Preempting Dissent

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Peaceful protests have been a staple in society for many decades, and in several cases throughout history, they've directly inspired positive social and political change. But in the wake of 9/11, law enforcement has adopted a new set of policies when it comes to the policing of these activities. By taking preemptive measures to quell a great number of public protests, they've wrongfully incarcerated thousands and trampled on the rights of ordinary citizens to practice free speech. Based on the book by Greg Elmer and Andy Opel, Preempting Dissent chronicles this disturbing phenomenon with great skill and insight.

Utilizing a wealth of footage captured from within the protest movement, the film opens on the 2010 G-20 Summit in Toronto. This influential meeting of world leaders drew mass protests on a variety of topics including poverty and oppressive government policy. While the vast majority of these protests were peaceful in nature, trouble did arise in the form of vandalism, outbursts of violence, and over a thousand arrests. Judging by the imagery featured in the film, many of these unfortunate incidents could have resulted from the intimidating presence of a militarized police force. In the wake of the summit, Toronto law enforcement agencies were met with widespread charges of wrongful arrest, unlawful strip searches and other abuses.

The film expands the conflicts of this particular event and places them in the context of history. From the civil rights movement of the 1950's and the Vietnam war protests of the following two decades all the way to the Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter protests of today, violent skirmishes too often occur when the population gathers to demand accountability from their leaders.

Preempting Dissent places the blame for most of this violence directly at the feet of law enforcement. Armed with clubs, hoses, and cans of tear gas, these policing agencies set a tone of menace and impending eruption from the outset and with little provocation. As explained by many of the activists and outreach representatives featured in the film, these bullying tactics seem ultimately designed to stifle the voice and social consciousness of the people. When injustice goes unchecked, we are all made its victim.

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  1. Bob

    The only good cops are those that meet an untimely demise... Nothing but part of the corrupt thug arm of the NANNY/POLICE/SURVEILLANCE state

  2. mike

    poor bob. low self esteem.

  3. scubahalo

    Awwww, are we feeling oppressed by the mean policemen? Pretty tough talk there, Bob. You should walk up to one and tell it to his face instead of posting your silly BS on a documentary site. Typical though.

  4. Mic

    scubahalo you are doing the same thing that you claim Bob is doing. You could say it to Bob's face instead of the internet? but it isn't about that. Not every police officer is bad however you do kind of compromise your moral by joining a corrupt system that is based on quotas and working for profit. We need to stop hating each other we are all the same no matter how bad your day is or how shity ones life can be. So far in my existence I have learned that love is powerful and love is what creates change. Lets try to treat one another with respect and love for once it is a better feeling than bitterness and hate which we are all used to.

  5. bluetortilla

    Ain't about cops. Cops do their job with honor when they protect, they shame themselves when they attack the innocent. The main lesson that history shows us is that time and time again soldiers cannot ultimately control the people. A new leader will emerge, military leaders will shift their alliances. The time for fighting in the streets and revolution is here again.

  6. boot-tread

    REAL cops will protect those they supposedly signed up to serve (citizens) and allow protesting without interfering.
    It's the sad/duped ones that go for militarization and protecting the assets of the greedy people who try to control them and the rest of the world that I'm concerned about. Hopefully they will see whats really going on and refuse orders that go against human rights.

  7. Roma Fraser-Engler


    Lately comments by people that have a) left Alberta for another Province returned to Alberta
    b) Alberta is backwards the Mayor fearful of litigation does not permit prayers in the morning before sessions are held and during the day. c) The Mayor is correct men and women must work together peacefully - Commonwealth Charter d) Apparenlty People are made unemployable - conditioned to go to Workstart where dehumanization apparently occurs .

    Miami Style of protests - This is Canada - We have a police force that is peaceful and attempts to positive quantative physics and we have the Shrine at Lac St. Ann Holy land of the aboriginal population who share peacefully. All Our Hope is in GOD. These statements are made without prejudice - true to the best current accurate written data and are not allegations.END

  8. Chuck

    Police have become one more part of the military-industrial complex, and are being supported by governments which fear the people. The G8-G20 Summit in Ontario was a prime example of a right wing, fearful party - Steven Harper's Conservatives - using this meeting in order to (a) field test a policing model whereby police routinely and intentionally ignored and abused citizens' rights, and (b) provide over half a billion dollars indirectly to Canadian police forces in capital funding in order to strengthen the bond between the police and the ruling government. Steven Harper claimed that he was interested in security, and yet he chose the absolute worst location from a security point of view in all of Canada - downtown Toronto in the heart of the financial district - in order to hold the Summit. Clearly this was intentional, and resulted in massive rights violations. This is an important documentary - the days of the local cop on the beat being your friend are almost gone, and new training models instill new police with fear of the public. More needs to be done to continue to shine light on this very pressing issue.

  9. Aisling Kelledia

    A definition of Neo-liberalism is that it wraps itself in the flag of free speech and democracy, yet in fact is working only for its own interests and that of fellow 1%'rs. It allows us to vote for only pre-approved candidates with financial gain their true priority.
    A big part of the neo-liberal landscape is the rule of authoritarianism, which by design is meant to keep citizens afraid, on-edge and compliant. The Prison Industrial Complex is a weapon of mass incarceration. The police are no longer your friends, but in fact are the tools of a war against democracy itself.

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