97% Owned

97% Owned

2012, Economics  -   134 Comments
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97% Owned97% owned present serious research and verifiable evidence on our economic and financial system. This is the first documentary to tackle this issue from a UK-perspective and explains the inner workings of Central Banks and the Money creation process.

When money drives almost all activity on the planet, it's essential that we understand it. Yet simple questions often get overlooked, questions like; where does money come from? Who creates it? Who decides how it gets used? And what does this mean for the millions of ordinary people who suffer when the monetary, and financial system, breaks down?

Political philosopher John Gray, commented, "We're not moving to a world in which crises will never happen or will happen less and less. We are in a world in which they happen several times during a given human lifetime and I think that will continue to be the case."

If you have decided that crisis as a result of the monetary system is not an event you want to keep revisiting in your life-time then this documentary will equip you with the knowledge you need, what you do with it is up to you.

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134 Comments / User Reviews

  1. rather poorly produced documentary both in its shooting/editing but also in its content. Not sure who those young fellas are to be called in such a technically complex debate. The 'how to eliminate inflation' theory put forward around mid-movie is simply naiive and poorly expressed: "making sure that money is issued in the economy only for productive investment, for productive goods and services, [...]for helping small businesses, which creates jobs, which creates additional purchasing power which means there is no inflation" rather vague and industrial-age like kind of statement. Although in line with A. W. Phillips' curve to some digree.. the truth is that when more people are working, they have the power to spend, which leads to an increase in demand. And prices (inflation) soon follow. The opposite is true when unemployment rises. Generally the focus of the question is wrong, the focus should not be on inflation, but on unemployment.

    1. I agree about the production quality. It's a shame, because it diminishes the impact of the main message. In my experience, most people suffer from massive cognitive dissonance and are just unable to grasp the concept of money creation out of nothing, or even the idea that banks really do have an outrageous monopoly that is detrimental to society and the planet a a whole, and only beneficial for those who have cemented the idea that this is the only way to go. Disagreements about the nature of inflation don't change that.

  2. Economical crisis are design by the multi billionaires so they could manage to pick up the pieces left by the poor people after their fall in an easier way. So convenient you don’t say? The rich gets richer on the poor gets poorer. But in a crisis it’s a faster fall. A very well oiled machinery.

  3. A bunch of people in the comments think progressive idpol lib sis really tanky. 0/10 in these comments, go find an article somewhere instead.

    Movie was entertaining.

  4. So is Bitcoin or something like it, the answer? I don't know. But at least it is or was a good start, if not more, to a solution. Now that it jumped to $4000, besides wishing I had some, I am beginning to wonder if the banksters see it as the wonderful side step to many of their and govt's evils that it is, and I wonder if the banksters are running it up just like they have been doing to the stock market, to make it seem scary to one sector while seeming hot and attractive to another so they can burn them. And like their run up in stocks, at some point, will have to dump in order to book a profit. And will they drive Bitcoin down hard to scare a larger number away from it? All done with what they shamefully call Quantitative Easing, being your future tax obligations. Manipulating markets certainly isn't capitalism, but Bitcoin giving needed competition to the banksters who steal first through inflation, robbing the value of your labor by diluting the money pool and then by deflation, making the value of that money they have stolen from you worth more and what you own worth less; after which they scoop it up for pennies on the dollar when they grind the economy to a halt so you lose your job and are desperate. Then they repeat their long term game all over again.

    Apparently the bankster owned media, cia, and minions throughout govt really hate Trump postponing their time table. They certainly want you to buy into their propaganda so they can move forward with their deflation and dismantling the usa to create their marxist utopia, in which they will have total control. It will be too late for the socialist-communist-marxists when they are bleating like wild sheep captured in a corral in their friendly forest with some free food inside the gate. Too late for all of us, unless you prevent the marxists useful idiots to the marxist banksters who despise anything that can compete with any of their corporations called banks, oil companies, media, etc.

    Thing is, after you've been captured, they don't need to feed you any more unless you work like a slave for next to nothing.

    Please, you marxists, quit peddling your propaganda(lies). If you truly believed it, you would move to a country with that system. It is pure BS that the whole world needs to be converted to a marxist system for it to work. If it doesn't work on a small scale then it will work even worse on a large scale, regardless of what he claimed. Rhodesia is waiting for you. I know someone who will buy you a plane ticket if you would only go live your dream where it already exists. A once prosperous agricultural country that fed its neighbors, obliterated by caring and heartfelt marxists. Join them. Become all you can be. Or in a former soviet state where the least amount of capitalism is allowed. Don't go away mad. Just go away.

    To consider marxism to have less corruption than capitalism is flat absurd. Corruption and cronyism is built in with no way to get rid of it. Like all of the various flavors of collectivism, marxism, is all about getting rid of the competition for everything. For ideas, for a free press(which now only exists on the internet) for products and equipment. Marxist call this being more efficient when all proof is the contrary. Innovation is stifled because it would compete with vested interests who line the pockets of their comrades in charge.

    Not particularly a fan of the english but one fine bloke said it well in another docu: Self governance is always superior to better govt.

    1. I think you're right: Bitcoin DOES seem to be the solution.

  5. People have been diverted from the most important question: What has and would make me more free and what has and would make me less free?

    Every law, every tax, every system, be it monetary, economic, or otherwise, should be viewed from that perspective lest you get distracted with something that sounds good or feels good or seems logical, excepting that it strips you of yours ...and much more importantly MY freedom.

    You have no right to impose on my freedom unless you willingly submit to me imposing on yours.

    @Wald0 and other Marxists(Socialists-Communists): Most of the terrible ills you assign to Capitalism is in fact caused by incremental SOCIALISM and FASCISM(Corporatism). Why not discover what Capitalism ACTUALLY is prior to being a typical Marxist trying to divert attention from all the damage you have done voting for and promoting Marxism by pointing fingers at something that cannot in any way be called Capitalism and calling it evil Capitalism, when it is FAR closer to Socialist Fascism(Corporatism) with a fair bit of Communism in the years of obama.

    Such is the typical scam artist and propagandist, INCORRECT LABELING. What you are seeing as horrible Capitalism, is in fact the true face of Socialism, Corporatism, and a fair bit of Communism. The true face of the Democrat party IS slavery, first through iron chains on plantations, then via debt chains through the Federal Reserve. Were the Bushes any different than the Clintons? Not at all. Great friends really, both fighting for One World Marxist govt. More incorrect labeling. Bushes are Rinos. Republican in name only. So are far too many in Congress in bed with the enslaving one worlder democrats in Congress, in Academia, in the Media, in Central Banking. People need to quit whining, quit waiting for someone else to do your job, shed the party mentality, and see to it wise, incorruptible people are running from ALL parties for all offices.

    How about some actual facts regarding the political parties:

    Unfortunately as it is both parties advance different aspects of what the Marxist banksters desire: Big govt socialist and corporate control over everyone(enslavement).

    Capitalism is merely freedom to trade with who ever I want. If I choose to trade the eggs my chickens laid for the neighbors butter he churned from his cows, that is Capitalism. Granted, there should be a place where those who don't care to provide any value that anybody else wants, can grow some food and have a hut for shelter, rather than Marxist vote buyers being able to steal from the egg and butter producers, pocket that while only dribbling a little free food and such to those they can fool into voting for them. However, it is likely the less fortunate too would choose to trade corn for beans and so forth, making them Capitalists. Do you think they would desire govt getting in between their trades also?

    Does such a Capitalist system require banksters at all? Or need govt other than to provide a ready defense and arbiter of those weasels who try and cheat someone as Democrats and Republicans have shown their propensity to do throughout history? Does Capitalism require Corporatism and/or Socialism both which require a corrupt and large govt to succeed. Who in fact owns most of the major corporations? The banksters. Who promotes Marxism(govt control over your life)? The banksters (Rothschild, Rockefeller, etc.), the owners of the Central Banks.

    What monetary system cannot be gamed by the big boys to screw the rest? What monetary system, economic system, political system provides the most freedom and opportunity? Any system will be manipulated and mutilated by the cunning unless YOU stand guard rather than leaving it to someone else because you are too greedy to spend any time doing so.

    Do we really need a Central Bank (in light of the State Bank of North Dakota which has been doing well for many decades)? In light of the fact we did without one prior to having one weaseled upon us in the dark of night; then not enough standing to then oust it. Do we need them charging interest for something our govt could easily do?

    If you want some respect, quit supporting those who disrespect you. Dump the big commercial banks and join a CREDIT UNION where YOU are the owner NOT Rockefeller and his cronies, or independent community and business bank. Was it necessary to "save the big investment banks?" Apparently not, despite the claims of collapsing the world financial system, since they never stopped doing what caused them to go broke, in fact they have doubled down on their gambles. It is highly likely the coming crisis will be much worse than the first one. So in reality every last bit of your future tax obligations to save them was wasted; part being skimmed into the pockets of the bank officers and the owner banksters. And they will want you to do it again but call it a bail in instead of a bail out. Depositors will be screwed just like they were in Cyprus.

    Capitalism requires a LIMITED govt. Both are necessary for FREEDOM. More govt = less freedom every time.

    If you prefer security to freedom, move to some European socialist country like Greece. That is what most of them are heading towards anyway. Check their financial situation. Socialism works until the money runs out and it always does. Same for Communism; check the financial situation of China. Even in Sweden they had to cut back on services years ago. Now in 2016 you have to pay them to hold your money, negative interest rate bonds as do several other countries. As goes socialist Sweden so goes socialist USA after them. Thank your friends at the CFR who Hillary caters to.

    Don't trade your labor so cheaply if you value it as worth more. Then the person who needs labor can find someone else. So that puts a cap on what labor is worth. If you are tired of laboring for pennies then do something of greater value.

    What does a banker consider financial terrorism? Barter enhanced via silver coinage. If they hate it, it must be good. Silver is cheap enough not as worth it to counterfeit like gold. Already in circulation or was until usa inflated their coinage like the Romans by removing most of the silver. We had silver certificate dollars that could be exchanged for an ounce of silver. In the usa, by simply getting rid of the Federal Reserve, going back to pre 1964 money and having what we had at the time via the Glass-Steagall act that Clinton repealed: Commercial Banks and savings banks separate from Investment banks. We would be ok. There are some better options than just those banks being separated but that would work.

    As @Philip Wong indicated, Govt vote buying politicians cannot be allowed to coerce banks to loan to people who cannot pay it back. Yet, why didn't banks take such a situation to other politicians that could help them from shooting themselves in the foot? Why? It was all a ruse. Who was in the pocket of whom? It is a wonderful thing for both govt and bankers to be able to blame the other when they actually work together to rip us off and pocket as much dough as they can.

    Freedom isn't free. You have to stand up instead of ahead of time and protect it rather than whine and point fingers. No I am not talking about duped soldiers sent overseas to protect bankster interests. I'm talking about ensuring decent people are in charge instead of snakes.

  6. One of the things that should be done is to make loans with interest and speculation illegal, as to eliminate all debt completely and everywhere. I wonder what these criminals that call themselves bankers, which is just another acronym for a "thief", and a "crook", would say about that? Hey, isn't giving loans and collecting interest illegal already? But not for banks. Nobody should be able to make money from "thin air", only from production of a real produce - manual labour. Yes, I'm actually saying that the bankers should get a job, a real one.

  7. I'm no expert but has anybody stopped and noticed the parallels of Peak Oil and our economy? Basically the theory says that cheap oil has passed it's peak and no matter how you view the economy, we are headed down hill. It is said that all other new oil discoveries are the harder to produce oils imbedded in rock. I don't hear or read much about this topic but I think it is an interesting coincidence that we have proposed to have or are in the middle of cheap peak oil consumption

  8. The female narrator sounds all wrong and seems to lack knowledge in the field she is delivering. sounds like if she is given a script to read of on. you can clearly hear the full stops, commas, and quotation marks in her speech. No i.e. or example scenarios. not appealing at all. they would be better off using only the clips from the economics analyst. That aside, another great doc on how economics and banking work.... good stuff

  9. Fairly partisan documentary. Many of the charts are misleading or irrelevant and some of the solutions offered by contributors are woefully simplistic. Anyway I did learn a bit watching and overall it wasn't bad.

  10. A little off point but the female narrator sounds all wrong. It's like their voice-over artist couldn't make it and they got the receptionist to read it.

  11. Look 178 and others confused like you,
    The formula is: the international monetary system created by private banks own the corporations cartels by its permanent debt thus keeping the workmanpower like you and me under tight control; the fonny governments are somewhere in the middle, depending on the level of services provided to its citizens by direct debt to the firsts and bow to the seconds, working themselves as corporations, "regulating" to make sure that everything keeps going this way. So, where are the States and all those theories we burst ower brains discussing about? Nowhere! The World Is A Big Lie.

  12. I am so frustrated by how many people think that more government regulation and interference is what is needed to save the economy. Government regulations and central planning are the things that have ruined the economy. Somebody sees a government subsidized corperation like Freddie Mac playing dirty, and they blame capitalism. Nobody says, "Hey, why is my tax money being used to help cushion this corporation?" That's socialism, fascism, whatever you want to call it.

  13. We already have a legal peoples bank called the credit unions who only lend money that other members save to other members so any profits made is returned to all members in the form off a dividend yet people are skeptical of these banks that been around for a very long time.Providing a service to people who could not get credit any where else,so it educates borrowers to also become savers..

  14. An excellent documentary, but will likely fall on deaf ears, because most people have no grasp regarding the history of money, or why the monetary system is incapable of repair. Since the worst of all addictions (greed) is running the world, people have been brainwashed to envy the lifestyles of the rich and shameless, emulating the very people they should be revolted by. Ultimately, global capitalism will only lead to global slavery. I leave the readers with 2 quotes from Albert Einstein:

    1) "Man, like any other animal, seldom questions his own situation, unless goaded by circumstance".

    2) "Communism, socialism, nationlism, militarism, (etc) while constituting diverse political ideologies, ultimately all lead to the subjugation of the individual by the state, putting an end to personal freedom, and liberty."

  15. You are correct in many ways about this. However, what if your house builder is also working from self interest? Using cheaper material, and cutting corners to provide favour to himself? Why would I believe the bank has my interests at heart, and not ask for accountability? Why do we still feel that some people are worth more than others? This is evident in the distribution of wealth, and the protections placed upon that current set of distribution. Socialism failed for many reasons, one of them was "one for you, two for me, one for you, three for me.... "

  16. I agree with a lot of what this says. I study Economics at university, and find it very frustrating when people complain without understanding they money system. There are problem and many very clever economists have spent many years trying to improve the money system. Has anyone who ignorantly complains on here about the system ever read books and articles in economic journals. Do they know who Keynes, Krugman, Hicks or Pigou is? I say trust a builder to build your house or learn how to build a house better and apply that knowledge.

  17. complete bs. contradictory in many instances. based more on theory than fact. you cant expect me to swallow this kind of tripe. You propose nationalizing the banks and the ability to lend. you expect the private sector to manage this system more effectively? or what happens if we simply reduce the amount of debt money in circulation and raise interest rates? not just real estate but all commodities go down in value, as our ability to purchase them at the current price decreases. This causes all of our investments to decrease in value. This makes it so that honest people who have saved their entire lives for retirement, lose big. Ultimately would cause a recession the likes of which the world has never known. Irresponsible and predatory lending is obviously detrimental to our system and is the underlying cause of the financial crisis. But credit as a whole is not our enemy. It is a valuable service that like it or not is intrinsic to our current economic system.

    1. It is very ignorant of you to label this as total BS. although some parts may be lacking detail or clarity most of what is described is true. Your comments about credit, yes generally speaking it is an enemy simply because in most cases it is abused. Look where we are at today!!! In theory credit would be good for growth to economies or as emergencies however this isn't even close to what credit is used for in the vast majority of cases. Credit is used to give people all sorts of crap they dont need like hummers, oversized houses and wars we shouldn't be involved in, in other words its the human element and the greed of man that makes credit bad. In a consumer based economy which unfortunately we are in, consumption is critical and so credit to buy things is the incentive along with planned obsolescence and misallocated resources.

  18. £ = DEBT + DEBT = slavery

    was good Zeitgeist is better Jacque Fresco he's got a solution now his ideas are becoming more popular as people take note of this broken economy,shame he 90 now from WW1 and age of 12 he known the system was broken and promotes an economy based on our resources one big inventory you can say made possible by current and emerging scientific knowledge, technology and innovation. And more important people get along.
    No Religion no more fossil fuels War we can dream
    But what would i know :)

  19. Materially POOR people have been sold the illusion "political democratic system" which they are told the majority rule but in reality they elect an economically powerless individual to represent their economic interest to the few materially RICH. The sad thing is, even the elected persons don't realize that they have no economic power until after they are told by the RICH how they want to invest their assets and employ (enslave) the POOR in the process. The system is rigged and the RICH will not have it any other way. Try to change the system and you will feel the full force of the RICH's POWER and AUTHORITY.

    1. Not to mention that even within the United States election facade there is something like 24 states in which the Electoral College is not required to vote with majority.

  20. money is suppossed to be of equal value to the object you are buying it is an exchange of equvalents -Profit is derived from paying workers less in monetary value then their labour produces.......which is measured in socially necessary labour time taken to produce said product the value of all commodities produced in capitalist societies is likewise based on socially mecessary labour time-less human labour less value produced....mechanization is killing capitalism ability to producee new value thus crisis. Labour value is seen as variable capital it depends on the balance of forces in soceity. Capitalists will continually attempt to give workers less money as the less they give workers the more they keep for themselves. And this always seems to go into the pocket of the ceo labour capitualizations that is. unions give up 40 million in benefits and the next thing you know the ceo gets a 40 million bonus. They are unified in this agenda world wide. But currencies take on a life of their own and they are also manipulated. So we also have interimperialist rivalries going on...I think it is the Pound and the US dollar vs the Euro and that is the soruce of Europes problems...their economies were blown up with economic weapons of mass destruction. Unregulated banking what is that? The South American drug cartel hedge fund....of the CIA? Corporate interests have always taken precendent over all other considerations when it comes to US foreign policy. Domestically depending on the political consciousness of the working class and this is it in a nutshell, progressive policies could be adopted but even here not without vulgar political currents rearing their ugly heads. Global Capitalists Agenda is to weaken nation states; de-regulated through trade agreements, militarize the population, smash organized labour, resinstitute serfdom at best.

  21. Thorough doc. Recommended. My only disagreement is that Cameron / government are somehow ignorant of the situation. I don't accept that.

  22. BS. A quote from the doc "banks are restricted solely by their willingness to lend" (restricted on how much money they can produce from thin air). But that is total BS, they are restricted by how much reserves they have and these reserves are manipulated by the CB. So the CB executes full control on the money supply and banks are simply the channels through which the CB operates.

    Also, the fact that the share of paper money has decresed means nothing. The CB is "printing" digital money as successfully as it prints paper money, so it is impossible to say that when money supply is digitalised, then commercial banks somehow started issuing money. That's total BS as well. If money supply is digitalised, it means that the CB has digitalised its transactions, one has to look at the balance sheet of CB, but i guess its too complicated for these "economists" to do so.

    Whatever, I've only watched 20 minutes, maybe it will get better. Although I suspect, that this BS is a central idea of the doc.

    1. well, if you BOTHERED to watch past 20 minutes, you'll find that they deal with the topic of reserve ratios, and the central bank, later.

      try watching something in its entirety before criticizing it.

    2. "Whatever, I've only watched 20 minutes" - I read 100% of your review and I apologize if incorrect but you come across as an *****. I reckon with your intellect you work for the cia.

    3. BS. A quote from the doc "banks are restricted solely by their willingness to lend" (restricted on how much money they can produce from thin air). But that is total BS, they are restricted by how much reserves they have and these reserves are manipulated by the CB.
      So you are fine with the 'thin air' bit. Numpty.

    4. You sure your last name isnt spelled with an o in place of the a?

  23. I have seen 30 minutes now and I still do not understand how the banking system works.... hmmm.

    1. I watched 22min up to now and find it very good. Maybe you should first look at some intoduction documetaries about how money works. There are a few. Basic thing most people don't know is that banks create money when they make a loan and ask interest on that also. Most people think that a bank loans out money that has been deposited by savers.

  24. Check Youtube: "Raytom / Nowhere"

  25. This is a pretty good documentary. It lacks serious detail on the topics it covers, but it covers a broad range of topics concerning the financial industry. It's definately worth a watch, and the topics it covers entices the viewer to do some more research on the various topics it covers. I'd give it an 8/10.

  26. I know that growth is unsustainable in the long run, but I can't imagine a system any different or better than the one we have. Growth is unsustainable, in the long run, because there's only so much land and so many resources. As the population grows, more houses are built, more businesses are built, more apartment complexes are built, etc that consumes food growing land. At some point, the amount of availiable land to grow food isn't going to be enough to feed the population. That's just the food aspect of it. That's not taking into account the natural gas that heats our water and our homes in winter. It's a finite resource as well. That's not taking into account oil which lubricates our motors, creates our plastic, and creates our gasoline. There's only so much oil. There's also a finite amount of coal which is used by power plants to heat water, turning it into steam, to power turbines which generates electricity. Our resources are finite and can't sustain infinite growth. There will be, in the future, albeit a long time away, where there won't be enough resources to sustain civilization. Anybody with a lick of sense can see that this is indefinately unsustainable. I don't have the solution. I don't think anybody does.

    1. James, I disagree with your thinking. You are right with the fact that we have limited resources, but that is where innovation comes into place. We create new ways and technologies to use other resources or use the existing ones differently...just think about the solar energy and how young that is? Maybe soon we will get energy out of the rotation of the earth...who knows?

    2. James, I disagree with your thinking. You are right with the fact that we have limited resources, but that is where innovation comes into place. We create new ways and technologies to use other resources or use the existing ones differently...just think about the solar energy and how young that is? Maybe soon we will get energy out of the rotation of the earth...who knows?

  27. There is another documentary on this site called "Are you good or evil?" that discusses psychopathy and the genetic/environmental factors that create the creature with no conscience. Turns out science is proving that psychopaths, from a genetic perspective, are much more prevalent in society than we would want to believe. What prevents them from becoming full-blown serial killers is good childhood environment. But they ARE present in positions of power such as corporate executives, etc.

    Take this knowledge and couple it to the doc under discussion here and you begin to get some idea of why things developed historically as they did. The narcissism disease of the power-elite will eventually destroy the planet. But since they lack any conscience, they simply do not care. They only care about themselves.

    The human race is eventually doomed to extinction, just like the dinosaurs. I hope it happens before we kill off everything else and only leave the bacteria and cockroaches.

    1. ahh a man of note, who can link my early comments and understand the reason i called phillip a psychopathy.Well done sir you seem to be cross referencing BRAVO!!, more should do so.

    2. I'm much more worried about the narcissism of the Left wing, environmentalists and the self-labelled "progressives" who take for granted that they are morally and intellectually superior to anyone who does not agree with them. That is true narcissism.

    3. The right claims moral superiority, talks down government interfering with their lives, but then passes laws to push their 'morality' onto the rest of the country. Not only that, but they dismiss facts because they conflict with the fantasy world they live in. I've debated a fair number of members on the right on a great number of issues. Usually, all the right knows about a subject is a talking point they got from Bill O'Reilly. Other than that, they're clueless.

    4. Why would you be "worried" about the Left, when they are at least trying (professing) to save the planet by taking sane measures toward sustainability? What does the Right do about that? Absolutely nothing that I am aware of. They sing the tax-cut song for the wealthy class, say that global warming is a myth, ignore scientific facts, and wait for Jesus to come back. I ask you sincerely, what do conservatives do, as a group, that seeks to better society for the vast majority of the planet?

  28. Its more of guide in how to keep the scam rolling on.

  29. awful documentary, misses so much of how the economic system in this country got to how it is and gets tied up in the confidence trick as though this money management scam is even half based in reality.

  30. for people who dont see the whole picture,this docu gives you a very good idea of the wealth stealing in all countrys around the world.

    It has subs and needs too unless you speak russian greek italian spanish french and english.

  31. simple maths 1+1=2 bankers math 1+1 = 4 i hope that explains how banks work.

  32. RUBBISH.


    The developers of this documentary are obviously motivated by jealously.

    The last wealth producing (exporting) industry in the UK is getting strangled by idiots. Without the exporting wealth of the city of London, how to do intend to pay for your social services? communism?

    1. All men are equal,a days work should = the same pay banker baker candlestick maker.It is more important to grow food than export,it is more important to build a utopia of education and peace than have paper money.I now state it is you sir thats scum,people with your ideas have ruined the earth and that greed has led us to this crisis.The world is finite the ecconomy is built on math that cannot work even a 3 year old child knows 1+1=2 but the world market tell us it is worth 3,you are the rubbish not the documentary.

    2. Your sure are a class A id**t, the uk economy was torn apart by hostile takeovers and asset stripping bankers- thats why we have no manufacturing and no real world exports- just a good line in bull**** peddling con artists. jealous? of corrupt soulless swindlers who effectively do nothing but move what is now worthless currency around?
      who will, when the **** hits the fan in the fiat currency game, shift their assets and make the country a target for all the third world and disadvantaged countries- it always does- go look up the economic cycle you eejdet-
      go boil your head or read up on economics you d*mb***

    3. stupid, a troll or a tit - which are you?

    4. All of it and then some.

  33. boring uninteresting and badly organised feels like watching a long intro

  34. Free banking is a big part of the answer. End the Fed. - This documentary still seems attached to government intervention. So long as you can't break your love affair with the state you'll never get to the heart of the problem.

  35. At last this documentary is offering the beginnings of workable solutions. A few more like this and even politicians will be able to know what to do.

  36. Money is needed because commodity production has become generalized. Prior to indutrialization I could trade my goods directly my candle sticks for six months worth of bread or that horse or something. Industialization made money necessary to represent this exchange of equivalents. So this begs the question where does profit come from. It happens when people have nothing other than their labour power to sell to other poeple who own the means of production. They buy your labour power but labour produces more value than what you are paid for it. You earn your wage in the first hour of work the owner of the means of production keeps seven. And that dear friends is where profit comes from.

  37. Money is supposed to represent the inherent value of the product you exchange it for in the market. So the question is how is value determined? Under capitalism value is determined by the socially necessary human labour time it takes to produce the said product. As living labour is constantly expelled from the production process due to mechanization more products are produced also less value. Hence you have a crisis. Not of under production but over production. This makes sense now doesn't it. You will never find this out if you go to Princeton and get your MBA why because this is Marxism-the best critique of capitalism ever produced is eschewed by the bourgeois academy thus robbing the people the very tools they need to deal with the problems of global capitalism. An example we cannot have grand narratives....say the post modernists. That is an anti Marxist stance hidden in fancy words but we have a global economy I would think we better have a grand theory to take it on-head on like Marxism value theory. Better yet let's get right down to the politics and get into Lenin and Trotsky-in the West they give us Ghandi and Chomsky-why? Look at how things are going in India and the USA and that will tell you why these icons are presented to today's youth as agents of social change.

  38. This documentary does not explain it's central point well at all. It's much more complicated than saying money is created as loans. I'd prefer to see some mathematical model explaining how it really works.

    1. It does not, because it is bullshi*. Debt are paid by more debt, but this is managable if the economy grow bigger.

    2. Your understanding of how compound interest works is obviously flawed, and the economy cannot keep up with the fractional banking system.

      Learn more about both please. Do NOT trust me, educate yourself, learn about how fractional banking works, learn about compound interest, run some numbers, and then tell me again that you fully expect the economy to 'grow bigger' fast enough.

      Unless each time money is deposited industry magicaly grows by 90% of it's origional value. Won't make sense now, but once you get fractional banking, you'll finally understand.

      Good luck Mr. Wong.

    3. The GDP of the US grew by 4% per year, and that means an income increase of 4%. That is, if last year, you earned 100 dollars, this year, you make 104. If the interested on your loan was 3%, then this year, you have leaned 1% of the principle you borrowed last year. Do you think last year, the banks lend out 15 trillion dollars? No. So, as long as the US can maintain growth, it can grow its way out.

    4. You've managed post quite a few comments in such a short time, with each one being a little less intelligent than the next. You really are a simpleton. Try researching "modern money mechanics" and even watch some more basic documentaries on "fractional reserve banking" before you run your mouth about a subject you really know nothing about. This process of money creation is old news....

      Also, the idea of infinite growth for successfully expanding an economy, is even more absurd. You want more production and manufacturing of products for commerce when natural resources and energy sources are becoming increasingly scarce?

      I'm tipping you also believe the primary factor for the US. (& UK) continue to patrol the globe playing world police is in the interest of national security, and in know way related the resource wars in the majority that the occupy?

    5. I see you are getting desperate, am I right? Do you think by watching some "fractional reserve banking" documentary will make you knowledgeable? Yes, you probably think so, you conceded.

      I love how your throw the "growth is unsustainable" around just like a little pretentious Al Gore, but in real life things are much more complicated. It might well be true that grow is unsustainable, but there is no alternative. The US needs growth of 3% to maintain the same standard of living with a larger population. Suppose you stop economic growth, there is going to be massive unrest, unemployment, and possibly inflation caused by the government. If we imagine turning off economic growth everywhere on the planet, the whole industrial-business sectors will massively layoff people, international trade will stop, billions will be out of work, hunger for many countries without natural resources, and billions of desperate will not be holding hands waiting to go back to pre-industrial revolutionary times where most people on the planet worked in farms.

    6. growth is unsustainablle as we live in a finite world,i think you need to take another look.I will help you with the basics,the resource of earth are finte (this means limited) thus econnomys cannot grow forever as the rousources are not infinite.I hope you understand that you have made as massive error in your learning years.If all populations around the world consummed the average american homes weekly intake we would need a world twice as big.I can call you a fool and an id**t sir as my reasoning is 100% and your comment is laughable.I dont think you ever considerd that the system might be in error and a new solution needs to come into practise???.I didnt think so,all you care about is yourself and not the bigger picture.Putting off the crisis for future generations is not only insane but down right psychopathic,take you head out of the sand and realise that the way we live needs to change now so our children and childrens children have better lives.

    7. This is funny. I guess there must something wrong with your reading comprehension. I never said growth is sustainable, but the more practical question is what to do. There is nothing we can do.

    8. What do you want? Ok, lets stop growth, and let billions of people on the planet go unemployed, and starve for food. Is this what you want? Naive, and now go back to your rock.

    9. GROWTH IS NOT A SOLUTION ,so what happens when we cut down all the trees and deplete all the fresh water ,destroy every thing around us ?! The problem in the roots of a system that is meant to fail on purpose, just like the light bulb hanging from your sealing. Growth is imaginary we made it up ,you cannot have growth when a bank has been bought by its government then bailed out and then makes a loss again , economically one country is subjected to restrictions and their neighbour even though does not export or has no fiscal product is still richer or has higher rating ,example Spain vs England what does the UK have ,empty banks (full of credit none existent money it imports 90% of produce ,there is no gold in the UK ,it got taken by the US for repayment after the 2nd world war ) Spain literary feeds the UK ,85% of fruit and veg are imported from Spain,the EU is the worst economic idea and it has proven it self useless time after time! This is just numbers with no real backing , today's money is absolutely worthless and that is just about in any country around the world ! Do you remember what it us to say on the old money ''this note is backed by gold '' do you see it today on any money ? No ! And there is a good reason for that ,there is no gold all that money in your pocket is worthless paper nothing more ,that is why they print them like news papers ,in ten years time there will be no money ,it will be just that plastic square with chip in your wallet and your every move will be recorded, you want freedom ? I forgot you want growth ,well you cant have everything !

    10. I think i get where your coming from P Wong
      , but this currant system can be improved, to sit there and say it's all fine is winding people up.

    11. ok phillip i will make this rely simple,

      evolve/ grow/ eat/ live/ love/ die,

      all the rest is of no purpose,i have made a list of every thing that is important and not.

      Label = corporation
      No label = small man,salt of the earth.

      No Label = Good
      Label = Bad

      It is that simple all the rest is just nonsense,if you cannot see this then you are blind.

    12. "The US needs growth of 3% to maintain the same standard of living with a larger population."

      No it does not, because the population of the US is shrinking, not growing. This is also true of all Western overdeveloped countries. What is increasing is our sense of entitelment to world resources. We want more and more and more, but we actually need far less than what we want. For example, here in the US, families have gotten 60% smaller, but our homes have gotten 40% larger. they have gotten so large that most can not afford to buy, maintain or pay the power bills for them.

      Our current rate of growth is unsustainable, and you can kick your feet all you want about that, but it will remain true. I would like to plant a Redwood tree in my 12 inch window box, but, there are limits to the amount of growth that can take place in any finite space, and no amount of wishing or name calling will change that.

      The only real solution is to give up our sense of entitlement. To want less, and learn to keep our expectations within realistic limits.

    13. What are you basing the following on? "No it does not, because the population of the US is shrinking, not growing. This is also true of all Western overdeveloped countries". Firstly there is no possible way you(or anyone for that matter) could know this for sure, secondly, even if you read this somewhere, I feel pretty safe saying... you are wrong, soooooo wrong. I think I could prove it just by giving you the average number of children people have, pretty sure its not two, which would be the maximum number of children each human being could have in their lifetime and still see a decrees in population.

    14. "growth is unsustainable" - yes it is. You say there is no alternative, so keep cranking out tons of **** that no one wants or needs. So we come up with an alternative that doesn't involve 9 companies making useless and pointless 3d tv's, where 1 or 2 companies do well while the rest just waste natural resources of scarce metals and peoples intellect. Imagine they all worked together to make the perfect tv?

    15. I think it presumes that you have certain understandings in place.

    16. That's how it works dude. BTW economists who spend thier time developing econometrics are almost always wrong. Models are usually nonsense in econ.

  39. As I suspected, the economy is artificial. It reflects nothing of true value that people need. It (money) represents at best- debt. The human animal, like any animal needs shelter, food and water, and a source of entertainment. Wall street economist all say we need the "talent" of wall street to make our economy work, because we need it. As the documentary shows, the economy doubles every so often, but nothing has doubled but the amount of debt that was created from nothing to begin with. From that perspective the "talent" at best are side show magicians fooling the shills. We are the shills!

    1. Well said.

  40. W/out watching the doc. but having read a page of comments, Y'all miss one pertinent fact; the economy is an artificial entity that rewards greed to the detriment of the earth.The right sneers; go hug a tree. I do every day. It doesn't pay as much as hugging a wall street bankster but it is more satisfying and I am not likely to catch something nasty. Now for the doc.

  41. If men were allowed to have as much sex as they want,regardless of what their relationship status or religion is,the world would be a much calmer,happier place.It's not their fault,it's just how they're wired.The reason men want power,money,and status is, ultimately,for pussy.Let em have it for God's sakes...

  42. i seem to be having messianic predispositions i forgive you all ,it just makes me wonder how long have i got to unify the divided spirit of world and the self?. if ive come here again to be destroyed by my self, to forgive myself ,to teach myself and as part of my destiny to live a life were i can give of myself for the benfit of the whole then i embrace destiny, i have not come to this life, in this time,with this body, to be a leader and i have lived a life as to make shore of this and to make shore that i can never be turned into one, the truth i present to you is from the unfied spirits/energys of the universe, i will it into your conciousness and for thousands of incarnations it will echo through your being untill u remember who and what you are.

    1. Hi Messiah, thanks for the positive vibes...however next time try using the correct grammer...so you can be SHORE to get the right message across!

    2. i dont think anyone gonna listen to me where, i spell . ,right or not i didnt even finish year 10 at high school and really my advice 2 everyone,is dont listen to anything i say its highly likely im insane & have just been using these posts as a way to challenge that,and thats coz i... beleive in the limitless potential of the human spirit or so im told think again :)

  43. no system,that is to benefit the few,can only sustain to the length of the masses extinction!
    that is viral maths!

  44. now i see TRUTH these comments are all just controlled propaganda nice work folks ive got a message for you from the grandmothers" are you all mad? what the hell are YOU thinking?we JUST want to know? when we said MEN could be warriors ON the EARTH it wasnt this so you could create this crazy military industrial machine , destroy everyone and lose youselfves in trying to do it. you HAVE no HONOR because u have forgotten what it is,to B BRAVE is to not be possessed by fear. everything you fear and despise and wish to destroy is inside you. you wish to control the whole world but you cant even control the thoughts in your own mind ,self importance and ignorance are the enemy we all share because these are what causes man to harm himselfs and the ones he loves and this planet which WE are the conciousness of thats speaking to you now and it is both ignorance and self importance which is cause off ALL the problems you are now facing as a race, if every ONE could UNdERSTAND ?this,the world could be a MUCH better place and dont forget we are the grandmothers we LOVE aI l, we ONLY hope you realise in time, we WANT you to be the BEST you can be 4 benefit of EVERYONE........

  45. Phillip Wong. You're flat wrong. Liberate your mind and see the reality. Not what you want to see.

    You grew up in a bubble. And you are still there.

    1. Is it me, or you?

  46. DEBT SLAVERY IS… To lend for profit over time…. .. if i make you a large loan, and set it up so that a large percentage of your labor goes to make payments to me, and the total cost will be no less than double the loan, and.. if you ever fail to make a payment, even if it is the last one… YOU LOSE EVERYTHING… and i take it all… and YOU GET NOTHING…. if I do that to you… then for the period of time.. during the loan repayment period.. you are my debt slave, who must work to pay your debt, and if you do not, everything you own can be taken, and all you are investing in lost and taken as well, and you… as the borrower… are under contract for all of it… A CONTRACT… OF DEBT SLAVERY. that… is how it works.
    THAT IS HOW IT HAS ALWAYS WORKED…. in fact usually in history… the lender.. was also the employer, and landlord.. and market owner… and allowed them to truly rob people… but today… everything is broken up… but the lenders… are still making money by enslaving us to their debts, and owning parts.. %.. of our productive value.
    Because wake up… THAT IS HOW IT IS TODAY….. right now… this is your world.

    1. i assume you lend money?
      "Because wake up… THAT IS HOW IT IS TODAY….. right now… this is your world."
      how does it work in your world?just curious.

    2. Did you know that in Quebec, Canada they do not have Mortgages? Nope, you will not find a bank offering mortgages... They offer Hypotek.

      Why? Because, in french Mortgage means DEATH PLEDGE.

      Just sayin.

  47. it seems like.. "why do you banks ALLOW US to buy (unnecessary) expensive things?" Because people cannot control themselves n sometimes listen to mass instead of having their own thinking, makes the whole world, banks, monay ecc. the culprit, but NOT the people`s greed. I don`t think the system works perfectly, but some aspects are completely ignored: both sides make mistakes - the lender and the borrower of monay.

  48. I know a taxi driver brother of a lawyer millionaire. I also know a construction firm oligarch brother of a pharmacy clerk. Being rich is better than being poor and that is a Fact. This has nothing to do with being happy which is better than being unhappy, or more clever versus daft. It is about life and how it pans out in different ways. To me, the maneuvers polititians make have nothing to do with poor people wishing they were wealthy: they are just hard decisions of a system. Poor people will always be jealous of the wealthy and that is a good thing, it keeps us motivated in daydreams. I feel lucky just to have the ability to dream of money and to be alive where I have A/C and lightbulbs.

    By the way, I am not saying that if a bank steals a billion dollars from people people should get away with it.... I am just saying that BBQ and drinking around NYC and call it a protest is like comparing a handy release watching porn to the real thing.....just a fun illusion.

    1. Man, there's some really BENT people in here!

  49. Its very simple like the guy said, provide capital and credit for small businesses and production, but regulate speculation to a certain extent to curb inflation. Its not bad to be in debt, as long as it is responsible debt based on trust.

    1. Funny how all these "out-of-work intellectuals" are all spending time passing out advise to the poor. Just like "Jesus?"

  50. These people don 't know shi*. Yes, money is created from bank loans. How to repay those loans? By borrowing more money, and create more loans. The end goal is to produce productive assets. Money is never created out of thing air, it is created to be attached by assets( human capitals, or otherwise).

    1. "The end goal is to produce productive assets"
      False! The end goal is always to produce more debt. Which is in the end most of it is owned by the blood sucking banks. Money is always created out of thin air when it is borrowed to the banks at lower interest rate than the rest of the majority of the population. The conspiracy is built in the system.

    2. No, it is not! Debt is not the problem. There is no "conspiracy". There will always be debt, but as long as the people are creditor worthy, there is no problem. For example, if I am a bank, If i lend money to person with a set of market demanded skills, with a record of achievements, and good record. This is good. It is bad when bankers start to lend money to people with very bad credit, and have no ability to earn money, except that their assert rise in value. This is a bubble.
      When bankers invest in real asserts--human capital, there is no problem. When bankers invest in questionable asserts, that is where the problem is.

    3. Your grasp on banking is very limited. You are not very smart. Do you see monkeys using money? No, humans are the only creature STUPID enough to play this r*tarded game. Usury is wrong, and if you can't see the moral implications it brings, the inequality it brings, then you really are clueless.

    4. money is not the problem. Money is a necessity; thus it's universality throughout history. I would love to see a world without money and notions of profit and greed, perpetual growth models of economics and planned obsolescence.. Who know perhaps with advanced technology and automation in the future this may be possible. But remember that our individual rights stem from one thing: property. If you dont own it, you have no say over it.

    5. Individual rights do not stem from property, they are considered to be endowed upon us as living beings when we are born. This is the whole point of a republic instead of a pure democracy, to protect what have been traditionally termed as "god given" rights even from the tyranny of a democratic majority. The purpose of government and law was to protect the individual right to property but, that right does not stem from the property itself. Instead it stems from the fact that we are considered living atonomous beings with a natural right to the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. The right to own property is only valuable in that it is a means to achieve that end.

    6. This documentary does not argue against money. It argues against the way that money is created in the current monetary system and the monopoly that the banking sector has on money creation.

    7. No, money is not a necessity... geez

      Value, as this point in economic history, is needed. But, many are certain that we can exist in much greater 'prosperity' via a resource type economy.

    8. Why can't we share property? Why must someone own it? Money is not a necessity, and i am sorry you do not see that.

    9. you "sound" just-like a "banker." With all your BS

    10. What you are not getting Phillip is that yes debt is good within the context of the present system, if it is used responsibly and in the interest of bringing everyone up to the same level, but that isn't what has happened. Those at the top have simply shifted the burden of their debt onto the middle class, and those at the bottom did the same when the payments came due on all the subprime luxuries they could never have hoped to afford in the first place. So we got angry and asked how did this happen, how did we end up paying for the playboy lifestyles of the rich guys as well as the loans they gave to the poor guys. In fact if these people were poor how did they even get these loans?- From the rich guy of course trying to get a little richer and not caring about the risk because he had found a way to make us suffer any losses anyway. We saw very clearly that this system we have had all these years can be very dangerous if in the wrong hands. What's worse is that we began to realize that this economic system depends on never ending linear growth and planned obsolescence, neither of which is sustainable practices. We began to realize this system doesn’t promote the values that we prize as moral beings- honesty, empathy, compassion, etc.

      So now we want something different, something that does promote these values, a system that lifts humans to their full potential without enslaving them to institutions such as “money” or “career”, a system that takes into account the finite nature of our resources and seeks to use those resources in a way that benefits everyone living on this earth, a system that never sacrifices the long term interest in search of short term satisfaction, and most of all a system that realizes that what should be prized above all else is the long term well being of all living things. Now people can call this being jealous of the rich or counter culture mentality but, in reality it is simply the human race moving forward. Things change and that change always has to start as a simple conversation amongst people. So welcome to the conversation.

    11. First, I do blame the bankers, but I blame the bankers for giving loans to people that can not pay it back using their income. These bankers just assume the values of their clients' assets will rise. I think all those people responsibility for this need to be shot.

      Second, capitalism is not a bad system if it works right. If you have the right skills, or create/invent something to serve your fellow men, and able to attract capitals to you, then capitalism allow your ideas to transform the world. It is dynamic.

      Third, the logic of capitalism also means increase efficiency, and that means less, and less jobs for low skilled, or medium skilled people. Most of the US GDP grow is in high quality, high valued growth, and you don 't need that much people working in these industries.

    12. Really, thats the best you can do? Capitalism would have been great if it worked right? The same can be said for every other system of government in the world, they all would have been great if they had of worked as intended. The facts are that they didn't work as intended, capitalism included. Now you can choose to blame bankers or some other group for this but in reality as long as we have a system the rewards dishonesty and so forth with wealth, that punishes compassion and honesty with failure, the current state of affairs will continue to advance. Expecting people to rise above this fact when their very lively hood and continued existence depends on money is beyond naivety and approaches willful ignor@nce.

    13. "Now you can choose to blame bankers or some other group"

      I want to blame the US government for trying to help the poor to buy their home, because many poor have bad credit.

      "reality as long as we have a system the rewards dishonesty and so forth with wealth, that punishes compassion and honesty with failure"

      This a joke? The US is very good. You can 't starve in this country, if you have the brains, ambition, and drive to succeed. Yes, capitalism lacks "morals", but no system really do have morals. In capitalism, you gain by creating values for others. You are financially rewarded by you ability to be of have value for others, and helping them succeed.

      What the US need is to reduce regulations, and help businesses thrive. Reduce taxes, and let the private sector work its magic.

    14. If you want to ignore that indefinite growth, cyclic consumption, and planned obsolescence are central tenets of your precious system- if you want to believe that suffering due to poverty doesn't happen to anyone in the U.S. unless they are unambitious and lazy- well frankly you are less intelligent and more blind than I had thought. You’re not rare though, this country is full of people like yourself that seem to live in a bubble- we call them republicans usually. If you guys knew how horribly out of touch you are with the reality of this country, how ridiculous you look standing knee deep in mental illness and drug addiction, gang violence and murder, a record number of citizens in prison, a government that practices torture and invades sovereign countries to occupy and control their resources, the worst economic recession since the great depression- and still you are trying to be like, “what? Nothing has gone wrong- capitalism works great”. It’s really laughable.

    15. You made a fundamental mistake. Capitalism never promised prosperity for all. The process of "creative destruction" within capitalism destroy ( kill old jobs), and create new ones, while people either adopt, or starve to dead. To me, this is a much more violent, and destructive than any "gang fights". Why then do I value capitalism over others? Because, capitalism only punishes the lazy, stupid, and weak, while other systems punishes all. Ultimate, I believe human nature is evil, and in a world of evil people, capitalism is the least bad system.

    16. Go check out keen talks dot com, search for "Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Destruction Capitalism" . Everything Naomi Klien talks about in this presentation and her book can be verified via her web site were she posts her sources, which are generally unclassified CIA documents and personal correspondence between players in the various situations she is exposing. Watch this and tell me how capitalism works so well, bet you can't do it with a straight face any longer.

    17. Of course it had nothing to do with people growing up in affluent families who had the money to send their children to top notch universities that looked good on their resumes and got them good jobs. You're out of touch with the vast majority of people. Also, "you can't starve in this country?" Where the hell are you basing that off of. In my state, if you work 40 hours a week for minimum wage, you barely qualify for food stamps. At 40 hours a week at minimum wage, you can only make about $201 more before you're ineligible for food stamps. Even if you were to qualify for food stamps at minimum wage, you wouldn't receive but about $20 in food stamps so it's not even ****** worth it to spend 2 hours filling out the god damn paper work, and the Republican budget that just passed tightened up restrictions on food stamps. The Republicans wanna make it so nobody can get any ******* help.

    18. I like your comment, but at this point in the argument I believe that Phillip is in agreement with you on the subject of financial loans and moral responsibility.
      He mentioned that debt and loans are not bad things. He also made it very clear that this was the case as long as the loaners had a good set of morals, and the creditors had means to pay back what they owe. You both seem to be in agreement, given you explain the argument a little better.
      Having said this I do not see the need for all the argument up to this point. Also I agree with your last paragraph, but what is your solution?
      At this point it is obvious that no form of Society or government to day is perfect, but unfortunately it seems like capitalism and republic are our best choice as of right now. Would I like that to change? Of course I would; but where do we go from here (<== this is a question directed towards you or anyone else with an answer), and who will be selfless enough to lead us and not assume the throne of a new world order never before seen? Lord Acton once said ,and I paraphrase, "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely". I think he was correct in his proposal.

      I believe that human potential is limitless, and we as a species have been given great opportunity. Unfortunately we have misinterpreted our drive to evolve and progress forward, as a drive to compete with one another.
      This misunderstanding of our own basic evolution is what hinders us, just as you can see competition hinders children in group related activities before they learn to work together. That being said it is only a matter of time before we get there, and like you mentioned, just the fact that this is being discussed is a sign we are moving in the right direction.

      Oh and by the way, I originally was looking through the comments section to find useful comments on whether this documentary was good or not. I must LOL at the fact there are none.

    19. 'but unfortunately it seems like capitalism and republic are our best choice as of right now.' - then **** it? makes sense.

    20. You are wrong again! DEBT is the problem. Why would a person who according to you has a set of market demanded skills, a previous record of achievements etc etc ever gonna need to go to the bloody bankster to survive? It doesn't make any sense. A person who is able to live on his own would never need any banks or money-lending of any kind from anybody. Its just that people are so hooked up in this debt based economy that they think its the banksters "rightful" job to invest in different parts of society. I just ask: WHY the banksters? Why not let the people with demanded skills let invest on their own WITHOUT the need for worthless papercrap money???? :D

    21. Well, if economy do what you say, there is going to be deflation. That means you money is going to worth more over time, thus reduce the incentive to create productive asserts in the population.

      To answer your question, a credit worthy person go to the bank to get large capital for a business. Some businesses are highly capital intensive, but the profit margin is only like 3%. They need a large capital to start.

    22. Okay I need to explain something... You get large capitol for your new company, which, let's be generous and say will increase your sector by 1% (being VERY generous) and as part of your loan, 10 mil is deposited into your account. (Kuz banks just don't do loans cash in hand.)

      Fractional banking states that a bank has to have only a percentage of what it loans out. Percentages vary, but a common one is 10% (being kind again). So your 10 mil loan hits, and suddenly the bank - with your money (actually the loan, 90% of which is created, or non existent money) allows it to loan out 100 mil.

      If you get made 100 grand that year, each time that money hit a bank it increased their 'fractional reserve', meaning that your paycheques allowed them to create 1 mil.

      So let me put this in order... Lets start with the 100 grand - which to a bank = 1 mil worth of loaning ability. That 1 mil used by any user, or loan = 10 mil loaning ability, and so on, and so on.

      Put VERY simply this is how fractional banking works. Add onto that the compound interest on all those loans which essentialy were money that never existed in the first place.

      This is how countries, like Canada - which only has roughly 5 billion dollars worth of actual money - has banks which have loaned out over 13 TRILLION dollars, and rising. Plus interest.

      Still think you are going to add enough to the economy with your tiny business to offset all that? Do you understand why inflation continues unabated? The false or conceptual money robs the REAL money of it's value as there was NOT an increase in goods and service commesurate to the increase in monetary 'reserves' in use.

      Long post, hope you stayed with me, please, please PLEASE look into what I talked about, learn about how this works!

      Capitolism as an ideal type - like what you speak of (sorta) - COULD do well, but it has been highjacked. There have been grievous flaws injected by greedy, greedy people.

      Good luck with your search Mr. Wong

    23. There are trillions being created out of thin air phillip.

      When the EU central bank says it is creating a $800 billion bail out fund for the Eurozone you think that money exists somewhere?

      When the US govt has a trillion dollar deficit and and the Federal Reserve Bank starts buying the bonds that support the ability to go into a trillion dollar deficit you think that money was sitting somewhere?

      These were very intelligent people in this doc who have a real good grasp of what has happened and why and then provide options for the future. I did not see anyone saying they did not think the end of loans should be to produce productive assets or allow people to buy homes resonably priced with their ability intact to repay the mortgages.

    24. I don 't like this documentary, because they made it seem like "money created out of debt" is a bad thing. The problem is not the false of the banks, but rather misdirected capital to create a giant housing bubble. The banks lend money by speculating that the prices of assets( houses) will rise in value regardless of the credit worthy nature of the borrower. The problem can be solved if the banks only lend money to people with good credit. It goes back to market fundamentals, people.

  51. probably the best doc on the subject on this site. well done. Not into big conspiracy theories or that we need to do away with money all together but that it is needed and there are ways to make the system work better. Too bad it will be one day forced change as it seems insurmountable that globally governments would impliment change like this. It just seems the ball is rolling and we are on our way to financial collapse in its entirety one day. Then we will be back to square one where banks are what these folks suggest they should be.

  52. Yep, all makes perfect sense now. It's all pretend, nothing to worry about!
    The placard at 58.19 says it all.
    Very good.

  53. Anyone else got a weird resonating sound when Ben Bernanke came on?
    (at 15 min)

    What's good about another one of these docs, is that it is an other one of these docs. The more it is talked about, the more the world will talk about the synthetic aspect of money.

    1. Bernanke is just another Moloc worshiper. aka SATANISTS.

  54. in my opinion one solution might be eliminating debt or not allowing people to "sell" money , think about it if you have money the easiest way to make more is to "sell" (borrow with interest) money without getting involved in producing real goods that may not sell or services..so if we ban the interest people who have large amount of money will have to do something else something useful maybe not sell paper money ....
    and i think the solution of eliminating physical money all together and replacing it with some virtual s**t would give the elites more power than they already have, of course the intermediate step would be 1 single currency world wide..i can't imagine the elites that rule the world for how knows how many decades(even more ) not knowing what are they doing, we have to learn from the past and realise that they make very small steps so we do not see the changes ...remember problem reaction solution

    1. i think 1 world currency has been the agenda all along. sounds kinda biblical. along with a electronic system to control it all by means of a tatoo or chip implant. hey where have we heard of that before ?

    2. I think THEY "use" the Bible like a blueprint for global domination using basically the same sh*t the Romans did. Especially in Revelations. Less the Lions of course. The overtly wealthy that got us all into this mess, have murdered most of the wild animals in Africa! I aint jealous of "rich people." It just sikens me that the MOST wealthy people on earth, only care about themselves. KINDA PISSED JESUS OFF TOO,as I recall. The "money lenders" in the "temple" are the banks-of-today. Though I seriously doubt a MYTH will somehow "return," IF it IS true, boy, is HE gonna be pissed at Bush, Rockefeller, Dole, Ford, GM, GE,on and on; and all the other GREEDY FKS ruining this planet. Now that they've ruined it, they'll tax the poor even more to make-up for THEIR "bad investments." That's when the "carbon taxes" will hit us. "Global warming," now referred to as "Cimate Change," is just ANOTHER WAY, the overtly sick wealthy get over on the overly poor.

  55. well at least i now know how they f*&^ed us over and that something can be done about it ...

  56. Yaaaay! another depressing documentary!

    1. "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" has a happy ending if you need a "pick me up" or just take two of the yellow pills.

    2. yea and they could get another happy meal on the way home.

    3. I just have to watch some of the more physics and technology themed documentaries to get over the depressing feeling economics gives me.

    4. You can do nothing with new physics and technology when the whole world is practically controlled by men who control the supply of worthless paper you call: MONEY.

    5. Being a chemist I understand what fecioru florin is talking about. It doesn't matter if i can not apply what I love about chemistry because of the monetary system, that does nothing to dull the peace and intense interest that just looking at the periodic table inspires in me. Its beautiful if one understands the implications of where each element is positioned on the chart and what that implies in a world driven by entropy. Whats even more mind blowing is to realize that the universe just after inflation was just barely shy of thermal equilibrium, meaning everything we see take place due to entropy arises out of a temp difference so small conventional thermometers could have never hoped to measure it. Whole galaxies measuring light years across formed because of tiny density and temperature variations in the baby universe and all of the naturally occurring chemical actions we see are driven by the universe trying to reach that equilibrium that it just barely missed in the first place. To me that is comforting for some reason, go figure I guess.

    6. We have docs like this for the US. Same central bank cartel rules here. It's past time to end the fed in the US. Congress should issue our money. Not private banks!
      And the fractional reserve system of banking/lending is a complete and utter scam.

    7. You can do nothing with new physics and technology when the whole world is practically controlled by men who control the supply of worthless paper called: FIAT CURRENCY.

      -fixed it

    8. Atleast its factual.