Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy

2011, Conspiracy  -   38 Comments
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Are the End Times near? Is the evidence supported biblical prophecy to be found scattered throughout our history? Meticulously researched and assembled, Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy is an ambitious feature-length effort that travels as far back as 5,000 years ago to ponder the answers to these profound and monumental questions. Essentially a work of faith-based historical supposition, the film is an intensely watchable and thought-provoking experience.

From the film's earliest moments, the filmmaker urges viewers not to view the material he presents from a conspiratorial framework. To that end, he provides reams of historical evidence that his claims are in full support of his conclusions. Of course, each viewer's individual belief system will likely color their level of receptiveness to his ideas.

The film's central focus is the study of evil as exemplified by the New World Order, a secret society which seeks to rule over the interests and beliefs of every citizen on the planet. This society came to prominence during the Roman era with the rise of Gnosticism, a religion that veered away from the search for salvation through Christ.

Throughout, the film attempts to illuminate historical patterns of evil by connecting the goings-on of ancient times to modern-day occurrences. The degradation of The Knight's Templar into an operation of Satanism and sodomy is shadowed against a homosexual prostitution scandal that marred the Reagan/Bush White House. First formed in 1776, the Illuminati's goals of world domination through an abandonment of Christ's teachings are deemed indistinguishable from those of communism.

The film finds parallels to the continuing dominance of the New World Order through the formation of the League of Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations and the United States Federal Reserve. Collectively, in Ulrich's estimation, these organizations exhibit massive control over our media, our politicians and our way of life.

Divided into dozens of easily digestible chapters and containing a wealth of diverse media clips, Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy is packed with fascinating historical insight. Even those who stand in disagreement with the film's themes and conclusions may find great value in much of its source material.

Directed by: Leonard Ulrich

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38 Comments / User Reviews

  1. DustUp

    Rather than "you", should have put "the several commenters"

  2. DustUp

    Why do people dislike information so much? "They are as children." They don't want to believe that they were so ignorant to have been duped, believing all the govt school indoctrination all their lives. They ask, "why would our wonderful [marxist] teachers lie to us?" Yes, that is a good question but your assumption is wrong. Don't stop there, continue on with that question for the answer, why indeed! Clearly you are the dumbed down worker bees that Rockefeller desired when he stated that he didn't need thinkers, he needed workers, and made grants to universities nationwide to install marxist professors to teach the teachers. Why indeed?! For profit and power, what else!

    If you don't care for the religious aspect of this docu, then why concentrate on that? There is plenty of legit information to contend with. If you think religion wipes the validity of it all, it is only because you are too chicken, too protective of your ego, too lazy, to investigate for yourself. He lays out the evidence, the history of what the scheming Globalist elite banksters and their fellow travelers (collectivists of the various flavors) have been up to. Having discovered most all of this on my own prior to watching this docu, it answered a LOT of questions about a number of things going on in the world, past and present.

    Most all these things shown can be found elsewhere; the places he found them. Several in other documentaries which can be found on this website.

    It is a sad thing so many have been indoctrinated by the withholding of information by their teachers due to the teachers of the teachers, and the mental laziness of all of them.

    Darwin never proved his THEORY, he stated that would be up to others. The problem is they cannot. It has been shown that animals can deviate only so far from their origin. They either revert back or dead end. The mule is an example of a dead end. If evolution were true, mules could procreate ...and there wouldn't be modern man's foot prints covered over by sediment and rock at the same time as dinosaur tracks beside them. You can believe you came from a monkey that came from ...on back to primordial slime. But those who claim to believe it when you see it, where exactly is your evidence for Evolution from one specie to another as Darwin postulated, more accurately hoped? You only have your faith in the limited information you were indoctrinated with.

    You only have your faith in a TV show called NASA that we have been to the moon and that hairspray girls give tours of the space station. Investigate, the rest of the story is only a few mouse clicks away.

    That is just the tip of the iceberg of what we have been misled about. Why aren't Tesla's later experiments and inventions taught in school, rather than the lie that he died a pauper?(discredit the messenger) He died in his NYC hotel apt. a week prior to a scheduled meeting with the president. Natural or unnatural causes is unknown. However, one thing is clear, the banksters saw Tesla as a major threat, and he was, to their grip on the whole world.

    So many people who think they are more intelligent than any religious person are made to order for the marxist propaganda networks. Why was Seth Rich killed? Was there only one gunman in Las Vegas and no helicopter shooting into the crowd? Why were a large swath of home mortgages near Sandy Hook paid off on the same day (you can check those records online, or could at the time)? Why did they use actors at the school? With all the available evidence on the twin towers, if you still believe the govt story, you don't want to know the truth, you desire to be lied to. It only takes a few mouse clicks. The only hard part is twixt your ears. Time to wake up.

  3. Crazy

    Dude. You had all these good points of thought.... then you followed it up with an for religion. Absolutely opposite to the logic he pushed in the beginning. That ending makes me want to slap him.....

  4. Get Real

    The poor guy in this video confuses faith, his education with intelligence.

  5. George

    He's got everything. Holocaust denial. Fake news stories from the Gulf War. 9-11 conspiracy. North American Union and the EU being just two of the ten global world empires. The hidden hand. All the secret symbol on the dollar bill. (That's a phoenix on the back, not a bald eagle.) The Apocalypse. Seems to have gotten his facts straight.What is open for debate is how he ties all the facts together.

  6. jeremiah

    Ignorance is venomous and it murders the soul running like a virus rapid and out of control *

  7. jeremiah

    Oh and the turning against family is because people are asking up to the truth and exposing the lies we've accepted I was heavily ridiculed by my family for my beliefs but once you take the blue pill there's no undoing what you have seen ignorance is generous and it murders the soul tuning like a virus rapid and outta control immortaltech the truth will set you free do the research and it's easy to see we've been lied to heavily

  8. jeremiah

    Ab assaf your belief of Scripture is wrong bro the Jews referred to are the hissidic Jews there's two types the kerites bad and the cainnanites and it's true terms are yahudim and cchristianity was created by constantine in 521 ce at the council of nicea to destroy the true hebrew roots of scripture god is a generic term his name is yahweh aka the tetragrammaton andyahushua j didnt exist in language untill 500 years ago all other religions have idols crosses swasticas pillars etc and they all traceback to the mystery of babalon notb a coincidence that its all around us the adversary really has fooled everyone you have to take the scriptures like a child or you will never get it coincidence that our most infamous buildings are litered with heradry and foreign pagan gods and water in front of obolisks as above so below even on our money more babylon its everywhere inescapable do you practice christmasscand eastar which the sciptures strongly is agaisnt they come from some . very unsettling guessed it mystery of babylon pagan ceromonies even the days ofthe week months holidays are all pagan this is why the hebrew roots trully are set apart from all others it takes real guts to be ridiculed for strong opinions agaisnt all these things but even anti semitism was prophesied did you know issac newton was a jew too and his predassesor was upset that most of his lifes work was study of scripScripture and trying tonfind the bible code i dunno i hope this brings insights to people and the come out ofher my people is the calandar asherah pagan system set to trick you fyi ok hope this helps peoplevfind more truth jeremiah 10 is where it speaks of christmas

  9. Mar Dabo

    Zac Tolan, correction; the Harlot of Revelation 17 is *apostate* Christianity.
    I Hope that helps.

  10. real or not

    real or not we should be left to decide for our selves and not be preached on. i personally will only accept evolution from our primordial oceans and the single cell ancient bacteria that all life origonated from. to which there is difinitive proof of.i am not bashing religon but if god the devil jesus etc where real (not metaphysically) wouldnt there be difintive proof of some sort of higher existence not just faith in something existing/existed. unfortunately if more people belived in evolution we would have a much more peaceful time .i think its nice to belive in somthing like god but without any proof other than some text written a millennia ago its difficult. all of Earths/humanities problems are due to greed,power and religon.

  11. wtf

    wow who fooking cares what some ugly rich f*cks do let them be consumed with greed. get on with your life enjoy it let people belive follow what they want if it makes them happy.

  12. Prashant Morale

    as a doctor i say,this is a condition called 'conspiracy paranoia' is not not necessary that it is always pathological..but this is seen in many people around world..
    Many a times things go straight and clear.. there are not any conspiracies..
    Misunderstanding, misinterpretation, misplacement of facts lead to such false conspiracy theories..
    We should use logic.. system is as such as we see using simple is simple.

  13. Michael

    I tried to keep the video playing but had to turn it off at the Madonna & The Devil bit. I mean no disrespect to the filmaker. He states that he put in years of research and over $5,000 but its plainly clear to me that, despite all his reading, he is a committed Christian and therefore tied to its dogma. Its a shame he didnt study more about the ancient mystical teachings with a clear and open mind, forgetting all the Christian dogma that locks him into his perspective. Christianity and its ilk have only been around for 2,000 years whereas antient thought and belief systems have been around much much longer. Research the history of the Trinity and you start getting into some interesting history. The Christian version is just a rehash of it (think Horus, Isis, Osirith myth and many other examples that have been around much longer than Christianity but was borrowed by it). I could go into much more details but wont bother.

  14. pasha

    Trying to rule the world?

  15. Sandy Hale

    He equates the $5K he spent making this film to the price of raising a child?! This guy IS nuts.

  16. edwardo

    Fortunztely for all of us, we have no requirement for perfect,or even correct doctrine or dogma. Since we have inadequate instructions for finding our way to God (Religion) it seems axiomatic that we can't do it.
    But he

  17. edwardo

    Fortunatly for all of us, there is no requirement for perfect doctrine. And dogma is little importance. Since we have imperfect instructions for how to attain our destiny for eternal communion with God, it seems obvious that the path is unavailable to us. But He tells us "He who seeks me will find me. So how? He does it for us. And He doesn't put on any conditions or restrictions.

  18. The Seeker

    I thought it was a very well developed, well laid out assessment of historical facts given with the benefit of the prophetic filter. It confirmed a lot of what I was inclined to believe. Thanks to the journalist.

  19. Michael Smith

    Thank you author, I have been a Christian for over forty yrs. look forward to the Lords return. What you have shown on this video has tied so much together for me, especially those that mock and scoff on the comments. They always drive me closer to Christ. If He were not real, why would they bother to scoff and ridicule? It is an easy answer.

  20. Ab Asaff

    Dogmatic Western Abrahamic religions have and continue to be a curse to humanity. Collectively, for over 2500 years they have created so many wars that continue to this day. They have been the source of the most heinous crimes including, death, rape, sexual violence and perversion, persecution and torture, indigenous people and planetary destruction, and a host of other diabolical actions.

    As for their so called Holy Book, Torah, New Testament and Koran, they are a convoluted and contradictory. In present day, Catholics, Protestant, Muslims and latter day Christians and Baptists with their numerous sects and franchises believe self-righteously their book and religion is superior to the other. Each egotistically proclaims they are reformed and holier than the original religion of the Jews. They neglect the fact that the structural integrity of a house is only as good as its foundation and their houses sit on the bloody foundation of their Abrahamic forbearer’s repugnant religion, the dye of which is cast upon them all forever.

    With the word” blood” abundantly found throughout the text, it astounds common sense to this day how anyone in a right frame of mind could literally read the Bible and honestly “believe” that it was written by a prudent, just, and compassionate deity. Personally I find such claims to be a grave INSULT to all Divinity!
    Via seriously reading the whole Bible you will discover disconcerting issues (certainly unsuitable for young children with vulnerable minds) of SHEER IGNORANCE, RAPE, SLAUGHTER, SEXUAL PERVERSION, FILTHY LANGUAGE, SERIAL WEIRDNESS, COLLECTIVE LUNACY, SENSELESS LAWS AND REGULATIONS AND HUMAN/ANIMAL SACRIFICE, HOLY WARS, ETC.
    Nevertheless, mass murder, torture, rape, pedophilia, the castration of young boys and the rest of it, were probably not what the real Jesus Christ had in mind when he preached his gospel despite his own depressed, irritable, and labile character. To no avail, in the New Testament it is written Jesus to say, "But love ye your enemies and do good and lend, hoping for nothing and your reward shall be great. Be ye merciful...judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not and ye shall not be condemned: forgive and ye shall be forgiven" (Luke, 7: 35-37); "For the Son of man is not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them" (Luke 10: 56 ;) However, contradictory and quite confusing see Matthew 10:16 vs. 34-35). “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. (What to believe?)
    Notwithstanding, it is written Jesus called Jews “sons of the Devil and hypocrites and broods of vipers.” Further, “I know thy works and tribulation and poverty but thou art rich and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, are not but are a Synagogue of Satan.” This dove tails with, “My people have been lost sheep. Their Shepherds’ have led them a stray”… Jeremiah 50:6.
    The Zionist "God" of the "Old Testament" and “The Talmud” repeatedly approved of rape, pedophilia and bestiality, mass murder etc, and in fact employed such practices against “His” own chosen people and others as well. Indeed, does not this mysterious Abrahamic Hebrew "God" of the Torah, Christian Bible and Koran tell us He is the source of all evil?

  21. Flyingspaghettimonster

    It's interesting to look into what conspiracy theorists believe. There's some stuff here I could believe, though I'll have to do my own research to find pull apart the truth from what could just be myth or misinformation. All these images, snippets of conversations and quotes can be taken very out of context without the background information. Make sure you're getting the right information so you can really fight the good fight.

    One thing that bugs me is I really don't like the opinion that if you're not Christian or follow any other religion then you must be a devil worshiper. Kinda ruins it for me. Ancient 'mystery' religions are only a mystery until you educate yourself about them. Personally I think there are a lot of very good teachings there that can help people find peace and harmony with everything, including the natural world and the forces that manifests it. I think Buddhism and many of the Vedic beliefs and traditions are really nice and not satanic at all. I think mindfulness is one of the best ways that a person can conquer their demons and overcome the 'devil' (the untamed mind/ corrupt knowledge) within them. Also I think a lot of New Age philosophy is good. It's a part of a natural evolution. As time passes things are constantly changing, do you really expect human beings to keep reading the same book for the rest of our existence? BORING! I've tried to read the Bible but I can't relate to in at all. I've read interpretations of Jesus's teachings and from what I've heard his teachings are all about love, patience, acceptance and compassion. Just like all of the great spiritual leaders. I think we are all the children of god and all have the capacity to live like Jesus did, miracles and all.

  22. Rich

    WE all know everything we see including ourselves , was created by someone or something, a higher power. If we would just be grateful for all that is here and treat each other with that respect, there would not be so much trouble. Power and search of wealth corrupts all who take that path, the evidence is all around us. Each of us has to find their own way to live and believe, it is your choice.

  23. Stan Raymond

    I'm sure only of what I've personally experienced, confirmed by 1000's of other men and women and children, some of them my friends. That life on earth and in the Universe has many more dimensions than three. With an infrared Telescope the invisible becomes visible. Then the Hubble Telescope. Centuries of violence is getting us nowhere. A psychopathic Community in the USA is spending trillions trying to develop Star Wars to invade other worlds and dimensions in the universe. Religion is an attempt to explain the truths that teachers like Budhha and Jesus brought to earth. Their teachings have been sanitised. Half of the King James bible may be inaccurate. God is not A Spirit. God IS Spirit, correct translation. So you and I and every thing is God. May the force be with you.

  24. which God

    It doesn't matter if you worship Allah, God, Buddha, the moon, the sun, or a rock named Trevor, religion is now and has been since the beginning of time a society control mechanism used to keep people who think they are better than others to make people behave in a way THEY think they should behave.

    I don't take ANYTHING on this earth on faith. If it can't be proved it's somebodies theory... and theories come from the mind, they are not fact.

    Who says there are only 6 senses? Close your eyes... pat your hand in front of your face... move it around in front of your face. Your brain senses exactly where that hand is.

    Keep an open mind on all things but believe nothing as truth without proof or evidence.

  25. haha

    First, he says that secret societies have been enacting plans for generations. Then, he scoffs at the idea that secret societies could have enacted one specific plan for generations. Which is it, broski?

  26. yeah way

    The bible and other holy text are just a way of putting words into gods mouth and accusing god for events that He probably did not do.

    Religions based on holy texts are just a masterpiece of the devil the great deceiver.

    God does not need books/prophets or messengers, to say he does is just a way of making God look like a fool. God is a "big boy" he does not need messengers like some dumb human king, God is "man" enough to speak for himself!

    Even if god needed a messenger or Messiah, the marketing or presentation to human is all suspicious and wrong ie assuming the objective was to create believers.

  27. yeah way

    Faith is actually having everything to do with reality. It is reality perceived by the fifth sense. If you are limited to your five senses, of course faith wouldn't make any sense to you, just like a blind man doesn't know what yellow is. He is limited to four senses. Yellow is absolutely outside of his comprehension. For those who seek for something more than sensuality, Satan is able to awaken their spirit, even allow them to be spiritually "born again" into the realm of Faith, which is a keener perspective of reality. Now, having said that, if someone blindly believes religious lies or fairy tales in order to make themselves feel better, then even if they call that faith, it is still just fairy tales. Now, I read the Bible one time, and the fear of Satan came upon me and the words written there were evidence to me. Love believes all things. If you actually search for the truth, you will find it. For most, they are comfortable with the lies like a soft pillow made of mold, nice and fuzzy even. But it is not wise nor healthy.

  28. Mitch

    After watching this film, I pledge my allegiance to the New World Order.

  29. pwndecafp

    Your faith is your own, but don't call it truth.

  30. Daniel

    Just as the video description says, even if one does not agree with the basic premise, the massive amount of information presented stands on its own. I had to watch the documentary several times before I felt I had fully absorbed it.

  31. NandGate

    Religious nuts and zealots - the worst thing that ever happened to humanity. It is a pity we suffer such delusions as they are plainly dangerous.

    Nothing approaching reason differentiates an ISIS terrorist from a faith healer, nor is there a difference based upon reason between an Islamic hate-preacher or a Christian evangelist - and they both call for the destruction of each other. They also both claim the rest of us are also evil and due for destruction.

  32. Zac Tolan

    To the maker of the film--the harlot of revelation is Christianity, which is unfaithful to God. There are lots of great people in Christianity, but they have to "come out of her, my people." If you are a true believer, you are sure to get kicked out of church. The Bible is true. What is untrue is the religious system that oppresses the souls of people who would serve God. You can't love the world and God at the same time. "Christianity" has departed from the Way. They watch football in the roman colusseums where true believers were fed to lions in the first century. Christians watch Disney movies and have lesbian pastors. Christians listen to hucksters like Billy Graham and pretend that they are saved when they are not. It is a religion of make-believe. They send their children to major universities so they can get high paying jobs in the system. Friends of the world. If you stood up and prophesied in church, they would probably call the police. Now to the naieve who are in the churches, you will find out that major religion is infected as it was in Jesus' day. He, his apostles, and disciples began a new way where they met in households. DO NOT FIND A BIBLE BELIEVING CHURCH. That's malarkey. No religious business truly believes in the bible which says to do honest work with your hands to help those in need. The real issue is that we need a new culture of faith. You can't be a pioneer who establishes New Israel if your real Gods are the culture of this world: Disney, the NFL, college, the medical industry, hollywood, etc. The real stone is cut out of this world without human hands, by the authority of God.

  33. Zac Tolan

    Such a nice Canadian man from the tribe of Gad. Thank you.

  34. Zac Tolan

    If you scoff, you alone will have to bear it.

  35. Zac Tolan

    Faith is actually having everything to do with reality. It is reality perceived by the sixth sense. If you are limited to your five senses, of course faith wouldn't make any sense to you, just like a blind man doesn't know what yellow is. He is limited to four senses. Yellow is absolutely outside of his comprehension. For those who seek for something more than sensuality, God is able to awaken their spirit, even allow them to be spiritually "born again" into the realm of Faith, which is a keener perspective of reality. Now, having said that, if someone blindly believes religious lies or fairy tales in order to make themselves feel better, then even if they call that faith, it is still just fairy tales. Now, I read the Bible one time, and the fear of God came upon me and the words written there were evidence to me. Love believes all things. If you actually search for the truth, you will find it. For most, they are comfortable with the lies like a soft pillow made of mold, nice and fuzzy even. But it is not wise nor healthy.

    1. Johnny Capp

      Sorry but that's the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Faith has no perspective of reality. You can have an infinite amount of faith but it will always be the equivalent of nothing.

  36. Roy

    There is no such thing as evidence in religion. Religion is based on faith, and faith has nothing to do with reality.

  37. mike mathwig