America's War Games

America's War Games

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The United States' military expenditures today account for about 40 percent of the world total. In 2012, the US spent some $682bn on its military - an amount more than what was spent by the next 13 countries combined.

Now that the war in Iraq is over and the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan will be complete in 2014, the stage might therefore appear to be set for a decrease in US defense spending.

Even in Washington DC, many have argued that the defense budget can be cut substantially and the resulting "peace dividend" could be diverted to more pressing domestic concerns, such as dealing with the nation's continuing economic problems.

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2 years ago

"It goes without saying that in our opinion the inevitability of a crisis is entirely beyond doubt; nor, considering the present world scope of American capitalism, do we think it is out of the question that the very next crisis will attain extremely great depth and sharpness. But there is no justification whatsoever for the attempt to conclude from this that the hegemony of North America will be restricted or weakened. Such a conclusion can lead only to the grossest strategical errors.

Just the contrary is the case. In the period of crisis the hegemony of the United States will operate more completely, more openly, and more ruthlessly than in the period of boom. The United States will seek to overcome and extricate herself from her difficulties and maladies primarily at the expense of Europe, regardless of whether this occurs in Asia, Canada, South America, Australia, or Europe itself, or whether this takes place peacefully or through war.

We must clearly understand that if the first period of American intervention had the effect of stabilization and pacification on Europe, which to a considerable extent still remains in force today, and may even recur episodically and become stronger (particularly in the event of new defeats of the proletariat), the general line of American policy, particularly in time of its own economic difficulties and crisis, will engender the deepest convulsions in Europe as well as over the entire world."

Leon Trotsky
The Third International After Lenin


Chris Connolly
6 years ago

Terrorism in the U.S. is a myth which suits the military defence industry. The U.S. spends as much on military as the rest of the world combined. There are over 1 million jobs in the weapons manufacturing industry, therefore they need wars in order to keep this industry going. Great documentary..

8 years ago

If you have Google Chrome and would like to watch this (or anything off Al Jazeera), download the extention Hola! Better Internet. It allows you to make your computer look as if it is browsing from any country - I chose the UK - and then you are allowed to watch the video. Al Jazeera now runs its own American website and has satellite/cable options available, but I prefer the old Al Jazeera. Sadly, they sold out.

Richard Neva
9 years ago

I did not need to see this video anyway. I have known this is the worst of the worst for military expenditures and I know why. War is big business and killing people is profitable and bankers make billions from it.

Eric Lawson
9 years ago

The biggest business in the free world is in the production and manufacture and sale of military weapons. When is enough enough?? There is no country in the world in their right minds would mess with the USA. Maybe it is time to spend more on the people as opposed to big business. Great Documentary Thanks to its producers !!!.

9 years ago

There's a bunch like this. Some of them have comments below them that show they were able to be viewed in the past.

See how many videos you can watch on YouTube now when you search on HAARP... almost nothing. Google sucks.

9 years ago

cant even watch this video in my country...what the heck? i thought i was able to watch something like this in America..... hard times are coming

Don Dressel
9 years ago

I wish my country America would take care of business at home and quit trying to control the rest of the world! We have the worst politicians in the world!

9 years ago

An accurate review of military thinking and spending that will fall on deaf ears for those unwilling or unable to see the big picture for what it is!

10 years ago

Let say that lower intelligence people from Europe and rest of the world went to the USA, to find happines.Let say that USA buying intelligence.Let say that this people teaching word "democracy" to the people who inwented this political society.Let say that only "Democracy" which they have is in their mouth and news.And we all know , how the Greece,Rome,Egypt,Otoman Empire,Naci Germany finished they "Dreams"........."Democracy" , ha,ha,ha..try again in opossite direction

10 years ago

It is expensive to impose "liberty and freedom" with bombs and bullets.The Military is deified in America: all who serve in the military are automatically heroes. "Terrorism" is our new "Communism."

The players change, but the USA's game remains the same.

10 years ago

What a whole lot of BULL-SH....

10 years ago

Chuck Spinney has the voice of reason, and he doesn't hesitate to answer questions, bluntly and to the point.
I'm glad this doc was only 25 minutes because I found its subject so depressing.

10 years ago

The US defense budget is set to decline by 31% by 2017.

- Center for Strategic and International Studies

from "America's staggering defense budget, in charts" Washington Post, 7 Jan 2013

A little at odds with the doc.

10 years ago

Lies, lies, lies and double speak. "Anti access denial" have you ever heard such nonsense? If China set up "anti access denial" in the pacific...omg. It would be termed "offensive aggression"... but welcomed (for its assistance in increasing budgets). This is an aggressive stance, by the US under the guise of maintaining peace. It is pre-emptive, hostile and threatening.

@20:05 there is a powerpoint slide. That slide reads:

Single or multiple LOEs (Line of Effort [!!]) - In Parallel and/or Sequentially:
LOE1 Disrupt C4ISR Networks -> Gain Decision Advantage.
LOE2 Destroy Capabilities -> Regain freedom of action.
LOE3 Defeat employed weapons ->Sustain offensive operations

Aargh!...nuff said!

10 years ago

The pivot to Asia serves as a reminder that any threat to the American financial system will result in a military response. The Chinese hold an enormous amount of American debt. At some point, the US may choose to allow the dollar to depreciate significantly against other currencies. The Chinese might be tempted to dump US treasuries, destroying the American economy. However, I believe the Chinese would rather take a financial beating than risk total destruction of their country with potential casualties in the billions.

10 years ago

Not a single one of these bigwig CEOs from these several defense companies in this short doc deigned to speak with Aljazeera about the issues of overspending and political manipulation raised therein.

What a huge shock that is.

Wayne Siemund
10 years ago

It's a race to see which ends first. The US runs out of credit or the US runs out of paranoia. I'm guessing the first will happen and the second will become reality. As soon as the US can no longer fund the global empire and the US people are drained of all asserts, certain groups will take that opportunity for revenge. But this game can still be sustained for several more decades.

10 years ago

anyone who has studied history knows it is always the same story. Too much expansion, inflated military budget and eventually decline. Roman empire anyone? It just bothers me because any educated person can see the pattern, is the administration stupid or is this just inevitable?

10 years ago

anyone who has studied history knows it is always the same story. Too much expansion, inflated military budget and eventually decline. Roman empire anyone? It just bothers me because any educated person can see the pattern, is the administration s*upid or is this just inevitable?

10 years ago

It is so obvious that our government and the defense industries plan to keep us mired in eternal conflict with someone, for many reasons. The defense companies get to make their money, senators get to procure jobs for their states, and it helps expand executive powers and control over us citizens. If they can keep us in perpetual fear they can eventually convince us to give up all kinds of rights, claiming they make us less safe. They have already managed to pass the patriot act and are currently building huge structures in which to store our digital conversations which they intercepted in the name of security, of course. I would say, "This has to stop, we must band together- yatta, yatta, yatta..." but, in reality, I think it is hopeless. The way things have been working lately it is rather apparent that just because the vast majority of citizens want something to change doesn't mean it will any longer. Winning political support really doesn't matter, congress and the rest of government do as they please whether we like it or not.That was just made very apparent by the background check legislation that failed to pass when ninety percent of the American people supported it, that is according to many different polls on both the left and right. The same thing will happen here, even if the majority stands up for cutting the defense budget it will never happen, period. In my opinion they have and will again kill to avoid such cuts in their budget. I think JFK learned the hard way just how powerful and willing these people are to protect themselves and their power.