The World's Most Dangerous Arms Dealer

The World's Most Dangerous Arms Dealer

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Karl Lee, also known as Li Fangwei, emerges as a shadowy figure in the world of arms dealing and the proliferation of missile-related technologies, with multiple international intelligence agencies relentlessly pursuing him. His origins in a remote region of China during the tumultuous era of Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution set the backdrop for his enigmatic journey. This documentary delves into the multifaceted narrative surrounding Karl Lee, chronicling the efforts of various parties to track down and apprehend him, the challenges they faced, and the shifting dynamics of international relations during this pursuit.

There are collaborative endeavors of U.S. prosecutors, Israeli intelligence (Mossad), and diligent researchers in the quest to locate and apprehend Karl Lee. These endeavors encompassed extensive investigations into Karl Lee's network of companies in Dalian, China, and the development of strategies to disrupt his operations. However, despite these concerted efforts, Karl Lee remained elusive, underscoring the influence and protection he seemingly enjoyed within the Chinese government.

One facet of the pursuit involved diplomatic efforts between the United States and China. High-level discussions and even direct appeals by President Barack Obama to the Chinese government were made to address the illicit activities associated with Karl Lee. Despite these diplomatic overtures, they yielded limited results in curtailing Karl Lee's operations.

In response to the growing concern, the U.S. government escalated its response, deploying criminal indictments, imposing sanctions, and seizing Karl Lee's substantial financial assets, amounting to nearly seven million dollars. A significant reward of five million dollars was offered for information leading to his capture. This escalated the tension between the U.S. and Chinese governments, reflecting the seriousness with which Karl Lee's activities were perceived on the international stage.

Karl Lee case extends beyond the pursuit of an individual; it intersects with complex geostrategic considerations. His role in Iran's ballistic missile program raised alarm bells, with implications for regional stability. The threat of precision-guided missile attacks on sensitive targets in Israel, as well as potential diversionary tactics related to Indo-Pacific concerns, added layers of complexity to the international response.

Directed by: Philipp GrĂ¼ll

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