9/11: The Falling Man

9/11: The Falling Man

2006, 9/11  -   223 Comments
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The Falling Man refers to a photograph taken by Associated Press photographer Richard Drew, depicting a man falling from the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 9:41:15 a.m. during the September 11 attacks in New York City.

The subject of the image - whose identity remains uncertain, although attempts have been made to identify him - was one of the people trapped on the upper floors of the skyscraper who apparently chose to jump rather than die from the fire and smoke.

As many as 200 people jumped to their deaths that day; there was no time to recover or identify those who were forced to jump prior to the collapse of the towers.

Officially, all deaths in the attacks except those of the hijackers were ruled to be homicides (as opposed to suicides), and the New York City medical examiner's office stated that it does not classify the people who fell to their deaths on September 11 as "jumpers": "A 'jumper' is somebody who goes to the office in the morning knowing that they will commit suicide... These people were forced out by the smoke and flames or blown out."

9/11: The Falling Man is a 2006 documentary film about the picture and the story behind it. It was made by American filmmaker Henry Singer and filmed by Richard Numeroff, a New York-based director of photography. The film is loosely based on Junod's Esquire story. It also drew its material from photographer Lyle Owerko's pictures of falling people.

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  1. My father was a 777 captain for United at the time this happened.I was in high school at the time I had just come back from the restroom, and I heard on the news (we watched the news every morning in home room) that a United jet had hit one of the towers…. I lost my mind I started yelling asking if anyone had heard what kind of aircraft it was. Then I heard it was a 757 and at least I could breathe knowing there was no possibility it was my father’s plane. I was grateful that nobody I knew had died. I was still terrified for dad because we had no idea for many hours that he was safe in a train station in Germany watching the attack on our country. I may not have lost anyone I knew that day…dad was not as lucky he said he had flown many times with most of the United pilots and crew who died in the attack. One was even in his air force unit at the Wright-Patterson Air Force base in Ohio. It was a sad day for dad and even more so for our country

  2. Watched it at 21st anniversary. If this happens today, w. Those social media, the people in the south tower would have evacuated before the 2nd plane hit. Also, looking at the video, there is no way to save lives from the roof. Smoke, heat, wind...... But is it possible to use helicopter to drop cooling material, so people had more time to escape?

  3. We should have turned Afghanistan into an oil slick

  4. Ima be honest but al qaeda got the U.S. good

  5. Listen Ima be honest but if I was above the floors where the falling man was. I would not have jumped because let me tell you something, I HAVE A FEAR OF HIGHTS, and I am not going to do that. I'd rather find my own way down. Sorry :(

    1. I don’t see any other way you could find a way down, I always thought hypothetically if I were in that situation, for everyone to use there shirts and make rope or some sort of line and try and go down the side of the building. Not to the very bottom, but to a floor that was stable and had an exist for everyone to escape.

    2. How many of those people do think would've said the the same thing before that morning? How can we ever say what we will or won't do base on our current fears? We can't even fathom what it had to be like to choose for that. Just pray that the way this world's going, we'll never have to make such a choice.

  6. Anyone know how to find the song that plays throughout this film? It plays during the credits at the end as well. On the Piano.

    1. Just seeing that is hard to believe that anyone would do that but it seems like all those people did want they had to do to survive and jump to their death and it's sad how this happen in the USA 😢

  7. Also, the number 12 on the clock adds up to 3 which is a symbol of the Trinity. Can anyone tell me why they could not have flown a helicopter around the trade Center to hang ladders to get the people that were waving tablecloths out the window for help. We need to come up with a way to rescue people from high rise buildings.. I'm sure it's possible

    1. High winds.. winds swirl around high rises at very high speeds..making hanging a ladder by rope dangling very difficult.. it would be very unpredictable when someone is trying to grab onto it.

      Just ask any high rise window washer about the winds.
      If someone was to reach out to try and grab it especially when in a panic.. they could have also fallen out.
      This is my best reason for not doing it..... that and the fact that it takes a trained rescue pilot to do that manoeuvre which TV helicopter pilots are not

    2. I believe that we was told because of there being so much smoke the helicopter pilots wouldn't be able to see anything. I think it would've had to of been done straight away, before the smoke got too much

    3. It is possible and we ordinaþrily we do drop a ladder to those in similar situations. I think everyone was so shocked by what was happening simple protoçols were forgotten.Our own govt sold up out.It was an inside job...

  8. The clock itself equals 911. If you draw a cross over face of a clock and add up the numbers... The vertical line is 12 and 6 and 1+2+6 =9 Horizontal the line is 8 and 3 and 8+3=11. 911

  9. Brilliant doc seen it many times very moving .

  10. I watched this year's ago on Amazon prime video. I watched many documentaries, this is a good one, the heartbreak of families brought true to the film that we should never forget what happened that day.

  11. The Falling Man... Can't they identify him from bodies recovered? It seems there could be some sort of reconciliation there. I really hope this man's story is accurate. He deserves it. This 9/11 remembering is hard to do. My city had no traffic for two days, when it's usually completely backed up. People were in mourning for America.

    1. I came across an interview on youtube today of a woman who believes the photo is of her brother; she said when they got his body back, the medical examiner said his injuries were consistent with a 100-story fall, but no one will ever know for sure the identity of the man in the photo. Regardless, it's a heartbreaking image.

    2. On another documentary I heard that only 300 bodies were recovered out of the nearly 3,000 dead on 9/11 :( many got crushed/obliterated so maybe it wasn't possible to recover or identify him... so sad

  12. I saw this documentary on T.V many years ago, and it stood out from all others in my mind. Since I first saw it, I have often looked for it as some programs resurface in September each year. Like everyone, I stood frozen watching the events unfold that day, its so fresh still in my mind, my fears, my panic..... Your opinion of America is irrelevant, people here were innocent. Terrified and no doubt knowing they were never going to get out and see their loved ones again. How can this story make you feel anything but sadness. Well done to the makers, to me the stand out documentary about 9/11.

  13. How about a different direction? I cannot bring anyone back.

    So what is to prevent lost lives and tragically hurt families from such false flag incidents from happening again? Nothing at all. Rather than still mourning so many years later how about redirecting your attention to PREVENTION.

    Since far too many of "the populous" are too clueless and lazy to stop and imprison the real culprits and their helpers and conspirators...

    If I worked in a high rise I would invest in a good parachute, glass breaking tool, and lots of rope. Probably wouldn't have then but today is not then. We can learn from others experience, yet so many refuse to even learn from their parents. Arrogance and ego are the trademark of today.

    We grew up in plain 3 story house, the top story was really a tall attic space made into a couple of bedrooms with windows. Even then mom had a knotted rope tied to a bedpost and the rope under the bed for us kids and a collapsible drop ladder for herself on the second floor. Thinking ahead never hurt anyone. It is always those who make fun of the wise who eat crow later; if they are alive or have teeth to chew.

    1. You would need to be a very experienced base jumper to jump from a building only 1000 feet in the air - the tallest point on some of the tallest buildings in the world so anything shorter even worse - and maneuver safely to the ground. It can be done - it has been done! - but it's very difficult and dangerous even for an experienced sky diver. Parachutes for regular skydiving are normally never opened below 2000 feet. So if you keep a parachute in your office building, learn to base jump and practice a ton! You will need special equipment/parachutes made for base jumping. From 1000 feet you only have a few seconds before you need to deploy that parachute.

      As far as rope, how much rope are we talking about here? Workers on the highest floors would need a whoooole lot of rope to get to a place they'd be able to escape from.

      I think one of the biggest issues was that they built the buildings with fewer staircases than required by code. They got away with it because it was a Port Authority Building and they were exempt from some aspects of code but at the time of construction the new code stipulated that 6 stair cases be constructed for buildings like these. Even one more potentially passable staircase could have saved a lot of lives. The placement of the staircases were also not ideal. They were in the center of the buildings instead of on the perimeters. The South Tower's special elevator equipment protected the one passable stairwell. Unfortunately only a handful of survivors made it down that stairwell - the confusing or nonexistent communication between emergency services meant people above the impact zones in the South Tower had no idea that there was a passable stairwell.

      Lastly, the fireproofing of construction materials could have been improved - allowing for more time before the buildings reached point of collapse - but there was some controversy over the use of asbestos, which is very effective but as most of us know now is highly cancerous. I believe an alternative was used that may not have been as effective. Lastly, though the drywall they used to encase the stairwells was effective at fire proofing, it could not withstand the damage from the airplane impacts. Concrete block would have had a better shot at protecting the stairwells. But concrete up 1000 feet is much more expensive than drywall.

      So prevention is so important! In the case of 9/11, prevention in the construction of the buildings would have been most effective. As far as the employees go, there was very little recourse for victims above the impact zones of both towers, even if they had access to parachutes it would be unlikely that they'd be able to use them. But for everyone else, evacuating as quickly as possible was the best they could do.

  14. Thank you for making this. They were always on my mind. I'll never forget seeing this on Tv and I don't think these images should be erased from history.

  15. Shocking moments........I.....have no words just to say. RIP the people who lost their lives. Just want to know like if the jumpers survived?

    1. Hi Sally not sure if you would receive this message since you posted 2 years ago. But if your question is if any jumpers survived absolutely not. The jumpers were jumping from way up 90 something and 100 and something floors. Saddest day in America may they all rest in peace

    2. how old are you Sally? ...no human being can ever survive a fall like that darling.

  16. America has taken over all the good in the world since the second world war. No nation gives the money nor man power as much as America to the worlds needy. No other nations have as large a heart. There are many rich people throughout the world. But our basic ideas of moral good are what have driven America to be the out streched hand. One of the things I get so tired of hearing is so much hatred and vitrol poured out toward America. You know the one fact that gets me tearing up all the time is how most of the males in my family have given thier lives to serve other people. To take someone else's problems upon ones self and make them your own is true act of love and bravery. America saved the world from a very dark tyranny. We all enjoy everything now built upon the foundation that was created by those men and women who fought and died. You may not believe that fact but I know the ones by name who were related to me as well as many friends family members who each struggled, resisted and died for my freedom. This is a fact for me. Tyrants will come yet upon this worlds stage...but, I know that the past Tyrants were put down by America and all her peoples. So...describe to me other magnificent countries whose national religions, moral imperatives and national conscience has and or would move them to take thier wealth and use it all for the purpose of saving millions of other people?

    1. i do not mean to troll but it is sentiments like this that make america / americans ridiculed at times .... america did not singlehandedly have the monopoly on saving the world and sacrificing their youth to the pursuit of freedom. Many countries around the world have fought in all the world wars and other conflicts some even before the americans arrived to supposedly "save the day". Some conflicts america has been in should never have been. Know your history and some of the decisions made by americans which did NOT save lives due to bias, prejudice and intolerance, then you can bang on about your magnificent religion, morals and national conscience. I agree many wonderful individuals lost their lives for the sake of others and i would give anything to have avoided these sacrifices on behalf of humankind but these heroic people come from all over the world and for you to diminish their sacrifice is sickening. if a small country donates $1000 and america donates $1000000 but for the small country is 50% of its total income to aid but america its maybe just 5% of total income .... whos the better country..... i dont look at it that way but you obviously do ... by the way i too lost family in both WWI , WW2 and vietnam but we are not american

    2. All I have to say to the non Americans on here is get off of this thread. We are the best country. Where do people come for aide? Us. Where do people want to flee to for freedom when there are other free countries? Oh that's right. Here the USA. Get over it. We aren't interested on the rest of the world because we have been here less then 300 years and you other countries that have been here for thousands can't even figure out how to fix water, plumbing, or even hygiene problems. Get it together please. Go bash your own country and stop even reading about ours.

  17. Weren't the remains of jumpers/those blown out of the building identified by DNA and returned to their families?

    1. Are you kidding?!?!?!
      Firetrucks were pulverized as mega-tons of building parts hit the ground. Not much could be left of a human body after such an incident.

    2. Good point..i agree

  18. I personally found this documentary very sad and gut wrenching, I can't even put myself in the minds of the thousands who died and the families of those who died.
    it is something that should not have happened and to be truthful I cried watching all aspects of the attack.
    I fail to understand why they called them jumpers when jumpers are considered suicidal, these poor people had and felt like they had no choice stay and be burnt alive or go quickly.
    find it very disturbing but to know all facts of that day i had to watch.
    and as for the two airlines that hit, well no one will ever understand why and how but all that remains is pain and in a big way anger.

  19. I would rather jump and have a quick, painless death than be burned alive or suffocate in the smoke. That's also what the people who jumped were thinking.

  20. I can't believe some of the comments that people have left on this site. The United States is the greatest country in the world and we treat our people better than any other country in the world, and saying that it isn't or that America is responsible for all these tragedies is treasonous and disloyal. This country is what gives all you traitors the wonderful life you have today, and if you don't like it then get out and stop complaining, it's just one less **shole this country has to deal with. And stop saying that this tragedy was a work of God or a lack there of, we have free will whether you believe in God or not, he isn't a magical being that can just prevent bad things from happening, or make good things happen. I'm not trying to be vindictive or rude, I'm simply making a point, good day.

    1. Americas ok...so long as you aren't poor.

      If you are then you're denied both healthcare and a living wage.

      personally i don't think any country that has as many school shootings as yours can be considered the best in anything.

    2. I got as far as "greatest country in the world and we treat our people better than any country in the world..." and had to stop myself from throwing up.
      The sheer arrogance of that statement illustrates just why there is a growing world wide frustration towards America and it's citizens.
      You are not the centre of the universe. The rest of the world does not stand in envy of you. The rest of the world does not need your self-appointed leadership. If anything, it is shocking to see just how poorly America treats it's citizens when compared to other countries around the globe.
      The proud and aggressive ignorance demonstrated by your comment just makes non-Americans shake their heads in sympathy.

    3. The U.S. is a cesspool of crime and corruption, and it's not very good outside of D.C. either. It's a sleazy POS of a country that is on it's way to becoming one of the worst places on the planet, at least as far as 'civilized' countries. If George Washington were alive today I'm sure he would sue to have Washington, D.C. changed to King George, D.C., anything but Washington. F#%$ the United States of America! I'm so ashamed, and pissed-off.

    4. I'm American and I believe you are wrong when you say "The United States is the greatest country in the world." That's simply not true on many, many levels. First off, we are not number one in any statistic except the amount of people we have jailed. Every year we're falling behind other developed nations in education, citizens attending higher education etc. Our wealth inequality is ridiculous, with 90% of our wealth in the top 1% of our population. Our media landscape is in tatters, we're obese, lazy, exceedingly arrogant and ignorant as you've exemplified here, and a good portion of the world hates us and with good reason. The government does not take care of its citizens, exemplified by everything that has happened since Ferguson. We wage war so that we can steal resources from other nations and disguise it by calling it "War of Terror." We're hugely in debt. The worst part is though, people like you are only adding to the problem. You say it is 'disloyal' to question America but you're ignoring the very principals this nation was founded on. If you wanted to be truly loyal to this nation, you would acknowledge the problems we face and work to fix them. America is at a precipice and we all have to work together to make tomorrow better.

  21. Truly terrible, of all the images of 9/11, this one disturbs me most. If I was given no chance to survive by staying in the building, I wonder if I'd say to myself, 'you're going to die, why not let the last thing you'll ever experience be what it's like to fly?'. I'm absolutely sincere and not being flippant or crass.

  22. This is clearly not suicide. Anyone who believes that the falling man(whoever he was) committed suicide, is completely wrong. These individuals had no viable option that would have allowed them to live. The Hernandes family has the right to believe whatever they want. However, by assuming the people who jumped commited suicide does nothing but spit in the face of the families who lost loved ones. When given two options, both of death. How does one commit suicide? These people did not go into work that day seeking death, they were forced into it. I believe that we cannot judge there decisions, for we didn't experience the horrible situation the faced.

  23. This is a great doc. lets not cloud it up with the god crap

  24. It is the blindness of the godly that allows these things to happen after all it is all gods will. And they will look up to our wonderful politicians as they alwayse do ie, Pearl Habor, Kennedy Brothers Assasinations, Martin Luther King Assasination, and now TWC all these politicians have to say is god bless america and the people go blind. Ignorant bliss is the drug of most people and lets not forget the 1,000,000ds of children abused sexually by the preachers of this god aroung the world and the people prefer ignorant bliss and look the other way. Each time you look the other way your children loose more rights and freedom. OH THIS IS SUCH A WONDERFUL COUNTRY,GOD BLESS AMERICA.

    1. its a good thing i dont believe in "you" would hate to have to be found in your image.

  25. was such a terrible experience

  26. whatever you need to justify this use it. But we need to remember we are the best country in the world and should never let this ever happen again

    1. Just out of curiosity, by what measure is the United States the best country in the world?

      Not to step on any toes, but Americans say this often, without ever defining "best".

    2. incorrect....your country is responsible for the premeditated deaths of millions throughout history! Your counry is now run by corporations not the government, institutions/corporations like Monsanto whose only desire is to maximise profits regardless of the impact it has on people world wide, your trade unions have been abolished, you live in a dictatorship democracy lead to believe you still are participants in the policies that are passed through Congres....who deregulated the banking and finance industry to benefit the elite (1% of the population of the U.S responsible for the World Global Financial Crisis!) I wouldn't want to live in the U.S where you have no rights at all....and where the U.S govt. and the elite including the media have "manufactured your consent" into believing in "neccassary illusions"! The only institute where freedom of speech is "truly" allowed is in your "Churches" thank God for that!

  27. I keep seeing people talking about how God should have intervened and so on.. Have you not read the Bible? It isn't about dancing in tulips and singing songs.
    God is loving but yet he is not blind!

  28. I would not say no miracles happened on that day. God does not always intervene when evil occurs. This world is the devils kingdom and he runs about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, he comes to kill, steal and destroy. Those who "jumped" had time to accept Christ and I'm sure many if not all had heard the gospel and cryed out to Jesus that day. When they lept from those building they fell into the hands of a loving God if that was the case. Christ knows their suffering and identifies with it. If I pray to God and you don't believe in Him well I haven't lost anything if I am wrong in the end. If you don't believe in God and in the end you were wrong, you have lost everything!

    1. He doesn't always intervene? How can a 'loving' god stand by and LET thousands of innocent people die like they did on that day? You say this world belong's to Satan but in the book of Isaiah god clearly says he created both evil and good and the very fact that he lets that evil- exist and uses that evil to further his own agenda is sick and anything BUT loving IMO. As for your grasping at 'Pascals Wager', I don't believe and can't believe in something I feel in my heart and everry fiber of my being to be bull**it and if a 'loving' god wants to punish me with hell for using my free will to not believe, then so be it. I have lived my life to the fullest, been a decent, kind and loving human being and when I die, I will leave behind a legacy that my children can be proud of- and THAT'S what matters.

    2. Actually, God put us on Earth for a reason, to test us. Thats why hundreds of people are dying, he wants to see what we'd do. If god lets everything go well, earth might as well be called heaven.

    3. A mythological being didn't create you and he doesn't give you a purpose. You were created because your parents had SEX and the only purpose your life has is the one YOU give it. Also, the very idea that a 'god' would test his followers with horrors is disturbing and anything BUT loving. If he's all knowing, then he'd already know what you'd do in a certain situation and there is no need for the torture. I swear you religious people are like abused women- you actually believe you deserve the abuse from your god, you see nothing wrong with it and think it's done out of love. It's SICK. How about you grow up, stop believing in fairytales and instead believe in YOURSELF?

    4. we don't know what hell will be like. It could simply be 'separation from God' which is exactly what you just said. You try to be a good person but you choose not to believe in God and maybe...would rather not be around ...God? (The book The Case for Christ goes over this, I believe.) Who knows exactly what that will be...but it would at least just be a place that feels the absence of God. The reason that bad things happen here is because this life is fleeting even though it can have incredible horror in that time. Eternity is something we don't really understand, but it explains why this short life can go many different directions.

    5. Mate,

      I think you should re-read what was written as you have not grasped what was said.

      I believe IhartUmore was relaying the message that only fools could believe in something so f*cking s*upid as some mythological creature like "god".

      When will you i*iot religee stop being so st*pid and look at the facts that your "god" is nothing more than a story to keep you fools in line to ensure you give your masters a free ride in life.

  29. I agree with John and Connie's comments. I too feel a great sadness when I see this photo. I still remember seeing people falling to their deaths on TV that day and I sobbed. I too pray for the families and victims affected by such a tragic day. It's hard to believe that 11 yrs and 12 months have gone by. I feel sorry for those of you who don't believe in God and are filled with hatred. There is no reason to be mean just because you don't think pray makes a difference. Remember that this is a free country and we are allowed to express ourselves,but you shouldn't insult someone just because they believe in something. If you don't believe then have some respect and keep your mean comments to yourself. As the old saying goes...if you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all. If you don't believe in God that is okay because he believes in you.

  30. This photograph brought a great sadness to me, it was hard to look at it and not have tears streaming down my face. The memories of waking up to the news on television on that day and hearing the words that America is under attack, is a day that changed all of us every where. To watch the people that were trapped in the towers, waving white towels and knowing there is nothing anyone can do to save them. The documentary footage that I watched, I could see the firemen rolling up in their fire trucks and running into the building of the towers and you know they are going to die because you watched it on that day of 9/11. Thousands of people died and I just pray for the families and friends of the ones who lost their life on that day.

    1. Why pray? if there was such a thing as gods your gods could have saved them, or not let that happen in the first place, all praying done on that day amounted to "zilch" your gods were probably to busy finding empty parking spots or lost nylons for their sheeple.

    2. He is praying for the families and victims. He is feeling their sorrow, and pain and wishing them wellness. He could change his phrase from praying for the families to contemplating over the emotions and thoughts that run through his mind when he thinks about the event, and he wishes the families are doing well today.

      You say all praying done on that day amounted to zilch, which is completely false. For a lot of people prayer is a way to cope with the pain that day brought onto them. No miracles happened that day due to praying, but to say praying did zilch is an ignorant statement.

      What are you doing? Trying to feel good by insulting someone? Just insulting someone's faith for fun? Religion or no religion, you are still an ass.

    3. @John:

      Really? you made a claim by me saying praying did zilch is an ignorant statement, now the burden of proof rests on you to prove why it is an ignorant statement? And no circular logic.

      By the way are you feeling good by calling me names? Read the comment policy, before you proceed any further.

    4. you cannot expect this god you mention to be some kind of sugar daddy that will intervene whenever we humans need or want his help, if that were the case we would never grow and learn from life's experinces thus life would be just a waste of time with no challenges knowing full well we have an unseen God who has our back everytime we experince some form of stress wether internal or external!

  31. I saw this documentary for the first time today. It was surprising to me that the images of those falling were not seen after Sept 12. Being a Washingtonian, here on the day of the attacks, I was immersed in what happened at the Pentagon. But, having lived in NYC with friends there (one who actually saw people jumping out of the towers), I'd often thought what choice I would have made.

    I believe my choice would have been to jump/fall if I were able. I can imagine nothing worse than the feeling of burning to death. Yes, if that were my choice and a nearby window was open, I would choose to jump.

    1. There is nothing worse to me then falling a hundred stories to my death and the thought of splatting on the ground like a ripe tomato... I could not handle that ...i would have stayed in the building and tried to figure out a way to the lower floors with a wet cloth over my head. I still don't understand why they did not bring helicopters in if they didn't know the buildings were going to fall...with so many people waving tablecloths out the windows for an hour they said .. How about the giant inflatable stuff stunt people use ?? I'm sure they had a ton of that with all the film's they shoot. We should be devising ways to rescue people from high rise buildings..i love that bring a parachute to work if you work in a high rise...brilliant

    2. One last comment.. That family should not be thinking their loved one committed suicide by jumping so they are going to hell... They were already being killed by outside forces ...all they did was choose how they were going to die ... and I don't believe the God of love light and peace etc..is so cruel that he would send someone to hell who is already depressed and down on their luck.. If anything the people who caused them that much pain ...are much more likely to go to hell

  32. The Arab nations should be glad I'm not the U.S. President. They would walk the chalk line OR become parking lots.

    1. no the U.S should walk the chalk not the arab nations, the blame was placed on Saddam Hussein, Bush had no proof whatsoever too prove Hussein was responsible, neither did Bush have proof of WMD in that country.... there was none! Bush's next strategy was too implicate "freedom and Liberty" to the Iraq state which was really Bush-talk for "we want to control your government, your lives and implement U.S democracy in order to control your natural resources ....your oil.... before any other country does! And Obama continues to follow in Bush's steps to this very day!

  33. ThevArab nations should be glad I'm not the U.S. President. I would watch this documentary before I dealt with them - every time!

  34. The Arab nations should be thankful that I'm not the U.S. President. The Arab nations would walk the chalk line OR become parking lots.

  35. Sadness in it's truest form

  36. Very disturbing day in US History. I'm sure no one will ever forget how they felt as watched terrorist attacking us, but sadly "We Ain't seen nuthin yet!" as this is just the begining of the end of time here on Planet Earth!

  37. While I saw the photo and knew that there were some people who jumped the press made it seem that there was just a number. It really shows how horrible it must have been for these people when not a few but in fact 200 people jumped. When I saw the photo in the newspaper I too was angry but not at the photographer or the newspaper but at the people cause who did this.

  38. I think the controversial photograph of the falling man is beautiful. He knew he was going to die, and the picture itself is so composed and calm compared to the chaos of that day. it's quite a stunning and beautiful picture, taken at face value. The man, the subject yo could say, proabably wasn't thinking about art or photographical aesthetics. But if he could see the picture or whatever, I don't think he would mind terribly that if with his death someone happened to take a picture and it was a beautiful picture. At least on tiny, tiny good thing came out of his death and made people think. we can't hope for more than that/

  39. I'm wondering why there wasn't more of an effort made to rescue the people before they fell out of the building? How far is the nearest building from the Twin Towers? Couldnt someone have shot out parachutes into the windows near where the victims were leaning out of? Then the victims could have had some kind of chance. Or what about a rope connecting from a safe building to the floors that the people where stuck on? Or a safety net that they could jump out onto? I know all of this probbaly happend really quickly and rescue teams did not have enough time to react? I'm not certain as to how long the people were hanging out of windows until finally falling. But all reports I have read, just simply state that rescue helicopters could not get near the building. But did they think of other alternative rescue routes? I'm not dismissing any one's heroism. I'm simply curious. Maybe it will say in this documentary that i have not viewed yet...

    1. I am pretty sure that storing parachutes to shoot out of one building to another was not and is not practical. There would not be enough clearance for the chutes to open sufficiently. Also, a safety net to jump into would have to have been stories tall. The entire time between the 2nd plane crash and the collapse of that tower was only about 30 minutes. Not enough time to stage a rescue that the need for could never even have been imagined.

    2. the effects of too many hoolywood films right there. Alot of people in the news said 'it was just like a movie' - but it wasn't. Innocent people lost lives whereas in am ovie, the hero would have come up with a great plan. It's a shame it wasn't a movie. Hope the people rest in peace.

  40. Whotinnanny - I would think he would have answered your question with "get me the hell out of here!" People didn't jump, they were murdered. I would like to think that for those fleeting moments, these poor people got all the air they needed and some semblance of peace. I would like to think that.

  41. Sad part about the people who gave their lives to help out ground Zero unfortunately are forgotten after all that. They gained health issues, and the government fails to give them the help they need. Some may get a small sum of money, but not enough for their full expenses.
    Maybe it's changed since I saw that health care docu', maybe not. Either way, it's apparent that they deserve to be thanked more than just a mere medal, but by living their lives, not suffering.

  42. saw this about a year ago, thought it was fairly good

  43. “A ‘jumper’ is somebody who goes to the office in the morning knowing that they will commit suicide… These people were forced out by the smoke and flames or blown out.”

    So, that means they still get to go to Heaven and eat pizza with Jesus, right?

    1. yes they will; you won't!

    2. David are you all there??? what a stupid comment to make grow up

  44. I think these people are making the mistake of the argument from definition. Jumping out of a window is a method of suicide. Therefore if a person jumps out of a window is committing suicide. They are forgetting that some situations are so desperate, so outside of our daily experience, that jumping out of a window is the best option you have of preserving your life for just a few minutes longer.

  45. They say "no rational person would ever do that." Have you ever been on fire? How does a rational person who is on fire act?

  46. there were lots of jumpers that fateful day, why so many from floors that weren't on fire ? Google Dr Judy Woods and with an open mind examine the pure facts

  47. From the very first picture I saw of the falling man 10 years ago, I had a sense or feeling of ...."I'm not gonna let the bastard win". The bastard being the terrorists, or pure evil itself. I can imagine myself in the moment just as I understand death is inevitable, I would decide that I am going out on MY terms, not someone else's. Sacrifice of American lives is what the terrorists hoped to accomplish. I wouldn't give them the satisfaction of taking my life if there was an option to change it. I totally respect that man for choosing to free himself from the evil that was burning through that building. It must have been like walking through Hell literally. Obviously I don't know what he was thinking when he freely chose his own destiny, but I for one feel like he made a choice of dignity and faith in life ever after. May God bless his soul....he didn't let the bastard win.

  48. ...

  49. A thought provoking film. I've been welling up all day, hearing again the stories of the victims of 9/11. What must this man have been thinking as he launched himself into oblivion? I'm sure he thought about those he loved and would never see again and I think he did the right thing by not being burned to death or asphixiated.

    So...was it worth it for the nutters that caused 9/11? They have brought about over three thousand American dead, hundreds of thousands of muslims dead, hundreds of British dead, still no Palestinian state and half of the world world that despises Islam. The trouble is that these terrorists belong in the middle ages and the big mistake we have made is to share modern technology with them. Left to their own devices they'd still be rubbing sticks together to keep warm at nights and they'd never have the where withall to hurt the west.

    I'm British and proud of it. America, I salute you for trying to do the right thing and standing up to these thugs.

  50. How awful. "truthers" and conspiracy theorists are factually, morally, and blatantly Wrong. People who believe the nonsense and propaganda they spew are doing themselves a disservice, if they wish to understand the world as it is in reality.

    1. i feel sorry for you. you think our government does gods work? what are you a 5 year old in the 1950's? The corporations run your government. They run your media. Study some real world history and stop believing the REAL propaganda. We have the largest most high tech military in the world but a few dudes with box cutters held NORAD back for three hours? Every major war has started with a false flag attack like 9/11. We dont go anywhere there isnt a benefit for the corporations. We're entering into a three-front war here and you think it's for all our benefit? War benefits the common man? No. It benefits the mega rich. People with no allegiance to a homeland, only concerned with controlling "the herd". I think you may be the one who needs a reality check.

    2. "The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society."

      "Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government. "

      -Edward Bernays

    3. People who blindly believe anything they are told by "Authority" are reneging on their responsibility to educate themselves holistically in order that they may participate more effectively in the process of democracy. A healthy democracy depends upon an educated electorate. Michael points out below how Sigmund Freud's nephew turned the principles of propaganda into a tool for both business and governments to manipulate the masses like lemmings.

      It pains me deeply to see so many minds so effectively hijacked by such simple tricks.

      Turn off your TV and never read another newspaper as long as you live.

      It can be done. I've raised 2 extraordinary children without a TV in the house and I can assure you it makes a profound difference to IQ, individuality and creativity.

  51. Whotinnanny,
    I could not disagree more. A) the photographer was a professional AP photog, who did his job and did it well. B)This man deserves to be known, and his family may be at peace knowing what his fate was, just like the gentleman who was comforted by the picture he believed to be his wife falling.
    As we now remove the stigma for soldiers who commit suicide, we can remove the stigma from these folks who controlled their deaths, which can not realistically be coined 'suicides'. This picture did not rob the poor soul of any 'dignity'. There was no dignity in what happened, and he deserves to have his story told.

    1. You speak like someone who hasn't a clue what he's talking about. Were you in Lower Manhattan on September 11th? the man..."deserves to have his story told..." .. You're not interested in his story. You're fascinated by the moment and manner in which his life came to a sudden end. The way he died has no "stigma." What are you talking about? You people should be ashamed of yourselves. If you had any idea what that day was like you wouldn't disrespect the dead so flippantly.

    2. What are YOU talking about? How can you possibly know what I am and am not interested? If you saw this doc, you would realize that for some families and others, they did not want to believe their family members may have actually jumped. You're right, there is no stigma as far as I'm concerned, but for others, there was most certainly stigma attached to the jumpers. That's not me talking, it's clear in the movie. How do you know this guy would not have wanted his picture out there for his family to know how he died? If you saw the film, you would see that at least one other man was comforted by the thought that he recognized his wife as a jumper because it brought him a sense of peace, perhaps relative to the option of her death being slower and more agonizing? By the way, I have fallen forty feet off a cliff, and, for me,falling would be preferable to burning alive. I've seen life come to sudden and dramatic ends in real time, I don't have any 'fascination' with it, and you have no idea what I am 'interested in. Collect your thoughts so that you can make a cogent argument. And look up the definition of 'fascination'. 9/11 will always be fascinating. If only for the fact that it led some of the U.S. public to be okay with the invasion of Iraq. This documentary speaks to many provocative and fascinating topics of that day, so don't pretend to know which one interest me, that's an ignorant statement. If you disagree with the picture being shown, that's fine, I am not always right, and there is no 'right' answer to some of these questions, only opinion. If you're going to make an argument, put some effort in to it.

  52. Do you think if someone were to ask this man right before he jumped "Excuse me sir, do you mind if we take your photo as you are falling to your certain death, and paste it all over the web and newpapers for the world to see", he would have said "SURE! WHY NOT?" Come on, this is someone trying to capitalize on the fact he had a camera at this particular moment. Have some humanity. Allow the man to have his dignity. I hope the photog has a very publicized death and someone is there to get it on video.

    1. Whotinnanny, you ask a very interesting question. Do you think that this person, who was obviously torn between two terrifying options - burning to death or falling to his death, realized that he was probably going to be captured on film in one way or another? Do you think that he was worried about this as he was trying to decide which way he wanted to die?

      I think that this film opens the discussion about whether or not we should self-censor or censor at all. Yes, this death is tragic, along with the other deaths that day. However, if we are to tell the whole story of the people of that day, shouldn't we talk openly about the people who were forced to make such a terrible choice?

      I wouldn't wish this choice on anyone. Nor would I wish a horrible death on another human being. To quote the movie, these people were executed but they had a choice, they could burn to death or they could fall to their death. What choice would you make?

      This image strikes me like the images that came out of the Vietnam War and the conflict at Tiananmen Square. They paint a picture of a time of incredible distress. This man captured an image. He did not perpetrate a crime.

    2. Nobody should be attacking anyone for taking a picture. It's this morbid fascination and cottage industry that has propped up by these sickos with death scene fetishes.

    3. Ohh, i see..youre that type of fella who never got any attention from the other sex in school.."The loser".

      Bet your'e fun at parties.

    4. these people are fools who probably only know 9/11 as a news story about a country they only know about through movies or television, a distant superpower.

    5. whotinnanny - You clearly have mental health issues . dignity? u was drawn to the picture and the documentary as much as the next man was - so don;t come across all holier then thou the photographer done a good job in giving us a essence of how bad this poor soul was how scared he was that he choose to jump rather then burn

    6. I do not know what the man who filmed this was thinking except that it is quite believable to me that he put the camera between himself and reality. It is like a filter of the horror he was seeing. To later view it and realize that this man could and has become the tear that represents the hurt every NYer felt on that day, and EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN felt on that day, is a stroke of GOOD! The falling man, when viewed has the opportunity to remind every person who views it why freedom is NOT FREE and why we can NEVER FORGET, has become an icon in our memory. I think this picture represents so much for EVERY American and EVERY HUMAN! I am thankful that his death could be something that is able to touch EVERY person who views it. He could have certainly died silently as did all the others. Yet, his picture taken, has been an opportunity, and obviously I use that term as gently as I can. When veiwed, this picture represents and brings forth the hurt and fear we all felt on that day. The falling man will make sure, we NEVER FORGET! To that, I am forever grateful for him and to his photographer, no matter if his intentions were disingenuous or if they were sincere. I bet, if we could ask him today, if would want this picture to be used to remind us of this day and live in ways that never let things like this happen, he would side with the man who took the picture!

  53. To have Farenheit 9/11 as a similar documentary to the Falling Man is disgusting!

    1. Jesus you people are so stupid.

  54. The falling man represents the will to live! To say these people died in suicide could not be more wrong. Faced with certain death and the only way out is a window of uncertain death, the clear mind chooses the window. The falling man represents the will to live... that is why so many jumped. God Bless America!

  55. This brought it all back. Regardless if anyone believes there was a conspiracy or which conspiracy of choice you subscribe to, anyone watching it whose heart doesn't break all over again for the families of those lost in the attack, you may not be human.

  56. Moving film, touched me. I won't comment on the cause of the global free fall structural collapse of the Twin Towers here, but quality films like this only firm up my resolve we need a real investigation into the tragic day of September 11th.

    I can't imagine being in this building when all of this was going down. Just boggles the mind. A quality film that rightly so in a way, in the contexts of this touching human interest story film, does not get into the "Why" "Who" or "How?" the hell these buildings came down like that? We need to hang some criminals for Treason over this operation, and I don't care why we can't hold the individuals involved responsible, in this darkest of days in American history.

    Touching film, I will watch this film again in the future.

    1. Well said...I feel that this film does bring out a sense of individual personal response, somehow...
      I can assure you that I am well aware of what/what not my opinions may or may not mean to anyfnbody.... but, I can w/out doubt say it IS nothing but GOOD...how ,for instance, this well-made documentary can and will get MORE to question the stated facts....and 'Think for yourselves.'

  57. 911 was an inside job.

  58. I'm no USA citizen, a white caucasian, christian descent living in a UK coomonwealth country.

    The latino family has pretty weird beliefs that hell is the punition for someone who commited suicide if suicide was commited indeed.
    Because any individual who pass away in this material world just can't go to hell, nah!
    Because hell is no where else but here in this material world. It is so very obvious! Silly!
    If one doesn't go in a better world because of any reason anyone can think of, he simply doesn't anywhere. The end!

    Second, I seen many historical documentaries.
    From almost the stone age to WWII & WWI among the vicious crusades, roman empire and all...
    How many human beings hace lived through humankind history?
    Crucified among other torture?
    Some have lost grip from the WTC windows while G. Bush Sr. was busy dealing with Bin Laden Brother on the 9/11.
    His son (Jr.) authorized the Laden family jet to take off the USA territory for Saudi Arabia while all other airplanes were forbiden to fly (Grounded). That is a fact!

    From the times (Early 50's) where the CIA was created, organized, setting their "Line/Rules" of conduct by ex-German war criminals who were offered safe heaven in the USA.
    Is there any need to summarize all the abject criminal gammick they done since the 50's?
    If you don't know by now, you'll never know becauyse YOU JUST DON'T WANT TO KNOW.
    They had "Carte Blanche" license to kill/murder abroad the USA territory. Documented well known, recognized and corroborated facts all over the world.

    Since some, many have short memory, I'd like to recall the undercover CIA operation in Vietnam at one time for which they were requested by USA authorities to kill Viet sympatic to North Vietnam. Most were intellectuals.
    What is a so-called "Freedom Fighter"?
    There was a vote, much before you guys americans got in Vietnam.
    But you kept on backing the tyran, speudo democratic liar.
    As liar as Dick Cheney or the Bush's gang can be.
    You voted them in, twice in a row?
    It is a legal obligation to vote in the USA.

    Therefore, my doubt is: Why would there be a need black blank the eyes of the falling guy while there wouldn't be any need to black blank the eyes of the little vietnamese teen-girl running nude over a bridge her skin dangling down after her family house was bombed by a "Made in america" napalm bomb?

    How many other countries? Chili, Nicaragua, Iran, so forth...
    To me, the dispair of an human being seeing his 300 years old family house destroyed by an Israeli army tank or bulldozer after an Israeli Gov. official came to summon his eviction because his "Thora" holy books state that his God told him God gave Israel that land where sits his house is indeed the very same dispair as the "Falling Man" may have endured.

    No other human beings on planet earth is a freedom fighter?
    Maybe the same as the USA citizen teen-girl who got shot by an Isreali soldier while visiting her penpal Palestinian girlfriend as well?

    Anyone who look at all that from a third party view has second thoughts. If you don't have the guts to rectify the obvious crooked, that make a hopeless situation.

    450 millions in USA.
    4 billions on planet earth.

  59. This was a very disturbing and realistic Doc.The picture of the man falling in the picture makes my feel every emotion that the human mind can comprehend. I question the motive behind the news paper that first pulished the picture.Was their motive:
    1)to sell papers at the exspence of a man falling to
    his death.
    2)to spread fear in the American public?
    3)to show sympathy for the falling man?
    4)or to make Americans pissed-off and pump them up
    for war?
    What ever the motive is it was a very emmotional immage of watching a fellow American go to his death.We Americans are not used to this coward act of terroism.Nor should we expect to sit idly by and let be.Contrary to some of the beliefs in the comments,America does not deserve the acts that fell upon us on 9-11.
    Our nation is made up of many cultures and we all need to stick together and save our free way of life.It hasn't been that long since the cowards came onto our soil and marred it.
    My sincere condolances go out to the families that lost love ones in 9-11.And for all the brave men and women in our armed forces be proud of what your doing and don't let any of the negative publicity detour you from doing your job.

    For the family of the falling man.You know he didn't commit suicide and he is in eternal peace.

    PS.Who is this clown "Wanderer"? punk)

  60. Way up top of the posts was what some are saying is an 'insulting' comment from "Chops". I see it as they were trying to explain that the 'life of getting ahead materialistically, is not a real life at all. Too bad some see it as the best way to live. I do not. We don't need big screen tv's etc., to have a good life. We need compassion, and a shoulder for our world to lean/cry on. Afterall, did our ancestors in caves have all the amennities we have now?(sp) No, they did not. Money and all its trappings are a man/devil made trap. We are all slaves to that grind, whether you like to see that truth or not. Do you realize we don't even own what we have in our homes and driveways? Look it up. We have signed away all our rights and freedoms when we were born, by our unsuspecting parents. yes the Birth Certificate gives you away at birth to the Corperation call the United States. Yes it is a 'Run For Profit' Business Corperation.

  61. Why would anyone argue on a documentary of this...this is a sensitive topic why start an aimless argument? sorry this is an annoying comment and awful pointless but seriously? this is heart touching, and painful for some people why fight on it?
    I apologize because I realize the stupidity of my comment.

    Has no one stopped to think that most likely many people fell,slipped,fainted from the fumes,lost their grip and could hold on no longer,walked blindly over the edge or made a choice to jump?I think it's the jumping that strikes a chord in the deepest part of our psyche because we put ourselves in that horrifying position.We play it over and over in our own minds.How would we feel?What would be our last thought?What does a person think of in flight?Is there thought?Is there terror,sadness,dread,pain,fear,calmness?Thats what I think of when I see the photo of the falling man.It makes my heart ache and my whole being imagine how fleeting yet how very slow and terrifying that fall must have been.

  63. Of all the horrors of that day, it is the jumpers who affect me the most. I cannot imagine having to make that choice, and then following through on it. YouTube has videos devoted entirely to the memory of the jumpers. It is so hard to watch. Some even held hands as they jumped; one woman looked up at the sky for a few moments before she spread her arms and then took the plunge.

    The man who has invented the lowering device I mentioned above was particularly disturbed by the helicopters that circled round and round but could do nothing to help the people crammed at the windows. That is the one good that has come out of this. They inspired an inventor to produce a lowering harness that people could use by themselves.

    Never did I think I would live to see such a horrid sight as what happened on that day. It makes me appreciate each day I am alive.

  64. This is the photo that I remember...more than the three rescue workers raising the flag...I remember only seeing it once and wondering why it went away...it has stuck in my mind the most. The thought of what it could have been like inside those walls..the thought of actually haveing to think of the options you have..or don't have. The action of actually choosing one and following thru...I will never forget these images.

  65. @Andrew C - Most of these people jumped because they could not find a way to navigate down as there was none. They were faced with being incinerated in an inferno raging all around them or jumping out of the window. There was no hope of getting out--period. They chose what they believed to be the less painless method.

    BTW, I recently read where a man watching videos of the jumpers was inspired to invent a device whereby people can lower themselves even from 100 story buildings at a safe rate. The device can fit in a file drawer and weighs about 20 lbs. It is currently in pre- production and he is going to donate 300 of them to the City of New York.

  66. @Charles B:

    Through some unforeseeable circumstances, came face to face with death a few times myself, did not have time to think of any gods nor souls, that was the last thing on my mind, only a very, very, weird feeling that this is it, end of the line, almost something that was familiar to me, that I went through before!

  67. Mr. Overy: When men a women are dying, God is often one of the foremost things on their mind. At least for the moment, it's still mostly a free world; you point out when you think is notable, and we shall do the same. What would you be thinking at the moment you were forced out that window? Your bank account? Let's hope not! Your loved ones? Let's hope so! Your eternal soul and where it was going? Most certainly. How selfish of you to forbid mention of the most important matter in the whole universe (and I mean that quite litterally), expecially at such a time when reflection on the matter is most needed.

  68. I found this film disturbing. Not only did it project a man in some zen like posse in the main photograph, it completely envelopes the tradegy of the falling, or jumping, victims of 9/11. It really makes you think of what it was like to be them and I found that to be horrifying.

    @everyone: Wow no matter where we turn or what we view, religion becomes the main focus of the topic. Forget about those that suffered that day your !@#$%^& god is more important. HOW SELFISH OF ALL OF YOU!!!

  69. Joe_nyc

    God did not do this. Sick people with an agenda this this, the same people type of people that commit genocide. The people that only care for money or power. Religious motivations do not lead to war, it is the war profiteers and deceivers that lead war.

    Stop and reflect on who has the greatest motive to kill people. Real victims of a tragedy do not wish the same to others, because the mature emotional mind understands that it dosent make one feel better. Two wrong dont make a right. Rather it is ones personal pride of lust for power that highjacks a mind to lead to such atrocities.

    Capitalism is failing as an social system. It has taken over our democracy and left it incapable of serving it constituents for many years now.

    This was not a crime by the faith of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, or any other faith. Look throughout history, the elitist have used the cover of religion to push forth their agenda. READ, in addition to watching if you really care about the lives that were lost that horrible day. I think we owe at least that much to our lost friends and their families.

  70. Cynthia

    That was incredibly insensitive of you trying to rape and trample my friend's death by parading your god.

    Your god killed him.

  71. That was nice, Cynthia.

  72. I find it heart wrenching that the families of the victims who were forced to jump from those towers of inferno due to the heat and smoke are actually wrestling with whether or not their loved one committed suicide, and therefore, whether or not his or her soul is damned due to this. I'm not a theologian by any means, but as the daughter and granddaughter of Christian ministers, nothing that I've heard or read in the Bible makes me believe these poor people endangered their souls by leaping or falling to their inevitable deaths.

    Given the choice, many of us would likely have chosen the same fate. However, I think we are already in error when we say "choice." Witnessing their fellow coworkers and friends being incinerated had to be a hell-on-earth experience. Many of them may have taken the fall with the thought that at least their loved ones would have a body to bury, however broken that body would be. In addition, literally throwing one's life into the hands of the Creator was not an act of suicide, in my opinion. I believe many souls were carried away by the angels before their bodies even made contact with the earth. God is so much more merciful, great, and kind than we will ever know on this side of life. God is love.

    1. your GOD was so merciful it allowed them to scream in horror and think of not ever seeing their kids and grandkids ever again. have to go thru the mental torture of either picking to burn slowly to death or jump not only to be smashed to death..what a merciful god he is

  73. Every nightmare that I have had trying to deal with 9/11 involves the innocent human victims of this most cowardly attack. I wish I could have been there with them, I would have tried everything to save and be saved.

    Eventually these terrible deaths will be vindicated and justice will be served to those that are truely responsible for this most wicked and evil crime.


  74. YES! The poetry is silly.

    Also, I ate this guy.

    I'm just sayin'

    "I love the dead before their eyes;
    No farewells no goodbuys!
    I never even knew your now rotting face!

    While friends and lovers mourne your silly grave...

    I have other uses for you... darling...

    I LOVE THE DEAD! ...Before they're cold;

    The bluing flesh for ME to hold;

    Cadaver eyes, upon me see... NOTHING..."

    Alice Cooper.

  75. 29:00 "I saw grace." "I saw a stillness" I saw a quietness" This is disgusting. This is a human being falling to his death! Don't insult our inteligence with a shallow poetic perspective. The photo was in the paper to sell papers, period.

  76. Great Documentary. Gives a new view of 9/11. I still believe that it was an inside job which upsets me as a human but we can't forget the family affected.

  77. i think imight just start carrying a parachute around with me especially when entering a building more then a few stories high i cant imagine the terrorist these poor innocent people must have felt. i would never consider the jumpers suicides they were given very little choice. it forced on them.so sad i still cant believe that such a thing happend scary thought is that it could happen again.

  78. @Nansye

    Those were my thoughts exactly. Although I'm sure many people jumped on purpose, it irritated me that the documentary assumed that the guy committed suicide. There's no way to know for sure what happened.

    I think it's awful that Norberto's family had to go through that ordeal because of the media. It's bad enough he died, but then to have to go through that for nothing....

  79. What is really interesting about this film is the fact that in time of crisis, we as human being shield ourselves from some images. I believe to see the world in a proper way to must learn to unflinchingly look at these images (not just the inspirational heroism that is shoved down our throats). The falling man was a part of 9/11. as much as and maybe more so than the survival stories.

    On a separate note, we also need to learn to look at images of death and carnage on the streets of Iraq or Afghanistan. Solders and Civilians. They are every bit a part of the story as the solders returning, or the flag covered bodies. We must learn to look at those images before we send our boys to war. I am not anti-war, I am just saying you are not really pro-war if you can't bear to look.

  80. Hi Vlatko thanks for adding "The Falling Man" to share for all the world to see. ~ Debra ~

  81. I find myself in the position of being on the fence between religion and atheism, not knowing for certain which is correct, so my perspective on the falling man video is that when we face death, we accept it, or reject it.
    Those who accept take the road that seems least painful. If you know you are going to die, does it matter how it ends? From a religious perspective, bad things happen to good people because we are all given choice in what we do, this is never taken from us. The terrorists made choices that interferred with others choices, and they would be held accountable for it in the life to come, just like the innocent make choices that they realize the consequences of later in life or beyond. having said that, I don't know for sure which way is correct, there are too many "what if's" and alternate explainations for things that one person believes and others don't believe. You can't even trust photographs anymore, they might be photoshopped..... What can you believe in? I do however feel that if religion steers you towards kindness, tolerance, and ethical behavior it is not a waste of time.
    Those who jumped from the towers can't be expected to think clearly or have thought through all the consequences and backlash of opinions that we might have years later. When you are feeling the overwhelming heat and suffocation, and staring down 100 floors to the concrete, you want to have air. You want to survive, and you do what makes sense to you in the moment. Everyone that had access to a window knew their options, I don't think they were suicidal in the least. At that moment you decide what you believe, and act accordingly. Your choice doesn't change if you are religious or not.
    I find it interesting that the discussion is about an event that is the result of conflicting opinions, and so there is conflict and even hostility in the discussion of it. It seems to be an inescapable trait of humans.

  82. Wanderer: Yes, I know how old my wife is -- to the day in fact. I need not answer the other question; that's a sacred act when done in "holy matrimony" as the old saying goes, but mostly I knew 100% she was a virgin because she told me it was so, and I believed her 100%.

  83. The Falling Man reminds me of Bagman in Tiananmen Square.

  84. For the suicide/jumping part... Does anybody really believe they jumped by free choice??

    A bunch of people going to their work everyday hoping a couple of planes will crash into their workplace so they can put their suicidal plans in motion?

  85. Your wife ´was a 30+ something´?
    You didn´t even know how old the woman you married were?

    And how excactly were you 100% sure she was a virgin? Please explain...

    This just gets better and better...

    You just keep entangeling yourself in your new-age unicorn-god rantling...

  86. @ Charles B
    Very eloquently put. Thats exactly how I feel.I think America is looking at this picture of this falling man in 2 distinctly different ways.
    1- they are using the image to conjour up all the negative polictical fervour and history that has resulted in such atrocities
    2- or (like myself) they are seeing it for what it actually is. you see, I cannot get past the image of that falling man - in its purest simplicity.

  87. I've thought about this for 3 days now. Would I "jump" in this situation, or would I not?

    If I "jumped" I'm sure I'd be praying for angels to catch me, but I think I'd rather do anything other than jump (unless I was trying to make a parachute and get to another building).

    Unless I was on the window sill and it was so hot I couldn't hold on and literally burned me off, I don't think I'd jump.

    It's too disterbing to contemplate any longer.

    Perhaps they were hoping their bodies could be recovered by their loved ones rather than charred beyond recognition and never claimed.

    I wouldn't consider any of these "jumpers" as suicide, however. God only knows.

    I hope I'm never faced with such a choice.

  88. Wanderer: You have no idea how much grief I've recently suffered by mentioning someone else's wife (and I wasn't even trying to be rude)! You're comment, on the other hand was truly rude.

    Nonetheless, I didn't think much of it, until Sadie pointed out that you should apologize.

    FYI, my wife was very much a 30+ something vergin on the day I married her. Of that I'm 100% certain. It wasn't something I ever asked of God, but God blessed me with a very virtuous wife indeed that had kept herself just for me.

  89. @ wanderer
    yes I agree that we can learn a lot about 'priorities' and whats really important from poorer countries.

  90. it should maybe been called The Fall of Man due to no-one standing up and being counted or alternatively The Fall of Man due to no-one being bothered.

    Yes it's our governments that enter into the conflicts that daily affect all our lives, but we collectively must either make a stand or accept that we are part of that problem by default.

    End of the day, imho nothing will stop the runaway train that is global greed and smash and grab politics, I think it's all way too late for that. So although these poor people faced their horrible almost unthinkable solutions there on that day, we who live on and have to deal with the apocolypse to come may well be the ones to feel sorry for.

  91. @Sadie

    I´m Swedish and i also live and work in Sweden now.

    But i have both travelled and worked in many places around the world.

    It´s hard to pick a specific place/land/city/spot as my favourite though. I´ve met wonderful people and seen beautiful places all over.

    But one thing that maybe has left the deepest impact on me is that the poorer country i´ve been in, the happier and "warmer" people are to eachother. That is something i think we in the "rich" countries should learn from. :)


  92. @ Charlotte

    You have obviosly given this a lot of deep thought, I appreciate your sincerity. can I ask you? - what do you think we (or the Americans) are in denial about? Id like your viewpoint

  93. The film portrayed how we are in denial. And yes I agree with the conclusion that his identity is not important because the falling man represents all of us. I would have entitled the film The Fall of Man due to our denial of our intense negative feelings that we all hold but are in denial.

  94. and if I remember, the New York Coroners office office official announcement was that there 'were no suicides' - Why do you think they did that? I think it was for 2 reasons
    1 - that they pre-empted the problems that could arise with insurance claims
    2- they accept that those poor people that jumped were in a 'lose-lose' situation, and they just wanted to take comtrol of their imminent death. I cannot believe that any of those people who jumped, had intended to commit suicide that day.
    and thats why this is so tragic. .

  95. @ andrew c

    I agree - neither could I imagine suicide without a purpose, but I think that was the whole point of thus documentary wasn't it? or was I missing the point?

  96. @ wanderer

    have you travelled many places? where do you live now? whats your favourite place in the world? excuse all the questions but I like talking to peoplke that travelled! regards 2u2 Sade

  97. They choose death...

    I couldn't imagine a situation where I would suicide without a purpose. If would have to be giving up my life to save many others or my family.

    I wouldn't have jumped. I would have died trying to navigate my way down. Why surrender? I think these people made the wrong choice. I don't care about the religious reasons. I just think it's wrong to throw away life because you seem to be in a hopeless situation.

    Fight to the bitter end.

  98. @Sadie

    If you want to see for yourself (which i think all persons should, because traveling around the world and meeting people from all around the world is atleast for me personally the greatest way to grow as a human being), i think you should travel to as many countries and continents as you possibly can.

    I´ve met alot of wonderful americans on my travels around the world, but what strucks me with almost all of them is ho apologetic they feel for being american.

    Sad, because you have a beautiful country and were built on wonderful thoughts and ideologies whom have sadly faded away...


  99. @ wanderer

    i just thought it was rude to mention charles wife in such a way regardless of yr beliefs or his - it was plain bad manners.
    where do you think i should travel to - in order for me to see the things you claim are being said against americans? i dont follow politics or religion sorry.

  100. Regarding my narrow point of view... You Americans really should go outside your own borders once in a while and you will meet another truth then your government tells you.

    Much of the rest of the world is laughing at you and despise you. Sorry, but still very true.

  101. @Sadie/Charles B

    What excactly am i´m generalizing about?

    That the US went to war against Iraq because they had weapons of mass destruction (which they didn´t)

    Or that the US went to war against Vietnam, even though Vietnam hadn´t lifted a finger against the US or that the US went to war against Panam just because the current government didn´t want to co-operate with the US? The list goes on and on and on and on............

    Please give me an example of what i´m generalizing about Sadie/Charles B

    Sure, i´m agnostic and i´m gonna ask for forgiveness for my rude comment towards Mr. Charles B

    Let us see how forgiving this ´man of the only true god´is, shall we.


  102. @ wandererout

    and your comment about Charles wife was extremely rude and uncalled for - you need to apologise and refrain from getting personal Sir

  103. @ wanderer
    You are generalising way too much - and looking at things from your own (very narrow) point of view Sir. Im unable to reason with people like you but I respect you nonetheless

  104. @Sadie

    To answer your first question: I don´t have any hostility against the average american citizen, but i do have a huge hostility against american foreign politics during the last 50 years give or take.

    I do also have hostility against brainwashed religious people. That´s a tuffer nut to crack though, since they´re usually so far past the point of no return for there to be any reason to try to reason with them.

    My comment about his wife was maybe a little out of line, even though i don´t dissmiss it as true, but he was the one who insulted me first... and i who always thought christians were told to turn the other cheek...

    For your second question: No, i´m actually relatively new to this site (a month or two) and i´ve already fell in love with it!

    Big thanks to Vlatko for helping us educating ourselves!


  105. @ wanderer

    Call me 'dumb' but I sense a little hostility in you towards America and Charles B.?
    Now Im just thinking out loud here...can I ask have you ever been on this site with a differnt blog name? either A****t, F****A, or one of which made refence to Charles b?
    (Oh dear, I really dont want to go down this road....again, but I cant seem to stop myself!)

  106. @Charles B:

    Why are youse getting paranoid about Randy, he probably still is in "New Joizy"

    Don't think you should be expecting any knocking on your door any time soon! Well... maybe. (LOL)

  107. And korea and the Philliphines are breathing fresh air because of the U.S????

    Please explain...

  108. @Charles B

    Sounds like i hit a hot spot for u there. but i suppose being a guy who is a christian nut case like u seem to be, there´s no reason debating with you.

    Do you have any idea how many people have been raped, murdered and molested in the name of your unicorn-god though?

    Geesz man, you´re really up in the blue aren´t you...

    (Wouldn´t surprise me if you found your wife on a ´lil sex vacation in the Philliphinnes either)

  109. @ Wanderer

    Those remarks that you wrote augers well for a hot debate, which I, for one am reluctant to enter into - as I just dont know enough. I am learning so much from just listening to others though! (I just need to learn to keep my big mouth shut!)
    @ Charles B.
    No, & I must admit I am quite sad that Randy is not giving us the 'new jersey' approach, I DO so hope he is ok! regards to you and yours, The Celt

  110. Has anyone heard from Dr. Randy in the past 3 or 4 days? I hope he's well and still in New Jersey!

  111. Wanderer: You seem like an i-diot to me! I'm married to a Filipina and live in Korea; both countries are breathing free air today because of the U.S. of A.! I highly suggest if you live in the U.S.A. and talk like that you should move your opinion and live in AFGHANISTAN, IRAQ, VIETNAM, PANAMA, PAKISTAN, LEBANON, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, CUBA, GRENADA, SPAIN, NICARAGUA, MEXICO, LAOS, PALESTINE, SOMALIA or YUGOSLAVIA and see how well you like the country. I removed the Philippines and Korea as I don't want to ever meet you, thank you very much.

  112. Could it be that the american people ´self-censored´ this picture on themselves because it remainded them to much that they brought the event of 9/11 onto themself by warmongering around the world for 50 years?

    I do feel with all the victims of the 9/11 attack.

    I am sure i missed a few)


  113. @ jono

    I most certainley do NOT expect you to subscribe to ANYTHING at all! .....because I dont subscribe to ANY of Charles B.'s beliefs either - neither to I 'subscribe' to any of the other religious 'rantings' Im reading on this site.
    Nevertheless I respect and admire those that find comfort in their own beliefs, as I also find peace in myself.

  114. will re-do without the sweary ^^
    @Sadie the Celt

    As to the “and also looks to blame Religion when this like this happen” I wasnt blaming religion, I was blaming people blindly following a God figure and using it as an excuse for attocities.

    Everyone has their own way of dealing with things, but in the end the old adage “S*** will happen” would seem to be absolute. If there were no concept of God or religion then a different excuse would be used of that I have no doubt.

    Man will commit attrocities against man, it’s the nature of the beast, if Charles finds his God helps him, then good for him, but please don’t expect me to susbscribe to it especially when we are talking about a “Holy War”.

  115. oops used the Sh** word and its in moderation, strange I thought the board auto edited.

    Go figure ><

  116. @Sadie the Celt

    As to the "and also looks to blame Religion when this like this happen" I wasn't blaming religion, I was blaming people blindly following a God figure and using it as an excuse for atrocities.

    Everyone has their own way of dealing with things, but in the end the old adage "s@#$ will happen" would seem to be absolute. If there were no concept of God or religion then a different excuse would be used of that I have no doubt.

    Man will commit atrocities against man, it's the nature of the beast, if Charles finds his God helps him, then good for him, but please don't expect me to subscribe to it especially when we are talking about a "Holy War".

  117. Oh and slso ( and I hope Charles B. reads this)
    I see him as a very compassionate man - he comes across as very very kind to everyone

  118. @ Jono

    Yes! ha ha your absolutely right! sometimes I think Charles B. is crazy to stick his neck out - time after time!
    but then, a little part of me so admires his dogged belief - I respect him for this - (I dont necessarily AGREE tho! But he has my respect)

  119. @Sadie the Celt

    Amen to that, he has the nuts to debate his beliefs.


  120. and if Charles B has found his way, nobody should criticise this....if you dont agree with his viewpoint, at least respect it hey?

  121. Religion Religion Religion!
    everybody looks to religion for the answers - and also looks to blame Religion when this like this happen.
    Find an answer - by looking into life - it doesnt have to be religious, but maybe Religion "works" for you?
    I have my own way of dealing with horrors such as 9/11 - but I dont want to start another 'religious furor'!
    We just have to find our own way -

  122. @Charles

    Sorry man I wasn't meaning to come off as horrible, but unfortunately nearly every major attrocity in modern and ancient times were done in the name of God. What exactly makes yours better than theirs, answer, nothing. Remeber, they believe just as strongly as you do.

    Why are you right and not them, how can you know?

  123. I must say to watch this film is very heart wrenching & soul moving. In saying that, I mean that no matter whom this individual is, whether he is Mr. J. E. Briley or Mr. N. Hernandez, recognized as the “Falling Man”. He is a creation of God the Almighty, a Man & most of all a very brave & courageous individual. Put yourself in his shoes, NO WAY OUT but down or thru 1000+ degree fire, In the very last moment of his life knowing full well that his end in this world was very near & at hand by fire or fall. This man he, in my mind, took his final leap of faith knowing that everything he was, would be forever at the mercy of his creator, while embracing the inevitable end.

    This man is BRAVE, even beyond Brave, to be able look death in the face and leave this world with such conviction as to seem to others as a faithful final leap. I believe this is what he was FORCED to do, what many brave individuals did that fateful day! But let us not forget they did not do it by their own volition…. they were forced to choose which way to leave this world by the EVIL, WICKED, SELF SERVING ABOMINATIONS known as “Radical Islamists”.

    This is a message to us all, that message being even in death brought on by Radical fanatics, if we all have a choice to our inevitable departure from this world we should do it according to our OWN choice not that of evil men. No matter what let us not forget that these people were murdered, not suicidal people……just … unfortunate victims, that deserve remembering, respect & reverence as humans by birth & Americans by the grace of GOD! “NOT JUMPERS”

  124. @ charles

    See this is what makes you guys look so blind and like your grasping for straws. If God was there, why did he let those planes hit the buildings in the first place? Surely you see the ineffectual and and false nature of a savior that would allow this to happen but then talk to the woman while she was hurting and all. If I had of been her, and I thought it was an angel or God- we would have argued buddy. I would have been like, "Look, I really don't care about talking to you right now. Do you think your omnipotent a#$ could help me out a little here. I mean you just let two buildings fall on my head and hundreds of people die, and now you want to talk. Either save me and make this stop or leave me alone!"

    Achem is absolutedly right, God was no where to be found in this mess. Well other than being the motivating factor behind the bad guys. Religees never cease to amaze me, you guys are just not all there man- that's all I can say about it. Lets face it the river zion over ran and all these people were left to drown. Left to scream, "I am come home now, fetch me the spirit the son and the father and tell them thy pillar of faith has ascended." But no one ever answered thier call, all God's children crept out the back door long ago.

  125. Well I really enjoyed this documentary because I thought it was made with sensitivity, yet also shows the power of Media - and the emotion it evokes. that picture was dramatic in the sense that it horribly balances art and destruction with the loss of human life.
    I would not be surprised if it did win the Pulitzer prize - the pictures and fooirage of 9/11 are so harrowing, yet that ONE picture summed it up. I will never ever come to terms with 9/11 - nobody should

  126. @charles, you can attribute evil to god if you refer to scripture.

    Isaiah 45:7 (King James Version):
    I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

    also, if god knows everything he made man knowing the outcome and all the evil. if he has the power to stop it and doesnt....im sorry he is unjust

    .....whoa deja vu

  127. There is no importance on the identity of the falling man, as finally the documentary concludes. That man, whoever he had been, represents the suffering of all americans and of all the world on that terrible day. It allows us no only to imagine the despare and the suffering of all those people who were in those buildings, but to have the real dimension of what was going on there. Let's pray for them and ask and have faith some day we will reach the peace.

  128. @Charles B:

    Why can't I free your doubtful mind and melt your cold cold heart.
    "Hank Williams Jr."

    Because everything you say Charles just does not make any sense!
    You live in La La, land!
    It seems that the gods of the terrorists were much more powerful, Yes?
    So your so called god was completely ineffectual! as always.

  129. I will try to make this my last post.

    Jono: That was a horrible thing to say! Islamic terrorists do not equal God. My link is still in moderation, but here is my post without the link. when I searched “last survivor pulled from the World Trade Center.” Here is the story about Genelle Guzman McMillan that came up. Read her story first before you comment. It was even in TIME Magazine and others.

    She says via this article:

    “On some weeknights now, McMillan can be found working a volunteer hot line at the Brooklyn Tabernacle Church. Sometimes the people on the phone have no idea she is the last survivor found in the trade center rubble. There is no reason to tell them, she says.

    But sometimes, if her pastor asks, she speaks about her time in the rubble and her long talk with God. [asking for a miracle].

    It’s then that she speaks of Paul [the angel].

    “I wasn’t dreaming,” she says. “I was wide awake. I know it was an angel. That was my miracle.”

    You guys do not believe in God, angels, nor the supernatural. It tants every thing you think and say. Yahoo her name, and then read the story before you discredit a valid story. She asked for a miracle and she got one. Perhaps others did too that made it out alive. Do you know for sure that they didn't?

    My last thought: As Epic said, I didn't want to make this a religious debate, but yes, bad things happen to good people, and sometimes bad things even happen to God's own people. That's a given, but it is the evil hearts of man that create that evil (in concert with satan in one form or another). You cannot attribute to God the evil within our own evil human hearts.

    In my eyes, His love and care for Genelle Guzman McMillan is no less a miracle just because He allowed others to stand before Him in person via death in the attack on the twin towers.

    I wasn't expecting such a harsh reaction to such a heart-warming story. You guys never cease to shock me sometimes with your cold hearts.

  130. Charles, sorry but religion was at the whole root of this. It was an abomination by believers that they and their God were in the right.

    I have said before, I find no argument with anyone who holds a belief, I do however have to disagree that a caring God will save one human while putting others into a situation that they are forced to jump from 140 odd storeys to escape a horrifing death.

    The argument does not stand my friend, sorry.

  131. @charles, as far as saving one over the other i would consider even myself useless if i was some how miraculously saved and COUNTLESS UNIMAGINABLE others were being killed and tortured at that same time. even some who others would never know about. atrocities that nothing would be learned from. just pointless terrible things. we are all useless as far as that goes.

    the reason that faithful comforter wasnt there was because he was NEVER THERE. there are a few options. one would be that she is making it up, that is the worst case scenario. a second would be that she was so affected by the trauma that was occurring that her brain made a comforting delusion, another could be that she was unconscious most of the time and dreaming that. ALL OF THOSE, are much much much more likely given the world we live in.

    i understand you prefer your bias but my bias is not what I prefer. its what is, at least, falsifiable.

  132. Epic: Have a heart. If she was your mother, or sister, or your daughter, would you still call her "useless"? Who knows why she was spared while others were not. Read the story first. The one holding her hand said he would not leave her, so when she was found by the firefighters, why was this faithful "comforter" not there whereas he had been there for hours before that?

    Nonetheless, peace to you. One of my close friends and a missionary to China was knifed to death and left a wife and six daughters behind. Why him and not me? I asked God that myself as he was killed by a mutual aquantence I had had in my home many times. Perhaps God spared my heart as I was not ready at that time and he was.

    At that point in time, I would have traded places with him so his girls wouldn't be "fatherless" but now that I have my own family, I'm glad I lived as well. Why? I may never know, but God's ways are never unfeeling and cold.

    We all hold a bias; I just rather like mine better than yours! ;-)

  133. okay so you believe the story is true due to a preheld bias. and you probably feel the woman is credible because of the emotional appeal for one, and two because she is confirming a bias you hold.

    that is not very skeptical.

    god holds this useless womans hand while countless die pointlessly, not only there but around the world. while countless are raped and tortured. god not doing a thing. but he saves that woman who i promise you will go on to do absolutely nothing spectacular.

    can you TRY to be skeptical about things that DESERVE skepticism?

    again with this double standard of evidence as well.

  134. Epic: I have a post in moderation with the link to the story I was talking about. I'm so happy I found it, but in a different place. Check back later after it clears moderation. Hopefully. It IS on topic this time. Her name is: Genelle Guzman McMillan.

  135. I believe in angels and it was an interview of the woman herself. It was her belief also, as she was a Christian woman. If you believe angels are real and you meet someone that you feel is credible, then why not believe them? I might actually be able to find the story if I search hard enough so you won't have my filter. I bet they have the magazine on-line.

    I was just responding to Razor's comment viewed through "Godless colored glasses".

  136. @charles, i would hate to discuss religion here because this has NOTHING to do with it unless you include the extremist muslims responsible.

    but to your angel story.....why do you believe it?

  137. Mr. Razor: God was there that day; I don't understand why things happened they way they did. It's not my place to answer.

    However, I remember reading the story of one of the last women if not THE last person (a black woman) to be pulled from the rubble in what I think was the Pentecostal Evangel Magazine. She said someone held her had the entire time and even talked with her until they pulled her out. When she inquired who it was, they said, "No one was there when we found you. No one fits your description on our team." It was an angel. I wonder if I could find that story on-line. I'm going by memory, but the gist of the story is correct.

    God might have saved hundreds if not thousands that we do not know about. We don't know everyone's story. You assume greatly when you say that "your Gods are ineffectual!"

  138. That was a 10+ documentary. One of the best I've ever watch. Thank you again, Vlatko for your website.

  139. @Emmanuel:

    There was no all knowing and powerful "one", there that day at all! he must have been busy somewhere else! Your Gods are ineffectual!

  140. @ Leonardo Silveira

    Are you seriouse? You see this as the average suicide, how dence can you get. These people made a decision that you will probably never face, die slowly in agony or get it over with. This is definetly not comparable to the average suicide buddy. You are one insensitive cold person man. yes the deaths in Iraq and around the world are just as terrible, but thats not what this documentary was about was it. There are docs about those deaths same as there are docs about these deaths, no one said they were not equal to some extent- you simply decided to read it that way. Can you say "bitter" boys and girls.

  141. @Joe; You are right lets not relive. But thank you for your contribution at that time. NYers prooved one thing that day, that no matter how self centered and rude we are portrayed we rally to help others when the chips are down.
    @Hemant; There are many reasons to dislike "dubya" but his dedication and response to what happened that day were admirable. He, as well as former mayor Juliani and former governor Petaki, stood above all politicos in that time of need. We can hate them for anything outside of the homeland response to that day. They were good to the victims families respectfull of the tragedy and available to the public needs.

  142. Great memoriam to these victims.

    What bothers me is the "ASSUMPTION" that these victims were jumpers; has it occurred to no one, how many of these people just might have slipped in their desperation for AIR????

    In one photo there are a lot of people "crammed" into the open windows and we cannot assume that ANY of these victims were jumpers. My only point is that look at what the "shoppers" did trying to get into a store to buy toys!! Desperation can also make victims.

  143. I dont know what final thought's went through these poor people's mind's as they made thier decission to fall may thier god bless them. A very powerful and thought provoking documentary.
    Linda ;-*

  144. will dubya(ous) and his cronies answer the distraught families?

  145. This is getting away from the topic of the documentary but it absolutely floors me that people still keep referring to the "ground zero mosque". It is NOT a mosque that was proposed. It was a community centre that would have a area for prayer in it. But even if, for the sake of argument, it was an actual mosque to be built, what are opponents saying; that EVERY Muslim and EVERYONE from the Middle East is a terrorist? Wouldn`t that be like saying EVERY Southerner in the U.S belonged to and/or supported the KKK? Generalizations of such magnitude are stupid and dangerous, no matter who they are aimed against.

  146. Reason

    I was at near Holland tunnel when the first plane struck. We all thought it was a crazy tourist copter accident...Anyhow; no need to relive that day. While you were at the ground zero volunteering I was one of the those people giving out bottle waters to volunteers on the 12th Ave.


    Please don't fall for the media frenzy, political photo ops, and questionable polls. Most of the New Yorkers actually welcome the mosque.
    It's part of the healing process...Wouldn't you agree?

  147. After watching this documentary, how can we possibly allow a mosque to built near this site? That is so cruel to the people who lost loved ones, and to the rest of America. The people who want the mosque to built should go before a firing squad

  148. @Joe-NYC; Were you here when it happened? I was and not only that but I assisted with the recovery effort in the aftermath. I, at the time, was assisting a friend who trains K-9 units and recovery dogs. It was and still remains one of the most pivotal points in my life. Everyone who sees this is touched by it, all over the world. But to the native New Yorker and surrounding states it was all we could do to take our next breath as we watched in horor.
    @Chops; I hope you do refrain from "popping out those babies"
    since I can only assume that being raised by someone who is so self centered with so little regard for human suffering would be hell on earth.

  149. What fascinates me with this documentary is how one form of death so common, suicide, gets special media attention because of the 9/11 story. Whether we like it or not, and trust me I am not trying to pick a fight with those sensitive with this, it is just one another form of death and yes family members fantasize about the greatness of their friends or relatives.

    As far as I know, we as human, as much as we create devices for comfort when the time comes, or when we fake our coolness facing the inevitable fate, it is still there making us humble and terribly afraid. Think about it, we know nothing about it, death is a place of fear and there is no way to avoid fear even watching people dramatize and revive their emotions from that day.

    To me, since I do not know these people there in NYC, and because my logical mind goes "so hold on a second, how about all the thousands of dead children and women in Iraq and the depleted uranium aftermath and the real poverty and so on?" so I simply think it is not really a big deal and I dare to say it actually shows the selfish human condition first and foremost...

    To me, despite the emotional reaction from the touching voices of aunties and mothers and smiling pictures of received friends, i say I would have done the same, whether if my job that day was to jump because I could not breathe, or to walk right in to help save others with a big yellow jacket. It is what trained humans do.

  150. Just for the record this doc is accurate as to how we, New yorkers, emotionally dealt with people jumping off the WTC.

    In someways learning more about these 'jumpers' brought some closure to one of the many nagging questions we have from 9/11.

    Again, V nice doc, thanks.

  151. Chops, sounds like you envy death. You dont need to wait to be trapped in a raging inferno to end your life if what you say is true. Its up to you whether you choose to buy in to the American Dream. If you dont then I hope you find another dream to go after. Just remember the "American Dream" is a choice and only binds you if you let it. The people that jumped or fell that day dont have any options now.Peace.

  152. @ chops

    a selfish comment. even i have questioned the authenticity of the true story of the events of 9/11 but for you to make light of human life the way you do is sickening. think more carefully when you speak because if you werent in america you might be killed for the insulting words you speak.

  153. Chops,
    Forget the big screen TV. Buy a kitesurfing kit and live near a large body of water that has regular windy days. Teach your kids to enjoy every new day by example, and eat fresh fruits, veggies and fish. And do not ever watch TV. The internet should be our only screen time.

  154. This is a very good documentary and definitely shows the extent of the human tragedy of that day. What it also shows, however, is the absolute disregard of the media towards the agony they added towards one particuliar family. Here a family is already mourning the loss of a beloved husband and father. Then, along comes a reporter that says "Hey, I've got proof your loved jumped to his death." A revelation that shakes the beliefs of that family, on multiple levels, to their very core; made worse by the fact it is published around the world. Then it is revealed ..... "oops we made a mistake" ......... "but hey, it made for a great story anyway". Disgusting, not only for the actual act, but also for being glossed over in this documentary.

  155. It makes me sick in a way that I need to be gut wrenchingly sick. The image is so much more enlightening than it was meant to be - this man in his ultimate grace and finality. It was a necessary document - horrifying or not - he was necessary - making him very important.

  156. D#mn, why do i do it? Why do i make myself watch this stuff and then have to try and keep from throwing up all night. I must admit that i am glad I made myself do it, but it just is so shocking and jolting to my senses. How do people like Chops watch this and still have the bitterness and insensitivity to say something like that? I just do not get it. I mean these people, rest thier souls, had to make a decision that is beyond my ability to even comprehend. Once again i will need several hours to collect myself and get back to normal, but this is a must see everyone. We seem to have all forgotten the human impact of this tradgedy and just got caught up in the lies and conspiracy that surround it. Well, at least all my petty issues seem to be smaller now, thanks Vlatko I needed a new perspective on this badly.

  157. Many of us here in the Philippines watched these events on CNN while it was unfolding. We watched in horror to see evil at work, destroying lives for the sake of destruction. But in our hearts and minds evil never trimphed. As we watched, We prayed hard,as We still do even now, that these souls be taken up to the Creator and that their loved ones be solaced by the all-knowing and all-powerful One.

  158. incredibly powerful and moving documentary!

    If only there were a way to delete chops comment, classy guy you are! Sounds like you are a fan of propaganda yourself, I forgot that all the people who were in the World Trade Center that day were American and bought into this notion of the 'American Dream' you speak of, didn't realize everyone was the exact same. Your comment is confusing me a bit, "the daily BS grind" is supposed to refer to what? Popping out babies, buying a new car, a new big screen and watching TV? That does sound like the life (unsatisfying maybe), but not much of a grind at all, which is why I'm confused as to why you would jump and enjoy it, especially since your making it sound like America is a better place then where you come from. If you mean you'd rather die then live a comfortable life (one where you can give back to society, donate to charity, help others, etc.), well that's good for you, not sure anyone in their right mind is going to agree with you there. Your incredibly narrow view of the world is truly enlightening to us all, great post! I'm Canadian, your comment was just so offensive I had to reply.

  159. This is a great doc. Focusing on individual families effected by that day... Often forgotten amongst all the crazy conspiracy theories and critical analysis.

    '9/11: calls from the towers' is another great doc on this topic - Looking closer at the real people in the towers, and their families.

  160. I would jump and enjoy it all the way down knowing it only gets better after the impact. Freedom from the daily BS grind of the "American Dream". Pop out some babies, buy a new car and big-screen TV to watch the game and propaganda news.. now that's the life, baby.

    1. An absolutely ridiculous and disrespectful thing to say. That is only one vision of the American dream. You don't have to participate if you don't want to. Give your head a shake.

  161. Very difficult to watch, but important to see.

  162. I can't watch this video. I watched the jumpers going down on 9/11, and saw in an early edition of our local newspaper a close-up shot of a man who was going down head first, arms held calmly at his side. I was absolutely horrified at the thought of these poor souls having to make the decision to jump or be ravaged by the smoke and flames.
    God Bless them All.

  163. @ dunk

    Jacob is not coming up with his own perspective, the upside down flag is a substantiated and accepted symbol in the US and it means exactly what he said. It would be a little hard to go out and quickly tatter and distress ones flag, besides it would render said flag useless in the future. On the other hand to simply turn it upside down and raise it takes little effort and in no way damages your property. Besides we usually look unfavorably on flag desecration in our country, though it is legal.

  164. After diving into the conspiracy side of 9/11 for the past few years, it was good to be reminded of the human tragedy side of this event. It was uncomfortable but riveting to watch this, which in my book - makes for a great doc.

  165. Jacob,
    That's an interesting perspective, but I see it differently. An image of a tattered flag would more inline with your view.

  166. This was a heart wrenching video to watch. I wonder about the implications of insurance payoffs if people are said to have jumped. From that stance I can understand why the coroner would say that 'we did not have any jumpers on that day'. God's grace be with them all.

  167. @ dunk

    Its not called up syndrome.

  168. Dunk;

    The flag upside down represents a nation in distress. This is a 9/11 movie so i think it fits

  169. I thought this was an interesting perspective on that day. But at time 52:09 a house is pictured with a white picket fence - very americana. In the yard there is a flagpole flying an upside down American flag. I fail to see how that image belongs in a documentary on such a subject.

  170. Thank you, V.