Beautiful Sentence

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Beautiful SentenceFemale prisoners experience the liberating effect of creative writing with the help of inspirational poet Leah Thorn.

Poet Leah Thorn is writer-in-residence at HMP Bronzefield, a high security women's prison in Middlesex. Through her workshops we meet a variety of women striving to find a voice through creative writing.

Personal histories, emotions and inner conflicts are revealed through their poems and interactions. The film explores the liberating and healing effect of creativity.

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  1. misterwong

    I was filled with so many conflicting feelings watching these women.Their whole world reduced to routine and sensory and emotional deprivation that the introspective is forced to surface In a way that defies the judgement of a society that regards their feelings as nonexistant.Inconsequential.They are less than human and no more sentient than a fly.But they have torn dreams,shattered hopes ,remorse,regret,rage,resentment,sorrow.To give life to their feelings.To know their own hearts and share its secrets.To Create.To confront.To Live.

  2. Guest
  3. Guest

    Sounds like a nice find!
    Will watch.

  4. PavolvsBitch
  5. PavolvsBitch

    The majority of women inprisoned are there for not paying fines; TV licenses etc. (which are unlawful anyway). This or else through other economic punishments such as prostitution, systems promoted drugs etc. It's particularly horrible knowing they've been forcefully and needlessly torn away from their children. Those who should be inside are abusing the laws to put women and men behind bars.

  6. Earthwinger
  7. Earthwinger

    Not knowing what crimes these women have been convicted of, is I think, helpful, as it's all too easy to see the crime before seeing the person. What we're offered here are glimpses of haunting, tragic, and all too often, fragile beauty, springing up from between the cracks in our society.

    A beautifully observed documentary.

  8. esmuziq & frames
  9. esmuziq & frames

    nice docu vlat !!!

  10. esmuziq & frames
  11. esmuziq & frames

    damn that old lady caught me of guard when she read the hopi poem

  12. Guest
  13. Guest

    is not a very nice word
    not a very nice place

    all words start in a mind
    then spread like a flu to all senses
    jail leaves me scared

    once a word is well established in the system
    the cyst stem
    it gets classified in many dictionnaries

    so i don't blame my dictionnary
    or anyone
    for the meaning of the word jail
    that's how it came to be

    this woman decided to change it
    for them

  14. cezy
  15. cezy

    beautiful documentary. thank you
    By the way, if this is what private prisons are like, maybe they're not such a bad idea... (I just found out that HMP Bronzefield is the only privately managed prison in the UK)

  16. cezy
  17. cezy

    Our world is still pretty unfair, but I don't think an unpaid fine will get you into a high security prison.

  18. Erika
  19. Erika

    a powerful documentary. would love it to be longer and to show kind of a more in-depth look of the private stories of the women and the way writing affects them but nevertheless, watching it as it is was really inspiring.

  20. Earthwinger
  21. Earthwinger

    Thank you for the fascinating follow-up, Suzanne.

    It seems as though the constraints that were placed on you during filming, must have been quite frustrating at the time. I wonder though if, having such restrictions placed on you, might have ultimately worked in your favour. The scene of the regimented feet walking past, which you describe as being born out of necessity, was one that really struck me as being quite profound.

    Even though some scenes were very difficult to watch, and actually made me cry at times, I thought your approach was both sensitive and respectful.

    I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  22. Guest
  23. Guest

    The film is great and your article makes it even more so.
    Thank you...
    I love art...this is art for me!

  24. g isaac
  25. g isaac

    This is teaches beautiful life lessons.

  26. Suzanne Cohen
  27. Suzanne Cohen

    Yes, you have a point. I did not feel the restrictions held me back too much. The feet shot came about by accident when I put the camera on the floor for a minute and suddenly saw the feet in close up!

  28. His Forever
  29. His Forever

    Yes, it was a bit short--it ended just when I started really listening. I wanted to hear more about who the women were.

  30. Gadea
  31. Gadea

    Powerful, moving documentary.
    I wonder why the woman was in lock up and not with the others.

  32. Suzanne Cohen
  33. Suzanne Cohen

    She was on a ward called Healthcare for people who are a danger to themselves or others

  34. Peta Lily
  35. Peta Lily

    important, moving, inspiring

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