9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money

9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money

2015, 9/11  -   102 Comments
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At its most basic level, the events of September 11 should be considered a heinous crime, and demanding of thorough investigation and just punishment. While the official investigative verdict has been reached and widely accepted through the 9/11 Commission Report, nagging questions continue to linger in the aftermath of this global tragedy. A growing movement of amateur sleuths believes the real motive behind the crimes of that day may be one of the oldest vices in the history of humankind: greed. For them, any thorough investigation of these events would have to include a careful consideration of the cash trail left in its wake. The thought-provoking new documentary 9/11 Trillions: Follow the Money conducts exactly this type of investigation, and produces a series of theories too credible to be ignored.

Exhaustively assembled and researched, the documentary utilizes a wealth of televised news reports and interviews, official court documents, and the commission's own findings to argue its case. The questions it raises are shocking for both their callousness and probability.

Could 9/11 have been planned, at least in part, as an insurance scam? The film details the circumstances surrounding the single largest insurance settlement in history, and the strange series of events which precipitated it in the weeks and months leading up to the demise of the Twin Towers.

What are the facts behind the strange and illegal money transfers which were conducted from the World Trade Center on the morning of the attacks? Could investors have profited from having knowledge of the attacks before they were put into action on September 11th? In one of the film's many supportive pieces of evidence, former CIA agent Robert Baer is shown making this exact accusation on video during a 2008 event in Los Angeles, as he claims to have an association with one White House insider who cashed out their portfolio the day before the terrorist plot unfurled.

For some, 9/11 Trillions: Follow the Money will surely result in an incendiary viewing experience. But even for those who deny claims of conspiracy in regards to that tragic day, the film offers valuable insights which are rarely discussed on a national stage, but deserve to be.

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6 months ago

BRILLIANT Documentary. Certain Info I had NO idea of. This is a Minefield. BUT your GUT ..as a DECENT Citizen..Should be Screaming Out Right Now. THEY..the Psychopaths....are OUTNUMBERED by BILLIONS of 'Decent' people. It's TIME to STEP UP. Before it's too late.

9 months ago

Years later I’m still blown away by the mass of people that don’t see something with so many coincidences happening and use own fore thought to at least question. Biggest attack yet zero report, zero investigation, evidence shipped off or destroyed, ignoring basic physics and etc. Literally were running war games about this specific threat that had Bin Laden as the head of it prior. MASCALS at the Pentagon practicing for planes flying into it. Trade 7 has a couple fires yet it free falls, all while home to CIA files. Pentagon easily one of the most guarded buildings yet only thing on record is a still frame collection. No engine found there but just somehow a terrorist’s passport is found clear as day in the world trade rubble.

11 months ago

The USA government is the top mafia out of world mafias. It’s not a government.

Ann cullum
1 year ago

I have a question. If drones were used to take down the towers and there were no real planes used, what happened to the people on the real planes blamed for 911? I am really confused. Does anyone think they were just taken out somewhere and killed?

Rose White
1 year ago

0:24 is that building 7 blazing away in the background?
Well alight on two floors - so no wonder it collapsed.

1 year ago

One of the best investigative journalist of our time
All his videos can be found at corbett report dot com.

2 years ago

They have scrubbed the internet of this video in2021 I can no longer find it anywhere !????

2 years ago

Follow the evidence.
If you listen to the evidence carefully enough it will speak to you and tell you exactly what happened. The evidence always tells the truth. "Empirical evidence is the truth that theory must mimic", extract from "where did the towers go?" Dr Judy Wood. This is a "must" for those in search for the truth.
The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist.
Each tower =approx 500,000 tons of steel, concrete, marble, glazing and office furniture. Read this book and learn a new word "dustification". Read the evidence without prejudice.

Colin Doran
2 years ago

The Silverstein group did not win the bidding process for the lease on the WTC towers, it was won by another group. When they spent weeks trying to negotiate a better deal for themselves, the Port Authority finally lost patience with them and ended the negotiations. They then went to the second highest bidders which was the Silverstein group. They then spent over a month trying to get a better deal for themselves. They had bid $3.55 billion for the buildings which is why they would have insured them for that amount. Unless James Corbett thinks they shouldn't have insured the buildings. Most people insure their homes and most business insure their buildings. When something then happens to the buildings they claim on the insurance. Unless James Corbett thinks people shouldn't make insurance claims when their buildings are destroyed.

3 years ago

I haven't even watched the video. I read through all of the comments and was amused by them. If you can find the actual footage again and watch it closely, you will see the buildings implode from the bottom. Bombs were used to bring the buildings down. Scientists also concluded that their was never a plane that hit the pentagon., not one piece of a plane was discovered in the rubble. The 2.3 trillion dollars that came up missing had to be covered up by our government. They fired a bomb into the building to destroy the evidence. The plane that they also said crashed landed, once again was proven to be a lie by our scientists. The plane wreckage would not have ended up 150 miles away, if it was a plane crash. They also proved our government shot it out of the air. Anyone that actually trust our politicians, truly are not educated. Turn off your tv news and start investigating. Our government has lied to all of us for years and has been stealing from us as well. The day before 911, Rudy Guliani was going to start an investigation into the lost money, Hence why the building he was supposed to be in that day was also blown up. On 911 our country was supposed to go back to abiding by our original constitution, so our corrupt government had to put a stop to all of this. I know some of this is hard to comprehend, BUT it's all TRUE. Jump forward to 2020 and look at the treason and insanity our leaders are into now. Once again, turn off the tv and get educated. Our next trial and tribulation is a civil war being started by our politicians. Crazy Pelosi wants to now convert to digital money, So the banks and the government can steal our money and control what we buy. The dodd frank act and another law passed by Obama in 2015, states that we are no longer depositors to the bank, we are unsecured creditors and if the bank doesn't have enough liquidity, they can take up to 50% of your money legally and give you stocks in the bank with an IOU. When our country got locked down in March, she tried to put the digital money in the law books for January 2021 to start this process with Bill Gates supplying the digital code to track us in every aspect of our life. The document got leaked, so she pulled it and then then next week put it back in.The six foot apart rule has nothing to do with the corona virus. They can only track us if we are six feet apart. People better wake or we are going t become a completely socialist country . Get all your money out of the banks, buy precious metals, because our dollars are not going to be worth shit, once they are done printing and spending money WE DON'T Have!! They cannot track gold or silver. I am telling everyone I know to stop paying their taxes, DO NOT support the money train any more. They cannot steal it from you, if you don't give it to them. Their is so much more going on that I just don't have the time to explain it all. Human trafficking, killing our children for adrenalcrene, the youth serum. This year has got to be the best bullshit our government has handed us so far. Race wars, defund the police and reparation for slavery. This is true hypocrisy at it's finest. George Floyd and Derek Chauvin working together at the same bar, same nights, Both men 33rd free masons and their boss is a crisis actor!! BUT they didn't know one another??? Truly Insane>>>>>>> ALL LIES>>>>>

Bill Hesford
3 years ago

A bunch of camel jockeys did it. OK then.

4 years ago

Notice that because the stock investigation did not yield the results that Corbett wanted, he has to rely on twisting that information to suit his theory by playing semantic games in interpreting the findings. His attempts are more tortured than people who try to use biblical passages to defend whatever awful behavior they are engaged, or those who pick the Constitution's language apart to parse out an interpretation favorable to their intent.

4 years ago

A b.s. documentary from a known, non-credible conspiracy theorist that mixes debunked information with some legitimate reporting For example, the stock activity during the period cited had been linked to the sources, none of whom had links to anyone related to the 9/11 attacks. Judging from other comments on this site, other people without contacts or access to anyone who knows anything about the claims here have all become secret geniuses who can support whatever conspiracy theory they feel like forwards because they require no actual evidence.

4 years ago

I'm sorry guys your barking up the wrong tree it's time travel in the near future we find time travel those in the future do thiso they visit disasters through time some sneak of and do this and that the monies always returned they get caught themselves back in the future there's security for that they have to let it happen otherwise they create a parrellell universe your being born your dying so enjoy this chapter

Mathew Neville
4 years ago

Anyone with a brain understands that planes made of "light" aluminium can NOT cut through concrete & steel buildings like a knife through butter as if by MAGIC .
9/11 was Israel's masterpiece & its coverup was & STILL IS America's masterpiece.

4 years ago

All lies. Muslims commit 0.002% of domestic terrorism. White men commit 85% of domestic terrorism. Blacks, brown, and yellow people commit zero terrorism.

All American wars have been false flags. It's all about money.

4 years ago

What a **** documentary. After 10 minutes, I can't follow what's going on. Narration is way too fast, too much information spat out like a machine gun. Have you guys never seen a BBC documentary? Calm down, slow down, tell me some key points. Pause between sentences. Take a breath. Give viewers time to digest the info and think. You could tell more of the story with half of the words. Where's the music? Add foreboding music to highlight the info that is new, shocking or surprising. This documentary has good intentions but is about as entertaining as reading a long website.

4 years ago

For the record the Twin Towers came down from a classic military decision to cut losses and identity. There would be no effective rescue - the US was becoming a spectacle of aflamed, and jumping victims intolerable to the egos of US leadership.

This documentary fails to illuminate the primary Muslim Holiday "The Eid al-Adha." The Eid celebrates the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac as an act of obedience to Allah.

Parental love is conditional in Islam. Muslim children grow up with the subtle and overt knowledge their parents could justifiably kill them at any juncture if instructed by Allah.

Growing up with the Eid is how well educated, professional, young adult Islamic males (19 of them) could look small children, and babies in the eye on four planes, and take them to searing, fiery deaths on 911; this trade for Heaven, virgins and promised money to their families.

There is a distinct pattern of mass homicide integral to Islam only a fool could ignore. On 911 Muslims stated openly they knew it was Muslims long before the general populous had so much as an inkling.

Through the Eid, from earliest childhood followers of Islam are deeply inured to the belief that murder is a venerable and honorable means to settle the score with problematic people and non-muslims (infidels) - and a guaranteed means to achieve heaven with Allah.

Where it is honorable and eternity with Allah to murder infidels in Islam, homicide is a trip to hell and the devil for Christians.

The upshot is we are all social carnivores.

5 years ago

@Boxer @David Allen @Kyle still afraid to look at the evidence. Sad.

9/11: Decade of Deception (2015) is a great docu available on on this website. Have a look at the physics. If you can't see it then you have a condition which a few too many have which manifests as "fear of your world view being crushed" which you have your emotionalized ego wrapped around.

It is how the propagandists have been able to succeed in so many endeavors: far too many people have been emotionalized in government schools; their emotions are able to overrule facts; to discard facts in favor of what they prefer to believe.

Your first mistake was believing into the propaganda(lie) that government was your friend, benefactor, or protector in the first place, when if you actually looked rather than buying all the little lies, much evidence leads to the contrary.

Government is the vehicle through which evil snakes are able to screw the rest of us. Socialism even more than Capitalism is bought by the banksters. That is why they promote Socialism and why it is taught in schools for too long now. And why we have so many more problems. More Socialism = more govt = more corruption.

Thousands of real engineers and scientists don't need to "go back to engineering school" to simply see. Emotion and the fear of the implications is what keeps you from seeing what is right there, if you could and would only look.

I have an engineer friend who refuses to look at the evidence. To him, if its not on the boob tube TV, then it didn't happen. A perfect sock puppet for the Globalists. Too much effort for him to click on an independent video or documentary, even when the link is supplied. Why should he? He already "knows" what happened! In his mind anyway.

Not only does the later demolition of shorter WTC building 7 tell you enough. It is a simple matter to dispell the official "pancake collapse" theory that people have to want to believe in order to believe it. Emotion over facts.

The lower part of the steel columns were designed to carry all the weight of the building above them, and then some, not just one floor. When enough heat is applied to STEEL it doesn't just give out, it starts to bend or deform.

If the open flame limited air (lower temp) fuel fire could have even produced enough heat to deform the concrete protected steel columns, the side which the plane entered would have the most available air for the fire, making it the hottest, as well as missing some columns. That side would give out first causing the above portion to tilt.

Even if that didn't occur, there is no credible theory that can explain how all steel columns would allow the whole floor to collapse at the same time; some part would give way first, slowed by the rest of the framework above and below, and fall little further than that floor or two or so. And even if that flaming floor did "pancake", the strength of the steel columns below, being able to hold all the weight above and then some, would absorb that pancake shock deformation in a few floors or so. There simply is no added weight, only impact which is not accelerated but SLOWED by all the material and strength of framework between the supposed initial pancake floor and the ground. And that was a LOT of structure to do the slowing.

If you are still emotionally attached to the propaganda you want to believe: Build yourself a 5 story doll house out of plastic straws for columns. Toss some alcohol onto the 3rd floor and light it. See what happens. Or use wood and a sledge hammer for "pancake impact".

Do the bottom of the columns give out? Does your sledge hammer accelerate or get slowed by the material structure?

The pancake pseudo theory is utter nonsense and only for those who desire to maintain their world view that people and government aren't that evil ...even though evidence leads to the contrary.

Years ago, a neighbor lady "didn't even want to think about the possibility of the twin towers being done on purpose by certain entities within our government". There it is. People fear the truth for some personal safety security blanket reason. So they prefer to live in fantasy land.

5 years ago

actually thought I couldn't get into another 9/11 doc but this was an eye opener very well researched

5 years ago

A very good documentary that does a compelling job at showing a glaring inconsistency in the government's official story regarding 9/11. Highly recommended for anyone, from skeptics to truthers.

True Americam 1st
5 years ago

These horrific injustices upon the American people of this country is nothing more than pure evil. To laugh or joke about trillions of dollars missing was deplorable to say the least. Not to mention, all the lives lost in the Towers, and the wars related is absolutely not a bit funny at all !.

5 years ago

God watches and He waits. There will be justice.

5 years ago

Timothy Mc Veigh was right. He himself said what he did was a pinch in the bucket compared to what was coming. He blew that building up in Oklahoma because he was trying to save ppl from 911. There was implosions bombs being stored in Oklahoma federal building that he blew up. This bombs were meant to implant in the twin towers. He also died in prison just to shut up about this. What a corrupt government we have!!!!

5 years ago

Wake up America! AIPAC

5 years ago

I just wonder if this documentary would have been done if this had been under Clinton's or Obama's presidency. It seems from the comments, this is more about politics than physics.

john connolly
5 years ago

The work of Dr Judy Wood is the only version of how it was done which makes any sense. The why is academic, as far as who? Well, who cares? I'd bet they were American...

6 years ago

Lol this is all conspiracy. The comments reveal it. Y'all make it seem like Osama bin Laden was unknown until 9/11. The Clinton Administration has their target on his back for all of the 90s after the CIA backed Afghan rebels against Soviets in Afghanistan. He ran a finance and construction company and began to fund jihads that fought Zionists and Secularists. He was pissed at the US for intervening with Middle East affairs and the fact that Saudi Arabia allowed US troops in their country which is home to Medina and Mecca. REAL NEWS AND REAL FACTS. Oh and the physics? Lol. A commercial jet airliner full of fuel (LA destination) coming in at 600mph.. That much gasoline and instantaneously burning is an enormous amount of energy which damaged and further separated steel molecules which led it to buckle and give way. Get a grip. People have profited from acts of war since the beginning of time. And you think financial crimes happening at the heart of NYC is something new and rare???? Happens everyday. We all know how 2008 happened.

David Allan
6 years ago

If anyone truly believes that physics suggests that 9/11 was anything but terrorism ( as one poster suggested above) then you need to go back to engineering school.

Now do people profit from horrible tragedies. Of course!

The quicker you dispense with baseless religious notions such as karma, the quicker you will understand the real world and begin to truly live a life of freedom.

This is just a movie, not a documentary, and its sole purpose is to further enslave the minds of the ignorant and/or stupid. Just like everything else. What you should be ashamed of is that it's working...on you! Just look at these comments!

Throw away your warm cozy blanket of superstition and conspiracy and start to think.

Michael bird
6 years ago

Very cool reporting..like it

Mogens Rasmussen
6 years ago

More incriminating evidence to the already big pile. Amazingly and unfortunately it does not seem to put any of the involved crooks behind bars.

6 years ago

So good to get alternative information.
The news services in america can be so filtered. Love this website!

6 years ago

Sorry from the whole story only one thing sticks like glue, an weapon to attack genotypes!!!! why is there no fuzz about that? I have a friend who works in genetics and this is a very bad thing. Did you guys knew the regime in South Africa before Nelson Mandela got to power, was building a virus that attact pigment, not harmfull for white except your molds get infected. but people with lots of it would die of it. creating a virus is bad news but let's say we turn of the genes for propagation only from one race, or modify you're genes so that you prefer coca cola over anything else.
Once you go on a road where you start these kinds of manipulations on the DNA it's a downward slope, if you check the history of the USA they probably going to test these things on you're soldiers. Hail Hydra!

7 years ago

All you have to do is go look up PNAC, it is like a script playing out right in front of your eyes...... they even tell each other... our plans won't be doable without a "New Pearl Harbor."

Cheney, Rumsfeld and all of the other Neocons (Leftist Ideology - open borders) are on the list of members....

7 years ago

It was obvious from the beginning that this was a top level scam from all the holes and dichotomies, and follow the money is absolutely the determining factor. Bin Laden was dead months after the incident of kidney disease, despite the best medical care by top level doctors to preserve him as the scapegoat, but go ahead and find any document that states he was wanted for terrorism on 9/11...it doesn't exist because it wasn't ever him! We killed him again to feed the lie in a big dramatic operation! Such BS!

7 years ago

Profoundly enlightening. If authorities profess a blatant and boldface lie, then the only real authority is the TRUTH. The horrific tragedy of 9/11, in my opinion, is the lost of innocent lives in New York and those countries where war was escalated because of self-serving interests on the part of corrupt individuals, organizations, and governments that could careless about committing crimes against humanity. Sooner or later, the aforementioned will pay the price; it's just a matter of time...

7 years ago

@Jaypee... Establishing the available evidences as generally acceptable or legal entities would be difficult, because the powerful personnel that planned or benefited from the attack will not allow it to fall through. Besides, the attack was a golden opportunity to penetrate the likes of Afghanistan and Iraq, and don't forget millions of dollars was made from weapons used for the invasion. Benefits from Iraqi oil is another point we can't write off.

7 years ago

The obvious conclusion is that those persons who made inordinate amounts of money from the 911 tragedy must be thoroughly investigated. But since money rules the world in general and the USA in particular, I'd bet anything that, sadly, those persons will not face justice until there is a true change in the USA.

7 years ago

911 was a perfect exhibition of ''the devil is a lie''. It's so sad how people could be greedy and go to any length to achieve their evil-driven goals.

7 years ago


7 years ago

It's becoming more unarguably clear that the 9/11 incident was a well-ochestrated stunt from the inside.. The question is, what can researchers do to establish this fact well-grounded to the world.?

7 years ago

Just listened to "An Interview with Don Fox: 911 and the Awakening" by William Finck and Donald Fox.

Very interesting.

Mr. Smith
7 years ago

The following statement will require research on your part to understand: Jews were behind 9/11. If you have at least a 90 IQ & are not afraid to research and investigate...you will be very surprised at what you will find.

7 years ago

"People only sleep peacefully in their beds at night ,because Rough men ...stand ready.... to do violence on their behalf"

Emile Cole
7 years ago

I see links are removed/not allowed. For anyone interested in reviewing the analysis, just Google "what is free fall? - the naked science forum" and it should appear at the top of the search results.

Emile Cole
7 years ago

Follow the money? No, I'll stick with the physics of WTC7.... it's well over a year now (September 12, 2014) since I posted my complete Prima Facie Empirically Verifiable Scientific Method Driven Graphical Target System Analysis and Conclusion arrived at by Process of Elimination (really just an exhaustively stated eighth grade homework assignment) that solves the whole thing with complete certainty scientifically and criminally beyond any reasonable doubt all in a single post.

To date (with over 50,000 views now) not one member new or old, not one moderator, not one podcast or other staff member at the TheNakedScientists or Cambridge University, particularly Dr. Alan Calverd PhD (physics) but also including Dr. Christopher Smith PhD (neuroscience) along with several others there well qualified to judge it (actually anyone who got through the eighth grade with passing marks is fully qualified to evaluate it) has even managed to directly address it let alone break it or point out any error in it at all by simply copying and pasting one of the simple easy to understand animations (formatting guided by Dr. Calverd) along with a bit of accompanying descriptive text that says anything like "This animation and accompanying descriptive text is incorrect, the scenario would not play out as depicted/described in the analysis and here's why...." followed by some cogently stated elucidation of some percieved error or needed correction that would tend to change it or the inescapable conclusion it quite naturally arrives at....

The Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency are literally the only ones on the planet who could possibly have carried out a covert domestic operation of that magnitude in WTC7 (and by extension all the events of that day).... the only ones who had exclusive carte blanche access to all parts of the tightly secured building.... the only ones who could possibly have defeated the buildings high tech security systems in and around the building.... the only ones who had ready access to the quantity and quality of energetic materials required.... and the only ones who could possibly have allowed in those with the required expertise to arrange for the buildings destruction using said energetic materials.

Just as one needn't be Isaac Newton to see there is no other possible explanation for the behavior of WTC7 other than energetic materials having been physically transported inside the building, one needn't be Sherlock Holmes to see there is no other possible explanation as to who could have done it since the building was in perpetual lock down for many years prior to its destruction as a tightly secured government facility.... it's elementary.

Russ Tul
7 years ago

Bin Laden's demise was brought about by his hubris. There is no evience that he masterminded the 911 atrocity -- apart from his own claim that he was behind it. No real "mastermind" orchestrating such a monstrous act of indiscriminate mass murder would be dumb enough to admit to such a vile act, knowing that he would be signing his own death warrant if he did.

7 years ago

Enough with the ridiculous conspiracies. Some papers were blown out with the initial impact, including my husband's building pass which we received in the mail many months later.

7 years ago

we all know who and how ! give´m some rope!

Andrew Gerard
7 years ago

This is a brilliant look at 9/11, and it really delves into one aspect of the events that seems to get lost among the questions about physical evidence regarding that day, and for good reason. Frankly, the physical evidence is much easier to understand. With a basic knowledge of physics and an open mind, anyone can see the anomalies. So that's what we usually look at, and that's what we usually argue.
This is the more advanced lesson regarding 9/11. It is more complex, but just as damning, as Loose Change. If this was a case being heard in a legitimate court of law, the evidence revealed in this documentary would get as much, if not more attention than all the physical evidence combined This is a must-see for anyone who is an arm chair investigator of that despicable crime. Excellent work.