9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money

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At its most basic level, the events of September 11 should be considered a heinous crime, and demanding of thorough investigation and just punishment. While the official investigative verdict has been reached and widely accepted through the 9/11 Commission Report, nagging questions continue to linger in the aftermath of this global tragedy. A growing movement of amateur sleuths believes the real motive behind the crimes of that day may be one of the oldest vices in the history of humankind: greed. For them, any thorough investigation of these events would have to include a careful consideration of the cash trail left in its wake. The thought-provoking new documentary 9/11 Trillions: Follow the Money conducts exactly this type of investigation, and produces a series of theories too credible to be ignored.

Exhaustively assembled and researched, the documentary utilizes a wealth of televised news reports and interviews, official court documents, and the commission's own findings to argue its case. The questions it raises are shocking for both their callousness and probability.

Could 9/11 have been planned, at least in part, as an insurance scam? The film details the circumstances surrounding the single largest insurance settlement in history, and the strange series of events which precipitated it in the weeks and months leading up to the demise of the Twin Towers.

What are the facts behind the strange and illegal money transfers which were conducted from the World Trade Center on the morning of the attacks? Could investors have profited from having knowledge of the attacks before they were put into action on September 11th? In one of the film's many supportive pieces of evidence, former CIA agent Robert Baer is shown making this exact accusation on video during a 2008 event in Los Angeles, as he claims to have an association with one White House insider who cashed out their portfolio the day before the terrorist plot unfurled.

For some, 9/11 Trillions: Follow the Money will surely result in an incendiary viewing experience. But even for those who deny claims of conspiracy in regards to that tragic day, the film offers valuable insights which are rarely discussed on a national stage, but deserve to be.

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  1. troutmouf

    RIP Michael Ruppert

  2. bungabunga
  3. bungabunga

    if only it was just done for something as innocent as insurance fraud... this sounds like another "Fahrenheit 911" that tries to play it off on something benign like stupidity and incompetence when the reality is far more sinister than that.

  4. Wayne
  5. Wayne

    The basic laws of physics tells us that 9/11 was an inside job, as does the complete pulverisation of both towers, as does the rush to clear the site of debris, as does the discovery of the passport of one of the alleged hijhackers found in the street on top of dust and debris - as does a multitude of other events tjhat occurred before, on and after that terrible day.

    All about money.

  6. drew hempel
  7. drew hempel

    Daniel Hopsicker investigated where the 9/11 terrorists trained - the same airport that had CIA airplanes shipping heroin. CIA 9/11.

  8. Glen
  9. Glen

    If the passport can get through steel melting thousand degree heat and not have a singe on it..lets find out what it was made of.. this material is a game changer.....unless it is all lies..

  10. former marine
  11. former marine

    Outstanding documentary. I have learned thru extensive research regarding this subject matter. We have men and women that have committed TREASON. Murder for profit, murder to keep secrets hidden. One day all of them will be judged by our King. I don't feel sorry for them, at all! In the bible there is a scripture, You reap what you sow. Because of what these evil humans have done, and got away with. They have helped in destroying our nation, our freedoms, our constitutional rights, and our unalienable rights! Another bible scripture comes to mind, The love of money is the root of ALL EVIL! That scripture proves exactly what this is really about. They have made money, and power, there God. This also reveals they work, and serve Satan! None of them will have the right to live for eternity in heaven, or a new earth. But will burn in hell, for eternity. Praise God

  12. Filmsmith
  13. Filmsmith

    Thank you Mr. Corbett! Your research is always so undeniable and presentations so professional. I am adding this to my favorite 9/11 documentaries that I send out to family and friends who still have issues with their cognitive dissonance on the truth of 9/11. If they won't believe the physics and other circumstances on 9/11; hopefully, they will understand the money trial.

  14. charles coryn
  15. charles coryn

    Welcome to the Twilight Zone…….

    Exhale, and catch your breath……. relax……. bring those numbers up again, yes, those trillions of dollars…..those trillions of dollar that are what? Wait a minute, those trillions derive from taxes, from you and I, and I've just been told that that amount represents $8,000 for every man, woman and child, and I'm thinking yes, but wait, wait a minute, the children don't work, some women and some men don't work, some are retired and some are disabled, and my mind is racing and spinning…… I mean I paid 5 cents for a coke or a candy bar, 3 cents for a bus ride or a stamp when I was a child, and this man is talking about trillions of dollars, missing, MISSING?……. it truly staggers my imagination.


  16. ruffa fernandez
  17. ruffa fernandez

    what a bunch of hogwash!

  18. CarimboHanky
  19. CarimboHanky

    @bungabunga wonder where do you live that you considare a 4.5BILLION dollar insurance fraud with a couple thousand people as collateral damage an "innocent" things...

    there was more to 9/11 than insurance fraud but at the end of the day it all comes down to 1 thing and 1 thing only... MONEY!

  20. Andrew Gerard
  21. Andrew Gerard

    This is a brilliant look at 9/11, and it really delves into one aspect of the events that seems to get lost among the questions about physical evidence regarding that day, and for good reason. Frankly, the physical evidence is much easier to understand. With a basic knowledge of physics and an open mind, anyone can see the anomalies. So that's what we usually look at, and that's what we usually argue.
    This is the more advanced lesson regarding 9/11. It is more complex, but just as damning, as Loose Change. If this was a case being heard in a legitimate court of law, the evidence revealed in this documentary would get as much, if not more attention than all the physical evidence combined This is a must-see for anyone who is an arm chair investigator of that despicable crime. Excellent work.

  22. Torbjorn
  23. Torbjorn

    we all know who and how ! give´m some rope!

  24. Boxer
  25. Boxer

    Enough with the ridiculous conspiracies. Some papers were blown out with the initial impact, including my husband's building pass which we received in the mail many months later.

  26. Russ Tul
  27. Russ Tul

    Bin Laden's demise was brought about by his hubris. There is no evience that he masterminded the 911 atrocity -- apart from his own claim that he was behind it. No real "mastermind" orchestrating such a monstrous act of indiscriminate mass murder would be dumb enough to admit to such a vile act, knowing that he would be signing his own death warrant if he did.

  28. Emile Cole
  29. Emile Cole

    Follow the money? No, I'll stick with the physics of WTC7.... it's well over a year now (September 12, 2014) since I posted my complete Prima Facie Empirically Verifiable Scientific Method Driven Graphical Target System Analysis and Conclusion arrived at by Process of Elimination (really just an exhaustively stated eighth grade homework assignment) that solves the whole thing with complete certainty scientifically and criminally beyond any reasonable doubt all in a single post.

    To date (with over 50,000 views now) not one member new or old, not one moderator, not one podcast or other staff member at the TheNakedScientists or Cambridge University, particularly Dr. Alan Calverd PhD (physics) but also including Dr. Christopher Smith PhD (neuroscience) along with several others there well qualified to judge it (actually anyone who got through the eighth grade with passing marks is fully qualified to evaluate it) has even managed to directly address it let alone break it or point out any error in it at all by simply copying and pasting one of the simple easy to understand animations (formatting guided by Dr. Calverd) along with a bit of accompanying descriptive text that says anything like "This animation and accompanying descriptive text is incorrect, the scenario would not play out as depicted/described in the analysis and here's why...." followed by some cogently stated elucidation of some percieved error or needed correction that would tend to change it or the inescapable conclusion it quite naturally arrives at....

    The Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency are literally the only ones on the planet who could possibly have carried out a covert domestic operation of that magnitude in WTC7 (and by extension all the events of that day).... the only ones who had exclusive carte blanche access to all parts of the tightly secured building.... the only ones who could possibly have defeated the buildings high tech security systems in and around the building.... the only ones who had ready access to the quantity and quality of energetic materials required.... and the only ones who could possibly have allowed in those with the required expertise to arrange for the buildings destruction using said energetic materials.

    Just as one needn't be Isaac Newton to see there is no other possible explanation for the behavior of WTC7 other than energetic materials having been physically transported inside the building, one needn't be Sherlock Holmes to see there is no other possible explanation as to who could have done it since the building was in perpetual lock down for many years prior to its destruction as a tightly secured government facility.... it's elementary.

  30. Emile Cole
  31. Emile Cole

    I see links are removed/not allowed. For anyone interested in reviewing the analysis, just Google "what is free fall? - the naked science forum" and it should appear at the top of the search results.

  32. maybeimwrong
  33. maybeimwrong

    "People only sleep peacefully in their beds at night ,because Rough men ...stand ready.... to do violence on their behalf"

  34. Mr. Smith
  35. Mr. Smith

    The following statement will require research on your part to understand: Jews were behind 9/11. If you have at least a 90 IQ & are not afraid to research and investigate...you will be very surprised at what you will find.

  36. Chris
  37. Chris

    Just listened to "An Interview with Don Fox: 911 and the Awakening" by William Finck and Donald Fox.

    Very interesting.

  38. Jaypee_d_poet
  39. Jaypee_d_poet

    It's becoming more unarguably clear that the 9/11 incident was a well-ochestrated stunt from the inside.. The question is, what can researchers do to establish this fact well-grounded to the world.?

  40. chris
  41. chris

    GREAT WORK! Think about a MUSIC PARTY!

  42. Mubey
  43. Mubey

    911 was a perfect exhibition of ''the devil is a lie''. It's so sad how people could be greedy and go to any length to achieve their evil-driven goals.

  44. transmedic@gmx.de
  45. transmedic@gmx.de

    The obvious conclusion is that those persons who made inordinate amounts of money from the 911 tragedy must be thoroughly investigated. But since money rules the world in general and the USA in particular, I'd bet anything that, sadly, those persons will not face justice until there is a true change in the USA.

  46. Mubey
  47. Mubey

    @Jaypee... Establishing the available evidences as generally acceptable or legal entities would be difficult, because the powerful personnel that planned or benefited from the attack will not allow it to fall through. Besides, the attack was a golden opportunity to penetrate the likes of Afghanistan and Iraq, and don't forget millions of dollars was made from weapons used for the invasion. Benefits from Iraqi oil is another point we can't write off.

  48. DRJDC
  49. DRJDC

    Profoundly enlightening. If authorities profess a blatant and boldface lie, then the only real authority is the TRUTH. The horrific tragedy of 9/11, in my opinion, is the lost of innocent lives in New York and those countries where war was escalated because of self-serving interests on the part of corrupt individuals, organizations, and governments that could careless about committing crimes against humanity. Sooner or later, the aforementioned will pay the price; it's just a matter of time...

  50. Chaz
  51. Chaz

    It was obvious from the beginning that this was a top level scam from all the holes and dichotomies, and follow the money is absolutely the determining factor. Bin Laden was dead months after the incident of kidney disease, despite the best medical care by top level doctors to preserve him as the scapegoat, but go ahead and find any document that states he was wanted for terrorism on 9/11...it doesn't exist because it wasn't ever him! We killed him again to feed the lie in a big dramatic operation! Such BS!

  52. zool
  53. zool

    All you have to do is go look up PNAC, it is like a script playing out right in front of your eyes...... they even tell each other... our plans won't be doable without a "New Pearl Harbor."

    Cheney, Rumsfeld and all of the other Neocons (Leftist Ideology - open borders) are on the list of members....

  54. Insanedutch
  55. Insanedutch

    Sorry from the whole story only one thing sticks like glue, an weapon to attack genotypes!!!! why is there no fuzz about that? I have a friend who works in genetics and this is a very bad thing. Did you guys knew the regime in South Africa before Nelson Mandela got to power, was building a virus that attact pigment, not harmfull for white except your molds get infected. but people with lots of it would die of it. creating a virus is bad news but let's say we turn of the genes for propagation only from one race, or modify you're genes so that you prefer coca cola over anything else.
    Once you go on a road where you start these kinds of manipulations on the DNA it's a downward slope, if you check the history of the USA they probably going to test these things on you're soldiers. Hail Hydra!

  56. andrew
  57. andrew

    So good to get alternative information.
    The news services in america can be so filtered. Love this website!

  58. Mogens Rasmussen
  59. Mogens Rasmussen

    More incriminating evidence to the already big pile. Amazingly and unfortunately it does not seem to put any of the involved crooks behind bars.

  60. Michael bird
  61. Michael bird

    Very cool reporting..like it

  62. David Allan
  63. David Allan

    If anyone truly believes that physics suggests that 9/11 was anything but terrorism ( as one poster suggested above) then you need to go back to engineering school.

    Now do people profit from horrible tragedies. Of course!

    The quicker you dispense with baseless religious notions such as karma, the quicker you will understand the real world and begin to truly live a life of freedom.

    This is just a movie, not a documentary, and its sole purpose is to further enslave the minds of the ignorant and/or stupid. Just like everything else. What you should be ashamed of is that it's working...on you! Just look at these comments!

    Throw away your warm cozy blanket of superstition and conspiracy and start to think.

  64. Kyle
  65. Kyle

    Lol this is all conspiracy. The comments reveal it. Y'all make it seem like Osama bin Laden was unknown until 9/11. The Clinton Administration has their target on his back for all of the 90s after the CIA backed Afghan rebels against Soviets in Afghanistan. He ran a finance and construction company and began to fund jihads that fought Zionists and Secularists. He was pissed at the US for intervening with Middle East affairs and the fact that Saudi Arabia allowed US troops in their country which is home to Medina and Mecca. REAL NEWS AND REAL FACTS. Oh and the physics? Lol. A commercial jet airliner full of fuel (LA destination) coming in at 600mph.. That much gasoline and instantaneously burning is an enormous amount of energy which damaged and further separated steel molecules which led it to buckle and give way. Get a grip. People have profited from acts of war since the beginning of time. And you think financial crimes happening at the heart of NYC is something new and rare???? Happens everyday. We all know how 2008 happened.

  66. john connolly
  67. john connolly

    The work of Dr Judy Wood is the only version of how it was done which makes any sense. The why is academic, as far as who? Well, who cares? I'd bet they were American...

  68. Jim
  69. Jim

    I just wonder if this documentary would have been done if this had been under Clinton's or Obama's presidency. It seems from the comments, this is more about politics than physics.

  70. C
  71. C

    Wake up America! AIPAC

  72. Barbara
  73. Barbara

    Timothy Mc Veigh was right. He himself said what he did was a pinch in the bucket compared to what was coming. He blew that building up in Oklahoma because he was trying to save ppl from 911. There was implosions bombs being stored in Oklahoma federal building that he blew up. This bombs were meant to implant in the twin towers. He also died in prison just to shut up about this. What a corrupt government we have!!!!

  74. MonkMan
  75. MonkMan

    God watches and He waits. There will be justice.

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