102 Minutes That Changed America

102 Minutes That Changed America

2008, 9/11  -   194 Comments
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102 Minutes That Changed America102 Minutes That Changed America is a 102-minute American television special documentary film that was produced by History and premiered commercial-free on September 11, 2008, marking the seventh anniversary of the attacks.

The film depicts in virtually real time the New York-based events of the September 11 attacks primarily using raw video footage from mostly amateur citizen journalists. The documentary is accompanied by an 18-minute documentary short called I-Witness to 9/11, which features interviews with nine firsthand eyewitnesses who captured the video footage on camera.

According to this film, most of the archival video footage was in possession of the U.S. government but was released to History years after 9/11.

This film was shown on Channel 4 in the UK, France 3 in France and History Channel in Brazil on Monday 07 September 2009. In The Netherlands it was shown on SBS6 on Wednesday 09 September 2009.

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MacieK Gutkowski
1 year ago

The name of the movie should be "102 minutes that changed the world"

McKenna Smith
2 years ago

it breaks my heart. I was born in 2004 so I didn't witness it live but once I studied about it since 5th grade. Its broken my heart. Forever remembered.

3 years ago

The video has been taken down.

Rachel Sannuto
4 years ago

I forced myself to watch it, because it was so surreal and unbelievable. RIP to all those innocent citizens and first responders we lost and may they be resting in peace. We must not forget because history does repeat itself. We must all stick together and pray on this fateful day every year for the rest of our lives. Pray for the innocent citizens and first responders and their families who suffered this loss. My father "this was the worst event in American history since Pearl Harbor". He was very saddened. RIP Dad and I will always remember what you said on this day and all other worldly things you taught me. RIP!

Elizabeth Eversfield
5 years ago

God Bless all those innocent people who lost their lives and the people who are still dying today from the dust and rubble xx

5 years ago

i watched this the other day one thought that kept popping up was THAT IS REALLY BAD PLACE TO STAND when you see video of someone filming right under the WTC when it was on fire

Steve Yang
5 years ago

Sure looked like controlled demolitions, especially the collapse of building 7 hours afterwards. Architects and engineer groups are asking questions, based on knowledge and professional ethics. The world must be told the truth.

5 years ago

Having spent 30 years in law enforcement, it is sad to encounter people that live in a world of paranoia and conspiracies around every corner. Much of what is held back from public consumption is not to deceive, but to be able to carry out missions without broadcasting the game plan.

Some individuals see this as violating the public's right to know. However the public doesn't have the right to know everything. What a citizen in Chicago needs to know is far different than what those in law enforcement and the military gather in intelligence. Perhaps some of the conspiracy theorists should realize that their right to voice their opinions bolstered by conjecture and falsehoods is protected by the very people whose sworn duty is to protect them and that right.

Every profession has "bad seeds" . But to vilify with a broad brush those that protect is
deceit of ones self. Unfortunately the military and law enforcement must keep "secrets" from the general public to protect. That necessity doesn't constitute a "conspiracy" against the citizenry.

I took part in the investigation of the bombing of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City.
I suppose that makes me and my co-workers part of that "conspiracy".

But I can tell you no matter who you think the conspirators are, they will continue to protect your rights. They will continue to run toward danger while others are running away. These "conspirators" have chosen professions to give so much for those who care so little.

Perhaps those that think the withholding of sensitive information constitutes a cover-up should realize there are real bad guys out there that may live in their neighborhood...........and work hard to find out what the "good guys" know.

9/11 has justifiably been blamed, in part, on the lack of/misinterpretation of intelligence.
You can't have your cake and eat it too. We either beef up methods of finding out what the "bad guys" are planning and take them out or invite them for coffee and bring them up to date on our "secrets".

Yes there is one huge conspiracy that can gladly be acknowledged.......the conspiracy to capture or kill the Jihadists who might make your loved ones the next target. Think about that the next time you go to the mall, ride a bus, attend a sporting event or take in a movie. There are people out there that are "conspiring" to keep you and your children safe. And that is a FACT.

7 years ago

The passionate origins most of these comments emanate from, could be comparable to a Noble righteousness. So, I guess the relevance of my intelligence, cognition and even self-confidence are at stake, from the words I volunteer here:
-"Wake up".
-"See the truth hidden in the lies".
-"It's only propaganda masking a sinister scheme".
-"Question everything, trust nothing".
-"You're a fool if you believe your eyes".

Okay, I won't accept any information that comes from an established institution.
I'll only believe in those conclusions that Theorist's insist I'm an idiot..... if I do not.

Now what? Bask in the glow of having snuffed-out the Illuminati?

Rough McHewn
9 years ago

Watching this I got older: Not smarter!

History written through the prism of American Exceptionalism!

10 years ago

The owners of the history channel are part of the terrorist group called the IMF and the Federal Reserve experts at creating False Flag Wars throughout the world with the help of national leaders throughtout the world. National leaders are owned by the Private Banking Industry others also owned are congressmen, senators,lobbyist,oh hell all of government. Those governments who will not participate are labbled ' terrorists ' and attacked by the governments owned by the Private Banking Industry. So if you are a government that puts its people first you will be attacked by governments that put Private Banking profits first while disregarding its people. War, ressions, depressions don't just happen they are deliberately planned and carried out by the Private Banking Industry just to make more money.

10 years ago

I remember I was in seventh grade taking graduation pictures then all of a sudden we were called to a class and watched this unfold. Never forget it, I really do not care who did this to the U.S. I just feel for the families who lost loved ones.

10 years ago

Made possible by tha fascist Us governmant and its allies, Federal Reserve and Imf and Military Industrial Complex. Oh yeah, the ones who profit from this," THE TOP ONE PERCENTERS ".

10 years ago

it was defenitely bush, just like his father killed kennedy. i agree with nowaypal

10 years ago

god please forgive the terrorists they know not what they did

11 years ago

What happened tp loose change final cut?

11 years ago

The God that founded America, has the power protect America

11 years ago

history channel...lol..like they haven't faked our past like they are trying to fake our future. This is an obvious effort to quell those that are asking questions. As brezinski said: It used to be easier to control a million than to kill a million, now it is easier to kill a million than to control a million. These are demonic spirits guiding these people. Learn to fight the demons through Jesus...he did it often and he's the last one they want you to know about.

11 years ago

Who is the guy at hour 1:15-1:16? Secret Service? What is he doing in there I wonder. He looks too calm and too prepared for me. Like he knows that building 7 is coming down.

Sam Haslam
11 years ago

I think the most amazing thing about September 11th, irrespective of who the finger of blame is pointed at, is that it had the ability to compel an American TV network to show 102 minutes of television WITHOUT A SINGLE COMMERCIAL BREAK. UNBELIEVABLE!

11 years ago

This was a good Documentary!!! Definitely a terrible terrible day! 102 Minutes that changed alot of things, not just America. The Documentary was full of Footage that I had never encountered. But I didn't see REAL PLANES!!!! Not a single one!!!! I wanted to see Planes going in!!! I didn't see that...I hear of people in the Documentary mentioning Planes and stuff but I wanted to see for myself!!! ..Sheesh! No planes were shown throughout the Documentary until the very end of it (and only one was shown) when they brought those 'Witnesses' who they say had filmed the events, but that's not good enough, Before the interviews with the 'witnesses' everything was real but after the 'witnesses' it was not so real. I hate that, So, no plane hit the Twin Towers then?! The second plane looked almost real just around 1:45:57 but why wasn't it brought before those 'witnesses' talking and why wasn't it filmed from another location/angle????!!! To me, the buildings collapsing until they've completely disappeared is much more of a bigger issue than 'planes' hitting them. And Yes, I know people we're shocked I saw that in the Documentary, Those people at the end of the Documentary were really unnecessary, I can think for myself.

11 years ago

More of the same... I feel for the victims but these idiots that troll through and leave bullsht comments about the 9/11 cover-up are sick puppies...

12 years ago

awakenthyself888- the reason why you would want to turn this documentary off only after ten minutes 888 is that without the bell sit of the herder sheep dont know which way to go. shut up and sit down!

12 years ago

what seperates this documentary from the others is its non-narrative presentation . if these images as they appear are true to their time and place in history and as they are repeated in this documentary represent what many people demand to know and suspect the u.s. government is with-holding and that is the truth about what happened that day. we know its not the work of terrorists,and if its not an "inside job"by the u.s. government. the absence of a full-scale investigation is either,{A} a confession of guilt by the govt., or {B} grounds for the removal of the govt. by the people as described in the declaration of independence and ratified in the constitution of the united states of america. siting a non action by the u.s. govt. whereby LIFE LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS (inalienable rights endowed to us by our creator.) clearly having been violated. or(C) Both A and B . im thinking (C) thats all, good night and god bless

Chris Huetteman
12 years ago

People need to open their eyes....

12 years ago

Why are the American people so afraid to see that this was not a terror attack, but a set-up for a cause to enter into war and make a few poeple money? I guess it's easier to point the finger elsewhere than it is to look at your own people for doing this. Greed has done this to people for years....... Wake up....

12 years ago

1:08:38 into the documentary something comes from out of thin air and flies over the trade centers just after the south tower collapse exiting the picture at 1:08:45. can any one explain?

12 years ago

can someone explain what flies across the picture materializing out of nothing
starting at exactly 1:08:38 and ending at 1:08:45?

12 years ago

After all this, New York voted for Obama.

12 years ago

this was created by horrible nasty people who dont care about anybody they are willing to kill them selfs just justify there religion islamic should be wiped out of this world they are going keep doing doing things like this 1 day they mite go too far and damage the world with nuclear chemicals

Donna M
12 years ago

God rest all the souls who died in this tragedy. And God bless all families and loved ones who were affected. God bless America.

12 years ago

It was very good but sooo very sad... It told and showed alot...

12 years ago

Best account of what was going on in New York City that day. I recommend seeing it. It's amazing. The format is effective.

12 years ago

Best account of what was going on in New York City that day. I recommend seeing it. It's amazing.

12 years ago

Best account of what was going on in New York City that day. I recommend seeing it. It's amazing. Not your ordinary documentary.

12 years ago

I Remember seeing this on tv that day and thinking it was just a movie or something, that it couldn't be real. Then all the planes got diverted to my province of newfoundland, seeing it all unfold was surreal. I couldn't belive it.

12 years ago

You know, I just cannot believe there are such stupid people out there. Tens of thousands eye-witnessed the planes. To believe in conspiracy theories demeans the memories of the people that died and as far as I am concerned should be a basis for facing treason charges. If you want to be ignorant and stupid fine but do it in your own inbred home.

Cezanne Broad
12 years ago

As I watch this.. I am overwhelmed with so much emotions as its way more confronting and graphic than I expected... it makes me remember that horrid day... I hate to say this but sometimes humanity and even I must admit, I just wants to avoid and forget the fact such events happened in history.. That such a cruelty could ever happen.. Seeing this just reminded me of that very day...The day when I just woke up turned on the TV to CNN and was shocked to see what I saw.. I remember thinking it must be a movie and I got the wrong channel.. But no It was real... LIVE it said.. it just had alreadyshown the first plane hit one of the twin towers then.. then Horror a second... I couldnt believe it.. then I remembered "OMG my aunty she lives in NYC I screamed" She work near the Twin Towers all I could think was what if she went their that day,,, as she always had lunch around that area or sometimes inside the one of the Towers... My mother tried to call her.. but couldnt.. lines were down in the area.. I was scared... Then I saw to my horror the one of the towers fall... I started to cry and pray to our lord that my aunty was safe.... that it wasn't real...
I was luck as my story ended well my aunty was sick that day with the flu and was spared... She was home watching the news like we were... Though she lost many dear friends and colleagues that day and realized it could have been her... Thats my story maybe we all can share our stories here... In memory of '9/11 The Day That Shock The World... Even though I want to forget as its painful.. I am glad their are people keeping their memories alive so that we can make sure this tragic Event NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!! PLS LET US LEARN FROM THIS!!!

12 years ago

Not the sort of subject matter I'm normally drawn towards (partly because of the inevitable angry and hurtful posting that it attracts). However as it is ten years to the day I thought I'd watch.

Really well made doc, tells the human story in such an intuitive way, capturing the shock and grief in a manner no reel of new archive and voice-over could do.

My sympathy to those affected.

denzayah louis
12 years ago

why all the negative comments. the government have a reason for everything they do. you may think of it as corrupt, but when you were little you thought your mom or dad was unfair because they grounded you, or because they went with what your teacher said when you got in trouble and you didn't say they're corrupt. Its the governments job to keep us safe, you might disagree at what they do but what are you going to do. you live under the u.s. government and you live on their land, respect what they do say and how they approach new situations. ---TRUE AMERICAN

12 years ago

I really think all of you people misunderstand all these events that took place. The US Government didn't orchestrate 9/11. What was there to gain? Afghanistan is a poor country. No oil, no functioning society really either. The war is still going on and we have not benefitted in any way. If you want to see the government doing shady things to prosper, look at our involvement in Iraq. The threat of WMDs is a farce if I ever saw one.

12 years ago

The nut jobs who talk about explosions and other such conspiracy crap because you hate not being noticed why don't you just crawl back under your stone this weekend, this weekend is for the families and victims and firefighters and police officers.

12 years ago

Here's the truth. A bunch of nutters hijacked and flew planes into to the WTC, the Pentagon which ultimately resulted in 3000 people losing thier lives. The rest is all gravy.

Do you seriously believe it was planned by the US government? I mean really? Do you think that the US government, made up of elected American citizens would do this to thier own people in order to start a war in Iraq? Or Afghanistan?

I'm not saying that the US Goverment has not been guilty of many crimes in the past - absolutely they have. Every government of every country in the world has. But killing 3000 of it's own citizens? America? Not one, not ten but 3000 of it own people?

I'm British - do you think we all suspect the UK government of orchestrating the London underground bombings in order to get the UK to support the war in Afghanistan? I haven't met one person that does.

America is an amazing country. It's citizens have freedom, rights of expression and a quality of life unparalleled anywhere in the world. You and your elected governments made sure of this. You should be proud of the goverment you have created. Sometimes you've got to put your trust in them.

12 years ago

give them fiction.

I remember in 1963-as a 7 year old-seeing JFK -in Dublin Ireland. He was not a bad man despite what some opportunist lazy and cowardly latter day scibes would have you think. Dead men can't sue. I digress

When I heard news of his murder -5 months later-I was scared of this 'Oswald' character. Years later-what Warren et al- overlooked-was evident to anyone who cared to notice.

40 years -or a little shy of it; I have had the great opportunity to visit almost half of the great US States from California to Vermont.

My interest and fascination with aviation -found me at flight test areas and air force bases across the length and breath of a wondrous land-of kind and talented and hard working people.

In 2007-I was privileged to be in the White House -and in retrospect take up JFK''s offer -to visit there-which he made in the summer of 63. I as an 'ordinary Joe visitor' that is

. I have similarly been privileged to have been permitted to 'tour'the Pentagon -twice no less. I stood in the centre or center-of that 'power house'-and to this day -I would see the folks there -as 'good'.

I stood -in Lincolns 'place' in the Capitol building as I tend to do-in a slightly obsessive way -at most -most historic places across the globe

As critical sense developed-I believe I understood most socio -economic -cultural political moves-(though I missed the Ollie and Ronnie Iran Contra intrique-which was some move-by the backroom boys)

Anyway-to bring matters to issue at hand-----I fell for the 9/11 tragedy 'line'---until I decided -belatedly this September 2011-to review the evidence.

The only conspiracy -is to take the meaning out of the worto make it everything that is 'other' to the truth..
The 'evil' which the misguided Mr Bush spoke of -(before and after he rode backseat -behind real pilots onto a carrier)-is the coterie of Cheney, Rumsfeld , and their ilk-who sat out wars in Vietnam and Korea-and schemed ways to make 'meaning' of their lives-by the acquisition of money and power-
.......in effect making war on their own nation,

Notwithstanding the cabal of power holders -mentioned in most of the documentaries here ....the lowest form of human life outside of them and lower than bankers and estate agents is the self serving media tribe..

Here in Ireland-the -the aforementioned Random Tedious Effluent videlicet RTE-; along with cartoon class TV3 ;Newstalk' ;Today FM-make up the numbers.

They height of their inquiry-when not insincerely joking and 'joshing among themselves on the latest celebrity - is to ask their audience -'dial up-if you can-and answer if you can-where is New York'-and win a chance to win -a chance to win -something. The money of course -is collected to add to hyper salaries...but one 'member' of their audience wins something.

The scary element is that folk do-and that indicates how easily people can be manipulated-and ultimately 'down the line' controlled

Keep a critical eye-or develop one -if necessary-and try to resist print and visual 'networks'-who will only take your soul away for the price of a holiday or a car .

Seek the truth -in the USA and -across the world
-or in my country Ireland , where the political class are 'only' inordinately clueless and greedy. God forbid- they could ever wage war.

I forgot to mention that in Ireland -there was 'an event'-as the media class might say-

Timeline:Dublin 17th May 1974: 33 civilians and an unborn child were killed
in the Republic of Ireland and officially 258 people were injured as a
result of a series of massive explosions(without coded warnings) when four
car bombs were planted by Loyalist paramilitaries in several rush-hour
streets of Dublin(I I was there),and one in Monaghan town.
Independant research groups have pointed to the fact that special military technical expertise and intelligence would have been required and that they were supplied in
personnel and equipment from several British sources Special Forces; MI6 et
al. .
The death toll was the largest in any single day of the Irish conflict and
pre-empted similarly hideous events that followed in Britain.
That the fairminded people of Britain were never made aware of this carnage
is an indictment on journalists and politicians on both sides of the Irish

As with 9/11 -when truth is witheld -or utterly destroyed-we as humankind lose-and casualty and wickedness continues.

more anon

Maurice Aherne

A plethora of 9//11 official stories are broadcasting as I speak on the aforementioned national channels. One 911 day world changed-is as risable as tthe title. We have all the suspects-both usual and real-and unusual;and we have Laura Bush saying quiveringly-George and I held hands -and I knew things would be different for us from now on'. Yes indeed,love. A lame duck president would overnight be a heroic one-to start with. It was as nauseating as any hollywood spun film -but sadly real.

The opening speeches of another 'on script-onside' documentary -' they have lethal weapons' -replays in my mind the old truth in jest -that is....

How do we know-they have weapons?
we have the receipts---
Sadam +Osama-are---eh -were old friends---eh clients---eh---cut the tape!!!!!

NB-Here in Ireland-the national media RTE or Random Tedious Effluvia 'news ' department -follow the 'line'.
that is when they are not condescending to their audience -or selling them something-or mesmerising them-- in other sublimal ways-while they pamper themselves and their own golden circle of opinion making friends.
Sadly the same-is evident for neighbours in the UK.

Even the more intellectually searching agencies-and less corrupt- in Germany and France among others have bought to some degree-the 'line'

Panem et Circenses- - bread and circuses
...Here! Buy this commodity- you need!
-while we show you sport and musak-and
Give your minds a holiday!
Don't ask and don't worry!--ad nauseum-adinfinitum!

10 YEARS ON-OR 37-if evidence is overlooked and victims forgotten-there is little of value in anniversaries-except for media luvies who have something to sell.

pawan datta
12 years ago

may God almighty bless all the innocent souls which were lost due to the hateful crimes of a few.. i pray every waking moment of my life that there is everlasting peace in this world and that horrors like these never ever get repeated!!

12 years ago

ter·ror·ism (tr-rzm)
The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons.

Just ask yourself this question. Has Al-Qaeda or who ever you think carried out the 911 attacks, used this day to change anything in society. Only then will you start to see who is to blame for that horrible day.

12 years ago

Amazing and harrowing footage. I can not even comprehend what must have been going through people's minds that fateful morning. We will never ever know what really happened and why, but yes there are many conspiracy theories and ''facts'' to back them up. If the American Government or even the Illumanti had anything to do with this ''orchestrated event'' then I honestly and truely do not know how they sleep at night.

12 years ago

Terrorism is always defined as a governments way to intimidate, and it is the Systematic use of violence and intimidation to achieve some goal.

12 years ago

It's weird that there are so many people who can't accept facts for what they are. It's so much harder to explain and prove your compounded theories than it is to simply look at what happened and see 9.11 for what it was, a terrorist attack. If we had wanted to go to war we could have just done it. We don't need to set up some huge ruse and distraction.
The Bush Administration couldn't even fix Social Security and these Truther knuckleheads think that they could have pulled THIS off?
Get a friggin girlfriend already you losers.

12 years ago

After seeing this documentary I was speechless... after reading your comments I dont know what to say.... I just wanna say that if USA and US government wanted to take revenge from Taliban by attacking Afghanistan then why they have attacked Iraq and hanged Saddam Husain??? what was the reason behind it... I don't know that weather the attacks were inside job or not but I still dont that why the US Government has not been able to accomplish the war against terrorism so far??? Why are they still jeoperdizing the people of the world??/
That war should'nt have taken that long time.... these are the questions in my mind but I dont have the answers