarke and Ivan Van Sertima.

    Armando Pacheco

    1. Well, well, well, we have here some genuine historians among commenter - who would need to go to university.

      That's why we have Arabic Studies (presented together with lecturers from Spanish universities in documentary), and Orientalism (widely spread through popular propaganda books, video clips, hate mongering, etc).

      You people showed us that most of you belong to Orientalism - shame!

    2. The Muslims-Arabs received their knowledge from Hindus/Indians. Moreover, even Greeks too learnt from Hindus/Indians. You may please refer Aquarian Bible.

    3. ??? black people don’t even originate from Africa actually if you dig white people came from the south not blacks we came from the north even the map you look at is reversed

  28. also, for those of you who like to make bold statements (for example, about colombus) how many sources did you read before you started ranting about him being demonic? History is rarely a case of right or worng, but interpretations of events, some of which, we may never know.
    Learn to discuss your ideas, not preach.

  29. i've been studying spanish history for a while and find this documentary generally very good. As for all the comments, i can't say i understand what most of you are trying to say, it all seems like ranting and raving, you'll never get a point accross like that.
    Avocados aside, this to me complies with a lot of other texts I have read, and given a vast amount of people have no idea musilms were ever IN western europe before modern times, i think this is a great introduction and eye opener.

  30. avocados?!? they're from central and south america!

  31. in response to Xbow and Moez Bouselmi, i tend to agree more to Bouselmi since the Jizya was levied on non muslims in reply to giving them all equal facilities including protection against their own enemies. in most of the occupied areas where muslims ruled, Spain, Eastern Europe, middle east, persia and india some of the most important positions in the state governance were given to the non muslim locals, while i also agree to the fact that occupation and subjugation are unhealthy acts but unfortunately all the advanced nations of the world have done it in their times and we are still experiencing it in Iraq, Afghanistan, libya and may be in many other regions in days ahead. What still has made those days Muslim conquests a better deal was the fact that they proved far better than the rulers they over threw and since they had ingredients from many societies and cultures and skills , crafted a better world for the dwellers.

    1. "Muslim conquests a better deal was the fact that they proved far better than the rulers they over threw and since they had ingredients from many societies and cultures and skills , crafted a better world for the dwellers. "

      And you are stating this from fact I presume rather than religious conviction. I suppose to you muslim mass murder of non muslims was a better deal but ooooooo when muslims are on the receiving end of it its all evil and bad

  32. @Xbow : here some correction for whatyou wrote :
    **Jizya = the donation. Only non muslum wealthy people have to pay that as a tax.
    **Zakat : only healthy muslum have to pay this tax too.

    Conclusion : Every one have to pay a certain tax.

    **Dhimmis = The people on charge- Mean people that are on the state responsability and the state have to protect. Many Wizir (prime minsiters) were Dhimmis and even Jewish.

    Dimmis don't have the duty as other muslum citizen to partcipate on wars and fight because they pay Jizya. Dhimis were autonomous, have their properties, lands slaves and even their laws, chruches etc.
    They were a place for every religion and ethnicity.

    As for digits :)

    Ironically most of 'arab' countries use now hindu litterals :) and the west use the arabic digit. What you advance is 100% wrong.
    Also muslum civilisation is not 'arabic' but rather multi ethnic.

    Hindi litterals : ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    1. Knowledge of Muslim terminology is not as important as knowledge of the suffering which the native Iberians endured as a result of the Arab/Berber Muslim invasion of what is now Spain and Portugal.
      The reconquista was a wonderful thing . Foreign revisionists whether paid by Aramco or simply those who regard themselves as superior beings because they have some knowledge of Spanish or Arabic should be treated with contempt

  33. When you invade and subjugate a region that has its own unique culture and history such as the Visigothic Christian culture in Iberia before the Umayyad Caliphate invasion it doesn't necessarily follow that:

    •The invasion and subjugation will ever be forgotten or forgiven no matter how wonderful the victor may be. In fact quite the opposite is true.

    •Being of European extraction I feel that I owe a debt of gratitude to Charles Martel (the hammer) for giving the Umayyad Caliphate the bums rush out of central Europe after he defeated their army at the Battle of Poitiers AKA the Battle of Tours in AD 732. It was after all his actions that prevented further Islamic contamination of Europe.

    •The narrator said, "the Christians converted in droves." As if it was some sort of epiphany. The truth is that the Visigothic Christian occupants of Hispania that remained were 'obliged' to convert to Islam or forever occupy the lowest rung of the social ladder.

    "Many Christians converted to Islam to avoid the Jizya tax which they were subjected to as Dhimmis. Conversion to Islam also opened up new horizons to the native Christians, alleviated their social position, ensured better living conditions, and broadened scope for more technically skilled and advanced work."

    Well no ****, it was either convert or scrabble in the dirt for a marginal living.

    Obviously the narrator has an infatuation with Islamic world but I find it to be absurd that this woman doesn't have a problem with the brutal subjugation of the indigenous population of Iberia by the Umayyad Caliphate. In fact she hardly mentions it. However in characterizing the Reconquista as a dirty grab for land by packs of barbarian Christians she marks herself as intellectually dishonest. They were simply taking back what was stolen from them. Turn about is after all fair play.

    And the Narrator ignorantly attributes 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 what we call Arabic numerals to the Muslims, but in truth they are Hindu numerals that were in common usage by the Persians and Hindus hundreds of years before Islam came into existence. But to be fair the Arabs have always called them 'Hindu Numerals.' And as far as the concept of zero is concerned that bit dates back to the Babylonians who in the 2nd millennium BC had a sophisticated sexagesimal (Base 60) positional numeral system.

    "The concept of zero as a number and not merely a symbol for separation is attributed to India where by the 9th century AD practical calculations were carried out using zero, which was treated like any other number, even in case of division."

    The bottom line is that Conquest is conquest and subjugation is subjugation and retribution should be expected.

    **Jizya = Material proof (tribute) of the non-Muslims' acceptance of subjection.
    **Dhimmis = one having fewer legal and social responsibilities and rights than a Muslim.

    1. I don't agree with some of the personal/ subjective stuff you say, but on the whole I think your approach brings some balance into the debate, by refocusing on facts.

    2. • totally agree with XBOW
      • “•The invasion and subjugation will ever be forgotten or forgiven no matter how wonderful the victor may be. In fact quite the opposite is true.
      •Being of European extraction I feel that I owe a debt of gratitude to Charles Martel (the hammer) for giving the Umayyad Caliphate the bums rush out of central Europe after he defeated their army at the Battle of Poitiers AKA the Battle of Tours in AD 732. It was after all his actions that prevented further Islamic contamination of Europe.”
      That is FOR YOU STATED REASONS why all Europeans should get out of the Americas Caribbean Australia New Zealand Iceland and from any lands where they have subjugated its peoples and perpetuated Genocide on them unlike how the Moors had treated its European peoples.

    3. You forgot, that Islam brought Europe, Math, our numbers, chess, polo, Algebra, palces, Universities, candy, sugar, coffee, hospitals, paper and steel, it aint that bad, eh??? Try to imagine life without that, and maybe you'd change your mind.

  34. Am very grateful to the arabs, though I am afraid that Khaled, on taking Alexandria, decided to burn what remained of the library. Of course, the Christians had done the most damage, including killing Hypatia.

  35. I really enjoyed this documentary. I wanted them to mention that, due to church and hatred towards the Greeks which they question everything in Life, Greek knowledge was removed from Europe for 1500 years. Thanks to the Arabs and their religion which never interfere with science from carrying on the Classic Greek Knowledge to the world.

  36. Abdul Aziz Gopalani
    Thnak you for portraying true history, history teach us lesson, there were many guidance being an muslim, we all seek this, are we learning from it ?

  37. The Narrator's Smugness is really irritating, but otherwise very good.

  38. @
    A. T. Heist 39

    " maybe i missed it but, at the beginning, did she ever mention which region in Africa the moors originate, i know she said Muslim and Arabic speaking but, the Sudanese fit that description too. i wanna know what the moors looked like "

    First of all start by doing some effective and unbiased research on the origins of the word Maures and furthermore the meaning of this word...you will be startled by what you find...Caution!!!

    Well it's so interesting that you are the only one so far in this post that brings up the question of the true ethnicity of the MOORS. This shows that you are quite open minded and are willing to fight against being misguided.

    Well again I'm not trying to convince or educate you but I'll place the facts and you do the research yourself. Africans are in no doubt aware of their history, heritage and glory regarding The African continent, Ancient Olmec civilization, and the MOORS.
    To answer your question I will suggest that you start by doing extensive research on Shakespeare's works in which one of the famous works is better known as OTHELLO. The character of Othello himself was represented as a very dark African... There are statues all over Europe that represent the true nature of the MOORS but it looks as if here in the U.S. we are so caught up in racism that we are blinded and seem to elude the facts and go by propaganda.
    The first movie ever made about Othello was starring Sir Lawrence Olivier who played the role of Othello. Ironically Sir Lawrence's face and body was painted pitch black...since they could not use a true African due to the racism at the time.
    Another famous (Epic) movie known as "The Long Ships" depicting a famous MOORISH general known as AL MANSUR was played by another famous African actor known as Sidney Poitier. Al Mansur (African Muslim) is also known to have conquered the great African Empire of Timbuctu in 1591 AD due to old terrain disputes and malpractices of true Islam by the Emperors of Mali and his people. Recent manuscripts which were protected and hidden deep in the sand by the MALIANS are now re-emerging telling the true nature of the conflict and depicting in no doubt the true Nature of the war and the MOORS ruled by Al Mansur at the time. Experts say it will take over 50 years to decipher these African Manuscripts.
    Every body and their grandma in Mali know of the MOORS to be of African descent and is in no way news to them except in the west and beyond...LoL

    Also the most recent movie about Othello was played by an African American named Lawrence Fishburne.

    Are these just mere coincidences???!!!

    1. Amen, ppl refuse to acknowledge the truth about the greatness of African ppl. You don't have to worship us, but for God sake don't lie about the history and pretend you're a genius and everyone else is an idiot (I'm referring to the Euro-centric society and historical teaching here in America lol) I'm agreeing with you. Please watch this documentary by Tariq Nasheed called "Hidden Colors" I can see that you will find it awe inspiring and informative. When ppl find out that these great civilizations were built and ran by BLACK ppl they omit it or falsify the story giving the glory to themselves. Its sad really, the Moors were the ones who showed the Europeans proper hygiene after the were consistently stricken with illnesses due not bathing and allowing their animals to run all about. Which is were we get the "chicken pox" as well. I say this not as an insult or to spew hatred, but as a truth that's never told.

    2. I saw that documentary. I have made copies and i randomly pass them out to Black/Moor people!! Awe inspiring. I knew the history was distorted but damn!! Hidden Colors is a documentary that i would and do recommend to anybody of color, or if you just want to know the truth.
      The other hidden information about black people lies in our melanin and our codons (amazing/mind-blowing/sci-fi-ish) type information.

    3. That's great I'm glad someone is getting the information out there. I've been holding watch and discuss sessions at my house about the film with all my home girls. We can never end the discussion on time. Are there any documentaries you recommend watching or books you recommend? Concerning what you were talking about with secrets within our melanin and codons?? I'm curious to know

    4. yes you should watch hidden colores 1 and 2

    5. Europeans bathed. The people, the paysants did. Like every other people around the planet, they had rivers and pools. The rulers apparently not so much. Is this where this idea that French people don't wash comes from ?
      It would be a good thing not to fight stereotypes with stereotypes.

    6. It's in their literature, forgot the book name.

    7. Nope, no they didn't. Even when Christianity started. It was against the Christian law to bath, ain't that something.

  39. Im busy writing my masterthesis, on the perception of tourist visiting Islamic Heritage sides towards the Islamic Culture in the south of Portugal; in the case study of Mertola. However, I need to summarize the history of Al Andalus. I would be thankful if somebody has some good literature for me. I study tourism, so we dont have a history section in our library.

  40. So far, this is the best documentary I've ever watched. No one could have presented it much better than Bettany Hughes. The educational value in this documentary is immense in my case. Questions have been answered and my view of history and the world have changed forever. Although I consider myself a Christian, I have so much respect for Muslims and Islam, and for prophet Mohammed, PBUH.

  41. Very nice video...it keeps reminding me we can still do something to bring this nation back to where it was long ago...\

    and for the person who commented about the "gun powder" thing, claiming that muslims do use it "alot" ...well, let's just not throw accusations here because if you wanna go down this road your very own nation can't possibly be free of charges of terrorism and bloody actions...so dont blame others unknowingly just because of the picture you're MADE TO BELIEVE by your own mass media and maybe governments...

    great video though, and thanks for such efforts :)

  42. very interesting

  43. To Andrew.

    How far back your ancestry goes, is absolutely all the way. someone had to give birth to your parents who were birthed by someone else etc. on down the line all the way back to bacteria 4 billion years ago. you and the oak tree in my back yard have the same grandfather way way back in time nearly a billion years ago, you and a the horse down the road have the same grandfather who lived around 60 million years ago. You and EL CID have the same grandfather somewhere back in time from 500 to 10,000 years ago. The point is we are all related, not just person to person, but life to life.

    You are the cousin of every Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, and Tree Frog in the world.

    Course if you wanna go all the way back, all your pieces and parts and all the energy involved is all directly related to every galaxy, star, & planet in the universe. And whats more it all sprang into existence right where you sit, about 14 billion years ago.

    Thank you Renaissance and the Scientific revolution. And thank you to all our ancestors for surviving long enough to make babies.

    1. OHHHHH I love it beautiful so finite and it says it all.
      From where you stand you appear to be look down on these petty misguided things that call themselves humans with amazing curiosity. Sir/madam I compliment you in your comprehension.

  44. Loved it! The alhambra is amazing.

  45. I really enjoyed this documentary. Very enlightening. Definitely worth watching.

  46. maybe i missed it but, at the beginning, did she ever mention which region in africa the moors originate, i know she said muslim and arabic speaking but, the sudanese fit that description too. i wanna know what the moors looked like.

    i guess i'll keep watching.

  47. This is very interesting and informative movie i like it very much this movie help me and my friends to understand a part of history
    Thank You a lot Bettany Hughes

  48. to garlic sausage and alike
    oh so i was wrong! i believed invading a country/s and slaughtering its inhabitants like in the crusades and spanish reconquesta was differnt to be invited and welcomed in a country where the inhabitants are left unharmed and not forcefully converted to the religion of the rulers and conquerors and capitualte and are forgiven and shown mercy to and left alone like when the Muslim brought learningthrough ruling Spain, securing its borders from rebels, creating an peaceful and inspiration enviroment conducive to the magnificent leaning that went on there bring together Jews, Christians and Muslims under the Muslim Rule to communicate, exchange ideas etc.
    When THE so called Christians went on the 1st crusade they slaughtered and massacreded most of the if not all of the mUslims in Jerusale and Sallahuddin took back Jerusalem from the Christians after nearly a 100 yrs of occupation instead taking his revenge and doing exactly the same to the Christians inhabitants, they capitualted, he forgave them and they left and Muslims reclaimed.
    That is why Salhuddin was know as a great mercifull leader even among is adverseries.

  49. Absolutely brilliant! A great informative, and extremey accurate account of the Andalus reign. I can only say, that the inquisition was uncalled for. It destroyed a culture and heritage that could have flourished to this day, proving to the world that yeah, Islam and Christianity can collaborate and invent together. How shameful. But the Influence of Granada and the Alhambra is everlasting.

    Viva Andalucia

  50. The BBC Documentary Science and Islam is another great doc to watch!

  51. Garlic Sausage pretty much said it all, in your ATTEMPT to enlighten us all mohammad you've pretty much spouted racist indoctrinated nonsense. The only point I'm going to touch on is the Chinese (by the way I'm white). To say that Islam didn't need anything from the Chinese is a ridiculous statement, you clearly have done no research into any of the claims or assertions you've made. You know gun powder? something the Islamic world uses a lot! Guess who invented it, amongst many other things! Also, just as some Europeans don't condemn Israelis killing innocent Muslims, many more Muslims and Christians support killing innocent Jewish people around the world. You can't just pick and choose information to share based on your own biases, it doesn't help anyone!

  52. @Mohammad

    Imperialism is imperialism, whether originating in the East or the West. Muslims cannot condemn the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, the Crusades or the European conquests of Muslim lands, whilst at the same time excusing the Islamic conquests of Jerusalem, Constantinople, Spain and Portugal, the Balkans etc etc. Islam brought new technologies to Andalusia, Britain did the same in what is now Pakistan. Either both are inexcusable or both are not. You cannot have it both ways.

    Furthermore, your view of Latin America is laughable. The majority of people in South and Central America are mestizo - that is, of mixed European (mainly Spanish) and Amerindian descent. Of the non-mixed population, whites outnumber Indians by quite a significant margin. Their heritage lies as much in Europe as it does in the Americas. Perhaps you should save your grief for the people of Bosnia, who's troubles stem directly from Islamic conquest.

    I despise imperialism in all it's forms - Christian, Jewish, Muslim and secular. To not do so is to adopt a double standard in your view of history. You should accept that imperialism was the default setting of the world for millenia and that Europeans are very far from being the only ones to blame. Christendom's second city (Constantinople, now Istanbul) didn't hold an election to become Muslim after all...

  53. Let's OPEN our eyes!
    British historian Bettany Hughes must be congratulated for bringing back vivid pictures from The Lost Andalusia.... All we (both easterners and westerners) need is open our minds... tear the walls of misunderstanding stemming from misinformation/half-truths passed to us through centuries...
    It'll be conducive to a better future (read: peace, prosperity...) for mankind to recover from past examples the spirit of cooperative learning. There is absolutely NO need of accusing each other....

  54. nowadays.arab money still circulating to feed europeans and americans throughout their banks and industries oil is the vital factor of economy.so arabs are very open and kind people to others .so why we got all this hate back.its really inexplicable european still supporting israelis killing of innocent muslims.its true we dont blame but ourselves .prophet mohammad s.a.w mentioned that people are different minerals samelike you find gold silver ....you should understand the meaning ...

  55. the spanish till today still earnd their economy from what muslims left for them ruins castles palaces,history, tourist enjoyed it.foods ,imagine what the reward hate and misrecognition of kindness of those muslims.still they diny what islam did for them.too bad for a race.'ifu greet a kind man you won him but if you greet the vilain one he revolts'...is afamous arab poetry from .ALMUTANABBY.

  56. whats hurts me the most is the people of called now latins americans.because of the fall of islam in spain those people got misguided by the spanish who invided them.too bad.im feeling soory for them and im blaming my people for not doing strong effort to help them understand who they are .in the eastern part of the world islam is strong and reine.but the western side still needs a lot of work.through peace not violence.

  57. iam inviting all of you guys to discover the deep meaning of universal islam is not for my interest but yours you dont have to like arabs but just because islam is religion of heavens and GOD system to all mankind for alltime.the secrets of success of islam on that time is dedicated to those muslims of that time who enjoyed it with others with love and care not hate and violence i agree that muslims today are not good examples for their religion but that doesnt mean islam is mistakes no same thing with christians .ok.individuals are responsibles.this is proves that muslims are like any others are sinfull.mistaken.so if you seek truth for your self and your family you need to be honest seeking it.

  58. hi to all my friends from west or east .this is history facts whether you like it or not.is there for those who seek knowledge and light,farfrom a language of hate and race and superiority we all humans we need to share knowledge and communicate thats the reason GOD created us different races and tongues.this is mentioned in the KORAN holly book.for my friend who mention china .i would like to tell him that arab got math from translating greek books in baghdad.arab never communicate with chinese in inteletuel way like tehey did with greek only because chinese had nothing to offer ok.

  59. ''East became east and West became west'' - I loved the documentary, but this could't have been said more wrong, simply becaus the West and the East, th cristianity and the islam are living together in th Balcans asfar as I know as a heritage of the Otoman's rulings.

  60. Hi there, let's comment about the documentary not the religions themselves. Indeed, there was a great Islamic civilization in what is now Spain an portugal . but let's don't forget that though the leader or the elite were orignally Arabs, the overwhelming majority were Spanish and .Portugal , whom they loved their Countries and did good to be what it was. and even after the masscore of Ferdinand and isabella, they tried to develop their Countries to be become what it is now. on the countrary, we - the Arab - haven't done any good since then, yet to believe in the conceperacy of the west who deleberetly sidetrack us.
    thanks to whoever thought about this film and thank you guys for whaching it(especially who drop his comment, I really enjoyed not only the documentary , but also your comment)

  61. @ Eric Howe

    'I’d recommend “Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times” by Morris Kline '

    i cant find it on the net Eric any idea where to pick it up for free?

    'I don’t think much mathematics has come out of China at all but I could be wrong.'

    i know that they like many other culture had a good understanding of Pythagoras theorem pre 600 bc. But it was left to Pythagoras to provide the first known proof ( the one where 4 identical triangles are arranged to form a square, then use algebra.

  62. @Epicurean_Logic:

    Right, Arab mathematics was rooted in Greek mathematics. I don't think much mathematics has come out of China at all but I could be wrong.

    And, yes, all groups can be represented by symmetry/permutation groups but groups weren't recognized as an entity unto themselves until well after the fall of the Caliphate. The Muslim artists developed a good intuitive understanding of symmetry but nothing formal.

    I'd recommend "Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times" by Morris Kline for a good overview of the history of mathematics.

  63. 'The muslim got their mathematics from China.'

    Most of the islamic ideas of mathematics were taken from and extended the classical Greek geometry and number theory of Eulid and his amazing timeless classic the Elements.

    have a look at Oliver byrne's edition of the elements which uses colours instead of numbers and letters. its much easier to follow and learn than any other edition i have yet seen.

  64. The muslim got their mathematics from China. There is a passage in the Koran that instructs the Muslim to learn from China.

  65. Obtuse fact number 4378.5

    As well as the proportional maths used in the architecture, another interesting form of mathematical art used at the Alhambra in Granada are the wall and floor tilings. In fact the Islamic civilization developed tiling into an amazing and beautiful art form.

    There is a direct correspondance between the symmetries all possible types of tiling exibit and the abstract mathematicl structure of groups. In fact the symmetry in tilings are one way of visualising groups. This type of art is also used at the Taj mahal in India.

    A little slow paced, but nice documentary overall. A missing piece in the jigsaw of european history.

    Quote of the day:
    (Bo Abdel's mom) Do not weep like a woman for that which you cannot defend like a man.

    I am definitely gonna use that one on the boys at next friday night's poker game.

  66. Do the factions (sunni, shi'ite etc) come to play at this point? Very interesting documentary.

  67. Very nice doc.

    I want to thank the admin for this remarkable site, you really did a good job.

    Also I want to ask, does anybody knows where I can find the trascripts of this doc, and others like this one like :What the Ancients Did for Us – The Islamic World, and An Islamic History of Europe. Also I'm intersted to find the transcripts of docs, related to the subjetc of illuminati and freemasons, like the doc Wake up call and similiar

    I would appreciate a lot, if someone helps me regarding this matter.

  68. Wow. who knew that some of the most interesting changes were conveniently forgotten. As someone who has ancestors from Spain,it makes me wonder how far back my bloodline actually goes...

  69. I'm pretty sure there is a typo in the title. I believe it was the moops who ruled in europe.

  70. He was dumb, he died thinking he had discovered India!?He died insane and in poverty, and it was his own ignorance that lead him to that situation.

  71. Sabatero come from the word sabbat which means shoe in North Africain dialect(may be Berberian origine!) Sabatero : shoes maker.

  72. I really did not know and I find interesting ,is the Arab origin of
    Guzmán el Bueno and El Cid.
    Interesting documentary, I love the private library of the Medina Sidonia Duchess.
    It's a very well done documentary.

    Thanks for posting.

  73. The only 'judge' 'god' that ever held innocent people responsible for crimes of ancestors was, of course, the sick demented petty god of the OT. What a total bastard. Even our often corrupt courts know better than that. The innocent cannot be held accountable for the guilty.

  74. Resab,

    Yes, Muslims have done some wonderful things, so have Christians, Hindus, atheists, and Jews. Muslims have also done some horrific things, as have Christians, Hindus, atheists, and Jews. Someone cannot be held responsible for the crimes of their ancestors, nor can they claim responsibility for their achievements.

  75. Prince Charles, Heir to the British Monarchy in a recent public speech at Oxford University stated:

    "If there is much misunderstanding in the West about the nature of Islam, there is also much ignorance about the debt our own culture and civilisation owe to the Islamic world. It is a failure, which stems, I think, from the straight-jacket of history, which we have inherited. The medieval Islamic world, from central Asia to the shores of the Atlantic, was a world where scholars and men of learning flourished. But because we have tended to see Islam as the enemy of the West, as an alien culture, society, and system of belief, we have tended to ignore or erase its great relevance to our own history."

  76. It's funny if you look realy good and how she behave and her sound.. She is realy angry and hate realy hate the christians and europeans.. She is of berber orgin, moroocan

    But interesting video.. very good

  77. And BTW, Christopher Columbus is said to have carried with him Muslims, who had the idea about exploration and the Maps made by Muslim Explorers who had already been there!

    It is now believed by experts that Islam & Muslims had reached the shores of America even before Christopher Columbus.

  78. Sorry, the saying goes: Seek Knowledge from Cradle Unto Grave!

  79. The Prophet Muhammad said, “Any word of wisdom is the stray of the believer, who has the better right to it wherever it may be found.”

    And his other more famous saying exhorting the members of his nascent religion in medina: Seek Knowledge Unto Grave!

  80. It is a terrible thing such a good thing turned into such violence, they didn't even have an army probably the most free time in history, and Islam has been turned into such a horrible religion, with such violent societies today, the education was to think for yourself what? the education of today it totally opposite, one can see the images painted of the opposition and this has been happening all over the world today, i do not associate with any organized religion but it is sad that generally we think that we are more civilized, is a total propaganda, we are even in a more of conflict than ever before i wonder how much the interpretations of Islam religions have changed as a result of the conflicts, it seems that sciences, knowledge at that time perhaps was more blended than anytime today, which possibly even changed what they saw of the religion or what effect it had on life; religion today on the contrary is so limiting, isolating, enslaving, this has never happened today, which is an educated masses, the world today is more concerned with wartime, and defenses and constant search for security, and all the attention is towards that, concentrated, the ambitions, power, dominance, acquisition, materialism and all the knowledge which sustained that, and most countries looking at the world are building up their military, and this is constantly continuing, which on the contrary is the cause of world insecurieties and the example of how we really have become more and more divided.

    Only with the ending of that which is false can there be peace, that which opposes cannot coexist, war opposes peace

    1. When there are power vacuums, humans have felt the need to expand their clans power, in order to take others resources (natural, intellectual) and open new markets to exploit. The new overlords/conquerors can either do this in a very immoral way or "ruling with an iron fist" a less immoral way "ruling magnanimously" (I won't define morality -we believe in different degrees). It's so rare when a conquest is seen as a positive, esp because the defense often yields more retribution, but this one did because the Moors immediately improved the condition of the common Spanish serf and governmental services and defense to them. The Spanish aristocrats served only themselves, and picked up their gold and ran when they saw Tariq's expeditionary army coming, leaving their towns and people behind to absorb the expected Moorish onslaught which did not come to those who did not challenge them. There was little resistance, especially when word got out that these new guys treated you better and gave you land and opportunity. That's why on horseback, the Moors practically took the entire Iberian peninsula in 2-4 years. In respecting the other Abrahamic faiths, their making music, science, art, education, irrigation and other advancements foreign to Europeans at that time are the "romantic" symptoms of their rule. Still today, Spain's greatest import is olive oil and tourist attraction is the AlHambra - they are still benefiting. To be a beneficent rule is rare and it was a rare occurrence. Alexander the Great was remembered as a beneficent conqueror, and not many others. We can be either fair - or hateful, resentful, or simply propagandized by governments and media, but most historians agree that the Andalucian rule by "El Moros" was one of the greatest periods in human history - where people of different faiths lived and learned together, advanced through numerous sciences together, and made music and art together - signs of a better evolution. I sat at a "locale" in Santander (N Spain, not conquered by Moors), and told an old man about olive oil and the Alhambra, and I said "so what did the Spanish contribute to the new world once it conquered it?" We counted ...over 50Mil dead indigenous Indians (from Euro-diseases mostly), theft of all their wealth, no scientific benefits... he responded.." aaahh, but we contributed something very lovely very valuable to the world... la mulata!"
      I said " tu eres malo, viejo !"
      They know.

  81. o.o ...>>> Sarai U R LUCKY!!
    enjoy it!

  82. I am so much more excited to be studying abroad in Granada next semester.

  83. well worth the watch...a good use of two hours =)

    almost cried in the first 10 min.. I cant get the fact that the Catholic church burnt more than a million books !! why the hell..?!!

    very informative this doc was an eye opener...
    all the best Vlatko well done..
    thanks for sharing

    1. People debate this all the time. But in all honesty truth is relative to it's receiver. But then again they is is reality, a energy that rules even strongest grasp on our faith. Now I will say this.... I might self have studied topics such as this as many people will never be able to take I'm the truth no matter the evidence presented. They still argue King Tut was white? His grandmother queen tye was a Nubian princess. At some point you have to use common sense. The oldest woman found in Americans was a African according to science. Tituba the slave accused of witch craft was asked of her life in Africa and a child. She said she new nothing of Africa and was a awarak . She said she was born in England. You have to be open and honest with reality to receive it.