Around the Balkans in 20 Days

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Around the Balkans in 20 DaysWhile most of us were still hung up on grunge, the republics of the former Yugoslavia spent the early 90s hung up on seceding into their own countries and mass-murdering people over infinitesimal ethnic differences.

And the mid 90s. And the late 90s. VICE decided to rent a Yugo and take a road trip through the Balkans to see what's going on and try to wrap our thinkers around what was up with all that ethnic cleansin'.

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VICE first stop: A nostalgic amusement park in northern Serbia that recreates Marshall Tito's Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia with startling accuracy and grimness.

Watch the full documentary now (playlist - 54 minutes)

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  1. David Ewer

    Wow - that's surreal! Am still laughing. First comes a theme park that's more like a car park then the boys move on to Belgrade for some of the worst music imaginable - visualize Divine mixed with Katy Perry.
    Don't watch on an empty stomach...

  2. Colete

    The person who has made this documentary should be a shamed of himself. Not because he seems to have started the wrong way, we can say there is some sort of brain incapacity, but because he should have not beein filming such an out of ordinary crap. Yes it is clearly a crap, and a big one. What happened to Yougoslavia is such a complex issue that to write a book about it one needs to know very well certain historical changes of the statuses of the lands and the people there, to start off. As for to continue, he should be making a long time serious reserch to get to some sort of sensible and maybe objective conclusions. And this guy.. oh no, I can't even think of what he has produced, it makes my nerves dance Belly Dance.

  3. slpsa

    Well, I think saying that the VICE guys are off the wall and out for a party most of the time, is putting it lightly. Consider the source and go from there. Yugoslavia is a sad story, by all accounts, I see no humor in it myself. A lot of people died in that place, the sad tale of friends, neighbors, and families fighting and killing each other, and crooked politicians, the list goes on. Nationalism can kill. Religion even more so. This story is about both of those things, but not the way these drunkards cover it.

  4. andrei

    Gypsies are the same in every country. 99.99% of them would rather steal, cheat, rob and so on instead of getting a fair job. Discriminated you say? Get your facts straight, where I live they don't even need to take an admission exam for high school or college nor do they have to pay for college tuition. So give me a freaking brake since I had to take both of them and pay for my tuition. So who is the discriminated one here? They are the utter parasites of Europe and the will leach on the system and hard working tax payer.

  5. darknight32

    I watch a ton of docs on this site and i have to say every time i see a doc by VICE i just have no interest in watching it. They do one thing right by getting a really undirected feel as any real doc should. Not trying to get ppl to do more for more excitement but id say that's it. This guy with the glasses and the guy with the beard in my opinion have a very pompous,better than who they're filming attitude. They also present everything and issue in a sort of glazing over,surface way.These docs by them to me are the equivalent of ppl that join the peace corps and go for 2 weeks to get the pics and be a hero on facebook with out really making the difference. I watch these guys and learn less than i could have with a quick google search of the subject and their points they do make are only mildly interesting. I also get the feeling like im watching hipsters basically mock while quietly implying their superiority. I can just really pass on anything they do. Im not here to watch these guys drink and piss im here to learn about a subject that im not well versed in. Good job guys make america look worse than we already do.

  6. Neven


  7. Senad Gani?

    This guy missed the point. This is not Bosnia, That is or was not Yugoslavija. And **** Maocha and vahabi who dont know their history or teaching of true islam

  8. alans

    Vice channel travel documentaries are mostly for entertainment, so don't analyze them too much, just enjoy watching them. If you cant enjoy watching entertainment, then your world is a sad place.

  9. PeSO821

    Let me guess, most people commenting here are from ex Yugoslavia and probably feel their side is represented in un-fair way.
    It is true - this documentary does not explain any reasons Why. It only shows random pieces: turbo folk Serbia, divided Kosovo, Muslim Bosnia...not coherent picture at all.
    But this does not mean they are un-true. And the fact that this makes some people uncomfortable - probably means there are things they do not want to see.
    More specific: the cruel reality of nationalism and the suffering in brings.
    And until this changes the problems will remain.

  10. Imightberiding

    So, two Serbs walk into a bar...

  11. Walter Iego

    Well, hello Sarajevo!

  12. lex lexich

    well i'm from croatia (istria) and we were also hung up on grunge! long live curt cobain and heroin!

  13. lex lexich

    not true! according to latest research it is 98,46% you bloody ignorant

  14. nik91

    if you are going to make a documantery you should do a bit more resarch then watching fox news.


    I could not agree more ! The documentary (if you can call it that) is typical american way of viewing another country or culture . Instead of understanding the issues and trying to stay neutral or have a none judgemental point of view the( hipster) is being even arrogant at times with the comments that he is making which makes him look rather shallow and uninformed . Turning up at a place like Maocha unannounced knowing all the history the place has ,was a very risky and stupid move ! they were lucky not to take a beating or their equipment smashed !

  16. WTC7

    This doc surely doesn't provide the complete picture of the places it visits, it offers only tiny pieces of the puzzle called Balkans. But the sad fact is that the little pieces it shows are presented very realistically, without bias I think and are true.

  17. WTC7

    I don't think Zastava was any competition to anything, but now Fiat is there :). I am impressed about your knowledge of the things related to the region :). Some of what you said I don't understand though, like the lyrics of Bregovic's "Kalashnikov", I think it's the Roma language which I don't speak. Also the "hawk's nesting place", what did you mean by that :)?

  18. WTC7

    Gee, of course, you are talking about guns.... how could I forget that Zastava is making those too. And these are supposed to be of a much better quality than their cars... That was stupid of me, I admit. Now I understand what you were talking about...

  19. bosnia123

    this what you can see in the part 5 IS NOT BOSNIA and is not Sarajevo!
    At first Gornja Maocha is faaar away from Sarajevo and they are terorists, but that is not Bonia, They came in Bosnia and somebody is financing them for having beards, and for doing a lot of stuff...but Bosnia is a frendly country and Bsnians are great ppl, they love everyone and they will help to everyone. The main problem are political games and economics situations!

  20. nexhat cokli

    That part of documentary that presents Kosova do not show the clear v?ew of Kosova. It ?s just ? am record?ng the worst part of sth and w?th ?t ? am represent?ng that country. As some of the people say ?t ?s shame for the author of th?s documentary. The part wh?ch ?s related w?th M?trov?ca br?dge shows the confl?ct that we have but the other parts ?s l?ke show?ng the worst th?ng of a country.Kosova has more than these v?ews. If you really want to see Kosova or to understand the h?story of Kosova you need more more t?me to do ?t not just ?n 20 m?n.

  21. Mina

    I don't understand what was the point of the documentary, it seemed like it was meant to show the worst they could find in these countries, without any idea or clear point. Moreover, the director/narrator takes sides and is very prejudiced, but also puts himself in a superior position, like racial crimes, drugs and cheap girls are unfamiliar to the US. The documentary certainly does not represent all sides of the Balkans.

  22. repesco

    iam not for either side of the kosovo debate but this m*ron in the documentary kept saying that kosovo was a republic in the SFRJ. what a crap documentary.

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