7/7 Ludicrous Diversion

7/7 Ludicrous DiversionSo if you genuinely believe that it is unlikely or even impossible that the police would ever fabricate evidence in order to give the appearance of having solved a crime, it is time to reassess your belief. They have, they do, and they will again. If we learn one thing for these incidents, it is this: The police view themselves as above the law. And if we learn another thing, it is that they are. On the 7th of July 2005 London was hit by a series of explosions. You probably think you know what happened that day. But you don't.

The police have, from the onset of their investigation, chosen to withhold from the public almost every bit of evidence they claim to have and have provably lied about several aspects of the London Bombings. The mainstream news has willfully spread false, unsubstantiated and unverifiable information, while choosing to completely ignore the numerous inconsistencies and discrepancies in the official story.

The government has finally, after a year, presented us with their official ‘narrative’ concerning the event. Within hours it was shown to contain numerous errors, a fact since admitted by the Home Secretary John Reid. They have continuously rejected calls for a full, independent public inquiry. Tony Blair himself described such an inquiry as a ‘ludicrous diversion’. What don't they want us to find out?

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  1. Luke

    Love the music at 10:48. Anyone know who its by?

  2. m101dream
  3. m101dream

    great doc and great site keep up the fantastic job your doing valitko.

  4. Vlatko
  5. Vlatko

    Thanks m101dream.

  6. glenn
  7. glenn

    I live in NC and I was planted on with cocaine one time and crack the second. They did this because I was selling marijuana and could not legally bust me.

  8. InedibleHulk
  9. InedibleHulk

    Not much substance to this one. Just ominous music, cheesy rhetoric, and a stubborn, baseless insistence that unanswered questions plus a selected brief history of British police corruption equals...well, the writer doesn't even say. The film just lets the tone help you "decide for yourself". It's garbage like this that gives thinking conspiracy theorists a bad name. No questions answered, no real solutions proposed. Just cliched whining.

  10. Batang Makati
  11. Batang Makati

    This is a pathetic film made by the islamic terrorist network...another propaganda !!!

  12. Manhunt3r
  13. Manhunt3r

    yeah it's just scary music and miscarriages of justice that happened some 30 Years or more ago. There is som much wrong I can't even start. I'd be here for a fortnight. Well done....well done

  14. TomazZzz
  15. TomazZzz

    Batang Makati

    and you are working for your goverment i guess? no doubt about the movie.
    why u think only americas propaganda is missleading and not uks?
    wake up.

  16. Chess Master
  17. Chess Master

    Bro how could they not legally bust you if you're dealing weed? I don't understand, Please explain because I'm curious.

  18. Chess Master
  19. Chess Master

    I agree this doc is inaccurate and I'm so tired of people thinking that Goverment is out to get us all. My only serious question would be about the cameras working or not working? I love My country and I support the troops.
    God Bless the USA!

  20. No Number
  21. No Number

    I learnt about the true nature of the Metropolitan Police at the age of 17. I was held up against the wall by my throat at Kilburn police station and was told (while surrounded by about 8 officers)

    "Don't F$#k with the old bill son, we know where you live, and we know you've got two sisters"

  22. revealthetruth
  23. revealthetruth

    Highly recommend, it's a good introduction and very compelling watch. There were some areas that needed expanding on further and were somewhat glossed over, but there is plenty of information around for further research.

  24. Heartworm Prevention
  25. Heartworm Prevention

    TomazZzz, why does he need to be "working for the government" to make his statement? You're a conspiracy theorist yourself.

    Good video..The background music was a bit annoying though..:)

  26. Ron Burgundy
  27. Ron Burgundy

    Things like this are common throughout history so I don't doubt it's fishy. Cars, Prescription drugs, Alcohol and many other legal things are far more deadly than "terrorists". If you want "terrorists" to win then making people scared is just letting them win I figure so why play into their hands? It's the worst tactic to use against a bully so why show fear to "terrorists". The way our Governments react to these events makes me think there's more to it than what is shown on the news.

  28. Farren
  29. Farren

    definitely Ron

  30. Farren
  31. Farren

    Re: some narrow-minded people who haven't yet awakened to the reality of the way the world works above:

    what's so bad about being a conspiracy theorist when there are conspiracies going on all around us that are gone to great lengths to keep secret, obfuscate, and create diversions from?

    the bailouts, the rich getting richer (and buying gov't), the terror plots, the false flag operations, the Federal Reserve, AIG, Goldman Sachs, Enron (who was tight with Bush), etc.

    to say that our government and our major corporations are champions of the truth and they really care about us...i mean, how naive can you be? look at the facts, and you will see reality. ignore the facts, and you live in a dreamworld. a matrix that they don't want you to wake up from.

  32. Farren
  33. Farren

    ...it's especially hard to wake up from this matrix when anytime you turn on the tv to any "news" channel, they fully aim to keep you in this matrix. the stories, spun a certain way. far behind "red" vs. "blue" or "liberal" vs. "conservative"; these oppositions are intentional to divide us and keep us fighting with each other while they sneak in these legislations and draconian laws like the Patriot Act, TSA, bailouts, now letting the states go bankrupt while bailing out banks who were in on the whole scam to begin with...

    those in the media just report what is given to them. those reporters who dare to do real journalism and present facts that don't fit with the official stories of things are often promptly fired. it happened many times after 9/11 and during the Iraq War. journalists learned to do as they are told and not question what they are reporting

  34. SideshowBob
  35. SideshowBob

    @ Chess Master

    Then you are a fool, and it's blind fools like you that will allow society to be controlled by power hungry megalomaniacs in the near future. This film attempts to cover up discrepancies by blaming the police for fabricating evidence simply to make it seem that they had done their job, when really those discrepancies are the evidence that the government is lying. What a load of rubbish, it was elements within the UK government, nobody else. How many attacks since??? None, because the government got the desired effect. More fear, more support for war and less personal freedoms We all know that if these guys really wanted to carry out more of these attacks they could, our SS nor our police force could not stop them.

  36. John J
  37. John J

    People with money and power, govornment agencies, big business, banks and the rest of the sociopaths don't give a damn about you and me, the hard working people of this world, The poor, and the now extinct middle class. Megalomaniacs are in power now. Our money is being handed away to help the rich. How about a $750 billion bailout for the poor families who are losing their homes to the banks, who we bailed out in the first place. There are some real stupid people in charge with no common sense, who have unrealistic views on the what's best for us all. There all going to hell.

  38. Guest
  39. Guest

    Hey Rob Break...did you learn chess in the army or is chess one of your fighting strategy? The Government is out to get us...oh come on that's impossible...wake up or you may be the next to lose your kingship!


  40. Gary V
  41. Gary V

    A very interesting & thought provoking doc. I will not comment on what was said, I will leave it up to you to draw your own conclusions.

  42. Gary V
  43. Gary V

    Congratulations on being the perfect model American citizen, someone who believes unquestionably everything that they are told to believe, regardless of the truth. The government aren't out to get you, they are just out to get whatever they can for themselves. They don't really about you at all, they just want you to sit back & digest what ever BS that they choose to feed you with. Their is nothing patriotic about being a patsy & a flag waving puppet. It's time to start to think for yourself instead of letting someone else do it for you.

  44. Superluminary
  45. Superluminary

    This is Shite! Half the sources it uses are the very same 'facts' their disputing the Government for using! Not to mention it being outdated, the Police have been battered by the budget cuts from equipment to recruitment since this was made. Also, why does it hint that this terrorist act was somehow staged to give the green light on Iraq?

    We invaded Iraq with the US in March 2003. The Bombings happened 7/7 2005.

    It takes quotes that you can interpret a hundred different ways to prove anything, and uses history as a source trying to prove a fact. "The British Goverment has lied and withheld information on bombing before..." AND? We won the world cup in 1966 but that doesnt guarentee us to win it again does it? Where are you FACTS?

    This story has as many holes in it as the one its pointing the finger at. I do not fully trust anything mainstream media or my Government wants me to hear, but you cannot base your whole arguement around, "Well they would say that because their the police/MP's"

    My belief is fairly straight forward. Whenever anything like this happens, Alot of conflicting information is released that proves hundreds of different scenerios possible. This way it instantly becomes a conspiracy theory, we debate the events and the information for the rest of time and the truth is never got to. It happens all the time, Bin Ladens death, just a couple months back, same tactic there.

    A bit of misinformation released and all these people that think they know better than a Government end up playing right into their hands by further increasing the mystery surrounding events by making unsupported, unfactual speculation films like this one, that if anything only put us further from ever learning the truth!! lol.

    End of rant! :)

  46. Craigzz
  47. Craigzz

    Governments by their very actions surrounding such incidents create conspiracy theory, not those who take the time and effort to bring awareness to the public.
    I do not know what to believe about 7/7, because the british government, and the police, have not told me all the facts. I do not know what to believe about 9/11, because again, a government fail to address the many questions the public have, which, as the majority of people in that country have every right to ask, if they do not understand or if something does not make sense or logic.
    The efforts of such people who make programmes such as this are to be thanked, because they represent possibly our last true freedom, the freedom to express ourselves, which is already being dissolved.

    History has, time and time again, shown us that our governments commit crime, lie and decieve, history has shown us our governements are capable of just about any and all atrocities, even against its own people, and that folks is a cold hard fact of life. So for the poster below, have your rant by all means, but dont shoot the messenger, just because you find it difficult to live in a world with corrupt police and governments. When you have thousands of architects and civil engineers saying massive buildings cannot fall down at freefall speed, and steel buildings dont just collapse, I tend to listen, because this is'nt some crackpots saying this, its well respected and well educated individuals who have made very valid points, how did these massive structures vaporise ? and fall down at freefall speed ? Now maybe there is a logical answer, if there is then great, i cant wait to hear it, but government silence only serves to create more and more suspicion upon them, and if you were being accused of something, would you not do all in your power to clear your name ?

    In the 1940's, people trusted what the government told them, even if governments back then made a mistake and then rectified there mistake, the public believed whatever they were told. It is the corruption of governments and official organisations which has led to public suspicion and changed public perceptions, to which governments are both guilty of and responsible for.

  48. Guest
  49. Guest

    For the least, it is officially known today that the UK Gov. knew that there was no factual reason to beleive that Saddam has any WMD.
    I mean before the UN vote were the USA & UK were turn down.

    All this was part of the deal. What deal, you'd say?
    Sushh! Dont see, don't tell!


  50. Giac Belli
  51. Giac Belli

    it sounds like The Deep burrito.

  52. Guest
  53. Guest

    @James Colwell,

    Yes, I am biased.
    But that is, as time went on after weighing out many factors.
    The only justification to this biasied principle is that "Benefice of Doub" in not an elasctic.
    Some say that a mind is a terrible thing to lose but I say that benefice of doubt is the worst thing to lose to the eyes of the communty of the Nations.


  54. Richard Neva
  55. Richard Neva

    We have the same issues in America. Learn to fear your government

  56. flybow
  57. flybow

    A good film indeed. I don't think i ever thanked you Vlatko. Thanks. I tell people about your site all the time.

  58. Terry
  59. Terry

    It's funny how 7/7 like 911 were doing mock attacks,London doing mock bomb attacks whilst America were doing a hijacking of planes mock up,what are the odds that they would both actually happen on them said dates,what's next ,an attack by a nuclear method ,mark my words it's not over yet

  60. Terry
  61. Terry

    It's funny how 7/7 like 911 were doing mock attacks,London doing mock bomb attacks whilst America were doing a hijacking of planes mock up,what are the odds that they would both actually happen on them said dates,what's next ,an attack by a nuclear method ,mark my words it's not over yet,don't forget Paris also were doing a mock attack

  62. Paul
  63. Paul

    Getting to the point, I believe the guy. His Wiki page speaks of him being an ex MI5 agent who was in trouble for whistle blowing. I've seen compelling evidence now in several docs to say that this and many other conspiracy's hold true when looking purely at the nonsensical official narratives provided.

    Why i really wanted to post is to simply state how sad i am that so many are ready to simply deny the information presented in the doc and the official narrative. Please, i don't want to say "open your eyes", but please just try to face up to a very unsettling truth that your government want you to be afraid, it doesn't matter what of, this is how they gain greater control. Please those who don't like this please, just watch again and try a open mind. Try other documentary's of this nature and just keep watching before you decide never to watch one again.

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