Age of Deceit: Fallen Angels and the New World Order

Age of Deceit: Fallen Angels and the New World Order

2011, Conspiracy  -   710 Comments
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Age of Deceit: Fallen Angels and the New World OrderIs there a connection between UFOs, alien abductions, channeling spirits, demonic possessions, the new age movement, secret societies, and satanism?

In Age of Deceit: Fallen Angels and the New World Order, we investigate why the New World Order and the Global Elite are tirelessly working to form a One World Government and who they are getting this instruction from.

A biblical look at the history of fallen angels and it's relationship to the New World Order and the new age movement.

Topics covered are the fall of mankind, the pre-flood world as Atlantis, the new age through theosophy, the fallen angels and their origin of planting the seeds to society, UFOs, ETs and abduction cases, demonic possession, channeling, and more.

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  1. President Biden is the Antichrist aka Satan and the Mark of the Beast is microchip

  2. I wish this wasn’t only from a Christian perspective, you are missing a lot of sources that could show you the whole picture behind NWO.

    1. Perhaps it’s because the NWO agenda is directly aimed at the destruction of Christianity worldwide-in particular, Catholicism, which The “Enlightenment” period hated & of which Freemasonry too, hates & wants to destroy.

  3. I dont believe in god or the bible. If god was actually smart, how about dont create any demons, any people, the earth, etc? He is the dumbass who supposedly created this "satan". Then threw him to the earth. What an idiot. Just dont create it to begin with moron. hahaha anyone with a brain can figure this stuff out and see through its BS

    1. I understand you reasoning but the truth as I understand is a little bit more complex:

      God create every being to worship him. and He created them in a good state with a free will so that they worship Him because he is good and not because the are not capable to do otherwise.

      But satan wanted to be like God and came in rebelion with a certain amount of angels And he and the those angels(those angels are the evil spirits of today) where therefore given the eternal dead sentence. And when men where created satan deceived them with a lie (the very same lie he tells his servants today "you will be like God") to disobey God. Because he knew that God would not want to have a relationship with creatures that disobeyed them. So when men did this (by free choice) they separated themselves from God.

      And we all have sinned against God And are therefore all guilty of eternal deamination.

      But there is GOOD NEWS! Because God is not only a God of justice but also of love He has send His only Son Jesus Christ to the world to restore the actions of men when he was crucified and this payment is enough for all people! Just think about how great of a God he must be to let Himself be crucified in order to undo the sin of a being far less important then Him!

      I hope you understand a little more about why God created satan. and even more important I hope you see the goodness of God and want to be an partaker of His glory.
      then you just have believe what he says and has done. and put all you trust in Him. ask Him to come in you live and to have a relations ship with you.

      If derive other questions from my answer please ask them because I don't want you to go to hell because you did not understand wat is was saying or have an unanswered question!

    2. You have absolutely no idea what your talking about. Sounds like your angry with God but you don't even know him. You go based on what mainstream media tells you. They painted a picture of him that is falls. You need to do your own research and be honest with yourself.

    3. God created “Lucifer” the most beautiful of all the angels, good. God forces His love on no one, and ALL creation is free to love, or reject God. That IS His great love for us-free Will. Lucifer became envious of Gods Greatness & said “I refuse to serve !” God is also JUST-FAIR, infinitely perfectly, JUST. That justice demanded Lucifer be SEPARATED from the glory of God & His angels in Heaven. Would it be FAIR to the obedient angels to allow this angry, envious creature to enjoy the same glory the obedient angels did ? Even WE can see the justice in that ! It’s the same with us. We are FREE to be atheist; FREE to hate God. But know this-those who freely, & willingly CHOOSE separation from God, as Lucifer did, WILL suffer the same end. However ! God is also infinitely MERCIFUL to those who are TRUELY sorry & ask for forgiveness. They will not be denied. There are only 2 paths, oh man; take your pick.

    4. Faith is a gift. You can neither believe nor see the truth until receiving the Holy Spirit. Receive Christ today and be saved. Your eyes will be open.

    5. before Lucifer people just lay around and made zero progress. God gave us free will and used Lucifer as a catalyst so we could grow and reach our destiny.

    6. Newsflash! GOD IS REAL! Seek Jesus Christ NOW! You may not be given another opportunity like this. It is an opportunity to double check your work, if you're convinced God doesn't exist.

  4. Thank You! I have a degree in cultural studies and I am very grateful for your diligence to the truth of the scriptures in spite of the significant pressure to do otherwise. Surely you have counted the truth as more valuable than the offerings of this world! Not easy! You my friend are in the 1%. Don't stop and don't cave! Great research and presentation of the facts!

  5. Things about the NWO are true, but stop quoting the bible. It's pretty silly.

    1. you think the truth is silly

    2. You are silly!

  6. if satan is the lord of this earth, why does he need to make a new world order...this world is his already...everyone with a ss number and birth certificate is alread a slave to unhloy (maritime law) a part of the beast of the sea

    1. The same reason why he did fall he wants to be worshipped by all people willingly. And that's not the case for most people now. Remember God is The Lord and despite that is not be worshipped by most people but rather cursed by most people.

    2. Satan wants to destroy humanity he is an evil sprit and cannot work in this reality and dose his work through the evil worshipers of the new world order they think of him as lucifer the light bearer they believe in his lies and promises to take people from god the LORD JEASUS CHRIST to hell with him

  7. All avenues of religion and walks of life on Earth should listen I'm taking this video it's not about religion it's not about but it is it's it's about what we believe there are hearts and it's about the opposite side of that that we should believe in coming up and evolving and do our spirits with a trickery plan of taking away the power of love in a human heart which is more powerful than anything which they're making people think that point in fact disappear from from the world and that is the atmosphere they want us to live in that is without love and the human Spirit of love but the world should know that's what will conquer all hopefully the sooner the better.

  8. Abortion is the main policy of the New World Order Agenda.

    1. Abortion is not a problem. Humans have overpopulated the planet and destroy it. Remove women’s rights to choose their own lifestyle and then you will see slavery. That is a real problem.

    2. I agree. Demons want to kill all humans, to take them to hell with them, not just children. Its kind of like Satan wants to go out in style taking all his deceivees with him. If he can get anyone to kill another human he will. He is the father of lies deceiver come on! overpopulation is a myth a lie of old nick himself. A woman does not have a right to murder her own child. This is deception at the greatest level but has gone on throughout the ages and Gods disapproval is shown throughout his Word.

  9. It’s already here, the Beast, devouring little children from the womb, 1,500,000,000 worldwide. The Mark is money, the Image, the mass media screen.

    We are in end of the Trumpets, about the Thunderclaps and Bowls.

    Get ready. He’s coming soon

    1. You are hysterical and brainwashed. If anything.. that’s exactly what the elite want from you. Be smart and see the real issues.

  10. I’ve been researching metaphysics, pseudoscience, etc. for years, simply observing, asking questions, and never letting one particular belief system take hold of my mind. My conclusion is something that this “Bible-thumping” film doesn’t touch on is the involvement of the Holy Roman Empire and the Dark Ages. This film takes the Bible in its literal sense, when it is even said within that it is a book of symbolism. The Dark Ages are called that because the people were kept in the dark as to what was taken out and what was left to argue and confuse.

  11. GREAT DOCUMENTARY that clearly sparks discussion

    1. And a good thing to make people discuss without making rude immature remarks.

  12. Garbage link, waste my time with this Trump worshipping, Baptist church loving end of the world BS.

    1. Trumps a free mason too.
      Research. Look at hands and hand shakes. You could never be a detective. Observe, learn, keep an
      Open mind and I hope you will find God. I will say Trump's a hell of alot better than slept dementia Joe shmo

  13. For those linking this to God and the Bible, which Bible as different Religions have different Books in it. The Jewish faith does not even believe in the New Testament or Jesus. When the first Bible was put together, the small group selected which books would be included and which would not according to them and not all who believed in God, so the Bible itself is flawed as it has left out information or added information according to which Religion you are.

    1. God will destroy religion.

  14. Sloppy. Can't believe the producers and editors included the ridiculous David Spangler quote ("No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian initiation)". There's no such post as Director of Planetary Initiatives at the U.N., and no known ties between Spangler and the U.N. Moreover, these NWO puppets aren't going to say anything that overt about where all this is coming from or heading. Probably, most of them don't even know, anyway. They're just doing as they're told.

    It doesn't do your cause any good when you are so desperate for smoking gun evidence that you latch on to any unattributable quote that fits the bill.

    1. Too funny !

  15. so my comment wasnt posted because Im a TRUE Christian or what...??? lol the devil never stops does he? hehehehe. but guess what, MY GOD IS GREATER AND WAYYYY MORE POWERFUL... MODERATE THAT!

    1. Iv heard that the abbreviation of LOL is not laugh out loud!! but hahah wait for it!........ Lucifer our Lord! ???

  16. Unless you have been in the valley, truly searching your heart with the purest of your heart, but not praying to our Heavenly Father, as I did, the master of deciept is now attacking those with the purest of hearts while in a serious struggle. I went down this road, but because I knew God and He doesnt put fear in us, I knew to get on my knees and rebuke Satan and pray to my Heavenly Father to deliver me from this and fill me with His Holy Spirit. This is REAL and the call for this New Age christianity is swiftly blinding MANNNYYY!! The fallen angels are building humanities "Ark of Oneness", which is suddenly nearing completion.... So, If you DONT know our Savior, JESUS CHRIST, I urge you to ask for His guidance and protection over this spirit of darkness!!!! The end is so close and time is running out!!!

  17. The Big Short was based on a true story. A conspiracy that no 'logical' thinking person would want to believe.
    Jack Nicholson once said 'You cant handle the truth'
    Its easier to believe the lies of our schools, universities, governments, historians, evolutionists, humanists, philosophers, controlling religions, than to be an independent thinker who questions everything, including the supernatural. It is so much easier to stay in the bubble of money, houses, cars, politics, sex, drugs, greed and materialism than to question our dimension that is limited to sight and ends in a hole in the ground. No wonder people turn to drugs to get through life if this is all there is.
    These same people also label born again believers as brainwashed. Who are the real brainwashed who eat up everything this man-made kingdom dishes out and aims to control the mind, lives, expenditure and education of every human is so much easier to control robots, and that is the hidden agenda of our government. Another good movie is Elysium if you want a reality check. I choose to remain a free, independent thinking, born again believer who was set free from this world's dictates and who has and does encounter the risen Christ.

    1. You are so right! I am a targeted individual and it’s so nice to hear another rational person who knows the truth! Satan is a liar and God is calling out to us so we need to say yes for ourselves, for God and for all of humanity in the name of Jesus Christ our lord and savior.

    2. Hey "Israel" and Dylan, you are in like-minded, I'm also a TI although the cure is just to ignore them and put your trust in God to protect.
      I wanted to contact with you guys and make a little network of true ones who have been freed and know.
      Reply back if you're interested
      Much love

  18. decent documentary. Touches on some interesting points. The book of Enoch is an interesting one, the grandfather of Noah. Was part of the dead sea scrolls and talks about "the son of man" and the "messiah" as well as prophesies the way it will be in a later generation. Yet it wasn't in the bible.

  19. Satan's trolls are hard at work having a big sook like little babies lol. Given this doco has a 7.3 rating, I suspect you morons have failed to dissuade those who have more than half a brain lol. But please continue amusing us with more of your childish criticism.

  20. I got the 666th comment. Praise God, and keep your powder dry.

  21. I have watched this Doc over and over and found this forum by chance. I appreciate this Doc and find it well done. Although I do think a few of the views are reaching as far as Christianity is concerned.......I do think the writers intentions are true and pure. It is quite obvious reading down the list of writers in the comments that there are those who believe in the Christian faith, those who would be considered atheist and those in between. it is the same picture we get looking at our society as a whole. Gonzo and all those who made this film kudos I want more. Jesus is the way the truth and the life for me. Jesus=love If you have a hard time believing this documentary just seek and the door will be opened. Call out to God that you are questioning and ask him to reveal himself to you. Its amazing how afraid a nonbeliever of Jesus Christ is to all alone ask the creator of the universe to reveal him self to them if he is who he says he is. Don't be afraid there is power in the name of Jesus. Amen

  22. Push aside all religious aspects of the Doc. Look at what it is saying is their any truth to the 'Secret Societies'. Yes there is, there is plenty of resources you can research on them. Do they meet ? yes Is the public allowed access? No. Do we know what they are discussing and why is it so secret? again answer is 'NO' Is it not considered treason for heads of state to meet and not make it public knowledge? I believe it is, Ok so on that note take out the religious argument and base it on what the documentary is saying. All the 'facts' can be researched and based on some of the comments this is not about religion this is about what our so called 'world leaders' are hoping to accomplish is New World Order question really is are you prepared to be a 'Slave' to the State and the Elite?

    peace ......

  23. bible thumpers please have your debates elsewhere

    1. Satan made Believing in God look ridiculous because Satan is evil. Pray before it’s too late

    2. Is Masturbation a "Going To Hell" level Sin?

  24. ever seen the ying and yang

  25. From 1:47 till most shocking 1:53:10 the narrator is saying the most blasphemous things about Jesus peace be upon him..To say that Muslims accept Jesus as a begotten sun is FALSE. Proof for this is in the Holy Quraan,and every muslim knows this and is one of the fisrt verses we memorize as children.:“It is not consonant with the majesty of (Allah) Most Gracious that He should beget a son” (TMQ 19:92), and, “He (Allah) begets not, nor is He begotten” (TMQ 112:3). For e.g that Jesus claimed divinity every day of his life.FALSE!I 1.f you study the bible Jesus called himself "Son of man "88 times in the Bible.2.Further more Jesus was voted a Divinity 325 years after his death (!!!) by Council of Nicaea, the First Ecumenical Council, in 325 CE..3.Jesus being "the begotten son "is to say that God All Mighty came down from the heaven and had sex (!!!).God does not do ungodly acts, he created Adam from dust. If Jesus is the “only begotten Son of God,” who is David? Answer: Psalms 2:7—“The LORD has said to me, ‘You are My Son, Today I have begotten you.” Jesus the “only begotten son of God,” with David “begotten” a scant forty generations earlier?And in any case, the list of candidates for “son of God” begins with Adam, as per Luke 3:38: “Adam, which was the son of God.”Entire nations are referred to as sons, or children of God. Examples include:
    1. Genesis 6:2, “That the sons of God saw the daughters of men . . .”
    2. Genesis 6:4, “There were giants on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men . . .”
    3. Deuteronomy 14:1, “Ye are the children of the Lord your God.”4. Job 1:6, “Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present..What is this ,Jerry Springer show ,for entertainment?No facts ,only lies about Jesus ,peace be upon him?I suggest everybody hear checks the facts about what here has been said ,and see this documentary as entertainment ,and as truthful as Keeping up with Kardashians

    1. That is the stupedest deception attempt I've ever come across. You are a

  26. Most people who knock the bible have never bothered to read it or check out its validity for themselves...

    1. I've read the bible cover to cover twice, it's the most vile and disgusting thing I've ever read. It has no validity, it is nothing more than a bronze/early iron age explanation of the world, and it's creation.

    2. Look deeper....

    3. I hate to even dignify that with a response. What does that mean, I've already cut up three bibles trying to look deeper into them, I'd keep trying but the church up the road started locking it's..... Oh wait that's too clever you didn't mean look deeper in the physical book, you ment the message the book brings. I think my copy is defective all I see in here are stories about beastiality, incest, rape, and torture.

    4. There is some ,l little truth in the bible ,what is left from the original teachings.The most was tampered with .The Holy Quraan is the only book that is in it original state 1400 years later and given to humanity as a last guidance .May I kindly suggest you read it and therein you will find the originals teachings of Jesus ,peace be upon him and a whole chapter called Maryam , dedicated to his mother ,Mother Mary and her life,.

    5. The bible has some pieces that are truthful ,however most as distorted. There are more than 250 versions of the bible, not translations, but versions in English alone.Meaning the chapters, verses are not the same.Jesus was voted Divine in 325 CE by Council of Nicea and 50 years later (!!!) in 381 Holy Spirit was added ,and it became a trinity by Council again ,not Jesus pbuh.99,9 % of Christians today do not follow Jesus and his teachings but something that was decited by a vote to gain political power and unite Christians some 300 years after Jesus died.

  27. This is the kind of documentaries that destroy social activism.

  28. Religion is for superstitious, simple-minded fools that can't bear the burden of mortality and death. God is a cleverly crafted and well organized hoax. Jesus, the accounts of Jesus' life, and his teachings are over indulged, fabricated, and misunderstood, if not completely misleading fairy tales. The bible was designed by carefully recruited people as an indoctrination tool for the masses that would allow the church power and influence over their very lives. It is certainly true that if there were a supreme being, then it delights in human suffering.

  29. The Old Testament of the Bible at it's very least is a collection of ancient stories from the Israelites. The history contained within is just as "mythical" and often parallels ancient stories from other cultures. The Sumerians, Egyptians, and Indus Valley people all have stories of a great flood, giants, and the supernatural. The Dead Sea scrolls show that nothing from the Old Testament has been changed. That said, I believe any true researcher must consider the testimonies contained within the Bible when researching UFO phenomenon... No matter what their religious or spiritual beliefs are. Is the Bible somewhat of a guidebook to the supernatural? Should we consider the stories in new light outside of how the "church" interprets them?

  30. I really enjoyed this docco.. Thank you Gonzo Shimura! The only problem was I disagreed with the guy who alleges that Jesus was calling himself God. Nowhere in the bible does Jesus ever call himself God, nor did he ever accept being worshipped! The Greek & Hebrew scriptures translate that Jesus, on many occasions, did say that he was doing the work on earth for his father, God.
    John 14:6,7 Jesus said to him (Jesus talking to Thomas): "I am the way and the truth and the life,
    No one comes to the Father except through me.
    If you men had known me, you would have known my Father also;

  31. LOL with an introduction like that, I have to watch this. Preferably high.

  32. "Is there a connection between UFOs, alien abductions, channeling spirits, demonic possessions, the new age movement, secret societies, and satanism?"

    Yes. The connection is they are all fake. If you think any of this is real you're a m.ron. The NWO ohhh nooo!! Illuminati ohh nooo! "They" are coming for you.

    Make sure you double up on your tinfoil hat when you watch this.

    1. I think the nwo is real.

    2. i do too. I don't think it has anything to do with god, satan, fallen angels or aliens though. It simply has to do with greedy men and their love of money. And the willingness to get what they want no matter who they have to stomp on, bomb, kill, torture, or "democratize" to achieve their goal.

    3. Right ya exactly.

    4. The Bible explains world and human history. The human battle is against the spirit world. The book of Enoch explains the nephilem as the angels given the task of watching over mankind, but they made a pact with each other to defy God and deceive man to disobey God also, so they could be the rulers of earth instead of God. But God cast them out of heaven and they remain as deceiving spirits only, who come into the bodies of all who ascribe to witchcraft, Fortune telling, mediums, magic, and all who are ignorant of Christ's redemptive power. God flooded the earth and destroyed the decendants of the nephilem who were giants, men of renown. But people still turned to their own worldly ungodly ways practicing the ways of the nephilem. God the impregnated a virgin Mary and gave his only begotten son ( son born of a womb) to live a sinless life and die on a cross to take on the sin of the world, so that whosoever believes in him gains eternal life and greater power on earth than the dark spirit forces of this world. Fear of ridicule, rejection, and the unknown are the devil's lies that keep people from turning to Jesus and the grace and miracles he offers. He dwells in every one of us and will eventually bring us low in the world in hopes of us seeking him. He loves us all and is waiting patiently for you to open your heart to amazing hope and future. The nwo, freemasonry, shriners, skull and bones, bohemian club, club of rome, and many others are satanic organizations that are the evidence of the dark forces and fallen angel agenda for world power and domination. Seek God and you WILL find him.

  33. I would have enjoyed this so much more of the narrator did not have a speech impediment.

  34. what kind of documentation is this video has to demonstrate that
    New Age is part of the NWO agenda?
    and who decided and has the knowledge to say that we are (or are not) immortal?
    at min 17 when saying that NWO wants us to believe that god is within us and that we are immortal....well who's talking must believe that he's god already to decide that we are not immortal.
    believing in immortality has nothing to do with their agenda, it has been part of most ancient eastern philosophies that have nothing to do with this filthy elite.
    this negative mind set and the idea that everything is part of a conspiracy leads me to think that this video is part of the whole "we have no hope" concept, which fits perfectly in their agenda by the way.
    well for sure they are worshipping some kind of negative force...and for sure they are doing their interests...but crap video editing with drama music is not the right way to inform people.
    much better videos regarding this topic "The Esoteric Agenda" and
    "The art of deception"

  35. Jesus Christ is The Lord,God.

    1. and so are all of us, well according to Jesus.

    2. According to God? That's called circular reasoning.

      How do you know that's the good god and not the bad one?

    3. Jesus was described in the bible 88 times as "son of God", not even 1 as god.Jesus was voted Divine in 325 CE by Council of Nicea and 50 years later (!!!) in 381 Holy Spirit was added ,and it became a trinity by Council again ,not Jesus pbuh.99,9 % of Christians today do not follow Jesus and his teachings but something that was decited by a vote to gain political power and unite Christians some 300 years after Jesus died.

  36. a real blessing. i am sharing it with others. i would also recommend "after the tribulation"

  37. so so sad Christians have have been ruling with fear and lies for so long and after 1600 + years people are still buying into it :(

  38. Some serious disinformation here. Maybe some of the New World Order / Illuminati stuff is true, but all there are many things in this video -- such as denial of the law of karma and the even denial of the very nature of the human being -- that are dangerous. It seems there is a voice in this that deeply opposed to the positive transformation that is under way. Beware!

  39. I beg to differ with the critics, who think this documentary is unworthy of being listed here. I certainly don't agree with everything, especially the religious dogma presented here, but, unlike some other documentaries I've seen, there was a great deal of research that has gone into the production of this documentary, much of which is factual and backed up with various interviews and recorded clips. This documentary is comparable to others I have seen, all of which provide their own slant on conspiracies and a New World Order. I don't think there is one documentary out there that presents truth and reality 100% because there is not one person on earth who knows what that is. I think it's important to appreciate the fact that there are some people who are at least thinking about and exploring what life and reality is about, who as a result, get those of us who bother to listen to what they have to say, thinking and talking... which is far better than those who simply live life believing everything they are told and zoning out on MTV or another stupid episode of the Kardashians. Agree or disagree with what is presented here, I for one found it worth watching and am grateful to the person(s) who took the time to make this.

  40. so, in short, satan is bad? and the bible explains everything? insightful, huge research, and very informative. but, the amount of insanity needed to even make these leaps between bad things and theories, is just mindblowing, and the fact that someone would make this "documentary", and belive it, is f*cking scary.

  41. Does anyone realize that the story at 1 hr 21 mins the guys was possibly maybe just maybe dreaming???? deluded weirdos

  42. isnt reading out words and looking while a narrator narrates seem a form of brainwashing itself?

    1. Yep. Just trying to brain wash you.

  43. the guys who narrates...he talks 'quote' about people as if the people are well known to the public... adds frantic quotes and pressures lost Christians with his paranoia pretending its scientific...

    1. Does a quote have to be from people who are well known to the public? Talk about appealing to authority. When did I claim that this documentary was scientific?

  44. why do you bother watching these docu's if all you mean to do is trash them at the end? have you really nothing better to do? of course not, you've no friends....bless.....
    of course you know better, you the so open minded great oness, try an education on for size, or let me decided to breed instead...hahaha

    1. You do not plan to troll do you? as this is a troll comment.

  45. I recently shared a dream with a friend of mine about the end of time and how the second coming of Christ happen. In my dream I was watching the news and was concerned about so many people who were taken and yet so many left behind. The worst was that I was one left behind. I had accepted Jesus as my Savior but for some reason I was left behind. In my dream there was a panic due to all the missing people and a world wide census had to be taken to account for those missing. On the news the President stated that there was a belief that there was an alien abuduction and there was no rapture as the Christians would like to have you believe.

    The census insisted that everyone must be marked in order to keep track of the people and anyone who refused to be marked would be considered a terrorist threat or in a partnership with the abduction. Those people would be exterminated to protect the rest of society.

    I had this dream a very long time ago when I was a teenager. I am now in my fifties. I shared this dream with a friend of mine who in turn shared this documentry with me. I cannot help but wonder how the end will be. The main thing is, dont be foolish. Question things and research it...knowledge really is powerful. And yes, Iam still a Christian

    1. you really should check out "after the tribulation" on youtube

    2. wow that is so freaking awesome. i believe God can speak through dreams. that would be the perfect cover up too (alien abduction.) and for anyone who thinks Christians are "crazy.." YES most Christians are crazy. I don't even believe they're Christians. I know that sounds harsh but if you look at their lives, I don't see Christ. Most people associate Christianity in America with JESUS. They couldn't be more opposite. Jesus never even said "go to church." that is what people equate with being a Christian. Going to church....behavior modification...denomination tribal against them.....conservative dogma...oh my GOD. Jesus couldn't be more different. Check him out. Read HIS words in the New Testament and leave the crazy organized Satan ran religion out of it. Jesus is simple and beautiful. He was peaceful, accepting and homeless! He said "follow me." NOT go to church...judge others....bash rich and wealthy.......I assure you if you seek the true "Christ" out you will be floored. And you will be PISSED OFF at "Christianity" and the huge hoax it has turned into.

  46. The illuminati weren't they a bunch of scientists who didn't believe in god or the monarchies of the day and preferred science over superstition the perfectability of man human progress and democracy? Sounds less like Satan and more like Rousseau to me. However ya spell it.

  47. Like there aren't any problems than need the whole world to cooperate over like global warming what we need are little localized mini-states they can really stand up to the Imperialists now cant' they. Political upshot of this nonesense says it is not in the average persons interest NOT to hook up globally with others to fight these fights Workers of the world UNITE. While the elite may be at each others throats one thing they agree on is to hold the working class down and keep the present political economy in place we need to supercede it and local and particular identity politics ain't gonna cut it.

  48. for the islamic and observatory point of view on the issue ,people interested should watch "The Arrivals" and you will find a lot of similar things.

  49. May be peace upon you
    Okay I a Muslim(not a very good one) and i really liked the documentry,what i really liked was the similaraties between the two religious scrilptures, but what i didnt liked was "how only the christians wont believe in new ethopia(i if get it right)"actually it is clearly written that there will be false (so called ethopia) and signs how to identifiy it and only the people with pure faith will identify the deception(very small number) and in Islam it also tells some of the identifications.
    1. A higher being with some sort of problem in one eye(basic iluminati signature b.t.w)
    2.will have the power to control unconcious mind of humans
    3.could give death and birth again
    4.would have flat shoulders(unlike humans=curvy)
    and more basically signs of Messiha(false Christ)

    As far as the orignality of the scripts and contradictions,I could speak but it is not the topic

    1. Assalamu alaikum, keif Halak? Welcome to TDF mate.

      I'm an average agnostic. (non-believer in the Religions, unknown on whether there is or isn't some form of deity) Bein fakkeiyy il kammaasa :)
      (I only know a little Arabic, I had the pleasure of living in Egypt for awhile. I had to look up how to write it properly. ;)

      Of course there are what you believe to be things 'Christians won't believe' compared to Muslims. If you look at the issue without bias, it goes exactly the same way back, there are things that Christians don't like that Muslims 'won't believe', (and most other beliefs/religions). That's why different religions fight each other, and more poignantly , even within the same religion.
      I've not been able to find anything that is approaching some evidence that any of the scriptures are 'the word of God', let alone one version being 'more correct' then another. Mafiis fayda.

      Can you give me anything other then the scripture itself, or personal claims by people that can't be checked or verified in any way, any evidence at all that doesn't require an element of faith? Saying you see a creator in nature isn't evidence, evolution has explained that quite well, without the need for a 'God'. So that doesn't qualify as evidence for, in fact does the opposite, it shows your scriptures to be incorrect in places.

      And to your point No. 2, "will have the power to control unconcious mind of humans"

      The fact that anyone truly believes any scripture's extraordinary claims without evidence, other then the scripture itself, shows that your No.2 is, and has been for a long time, not only possible but is in use now. That has been one of Religions main tools for thousands of years, ingrain it young so they believe something without it being shown to be actually true. Without you realising it, you've been brainwashed into believing things like demons, winged horses ect ect ect. are actually real.


    2. my friend its is not by the mind but by faith. when you take a leap chooses to believe your eyes will be opened and you will begin to understand. but first you have to be born-again.

    3. Yep, one has to first believe in the delusion before 'seeing' the delusion.
      Nevertheless, it is nothing more then a 'human only' delusion. It has everything to do with your mind; your lack of applying it that is, and surrendering your thoughts in exchange for those of others.
      The only thing I've seen 'born again'.... needed to be flushed.

    4. Christianity is a walk with people, but most importantly its a walk with God, wisdom comes from God. As far as being a delusion, most of the world believes in a spiritual realm, And by alrights it is non-sense, because it isn't weighed by our senses which is what we are used to weighing things by.If you can't touch, see, hear, taste or feel it, it can't be real. That is why it is called faith. And the bible although the books were written so far apart from each other is perfectly accurate, prophecies have been proven to be %100 accurate, even predicting the year Christ would be born!!! Go through the prophecies in the book of Daniel and you would be shocked!!

    5. I've read the Bible most of my life and tried to understand it but , it was always so hard until I really started reading Revelations. Every time I read it now it's just like watching the Bible actually come to life before my very eyes!! It is AWESOME, scary yet exciting all at the same time.
      All of the mindless people that make fun of God, the Bible etc. are themselves doing EXACTLY what the Bible says they will do. Just too cool !!!
      Every day is another chapter opening up in full color!
      I LOVE it so much! It's finally happening and I get to see it for myself.
      God is so very AWESOME !!!

    6. Emotions are not justifiable proof for god. Anyone can write a story that makes you feel something. That doesn't mean its true, if there's a God does that mean atheists go to hell? Is there a hell? If so how is God awesome if he sends your loved ones to hell just for being skeptical when zero proof is presented for a belief; especially such a large idea. Even a little bit of sensible proof would be a good start, but there is none whatsoever, not to mention there are 10million varieties and branches of religions many literally believing that others who don't hold their same belief will burn in a hell of some kind. How is this Awesome? How is it not that you are the ignorant one.

    7. The bible is not even close to 100% accurate you lair.

    8. Wisdom comes with age. Sometimes age comes alone.

    9. Yes, wisdom comes with age, but too bad about my short term memory!

  50. Okey doke. Here it is. Grumpy, that you are. An aussie and to be honest, that in my mind makes you an ally and an ex member of a fantasic standing army independant of the British Army (which I was proud to be a part of) yet immersed in the same traditions. You have my respect for that. Ya butted in on a conversation that had nothing to do with you mate so I wont engage you. Docoman, you have zero experience of military life, combat, or what it is like. Your ignorance in making ANY statement about these matters is contemptible and suggestive that you know just as little about the spiritual realities you mock. You werent even rear echelon. I have more respect for the opinion of any enemy troop I've ever stood against and again, you butted in on a conversation that had nothing to do with you, so I wont engage you, or respect you. I came here to watch a vid, leave a comment and look around. All I see is exactly what I said I had earlier. In summary, profound religious intolerance, a lack of discipline and self control, hatred, slander and cursing. You lost your credibility with me the minute you shouted 'PROVE' and then damned me. All you guys did was prove my point and reinforce my convictions. I can never prove God and dont need to. Because I mention him you shout I am required to prove him? Do I have to prove my military service? I stated that also. I didn't come to preach but I will defend my faith, my brothers, sisters and the name of my God.

    1. Lol. I can't find where I 'yelled' PROVE to you? I may have, I can't see it. Sometimes I capatalise words to high-light them, like I did with 'BS' and FRONT DOORS. I was meaning to highlight it, not yell, but take it as you wish.
      Sounds more like another BS diversion, which seems to be your SOP. With an emphasis on BS.

      About butting in on a conversation, it's a public forum, you called most that dare question your religion and ask for some proof lots of names, you called this site a dump. I have every right to respond, so HTFU and take back what you dish out, ya sook.

      And yes, I wasn't even a POG, firstly my country wasn't at war and didn't require me, and secondly I have health reasons precluding my acceptance to the ADF, so up yours mate. I won't be told what I can and can't talk about by you.
      You are not an Atheist, but that didn't stop you commenting on them. So why am I not allowed to comment on anything military, even though I didn't really, only what you appear to be, namely p1ss weak.

      Actually, my 'p1ss weak' remark was questioning your service claims. As I've said, I've not talked to a Veteran that was as weak minded as you seem to be. And I do and have known a few. I've also met a few 'BS artists' claiming to be ex military, so you wouldn't be unique there either.

      Not one part of your post addressed any of the questions asked of you, it was just another misdirection effort on your part. A weak effort at that.

      Edit- if you really are a Veteran, I accept and acknowledge that I have no knowledge of what combat is like, and can respect your service. I'll respect your uniform, not necessarily the person in it.

    2. Mate, if you want a private conversation ring "GOD HOTLINE", this site is a public documentary and discussion site. That being the case myself or anyone else has the right to make comments on all posts regardless of who the post may have been directed to.

      If you don't like the response your getting it may pay you to find a site more to your beliefs as this site has shown that most people deal with facts and evidence to back up the statements made. If your claims are questioned you should be grateful that there are people taking an interest in what you have written. If and when I've had doubts about posts I have made I believe it is my responsabilty to ensure that I can show evidence to those statements or claims I'm making.

      From what I have witnessed on the religion date is as soon as a sceptic or athiest question the belief of a person with religious views the same responses appear, which inturn throws more weight to our arguement.

      I find your intolerance to be extremely hypocritical as a man of faith.

    3. "Mate, if you want a private conversation ring "GOD HOTLINE""
      I believe the number to call is 666 isn't it? ;)

    4. Don't know the only time I tried, I've used the porcilene phone, and mind you the bastards lines always busy.....:)

    5. "I had a dream last night I drank the worlds largest margarita, woke up this morning and there was salt on the toilet lid.... thank god I didn't eat the worm in there..." - Larry the Cable Guy.

  51. What's a good lookin video like you doing in a dump like this?

    1. You are calling TDF a dump? go to a religious website, where you might be welcomed with open arms. Or maybe not? who knows.

    2. Sorry for rudely jumping in like that however, fools that like need to be slapped repeatly as they are as thick as two short planks.

      I have found TDF to be informative and extremely enjoyable, not only the doco's but the forums as well.

      Keep up the good work you guys .....:)

    3. Hey SH*T for brains do you understand how stu*id you are????

      I'm also ex military, so before you rattle of crap you have not proved with evidence, pick up your book of lies and crawl back from under the rock you came from you brain dead pr*ck

    4. Dear Grumpy

      I’m sure you can see I’m using softening up tactics already but anything is worth a try. I am a grumpy git too and agree with lots you have to say but I do wish you’d ease up on the name calling.

    5. My comment was directed to an ex military serviceman and as such my reply to him was in military language that I'm sure he could understand being from another ex service member.

      I regret that you have taken offence to it and I try to show people the respect or lack of respect that I believe they deserve, and my opinion of that individual deserves the folly he recieved.

    6. Absolutely no offence at all taken. It was just my delicate and sensitive nature to make such a whiny old pom request.

    7. Mate, if you could hear the response to some of these people that goes through my head, compared to what I actually write you would know that I do censor my posts to the best of my ability.....:)

  52. Wow. If the claims of this documentary are as ridiculous as the vast majority say, why waste time in debate, deriding and reacting with such venom towards a film? One thing life has taught me is that when I see a reaction being illicited like I have here, its worthy of a look to see what upset folk. Again, I dont feel TDF admin staff (Vlatko) should be offering criticism of anyones opinions (FaceLikeTheSun's) and the anti-christian sentiment IS rife throughout the site. Krockcfd,I agree. I am a Christian, love everyone of you and pray one day you will share the hope I enjoy. Ex Military, now a registered nurse, I have been down every dirty road you have, likely even worse. I'm a natural cynic, I understand your doubt and it gives the impression of control, I wont criticise you for that. Im not a fanatic but I love the Lord Jesus, to the point I would die for him. 'To live is Christ, to Die is Gain'. I have seen death my whole working life, ugly thing. Have lived with doubt and suspicion towards God but I'm human. Thankfully, Christ is real and I dont need to debate or contest with anyone as Ive done it all with myself and drew my conclusions. Dont kid yourselves Christians have all commited intellectual suicide, there is an ongoing internal debate. Thankfully, 'Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ' being, we are in good hands, us who are indeed in God's hands. Peace guys, all of you, it's beautiful and yours for the taking.

    1. you say..."Thankfully, Christ is real and I don't need to debate or contest with anyone as I done it all with myself and drew my conclusions."

      Your conclusions don't mean diddly squat unless you can offer empirical evidence for your assertions! You are making a claim, so the onus is on you to prove it!...Well?

  53. bottom line, nobody knows what they are talking about. I dont care about your religious scriptures and how you interpret them, i dont care for any new scientific discovery attempting to answer the unanswerable questions. Here is the ultimate truth...we are all going to die not knowing what truth is. no point of arguing, its all hearsay.

  54. started good but is completly bioist i agree with some points however the bible has been rewiten that many times and also writen over the course of hunders of year it is not a good refrence point basicly what a loas of eve angelical cristain american bull s*it yours sinserly 911 lol

    1. The bible is thee most disputed book in all of history if it were misinterpreted don't you think we would know that by now????

  55. The bible -(collection of small books) is only a retelling of more ancient oral accounts. Let's look at Genisis 4. After it explains the first 5 "days" of creation in Genisis 1 - 3. It starts over and states this is the generation of the beginning and there were no men to cultivate the earth.

    Hmm - Genisis 1 - 3 just went through a 6 day creation story ending with god creating man in his image to hold dominion over the world. If he just created man why weren't there men to cultivate? Also you might be interested to know this story includes that they found gold and found it good. Of course it was good the "Lords" needed gold for their dieing planet. They were talking about two accounts and they were talking about the advent of agriculture. (Look it up)

    Go back to theology school. When you can intelligently talk about the contridictions that mar the entire work of the "bible"let's talk. The new testament's oldest book Matthew ends at chapter 9. In the other books they add more detail and end up with I believe at least 16 chapters or verses

    Whats interesting is all accounts relay the same story until we come to chapter 9 - after that the three other gospils (testimony) give different accounts and details. Everyone loves a good story and even then authors were vying to get theirs read.

    Believe it - Jesus is a symbol; the symbol of the picean age. Just like moses was the symbol of the arian age.

    1. @Jburns1

      I will respectfully disagree with your points here. You seem to adhere to the works of Zacharia Sitchin which have been thoroughly debunked by Dr. Mike Heiser (an actual language scholar unlike Mr. Sitchin) Just google "Sitchin is wrong" and you will find his website.

      First off, what you're referring to with no man to till the ground is not talking about no human being to farm. Rather, it was saying we didn't need to farm. If you keep reading the verse, it says "a mist came up from under the ground to water the face of the earth" in other words, no need to farm because the mist was watering everything.

      Second, the book of Mark is thought of as the oldest book in the NT, not Matthew.

      Third, if you have 4 records of eye witness testimony (that is recordings of people who actually saw the events...not necessarily the authors own experiences) then you're bound to have some details which don't align. Think of it this way, say you have a crime scene and you get 4 people to retell what happened. The more you dig, the more details you might receive. But if every detail lined up perfectly, would you be suspicious that the 4 people were colluding? So in fact, in a court setting, some variations in the events actually helps verify a claim, not dismiss it.

      Jesus is not a symbol. Don't tell people to go back to theology school when your claim itself is rooted in 19th century anti-christian literature.

    2. I do stand corrected on the oldest book. Yes it is Mark - I always get that small point mixed up. The major point on that is the council at Nicea voted on which books to canonize that supported their view that Jesus was divine, somewhere around 323 AD. You see one of the guys on the divine side broke the nose of one of the guys on the non-divine side and guess what the votes were cast for divine. (Nothing new under the sun.)

      I find it hard to believe that a caveman squatting under a tree 50,000 years ago came up with the equilateral cross symbol, circle, and understanding of the universe that boggles the minds of present day "scholars", on his own.

      Also, some biblical "scholars" suggest that the writings of the new testiment are much older than first thought and that Revelations should be in the old testiment based on its age. Could it be an eyewitness account of the first nuclear explosion and the evil wind?

      And, finally my friend, yes, Jesus is a symbol. (The following is my conjecture only.)

      Jesus - Age of Pieces (Fish Symbol)
      Moses - Age of Aries (Ram Symbol)
      Baal, Bael, Babylon - Age of Taurus (Bull symbol)
      Rise of Eypyt (pyrimids, sphinx) - Age of Leo (Lion symbol)
      Duality, communication, - Age of Gemini (Twin symbol)
      The deluge and after; crawling out - Age of Cancer (Crab symbol)
      Isis, Ishtar, Agriculture - Age of Virgo (Woman with grain symbol)
      Creating the firmaments (universe) - Age of Libra (Scales symbol)

      As far as I gotten - About 16,000 est years ago if it was the first time around the zodiac. 200,000 est years if you look at 8 times around the zodiac.

  56. nwo is a rough and ready organization composed of satan, gays, scientists, jews, buddhists, hindus, obama, vampires, the lost continent of atlantis, ufo's, science fiction writers, musims, the sun, and catholics. They are out to enslave you and your only hope is to personally cease any query of both science and spirituality. Fanatical christianity is so pure and true it could never hurt anyone. jesus shoots................HE SCORES!!!!!!!!

    1. Don't be so secular and ignorant, the groups of individuals expressed are broad terms that are used to describe large closely associated groups and if you think they all 'sing from the same rhyme' sheet your mad, If Jesus existed (Which according Roman and Greek Historians he didn't, not one mentioned someone named 'Jesus') he is a man that is long dead, get off your moral high horse and join reality, equality exists deal with it.

    2. im all for equality. my comment was simply poking at the fear mongering employed in this video. didnt think anyone would actually take me literally. that said, I wonder why greek historians never documented jesus...........

    3. Since we're all about Facts here, where did you get yours?? I have never heard that Jesus doesn't exist before.

    4. You should dumb it down and write "lol" after your comment because there are too damned many who cannot recognize sarcasm, humor, tongue in cheek, etc.

    5. Agreed. Wise advice.

  57. what a load of crap

  58. I thought Obama said he was a strong christian. Then he stands and rips the bible to pieces.

    1. when did he rip the bible to pieces? i must have missed that video.

  59. Yes chap in fact I can show you the only one you ever need to see... its at


  60. if there is anyone out there that knows of other docs discussing the same things i would greatly appreciate hearing them. thank you

  61. Got 10 min in and couldn't take anymore of this BS...

  62. weird video interesting tho i think that the christian teachings are good and that if you need to believe in god to follow the teaching then religion would be good for you. i am open to the concept of god but i have never actually seen or heard him despite praying for a period of years. i do agree we should be careful our technology is advancing faster and faster and it will be difficult to keep up with and i see people all the time "addicted" to face book and other social projects, what i think is funny about this is that video games have been subjected to a huge amount of scrutiny yet face book somehow escapes all scrutiny. for instance did you know that face book reserves the right to record any and all conversations including the private messaging system they have and also they claim right of ownership to any image and text posted on their network, also they have the right to sell that information to anyone who is willing to pay for it, kinda creepy if you ask me. as for the conspiracy that the people at the top the new world order and the bilderburgs and others, we should be careful they have alot of power more so than any government system. i think that people dont want to believe that there maybe something evil going on, because they realize that these people are so powerful that it would be hard to overcome. im not saying i necessarily believe there is something going on just that we should have an open mind and watchful eye of the situation. the one thing that is really concerning is that the bible does accurately predict the increase in geological activity that has happened over the past couple of years and that there is proof that we may have been extremely advanced race in the past that could of been wiped out by some sort of global disaster right now we are about to enter into the gravitational field of the super massive black hole at the center of our galaxy (next 10 years) and we would be fools to believe that this is not going to affect us. anyway i guess what im trying to say is have an open mind and try to prepare yourself for the worst make everyday count and live it like it was your last day, because if you wake up in the morning and say if i was going to die tomorrow would i live my day differently? and the answer is yes then i think you must be doing somthing wrong

    1. Good advice.

  63. I think from a bibilical stand point its a good doc not saying i agree with it im not christen at all but it does a good job trying to explain the religious dogma

  64. it's a good video and hope you continue to inform them about the true reality that we are in.. everything makes sense and is slowly happening. Be ye not discouraged since mockery of the truth is abounding in the last days. I'm a believer and accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour. I can see everyone are bringing forth proofs as their point of belief but yet again still unreliable. Science cannot explain everything and susceptible to fallacies and misleading information. I believe in God's Word not because it has proofs or something I can see, hear or feel.. but instead i believe because i have faith.

  65. i watched this with an open mind and came out thinking what a crock of crap it was. If you buy this then you think wrestling is real, tooth fairy puts money under your pillow after losing a tooth, David Icke is the messiah as he stated in the 90's, Easter bunny hid
    e eggs for you to seek out, Santa clause kissed your mother,i could keep going on. Sad thing is there are people out there that will buy it.

  66. 20 minutes, I'm done...sounds like they're pushing Christianity on us.

  67. Oh, and one more thing...

    The main reason why you will never be able to fully spread this idea, is because there is only one of you and there are a couple hundred million mindless idiots who share one thing with you and that's belief in God. You are a smart, knowledge-seeking person who shares a belief with people who'd rather ignore your teachings as well. When I was raised in my church before I excommunicated myself, I was taught to ignore even people like you. It is people like you who engage me to think against the pre-determined lessons and safety nets prescribed by the leaders. You say to think out of the cage to us who are atheist or satanist or what have you, but you really should be saying it to you fellow believers- for they have been trapped in a cage for far longer than any of us. The cage? The Bible.

    1. The goal is not to really "spread" this idea. It's simply to point people to investigate the truth. Mainly, the Bible and it's claims about God and the nature of our world.

      And I do talk a lot to people in the Church. They're just as in the cage as the next person. The reality is, all of us are in the cage. Some of us recognize it, and still others find the truth which sets us free. It's all about pointing to Jesus. I just happen to get there by looking at how evil has manifested in our world.

      And the Bible is not the cage, it's the truth. People who use the Bible to demand their own set of rules etc is religion. Truth is more powerful than any religion.

  68. Is there a connection between UFOs, alien abductions, channeling spirits, demonic possessions, the new age movement, secret societies, and satanism?


    Overall, nifty video. Creepy at times and makes for some really interesting discussions with strangers.

  69. !
    ...One abducted person relayed what an alien had told him when this abducted person asked what's wrong with our world today, the alien replied....."You ought to listen to some people who are residing in mental institutions." Always stuck in my mind did that, the more I thought about how crazy this sounded, the more I tried to understand why this would be.

    I remembered as a kid helping mentally handicapped, (the boarding school I attended, arranged trips to the local retired persons mental asylum, which were all old people) to help relieve the residents conditions, I remembered one old man who was almost at the end of his time, he said to me as we played a game of draughts/checkers,..."When the moon goes into the sun."

    He had trouble speaking and it took a lot of effort for him to speak …anyway, I thought it crazy words, then years later it dawned on me that he was talking about an eclipse of the moon and sun! Maybe this is an example of the alien’s message.

  70. Crazy people have the best ideas about the world. But, maybe that is what makes life so interesting, we all have our own ideas about life. Makes for an interesting ride on this roller coaster of life.

  71. "if you really want a taste of hell, watch this film!" - lucifer

  72. "and the lord jesus spoke unto them saying, 'this facelikethesun is dim as a lamp beneath a basket!' afterward yahweh paused smiting an innocent and added, 'indeed you speak truth my son! he should more accurately call his production company headlikeahole!', and yea all the myriad of heavenly hosts did laugh and carry on joyously for the lord god had made a funny."

  73. This documentary is so powerful and so true! It answered so many of my questions! It exposes the New Age movement for what it really is. People would rather believe in horoscopes and New age teachings. Than in Jesus Christ and the Holy Scriptures! People rather believe in a Lie, as long as it makes them feel good. People dont like the feeling of being Guilty for their sin and actions in this life. Thats why they reject the Bible, so much. But, theres sever consequences to that. Im Not judging.. Im just being real. God Bless You.

  74. even satanists don't believe in a literal being called "satan". the term arose from a desert myth. actually read, study, and understand history, theology, and cosmology and ALL religious thinking becomes absurd. no conspiracy truly runs the world aside from greed. masons believe in god and enact rituals as supposed reminders of a grand architect. monotheistic belief systems have actually modeled their own pointless ritualism from pagan groups that came before. humans should begin accepting that THEY have all the propensity for good and evil within themselves without the need for any imaginary "invisible" forces pulling strings. truly study the hebrew scriptures and you quickly understand that "god" is an infantile, blood thirsty, capricious, misogynist. sounds a lot like a patriarchy to me.

    1. "even satanists don't believe in a literal being called "satan"" This is only in the modern sense of satanism as portrayed by LaVey. But in fact if you read or example Crowley, it is abundantly clear that he willfully worshiped Satan over God. Same goes for folks like HP Blavatzky and Albert Pike.

      You also have to realize that "Satan" is just a title. "The Adversary" We actually don't know his true name. The Masons believe that the "serpent" or the one commonly referred to as Lucifer, released man from the Garden of Eden with the gift of intellect.

      And your regurgitated rhetoric about the characterization of the Yahweh is simply incorrect. It shows a lack of understanding OT text.

    2. How can you be so sure of this? The Freemasons?? LOL Illuminati. Great.

  75. A Brutal Superstition Spreads Across Europe

    The extortions of the Church grew into racketeering on an Imperial scale. Predators replaced the puritans.

    By aggressive warfare, Christianisation of the heathen tribes followed. In Spain, the German lands, Britain, and Ireland, the despots of the Church imposed their tyranny.

    A triumphant Christianity was the active agent in destroying knowledge and access to learning. An ignorant and impoverished population was more readily subjugated by Princes of the Church. The civilization that had stretched from the deserts of Arabia to the highlands of Scotland reverted to a primitive village subsistence.

    Remarkably, the last pagan kingdom was eradicated as late as the 15th century.

    In a world run by clerical gangsters, the writ of Holy Mother Church was enforced by sadism and torture (take a peek at a noble archbishop's Tariff for Torture, 1757.)

    For more than a thousand years, the henchmen of Christ inflicted a cruel barbarism on every community they encountered.

    Women, fortunate to be domestic slaves, might find themselves in enforced celibacy, joyless marriage or burnt as a witch. Roasting heretics became popular entertainment and a religious duty. Fancy dress is an essential element of the religious circus.

  76. Jesus - The Imaginary Friend

    Christianity was the ultimate product of religious syncretism in the ancient world. Its emergence owed nothing to a holy carpenter. There were many Jesuses but the fable was a cultural construct.

    The nativity yarn is a concatenation of nonsense. The genealogies of Jesus, both Matthew's version and Luke's, are pious fiction. Nazareth did not exist in the 1st century AD – the area was a burial ground of rock-cut tombs.

    With multiple authors behind the original gospel story it is no surprise that the figure of "Jesus" is a mess of contradictions. Yet the story is so thinly drawn that being a "good Christian" might mean almost anything.

    The 12 disciples are as fictitious as their master, invented to legitimise the claims of the early churches. The original Mary was not a virgin, that idea was borrowed from pagan goddesses. The pagan world knew all about virgins getting pregnant by randy gods: The Mythical "Virgin Mother".

    Scholars have known all this for more than 200 years but priestcraft is a highly profitable business and finances an industry of deceit to keep the show on the road.

    "Jesus better documented than any other ancient figure"? Don't believe a word of it. Unlike the mythical Jesus, a real historical figure like Julius Caesar has a mass of mutually supporting evidence.

    The case for a mythical Jesus – Nailing Jesus. Book review: Ehrman - Did Jesus Exist? Popular scholar recoils from the abyss. A rescue mission for the "Jesus of history" – The New Apologists.


    1. Good stuff, now I will have to try and get "Ehrman - Did Jesus Exist" book as suggested by robertallen1.

    2. Ehrman is totally dishonest with his data. He uses very old arguments and tries to use them to appeal to the masses.

    3. I do not know that, have not read the book yet. And how do you know that? By some creationist website? Have you read his book?

  77. The Criminal History of the Christian Church

    As it waited in the wings of pagan Rome, the Catholic Church was already marked by corruption, violence and sexual scandal.

    The fanatics of Christ proved useful to an ambitious prince who set his sights on absolute and undivided power.

    In their struggle for power, Christians waged their own "civil war" in which a Catholic trinitarian nonsense triumphed over Arianism. This so-called 'orthodoxy' suppressed and persecuted its 'heretical' opposition.

    The intellectual centres of the empire were ruined by murder and prohibition and the Roman world sank into ignorance and superstition.

    The Church expropriated the resources – both human and material – which might have defended Roman civilization. While an indolent army of clerics lived on the state, the impoverished legions degenerated into a peasant militia.

    Once a particular Christianity – hierarchical and authoritarian – became wedded to the Roman state, it became a force of brutal repression.

    The "Church Fathers" transformed Romano-Hellenic culture by bigotry, anti-Semitism, censorship and intolerance.

    Law was replaced by Divine Right, scientific method criminalized, ancient medical knowledge lost for a millennium.

    The barbarian tribes that overran the weakened Roman Empire were, for the most part, Christianized; the forces that opposed them, pagan.


  78. Fabrication (as per Wikipedia definition):

    A fabrication is a lie told when someone submits a statement as truth, without knowing for certain whether or not it actually is true. Although the statement may be possible or plausible, it is not based on fact. Rather, it is something made up, or it is a misrepresentation of the truth. Examples of fabrication: A person giving directions to a tourist when the person doesn't actually know the directions. Often propaganda is fabrication.

    That sums you and religion up.

  79. Are you kidding me? The ability to feel, see, think and reason is innate with all human beings.

    "Are you suggesting that anyone who doesn't believe as you do doesn't use these skills?" Anyone who bases their beliefs about an ever changing world on one book that's 2000 years old certainly isn't using these skills.

    "Ultimately the book you speak of has been tested over time and still stands. If arguments against it are so compelling, how come the bible hasn't been totally dismissed?" The only thing about the bible that has been tested is that it is total fantasy/fiction. How come people are still smoking and drinking alcohol at levels that kill them? How come people blow themselves up in the hope to go to heaven? How come you pray to an invisible off-planet deity and tell yourself that you are never good enough in the image of your male creator? How come you believe in a divine plan which your god executes no matter what and still pray? Why pray if your prayers can't do sh*t about the divine plan?

    Just because things are still happening on this planet doesn't mean that they have anything to do with sane human behavior. Just because they haven't been eliminated doesn't mean they are healthy for the survival of our species.

    Humans are the only species that consciously preys on each other. There are no other animals on this planet who, consistently and on a large scale, kill each other. That's our problem. We are still self-destructive and religion has clearly perpetuated such behavior, for example by forcing non-believers to convert or die. That's why religion must stop, it is an illness that befalls humanity.

    Your views are pathetic in that they exemplify how our human brains are manipulable to believe anything. You are like a little kid who just doesn't want to let go of the Santa Clause story. Only that the fantasy you believe in actually kills other human beings which is why people like me and many others oppose your propaganda. Your religion is a constant struggle which has no chance defending itself against the truly human mind.

    Whether or not humanity will ever fully wake up from the religious insanity remains to be seen. Regardless, just know that your film contributes nothing to making the world a better place. This is my last comment to you and I will not respond to any further responses from you.

    1. the same antagonistic rhetoric.

      that's all you have. and you certainly define for yourself what right and wrong are etc. and then impose it on everyone else. You do realize that in essence you are declaring yourself as God by doing that right?

      I think until you realize that, you're going to stay blind to the other possibilities. That it's a miracle in itself that the universe and life and all of its beauty and awe can inspire us to be thankful for our lives. And this feeling of thankfulness is to the one who actually gave us this life. Now there are plenty of those who abuse privileges, power, etc. Now the Bible tells us that this thing you see as so evil, "killing each other etc" is a human heart issue. NOT a systematic issue whether it be political economic etc. Those are the effects to the root cause. The human heart. If you disagree, that's fine, but I guarantee that if you became the ruler of the earth, you would run into choices and decisions that inevitably would cause harm and destruction in one way or another.

    2. facelikethesun
      you claim that the universe is created and this creator is the god of the bible. can you back that up? i am looking for positive proof not an attack on other explanations. please don't ask me to prove you wrong as that is not how a rational approach to the truth should go.

    3. well, i could get into Bible verses that seem to be describing in ancient rhetoric things we now understand through science. But that of course you might consider to be simply vague interpretations. But just as an example:

      Isaiah 45:12 says
      "I made the earth and created man on it; it was my hands that stretched out the heavens, and I commanded all their host."

      it's just interesting that God here would say that he "stretched out the heavens" which could be describing an expanding universe in ancient rhetoric.

      There are lot's of Scripture that has this sort of reference. And it's quite remarkable.

      Another way is prophecy. How would a being outside of space and time authenticate his message? by writing history before it happens. Now again, you can chalk it up to fanatic interpretation, but when you look around, and you look at what's been spoken about thousands of years ago, if anything, it should make you consider the possibility, that the Bible is true.

    4. facelikethesun
      but what about other passages that do not correspond with what we know (will supply if necessary)? what about the claims ofother religions that state the same thing? whay makes them wrong and you right? if i give you verses that condone rape,incest,infanticide or slavery will your answer be that it is " simply vague interpretations." or out of context? or is it that you know what parts are true and what parts are not? and do you not see that claiming that the bible proves god and god proves the bible is circular?

    5. I am sure you've heard this rebuttal before, but it's simply true. Historical and cultural context plays a huge role in understanding what occurred in the Old Testament. I can give examples if you'd like.

      I don't dismiss what other religions state. In fact, I think at some level they are tied together. In other words, if you look at ancient history, there are account of "gods" coming down form the "heavens" or the sky and teaching mankind things like reading, writing, etc etc the foundation to civilized society etc. The Bible takes these accounts and gives what I believe to be the accurate account.

      and as far as the circular argument, i don't claim that the bible proves God and God proves the bible. I say, the Bible describes what we experience in the real world, both on a personal level and as society as a whole. And it does so on several levels before they come to be, and therefore, it authenticates it's author.

    6. facelikethesun
      you stated "but it's simply true. Historical and cultural context plays a huge role in understanding what occurred in the Old Testament. " but that is only true if the writings are inspired by man explaining the morals and understanding of the time. if an all knowing god wrote/inspired the bible and these moral teachings are unchanging then wouldn't these things always be wrong? are gods morals subjective or objective?

    7. the moral lesson is only part of it. ultimately the larger story is redemption. The Old Testament is filled with morally challenging situations. It's not "kill for the glory of killing." It's more reality and showing how we can never attain God's standards. it also alludes to the grace of God. Why in the world would an all knowing, all powerful, all perfect God, if He existed want anything to do with us humans? Well luckily there is a love there that is the transcending quality of the entire Scriptures.

      Imagine being in a situation where you have a lever for the railroad tracks and your child jumps onto the road and you can't get to him. If you pull the lever, your child dies, but the hundreds of passengers on the train survive. Don't pull the lever, and your child lives, but hundreds in the train crash and die. What do you do? This is the sort of moral dilemma God reveals to us in the OT and throughout the Scriptures.

      I think if you approach the Scriptures as a piece of literature that contains and paints truths both literally and artistically, lots of it will become clear to you.

    8. facelikethesun
      do you have any actual proof for this god and his hand in creation? please i am asking for actual proof not analogies and vague passages from a book that contradicts itself,history and logic. written by unknown authors ,edited over and over.translated into and out of multiple languages, interpreted for every generation but apparently wrong every other time but you got it right this time?

    9. you are the proof. existence is proof as I've mentioned several times throughout this thread now. the problem is your definition of "proof." You need physical, material proof. But that simply doesn't make logical sense. You know that 1+1=2. You don't need physical proof for that. You will never find God so long as you only determine reality through the box you've created for yourself. Think outside the box.

    10. facelikethesun
      why is existence proof? while i do not claim the knowledge of all scientific theories necessary to make claims that they are right. i do however know enough in some areas to claim certain theories and facts to be far better than the biblical explanations. as for the others i tend to state "i don't know" when i have incomplete knowledge or insufficient proof. i find that approach better then "god did it but i can't prove it." speaking of "physical, material proof" are you willing to admit that god did not manifest himself physically or materially? if he did then we should be able to test that and if he didn't then we have more things that the bible got wrong

    11. "i do however know enough in some areas to claim certain theories and facts to be far better than the biblical explanations."

      -If the bible was written as a science text book, i would agree with you. but it wasn't. There is a poetic element to the text. the spectrum ranges from, "it totally describes reality as science has discovered it" to "you can take any poetic rhetoric and make it fit into anything else."

      I do believe God manifested as a man named Jesus of Nazareth in the first century. And this claim has been tested several times. To suggest He didn't walk the earth is irresponsible scholarship. Claims of his deity can be declared through the death, burial and resurrection account. Take a good investigation into the resurrection account and find out whether it holds up to scrutiny. I believe it does. With the methods of which history was recorded, and the consistency of the external elements to that event, as well as what historians of all presuppositions, religious or not, agree upon suggests a strong case for it actually happening. People who say it didn't have to force feed theories into the known accounts of the event.

      Check out the the work of Gary Habermas. He does the minimal facts approach to defend the resurrection. Worth looking at.

    12. @facelikethesun,

      Have you asked yourself why do you actually believe in those stories?

      Why not believing in Mohammad for example. One night he was flying from Mecca to Jerusalem. Isn't that a miracle and proof of a God sent man.

      Or why don't you believe in an African God Boshongo who literally vomited up the Sun, Earth and everything else.

      Haven't you consider that maybe Jews are right. Perhaps Jesus was only an ordinary guy who was hanging out with the poor, the prostitutes and the sick.

      Or why don't you believe in the philosophy of Buddha.

      I bet you find all those religions ridiculous, because they claim some unbelievable things. They just don't correspond with your line of reasoning.

      The answer is simple. You've being brought up within a culture/region where people practiced one particular religion. Even if that is not true, at some point you were heavily influenced by people who are practicing that particular religion.

      There is one more approach though. That is you've studied in details almost all religions in the world, and on your own, you came to conclusion that one particular religion is right. But I doubt that is the case.

    13. well I grew up in a home that didn't talk about religion or spiritual things whatsoever. By high school I called myself an atheist. I took world religions classes in high school and college. My major was sociology and thats what I have my BS in.

      It was actually a combination of a biology class and a sociology class my junior year that started me on the journey of trying to figure out what's true. I thought buddhism was pretty cool for a while. Then I got into some new age teachings especially through the conspiracies being discussed in the last decade after 9-11.

      I actually used to be quite antagonistic towards religion and Christianity especially. What I realized was that I was being very hateful towards Christianity in particular so I began to look at what it's claims were and if the rhetoric against it are true.

      One by one, the arguments that seem so compelling and "logical" began to fall apart and what emerged was the remarkable truths the Bible spoke of not just in the sense of the material world, but more in case of the character of humanity as a whole.

      I don't actually believe that all other religions are a lie or that are 100% false. I believe that each one is trying to describe through their cultural setting, what really happened. Now Boshongo vomiting the universe into existence might sound like a stretch, but it doesn't hold up under what we currently know about the universe.

      Whereas the first line of Genesis is filled with truths.

      "in the beginning (time), God created the heavens (space) and the earth (Matter)."

      This is by looking at the Hebrew words written in the original language. Think about this for a moment. Matter could not exist without space and space cannot exist without time. There is order to this verse that seems so ancient and irrelevant.

      And when things like the big bang became more and more accepted, it shows there was a definite "beginning" to the universe right? That's just a small example, but it's an example of how these things fit into our reality, again not just in the sense of the material world, which again is described through poetic rhetoric, but more importantly to the human being, the character, the mind, etc. This is where the Bible is most applicable. Not in the mechanism of which the universe was created etc, but rather in the personal application.

      This along with discovering the various prophecies both fulfilled and unfulfilled and relating it to the world around us that made me really come to believe this is true.

      Think about it this way, 50-100 years ago, people who studied the bible had to look at a prophecy like the "mark of the beast" and really speculate. For example, "the mark of the beast will be a mark on the forehead that is needed to sell and trade blablabla"

      Well today, we look at many different things like the Sentient World Simulation project, Utah Data Center, RFID, bio-surveillance, transhumanism, technocracy, etc etc etc and it's almost like looking back and saying, "...yep...kinda sounds like the mark of the beast...we should probably keep an eye on that."

      Or about the verse in Daniel that says nearing the end of the age, "knowledge will increase". Well knowledge has exploded in the last century and is continuing to grow exponentially.

      What about Jesus saying, "as in the days of noah, so shall it be in the coming of the son of man." Well what was happening in the days of noah? Genetic manipulation which caused the flood. What are we doing today? gene manipulation and talks about transcending our humanity etc. Human-animal hybrids being grown in labs in the UK (this is public info) etc. Again, its happening.

      Jesus saying there will be "wars and rumors of wars." Now common. This one if too easy. And Jesus even says that this will NOT indicate the end, just the beginning of the end. The birth pangs.

      I could go on and on. The point is, God uses prophecy to authenticate Himself. He wrote history before it happened.

      As for the Jews not accepting Jesus, this is a big topic, but I think for one, there is a misunderstanding of who Jesus was (he did not come to abolish the law, but that's what many Jews say he did), and the first century Jews wanted a ruler king to conquer Rome. That was the standard. Ill take a break here.

    14. @facelikethesun,

      You're imagination is working in turbo mode. Connecting some Bible passages with the Big Bang, gene manipulation, bio-surveillance, increase of knowledge, etc., is simply one big self deception/manipulation.

      It is beyond any rational thought and I'm baffled about how is it possible someone even to begin to think that way. I'm wondering how did you manage to get into that kind of loop.

      But on the other hand it is not that surprising. For example some Islamists claim that the Quran is riddled with many passages about the space, big bang, embryology, etc. Go figure.

    15. "It is beyond any rational thought..." what rational am I violating? The bottom line is that the theistic worldview operates under a different set of rationality. If there is a God that is personal, then a virgin birth is not irrational. Resurrecting from the dead is not irrational. It should make you wonder why throughout the old and new testaments, the Bible talks about "reason." Giving a "reason" for the things we believe. Events happenings so that there is evidence for God etc.

      I take it you also accept the current institutionalized version of human history. There are lots of evidence to suggest there are some major problems with this view, yet they are not considered because it would shatter the current academic establishment. One giant confirmed and the theory of evolution get's thrown back to square one.

    16. facelikethesun
      you stated ". Take a good investigation into the resurrection account and find out whether it holds up to scrutiny' i have but i will ask you many women were at the tomb?
      2. was there an angel there? many guards were there?
      4. what was said to the women?
      5. did the women tell anybody?
      6.was there a talking cross there?
      7.was the stone already rolled away?
      and so on the answers to these questions change according to what part of the bible you are reading. just so you know i do believe a man existed that these myths are based on. again if the bible is open to interpretation and you pick and choose what is meant as literal and what is not how do you know your interpretations are correct?

    17. first thing to consider. it's interesting how we don't at all have the specific details of an event that occurred for example on July 4, 1776, yet we as Christians are expected to give full details on an event that occurred over 2000 years ago. No other day in ancient history has been examined and tested like the empty tomb so considering all other ancient historical accounts of a particular day in antiquity, I think we have more than sufficient evidence.

      Second, there are no contradiction with the number of women who were at the tomb. The Gospels are supplementary not contradictory. One account records Mary, another records Mary and others etc. If one had said, "only Mary was there" and another said, "Mary and others were there" then there would be a clear contradiction. Again, not even the skeptical historian would use this to try to tear down the empty tomb. Similar things could be said about the number of angels. And the question of were they angels or men? Go read Genesis 18-19 and you will get your answer.

      The Bible is NOT open to personal interpretation. In fact I am very critical of such renderings. There is something called hermeneutics which examines the text using exegesis (extrating the meaning from the text) vs. eisegesis (putting meaning into the text). When you approach the Bible using this method, there are far less alleged contradictions and far less problems and splintering views. It is true that as time has gone on and we discover more manuscripts of the Bible etc, we have gotten better at determining the proper exegesis of the text.

      Consider the Constitution of the US. The issue we have today is that our government sees the Constitution as a "living document" that has different application to us today than it did when it was penned. This has caused for the erosion of the basic fundamental principles allowing government to define it however they wish. Same issue has occurred with the Bible throughout the centuries. But I digress.

      While I won't say my interpretation is the "ultimate correct one" I will say that amongst those who both love and hate the Bible, there is a level of consensus that is being developed, especially regarding the empty tomb of Jesus.

    18. facelikethesun
      yes they do contradict each other. when you state "The Gospels are supplementary not contradictory" you sound like every other apologist. what about the other points i mentioned? also you state "The Bible is NOT open to personal interpretation" so accepting that and assuming the bible contains the words of god and not men commenting on their time. i have to ask do the moral lessons and actions condoned and demanded in the bible(s) apply to today? when god demands death for certain actions are they eternal commands or time specific? of if slavery is condoned should it always be allowed as the unchanging morals of a superior god?

    19. good questions. i respect your position but I do disagree

      yes it is supplementary. I know you've probably heard this analogy, but let's say you have 10x 1 dollar bills in your pocket. Well if someone comes up to you and asks you if you have five dollars, you would say yes. If someone asks you if you have 7 dollars you would say yes. If someone asked if you had 10 dollars you would say yes. Are you lying when you answer yes when you are asked if you have 5 or 7 dollars? No. The same applies here. The text does not indiciate exclusivity with the number of women who were there. It never states, "Only Mary was there." You have to assume that's what it was saying. Another example could be something akin to "Neil Armstrong landed on the moon." Well was he the only person who was there with him? No. Another example, "Michael Phelps is swimming the 200 meter butterfly tonight." Is he the only person swimming it? The same applies with the Gospels.

      The bigger point that you miss it the fact that woman were even recorded as the ones who discovered the empty tomb. If the accounts were fake, they wouldn't have used women. Culturally speaking, they were not viewed as credible sources. This is very significant.

      The number of guards is quite irrelevant. The basic understanding based on the text is that there were AT LEAST two. Probably more. Matthew 28 states that "...some of the guards."

      I relate this to the number of wise-men when Jesus was born. Many people assume there were three wise-men. In fact, there is no number listed. It could have been anywhere from two to who knows...twenty, thirty, forty? It's really irrelevant.

      "i have to ask do the moral lessons and actions condoned and demanded in the bible(s) apply to today?"

      good Q. I mentioned earlier in the thread here somewhere about how God's moral character, especially in the Old Testament is that of a father who is protecting his children. Imagine being the father with your family constantly being threatened to be destroyed by all other families you come across. This is pretty much the situation going on in the Old Testament.

      Also, they are always morally difficult situations. The mistake is to assume that there is a one-to-one ratio of "action=moral lesson." Rather, the Old Testament is filled with situation after situation that show the fact that God is God and we are not. In other words, isolated situations commanded by God may seem to the limited human mind, immoral. However, the bigger picture is that is was THE MOST moral things one can do. It's akin to the guy who got his arm stuck under a large rock. Cut off the arm and live, or keep the arm in tact and die? These are the kinds of moral difficulties that God describes in the OT and the NT really. In fact, Jesus is much more harsh in the NT than Yahweh.

      So to answer your question directly, "do they apply today?" the answer is both yes and no. Do we find ourselves in difficult situations where we might have to do something that may seem immoral in a vacuum for the greater good? Yes. We face these dilemmas daily. But at the same time, do the situations the Bible describe condone killing and murdering at any cost? No. Absolutely not. If you understand the bigger picture going on, hopefully you will see that they are situational events with universal moral application.

      "when god demands death for certain actions are they eternal commands or time specific?"

      I hope I addressed some of that above, but to drive home the point, the entire narrative of the Old Testament is about God protecting His chosen people (BTW, the chosen people aren't special by any means...they screw up constantly and fail to follow God's commands without end. They are merely the people God chose to work through to bring about the Savior for the entire world.) The protection was necessary so that the Messiah will come. Now think about this for a second. God says there will be a Savior back in Genesis 3 in the Garden of Eden. And God keeps His promises. So essentially for about 3000 years, God had to protect His chosen people so that the Messiah would come. This is remarkable and should help paint the picture of the "bigger" picture. Not just individual cases. Let's take this for example:

      "Take the blasphemer outside the camp. All those who heard him are to lay their hands on his head, and the entire assembly is to stone him." Leviticus 24:14

      For this concept, consider modern day executions. Do we want anyone to commit a crime? No. But does it happen? Yes. Do you see justice in executions? Well that's up for debate. The true logic behind this is not God being an egomaniac declaring death to anyone who speaks evil of him. Rather it's setting up harsh rules so that people consider the consequences if they are thinking about committing an act that is detrimental to the family.

      "if slavery is condoned should it always be allowed as the unchanging morals of a superior god?"

      There are a couple of issues here. First, slavery in those days was not the same as the slave trade from Africa we saw in the America's. Being a "slave" was actually sought after by many people because not only did it mean they had a job, but it meant they had shelter/food/cloths and an opportunity to raise a family etc. In fact, there are scenarios where slaves are released but decide to remain with their masters in the Bible.

      Second, on the heels of understanding this, slavery wasn't "condoned" as you see it. It was simply part of culture as I stated and it wasn't a negative thing as we see it in the 21st century. It's akin to being a maid or Mr. Belvedeer.

      And let's not forget that God commands people who have slaves to treat them well.

      Now this sort of makes your question moot. If you think having maids, bell boys, or a housekeeper is morally wrong, then you might have an argument there. Otherwise, it's just a straw man.

    20. facelikethesun
      these slaves weren't the same as "maids, bell boys, or a housekeeper" and i cannot believe you even made such a comparison. and yes some slaves were treated as indentured servants but they were the ones among the chosen people. you could also beat your slave as long as he/she lived a couple of days then it is ok. as for setting them free yes after six years (under certain conditions) the were to be free but the owner could keep the wife and children. why didn't god just say slavery is wrong? if he knows all he would know that. your ancient books do not occupy any moral high ground as well as the actions that those who follow this egomaniac

    21. In Isaiah 45:12 you say..."it's just interesting that God here would say that he "stretched out the heavens" you are talking about God in the first person, like your God actually said it, when in actuality it was a mere mortal writing in a book. Was that mere mortal God himself, where did he get that info, or was he merely hallucinating, or was he making up part of the greatest story ever told? A figment of his imagination, a fairy tale of grand proportions?

  80. If you agree that "thought has no boundaries, a thought is free to be, a thought is unbounded" than what do you think about "I judge those thoughts as acceptable or not and i decide which one i welcome and which one i fence out. "

    Is it that if enough people start thinking differently, i will start thinking differently too and that will change what thoughts i fence out or welcome.

    Can you describe your moral philosophy? Is it a moving thing?
    The way you see life is who you are. Your moral philosophy of life bakes you into being and there's always that sourdough starter on the shelf ready to be kneaded any day.


  81. I fully agree with you on all the points regarding education system, science, progress not always eng good etc.

    With humans obviously evolving I mean that we as a living species on this planet are clearly impacted by our environment (E.g. technology, connectedness).
    I also agree on the fact that the world as is isn't ideal. The difference between you and me is that, in order to make living on this planet more enjoyable for everyone, I'd rather try and find out what is true than to just hope for something.
    That's why religion cannot do anything to better humanity's situation. To hope for salvation based on suffering is a mind game that has no practical real life relevance because there is no such thing as redeemed state. It's merely a pseudo-reality story that has zero value for understanding who we are or what is going on. The world isn't redeemed and denying it doesn't change that fact.

    Deal with that Intelligently instead of hiding behind some fantasy story.

    1. Actually you are totally wrong that "religion" and more specifically "a belief in a Savior" doesn't affect the current world in a positive manner. You've heard the quote by Matthew Paris:

      “Now a confirmed atheist, I’ve become convinced of the enormous contribution that Christian evangelism makes in Africa: sharply distinct from the work of secular NGOs, government projects and international aid efforts..”

      The whole point of being a Christian is to be salt and light unto the world. Salt to preserve the decay, and light to reveal true hope that exceeds any physical ailments.

      The bottom line is that you need to discover for yourself who Jesus is according to the Bible. Not who He is according to atheists, government, political powers, religious institutions etc.

    2. Again, you decide what is right and wrong according to the bible. Just blind arrogance. I discover what is according to my own ability to feel, see, think critically and to reason, not according to what is written in some book. That's where your bible and Christianity at large fail all of humanity because they cannot stand to reason and critical thinking. The miserable state of mind among Christians is proof of that since they can't reconcile the gargabe they're being fed by Christianity with their own experiences.
      The bottom line is that you need to let go of throwing around names of stuff and just start looking for yourself at what is. No book in the world and no other person can do that for you. Unless you do that you are simply someone who has out-sold his beliefs tho those of others and thus your word has zero value to me.

    3. "I discover what is according to my own ability to feel, see, think critically and to reason, not according to what is written in some book."

      Are you suggesting that anyone who doesn't believe as you do doesn't use these skills? And this ability, you have to be able to explain how that came about and why as well.

      Ultimately, the book you speak of has been tested over time and still stands. If arguments against it are so compelling, how come the Bible hasn't been totally dismissed? You have to start pointing fingers and say the people who believe it are insane etc.

      I didn't grow up in the church or with any religion or belief system. And so when I came at the Bible, I had to look at a lot of it and see if it fit what I saw in reality. And it does. Especially when it comes to the nature or character of humanity etc. It's eerie in fact. It made me very uncomfortable at first. But as I've studied it more, the more I realize how true it really is. It has also made a huge positive impact on my life. Life is by no means perfect, but the freedom you encounter is truly remarkable. Call it a crutch if you'd like, but the fact is, everyone leans on something whether you want to admit it or not. One thing you need to see is the holistic ability for the Bible. It's not just about the nature of reality, but it speaks to you the person, the human being.

  82. Fair enough, let's agree that there is an external reality. That means is no way that there ever was a physical dude named Jesus among us and that suffering for salvation is the name of the game to be played for humanity.
    I agree, the point of deception is to use some truth and mix in some lie. The problem with religions is that the truths have been well understood as common sense by now and the amount of lie has been identified as overwhelming.

    We as a species are obviously evolving. I believe that part of such evolution is to understand things better in order to form an ever better picture of what is. In that understanding religion has it's place as an example for how humans can be manipulated to believe anything. Nothing much different than advertising.

    1. I don't think we are "obviously evolving". Don't think that the education system and in light of it the world of science and technology hasn't been infiltrated, first by the corruption of money and power, but also spiritually. Progress, doesn't always equal good. As the technology to do good has increased, the capacity to do evil has also increased. For example, we are at a point where a single human being can push a button and effectively kill off almost all of humanity.

      But also, there are things that have been discovered that have been tossed aside, swept under the rug, and ignored to simply continue this current system of "scientific understanding." The illusion is that science tells us ultimate reality. Well, I don't think that science itself can tell us that. In fact, scientists wouldn't ever say that. The most obvious example of this is that science doesn't prove math and logic. Rather math and logic are presupposed in order for science to work. To suggest otherwise would be arguing in a circle.

      Where does Jesus come into the picture?

      Well, it's the understanding that a redeemed world is a better place than an innocent world. In other words, Eden was the innocent world. The world we live in now, is the fallen world. The imperfect one. The one that YOU TOO believe is NOT the most ideal world. Everyone can agree to this. But the hope we have in Jesus is that He is the one who has and will free us from this fallen state into a redeemed state. Because again, a redeemed world is more ideal than an innocent one.

      Character traits like wisdom and patience cannot be given in innocence.

  83. Oh my I add, you can't ban the truth.

  84. this movie is horrible..the entire message is, if youre not a christian you believe in the satan..who ever made this is extremely ignorant and close ones better than anyone on this planet no matter what religion. To be able to make this movie and say that anyone who believe in these things is worshiping satan takes a real self righteous person. completely ridiculous

    1. Actually that's a straw man. There are certainly some who worship Satan. But many don't. Many simply worship themselves/humanity. Other worship a Creator God.

      The issue is, when you look at how much of scientific and technological advancements are creating a world much like Huxley's Brave New World, the economic, political and NWO etc are trying to create more of an 1984 style society.

      The fact that both are happening should be an indication that this is more than a human conspiracy but a spiritual one. That's the argument. You can dismiss spiritual realities, but that's on you.

  85. Nonsense. Complete and total conjecture based on mythological themes shabbily cobbled together by another unstable brainwashed individual. Attempting to use the Old Testament, New Testament..or ANY scripture as a fortune telling device is a boorish scam of MedEvil proportions. Do us all a favor, and go back to the darkest of ages where man lived surrounded by pathetic sickness and death due to exactly this trashy film's kind of influences. Booooorish and backwards. The Bible is not a 'magick text,' nor crystal ball. And it was never intended for westerners, let alone intended for repeated translations out of its tongue...or the brutal editing it went through under Constantine's heavy hand. This documentary, if it could be called that for only the sake of a label, is pure garbage for lost souls. Get right with God, and sit through the entire Cosmos series. Then get a basic highschool chem text and familiarize yourself with the real causal universe your Creator made to house his Laws and ALL LIFE as you will know it. After you have done this basic grounding of yourself, and developed the earthly discipline you sadly lack, then look towards the heavens and maybe you will see them in their true glory. Or..remain a soulsick fanatic as you cling to the smoke and shadows of your own imagination, and the depraved agendas of others sick psychosis.

    1. "The Bible is not a 'magick text,' nor crystal ball."

      when did I claim that?

    2. You can't argue with ignorance facelikethesun, let them continue to laugh and wave their hand at glory. There is a time approaching, in which all eyes will be opened. I loved the Video, it can't get any truer than that.

  86. Probably the best video ever made. The complete video explaining life in a confusing world, this video makes complete sense and is beyond compare. A true work of art. This video is a must for anyone who doesn't want to get fooled, but go to heaven.

  87. Christianity must finally die, 2000 years of dementia must end. People, speak up agains the religious insanity and display Zero Tolerance toward those who have held back our species for way too long and killed millions in the process.

    Whoever made this film is blind and terminally sick.

    People, wake up and speak up so we can find our way back to living as humans, in harmony with our great planet!

    1. Hey DMT2012, I made this film. So you believe that I am terminally sick. Is that correct?

    2. Your video is awesome and true, keep up the good work and God Bless...

    3. I'm afraid you are. See my response to your buddy Skychild. At least you can both comfort each other in your demented states.

    4. Whoever made this film is blind and terminally sick? Look in the mirror for 2Hr 31Min and 33Sec and come back and apologize. How is speaking the truth about THE LORD and pointing out evil sick? Thinking we got here from a big bang is as blind as you can get, and thinking all this began just out of chemicals is as sick as you can get. Remember this comment when your time comes, and I would love to hear you repeat what you just said. I will pray for you my brother.

    5. The reality is that you, along with your Muslim and Jewish counterparts, have been passenger on a ship called 'Religion' which, for two thousand years, has been cruising around the planet, never being able to arrive at its promised destination while, along its path, killing anything and anyone in its way.

      Luckily, your ship is irreversibly about to collide with an iceberg called 'Truth' which will mean the quick death of all passengers onboard who will realize that they overpaid for a blind journey that never had a destination in the first place.

      Your sickness can be diagnosed as 'terminal redeemer complex'. You believe in a male off-planet deity who tells us to suffer in his name in order to attain salvation. You abide to insane rules which justify perpetual violence and create a victim-perpetrator scenario:

      "Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, and do good to them that harm you." or "Blessed are ye when men shall revile you and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake."

      In other words, "Do not think that you have any rights and shut up if you're being persecuted/harmed in the name of religion. it's justified in the name of the 'loving' god.". This is true DEMENTIA!!!

      Aside from these crazy beliefs, you oughta realize that no matter what you try to sell people, at some point you gotta show some results. If Christianity were a movie series like 'Lord of the Rings' we'd be looking at 'Christianity 500 - I know we promised rapture 499 times already but believe us - Rapture is now!". Your track record is pathetic.

      Mother earth will regulate herself and will ensure that parasites like humans who destroy her will not be able to survive anymore. Only species which adapt will survive. in order for humanity to be part of that group, the sick among us, aka religious parasites, will be denied the food that feeds their insanity and thus die out.

      You and Facelikethesun are just two humans that are scared and afraid of the world. Unable to cope with the overwhelming beauty of nature, you tell yourself that you are not good enough in the image of your 'Lord' and must suffer (without ever being able to meet any of your god's expectations) in order to try and end up in some obscure place where you'll hang out with people you never liked in the first place for eternity. What a boring prospect to suffer for. Sounds to me like what you call 'Hell' has a lot more action going on. Plus, based on your thoughts, to get there all you gotta do is enjoy your precious life on this planet and stop suffering. Start living like a human being, capable of critical thinking and use your innate instincts to relieve yourself off this religious insanity.

    6. Even after writing a whole book on here, you still sound and look like I said earlier. Talking like you know what you're talking about doesn't curve my knowledge and beliefs at all. You talk like you designed the planet and all the inhabitants there in, but you didn't. I notice you say "Your God" who is my God? Who is yours? You don't need God when you think your already Him, notice I said think young man. Open you hard headed eyes little one. Now, if what you say is true and had any meaning which it doesn't, but lets just act like it did for a moment, you wouldn't be on here TRYING to go back and fourth we me. What are you trying to defend? What are you trying to get people NOT to believe? Shall we believe in you? What can you do for your fellow human being? Call them sick and brain washed? Any psychologist will tell you a real sick person thinks everybody else is ill but them. Afraid of the world? The world is the least of my worries. It's the people of the world that believe in chance and luck as yourself. People that don't understand and yet are afraid of their own being. Unable to process the facts that are right in front of you and want to claim the good people that do to be ill. You totally lost me here my friend. All that talking you did and I didn't even see half a point. Arrogance leads people to think there isn't a higher power than them. I have to correct you, I am not a part of religion or any kind of group at all. Religions are no more than gangs to me. I singularly believe in THE higher power and I never needed to be with a million people for that. Continue to love and believe in yourself. Your eyes will be open to whats real one day, and hopefully in your case, it might not be too late young man OK? NOW PEACE, BE STILL.

    7. Your comments are all over the place. Take some time to sort your thoughts before trying to communicate with people. You seem very agitated by something. Perhaps it's the fact that you know that what is presented in this 'documentary film' is absolute garbage while somehow your brain! which seems to have been conditioned to believe this garbage, can't comprehend what is happening.

    8. Exactly, notice you said MY POINTS, see, even you understand that I have points, and still you have none. All over the place, yes, but still very much points. Don't be overwhelmed, just seek and understand what is true, LOL poor guy it's been weeks and I almost forgot about this site but I see you still TRYING to make a point. I'm not going to be like my, very younger than me brother, he got banned from here I guess he went over the edge, which doesn't make him or me a difference, but he has a lot to learn for his age and so do you. People like you can't be taught, you have to be shown, as well as a lot of people here that share your views, and if what is shown to you everyday on this planet isn't enough to convince you, I guess you should stick to aimless, countless hours of bashing truth filled documentaries. I love you all, I just happened to check back on the video and yep, you still talking after almost a month, (sigh) I won't check back it's pointless, Peace be with you all.

    9. Where do you gain your objective point of reference for things like "overwhelming beauty of nature"?

      Secondly, with quotes like this, "Mother earth will regulate herself and will ensure that parasites like humans who destroy her will not be able to survive anymore." show how you're simply a Gaia worshipper believing that somehow you are more righteous than others. Quite revealing of your character.

      The rest of your arguments can fall under the category of a genetic fallacy. It simply has nothing to do with whether someone is true or not.

      And again, you say and believe in things like "Truth" with a capitol T. That means you are basing your views on a grounded objective point of reference. Where does that standard come from? What is it that you see being violated?

    10. My point of reference is reality. Funny how you only comment on my remarks regarding nature and mother earth while ignoring the facts surrounding how destructive religion has been for humanity. You know in your heart that you are lying to yourself since you know that there is no salvation and none of the BS you propagate with our insane video has any substance. All it does is identify you to eeryone else as a sick human being whose understanding of what is couldn't be further off from the truth. I'm sorry that you are unable to see what is.

    11. I addressed it all as "genetic fallacy". Because that's what all of your accusations are. Let me put it very plainly to you in an example. Stalin was raised Greek Orthodox and became an atheist. He killed millions of his own people. Does that mean atheism is false? No. It has nothing to do with whether what he believed is true or false. The same applies to all of your arguments about the historical atrocities in the name of "religion." It really has nothing to do with if the belief itself is true or not.

    12. Of course it has to do with the belief itself since the belief is formulated in the bible. The bible and thus the belief itself propagates nonsense, like people to love those who harm them in the name of religion and it talks of salvation. There is ZERO evidence that what the bible speaks of has any merit at all. Thus the belief which is articulated in the bible is garbage.

    13. I would be interested to hear what you define as "evidence" because I would be willing to bet that you live by things that have zero evidence according to your definition.

    14. BTW

      you still haven't answered any of my questions about where you draw your objective point of reference. "Reality" is not an adequate answer because you may define it as something totally different than the next person. You need to inject some logic behind it.

    15. What is your point of reference? You are the one that makes extraordinary claims. Where's our evidence that allows me as well as anyone else on this planet to verify that what you say is true?

    16. My point of reference is God. If there is no God, there are no boundaries of morality. If there are no boundaries of morality, things like "right" and "wrong" only become relative to each individual claim, NOT having any real meaning beyond the individual.

      I bet you're saying, "I don't need God to know what's right and wrong." Well that's exactly my point. You can't say anything is right or wrong without a true external objective moral law or rule that is violated.

    17. Who decides that 'you can't say anything is right or wrong without a true external objective moral law or rule that is violated'?
      What is your evidence for god's existence?

    18. who decides? It's just fact dude. Think about it! Can you say anything is right or wrong and actually have it mean something without us being able to reference it to something external to us?

      For example, and this is simply an analogy. You sit at a stop light and you feel your foot firmly on the break pedal. But you start to feel like your are moving backwards very slowly. Well you know it's because the car next to you is slowly moving forward, but just to make sure, you look at a tree on the side of the road to make sure you're not moving.

      That's the same thing with morality. If there is no fixed point where we draw our moral right and wrongs from, then it's as if the tree is also moving making it unclear whether you're the one moving in one direction, or if it's everything else.

      And as far as evidence for God's existence? Common bro. That question has been tackled for ages with a lot of people smarter than me giving beautiful explanations for the proof. Nevertheless, it will never fit your box of "reality" and thus deny God until you realize how closed off you are being.

      How about existence itself? We exist. Something had to cause us to exist. And we are intelligent beings DISCOVERING how the universe operates around us. The fact that we are using our rational minds to understand the workings of the world around us means that there has to be a rational mind beyond or behind the existence itself. Thus God.

    19. In the analogy you gave the reason why the person understands what is happening is simply based on intelligence. We don't need god's external reference for anything to mean anything. We are equipped with a brain.
      That's where the problem with religion arises since it provides references to endless things it simply can't back up. And thus the very reference, or god, it uses to determine right and wrong must be a creation of the mind. That's why so many other religions areable to have their followers since anybody can claim whatever they want and play the divinity card without any actual evidence for any of it. In my opinion that's one of the weaknesses we as humans (as we are today) have. Our minds are (too) manipulable and we haven't estalished a common way of determining truth. Hence we are being pulled in all sorts of directions as a species

    20. Well that's all fine and dandy. But again even your own words reference an external reality. I don't think you realize this. When you say things like "based on intelligence" or "we are equipped with the brain" you are essentially referencing an external reality that is beyond us as individuals, as humanity, and ultimately as the universe.

      I agree that humans are easy to manipulate. And I agree that religion has been used as a tool to control the masses. I get all of that. But the point I am trying to make is that it doesn't change the fact of what is true. The point of deception is to use much truth and then some lie right? That little lie is what causes the problem.

      Now tell me how you have steered clear of any of those little lies? And if you knew you have zero lie in you, tell me how you know.

    21. @facelikethesun,

      Who are those people who gave beautiful explanations about the proof of God?

      Probably your definition for proof is quite different from what it actually means.

      The existence itself is the proof of God's existence? That is probably the most ignorant and circular statement I have ever heard.

    22. let me spell it out for you:

      And yes this is the cosmological argument but I think there is validity to it.

      1. everything that begins to exist has a cause
      2. the universe as we understand today, began to exist
      3. therefore, the universe has a cause

      from that line of logic we can draw out what would be the first cause. By definition, that cause cannot be part of this universe (time-space-matter-energy) because it's outside of it.

      or working backwards

      1. matter, regardless of how small you break it down, does not itself explain it's existence
      2. therefore, the reason for it's existence must be beyond all matter

      we know that this universe and existence itself is something we can intellectually and rationally come to understand and discover. But the fact that it has that characteristic of being rational, intelligible etc means that either, the universe itself is intelligent, or that there was an intelligent designer behind the creation of the boundaries and the laws of nature in this universe.

    23. Ok, where does salvation and praying to Jesus come in to this?

    24. @facelikethesun,

      You spelled it out but it is circular.

      You have a hard time accepting that universe came to be without the need of a creator, and in the same time you claim that the creator came to be without the need of another creator.

      In short according to you the universe was created, but the creator was not.

      That is circular logic and creates reductio ad absurdum and if you repeat it again it will create Ad nauseam.

    25. It's not circular logic. You presuppose that the creator "came to be." That's your mistake. The Creator would never "come to be" because He simply, "was and is." There is no starting point to the Creator. It's the foundation to all that is created.

    26. @facelikethesun.

      But that is just your arbitrary decision without logical reason. If we would follow the logic (which you prefer) you already lost.

      If you're allowed to say "God simply was and is", why we're not allowed to say "the universe was and is" or "the universe was created out of nothing."

      You just decided to arbitrary stop the circular argument at a point. Why not stopping the argument somewhat deeper, like: The Creator of the creator of the universe was and is.

    27. @facelikethesun,

      Your point of reference is subjective. There are many different Gods, thus many different and often contradicting rules of what is "right" and "wrong".

      In nature there is no "right" and "wrong". Morality is invented and embedded in human culture and societies ONLY.

      No matter the point of reference, your morality is false compared to the person next to you. It is different for every human on Earth. Further more your morality is negligible when it comes to nature.

      Having said that it is obvious that your sense of "right" and "wrong" is purely man made. Your point of reference is just a psychological blanket.

    28. Hitler, Mao, Stalin and the Darwinist new world order are not Christian and have killed many many times the number of people that Christians have killed. Christians have been persecuted through the ages by extremely evil people like yourself.
      Your analysis of religion is typical of the low IQ Atheist. "male off-planet deity." No.

      There is no physical location specified as God created time and space he exists beyond time and space. Also God is sexless but is referred to as he for practicality and psychological,philosophical reasons too abstract for you to understand.

      "You abide to insane rules which justify perpetual violence and create a victim-perpetrator scenario:


      Christianity promotes love, peace, family and individual rights which is antithetical to the murderous, collectivist, Communist new world order.

      You should never,ever, ever breed.

    29. Hitler was an occultist, a sort of religious megalomaniac. Mao and Stalin were both anti-religion agreed. The Darwinist new world order? care to elaborate on that? it sounds like a rather peculiar fantasy to me. Bear in mind that politicians in the US and the UK have to at least on their public face aspire to religion of one sort or another, for fear of losing the fundamentalist/evangelist/non-secular vote. Christianity in the US discriminates against non-believers holding positions in office in many of the individual state constitutions - which are clearly in violation of the secular federal constitution.

      'have killed many times the number of people Christians have killed' - evidence please or you are talking out of your rear end. Lets see those figures...

      'extremely evil people like yourself' - exactly what do you base that judgement on? an anonymous post in a documentary site comments board? Doesn't your book tell you that you are not qualified to make such judgements?

      'There is no physical location specified as God created time and space he
      exists beyond time and space. Also God is sexless but is referred to as
      he for practicality and psychological,philosophical reasons too
      abstract for you to understand.'
      - again evidence please or you are talking out of your rear end. Oh and the psychological/philosophical reasons - you mean that women are inferior to men as your book also elaborates, I assume. that or the fact that women have long been slaves to patriarchal regimes run by, let me see now, devoutly religious men? what's wrong with 'it' if sexless is what 'it' is?

      You should never, ever, ever, have authority over 'whom' should or shouldn't breed. I guess that was just the best insult you could come up with whilst trying to seem rational, hmmm? Why bother? say what you mean, and mean what you say.

    30. Well said, but good luck on getting any sensible answers to your questions. I also would love to see the estimated figures on who killed how many, over what time. What are the estimated stats, has anyone tallied them up?

    31. Ok, I'm curious! If you met another Christian whose idea of god differed from yours, would you think he had built a god to suit himself and was actually worshipping his own idea, not the 'true' god? I just wonder how everyone thinks they know SO much about a person they have never met. Where did god ever say he was neither male nor female? I thought jesus called him Father, if he was neither Arthur nor Martha he/it should have been called Leslie or maybe Charlie. So, how personal is god to each person? Do you think only you know him well or are you part of a church that shares your views? What if it turns out that the church down the road knows Leslie better than everyone else? What if only one person on the planet has him sussed? See, you've thrown your lot in with one version of god - your own. Sort of suggests that you are your own god. You created him in your image? Why not edge your bets and follow them all... or none of them, so as not to offend? Surely best to treat them all equally don't you think, that way they can't really judge you either way. You'd just be a decent chap, pleasant enough company on a long flight ;)

    32. Actually both Hitler and Mussolini were Roman Catholic, so I'm going to call them an Christians.

  88. I cannot get past that background noise...that weird type music. it's giving me such a headache. :( Are there subliminal suggestions in there as well as binaural waves?

  89. Thank you for the time to give us that information and for anyone out there whatever you believe listen to your intuition life is NOT a competition.
    We live like slaves when all we have to do is grow food and work as a fun community!!!! Don't let monsanto take over GODS seeds that's the biggest deception we are dealing with today is all the s*** in the food won't let you become the bigger you!!! Trust in karma if nothing else but never label your beliefs just do what feels right!!! Thanks again for this awesome documentary!!!! Remember to chill and not be so quick to judge others but act in peace and you well always sleep at night. PEACE

  90. I tried to stay with this but after he mentioned adam & eve I had to go that story was not true & I'm sick & tired of that story maybe one day I will view the film in whole.

    1. How do we know what is not true, for we wasn't there all we can do is go off the HOLY BIBLE.

  91. All these people who slam God are truly deceived. You want to prove God exists once and for all. Try doing what He says, and see if He doesn't show you Himself in a powerful way. People don't want to believe in a God that says, you are accountable to me, you have sin, but I made a way out for you. There is no more fear of God any more, or a scriptural understanding of what that even means. They don't need to be forgiven, their just fine on their own, thank you very much. History has proven the bible to be accurate in so many ways it's a testimony to God saying, without the spirit of God, you can't understand the things of God. They are foolish to the natural mind. They've found Noah's Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, chariot wheels on the floor of the Dead Sea, and countless other proofs, yet people refuse to humble themselves before God, which is the only real way to get His attention. This world is already under judgement, but we'll see how you all feel when that judgement hits your house and your family. I pray that then you will call on His name. I just hope it won't be to late. Those people who call themselves believers, and yet who's lives aren't changed, are pretenders.They, by their example have given Christ a bad name. If you ever run across a true believer who walks the walk, you will never forget it because God is in them and you will feel it. And you will want what they have.

    1. Right, show us your proofs! and quit with your threats! That is all I will say!

    2. ^ Utter nonsense sorry mate. When you die you're going to dissolve into the chemical and elements you're made up of that came from exploding stars. That's based on SCIENCE... I know it's a pesky word for weak minded people who need to rely on 3000 year old fairy tales because the thought of dying makes them sad in the heart.

      Christ doesn't have a bad name. He was probably a very influential REAL person. The people who have a bad name are the mindless fools who think he was anything other than a man.

    3. You would have had to been there when it was all created to seriously be able to process what you are claiming, it's hard to believe or follow the instruction of what one (don't) want to believe or don't understand. OK, what you're talking is what the same new-aged and doomed people are saying. Big Bang Theory. Now OK, you speak that there isn't any proof of God, and you know this right, OK? So how do you know we go back to the elements? Wheres your proof, oh cause we get consumed by maggots and eventually become skeleton? OK, but what about the soul? Oh let me guess that's a fairy tail too huh? but how do you know? See I can go on and on. 3000 years of truth overrides just a few dozen years of Big Bang Theory Atheist Styled Scientific Theory.

    4. You old testament lunatic.

    5. It's a shame that some of these people are so stuck in their own selfish ways that it's gonna take when it's to late for them to believe that the lord is real and he will show the universe when the time comes that he is the all mighty Lord & God. And don't forget Alan, some of those deceiving/deceived spirits they spoke of in this video are some of the same ones commenting. I will pray for them all, cause the punishment that awaits them if they don't submit to God's will is to horrific for the human brain to process. I will pray.

  92. The original sin, if you like to call it that, is the need to understand behaviour of everything. When there is something that you cannot understand you will feel the need to have a belief that provides the explanation. It matters not what the belief is as long as it satisfies your need to feel you understand.

  93. I started to smell something fishy when it got religious. I'm convinced that there is some sinister force at work today but this is just plain religious lessons/propaganda to me. The motivation that these super elites have are nothing more than PLAIN GREED AND SELFISHNESS! We still are primitive creatures that needs to morally evolve.

    1. "We still are primitive creatures that needs to morally evolve." Says who? You the primitive creature? You believe in a sinister force, but a force of goodness, and love...that's religious propaganda? hmmm interesting.

  94. 20 minutes in and already this narrator's voice is doing my head in.

  95. The best representation of the nwo, and their agenda. It matched up a lot for me and was done in an authentic way, and gave me truely greater insight and meaning to resisting the nwo, other than yelling at tsa, or what aj wants us to do.

  96. Religious crap.

  97. An entire documentary built around the greatest myth of all, the bible. I do believe that there are men with immense amounts of wealth consolidating their power and control over people. One need only look at the distribution of wealth to see that. This documentary is just a bunch of superstitious goofiness wrapped around a religious zealot nutty center.

    There is a concerted effort to control humanity but its got nothing to do with God, Satan, the bible or any of that Jazz but the one thing the bible does get right and was intended to pass along is that it is between the forces of good and evil. Those who are not evil are not about Satan they are simply greedy, narcissistic, ignorant and callous people who care for nobody but themselves. There that kid in the sandbox who never wanted to share.

  98. Facelikethesun, this is a really interesting expose.....Thank you for your thoughts of the time of the end. I must say i echo many of the thoughts/beliefs you have of what is going on in the world at the moment. All these comments that refer to bigoted narrow mindedness i think are the ones suffering from a closed perspective of what is going on.

    If people cannot see the dumbing down of humanity in general (yeah we may have more technology, but with no real understanding of how it works at the general populous level.......), the global movements of the 'family elite', the moves to one world, a world full of distractions and backed up with biblical prophecy.....they really need to step back, get down off their pseudo intellectual high horses and smell the coffee

    I come from a strict Christian background, but no longer buy into religion AT ALL and left it all behind me thank god many years ago. But i am a seeker of truth, a 'spiritual' person in the true sense of the word and feel there has to be a higher power that provided some of the biblical teachings regardless of the name that book goes by. So many of the biblical references you apply i can take depth and meaning from

    Kudos to you for throwing a really interesting POV about the time of the end, some great insights that i have certainly taken in and will ponder over for sometime to come..

    1. thanks flyteoficarus,

      Wasn't technology suppose to make life easier? Well is life any easier? Sort of. It's actually caused us to be more lazy IMHO. And more complacent, and less patient.

      I commend you for continuing to seek truth. The Bible get's a bad rap, but one has to separate the actual content with what people have done with it (Roman Catholic Church).

      It's like the recent Aurora shooter. I know this was probably a case of some residue of MKUltra style mind control, abuse and trauma. However, if we are to go by the news reports which are suspicious to begin with, Holmes was a Dark Knight fan and used it as a template to carry out his agenda. Does that make the Dark Knight the movie evil or fans of it be painted in the same light? Not exactly. I hope you get my analogy.

      In either case, keep seeking brother. We're all seekers of truth.


    2. Check out on Y/T

      "Lawful Awakening: Sin and Salvation. Santos Bonacci Part One"
      this is in two parts,this guy is very good he as a site called MrAstrotheology everything in the Star's

  99. The christain church is corrupt for the same reasons our educational and political system is...MONEY! The only reason the west has christianity is because the romans adopted it as thier religion to apease a massive uprising within their was always corrupt! I personally wudnt let religion anywhere near our schools, it only narrows the mind and creates sectarianism..

  100. This guy is nucking futs. Don't waste your time if you have a brain in your head.

  101. I do believe there is shadow government in the world and america's foreign policy could be described as pure evil, however, to start talking about mesonic orders and higher beings promoting this school of thought is both stupid and counter-productive. Once you begin to think that your fate is in the hands of gods or devils then you have already lost the battle for humanity and a more peaceful, rational world... Also only watched till 25 mins..what an utter load of bollix!!

    1. That's because you don't see the truth. You only see the religious veil. It's exactly what the proverbial "they" want you to see. In fact, hating Christianity in general plays into their plans. You don't think there's an anti-Christian agenda going on throughout the world? Why do you think the institution of Christianity is so corrupt? It's not because it just happened. Its been systematically infiltrated just like our education system and just like our political system.

  102. Cant hear the guy talking over the stupid music

  103. This documentary is proof of the insanity in this world.. everything in it is a trip of schizophrenic gibberish. People like the guy who made this video are seriously disturbed. Look at facts not your psychotic imagination.

    1. Would love to chat with you face to face bob-dave.

  104. The two biggest things that I've had a hard time correlating with the Biblical account are aliens and dinosaurs... I found this documentary to be very insightful. It helps that I was already fully convinced that the Illuminati and Secret Societies rule the world... that there is a 'shadow government,' so to speak. For me, everything in this film resonated as solid truth.

  105. Gunk Wretch below me worded it greatly, this is a very close minded bigoted documentary that sees only one possibility. They started at the conclusion that these were "satanist" hating people who seek to rule and then, based off an earlier conclusion, began an esoteric back pedal of falsified information to validate their claim.

  106. Its interesting further on to hear his analysis of various occult or new age practices/beliefs.

  107. this movie is full of intolerant bigotry against anyone who is not a Christian, misrepresenting Paganism and really everything.

    Christians seem surprised to learn the world is ruled by "Satan" but then if you believe everyone different then you is a " Satanist" what can you expect? They are terrified of a "one world religion" being imposed on them yet have no trouble proclaiming they have the only one true religion and that all governments should impose its principles on others, if not impose the religion on others fully in a theocracy.

    1. I love the intolerance of your statement. "This movie is full of intolerant bigotry...." And your comment doesn't?

      You are making a sweeping generalization that all Christians believe that all governments should impose its principles on others in some sort of theocracy. Please show me where it states that in the Bible.

      I made the film as a simple thesis to all that I've learned in the last few years. I had no religious background whatsoever.

      And it seems you have something against Christians...explain to me how that's not "anti-christ"?

    2. Lol... Kinda like the same "bigotry" posted on this incredibly biased documentary website!

  108. Very well done! This delves into real issues that are explicitly taught in Scripture~ I encourage people to watch and listen with an open mind!

  109. I was taught this as child, 40 years ago and over the past ten years was in the company of people who were obsessed by these thinkings... my only question to them was "so what? what are you going to do"... a question that I asked myself at the age of 7. Strangely, they loathe Christians... and I being one, was just amazed at their viewpoint. They were against the illuminati, the shape shifting lizards...but still never came to the conclusion. They attended channelling...searching for some truth.

    I ponder if this documentary has too much of a Christian slant... as I in the quest for the truth, do not want to be clouded by Christian thought, because the truth will surpass any theory. No Christian emotion is neccessary.

    The references to the scriptures are too convincing and therein lies the truth...Is there a sequel to this.. or a recommended follow-on?

    1. No sequel yet but with the response I've been getting, I'll consider it. There is a difference between a follower of Yeshua who seeks truth by the Word, and a so called "Christian."

      The more I learn the more I understand that cultural Christianity is a serious abomination to the truth found in the Scriptures. Of course for semantics sake, I will often refer to myself as a Christian, but certainly, I try not to even though from the perspective of many, I still fall under that title.

  110. It's pretty funny that those posting negative comments are simply reinforcing the very claims the film makes. You should make an addendum to the film taking all these comments as anecdotal evidence of how society has been influenced lol! I thought this film was absolutely incredible and answered questions no one has ever been able to answer and things that I just couldn't figure out either. It all makes sense now o_o

  111. this was a great documentary. if you were interested in this i would encourage you to go to and watch a series called total onlsaught. this will take your mind to another level of understanding in the Great Controversy between Christ and Satan.

  112. To all who blaspheme and denies the Lord, curse to you for I am not saying these things with my behalf or my own authority, but by the word of God who creates the bible. I am not trouble with your words, rejoice always my brothers and sisters because our God Jesus Christ had been risen from the dead that we're free from the curse of the law, thanks to the One who paid our debt, be glory to Him for ever and ever. God is a faithful King.

    P.S to the author.

    Continue digging the well.

    1. Killian Bernal:

      Now do not go cursing anybody, in the name of your make believe gods, read the "comment policy" any other such posts will be removed!

    2. Could you point out to me the part of the Bible where it says you should go around cursing people, in God's name?
      Or is that actually AGAINST what Jesus' message was supposed to be. You can't even get your own story correct, but claim to know the mind of God, and act on his behalf.
      "God is a faithful King."
      Why would God require faith?
      Those that do actually believe and follow the message of love from the Bible should be ashamed of the likes of you, who judge and curse others claiming His authority.
      Those that don't believe it shouldn't have to listen to rantings and insults from the likes of you.
      The whole of our species that actually have some decent morals are sick of war mongering, belief imposing, authority claiming self appointed judges like yourself.
      Shove that curse of yours, right up your dogma.

  113. this "film" is directed and written by a guy named GONZO; it's a horror movie that hopefully isn't supposed to be taken seriously; anarchists with or without cause must love this kind of instigation; how can a sentient being be against nature? these idiots must be against any kind of social organization! how can you reject and deny the natural path of structural evolution?!
    have a good laugh or pray that some "elite" sends you via time machine to the dark ages you belong to

    ps: mr. vlatko please discern between good and evil and cut this bullshit out of it's roots; God didn't mean for us to kill eachother but to grow together and prosper

  114. The Ancient mystery schoolcame out of ancient egypt and they were destroyed.All three of the worlds biggest religions came out of egypt.I do not believe in the bible and this is why.The first ever story of a immaculate conception was of the goddess isis being pregnated by her dead husband osirus,from this same story osirus was murdered by his brother seth,this is where europeans got there stories for the bible.Isis gave birth to a child name horus,this is where the story of jesus came from matter of fact horus and jesus are the same,osirus and seth is cain and abel.Masonry also came out of egypt.Imhotep was a master mason,a true master mason has to master all of the crafts,science,agriculture,math.I no that some of you may be mad at what i'm saying but hell i was mad also when i learned.Maat law is also where the ten comandments came out of.None of the prophets ever walked this earth.Abraham suppose to be the first to start a monotheism in one god,when in fact akhenaten was the first and his mother was queen tiye.

    1. Isn't it interesting that modern academia some two centuries ago decided that all historical accounts that were labelled "unreasonable" were tossed aside, except for the Egyptian accounts? Today, the timeline of ancient history is grounded in the Egyptian records. In many ways, it's not that surprising when you realize that the folks who instigated the enlightenment were high level occultists wanting to bring back the mystery religions. And guess what, they've done a great job. Look at the entertainment media of today. It's outlandishly occult. Why have they done this, and why do they want to indoctrinate young people into the occult while discrediting the Bible? Perhaps it's because there is something about the Bible that is true and dangerous to those who want to control the masses.

      That is precisely why the Catholic Church never allowed the people to actually read the Bible. In fact, the Papacy murdered thousands of Christians who were caught with a Bible.

      It's not an us versus them thing. The reality is found in the fact that our battle is NOT against fleh and blood.

  115. No loving being demands to be worshipped. No omnibenevolent, omnipotent, and omniscient being would help you get over the flu while letting millions of non-Christian African children die of starvation and disease.

  116. It never ceases to amaze me that when I do make a post to this forum, I see insults about someone's beliefs and name calling. Those who believe do, and those who don't believe don't.

    I don't know, I'm thinking the reason it is called a forum is because the people who comment here should act older that four.

    Just one woman's opinion

  117. Having seen the first 10 minutes of this film I was sure: It's the Christians again! After reading the comments I was even more sure! On this side of the Atlantic (Europe) people are amazed about how American Christians regard the bible as being the true word of God and even come up with all sorts of nonsensical BS like 'the Rapture'. Do you christians over there really believe that some day you will fly up somehow? Please take responsibility for your own acts instead of believing skydaddy is responsible for all that's happening in your life. After seeing some doc's questioning Christianity and having read the comments below I see Chrstians in the US these days are getting more and more agressive and dangerous. Dumber too.

    1. "I see Chrstians in the US these days are getting more and more agressive and dangerous. Dumber too. "

      Yeah, but then so are the atheists. I expect we'll be building death camps here, shortly.

  118. This documentary is deceptive in itself and is actually quite meaningless in my opinion. I mean, what does anyone gain from this? False knowledge? Didn't religions such as Christianity create their own "new world order" thousands of years ago?

  119. Agree 100% with Andreea Bruma.

  120. Hello Im 39 years old i have always believed that there is only one Jesus Christ. I have only read a few pages of the bible and have only been to church a handful of times when i was young for Sunday school except for weddings. in other words Im not "educated" nor do i practice any religion. So why do i believe in Jesus and always have since i can remember? I have always felt his love for all he has created and my faith comes from him.
    Except for telling my daughter what i do know and what i believe this is probably the most I"ve expressed myself of what i believe to others.
    I like your documentary it is very interesting. i do know that the U.S. government is controlled by the greed of billionaires and the politicization's govt. are "puppets" for them. And as a U.S. citizen if feel like a puppet and serve them as much as i know this is wrong and makes me sick to type this.
    i see how the govt. has slowly taken control and have trained people into believing that this is a free country.This is NOT a free country. it is so sad to see that people say and believe our solders today are fighting for our freedom, worse is that the solders believe the same. when the U.S. fought for its freedom was in WWI and WWII . When other country's were actually attacking or trying to attack U.S. soil. all other acts of war has been for greed it goes to show how powerful greed is. these kids should not be fighting for this govt. but they do it. Their has to be sargents , captains ,commanders that know this. whats going to be their fate?
    i want to stand up against our govt. and believe someday allot of others will stand with me and put our greedy govt. in "check". We are suppose to live well and able provide for ourselves for a reasonable cost . not for the cost of a govt. ran by greed. our money we work hard for is going to them not we the people. do we really need to pay 4.00$ a gal. for gas? 20.00$ for a t-bone steak? No we don't! that money is going in the pockets of the very rich that is how they are taking over they are going to make us totally dependent on them. if something is not done whats it going to be like for our kids when they are our age ? our grand children? when the sh*t does hit the fan i hope the military knows witch way to point their guns. Greed is not going to quit being greed peacefully.
    i see how one could tie the world leaders in as being demons and how they are taking controll for evil. like i stated interesting. Nice job on film.

  121. first I was like....hmmm...but then I was is this?

  122. It goes without saying that conspiracy theory movies (especially ones dealing with the New World Order *dun dun DUNNNN!*) are mostly illogical, nonsensical claptrap. But this film reaches a new level of batshit insanity. This makes David Icke look downright lucid in comparison.

  123. bunch of Xian rubbish. these people should keep their crap in the churches.

    1. Right!... So everyone can hear your crap!

  124. Yewh! I got headache from this stuff....

  125. All you see here can be seen in both Mayan, Hopi and Native American tales. The only difference there "God" or "Gods" have no hell awaiting you.

  126. Ohhh NO! I am a Free Mason and had no idea about this the whole time. I guess I will take your word for it and leave the brotherhood. I'm sure you do know more about the fraternity than I do.

    1. Damn right I know about Freemasonry, and I consider it an honor to expose it for what it is. Worship of the intellect, represented by the symbol of fire, and the torch bearer, Lucifer. I have the right copy of Pike's "Morals and Dogma". They believe not in a god, nor a devil. That's just a metaphor. They are athiests in the strictest sense. They worship the human mind, the intellect.

      You are obviously a Blue Lodge member, and deemed not worthy to pass up the "ladder". That is why you are unaware of these truths. You probably said the wrong answer or did the wrong things during your initiations. Keep being fooled by your "brotherhood" or "fraternity".

  127. utter junk, hardly contains any real facts. it serves as a lesson in how not to make a documentary.

  128. this was a joke. sloppy. and completely biased from a christian point of view. it gives false information on satanism, meditation and the REAL world we live in today. I believe the world is going through a transformation...but I'm sorry as an athiest to hear that it has something to do with demons and the devil?! Sorry folks. Just not buying it....I'm going to keep on meditating ;)

    1. Well said!

  129. up above is my comment.

  130. God does it all for His name sake, that He will be glorify. Even though how many times His creature fails Him, still God demonstrate His love for His creature. God wants each and every one of us to return to Him and worship Him everyday with every beat of our heart as long as we live. Literally, God heals those person as if a kid asking help from his Father.

    1. There is nothing more evil than a creature demanding to be glorified and using threats to enforce that glorification.

  131. Today Jesus Christ is Exalted, yesterday & tomorrow. Go serve our King!

  132. Faith in anything is still a shot in the dark. all you can do is hope you get lucky and pick the right one, but there is no way anyone can know for sure.

  133. This is my last comment on this exchange with you.

    "A lie cannot live."
    Martin Luther King

    I think you are a good representation of Christianity's last gasps of desperately trying to hang on to ideas which have been gradually uncovered as myths.

    The beauty of nature is there to see and feel for anyone anywhere 24/7 ever since day one on this planet. That is truth. Regarding psychology as a science, most of it can be experienced by all human beings, free of charge and not subject to certain rituals.

    Humans tend to be stubborn in their beliefs for fear of questioning themselves. I pity you and all Christians for all of you base your beliefs on a book without being able to demonstrate to anyone around you in our current reality any of the things you claim Christianity is able to accomplish.

    Luckily we live in a period of advancing technology and global communication which enables more transparency and thus allows people to take into consideration more information when trying make up what to believe or not. To that end, utilizing MLK's quote, Christianity as a belief has never lived and never will, especially with transparency of information only increasing.

    I'm calling out you and all people who believe in Christianity as the truth and challenge you to produce something that allows anyone anywhere to truly feel what you are proclaiming, without referring us to some supposedly supernatural book. Unless Christianity is able to walk the walk and not just talk the talk you must fully question yourself and all your religious beliefs. Otherwise, you represent no more truth than any person who believes in other religions/gods.

    1. so what about god healing people on the streets? the people that he does it through arent carrying a bible. they ask him to heal people they see are in pain on the streets, people who have their fists broken or fractured from beating someones face in, he healed that persons hand. witchcraft? trickery?

    2. "The beauty of nature is there to see and feel for anyone anywhere 24/7 ever since day one on this planet. That is truth. "

      When you make truth claim based on preference, you don't get to decide its true for anyone else but yourself...

      "Christianity as a belief has never lived and never will, especially with transparency of information only increasing."

      lol... Actually, it has, it is, and it will....

      "I'm calling out you and all people who believe in Christianity as the truth and challenge you to produce something that allows anyone anywhere to truly feel what you are proclaiming, without referring us to some supposedly supernatural book. Unless Christianity is able to walk the walk and not just talk the talk you must fully question yourself and all your religious beliefs."

      The Shroud of Turin.... Start there.... Oh, and before you throw your hands up in the air in protest and yell "forgory", do some research first, research concerning the latest Scientific Data".

      Why don't you produce something that allows anyone anywhere to truly feel what you are proclaiming is true? After all, you too have a worldview....

    3. r u kidding chisr was living he was the messiah u r attributing mans actions that r flawed sinful greedy and apathetic to the religon itself christ himself lived his teachings were flawless to love thy neighbor to serve eachother to pull the plank from ur eye before removing the splinter from ur brothers he taught that evry man woman n child could be with GOD not by works wealth n crap but by faith n him n his father that judging ur fellow man is sin his message was love n grace christ said when asked why he dined with the worst of people that it isnt the well in need of a doctor but the sick christ taught pure grace and love he himself said i do not come to judge but to save the world and he asks nthing but love and faith . you r holding christs doctrine of love and grace responsible 4 mankinds horific actions man is naturally greed ridden sinful selfcentered a--holes and all christ taught was him and GOD his father love us inspite of our actions and nature. the teachings of CHRIST have lived 4 over two thousand years it has provided billions of ppl with a doctrine 2 strive 4 a doctrine of pure love unshakeable grace and one that tells us 2 serve eachother the message of christ was hey ill be your attorney if you will let me 4 i have already done the time for your sin. Christ was a true humanitarian a true light in the darkness of time and over 2k years later his word and spirit truly live on.

  134. I would like to thank you so very much for making this movie available. Can you please tell me the full name of the "Aquarius" video you mentioned? Anyway, I had strayed from the flock so to speak and started watching the Ancient Alien series and am ashamed to say I was starting to get too interested in it. I would elaborate, but it's unnecessary. Again, thank you for exposing the truth and may God bless you always :)

    1. Thanks! The film I mentioned is called Aquarius: The Age of Evil and it was made by Keith Thompson.

      God Bless

  135. wow what a wake up call. The New World Order are the ones making everyone think that the Bible isn't true. After watching this documentary things really make sense.

  136. Wow, just Wow! after years of searching and researching for the truth. Right before my eyes! Great documentry, has answered all my questions and revitallised my faith n god. Im 22 healthy, smart, and a good hearted person. After getting in an arguement with a doctor about religion i realized he was right on the point, and he pretty much memorized the bible lol. To all the naysayers out there, its ok to hate and not believe in this, i mean the bible pretty much predicted that a long time ago. I've spent so much time into researching things that now i have but one last thing i can do and thats read the bible. I'd like to thank the people who made this documentry. It truley is an age of deciet, so much BS out there, So much.... I would rather die of old age, have zero technology, deseased and go through the worst pain i can imagine than accept something like become gods ourselves. The whole idea of becoming a god is a bad idea for humans, knowing how currupt and evil we can be!

    It's funny how the world we live in today truly has made the bible & Jesus look like a joke, but to read it and see just how intelligently something was writting thousands of years ago just comes to show how dumb we can be today.

    1. "To all the naysayers out there, its ok to hate and not believe in this,...".

      Hmmm, I don't hate but I don't believe in this.

      Not that I don't agree there is so much deceit and BS out there today, I mean beside the bible...

    2. Hmmm I guess I was in the moment when I wrote that comment, I understand your position and respect it, just as it would be impossible to convict you to go all religious and all, it would be impossible to persuade me to go against Christianity. I have to commend your comeback thou, it made me smile because if I didn't believe in god I'd write the same thing :)

  137. WOW, just wow. After constant searching and researching for the truth of what state our planet is in, im happy to conclude it here. I have recently come back to believe in God not because of this video, but because of how the world has turned out today. This video just clarified all my questions and basically stone-cold stunnered christianity back into me lol. I wish there was a second parter! what am i going to research now? oh i know ill just read the bible :)

  138. well, tiny little problem. the Bible was created by the mystery schools. it's a quite good collection of basic wisdom.

  139. This 'documentary' is a great example of how ignorant, desperate and disillusioned Christians are.

    They seriously believe that this Jesus dude actually existed. 2012 years later he hasn't once shown up again, hasn't done anything positive at all for anyone on this planet and people still defend him as truth.

    Objectively speaking, if I were to defend someone with Jesus's track record for thousands of years I'd be rightfully declared insane.

    1. Are you arguing that Jesus never existed? Or that he did but because he hasn't 'shown up' in a way that fits your paradigm, therefore he's not for real?

      If you want to be objective, at least be concise in your argument.

    2. Objective? I take it youse guyses believe in your "Rapture" whole websites up on that, how objective is that?

    3. For you to suggest that a potential future event, as believed by the Christians often referred to as the rapture, will not happen would mean you know the future and are omnipotent.

      Do I personally believe it's going to happen? Yes, I think there is a potential for it. And certainly under my worldview I have adequate reasons to believe it to be true given the premises. And equally, under your premises and presuppositions of reality, there are no reason for you to believe that such an event will occur.

      So even being objective requires a certain set of presuppositions. Now if you want to, we can get into what we have in common and where we differ. That would at least get us to understand each other. But just simply pointing a finger and calling the someone who doesn't share your view of reality as lacking objectivity is dishonest and disingenuous.

    4. I and others are omnipotent as far as quantum mechanics will allow as to this date, according to quantum mechanics/physics, there is no time, spacetime or matter, all is static until we look and collapse the waveform "double slit experiment," "Schrodinger's cat," "quantum entanglement," as Einstein called "spooky actions at a distance."

      And there is conclusive proof that we do form our day to day reality by our probable actions in the now taking into consideration interactions, that we peruse from our static, past, present, fields of our "nows" encompassing our day to day living.

      But one thing that you have to keep in mind all must follow the laws of physics that encompasses our present reality, so no "Rapture" no la, la, land as in people floating off as portrayed to their friend in the sky, that is mass hallucination par none.

    5. "But one thing that you have to keep in mind all must follow the laws of physics that encompasses our present reality"

      But I thought the problem the field of science is having now is that the understandings and behaviors observed in at the quantum level are not consistent with the theory of relativity and the laws of physics? In fact they seem to contradict each other.

      Yes I know the understanding of where science is as far as the quantum mechanics/physics is concerned. But to suggest somehow, because of these theories, you are omnipotent and therefore can know the future? That's a stretch. If anything, it shows that there is something outside of space and time all together imposing itself into the physical reality. Understanding quantum mechanics and physics doesn't make a person capable of predicting the future.

    6. Not sure how my previous comment wasn't clear or not concise.

      Yes, Jesus never existed. There is zero scientific evidence that such a person ever did exist nor that all the 'magical' stuff he was said to have done is actually possible.

      I believe that the world at large will never see rational consensus among people to solve the problems humanity faces. Science allows for facts to be tested by anyone, yet Christianity claims truth based on nothing and not one person can provide any proof for any of its beliefs. All they have is the divinity wild card.

      We consider ourselves a civilized society and yet millions of people base their lifes on a belief they cannot reasonably explain to themselves and for which there zero evidence to prove that any of it is true.

    7. I find it interesting that you mention that there is "zero scientific evidence" that such a person existed. Science can never tell us what or who doesn't exist. And if you use that same principle, there isn't scientific evidence that your great great great great grandfather existed either (I'm using it as an example).

      How are events and persons of history past recognized? Written accounts, movements, etc. You would pretty much have to explain the various secular records concerning a man who existed in the first century, of which the Christian faith came from.

      I am certainly guilty of appealing to authority when I say this, but I think it's important for you to hear. Almost no one who studies the first century, regardless of religious affiliation, denies that a man named Yeshua lived in the first century. In fact, even the secular historians who would much rather have this guy NOT exist will grant that he lived in first century Palestine, he was killed via Roman crucifixion, his tomb was empty on the third day, and that hundreds of people believe they saw (notice the wording...they believed they saw...) a risen Yeshua from the dead. Now you would have to explain away all of those facts granted almost unanimously by historians before you can even begin to say Jesus didn't exist.

      Secondly, you bring up miracles or "magical stuff." Now let me ask you something. If miracles happened everyday, would they be miracles? And certainly, if there was a God, don't you think he could suspend the laws of nature? This doesn't prove anything, but it provides a thought exercise and a reflection for what you stated.

      I would disagree with you wholeheartedly that someone who believes in God cannot give reasons for his beliefs. Now let me be clear when I say that there is a difference between arguments for the existence of a monotheistic God, and the Christian God. However, for the sake of time, let me just be really brief.

      The argument from contingency, the various forms of the cosmological argument, the teleological argument (argument from design), ontological argument, the argument from logic, and the moral argument I believe are sufficient reasons. I won't get into each of these because they would take a while to develop. But in order for your position to hold up (which if I am not mistaken is that there is no God...certainly not a Christian God) then you would have to tear down all of those arguments and in place of it construct your own reasons for believing that you are correct in your view of reality.

      And don't think for a second that civilization was brought forth by a non-theistic view of the world. Even the advent of modern science until Darwin came along was predicated on a theistic view of the world...that there was order to the universe to which we could rationalize and understand.

    8. The problem in today's world is that each religion claims their own god is the one and only divine truth while all of them are blind to the fact that they're all essentially adoring the same thing...THE SUN....

      You blindly believe these supposed 'historians' who have documented a figure named Yeshua. You have absolutely no way to prove that these historians etc. were genuine or not. With that said, without absolute (scientifically provable) evidence one can only apply reason in order to try and narrown down what is true.

      It makes complete logical sense that Jesus as well as so many other gods are not literally individuals but represent the sun and adoration of same which has existed ever since humans understood what the sun's patterns & powers are.

      Now, that's a basis from which to work and from which to overcome the ridiculous exclusivity each religion claims which only separates human beings.

      I'm personally very spiritual and feel that all things on this planet are interconnected within the vastness of the amazing cosmos. I'm reasonable enough though to not have to impose a natural-object-a.k.a.-the-sun-turned-invented-human-named-Yeshua onto other people. We humans are all the same and we're all part of one and the same cosmic energy.

    9. So let me ask you this since you believe that Christianity is based on Sun worship. Are you in agreement with the say someone like Albert Pike, the grandfather of the scottish rite freemasons who proposed the same idea some 100 years ago, who also openly admits that Lucifer is god? I think Manly P Hall who was also a Freemason said that as well. I'm just curious.

      But back on point. The whole theory of Christianity being sun-worship as proposed by the first section of Zeigeist is nothing more than fabricated lies. Same thing with Jordan Maxwell or countless others who have proposed that theory. In fact, the first person to talk about the Christ-myth wasn't until the 18th century. That's 1700 years after Jesus during the enlightenment period. And I'm sure you've heard about the Zeigeist challenge. It's still up. All you have to do is show the original source for all the claims Zeigeist (Peter Joseph) makes in the first section of the first film...that is the original text of the ancient writings that allegedly wrote things like, "Horus was born on December 25th." etc. If you can prove it, you win $1000! But up to date, no one has been able to do it because it's a lie. I also address briefly about the sun-worship thing in this film Age of Deceit. I quote a bible scripture from the OT that says worshipping the sun, moon, stars etc. is not granted. In fact, those ideas were pagan in root.

      So in any case, the whole Jesus is just Sun worship needs to be shown much more conclusively before I even begin to consider as true. In fact, I wasn't quite a Christian when I saw the first Zeigeist and thought it was profound, but then I started digging for more information and that's when I discovered how awfully flawed the argument is.

      On science, I find it remarkable that you said, "You blindly believe these supposed 'historians' who have documented a figure named Yeshua. You have absolutely no way to prove that these historians etc" Yet you buy into the Sun-Worship myth that is NOT even supported by history? Ironic isn't it? And you read me incorrectly. The historians I was referring to are current historians of today who study the first century. There are also several factors of the secular writings of Jesus in the first to second century. First, history was recorded much differently in those days. Mostly, recorded history concerned royalty, kings, queens, and other leaders who were thought to have been gods in their own way. Jesus was just a carpenter and you realize that he was crucified for practicing "magik" and claiming to be God right?

      I agree with you that religious exclusivity only divides humanity. And certainly that is true. BUT that has no bearing on whether the Christian Gospel is true or not, or if Hinduism is true or not etc.

      And it's wonderful that you are spiritual and believe that we are all connected. Although I am a Christian, I do think there is some truth to what you say there. But you have to be honest with yourself as we all do. It's clear to me that the you yourself cannot live by the standard you set for yourself in terms of what is true based on scientific objectivity. Bottom line is that for science to work, it presupposes math and logic. So you have to really get at the heart of where those things come from.

    10. I think you are very naive and I feel sorry for you believing this Christianity cr#p.

      I have one question for you...How many gods are there/can there be? Is Jesus the one and only or can multiple gods actually exist?

      If Jesus is the only one, what are all the other gods of different religions, bogus? In other words, is Jesus the only truth?

      If there are many gods, how can that be if there can only be one truth/one divine creator?

    11. I find it interesting that you never respond to any of the questions or propositions. Just calling me naive while not addressing anything I post seems to show where you're at with things. In any case, I will answer your questions.

      Yes Jesus is the only true God. But if you are a diligent student of the entirety of the Bible, you will find that it actually gives a very good account of the "gods" of various other cultural pantheons.

      The Old Testament talks about gods, and about the divine council of gods. It explains how they took dominion over certain areas of land throughout the earth. Couple that with the hundreds of ancient cultures that talk about beings from the sky coming down to teach mankind agriculture, building cities, justice systems, etc etc etc and you begin to form a complete picture of what might be going on.

      There is one true Creator God and this God manifested on earth as Jesus. All other gods are mere counterfeits. It becomes even more apparent as you begin to understand proper Christian theology. All other religions describe the human being doing something to attain higher status or higher connection. For example, Islam, you have to pray a number of times a day and follow strict rules and rituals to gain favor of God. But the Christian Gospel describes how WE didn't do anything, but that God came to us. He gave us the gift of salvation, it's up to us whether to accept it or not. That's the one MAJOR difference between ALL religions compared to Christianity. Are there rituals and things included in the Christian Gospel? Yes. But it's quite clear if you read the Bible that they are things to remember or honor God, not to achieve cosmic points to gain favor of God.

    12. All I can say is that you religee's march to the beat of a different drummer, and it is a complete waste of time for me to discuss anything further with you, am putting it as polite as I can.

    13. I find it interesting that you find it as a waste of time. I by no means want to convince you of anything, but I do seek legit conversations, at the very least respond to the points I bring up. I often find that those who disagree with me don't ever talk about the points, but just back away. What are you afraid of?

    14. Are you the actual film producer?

    15. yes, I actually put the film together...

    16. Don't you feel that it may perhaps be a bit strong? You have a right to believe as you do, as well as to speak your mind. However, I always find it a bit over-reaching when condemnation and judgement come into play. Is it not strictly stated that to judge is the explicit right of god alone? And yet judge you do. Can you not keep to your faith quietly and humbly, comforted by the love of god? "The meek shall enherit the earth" "Judge not lest ye be judged" "Blessed be the peace keepers" That is just my two cents.

    17. I find it interesting that you use the Bible itself to demonstrate your objective point of reference and your sense of justice.

      "Can you not keep to your faith quietly and humbly, comforted by the love of god?"

      ^^that is not Christianity. Part of being a Christian is to spread the Gospel message. It's a huge part of it. Now I would be the first to admit that people throughout the centuries have used it to justify their own horrible acts. But those that committed these horrible crimes were not consistent with the entirety of the Bible. In fact, the reality is that NO ONE can live entirely consistent with the Bible.

      The standards set by Jesus are unattainable by humanity, that's why Christians talk about grace and forgiveness from God.

      And what did I do but simply put together a film. If you disagree with it, that's ok. No one is forcing you to agree with my view of reality.

    18. Granted. Yet I only asked why such strong judgemental sentiments in the video. Of course there is room to disagree. I have yet to hear of a solid biblical command that all must be converted to the fold. In fact it is clearly stated in the bible that disagreement will persist. If all were to follow christ then there would be no tribulation etc. Given the large number of contradictory points within the bible I wonder often why the more agressive of the two mesages tend to be held as truth while the more passive are put asside. Is not the core of christianity peace and faith? Other than in reference to his 12 deciples I cannot recall one instance of Christ telling followers that the spread of the faith was perquisite to salvation.

    19. No. It is not a pre-requisite to salvation, but those of us who are under the salvation of Jesus and accept this free gift are commanded to spread the Gospel. Besides, the Gospel is the "Good News."

      It's clear in the Bible that Jesus said He did not come to bring peace, but a sword. I don't recall anywhere that states if you follow Christ, then there would be no tribulation. Quite the opposite. It states that one will be persecuted and even hated for His names sake.

      If you would like to discuss more on particular issue where you see contradictions, I would be more than happy to address them for you.

    20. It is also said that those who own a sword should beet them into plowshares. And it does not say that all believers must spread the word only that they should not deny the word nor their beliefs.
      What I meant in regards the tribulation is that without non believers all would be raptured and then no need for the tribulation at all. And since logically if it is said that there will be tribulation then it follows that there must be dissent.

    21. The biggest fallacy that 99% of the arguments I come across in trying to show how the Bible is evil, or bad, is completely taking the verses out of context to make their point.

      Not to mention appealing to the moral argument of which I've tried to ask you already before without an answer.

    22.'re so full of it...

      Well, thank you for explaining the truth to me. Based on your reasonable assessment of what must be true, I will today start praying to Jesus (and definitely not to any of the other counterfeit gods) on a daily basis and I shall make sure to visit church frequently.

      I shall never ask myself why I shoul be prayin in the first place and I will totally ignore the fact that Mr. Only True God a.k.a Jesus does what he wants anyways while **** for humanity isn't getting any better even though millions on this planet have accepted his offer of salvation.

      On a serious note, I think you are a great example of why a lot of humans are completely lost. Your blind belief in anything that the Bible/Christianity advocates has left you in a sad narrow minded state of mind which will never allow you to truly connect with human beings who don't share your same beliefs.

      I pity you for your closed-mindedness and hope you will one day awake.

    23. Again the irony. You pity me for being closed-minded? I've grew up as an atheist. I was into buddhism for a while. I looked into Hinduism, and even Islam. I took on an agnostic stance for much of my life. The one place where I didn't want to look was Christianity. Basically for all the same reasons you mention there. But looking into it for myself, there is just too much evidence for truth there.

      You can reject Jesus as God, but guess what, Jesus will honor that. He's never going to force anyone to believe in Him.

      And I find it odd that you realize that there is evil in the world, but not only do you have no objective point of reference, but you also blame God for MIA, of which you don't even believe exists.

      I would re-think about whose actually being narrow-minded.

    24. Ok, let me explain it to you as I would to a 5-year old, very straightforward and simple.

      1.) You and I, we are both human beings, right? (I hope we can at least agree on that)

      We both have a brain, we are capable of using language to communicate and we can using things, such as reasoning, rationality, self-awareness and introspection to make sense of the world around us.

      2.) You and I, we both have beliefs about certain subjects, right? As per Wikipedia the word 'belief' is defined as: "the psychological state in which an individual holds a proposition or premise to be true."

      You belief the Creator God manifested itself in Jesus and I believe that story is nothing more than a story.

      Note: In the mentioned definition you see the words 'psychological state', something to do with our psyche. I hope we both regard psychology as a credible science.

      3.) You and I, each of us is -or at least has been- subjected to psychological manipulation. As per Wikipedia 'psychological manipulation' is defined as: "a type of social influence that aims to change the perception or behavior of others through underhanded, deceptive, or even abusive tactics."

      E.g., advertisers try to convince us to consume cigarettes, enlist in the army etc...all these things are considered psychological manipulation.


      Based on all of the above, and considering the arguments you have presented, I have no reason to believe you or anyone associated with Christianity since you, along with all those other people, are bound by human limitation and manipulation. None of us humans can be all-knowing. For something as important as you and any other Jesus/Christianity humans are advocating, I'm afraid more than your mere mortal words are needed to transform such words into beliefs.

      Based on none of you being able to accomplish that and Creator God for some reason not wanting to manifest himself anymore on this planet, I conclude that either your story is bogus or Creator God doesn't care/want all humans to belief the same thing, for if he wanted he could accomplish it in an instant. All that'd be required is for Creator God to manifest himself briefly and walk a few meters on water while making sure it happens in a public place...someone with a camera is always around. Creator God could also upload a vid straight to YouTube and turn the planet into faithful Christians overnight.

      As far as I'm concerned, unless that sort of evidence exists, you and all your brain-washed, money-grabing Christian-church crew can k#$@ my a#@....

    25. Ok, let me explain it to you as I would to a 5-year old, very straightforward and simple.

      1.) You and I, we are both human beings, right? (I hope we can at least agree on that)

      We both have a brain, we are capable of using language to communicate and we can using things, such as reasoning, rationality, self-awareness and introspection to make sense of the world around us.

      2.) You and I, we both have beliefs about certain subjects, right? As per Wikipedia the word 'belief' is defined as: "the psychological state in which an individual holds a proposition or premise to be true."

      You belief the Creator God manifested itself in Jesus and I believe that story is nothing more than a story.

      Note: In the mentioned definition you see the words 'psychological state', something to do with our psyche. I hope we both regard psychology as a credible science.

      3.) You and I, each of us is -or at least has been- subjected to psychological manipulation. As per Wikipedia 'psychological manipulation' is defined as: "a type of social influence that aims to change the perception or behavior of others through underhanded, deceptive, or even abusive tactics."

      E.g., advertisers try to convince us to consume cigarettes, enlist in the army etc...all these things are considered psychological manipulation.


      Based on all of the above, and considering the arguments you have presented, I have no reason to believe you or anyone associated with Christianity since you, along with all those other people, are bound by human limitation and manipulation. None of us humans can be all-knowing. For something as important as you and any other Jesus/Christianity humans are advocating, I'm afraid more than your mere mortal words are needed to transform such words into beliefs.

      Based on none of you being able to accomplish that and Creator God for some reason not wanting to manifest himself anymore on this planet, I conclude that either your story is bogus or Creator God doesn't care/want all humans to belief the same thing, for if he wanted he could accomplish it in an instant. All that'd be required is for Creator God to manifest himself briefly and walk a few meters on water while making sure it happens in a public place...someone with a camera is always around. Creator God could also upload a vid straight to YouTube and turn the planet into faithful Christians overnight.

      As far as I'm concerned, unless that sort of evidence exists, you and all your brain-washed, money-grabing Christian-church crew can k#$@ my a#@....

    26. Well said..... Very well said...

    27. If you click 'reply' next to someones post, your reply will come up marked with their name and a link to the post you are replying to...

      Otherwise it reads very much like you are having a disjointed conversation with yourself.

    28. Disjointed conversation with yourself? Isn't this the pot calling the kettle black? For your information, I did reply back to each individual... When I linked to your comment, there it was, standing all by it self....

    29. @Krockcfd:

      Write on top to whom you are replying too, as I have done.

      Sometimes the reply button does not work.

    30. @ Achems_Razor

      I sometimes do... I will on this site from now on...


    31. Hey bro, don't worry or concern yourself with the negativity that these people throw at you. They are lashing out at you because they believe that they have outsmarted God. When faced with the truth they resist because they don't hold the power of truth. Like children they differ their responsibility and blame anyone but themselves. We are smothered in evil in this world. It has a grip that we all can feel. As tangible as evil is and how so many embrace it or flee from it, few seem to see that evil is anti good. Anti goodness is clarification that good (God) exists. You have done a good thing here with your film.
      "You can walk into a room full of darkness and light one small candle and the darkness will flee. You can not do the opposite."

    32. just wanted to say something; historically speaking there is more evidence of jesus "as a person"existing" then cleopatra and she did exist :D

    33. The profoundly legendized character of Jesus is probably based on a real person. Many legends are.

  140. This mostly fits my world view. Interesting stuff. But no matter what documentary I'm watching from no matter what perspective always has to have the creepy music playing. It kinda drops it a couple notches for me. In some cases I can't hear the audio that's meant to be heard. Same goes for some of the images, but it's a video, so I get that.

  141. disinformation much?

  142. Fantastic Documentary!! Best I've seen in a while... makes soo much sense why we have this Luciferian belief structure woven throughout All occult teachings. I like the modesty about the Book Of Enoch as well, not being cannon and all, but I agree that if you want the truth, you must investigate all possibilities, Thank you.

  143. This isn't a documentary. This is a bizarre apology for Christianity. I'm willing to consider the existence of global elites planning world domination, but not if the Bible is being used as a reference book and Atlantis, aliens and whatnot are talked about as if they were actual facts. Ridiculous!

    1. Unfortunately it took me 30 minutes to figure that one out!

  144. David is a made up story, chew on that. if Jesus was born in America in the 1930's he would have to use the colored restroom?!what I do know is Jesus was not white! I don't care what his color was

  145. Since when has Jesus been African??? Do your Research people... Jesus, a carpenter of his time, was was from Jerusalem. He was born in Bethlehem. Yes you will say.. I was born in China, my parents are African, but that doesn't make me look Chinese. Yeah Yeah, I know.... The Genealogy of Jesus goes back to David. David wasn't African + No Body down the line was African= Jesus not African :)

  146. I try to watch these documentaries, but they just never seem to convince me. Too unrealistic.

    1. Indeed, ived heard most of the conspiracies.

      But stories to have a certain truth behind it, not even i know what those are.

      Its a fun game that keeps my mind working and thinking. :) "What IF"

  147. honestly mate, 91 minutes of great information and what desturbed u is blue eyes jesus??? first of all...jesus his not ur friend, when u mention his name u follow it by peace and blessing be upon him ,two...u could make it a bit easy for people and say his from palastine( middle east ) one more thing, how about this pictures of black jesus?!!! dont u think is a bit wierd too!! my father used to say a camel always pay attention to the other camel hump and forget his.......!!! bless u

  148. This doc uses a ton of fascinating film footage in a clever manipulative way to resell Christianity and that dusty old tome the Bible and the myths contained therein. The makers have scrambled science and metaphysics into a deceitful entertaining brew and this flick is fun to watch but it's ultimately an unconvincing and pretty silly propaganda hustle.

  149. I would go as far to say that the alien Abduction is the Rapture

  150. "Is there a connection between UFOs, alien abductions, channeling spirits, demonic possessions, the new age movement, secret societies, and satanism?"

    Umm... It's always the same people showing up at the conventions?

  151. Hey Shwan Jaff,

    Thanks for the kind words. I have looked at the study of DMT done by Dr. Rick Straussman and the accounts and experiences from journalists and others who spend time with medicine-men and Shamans from various tribes all over the world and I have to conclude that these are essentially substances which opens one up to the spiritual realm, portals if you will. The Bible actually talks about how a lot of the world will be deceived through the use of drugs and substances. Check out Revelation and look for the word "Pharmekeia" in the Greek translated as "Sorcery"

  152. This documentary is completely ridiculous, they mention what is and is not "inspired canon", while mentioning all these conspiracy theories....funny when the most easily proved conspiracy was that world leaders throughout time have changed what is/and was not part of the bible according to their needs. The book of Enoch as I understand it was in the bible until the King James translation. fact of the matter is that even if the bible was written by the hand of god, it's been translated so poorly and edited for content by AT LEAST the Roman Catholic Church, the King James translation, as well as the initial translations from Aramaic into Greek, greek to latin,.....there are probably several other translations I don't even know about...point is the bible at this point is about as useless as one of these conspiracy theory shows. Please stop getting caught up in what your book says and help your fellow man.

    1. All bible translations today come directly from the original language to the language it is being translated into. For example, the NT of today goes from Greek-English with plenty references to look up the original language to gain deeper insight. Enoch was a part of the Bible, but it was taken out in the 6th century. Whether it's "inspired canon" or not? I don't know. But I do know it serves for a good historical account that doesn't contradict with what we have in the bible now. We have too many scrolls that date within just a couple decades from when they were written to conclude that everything today is corrupt. Applying proper hermeneutics and studying the original language is the only way to make sure one understands what the bible says. In fact, if everyone applied proper hermeneutics, I believe much of the disagreements and distinctions between denominations would vanish.

      Are there bad translations? Yes. Does that mean it's not true? No. It is true that the RCC used faulty Latin translations to carry out their political agenda's. But that's why the reformation happened. There was a reason why the Papacy didn't allow the general public to read the bible or understand it. It was for control and power.

  153. this sh*$ is a conspiracy in itself. The new world order, satan worship, all of that may be true, but I think this film goes a little overboard into how and why this **** goes down haha. Check out the "Buddha". Learn something enlightening.

    1. So you agree that the global elite worship Satan, but Jesus Christ and the Bible and God? No way those are true right?

    2. have you ever read any exerpts from the Gnostic texts? i ask that, because all through the video, and from reading your posts, I get the absolute impression that you have 100% certainty that the bible is truth, and ANYthing which goes even the slightest against the words in it, is incorrect and evil lol. i'm not trying to be rude in any way, it just seems like you already have your mind completely set on what is truth and what is fiction. if god didnt want us to use things like marijuana or other mind altering substances (natural ones), why would god put them on the earth. Also, why is it okay in any way that we are merely a species of servants to a god, and we can never evolve spiritually to become better? how is that bad in any way. from my interpretation of religion, I see god as a dictator, and I see satan as one who apparently wants to allow us to have every gift at our disposal. and no im not saying im a satan worshipper lol, thats simply an objective interpretation. my point of this post, is that organized religion is flawed in many many many instances, and this 2 and a half hour video proves my points. i like the idea of a surpreme ruler, and i like the idea of a good and bad, but i dont like the idea that we arent allowed to become god like. If god wanted puppets, he wouldnt have even mentioned in the garden of eden that there was a chance of higher knowledge. he would have simply made us less intelligent, and less succeptable to the apparent 'corruption' that we have suffered. by no means do i dispute that our global elite are involved in some 'demonic', 'devilish', and outright evil ****, but im sorry; saying with the utmost certainty that its god and satan is nothing more than propaganda. because at the end of the day, we have NOOO god damn idea whats real, whats true, what exists, and what doesnt. its about faith, and believing. and i believe that we are nothing more than intelligent creations, sent here as part of our spriritual learning path, and beyond that, its 100000000000% up the air.

    3. You're not the first to bring these things up. I know I came across the film that knowledge and intellect is bad. But that wasn't the intent. And I think I am clear enough when I say that "we ourselves becomes gods on our own terms of using intellect, knowledge, etc" is the problem here. The Christian Gospel of salvation actually promises us immortality (becoming essentially God-like in state [eternal beings etc]). But it is achieved through faith, not works.

      Most, if not all religions preach works. In other words, do this or do that ritual and you will find God (this is exactly what the elites do in their worship of Lucifer). Rather, the true Gospel is saying, God came to us.

      At a deeper level, you said you said you like the idea of a supreme ruler, good and bad etc, but not Satan and God. I'm curious about that. You said,

      "because at the end of the day, we have NOOO god **** idea whats real, whats true, what exists, and what doesnt."

      So essentially you're agnostic about the matter and so you really don't have a belief in any of that stuff to begin with. So I see why you think we can't know, but I also don't understand how you could "like the idea of a supreme ruler, good and bad..." etc. When you say those things, it implies objective truth is real because it's how you are determining whether something is good or bad etc.

  154. facelikethesun thank u for ur documentary. I recomend that u check out some spiritual tools such as DMT, Ayahuasca and other pscycho actives. This are spiritual tools! This can help u to ask the rigth quastions..

  155. It's the year 2012...That's significant WHY?? We have collectively as a people all called it 2012 years since A man Named Jesus walked the Earth and we still doubt he was, is and always will be..The way,the Truth and the light!

    1. @Sean Bray
      and the reason we count years the way we do proves what? we all (mostly) refer to the days of the week based on even older gods does that make them true as well?

  156. .... Been thinking lots about this.... my understanding is that we ARE all compartmentalized parts of the whole - that is, we are all "Luciferian" parts of "God". Now this whole theist idea of "God" and "Satan" is purely allegorical and not a literal construct. It's a way to explain our place in the big picture and the whole idea has been misconstrued for thousands of years. Now we're acting as if the battle is between both extremes when really the battle is between how different people USE or MISUSE both sides of that coin... I just think people are both PART and PARCEL... Luciferian ideals are in essence about self preservation and fulfillment. The whole Religion side of it is in essence (or should be) about taking care of each other as a whole. To practice one does not mean that you can't practice the other. It's all about balance and what makes people evil or not is their intentions behind why they do what they do... This documentary is suggestive and misleading

  157. @facelike ... first off i want to commend you for a great documentary, docs like this are a rarity on here, i got into it with almost everyone on here when i posted my views on a documentary on here called "d.m bennet truth seeker" At first i just wanted to show folks what i thought and tried to explain how easy it is to buy into deception. The editor of the site himself got involved to strike down what i said and i put him on blast for only postin videos that back up the agenda and non that show the flip side of the coin. To me that went against EVERYTHING this site is supposed to be about because we all come here to learn.

    Learn, that is.. only if you agree with what i call "hyper logic" a frame of mind that only seeks to question, never latching on to one complete definitive view and asking questions of questions.. leading to chaos. Be clear that i am not sitting here saying i am the most pious person but i do believe... if you spend enough time researchin this stuff the only conclusion you can draw is that all of these things are tied to each other. If you are like me , you research to the very top and there was always that question "whos at the top?" who do they serve? whats the purpose of making all this money and implementing this frame work? who would want that...? and the only logical answer is something that most ppl on here think is not logical... lucifer.

    If you really look at it the plan is perfect, only god would be able to execute a plan better, it is seriously beyond the scope of many who think they are so "smart". To me its what i call "so smart that you are dumb" because to them only the mind of man is right I love science.. but if i can believe that sea animals came out of the water and magically morphed into all other land races, why cant i believe that there is a god ?If you go see the argument i had on that other doc youll get a preview of how it will be for christians in the "new age".. its actually a lil creepy..

    Thanks again for the is sorely needed... i appreciate docs like the truth seeker... but the flipside of the coin should be shown as well if this is truly about learning sans an agenda.. god bless you and may he protect you in all that you wish to pursue..

    1. I am totally agree with Vic. It has already written in the Bible and the Quran that once a time will come that Dajjal (Antichrist) will get hold of the world and all the blind-minded, sinners and even some good but illetrate and feeble faith in God will follow him. That will be the most unbearable, intolerable and hard time for good people and they will have to be steadfast and pray to God for Mercy. Then God will send Jesus Christ (P.B.U.H) and he will gather the army of good people and fight Dajjal and defeat him. May God forgive us for our sins and save us from the Chaos of Dajjal and give us the dead in Iman (faith). Ameen

    2. They're a rairty on here because this is one of the most biased "anti-anything Christian documentary websites" going....

  158. Are there any documentaries about the array of supposed Utopias drawn up by humans (Plato, More, Bacon, Marx, etc) over the centuries and their application?

    Information about Acts of plagiarism would be useful.

  159. Again, I am open to criticism of the film and its premise. But I will point out a couple of faulty arguments against Christianity or any belief or worldview that is so common not just in this thread, but in general. That is the Informal Fallacy: "an argument that may in itself be valid, but does not address the issue in question"

    Comments like, "look how many people Christianity has killed, therefore, Christianity is wrong." fall under this category. If I say, Stalin was an atheist and killed millions of his own people, therefore, atheism is wrong...would that be a formal line of logic? I don't think so.

    Any comments regarding the corruption of the scriptures we have in the bible are also not being intellectually honest. We have the records of what was discussed at these meeting in the first few centuries A.D. They never changed actual scriptures, however, they did come up with doctrine surrounding various issues. Do corruptions occur? Yes. But you have to define what that means.

  160. After a few minutes watching I thought it was interesting. So I downloaded it to watch later at home in comfort. Was I ever disappointed. Although I agree the New World Order is doing terrible things to society relating the concept of Karma to Satan unveiled to me the delusions of the author and instantly categorized this doc as christian propaganda.

    1. So because I connected the lies in the garden to Karma, you are calling me delusional? Please elaborate.

  161. I had to stop watching this. I am interested in secret societies and such, but this documentary is really trying to make a stretch. This whole satan business seems like silliness to me, and I agree that so-called "christians" seem to be worshipping satan, not that I literally believe in satan. There are definitely a lot of problems with our society, but it's not because of satan. The so-called christians seem to be causing the problems.

    New Age philosophies and beliefs outside of christianity are not the enemy. That is just someone's fear getting the better of him or her.

  162. Its all too freaky to me.

  163. has anyone read any of the comments on youtube about this vid ????
    the sheeple are kinda .... sorta....very, very ... scary .

  164. Got it wrong ...”One abducted person (abduction by aliens) presented a question to the aliens..."Do you believe in God, which is in the image of man?" The alien replied in English with a confused look..."The Universe is God" "We don't understand why you think God is in human form, we are confused." Makes a whole lot of sense to me, does that answer."...ET has come here, or been here for millennia’s, and have been evolving us ever since, we could have been created by ET, (and I strongly believe so, for many reasons) just like the past civilizations that have come and gone on this planet, the Bigfoot creature was a failure and we were created after it!

    The secret school etc, is just a band of people who have made a secret circle and carried it on up to this day, nothing more, perhaps long ago, someone made a deal with ET, (when abducted) and was given advanced technology, thinking etc. Anyway, what you see in the skies is REAL alien and NOT demons! Anyone can say anything is a demon! There are tons more to say, but I’m off to bed now, it’s 1am, good night folks.

    1. Yo ShadowMan, ..every1 has an opinion. An opinion is like a butthole, we all got 1. Unless you know that for sure. Just say, ..U beleive they are NOT demons but real aleins. That "NOT" implies you KNOW. You do NOT KNOW, neither does any1. I for 1 "beleive" they are demons in the flesh. Until we meet 'them' face to face, no-1 knows jack-diddly-cheot. Have a good sleep, ....PEACE OUT!

  165. Besides does anyone know that satanisem is a respected religon in Iraq. After all the ideology of lucifer is only part of humen reality undertstanding. Why should it not be respected as any other religion. Is not luciferian ideology part of Gods creation!

  166. well there are several documentarys out there putting it all togather, and I bleav this one dose not explan it well at all. As I wached throue it I feelt more and more provoket heering Jesus is the one and only pas and everything els we humens are is evil. I mean what about humen values!! What I also find disturbing and wrong throue this documentary is that Christian religon is reprecented throue feer. No religion should be reprecented throue feer. After all it is a good story but it is a shame to manifactur any religon like this documentary dose.

    1. Human values? Tell me, what human has lived out "values" to the fullest? And how are you even capable of stating what human values are and able to determine them as objective unless you believe in God? Forgive me, I don't know if you believe in God or not based on your comment. But in any case, I do not promote fear. I simply point out what is happening in our society. The bottom line, it's a human heart issue, what Christianity calls a sin issue. NOT a systematic issue, religion, government, economy, etc are all manifestations of the evil that is in the human heart. That's why I preach Jesus. He IS the only Way, the Truth and the Life.

  167. wow they quickly debunked Zeitgeist with a few lines of scripture, and from the old testament too! Gotta love the old testament NOT "God will kill the Egyptian children to show that he puts "a difference between the Egyptians and Israel." - Good way to prove a point, kill all the children AMEN... but no! the Christians say it is the new testament, god saw the evil of his ways and now all is lovey dovey lalala

    What is god spelt backwards? It's dog and that name is not even deserving of one that would do such hideous things. Well anyway, they say Satan is the great deceiver and I would say that it is more likely that Satan is the god Christians are worshipping and the one they call Satan is the real god - would that not be the greatest deception of all? Maybe the secret societies are not evil, maybe they are a bit smarter than foolish zealots that believe in fairytales.

    This documentary is utter rubbish. The real enemy are the greedy bankers and money horders, they are the ones that are deserving of scorn, not imaginary satan or some old boys getting together to talk about egypt and ****.

    Evil is a man (insert vatican, church, synagogue, mosque, etc, etc) sitting on a pile of money that he can never hope to spend in his lifetime while elsewhere a child slowly starves to death while his distraught mother looks on unable to do a thing about it. That is evil, pure ******* simple.

    I look forward to becoming godlike when the technology allows, I look forward to living forever (or as long as I want), I look forward to exploring the cosmos and most of all I look forward to being master of my environment, building my own reality and not having to put up with this ****** one that god (or whatever) put me in.


    1. I only used one example of debunking Zeigeist because there are PLENTY of people who have debunked the Zeigeist claims of terribly faulty scholarship.

      It seems you support the secret societies and their goals for human depopulation, totalitarian lock down, poison in food, water etc. If that's the case, more power to you.

      I don't disagree with you that people with piles of money are a source of our problem. BUT it's NOT the PEOPLE themselves who are the problem. It's a human heart issue. What Christianity calls sin. If you were sitting on the same pile of money, there are no guarantees that you would give all of it away for the betterment of the world population.

      And the mere fact that you desire a transhuman agenda goes to show how little you might value the human being. You desire to live forever but are blinded to the fact that just being able to live forever in a physical way like we do now in no way has any guarantee of joy, or happiness, or fulfillment. In fact, it could be that you ARE creating your own reality of hell for yourself!

    2. Thank you for the confirmation of your ignorance. You would have made a great Inquisitor back in the day :)

  168. Hey ya bloodclat, am already a rasta. i must be cos i said bloodclat.

  169. thats it I'm becoming a rasta

  170. ineresting doc.. thank you for opening my mind and realizing that I want nothing to do with all of this and the new world order or whatever. it may very well be a fantasy or an escape because your really afraid of what is. I don't like the misleading and narrow approach to this doc, and the influential nature towards religious tendencies. Let people decide for themselves, without all the rules and regulations of religion. I'm sure jesus had no intention of making everything so twisted and misinturpretated, simplicity may be the key, after all its the present that counts, In my opinion its better to observe this and not get sucked in. It starts with the person themselves, in reality everyone dies and there most likely will not be a big mad beast running around trying to shout and convince people to follow him, if there is ill make it my business to smash a bottle over my own head, and then his head just to show that I'm hard and tell him to cop on to life. I also think the film maker in this doc is doing far to much and should be doing less and maybe smoke some herb.
    Don't mean to offend anyone, just had to get that off my chest, this doc made me think too much and I didn't like it.

  171. Finally someone decided to put it all together in one huge pile. Was waiting for this a long time. Way to go by distracting people from thinking about actual issues and discrediting actually anyone who is criticizing and challenging common perceptions of things like modern day imperialism and economical exploitation.

  172. thank you for including this documentory but it was rather silly. Im am prepared to listen to any rational line of reasoning on some farout topics but this degraded into superstitious nonsence pretty fast

  173. Im sorry Im sorry I had to stop watching and comment.(12:00) Where are they going to get satan's DNA? LMAO!!!!!

    1. from the bush family bloodline,ahahahahahaha

    2. Yeah, that was my thought exactly at that point. Especially because later they say demons have no physical manifestations. I'd just like that bit explained.

    3. I too stopped watching at the mention of Satan's DNA; because it was at that point I could feel my brain start to atrophy.

      All you thinking people out there - don't waste 1 minute of your precious time on this steaming pile of a video. Stick with Wormhole or Nat Geo - you might actually learn something useful.

    4. Unfortunately, it took me 30 minutes before I realized that.

  174. Thank you for posting this video. Nothing in this video surprised or shocked me. I have been watching the dumbing down of society including massive changes to Canadian law since the 70's taking away freedoms by removing responsibility and ethics, creating chaos and entitlements. Not until I learned about the illuminati did I realize it was not a coincidence but part of plan to remove man's mental faculties in order to ease the brainwashing process in order to attain the end goal.

    1. yes its sad because none of them will get it until they are standing in line to get their mark which will decide if they get to eat or not. by then it will be too late and the only other choice will be confinement.

  175. anyone who doesn't believe we are fighting a spiritual battle is either evil themselves or are just plain ignorant. I think this film puts everything that exists in perfect perspective and nails down everything that is happening right now and what is coming. I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't believe this film , as you are in for a very long miserable, sorry ride . God bless us all and we await His coming to free us from all the sorry state of affairs that satan has brought upon us.

  176. Ho ever made this documentary is st*pid becouse this theory is based on youtube fiction. It is sodu sience.There is no fact backing it up. There is alot of hores **** sayd on this documentary to make ur brain even more st*pid. If this thory was true, why is God so ******* croul to give us humen such a unfare life to live. We are even born in this 3 D reality and to reject it is only to hate God more. It is his ****** creation and why dont he, she it or what ever **** it is,, come here and live life as we do and let se how tuogh he is then. Maby God is chicken ****, ho knows. If this is true, it just dosent make sence with reality we live in. We find ower self in this 3 D reality world and it reprecent saten, or lucifer or what ever **** his name is. How unfare is God then to throue us in licifers worId. What figthing chance do we have at all then. I can agree in certen levels, that yes the Christians will in the end get blame becouse the religion represent a figth aginest life as how it is. We all have learn throue history that there is no othre religion ho has plegd more blod over ower world to be in power as Chritian religion. In the end it all comes to every each individual to change to the better. The person ho made this documentary seem to be more scared of the reality that he/ she dosen not understand and uses bunch of hores****t youtube fiction to generate more feer to scar people. Yes I am one of thous open minded people and even as I am open, I do not swollow **** becouse somone say so. After all there was a time when we thougth earth was flat. What the **** do we know. We have resently open dores throue tecnology, sience and religion. We know what we know and the rest is history.

  177. The title of this documentary fits it perfectly.It is very deceiving.

  178. dang last night I was listening to this as I dozed off, and I woke up in the dark to the screaming possession somewhere in the middle. I was so scared I couldn't fall back asleep -__-, but then I got tired enough and zzzz....finish the rest later.

  179. That so-called new world order , all those secret societies , satanic cults ......the classical struggle between good & evil explain what's going on in the world today , to some extent at least : evil is the temporary winner wordlwide today though .

    Evil will be defeated for good only when Jesus ,we believe in; will come back on earth ,so : that will be the real end of history , not that of that silly secular liberal Fukuyama .

    Humanity gotta wake up before it's too late indeed

  180. Hi :

    I did find time enough to watch the whole video : interesting ,to some extent at least ,minus the christian hokus pokus in regard to Jesus we believe in , among other things .

    Jesus as just a jewish prophet -human with no father who was sent by Allah to jews only in the same fashion that Adam had neither a father nor a mother .

    Meaning that the same God who created Adam & Eve without father or mother is the same one who created Jesus with no father from his virgin mother Marry .

    Jesus we believe in as a prophet of Allah , we respect , we love his virgin mother & respect her ...

    Jesus that neither was dead nor crucified but rose to heaven by the might of Allah .

    That christian silly trinity is a myth indeed .

    Jeus will come back on earth indeed as the true Messiah , he will kill the anti-christ , rule the world from Jerusalem & restore the glory of ....islam , ironically enough : that will be the real end of history , not that of Fukuyama haha.

    There is in fact only 1 religion : that of all prophets ,from Adam to Mohammed as the last prophet , including that of Jesus , Moses .......Islam as the last testament had not only confirmed & completed all previous messages of all previous prophets we believe in , but islam had also replaced them : that's called evolution of religion with islam as the last perfect form of , so .

    All previous prophets were sent by Allah to their own peoples only though , except Mohammed who was sent by Allah to all mankind thus .

    In short :

    Christians would be amazed at the fact that we , muslims , do share many things with them , despite the above mentioned islamic facts i cited , as some of them were displayed in this above mentioned video , it would take too much time to talk about , so

    1. here here!!!!

    2. dude,you say aliens are an invention of the new world order,brother you do know everything that is in the bible was,censored by a bunch of rich guys at the council of nicea. Nice for you to go through the trouble of making this little documentary,but its a waste of time.I only watched it so i could give an educated counterarguement to what,the mass of sheeple blind believers,have to reference. The bible was written and censored by the new world order of their day,y cant we read jesus' gospel,whut was he doing between 13-30 years of age,c'mon man. Use your brain,critical thinking,is the first of "gods" gifts,and usually the first that is crushed and thrown away...Religion is the number one cause of bloodshed in the entire history of this planet...get a clue..please.

    3. What are you talking about ? Did you at least read what i said ? Where is my comment you replied to anyway ?

    4. no... dammit my big reply was to the video itself not you sir,my reply to you was, here..sorry,good abdelz ,bad documentary narrator...damn no, i am for your comment....against whut this sheep,was trying to convince people,in this "documentary"..most of the bible is heresay,and therefore cannot be proven

    5. Ok, sir :

      Do not worry , we do agree with each other concerning the fact that the Bible is just mumbo jumbo , for the most part at least.

      Thanks, appreciate indeed

    6. haha

      Why do u get so excited ?


  181. I make this comment only because i have both photographic and video-graphic evidence of other dimensional entities. just the mere mention of this evidence to individuals who chose not to entertain the idea of other dimensional entities will cause their cerebrum to revert to the primate state in order to overcome their sense of delusion. Mankind has been brainwashed to worship Caesar. This doc is very clear and literal and that flies in the face of those who have put their trust in the goodness of mankind .it is evident that the human race is a scourge on this planet. we are no longer symbiotic with the natural world. It is very unlikely that we could repair the damage since we are the rotten fruit on the planet. if there is to be some kind of repair done to this broken organism then it must come from outside....///

    1. @mark
      ok show this evidence

    2. I appreciate your interest, unfortunately this is a not a good forum on which to share my evidence. i am happy to indulge you if you are truly interested thru a less public medium. i have a link online and many artifacts stored in my own which I prefer not to share here due to the nature of the subject may conjure hostility .i have nothing to sell here and if you are sincere then let me know of another venue more private in which to indulge you with my anomalous discoveries.

    3. Mate, if you have a link or can upload such evidence, there are many that would have sincere interest. You may still receive some hostility from some posters, so what, that's no different to any other post.
      If you have something interesting to show, I'd be one that would be interested to see.

    4. @mark
      yes i am skeptical at the least and outright don't believe you at the most. holding this evidence to the light of those that have different views and maybe higher thresholds of what is evidence is the only way to go about this. if either yourself or the evidence cannot stand up to scrutiny then it is not very sturdy evidence at all. i will not be hostile towards you but i cannot promise that for others. but if others are hostile ignore them and if it goes too far (threats or otherwise) i trust the site to either moderate or remove said comments. if you choose not to share that is your right. and if i choose not to believe you based on claims alone that is my right. but claims of this magnitude require evidence of at least equal magnitude.

    5. The question becomes what you accept as evidence. There are many photos and videos of such types on evidence. A great example is the UFO phenomenon. You have NASA footage, astronauts, and high ranking military officials as well as presidents and others who have witnessed the phenomenon. Now are there hoaxes out there? Absolutely. Without a doubt. But what would it take the skeptic to believe the phenomenon is real? It's different for everyone. I know a man who was very much atheist but changed his entire world view after allegedly coming face to face with such entities.

      So upon investigating the topic, I found that the phenomenon is real but what we believe it to be is something else.

    6. @facelikethesun
      what would it take for me? first the quality of any pictures or video would have to be fairly high since most cameras today are at least very good quality. next not only would there be no natural explanation as an option also saying something is unexplained or unknown is not evidence. it would have to stand up to the scrutiny of skeptics convincing those that already believe is not good evidence. eyewitness testimony alone will not convince me sorry but i do not trust someones say so unless they earn it. multiple clear videos from unrelated sources that have been studied and tested and agreed to by experts in video review, relevant scientists and any other relevant field. and agreed to by the vast majority of their peers. a majority of acceptance by the scientific community is a must. their methods have consistently proven to be the most reliable way to ascertain the truth.

    7. You're standards are very much in line with all skeptics and is totally understandable. But there are two questions I have. One, because such phenomenon such as ghosts or UFOs or anything considered "spiritual" don't necessarily reflect or manifest as physical or material constructs, how would the material sciences, which deals only with things which can be measured, weighed, etc assess and come to any concrete conclusions about things which can't be measured weighed etc? Second, if you had a profound personal experience of coming in direct contact with alleged spiritual entities, would you consider yourself to be losing your mind before you even entertain the possibility that such beings exist? I ask this directly to you since I know it will vary from person to person. I also understand its a hypothetical.

    8. @facelikethesun
      first off i find it strange that someone else made a claim and i am the one who gets asked the questions. but i will answer. if i had an experience of this nature i would first have to ask myself if i was impaired in some respect (tired,stress,drunk,high,sick) next is there a more reasonable and at least equally justifiable answer, then i would get myself checked out by a doctor to make sure there isn't a medical explanation for this event. if all these things among some others were done and i still cannot explain the phenomenon i would not share it. until i have proof sharing such an experience would be counterproductive. anybody who believes me without proof cannot help my claim and diluting down the pool with another claim without evidence only pushes these claims further away from acceptance. to answer your other question if these experiences are "spiritual" and cannot be measured by science. how can they be photographed and videotaped? they would have to exist in the physical world for us to capture an image wouldn't they? but if they cannot be measured at all then i will reiterate my previous statement. why make a claim that cannot be backed up? why preach to the choir? why muddy the waters of something you obviously believe be adding another unfounded claim to the heap and possibly discredited a possibly provable claim by relation?

    9. Mark

      Your not the only one. I had someone email me a photo from the Bastian tunnels in the UK. The photos are without a doubt disturbing. The skeptics will always remain skeptical, and rightfully so. I totally understand why. But at a certain point even the skeptics have to at least wonder. And is it not strange that such phenomenon have been recorded throughout human history? Is that a flaw in the evolutionary development of our brains? Or is something else going on?

    10. I would..Mark. I want to know about everything you have to share. Got any books for sale?

    11. Well yeah mark, this a very good site to share any and all such info that you have, We will monitor and promise that no one will be hostile towards you as long as your info meets the "comment policy" above and relates to the doc in question, so let it roll!

    12. Mark, I'm assuming that I fall into your category of “nefarious poster” but I find it curious that you assume just because the naysayers in this thread don't agree with the thrust of the film, they're somehow content with the state of the world.

      Personally, I share a lot of the concerns expressed, the difference is though, I don't attribute any of it to ancient prophesies, aliens, or biblical scripture. I see the causes as being all too human. What's more, I doubt that films like this do anything more than reinforce the power of the elites, because these sorts of narratives just generate unwarranted fear in the gullible mind, and that's the first thing that we should be fighting, if ever we're to improve our lot.

      I'm also curious about this video and photographic evidence. Perhaps you could upload it somewhere, and share the link with us. :)

    13. Myself and others who talk about the subjects I discuss in the film get labelled fear mongers quite often. But in reality, it's not pushing fear. It's just pushing truth. I didn't make any of this stuff up. We all know about the strange rituals going on at Bohemian Grove. Those things should be alarming to everyone regardless of worldview.

      As a matter of fact, the Biblical perspective is that we do not have a spirit of fear but a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. Humanity blaming other humans as we so often do only perpetuates the cycle of hate. But love thy enemy, love thy neighbor, etc will disarm humanities animosity towards each other. Unfortunately, the words of Jesus as well as what he stands for and why he came to earth are overlooked and ignored by believers and non believers alike. In fact, no human being has ever lived up to the standards put forth by Jesus, except one.

  182. my thanks to all these nefarious posters who have confirmed to me that the information in this doc is evident in our society today

  183. It is truly upsetting to wake up and discover that one has been a troll in disguise . I am not a hater or a troll , and will have my breathalizer interface recalibrated to filter my own stupidity . I apologize to the esteemed community for any offense . Duly noting that docs I don't like and sheeple all have a place and time in the universe . Forgiveness ... anyone ????
    TDF is the best !!!! SCIENCE rules !!!!!! DEATH to ignorance !!!!!
    PS- Gonzo- your doc is a million times better than the one I haven't made. Please make another one . Will try my best to watch it too .

  184. LOL... thats propoganda... anyone that thinks thats a documentary are fools. Take it down!

  185. I will be plain and simple : This documentary lost me, you can not expect me to be objective about this documentary because it has a subjective influence RELIGION this is just CHRISTIAN PROPAGANDA.

    I am seeing a lott of these Documanteries lately with CHRISTIAN PROPAGANDA to them.

    Is it so hard to stay OBJECTIVE when you deal with subjects as Ufo's, Satan etc. ?

    The world is so cliché I can most of the time expect documanteries with these subjects to have some religous motive to them.

  186. Jesse Ventura said it best .... " organised religion is a sham and a crutch for weak-minded people who need strength in numbers "
    possibly this doc needs re-post in the comedy section .... or maybe ...just maybe ... a new category could be created.... like , " You Gotta Be Kidding Me " or perhaps " Brainwashing "
    anyway thanks TDF . I'm positive the sheeple will enjoy this

    1. If my message was organized religion, it would be one thing...but it's not.

  187. All emotion about personal lives aside, the "New World Order" is a good thing and here is why:

    1 People cannot live without order period. It is the conflict between the rulers that create misery everyone is so afraid of. Power struggle is never a good thing for those that do not have power, hence if there is a new global order there wont be separate powers to compete.

    2 Think of medieval japan Sengoku era (the warring states) or anywhere else for that matter. Only under one ruler can there be peace. Granted they all failed BUT at this day and age it might just work because there is no where to expand to after this is over (Earth I mean)

    3 Police state is nothing new and most certainly not a bad thing. Face it society will rebel and for minimum or 3 generations (until everyone has forgotten about the old ways) there needs to be a force to keep it under control.

    After that people will just live their lives normally without someone complaining how cool it was back in the day when you could shout your opinions fight over differences (ie skin color, ethnicity, heritage and favorite form of government)

    1. response to your pro NWO statements

      1. The illusion will be that all is well and peace has been attained. But under one rulership, if that one entity goes Hitler, or Stalin, then the long plans for the NWO of reducing the world population down to 500 million "in balance with nature" becomes possible. You're right that people cannot live without order. In particular reference to my film, I am not suggesting anarchy or totalitarian dictatorship under some eccumenical governance. Far from it. I am actually not suggesting any kind of "better" system. The film is simply a warning that states, an ancient prophetic text which has been accurate for a lot of what we see unfolding in the world predicted this single world government, AND that it would bring peace, but that it would be a false peace.

      2. Yes under one rulership, there can be peace. But there can also be mass destruction. Once everyone is locked into a global grid, the type being promoted by the Technocratic ideologies that began in the 1930's, as well as the neo-marxist mechanical society being promoted by Zeigeist moving forward is in place, then it's either do or die. In other words, submit to the system or lose everything...(which we are pretty much in today, but we have the option to opt out if we choose)

      3. Yes, a police state is nothing new. But it becomes an issue under the kind of alleged "threat" we are being told through mass media and politics. Think about what America has faced in the last ten years, "War on terror" "War on drugs" "Weapons of Mass Desctruction" etc. Although these are real threats, they have been the stepping tool for our trustworthy government leaders to slowly take away our rights in this country. The Constitution is pretty much a door matt at this point, and it doesn't seem like things are going to get better any time soon. Once the military forces turns on it's own citizens and we see martial law, all bets are off and it goes from "safety" to "lock down."

      The bottom line is that I am not some right wing, republican, baptist, fundamental religious nutcase. I see what's happening in the world and I found it profound that such ancient literature would not only address it several thousands of years ago, but warn us of it and be accurate on several other key events and factors of history. Now either you're telling me that these shephers running around 2000 years ago just got really lucky about what we would face as a culture and society, or something else is going on.

      BTW, happy Easter, I mean Ishtar...

    2. Prophesies coming to pass...seriously?

      When I go to see a play being performed, I don't squeee loudly and run around shouting the sky's falling, because Shakespeare's prophesies are coming to pass. Likewise, the bible is just a story, all the world's a stage, and politicians are the lead characters. Give them a good enough script, and it should hardly be surprising that they milk it for all it's worth and play to the peanut gallery. ;)

  188. I could not go on with this video past about 40 minutes..I have studied ancient occult practice from Manley, Blatvatski, and many others and never was able to put this line of thought together..This documentary is bible thumping at it's best. Sorry, you lost me, Bill Tallmon

    1. Agreed, This kind of thinking is implying that "ignorance is bliss". We fell from grace when we "ate of the tree of knowledge..." so the problem is that we know too much- keep us stupid and we will be "perfect"- doesnt that sound just like the NWO philosophy? I guess hipocracy is alive and well in doccies like this!

  189. i have a problem believing the bible, and before you call me a satanist atheist etc, take a look at the mainstream history of the roman empire and the ecumenical synods where the bible was edited or re-written by the most evil , corrupt and greedy men...oh and you should know i'm a christian :D

  190. This is a very extensive documentary on yet again another method of Bible thumping. Yes I capitalized the word Bible out of respect to those of you who would take offense if I had not. I respect all views, beliefs, and perceptions of others. However, once again a woman, Alice Bailey, is seen as the devil incarnate. Did you notice all women in this video were of negative value? When he said the New Age was about killing off God, I have to disagree. I am a child of the New Age, even at 63 years of age and it is not in any way about the end or death of our Creator. So let me say here and now, the New Age is here and it is going to be a Golden Age for all humankind. Wake up, become aware of Who You Are. One more thing, at the end he said how the apostles were given visions, well isn't that what channeling is? Namaste

  191. I watched the entire 'doc' and there was stacks that I found interesting and informative but as can be expected there was also stacks that I was able to reject as nonsense... Nevertheless it's important to expose oneself to as much opinion/information as possible... Knowledge takes time to accumulate, it's important to expose your own views to being tested and even more important to keep an open mind.

  192. It's interesting what some people believe. But it's never very enlightening to have it all explained. That usually ruins it for me. I prefer that their magic beliefs remain a mystery. Fallen Angels and women having sex? Wow! I never would have thought! Hahaha, did you watch the whole thing!

  193. Well......I shouldn't vote for that Mormon Mitt Romney, because he allready believes he becomes God after he dies.

  194. I maybe showing some ignorance here or maybe I just need something explained to me this is my question. "If Adam and Eve were the only humans living in the garden of Eden how do we know what the serpent said to her or what god said who was writing it down"?

    1. Interestingly enough, Eve's age is never mentioned in the Bible (unlike Adam and many others) nor is Eve's death recorded unlike everyone else including Adam. Surely Eve Lives On! Now where did the sons of Adam and Eve find their wives.....

    2. You still there?

    3. The wives are called Sisters.

    4. or Mother!

    5. Adams first wife was lurking in the undergrowth taking notes for her divorce lawyer ;)

    6. As with most text, they are written after a certain amount of time handed down orally or by tradition. It is believed that the book of Genesis was written down by Moses. The difference is that these text are "inspired" by God. In other words, God Himself revealed what we need to know. If you are a strict materialist, such claims are absurd and I understand and can relate if you think that. But you can't apply modern standards of recording history to ancient text. It's just impossible and quite frankly not fair. But something to consider in all of it are the numerous flood myths there are all around the world. Over 600 ancient tribes have a sort of flood myth concerning a few that were saved, from which all humanity descends from. So while the geologists might say one thing, the people that lived much closer to that time recorded something entirely different. Take it with a grain of salt and do your own study and come to your own conclusions.

      I will say though, that the "serpent" in the garden is a poor translation of the text. In actuality, the hebrew taken by its adjective form is "a shining one". Check out the work of Dr. Mike Heiser, an ancient language scholar for more on that. It's fascinating. He also wrote on the divine council, something a lot of bible believing Christians don't even understand about what is written in the OT.

    7. Ignorant people never raise such questions publicly. Ignorant people keep their mouths shut and worship big lies.

  195. I started- got distracted- made toast, started again for10 or so minuted and got distracted again by the hungry cat-then mind wandered for a while-video was still running. Did not hear a word- Then it occurred to me - Don't watch this. so I stopped it and finished the comment. I am a Christian, know the Bible is the Word of G-D. I will not pitch my tent in the Devil's territory. Have a good day. Maranatha

  196. the first few minutes of this film was enough to cause me to turn
    it can anyone believe your preaching? jesus if such a
    person ever existed taught a few of his fellow Jews how to live
    but he did not teach us anything......

  197. And once again a huge load of crap.
    Would learn way more watching grass grow for 2 and a half hour.

    1. you are so kind :)

    2. A lot can be revealed by watching grass grow for 2 hours. There is a tribe called the Lobi in Burkina Faso where the boys go to the woods for the passing of manhood. Among other rites, they have to sit by themself in the forest and watch a tree until the tree talks to them, sometimes for nights and days. Apparently it beats all the fears out of you.

    3. I think I'd just freakin' lie in that circumstance and say, "Ah, yeah, that tree was the most talkative I've ever seen. Yup! Lucky I was only out there in the lion-infested bush for 15 mintues! Whew! Lucky me!"

    4. well, in Burkina Faso there are no lions in the wild, quite a few snakes though.

  198. A Lot of Fear in this Documentary. Some facts too, but a lot of Fear.

    1. This is true, however, if ya read the entire will find the hope..and the love.

      I've read the end of the book....and we...and God WIN !!!

      Why d'ya think you need to be "saved"?

    2. this was a different take for me... I found it interesting... but you're right... a lot of fear.

  199. IF there was such a thing as a God it probably spits out universes like a child blows bubbles and cares as little for each as the child does about one bubble. They come and go in the blink of an eye. No amount of crystal crunching, toad licking or bone scattering will make a difference. As I understand it the universe as we know it is just unbalanced enough to exist perfectly. It could as easily have been any other way and still exist and thereby still be thought of as perfect. For me that just means that sh1t happened and we happened as a progression of it, no rhyme or reason, nothing but astronomically good luck. Makes us all the more precious, we could easily not have happened at all. No need to worry about being thankful to a careless creator, just enjoy being alive ;)

    1. Well for whatever, whoever, however I got here....I'm grateful for it! Like you, I'm just glad to be alive! ha

  200. According to the comments about this doc now I have to try and watch, want to see how long I will last watching my beloved religee's in action, did someone say Hovind? already pissed off!

  201. Hey thanks for all the comments folks. I am the "idiotic, irrational, illogical, religious fundamental, blind, ignorant" maker of this film.

    I am a Christian (whatever connotation you want to prescribe to that title) grew up in an atheistic home and I do believe there is a global conspiracy going on behind the scenes. I think it's fascinating seeing all the negativity being posted here. It reminds me of the proponents of tolerance..."Be tolerant...or else!"

    My question to all the so called "haters" out there is...what do YOU think the problem is? As a Christian, I believe it is the condition of the human heart. We call it sin. It's not a systematic problem. In other words, the challenges we face are not the cause of governments, economies, religions, etc...rather these are the effects or symptoms to a much deeper, human flaw.

    In any case, I am more than happy to discuss any particular points of the film whether negative or positive. And for those who sat through the whole 2.5 hours, kudos...that takes a lot of boredom.

    1. Why do you use the name Gonny here when Gonzo appears on your DVD?

    2. Gonzo is my real name. On my birth certificate. I think my parents were...well we won't go there. Gonny is just a nick name but it stuck since I was a kid.

    3. Negativity? It's not negative to promulgate the fact that you have a childlike view of humanity but lacking lacking a child's innocence. The spooky music might be meaningful (scary) for a child but only detracts from any believability to an adult.

      Many of the people who frequent this website are well versed in logic and science and have not chosen to comment because, I suspect, your ideas are an unprovable crazy mashup of new age/christian/satanic/conspiracy that are unworthy of comment.

      "As a christian, I believe.....blah blah blah"
      As an atheist, I believe that may be (y)our biggest problem. Adam & Eve, Noah &the flood, satan, UFOs,angels (fallen and otherwise), hybrid race, Atlantis; what a laughable load of brown stuff! You left out Snow White, Goofy, and Santa.

    4. "A child like view of humanity" I find that interesting. Are you suggesting that your atheistic view of humanity is more...moral? ethical? good? better? I'm not sure what you are suggesting there. And if that is what you are suggesting, are you ready to say there are objective moral values of which are independent and binding regardless of person, place or social construct?

      If you are well versed in logic and science then you would understand that both presuppose and rely on constants and quantities we find in the universe. It only extends so far as what we can understand and measure in our physical world. It should not and does not speak into any forms of philosophical and dare I say, spiritual, inquiry.

      As to your comment on belief, I would contend that every single person on this planet operates on beliefs. And by making comments like this one..."what a laughable load of brown stuff!" you are actually not being a very good scientist since you are closing off to all possible realities. I am not against science. Don't get me wrong. But I think there is a difference between experimental sciences and historic sciences. The latter is still predicated on conjecture and much of what is called uniformitarianism.

      So in any case, I am more than happy to extend the conversation and show that it's not entirely illogical to posit the existence of God, or the Christian God for that matter. Is it as concrete so called "proof" as your material sciences would need to confirm or deny a claim? That depends on presuppositions, but I often find that the rejection of God usually comes from the philosophical grounds and not necessarily any kind of "empirical" data, of which are mere pieces of information still being filtered through the mind of human beings.

    5. Are you suggesting that your atheistic view of humanity is more...moral? ethical? good? better?

      "It should not and does not speak into any forms of philosophical and dare I say, spiritual, inquiry."
      I have no belief whatsoever in spiritualism. Philosophy and science have walked lockstep with each other and been mirror images of each other. Yin and yang to use a spiritual term. I admire and respect both branches of human endeavour, but not spiritualism. As a grown man, your bead rattling and threats of damnation no longer impress or frighten me.

      I apologize for calling your "documentary" a load of brown stuff. I should have said what I meant and called it bullshit. In doing so, I do not close off all possibilities. However, I do reject your absurd, childlike, naive viewpoint concerning our human condition.

    6. You went waaay out of your way to sound "smart", only to include your true desire to use "bullshit". Just sayin'.

    7. Sorry. I wasn't trying to sound smart, but after being sort of called out on calling his doc "brown stuff" I went the other direction and called a spade a spade. (My father called a spade a fukin' shovel). Not trying to be smart, just me. Point taken and accepted.

      Edit: Though I vehemently disagree with Gonny, I respect his calm, well said and thought out replies. I simply totally disagree.

    8. Sorry, but your film is awful, Gonny Shimura. Human beings and animals certainly don't need help from silly, irrational "thinking" like yours.

    9. please point to where my thinking is irrational? The Christian message is Love God and Love Others. Now you can not believe in God, but ultimately it's loving others. But Christianity says that the love we have for our fellow man is not our love, but God's love. It puts the human being in a posture of humbleness, forgiveness, patience, kindness, hope, etc. So what exactly of this is irrational?

      There are things Jesus taught which are principle some of the most profound concepts to mankind, and it's not the easiest thing to do, in fact they are impossible to achieve.

      There's a lot more I want to say but I would like to hear your response to my question.

    10. Christianity is a pretty bad example of love. I believe empathy is the ground upon which moral understanding appears, not lies, fairy tales, metaphysical threats, and worshiping gods(or worshiping anything, for that matter). Your mess of a film is just a propaganda piece for idiotic, mystical nonsense. Perhaps billions of people have been murdered throughout history, and it's nothing but insulting to listen to the pointless story of your fake superhero being murdered as some groundbreaking turning point in human history. Truly, Christians do "posture" about humbleness, forgiveness, etc., but it is only posturing. It's fake, just like your dreams of every free being in this world becoming one zombie of love.
      Nope, I'm all grown up now, and I'm certainly not going to watch your 2000 year old cartoon for the rest of my life.

    11. On what basis are you determining your morality from? You say empathy. But empathy is relating to someone else's emotional status. You still have no foundation to which you base any kind of morality from. Someone could be empathetic towards Hitler, but does that make his actions right? Or is morality merely relative and subjective?

      Also, the acts of historical Christianity has no bearing on the truth claims. Stalin was an atheist and he killed millions of his own people. Does that mean atheism is wrong? No it does not. Again it points to the human condition.

      And by positing that people's posture of humbleness etc is fake, you are not only making sweeping generalizations, but you are saying you can read the intents of people. Are you really that awesome?

    12. We're all free beings, free to choose. Morality is; how does a world of free beings get along together? Empathy is trying to understand other free beings' plight in the world through a careful review of your own experiences. Just understanding what freedom is, is a life-long endeavor, let alone understanding others' plight in the world. Morality is based on individual contexts or situations, it doesn't work as a system. It is subjective choices which become moral choices as one reaches out towards an understanding of others. It is something inside which believes in the outside of themselves.
      The history of Christianity has no excuses for itself. It's so terrible that you have compare it with genocides and mass murderers. Pretty pathetic. And I don't believe in a predetermined human condition to slaughter each other. I believe that free beings can change their mind.
      Clearly, in my experience, I've seen nothing but dishonesty when someone puts on the uniform of Christianity. I don't really give a damn about what dream-world intent the Christian has when I see the ridiculous results of their actions.
      And you don't have any business bringing up "sweeping generalizations". Remember, I watched your idiotic film.

    13. Again you base your argumentation on presuppositions. I agree with you that we are free beings. But not only are there limits to our freedom (I can want to jump and fly to the center of the sun as much as I want to but it's not happening). but it's also predicated on the fact that we have the very ability to choose. This ability to choose is predicated on the rules, boundaries, constants and quantities of our material universe, but it is also predicated on the mind. If the mind is nothing more than a mush of bio-chemical processes, then not only is that information nothing more than bio-chemical processes, but every ounce of what any of us believe have no real significance expect for the delusions we apply it. If that's the case, then even what you say to me are nothing more than chemical reactions in the brain.

      I agree that understanding one another is a process. And I also agree that morality is not a system. How many times have I posted that what we deal with as a humanity is NOT a systematic issue? They are a collection of individual choices, of which when we put ourselves as the center, tend to compromise the fellow man. If morality are merely subjective decisions, then you cannot say that torturing babies for fun is wrong in all circumstances. In fact, it makes your next argument flawed.

      To point out the history of Christianity, which in actuality is more of the history of the Papacy and the Catholic Ecclesiastical system, and call it evil or wrong presupposes that there is a right. If there is a standard of which you are able to determine something as wrong or right, then you posit objective moral values which are independent and binding regardless of time, place, people etc. That moral standard would posit a rational entity which understands moral boundaries to have placed it there. But that's where you retreat and say there is no such thing. So if there is no rational entity of superior intellectual understanding providing the guiding boundaries of moral standards, then moral standards are a mere illusion. If moral standards are mere illusions than there is no concrete right. If there is no concrete right, there is no wrong. And so your argument about how wrong the history of Christianity is falls apart.

    14. It's the branches of Christianity that are so destructive.It's a person or group of people taking sections out of the Bible or old scripture and fitting it into their way of life.I believe in God ,son, Bible, but I have also seen church goers step out of the pew at the end of service and go home and beat their kids, smoke their cigs, cuss, name it.
      It's these break-offs of Christianity and Hebrew text that cause wars and intolerance....nothing more. I believe a person sitting in their bath robe and slippers at the kitchen table, worshiping their God on a Sunday morning is more respectful to the Lord then someone who gets all dolled-up and puts on a show at Church.
      I tried watching this thing yesterday, but I had my headphones on and that music creeped me out by about the 6 or 7 min. Although I must say, I give ya credit for makin' a

    15. You seriously think I can't say that torturing babies is wrong, because it doesn't fit into your puerile view of logical consistency? I watched two and a half hours of your bizarre thinking, and now I get the subtitles to it? Goodness! It doesn't even seem like you're speaking to me, rather you're just leaping from one idea to the next acting as though you've connected them. I mean, just look at this mess below:
      "If moral standards are mere illusions than there is no concrete right. If there is no concrete right, there is no wrong. And so your argument about how wrong the history of Christianity is falls apart."

      Are you on speed?

    16. Alright Gonny,I tried watching it again , but man that d*m music scarces the holy ***t out of me! I'll watch it when my ol' lady's in here. The ***kin' anti-christ would be afraid of her! I looked in your name file there and saw the sight for Douglas Hamp. Do you think you can have him send me all his books for free please. I'm not going to pay of course. God's word isn't for sale right? It's free for who ever seeks it.
      So will you get them for me bud..thanks man. I KNEW you were a true man of God and not one of them traveling web salesman. Can you also have him send me $$ for my time of need. Well I was just seein' how he made some up-teen million $$ and I could really use some....thanks again man.

    17. just don't try to fall asleep to it!!! I watched it with a little pot and booze...dozed off.. then woke up in very creepy moments throughout... Scenes of exorcisms and ****!

    18. hahaha thats exactly what happened 2 me :))

    19. Well this is my first reply on this site and i we been here for two years so you got my attention, but in a BAD way

  202. The Agenda of the New World Order is one constructed by Male Buffoons with a female figure head, Lucifer. They can't be taken seriously. The lack of female references and opinions, makes this documentary incredibly biased.

    Kind regards, Francis Bacon, The Advancement of Learning

  203. This is more like re-introduction to the matrix.

  204. This documentary is a perfect example why reasonable people will never take religious people serious. Such perverted mindsets are bound to create evil.

    "Religion poisons everything."
    - C. Hitchens

    I would add: Even their enemies. That's why it's so hard to get rid of it.

  205. Half way through this bullshit...and i am not going to bother watching the rest...this is such a waste of time...the pope and his pals can watch this crap and blissfully shake in unbridled ecstacy...what a piece of shit...this documentary is the biggest deception of all time....

  206. I would seriously have to question the belief of any Christian blindly believing this -- verbatim-- without challenging/researching it. Ie:

    "No man ever believes that the Bible means what it says. He is always convinced that it says what he means"
    ~George Bernard Shaw

  207. This is like some sort of spooky mindtrick (ghosts) for making all/some/about 45% (I think) the 'DEVILS' go into your head.

    Egro (latin word for Mexico), that will then allow the 'Cat People' (elite) to make all the machines go bonkers (A.I + Anti Luddite Fallacy - 55% ghosts = Machine Bonkers).

    I could have got this wrong but I watched about 2.43% (Maths) of this 'SCIENCE' Docusoap/Ambient Music/Talking/Narrative (Voice Words)

    I have to go now. My name is Brian Dad. (@parrhesia101)

  208. putting a religious spin on the truth of the elite nwo just hurts everyone and makes the cause look less reputable. good job ruining the truth.

  209. Haha! great! I find that this kind of stuff is nice to watch when you're tired and just feel like letting your brain rot a bit.

    Edit. Having watched all of this - all two hours thirty - I can say wholeheartedly I regret doing so. While watching it, I could l feel my head caving from the immense pressure of the stupidity that is presented in this video.

  210. Just Jesus preachers nothing new. Build ideas up then knock them down.

  211. Weapons grade stupidity.

  212. Social predators from ants to lions live in hierarchial societies as predator No.1 we are no different.

    Whats this about a one world government being evil?

    6 billion heads are better than 300 million the only reason we are successful as a species is our ability to interact and share complex ideas. Evolution of a social species is most likely to take us to a place where we are so good at it we dont need to divide ourselves into smaller more managable social groups (countries).In 10,000 years give or take we have moved from small bands of nomadic hunter gathers to the current situation. A cohesive democratic one world government could be a good thing.....

    The whole faith thing just blurs the picture religion is another way of controlling people through fear, primarily fear of change! (Also other fears factors many of these mentioned in Maslow's hierarchy of needs)

    If God were all powerful then he would be able to build a wall too big for himself to jump over....but he cant because its a paradox, and the exsistance of paradox's like this one mean all powerful beings cannot exist.

    1. What's wrong about 1 world government or new world order ? You gotta be kidding : slavery , domination & power

      Imposing a certain view of the world , life , the universe , certain values the rest of humanity: is that no enough evil or fascism according to you ?

      Come on, get real, please

  213. I haven't watch this but in the first 5 mins it's already quoting the bible!! We don't need the bible to tell us that there are evil hard-hearted men in control of our world. It's everywhere just look around.The earth can provide for all of her children and everyone of us is here for a reason. The premise of the doc is most likely correct but using the bible to prove it only perpetuates fear and confusion. We need to stop thinking in us versus them terms. The earth has very clever ways of cleansing her toxins. Don't forget we all have a divine spark inside of us and no book or doctrine can begin to comprehend what that even means. I think that's part of the beauty of life, it's up to each of us to find our way and how we fit in to bettering this beautiful earth we live on. Remember love is what holds our universe together and love always overcomes darkness.

  214. This fictional lucifer is surely not only concerned with challenging christian beliefs. There are a lot of other religions out there for any NWO to deal with. The Architects of the NWO are definitely evil (bad) and our focus should be on how to stop them and not argue the basis of their beliefs. A bullet through my head will do as much damage being shot by a christian as that of a occulter. This argument is centuries old but my life is short so I will stick to trying to stop evil men from doing wrong in my lifetime and at the same time live my life with love, kindness and honour for a start. As you argue and debate, their grip on your children's future is tightened. Lucifer does not exist. Greedy, ruthless people exist and have designs on making us build our own prison. Lets fight them.

  215. Am I the only one that has actually READ the Bible in here?

    All I can say is that there are sure going to be allot of people in for a BIG surprise!

    1. i have read the bible. it is one of the reasons i know christianity is nonsense.

    2. yeah they're going to be totally surprised when they find out it's all BS.

    3. Read the bible? which one? which religion do you speaketh of? A BIG surprise?? Holy moley!

      Funny religee's!

  216. It really is documentaries like these that blur the truth. You are adopting conspiracy theories but throwing god will's into it.

  217. As christ didnt exist and the story of him is a copy of the 500bc mithras story that means no Christ so no god so no devil, just one huge lie to control people with

  218. Nonsense.

  219. asscociations where there are none...ease up on the dusty old book.

  220. What a load of total shit. I am so tired of all the crap about the world is going to end on 21,12,2012 or god or Jesus is going to come back.
    Every time someone gives a date that something is going to happen on a date in the future, the date comes and goes and nothing ever happens.
    That is our problem we are all waiting for what others is telling us will happen. And because of it the we all just keep on Raping our world of resources and polluting it until it becomes so bad that we can no longer live here, Then it will be to late as there is nowhere else to go.
    We all have good and evil in us, and it is up to us to practise being good so we can take care of our home and stop destroying it.
    Instead of waiting for god or aliens to return and save us all, it's not going to happen. We will all destroy ourselves if we keep on waiting and not changing our ways and stop fighting and polluting our only home.
    We would not pour gallons of toxic waste in our homes, but we are all guilty of doing this to our world directly or indirectly. If we are going to save our world we all need to stop fighting our fellow humans. And we all need to stop using plastic and all other things that pollute our home world.
    No God or Alien is going to save us only us can save us....

  221. Oh yes.Forgot to mention.This is SO absurd,it is terrifying

  222. I had a good laugh watching this! Maybe its because of what I just smoked from my vaporizer!

  223. When I watch documentaries like this and see all the fear and superstition that so many religious people still cling to even in this day and age of science,I wonder if the human race will ever grow up and stop being "Afraid of the boogey man"!!We need to stop clinging to these fairy tales about "Satan" and "God","Jesus","Mohammed","demons" etc,and start taking responsibility for our own destiny.

  224. is it just me or when the guy is describing Luciferianism it sounds like he's talking about the religious christian right?

    an hour in and i feel like i should have to water these toons twice a week they're so stupid. it's galling to think that there are grownups that still believe this poop.

  225. Thank god some fallen angels taught humans root cutting. That is definitely going to be the key to the new world order. Man, this was the dumbest thing I have ever watched for 45 minutes that was not on Mtv.

  226. this ****** me up even more than before. I have no idea what to believe now. THANKS CHRIS

  227. Doesn't matter, just watched the first fifteen minutes.

    TuPac told me to keep watching but I reminded him that he's dead.


    meh, It's a beauty college.

    This isn't.

  229. Man! Why does the incorrect use of the apostrophe bug me so much?

    Anyone else?.. Just me?

    The topic sentence for this page ,"Is there a connection between UFO’s, alien abductions, channeling spirits, demonic possessions, the new age movement, secret societies, and satanism?"

    There's a beauty college here with a BIG SIGN that reads...

    1. UFO's?..Yeah,it bugs me too

  230. Sounds like we should destroy the rich people then. Count me in unless I win the lottery or something.

  231. WE need global governance only not by the private proffiteer's and banksters such as the World Bank and IMF all being done behind closed doors. We have the technology to have full participatory government and all we get are more and more restrictions on our freedom not more....something wrong with this picture.

  232. utter bs of a documentary

  233. Having been brought up as a jehovahs witness, sitting through this felt exactly the same as listening to the sunday sermon I was forced to attend through childhood. The bible being quoted every 30 seconds. This is mind numbing drivel of epic proportions. "I believe" is the start of every other sentence. This is not a documentary. Its a sunday school recording. At 2hrs:18m " and its kinda like god takes all this dirt, he puts it together, he blows his spirit in man"...How enlightening. Not surprising though, the premise is that the intellect is evil.Intellect=forbidden fruit that satan seduced eve with. Clearly, this is an attempt to destroy it.

    Does the christian god have a problem with those who use intellect and can think for themselves as opposed to believing a book that was apparently inspired by him?

    In that case, my thanks to satan for giving humanity the capacity to think and for the scientific method of aquiring knowledge.

    1. I was raised in that belief system and I find that what the Witnesses were teaching in the 70's is what most churches are teaching today, especially with regard to the idea that we are living in the last days. In response to your query, does God have a problem with people using their brain? I think if he wanted us to ignore logic and reason he would have designed our brain quite differently, don't you? Have you ever noticed that in the story of the garden of Eden, the serpent tells the truth and God is the one who lied?
      Could it be that the Bible is a tool for discerning the hearts and minds of those who read it? That is, if you find it appropriate to worship the kind of God depicted in the old testament, what does is say about you? That you support injustice, cruelty, slavery, inequality, etc? Isn't it true that if we look at 'the fruits of the spirit' of the followers of the teachings put forth in both the old and new testament, they fit the description of 'evildoers'?
      The Bible, and ingenious tool. Not written by God, but maybe designed and used by Him/It.
      God won't save us from the mess we are in. If life teaches us anything at all, it is that God allows ALL to suffer the consequences of their actions.
      Wish evil on no one, even if they deserve it. Most, not all, but most Christians can't wait for the 'non-believers' to suffer God's wrath.
      Only a new spirit of cooperation will save us now.
      Good luck all!

    2. In response to your questions.

      1.I have yet to come to any conclusions about a whether there is a designer to the brain and doubt I will any time soon. If designing did take place, I take issue with the designer being given a gender. It certainly seems as though intellect was what the deity of the bible tried to keep from humans. The desire for absolute control is brazenly exhibited through the 'good book', and suppressing intellect is crucial for any tyrannical regime.
      2.Lier is one of the many appropriate labels for this archetypal despot.
      3.Could be. My feeling is that its a worthless piece of material. To think that trees are cut down to produce them is depressing. The paper would've been infinately more useful left as part of a forest.
      'controlling hearts and minds' is perhaps more accurate.
      4.That you are terrified of death/hell and will do/serve anything that comforts your unaddressed fears.
      5.You'd think so, but those parts of the book are not given much attention by 'believers'.
      6.Who is 'they'?

  234. Who can find a worst doc on TDF?

    1. @Az
      i was thinking maybe the odd one that has been "removed by user" but no this is way worse

    2. The Perfect Vagina or The House of Cunt.

    3. What do you mean The Perfect Vagina? It's on the Editor's pick and has 610
      Someone thinks it's good.

  235. Hilarious documentary! Christians are painfully goofy! lol

  236. 17:56 s is more than enough

  237. DO NOT WATCH THIS, its a waste of time

    1. I disagree - I think it is VERY IMPORTANT to watch this - you need to know what some of these people are thinking. It is important to understand what is behind the whole "Christians" are being persecuted speech/movement. It is important to recognize mass madness (and their ability to vote, buy guns, control text books in public schools etc) in all of it's overt and subtle forms - to be afraid and very concerned about these folks.

    2. how long can you stare into the stupid without blinking? XD

  238. "uses humans?" Oh, you mean like the Federal government. As in the Bush family, the Rockefellers, and the Rothschilds? To put it simply, as in THE GOVERNMENT" itself!

  239. I thoroughly enjoyed that....found it very interesting......more please Vlatko.

    After reading all the previous posts here - all I can say in reply is Baa Baa to you all.

  240. the best comedy of the year

  241. what a waste of time lol ...
    btw NWO is a good thing for the future of mankind...

  242. Hovind. Nuff said.

  243. Sorry I just could not stomach any more @ 28:15...

  244. I do believe Bill Cooper's view on ufos, but I do not believe we are the only planet that has life...this is starting to get stupid and Im only 43 mins in..

  245. I also watched it all and pretty much agree with VareVatxingU. I'm also not religous but found some parts interesting and whether you agree or not, its presented in a more intelligent way than a lot of other documentaries on here e.g.those Ancient Alien wackjobs! Not really sure why I stuck it out but found it somehow kinda relaxing (had a little snooze midway). To sum up, I've seen much worse.

  246. Forty seconds into video; Kent Hovind speaks; stopped watching.

  247. hey c'mon the bible isnt accurate it seems acurate because mankind is fulfilling it on purpose..they want us to believe on religion,freedom and stuff while they do all the planning for their new world order we r following a path that was well designed for us...cant you see??

  248. I would like to point out, that it only takes ONE ufo sighting, that isn't a plume of swamp gas or chinese laterns or flares. It doesn't take esoteric knowledge to understand meaning and purpose. Please be open minded and do your own research.

    1. yeah no kidding..

  249. this movie is just wasting of time and brain IQ

  250. Pure, 100%, BULLSH*T.

  251. good entertainment , bit like watching horror, what annoys me is when people quote the bible like its a historical proof and not just a massive load of confusion, morals and dogma (albert pike)

  252. I made it the 41 sec mark...ugh

  253. lol Kent Hovind, Alex Jones, secret societies,religion, new world order, aliens, secret meanings,possession,Atlantis,selective readings of the bible and so on with no actual proof of anything. an orgy of conspiracy and delusion for the weak minded. oh well at least they will be all in one place

    1. Or... entertainment!

    2. @Sion88
      you may be right but weather the point of this doc was meant to be proof of something or simply entertainment, all that means is it fails on two fronts

    3. What better way to get people to pay you for your stories than to make them believe they are true?

  254. CooCoo...CooCoo....CooCoo...

    1. are you calling our sweetest girl, KooKookaChoo?

    2. Leave our sweetheart KooKookaChoo alone! she has bodyguards!

  255. I am gonna go sit in a hot bath and watch this one while i am simmering.

  256. I think with all the good docs here you can easily be forgiven the odd wonky one. I am sure it will be to someones taste and why not cater to all ? :)

  257. Oh look, it's a crocumentary

  258. Confession time. I usually love this kinda the same way that I love really bad episodes of The Twilight Zone, or particularly bad B movies. Perfect viewing for a rainy day, curled up on the sofa with a pot of tea and a plate of dewflirt's extra special brownies. ;)

    This doc. was a bit too rich even for my tastes though. :D

    1. I have a friend who used to say, if you watch all docs as if it's a second hand store and search through, your bound to find an idea or two that were worth the making of it.
      Haven't watch this one yet, it seems like i got to leave my glasses on while watching.

    2. Same here, avid reader of Fortean Times but this was a step too far. Not to worry Wings, I'll save the brownies ;)

  259. There needs to be a team of rational people on this website, with an ability to research, ridding, or not accepting, so called "documentaries" which have no basis in logic.

    1. lol sorry man, as much as it pains us we dont censor which documentaries get put up here.

      but i assure you we do not agree with the r*tarded views expressed in this piece of garbage lol.

    2. Actually I've had a change of heart. Now I realise that I've been listening to the voice of Satan for my liberal views and am part of the conspiracy to reduce world population through vaccines distribution.

      All right, maybe this "doco" is worth leaving up here for a good laugh.

    3. @petekong,

      Fair enough... I must admit that lot of docs don't make their way here because of my bias, plus we don't post too short, very specific and/or a way to amateur docs (another bias)... so basically yes, we research, we're getting rid of, we do not accept... but once in a blue moon we say: what the hell, we'll post that.

    4. if not for any other reason to watch the comments?! lol

  260. Cold and misty morning, I heard a warning born in the air...
    about an age of power, where no-one had an hour to spare..

  261. I ended at the word "Illuminati". Took all of what... 30 seconds?

    1. It was actually at 0.14 that illuminati were first mentioned :). Well, I lasted to slightly over 16 min. Heard quite a lot of cr*p in that short period of time though... :(

  262. this doc is a joke =.=''

  263. Awsome!:) Happy easter

  264. I'm going to get naked and pole dance for the devil ;)

    1. too !

    2. Unlike this doc, that would be worth seeing!

    3. Turn that pole dance into a .doc and you got something....

    4. Yeah, problems! ;)

    5. I'lll send the post if you need one, there is one in the closet here. How high is your ceiling?

    6. God I so want to say 9 inches will do, but I might be asking for trouble !

    7. Damn it girl, you know your 9 inch stuff will be deleted, fallen angel? angel not!

    8. Sorry boss, got the devil in me today ;)

    9. Do you know how many sad people got to laugh on this one?

    10. Were you the one Mark was filming in the dark with two little lights attached to your flapping ears? Bad bunny dancing on park lamp post at night!

    11. I confess, it was me. Not my ears though;)